Nu Ji Zhong Ying (Bamboo House of Dolls) (1973) Movie Script

The Japanese are here !
White Cloud Peak
Strange rock, dead tree, cave
Yisheng ...
You killed my husband
l won't let you get away with this
The Japanese soldiers are here ...
Be quiet
One more sound and we'll kill you all
This is a Christian hospital
You can't do things like this here
Listen up
We shot down
an American plane yesterday
Where are you hiding the pilot?
Tell me now
We don't know, don't know
You don't know?
Honda, pick a few and shoot them
We don't know, don't know
Well, are you telling?
We don't know, don't know
My child ! Leave my child alone ...
Stop it!
You're nothing but a beast
Stop it!
Hold on
l'm the American pilot
You can go to hell
Take the women to the concentration camp
Mary, hurry up, it's assembly time
Elizabeth, hurry
Clean them
Clean them up good
With your tongue, now
Come on
Let's go
Hu Lizhu
Report, the first squad team has lined up
Prisoners of 13th woman camp
have fallen in
At ease
Bring her in
Bring her in
Bring her in
Bring her in
Female prisoners of this ...
concentration camp
Look at her !
This traitor didn't appreciate our army's
...kind intentions
She resisted...
and attempted to escape
She has ruined your camp's reputation
Which means she has jeopardized...
the generous intention...
brought by the lmperial Japanese Army
l want you all to punish her severely
Do you clearly follow
what the Commanderjust said?
l want you to kill her
He said you'll have to finish her off
Get the whip
Strip her
Drag her over here
Thrash her for me!
Whip her, now
Next one
Hit her, hit
Hit her, hit
l've killed her...
l've killed her...
Beat her to death
Don't shoot, let her run
That was great, Commander
Come over to help
Don't even try, they're armed
You know?
You can speak Putonghua?
Yes, l can
l work for the lnternational Red Cross
l'm a nurse
We must get out
Or they'll torture us
We'll end up like them
Yes, but we'll have to
wait for our chance
Don't try it
There's no way to escape
Just accept your fate
lt's the same everywhere
You must bring me along!
Don't worry, we will
lf l can get out
l will take you along
We'll take her along
What? Haven't you had enough trouble?!
We can't take a blind girl with us
What are you talking about?
l am not talking to you
Fine, stop it
We'll have to come up with a plan
l can't take it anymore
Damn, no speaking
Sit down
Quit talking and eat up
Come on, eat
No talking
l'll beat you ...
Stop it!
Come on
l'll kill you
Stop it!
lt hurts
lt's me, sorry l've got the wrong person
Come on
Stop it!
Be quiet or you'll be shot outside
You have a job to do
Tonight we will welcome...
a group of
lmperial Japanese Army's heroes
You must serve them well
Hurry ...
Go ...
You ...
All ready
You dare to go against me?
l like it. Take her along
Yes, sir
Not this one, she's mine
Stop moving
Take off your clothes
Stop moving
l know you'll like it
Don't be afraid
Come on
Don't run
Come over here, baby
We are all brothers
We will unite to build the country
Your code name is?
Comrade Hong?
Can you still remember where the gold is?
The other day l was hit by the Japanese
l only remember the White Cloud Peak
l can't remember the rest
The gold is for buying weapons
Hello, anybody here?
Go, l'll contact you
Leave now
Have a seat ...
What would you like to have?
A bowl of congee
Right away
Get off the car
Take her
Let's go help her
Hey, Yoko
Take them to Prison camp 8
Where are you from?
You can speak Putonghua?
She's a Red Cross nurse
l'm a student
The Japanese troops showed up one day
Our fellow classmates
...were captured
And the girls
were sent to concentration camps
lf l can escape
l will revenge for them
Enough. They might hear you
Stop talking. l'm Mary
What's your name?
Wang Xia, and you?
l'm Jennifer
She's Hu Lizhu
l'm Hong Yulan
Your eyes ...
l've been blind since l was a little girl
Enough on the topic
The Japanese army like our loyal friends
l like you
Thank you, Commander. Cheers
lt's over. You all leave
The girl l picked last time
Please bring her to me
Come with me
l'm going to have a good time tonight
Leave now
Come on, baby
Changed your mind?
Untie me first
Let go
What's going on?
Drag her out and kill her
Don't be mad, sir
l'll find another pretty one
l'll take care of her
Punish her
Yes, sir
What's the shooting about?
Nothing, get out
Take her
Go ...
Good night
Stupid cow
Let's go
You stay and rub my back
Don't leave me, please
Hurry and get out
Don't go
Go ... hurry up
No, no... don't !
Sit tight!
Don't talk
Sit tight and no talking
Come on, go to your seats
We'll leave at midnight
l'll take five of my friends
Five more? You forget your mission
Yes, l must take them
We're friends
l can'tjust leave them here
Fine, tell them to get ready
Get up, we're leaving
What? l'm not leaving
We're leaving, Elizabeth
Get up now
Are you sure you're not coming?
l don't think you'll make it
Comrade Zhang
Take it
Listen. The guards...
will walk by every 15 minutes
l will try to cut off the electricity 15 minutes
You must get out during this time
Got it?
Got it
What about you?
l'll catch up
Head to the west
lt's darker there.
You won't be spotted so easily
Wait for me
Didn't you say you weren't leaving?
Changed your mind?
lf all of you are gone except me
The Japanese will suspect me
Let's go
Don't yell
Hurry, here
Hey, Yamamoto
What are you doing up?
l had a few drinks, couldn't sleep
You couldn't sleep? You want a girl?
Mind your own business
l heard that last night...
Where is he?
What are you looking at?
Where's Yamamoto?
l was just talking to him
l guess he's gone to bed
Let's go
Hey, one for me
l'll bring it to you
Thank you
Thank you
What are you doing up?
Can't sleep
What's so funny?
Talking about girls
l've run out of matches, got any?
Yes. Matches
What's going on?
The lights have gone off
Alarm, quick
Get up...
The Japanese are coming
Leave her
Repair it now
Wait for me
lsn't he Zhang?
He's injured
You're hurt?
Hurry, they will be here soon
Someone sold us out
Run, now
Surrender. You're surrounded
lf you don't surrender now,
you'll all be shot
Surrender now
After l'm gone
There's another man who can help you
Cui Guodong ...
Water, give me some water
Sorry, it's all gone
Who was it? Who is the traitor
Someone sold us out
lt wasn't me
Only you are close to them
Mako is fond of you, isn't it?
But l am only ...
lt was you
Too bad Zhang's dead
No one will help us now
l know someone who'll help
Who? Who will help?
Commander lnoue.
Even if we leave them to die out here
That spy may organise another batch
Why don't we free them, and spy on them
We might get a lead later
lt's a good idea
The blonde, l want to ...
Take her and have a good time
Thank you, Sir
What is it?
The Commander ordered
to send you this prisoner
Come in
Before Zhang died...
He told me who you are
There is a spy among your group
You know who she is?
But we all suspect was Mary
She hangs out with Mako all the time
Zhang said you can get us out
You must come up with a plan
We can't take this anymore
How many of you together?
l will try to take you out
Especially Hong Yulan
She's the reason why Zhang and myself
...risked our lives by staying here
Let me tell you about
what our comrades have done
Three months ago
We've received news that
the Japanese troops...
have robbed a pile of gold bars from the
banks in cities occupied by them
They planned to ship the gold to Japan
The Government has ordered three teams
One was headed by Yulan's husband,
To get back the gold
Unfortunately, during the shooting
Both the enemy and our men have killed
all except Yisheng who was badly injured
He tried with his best
and moved the gold inside a cave nearby
After he had hidden the gold...
Then he hurried back to the base
And sent a telegram out
So that others will take care of the gold
When he was sending the telegram
The Japanese troops arrived
Yisheng was killed...
in an encounter with them
When he was about to die...
He didn't finish sending out the telegram
regarding the hiding place of gold
So he told his wife Hong Yulan
But Yulan had a shock ...
when the Japanese was hitting her
She couldn't remember a thing now
Our mission is to...
try to get Yulan out as soon as possible
We must locate the gold...
and transport it all back to our base
Hong Yulan is a brave, strong woman
We all are
All our fellow countrymen are
lf this was your country
Would you do the same?
Of course
Because we are patriots
That's why we'll risk our lives
lt's late, you should head back
l want to tell you something
Thank you for saving my life
Why did you let them go?
Cui Guodong is right
We haven't found out who their leader is
lf we kill them now
They can always organise another group
lf we free them and spy on them
They could lead us to the gold
You should have told me first
l'm head of security here
l'm in charge here
l can make any decision
lt's important
You shouldn't have
listened to an interpreter
That ...
Cui Guodong is Chinese
But he's an orphan
He has been raised by Japanese
l've always treated him as Japanese
But l won't take
any responsibility in this
Commander, a telegram
lt's prisoner no. 372 of Camp 8
Hurry and get to the bottom of this
Report to me soon
l'll take care of it
No ...
Another one
No ...
Where's the gold?
l am Hong Yulan. No.372
Another one
Tell me now. Where's the gold?
l am Hong Yulan. No.372
Wire her
Will you tell me now?
l am Hong Yulan. No.372
He's a spy
That's right
He works for the Chinese government
Damn, shoot him now
Commander. Wait
At least for the sake of gold...
l plan to keep Cui Guodong alive
Because his mission...
is to gain back
possession of the gold bars
So, has that female prisoner confessed?
Fine, you'll take care of it
Right away, sir
Hey, come out
Where did you get all those cigarettes?
From the Mako
You're shameless
Taking favours from the enemy
Have got to beat some sense into you
You useless cow
Enough, Elizabeth
Come over and help
Cui Guodong, l'm right here
Jennifer, how's Hong Yulan?
She is badly injured
l don't think she can make it...
if she's taken for another torture
Here's the plan
They're having a celebration tomorrow
We can start moving
You still haven't found out
who the traitor is
we'll be in great danger
There's no time
We must take a chance now
As for your friends ...
No, l can't leave them here
Well then
At least we'll have people to help Yulan
Thank you. You're the best
Damn !
Go to the cafeteria
We can leave now
Wait for me
Please take me along
Don't, she's a spy
No, l'm not
Fine. But we'll keep an eye on you
Otherwise, we won't take you along
Whatever you say
Mary, be careful
l am not the traitor
We have to rush out. Hold tight
Why are you stopping them?
So that Cui Guodong will think...
that they escaped,
...and not that we let them go on purpose
Good plan
Elizabeth, don't be sad
We were all wrong about her
She died terribly !
Never mind, she's gone
Let's keep going
We will be safe when we reach West Bay
Your ride, Commander
The engine's dead
What's going on?
What's wrong?
Damn, the water tank's broken
Then what now?
You fix it
l can't fix it
What is it?
lt sounded something like a car engine
Really? l didn't hear anything
Lizhu has a very good...
sense of hearing
l guess she's right
Maybe the Japanese troops are here
Hurry, this way
lt's empty !
They're gone, Commander
They're gone?
Please follow me, Commander
Don't worry, l've arranged everything
Where are they?
That way
Elizabeth's gone
Hurry and look for her
Elizabeth ...
Hurry. l'll go look for her
Are you alright, Elizabeth?
Let me help you
Let's have a little rest
Fine, let's take a break
So you're the traitor !
Where's Hu Lizhu?
Haven't seen her
Hu Lizhu
Hu Lizhu...
Hu Lizhu
The spy is still among us
How do you know?
There are signals left for the...
Japanese troops on our path
Hu Lizhu is killed
Underneath the falls
l think she might have found out
who the spy is
And she got killed
Don't tell them yet
Because l haven't found out
...who the real spy is
What do we do?
The troops will catch up shortly
l must divert them
You take Hong Yulan and the others the White Cloud Peak
But there're so many of them
How can you handle them all?
l've already contacted the guerrillas
They'll be waiting for me
Guess it should be alright
But you should be very careful
Because any of them could be
...the real spy !
Don't worry, l'll be fine
Take care and be careful
Hu Lizhu ...
ls she back yet?
No, not yet
She might have been lost
l'll go look for her
The Japanese troops will catch up soon
Jennifer. You take them and go first
l'll catch up afterwards
Go, hurry
Let's go then
Move forward
Our plan worked
The gold is inside the cave
But where's Cui Guodong?
He might already be inside
We can kill him also
There might be guerillas around
Lieutenant Commander
Go search
Go on
Move forward
Guerillas !
This is White Cloud Peak
Where's the cave?
l can't quite remember
What cave?
Cui Guodong risked his life and got us
...out here on one condition
You know that, don't ya?
What condition?
He wants to help Hong Yulan out
Because they are patriots
They want to get back the gold
that's why they worked undercover
l asked him to take you along
There must be plenty of gold
We've struck gold
No, the gold isn't private property
We can'tjust take it
That's right, it belongs to our country
lt's for buying weapons
to resist the Japanese
Where is the gold?
Then only Hong Yulan can answer that
l can't quite remember
All l remember is White Cloud Peak
White Cloud Peak
White Cloud Peak
Strange rocks, dead tree; the cave
Strange rocks
Dead tree
The Cave
Hong Yulan
Found it ...
Cui Guodong, here's the gun
l'll head to the White Clouds Peak first
Let's split up
You go over there
You go over there. l'll check that side
We've found the gold !
Wang Xia, you're the traitor
l kill you
Don't worry, l'm here
We've found the gold
lt's Mo Lizi
She is our undercover
Cui Guodong. Come out now
Come out to surrender
Guodong, how can we escape from here?
l've got a plan
lt's the gold, Commander
l love you