Nude (2017) Movie Script

-S - Hi, I'm David. I'm Amanda. It
is fun to explore.
-S - What?
- Good.
Help you to pose. Straighten your
hair or on your shoulders.
- how Long have you been a
- 22 years.
-P-- do you Like it? I Hate it. Of
course I like.
I would describe you if you don't
like it.
I love women and photography.
Tell your agent that you were nearly
naked? Isn't it?
Everybody gets mad when I take off my
You can take them off. It doesn't
bother him.
It doesn't matter. You can keep the
- You are not completely naked. I
Know, but...
Michael, did you know that I was
filming naked?
Don't you? Well, now you know. So,
It's okay, just thought I'd inform.
"Thank you, that woke me up at seven
this morning."
-S - What did he say? -H-- He did
not know about it.
"Is that okay with you?"
I had previously another 17-year-old.
In america it is almost criminal.
- If takes off her bra... are you
now 18-year-old?
- are you over 18 years old?
- I Am.
Like hand breast on the front.
Good. Don't worry.
I've seen your nudes and I like them.
I don't undress bikineitni, unless
should of your images.
-S - What?
- Good, how about you?
Can you do it?
Stay low and try to undress.
Let's start.
Stick with it. Beautiful.
- Hi. -S - What?
It's nice to see you.
What is your size? This is a 25.
Good. Move your feet.
If I were as beautiful, I'd be a real
top model.
Image for many different magazines.
Vogue, Marie Claire, elle magazine
and Victoria's Secret.
It pays the bills, but it will also
I want to do something more personal-
- when I'm not shooting commercial
Picture nude pictures more freely-
-S - and I no longer even know who
I am. I love it.
It's like an obsession.
I take pictures, retouch, sleep.
The image adds retouching, image to
add and I sleep again.
I see sometimes in my dreams, the
woman rolling the camera in front of
I picture him and I see him turn...
Hi, I'm Steve. I'll take a picture
when you're holding this.
Over 2,000 girls applied for
according to the the Muses project.
It has spread like wildfire. Many of
you have asked me:
"Have you seen that calendar?"
I want to find the unknown girls and
make them famous.
It's not a Victoria's Secret calendar.
He is the artist, which explore a
woman's body.
- so you're Going to pose naked.
- So, at last.
It's great that the girls are not
glamour models.
He is not a distant super model.
With her can hang out.
He is a men and women mind and wants
to get undressed.
Frustrated magazines description of
the process.
Just about. And the guarantee.
Restrictions were many. The model
couldn't reveal too much.
I hated it. Clothing is just a
Show butt. Take the dress off. This
is a nude calendar.
Touch your toes. Excellent.
Decided to set up my own copy.
I'd offer photographers a 200 page
space to realize themselves.
David Bellemere was one of the first
His work are amazing.
When Steve proposed this project ...
- I was delighted, because the
picture also nude photos.
Fashion image aims to sell clothes.
Nude photos are more personal.
David Bellemere is one of the leading
fashion photographers.
He can fashion the image of tens of
thousands of dollars.
I'll pay him a much more personal
- They are nude photos.
- Good.
- Why?
- They are sexy.
I enjoy nudity. I don't like the
-S - view is that all or is it...?
- naked pictures, without clothes.
I'm lucky, when beautiful women want
to get to my photos.
Women feel good to see themselves as
beautifully photographed.
Great. It is difficult to find
skilled photographers.
I've done it myself.
- are you filming this on the
No, David only. I'm a photographer
and I hired another photographer.
He is able to take pictures, with
this calendar a success.
- Stunning.
- What a beauty.
What process appeals to you the most?
- David?
- Thank You.
Model you will benefit from our
- when they can showcase their images
to clients or photographers.
These may recognize my name and keep
my job.
How do we ensure that girls ' motives
are correct?
That they do not thirst for fame, but
just want to make art.
Hello, I am Christianne. What's your
- Katie. I'm Sorry?
We have Polish, Kate is Miss Polonia
Do you know that you pose naked?
Naked? Now?
Not now, but if you choose to.
- is that okay with you?
- I need to think about.
-P-- It is normal.
- maybe I don't want a naked calendar.
Yeah, but it's artistic calendar.
- have you been posing nude? I'm
still a child.
- How old are you? I Need to next
week 18.
It may not be suitable for beginners.
-P-- do you want to Explain it to
my mother? -S - you Could at least
try, honey.
- I don't think so.
- Acquire a first experience.
He does not fit into this process. He
did not feel comfortable.
- Hi. -S - What?
Stripping can start, thanks.
You have a good balance.
- Yoga.
- So it should be.
Jeannie is like a little devil.
But deep down inside he is like a
sweet angel.
Do you think timeless beauty?
I have no sense of time, and I'm
- Why the project interests you?
-P-- It is something different.
I'm just done with work. Just turned
It would be a good start to my career.
Find Jeannie Instagram. He was
something different.
I sent him a private message. He was
still too young.
I said that I would like to describe
him in the following year.
I noticed that he had less than 500
-S - and I like the fact that she
was an unknown beauty.
David looking for a "partner in
crime". He must fall in love with a
- What is your inspiration in life?
- oh, my gosh.
-P-- do you Want to be happy?
- I Want To.
- As Beyonce.
- I Want to be full of life.
- did you Remember to take morning
meds? -S - What? Memory yes.
- I Promise.
- Right?
You're acting weird, David.
I promise I'll come at four, in time.
- let's Talk about it later. I
Promise to come on time.
- Hey ago. I'll see you later. -S -
Bye - Bye.
- Thank You.
- Thank you.
Jeannie's something very beautiful.
But he is young and doesn't know how
to say process nothing.
This can become difficult.
I don't know David's relationship
with the girls.
Young I girls should be the word
ready, mash.
The launch of our new brand, which no
one knows anything.
Decided that the matter must vote.
The girls have to tell the process to
his audience.
We're looking for two different brand
-P-- It is a decisive factor. -S
- we're all Supposed to love him?
If a girl has a lot of followers in
social media-
-that affect the outcome.
-S - We can't decide today.
- I have my own opinion.
Certain girls get me to try my best.
- of course.
- I have a crush on them.
I want to make them beautiful,
because I feel so.
I'm sure you're satisfied with every
I don't force you to describe anyone.
It's not always physical attraction.
It is a feeling, which I get the girl.
I understand that you need to get it
but he must be profile worthy.
I want to my picture as possible of
If he benefits from it, it is a plus
to him.
For me is not important, does David
describe them or not.
If they are doing everything possible
to make their vote-
- when they rise to the top.
David seemed sometimes to forget
that, when the selection of girls.
Emily Ratajkowski was the girl that
nobody wanted a picture ...
-S - but I'll picture her naked and
almost entirely without makeup.
And that video was viewed 200 million
Rachel Cook is the same.
Rachel was on the cover, and the
magazine sold out.
He sold twice more than the other.
The kind of girl we're looking for.
He actually forget to submit their
I know I won geeniloton.
I have had a Instagram account from
the beginning.
The image has received 16 000 likes
and 400 comments.
I was just imissni.
I suddenly had 150 000 followers-
-S - and I didn't know what it is.
It was great.
How crazy it would be to get a year
million followers?
I guess, when the image of my love-
- because my followers keep a bit
cutesy ...
- a neighbor girl-like picture and
bikini picture.
Whenever I post more personal
- they don't inspire, because they
want to see-
-bikini pictures or cute selfies.
If the post hpsmmn image, no
one likes it.
I focus on that, what works for
Nu Muses to give him visibility.
David Bellemere takes her elegant and
timeless images.
He doesn't just prance in a bikini.
Wait! Just like that!
Come here. In this way.
I should do yoga more.
Don't make faces too.
Just take it easy. You don't need to
overdo it.
Auditions are necessary.
I need to know how they feel about it.
If they are completely engaged, I
know, is it going to work.
We select 20 of the girl they with
whom you have chemistry.
Settle down, Clara. Look at me.
Snapping pictures for a couple of
We select from them those that fit
our project.
And you.
Ebonen has an amazing body.
One of the most beautiful I've ever
If there is a God, he looks like you.
I met David four years ago. He went
koekuvaa mass girls.
Our images become huge.
Check out the malleihini photo via
The photographer doesn't always know
what he wants, when I had just the
With david, no need to improvise.
He knows exactly what he wants.
He sees the female body shapes and
captures the relevant moments.
The best model is like a good dance
We know each other. He knows how to
Such a connection does not arise
quickly just by talking on the couch.
With david I feel comfortable-
- unlike the other photographers with.
Between the two of us have formed a
and because of the nude photos will
end up quickly spread to
-P-- it is important that the
photographer is reliable.
The connection can be lost, if not
respect girls.
Trust is fragile and can crumble in
an instant.
Jessica Hen. It is fun to explore.
You're so tall.
I have underwear on, but I can take
them out.
Try to focus on the eyes. I don't see
anything else.
When I'm behind the camera, I can
watch other stuff.
You have a beautiful nose.
- Me Too.
- I was just Gonna say the same thing.
Yeah, but you're prettier than me.
- so, should we Start filming?
- Let. Let's go.
Go on your stomach to lie down.
Come any further. Still.
Just about. Stick with it. Beautiful.
I don't know why I want to describe a
certain girl.
It does not matter if I knew him
It is exciting to find new girls.
Janine is 80 000 viewing times.
He has explained to the people, where
Nu Muses is all about.
He is told by David Bellemere.
He inspire people. He is our first
Too much sun light.
Attitude to nudity than you'd like it
for wearing as clothes.
It can keep wearing elegant or
If only you trust yourself, you trust
also collaborators.
I Look for you?
- just Relax. Lean back.
In the philippines, beauty contest
are important.
I was Miss Philippines and Miss
Universe runner-up.
Filipinos do not just like these
When the post David's picture-
- people wondered why I did that.
They called me a whore, etc.
My mother does not accept nude
We argued about it and we are no
longer on speaking terms.
When he gets something into his head-
-H-- he will do it, although I
would hate it.
I pray for him, that he appeared to
be the bottomless.
He said he was doing so as David
would like.
How many filipino get David bellemere
I had to be fully involved and give
him everything.
He is a great discovery. She is not
nude photos.
He appeared in the only fashion in
the picture, not even in a bikini.
He did not make a special effect.
He is of course a beautiful girl, but
not in any way unique.
He has done everything he can to get
first place-
- but David rejected him.
I find it hard to accept it.
I'm a more experienced photographer
and I know you don't always find.
Janine is beautiful and knows how to
talk about the process.
He has found something new about
I think it is art.
- Little any further.
- Look cut out.
The artist usually chooses everything
It is the artist's freedom.
The truth is I like least of all
about allie.
He looks like a surf girl and bathing
suit model.
Rachel is a great girl, but she has
something strange.
-H-- He has an unnatural body.
-H-- He looks gorgeous naked.
- She has artificial breasts.
- So, but they are not huge.
He reminds me too much of a
professional model.
The calendar should have to be. The
girls have to be sexy.
The best girls are not the kind that
only attract attention.
Give your body only descend down.
Just about. You are beautiful.
Sabina is genuine and natural. She is
more woman than the model.
The other girls are mostly models.
People say, you don't have enough
weight to become a model.
I learned to accept my body until
last year.
My stomach goes into a sausage, when
I sit down. Then what?
I have cellulite, and I'm a full-time
He wasn't on my list. He is an
atypical calendar model.
I guess I should follow him.
I was asked why I want to become a
"Because I have it in me."
I want to reap the fame and use it
for the benefit.
This doesn't feel like working, this
is really fun.
This is a new world.
I've seen the kind of girls David
He has a type. Young, edgy,
He makes them look beautiful. I guess
it's some kind of obsession.
-S - don't play with a knife.
- I Can play with it.
Don't do it. It is my knife.
He did not choose to be girls only on
the basis of-
- she likes them or not.
Countries. You get it, you've been
His Instagram-his pictures do not
look or feel the Muses-image.
He doesn't look like a woman, but a
teenage girl.
He is not ready for our brand
He is different. The others were like
from the same mold.
I appreciate David's opinion. That's
why I hired him.
But he forgets, sometimes, that this
is not his project.
I was told that I could choose a girl-
- but now I don't get to choose.
I know that he wants to create a
common pattern to their-
but he is your client.
He's hinted at the end, if he doesn't
get what they want.
They want me to do my best, but I
don't understand their choices.
He does not listen at all to our
basic arguments.
I understand them, but they don't
understand me.
I don't think they care about my
The graph makes a great it, that he
can express himself.
I would like to describe you, and
that is why I suggest you process.
I thought we would do it together,
but you have them too different.
I would like to work with you ...
- because you're different than the
-S - and I like that. Your
personality is your beauty.
They do not see it. It scares them.
You have them too free a spirit.
This is one of their fears.
I understand that and I'm not bitter-
-S - and I think it is important-
- that we get over this.
- This is not everything.
- You don't need this.
You are unique. You're not one month,
but throughout the year.
You should be throughout the year.
Usually it would be for me to decide.
They want you to believe me so until
the end.
I was forced to dissociate themselves
from the whole process.
- How dramatic. I was Hoping it'd
wake them.
"Obey her, because otherwise she will
In life nothing comes easy.
-P-- do I Scare you?
- You Don't.
Look at me.
Look at me. Did it feel good?
Stick with it.
I want to see the sensitivity. I want
to see femininity.
Relax, relax.
This girl I didn't want to describe.
Let's start. Stick with it.
Breathe. Don't be nervous.
Just take your time. He is really
He is angry, when the girl is not
He did not laugh at all.
He behaves quite differently.
The light is low, we have to plan in
- girls are not here forever.
- I Know.
We need to decide where we start and
with whom.
I don't know yet. I miss the
I can't say what I'm about to
Try to get the right image at the
right moment.
It comes when it comes. It can't be
Girls need to follow suit.
It should organize somehow. You can
certainly shoot indoors.
If we're shooting outside, deciding
on time and place.
We are forced to do so.
We can't just rush from one place to
It will be decided.
-P-- It is not an easy decision.
- There is nothing difficult.
So, let's start. Are you ready
So, walking in that direction.
Stick with it.
Leaning on elbows you to the ground.
Just about. Beautiful, beautiful.
Stick with it. Stick with it. Stick
with it, when I say so.
If it seems difficult-
-S - and I'm in charge I'm like a
maniac, then said, you won't be able
to do it.
You can relax for a moment. Don't
move your foot.
I like that sensitivity.
Fix your position here and here.
Then you can play with your hair and
with your hands.
- Why do you go to?
- I Fixed my position.
That looks good.
Try to guide the model during the
I feel myself between the coach.
Does it hurt? We then fast.
Try to get ahead of that position.
Your hands will allow. You can use
the foot.
Just about. Beautiful. Stick with it.
When I told you to stay, stay in that
Don't move. You did it, you stayed in
You did great as a first offender.
We started simple with posing
It is easy to. It's very beautiful.
It's a description of the day of took
so much time-
- because I need all the time... She
has a beautiful body.
I wanted to do something simple.
It was a beauty and being in love.
I see the body in the form, which I
Everyone else must leave out of the
When I see something beautiful, what
do I do?
I'm just fixing and remove
everything, what I don't like.
I can design your back, shoulder,
hips, butt.
How he put his hands on the...
Can he move, can he breathe.
He had to do so.
For a moment all is as it should be.
I want the girl to stay permanently
in that position.
He's hard to convince a beauty
- because he viewed himself
That looks really good.
He looked at me than himself in the
- and she is happy because she feels
I give back what I can see.
Look at me. Stick with it. You are
really beautiful.
Girl I have to say, that I think
she's beautiful.
Not when he's not beautiful, because
it would be a lie.
But when I see that she is beautiful,
free it.
Turn the page a little bit.
Just about. Relax.
-S - Pussy does not get shown too
- Why Not?
It's artistic calendar.
We need to find the golden mean.
I have to think about it.
When I like a photo exhibition, I'm
not going to listen to anyone.
I understand that, but I have to
listen to.
Turn to me. Don't move.
Stick with it.
You look gorgeous.
- This is a fabulous place.
- Here is the insane thing.
I'm really excited about.
You are loved. You're a popular cover
You are of course beautiful, but it
was a great surprise.
I have 800 000 followers, but I can't
make it.
Million goes now broken.
I think someone should guide me
Nu Muses for thousands of girls.
I'm thinking based on the agency,
because the girls need a manager.
Someone need to negotiate your rights
The upper.
That's a pretty. It doesn't even need
a filter.
Kropata slightly. This is a good.
- kropata it too.
- Show me.
Here you go. How about this, Jess?
Monkey-Jessi. Who's this? It's you.
- Snapchat-filter.
- Horrible.
Take you professional Instagram
You take because you care about what
you are asked.
So, and because of that it can also
So can. How you take a selfie?
You know, what is the best angle and
When the image myself, the image
always from the side ...
-S - and do... something.
If I'm in the shade and the sun peeps
like this...
- you Know so tricks for you?
- then Do something like this.
Not bad. It could be better.
Is this your angle? You know how you
look best?
Can you post ugly pictures of
- How ugly?
- Not all models are beautiful?
Difference top model somehow the
standard model?
- is it Related to beauty? -P-- It
is associated with personality.
Persoonallisuu I do? What makes you
I find it hard to open up my pictures.
- I start getting nervous.
- Right?
When I reveal myself, especially
I love making different personalities
of myself.
- escaped, so you yourself? -S -
And I Don't.
-P-- It is still a part of me,
- a Part of you?
It is integrity more than I do.
It is a little worrying, because we
all do so.
We show only the best aspects of
You should show also the dark side of
It's not anything bad.
And people just love you more.
This is one of the characters. I take
it off at home.
Try not to look at myself in the
mirror at home.
I don't want to be a "pretty model"
all the time.
I have to straighten my hair-
- and talk a certain way to get
followers and work hard.
Work is pointless without the 10 000
We have to hone ourselves away
authentic edge.
I don't want to do it, but I have to.
It is now important, but it is not
the real world.
This is a really beautiful place.
Thank you.
Continue just. Good. Beautiful.
This is beautiful.
The slow movements.
Continue just.
That's beautiful. Stick with it.
Wait. Stick with it.
That looks good. Again.
Not for anything else. Thank you.
- Those are beautiful. -P-- It was
early in the morning.
I can't even tell what the background
of the event.
That looks a little rough.
He has a good attitude. He knows how
to be grateful.
He deserves the success. I encourage
him as best I can.
I grew up in dismal circumstances.
I was ashamed of my background,
and my family. No one seemed to
understand me.
My first boyfriend when I was
18-year-old Seattle-
I decided to become a pimp.
He didn't sell me, but it was...
He just decided that he wanted to do
I helped her sometimes, what seems
I really shameful. It gnaws at me
for a long time.
I help people like you black girls ...
- to submit to degrading acts.
I realized the run up to the hole
-S - because I didn't know how to
love myself.
I didn't like myself enough to be
I hated myself for a long time.
I was feeling so sick that I even
wanted to die.
I was even thinking about suicide.
I'm not ashamed to open up about it.
Look at where I am now.
In spite of everything, not just
everything thanks
- I'm here now.
I told my agent to notify-
- you don't want certain elements to
appear. I don't want to be completely
They said to my agent that it is not
the kind of nudity.
But David asked to walk towards him-
- and of course I was completely
Close your eyes.
Is transferred to the legs any
A little bit more. Is everything all
Move this lower.
Turn here.
Stick with it. Don't move.
We don't need to, it does not seem
-H-- He doesn't know it.
- Not so. He doesn't care about
He doesn't tell any story.
Trust me. We don't pictures in to
- I Trust you.
- Yesterday nothing came of it.
- I still Trust you.
- I didn't mean it.
You don't just let yourself be...
...something different.
I see something else, and when I
shoot you.
You are the eyes of someone else-
but you're not fully present.
You worry about what the image says,
or what?
- Maybe.
- Maybe? Yes or no?
Are you thinking about your mother
during the filming?
- Not just my mother. -S - Don't
-S - Who else are you thinking?
- My Country.
Are you thinking about your country,
and when I shoot you? It is pretty
Did you know in advance that you'd
think of your mother and your country?
I don't think my country during the
If they are not sure about this, but
will see how beautiful you are-
- they do not like pictures
And when I shoot you, it's like a
I'll take you, and when you take,
I'll follow.
It is something beautiful, and our in
our stories-
- have something in common. They are
common to our images.
Team David Bellemere. It's true.
And you decided to come here because
you want to be different.
That's why I urge you in the morning.
You decide, will you come here or not.
David contacted me Instagram-
-S - and I was excited about it.
He has photographed many admired
He wanted a picture of me-
- so I gave him my number. He said he
would take nude photos.
The truth is, I invented an excuse so
I wouldn't have to come.
Because I don't really know her.
I was naked in a room with a stranger
a man with
and it could get pervoiluksi.
Boys will be boys.
Nu Muses project was a great way to
get to know him-
- and work with him anyway as
I was before had nude pictures, but
it was physically more challenging.
He showed me all of the hand.
Otherwise it would have taken too
much time.
He persuaded my body to me, just new
I felt really uncomfortable, but it
seemed to him good.
Let's start. Stick with it. Don't
move. The rise of the bridge.
He persuades the girls to a variety
of uncomfortable positions.
Head relaxed!
The girls realize what he wants.
Their body is his work extension.
They'll give up. They're kind of
acquiesce to that.
Don't worry.
David is sure to become thought of-
-S - what kind of manipulation,
psychology and body control it is.
He unloaded them and compile again.
Girls are silly putty in his hands.
He tosses them around like it was
They are not used to like David's
I've never seen other photographers
do the same.
He falls in love with every girl.
They are his muusiaan.
Picasso was the eighth muse.
He fell in love with them and
tormented them all.
Go quickly to the ground.
I want you to be stronger than
You decided to come here. Don't do
this reluctantly.
Don't worry, the picture is not
showing anything inappropriate.
He has fears. Didn't he come here ...
-a fully open mind.
Well then, let go.
Good. Keep your chin up.
Come here.
Don't care about these people. Don't
let it show you.
The image will be ruined, if you look
Let's start.
Go on your stomach to lie down.
When we chose models in New York
- and we had a calendar on the table-
- you talked about social media.
How a girl should be a lot of
But the number is often-
-quality of the enemy, and it shows.
Energy treatments Lita has been a
life coach for me for three years.
He helps many actresses and models-
- to get the right path.
What you doubt the most?
I have a lot of pre-expectations.
I am told that they are unrealistic.
You might want to, that everything
would happen quickly.
So I always want to.
What are you waiting for a model
career, that you're just starting out?
I will try my best and see what
Iskosta it on your head, the third
I want you to see yourself on
magazine covers-
- on the campaign trail and walking
on the stage.
When you step into your power in your
circle, you will be connected to it.
Let that feeling spread through your
"I'm successful, I'll make the right
"Modeling is about self-expression
and the beauty of the source."
Sit up.
- you want to Take that selfie?
- I Take.
Is that what you're doing? You are a
crazy generation, Jeannie.
Crazy generation.
David's daughter
Tomorrow you go to school?
-S - you do your homework?
- Not yet.
Do you find it difficult to focus?
Is, other students.
And it's not ever your fault?
-S - Yes. -S - Yes, it is because
always remember.
Have you talked to Mathieu?
Teenagers are not easy to deal with
their emotions.
Emotions are tricky teens.
But it is common for everyone, not
only teenagers.
Teens are still shy.
That doesn't just change.
People are always shy.
Love always makes us reticent.
-P-- It is a good thing.
- And self-confidence increase with
Inhibitions and fear away, but we
didn't know always little.
Although huff your self-confidence... still always a little bit
Between need to break free from
Surrender to love, let it into their
- without thinking too much, or else
it is no longer love.
When its wonder kinked, it is no
longer love.
It's really powerful, but at the same
time fragile.
Unfortunately, it may disappear
If you're not careful.
Do you want some coffee? You don't
drink coffee.
- Drink I.
- Not with me.
With me, you drink water, milk and
-S - And I went to bed early.
- did you miss me?
-P-- do you Want to see me more
often? -S - Yes, but I'm already
used to this.
All right, my dear.
-P-- do you Love your father?
- Yes. He is only rarely there.
Rarely here, but will always be with
What do you hear? After a long time.
Your floor is really dirty.
It is not dirt, but dust.
People's thoughts can be dirty.
Don't forget to take these off.
- I fall!
- You don't fall.
- can you take off your socks?
- My Socks As Well?
So, my socks.
Come here.
Can you get? Good.
Just about. Take it easy.
- Good. -S - in Here is really
Stay in that position and tried to
take the rod catch.
Stick with it.
Put your foot here.
Don't worry. Is it good?
- Is. -P-- It is good.
Good. That is sexy.
Way to go, Jeannie.
This is not about sex. It has sexual
and erotic-
- and draws its energy from my
passion towards women.
But because I feel love towards women-
- I respect that and I don't want to
mess it up.
I haven't spoken with David. He took
about 9000 pictures per girl.
It is a ridiculous amount of pictures
- Rachel has some great shots.
- Breast careful with.
Larger sample sizes are better, but
the middle images do not work.
They just sit, they don't look
feminine, beautiful.
David retouched images a couple of
They are not retouched correctly.
In the skin appear red spots, and
color variations.
Burned by the sun to keep cool.
I don't touch the body of the
imperfection, because it is real.
If the elbow turn red, it brings into
the picture the sensitivity.
Viewer interest in the girl of the
Tattoos tell a story. I don't want to
lose them.
I want the images to tell something
about the girl's personality.
I had to hire a professional
retouching to images.
Retouching is like a white wash. All
the imperfections disappear.
I think it is wrong to look for
perfection retouching by-
when it is about woman power.
If he wanted to tattoo the moon-
- moon reflects his personality.
He is the kind of. It was his choice.
It is his story.
If we remove it, we change him
- So This? -S - Yes, it is gorgeous.
His face shows a small yes.
It was like he was the rapture of
He channeled that energy.
I hope David more cooperation-
- but he does not participate in the
This doesn't feel like his personal
He just went to take the pictures
- and we created this. We created Nu
of the Muses.
David's own process would be very
It would be more explicit and more
It would be more of this style.
Do you want your wall something about
- or something more beautiful?
We are raised to a new level David
the typical posing.
They are sophisticated and timeless.
He has always taken pictures of
themselves. This is a commercial
We have little time to edit, retouch-
- and prints pictures Art Basel event.
Art Basel Miami is a collection of
artists and galleries work.
We want to present the calendar there
-S - because this is an art project
and not just a collection of nude
Calendars published on the three
They cost 1000$, 10 000 $ and 20 000$.
I've invested a lot of money.
Hopefully the calendar will sell.
If the images are selling well, but
are commercial compromises-
- I'm not proud of them.
I'd rather have a beautiful image-
- which does not sell, as a
commercial image, which sells.
He's forcing us to post this picture.
I had to post about it. After all,
it's beautiful.
I don't want it to spread on social
I want a picture tell me. My
followers do not care about this.
- But a deal is a deal.
- did you Use the given image title?
It is a long picture title. The
elegance and romance of praise.
I'll do it. I hope I can remove it
You look gorgeous. I didn't recognize
you with your clothes on.
I like this. I feel like Hugh hefner
David, come here.
Find your own place.
I think I'll go for this.
- Entering a little?
- Control you even more?
Don't hit me, if you hate it. Don't
get mad at me.
So. We'll see.
Is that January or February?
They are not in any order.
They chose their own favorite!
I wanted this to go. Thank you. You
guys are awesome.
What a relief. My mom doesn't kill me!
Where your image is? Let's take a
picture of you.
This is my favorite picture.
Get the same picture.
That works. Perfect.
Nick is a good photographer. If you
want to get his picture of his...
Pull the head, so I'll take your
20 000, 10 000 and 1000. They have
three different versions.
Did you see them in the lobby?
Please buy the calendar.
She wants a calendar for christmas.
I'll take a look.
- Tell me what you like and what you
I trust you. You're the only one to
be honest.
We sold one box of.
Great. We sold at least something.
Here it is. Crazy. This is my naked.
That's boring. I did a lot more.
I don't want to be a killjoy.
But if you look at the video, you can
see that I did more than that.
I don't know who chose the picture-
-S - but I did all kinds of
acrobatic stuff.
That's fine, but better find.
- I agree.
- I Am strong, and that describes me.
are you satisfied?
- I Am. Are you?
I was a little surprised. Some of the
images disappeared somewhere.
I don't know why.
- Try your best.
- So, but I...
- Hey, Ebonen. What do you hear?
I was surprised, especially his
I love it in the mud to take the
But he said it was too revealing.
Not to be you.
- your pictures are stunning. I
don't like them.
Ebonen gave everything throughout the
entire day.
- I Think this is a mistake.
- Me does not represent me properly.
Nu Muses help me, but I will help
I want to do something against it.
Everything I do my passion.
I give everything in front of it.
I Want it to appear. -S -
surprised me too.
She looks gorgeous in both pictures.
I Know, but you don't understand him.
- I Understand.
Can't please everyone. We are trying
to figure each image.
It was an enormous amount. It was a
difficult decision.
- What I would say to him?
- You can't say anything.
This is stupid, I'm going home soon.
I thought that this would be your own
my project.
But that didn't happen.
I believe I did my best.
It has its own journey, when we find
something beautiful.
It's like a dream. It is the same
time everywhere and nowhere.
I don't know, where I was a couple of
weeks ago.
I was maybe in Paris or New York.
Most people have a family-
- his home and his dog. I don't have.
It is not easy. I don't really have
I live my life and love through your
I'm a father, but my time is not
Thank you!
Jeannie didn't tell me that he would
like to become a model.
Our family has staid more. Appearance
is not important to us.
We want to express ourselves in the
intelligence of our season.
I don't even know what Nu Muses was.
I googled David and Nu Muses and I
saw the pictures.
I texted Jeannie: "are you Going to
perform naked?"
"Yes, mother, it is Nu of the Muses."
I prayed silently: "Dear God, save
him Nu Muses."
-S - I Like this.
- you're so thin.
You look like an underweight. I was
burst into tears.
This is where you look agitated.
Toe-in is negative.
And the sand tickle your skin? -P
- No, it is pure.
- But the sand is coarse. -P - No,
it just feels rough.
Snapchatissa was the picture, which
covered only my chest...
It was taken behind the scenes. I
don't know why it was released.
How do we know that such a
The computer age they are difficult
to remove.
When they get on the internet...
- They respect my privacy.
- We need to be prepared for it.
I love nude art.
There is nothing provocative, if it
is done correctly.
It is the thesis.
I would like to her doctor.
But the footlights and the camera can
change everything.
He wanted to be a model, especially
the popularity of the hope.
And secondly, money.
It sounds bad.
Even if I could get a model for a lot
of money in an instant-
- I still have to take care of, will
I be able to pay your rent.
If it is such, I could do something
A career is about more than money and
I have every day to demonstrate my
I have every day to give everything.
If my life suddenly ended and I
disappeared from this world-
I don't think me staying would miss.
I have a million Instagram followers.
But I don't make much of it.
Followers is difficult to find the
My followers are gender...
Oh no, it looks bad. The vast
majority are now men.
I hope YouTube helps. The brand you
want women to follow.
Women buy makeup and clothes.
I make today a video-
- ten of the best beauty products.
I want to show that I'm more than
just a nude model
-S - and I do a lot more.
I'm a real person, imperfect.
I'm weird and funny, and people can
relate to that.
When I really started to do this, it
proved to be more difficult.
Post just the first YouTube video of
Go take a look.
Modeling is oppression. I felt myself
as a slave.
I felt myself as a slave, because
carrying someone else's characters.
To carry on my back someone else's
I sell their clothes and make a
fraction of their road esteistn.
I eat the micro food and provide them
with the patties.
Some big company boss-
I get a billion too, their image
thanks to-
- with your face and which sell their
I don't want to be the only model. I
don't want to be silent mannequin.
Too wide for your nose, too dark of
Let us celebrate the right of all, so
that we can be proud of ourselves.
TED Talksin director-
I was agree with me about racism in
the fashion industry.
I didn't want to be a model because-
- I'd have to circumvent the party,
shake hands with people and smile.
I can't do it anymore.
I can't subjugate myself to someone
else to mold.
The fashion industry reflects the
beauty of our ideals-
- but also our democracy space.
Take from words to deeds.
Let black you spotlight not only the
white model to the next.
Let the muslim countries hotel Vogue.
Let latino model Times Square
Do asian model of bow your picture.
Together, we can modify our
perception of ourselves-
- and each other. Thank you.
Calendars is perceived as a generally
pin-up calendar.
But we created an art calendar.
We didn't intend to make money, but
to build our brand.
But I'm disappointed. The product
price does not match-
- effort amount. I think it would
sell more.
Nudity pictures is like the water of
the drawn line.
What is vulgar and what is artistic?
Can I take risks in the first
calendar we with?
I can't have. The game was too much.
I think that, that girl spreads
- is not artistic. It's just a shock.
Do so if you want to, but I'm not
Kuvaisinko themselves to such a
calendar? I would be happy.
I don't know, sold think of my photos.
David bellemere's pictures do not
seem to sell.
The danger is that the pictures are
People were not accustomed to seeing
such beauty.
Now is the right time.
I've never shown such images.
What do you hear? It is good to see
you again.
After 20 years, it is time to
introduce personal work.
It make me shy, and I've been putting
it off every year.
But now is a good time.
I've been shooting artistic Nu Muses
I Saw it on Instagram.
- They were beautiful pictures.
But it is not the right way to
express myself as an artist.
Because the images should also sell
The end result looked beautiful, but
it lacked real content.
I want to make a photo book, which is
more personal.
Produce it yourself. It is my own
I'm looking for my boundaries.
I see a woman as one of the curves.
If I can't capture it-
- I may have to create it yourself.
Does this hurt?
I want her to shake off its beauty.
Try to create something different, a
new form.
It is more than just posing.
It's weird.
It can look terrible-
-S - but maybe you can find
something beautiful about it.
I know, what kind of pictures he
wants to book.
I know how those photographers.
It's happened to many. It is nothing
I think he moves very dangerous
I don't want to do anything ordinary
book with a beautiful girl.
It looks beautiful, but wouldn't be
anything new.
I want to capture something that
tickles my imagination.
I have now gone on that trip...
It's kind of scary.
It is provocative-
- but there is nothing perverted.
Maybe perverse is it-
- that when she sees something
- does not want to show it, but
trying to hide it.
So the viewer would not notice it.
I'll show it what photos.