Nueve reinas (Nine Queens) (2001) Movie Script

What are you reading?
- Nothing. I'm sorry.
- Don't worry.
- Will that be all?
- Yes.
This machine drives me crazy.
I'll register it later.
- 1.25 plus 3.75...
- 5.
Yes, five, of course.
Don't you have a smaller bill?
- Not enough change.
- I'll make it.
What an idiot! I do have it.
The change from the taxi.
The taxi-driver's change.
I took it all from him.
I'm sure you need the change.
If you have a 100 bill, I'll give
you 50, and 50, 100, in change.
- Bye, thanks.
- Bye.
- Bye.
- Bye.
- Hi.
- Hi.
We'll put it over there.
- He did that to me.
- What?
You know, the change.
Be careful, Betina.
He's pulling a trick
to take money from you.
- What the fuck's going on?
- He pulled a trick on me!
- He took money from me!
- Son of a bitch! Call the police!
- That won't be necessary. Don't call.
- Who the hell are you?
You thought I'd forget, right?
You think I'm a prick,
just like all the assholes you swindle?
Is that it? You fucking thief!
- Freeze, motherfucker! Don't resist.
- I won't resist.
Stop it, goddamit, look... !
Who the fuck do you think
you are talking to?
I'm sorry. I'm sorry.
Is this the money you took from her?
Is this it?
You'll get a call from the precinct.
To file your report
and to return this to you.
Don't move from here.
Do you smoke?
- Smoke these?
- No.
A pity. I no longer smoke.
made in Greece.
This country is going to hell.
Do you want?
I'm such an asshole!
What an asshole!
It's not that bad.
I should know when someone's
pulling a trick on me.
Depends on who's doing it.
- It was the gun that convinced me.
- The gun?
The only thing handy.
Are you mad, kid?
"He pulled a trick on me! "
Why did you help me out?
It was a pity you'd get canned
for 45 lousy bucks.
- How d'you know it's 45?
- I did that trick a million times.
And I know you can't
do it twice at the same store.
You get in, you do it
and you get out... that's it.
Unless you want
to get beaten and canned...
not necessarily in that order.
- You are a swindler.
- A dentist.
- The professional felt pity for the asshole.
- Beginner.
I hope one day
I'm as good as you, teacher.
Thanks anyway. Goodbye.
Hold it!
What do you want?
That's a strange way
of saying thanks.
I said thanks.
What else do you want?
Not me, what do you want?
- What do I want?
- Survive, I guess.
- I can teach you a couple of tricks.
- Why?
Because otherwise...
you're headed for trouble.
- Thanks a lot, but I'm doing fine.
- Yeah, I can see that.
I'm not the smartest
but I'm street-wise...
and I know that nobody gives
you anything for free...
especially someone like you.
- What d'you want?
- I already told you.
Try telling me the truth.
I work with another guy,
a partner, Turco.
He disappeared a week ago, completely.
The thing is, I need a partner.
I don't know how
to work on my own, I can't.
I saw you at the gas station
and I thought...
Why me?
Why not?
No, look... I work alone,
and besides, I don't know you.
I'm Marcos... and you are... ?
Juan. But you've
always wanted to be called...
Guys called Juan
always want another name.
Let's do business, Sebastin?
- Juan.
- Juan.
Just for today, one day only.
Then you can decide.
- No, thanks.
- It's up to you to do it.
If you want to keep on
playing in the little leagues.
Here, kid.
Don't lose your money.
Hey... Marcos...
Just for today.
- Who is it?
- Auntie?
- Who is it?
- Auntie?
- No, who is it?
- I'm sorry.
- Who is it?
- Auntie?
- No. What auntie?
- Excuse me.
- Hello?
- Auntie?
- No, wrong floor.
- Excuse me.
- Who is it?
- Auntie?
Who is it?
Wait, wait...
Hang on.
- Do you have kids?
- No.
- And that?
- It's for me.
I had one like it when I was a kid.
A bit larger than this one.
It belonged to my father.
When there was
a game on TV...
it was one of the few
days Dad stayed at home.
I'd set my wooden racetrack
and play with the car.
Mum would listen
to her favorite record by Rita Pavone.
- Rita Pavone?
- Yes.
A real fan. She wouldn't
acknowledge she was outdated.
When we were together
at home we listened...
to Rita Pavone. "II Ballo
del Mattone." Know the song?
- Who is it?
- Auntie?
- No, wrong floor.
- Excuse me.
It was very popular.
They used the song for a movie...
Mom told me.
It went...
- Who is it?
- I see.
- Auntie?
- Yes. Who is it?
You can't recognize
your favorite nephew?
- Fabin, is that you?
- Yes, Auntie, it's Fabin.
It's been a long time, dear.
What a miracle!
You got a cold? I can't hear you well.
I hardly recognize you.
You came to visit me?
No, you'll be mad at me.
I'm with a friend...
We came to visit someone
near here and my car broke down.
The car?
- Yes.
- You bought a car?
You didn't know?
You gotta see it. You'll love it.
- Guess what color it is.
- What color? Don't tell me.
No, I wanted turquoise
but I got a blue one.
The thing is, they're about
to tow it to the garage...
...and after checking my wallet
I realized I got no money.
It was then I noticed
I was close to your place...
How could you?
You have to check before going out.
Don't give me a hard time.
Could you lend me some money?
Say 50, 60 pesos.
I'll go to the garage,
get the cash and bring it back to you.
You needn't do it so fast.
But we could have a coffee.
I promise, auntie.
We'll have a coffee together.
Look, I don't want
to leave the car alone.
My friend's staying here,
give him the money.
Don't worry.
I'm coming down.
Your friend can be trusted?
She gave me a hundred.
- Nice old lady.
- She sends her love to your mother.
I'd have to go to the cemetery,
too much trouble.
And she gave me this
to give back to her.
- Why didn't you keep it?
- I'm not a crook.
- What is it?
- Nothing.
- You want the ring?
- No, it's not that.
- What is it?
- The old lady...
Let me get this straight:
gas station clerks, it's okay...
trusting old ladies, never.
It's not that. She told me
I looked like her grandson.
Give her back the money
and set up a grocery store.
What's wrong with you?
How can you work the streets
with such a conscience?
- That's my problem.
- No, that's our problem. For today.
Hang on. Since we are here...
Go in, order a coffee...
pay with this, and get out.
You don't know me.
I need money.
That's original.
No, I need money, now...
Lots of it.
That's why I'm on the streets.
You feel ambitious today?
No, it's my father.
I'm gathering money for him.
- How much?
- A lot.
Come on, how much?
Seventy grand.
Holy shit!
What is it with your father?
- He's in trouble.
- And you solve your dad's problems?
Yes, we get along fine.
He taught me the tricks for working.
When I was a kid, as a game.
- "Mosqueta", "Toco Mocho"...
- The basics...
Then something happened,
I don't know what.
He regretted having taught me.
He said it was wrong.
He told me not to screw up
my life like he had screwed his.
He told me to do
something else. Anything.
I did as he said.
I did something.
- And it didn't work.
- Everything I did was a failure.
What did you say when asked
what you wanted to be?
- Left wing.
- I wanted to be an accomplice.
I heard it a lot at home...
and what can you do
for a living with such a vocation?
Now that my Dad needs
the money the only way...
to get it is to use
the tricks he taught me.
I try hard to remember each phrase,
and each flick of the hands.
I sold my apartment to start...
an import business that
didn't even get off the ground.
Well, the 7 0 grand is still there,
like the carrot...
I'm an asshole, the 50 grand
I scraped are good for nothing.
You were saying?
- My change, please. I've got to go.
- What change, Sir?
The change for the $1 00
I gave you ten minutes ago.
- No, you gave me nothing.
- Come on, I'm in a hurry.
- You didn't pay me.
- Are you serving too many tables?
Shall I help you? Manager!
- You didn't pay. Don't shout.
- Don't tell me what to do.
- Manager!
- What is it?
This gentleman says
he paid me but it's not true.
- Are you calling me a liar?
- No, sir. There must be a confusion.
No. I had a coffee and paid
with a $1 00 bill.
I had two,
now I've got one.
Maybe you got confused.
Don't insist with the confusion bit.
There's no confusion. Look.
I had two bills, now I have one.
Look, that's it.
The tip is cut off.
The bill I paid with is missing the tip.
Check in your register box
if there's a bill with a missing tip.
Cut it, I'm in a hurry.
- Come.
- I'm not going anywhere.
Go get my change.
I'm not going anywhere. Are you nuts?
What is it?
Your cut. Like it?
- I knew this trick.
- You do it?
- No.
- Why?
Too many people around.
You have to make a scandal.
- It's not my style.
- But that's the point, pal.
They are not prepared to get
into a scandal. What's the key?
The more offended you are,
the less suspicious you look.
If things get tough,
you accuse the rest of them.
Not my style.
- What part?
- The exposure, I don't like it.
The risk of something going wrong.
- Lf the going gets rough, I can't do it.
- You chose the wrong job.
I didn't choose.
D'you have some small change?
I have to make a call.
It's private... you know...
Arrange it. Bye.
Who were you talking to?
With my lawyer.
I still have some outstanding business.
- Who was it?
- A friend.
Okay, what's next?
I don't know.
In fact I've been thinking...
I don't know if it's worth it.
All this... perhaps it's best
that you go on with your stuff.
Turco must be coming
back soon and...
if he finds out I've replaced him,
he'll get mad.
Turco is a bit jealous.
No, wait, what is it?
Nothing... this is not for you.
You're not into it.
- You could fuck up, and if that happens...
- What could I fuck up?
What kind of an idiot d'you think I am?
- The kind who thinks too much.
- Is that a liability?
- It's a liability.
- Why?
If you think too much,
you won't do some things.
Look, I need the money.
Splitting 50% with you, I'll make more
than 1 00% if I were on my own.
This is not about learning
a couple of tricks.
Any asshole knows it.
You need something else for this job.
and you've got it.
Otherwise, I wouldn't be alive.
Are you that good?
Can you achieve anything you set out for?
Can you get that purse
in less than two minutes?
- She has to voluntarily hand me her purse?
- In two minutes.
No, not that.
- I can.
- No, you can't.
I bet you the ring.
- Hi.
- Hi.
- Go ahead.
- Thanks.
- What floor, madam?
- Fourth.
- And you?
- The penthouse.
- What is it?
- I don't know.
These old elevators,
they break down, they fall down.
- Please, don't say that.
- It happens all the time.
Holy shit!
- Let's get help.
- Makes sense.
No, we'll do something else.
- We're going out and we'll use the stairs.
- That way?
Let me help you.
Your purse,
I'll place it here.
Shall I hold it for you?
- I didn't know that one.
- Neither did I.
- You improvised?
- Yes.
- Really?
- Yes.
That was fast.
And you have another asset
that'll make your life easier.
Something money can't buy.
You look like a nice guy.
Incredible! Once again you've
sent me the wrong paper!
I'm sick and tired of
coming myself to get it!
- What's your address?
- Viamonte 1 2 42, 2nd. "B".
- You're so cheap. Can't you buy it?
- Don't call me cheap.
Are you upset?
Of course I can buy it,
but I can also not buy it.
As everybody else would do if they could.
- D'you think everybody is like you?
- Like me? Most.
- The thing is they don't have enough balls.
- At least it's most.
Then there's the decent folk,
and then there's you...
and you would be... what?
What's up, man?
You wouldn't have gotten her out
of the elevator, would you?
- What are you talking about?
- The purse.
- You would have walked away with it.
- What do you mean?
You think I'm a thief?
I don't kill people.
I don't use a piece. Anyone can do that.
Do you want to see thieves?
Those two are...
waiting for someone
with a briefcase on the street side.
That one,
sizing up loaded victims.
They are there,
but you can't see them.
That's what it's all about.
They're there, but they aren't.
So mind your briefcase,
your case, your door...
your window, your car,
your savings.
Mind your ass. Because they're
there and they'll always be.
- Thieves.
- No... that's what everybody calls them.
They are spitters, breakers,
skin workers, blind fronts...
hoisters, hooks, stalls, petermans,
night raiders, spitters...
mustard chuckers, fences,
operators, swindlers...
I'm hungry.
Let's go to my office to get a meal.
What is it?
Sit there, wait for me.
- Anibal, could you clear my desk?
- Your sister called.
How d'you know it was my sister?
She said she was
your sister, Valeria.
I didn't know you had a sister.
- Yes, I got a sister.
- What time did she call?
- About an hour ago.
- Did she say what she wanted?
Get an office with a secretary
and stop busting my balls.
Get me something to eat,
something tasty.
If you don't mind,
I'll choose the meal next time.
You're a pain in the ass, kid.
- When?
- This morning.
- What did you say?
- That you were hospitalized.
- Why were you hospitalized?
- No...
I think I'm running out of credit.
I'm a mess with money.
It's hard for me to...
- A mess?
- Your sister.
Either we never get to talk
or we speak twice the same day.
No, I can't now.
And why should it concern me?
If you're fucking with me
to get me to go and talk about...
our grandparents' estate
Wait. Wait a minute!
Alright, I'm on my way.
- Problems?
- I don't know. Maybe.
I'm going to see my sister.
And what shall I do?
Come along.
You never know with my sister.
Maybe I might need a witness.
Pay for this. I'll pay you later.
- Your sister works here?
- Yes.
- Does she... ?
- No.
My sister is a responsible person.
- A miracle. I called and you came.
- I'm fine, thanks. And you?
Fine, we are fine.
Thanks for your concern.
You called to give me shit?
I'm trying to keep the party going,
to be polite.
I wish it was a party.
You needn't be polite.
It'd be enough if you just
carried out your responsibilities.
I heard that song before.
I think it was your mother singing it.
- You're a bastard!
- Watch your mouth.
Be careful your bosses might listen.
How many are they? Ten, twenty?
Never seen a woman
with as many bosses as she has.
- Who is this?
- Juan, a friend.
- I called you.
- And I came with him. What d'you want?
Come here.
How many times did I ask you
not to meddle with the hotel...
and its guests, that you do
your business elsewhere?
Too many.
I was at the lobby and
that partner of yours, the old man...
what was his name?
- Sandler?
- That's it.
- I thought he had died.
- Don't fuck with me.
I'm not. I haven't seen him
in six or seven years.
Besides, he wasn't my partner.
He does something else.
He was at the lobby insisting
on seeing a guest.
I thought it was one of your affairs.
You're wrong.
I had you called, they didn't find you,
and I had him sent out.
You've become a snitch?
This is my job and I work my ass off
I hope you don't
mean it literally.
When the old man was being
thrown out, he had a seizure...
He fainted.
The house doctor
has already seen him...
and they'll call an ambulance shortly.
What does all this have
to do with me?
The old man recognized me and
asked me, begged me to call you...
that it was urgent,
he needed to talk to you.
My life is quite a mess as it is.
Make sure he doesn't come back.
Neither do you.
- You called me.
- He did.
Whatever you have to settle,
do it and go away.
It makes me nervous
to see you here.
You're as loving as always.
By the way, are you dating someone,
did you get married?
I'm dating.
It will be one year tomorrow.
- Congratulations. I know him?
- I don't think so. He's decent.
Nice ass, right?
Marquitos, you came.
- You called me, Sandler.
- I thought... you know...
And him?
He's with me. If you want to
I can ask him to leave.
Aren't you Juan, Ramiro's kid?
I worked with
your father many years ago.
I would forge the papers for him,
and he pushed them.
- Sandler is an artist.
- Yes, an artist.
- I made you make big money.
- Those were other times.
- You don't remember me?
- No.
You were a little kid then.
Perhaps ten, twelve.
- Good memory.
- He was a smart kid.
This is all very touching
but why did you have me called?
Hand me the briefcase.
Esteban Vidal Gandolfo is
a guest at this hotel.
Do you know him?
"Owns a holding."
"Must leave the country in a hurry."
"Parliamentary investigation.
Deportation to Venezuela."
Five hundred million dollars?
Whatever it is, it's too big for you.
He's got a hobby.
He's worth 500 million...
and he's got a hobby.
- Which one?
- Stamps.
- Didn't you have a... ?
- Brother-in-law. A stamp collector.
A very good one.
The husband of my sister, Berta.
- The one who lives at the Kavanagh.
- My rich sister.
He died eight, nine years ago,
and left her the whole collection...
including the "Nine Queens".
Nine Queens?
The Nine Queens is a sheet
of stamps from the Weimar Republic.
- Defective, rare and very valuable.
- How much?
I don't know.
I didn't have time to establish a price.
You wanted to sell them
to Vidal Gandolfo?
My sister's stamps? No, not hers.
She wouldn't sell them.
She says they remind her
of her husband. No.
But I got to see them.
I studied them.
I took photographs.
- You copied them.
- My best work ever.
Original paper.
One perforation at a time.
This is one of your photos?
The trick is the time.
I know they wouldn't pass a lab test.
But they're taking the guy
to the airport tomorrow.
He doesn't have the time
to check them thoroughly.
That's why they must be sold today.
He'll go for it.
He must believe it's now or never.
Please, take me to the toilet.
- Do you know this Spaniard?
- I read something about him.
Then he exists.
Yes, of course he exists.
Let me get this straight.
You came to the hotel
asking for the Spaniard.
When you couldn't get through,
you got nervous...
because you thought you'd blown it.
Is that so?
It was then that you blew your fuse.
So you need someone
to sell the goods for you...
Why me, of all people?
When I fell ill I saw
your sister and I thought...
Why not?
It's been a long time.
You didn't expect this, did you?
Here I am, trusting you again.
You're desperate.
You had no one else to call.
I can give you 20%.
No, look...
Let me tell you what the situation is...
You don't set the percentages, I do.
Because if I leave now...
all you'll get will be
an enema at a public hospital.
Listen, I'm 73.
I don't have many opportunities left...
and this one is mine, rightfully.
Don't fuck with me, Marcos.
I can call someone else.
If you could call someone else,
you'd have already done so.
How much do you want?
You are crazy.
No, the thing is I got you by the balls.
- Let's do it 50-50.
- I'm not negotiating.
I'm making you
the only offer you'll ever get.
or nothing, zip.
I didn't come to you, Sandler.
It was the other way round.
I never learn.
- I'm an asshole.
- You're not an asshole. You are fucked up.
The wife has the stamps at their place.
If I tell her he sends me,
she'll give them to me.
He asked me not to mention the hospital.
He doesn't want to scare her.
D'you know anything
about stamps?
They're small square papers
you stick on envelopes.
- You'll go ahead with it?
- Sure!
- What?
- Nothing.
- I find it a bit strange.
- Which part?
- All of it.
- Strange? You find it strange?
Kid, I've sold barbed wire seeds
and got thanked for it.
D'you think I can get scared
with some stamps?
What can I lose? I risk nothing.
If I sell, I keep everything.
And if the cops get involved?
No, kid.
This is something else.
This is something you can wait for your
entire life and could never happen.
One in a million.
The old man is a good artist.
He's the best.
And I can sell those stamps.
- I can probably get... thirty grand.
- Thirty grand?
- More, you think?
- Come.
What is it?
What do you want?
- I want in.
- In where?
The deal. I need the cash.
I want a part.
A part? Are you crazy?
I don't mean much.
Just a percentage.
We're together for the day.
Why should I give you a percentage?
This reached me through my sister.
- Who the fuck d'you think you are?
- Well, I was there.
Fuck that! You don't even
know Sandler's address.
I'll need help. Stay with me
for a lump sum... a grand.
- Three.
- One and a half.
- Two and a half.
- Okay, two.
- Two and a half.
- Alright!
Only if we pull it off.
- What was the name of the guy?
- None of your business.
- Vidal Garafalo?
- Gandolfo.
Gandolfo. He likes you.
I'd like to talk to you about...
Why do you ask?
It's nothing.
- Don't mess with that guy...
- I'll be back.
D'you remember a song by R. Pavone,
II Ballo del Mattone?
That's it, let's go.
We won't bother you again.
What about
our grandparent's estate?
Not again.
Talk to your lawyer.
Don't fuck with me,
your lawyer's delaying it.
- That's what lawyers are for.
- Do it for Federico.
- What does he have to do?
- You're screwing him too.
- The third part is his.
- I'm not screwing anybody.
You wanted to sue me? You did.
D'you want my blood now?
Look at the victim.
You're a bastard!
Don't insult me.
And leave the boy out of this.
He is not staying out.
You explain it to him.
- How are you?
- What's up, boy?
- Fine?
- How are you?
Didn't you say he never came,
he didn't care? How are you?
- Fine. And you?
- Okay.
Finally your sister got to have you
working with her all dressed up.
Yes, we need the money.
We still have debts.
You don't have to explain.
You shouldn't feel ashamed.
Explain to him why he can't
collect his grandparents' money.
- Valeria, cut it out.
- Yes.
- Don't be naive, Federico.
- Don't involve me in this mess.
He's already explained what
happened with the inheritance.
- You believe him?
- Of course, he's my brother.
Do what you have to do,
sue him. I don't care.
But don't bust my balls.
- I have to go back to work. See you.
- Okay.
- Good afternoon.
- What d'you want?
Your husband sent us to pick
up an envelope he left for us.
It's a yellow,
large envelope on the shelf...
in the living room
under the Chinese jar.
- My husband is not in.
- Yes, I know.
He said that
even if he wasn't home...
we could come by
to pick up the envelope.
He's not in!
Come back later.
We'd love to, but we can't.
- Sandler, Mr. Sandler said that...
- He's not in!
He's not in!
My husband is not in!
Who are you?
What do you want from me?
- Nothing, it's just...
- Go away or I'll call the police.
- Madam, please...
- Go away!
I know your kind. You take
advantage of old ladies like me.
But I won't allow it.
That's why I don't open
my door to anyone.
Let's go, the lady's right.
There's no point.
Your mother will understand.
It's not that bad.
If we ever visit her again,
we'll take her the photos...
otherwise we won't.
Forgive us, madam.
My brother gets all worked up
when he's going to visit mother.
And she was looking forward
to seeing these photos...
but never mind.
We'll fix it somehow.
No, not you. You stay there.
Come here.
In that envelope there
are photos for your Mum?
Some old photos of my Uncle Liver
and his family in Poland.
Your husband promised us
some copies of the originals.
We wanted to give them to
Mum now that we'll visit her.
- Where does your mother live?
- In Entre Ros.
Entre Ros!
Entre Ros.
Would you wait a minute?
- Okay, twenty percent.
- 50-50.
No fucking way, I'd kill you first.
Twenty-five percent.
You can't do it without me.
I'm not Sandler and
you really need the dough.
Thirty percent.
That's it, minus expenses.
Do you know Entre Ros?
Mom would never leave there.
She always says...
"A Meckler stays in the land
where he was born."
Is she related to Rabbi Meckler,
of Basavilbaso?
Her cousin.
I'm his nephew.
Vidal Gandolfo will be at the hotel
the whole afternoon.
- They ordered drinks for 3:30p.m.
- How will you approach him?
I don't know.
- We must think of something.
- Think fast.
He's leaving tomorrow.
You don't have much time.
We, I mean, you could
contribute 30% of an idea.
How are you, dear Marcos?
I'm sorry, Washington.
We're busy.
It'll take you longer to dismiss
me than to check my goods.
You're right.
What do you have?
Whatever you want.
National, Buenos Aires,
Crdoba, Cooperative...
- Third parties?
- And blank checks.
I have some
complete check books.
- I want for you to leave.
- Don't you wanna make a gift?
You could impress your loved ones.
Nothing better than
a Paraguayan Rolex to do that.
And you, young man?
Anything else?
Perfumes, clothing, imported sneakers?
Computer software, paintings,
electronic devices?
I have an excellentJapanese
bike, with minor damages.
- What damages?
- A hole in the tank.
- A perforation?
- Small caliber.
That's it, I need a gun
but something large.
D'you have a .3 57?
I'm not a crook.
Have a nice day.
Excuse me,
do you have cell phones?
Any make in particular?
An idea?
Easy, he'll go.
Yes, it's me.
What's up? It's not a good time.
I'm about to take a leak.
At the hotel.
I came because
I was given a tip...
but I doubt it'll work out.
No, no, I'm going
to Montevideo on Saturday.
I'll try to sell them there. Yes.
The thing is not when but how much.
Are you crazy?
For the "Nine Queens"?
I tell you what.
For that amount go
to the post office and...
get as many stamps as you like.
Not even close.
Forget it.
Now, that's better.
- What the fuck are you doing here?!
- Talking on the phone.
Don't fuck with me!
It's the second time today
I see you around.
You and that prick.
What d'you want?
I do the asking, you just answer.
What're you doing here?
- What's the trick this time?
- I have something to sell.
- It's legal, no strings attached.
- In the hotel restroom?
Don't fuck with me!
D'you want me to get really mad?
We're all here now.
Look at the face of this guy.
Where did you find him?
The people at the hotel
are worried.
Come and explain everything to me.
That won't be necessary.
I'm sure you won't mind
showing me your I D.
- Put the gun down.
- And who are you?
A guest at the hotel.
These gentlemen
are here because...
- I called them.
- You called them?
Please, put the gun away.
You might be a guest here,
the king of Spain, but I don't
You come with me.
And you, wait for me.
- You bastard!
- You liked it! You liked it!
Fucking asshole!
Who said you had to hit me?
I should go to Hollywood.
He bought it!
- I should do this for a living.
- We must go back.
Take whatever he gives you
and consider yourself paid.
No, you have to give me
your part. You owe me 200.
- I'll give you a hundred now...
- Two hundred.
My pleasure.
I'd like to have a word
with you. Follow me.
My partners are waiting for me.
- Are you okay?
- Yes.
Where did your friend get the I D?
He gets it at his job,
together with the gun.
Let's not waste time.
Let's not waste time.
You told the cop
you have something to sell.
A legal deal, as you said.
And from what I heard of
your phone conversation...
- I might be interested.
- Who are you?
If what you have to offer
is what I believe it is...
Excuse me.
Who are you?
The person you were tipped off
about. The one you came to see.
I've nothing to sell
nor did I ask any favor.
We're here to be polite.
You helped us out in the
restroom, a misunderstanding.
But the truth is
I don't know who you are.
- What d'you say?
- My partner speaks for me too.
Professionals. D'you see, idiots,
how these things are handled?
If you had something to sell to
me you'd knock on my door...
...just like a book peddler.
But if you were a smart Argentinian...'d try to interest me.
You'd find a way
to have me look for you...
and not the other way round.
You could, for example, have
a telephone conversation...
with an alleged buyer
and make sure I'd listen to it.
But you have to be subtle.
You shouldn't say anything like...
"What? For the Nine Queens?
You are crazy! "
And then the cop, "Please,
don't hit me. I've something to sell.
But it's legal. I promise."
Do you understand?
It was so ridiculous!
I don't know
what you are talking about.
Look, man. There's no point
in insisting on that.
It is true that if you had
approached me directly...
I would've never talked with you.
I don't care
that you did it this way.
As long as what you have
is good and interests me.
I really don't know
what you're talking about.
Man, cut it out!
The show is over!
You're here
and I'm listening.
If you have something
to offer me, do it or fuck off.
I have little time left and much to do.
Do you have this?
And where did you get it?
My grandfather gave them
to me shortly before he died...
a few months ago.
He got them from a German
guy he met on a ship.
- He paid seven pesos for them.
- Seven pesos...
I told my cousin. He suggested
I should sell them to a collector.
- Are you interested?
- Don't push me.
I mean, as you have
so little time left and so much to do...
I might want to buy them.
- That would be good, for all of us.
- Come back, in an hour.
I want to see the stamps
and then we'll talk about money.
- Today.
- Today, yes.
I don't have much time.
Unfortunately, I have to leave
your city tomorrow morning.
- You didn't know that?
- I didn't know.
That's the way it is.
And believe me, I'll miss this country.
I've never seen such good will
for doing business.
In my room, at 4 o'clock.
Let go of that phone!
I told you not to fuck
around in the hotel.
- Don't worry.
- Stay out of this.
Really, it has nothing to do...
What is it with you, asshole?
D'you know how
my brother's partners end up?
You believe you'll
get money out of him?
- Don't come back.
- We'll be back.
- I'll call the police.
- Call them. What will you say?
Excuse me.
By any chance,
do you remember a song...
by Rita Pavone,
"II Ballo del Mattone"?
Come on... let's go.
- What did your sister mean?
- About what?
- How your partners end up.
- How could I know?
- Why did you stop working with Sandler?
- It's not your business.
For this day, I'm your partner.
It's my business.
Technically we could say
I unilaterally readjusted dividends.
- You fucked your partner.
- "You fucked your partner."
Sandler was always an asshole.
It couldn't have been that bad
if he called me again.
Don't worry. I won't fuck you.
Why not?
I'm getting old,
I'm sure you run faster than I do.
- I'm not convinced.
- Doesn't bother me.
No, goddamit, no.
Because I won't maintain
an unfavorable position.
How much?
That's better.
Offer an option at 1 9,000
and freeze.
Yes, we'd only be losing...
Let me see...
...two and a half,
three million.
That's better.
I'll call you later.
Give me that.
Do your stuff.
Mr. Vidal, I must insist.
These are not the right conditions.
We should run lab tests
on the ink and a spectography.
I don't have time, goddamit!
You're supposed to be the best,
at least I'm paying you as if you were.
Cut it out and tell me
if they're good or not.
Should I pay for them
or is someone with a lot of guts...
trying to screw me?
Go ahead, do whatever is necessary.
The stamps are good.
Excuse me, do any of you
remember a song by...
How's the game going?
A sheet of stamps
of the Weimar Republic...
with a rare distribution of the edges.
You're right, Mr. Vidal.
No more tests are necessary.
These are the Nine Queens.
You, pay him.
Let's talk about money.
- What I had thought...
- Don't think. You just listen.
I don't know what you do
for a living and I don't care.
One thing is for sure,
you don't sell stamps for a living.
These stamps
were dropped on your lap...
and whatever you get for them
is like a gift from heaven.
- Am I wrong?
- No, it's true.
We don't know much about stamps.
we'd rather sell them here,
now, without any further delays.
But I could also get financing
or go to the States.
I can auction them.
I mean, we won't give them away.
- Lf we check the catalogues...
- Fuck the catalogues!
What is it? You've turned
into an expert all of a sudden?
It's me who's gonna buy those stamps.
The rest is bullshit.
I tell you the price and you accept it.
I won't give you a cent more than...
three hundred thousand.
This is not what we had agreed.
I will not be robbed.
My grandfather kept
these stamps all his life...
and I won't give them away
to the first one who comes along.
You listen. We have
an agreement, but I decide.
I won't blow them and that's final.
Well, well, well...
What amount would
please your grandfather?
- Four hundred and fifty grand.
- What?
This guy is going
to buy the stamps from us.
We deliver them at ten and
he'll pay us $450,000.
Ten percent for Sandler,
and thirty percent of the balance is mine.
- Minus expenses.
- Where's the trick?
- What?
- You're screwing me.
This is a trick.
You're pulling a trick.
- You think I'm screwing you? How?
- I don't know.
I can't understand it
and it makes me mad.
- This is not real.
- It's not real? Give me that.
This is as real as it gets,
asshole. It's 450 grand.
It's more real than you and I.
What is it, kid?
Something keeps you from enjoying life?
Do you need assurances?
Look, you can be sure I'll kill you
if I lose this deal because of you.
Does it look suspicious?
Okay. You're out. That's it.
Get out.
Leave me alone. Bye.
Get out, come on.
Have a good life.
Why would I need you?
- I should get rid of you now.
- You are starting to love me.
What do you want?
How did it go?
- How did what go? What do you want?
- Did he buy them?
- What is he talking about?
- I don't know.
- What do you want?
- My cut. What you owe me.
What the fuck are you talking about?
Look, you know very well
those stamps are worth nothing.
The originals, yes,
but what you're trying to sell to Vidal...
They are not bad.
They are well done.
- You want your cut?
- Yes.
How much?
- Well... 1 5%. I rendered a service to you.
- I didn't ask for it.
I'll tell him.
I'll go and tell them they're fake.
If you tell him,
I'll pull your liver out of your ass...
and make you swallow it.
Who d'you think you're talking to?
- 1 0%.
- 2%.
- 7.5%.
- 5%. Alright?
- Alright?
- Yes.
Give me an address
and a phone number.
- I'll get in touch with you.
- How do I know you'll call?
D'you want me to sign an IOU?
Among thieves, this is the way
it's done. It's based on trust.
I'm no thief.
Sure. I'm sorry.
Come on.
- I'm at this number in the mornings.
- At what time?
- Eight to eleven. Except Wednesdays.
- Go. I'll call you.
Goddamit! Is it this way everywhere?
We are fucked.
You are handing out too many shares.
I mean, 1 0% for one guy,
What a mess.
It lasted...
four hours.
- Dreams don't last that long.
- It wasn't a dream.
- It is now.
- What is it? Everyday you lose a fortune?
No, but... there's nothing
we can do, it's over.
These stamps are fucked up,
the others...
- What is it?
- The others, the originals...
Sandler's sister has them
at the Kavanagh.
- Yes, but Sandler said...
- Sandler's an asshole.
We offer her a share.
We tell them they are already sold...
...and that we only need
to deliver them and collect.
- And if she doesn't want to?
- She'll want.
The old bag will do it.
If not, you can do
your crone seducer part. Come.
the Nine Queens.
And what did my brother tell you?
He suggested that you were
very fond of the collection...
and that it was a memory to you.
Of my husband, of course.
It's true. The stamps
remind me of my husband.
Square, sticky.
Anyway, we dared to come
because we thought that...
the possibility
of an immediate operation
My brother thinks
I'd never sell those fucking stamps?
What an asshole!
I wouldn't give them to him.
It doesn't mean I wouldn't sell them
if I needed the money.
I've been thinking of turning
them into something useful.
I'm running expenses...
- Your commission is... ?
- 1 5%.
We would do the operation today.
How convenient.
What is the price?
Fifty thousand, cash.
Who do you take me for, stooge?
- Excuse me, honestly I don't...
- Cut the acting with me.
You think I don't know
those stamps are valuable?
What's your line of work,
swindling old ladies?
I don't know the exact value,
and I don't care.
Let me explain it to you.
I set a price that makes me happy.
Whoever wants the stamps
gives me that amount...
and he can take them.
That's all.
No percentages,
no down payments, no consignments.
Whoever wants them,
pays for them and takes them.
And what is the figure to get happiness?
He speaks...
- Beautiful virtue.
- How much?
Let's say... 500,000 dollars.
Sit down.
That amount is too high.
- The stamps are not worth that much.
- No?
No. Listen...
- I think we could reach 7 5,000.
- No way.
- 450.
- 1 00,000.
- 400.
- 1 50.
- We should go.
- 3 50,000.
- 200,000 perhaps.
- Let's go now.
That's final.
If we were to bring the money today...
would the stamps be available?
- You have them here?
- That's none of your business.
If you pay today,
you have them today.
- What is it?
- We are fucked, aren't we? This is it.
We must go on. It'd be crazy to let go.
We must go on.
- What d'you mean?
- Buying the stamps from the old bitch.
- Are you nuts?
- No, she wants 250 grand.
They are sold for 450 grand.
One day of work,
Where are you going to get 250 grand?
I have some money.
I could use it.
- 250 grand.
- No, less.
Ah, your sister's... that thing.
I saw an opportunity
and I grabbed it.
I was swifter than she was, that's all.
- Otherwise she would've done it to you.
- No doubt.
I planned not to use it
for a year or so until...
the whole thing calmed down,
the lawsuit forgotten.
Then we are saved.
We buy, we sell,
But I don't have all the money.
I have...
the inheritance plus something
I can get from the lawyer...
plus my money totals...
Where will we get the rest?
- Well, you have 50 grand for your old man...
- You said it.
- You are a bastard!
- Stop it!
Son of a bitch!
D'you think I'm an asshole?
That I'll give you 50 grand,
everything I have for my dad...
that I'll give it to you?
For you to do business! Fuck off!
You're nuts!
I wouldn't try to fuck you with money.
Would I show you the way
I do business, how I work?
- What kind of an idiot would that make me?
- A smart one.
You arranged it with the old girl?
What does she get, 30%?
How much does Sandler get,
less? 1 5%, 20%?
- How much d'you give him?
- You're an idiot.
You have an opportunity
and you can't see it.
You have 200 grand!
I have 50!
The lady wants 250!
- Fuck you!
- Exactly, shithead. Listen. Listen.
Nobody could invent something
like this unless it's true.
These things happen, man.
It's a one in a million chance.
Once in a lifetime.
It's happening to you and me,
here and now. One in a million.
Fuck you, asshole!
I'll give you 50%,
whatever amount you contribute.
Fucking hell!
Thanks for the cigars.
You didn't forget my favorite.
Thanks for the cigars.
You didn't forget my favorite.
- How are you?
- Fine.
Although I think I'd be better at home.
This place is full of crooks.
- What about the money?
- Tough.
I no longer have two or three months.
- What happened?
- Vizcardi will be inhibited...
an issue of venues.
The case will be drawn again
and anyone could be the judge.
Not anyone accepts a bribe.
If I don't get the money
in ten days...
I lose the train.
Only ten days?
Ten days... three months...
What difference does it make?
Where am I going to get 7 0,000?
You can't stay here, Dad.
- I could...
- Don't even think about it.
Am I losing it?
- Why?
- Why, what?
- Why can't I try to help you?
- Not the way you're thinking.
- Listen...
- No, you listen.
I told you a thousand times.
I've already made those mistakes.
Don't you do it again.
Do you think it's a game?
Do you think the guys
who do this are easy?
I got fucked a thousand times,
and you didn't see what I saw.
I mean it, don't be stupid.
Don't do anything that could land you here.
You wouldn't survive.
What must I do for you to understand?
If you give me a hard time,
it'll take me longer to finish my business.
That's it.
I'll call the police.
I don't know what I'll say,
but you won't stay in my hotel.
Your hotel?
Is this your hotel?
You'll call the police?
Wasn't it enough
to bust my balls all my life...
taking Mom's place
as soon as she died...
and now you want
to fuck me with this?
I'm only going to say it once. Once.
I'm not fucking around in your hotel.
My hard luck is that the guy
is staying here. That's it.
If you interfere in any way...
lf, because of you, this falls
through, I promise I'll kill you.
- You don't kill people.
- You don't know me.
- What are you doing?
- Ah, friends!
You are here already.
And in good company.
The best in the hotel.
- Have you met?
- We've known each other for a long time.
- The lady is my sister.
- Really? How interesting!
I'm about to close a fantastic
deal with your brother.
- I'm going to make you rich.
- Him, I'm sure not me.
Shit! I seem to notice
some tension in the air.
The best would be for us to go
to your room and finish our business.
Let us.
Let's finish our business, yes.
- You okay? Did he hurt you?
- No, he didn't hurt me. I'm okay.
I've just made a change
in our agreement. An addition.
- In the price?
- No, in the package.
- I want to include her.
- Valeria?
Valeria, yes. Knowing she's
your sister makes me hornier.
Man, it's only one night. Tonight.
I've been wanting to fuck her
since I got here but I couldn't.
And now I can.
Do you want the money?
- Convince her.
- Lf she doesn't want?
Then the deal is off.
You are willing to give up
the stamps for a piece of ass?
More than you are willing
to give up the money.
Have her bring me the stamps.
But it's got to be her.
I won't receive anyone else.
What happened?
If it were any other woman,
I'd have 50 ways to convince her.
And all good.
But not her.
It's different with her.
- Valeria won't go for it.
- How do you know?
From what I've seen so far...
You like her, shithead.
I saw you looking at her.
You must believe she's a saint.
Can't you see the way
she swings her ass?
There are no saints.
There are different tariffs.
Do you like men?
- Would you fuck a guy?
- No.
- You wouldn't fuck a guy for 1 0,000?
- No.
If I gave you 20,000?
- Real money. All for you.
- No.
- 50,000 dollars.
- No.
You see?
We are not lacking pillow biters,
just financiers.
- Have you seen Valeria?
- Over there.
- I don't want to talk to you.
- Give me a minute.
- I don't want to listen.
- It's about our grandparents' money.
Chito, go get Federico.
Tell him to come.
- No need to bring in the kid.
- Why not? We share expenses.
We are roommates.
He's got a right to know.
To know what?
Whatever it is you are going
to propose. I know you.
What do I have that interests you?
I have a big deal going on
with Vidal Gandolfo.
What is it? You again?
What happened?
How are you?
You tell him or shall I?
Your brother wants me to sleep with a guy,
so that he can make a deal.
He wants to give me money for it.
- Some of the money he stole from us.
- It's not true.
Bastard! What do you need
to tell the truth just once?
- Not again. Why did you call?
- Listen to your brother's proposal.
This is between you and I.
Leave him out of it.
- He's right. Bye.
- Fede, Fede!
Tell him the truth.
I'll win the lawsuit.
I don't want money,
I want you to tell him the truth.
He'll decide the rest.
If I tell him the truth,
you'll go with Vidal?
And how do I know you'll do your part?
Give me your word.
That has always been your weak spot.
I give you my word.
Fede, come!
Now what?
Are you sure?
The truth can hurt.
It's a complicated matter.
Your sister is right
about our grandparent's estate.
My lawyer blocked the estate in Italy...
and submitted me as the only heir.
We bribed some officers...
and split the money.
Don't give me that.
Tell me it's not true.
I'd love to but I can't.
That thing about the middle man
in Italy stealing the money, the taxes?
I didn't want you to find out...
That my big brother robbed me
and lied to me.
It was a lot of money.
What's that about screwing a guy?
She's a grown-up,
she knows what she's doing, Fede.
Don't call me Fede.
Don't call me anything.
That's it then.
Go to Vidal's.
Make sure the money is good.
And count it.
I don't want to be screwed.
Then put it here.
Let's go downstairs.
What can we do here?
Hey, hey!
- Is she out?
- No.
- Did you sleep at all?
- No.
Not everybody is so lucky
to have a clean conscience.
- Watch it, man.
- Vidal... Vidal!
My dear friend, you came
to say goodbye. Nice gesture.
- The money...
- The girl's got it like I told you.
By the way, I don't know
what her cut is in this...
but whatever it is, it's not enough.
- What a woman!
- Mr. Vidal...
No, he can't leave.
She hasn't come down yet...
- Hear that?
- Vidal...
This is fun. I can't leave!
"The girl hasn't come down yet."
I can't leave?
A check?
A check? You are such
an asshole! What is it?
The guy is hung like a horse?
How can you take a check?
A registered check.
A check certified by the bank.
It's the same as cash.
I know what a certified check is.
He didn't have time to do it.
He fixed the price yesterday afternoon.
He had several
checks with different figures.
He must have fixed yours
considering the checks he had.
He had one for 600 and another for 650.
- You came out cheap.
- How do you know that?
The hotel has
an executive assistance service.
- We did it for him.
- The same as cash.
It's 45 minutes before the bank opens.
Have a drink.
I have to make a couple of calls.
- It's over.
- This will never be over.
- No, I referred to this business.
- Me too.
- How is Federico?
- He'll be fine.
- It's the Banco Sudamericano de Crdito.
- I've noticed.
A friend of mine works there.
Not a friend.
A guy I once did a favor to.
I put him into business.
I wanted to say something.
I wanted to apologize.
- Why?
- Because I didn't trust you.
The truth is I thought you were fucking me.
I wanted...
to thank you.
After all...
You're welcome.
I forgot the cigarettes.
- Excuse me.
- I'm sorry.
Let's go.
- I thought the bank was nearby.
- It's not that bad.
Turco, son of a bitch.
It serves him right for disappearing.
He'll want to die when he finds out.
- We're a good pair, you and I.
- Yes, but no.
- We settle the numbers, collect and that's it.
- Really?
Yes, sir. It's over.
We split the cash and that's it.
You're offended because
I made you make a fortune?
- You and I are different, Marcos.
- Different?
Of course we are.
You know what the difference is?
I can handle what I do.
You're afraid of being singled out.
Do you think you are better than I am?
You are the worst kind.
You are a coward.
You want the money but you
don't want to get your hands dirty.
Do you know the difference?
To be a bastard
you need guts.
To be a real bastard...
No, wait, Castrito,
let me explain. Please!
Over there.
Get in there!
Let me explain! I was going
to pay you! My mother got sick.
- Your mother is dead!
- Right, she got sick and died...
Shut up! Piece of shit!
For a year you've been giving me
the same old story!
I want my money, now!
Or I'll fuck you up!
- Please, I beg you!
- Stop begging! I want my money now.
Or I'll kill you like a dog.
Are you kidding?
You want to get killed for a fucking check?
The thing is...
What did you do with the money?
I hid it. I didn't want
to risk being robbed again.
- Give it to me.
- No, if you kill me, there's no money.
- Then I'll kill him.
- Go ahead.
- Please!
- I'll kill him.
- Shit happens.
- Juan!
- No.
- No?
- No.
- Why?
- Because he said "fucking check".
- What?
- You said "check" instead of"dough".
- I didn't say check.
- Yes, you did.
- I didn't say check.
Yes, you said check.
Goddamn you!
You called me on short notice.
I had no time to prepare.
Fuck off, nitwit!
You are an asshole, get out!
And my fifty?
I need fifty to pay for the gun.
Shove that gun up your ass.
Fucking shithead!
Do you understand why I need you?
Why do you give me that
raped virgin's look? What is it?
You know my business.
What did you expect?
A miracle.
Let's go.
The bank is already open.
- I carry the check.
- No... the deal is mine.
Give me the check.
Crdenas! Crdenas!
- What happened, Crdenas?
- What are you doing here?
You're lucky.
At any other time I'd have gone out
and beaten the hell out of you.
I'll give it back to you. A problem
with my accountant. What happened?
We were all royally screwed.
We found out this morning.
They held as long as possible,
and when the going got rough...
they sold all the assets and took off.
- Who?
- The Board.
All eleven.
They took 1 3 5 million.
The Central Bank did know
but they only took part today.
- I've got to go.
- Wait... Come. This is good?
- Wow! What are you into?
- Crdenas! Is it good or not?
Maybe. But what difference
does it make?
This is for you?
You were going to cash this?
You'll have to shove it
up your ass, Marquitos.
- How many?
- Give me two.
- None for me.
- Who said you could use my chips?
- Not yours, your father's.
- Don't interrupt.
- Are you tired, Sebastin, or in a bad mood?
Boris, at the theatre
do you also drink that much?
Know what? I do a better
Spaniard when drunk.
The guy from the bank called,
the one who tipped you about the closing.
Yes, he says he'll come
to collect later today.
- What about Turco?
- He also called.
He wants to know if he can stay
another week with your cousin.
What are you staring at?
You were scared, kid.
By any chance,
do you remember a song by...
Rita Pavone, a song they used
for a film a long time ago?
Come on, Berta.
Nice kiss you gave me
at the hotel.
I couldn't help it.
- Happy first anniversary.
- Isn't it too much?
- It's yours.
- And yours.
- Minus expenses?
- What?
Nothing, nothing...
And this?
It belonged to my mother.
My grandmother gave it to her.
It's been in the family for...
a hundred years.
I remembered!
I remembered it!