Nugu-ui ttal-do anin Haewon (2013) Movie Script

Produced by JEONWONSA Film Co.
Jung Eunchae
Lee Sunkyun
Kim Jaok
Kee Joobong
Kim Euisung
Ryu Deokhwan
Yu Junsang
Ye Jiwon
Guest star/ Jane Birkin
Kim Hyungkoo, Park Hongyeol
Lighting/ Yi Yuiheang
Recording/ Ko Ayoung
Still Photography/ Kim Jinyoung
Hahm Sungwon, Son Yeonji
Music/ Jeong Yongjin
Sound/ Kim Yongjoo
Assistant Director
Lee Jeahan, Kim Jieun
Producer/ Kim Kyounghee
Written & Directed by
Hong Sangsoo
March 21st, 2012.
I met Mom in 5 years
yesterday morning at 11.
I went too early and fell asleep
waiting at a restaurant.
Mom's moving to Canada
with no plans to come back.
She'll stay with my brother.
Excuse me,
I'm looking for West Village.
West... West Village?
I don't know.
Sorry, I don't know.
Thank you. Thank you.
You're welcome.
I realized West Village was
She was very famous.
Thank you very much.
I'll treasure this.
- You... You speak excellent English.
- Thank you.
I... I lived in England
when I was very very little.
Ah, I see. I see.
Well. If ever, ah, if everyou come to Paris,
I'll give you my phone number.
And maybe we can meet up and have lunch
oryou can come around to my house.
Really? Thank you.
Ah, I, I really really
adore your daughter
Ah, thank you.
I know she's, she's great.
- Yeah, yeah.
- Thank you.
I think she's such great actress.
She's true artist.
- Yeah, she's great.
- Yes, she is.
Do you know? You have a great physical
resemblance to my daughter.
Yourface, and your eyes.
You sure? Really?
Thank you!
Because, you know, if I can become like her
I can even sell my soul.
- Soul!
- Sell your soul?
Yeah, Yeah. I can do anything
to become like her.
But you're such a beautiful girl.
Ah! You are beautiful, too!
Really! You are so beautiful.
Oh, merci.
Thank you.
Thank you.
Here's a gift.
Something small.
You didn't have to.
It's good Chinese tea.
Living okay with your dad?
Mom, Know what I wish
forthese days?
Moving out of the house fast.
What? Do you have money?
Students don't have any money.
Then are you studying well?
Mom, you don't learn to act
in school.
It's all the same.
Just living.
I see.
I'll pitch in
though I can't give much.
You don't have any money.
Still, I can give you a bit.
It's okay.
Mom, I can always make money.
I can make it all
in a few days.
What an amazing daughter.
No, you are, Mom.
I hope Canada will be
good foryou.
I've been there once before.
I'm going to live it up.
Walk around barefooted
and dance in the streets.
Do whatever I want there.
I'm serious.
I'll do whatever I want!
I hope you do everything
you ever wanted.
You, too.
Living is dying.
Day by day you get
closerto death.
So, seize the day
and do whateveryou want.
Don't live like me.
I am living like that.
North Village was too crowded
so we walked to West Village.
I never walked this long
with Mom before.
I went to school around here.
It's straight down there.
You want to go?
Should we?
Nothing's changed here.
- It's been so long.
- Yes.
I was shocked by how young
mom's backside looked.
We can't go in?
You want to?
It was off limits
in the past, too.
When you were in school?
Yes, I came here often.
It's so pretty.
How'd they make it
so pretty back then?
Right, it's classy.
- Old goods are classier.
- Yes.
I think I was born
in the wrong age.
Who says that?
You're really pretty.
You'll live well.
No, you're pretty, Mom.
Of course. You're pretty
because of me.
- Funny, Mom.
- What's so funny?
It's scary, huh?
It's too big.
They made it too big.
Yes. It's been there
since I was a child.
I guess.
Try out for Miss Korea.
Miss Korea?
If you can't act,
being Miss Korea would be nice.
Think I can win
a beauty pageant?
Of course!
Think about it.
It'll help with acting
and you'll go abroad.
Travel and see things.
I'm short, but you're
a good height.
Not too big. Just perfect.
Okay, I'll think about it.
They walk like this. Watch.
That's it! So pretty!
Do it again.
- There's a library here?
- Yes.
Haewon, you'll know
when you get older.
There's nothing more fun
than studying.
I know. I like libraries, too.
Isn't that guy good looking?
He's pretty cute.
I walked past that motel
with my mom.
It's an important motel
to me.
But it has a weird name.
I suddenly missed him so much.
This is worth buying.
I know that book, too.
I read it a while ago.
It's good.
But I think I lost it.
Really? Want me to buy it?
I think it might be
at home.
Still, I'll buy it.
But I might end up
with two.
You can pay as much as
you'd like forthose books.
I can pay 10 cents, then?
Sorry for smoking.
It's okay. We're outside.
You like cigarettes?
Yes, I think it's an addiction.
That's right.
It's an addiction.
Really, you can pay
as much as you'd like.
Then, it'll show who I am.
Ah, yes. I guess.
Why do you laugh?
I'm sorry.
Your beard suits you well.
- Mom, let's go.
- Okay.
- Bye.
- Bye.
It's spring.
It is.
Want to go inside?
No, it's okay.
Okay, then.
Let's get some coffee.
I'm tired from walking so much.
I came by here before.
It was fun.
Brought back memories.
But it's different today.
I'm not happy.
Maybe I won't
come back here?
- When's yourflight tomorrow?
- In the afternoon.
Take good care.
I will. You, too.
When I settle down,
I'll call you over.
I can always just go myself.
I'm too strong.
Way too strong for a girl.
You are strong.
I know that well.
No matter where you are
you'll always be my mom.
I promise to
take care of you later.
When did you grow up?
What a good person
you've become.
So strong and brave.
I'll think of you
every day from now.
Really, I'll think of you.
I promise. We'll only have
happy days from now.
Be healthy, Mom.
Because you're my mom.
My baby.
My dear baby.
I'll think of you every day.
I promise. I will.
I'm sorry, my baby.
I'm sorry.
It's raining.
After parting with Mom,
I called him.
Thankfully, he said he'd come.
Maybe it's not completely
over between us.
What are you doing?
Come in underthis.
It feels good to walk
in the rain.
It's been a while,
walking in the rain.
Feels like you're suddenly in
a different world.
- This is Sajik Park.
- I know. I've been here.
I used to live right across
the street.
Atiny room
for $100 a month.
Just wide enough
for one man to lie down.
- Really?
- Yes.
What about your home?
I was crazy back then.
You seem like that today.
Think I'm crazy, sir?
Of course not.
You're really pretty.
So very pretty.
I'm happy to see you, too.
Why're you so pretty?
- Oh, please.
- What?
Have you ever really
gone crazy?
I think so.
I like that about you.
Like what?
You're going in?
We're not allowed!
Can we walk like this?
You're afraid of people
seeing us.
There's no one here.
Come on. You're scared.
It's okay.
You should think of
your baby, sir.
I know.
- So warm.
- Me, too.
Stay with me just fortoday?
I feel so lonely.
I know.
- How about a drink?
- Sounds good.
Want to drink, too?
Yes. I want to do
everything with you.
Just drink only.
You pretty little thing.
Don't make me crazy!
- Know where that is?
- No.
How can you forget?
That's the motel, right?
It looks different coming
from that way.
This is where we are?
How can you not know?
I knew. Just didn't know
what you meant.
I remember doing it
there with you.
It was ourfirst night
I'm flattered.
We went in for a warm drink
at 'The Shop'.
Flustered again
after finding the one.
I just watched her go.
If we can meet again,
I'll introduce myself.
I won't say, 'Just pay
as much as you'd like'.
I want to drink.
Prof. Song pitched in $300.
- Really?
- Yes.
- To you?
- Yes.
- Then, gather up the gang.
- I'll call.
- It's nice of him.
- Yes.
It's so cold. Let's go in.
There were no bars,
so we went
to a grill
we've been before.
- They saw us, right?
- I'm not sure.
- They pretended they didn't see.
- Why would they?
How can they not see us?
You think?
Let's go in.
They saw us anyway.
Just say we bumped into
each other.
I came from meeting a friend
and you came from a bookstore.
We met and I said
I'll buy you dinner, okay?
Just say we met by chance.
That'll be our story.
Just say that. Okay?
Fine. I'll say I called you
to meet up.
Are you out of your mind!
We have to lie here!
Let's go in.
They'll wonder
what's taking us.
- Serious?
- Yes!
Fine! I'm drinking!
Drink up!
- Cheers!
- Cheers.
Can I ask why a director like you
is a professor?
It's nice getting paid
and having an office.
Oh, that's why.
You draw out intellects
negatively in yourfilms.
So, I was curious
if you're okay with it.
Curious about what?
What are you saying?
Just curious
if you're okay with
being a professor like that.
Being a professor like that.
What in the world
are you saying?
I have no idea what you mean.
I love being with you guys.
If not, I won't have the chance
to be with young folks like you.
It's great! Right?
But you like Haewon, director.
Why do you like her?
As an actress or a person?
Of course I like Haewon!
Thing is...
Haewon is...
As a student she's...
- Director?
- Yes?
Don't you like me?
Of course I like you!
I love all of you!
I love it when you talk
like this, sir.
Just personally talking with us
really helps.
- He's right.
- That's great.
Drink up, Haewon.
- You came late.
- Right.
Latecomer must drink
three shots in a row!
- I already drank 10!
- Sorry.
- You too, sir.
- Sure.
- It's still full.
- Right.
I'm going to the bathroom.
I mean, director.
Know that Haewon
and Jaehong dated?
Really? I didn't know.
Hey, don't bring that up.
- They dated for over a year.
- Really.
But it's weird.
If you're dating someone,
shouldn't you just date him?
I can't stand it.
How can she date someone else?
And lie?
After using Jaehong!
Hey! What's with you?
- It's over between us.
- Good thing it is!
Because you were
so heartbroken.
- Hey!
- I can't stand her.
I don't know about that.
Why do you all hate
Haewon so much?
- Really?
- Yes.
You don't know her.
She's different, sir.
Really? I don't see it.
She's a mixed-blood.
You didn't know? She's mixed.
It's not for sure.
She told Yuram she was.
Yuram told me.
Why didn't he tell me that?
Did you know, Jaehong?
I didn't.
Who cares if she's mixed?
You're still not over her?
Herfamily's loaded, too.
Really? How much?
Not sure.
I heard her mom sometimes came
by the school in a Porsche.
- You didn't see it directly?
- No.
Oh, I see.
It's nice if you're rich, huh?
I guess.
She's so aristocratic.
- Please.
- Right.
- You alright?
- You okay?
I think I drank too fast.
I'm fine.
Anything else you need?
The cook's getting off soon.
Anything else you guys want?
It's on me.
It's okay, sir.
- Sure?
- We're fine.
I haven't seen you in a while.
You came with that student.
A year ago?
Nothing else then?
You came here before?
It was so long ago.
I forgot.
She has a good memory.
I don't.
Haewon, you did it?
Ljust came and drank a lot
back then, too.
And I had some meat.
I don't remember much.
Losing your memory already?
Let it go.
We're all drunk.
Pass the Soju.
- Director?
- Yes?
Drink up, sir.
Though you're not young.
Sure. I'll get it.
I'm sorry guys.
It's okay, sir.
It's fine, sir.
- I'm really sorry.
- It's okay. Drink up, sir.
- Let's drink.
- Yes, sir.
My mom left for Canada today.
So, I was really sad.
That's why I called him.
That's the truth.
Believe it or not.
Anyway, I'm sorry for lying.
March 27th, 2012.
He called to meet up yesterday.
He said I didn't have to come
if I'm not well.
We met at Shinsa Station
and drove to Fort Namhan.
- Tired?
- No.
The air's so fresh.
It's a good hike.
Not too high.
This is the south gate.
The biggest one here.
So, this is the central place.
That's inside the fort.
That's the outside.
I didn't know there was
such a place.
I used to live around here
and came by often.
My friend lives near here.
Really? I can give you
a ride there later.
No. She's a stewardess.
She's not home much.
I wish I can live in
hotels abroad, then die.
Hotel breakfast is so delicious.
- Seriously!
- Really.
I loved that the most when
traveling with my parents.
Hotel breakfast. It's so good.
Must've been well off then.
Not a lot, but we lived
Dad worked abroad for 7 years
when I was young.
You told me.
That's why you're different
from the others.
Like what?
I mean you use your head
to live and all, too.
But you pull less tricks.
I'm the devil.
- The devil?
- Yes, the devil.
You're no devil.
Thanks, but you see me
in a good light.
Why you little.
You're no devil!
Let's go.
- Good day.
- Good day, sir.
This is amazing.
Nice, huh?
Not tired?
I'm fine.
I'm dying to smoke!
- You can't smoke here?
- No.
Why do you look so sad?
People ate and slept here
while building this fort.
All that hard work
for what?
No one remembers them.
They're all gone.
But the stones are still here.
That's true.
They were built up
by the living.
How'd they stack them up
to the mountaintop?
I won't leave anything behind.
- I think the same way.
- Right.
No, I'll leave at least
3 things.
My child, my films...
And people's memories of me?
That's leaving a lot.
- That's a lot?
- Of course.
You'll leave the same.
People will rememberyou.
When you get married later,
you'll have kids.
I'm not leaving anything.
You leave things all you want.
Fine, then. Whatever.
Let's go.
Tired? We're almost to the top.
Careful of the screws there.
Thank you.
His legs trembled weakly.
- Know what this is?
- What?
My resignation letter.
You're quitting?
Should I?
You're kidding, right?
This is for real?
Ljust wrote it this morning.
- You're submitting this?
- No, ljust wrote it.
I woke up early and had time.
Funny thing is I almost cried.
So stupid.
I felt so sorry to my family.
I don't even make
much money now.
Should I rip it?
Give it a lot of thought.
You have to make a living.
Think of the baby.
I know. Just practicing
forthe worst.
You didn't do anything wrong.
I liked you.
Don't like me, then.
Think I'm crazy?
- Should've packed some food.
- What?
Why isn't there anything
to eat here?
Looks really good, huh?
- I want it so badly.
- Looks delicious.
I want to smoke.
How about some music?
Listen to this.
It's my favorite song.
Great, huh?
Listening to music like this is
betterthan reading 100 books.
You're right.
The music's great.
Let's do this well.
And meet for a long, long time.
I want that, too.
It's all up to us.
Be careful not to get caught.
We'll keep denying what
happened before.
It's not like they have proof.
In time, everything will pass.
- Sir?
- What?
Nothing's a secret.
No such thing as a secret.
You know?
Everyone eventually finds out.
Then what?
Death resolves all.
What are you saying?
You little...
Why're you so cute?
You're cute, too.
I love you.
It feels strange
to hearthat.
I love you. Really.
Me, too.
We should've stopped there.
How's school these days?
I stayed home all week.
- What classes are you taking?
- Nothing much.
I'm scared to go to school.
By the way,
did you date Jaehong?
Yes. Why?
Yes. He's a good guy.
You seriously dated him?
What's with you?
Think I'd just wait for
you to call?
We broke up.
You ended it.
Still, it's way too short.
And we didn't break up
for real.
How could you think of
dating him?
We were broken up.
You dated him
for over a year?
Who says that?
It was a few of months.
I got drunk and slept with him.
He said he loved me.
You slept with him?
How could you!
Are you out of your mind?
You slept with him?
He's a man to you?
Yes, he's a man.
Damn! How could you?
He's just a kid!
He's nothing!
How can you think of
sleeping with him?
Couples sleep together!
Are you crazy?
You crazy bitch!
How can you break up with me
and sleep with a guy like that!
After how much I loved you!
And how hard it was
when we broke up!
But you slept with him?
Fucking crazy!
Stop! Don't swear!
It scares me.
Shit! What the fuck!
I said I'm scared!
So what if I swear!
Know how dirty that is?
What's so dirty?
Don't you get it?
- No!
- What?
It's you who feels dirty.
I'm leaving.
- Good day.
- Hello.
Where did she go?
I'm not sure.
Shouldn't you know?
Here by yourself?
Don't mind me.
Be good to your woman.
I'm trying, but it's hard.
Still, it's worth it.
It's worth the most.
Right, thank you.
Don't stay here by yourself.
April 3rd, 2012.
I went to school in a long time.
I arrived too late for class
so I went to the library.
I fell asleep in the English section.
It's weird. I get so sleepy
in the library.
- Haewon?
- Hi, Yuram.
English books again?
Are you that good in English?
Ljust have good pronunciation.
Thought so.
You stand out reading
English books.
That's true.
By the way,
are you dating Director Lee?
Who says that?
- Gosh.
- Tell me. Are you dating him?
- You can't tell anyone else.
- Sure.
He likes me a lot.
I like him, too.
We dated for about a year.
We're off and on.
Things are hard these days.
It's hard for him, too.
You slept together and things?
You went all the way?
Of course, we're dating.
Anything else to tell me?
- You'll keep it a secret?
- Of course. Silly.
Let me think.
Take yourtime.
Crazy bitch!
Crazy bitch!
- Haewon!
- Hi.
Why'd you miss class?
I was late.
The prof says you'll fail
if you don't show up again.
What assignment?
We each have to present
two scenes by next week.
Got the script?
It's at home.
Go see the prof.
I will.
Did you know Director Lee
got hurt while drinking?
He fell while drinking
with students.
Injured his face.
I see.
I'd better go.
- Bye.
- Bye.
His cell phone is turned off.
Take your time, Yeonju.
I'll be there by 3p.m.
I'm sleeping over tonight.
What kind of people
smoke like that?
- Are there any good books?
- Well, this one looks good.
Are you buying it?
No, I might have it
at home.
- I think I read that, too.
- Really?
It's a classic.
Buy it.
They said you can pay
whateveryou want.
But it'll show who I am.
Then pay enough
not to show yourself.
Good idea.
- Here, I'll buy it.
- It's okay.
Are you busy?
Pardon? Why?
I mustered up courage.
If you have time,
how about coffee?
Courage? For me?
- Are you a student?
- Yes.
What do you do?
I'm a professor in the States.
Where in the States?
- Have you been there?
- No.
I live in San Diego.
I see.
What are you doing
in Korea?
I came on business.
I fly back tomorrow.
Let's go in.
Have some coffee.
I'm not the pestering type.
If you were,
I wouldn't stay.
- Let's go in.
- Afteryou.
Was meeting the President fun?
He had a nice place.
Any cash with
the President's Award?
No, but there should be.
Even a little would make
people feel better.
- Congratulations, anyway.
- Thank you.
They gave this as a souvenir.
- Want it forfun?
- Really?
- The President's watch?
- Take it. I have a watch.
Can I really?
Yes, take it.
Thank you!
This is so fun.
You like walking around alone?
Yes. Why?
Do you have a boyfriend?
No. How about you?
I'm looking for someone to marry
as soon as possible.
Actually, I got divorced
a year ago.
Oh, I see.
Do you think badly of divorce?
Here, they still see it
as a bad thing.
No. Getting married means
you can get divorced, too.
That's right.
No more divorce for me.
I'll find a good person.
Who is a good person?
Someone like you, Haewon.
What? Are you kidding?
No, I'm not.
You don't know me at all.
It doesn't have to
take long to know.
I can tell everything
from the outside.
What do you see?
Well, you seem cold and
self-centered on the outside.
But on the inside,
you're the bravest person.
So strong you keep facing
things that hurt and don't stop.
You keep facing hardships
to know yourself.
You want to know
who you are.
The intensity and persistence
are amazing.
You want to experience
the absolute truth...
through relationships
with the living.
It's what I think
from seeing you.
Wouldn't someone like that
be a burden?
No, I need someone like that.
I need someone with strong
individuality that I can't crack.
For my mental health.
Being healthy is happiness.
I really need that.
What a cozy place.
Yes, it is.
You can scribble here.
I don't write just anywhere.
Why show strangers my thoughts?
You're so pretty.
I feel like having a drink.
You like to drink?
No. Just feel like it today.
Shall we, then?
No, I have to meet
a friend of mine.
I see.
That's nothing great.
It's cheap.
Looks like it.
I'll rewrite it within 3 weeks time.
So it'll be the end of April.
No, I will bring it to you myself.
He's talking with
Martin Scorsese.
I understood everything.
It seems they're very close.
Me, too. Bye, take care.
Take care.
I'm sorry, it was an urgent call.
It's okay.
Now, I'll get a cab foryou.
Ever heard of mind control?
People don't believe it.
Here, I'll show you.
I'll call a cab over.
Preferably a grey one.
- A grey taxi?
- It'll be here within 2 minutes.
It's here. Hop in.
Thank you.
That was incredible.
No, you're incredible, Haewon.
I'll call you. Do you mind?
No. Call me.
Have a safe flight back.
- Bye, Haewon.
- Goodbye.
- Take care.
- Bye.
Yeonju brought her lover.
I suggested going to
Fort Namhan.
We planned to eat
at a restaurant afterwards.
This is the south gate.
It's the biggest gate here.
Great, huh?
We came here a lot before.
It's nice.
The air's fresh.
Good to see you again.
It's been awhile.
But you haven't changed a bit.
Thanks. I've been working out.
She said you're diligent.
Exercising is just
as important as eating.
He's right.
Let's go.
The weather's great.
So mild. Spring's really here.
We picked a good day to come.
Yeonju is really crazy.
How can she date
a married man for 7 years?
Amazing! How'd they stack
all these stones?
They had the workers back then.
- It must've been hard.
- Must've.
I might get married soon.
Really? With who?
Sorry, but I don't want to
grow old like you.
Tell me who he is.
It's not for sure yet.
We got along.
Talking was fun.
Who is this man?
A professor in the States.
Really? He's American?
No, he's Korean.
A professor is a nice,
stable job.
- So I've heard.
- It's a great job.
Paid during school breaks.
And nice tenure. It's great.
Is it the same in the States?
- Probably.
- Of course it is.
He likes you?
How old is he?
He says I'm exactly
what he needs.
Then you'll go to the States?
Nothing's for sure.
But he's a fun person.
He's different from men
I dated before. He's bright.
We should go for drinks
to celebrate this.
Yes! I want to drink!
- You want to drink?
- Really?
Anyway, you two are amazing.
- Us?
- Yes.
We are!
We're so amazing!
Is your depression better?
Yes, it got better.
But I still take pills every day.
You should get married
and settle down.
Don't live like me.
Your life is fun in a way.
- Anyway, I'm happy foryou.
- I'm still thinking.
Let's go.
Hello? Hold on.
I'll take this. Go ahead.
I'm sorry.
I'm with someone.
Really? Sorry, I missed
your call.
Did you get hurt?
How'd you know?
Sunyoung told me earlier.
Really? You came to the school?
- Yes, I should go.
- Right.
I left home.
I had a big fight with my wife
and left home.
Really? Why?
I had one too many drinks.
My wife really got on my case.
I must've been really drunk.
I said a lot of things.
I sort of mentioned us.
What did you say?
Can we meet up and talk?
Where are you?
I'm with my friend, Yeonju,
at Fort Namhan.
Then, I'll be right over.
Not with Yeonju here.
I'm still going.
I need to see you now.
I'll pretend to bump into you.
Where are you?
We're almost at the highest point.
Of course. Let's do that.
We'll pretend to meet by chance.
Say I bumped into you
while hiking.
- You'll really come?
- Yes, I'm dying to see you.
Fine, then hurry.
Okay, I'll be right there.
It'll be good for Haewon
to get married.
Her personality doesn't
suit Korea.
I'm worried she might be
running away.
So what?
As long as she's happy.
Must've been hard for her
dating Director Lee.
That's a secret.
Pretend you don't know.
What's to hide between us?
She'll flip if she found out
you knew.
She's shy.
She can't stand embarrassment.
She should get married
and live abroad.
We can't afford to worry
about others.
What's to lose
worrying about her?
It's hard for me, that's why!
I know. Pretty baby.
Cool flag.
It's simple, but cool.
What a cool invention, huh?
We can see the wind
because of that.
Yeonju! That's so cool.
I envy them.
How can they meet so comfortably?
It's so good.
It's nothing healthy.
Thanks for bringing this.
I'm good at packing things.
It tastes better eating here.
- Eat up.
- Thanks.
- Professor!
- Hi.
- Hello.
- Ah, hello.
Why're you here?
- Sightseeing.
- Oh.
Are you hiking, sir?
- Yes, I come here often.
- I see.
He's a professor at school.
Director Lee Seongjun.
Hi, Director Lee.
Nice to finally meet you.
How do you do.
- I heard a lot about you.
- It's a pleasure.
- Hello.
- Hello.
- She's a close friend.
- I see.
He's my friend's friend.
- Hi, nice to meet you.
- Hello.
What happened to yourface?
It's nothing.
It's just from drinking.
- Must've fallen.
- It's embarrassing.
It must hurt a lot.
- Just a little.
- Have a seat.
Thank you.
Something smells good.
- Just noodles and rice.
- Really?
Sorry, we ate it all.
It's okay. I'm not hungry.
- Have a seat, Director Lee.
- Thank you.
- I can't stay long.
- I see.
- Care for a banana?
- Thank you.
Finish up.
Yes. Are you staying?
Yes, I'm sleeping over
at her house.
I feel awkward.
Don't worry.
Yourfriend looks at me funny.
Don't get mad.
She knows about us.
You told her?
Things were hard so I told her
while out drinking.
Don't worry. I told her
not to tell anyone.
Why'd you tell her!
I don't get you!
I was hurting so much then.
You know when.
You even told your wife.
It's hard for me, too.
What's so hard?
Can't you take it?
Why'd you tell her?
Calm down. They're watching.
You already told her!
What did you tell your wife
about us?
Nothing much.
She doesn't know anything.
But you left home?
I'm staying over at
a friend's bar.
Guess you'll get to drink.
The baby keeps calling.
I should go back soon.
The baby can call?
His mom does it for him.
Just go back home.
Should I?
Think about the baby.
What did you come here
to say?
I can't take this any longer.
It kills me being at home.
I can't look at the kids
at school.
Do you... really love me?
I love you so much.
Should we run away
where no one knows us?
Where would we go?
Kangwong Province!
I know a priest there.
This is all yourfault!
After we first slept together,
we said that'd be it.
It was great until
you called me again!
You shouldn't have called me!
- Fine, it was my fault.
- Yes! It's all yourfault.
You can't do everything
you want to in life!
I'm not trying to do everything.
All I did was love you!
No! You didn't think of me.
- Don't say that.
- It's too hard!
People can't take it
if it gets too hard!
No one can take it.
Isn't it hard foryou?
What are you saying?
Let's break up.
Not that we were evertogether.
You're not willing to give up
either way.
I want to live my life.
Have a good life.
I'm sorry.
I'll greet them and go.
- I'd better go.
- Bye.
I'm going for a walk.
Stay here.
- To where?
- Just for a stroll.
Want me to come?
No. Just wait here.
I went past the point
from before.
Hello? Are you drinking?
Yes, I am.
What happened to the man
with you earlier?
I'm not sure.
May I have a drink?
Why sure.
- Fill it?
- Yes, fill it up, please.
Thank you.
May I have another cup?
You drink well.
Sure. Drink up.
Did you enjoy hiking at
Fort Namhan?
Yes, I did.
Thanks a lot forthe drink.
I felt lonely and sad,
then suddenly scared.
It's you.
You're still here?
I don't want to go.
I really don't.
I can't do anything
without you.
I'm nothing without you.
Please don't cry.
Can't we love each other?
Why do you make it
so hard for us?
Wait just a bit.
Wait a little longer.
It'll all be better.
Waking up, I realized he was
the nice, old man from before.
Haewon Jung Eunchae
Seongjun Lee Sunkyun
Jinju Kim Jaok
Huwon Kee Joobong
Jungwon Kim Euisung
Dongju Ryu Deokhwan
Jungshik Yu Junsang
Yeonju Ye Jiwon
Tourist Jane Birkin
Produced by JEONWONSA Film Co.