Nuit blanche (Sleepless Night) (2011) Movie Script

- What's your name ?
- Giacomo Gallo.
Sit down.
l'll find who killed your mother,
even if it takes me all my life.
So, now tell me everything you saw.
Yeah, it's okay.
Even all night.
No, no, then it's another price.
You wanna know now ?
No, l won't do that !
That wasn't the deal !
Don't even try to touch me !
You can do this disgusting thing
with somebody else, not with me !
Come on, try it !
Try ! And l'll play
naughts and crosses on you !
And you know l will too.
l'm just as crazy as you.
All right... Enough ?
Sure it's enough.
l mean...
Do you wanna play
one of my special game now ?
No ! l want to sleep.
Go away !
May l go to the toilet ?
l've killed lots of people
but they'll never catch me.
l've killed lots of people...
but they'll never catch me.
l've killed lots of people
but they'll never catch me.
''Death Farm.''
''He had always had to struggle
against his boundless urge to kill.
He could kill animals, but it
couldn't give you the sublime thrill
that taking the life
of another human being could.
One day, he found that nursery rhyme
and his destiny would be fulfilled.''
l've killed lots of people...
but they'll never catch me.
The Dwarf murders ?
The Killer Dwarf.
Amanda ? lt's Angela !
Can you hear me ?
Yes, l'm on the train.
Listen, l was with a client,
a sadist.
He's a murderer.
No, no, he didn't hurt me.
But when l left his house,
l picked up by accident a blue file.
There's proof of murders
he's committed a long time ago.
Come and pick me up at the station,
will you ?
l'll be there in 35 minutes.
Maybe we can go to the police
together, okay ?
Bye Bye.
- Amanda !
- You're a thief !
- But you won't get far !
- l won't tell anyone !
Of course you won't, l'm going
to cut your tongue and your throat.
Where are you ?
l'm in a car.
l'm in the car with my boyfriend.
No, l hear that you're on a train.
Do you think to get away from me ?
l'll find you.
Wait me !
Listen... Hallo !
Hallo !
Excuse me, sir !
Please, wait !
Wait !
Wait !
- What's wrong ?
- Listen... this sounds crazy,
but l met a murderer, the one from
the Dwarf murders. Do you remember ?
- No, l don't.
- Well, l do.
Years ago, l was little.
They called him ''The Killer Dwarf''.
A few minutes ago, he called me
and said he was going to kill me !
- He's going to kill me !
- Alright, alright, now calm down.
- Where are you going ? - Garbio.
- There're no stops till Garbio.
lt's him ! l know it is !
Take it.
Hello ?
Yes... hold on. Amanda.
- Where are you going ? - ln the
first car. - Can l stay with you ?
Ok. Come on.
l'll be your bodyguard.
Wait... my bag.
No problem.
Amanda, l can't talk right now.
See you at the station.
Mister !
- Help ! Help !
- Where is the file, you bitch ?
- Give it to me !
- Help !
Help !
Help !
l don't know nothing.
''Garbio Station.''
- Excuse me, when does
the train leave ? - ln three minutes.
That's Angela's !
''l picked up a blue file...''
What are you doing ?
You're not supposed to do that.
You could break a leg !
- Are there police
here at the station ? - No, why ?
Wake up !
Come on, wake up, asshole !
Where's my car ?
- What the fuck d'you want ?
- Where's my car ?
lt's a silver Compact !
lt was right here !
- The keys were in the ignition.
Now where is it ? - l don't know.
- You were here and didn't see ?
You had it stolen ! - Go screw !
l'm going to call the cops !
Dirty whore !
Where are the keys ?
Hi. lt's over here.
Oh my God !
- Sir, look. - Must have left
a helluva mark on the killer.
- Know what that means ? - No. What ?
- Figure she fought back,
under her nails is the killer's DNA.
- Manni, you take care of it, ok ?
l authorize
the removal of the corpses.
- Just send the complete report
tomorrow. - Right.
Make sure she gets a full manicure.
Said she'd met a murderer who
killed some people a long time ago.
- Say that again.
- She said something about a dwarf.
- A killer dwarf.
- The Dwarf case. lsn't he dead ?
Yes, he is. Go to the archives,
l want everything on that case. - Ok.
- Who was in charge of the case then?
- Ulisse Moretti. He was a genius.
Chief Moretti ?
Once upon a time... but now...
Do we know each other ?
There was a time there weren't
all these written reports.
Cops like you kept all in the heads.
Which is why we're here.
- lf l can be of help, l'd be happy.
- We'd like to know about the Dwarf.
- The Dwarf ? - The one who murdered
three women 1 7 years ago.
Marcello, before you were born.
You should remember him. You were
about to arrest him but he run away.
A few months later his body was found
in a river, almost unrecognizable,
except for his height
and his hunchback.
- He'd been shot in the head.
- Well, you've already got it all.
- There's nothing else in here.
- Sure ? You solved that case.
They promoted you too, but there was
still something to explain.
The gun was never found, the body
had been carried away by the current.
- Was it truly a suicide ?
- lt's a mystery.
lt's all in the records.
l don't know anything more.
My memory plays me some bad tricks
these days.
- Depending on the current,
as they say... - AC, DC. - Exactly.
When it's not a total blackout,
like today.
Oh, it's time for my medicine.
lt's for the old ticker, you know.
- Can l get you some coffee, maybe ?
- No, thanks.
By the way,
if you think of anything...
The Dwarf wrote thrillers, didn't he?
And one fine day he decided to make
his murder fantasies come true.
He might have kept it up for years
if it hadn't been for you, sir.
Yes, in another life.
The Dwarf !
lt's now midnight
and in my bed l toss and fight.
lt's now midnight
and in my bed l toss and fight.
l can't even remember
a stupid nursery rhyme anymore.
Short circuit ! And boom !
Everything was dark !
You're an idiot ! What kind of joke
was mewing when lights were out ?
-lt wasn't me. -And the mewing ?
-l'm going to get the lights back on.
- You coming? - Wait, l have to get
my shit together. - Get a move on !
- Wait. - l'll wait for you up there.
And hurry up. - Sure.
Asshole !
Beppe, you're back !
- Disappeared because you didn't want
to talk to the cops, right? - Piero.
- How much you think it's worth ?
- Looks like solid gold.
- Five hundred bucks? - l bet
it's worth five thousand bucks.
- Who's jacket is this ?
- lt's mine.
l took it off to climb up a ladder.
Something strange, sir.
She has one hand with long nails
and the other with nails
cut down to the quick.
- What are you doing here ?
- Nothing.
- l heard it on the radio.
The case was mine, once. - Once.
Can he stay, sir ?
Just before l found her,
l saw a little person.
Maybe it was a shadow...
Maybe... l just imagined it...
- What was he like?
What was he wearing? - l don't know.
lt was too dark.
What are you doing here, Moretti?
Looking for a dead dwarf ?
- Maybe it's his ghost.
- Ghosts don't exist.
But copycats do. lmitators who want
to recreate sensational murders...
- What do you think, Moretti ?
- Well, the Dwarf is dead...
and... me too,
l don't believe in ghosts.
- So? - The case is more complicated
than that. You saw the cut-out?
animals like that next to the bodies.
A pig, a rooster and a chick:
in that order.
- Your memory's coming back.
- lt happens.
And just like then,
you'll have no finger prints,
no sexual molesting, no seminal fluid
or other biological traces.
How are you going to catch him ?
''Peking'' ! Yes...
Giacomo ! Telephone !
Hello. Lorenzo who ?
Of course.
Ah, my father, is he still alive ?
l haven't talk to him for years.
So what's up ?
No, l don't want anything to do
with that... No way !
Thanks for calling,
but l'm really trying to forget.
- Well. - Sorry.
- Giacomo, what's wrong? - Nothing.
Mummy !
Lorenzo ? Giacomo. Can l stay
at your place for a few days ?
l changed my mind.
l'll come tomorrow morning by train.
Okay. Ciao.
- So ? Go to work !
- Sorry. l have to go.
- What are you doing, Giacomo ?
- Bye-bye, Peking.
He's crazy !
- Hi, Lorenzo ! How are you ?
- Fine.
- How are you ?
- Great.
- What are you doing ? - l've been
working in my Dad's law office.
You know him... he's always
on my back, just like then.
- How long do you want to stay ?
- l don't know.
- Why do you call me ?
- l thought you might be interested.
Anyway, you can stay
as long as you like.
Good morning. My name is
Adolfo Farina. l got summons.
Yes, take a seat, in there.
- You'll have to wait a while.
- Not too long, l hope.
l've got an alibi,
l was with my girlfriend.
Will you make copies of all the old
files for me ? For old times sake.
Ok. For old times' sake.
- You're pretty good on that machine.
- l had to learn.
- Things have changed.
- l know.
Now the police talk about GPS bugs,
telecommunications printouts, DNA...
We used to say ''tailing''
and now they say ''surveillance''.
We used to say ''following leads''
now they say ''tactical intervention''.
They sound more like
marketing managers than cops !
This investigation could take a long
time. You might go back to Rome.
- What's keeping you here ?
- My mother, Maria Gallo.
l heard what you said.
l would never have recognized you.
- What do you mean ?
- You were just a boy then.
- Oh, you are the Chief lnspector...
- Moretti. l'm retired now.
- What are you doing here ?
- The same as you, my boy.
- What's that ?
- Answering the call of a ghost.
l would like to take you somewhere.
- There.
- The ghost of the past !
We lived on the first floor,
me and my Mom, just the two of us.
- Then you went and live
with your father. - Not for long.
- Never came back here ?
- No. This is the first time.
- lt happened under the stairs.
- Yes, in front of the cellar door.
- l'll be upstairs if you need me.
- Alright. And thank you.
Mummy !
Mummy !
Mummy !
- You alright ?
- Yeah.
He killed her, right in front of me,
with a musical instrument.
- They said... it was an english horn.
- You didn't see anything else ?
-You asked me the same question then.
-And what did you answer ?
That l couldn't see his face.
But there was something.
Not something l saw,
but something l heard.
- What ?
- A sound.
A strange sound,
a kind of whistling, or hissing.
There was all the other noise.
The struggle, my mother's screams,
and this whistling.
l hear it almost every night, but
l still can't figure out what it was.
What a great team,
you and l.
You remember, but don't know.
l know, but don't remember.
- So, you don't remember the promise
you made to me. - What promise ?
- ''l'll find out who killed your
mother.'' - l told you that? - Yes.
And then you said:
''Even if it takes me all my life.''
Well, maybe that's why l'm here now.
- And what are you involved in now ?
- Nothing. l'm unemployed.
But before, l was working
in a chinese restaurant.
- A young man should have
different experiences. - Really ?
- You never said that to me.
- Where are you staying ?
- l'm staying at...
- ln a hotel.
Giacomo, you could have
stayed here with us !
- Which hotel ?
- Dad, leave him alone.
l only asked him a simple question.
Excuse me, it's maybe important.
This is he...
How are you ?
We could make it for tomorrow.
Wait, l'll make a note of it.
Where's my pen ?
Does someone have my pen ?
Use mine, Dad.
Thank you. Ok...Go ahead.
- You never drink ?
- Not anymore.
- An alcohol problem ?
- An everything problem.
You see my parents? Mom's kind of out
of it, and my Dad treats me as a boy.
Dad never treated me any way at all.
He remarried and had another kid.
- l was just a trouble for him. - For
mine l'm just a huge disappointment.
He wanted an athlete and me,
l've got pseudoallergic asthma.
He wanted someone different.
So he sent me all over the world
like a parcel.
Four years of college in Switzerland,
private university,
and graduate studies
in lnternational law in New York.
My Dad and l used to have fist fights.
He used to beat my Mom up too.
Have you seen Gloria ?
- Gloria ?
- l told her you're here.
- Does she still play ?
- Yes.
What are nice people like us doing
in a place like this? The smoke!
Oh, my poor allergic baby.
You look great.
As beautiful as ever.
- You never said that to me before.
- l guess l was shy, l was only 1 2 !
Hey, cool it, guys. Gloria's already
got a boyfriend: name Fausto.
- Chance encounter. - lt wasn't by
chance. We were made for each other.
lt just took us a while
to realize it. Right, Gloria ?
- How's the show coming ?
- Well.
We open next week.
We're doing ''Swan Lake''.
- l hope you'll come and see it.
- Sure. - Sure.
- Giacomo, what's up with the
famous Dwarf ? - The Dwarf is dead.
But someone has brought him back to
life, is that what you mean, Fausto?
- Or it's his ghost.
- Oh, come on, what ghost !
- What are you talking about ?
- You were only 3 years old.
l don't think the Dwarf is dead.
lt wasn't his body they found,
it was someone else's.
He's just been laying low,
keeping very quiet until now.
Quit calling him ''the Dwarf''.
He had a name. Vincenzo De Fabritiis.
lf it comes to that, he had a ''nom
de plume'' as well: John McKenzie.
- Good memory.
- Yes. l had a couple of his books.
- Do we have to talk about this ?
- Why not ? lt's part of our past.
- Do you still live in the same place ?
- No, we moved.
Do you remember when
that vagabond, Leone, ate a dog ?
A lot of other awful things happened
to animals around that time.
Just before the murders began.
Cats drowned, dogs burned...
- Sometimes we did things like that.
- Yes, but we were just naughty kids.
- You weren't a kid anymore.
You were almost eighteen. - Ok.
- But you were right behind me.
You too, Gloria. - No. - Take it easy.
lt's the Dwarf's curse.
We used to play dirty tricks on him.
We made fun of him.
One day he got really pissed off.
''You bastards ! l put a curse on you !''
''You're all going to be tormented
by me or by one of your own dead !''
There was a whole in the hedge
back then.
We used to get into the garden,
me and the other kids.
Sometimes Vincenzo
would read us his novels.
Then our parents found out
and put a stop to it.
Hey, it's still here !
Look !
- l just saw Vincenzo. - lmpossible !
- lf it wasn't it looked like him.
- Come on.
- l know it was him !
- Who are you ?
- Leone !
l don't remember you...
but him yes, he was the Chief Cop.
Do you remember me ?
- Do you remember me ?
- Vaguely. The smell, anyway.
They let me sleep in the garden shed.
Nobody lives here anyway.
- A few minutes ago l saw someone
at the window. - Who? - Vincenzo.
Oh, yes, he comes to see me sometimes
and we talk.
- Especially when l've had a glass
or two. - He was there. - Yes.
- He comes to see me... - Where's
his study ? - Where it always was.
l never go in there.
John McKenzie: ''The Dark Room'',
John McKenzie: ''Murder in Asylum'',
John McKenzie:
''The Hachet Murders''.
There's no dust.
Someone's been here.
- Drink ?
- No, thanks.
- You leaving ?
- Ciao, Leone.
Thanks for the visit.
lt's now midnight
and in my bed l toss and fight.
And this is how my war began
with the beasts across the land.
- Where did you learn that ?
- Mr. Vincenzo used to sing it.
- How does it go on? Do you know it?
- No.
l don't know anymore.
Murders like these
are premeditated.
And more than that, they're staged.
He likes to hurt...
he wants everyone to know it.
He likes to hurt human beings.
- How's the pasta ? - Great.
- There's more.
Now... it's all in those papers.
They did a ton of studies
with psychiatrists.
But l had already figured it out
on my own.
All you had to do was to study
his modus operandi.
lt's the same today
as it was then.
- lt could be an imitator,
a copy-cat ? - True.
But is there one murder or two ?
And if there's one, who the hell is it ?
- Someone who went to sleep
for 1 7 years. - That's impossible.
His is not an illness you can cure.
- Wine ?
- No, thanks. l don't drink.
l'd like some but l can't.
Doctor's orders.
l'll have some more of these, though.
We have to go back
to the train murders,
the only ones
without cut-out figures.
- They are a break in the pattern.
- Spur of the moment. - Exactly.
And it's when you're not prepared
that you make mistakes.
We should start
from the train station.
There was a car-park attendant there
that night. What is happened to him ?
Here l am.
Remember me ? That night ?
You really gave it
to that whore.
No, sorry. lt's your business.
The dedication helped,
but finding you took a while.
That deserves some kind of a reward,
doesn't it ?
We can make a deal
and l'll keep my mouth shut.
lt's still perfect, l didn't use it.
lt's still got the ink in it. Try it!
l don't have any paper
but try it here.
Please, go ahead.
What are you writing ?
What's that mean ?
Blue blood ? lnk !
''l'm a bad boy''.
l'd better call the police.
Maybe he's still around.
- Moretti, are you tampering with
evidence? - Old habits die hard.
- And... l was interested.
- They've put you on the case ?
No, but it was mine.
Now it belongs to the ''Major
Crimes Unit'' that l'm in charge of.
- l just thought... - l don't need
your help. Nor yours, Gallo.
He killed my mother. lt's different
for me. lt's not just a routine case.
lt's not a hobby.
- Ulisse, wait !
- Sir, Moretti was a god once.
Don't you think you should treat him
with a little more respect ?
- Driving at night is not
a hobby of mine. You drive. - Ok.
Thank you.
Thank you.
- Don't you want a real beer? - No,
l quite like this non alcoholic stuff.
There they are.
- l'm sorry l'm late. - l'm used to it.
Come on, we've got a table.
- l'm sorry about last night.
- Don't worry, it doesn't matter.
- l walked out without
saying goodbye. - lt's all right.
Wanna sit down ?
- Gloria, what would you like ?
- My usual. - And you ? - A juice.
- What's that funny taste? - l asked
you if you wanted a real one. - No.
- This isn't mine, it's yours! Didn't
you taste anything strange? - No.
Lorenzo, what's wrong ?
- That was my beer !
- lt's one of his asthma attacks !
We need an ambulance ! Urgently !
The ''Barbican'', piazza Vittorio.
Please, help me !
Midnight !
lt's now midnight
and in my bed l toss and fight.
This is how my war began
with the beasts across the land.
Beasts ! Animals !
Like the killer's cut-outs, Marcello.
Strong coffee.
You want some ?
Great stuff for the memory.
- Lorenzo, how do you feel ?
- Better.
You were lucky. You only drank
a little. Not enough to be fatal.
That poison was meant for me. That'll
teach you to steal people's drinks.
This is your fault.
- Oh, Dad !
- You jeopardized my son's life.
This is what happens
when you go looking for ghosts.
Not for ghosts, for the truth.
lf you had stayed home,
this would never have happened.
l'm warning you:
from now on stay away from Lorenzo.
Dad, that's enough !
- Giacomo isn't guilty of anything.
- No, your father's right.
Goodbye, sir.
- Giacomo !
- Who's side are you on ?
l'm coming with you.
Let's see... The first victim,
back in the 80s. Animal: a pig.
ln other words: a slut.
Poetic license for ''whore''.
Second victim: Maria Gallo.
You're right, Marcello,
Gallo is a rooster.
The third victim was a chick,
given the young age.
lt's a pig, rooster, chick.
And, starting again, a kitten.
Animals. Beasts across the land.
Oh, one o'clock.
One o'clock in the morning.
''Morning at one''.
''The farmer has
some little boy's fun.''
''Piggy's throat he quickly slits
in victory the battle quits.''
Another verse.
Now l remember !
l'm in great shape.
The wheels are beginning to turn.
Let's see...
Piggy's throat he quickly slits...
like the prostitute who had her slit.
And he use the pig,
as his signature.
He murders to the nursery rhyme !
- There you go. Anything else ?
- Dora !
- Yeah ?
- Come here, please.
The mysterious figure stole
like a ghost out of the darkness.
And entered the room
where his trophies were kept.
l'm afraid the Dwarf's out there.
Thank godness my boyfriend's coming.
- Dora, do you have someone coming ?
- No, but l'm not afraid.
From the millions of girls
in the city, why me ?
Besides, the newspapers
always blow these things up. Ciao !
See how brave our little rabbit is ?
She just has no idea, does she ?
Fuck you !
- He killed another girl last night,
she worked in fast food joint. - Yes.
l forgot a lot of things, but
last night l had another flashback,
the very last interrogation l had
with Vincenzo, before his run.
He told me that someone had stolen
the manuscript of his latest novel,
and that this person was using it
to commit the murders.
The real murders were all the exact
copies of those in the novel,
all based on that damn nursery rhyme.
- ''lt's now midnight.''
To try to convince me,
Vincenzo sang a few verses to me.
Anyway l didn't believe him.
But what if it really was the truth ?
l bet Leone knows
the rest of the nursery rhyme.
Let's hope he's here.
- l don't like the look of that sky.
- l'll check the garden shed.
- He's not there.
- Maybe he's in the house.
- Who are you ?
- What ?
- What are you doing here ?
- This is my house.
l've lived here for many years.
l'm Laura De Fabritiis.
Vincenzo's mother !
- Do you remember me ?
- Your face does look familiar...
- Moretti.
- Yes. Moretti.
l remember you.
Please, excuse us
for bursting in on you like this...
We are investigating on our own about
what's happened so many years ago.
Especially in light
of recent developments.
We are actually starting to consider
the idea that Vincenzo was not guilty
and that there were other people
behind this terrible affair.
lt's strange to hear you say that,
you were his accusers.
l was always convinced
of my son's innocence.
And my husband was too.
He died of broken heart...
three years after it happened.
Vincenzo, my little treasure...
was the scapegoat
sacrificed to public outcry.
What made you come here today ?
l've been summoned by a judge.
They want to exhume my son's body.
Did your son use to collect nursery
rhymes and poems about animals ?
- Yes, he did.
- Really ?
He adored children's books.
He used to buy them
in the second hand book shops.
They must still be around here
l hate this thing! This is
the first call l received in 5 years.
Yes ? Ah, it's for you.
- Sorry, l gave your number.
- Ah, love ! Youth !
- Where are you? - At the premiere.
''Swan Lake''. Don't you remember?
- Look... l got a problem.
- Where are you ?
Around. l'll come and pick you up
later, after the show.
lt's too bad you can't make it.
l'm so nervous. l play in swan suit !
- The pages have been torn out.
- What ?
Maybe Vincenzo hid the original
to stop the killer.
Hid it ? Great. So, we are back
to square one, back to zero.
lsn't there another book
called ''Animal Farm'' ?
- l read it. Who's it by ?
- Orwell! - Yes, George Orwell.
- We must have a copy.
- lt's a wonderful book.
- Here it is.
- Yes.
Thank you, Madam.
lt's now midnight
and in my bed l toss and fight.
This is how my war began
with the beasts across the land.
Morning at One,
the farmer has some little boy's fun.
Piggy's throat he quickly slits
in victory the battle quits.
Morning at Two,
the rooster's cock-a-doodle-doo.
The instrument for this fine song
makes the pleasure nice 'n long.
Morning at Three,
the farmer strangles the chickie wee.
Says he: ''Won't let me sleep''
yet in his bed hears not a peep.
Morning at Four,
here's kitty purring at the door.
ln the tub for an icy swim
and drowning her for just a whim.
Morning at Five,
the little rabbit crushed alive.
With rabbit's teeth she bit and fought
but in the end it brought her nought.
Morning at Six,
now the long swan's neck he'll fix.
When he cuts it from her head
he knows that his last foe is dead.
The break of day,
the farmer in his bed now lay.
With all his weapons in a heap,
now he can finally go to sleep.
- ''The long swan's neck he'll fix'' ?
- Yes.
Gloria said
that she wears a swan suit.
The swan could be her !
l've got to go.
- Your ticket, please. - l have
to go in. - Why ? - Because l do !
Ladies and gentlemen, the second act
will begin in 10 minutes.
- Son of a bitch !
- Sorry. - What about my shirt ?
- Are you all right ?
- Of course, l'm all right.
- ls something wrong ?
- Nothing. l thought...
- What did you think ?
- Nothing.
- Mara, absolutely marvelous.
- Fantastic ! - Thank you.
Sorry, but l have to get ready
for the second act.
- Yes, of course.
- We'll go back to our seats.
- Mara !
- l'm coming.
Ladies and gentlemen, the second act
will begin in five minutes.
Thank you for coming, Mr. Moretti.
- Mrs. De Fabritiis, we should
follow the... - l know. Excuse me.
- You think that l'm presumptuous
and incompetent. - lncompetent no.
- Cold as a machine, yes.
- Machines will help us get him.
We're monitoring 18,000 telephones
in the city, spot checking.
With an automatic scanner
programmed to pick out key words.
- Does the killer call his friends
and say ''l'm the murderer''? - No.
But we're not excluding that
the killer might have an accomplice.
We're checking also who has a phone
but hasn't made or received calls...
for the past year.
- Good luck !
l want to know how the body was
removed, when it was removed and why.
lt was done pretty recently, judging
by the scratchings on the coffin.
Now, Vincenzo De Fabritiis...
There !
- Signora De Fabritiis ! - Will you
excuse me for the unusual hour.
- Come in. - Don't you ever sleep?
- l'm not sleepy. - Neither am l.
l haven't slept for 1 7 years.
You know... l was so desperate
when l saw the coffin was empty...
Now it will start all over again.
The rumors...
The ghost, the Dwarf.
The Monster ! A monster twice over,
for his deformity and the murders.
l won't have it.
You must help me.
Tell your colleagues my son is dead.
- How can you be so sure ?
- l know ! l know !
- Yes, but how ?
- Because l'm his mother.
lt's not good enough.
You really want to know why ?
All right. l killed him.
l killed him...
with a gun my husband gave me.
Vincenzo asked me to do it. He didn't
have the courage to do it himself.
l did it out of love !
To save him from more suffering,
from being made a laughing stock,
at the mercy of the other inmates,
awful cruel people especially with...
Wait a minute. You said a gun,
but the gun was never found.
ls that what's missing ? Sorry.
ln 1983 the murders
were all in the same area. Why ?
Marcello, help me.
We're doing very well.
Let us take a look at the weapons
and the way he uses them.
A pruning knife. A musical instrument
like the english horn. A rope.
Drowned, bashed against the wall
and a hatchet. Why the english horn ?
What a strange choice.
''The rooster's cockle-doodle-doo.
The instrument for this fine song.''
lnstrument? Usually you slit roosters'
throats or wring their necks.
But... that reminds me...
Hi. This is Gloria. l'm not here
right now. Please, leave a message.
This is Moretti, Giacomo. lf you're
wondering how l managed to find you...
l'm a cop, remember. l've discovered
some very interesting things.
ln 1983 the murders were in a small
area, now they're all over the city.
Why ? ln your mother's case there is
a striking discrepancy...
The first since 1966 !
About that.
Who's there ? ls this a joke ?
lt's now midnight
and in my bed l toss and fight.
This is how my war began
with the beasts across the land.
ln my bed l toss and fight.
- This is Moretti, Giacomo.
- Giacomo !
There's a message for you.
ln 1983 the murders were in a small
area, now they're all over the city.
Why ?
ln your mother's case
there's a striking discrepancy...
with the nursery rhyme.
And then... the writing
on the car park attendant's hand.
- Hello.
- Ulisse ? lt's me, Giacomo.
This is Manni. Moretti is dead.
l think you'd better get over here.
His heart gave out: a sudden attack.
The autopsy confirmed it.
You were following
the investigation...
Just before he died,
he emptied his gun at someone.
- Who ?
- We don't know.
Why did he leave me on my own ?
Everyone who cares about me dies.
Everyone l care about dies.
You've got me. Giacomo.
Have a look !
l'm with you. l'm alive
and l intend to stay that way.
lt's Vincenzo's curse,
it's always with me.
-l've got to go, get out of here.
-What do you mean? -Just what l said.
We have to go by the theatre
to get my instrument.
What ?
l have to get my harp.
- l left it at the theatre last night.
- lnstrument ? Harp ?
Stop ! Leone !
Where are you going ?
l went to see Mrs. De Fabritiis,
bless her heart.
Come on, we'll give you a lift.
Come on. Get in.
Alright. Let's go in style !
- Thanks. - You're welcome.
- Where are you going? - Back home!
lt's all mine now,
that Mrs. De Fabritiis is dead.
Here. Leave me here.
- Thank you.
- Ciao, Leone.
Thank you.
You look like someone
who needs to get away from here.
lf we don't see each other again...
take care of yourself.
You too.
Gloria, stop !
- He forgot his wine.
- So ? What ?
- His wine ! - So ?
- You don't understand...
So go back and give it to him.
The two of you
can get drunk together.
Will you wait for me ?
Let's go out of here !
- What happened ? - l said go !
- Where ? - Just go !
Wait a second.
Look ! See that bag he's carrying ?
The Dwarf's in there.
- Giacomo ! - A puppet dwarf...
That's what l saw at the window.
A toy...
but it's not a toy.
Follow him
Let's go.
There is no name. What shall we do ?
- You call the police.
- Oh shit !
l left the phone in the car !
l'll be right back.
- Gloria ! - Yeah ?
- l'm staying.
l know you're there ! Leone !
Leone, don't play games with me.
Leone, l know you are here.
l saw you come in.
You won't go telling anyone,
will you.
- l'm afraid you have to end up
like that drunk. - No !
- Giacomo !
- Damn you !
Damn you !
lt's all your fault !
Open the door !
Dad !
Forgive me. Forgive me.
Lorenzo, it wasn't my fault.
l would never have wanted...
Dad !
l thought he wanted to kill me.
- What happened to you ?
- l was in the car...
and someone hit me on the head.
l passed out. Then Lorenzo arrived
and we climbed over the gate.
l must stop the bliding.
- How come you ended up here ?
- l found a telephone bill...
with this address.
Hello. l'm Lorenzo Betti.
Send an ambulance.
There are two dead and one wounded...
Via Moncalvo.
Ulisse had figured it out.
Do you remember the message he left ?
Why the murders of 1983
were all in our area
whereas the recent ones
are scattered all over the city ?
- The police are on their way.
- Because in 1983 the murderer...
was only a child.
Now he's an adult,
free to move around.
He can drive,
he can go wherever he likes...
Only a child would have taken
the nursery rhyme literally
and mistaken ''instrument''
for a musical instrument.
Lorenzo !
l've had enough of this !
l'm sorry about your father,
but he got what was coming to him.
- Let go !
- lf l don't, what will you do ?
Kill me ?
Like you killed my mother ?
What are you talking about ?
This is what l heard that day !
Mom ! No !
The hiss of your spray !
You have a dust allergy !
And your father knew what you did !
That's why he sent you abroad.
Switzerland, America.
He was always on your back to make
sure you wouldn't kill anyone else.
Today he came here looking for you.
He found the phone bill, not you.
Leone was here. He shot him point
blank, like he wanted to do to me.
To protect you and the family.
lt's his own fault he's dead.
He should have never gotten involved.
l was doing fine on my own.
My God ! Why did you call me ?
Why did you have me come back here ?
lt's a game between you and me.
You're my best friend,
just like when we were kids.
lt excited me to have you around,
to have you in the house.
l'm a ''bad boy''.
Then you got afraid
that l might find out too much,
- and you staged the poison scene.
- Me ? Afraid ?
That was just a trick,
so that nobody would suspect me.
Don't come near me or l'll slit her
throat, l'd have no problem doing it.
Take it easy.
- The police... They are coming.
- Sure. l'm the one who called them.
-You were the one who knocked me out.
-Yes, l am.
- Why did you do it ?
- Nasty stories !
Vincenzo read me a few lines
from his last novel.
There was a nursery rhyme that kept
going round and round in my head.
lt was about animals being killed.
So l killed animals too...
but my real nature was something
different. So l stole the book.
lt never occurred to anyone that
it could be a thirteen-year-old kid.
Even the victims trusted me.
l took them by surprise, from behind.
And Leone was your accomplice.
A nothing accomplice...
an alcoholic like you !
He came later, when l needed someone
to work the puppet.
l convinced him
it was just to play a trick...
on the people who had given
his old friend Vincenzo a bad time.
He believed me. He even had fun.
You should have seen him at the
cemetery when we stolen the body.
l created a perfect murder.
A Phantom Killer Dwarf.
And all of you
were completely fooled.
- Hey.
- Walk.
- Why you didn't kill for 1 7 years ?
- Who says l didn't ?
lf you go to New York or Geneva...
they know the nursery rhyme !
Please, Lorenzo !
Please, take it easy.
Let her go.
Let her go.
Let her go.
Maybe Moretti would have closed
that case before us.
Come on !
lt's ok. lt's all over.
Come on. You there !
lt's ok, Gloria.
Let's hope this is really
the end of it.
How the hell are we gonna put
the labels on this lot ?
Call the D.A.
Tell him to get over here right away.
Hold it !
And don't let anyone else in.
lt's already a fucking mess here !
My God !
Checking all those unused phones
finally paid off.
Look what l've found...
The remains of the Dwarf !
l'm near the body of the young man,
shot by lnspector Manni.
The other two bodies appear
to be victims of a murder-suicide.
The break of day,
the farmer in his bed now lay.
With all his weapons in a heap,
now he can finally go to sleep.