Number 37 (2018) Movie Script

Come in.
A bank or some place gives a man a loan.
Sometimes people can't pay the money back.
You see theyre too poor.
They have nothing valuable
for the bank to take.
So the bank stops asking
and just writes it off.
Just like that.
They call it bad debt.
What do you think?
A drug dealers world is a cesspool.
I don't like this idea,
so I want to help you.
Do you think...
...its right for a man not to pay
his debts just 'cause hes too poor?
I hope you know what
you're doing with these gangsters.
In any case...
...the banks have all missed something.
Ask the one-legged beggar what
his other leg is worth.
Oh by the way...
...what do you think of my new acquisition?
Previous owner couldn't run it anymore.
It's cool.
What'd he say?
Randal, are you going to
tell me what Emmie said?
Uh Randal, listen...
...we're good with picking locks.
Quick in and out.
But doing drug deals using
a loan sharks money is asking for trouble.
Know what I mean?
I need more than this Lester.
Way more than this.
Look it's simple.
It's cash for the rocks.
Then we repackage the
rocks and sell to make a profit.
Emmie gets his money back and...
...we make a big score.
A bigger score than we've ever had.
More than a month of cracking locks.
Two months.
Ten months.
Look at me.
Just drive the car man.
We'll be fine.
Months Later
Damn it Randal,
dont people lose weight in the hospital?
Hold on. Last three.
One... two... three.
Do you have him Pam?
Slowly, slowly, slowly.
One, two, three. Lift!
Chill, let me help.
I'll do that for you...
Wait Warren.
I've got it Pam.
Which one?
On the left.
The door's open.
Anyway. Are you okay?
Yes. Thanks Warren.
It's cool. But if you need help again,
let me know. I'll be here.
I can come around again.
You know you want to come around again.
So what do you think?
We're on the waiting list for
a place on the ground floor.
But we were lucky to get this place...
...for now.
Now, if you win this season
of Om-I-Wreld then
huge prizes are
coming your way!
Hurry up.
Hang on. Don't look yet.
I'm not.
Okay. You can look now.
Welcome home babe.
Remember when we were
kids and I broke my leg?
You were such a tomboy...
...always wanting to play
soccer with the boys.
I was so bored at home.
My uncle didn't want to give
me my crutches back.
You kept stealing them
to smack the other kids.
You spent everyday with me after that babe.
Telling me stories of the world outside.
Thats how I got through it
without pulling my hair out.
What's this?
Something to help you
get through this time.
Open it.
What now?
Take it back.
Are you serious?
We can't afford it. Take it back.
You don't even know what it is.
It doesn't matter.
We don't have money for this shit.
Cant we, just for one day,
forget that we dont have money?
What the hell!
Have you seen my legs?
Look at them!
I can't do anything. I can't work.
Look at them!
Do you know how much crap we're in...
...and you're wasting our money on -
Stop it.
What kind of trouble are we in Randal?
What are you so afraid of?
Open it, or don't.
I just wanted to give you
something to do when I'm not around.
They say were in a drought.
The water will be back in a few days.
I can't take care of you anymore.
I've never asked that of you.
We look after each other.
Leave it.
Leave it. It's okay.
And this?
Light it up baby girl.
Hold on.
...Ill be there now. Go back to sleep.
And now?
What's going on here?
Who is it?
May I come in?
Whatve the doctors said about your legs?
Nah, its uhm not good.
I warned you.
You just cant trust them, my friend.
They talk about money...
...but they deal in blood.
At least you lived to tell the tale, huh?
I mean, look at your friend, Lester.
So arent you going to
tell me what happened to you?
That drug merchant...
What's going on?
You must be Pam?
Oh yes and this is Faizel.
Something wrong with your phone?
Oh no, the network is messed up here.
Just one thing.
I... a reasonable guy.
Ask Faizel. Right?
And I understand all of this crap...
...that you are going through my brother.
But a deal is a deal.
Where's my money?
Come on Emmie.
We go way back.
You know I'm good for it.
I just need some time, thats all.
Bad debt.
Remember that little chat?
Even the one-legged beggar
can still lose his other leg.
You've got seven days.
Tell me.
Don't worry about it.
How much do you owe him?
Twenty-five thousand.
Ill get it back.
So Lester didn't die in a drive-by?
It had to do with drug dealers?
What the hell did you do Randal?
I had a good deal Pam.
I just needed Emmie's money
to make it work. That's all.
We would've been sorted for life.
Couldve taken us out of this shit-hole.
Arent you tired of living like this?
So you borrowed money...
...from a loan shark... pay drug dealers.
And got Lester killed in the process.
We have each other.
What more do you want?
Shut up.
I have...
...tolerated enough from you Randal.
Ive never asked you to be
an angel but we had enough.
What's so bad about our life hey?
We have each other.
What more do you need?
Put ice on your face.
What's up Brendan?
Yeah it's Randal.
What's up my brother from another mother.
I heard you're back from the dead.
Damn bro. You're like Jesus.
Like that bird... uh whats it called...
...a phoenix.
Yeah a phoenix.
Check it, I'm uh looking for a bit of work.
You know... credit cards...
Thats right.
Cool. So you'll let me know.
Come on Yazid, you know I can work.
My hands...
What are you gonna do
when the police come for you?
Roll away?
Roll away.
Oh youre back.
So you're all tight.
Here's the money.
Is that it?
Ten triple one, emergency line.
How may I help you?
Waters back.
It's nice and hot.
The bedroom's getting cold.
I see there's guys in Warren's block.
They drive a sick BMW.
The main guy's name is Lawyer.
We should call the police.
You should've done it yesterday.
He keeps money in there.
...a hundred thousand.
Maybe more.
That's more than enough
to get Emmie off our backs.
Are you crazy?
We're not doing this.
I have a plan.
Lester is dead because of your last plan!
This guy's no joke Randal.
For God's sake, he lives across the block!
We're not doing this.
Promise me.
Promise me.
Im selling these binoculars.
Warren, supper 2night?
Pastor White?
I went to visit Lesters
family a few days ago.
Theyre doing okay.
I've known you and Lester
since you were kids.
When you used to steal
from the offering plate.
I hear you've been selling
all your stuff to save the church.
Yes. I wait on the Lord.
He will provide.
They build piles of shit
and tell us to live in it.
Then they wonder why it stinks so badly.
You see Pastor...
I want to get out of here.
Anyway that I can.
So forgive me if I leave the
waiting for the Lord to you.
He can catch up with
me when He feels like it.
That's if He gives a shit.
You know Randal...
I'm praying for you.
I know you're in trouble.
But have faith.
The Israelites eventually
made it to the promised land.
For sure :-)
And Moses was dead before they got there.
You're at the wrong place lady.
Now you're at the right place.
You're lying, you rubbish.
There you go.
I'm watching you.
Keep watching.
Double four.
Two fives.
Check it out.
Damn it.
Pick up.
- Give me a break. Please I'm begging you.
- Give me a break. Please I'm begging you.
- What break? What do you think this is?
Down it.
One more.
Some of us have to work tomorrow so...
...piss off.
Leave the dishes, Ill sort them out.
Warren you should come chill
here with me more.
We can play cards. Get drunk.
And you can lose.
You miss him?
Me too.
Come I want to show you something.
I can't see anything.
Hello. Turn the knob man.
There's Lawyer.
A woman came to your place today.
She showed you a picture.
Oh yes. Some missing cop.
He's not missing.
He's dead.
And you saw it.
So you called the cops?
Is that why that detective
is sniffing around?
They were smuggling something.
There's probably a hundred
thousand in cash over there.
That Lawyer-guy, or whatever his name is...
He kept it all.
No way Randal!
That's madness!
Why do you want to fuck
around with a guy like that?
Do you know that him and Spook
killed a kid last week?
Spook, man.
That albino-guy that's always with him.
Okay so...
...this kid was selling on Lawyer's turf.
But nothing big - small scale.
So he's playing soccer with his friends...
...when the BMW comes
speeding round the corner. Really fast.
They run down the kid...
They run down the kid in front of everyone.
He gets out the car.
Walks up to the kid's mom...
...and says it was an accident.
A little kid.
Why would you want to
steal from a guy like that?
To tell you the truth Warren,
I don't have a choice.
If I don't have the money by Tuesday...
...Pam and I are done for.
How are we going to get it?
Ill ask him nicely.
Do you have his number?
Put the number on private.
Warren, I swear if you don't shut...
Who's this?
I know what you did to that cop.
Is this a joke?
Do you know who you're dealing with here?
Who are you?
A friend.
I know about the money too.
I'm phoning to warn you
before I call the cops.
You could persuade me
to keep my mouth shut.
Like I said, I'm a friend.
You want to call the police on me?
Let me tell you something,
whoever you are.
Are you listening?
You can phone the police.
There isn't a mother-fucking
cop in this whole place...
...that doesn't have a price.
You can ask Meyer.
Whatever deal you had with him...
Your friend.
It's strange you don't know Meyer.
You missing your carpet?
I never said the cop was my friend.
Four people in a room...
One's dead.
Here's the problem.
How do you keep the
secret between the other three?
After all, people talk.
I know where the body is.
I know you killed him.
And I know about the guns.
How much do you want?
Hundred thousand.
Hundred thousand Rand?
Are you crazy?! That's a lot of money.
Put the money in a duffel bag...
...and drop it in the bins by Block E.
Then walk away.
I'll know if you're watching me.
You still there?
Bins by Block E.
I'll call you when it's time.
You say you're a friend.
Meyer also said he was a friend,
until he got too greedy.
He became a greedy little pig.
And I don't like greedy little pigs.
You're like a disease eating
away at my business.
Are you a greedy little pig...
Drop it in the bins and walk away.
How are we going to pick up the money?
I can't just walk over
there and take it out.
You won't.
You'll already be in the bin waiting.
- Listen asshole, do you think
I'm going to get in a dirty bin -
- Watch yourself Warren.
I might be in a wheelchair...
...but don't mess with me.
You asked for 50-50.
So this is how you earn it.
You didn't have to do that.
I was just joking.
But seriously...
...does it have to be tomorrow?
You know I wouldn't let
anything happen to you.
I'm going to beg my boss for a loan... pay Emmie back.
Then we're done with this criminal shit.
You'll get a normal job.
Make honest money.
We'll never be rich...
...but we'll be happy.
Can you do that?
I'm in da bins, da kids
knw wat 2 do. Ready
Bins by Block E.
Drop it and walk away.
Do it now.
Oh yes.
Come on boys.
You know what to do.
Do what you need to do.
There you go.
Dd u get it?!!
Lindsey lent me two thousand cash.
Can you believe it?
...I made some good tips.
I think we need to speak to Emmie.
We can ask to pay him a bit at a time.
I'm sure he'll understand.
What do you think?
What did you do?
- Come 2 window.
- Randal?
I... uhm...
...I want to show you something.
K @ window
What the fuck?
Where did he get it?
Tell me that's not Lawyer's money.
You promised me!
Do you realize what you've done?
Why do I keep trusting you?
Oh my God, I can't believe... promised me!
I had to do it.
We've got the money.
We don't have the money.
Are you crazy?
- It's not our money.
- We do have the money.
Calm down. Calm down.
I didn't have a choice.
Emmie will kill us.
He will.
We're okay baby.
We're alright. Promise.
Look there, we have the money.
You're going to get us all killed.
No I won't.
I saved us.
Now what?
Come round... We'll celebrate
Why dnt u come round?
What's he saying?
When is he bringing it?
Lol. Seriously I want to feel it
Nah, dnt grand walking
Don't b a cunt.
Fine. 70-30
- Randal. Talk to me.
- Randal. Talk to me.
- I did all da dirty wrk. I wnt more
K. 60-40. But she fetches it.
Or I'm gone with it all 2moro ;-)
He wants you to go fetch it.
Why does he want you to fetch it?
Why does he want you to fetch it?
I've been watching you two for a while.
I'm not stupid.
Is this a joke?
Don't talk shit to me.
What's going on between you two?
Are you serious?
Yes. I'm serious.
You're full of shit.
Hey, shut the hell up man!
I'm sorry.
Do you think it's gonna rain?
Are you gonna ask?
Ask what?
What happened with me and Warren.
We're in hell and we
don't even know it.
Money, money, money, money.
Money is the devil we keep
chasing in the hope of something better.
But actually...
...actually we're all chained to it.
I'll be right back.
We'll go in while he's away.
You mean break in.
We could always just pop Emmie.
Cum luk at my new ride.
What the hell.
This guy's an idiot.
He's gonna get us all killed!
I like it when you call me Big Poppa.
Yo bitch!
What the hell are you doing?
By the way. Check out my jacket.
You like it?
Are you stupid?
Are you trying to get us all killed?
What I do with my money
is my business.
You got your share.
Where're they going?
...somethings up.
C'mon, c'mon, c'mon!
Pick up your phone!
Why's he not picking up?
They're gonna kill him.
Stop it.
Stop it.
Run, Warren.
We should've gone to the police -
Randal Hendricks?
Lieutenant-Colonel Gail February.
I have a few questions for you.
May I come in?
Your wife?
Girlfriend. She's not here right now.
You're here about Warren.
Can you think of anyone
who would want him dead?
Mr. Hendricks, I'm not going
to beat around the bush.
You called Warren just before he died
and you had a brief conversation.
You called again a few minutes later...
...but he didn't answer.
Presumably because he was
being murdered at the time.
Is there a question there?
What did you talk about?
I told him to come around for supper.
I can't exactly go to him.
My girlfriend got it for me.
I like pigeons.
Come to window.
Okay at window.
Come around. We can celebrate.
Why don't you come around?
Laugh out loud.
Seriously I want to feel it!
Nah I don't feel like walking.
Hey don't be a cu...
It gets pretty heated towards the end.
Want to tell me what
you were talking about?
Am I a suspect Lieutenant?
Have you seen him before?
My partner, Lieutenant-Colonel Meyer.
Sorry I've never seen him before.
Thanks for your time, Mr. Hendricks.
If you think of anything... me.
You're not from around here, are you?
We don't call the police here.
Know why?
You're all just as bad as us.
Not all of us.
That guy Randal knows
more than he's letting on.
Is it?
When I showed him Meyer's picture...
- I could see he knows something.
- Gail.
Pastor White. Uhm... thanks.
I've done something.
I've done something terrible.
Time's up.
Come on.
Shit, I forgot Lindsey's money.
It's alright I'll get it.
Go down so long and get someone
to help me down the stairs.
Lost something?
Going somewhere Pam?
Emmie, just listen to...
- Emmie... hear me out...
- Emmie... hear me out...
- So...
...wheres my money, hmm?
We will get it for you, bra...
- Where's my damn money?
- Where's my damn money?
- We got it.
We got it.
...go get it.
Our friend has it.
We did a job.
What kind of job was it Pam?
Emmie, there's police everywhere.
Just give us a chance please.
We were going to fetch
it earlier but then uhm...
...but there was a shoot-out.
And we couldn't get it.
We can get it tomorrow.
Just one day.
One day is all I'm asking for.
Just one day. Just one day. Just one day.
Please man, I'm begging you, please...
Until tomorrow then.
But I...
...need something in return.
Call it interest if you will.
What're we gonna do?
I know you have no reason to trust me.
But just give me one more chance.
Just one more chance.
That's all I'm asking for.
Every plan I've ever made has landed
us in deeper and deeper trouble.
There was a time when
I could protect you.
But not anymore.
The police can't either.
You can't go.
Not in your wheelchair.
We need help.
Right. Now put the shank... the top of the hole like that.
You see?
Then you take this tool
and push it in the bottom.
Like this?
You see there?
I can't do it.
You ready?
I need to make it right.
But first I have to get rid of Emmie.
Detective February.
It's Randal Hendricks.
I'm ready to talk.
Okay. Just hold on.
I'm sure you know your
partner's dead Detective.
I saw it with my binoculars.
Your partner was dirty.
Are you?
I'm not my partner.
I wish you were.
You would've stood a better
chance at that police station.
Warren and I decided to blackmail Lawyer.
If I bring him in, will you testify?
Yes but if they find out I said
something they'll kill my...
Arrest me, Detective.
Use me, whatever.
But my girlfriend...
I give you my word.
I'll protect you both.
Who the hell is that?
Go see who it is.
I come in peace.
I'll be watching you the whole time.
Nothing happened.
He made his move...
...I told him he's an asshole.
We laughed...
...then I cried and...
...told him you're a bitch.
I love you.
You're full of crap...
...but I love you.
You there yet?
Okay, I'm here.
Number 37.
Right, remember. Just like we practiced.
Feel for the pins.
Can you feel them?
Yes, but the last one is stuck.
Put more pressure on it.
Try to turn the shank.
Hurry-up Pam.
I know. Wait.
Where are you?
Shit Pam, is your phone on silent or not?
Pam, Spook is there.
Run now. Now, now, now. Run.
Hide Pam. Now!
Let's talk about Detective Meyer.
I admire your commitment to the law lady.
But let me tell you something.
On the Cape Flats...'s misplaced.
Where were you yesterday
between 7am and 2pm?
I was sleeping.
And yesterday during the shooting?
People shoot the whole
day on the Cape Flats.
A word please.
Can someone take these damn things off me.
They're fighting about something.
Nothing. Don't worry about it.
What's going on?
I can't hear anything.
Pam, he's coming to the room.
He's back in the lounge.
What's going on? What is it?
No. Stay there. Just stay there.
Release him.
Don't even think about it.
On the table.
Ever shot a man before?
I don't think so.
Stupid bitch!
Jeez girl.
No, please!
What did I tell you...
...about greedy little pigs?
No, stop it!
Let her go.
Please! Leave her alone.
I'm begging you. Please.
Please just let her go!
Bye Randal.
Answer the bloody phone, Randal.
Mrs. Raymond.
The door's open!
Yes you, you're gonna learn.
They ran.
The assholes.
Where are you?
Pam, can't talk right now...
This isn't Randal.
Are you sure?
After you worked so
hard to get your money.
I've got it right here.
So you're the rubbish with my money.
Bring it here. I'm waiting for you.
The motherfucker.
He doesn't know
who he's dealing with.
Hey bra. Lawyer, check this out.
I told you it's a bunch
of nutcases in this block.
Tell me... which one of these apartments...
...does Randal stay?
He stays down there.
There where the door is open.
Help the poor man into his wheelchair.
Now I must do this crap.
Then you're still heavy also.
You must learn to walk now.
What kind of man...
...sends his woman... do his dirty work?
Where's Pam?
She's a bit tied up at the moment.
Is that for me?
A little present.
An example of what happens to people...
...that think they can steal from me.
Hey you.
...put the guns down.
Just give me the money.
Why don't you go ask Pam...
...what happens to pigs...
...that think they can steal from me.
They stole from me.
I just want what's mine.
If you say so.
If you, say so.
10-35. Gun shots reported
in Haven Mansions.
All units requested to respond.
Be extremely careful.
B-23. 10-4. On route.
A-24. 10-20.
C'mon Randal.
C'mon answer the phone.
So Lieutenant-Colonel,
what do you make of this?
I had him in custody.
We know who they are,
but who are these two?
The people who live here,
the ones in the photos...
...they must know something.
We need to find them.
Lieutenant I asked you a question.
Hey! I'm talking to you.
The people who live here.
We need to find them.
Do you know who they are?
No sir.
I'm okay.
I'm okay.