Number Seventeen (1932) Movie Script

For Sale or Would be Let
Are you hurt?
Where is that candle?
Take, drink a little.
- Huh?
Yes, yes. Yes, sir.
Thank you very much.
That's is enough.
I already feel better.
I freaked out and ve fallen rolling.
What about that? Up there...
Let me go!
Let me go, sir. I have not been...
What were you doing up there?
The house is uninhabited.
I have to sleep somewhere, right?
I have not stolen anything.
Only, I just wanted to sleep, I swear.
I did not kill, sir.
No, I am not, I am not a murderer.
We'll see that.
Come on up.
I do not want, I do not want to climb.
I have a terrible fear.
Not go back to those damned climb stairs.
I do not want, for nothing in the world!
Oh. Yes, you are. Come on.
Hey, boss, is it a cop?
What is proposed? Tell me.
I am going to take a look at the body. Then I will decide.
If not police, ...
... What are you looking for?
Hey, ...
... I can think of an idea.
- What?
You go first.
- Come on!
What are you doing down there?
I was looking for you, captain.
Where am I?
Yes, right, yes.
One moment.
I feel bad, very bad.
Help me, please.
I have not been, I swear.
He had been beaten on the head with an iron, I guess.
Who beat him? I have not seen anyone in the house.
Who beat him?
Head, Wait.
Wait, do not go.
You sure you do not know anything about this?
Of course not.
Man, if it had, would know, right?
A murder is not easily forgotten, I say.
Okay, I guess.
- Yes?
Well, it was about time.
What do you have in your pockets?
- What else?
Look, a handkerchief.
I used to gag.
And this is a string.
I used to tie.
A sausage.
As she bumped her head.
Never mind about that.
I said Never mind about that.
A girl!
-Jolly little thing.
She was.
Look, here is something more, head, medium cigarette.
I had forgotten, I will take a good bit of smoke.
And what about your pockets, eh?
Okay, okay. I am not curious, I do not care.
Take the candle.
Hey, Where are you going?
Swear to be moved.
Let's take a look at your pockets.
What the hell he is doing with these bracelets?
A gun!
And it is loaded.
The trigger is sticking.
Got something more worthwhile?
Have you found anything out there?
No, only a little candle.
What is this?
Where do these come from?
I found it on the body, boss.
I do not know what it is.
Have you ever seen a pair of handcuffs before?
No, sir.
Never in my life. I come from a good family.
We better take a look at this chap.
Thank you.
If you are really innocent, you have to play clean.
Hey, it clear that I am innocent.
And why not say that fair play?
The same thing that makes the cop, tangle, entangle, ...
... embarullarlo one to fall ...
... but it is wrong, I have not done anything.
I have not done anything.
It is for up there. Listen.
Eh, is a girl!
Still, not moving, young lady. Still, the devil.
Turn the sail, soon.
Have you beaten?
Well ...
Take that.
Very nice, huh, boss?
Let me go.
Where is my father? Dad!
What have you done with my father?
What are you doing here? We seek to help...
... if we count all.
That is.
Now they want to help me after having beaten ...
... as they have done.
-So sorry, lady.
- Who are you?
My name is Ford Raid and this is...
Hey, what's your name?
-Ben, What?
Clearly, something more, my name is Ben Bold.
I have not done much damage with their hitting, but I am stunning.
But that's not my fault, miss, but the cognac ...
... that has given it to revive.
Thank you.
Tell me, did your father is in this house?
Wait, why not climb onto the roof to see if there is anyone?
Yes. Ben, you go up.
Why me?
Could you raise, has good legs, right?
You see, my father and I lived in the house next door, ...
... in the number fifteen. This afternoon ...
... my father went up to his room.
Soon after came a telegram for him and I went to take him.
But I found the door locked.
I called and I answered.
It seemed to me strange and I got scared a lot.
Do you see anything?
- What?
- What an idiot!
Are you better?
Yes, I'm alright. Thanks.
Well ...
... I looked for a key that opened the door ...
... and when at last I found it, I entered the room ...
... and there was nobody.
I couldn't make it out.
Then, I saw that the window was open and, look, ...
... I found this in the antepecho.
I thought dad would have dropped it.
I went out onto the roof through the window, ...
... gate above the floor, ...
... until I fell for the skylight.
You spend half his life in the soil, Ben.
Have you done wrong?
- Who, me? No.
I was in the war, you know?
A mine took me through the air and got off singing.
And the telegram arrived for your father?
Oh! We forgot.
Have traced Suffolk necklace to Sheldrake.
Expect him to make getaway tonight. Watch number 17.
Arriving later. Barton.
It is strange, very strange. I fail to decrypt.
Do you know who this is Barton?
Oh! The card.
What does it mean, captain?
That surely is going to happen tonight something ...
... at number 17.
How strange! If nothing ever happens here.
It would be better if you get back to your house.
No, I'm not going.
- You do not want to help?
It is a great help, lady. I served much.
When coming down the stairs by stumbling around, ...
... do not know how much has helped me.
It was fortunate that he was so close to me.
Otherwise I would have killed him.
We have to go from here, it is too late.
What do you think will happen?
I long now.
Are yielding 12.
No, the 11 and a half.
They are calling, are knocking at the door.
It can be the police.
Damn it, the police.
You better return this.
That gun, whose is it?
Of the corpse.
A corpse!
My father!
I have already got the leg. Not excite, please, miss.
Not excite, nothing happens.
It was gone!
- Huh?
It was gone!
The salesman said we could visit the house.
Ah, yes!
Sure, I understand that it is late.
But ...
... I thought I did not mind.
With your permission.
May I come in too, uncle?
Would not it be better to see upstairs first, uncle?
Perhaps it would be better.
By the way, ...
- What?
... we do not know your name.
Were not you told the agent?
Oh yes, ...
... but I am afraid I've forgotten.
Do not be forgotten the name of the seller?
Yes, extraordinary.
In fact, I forgot, my friend.
Well, now that they have seen the stairwells, ...
... Do you want to see the rooms?
Who is that?
Does not it seem a little strange question for someone ...
... who only want to rent a house?
He is right.
Excuse me.
-Excuse me.
It is my servant, in case you want to know, Ben.
And the lady is a friend of the family.
It is still not in your house, my friend.
I insist that I would like to see the upstairs.
That's what he said, he insists.
Eh! Eh! Enough of insolence.
Yes, sir, insolence.
Yes, let them go if they want it, boss, ...
... although some meddler.
Come on, look, look up to them to jump the eyes.
What a man so much fun.
Very funny.
Both as a clown. Come on, get it now.
You're an idiot.
Everything is in order, boss, you will not find the bloody corpse.
It has been a while long ago.
Here there is nothing abnormal, man.
No, of course not.
What were expecting?
Will they find all this full of skeletons, Coffin?
They can remain calm in this beautiful home, gentlemen.
They can keep it forever.
I long now.
One-time, not having such a hurry.
What do you say? What has not hurry?
You tell me who he is for what I have to do?
I will like lightning. I am ready to leave ...
... this goddamn house whatever.
You do not know who he is Ben Bold.
Beware! Beware!
... Take care!
Where do they drew that?
We took off the corpse, boss.
And if anyone tries to stop me, there will be more cold cuts ...
... in this damn house.
- Have you hidden yourself?
- Have you been yourself?
What if I have hidden ...? Me?
Already suspicious of me again.
Why he had to hide it?
In my life I have seen in a mess like this.
I'm scared to death. I just want to get away from here.
I want to go before they kill me, ...
... as in this poor devil who was lying on the landing ...
... and that is no longer.
Walking dead, girls who fall through the roof, ...
... is too much for me.
Put that down.
Hell, has a gun.
Let me go, let me go! Let me go!
Oh, my God, did not want to do it, believe me!
I did not even know it was loaded, did not know, no.
Come upstairs.
You too, young lady.
I think I Can manage.
Thank you.
Dude, you are wasting your time.
The lady does not hear.
Neither spoke.
Do you mind?
Hands up!
Recorded in this gentleman.
I guess you do not mind.
Not at all.
One with nine.
What little pasta.
Okay, now you, Ben.
Hey, who has given him permission to call me Ben?
How can I call you?
- Do you like George?
You are a kind nice, I like you.
"I will remember this, Governor.
I will give him a post in my cabinet in the next elections.
What job?
-It will be my secretary.
A sausage?
- Eh, eh, hear!
A bit of careful!
It's wonderful.
I will save it in the pantry for Christmas.
Now the lady.
Remove these hands!
If my father were here, it was going to win.
Let's see what that is.
Of Detective Barton?
Why has the telegram?
-A what you care about.
Miss Ackroyd?
Get Involved in their affairs.
Hey, lady, you better answer to what I ask him.
Are you the daughter of the inspector Ackroyd?
Answer, Miss Ackroyd.
Will save you a lot of problems.
Do you know his father this telegram?
No, came shortly after they left him.
What do you know about a diamond necklace?
Not a word, I assure you.
Did not your father told you about this necklace?
If it makes me more questions, I'm going to spit in the eye.
What are you looking for here?
Who the hell are you?
-His nephew ...
... who was waiting at the door.
Tell me, what has?
Traveling tourism?
Well, something like that.
Now I hope a freight train ....
... it must take to the mainland this evening.
Happens next to this house, right?
Here is my ticket. Where is yours?
Are you sure that is your ticket?
We left without light. Let me go, go!
I have not been! I swear that I have not been me!
Let me go!
- Care, which does not escape!
I want to get away from here!
Damn it!
But why have taken me?
Yeah, yeah, okay, I am guilty.
I killed a man with a sausage ...
... and then I've done away with the corpse.
Yes, yes, I have been me who has done everything.
I am a dangerous murderer. Ya know.
I wish I could do the same with you all.
I would do it, I swear that I would do it, if I die them up.
Where did you get?
In the bathroom.
Well, yes, I'm neat.
Today is not my lucky day.
I am a murderer, a apagavelas ...
... and now they want to become a cod.
Now let's talk about the Suffolk necklace.
Do you know where he is?
- How do I know?
Sheldrake only knows what he is the one who has hidden.
Probably in this house.
Yes, and according to the telegram, ...
... it seems that Detective Barton ...
... also know the hiding place.
If such comes through here, we are lost.
Well, as it arrives Sheldrake, ...
... forced him to speak clearly.
According to my references, Sheldrake is a man very difficult.
Bah! I do not know him, but I think you exaggerate a lot.
A kind of legend.
He may be dead.
That body ...
I do not think that is easy to kill Sheldrake.
You are right, it is not easy to kill me.
Are you Sheldrake?
Do you expect the two trains?
And the lady, too.
What about that other partner?
Husmeando were when we arrived.
There is another locked in the bathroom. Will have been asleep, I guess.
We have to go sooner, the train will pass soon.
Hey, but ...
... And these two?
I do not think we should leave them well.
That would have tied at least, not you think?
Is it necessary?
If you do not want to go running to alert the police.
I hope that no cares, I do not like to do these things, but ...
I love that I care.
Hands behind.
Someone has to monitor the house ...
... when papato goes on a journey.
Sure, there are many thieves, right?
That's it.
Come on down.
A wait.
At last I find you.
- Are you OK?
Is your father?
Is it you who was lying on the landing?
Yes, I order to monitor the house.
Is police?
I know who you are.
-Hurry, we must help Ben.
Who is Ben?
-Run, is in the bathroom.
For you learn to get in no matter what.
Damn, I got screwed.
Now I'll see you.
Quiet. Where are you going, mate?
Back, come on.
You are a perfect litter.
I'll have to get rid of you as possible.
Hurry, turn to tie it.
Well tied.
Where is the guy who locked us?
I've gotten into the bathroom. Believed it was me, huh?
I hope no mistakes this time.
Are you Mr Sheldrake?
You are very smart, you know?
What do you think you have done to my father?
Nothing, do not worry.
What's wrong with you? Do they not know about?
Leave her alone, she is deaf and dumb.
Well, so what are you waiting for?
-Come on.
Down here?
Yes, it's better.
We wait in the cellar.
Do you mind going first?
I will come back.
She spoke!
It was a tale of a deaf mute.
But, in what order?
It's very funny, huh?
Yes, for me too.
Thank you.
Cool...I fainted.
What do you do with those crooks?
Do you think I keep him in my will?
Will he return to his side?
What else can I do? Has compelled me to accompany him.
Think I know where is the necklace.
I'm very scared.
Why is pretending to be deaf and dumb?
It feels more secure.
May again rise.
Are you alright?
Let us not waste time.
His father and Ben!
Now you see what is good, thief!
Why did you hit? Asshole!
-Damn, ...
... I have to get up. I did not know it was you.
Could you be a little better!
You are well spent.
What a pair of cake!
Hit his head with the bathtub.
Is bleeding, we have to take you to a doctor.
Is not serious, I take care of him. Persgalos.
Come with me, take the candle!
- Again?
My Mother.
What does he want to return to shake off?
What are you going now?
A blow to the head, chief.
The coup will follow us here.
Who would send me to come and sleep in this house?
Damn the time it occurred to me!
I am not going.
Not so dumb, after all?
-What's the idea?
-I am not going.
What do you mean?
I am not going...Thats all.
We must seize the opportunity.
Does not always come out freight trains to the continent.
I have decided to stay and I am staying.
I you are proving very strange.
What is your game?
Why posed as a deaf mute?
Who are you really? What are you doing here?
Why did not you ask your accomplice?
Okay, it is clarified in the train. Come on.
Hey, leave them, boss. I have something to say.
Leave? And that takes women?
No, they will not if I can avoid it.
Ferry with a goods train towards the continent.
The stores we have seen, we're 00:3..That5,045