Nuovo Cinema Paradiso (1988) Movie Script

1990 Oscar
Best Foreign Language Film
Grand Prize of the Jury
Cannes Film Festival 1989
Best Foreign Language Film
Hollywood Golden Globes
Special Prize of the Jury
Felix Award 1989
Best Actor for Philippe Noiret
Felix Award 1989
Best Foreign Film
French Csar Awards
Best Poster of the Year
French Csar Awards
Best Foreign Film
Japanese newspaper "Mainichi Eiga"
Best Foreign Language Film
Japanese press
EuropaCinema Festival Prize
Best technical contribution
Confdration internationale
des cinmas d'essai Prize
Pasinetti Prize
Italian Syndicate of Film Journalists
Best Music
David di Donatello Awards
Best Original Film Score prize
for Ennio Morricone
Efebo d'Oro Prize
Cinema & Societ Prize
Presented at the following festivals:
Cannes Locarno
EuropaCinema, Bari
Edinburgh Montreal
Mosca Miami
Palm Springs Telluride
Tokyo Valladolid
London Alexandria
New Delhi
Yes, Salvatore di Vita.
You mean you don't know him, Miss?
That's right, and I'm his mother.
I've been calling from Sicily,
all day long.
I see he's not there.
Could you please give me
his number?
656 22 056.
Thank you. Goodbye.
It's useless to call.
He's busy. God knows where he is.
He won't even remember.
Forget it.
He hasn't been here for 30 years.
You know what he's like.
He'll remember.
I'm sure he will. I know him
better than you do.
If he finds out we didn't tell him,
he'll be angry.
I'd like to talk
to Signor Salvatore di Vita.
I'm his mother.
Salvatore what time is it?
It's late.
Sorry, I couldn't phone
to say I'd be late.
Go back to sleep.
Your mother phoned.
She thought I was someone else.
What did you tell her?
Nothing, I didn't want
to disappoint her. We had a long chat.
She said you've not visited her for
30 years. She must come to see you.
She called just to say that?
No, she said someone's died.
Someone called Alfredo.
The funeral is tomorrow.
Who is he? A relative?
No go back to sleep.
How can I say Mass with this boy?
Thank God for that!
How do I have to tell you?
Without the bell, I don't know where I am.
Always asleep!
What do you do at night? Eat?
Father Adelfio, at home
we don't even eat at lunchtime.
The vet says that's why I'm tired.
I'll tell you why you're tired.
Think I don't know?
Run along now, I've something to do.
- Can I come with you?
- No, you can't.
Toto, go away!
You can start.
Here we go again.
The frame!
One day, everything will be ours.
We'll go away together.
To live the good life
where no one knows us.
Stop dreaming.
You don't love me any more.
100 lire! Pure nylon!
You mustn't come here.
How many times
do I have to tell you?
You're only little.
If there's a fire,
you'll go up in smoke.
"And turn into a piece of charcoal."
You've a big mouth.
One of these days I'll cut it off.
Like that.
Can I have it?
Please can I have it?
Well, can I or not?
Are you deaf or something?
I have to splice it back before I return
the film. You're such a pest!
Then why didn't you splice these
before you returned the films?
Well, sometimes I can't find
the right place, so they stay here.
They kiss too much, anyway.
- Then I can have these.
- Now you listen to me.
Let's make a deal,
before I kick you up the arse.
- All these are yours, a present.
- Thank you.
But first, you don't come here again.
Second, I keep them here. Get it?
OK, so we're agreed. Now, scram!
What kind of deal is that? If they're
mine, how come you keep them?
Don't come back or I'll thrash you!
"Shoot first, think later.
"This is no job for weaklings,
cuckolds and traitors.
"Hey, you bastard!
Hands off that gold!
"Stay away from me,
you dirty swine,
"or I'll smash your face in!"
If the war's over,
why doesn't Dad come back?
He'll come back, you'll see.
One of these days.
I don't remember him.
Where is Russia?
It takes years to get there
and years to come back.
Go to bed, Toto. It's late.
You can fool your mother,
but not me.
Get your piece of paper
and join the police, you little wretch!
Come on!
Well? How much is 5 x 5?
The five times table, you dimwit!
1 x 5 = 5.
2 x 5 = 10.
3 x 5 = 15.
4 x 5 = 20.
5 x 5?
For the last time
- 5 x 5?
- Christmas!
I've a ticket,
I want to see the film.
Get down. You can't stay here.
Go back to your seat!
They're all over the place,
like rabbits.
I must go to Oregon.
Wait for me at my ranch.
Wait for a dead man?
A star-studded cast
featuring John Wayne,
Claire Trevor
Good evening, everyone!
Can't I say hello?
- Double-bill today.
- So what? I come here to sleep.
Cut the news, Alfredo!
The men and women who fought
in the Resistance
are reunited in Rome
for the First Resistance Rally
organized by CVL.
Prime Minister Parri
What does it say?
- Who knows? I'm illiterate.
- You too?
The Italian language is not spoken
by the poor in Sicily.
12 hours of blood and sweat
to take home the bare minimum
required not to die of hunger.
And yet, their nets
were full
when they pulled them up
All day fishing,
and what do we have to show for it?
That may be so,
but what can we do?
I knew it!
20 years going to the cinema,
and I've never seen a kiss!
Will we ever?
Son of a bitch!
- You and you, to work.
- What about me, Don Vincenzo?
You? Get a job from Stalin.
Don't you worry, his day will come.
I always get left out.
Nice film. That young man
worked ever so hard.
- Pity he was so unlucky.
- Why did he go and buy that boat?
You didn't understand anything.
Right, boys.
Here you work from dawn to dusk.
And no questions about pay.
I've been looking for you all day.
Did you buy the milk?
- And the money?
- Stolen.
You went to the cinema?
The cinema!
- Signora Maria, wait!
- Leave him alone, you're hurting him.
And you, why did you tell lies?
You know you got in free.
Go on, tell your mother.
Maybe he lost it inside. How much?
50 lire.
What did you find
under the seats tonight?
A comb,
two heels,
a tobacco pouch
And 50 lire.
Thank you, Alfredo.
- Good night.
- Good morning.
Good night.
I understood right away.
The square is mine!
It's midnight! Out!
I must close the square.
Hard on the feet, eh, Father?
Going, it's downhill
and all the saints help you.
Coming back, the saints just watch.
If it is God's will
See you tonight.
What's wrong? Your foot this time?
Oh dear, what can we do?
Did you know my father, Alfredo?
Of course I knew him.
Tall, thin, good-tempered,
with a moustache like mine.
He always smiled.
He looked like Clark Gable.
Now I'm older, Alfredo,
and I'm in the fifth year,
I'm not asking to go into the booth,
but couldn't we at least be friends?
"I choose my friends for their looks,
and my enemies for their intelligence."
You're too clever to be my friend.
I always tell my children
to be careful
how they choose their friends.
But you don't have any children.
But when I do, I'll tell them.
Don't cry. It's all right, I'm here.
The fire's out.
Mum, what happened?
You scoundrel!
Your sister could have burned
to death because of you!
You'll be the end of me!
I told you not to keep your films
near the fire.
You even burned my photos.
- You and your films!
- He was burning down the house.
Aren't you ashamed
of playing games with him at your age?
- What have I done?
- Who gave him the films?
Don't give them to him, he's mad.
All he talks about
is you and the cinema.
Swear you won't let him in again.
I give you my word.
May God send your father home,
he'll deal with you.
Dad is not coming back,
and I know why. He's dead.
No, it's not true!
He'll be back, you'll see.
They smoke like chimneys.
Go and buy a ticket!
I'll make mincemeat out of you!
Signora Anna!
Don't blame me,
your wife told me to bring your lunch.
I told Mum
you didn't give me the film.
It wasn't your fault.
I thought you were joking
when you said
the film could catch fire.
I just wanted to tell you.
Now I'll go.
Toto come here.
Come and sit down.
Now, listen. I started this job
when I was ten.
We didn't have
these modern machines then.
Films were silent.
You turned the projector by hand
with a crank.
All day long!
And it was so hard,
this damned crank.
If you got tired,
and slowed down a bit,
everything was burned,
in a flash.
So why don't you teach me?
Now there's no crank and it's easy.
Because I don't want to, Toto.
This is no job for you.
You work like a slave,
always alone.
You watch the same film 100 times.
Nothing else to do.
You end up talking
to Greta Garbo and Tyrone Power.
Always working.
Every holiday, Easter, Christmas
You only get Good Friday off.
And if they hadn't put Christ
on a cross, we'd work even then.
So why don't you change jobs?
Because I'm stupid.
Who else around here
would be a projectionist? No one.
It takes an imbecile like me.
It's my luck.
So, you want to be
a stick-in-the-mud like me?
Good boy.
It's for your own good.
Always stuck in here. Boiling hot
in summer, freezing cold in winter.
Breathing in fumes,
and earning a pittance.
Is it all bad?
You get used to it.
When the cinema is full,
you hear people laughing,
and that makes you happy.
It makes you feel good. Like you're
the one who makes them laugh
and makes them forget
their troubles.
That, I like.
You didn't hear a word I said.
What are you up to?
I can't turn my back for a minute.
Your mother is right. You're mad!
How on earth did he do it?
He watches and learns.
I'll tell the manager not to let you in.
Did you hear?
And I'll tell Father Adelfio.
No more altar boy,
you understand?
Get stuffed!
I've won! I've won the pools!
The Neapolitan has won the pools!
The Neapolitan has won the pools!
Come along, quick.
These Northerners have all the luck!
The square is mine!
Keep still!
Are the horse-flies bothering you?
You've a louse factory up here.
Off you go.
What do you want? Off you go.
A shopkeeper owns two shops.
In one, he sells fruit.
Be seated.
Here are the external candidates
for the School Certificate.
Rotten little stinker!
- Help me, Toto.
- Quiet!
- I haven't got a clue!
- Quiet!
Francesco Messana. In the name
of the law, you're under arrest.
Son of a bitch! Pencil-pusher!
This is where it can catch fire.
If it does, you cut here and there,
or the whole reel will burn.
Got it?
I won't stand for this sort of thing!
Which side is the gelatin on?
It tastes good.
These are the invoices.
Always keep them safe.
- Yes, Alfredo.
- Don't ever forget.
This is for you.
Today you can load the reels.
- It's so high up.
- Now you can do it alone.
Stay still.
What a woman!
Children, say goodbye to Peppino.
He's going to Germany.
Why won't you say goodbye?
My father says he's a Communist.
God bless you, Mum.
- Will he find work in Germany?
- Who knows?
It's like an adventure.
You live in hope.
Screw this country!
Go and work in Germany,
you and your Stalin.
Goodbye, Peppino!
Come back soon.
At least Germany
is closer than Russia.
After six years,
the return of spring fashion.
A fresh new look
unlike the pompous styles
of wartime.
I'll make mincemeat out of you!
Another sad page in the tragedy
of our men in Russia.
The Ministry of Defence
has released a new list
of Italian dead
until now considered missing.
The names will be posted
by the military authorities.
All the families concerned
will be notified.
we don't know where he's buried
Here is the pension form
for you to sign.
Hadn't I told you? He's courting me.
Well, he's no oil painting
Go home, we can't have another show.
It's late, can't you understand?
Some people have seen it twice.
We've been waiting an hour.
Tomorrow we'll show another film.
A Western, I promise!
Go to bed.
Close the doors.
They'll wreck the Paradiso. Hell, even.
Alfredo, you let us in!
What do you want me to do?
"The mob doesn't think.
"It has no mind of its own."
The great Spencer Tracy
said it in "Fury".
Well, what do you say?
Shall we let the poor devils
see the film?
I wish we could, but how?
"If you have no faith in me,
have faith in what you see."
So, get your arse off that stool.
Pay attention.
Now we pass through these walls.
Look out of the window, kid.
It's beautiful, Alfredo!
Over there! Look, the cinema!
Thank you, Alfredo!
What on earth is going on?
It's the cinema.
Go to hell!
There's no sound.
Shall we keep them happy?
Want to go down?
- Come, look at this.
- Oh, my God!
- Ah, Nunzio! Half price will do.
- As you wish.
You must buy tickets, folks.
Half price.
Get stuffed!
The square belongs to everyone.
The square is mine!
Don't joke about it, it makes me mad.
I can't believe it,
the whole theatre is on fire.
Poor Alfredo! What a shame!
It's all burned down!
All burned down!
What do we do now?
No more entertainment
in the village, nothing.
How can we rebuild all this?
Look at Ciccio!
You'd hardly know him.
Who has that kind of money?
The new Cinema Paradiso!
This cinema is for you!
He's just a boy.
What about the child labour laws?
I got a licence
through my connections.
But don't ask me how it works.
Officially, I'm the projectionist,
but the money goes to Toto.
Stay on your toes, Toto.
No falling asleep.
No more disasters.
Do as poor Alfredo taught you.
And God bless you, son.
Thank you, Father.
What's this? A funeral?
Life goes on. Music!
You've fallen in love
with that peasant.
- Maybe.
- And he's asked you to marry him?
Then it's all over between us?
What a dish!
My God, they're kissing!
I shall not watch pornographic films.
Bravo, Don Ciccio!
Any room for me
in this new paradise?
Bring him home afterwards, Toto.
I'm going now, Alfredo.
I'm so glad you're here.
How is school?
Fine, but now I'm working,
maybe I won't go any more.
Don't do that, Toto.
You'll end up with egg on your face.
What does that mean?
It means
that this is no job for you.
Now the Paradiso needs you
and you need the Paradiso.
But it won't last.
One day you'll move on
to other things.
Other things.
More important things.
Much more important.
I know. Now I've lost my sight,
I see better.
Things I never saw before.
Thanks to you, who saved my life,
I'll never forget.
Don't look so gloomy.
I'm not gaga yet. Want proof?
Let's see. Right now, for instance,
the film is out of focus.
Check it.
You're right, it's out of focus.
How did you do?
It's difficult to explain.
Watch the screen! Pigs, bastards!
I told you, it doesn't catch fire.
Progress always comes too late.
Workers of the world
She's new.
Not bad.
She's nice.
Her father's a bank manager,
a big shot.
Jerks it off with his shirt,
not to get his hands dirty.
Faster, faster.
Last one's a sissy.
Excuse me.
You dropped this.
I hadn't noticed.
- I'm Salvatore. And you?
- Elena. My name is Elena.
I wanted to tell you
the other day, at the station
A small projector?
Is it your footage?
What do you see?
A young bull being slaughtered.
A big pool of blood on the ground.
Another young bull steps
over the blood
on its way to its death.
What do you see now?
Nothing, it's out of focus.
A woman.
It's a woman!
Yes, a girl I saw at the station.
What's she like?
She's very nice.
My age, slim, with long brown hair.
Big blue eyes, and a clear gaze.
A beauty spot on her lip.
Very small, you only see it close.
And when she smiles, you feel
I don't know.
I know how it is.
The blue-eyed ones are the worst.
You can never get close to them,
whatever you do.
"The bigger the man,
the deeper the imprint.
"And when he's in love,
he suffers knowing it's a dead end."
It's nice what you say, but sad.
I didn't say it. It was John Wayne
in "The Shepherd of the Hills".
You old sneak!
Why are you running?
I wanted to tell you
You remember when ?
Nice day, isn't it?
Yes, lovely day.
Excuse me, I must go. Bye!
What a jerk!
"Nice day, isn't it?" How stupid!
I told you.
You thought I was kidding you.
Take it from me.
The blue-eyed ones are the worst.
But why? There must be a way
to make her understand.
Forget it, Toto.
Feelings can never be understood.
- You can't explain them.
- Oh, you made the world!
With all due respect to the Lord,
who made it in two or three days,
I'd have taken longer, but certain
things I could have done better.
Like I said, you have all the answers.
I'll tell you a story.
Just for you, Toto.
Let's sit down.
God Almighty!
Once upon a time,
a king gave a feast.
The most beautiful princesses
were there.
A soldier who was standing guard
saw the king's daughter go by.
She was the loveliest one,
and he fell instantly in love.
But what is a simple soldier
next to the daughter of a king?
One day he managed to meet her
and told her he could no longer
live without her.
The princess was so taken
by the depth of his feeling
that she said to the soldier:
"If you can wait for 100 days
"and 100 nights under my balcony,
"I shall be yours."
With that, the soldier went
and waited one day, two days,
then ten, twenty.
Each evening the princess looked out,
and he never moved!
Always there,
come rain, come thunder.
Birds shat on his head,
bees stung him, but he didn't budge.
After 90 nights,
he had become
all dry and pale.
Tears streamed from his eyes.
He couldn't hold them back.
He didn't even have the strength
to sleep.
And all that time,
the princess watched him.
When the 99th night came,
the soldier stood up,
took his chair and left.
Right at the end?
Right at the end, Toto.
Don't ask me what it means,
I don't know.
If you can figure it out, you tell me.
Only one copy?
You know I need two. One for the
Paradiso and one for the next town.
You promised,
and I've committed myself.
You screw it up,
and I'll tell you what I'll do.
I'll use the one copy
for the two cinemas.
I'm from Naples, and you don't screw
around with people from Naples.
I swore on the Virgin Mary to my son.
We see the crib. The child's asleep.
Get something, hurry!
"The lawyer told me. Now I know."
The lawyer told me. Now I know.
"Everyone must know.
"Yes, everyone must know."
Yes, everyone must know.
"Do you believe me?"
Do you believe me?
"Yes, I believe you."
Yes, I believe you.
"Our own home.
How I've dreamed of it!"
- Our own home.
- How I've dreamed of it!
Tonino! Mama! My son!
"The End"
I don't like it!
I cut the end credits to go faster.
Bring me Part One.
I'll show a newsreel.
I'll call the police. Take him!
Just a minute!
Here's Part One.
The house is packed.
Get a move on!
Get the bloody thing rolling.
- Wait, will you?
- They're going mad.
Bunch of animals! Shut up!
Toto, what's going on?
They're furious.
It's been half an hour.
What do you want me to do?
Where's that son of a bitch?
I'll be ruined.
Calm down, it won't be long.
I'll have you know I left my wife
sick in bed in order to watch this film.
And I still haven't seen a thing.
If it doesn't start in 10 minutes,
we want our money back.
Or I'll wreck the place with this cane.
Calm down. Can I say something?
I'll show you Part One again.
We want to know how it ends.
I've already seen it,
I'll tell you how it ends.
Please, don't ask me why.
What is it, Alfredo? Not now,
I must administer the sacrament.
I need you urgently.
I have terrible doubts
tormenting my soul.
- Father, I have sinned.
- Do that later.
Please, don't turn around.
- Just act normal. It's Salvatore.
- How did you get in here?
- That's a terrible thing to say.
- I know.
Take the miracle
of the loaves and fishes
I've often wondered.
How is it possible?
I had to talk to you
You're beautiful, Elena
I can never find the words
when I see you
I get the shivers
I don't know how other people do it
It's my first time
But I'm in love with you
Father, I have sinned
I absolve you from your sins
in the name of the Father
and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit
You're even prettier when you laugh
You're very sweet, and I like you
But I'm not in love with you
I'll wait
For what?
For you to love me
Listen to me
Every night, after work
I'll wait outside your house
When you change your mind
open your window, I'll understand
You understand now?
Yes finally, I see the light
Next time, don't talk heresy
You survived the fire in the cinema
But from the eternal fire,
no one can save you
15 seconds to the New Year!
Look, the car's still running in!
How will we get home?
Oh, God! It's my father
Good evening!
Outdoor cinema tonight
at the Imperia
Last one's a sissy!
Standing room only!
Come on in! The show's just
started. Have your tickets ready
Salvatore, my love I'll have to spend
all summer here with my parents
The days are never-ending here.
I see your name everywhere
in books, crosswords, newspapers
You're always before my eyes
Unfortunately, I have bad news
We're moving to Palermo,
because of university
It'll be difficult to see each
other, but don't worry
I'll come and see you
at the Paradiso
When will this bloody summer end?
In a film, it'd already be over
Cut, and there's a storm. Great!
Tell them I'm Ulysses!
Elena! But when ?
Today. You can't imagine
the excuses I made up
I'm doing my military service
in Rome. I leave on Friday
Wait for me at the Paradiso
I'll come on Thursday
on the 5 o'clock bus
Could be a mistake.
Anyway, Rome is great
Load the reels for tomorrow,
ready for the new man
Cheer up! I'll wait for you,
don't worry
No one's taking your job
It'll be waiting for you.
Don't look so gloomy
Salvatore di Vita reporting for duty!
Her father's been transferred
and no one knows where to?
Sod you, bastard! You won't
bloody well tell me, will you?
You've lost weight. They didn't
treat you very well, did they?
They tell me you never go out
or talk to anyone. Why?
You know how it is
Sooner or later, the time comes
when it makes no difference
whether you talk or not
So you might as well shut up
It's hot in here
Take me to the sea
At Christmas, this lieutenant
pinches a girl's bum
She turns round.
It's the colonel's daughter
Terrified, he says:
"If your heart is as hard as what
I've just felt, I'm a dead man"
Have you seen her?
No one knows where she is
It was probably meant to be like this
Each of us has a star to follow
Go away from here.
This land is cursed
Living here every day, you think
it's the centre of the world
That nothing will ever change
Then you leave, for a year or two
And when you come back everything
is changed. The thread is broken
You don't find what you're looking for.
What was yours is gone
You need to go away for a long time
for many years
before you can come back
and find your people
the land where you were born
But not now. It's impossible
Now, you're blinder than I am
Who said that? Gary Cooper,
James Stewart, Henry Fonda?
No, Toto
No one said it
This time, I'm saying it
Life is not what you see in films
Life is much harder
Go away!
Go back to Rome. You're young
The world's your oyster
I'm old
I don't want to hear you any more
I want to hear about you
Don't come back
Don't think about us.
Don't look back, don't write
Don't give in to nostalgia.
Forget about us
If you come back,
don't come and see me
I won't let you in,
you understand?
Thank you
for everything you've done
Whatever you end up doing, love it
The way you loved
the projection booth
when you were a little boy
Is he already gone?
Toto, farewell!
I'm too late, what a pity!
It's Toto. I knew it
See how nice the house is?
We've had it all redone,
thanks to you
Come, I've a surprise for you
Are you tired?
You've time to rest
before the funeral
No, Mum. The flight is only an hour
Don't say that, after all these years
Come, I've put all your things
in here
He must be glad you came, Toto
He always talked about you, always
Right up to the end
He really loved you
He left something for you
Before you leave
come and see me
When did you close it down?
Six years ago in May.
No one came any more
You know it better than I do.
The recession, TV, videos
The cinema has become a memory
The city has purchased the site
for a public car park
They're pulling it down on Saturday,
Signor di Vita. Pity!
Why "Signor di Vita"?
It didn't use to be like that
It's awkward to be casual
with an important person
However, if you insist Toto
Who would have believed it? Toto
He left this for you
He never asked to see me?
Your mother once said
you'd come if he wanted you to
He was furious. He said:
"No! Toto must never
return to Giancaldo"
He wasn't being mean
He was a good man
Who knows what went through
his head?
He started saying strange things
towards the end
Just before he closed his eyes
he told your mother
not to let you know
What are you thinking?
I've always been afraid to come back
And now, after all these years,
I thought I was stronger
and had forgotten many things
But it's all right there
in front of me
as if I'd never gone away
And yet, I look around
and don't recognise anyone
And you, Mum
I deserted you
I ran away like a criminal
without an explanation
I never asked for one.
You don't have to explain
I always thought you were doing
the right thing. Don't dwell on it
You were right to leave
It allowed you to do
what you wanted
When I phone you,
it's a different woman every time
But I haven't yet heard the voice
of someone who loves you
I can tell
All the same
I'd like to see you
settling down
in love with someone
But your life is there
Here, there are only ghosts
Let go, Toto
It's my square
Check the leader.
Roll when you're ready
OK. Congratulations,
I loved your film