Nuovo Olimpo (2023) Movie Script

[mysterious music playing]
[footsteps approaching]
[tense music playing]
We cant go to my house anymore.
Ermannos on his way.
Hell wipe the floor with my face.
Elena, go to Marcella.
I called Marcella from the bar.
She's not picking up.
Don't give up.
Get out of here. Go.
- I can't leave you alone.
- Get outta here, hurry, leave!
Stay behind me, okay?
[music intensifies]
Elena, Elena, Elena.
In the car.
I'd rather walk, so I'll pass.
Give us the boy, come on.
- [gun shot]
- [grunts]
[tense music intensifies, fades]
- [man] Perfect! Great job!
- [applause]
Yeah, but give me a moment, okay? [sighs]
Good job.
[man] Yep, we're all set. Clear the area.
[man 2] Roger that.
[man] All right folks, please step back.
Come on, please, step back.
Please, step back.
- [man 3] What movie is this?
- Rome Without Mercy.
Oh my God, I love that actress!
Who else is working on this movie?
I'm working on this movie too. I guess
that counts, right? Now, move along.
[indistinct film crew chatter]
[gentle evocative music playing]
[music continues]
[woman] that's not the best way.
Just put them in the colander.
- Then put a handful of spices and salt
- [newsreader on radio]
Uh, and then once you're done with this,
you can add more of your favorite spices.
Then you need to cover
everything with a plate
For Christ's sake, really? Politics again?
Weve been hearing
the same stuff for months.
[through radio] protests,
lots of insights
regarding the politics of Italy.
Is that better for ya?
[woman] That guy's yapping about politics.
He always has something to say.
My gosh, I can't stand him.
Hold on a second.
The movie started about ten minutes ago.
In a couple of hours,
we'll have another screening,
if you wanna catch those ten minutes.
I'll go in now, thanks.
[woman] So I was saying,
the eggplant has to be dry,
you know what I mean?
You gotta get rid of all the water.
That's when you know it's ready.
[actor] What?
- [actress] Aren't you jealous?
- [actor] Not really.
[actress] Too bad.
I'll enrol at university
to study architecture.
- [actor] They won't take you in.
- [actress] You'll see.
[actor] They'll take you
in at the zoo, surely.
[actress] And the storks return in flight,
quick, outstretched legs, long beaks,
to challenge the storms
Nice lines, right?
[actor] Beautiful and very deep.
- [actress chuckles]
- [actor] Stop! No, no, stop! No! No!
[both laughing]
[actress] Give up!
I win!
[actor] I give up. You win.
You're the champion.
[actress] I won!
I won. I won.
[actor laughing]
[actor] All right.
[actress] Will they take you
into the army?
[actor] Of course.
- [actress] Will you go far away?
- [actor] One way or another, I will.
[actress] No way,
you're not going anywhere.
Don't be a hero, they won't take you.
[actor] Why wouldn't they take me?
[actress] You know,
they leave smart people at home.
[actor] Yeah, and fools
will go to war, right?
[actress] I don't want
to be teased by you, you know?
[actor] Oh, well
- [actor] I have to say something.
- [actress] I don't want to hear it.
[whispering] Do you want to go
for a smoke with me?
In the hallway.
No, thanks.
- [actor] Listen
- [actress] What will you give me tomorrow?
[actor] It's a secret.
[actress] I don't want some sweets
that I'd eat right away and then forget.
I want something that can last.
Almost as much as you and me.
For years and years.
Give me a kiss.
When you hold me in your arms,
I fear nothing,
not even war.
[door shuts]
[actress] So stay close to me.
[indistinct chatter]
[men continue to chatter]
You want a smoke?
I think I've seen you before.
Do you come here often?
No, it's my first time here.
I can't believe it.
I found this place by chance.
Do you come here often?
Once in a while, yeah.
When I'm in the mood for a good film.
[gentle intriguing music playing]
Come with me.
[music intensifies]
[music fades]
Wait, please.
Are you ok?
Not here.
Then why did you come in here?
So we could be alone.
But you're turned on.
But I can't do it here.
I'm Enea. What's your name?
- Pietro.
- Pietro. I like it.
Honestly, I'm sorry,
but I not in here, you know?
So where?
I don't know.
Not your type?
[door opens]
[door shuts]
I'm super into you,
that's why I don't wanna do it here.
[men moaning, panting]
[Enea chuckles]
[men continue to moan]
[both chuckle]
Man, your heart won't stop is pounding.
Lost your mind?
I'm sorry.
[tango music playing]
[door shuts]
Wanna meet here.
See you, Titti.
Hey, todays movie was pretty touching,
wasnt it?
- Why?
- Well, you all have this dreamy look.
Beautiful, it was very beautiful.
But have you even watched it till the end?
I'll finish it tomorrow.
Come on. It's a different movie tomorrow.
We switch movies every day.
You should know by now.
Of course, today's was definitely
another level than last week's.
- Am I right?
- No doubt about it.
- You still going to school?
- Kinda, yeah.
I'm still in school,
and sometimes I volunteer on sets.
[Titti] Really?
You're lucky. That's fabulous.
- I've always dreamed I'd be in a film.
- [Enea chuckles]
I wanted to be an actress.
If you ever direct a movie of your own,
don't forget about Titti, okay?
Oh man!
- See you tomorrow.
- Oh right, listen.
You guys were pretty damn noisy in there.
Can you take it easy next time, okay?
Cut it out, will you?
You wish you could be
as noisy as them. Come on.
[Enea chuckles]
See you, Titti.
Finish the count!
Move it, then. Get outta here. Leave.
["Je T'attends"
by Charles Aznavour playing]
Sorry, Im a bit late.
- [music ends]
- So? How was the movie?
- Beautiful. Very
- [both] romantic.
[Pietro] You would've liked it.
[woman] They told me
I'll get out of here soon.
[heart monitor beeping]
With a new heart valve.
We just have to see
how it responds to an old body.
Dont exaggerate. It's only one valve.
It's such a simple procedure.
[heart monitor keeps beeping]
That's what they tell you.
Well, I would know, I mean
It's not like I'm studying botany, right?
Yeah, you're right.
I'm sorry I said that to you, Doc.
[doorbell ringing]
Good evening.
- Were in the kitchen.
- Mm.
- I might have to sleep at your place.
- What happened?
That nutjob Caterina is threatening
to pack up and move back here.
[sighs] It's her house, too.
Well, her husband's a bit annoying.
But he's so hot!
Good evening, Carlo.
[gentle nostalgic music playing]
You know what?
Tonight was especially great.
You read my mind.
[woman chuckles]
I guess that means
you weren't lying before.
You two really didn't do anything?
[music continues to play]
- [Enea] Hes not the type.
- [woman sighs]
[Enea] He's awkward, he's shy
I don't think he's ever done it before.
[woman] Yeah, but he still followed you
to the bathroom.
He was even turned on,
but he couldn't do it.
If thats the case,
then he won't show up again.
Alice, he said,
"Let's meet here tomorrow."
- I think he'll be there.
- Yeah right.
I'm not that sure, but I think he will.
[sighs] I keep thinking about the guy.
[Alice chuckles]
He won't do it in the bathroom.
I need to find another place.
Can you blame him, honey? Huh?
[Alice sighs]
Don't forget we have a bunch
of classes tomorrow all afternoon.
I'll just say I'm sick.
If you keep this up,
you'll get yourself kicked out.
I mean, it's one thing that you volunteer
on sets from time to time, but
you skip class too much.
They cant kick me out.
I'm way too talented.
If I had an ounce of your confidence,
I could really turn my life around.
I could turn my life around
with that body and that butt.
You misogynistic piece of shit!
[Alice sighs]
[Alice] Mm
- Will you spend the night?
- Ah.
[Enea] Hm?
Well we werent even done here yet,
and you were already talking about him.
No, thanks. You're somewhere else.
What am I gonna do all night all alone?
You can think about him and jerk off, hm?
[slaps his backside] Ain't that right?
Right, Ade',
but maybe you should listen to me.
Yeah. Don't call him back.
Don't be so clingy.
No. Love comes to those who wait. Yeah.
No, really, just do what I do.
Once they fall in love, I disappear.
Then they come back
with a nice gift, hear me?
Yeah. Hold on.
I gotta check if there's someone waiting
for me, can I go in there for a minute?
I'm not trying to not pay.
- You know your boyfriend isnt here.
- How do you know who I'm talking about?
Ade', call you back.
The handsome man from yesterday.
I haven't seen a guy
that hot since long ago.
We didn't even come out together.
What can I say? I have a radar.
I notice everything, you know?
Anyway, go ahead. You can go in there.
You know, because of your film work,
hear me?
- Thanks.
- Let him in.
- [actress] Congratulations
- [actress 2] Have another drink, on me.
This drunkard.
[actress] To your health!
I really need it,
with all these diseases going around!
- Fingers crossed.
- Bye!
Bye, Biancofio'!
- Bye, dolls! Bye!
- Bye!
[actor] Oh, my beauty, goodbye
The army is going
- [actress] What are you looking for?
- [actor] Just getting some fresh air.
[actress] Yeah?
- I'm not a prostitute.
- [actor] About time.
[actress laughs]
- How did it go with that hot stud?
- Was he a good bang?
We didn't bang, so
- Yeah, sure.
- Nah, c'mon.
So what did you do in there?
Did he come too soon?
You wouldn't get it.
[audience] Shh.
[softly] I mean, we talked.
Yeah, right.
It's a bathroom, not a living room.
- That goes for all of us.
- I only go there to fuck. I swear.
Oh. Look who's back now.
Yo. Hm.
- Where have you been?
- I've got things to do.
Why are you all here?
There's no one in there.
[man] Guess. Forget about that.
What happened to Che?
Did you kill him yet or what?
It's an on and off thing.
None of your fucking business.
Yeah, right. Fidel Castro
and Che Guevara. Oh man. [chuckles]
Enea, I gotta talk to you for a minute.
[man] Molotov.
- Can I ask you something?
- What?
Can you even count
the dicks you sucked in the military?
[all laugh]
A lot, too many.
You won't suck
that many in your whole life.
- Not even if you lived to a hundred.
- I love you too.
[both blow kisses]
Are you coming to the protest, tomorrow?
- Hm?
- I can't, Molotov. I have class.
Are you for real, man?
What happened with Che?
We had a fight.
I didnt wanna say it
in front of those jerks.
He's a constant pain in the ass.
He was already mad at me
for not being a conscientious objector.
He thinks I only like him
because he looks like Che.
Now I won't teach anyone
how to make a Molotov cocktail,
and he says I'm a reactionary.
Well, Che's always been out of it.
- [Pietro] Ciao.
- He's a friend of mine. He's leaving.
Hi, I'm Ernesto.
But everyone calls me Molotov.
Whoever I touch, fires up for me.
- [blows a kiss]
- And you were leaving.
Hey, hey, hey, relax!
I wasn't gonna steal him.
You dont know what you're missing.
He's pretty over the top.
He's harmless though.
He's even nice, sometimes.
[Pietro sighs]
I came here for you today,
but I dont have much time.
But I didn't think
you'd wanna be here, you know?
[Pietro] I don't.
Same as yesterday.
I think I found a place
where we can finally be alone.
Where's that?
Its my friends grandmas place.
Nobody lives there now.
I dont know
if my friend happens to have the keys.
- So you're gonna call her?
- No, no, she's at school.
We're classmates.
I'll swing by the school.
Meet you there in an hour?
I don't know.
You asked me to meet you here.
- I know, it's
- No. If youre not sure...
If were not sure,
we can just go out for a pizza.
I won't make you do it.
This is the address.
I think I'll stay and watch the movie.
You even brought a map, huh?
"So time and space won't get in the way."
"So time and space won't get in the way."
[gentle evocative music playing]
What do we do
if your friend cant find the keys?
Then we'll go grab that pizza. Right?
Okay, I'll go take my Vespa.
You watch the movie. It's beautiful.
- Have you seen it?
- No, but Titti says so, and I trust her.
And now, who's Titti?
The cashier.
["Adio Kerida" by Yasmin Levy playing]
I'm waiting here. Follow the map.
So time and space won't get in the way.
[music continues]
- Ciao.
- Ciao.
[music continues to play]
I think your friend is very lucky.
I didn't know
her grandma's house was like this.
[music fades]
[both chuckle]
Shall we check it out?
Enea, look.
[Enea chuckles]
[seagull calling]
[both chuckle]
Wait a minute.
[church bells chiming distantly]
You don't want to?
No, uhm
Its your first time, isnt it?
Should we go eat some pizza?
I'm thinking about it.
If you want, I could teach you how...
[romantic music playing]
[music intensifies]
[both moaning]
[Pietro] Wait. [moaning]
[Pietro chuckles, sighs]
I got too excited. I'm sorry.
- [both chuckle]
- [Pietro sighs]
It's okay.
It's okay.
[evocative music playing]
[both moaning, sighing]
This is your friends grandma
when she was young.
I found some liquor.
Grandmas liquor, huh?
I remember the first time I saw you.
You were shooting a film, a few days back.
I wanted to come closer.
They cut the scene,
and you moved the barricade.
Do you remember how we exchanged looks?
No, I don't, uh,
I don't really look at any pedestrians,
because they can be really annoying
when they're taking up so much room.
Well, I dont work. I study.
I'm a student too. Cinema.
Film directing, it's my senior year.
I study medicine, actually.
That's a lot of years.
A doctor
I like doctors.
In fact, now that I think of it, Doc,
I have a slight discomfort here.
And also right here.
Not here, though?
Yeah, but you made me feel better already.
Do you live with your folks?
- You?
- With my father.
My mom needed surgery,
so I came here with her.
It went well. She'll be out in a few days.
Where do you live?
In Marche.
["E Se Domani" by Mina
playing through the radio]
- Would you grant me this dance?
- No, I really can't dance.
Fine. Then I'll dance on my own.
All right.
But I'm no dancer.
Follow my lead.
[music continues]
[music fades]
Are you still hungry?
[Enea pants]
I am.
[gentle piano music playing]
[music intensifies]
[music fades]
[church bells chiming]
[seagulls calling]
Do you know the story of the people
who met here before?
Two people who had no idea
how much they'd love each other.
I think I've heard this story.
You told me you didnt remember though.
I dont know why I said that.
To defend myself maybe.
From what?
What's the plan now?
Maybe we could meet later
at the Nuovo Olimpo?
I don't know when I'll be free,
but you could watch the movie
while you wait for me.
You could watch the movie too
if I'm late though.
You're silly, come on. Let's go.
I'll bring you to the bus stop.
It's okay. I'm going to Piazza Venezia.
I can walk.
[pensive music playing]
[music fades]
[Alice] Listen, Enea. Please.
Stop following me.
Im not going with you, okay? Come on.
- Ciao Titti.
- Hi. You have company. That's new.
He's coming to the protest with me.
Dont listen to her. One ticket, okay?
It'll be worth it. I don't mean
just because of the film. That's my gift.
The protest is more important.
Enea, it's right here, in Piazza Venezia.
It's a ten-minute walk.
Think outside of yourself
and your personal interests for a moment.
You have to go.
- I'm sorry.
- No, no, don't worry.
- Bring the man with you, why don't you?
- Yeah. [sighs]
- He's here?
- He's watching the movie.
Hes basically hiding under the armchair
to avoid being seen. He's so timid.
Get in there. Go get him.
That way I can finally meet the dude.
No, Alice, this is my thing.
Tell you what, on the next protest,
I'm gonna make a speech, better.
Oh, amazing, that's perfect!
You're a servant
of power now, son a bitch.
The more of a faggot you become,
the more you become a fascist, uh?
Fuck you, Enea!
- [door shuts loudly]
- My lord, she's aggressive, isn't she?
What is she, your ex?
She's more than that.
She's obviously
a pretty committed activist
Your man got here early.
He's been at the bar for thirty minutes.
He's been waiting for you.
- [phone rings]
- [gasps] Hang on. Hang on.
Nuovo Olimpo.
Just one moment.
Please don't stop coming here
just because you two fell in love.
We'll come back here
all the time for the films.
You'll stay at your house
filming your own movies.
One at 5, at 8, and at 10:30.
Get outta here.
No, it's Nella citt l'inferno today.
You're welcome.
You babble too much, all right?
Just stay silent.
- Ciao.
- Ciao.
[Enea] Sorry, I couldnt get here earlier.
[Pietro] Don't worry about it.
[actor] This one is okay.
Look how pretty she is!
Yeah, you, come here!
I don't have the key anymore.
[breathes in deeply]
What the fuck?
[Enea] Smelling you.
I missed it.
I booked us a table at a trattoria.
I want to look at you
over a glass of wine.
Just two ordinary guys
sitting at the table.
I have to stop by the hospital
to check on my mother first.
I have to speak with the doctor.
Ill be back in an hour at the most.
You should've gone there
instead of waiting for me.
I wanted to tell you in person, you know?
[Pietro coughs]
Should I come with you?
No, I wouldn't want you to wait all alone.
I guess I'll watch
the first half of the movie.
See you in an hour
at the bar in the piazza, all right?
Right at the movie's halfway point.
The hallway is for smoking only.
[crowd clamoring]
[man] What do you want? Fuck off.
You always bother me.
[man 2] Careful, watch the steps.
- He's injured.
- [Enea] Hey, hey.
Titti let him in. It's crazy outside.
Here is some hydrogen peroxide.
- Principe, get outta there.
- [Principe] What?
- Drink some water.
- [man 3] Drink, drink.
- Let's rinse his face.
- Wait. Let's treat his wound first, here.
- [man 3] Here. Take the peroxide.
- [Molotov panting]
You guys! All hell's breaking loose
out there. The police are everywhere!
- [man 4] Oh, what did they do to him?
- Molotov, I have
- No, wait, please.
- No, I'm sorry. I gotta go, really.
- No, please don't go.
- Hey, calm down. Shush.
[man] They're closing the doors!
[crowd clamoring]
- [Titti] I can't lock. It's not locking!
- [Enea] Titti, let me out!
- No, no, no!
- [male protester] Let us in! Let us in!
[indistinct shouting]
[muffled voices]
[male protester] Stop the movie!
Come on, stay close to me.
Turn on the lights!
Titti, I have to find a way out.
Let me out.
Yeah, yeah, wait, wait.
You gotta stay close to me.
- Stay here.
- [woman] We will resist!
No, no, he works here.
He works with me. He works with me!
[woman] We will not conform!
We will resist!
[protesters] Power to the workers!
We will not conform!
Power to the workers!
Let me go! [grunts]
Please, Titti. Hes waiting for me.
The second door on the right.
Its an emergency exit.
You take that. You hear me? Go. Run! Run!
Go! Close the door! Close it.
We don't need anyone else in here! Run!
[muffled shouting]
["Se Ci Sar Domani"
by Ornella Vanoni playing]
[shouting in the distance]
[music fades]
[Alice] Ah! Good morning!
How are we doing here?
Weve been waiting for you,
all of us, for an hour.
In the meantime,
I rewrote the scene, as you requested.
Guys, the directors here.
- Good morning.
- [all] Good morning.
- You're sitting on this couch.
- All right.
Youre on the other one.
At this point, you just made love.
You're very tired.
- You're sweating. I wanna hear panting.
- [actors sighing]
Then, line.
- [actor] Are you still hungry?
- [actor 2] No.
You could just maybe make a gesture here.
You don't need to say the whole line.
We can figure that out.
- All right.
- I am.
That's when you get off the couch
and walk off screen, calmly.
Remember this is after the scene
where you ate and talked on the terrace?
So you grab the jar of jam
and walk back in here.
I also wanted to rehearse the position
during the moment
when you sit on top of him.
Like this.
What do you think?
The whole thing with the jam
is pretty charming, it's interesting.
The only problem is that all we've got
is four jars of jam.
Wait a minute,
how much jam am I supposed to eat?
Come on, you've got a problem
with the jam, you gotta be kidding?
Not a problem, but...
- Do you have a problem with jam?
- No, no problem at all. Im an actor.
[Enea] All right, so let's act.
Ill show you what to do.
With your fingers, you're gonna take
the jam and slowly bring it to his mouth.
[romantic music playing]
"Impossible loves
are the ones that last forever."
Where'd you read that quote?
[woman] I don't remember.
I think I heard it somewhere.
[woman 2] It's familiar.
Giulia, if that movie hadnt been banned
and caused all that fuss,
nobody would 've watched it.
[woman 2] If it weren't
for the obscenity charges
- A cigarette?
- [woman 2] It wouldnt be a hit.
There were just a couple of kisses,
that was an overreaction.
[Francesco] ] It wasn't just a couple,
way more than that.
I couldn't help but notice
you looking away when they kissed.
Well, I mean I don't like watching
two men making out.
Come on, guys, it's a good movie.
I was even tearing up toward the end.
It's so moving, you know? They get
to know each other, fall madly in love,
then they probably
never see each other again.
[man 2] Nah, Giulia,
a movie without an ending?
What the fuck am I supposed to do,
imagine it? Come on.
But their love was perfect, you know?
The kind of love that you never forget,
and it won't wear off with time.
[Francesco] Well, I mean,
what are we supposed to learn from it?
I dont know if there's a lesson to learn,
but it makes you think though, doesn't it?
Pietro, what'd you think about it?
I really enjoyed the film, very much.
[woman 3] Ill go see
if our tables ready.
[footsteps receding]
[Giulia] Are you still thinking
about the movie?
- No, why?
- Youve been acting weird all night.
What does that have to do with the movie?
A while back, you told me that
when you were a student,
you got hurt during a protest in Rome.
I did, I broke my arm. So?
Maybe the movie reminded you of that.
Why? No one gets hurt in the movie.
Maybe you got a little nostalgic.
About what?
Come on. Before the movie,
you were all perky.
Then, at dinner, you didn't say a word.
[pensive music playing]
I was upset about their comments.
A bunch of nonsense, if you ask me.
Well, what were we supposed
to talk about then?
That kind of passion is captivating,
you know?
Wanna know what I was thinking about?
No, what?
[music continues]
I didn't expect it to end like that.
How could I know?
We, basically, didnt do anything.
- Selfish asshole.
- Hm.
He just wanted to fuck the director
everybody's talking about. [sighs]
It was pretty obvious, so I left.
And you tried to find comfort with me.
They just want me because I'm successful.
You know what I mean?
What do you care?
Enea and Enea Monte are the same person.
You don't need a shrink
to get the picture.
Sure they're intermixed,
but they're still you.
You've been acting weird,
what's up with you?
[Alice giggles]
You finally noticed I'm impressed.
[sighs] What's wrong?
I didnt know whether to keep it or not.
- You're...
- I was.
It was actually the kid's decision.
It just left
like it heard me talking, and
maybe it, like, wanted to leave me alone.
It's sad, isn't it?
Was it mine?
[laughs] Huh? No.
I guess it was just some dude
I met one day. I don't know.
Why do we even care
about other guys, right?
Right, let me ask you this,
should I get my hair done?
Huh? Maybe something more classic,
or maybe something wild.
- One ticket, please.
- That'll be 6,000.
- Thanks.
- Sure.
[romantic music]
[moaning, sighing]
[actress moans]
You know who I am?
You had a weird nickname, didnt you?
But no ones called me that
for a long time.
I knew a guy who used to come here, Enea.
Enea, sure. What about him?
I was hoping you would know.
I never saw him again.
I thought I could find him here.
- He's a director now, and he's famous.
- Get outta here.
Cranky slut.
- Don't you have his number, anymore?
- No, not his number, nor his address.
Thanks, anyway.
[doorbell ringing]
["E La Luna Buss" by L. Bert playing]
- Oh!
- I've been ringing for ages, uh?
I was stuck in the editing room.
Michele always wants to get his way.
- One day, I'll strangle him.
- Relax, you know him, right?
I didn't have time to get you a gift.
You brought me flowers. Theyre gorgeous!
- Ciao. Ciao.
- Ciao.
Leave him alone.
He just got back from work, all right?
[woman] Enea, hi!
Uh, listen, by the way,
your boyfriend's a real piece of shit.
Why havent you given me
a part yet, anyway?
Silvana, I just got here. Have mercy.
Please, I'm good. I mean, I need to work.
I'm broke, okay?
Stop acting like you're poor, please.
Your dad sends you so much money,
50 people could live off it.
Take it down a notch. Go to to Franco.
Thats not true.
You have my number, right?
- See you, bye. Bye.
- Enough! Bye.
She still thinks were together?
That poor dumb thing.
Do me a favor. Can you get me
a bottle of champagne from the fridge?
- Why're you looking at me like that?
- Go!
[music continues]
[man] Excuse me, can you pass me
the chocolate, please?
Thank you. Ciao.
- I'm Antonio. Nice to meet you.
- Enea.
The cake is looking good.
Hopefully, I don't ruin it
with all this noise.
I dont know.
Maybe I'll just do spoon desserts.
Oh, can you put these in the fridge,
if that's okay?
- Sure.
- We shouldnt waste space.
So? How do you like my surprise?
He's not a cook, though.
Hes a water polo player
and a big dessert enthusiast.
And if Im not wrong, you also have
a degree in mechanical engineering, right?
- Yeah, but that was just for my dad.
- [all laugh]
Id like you to meet,
um, my dearest friend, Enea.
- We just met, actually.
- Yep.
I guess you don't need me then. [chuckles]
You're very organized, uh?
Yeah, that's very important
for cooking. Im methodical.
What matters
is the geometry of the elements.
And keeping things clean is important.
It's not just a hygiene thing,
its a mindset.
I'm meticulous in life, too.
I just have to organize everything.
I could probably use
an organizer in life, actually.
- Really? What is your job?
- I make movies.
Badass. Too bad I dont go
to the movies much.
Seems like you don't know me, huh?
No, to be honest, I dont.
I'm actually happy to hear it. [chuckles]
Enea, can you come here real quick?
- Sure. If you'll excuse me.
- Sure thing.
He's not my type, actually.
If he made a move, though,
I think I'd consider it.
- He's really not my type either.
- Really?
What would we even talk about?
Well, about mechanical engineering.
- Thanks.
- Ill get you a glass of wine.
Hm. Change the music, huh?
["E La Luna Buss" ends]
I am exhausted.
Mamma mia,
it's like they just wouldn't go away.
[romantic jazz music playing]
[Alice chuckles]
[Alice] What a tragedy.
[Alice] How old was he?
"Born in 1920." Its '93 now
- So um
- [Antonio chuckles]
- You suck at math.
- [Alice chuckles]
- It's 73.
- Seventy-three. Seventy-three.
He wasn't too old.
Yeah, I guess you were right, Enea.
Such a glorious life,
the awards, and what remains
This is all that's left, hm?
An article in the newspaper.
He's spaced out.
Enea, when we're done with the interview,
we have a fitting for the festival, okay?
Don't bother, he's not listening.
- Hes in shock. You See?
- I get it, but
There's the screening
at the movie theater.
- I'll leave after the interview, remember?
- Why?
I have a guy in Milan.
I see him every once in a while.
The man calls me
his private Haley's comet.
- I show up. I shine and vanish.
- [Antonio] Guess you'll never settle down.
Women are fickle, buddy.
[Antonio] Women. Not you.
[tango music playing]
[Enea sighs]
Who is that?
Hm, I felt like I knew him,
but I'm not sure.
[music continues]
[nurse] Doctor Gherardi, nice to see you.
Listen, I wanted to say thank you again.
What you did for my mother was a miracle.
Don't forget to bring her
back here in a month.
Sure. Ill bring her back here
as soon as possible.
[Enea] There were only three packs
of coffee left, I needed two,
but I took all of them. I didn't want
the last one to be left alone.
I'm also a big fan of that director.
His latest movie was really touching.
Have you seen, sir?
- Can you turn it up?
- [nurse] Of course.
- Clara, can you turn up the volume?
- [Clara] Sure.
become a part of my family
[nurse] You have no idea, sir,
I bawled my eyes out, a beautiful movie...
Give me a second.
[Enea] a big part of my work life, and,
and I try to include all kinds of people.
They're always a part of me in my movies.
There's always a bit of my own life.
[interviewer] What I like
about your movies is
that they're really all
about the feelings, right?
Sometimes, it even feels
like you're trying to provoke
specific emotions, purposely, you know?
[melancholy music playing]
- And you never saw him again?
- No, I havent been there in ages.
- Are you certain it was him?
- Yeah.
And how was he?
How would I know? I don't remember.
It was like five or six years ago.
Well, coke really gets to you man.
Weird, this is supposed to be good stuff.
- [sighs] Here you are.
- Hey, man!
I was in the neighborhood.
I thought I'd say hi.
Good thing you came. I'd offer you food,
but I'm assuming you're not hungry.
- You're not angry, are you?
- Why would I be angry?
I remember we used to do this together.
Used to, right?
He's as cranky
as that housekeeper in Rebecca, huh?
- Rebecca who?
- Its a movie.
He barely ever set foot
in a movie theater.
[Molotov] It's important
to be a housekeeper.
The housekeeper's just coming back
from the dry cleaners.
Lorenzo and Bruno say hi.
And I say ciao to you now.
[Molotov sighs] Well, I'm going.
Here, you keep the rest. You paid for it.
I guess I shouldn't show
my face here for a bit.
Good luck.
You could've sent Nora.
- Its her day off. You should know.
- We could've waited until tomorrow.
- No, Im wearing this tonight.
- Why? Where are you going?
Not that you care,
but were having dinner at Alices.
Again with this bullshit?
What bullshit? What the fuck
is the matter with you, anyway?
I just did a bump
with a friend, and you're jealous.
This was our thing. We used to do
it together. Not with anybody.
It was just one time,
and just one bump, Antonio, please!
Are you trying to become a junkie?
Are you upset because we didn't wait
for you? Is that why?
You don't fucking get it, that's not it!
Wanna do one last bump together,
before we leave?
Enea, you're making me
wanna fucking punch you!
- Come on, one line. What's the big deal?
- I'm not doing it!
Come on. Wait, wait a minute.
Come on. Wait.
What the fuck. Get off of me. Huh?
- Let's make peace.
- No.
You know Im stronger than you.
["Il Trovatore, Atto III,
Scena 2: Sevillana" by G. Verdi playing]
- Wait, wait, wait. Oh God, oh God. Wait.
- What?
Oh God.
Enea, what? Hey. What's wrong?
You're such a dick.
Stop messing around.
You piss me off,
because you know all I do is for you.
- Do you think Alice is mad?
- I don't think she is.
She always forgives you anyway.
Anyway, since we always do what you say,
look what I'm doing.
There you go.
Are you happy now?
Why would you do that to Nora?
Now I have to change the sheets too.
- [sighs] I did what you asked me to do.
- Yeah sure, for once.
C'mon, we always do what you want.
You live in your own bubble.
I thought by now you'd know
how I get when I'm working on a new film.
It drains all my energy.
The coke was just a distraction,
something to get my head off work.
Ill be your distraction.
Hm? I'll get your head off work, just me.
- Huh?
- Hey, stop! Stop, you're tickling me, no!
- Got it? Huh?
- Hey, hey.
Okay, I'll have a piece of that parmigiano
and also some of that over there.
[scanner beeping]
Sorry, I'll be right back.
- That's on me.
- Eighteen thousand lire.
Just plain cookies and grappa, Titti?
You know me, I'm doing
the same diet as Garbo. [chuckles]
You recognized me, huh?
Well, your perfume is unmistakable.
I remember Nuovo Olimpo
always used to smell like that.
They don't make it anymore.
What are you doing here?
I've been editing a film
in a studio around the corner.
- You haven't aged at all.
- You're lying.
- And you look the same.
- You're lying too, huh.
You're an asshole.
Why didn't you ever come back to me?
He did.
He was there. He even left you a letter.
I think I still have it at my house.
It's not far from here.
- Come on in. Make yourself at home.
- If I may.
Go right ahead.
Sorry about the mess,
I wasn't expecting visitors. [chuckles]
I'm sorry, really. I have a lot of things,
and it's all over the place.
But you know, things are just things.
What really matters is people, not things.
Do you like it?
It's needlepoint.
It's my work. If you want,
I could make you one.
I had even more things at this house once.
You know, the stuff from back
when I was a dancer and a singer.
I wanted to be on TV, but I never made it.
I wanted to be like Carr.
I would've guessed Mina,
based on your outfits.
Hm, Mina is Mina. She's one of a kind.
Carr was also good.
A very good ballerina.
A singer and a ballerina. I had no idea.
Really? What did you think,
I was born a cashier?
You think running the register
was my vocation? Have a seat.
Yeah, to be honest, I
I never asked myself
what you really wanted to do, what
- Your life was like.
- Yeah.
This might sound a bit pathetic,
but, honestly, I've been really loved.
I had a lot of suitors back then.
I chose the worst one, obviously.
But that's an old story,
a classic, you know. [chuckles]
I can't complain though.
Well, to be honest,
I would've loved to have a cat.
But at my age,
if I die tomorrow,
what happens to the cat?
Here I am, bending your ears with my life,
but we're actually here for you.
All right, follow me.
When I left the Nuovo Olimpo,
I put everything I had on the counter
in a box, and then I stored it.
It's around here somewhere,
but I don't remember exactly where.
Right here? Might?
[tapping a box] Can you get that?
Over here, put it down.
There you go. Look, a bunch of stuff
everywhere. Things, more things
- I'm a textbook hoarder.
- Titti, I don't think the letter's here.
What do you mean it's not here?
I'm sure it's here.
I mean, I remember like it was yesterday.
Found it. [chuckles]
This is it. The letter.
He left it in case you ever went there,
but you never did, so
Titti, your phone?
[dialing frantically]
No answer?
His god-damn number's no longer valid.
I'm sorry.
I loved you, you know that?
I loved you all.
I know.
Go away, go.
[doors opens]
Close the door.
[door shuts]
[waltz music playing]
[Pietro] Hi, Enea.
What was that thing
you wrote me that one time?
"So time and space won't get in the way."
Well, it turns out life got in the way.
If we had left
the movies together that day,
if we had gone to the restaurant
where I made reservations,
if we had talked and laughed
all night over a glass of red wine,
like an ordinary couple,
maybe wed still be together.
When I left the hospital,
things were already pretty bad,
but I still managed
to get to the snack bar.
I tried to run towards the movie theater,
but I got held up by the police,
all the protesters, and the tear gas.
I got run over by a car.
I was hurt, I even broke my arm.
It took some time,
But as soon as I could,
I came back to find you.
And here I am, still waiting.
Your absence ties me even more to you.
But I'm used to your absence,
Because you were already in my life
even before we even met.
I thought about you
before I knew what you looked like.
This is my phone number. Please, call me.
Even if it's just to say no.
Enea, hey. I didnt hear you get back.
D'you get the groceries?
- You didn't get the groceries?
- Hm, no, I forgot. I'm sorry.
The one time I ask you to buy four things.
I'm in charge of everything here?
Youre right. I'm sorry.
Im a jerk. Im a jerk. Sorry.
[seagulls calling]
- Hey
- [Enea sobbing]
[Pietro] Come here.
What happened?
I'm here. I'm right here. It's okay.
What happened?
- It's okay.
- [Enea] Help me.
Of course I'll help you, come here.
- [Enea sobbing]
- Shh.
Oh, I've got a strong urge
I think it'll end badly. Oh my
I won't tell you how it ends.
Ah, so you've seen it already?
We watched it many years ago
in a vintage cinema.
They would only screen
classics and retrospectives.
A girlfriend?
A friend from university.
He was a real expert, you know.
Um, do I know him at all?
No, I haven't seen him in ages.
He lived in Rome, I didnt.
You know what its like.
One day you're friends,
then you're strangers.
[Giulia] Hm.
- Nora left some food for you in the oven.
- No thanks, I'm full.
What? Was your meeting not good?
Ugh, it was so boring.
I dont even wanna talk about it.
What are you watching?
Nothing, just channel surfing.
It will help us
- Wait a minute. Go back real quick.
- You mean this?
Yeah. There's something I wanna see.
What is it?
Okay. [inhales]
[melancholy jazz music playing]
[Pietro] This movie is amazing.
I know.
Ive already seen it three times,
but I could just keep on watching.
[Pietro] She's incredible.
They both are.
Pietro, what is it?
It's not the movie
Do you wanna talk?
I'm just feeling a bit nostalgic.
I always have to pray
for you to talk. Pietro, please?
I always feel like,
like your mind is somewhere else.
Why dont you ever take me there with you?
Because you're already there.
You're there.
[Giulia] You're gonna wear him out.
Ma'am, River has to spend some energy,
so we gotta make him run
for at least an hour every day.
- [Giulia sighs]
- [Pietro] Hey.
You look handsome. Where are you going?
Quick roundtrip to Rome.
What? But you said
you'd stay home all day today?
You said you couldn't even believe
you didn't have to work.
I know. I need to check on a patient
I operated on a couple of days back.
Cant your residents take care of it?
No, I mean I operated,
so I should check on him myself.
When will you be back?
I dont know. Ill text you.
I could get changed and come with you,
so we can be together for lunch.
I mean Im already late,
plus I dont know if I'll be long.
But weren't you expecting
Laura and the others?
- Yes, but not before four o'clock.
- Okay. I guess I'll try to be quick then.
- Bye.
- Bye.
[man] Why is it that your movies
often address the topic of homosexuality?
I don't address it often, actually.
Everyone else just never does.
Its the first time
you've tackled a social issue.
Weren't you afraid of becoming clichd?
I think the big difference here lies
in the way I approach the subject,
my vision, my point of view, right?
[man 2] So it's all
about your own emotions, right?
[Enea] I always talk about my emotions.
Everyone knows it, the audience, my team,
my scriptwriter, my production manager,
and, of course, my line producer.
[woman] You were the first director
to come out publicly.
That must've taken some courage, right?
Well, when you're in love,
it doesnt take a lot of courage.
I like to think that love helps you
overcome any struggle in life.
And my love is right next to me.
[sad music playing]
[music fades]
[Giulia sighs]
It's clear that you've been missing
something in life.
- Come on. I have everything I need.
- Well
I wouldn't be so sure, mm?
No, not the thing
about having kids again, please.
Hey, everyone.
- [woman] Hi.
- [man] Hi, Pietro.
- Don't you guys ever work?
- [Francesco] You work too much.
Plus, you know how much I've tried
- You could've adopted, Giulia, you know.
- I couldn't. I have no maternal instinct.
You do have it. You use it all the time.
- [Giulia] What do you mean?
- Eh
- That's checkmate in two.
- [man] Me or him?
If you can't figure that out,
that's too bad for you.
Theyre not the only ones who dont notice
what's right under their nose.
I always notice everything.
Why are you so paranoid?
It's just a figure of speech.
Oh, and how's your patient?
Good, much better.
I couldn't tell by your expression.
You look like someone died.
I'm just tired.
Good thing youre all here now,
cheering me up.
- Lauras reading our tarot cards.
- Her newest way to be kooky.
This is thing is for real.
What do they say though?
There's a big secret I don't know.
Really? Are you hiding something?
Should I be worried?
Try it out?
- Nah, I dont like that stuff.
- [Giulia] Come on, just one.
Love will remember.
What does that signify?
Oh well, no idea. It's your card.
Do you ever look at people
and think about death?
Thankfully, I don't.
We meet, and we love all these people
in life, just to lose them in a blaze.
We can think about them,
but we can't know if they're alive.
- You were moved by that letter, huh?
- It's not just the letter.
Youve been acting weird
ever since you told me.
[Enea sighs] Its so weird
because its been such a long time.
I remember his name.
I remember what we said to each other,
what we did, but
sometimes I feel like
I dont even remember his face.
Other times I do.
Remember that one time on the train
when I was looking out the window?
I thought I saw him sitting
in the window seat
of the train next to ours.
- Maybe it wasnt him. I dont know.
- Did he...
Sorry to interrupt you two
little lovebirds, in your cuddle puddle
Our bond, as you know, is very special.
Yeah, I can see that.
You're bonding
while I'm cleaning after your party.
Just so you know,
he thinks about our death.
While you think about death,
I'm alive and working on my own here.
Uh, can you wait a minute? We'll help you.
Plus sorry but why not wait?
Nora's coming tomorrow.
You gotta be kidding.
Using that excuse again? It's getting old!
You never told me about the train.
It was more like an apparition.
The more distant the past,
the more beautiful it looks.
That's how it is.
- Then why am I still thinking of it all?
- Because you are obsessive.
[gentle melancholy music playing]
Maybe it was just your imagination,
after all these years.
Oh, I dont even remember
who I ran into yesterday,
[Antonio sighs]
This is for the living.
- When did you make that?
- Ive been working on it all day.
Enough chit-chat. Lets go out and eat it.
- Are you crazy? That's huge.
- Are you nuts?
It was for everybody, but the party
was a little dead, pun intended.
- Come on. Lets go outside and eat.
- You're crazy. You really are.
[Antonio] Yeah? [chuckles]
[Alice] I'm already full.
[music picks up]
[Antonio] Nice.
Okay, so everything's ready,
and I put number candles.
If you prefer, I also have
fourteen regular candles.
- Just let me know.
- No, I prefer the number.
Its not his birthday,
its his fourteenth movie.
Perfect, if you need anything,
I'll be here. When should I bring it out?
I think in about five minutes.
I'll call you before they start.
- Great. Thanks.
- Okay? Thanks.
Hey. Let's meet
after the site inspection, okay?
- Okay. I'll tell the cameraman.
- Yeah, it's a good idea.
Uh I just finished
proofreading the next scene.
- Hm?
- Perfect. We'll talk about that later.
Here you are.
Look, you were right. They got there
after the editing was done. I'm sorry.
- It's okay.
- Thanks.
So what's up?
Is everything okay over here?
- Yeah.
- Okay. Then we're ready.
We're all set, huh? We're ready.
- Thanks.
- [woman] Excuse me, Antonio?
Yeah, what's up?
- Apparently, it's all good to go.
- Yeah, its just like the drawing.
So the plunger falls from up there,
then lands into this box over here,
which is filled
with very fine glass powder.
The powder then spreads upwards,
simulating the explosion,
then we'll improve it
with CGI on the computer.
I wanted to shoot both by itself
and then with the stunt people at 50 fps.
Is that a problem?
Can you set it up again?
Not a problem. We'll clean it up
and add more material.
- That should take a couple of minutes.
- [Enea] Hm.
- Can we go higher? Is that possible?
- [man] Sure. Yeah.
- [man] Like this? Or a little higher?
- A little bit higher.
[man] Pull.
I don't think it's
Let's try Watch out!
- [Enea] Ah!
- [Antonio] Enea! Hey!
- [Antonio] What happened? Come with me!
- [Enea] My eyes!
[Alice] What happened?
[Antonio] Call an ambulance!
What happened? Is he all right?
[dramatic music playing]
[nurse] Doctor Gherardi,
we have an emergency.
Its Doctor Renzis secretary.
He'd like you to do a procedure.
[Pietro sighs] Tell him
I cant right now. Im too tired.
What's that?
An accident on set?
Enea Monte, the director?
Wait a minute. Give it to me.
It's Gherardi.
[monitor beeping]
[tense music playing]
[nurse] Can we begin?
Yes, prepare the field.
[monitor continues to beep]
Everything looks good.
I just had to suture his cornea.
- So the crystalline lens should be intact.
- No problem.
Ill go speak with the family.
See you in a bit. Ciao.
- Are you Mr. Monte's family?
- [Alice sighs]
- How is he?
- Fine.
- Hes sleeping right now.
- Can we see him?
Yes, but I'd rather make sure
he gets some rest.
He had glass powder in both eyes,
but we were able to remove it.
Hell recover his eyesight completely?
His recovery will be gradual.
Reach out if you need anything.
Here's my card.
You should give that to him.
- [Antonio] Thank you.
- Call me anytime you want.
[Alice] Thank you.
I wanted to tell you
He's my whole life.
Dont worry about him.
He's going to recover.
- [door closes]
- [keys jangling]
[footsteps approaching]
[Pietro sighs] What are you doing
here in the dark?
I just fixed the vase.
Do you remember it?
Did you eat?
Dinner's on the table.
Im not hungry. Im exhausted.
So, how did the surgery go?
Is he handsome?
He's all bandaged. I wouldn't know anyway.
I only saw him in the O.R.
Then while he was sleeping, you know?
Did you talk to his family?
[Pietro inhales] Yeah.
And how is his partner?
How do you know he has one?
[laughs] Internet.
Is he handsome?
Yeah. He wanted to spend
the night beside him,
even though it wasn't necessary.
He's very loved.
Yeah, but it was a simple procedure,
so there's really
no need for any overnight care.
I gave him a sedative anyway.
Hell sleep soundly all night.
Even more soundly
if he knows his partner's with him.
I'd do the same for my husband.
[sighs] Even if there wasn't a chair.
You wouldn't.
Are you serious?
[laughs] You wouldnt do
that for anyone, I think. [sighs]
I would if it were necessary.
In this case, it's not. So why should I?
Hm. It's not a question
of necessity, you understand?
This is about love.
What? Are you mad at me?
Are you crying?
I can't help it. [sighs]
I get emotional when I see
someone loving another person
more than themselves.
Sorry, Pietro, I'll be fine.
I'll warm up some food. [sighs]
[footsteps receding]
[Pietro ]Did it hurt
when I removed the sutures?
No, it was fine, thanks.
Your voice seems pretty familiar.
Well, to be fair,
it sounds a little muffled.
It's likely the anesthetic I gave you.
I could almost see
a profile of you, you know?
Maybe even draw you.
I wouldn't think you could.
I have a very good imagination.
I guess you need it for your job.
- I'll let you get some rest.
- Doctor.
Do you go to the movies?
Not very often.
- And what do you do?
- I heal people's eyes.
Including those of fans of your movies.
You should be grateful for that, I guess.
When can I be discharged?
Today, if you promise
to keep the bandages for a week.
Ill send a nurse over to your place,
to check on you.
I'd be happy
if you could also come visit one day.
If its not a bother.
It's not.
When I have time,
Ill come visit you. I promise.
I'll see you soon.
[gentle mysterious music playing]
[woman laughing]
[Enea] Titti.
I think about you a lot.
But I feel guilty.
I should've been there for you more,
so you wouldn't be so lonely.
[Titti] I'm not lonely.
I'm alone.
But I've always been enough for myself.
I never missed a thing about you.
Every time you've been awarded,
every set you've worked on,
your life with Antonio
Even when you were lonely and sad,
I was there.
Enea, the ones we love are always with us.
You can't see them,
but they're always there.
You could say we never spend time
together, we barely saw each other.
Yeah, so what?
It's not the quantity that should matter.
How you recognize each other.
The intensity of your encounters,
that's what counts.
[melancholy music playing]
You make me talk like a philosopher.
[music fades]
Good morning.
This is Doctor Gherardi.
I wanted to check up on you.
[Enea] Doctor Gherardi,
thanks for calling.
Im fine. Still in the dark,
but I feel okay.
I can hear it in your voice.
The nurse keeps me updated at all times,
but I wanted to hear it
from you to be sure.
Your nurse is fantastic.
She's very nice, and competent.
But didnt you promise
you'd come visit me too?
- Or did I just imagine it?
- No.
As a matter of fact, I did say
I'd come visit you.
Why don't you come now?
Because right now I'm at the clinic.
I don't wanna cause you any trouble.
All right, I'll come
as soon as I'm available.
[inhales] Tell me your address,
and I'll go see you.
Ill ask Antonio to send it
to you right now.
All right.
[cell phone chimes]
[tango music playing]
[doorbell buzzing]
[keys jangling]
[music continues]
[inaudible dialogue]
[music fades]
[seagulls calling]
[Enea] What's catching your eye?
[object clanking]
Your beautiful home of course.
Why do you ask?
My home, yeah.
This house means a lot to me,
lots of memories here.
I went to great lengths,
so I could be here.
[melancholy music playing]
I've seen it millions of times,
yet, I miss looking at it, actually.
That won't be for long.
You know, Pietro
is a recurring name in my life.
When I was student, I met another Pietro.
A classmate?
What's wrong?
Its a weird sensation.
Look who came to see you, huh?
That's good, right?
I've prepared some food.
- Okay, come on, let's go inside. Yeah.
- Here, I'll get Enea.
[cell phone vibrating]
Pietro! Your phone's ringing!
Yes, he's here, just a moment. Sure.
[softly] It's Enea Monte.
Pietro here.
You didnt tell me you weren't coming.
I thought I'd see you here.
Ah, I'm sorry, but what matters
right now is that
You're better. Now you can choose
to see what you want, whenever.
[softly] Invite him over for dinner,
come on. Yeah!
- Who you're speaking to, the doctor?
- Yeah.
Sorry, I'm here with Antonio and Alice.
They're making me dinner.
Sorry, who was that on the phone before?
Was it your wife?
Yes. [laughs] I'm here with my wife, yeah.
Shes... She's a huge fan, as I told you.
Put her on, so I can say hi.
He wants to say hi.
Mr. Monte?
Yes. Listen, it's such a pleasure,
an honor to meet you, but...
I'm sorry I didn't introduce myself
earlier, I was a little starstruck.
We should meet in person some day.
Sure, I was just telling my husband
that we should have you over for dinner.
This Saturday, maybe, if that works.
I would be so happy to have you.
Uh but would the doctor
find it all right?
Of course. Of course, he's excited.
I'll be there on Saturday then.
[Giulia] Um, we'll text you the address,
and see you Saturday.
Have a good night. Bye now.
[laughs] He's going to come here!
We'll be having dinner at the doctor's.
His wife is a really big fan of mine.
You're unbelievable.
You'd flirt with a damn statue.
You're such a slut, you know?
We'll be having dinner
at the doctor's, you heard?
- Say what?
- [Alice] Mm-hmm.
- No, no, I'm not going.
- Tell me, what's the doctor like?
Well, what's he like He's normal.
- He's handsome.
- Oh, now you're playing along, Nora?
- Yeah, like you don't agree.
- She has good taste. Uh?
But seriously, if youre curious,
just Google the guy.
I tried, actually, this afternoon,
but I only found
articles he published, no photos.
[doorbell ringing]
[footsteps approaching]
- You must be Giulia.
- Come in.
Beautiful, thanks.
Im sorry your partner
couldnt be here tonight.
He had to go to Venice
to visit his father.
Of course. Maybe next time.
I'll introduce you to our friends.
Come in.
We love getting together
to watch your films.
Yes, and we enjoyed them so much.
Pleasure to meet you, sir, I'm Gaia.
My pleasure. Please call me
Enea, I haven't been knighted yet.
Francesco. Don't be too flattered,
we've been critical every now and then.
I can imagine.
Otherwise, it's no fun, right?
Im Massimo.
My pleasure, and this is my wife.
Laura. Its a pleasure to meet you.
We're so excited you came.
- Thank you.
- Here's your doctor.
[waltz music playing]
I'm glad you could come.
A face to the name, finally.
- Shall we have drink?
- Yes. Good idea.
[Giulia] Thanks.
[Francesco] Well, some people crumble
when the spark fades.
Every couple goes through it, eventually.
[Gaia] It depends on
where you put that spark. Each person
- Channels it into something different.
- [Massimo] Yeah, like a hobby.
[Gaia] Or into another person.
[Massimo] Well, to each
their private decision, I guess.
[Gaia] Private decision?
In a relationship? Come on
Yeah, but who hasn't ever had their own
secret garden?
A place just for themselves?
I think everybody has one.
If its a secret, why talk about it?
It ruins the magic.
It spoils everything, doesn't it?
Shall we head to the living room?
[Laura] Sure.
[Laura] But I think after all these years,
affection is what saved us.
[Gaia] That's just a romantic
word for settling, Laura.
Enea, don't mind her, okay?
My wife is extremely cynical.
Well, I have you to thank for that.
- In our case, it's companionship, right?
- Yeah.
Besides, what's wrong
with affection, anyway?
[Enea] Nothing.
I think it alleviates the passing of time,
right? Or gives it meaning, you know.
[gentle tense music playing]
In all honesty, hm, your secrets,
you put them in your movies, don't you?
Not always, I mean
Sometimes telling a story
is just a way to re-experience a feeling.
If real life is actually
what inspires your movies,
then I have a question for you.
On your very first movie, how come
those two guys never saw each other again?
I'll be honest then, since you want me to.
In real life, he actually had an accident
during a protest, a car hit him.
So he never made it to the restaurant.
I found out years later,
and thats why its not in the movie.
That's life.
It happens.
[Giulia] I could call a cab.
I'd rather walk.
It was very nice to meet you, Giulia.
You too.
I mean it.
My whole life,
I've been waiting for you
to look at me that way.
The way you looked at him tonight.
[gentle piano music playing]
[melancholy music playing]
[music fades]
Being forgotten hurts so much, right?
We still havent forgotten each other.
Please think of me once in a while.
[melancholy music playing]
Ciao, Enea.
Ciao, Pietro.
[music intensifies]
[music fades]
[tableware clattering]
[indistinct chattering, laughter]
[inaudible dialogue]
["Povero amore" by Mina playing]