Nurse 3-D (2013) Movie Script

My name is Abigail Russell.
I look like a slut.
But don't be fooled.
This is merely a disguise to
lure the dangerous predators...
...who walk among us.
This is their jungle,
their breeding ground.
And tonight, I'm on the hunt.
These are the cheaters.
The married, lying...
They are like diseased...
...cells, cultured... alcoholic petri dishes.
That destroy
unsuspecting families...
...and infect millions...
...of innocent vaginae.
There is no cure for the married...
...only me...
...the nurse.
Your money is no good...
Two, please.
"Till death do us part. "
What would your wife think?
I always...
...give them one last chance.
So, uh, heh, you got a name?
I mean, what should I call you?
Call me whatever the fuck you want.
Hey, come on, give me that back.
Beautiful family.
- You're a very lucky man.
- Okay.
Okay, give me the wallet back.
Fred W. Ward II...
...from Ridgewood, New Jersey.
- I get it, really.
- No.
I don't think you do...
You see...
...I'm all about a man with a ring.
So, Fred...
...from Ridgewood, New Jersey...
...are you a no-good...
...son of a bitch?
Yes. Absolutely.
And your beautiful wife... does she feel
about your behavior?
My wife? Heh.
She's got no fucking clue.
I'm afraid she will...
Ow! Shit!
Did you bite me?
God, no.
Just a small laceration
to the femoral artery.
Fuck. You crazy bitch.
Don't be such a pussy, Fred.
So here's the deal.
At the rate you're bleeding...'ll be dead in a few
minutes. And your wife...
...and those two beautiful girls...
...they won't be scarred
by a cheating...
...sack of shit like yourself.
Pay close attention now.
You have a couple of choices.
You could either head
down those stairs.
However, in approximately
90 seconds...'ll lose all consciousness.
Or... can take the fast way...
From the time I was
a young child...
...I was taught there
is no higher calling...
...than helping those who
cannot help themselves.
I work at one of...
...the great
institutions of healing:
All Saints Hospital.
The men here take the
doctor-patient relationship...
...very seriously.
When they say "open wide
you might wanna make sure
they are wearing pants.
We each get a newbie to
mentor here at All Saints.
This is mine.
Danni Rogers.
She reminds me...
...a lot of myself
when I first started.
She has the looks,
the insecurities...
...and emotional credentials
to really make a difference.
This is our story.
And for you nurses...
...out there, lighten up.
You do your job your way...
...and I'll do my job...
I love... fucking job.
Ladies and gentlemen...
...I am Dr. Robert Morris...
...the chief of staff
at All Saints.
And on behalf of the
...I want to welcome you...
...and let you know
that we consider...
...our nursing staff
to be the backbone...
...of this hospital.
You are our angels of mercy.
Now I would like to
introduce to you...
...the real person in charge here.
The head nurse, Betty Watson.
Welcome... All Saints Memorial.
This is a momentous day...
...for each and every one of you.
For today... join the elite
fraternity of healers...
...known as the nurses corps.
Now get over here,
let me make it official.
We are so proud of you.
Thank you, Morn.
I was so nervous up there.
I'm so glad that's over.
Abby! Ha, ha.
We are so...
...lucky to have you.
Abby, this is my mom.
- Abby's been such an inspiration...
- Hi.
- ... to me.
- You have such a special daughter here.
- Thank you.
- Champagne?
For the lady of the hour.
Congratulations, baby.
- I'm so proud of you.
- Thank you.
- Abby, this is my boyfriend, Steve.
- Hi.
Abby Russell.
And you must be the esteemed...
...Dr. Larry Cook.
Well, enjoy the moment.
See you in the halls.
To Danni.
This is Danni's boyfriend, Steve.
I guess he wasn't smart enough
to go to medical school... he did the next best thing.
He gets to wear a uniform
and drive a big truck.
Is someone in here?
You scared the hell out of me.
You're crazy.
I can't believe we're doing this.
Why don't you move in with me?
We could do this...
- ... whenever we want.
- Move in?
- What?
- Heh.
That's a big commitment and...
What does that mean?
I mean...
I have a new job.
My mom's husband is an asshole.
I have all this shit
going on right now.
Baby, what am I missing, what shit?
Are you kidding me? Do you not
listen to me when we talk?
Where are...?
Ooh. Whoa.
- Someone is in here having sex...
- Shit.
...with a very
gorgeous biracial man.
So I'm...
...just gonna be on my way.
But consider this your break.
You're back in five.
...take as much time as you need...
...because my break is up next.
- I knew she was nasty, I knew it.
- Hey.
Danni, Danni, listen to me. Hey.
Look, I love you.
Okay, just tell me what it
is that I'm not getting.
Just forget it.
The car was toast.
High-velocity impact, driver's side.
Here's the driver.
You're not a fucking spectator.
Get in the game.
This was the first time
Danni had ever seen anything... this.
She lost her...
...virginity and the blood flowed.
She needed to see some carnage.
It's part of being a nurse.
This job is more than sticking
thermometers in butts...
...and looking pretty.
It's our job to take care of the
problems, not make the problems.
If you can't do this, work
in a doctor's office, okay?
You think about it. Don't be
here if you can't do the job!
That doctor, pig-face Morris.
He loves breaking in the new girls.
You could see the
bulge in his pants.
I wanted to comfort
Danni, to hold her.
To tell her that everything
would be all right.
- It was just...
- Danni ran to her boyfriend instead.
No, I can handle it.
Steve, I called you for
support, not to get a lecture.
I gotta go, I'll call you back.
Steve, now is not the time.
Good bye.
Are you okay?
I don't know what happened.
They were everywhere. I just froze.
It happens to all of us.
The first big one's always
tough. But, hey...
...nobody died tonight.
- Does it get any easier?
- No.
But after a while,
you start to realize...
...that whatever...'re going through,
it's a hundred...
...times worse for that
person on the gurney.
I graduated first in my class.
I never got lower than
a 97 on any exam.
I know what I'm doing.
Dr. Morris, shit, he was so pissed.
He's always pissed,
it wasn't just you.
Come on.
We'll grab drinks after I shower.
What's wrong?
That's Larry's car.
That fucking scumbag. I knew he was
cheating on my morn. Wait here.
See you again, Dr. Cook.
Thank you, thanks a lot.
I thought you were at a
conference in Boston.
Uh, yeah. Yeah, Danni.
It finished up early.
So you called my morn...
...your wife, and told her
you were gonna stop by...
- ... the Fairmont!
- Hey!
Get your hands off!
- You're out of line.
- Son of a bitch.
Here you go.
I can't. I can't have
another shot, Abby.
It's so easy.
Here, baby.
That's it.
Come on, let's go dance.
I wasn't sure you
were gonna wake up.
Ugh. Where am I?
My apartment.
Jesus, really?
Oh, God. The last
thing I remember...
...was downing a
drink at that club.
How much did I drink?
Where did...? Where'd I get this?
I don't think I wanna know.
Are you looking for these?
God, I don't even remember...
...leaving the club last night.
Shit, did I ever... Steve back?
Don't worry, I texted him...
...from your phone.
As you.
I wasn't sure...
...if he knew about your drinking.
How do you like your coffee?
You seem like a milk...
...and sugar kind of girl.
Here. Call in sick.
Spend the day with me,
we'll have so much fun.
Abby, it's my first week, I can't.
It's a hospital, people
get sick all the time.
Sound sick.
Abby, Abby, I feel like shit,
but I'm not sick.
Look, I have to go.
Have you seen my clothes anywhere?
I can't wear this to work.
Danni was getting all weird.
Not a thank you.
She was so worried
Steve might find out...
...that Danni got fucked
by a total stranger.
And she's trying so hard... remember if
she did it or not.
And if that's not enough...
...she's wondering if I
was a part of the fun.
Here, you can have this.
- I was gonna give it away anyways.
- My God...
...thank you so much.
Either way, she'll tell herself...
...the whole thing was a dream.
But I won't let her
get away with that.
No, this was no dream.
Could we just pretend last
night never happened?
How about... time we just
do, like, lunch...
...and shopping or something?
She got fucked...
...and she liked it.
She can't turn her back on that.
I won't let her.
Neighbor! Hey, neighbor.
Hey, haven't seen you around much.
My schedule's been murder.
What happened to your hand?
Carpal tunnel.
Well, I hope it's from having fun.
No. I mean, not what
you're thinking.
I worry about you going out alone.
There's a lot of creeps out
there, and you look kind of...
- ... you know...
- Slutty?
No, never. But guys might
get the wrong idea.
It's dangerous out there.
I see dead people all the time.
You transport cadavers
to the Anatomy lab.
You work with dead people, Jared.
Yeah, but they weren't
always dead. Some of them...
...were killed.
Just saying, I've
seen some nasty shit.
And if you need protection,
I'd be happy to accompany you.
You're such a gentleman.
I'll be fine.
You have a good night, Jared.
You too.
75 Rockefeller.
I knew Danni's prick
stepfather was a psychiatrist.
I also knew he was
a fucking scumbag.
But I'm a hands-on kind of girl...
...and since I'm here,
it can't hurt to deal...
...with some of my own shit.
We've covered a lot of ground
for our first session.
What is it that gives
you so much anxiety?
I feel there's something
you're not telling me.
I'm an addict.
That's more common than you
think in the health-care...
What is it that you're addicted to?
There's nothing wrong with
desiring men at your age.
No, doctor, I'm not desiring men.
I'm addicted to them.
My mommy and I...
...loved going to visit
Daddy at his office.
I want you to put on your
best smile for Daddy.
Okay, go on in.
Daddy worked...
...very hard.
He was very dedicated... his practice.
He was a great influence on me.
Even now, the way I live my
life, the men I choose... a tribute to that man.
Sounds like you had
a perfect family.
Dr. Cook... you think you could help me?
Curing addiction doesn't happen
overnight, it's a process.
There are sex addiction programs...
...and treatment centers
that I can recommend...
...and we'll continue to work
on it here in our sessions.
That's all the time we have.
Same time next week?
And if you, uh, need me sooner...'s my cell.
Dr. Cook...
...I feel pretty confident...
...with you at my side...
...I can lick this.
- Hi, Tony.
- Happy to assist you.
As I was saying...
Good morning.
Morning, doctor. I'm fine, thanks.
I hope I don't look that tired.
- I couldn't get to sleep. Morning, Regina.
- Oh.
I guess the paramedic likes
your storage closet...
...because somebody got flowers...
...and it wasn't me.
I can't remember the last
time I got some damn flowers.
I don't know why I can't get my
husband to send me something.
I give him good sex too.
I got a great rack.
No offense.
You are lucky I was on call.
Gunshot victim, internal bleeding.
We drained him, sewed up
the pulmonary lining.
To prevent the sack
from reopening...
...keep him immobilized.
I want him on vecuronium.
Start him on 6 cc's. If he so
much as twitches, let me know...
- ... immediately, we'll up his dosage.
- Understood.
- Six cc's.
- Sorry.
The vercu?
Hey, Michelle. I need 6 cc's...
- ... of vecuronium.
- Okay. I'll get it for you.
Bumpy start for us, Rogers.
But I've got a feeling...'ll fit in perfectly.
Keep it up.
Thanks, Mel.
Thanks, Danni.
As I watched
Danni's little round ass...
...the same one that I had
eaten the night before...
prior to finger-fucking
her to six orgasms.
And when I saw those
tacky $10 flowers...
...from dickless little Steve...
...I couldn't control myself.
Fuck him, fuck her.
I'm not some fuck-toy to be
played with and tossed aside.
She needs me...
...whether she knows it or not.
I'm so clumsy.
It's okay. Just be careful.
I'll replace the vase.
It's fine, here.
I'm sorry, the flowers
are beautiful.
Did he fuck up?
We just had a disagreement.
Do you wanna talk about it,
just us girls?
Steve's now pressuring
me to move in.
Don't ever...
- ... let a man pressure you.
- He's a really...
...good guy.
They all start that way.
How well... you know Steve?
We met back when we
were freshmen... college. We started
dating a couple years ago.
He was really there for me
when my father passed away.
What happened to him?
Car accident.
Drunk driver.
I'm so sorry.
I know how you feel.
I lost my father...
...when I was 8 years old.
Hold out your hand.
This is an extra key
to my apartment.
- Why? What for?
- If you ever...
...need your own space...
...or you just wanna
get away from Larry...
...or Steve...'s there for you.
Thank you.
You know, funny enough,
Larry is the reason I go home.
I don't wanna leave him alone
with my mother. Steve just...
...doesn't understand that.
I understand.
You wanna protect your mother.
Every daughter does.
- Hi, Larry.
- Hi.
I can call you Larry? Is that okay?
- I mean, office hours are over.
- Of course, of course.
Is there something wrong?
- Can you give me a ride?
- Sure.
Do you want me to call
somebody about your car?
No. No, my car is fine.
It's, um... addiction.
It's happening again.
We should go somewhere
and discuss this.
Yes. Yes, please.
Your house?
Um, no. No.
- We can't go there.
- Oh, right.
And so the dedicated husband...
...esteemed author,
learned educator...
...and renowned therapist...
...took me to an alley to fuck.
I wonder if he's going to
bill me for the session.
So...'re officially... favorite client.
I'd say we're having
a breakthrough.
There's a hotel around the corner.
What's wrong with right here?
Your wife ever...
...tie you up, Larry?
What the fuck?
...I've just injected you...
...with 4 cc's of vecuronium.
So relax.
Wow, that was fast.
It's already paralyzed your arms.
And soon... will make it
impossible to move...
...any other part of your body.
And while vecuronium
is slightly more...
...expensive than
its competition... produces few
adverse side effects.
It simply paralyzes you.
You look so adorable
strapped in like that.
Here, allow me.
So let's make this a happy event.
Once you're gone...
...your wife will inherit...
...lots and lots of money.
She will never know
what a creep you were.
You won't get caught.
So you see, Larry...
...this is a win-win.
And as I watched...
...the monster about to die,
I knew I'd done...
...the right thing.
This would set things
right for me and Danni.
It was a perfect...
...jumping-off point.
The very thing...
...for me and Danni to build on.
I felt a new beginning.
There was actually moisture...
...trickling down my leg.
Larry made me come after all.
Holy shit.
Lady, you got a cell?
Call 911.
Directory assistance.
City and listing, please.
In Manhattan,
the number of Maestro's.
Thank you, we'll connect you.
Hello, Maestro's.
Can you tell me the
specials of the evening?
We've got a very nice seafood
risotto and a lobster bisque.
Sounds so good.
And, uh, we've got some
portobello-stuffed ravioli... a bchamel sauce with
sauted shiitake mushrooms.
Shiitake mushrooms?
Yeah, can you...?
It's just me, Jared.
Oh. It's kind of late
to be getting in.
Go back to bed, Jared.
You're the best man I know.
I returned home on a high.
An orgasm and a great
meal at Maestro's.
Danni? Are you all right?
Larry was killed tonight.
It's okay. It's okay.
I'll take care of you now.
My mother is sedated.
My aunt said she'd call
me if she needs me.
I just had to get out
of there. I'm a mess.
I'm sorry, I just...
I had nowhere else to go.
You came to the right place.
You'll stay with me.
But I was just on
my way to Steve's.
I just... I really needed to talk.
I think I'm gonna move in with him.
Danni, you've been traumatized.
Now is not the right
time to make...
...that kind of a decision.
He cares about me.
I think he really...
...wants to understand me.
I understand you.
Nobody understands you... I understand you.
Now, forget about this Steve.
He's just some...
...loser you fucked in college.
You're a nurse now.
Grow up already.
Why are you being like this?
Being like what?
I have to leave.
So that was it.
Nobody will ever
understand you like I do.
And you were right,
Larry was a pig.
I just hope his dick got sliced off
when he went through the windshield.
I never told you he
was in a car crash.
Miss Rogers.
Detective Ed Rogan.
I'm really sorry for your loss.
I'm working on your
stepfather's case.
Postmortem and tox came in.
I might have some questions...
- ... so I wanted to introduce myself.
- Probably isn't the best time.
I need to speak with anybody
who saw your stepfather...
...the day he was killed.
Gotta roll with the punches here.
Well, if there's anything you
think I might need to know...
...I'd appreciate you calling me.
I can't think of anything I
need to tell you about him.
Well, again...
...I'm really sorry for your loss.
Just give me a second.
Why were you speaking
with that cop?
I was a patient of Larry's.
He meant a lot to me.
I never mentioned it to you.
...give your mother my best.
And as simple as that, I left her.
I had to get back to work,
and this mentoring thing...
...was becoming a distraction.
I wasn't myself...
...but I would have never guessed
what was coming at me next.
Good morning.
Isn't it a lovely day to smile?
Ooh. Good morning.
Have a wonderful day, okay?
Good morning. Oh, darn.
Good morning. How are we today?
We are peeing in a bag.
Oh, how convenient.
Ugh. Will you look at this?
- What?
- This damn lady...
...with these smiley-face stickers.
There are no smiley-face people here. You
think this man pushing his bladder...
- ... feels like smiling?
- Heh. Probably not.
Think me having
to change that bag... making me wanna smile?
- Definitely not.
- No. Hell, no.
I hate these smiley-face people.
She better not bring her ass here.
I will punch that bitch
right in her face.
See who's smiling then.
Oh, shit.
Here she comes.
Look down.
I mean, don't look up.
Act like you're doing something.
Don't look up.
Don't look up.
Good morning...
How'd you know my name?
Well, I know everything.
I'm the new HR director. Ha, ha.
Plus, you're wearing a name tag.
Right there.
- Ha, ha. I can see it.
- So you can fire my ass?
Oh, it's only my first day.
Give me some time.
That's not funny. We got a
lot of work to do here.
We don't got time to be happy. So
how can I help you, Miss Adams?
Thank you for asking.
I'm looking for Abigail Russell.
She's doing her rounds.
- Four thirty-one.
- Thank you.
Oh, no, I'm...
- Have a wonderful day.
- What's...?
See, no, honey, I'm not
really the smiley-face type.
Do you have a angry face?
Hello. Have a good day.
Hi. Rachel Adams, I just
started up in Human Resources.
- Welcome aboard.
- Oh, thank you.
You know, you look really familiar.
- Where'd you grow up?
- Right here in New York.
- You?
- A few miles away. Paramus.
Can't say I've ever been.
Gosh darn it, you look familiar.
Where'd you go to college?
Syracuse. How about you?
Oh, well, we'll figure it out. Well,
it looks like you're very busy.
Yay. So, uh, when you get a moment,
I'd like to go over the schedules...
...make sure we're
staffed properly.
- Okay
- Okay?
I'll drop by to see you.
Thank you. Ha, ha.
Oh! Oh.
I realized who you look like.
- Anybody good?
- Well, no one you'd know.
My next door neighbor, Sarah.
They put her in Sunnyview Institute
when she was just a kid.
The last time I saw her, she was putting
her mother's house up for sale.
- But that was a few years ago.
- Well...
...if I run into someone
who looks like me...
...I'll make sure to
send your regards.
Hey, you got any more
of those smiley-face...
I'll bet they'd really...
...cheer up some of my patients.
Of course. Aw.
Thank you.
You are the spitting
image of Sarah Price.
Just so you know.
"University of Syracuse. "
Whoa! Oh, my God. You scared me.
- Is everything all right?
- It's been quite a first day.
That was interesting.
Oh, I'm so sorry.
It sounds like you
could use a drink.
- You wanna meet up later tonight?
- Sure.
- The Setting?
- It's a date.
- Girls' night.
- Mm-hm.
- Hello?
- Hey.
Do you want something?
I thought you might like to
join me and the new HR girl.
- We 're gonna go grab a drink.
- I'm busy.
I feel like you've been avoiding me.
Where are you now?
I'm at Steve's. We're
having dinner at his house.
Really? You need some
help with that big bag?
I was truly confused
by Danni's behavior.
Larry was her stepfather.
She hated the guy.
He's gone and she's mad at me.
I failed as a mentor.
She failed as a friend.
Game on.
Hey, babe.
Didn't hear you come in.
Hi, babe.
- Um, can you, uh, get me my water bottle?
- Yeah, sure.
Thank you.
What are you doing here still?
Trying to get out the door.
I'm running late.
- You looking at porn?
- No.
I'm clearing spam. You have
to get a better firewall.
You good? What's up with you?
I just need you to hold me.
Sure, baby.
But I can't guarantee...
...that it won't turn
into something else.
You okay? What's going on?
It's Abby. She...
I found out she was a
fucking patient of Larry's.
Okay. And?
Well, we are...
We were getting close
and she... She never...
- ... told me that.
- Since when did you guys become close?
We're... We're not.
She thinks we are.
And she should have told
me about that. I mean...
...she knew how I felt about Larry.
Danni, is there something else
going on between you guys?
Like what?
Like you're having other issues
and reading into things?
Who's that?
It's the captain.
He's pissed.
I know this is something you need
to talk about, and I wanna hear it.
No, just go. Go to work.
I do wanna talk about
whatever is bothering you.
- It can wait, okay?
- Okay.
I'll see you later.
Is that Danni?
- Hi, Danni.
- Hi, Rachel.
It's Danni, say hi.
- Hi, Danni.
- Hey.
Hi. I'm with Tara.
I'm not with Sarah...
...I'm with Abby. Are you going...?
Because she looks like...
But she's not Sarah. She's Abby.
Abby, say hi. Say hi, Abby.
Hey. Heh.
Cheers, okay?
So many cheers to you.
And to everybody...
- ... in the world.
- Heh.
- Are you okay?
- Danni?
Rachel, look behind you.
Behind you.
- Rachel!
- You go, girl.
Behind you. No, no. Behind you!
Ra... Look. No, no, no.
No, look...
Look behind you. Look behind you.
No, look, Rachel, look.
911, what's your emergency?
Hi. Uh, I think I just saw
someone being killed.
It was online.
They Skyped me. Um...
Abby Russell. She... She lives
off of Queens Boulevard... Long Island City.
It's 150117th Street.
Abby Russell?
And she's the victim?
No, she's the killer, and
it's happening right now.
You have to send somebody now.
Miss, we're dispatching
a unit right now.
Rachel's been looking for
a reason to cause trouble.
Sticking her smiley...
...little face into
places it shouldn't be.
That's not the kind of things
friends do to each other.
Is it, Danni?
Poor Rachel.
It looks like someone...
...won't be at work tomorrow.
Oh, my God.
All right, Miss Rogers.
I think I got it.
If you'll wait here, Rogan...
...will be with you when
he finishes his interview.
He'll have some questions.
If you'll excuse me...
Danni called the cops on me.
So I told the big black stud cop that
Danni was a damaged little girl...
...and how much it pained
me to see her this way.
I'm not sure, but I might have
even squeezed out a tear.
You are lucky...
...your friend's not
pressing charges.
You can't just call 911 and
accuse someone of murder.
Hey. Hey, what's going on?
Are you okay?
I saw her...
- ... raising the needle to Rachel's neck.
- Rachel Owens is fine.
She drank too much.
She was passed out on Abby's couch.
Abby's taunting me.
She's doing this...
- ... to fuck with me.
- Abby Russell seems to think...'re obsessed with her.
Said you broke into her
apartment the night...
...your stepfather died, that you
must have made a copy of her key.
She gave me a copy of her key.
Why would she give you a key?
She suggests you wanted to
be more than just friends.
- It isn't like that.
- Not like that? What is it like, huh?
Is it like this?
Or is it like...
...whew, that?
Huh? Hmm, here's another one.
You guys just...
This is my favorite one.
She says...'re obsessed with her.
She drugged me. I ran a blood test.
- I had rufilin in my system.
- Can you prove it?
Word of advice?
Stay away from Abby Russell.
She killed my stepfather. She told
me to my face she killed him.
Yeah, I read your report.
This word, can you
pronounce it for me?
What is that?
It's a paralytic drug.
Well, the autopsy report shows...
...your stepfather had
it in his system.
Why would Larry...
...inject himself with
a paralytic drug?
He wouldn't. It paralyzes you.
Well, someone did.
My boys down in the lab,
they're never wrong.
And something else is biting at me.
The same day your stepfather
died, you signed out...
...the same drug.
Heh. How crazy is that, huh?
Any reason I shouldn't be
digging up your stepfather?
You can go.
I can only imagine
what you're thinking.
No, you can't.
- Please. I'm telling the truth.
- Oh, you're telling me the truth.
You're telling me
somebody Photoshopped...
...those pictures up there? Huh?
And somebody else
forged your signature?
- Steve, it's...
- Do you think I'm stupid, Danni?
- I know it looks bad. It's not like that.
- Jesus.
And you've been...
...fucking around on me with Abby.
I haven't. You know me,
I wouldn't do that.
She's a liar, Steve.
She's a fucking liar.
She made all of it up, okay?
- I can't hear you.
- She made it all up.
You know me.
I won't be home tonight.
Don't do this.
It's just...
You're the nurse from All Saints
that called about Sarah Price?
- I am.
- Man.
I haven't thought about Sarah since
she left here when she was 18.
Why was she here?
Poor kid, you know.
She was only 8...
...when her mom...
...walked in on her
dad at the office.
He was playing hide the snake...
- ... with his nurse.
- Robert.
How could you?
Just wait outside.
Mommy and Daddy need to talk.
Go on outside, Abby.
I told you...
...never to barge into my office.
Never again. You understand?
When the father's
nurse testified... support of Sarah's
mom, the state...
...sent the little girl here.
What happened to Sarah?
Sarah was a very complicated kid.
Kind of stuck to herself
most of the time.
Cutest thing though.
She used to always...
...walk around with this doll.
It was a nurse's doll.
What happened to her?
Oh, about a year later, the mom
committed suicide. Sarah had... other family.
One of the nurses here, she became
like her, uh, guardian angel.
Janet Russell.
She and Sarah were inseparable.
Sarah used to follow her
around the institution.
They developed quite...
...the mother-daughter bond.
When Sarah was released...
...she went and lived with Janet.
When Janet retired...
...she just stopped coming
around. It's like she just...
I'm not sure whatever
happened to Sarah.
Dr. Morris...
...I got your message.
What's the issue you wanna discuss?
One of our young nurses had
some troubling things... say about you, Abby.
Well, you know, I can be a
little tough on the new girls.
Yeah, this sounded a
bit more than tough.
I'm considering my options.
Either I can look into...
...this complaint by the nurse, maybe
bring the matter up before the board...
- Or?
- Or...
...I provide you with
an opportunity... show yourself
in a different light.
Let's go someplace private
where we can talk.
What the fuck?
Let me get some toys.
Life is all about...
...choices, Dr. Morris.
You chose to have...
...a wife...
...and a family.
And I'm guessing...
...that your kids...
...will be quite messed up.
Now, that is... unfair.
These are just children...
Pure, innocent souls.
So... are your choices.
We can gouge...
...your cheating...
...eyes out.
Or... we cut...
...out your heart?
That is assuming you have one.
Stay with me, John.
No. No.
Let's get rid...
...of Mr...
- ... Weenie.
- No!
So he can't cheat...
...on Mrs. Whiney anymore.
And by the way, Mr. Weenie... looking very teeny...
...right now.
Should we go for it?
- No! No!
- Yeah?
Fucking insane.
No. No.
I say we start with your arms.
No, no, no!
No! No!
Nurse's station. This is Regina.
Regina, it's Danni Rogers.
I need to talk to Rachel
from Human Resources.
I don't have her cell.
Can you look it up?
Because I don't have
nothing else to do.
I'm not an operator.
Come on, Regina.
It's important. I...
Look it up in the employee directory.
The operator won't give it out.
Anything else?
Oh, heh, and by the way...
...I saw your cute little
boyfriend roaming the halls.
I will let him get a
little taste of this...
...until your skinny
ass gets back here.
Ha! I can grow that
boy up real quick.
Okay, wait. No, here it is.
How about this, girl? They got it
listed under "Smiley Face Bitch. "
Regina, can you connect me?
Oh, yeah. I can connect you.
It would be my pleasure.
Because I don't have a
damn thing else to do.
Oh, come on, Rachel.
Oh, my God.
Ready? Huh?
I'm gonna take a cold shower.
Hello, sweet thing.
What did you do to Rachel?
I was going to ask
you the same thing.
Her blood is in your car.
So is her phone.
Where is she?
She didn't show up at work today.
I think something's going around.
I sure hope Steve doesn't
catch it tonight.
It's Steve. You know what to do.
I know you don't believe me,
but stay away from Abby.
She's dangerous.
You have to trust me.
Hey, Abby.
- Excuse me? Ma'am?
- Here.
It's Steve. You know what to do.
We'll catch up. All right?
All right, man. Talk to you later.
You okay, buddy?
Hang tough. We're gonna
take care of you, man.
Detective, it's Danni Rogers.
Look, I know you think...
...I'm obsessed with Abby
Russell, but please hear me out.
Abby Russell is in
reality Sarah Price.
Call the Sunnyview
Institute. Check it out...
...for yourself. You'll
find out the truth.
Regina. Regina, Regina.
Have you seen Steve?
Girl, get your sex drive in check.
I'm being seri... Fuck.
Where's Steve?
- Get out of my face.
- Hey!
Hey, hey, hey!
This is a hospital, not...
...the roller derby.
What's going on...
...with the two of you?
You know better. You don't air...
- ... your dirty laundry at work.
- Move...
- You settle down.
- You're not going anywhere, Sarah.
- Who?
- You lied about your father.
You lied about everything!
Get your hands... me!
Don't touch her!
You bitch!
What's happening?
Whoa, whoa. Abby. Abby.
What's going on?
Danni Rogers is after me. Please...
- ... call for help.
- Okay, hold on. Just wait right here.
This is Daniels...
...up on 7. Danni
Rogers assaulted...
...Abby Russell. Call N.Y.P.D.
No! Call the police.
Let's go.
Abby, stop!
Hey, stop it. Enough.
What the fuck is going on?
- Oh, my God!
- Oh, God!
Move, move, move!
Sarah. Sarah.
You don't have to do this.
I can help you.
You're sick, Sarah.
Let's get you better.
- I care about you.
- You had...
...your chance to be my friend!
All available personnel...
- Danni!
- Get off of me!
- Danni! I need you to calm down.
- Let go of me!
Listen to me. Relax!
What the hell's going on?
What is going on?
Steve, you have to believe me.
She's crazy.
She's a killer. You
have to believe me.
- Abby?
- Yes. Abby's a killer.
She's gone.
Get it open.
Go! Get it open.
It's not working.
She fucking locked it.
Hey, hey.
What the hell? Are you crazy?
- Abby, come on!
- Open the door!
Oh, my God.
She's saying something.
What the fuck?
Steve! Steve!
- Steve! You okay?
- It'll be okay. Stay with me.
Behind you.
Look at me.
Please help me.
Oh, my God.
Bring a gurney.
Okay, go, go, go.
Prep 2 now.
Get this patient down to
surgery. I gotta take care...
Oh, my God.
You heard.
It was a nightmare.
Who the fuck are you, huh?
Should I call you Sarah?
I don't care who the hell you are.
You're under arrest... connection to the
death of Larry Cook.
I thought we had a connection... and I.
We fucked.
End of story.
I don't know who you are...
...but you have the
right to remain silent.
Anything you say...
...can be used against
you in the court of law.
...if it's money you want... can have everything...
- ... I've got.
- Shut up. Anything you say...
Please don't shoot me.
Leave me alone.
- You crazy bitch.
- Please!
Oh, my God.
- I warned you it's dangerous out alone.
- Jared... had no choice.
You did what you had...
- ... to do.
- We should call the police.
Listen to me.
He's dead.
You were just...
...protecting me.
- Fuck. He's a fucking cop!
- Jared...
...we can handle this.
We just need to make this...
...go away.
The police are gonna...
turn things around and make
you look like the bad guy.
And you know what they
do to cop killers.
Jared, you did the right thing.
Thank you for being there for me.
I can make this go away.
Thank you, Jared.
You saved my life.
There are two sides to every story.
Some would see this
chapter of my life... the work of a sick woman.
The way I see it,
everybody's better off.
The wives...
...the kids and their
bank accounts.
A few less scumbags to
spread unhappiness.
My work here is done.
Can I help you?
Hey there. Good morning.
I'm Rachel Owens.
Oh, you're the new HR lady.
Dr. Bailey's expecting you.
Down the hall on the left.
You are such a dear.
Thank you.
And you have a wonderful day.