Nuvvu Naaku Nachchav (2001) Movie Script

Tea, Tea...
Her father has already woken up.
They wake up at the wrong time
Get me one tea.
- Will you have one?
No, I don't drink tea
- Good habit.
Even my friend Subbu doesn't drink
coffee or tea. He has only whiskey
He used to travel in local trains
to Bezavar, but never got down there
Because he used to sleep off just
before Bezawar station
And he used to get up when the train
arrived at Bezawar on its return
Where are you getting down?
- Secunderabad
The train has already passed that station
- Passed? Please hold this...
Secunderabad has passed by.
Give me place, move...!
Nampally? They told me Secunderabad
had passed by, so I jumped
Didn't you know it's Nampally
after Secunderabad?
I know only Anakapalli.
Well, how can I reach Chikadapalli?
There are two ways, either you can
follow the track or take a rickshaw
Everybody here is confused
and confuses me also
You know what's the time now?
- Can't you see the clock and know?
Stupid jokes in the morning. They may
be here any moment. Get up...
Aunty, how do I look?
- You look beautiful.
She is younger to you and
she is already dressed
Learn from her.
- I 'll learn later
If she is so sleepy then instead of
her, you can get me engaged
Get up... go freshen yourself
- Demon!
Get up... move
Well, why are you wearing a suit?
- Do you think it doesn't suit me?
Today is your daughter's engagement.
Why don't you try some ethnic wear?
Ethnic wear? Don't act like an old lady
- To match with you, I'll wear a gown?
Then why don't you try jeans and T-shirt
- Is that enough?
Short skirts would be much better.
- How naughty of you!
It's your responsibility to
take care of guests
Where are the betel leaves?
- It's in the store room
Arrange everything as soon as possible.
Also dress up Nandu
Okay, I'll do it
- Hurry up
- Hello.
Send the pooja items and I 'll
prepare for the ritual
Things are yet to arrive.
In the meantime, let's play a pack.
Which game?
- Seven express. It'll finish soon.
Then I'll be finished
- You will know only when you play!
I'm not a fool to be bankrupted!
I'll go for a death ceremony
but will never play with you.
You are getting scared.
- I am safe protecting myself.
Last year, my father who came for
the pooja lost playing to you...
...and had to marry four times
over, to repay his debts
One game of yours was enough for our
entire family to learn a lesson.
People aren't ready to try their luck.
- Hey, listen...
What's it?
- Can you get me a cup of coffee?
If you disturb me when I am busy
I'll divorce you. Be careful.
She only warns me, but I don't know
when she will do that?
Very understanding marital
Banti... get the coffee here.
Give it to me
Why is there more sugar?
- I always have it with more sugar.
You were having this coffee.
- Yes
You should have told me before.
- You should have asked me before.
You are not listening to elders!
- I'll brush my teeth and listen.
You haven't even brushed?
How much?
- Fifty rupees.
Anakapalli to Nampalli was 150 and
from Nampally to Chikanapalli is 50?
What do you get for Rs.50 nowadays?
- Passengers will get a heart attack!
I don't like all these formalities.
- Move aside.
It wasn't for me! Thank God,
nobody saw me getting fooled.
Was the journey peaceful?
- The berths were too small to sleep in.
Then he should reduce his size!
- Even you need to do the same.
When did you return the from US?
- Yesterday morning
Are you staying?
- I am leaving by tomorrow evening
You have come for your engagement
and you can stay for a month
Then I will have to stay
here permanently
Hurry up. Why so late? Come fast.
- Should I come like this?
No! Wear the sari and come soon.
- That's what I'm doing!
You come downstairs...
I will tell you
You are...?
- I am Venki, Mr. Shekar's son.
Shekar's son! Why are you standing
there like a guest? Come on in.
Show him the room upstairs.
It's my daughter's engagement
Your father was supposed to come?
- He couldn't make it as he was busy.
We'll speak later on. You go now.
- Please come
Is he the guy to be engaged?
- Yes.
He is very handsome. What's he doing?
- An engineer in U.S. What about you?
A graduate in Anakapalli.
The room is on top, you can leave.
Are you getting bored?
Shall we play a game?
- It's your engagement, not marriage
Till the bride arrives, we shall
play two games and spend time.
You take it.
- Master was asking for a pack of cards.
To play?
- To throw it!
What are you doing?
- I am thinking of what to do.
I don't like to do things in haste...
And if I do, people should
remember me. That is my policy.
Thanks buddy, you have called me at
the right time. A man was boring me
Function? It is yet to start.
Already started having drinks? As
soon I finish, I'll join you
You are looking good in this sari.
You look better without it.
We have a soup before dinner
to increase your appetite...
We drink milk before going to bed
to have sound sleep...
So... what should be done before
getting engaged? Shall I tell you?
Where are you?
- In the bathroom.
Everyone's waiting for you.
- I'll come in a moment
Who are you?
- Who is he?
The guy getting engaged.
- He is getting engaged with one...
...having fun with another.
Don't talk rubbish. I am his fiancee
- Positive?
Though he is handsome,
he has such bad tastes
Look there! They are such a mismatch!
Why does God make such mistakes?
You are mistaken. She is my wife!
- I guessed it
Everybody here loves to shock me!
Sujatha hasn't arrived yet?
- No, not yet.
At least she should have called us.
- Are you expecting someone?
Yes, it was my sister.
- Shall we wait for some more time?
No problem, we'll start.
There's an auspicious day after
two months for the marriage
Even my son needs around 45 days,
to go to the US and come back.
So we can conclude that you
agree to the date?
In the presence of God, Nandini
and Prasad are engaged.
Now, you may exchange sweets
It's me, Seenu.
- Has my son arrived?
But you didn't come.
- I was a bit busy.
Every time you excuse yourself.
- Am I not eager to meet you?
I'll definitely be there for
your daughter's marriage.
I'll murder you if you don't come.
- Will my son be of any use?
If he visits the house then I'll tell
you whether he is of any use or not.
Hasn't he come to your house?
Morning, I had a glimpse of him.
That's it. Is he allergic to functions?
Don't be worried. It's 12 p.m,
he'll be back in 15 minutes.
How come you are so sure?
- Everyday he watches late night movies
Everyday, late night movies?
- Don't be so surprised.
He has many more habits like this,
I'll write to you in detail
Happy reading.
- Wait... I think he has arrived
Call him, I want to talk to him
- You want to ask about the movies?
No, it isn't that...
- Disconnect the phone, I'll talk.
Where are you coming from?
- There was a prayer meeting in temple
It was boring, so I went to a movie
- Aren't you ashamed to do such things?
Your father wants you to learn
computers and sends you abroad
You roam about watching movies?
What do you know?
I know swimming.
Anything else?
- I am interested in music.
I play the harmonium, mrudangam
- Have you brought them here?
- And...
I paint
- Where? On the road or boards?
It's on paper
- What do you do for a living?
I have completed my B.A
- In how many years?
You have completed it quite fast!
- I worked hard in the last year.
Okay, your father asked me to
arrange a job for you
I'll arrange for it.
Have dinner and then sleep.
In the morning show him the outhouse.
- Why outhouse? Outside arrangement
Yes, the outhouse would be comfortable.
- You've to stay even if uncomfortable
Don't keep the bag here and there...
he'll get angry.
Don't use lights unnecessarily.
Can I open the windows?
- I don't like it.
Boss expects tidiness and discipline
You know Hanuman?
- I have seen him in the temple.
Boss is like God Rama, his wife is
Sita. Hence house is named as Ayodhya
Out house is Lanka?
- Is it a joke?
Why are such people here?
Cigarettes not allowed here. Have
manners. Else you'll be thrown out.
Don't remove it until I leave.
- If you leave, I can change?
As though this is the Taj Mahal! These
rules are like rules for tourists
Don't use lights nor windows,
don't sit nor stand.
Why all this? To take photographs
This guy is too much.
I am coming.
you'll have it now...
Did I disturb you?
- No, aunty. Come in
Are you comfortable here?
- Yes, I am.
I was busy during the ceremony,,
hence I couldn't take care of you
Don't feel bad. I have brought the
sweets for you. Take it.
Has your father stopped smoking?
- Will he ever listen to me?
I have warned him several times
that it may cost his health.
Only your mother could have
controlled him
Everybody told him to get married
after your mother's death...
He used to say if he gets married he
can get a wife not a mother for him
All are not as lucky as you are
to have such a father
He is also a very good friend, it was
because of him we came to the city
We are enjoying this life
only because of him
We invited him many a times to this
house but he never came here.
At least I am lucky to serve
food to you if not to him.
You didn't tell me how the sweets are.
- I remembered my mother.
Can you just drop those dirty cards?
- Why?
Today is an auspicious day.
- So?
I have to take your blessings
- What madness!
Why should I drop my cards
for that? Here are my feet.
I'll chop off your legs, then you
can continue with your cards
No violent decisions. Here they are.
- Take these.
Are you free?
- One minute. My legs are busy.
Book the hall for marriage as now
it is the season for marriages
It's enough.
If you don't mind, can you keep this
inside? ...I'll get the remaining.
Why do you carry everything at a time?
- It's okay...
He doesn't know anything
other than jobs.
You should have given some to
the guy staying in the outhouse
Even he is carrying
Why are you standing there? Come here
- You look very tired, sit down
What was I speaking about?
- About the marriage sweets
There should be at least 5 to 6
different varieties of sweets
The sweet jilabi must be there
She shouldn't be present during the
preparation of sweets, note this also
I forgot about the pickle.
- Don't worry. He'll cut them.
Is it a pack of cards?
- No, mango pieces.
I'll not do these kind of jobs
- Both of you quarrel later on.
First list the things, I am worried.
- Why are you worried?
We don't build houses ourselves,
laborers do those things for us.
Likewise in the marriage, give a
contract and they will do it.
Who are they?
- Marriage contractors
Show them a house, they'll dig up tents
Pay their bills, they'll prepare food
Show them guests, they'll take care.
They'll arrange for everything.
They'll arrange girls of age 16-18
years to welcome guests.
All we need to do is to get dressed
and pose for the photographs
Can we wish the new couple or even
that is done by them on our behalf?
Shut up. I liked it, what do you say?
- Even I am impressed
Venky, didn't you like it?
- Everybody on earth will like it
I didn't like it
- Didn't like, he mustn't have got it.
What is there? Plastic chair, paper
plates, rented relatives, that's it.
Do you expect us to use teak chairs
and copper plates?
No, it is not that! Decorating the
tent in a traditional way...
serving food on plantain leaves,
this is how a marriage should be.
Marriage should be full of enthusiasm,
lots of activities. What is your name?
Padma will ask, where are the saris?
- It's in the wardrobe.
Meanwhile, he asks, would 1000 chairs
be enough or should I order 500 more?
You'll be on phone, asking your
relatives to be here in advance.
Look, they have come already.
Please take your seats
You'll say "What are you looking for?
Get some coffee for them"
She'll ask "How do I look in this
golden waistband?"
It's very expensive.
- Shut up. I'll wear it
It's only about jewelry and sari.
What about bridegroom?
I was about to describe it.
In this chaos, the bridegroom's guests
arrive and the tents are to be put up
I've already arranged for it.
- It was at the hall, now it's at home
"The tents should be like the blue
sky decorated with clouds"
"This marriage should be
the talk of the town"
"This is about sharing love
and building relationships"
"It's an opportunity to meet dear
ones and make new friends"
"The tradition decoration is
inviting the people with warmth"
"An occasion to get blessed
and wished by the elders"
"The bride is shy and blushing"
"The bridegroom is waiting
to have a glimpse of her"
"It's time for the bride and
bridegroom to take the vows"
"The bride is at her best
in her bridal fineries"
"This a metamorphosis
from a girl to a woman"
"They have been declared
'Man' and 'Wife"'
"Some are having fun and enjoying"
"Some are busy and confused"
"Some are leisurely playing cards"
"Some are eager to have the flavoured,
delicious marriage feast"
"Some are showing off their
jewellery to each other"
"It's worth watching these
unique moments of the marriage"
What are you reading? Class notes?
- No, a love letter
You are still in high school?
- To love, age is never a barrier.
I am fool to ask you.
I am very angry at you.
- Why?
Because you missed my engagement
I tried my best, but the condition of
my grand mother condition was serious
Why? What happened?
Is she dead?
- If she dies, it's good luck
She is again alive. I am tensed she
may die on the day of your marriage
Any other news?
- No news. Life is so boring
I feel like running away some where.
- Philosophical words don't suit you
You got engaged at this young age
and now you can speak like that.
Have you become old?
- Not old, but wasting my youth
So get married and finish it off.
Apart from marriage don't you
have any other ambitions?
The truth is, I'm marrying
only for my elders
My ambition is directly to do
the things... without marriage
You know to talk nonsense!
You have gone down.
- He is working nowadays.
She will think it's the truth.
Why is he struggling so much?
- The food wasn't digested!
Who is he?
- Father knows him. Acts extra smart.
He has a good physique
- His bio-data would be worse
Sister, I have a doubt.
- What's it?
Why did he come out and then go in?
- Acting smart.
Warn him to do his exercises
inside the house and...
...not to exhibit himself
when my friends are here
Should I tell him strongly?
- Very strongly!
Now you can relax,
I'll take care of him
What's that?
- You are here to ask this? Fridge.
I want to know what's on top of it?
- Socks!
Why are the socks on the fridge?
- There was no place hence...
So you had to throw it there?
What's this? Underwear on a chair?
What's all this?
Wearing shorts and half a vest...
are you trying to expose yourself?
Even I am seeing and
observing everything.
You are closing the door to save your
prestige? You should've been cautious
What did you say?
- You should've been cautious.
Did I hit you?
Then why are you crying?
You may hit...
Why are you screaming in advance?
- What if I am unable to later.
What's your problem?
The room is not neat, right?
Why are you cribbing about it?
Arrange it the way you want to.
Where should the shoes be?
- On the stand.
- With the shoes
- Can be anywhere.
- Should be in control.
You are a good guy. Now I'm going
for a bath... in the meantime...
I'll clean the room.
- It's just a belt, hold it.
Take this.
- I don't want it, sir.
It's not for you, but for 2 cigarettes.
- Okay sir
If anybody knows about this, then?
- You'll whack me with the belt...
No, I'll whack you to death.
Even this is for us?
- Sign it and give it back to me.
Who is in Ankapalli?
We'll open and read this
- It is not good manners
I know that. But I don't
have any manners. Come!
If my father comes to know...?
- Will I write here, we've read it?
Such a big letter!
He is writing since ages!
"Dear Sreenu...
- Sorry I couldn't attend your..."
"daughter's engagement as I was busy.
I'll not miss her marriage."
"That day I feared for your phone bills
regarding Venkateshwarulu's mischief"
"Hence I am writing this letter.
He is the silliest guy on earth"
"After his mother died at an early age
I pampered him too much and spoilt him"
"I'll narrate my experiences..
One day..."
Please have coffee.
- He seems very clever.
He has inherited it from his father
No doubt, he'll be an engineer and
will make the headlines in newspapers.
What's it daddy?
- Come here.
Come, my beloved son.
- Ambitious to be doctor or engineer?
I'll be a cycle mechanic.
"Since that day he is been giving
shocks... and I've got used it."
"One night, it so happened that..."
Without dreams, we can't live.
Without bribes, we can't get a job
But why do you give cigarettes
without a matchstick?
Then ask somebody...
Hey, Mr. do you have a matchbox?
Read next...
"The worst was yet to begin. His B.A
exams I worked hard for his exams"
"I had been so serious for my exams,
I would've been a collector!"
On that day it was History...
which is a big mystery for him!
What's this?
My God! They are writing so much...?
"I don't say anything to him.
He is my strength and weakness"
"If he is away from me then
maybe he'll become something"
"I want him to get a decent executive
job, but he wants to be farmer"
"Teach computers and send him abroad.
If not at least send him to Pakistan"
"And I can proudly say, my son is
abroad. God will bless you for that"
"That's it for now.
With love - Shekar"
Come, it's okay come
Do you paint?
- Once in a while.
Sister, the dog is beautiful. Isn't it?
- It's not a dog, it is a horse.
Don't you know, some horses
look like dogs!
We came to know about you just today.
We thought you were only a guest.
My aunty says, you are
good at many things
How nice of her!
Forgotten the pincode?
- She is Nandini, fondly called Nandu.
She has finished her B.Sc last year,
this year she is getting married
What are you planning for next year?
- Forget ours, tell us about you.
Is it your complete name?
What do you want to be in life?
Since childhood I have a dream
After clearing my IAS exams, I was
appointed in the collector's office
When I was at a video conference with
the minister Chandrababu Naidu...
my father came there but the
attendant told him I was busy
My father had to wait for me in the
verandah, and when I saw him...
and when I saw him through the window,
I couldn't digest this fact
I told him my father is waiting for
me outside. Hence I terminated my...
...session and went to my father
and begged for forgiveness...
He couldn't control his emotion and
tears rolled down his cheeks.
He was so happy,
he just hugged me.
Who is it?
- Boss... here?
- Wants you to be there?
I'll be there.
The remaining will be continued later
Come in.
- You know what is this?
- Letter
- Yes, your father has written it.
Because to narrate your mischief
would cost him heavy phone bills.
What do you think you are?
- IAS, IPS officer...
No,... I'm ready for any small job
I had thought, a job for you
would solve the problem
But after reading the letter...
I have changed my mind.
More than a job, you need education
- Yes, uncle.
Don't bring your smart talks here.
I'm not as good as your father
- I know that.
I didn't mean to say...
- This is it...
Better correct yourself.
Now you can leave.
What do you want to be?
- I am dreamer.
If you sleep more you'll stay there.
- Don't disturb me.
"When my father had come
to the Collector's office"
"And when I was playing video games
with Sonia Gandhi"
Not video games! It's video conference
- Whatever it is
Then what happened Venkateshwarulu?
Why did you stop?
Was it a crime to dream, me being a
collector? Don't I've any freedom?
Yes, I've said it. I took 4 years to
be a graduate but do you know why?
Think about it Nandini. Do you know
to cook or know where the kitchen is?
But I have preparing food for
my father from the past 20 years
I lost my mother so I used to prepare
breakfast lunch, then leave for school
After returning again, prepare
dinner and wash the dishes.
Now where do I have time to study
or to be an officer?
You don't understand all this,
you know to joke and make us cry.
If this the way of fun,then I'll come
to your house and cry the whole day
Have fun!
Great fun!
One day or the other,
you'll be a magistrate.
Why is he being so sentimental?
It's me
- How are you my son?
Do you have brains? Like Gandhiji's
biography, you've written pages
It's not like that...
- Don't interrupt.
Should you tell him
how I cleared my exams.
Did he say anything?
- I lost face in front of girls.
Shall I write another letter saying,
matter in previous letter was fake?
I'll be finished. Daddy,
if you want write stories...
but never write letters to him,
I'm disconnecting now.
I made you cry very badly...
- It's the fate of a motherless child.
It's okay.
So... serious?
What does Pinky drink everyday?
Look how she is seeing.
- Because she can't see properly
If you are hungry, eat chocolates
not nails
Your temper is rising?
Then you shouldn't be like this
Go straight to him and make
your fist like this and hit his ribs
He'll not climb the school bus
but will go in an ambulance
Should I really do that?
- Hit hard. I'll take care.
You all are praying?
- You can start having.
Don't you have the habit
of praying before dinner?
I say my prayers.
- Prayers? Learn from him.
Pray again.
- I've already finished in my house.
No problem, do it again.
- I'll take lot of time...
No problem, we'll wait
Is it necessary?
- Why don't you know?
God, Oh good Lord,
To eat you have given us...
eggplant curry, fried rice
And in our state, 7 million
people also must be given
And in our country, 90 million
people also must be given
And in the world... I don't
know the exact number
They should also be given food. If
not same, at least give what they eat
Everybody should be given food. I
know you'd give, because you are God
My prayer was a bit different and new
- It was not new, it sounded dead!
This is not new to us, he also
writes the same kind of poems
Difference is... you spoke to God,
he speaks about his mother.
- Why are you bringing that now?
I like poems with subject as mother.
- Recently, he has written a poem.
We have heard it...
- You have, but what about Venky?
You are making me helpless. Okay
"Mother, I was born to you unasked.
You cared for me when I was crying"
"When I cried you fed me.
When rains came, you gave an umbrella"
"To play you gave me toys.
To spend you gave me money"
"To wear you gave me clothes.
To see, you gave me beauty"
"To write you gave me pen
To shave you gave me beard"
"That's why I liked you but
why did you die so early?"
"But still I like you"
Your poem is very informative
I was a bit emotional.
What's your sister doing?
- She is busy in the bathroom.
You are coming for the party?
- Why should I come?
You'll feel bad, as all boys
will be my fans.
Speak according to your age.
Keep the phone down
What is it?
- I'll say after you stop exposing.
Tell me
- Asha had called up.
What shall we gift her?
- What do you think?
How about a gold ring?
- On my birthday, she gave a chocolate
Then.. a flower..?
- It looks very cheap.
But who will get it for us?
You are right.
What's it?
- Want coffee?
What do you want?
- Can you get a bouquet?
For you?
- No, it's for my sister.
One has to wash one's own clothes,
one has to get their own bouquet
You have to get it for yourself.
- Tell him, I'll give him money
It seems, she'll give money.
- You can't buy me with money.
You can't buy him with money
- But you can get a bouquet
But you can buy.
- I heard it.
We are late for the party. If not
for my sister, get it for Asha
The same who had visited us...
Don't you remember?
How can I forget?
- Today is her Birthday .
Why didn't you say that before?
Where's the party?
Forget it, we'll pick it on the way.
- He agreed to get it.
What happened?
- Looking at your sister's hairstyle...
Instead of tying it back, why don't
you leave your hair down
I just told you as a friend.
Why hasn't he come yet?
- Why did you call him here?
-If one girl can make his heart throb
...just imagine his condition
with so many girls around?
I am looking good..!
Look at the way he is coming.
- Why so late?
I had to collect my coat from the
laundry. It looks good for the party
Now it's good.
Let's go
Where to?
- Inside.
You may leave
- I'll have to wish Asha.
I'll wish her on behalf of you.
- She'll feel bad if I don't wish her
I know she won't feel bad, now leave.
- Just ask her once.
You have done enough on the day
she visited our house.
What did I do?
- You were in those shorts...
and acted crazily.
You think I haven't seen it?
I was acting crazy? You think
your friend is Miss World?
Just watch how she'll go crazy for me
- You can't do it.
- Yes
Why so late?
Come in, the party has started.
Have you skipped your classes today?
I am observing that you are running
away from me as if I am your enemy.
I don't know you at all, you are
neither invited for the party
But since you have come,
I am treating you as guest
Why are you running away like this?
If I sit next to you, You move away...
What do you think of yourself?
I have the courage to tell you but
do you the strength to face it?
I can't talk very smooth,
I can speak very straight
I fell for you the day I saw you
I am here for the party just to
have a glimpse of you
You know why I got up from my seat?
I don't deserve to be seated beside you
I'm unable to control myself.
If you are near me... I feel scared...
That's why... I run away from you
Please don't look at me like this
I can't bear it.
"Charming star in the sky"
"It takes me a lifetime
to reach you"
"My dreams..."
"Your beauty..."
"makes me sing the song of love
from my heart"
"My dear is this true?"
"My dear, is this meeting
a boon for us?"
"Our separation will
give intense pain to me"
"I feel as though I am in a mist"
"Who knows where this
bondage will lead us?"
"My heart started trembling
looking into your eyes"
"To win your heart and trust,
I'll go to any heights"
"My desire is to be
your lover forever"
"And people are envying
my love to you"
"My dear, please respond to me"
"Your beauty is like the
beautiful moonlight"
"My life can reach eternity
with your love"
"You are like the blooming
jasmine in the spring
"You dance like a peacock"
"I am overwhelmed by your sweet
smile and gracious walk"
"You are one of
God's best creations"
"I am longing for your love"
"I'll worship your love"
"My dear, please agree..."
"and save me from the intense pain"
"Please grant me life by
accepting my love to you"
Why are you standing here?
- Asha is looking for you inside
- Her daddy is on the line and...
wants to have a word with you
- With me? What is there to talk?
It could be your marriage or
honeymoon. What do I know?
Don't scare me, it was for fun, don't
speak of marriage and spoil my life
You would have done it for bets
but Asha is very emotional
If in case anything goes against
her, she will commit suicide
Why didn't you inform me about
her habits prior to this?
Asha is waiting for you.
- Tell her he has left.
What shall I tell Asha?
- Tell her anything.
Tell me what should I say?
Tell her I am married and have 2 kids
How many times should I call you,
are you deaf?
What are you doing inside, are you
preparing for your husband?
You don't have discipline at all.
She is back from a late night party...
don't you have sense to give
her a bed coffee?
You are always worried about your
husband and never about us
It's not your mistake anyway, he's
always after rules and regulations
Why are you like this uncle?
Aren't you feeling well?
Yes, I'm a bit tensed.
There's whisky in daddy's room.
Have it. It will help you relax.
What is it still...?
By this time you would have
left for office...
I was busy with the accountant.
Tomorrow I'll leave on time.
Why are you still here...?
Go and get her the bed coffee
You've got up late and worse,
you are reading a newspaper
What did you say, she doesn't have
discipline? How about you?
If you behave like this, after
marriage they will not scold you
But they will speak ill about
your mother and myself
She is telling my brother
to have whisky...?
She is innocent and even if she
says, will I have that brand?
At least learn from your sister, even
she was also there in the party...
but she has already gone to school
Aunty, complain...
Shameless laughs! Once again if you
talk of parties, I'll break your legs.
Brother, why are you all so serious?
You should have called me, I would
have picked you up at the station
I thought about it, then I thought
of giving you all a surprise
Keep this aside, come here...
- Any American news?
I will not speak to you.
- You are so angry...?
No, we felt happy
We were expecting you so eagerly.
If you don't turn up for such an
important function, won't we feel bad?
I tried my level best to be here but...
Since my mother-in-law was ill
and I had to take care of her
Admit her to hospital permanently, so
young doctors may experiment on her
- You stop it.
My sister has come from so far, are
you thinking to offer her something?
I'll give it, don't remind
me of my duties
What is it?
- Brother I couldn't make it up...
Do you need to tell me? I know how
bad you feel for missing the ceremony
Your presence there is a requirement.
Here it's boon for us
What are you reading?
This book is more important than me?
- Engagement wasn't important to you?
It's not that...
I have anger till here
You disappointed me and now you are
questioning me about your importance?
Since childhood, you know how much I
like you but you hardly care for me.
Did I hurt you?
- No, it's me who has hurt you all
Nandu, you don't know the life after
marriage. It's full of problems
Life becomes full of compromises, we
have to live on excuses, permissions
How sarcastic life is! We can't be
with our parents as we were before
Why your he is not looking
after you well?
He is neither bad nor good,
he is a man that is all
Do you believe this? He hasn't asked
me till date if I have had food?
Why is that you haven't told all this?
- It's better forgotten than remembered
I don't really understand something
If they want to send a kid outside,
they send with only known people
If they go for a movie, then
they go with persons known to us
If they have to be away, they arrange
for a hostel or a family they know.
Like this in every step of our lives,
we are with people known to us
But in marriage, they marry us to
a person whom we hardly know
After the marriage we move
far away from our dear ones
We will be treated as a machine
which gives birth to a child.
After marriage, house changes,
names changes. Why not her heart?
Why is that she can't stop
dreaming about you all?
Why should thoughts of our parents
torture us and make us cry?
Why is this marriage?
Why should we take birth as women?
Are you a beauty queen to show your
face in the morning? Keep it there.
Please move.
- You are coming from out house?
He thinks he'll have a nice day if
he sees my face early in the morning
But I feel not to leave way for
stupid people early in the morning
But I do give way.
Were you in love with anybody?
You could find no one but me to
question about it!
I am asking you seriously.
Yes you have. Who is he?
- I don't know his name.
Earlier, in my college days..
he used to stand near the corner
What was he doing?
- He used to look at me and smile
That's all...?
- It took him a year to do so.
- I got engaged and never saw him again
Coward! He was scared of my father
and so he ran away.
Had I revealed it, it would've
created a havoc in the family
Only after you reveal, you'll know if
it would've created a havoc or not
You are teasing me because I didn't
dare to speak about it?
No. I meant to say that if I am in
love, I'll inform my parents about it
Now you don't have that chance.
Who is he?
- Venky, a wastrel from Anakapalli
His father couldn't handle him
and hence he is here
I am a wastrel? How could she say
that about someone so handsome?
How dare she? Why she had to say
that my father has sent me here?
Do you think she is innocent?
Did I tell anybody what she did
to her fiance the other day?
When your aunty asked about me,
couldn't she say he is a good guy...
Once in a while he smokes and drinks
What would she lose in saying
that he doesn't have any bad habits?
She is very arrogant.
Venky doesn't tolerate such acts.
I'll not tell you how I'll avenge her.
Only if I know I can say it!
I am basically a villain!
I don't like heroines
Who are you?
I am Prasad here.
I'm speaking from a STD phone
booth next to the White House
Are you speaking from America?
I didn't recognise.
It's okay, I came out of the loo
and remembered you
During our engagement,
that tall and handsome guy...
Is he from Ankapalli?
- Yes.
I came to know about him just now.
- What is it?
He is a great fellow. He helped my
friend financially to go to America
Also, he had been to
the airport to see him off!
He is such a good man.
You won't believe it, he offers
flowers to his photo..!
If you offer flowers to a photo
then the person is dead, right?
No it's not that, what I meant was,
he worships him as if he is God
You don't know how great he is...
He doesn't know how great he is.
I will be blessed if I see him, and
if you see him take his blessings.
Wish him "Good morning"
and "good night" every day
Daddy, I'll call you later.
You are for the phone? Take it.
- Are you a human?
Don't you have sense how
to speak to a girl?
Don't you know there is a limit to
everything? You don't know anything!
You... It's not your but my daddy's
mistake to have you around here.
It's not that...
- Another word and I'll kill you
Don't worry, I'll get it for you.
At least you give me that bag.
I've carried heavier weights than
this. It's not heavy for me.
Don't mind, shall I say something?
- Tell me
Why do you smoke so much? Reduce it.
- I smoke once in a while. That's it
Don't listen to her words.
She doesn't like anything that I do
What did he say?
- Nothing.
You don't have to support him.
Tell me what did he say?
See, what I just told you
- Have guts, speak to me not to her.
Oh my God, I am scared.
- I'll break your teeth!
Why do speak to him like that?
- Advise her that.
If you speak about advise,
I'll slit your tongue
Yesterday on phone, he mimicked a
man from America and spoke rubbish
Yes I spoke, but do you know why?
Tell me on that day what did she say
to you? I won't mind, tell me.
Why do you bring that up now?
- That is very important.
She said I am a wastrel, I'm here
because my father couldn't handle me?
I am living off their earnings.
- I didn't say that.
You said it indirectly. You mean
thousand things in just one word
It's pointless talking to you.
You don't have any manners also.
If you would have had manners then
why did you read my father's letter?
You have lied to us that your
ambition was to be a collector.
Did I say so?
- She is lying, don't believe her.
You know his original name?
- Don't bring my personal matters here.
It's the name of God. He'll turn
you blind, if you make fun of it
Don't take her seriously.
I am not as she has described me.
No. He is like that.
- I'll give a call
Who'll take you seriously?
He spoilt my mood.
You have great moods, hence you
keep your face like this
- What will you do?
If I give a shock, you'll
be shaken completely.
Where is the ticket?
- She gave you.
It was her ticket!
- My ticket?
Who are you?
- We can fight later on, my ticket?
Sort out your conflicts later on.
Give me your tickets
We were together, we were
here to leave her aunty.
You've bright future as a writer.
Now, show your tickets.
I'm telling you the truth.
- Why, you don't have tickets?
The ticketless will be punished with
6 months jail or fine of Rs.500
If I give you the money?
- Bribing leads to double punishment.
Sir, I will pay the fine now.
- The fine should be paid in Court.
Spoke about bribe but accepted Rs.100
Buy the tickets lady,
the ticket collector is there!
Move! Why that smile? You thought
one ticket is for the entire family?
I am from Ankapalli, but at least you
should have known being in this city
What's it?
- Your platform ticket.
My platform ticket?
Okay, even I will have my day.
Monday morning there's an interview
in my friend's office. Be there.
I can never understand her.
Take this.
- Why did you wash? I am here for it
I didn't wash, I've just eaten.
You can wash it.
Why to wash? Wastage of soap.
You called only one name, but 3
arrived, this is the custom
But Murty didn't arrive
- That's also a customer
Where is Murthy?
- He is has gone for a function
- We are on behalf of the bridegroom
It means...?
- We are relatives.
I am bridegroom's father's uncle's
father's cousin's son.
He was lucky to get married to my
sister and I'm his brother-in-law.
How are you related to the bridegroom?
- So you didn't understand?
I am the bridegroom's...
- Can you be short and clear
He is the uncle and I'm brother-in-law.
For it is vice-versa
He is your brother-in-law,
and he is uncle
She is too young for him.
- Who knows what he liked in her?
What are you studying?
Will you stop your studies
after marriage?
If she is getting married,
why should I stop studying
She is the girl who is engaged.
- She is like actress Madhuri Dixit
Keep all this inside.
- What's this?
They are the dress and jewellery
for the marriage
Why have all left us?
- It's the custom.
Maybe they don't want
to disturb the elders
They'll not leave without lunch.
- We have even washed the vessels.
I don't know how to cook.
- He's been cooking since childhood.
That day I was reckless. I know
to eat what my father cooks
What shall we do?
After drinking so much,
no human can have lunch
Please have it.
- Why is all this?
Customs! Wealthy people have juice
before lunch to increase appetite.
Are we staying for lunch?
- You expect us to go to a hotel?
Leaving without having lunch may
cause conflicts later on.
So let's have it here.
- Sure why not?
Aren't we troubling her?
- Cooking for two is nothing for her.
The meals should be simple.
- Did I ask for a marriage feast?
Just prepare two side dishes
with two curries.
He has a gastric problem, don't use
onions but he can't live without apples.
Can you have food without
any papad and pickles?
There is no need to specify. She
knows she has to prepare all these.
If we are reluctant in having food,
then people will speak ill of us.
As though I am unaware about it.
- Prepare a soup for his indigestion
Don't you have stone in your kidney?
- What should we do for that?
He has to undergo an operation... but
give him a glass of juice after lunch.
Their list is so big..?
- We'll do something, light the stove
For every one minute you do this.
- Give me your watch.
Whoever will marry you!
He will be dead.
You are leaving me all alone?
- Don't over react. I'll be back.
Get the listed items from a hotel.
- You just had your lunch?
In how many minutes should I be back?
I have a doubt. Why is there no
aroma of food being cooked?
What happened?
- They are unable to smell the flavor.
- What are you searching for?
This is it.
- It's a pesticide
I know... Now I'll cut it, I'll
hold it, and now watch...
Can you smell the pleasant smell
of a fried chicken?
It's getting late..
- Sir, Here it is.
What's is all this?
Everything is hot. Take it.
This must be here... Now you really
look as though you have cooked.
We are very lucky.
- Everybody isn't like your sister.
A good lunch must be ended
with betel leaves.
You have specially prepared it also.
- This is free with lunch from hotel.
He meant that you needn't specify
about betel leaves.
We'll visit again.
Convey my regards to everyone.
Sorry, we missed the engagement.
We'll be here 10 days prior to
marriage. Now we are getting late
You've saved us from great trouble.
- You don't have to thank me so much.
Go take rest.
- What about you?
I've some work with him
regarding betel leaves
What did you say?
Got up now?
We have to be lucky to sleep till 9.
Where are you going?
- For an interview
What are you doing?
Are you watering plants or my cards?
Everyday, you play in the club,
and still why do you play here?
Mad fellow! Do Olympic players
relax until the next Olympics
Does Sachin Tendulkar
stop his net practice?
Similarly, if I don't practice in
the house, then I may lose my luck.
What happened?
- What happened at the interview?
They would have said sorry.
From today my golden days have come
to an end in my life. I am selected.
When are you giving us the party?
- Why?
You got the job, right?
- So...?
You'll get your salary
- If you want, take my job and pay.
So you don't want to work?
- I don't want a job.
I knew that from your father's letter
- Now, don't speak about the letter.
Your father wants you to go abroad,
earn fame but you want to be a farmer
What is wrong in it?
- You have studied to be farmer?
So if I go abroad and earn there,
then is it right? Is it a business?
If I go abroad, I'll earn and buy
a car, also send a snap of it...
But can I take my father
for a ride? No.
I'll buy a two-wheeler, take my daddy
on it. This is real happiness for me.
If my father falls sick, from America
I can ask him if he has had any pills
But if I can give him the pills, then
that gives me better satisfaction.
After I lost my mother... my father
never married again. For my sake.
He never made me feel the
pain of losing my mother...
Is it right on my part to
leave him at his old age
I have at least my friends,
but for him, I am his world
He is worried about my future,
I worry about him in my absence
Leaving the house and the place
where I spent my childhood... beloved father and dear
friends, what do I gain?
I'll work in my farm, then
smoke with my friends and...
...leave for a late night movie.
What else do I need?
If we do not have your beloved ones
with you in your success or failure...
there is no difference in money
earned or lost!
"My eyes sought you,
I was lured by your youth"
"Why is this happening to me?
My heart is trembling for you"
"You are my dream man"
"I want to tell you this"
"The moment I met you,
my heart skipped a beat"
"My little heart has
lost its control"
"I'll give you a place in
my heart, if you come to me"
"I'll fulfill your dreams if
you are there with me"
"You are my dream girl"
"I want to tell you the same"
"I am speechless by
these words of yours"
"I can't live without you"
"I'll spend my whole life
looking into your eyes"
"Days pass by in a minute
if you are there with me"
Get ready soon, today is Friday and
we need to go to the temple
Get ready soon, today is Friday and
we need to go to the temple
To sleep you need to close
your eyes, not curtains.
Please perform ritual "Archana"
- "Ashotothara" or "Sahasranaama"?
Perform that which would
take lesser time
Do the hundred time recital.
What are you doing here?
- I am praying for you
Don't lie to me. Are you always
so restless?
What did I do now?
Don't try to innocent!
Why are you staring at that girl?
You came to know, but that lady
doesn't know till now
Why don't you help me?
- God will not favour you.
How'll he? You are settled in life
with your American guy
But what about me? I am unable
to get a bride in Anakapalli
Look I'm getting bald, so I've to
marry soon. I've my own tensions
Why are you looking here?
What's your problem if I am
looking out for girls?
I like you
- It's joke.
Don't you understand? I like you
And if you look at any other girl,
I will kill you
I lost my assets, I lost your mother.
I can't live without his friendship
If you can't become anything at least
don't break our friendship.
I didn't come here to ask
why did you leave the house?
Nor am I here to see you off...
Even I am coming to Anakapalli.
Not to speak about you, to ask
forgiveness from your father
I will not embarrass you, I will
travel in another compartment
Your father used to buy two pairs
of clothes every festival
One for him, the other for me.
He used to buy two sets
of text books every year
One for him, the other for me
He shared his happiness with me...
but hid his sorrows only from me
When your mother died I was in US, he
didn't inform me until I was back...
fearing that I would come back
half way through my job.
People believe you, only after
you succeed in life...
but only Shekar believed my
ambitions when I was nothing in life.
In our long friendship, I asked him for
everything, he never asked for anything
He asked me only one thing...
to get a job for his son
Is it a big favour to get a job
for his son who gifted life to me?
I couldn't do that also. You didn't
like the jobs I had shown...
You couldn't like my family members,
I don't want to embarrass you
It's not that uncle.
- Then why are you leaving?
I wanted to see my father.
-If you go now can I face your father?
I didn't give a thought to it uncle.
If it's a serious problem, you can
leave. I'll apologise to your father
In any case, you both shouldn't
ask forgiveness from each other
And it should never ever happen
because of me... Come, let's go.
Shekar's son is a family member to me
not a guest, remember that. Come.
Go and have dinner.
- Okay
Did you have anything on platform?
- No uncle.
In just five minutes,
I will serve you dinner.
For what?
- I didn't inform you while leaving.
It's your house, you can come when you
like and go when you get bored.
He is always like this, insists that
he should be informed about it.
Don't take it seriously,
behave the way you like to.
Venky, did my hubby trouble you?
- No, I felt like seeing my father.
You could have informed us.
- I thought you wouldn't let me go.
Felt your were in jail not in a house?
- Why should I feel so?
You feel you are in a hostel?
You spoke big words about marriage and
now are running away at the right time.
Will you shut up? You should have
bothered him by your stupid question.
He couldn't discuss this with
anybody, so he left.
If you think like that,
then we don't have brains.
Don't take him seriously. Go to your
room, I'll send the dinner there.
With whom?
- Not with you. Bunty is there.
It's better you confirm. Else, until
he has dinner I'll be worried.
Nandu, please listen to me.
"Enjoy your life...
you are born to enjoy"
Do you know how much I am hurt?
- Because I'm back.
Yes sir, .. No sir, because you left.
Yes sir, do you need anything?
- Peace of mind.
I'll leave
Please take it.
- What is this?
You've given a box, where's the tiffin?
- It's inside.
If you have more in the afternoon,
you will get drowsy.
If you have this less,
I'll be a patient soon.
When jobless, you could eat more. Now
you can't have more because of tension.
Look there... put it properly.
- I am putting it.
Put it with both hands parallel.
- How is it?
- Then you can put it.
- Parallel
I should call my wife now?
What is it uncle?
- Come here for a moment.
They are overconfident about their
height so we should put this...
garland and prove we can manage
things without them.
Uncle please...
I'll ensure nobody comes in. You put
the garland with full concentration
- Climb... put it...
If they think, they can stop the sun
from rising it's impossible.
Which idiot asked you to come in?
- It was you who asked me to come in.
If I say come in, you'll come in?
Where is mother?
She is there
- Nothing has happened...
Mother, what happened to your eyes?
- Master may be here any moment!
If uncle see this?
- You'll not see your father tomorrow
Are you here to work or
to take my life?
Stand near the gate and as soon as
you see uncle's car, inform us.
Look here
- What is it?
My mother
- Why is she like this?
Her eyes have gone.
- They have gone away 15 years ago.
Will you shut up. You are an artist.
Please give her eyes and my life back
Please speak in simple language.
- You don't understand.
You need to paint her eyes or
else my brother will kill me.
I can't remember her face.
How can I paint her eyes?
Pack your luggage and run away.
- I beg you to shut your mouth.
If you see her eyes, can you paint?
- No doubt about that
Look at her eyes and paint, brother
says she has our mother's eyes.
How can I do this?
- It's a matter of my life and death.
Careful, nobody should get to know.
- Then tell him to stop it now.
It's excellent, look how
meticulous is his work!
What looks! She was staring at me
as though I'm a criminal.
I'm decent that is why I was silent,
if anyone else was there...
What can anybody do?
Her eyes are like that
If you get tempted a little,
you will be ruined.
But my heart is made of steel, it
won't melt. I have seen many eyes.
But a word about those eyes...
It's better to talk less about them.
Now she will think I have opened
the curtain for her.
I opened the curtains not for you
but for fresh breeze.
What is happening?
I didn't like your eyes...
"I can't hide my feeling but
can't tell it to you also"
"You want to go away but can't live
without me, what shall I do?
"It's wrong on my part to
think to do so"
"Listen to your heart, it's not
a sin to be in love"
"Please spare me"
"Why are you so scared"
"In spite of my objection
you are after me"
"Even in my dreams,
you trouble me"
"You have stolen my heart away
and want to runaway from me"
"I will be behind you
like your shadow"
"My mind goes blank when
you come in front of me"
"If I don't see you I am unable
to live for a second"
"My thoughts are engulfed
by your smile"
"Your eyes make me weak but I
can't stop looking into your eyes"
"My heart skips a beat
if I don't see you"
"I am lost in your world of love"
"Your love has taught me
the meaning of life"
"Your pleasant voice makes me sated"
"Why cant' you control yourself?"
"Your intoxicating beauty
made me lose it"
It's time, aren't you going home?
- Getting scared to go home.
Did you get married by chance?
- I'll take leave.
Leaving from office?
- Yes.
How are you colleagues?
- A lady is beautiful.
Never can I control my tongue
I've a board meeting, take her home.
Do you have any meetings?
- No, I don't have any
Let's have coffee, I'm tired of
office and you had been out shopping.
Just to relax ourselves
Forget coffee, let's have soup.
Get two soups.
It should be served hot.
- It'll take time.
We will wait.
- Not for serving but for having it.
We'll blow and have it. Now leave.
Isn't this restaurant good? Chairs
tables, spoons, and even forks.
All restaurants have these things
You had been shopping? Is it
jewellery shopping? Let me see
Why are you snatching it away
as though I'm a thief?
What is my mistake? Tell me.
From the time I returned, I've watched
you banging on doors, pouring water.
I am making a note of
all this in my diary
Every dog has its day...
Even I'll have my day.
Then I'll show what I am.
Why is this quarrel between us?
In few days you'll leave for
the States after marriage.
My boss can't tolerate me and will
throw me out. I'll be back home.
Then we will not see each other.
Isn't it?
So let's be friends and have fun
in this short time.
If you don't want to see my face,
get up after I leave for the office.
You agree for all this, right?
Let's shake hands and be friends
It should be done with hands
and not with the fork.
Was the soup so tasty
you ate the plate also?
Was the soup hot?
- Very hot
Is it for the bill?
- No, it's for my clothes
For me?
- It's for me.
What's the size?
- Get any size
Why are you looking there.
The meter is there. So look there
Who's it?
- I'm your boyfriend speaking.
It's you? I was seeing
your wedding card
How is it?
- How is the bridegroom?
He is not as good as card,
but's okay
Don't miss my marriage. Pinky also
must be here without fail
If you miss my wedding...
I'll murder you
Asha's marriage.
- When?
The day after.
- Good. Have fun.
Will daddy agree to it?
- Why not, tell him I have told you
It means that you won't talk to him?
- I am busy.
You could have told directly
that you don't have guts
I need to talk something important
- Tell me
Sister's friend, Asha's marriage.
We both are thinking of going.
- You needn't go. Send a greeting card.
If we miss marriages now, you'll see
only me and my husband in my marriage
My wife don't talk against me...
how can you?
You always favored her right?
Now see how she talks to me
Don't scold my aunty in front of me
You are telling me how
I've to be with my wife?
Please send us.
So if you don't go to the marriage...
will it be stopped half way?
It won't stop, Asha will feel bad.
Okay. I'll book the train tickets.
Don't want train...
We'll go in your car.
I'm busy, I'll not come.
- It's enough if you give us your car
Nandu's will be the last marriage...
she'll definitely elope with someone.
Let them go.
- How'll I send these girls all alone?
Send them with your brother.
- Daddy? I don't want to go with him
Okay, take Venky along with you.
He'll protect you
Thank you Uncle.
Why is your face so dull?
I can't see you like that.
So now what should I do?
Why do you talk to him?
It's stupidity to throw stones on mud.
To be smart you need to undress
before throwing stones on the mud
Look in the front.
Be careful Venky, I am getting scared.
- In that case, close your eyes
Who are you?
- Do you have any urgent work?
- Come here and please be seated.
I don't smoke
- I am from Anakapalli.
Since I was unlucky, my father
sent me to a house in Hyderabad
He told my father he'll
get a job for me.
Why are you sitting there?
Get the luggage.
I'll get it
- Is she your sister?
If I would've had such a sister,
then I would've killed her
I'll keep the luggage and join you
- Okay
It's good
- Why are you still here?
This is only a ladies room
- Is it so? Then we both should leave
Is it a joke?
- You didn't like it?
If you don't like it, then say so.
Why do you want throw me out?
What happened? You fell off?
- No, they threw me out.
I thought you fell off.
Are you from a list of bride's
or the bridegroom's?
I am from the city
of Hyderabad's list.
I liked you very much
There is a special room for people
like us, let's go there and talk
I wanted to have a bath first...
- You can do it there itself.
Then let's move.
That's it
Who is he?
- Well, who are you?
I told you that I'm the bride's guest?
- He is the bride's guest...
Have a smoke...
Is the bride your friend?
- Not very close, I just know her.
What do you know?
- She is beautiful
If we see, we'll know that.
- She speaks well.
We'll know if we speak to her.
Say something special about her
I don't know her in depth.
- He'll tell after he has a cold drink.
I don't have such habits.
You'll learn everything step
by step. Pour the whisky
You are not born with habits,
you need to cultivate them
How's it?
- Was it smooth?
Was it bad?
- Feeling drowsy?
Feel like having another drink.
Now tell me
- About what?
I had an affair with Asha.
- Really?
After having this, will I say a lie?
With help of piano! But don't tell
this to bridegroom, he'll feel bad
I am speaking about her and
why is he getting tensed?
He is the bridegroom.
It's due to cold drinks. She's like
my sister, I swear, I don't love her
Why didn't you love her?
So you mean that she is so ugly
that you can't love her?
Why you didn't love her? What is
the drawback in her?
There is a strong reason why
I didn't love her
What's it?
- I have an affair with another lady
What's this? It's hard to get a girl
and he has dozens of affairs?
I'll kill him and go to jail.
He is feeling the kick.
Allow him to sleep.
Actually... I...
- Let it be simple and not in detail
This is... she, this is... me
Initially, we both used
to hate each other
Both of us used to fight like hell
Don't know what happened...
She started smiling when she saw me
I smiled... she started to talk.
She was saying "good night" too.
Suddenly, one day she said I like you
...her character turned upside down!
What happened to your glass?...
Why did you place it like that?
This is my situation, I can
neither say yes nor no.
There's a small disturbance
Her eyes... oops. Is it her?
- We know its glass.
I can't control myself.
- Then commit yourself to her
It's wrong, I can't.
- Why?
She is already engaged.
That's all? I am in love
with a married woman.
Then what happened?
- Again the war started.
When I was leaving for office,
she poured water on me.
Then what did you do?
- Will I remain silent?
Then I took her to a hotel, ordered
for soup and yelled at her
Then what happened?
- She poured soup on me!
Then what did you do?
- Washed my trousers.
That wasn't right.
- Once it was water and then soup
If I continue, then one day she may
pour acid... That's why I am silent
If she is not falling
behind you, is she ugly
Two eyes aren't adequate
to look at her
Is she so fat...?
"My lover's steps is a lesson
for the ostrich"
"Is she walks it's a lesson
for the dancing streams"
"Her smiles can create
waves in my heart"
"It's like a smooth
thorn prick in my heart"
"Her looks is enough to light
a passion of fire in me"
"It's like a new world to me"
"Can we dream in the daylight?"
"She has made me a daydreamer"
I am feeling light
I want to fly high
"She is like the blossom
flower in Spring"
"Her walk is so elegant and soft"
"Her fragrance is spread
all over the air"
"I can't stop running back to her"
"Her walk can bloom the flowers"
" can bring life into
inanimate objects"
"I am lured by her fragrance"
"How can I forget those memories?"
"It's very difficult to
stay away from her"
"When I visualise her"
"I can't think about other things"
"How can I stop thinking of
her even for a second?"
"I hope my dream will
come true one day"
How can I explain these things
and how much she means to me?
"Don't worry my dear friend,
She is born for you"
"and she'll come back to you only"
I thought this was my room.
- It's your room.
Why are you both here?
- We were waiting for you.
Did you lose your luggage?
- We lost our image.
We didn't believe when they
said you are a drunkard.
Now there's no choice, except to
believe what we see
I told everybody that Venky
wasn't like this.
I am like what you had thought
They told it was only whisky but
they mixed cold drinks with it.
Let's leave. Why do we need
to talk to drunkards.
Don't speak anything. Tomorrow ring
up my uncle and speak to them
Why such a big punishment? I accept
my mistake. Please give another chance
So that you can have more
cold drinks?
Not to have, but to quit drinking
But please don't tell your uncle.
I'll do anything that you say.
What are you doing?
- Asking for forgiveness at your feet
You are holding the cot's leg
and not mine.
Let's go.
- Am I so drunk?
Sorry I didn't see.
It's okay.
It is never a pain to be touched
by handsome guys like you
How are you?
- That guy banged into my wife
It's better we follow him
- He looks innocent.
The guy may be innocent, but
my wife is not. That's my fear.
Asha knows you are here?
- No.
In a few minutes she'll be here.
- Yes, I know
If you don't mind, till I marry her,
can you please hide yourself?
Actually I want to see how bad
she feels to get married to you.
You really want to speak
about this, now?
Now leave.
Hello. The bridegroom is good looking.
- I know. That's why I'm marrying him
How are you?
- I am average.
Where's your wife?
Shall we tell him she knows the truth?
- Why should we bother? Now shut up.
She may be here somewhere.
- Where?
You are?
- Uncle.
What's it?
You have married him?
- From far I thought you are my wife
Why are you blushing?
- Young man! Leave him.
If I leave him today,
tomorrow you will leave me.
Have I ever cheated? I have only one
wife, why are you taking her away?
Just listen to me.
- So that you can convince me?
Why are you yelling at her here?
She'll feel bad.
Why are you feeling so much for her?
To understand feelings,
he needn't be a husband.
A person with a heart is enough!
Just look there...
What is this? You are leaving?
You are not staying for first night?
For your first night, only your
husband is enough, why all of us?
Tomorrow is my reception. Please
stay for it and then leave.
I can't wait. I have an important
work in the office.
It's not that... important
- That means you are staying.
I should speak to my daddy.
- I'll take care of it.
What to do till tomorrow evening?
- Let's recite prayers.
There's a Water Park nearby, it's
very good to spend some time there
Where are you going?
Even I am going there...
But my car tyre got punctured.
- Get in... Pinky you go behind
I am coming
- Come in.
Now where to?
Why should we wait to give
a lift to someone?
Why? Am I not driving this car
for people like you?
I am diabetic, often I'll have to go.
- Where?
He is diabetic, he is comic.
Why is that umbrella?
- A precaution if it rains
Is there cash in the bag?
- Raincoat and hat.
It's a precaution if the
wind blows off the umbrella.
Why did you put so many locks?
- Someone may steal it. So...
Precautionary measure.
- Correct.
Don't you've spare tyre in the car?
- I have a new one
- Have one, but two are flat.
He must have met with an accident
and gone forever
What was the banging noise?
- I banged the engine with a stone.
Even if a thief unlocks all the locks
the car shouldn't start.
And if you need to start the car?
As gratitude for your help,
I want to gift a snap of you.
Okay, sure why not
- Even you both.
How is it?
- I can see stars!
I am fine, just check
out my umbrella?
It looks okay
- My umbrella is okay.
Slowly, carefully.
- Look how is he walking?
How are you now?
- Why are you asking me repeatedly?
What do I know? I need to check it
out after going home. Let's move.
Shall we go for a ride?
- Even you join us uncle?
This is small, I'll come for that.
- Which one?
In this state, do you need to go?
- I am unable to stand due to pain
At least I can sit and relax there...
...let's go.
You are leaving her alone and
going, she'll cry.
This is your first time
- Yes, do we feel dizzy on top?
I don't feel anything you may feel
Get me one ticket.
What are you waiting for?
Let people come.
To turn the wheel
- No sir.
Should she wait till it fills up.
- It's not a cycle, it's a gaint wheel
Should have informed before, start it.
- It can't be done
Switch it on now
- Stupid customer.
Stop it,
- What happened?
When I gave a thought, you were right,
we shall have coffee till people come.
What is your name?
Please get me down.
Do you have any brains?
Are you deaf, can't you listen?
You spoke to me
No, I didn't speak to you.
- Hey, Nandu spoke to me.
Why did you sit here? Got angry?
Feeling like crying? Tired?
Unnecessarily, why are you
trying to catch me?
You'll not be able to catch me
What happened? You took me seriously.
Please now don't start all this
again, I can't bear it.
What do you want now?
Should I say sorry?
Isn't it okay? Want to scold me?
Scold me as you wish to
Isn't this also okay? Want to hit me?
Here take this and beat me.
Stop it, It's better if you
don't speak to me
Sit down. Why are you so scared?
Don't feel frightened.
Even for me this is the first time.
It will just go like this and then...
like this... and then the end...!
Feel scared then have my hand.
Now close it. No need to fear.
Look at him, he is dead
before the ride
All aren't as courageous as you are
- Then they shouldn't come for rides.
I am allergic to cowardly people.
Now sit properly
I am dying
Why are you in urgency?
- I need to go to the loo.
What is he doing so long
inside the loo?
Please don't talk to me. I'm
controlling since very long time
Even your state is like mine?
I'll do it somewhere else.
I never knew this country
is so over populated
It is so peaceful here
If the same continues, I'll die
God...! What shall I do
The line might have been shortened.
I'll check it out.
Go back.
Is she blind?
All of you should die.
That flower is so beautiful, right?
- Yes, it's very beautiful.
You are talking about me?
- Don't we have any other topic?
Usually young girls speak about
clothes, jewellery and Venky.
- What else?
Did you see that flower?
- Yes I saw it. It's beautiful.
Then why are you still sitting here?
- What should I do?
You should go and get it.
- Is it for you?
No, it's for my sister.
- You can see flower, I can see tree.
A girl is asking for a flower and
you can't get it. Are you a man?
Already I have many doubts,
please don't raise new ones
I'm feeling hungry.
Shall we have some snacks?
You had it just now.
- So what?
How much is that?
- Which one? It's 15 rupees
The one below that.
- The one below is 23 rupees
The above one.
- Which one do you want?
Yours is a peculiar family.
- You are very talkative
What about you?
What to play again?
Do you know the game?
Yes, I know.
I'll do like this and you to hit me.
I hit you.
- When did you hit me?
I touched your last finger.
- If you lie, you'll have a girl baby
I don't want to say truth and
give birth to boys like you.
What do you say now?
- I hit you.
Arrogant girl!
Now it's your turn
Did I disturb you?
- You are born for that.
Where is the card?
He told he'll be back soon. It's half
an hour already, he hasn't arrived yet
What is this new technique?
- Shall we look out for Venky?
It's better to look out for him rather
than seeing these new techniques.
How much is it?
- One rupee
I asked your weight, not rate
You shouldn't ask a man's height
and a woman's weight.
Why are you laughing?
"You'll get your dream man"
- Look how true it is
Do you believe in this?...
Take it. I'll tell you.
What's this?
What's it?
- Read it.
"You'll reach great heights
in your life"
This will reach... great...
This 15th is my sister's marriage.
Please be there without fail.
Definitely, I'll be there.
What's this?
Take this visiting card
to be an invitation card.
Careful! You've to be careful
when you are crossing roads
You have to look on all sides as
there will be heavy traffic.
Look how I walk. I always think
before I place every step.
Where's uncle?
- Who knows where he went?
Everywhere I'm seeing only old
buddies. Life looks so colourless
That's why have we
arranged a reception
We have made strict rules, that old
buddies shouldn't enter the hall
Look how beautiful she is!
- You've just been married and you...
But both are different.
...had your lunch?
I have brought cold drinks...
- I don't want that.
Come to our room and
at least, play cards.
Why did you give me the flower?
Shall I serve more?
It's alright.
It's my glass.
- That's why water was so sweet...
This time it'll not be replaced
Don't stare at me like this.
I'll not be able to face you
Men do stare at women
like this, right?
I never thought it
would be so troublesome.
Please leave.
- I'll give napkin and then leave
You keep it there, I'll take it.
- It's okay.
I'm finished. Now leave.
Why did you give me the flower?
Tell me. Why did you give it?
I'm a fool! You had liked it. Thought
you would feel happy seeing that...
Leave my hand
- I won't. What will you do?
I'll beg at your feet to leave me
- You want leg, when I've given hands?
You know what do they say for this?
- Holding hands.
As per the tradition, if we hold
hands like this then we are married.
Don't bring new rules. Only marriage
chain brings the bondage
What do you eat?
Don't be happy since I left your hand.
No matter what, I'll not leave you
When you quit smoking you should
tell your friends because...
though you'll be tempted to smoke,
for the fear...
...that your friends may tease you,
you will not smoke.
When you get married, you invite
people, take photos... because...
in future, if tempted to break the
marriage, for the fear of people... may have to compromise
and remain with your wife.
I can't bear being hit by apples...
hence I'm presenting my friend...
I'll speak a little about Mohan.
I said little because
I can't speak good about him.
I used to feel, there is absence
of love in arranged marriages.
She is as innocent as a lamb
Where as he is as cunning as a fox
I was wondering how this
couple would lead a life?
I was wrong, they've been married for
hardly 24 hours, they are in love.
Look what he is doing when I am
speaking about them?
Marriage... it is just a word
with a few letters in it
But this word has the power...
the magic.
It brings people together
who are strangers
So many times we may think,
everything is under our control
We may see a person, like him,
love him and try to have him
Sometimes we may lose them...
but life doesn't end there.
Our partners aren't decided by us
We may live with whom we like or
with the person who likes us
Or we may live just like that!
Can we choose our parents? We may
dream to be children of great people
Rain! At least can we wish,
for it to rain when we need?
When it rains we need to run for shelter.
It is not fair to marry whom you like
at the cost of your beloved ones
If we don't get our loved ones then
it's better to love whom you get.
I wish Asha should be strong and
should hit Mohan daily.
"Can't you say once 'you liked me"'
"Can't we unite and share happiness"
"Our thoughts are alike"
"Our dreams are alike"
"This is the right time
for us to unite"
"You know the past and the future,
but still want to be with me?"
"Uniting with you is
impossible for me"
"You can't catch the moon"
"You need to know it before"
"Instead of teaching young ones, you
are making the mistake of catching it"
"If you can't fulfill you dreams,
you can't ever do then in future
"Can you say to your young ones
that you are failure in life"
"Dreams can't be practical"
"Why do you want to compare
dreams in real life"
"When I am there in front of you
why can't you accept me?"
"Isn't my beauty tempting to you?"
"What else do you need in a girl"
"When you have the passion for me
why can't you show it out"
"Though you are beautiful"
"My pains in life are as
high as sky and deep as sea
"I'm torn apart between
love and responsibility"
"Where there is will there is a way"
"If you wish to do it,
you can do it"
"Can't we think this is our
fate and accept the facts"
Why do you love me? Once you are so
near, sometimes you are a stranger
Sometimes I feel like sharing
everything, sometimes I am so scared.
You give me the pain and
also you console me
You make me laugh sometimes
and sometimes cry
Why are you torturing me?
Why are you making me mad?
Why did you come into my life?
Why do you do this to me?
Look, the food must be excellent.
Else I'll not give you a pie.
Who is she?
- The cook
Does she cook or eat?
- If she listens she'll kick you.
She is...?
- My wife.
Just want to ask you one thing.
Apart from height, you can say
anything. I'll not feel bad.
She was abandoned and
hence she got married to me.
Look who is here?
What are you thinking? You thought
I'll miss this marriage.
I have seen your marriage and now
it's my daughter's marriage!
Ladies are always in urgency
be it marriage or being mother
Where's our bride?
- She's upstairs.
What is all this?
- After a long time Shekar is coming
So a small welcome party for him.
If you want to have a say directly,
why do you want to make excuses
What do think I am a drunkard?
- Isn't it the truth?
Look, I had told before the marriage
I've this habit. So why did you marry?
Like other girls, I thought I can
stop you after marriage...
You are so confident?
- At that time, I used to feel so.
What do you feel now?
Rather than stopping you,
I should start drinking
- What happened?
Are you coming directly or have
you visited my outhouse first?
If I would have visited there first,
then why would I carry this?
Didn't I tell you that he'll see me
first and then his son
You didn't believe me then... Now see.
How many years have passed?
You have such a big tummy?
How are you brother?
- I'm fine. How are you?
I'm fine.
- Is my son troubling you?
He is my boy, He is taking
care of all of my jobs.
When did he become so smart?
- He is smart since childhood.
But you don't trust him.
- I'll get coffee for you both.
Not coffee, send some soda.
- Shut up, send us some good coffee.
Trying to be a gentleman?
- Want to drink on such a day?
Advice him properly
- No matter what, we'll have drinks.
You'll never change.
- Uncle someone has come from office
I'll be back in five minutes.
- Okay
What are you doing?
- Digging hole for a tent.
It's too big, try with a spoon instead
Idiot, go and get a crowbar.
How are you?
Couldn't see you? Maybe you
were busy with the marriage
You need flowers, I'll send it.
How can you act so coolly?
As though nothing has happened
How can you be so normal.
Everybody can't be like you.
She is crying for you helplessly.
I am not blaming you.
She is at fault. If she falls in love
after getting engaged it's a mistake
And it was a bigger mistake to
reveal her feelings to you.
She is innocent. You're a good man.
Just to follow some customs...
You want her to marry at
the cost of her life.
That is why I am unable
to speak to you.
I couldn't stand in front
of your greatness
Why do you men behave so heartlessly?
If a woman says she will die for you,
can't you at least console her.
Do you think running around for your
lover's marriage is a great sacrifice?
Remember one thing, customs
are born after us.
She may not commit suicide if she
doesn't get married to you.
But till she dies, she'll cry for you
and you'll be responsible for that
Daddy, when did you come?
I'll be back in a moment
Complete the work soon.
- How is he?
He was a kid with me, now he is a man
- Come.
Aren't you asking how he is?
That should be asked if he is unhappy.
He looks happy, hence no need to ask
You are correct... Have you arranged
for the bridegroom's family?
I have arranged for it.
- What about their dinner?
I have arranged for catering,
they'll take orders from them.
What else?
- Tent decoration starts tomorrow,
I've ordered for flowers, hotel rooms
have been booked for groom's friends
A videographer will be with them
throughout till the marriage hall
Enough, you and your father are
here... What else do I need?
You do as you like, but the groom's
relatives should be happy
Murthy's daughter's marriage should
be the talk of the town.
Call me in the end, I'll be
there to bless her.
Is this the bride's house?
- It's the marriage hall.
Who are you? Speaking without respect
- I didn't speak yet.
Is it a custom not to speak with us?
- Can you please teach me customs?
Fold your hands, bow your head
stand a foot away and...
What to do you need?
- What is your name?
Does that mean a round ball?
- Yes sir,
Did they name you after you were born
or were you born after being named?
Even I have doubts.
- Coffee is available
Yes it is
- How is it?
It's hot.
- What else is there?
The aforesaid items are not there.
Only complan is available, take it.
You don't have to say anything
I'll leave.
But before that tell me do
you love me or not?
If you say "Yes", I'll marry
as you wish.
If you say "No", I'll think to love
is wrong and marry in shame.
But please tell the truth.
Why this is happening?
Why it is happening only to me.
You want love,
my father wants prestige.
My father wants you all,
this marriage must go on
You have to leave.
You have to forget me.
Don't take decisions in haste
- I've thought enough. I'll not marry
Just looking at this photo you
are breaking this marriage?
What else do you need to
prove her character
I'll cancel it, I'll look for another
if she is also like this girl?
If she loves somebody now, then you
love somebody else after marriage
Just shut up
Just for one small reason we should
not be fools to break the marriage
Her weakness will be our strength
after the marriage.
Defective saris are sold
for lesser price but...
defective brides are bought
for higher value.
Don't understand? We'll show photo,
demand more money from her father
Sail with the wind! Agree for the
marriage. I'll take care of the rest
Get out!
- You need to comply slightly.
Who are you to tell me that?
- Your anger will cost you dearly.
Your daughter is at fault
and you are yelling at us?
Another word against her,
I'll slaughter you
We don't blame ladies without proof
To retain prestige we are asking
you more money, but had it been..
someone else, they would have
broken this marriage
What are you looking at that?
See what should happen next
Decide, we've to go to marriage hall
or railway station. Think carefully!
Come let's leave.
Bridegroom's guest are leaving...
I am at fault. I liked him. When I
realised my mistake, I became silent
What's happening in this house?
Couldn't you be alert and careful
They are showing this snap and are
demanding for more money.
Should I give? If I give it is good
as accepting that she is guilty
Should I accept?
- Mother is not at fault.
Shut up. I hate to talk to you.
- Brother.
Don't interrupt.
- Please listen to me.
What will you tell? She is engaged
and how could she do it?
Who can say when will
a person fall in love?
If we would have known about it then
your daughter wouldn't be a culprit
So she can fall in love after being
engaged? Does she has any culture?
She is in love, yet she is marrying
the man whom you've chosen
Someone told you about her love, else
her love would have remained a secret
You may spend millions on marriage
but people forget it, the next day
But your daughter has to lead her
entire life with that man. Think once
Are you guests important to you or
is it the man who is marrying her?
I agree it is man marrying her.
Tell me why she loves him?
What did she see in him? How was
he better than the guy I chose
Name one thing of him, better than guy
I chose, I'll call off the marriage.
She can't tell that. Not only she,
nobody can answer this question.
You may get an answer for all your
likings be it place, colour, food...
but to love or hate a man... you
can't find exact reason for it.
Just mention one thing about him
better than Prasad...
- Don't tell me anything.
Nobody will ask if the girl
knows culture or customs
But I need to answer people, if
bridegroom has necessary qualities
Where is Venky?
What happened? Why are you leaving
before to marriage?
Were you treated badly, is there any
drawback? You name it I'll give it.
Tell me what you want. Tell me your
problem I'll solve it at any cost
You are the problem.
- Me. I am the problem?
Don't act innocent. We know what's
going on between you and her
What are you speaking about?
What's there between me and her?
How...? I don't know
anything about this daddy.
Don't believe it. There's nothing
between us. I swear it on my mother
You don't know daddy... please be
quiet. Leave me only for this
He's young blood and decided in haste.
Being elder you can decide properly.
Do you think only he has prestige?
- I didn't say that.
Why do want to talk to him?
- Please listen to me...
How many times to tell you?
She is a characterless girl
Don't speak rot. Please listen to me
She is good and innocent.
- You are giving me a certificate
Why do you bother when her father
is not worried of her.
No matter what, I will not agree.
- Her life would be spoilt.
The entire family will be insulted
and laughed at. I beg at your feet
People will think I am a villain.
- He insulted us, you beg for him?
You scold me but please
don't abandon us
I can't repeat the same thing.
Get lost
I'll ensure that she'll not
get married to any one else
She is great lady... and you are
a recommendation for her?
Who is that fellow who can't
stop when asked decently?
You are threatening us?
Anybody moves from here...
I'll chop their legs.
Have guts? Ask me...
You're proud because you live in
America? Can you compete with me?
Nobody is leaving from here
without the marriage
I don't care for blood shed.
Take your suitcase
You leave, sir. They'll come.
...take the suitcase.
This marriage will take place.
- Let them go.
- This is another drama?
Don't beg them. Though they are rich,
they still beg for money
This great man is nowhere near
the watchman of our house
Don't beg them. Get lost.
- Let's leave.
Why did you cheat me?
- You are speaking like them...?
Don't you love Nandu? Look into
my eyes and tell the truth.
I love her. I haven't told her
but I'm telling you
I told you since you said I cheated,
else I wouldn't have told anybody
Aren't you cheating me by hiding it.
Is he anyway better than you?
I thought you as my family member,
but you neglected me.
I loved her. But my love compared
to yours, I felt very humble. So...
My father advised me not to do any
thing that would harm friendship.
I thought you both shouldn't be
asking forgiveness because of me.
I was seeing if guy was from abroad,
never thought if he is in heart.
Do it fast.
Hello, came just now?
I was here in the morning. But had
gone out. Did you get your gift?
In the water kingdom, don't remember?
- No I don't remember.
He was like... there he is.
- Bunty, come here.
Yes sir.
- I gave a cover in the morning?
He said give it to bridegroom.
I gave it to him.
So you handed over photos to them?
- Yes sir
Then you are not the bridegroom?
- Now I am the bridegroom.
In the morning?
- It was another bridegroom.
Both of you are getting married?
- Yes, we both are getting married.
What happened to that bridegroom?
- The marriage broke.
Now the marriage is between?
- Me and the lady in photo you clicked
Then why did that marriage break?
- Because of your photo.
Why should my photo break a marriage?
I'm confused. Tell me in detail.
It's a big story. First you
please go and have your lunch.
- Take a right...
Where are you going?
- I'll show him the way.
I want to talk to you.
- I didn't know what it contained.
You just gave it without thinking?
Have you worn belt?... Remove it.
I have some work with you. Come here.
What's it?
- I thought Bunty was here...
Why he'll come here?
I know for what you are here?
Don't you have manners? Never enter
a girl's room when she is alone.
I'm talking to you and
you are leaving?
Why did you close the door?
What are you doing?
I'll shout and call everybody.