Nybyggarna (1972) Movie Script

Now I don't want to rock any more'
not on land and not at sea.
We'll be home soon.
What if it had been my oxen.
-Aren't we there yet?
-Just a little bit further.
You didn't consult me before
you took a place this far away.
-Are the rocks hot?
-Yes' a little.
No' let's continue.
They might hurt us if they see us.
Anders claims the savages
aren't that aggressive.
You couldn't come' Kristina'
so I had to make the choice on my own.
-I have claimed the best land in North-America
-It's just so far away.
To a place like this' no road could be too long
Don't think I will just accept anything you do.
-Just trust me' Kristina.
-You never ask anyone's advice.
I ask your advice sometimes' don't I?
Maybe sometimes.
But you do whatever you want regardless.
At lest the soil is easy to till here
It's a nice place you've got here' Karl Oskar.
Do you see over there?
Can you see the 'shanty' up there.
It's only a little 'shanty'.
But it will have to house us
until we can get the house ready at least.
We'll have to start as peasants'-
-even if we have more' and better'
land than any of the big farmers at home.
Look at this' Kristina.
Have you seen anything like it? And it's just
as deep throughout. We'll grow good bread here.
-Karl Oskar?
We have to buy a cow'
so we'll have milk for the winter.
I should have told you sooner.
We have nothing to buy a cow for.
Nothing? Are we that badly off?
Everything is so unconscionably expensive. And I
haven't bought anything we didn't strictly need.
Surely a cow is just as necessary
as anything else?
Not as necessary as the house.
But the whole winter. . . do you think the children
will survive till spring without milk?
Is there no way' do you think?
How can we buy anything without money?
-Is that the winter coming already?
-It can't come that suddenly.
Will you get the house ready in time?
Next time I will build bigger.
And shave the timber on both sides.
Here we go!
One' two' three. . .now!
What on earth. . . !
Did you find a wild cow on the way?
You can borrow Lady over the winter.
We only need one cow.
The cow is old' of course.
But she is fat' and she has plenty of milk.
-Now she's stuck.
-Are you stuck?
It's your fault' Karl Oskar.
You've cut it too narrow for a grown woman.
You should know women have wider hips than men.
God made us to lie on our backs-
-whilst we carry out his commandment
to populate the world.
Ulrika can certainly make porridge.
That's the kind of woman one should have.
-You already have a woman.
-The Indian woman couldn't cook for pigs.
She's only good in bed.
She's a bit small down there'
but all the Indian girls are petite.
Yeah' I'll drink to that. Cheers!
The American liquor are good and strong'
but they look like cows piss.
Come over here and give me a hand.
-Can you keep a secret' Arvid?
-My lips are sealed' you know that.
-I'm getting out of here as soon a possible.
-Are you leaving your brother?
Karl Oskar isn't in charge of me.
I'm going to look for gold.
-You never said anything about this.
-Such things must be kept secret.
But I wasn't planning on going on my own'
I was hoping you would come with me.
Will you?
-We don't have to cross any oceans' do we?
-No. Come on.
Hey there' troubadours' not bad.
strumming both back and forth
Gusten's jaw is chewing the rhythm
Janne squeezing with might and sound
Your favourite harmonica
sounds more like a horse in heat
Lena' you soar like the bird in the sky
And your legs are surely not made of led
If I have a girl in my bedroom'
it sounds like a jackhammer
The skirts swings so beautifully to
the sound of Janes notes and Gusten's song
And we see a day so beautifully blue
the sun sets behind the mountains
Pink and purple the night sky
hangs over Finnbcksby
As soon as we get the road fixed up'
if won't seem so far anymore.
Does anyone regret emigrating?
Does anyone regret emigrating?
Regret moving to a country where one
is treated like a decent human being?
No' they'd sooner have to
make sausage meat of me.
At home they think Sweden is the whole
world. That's why they're so conceited.
That devils nest!
If you went out and had your morning fart'-
-people would carry on until
the whole county was willed with it's sound.
It was meant to be' us moving here.
We should neither regret' nor be afraid.
I regret I didn't move here six years ago.
No one is going to make me leave this place'
as surely as I am sitting here before you.
-What is it' Kristina?
Forgive me' please.
Sit down and have a sip.
I can't help it.
It'll be over soon.
I tell you our next house. . .
Our next house at home here by Ki-Chi-Saga - that
will be something !
Karl Oskar hates the Indians.
But they are smart enough not to
go randomly digging up the soil.
Hey' Robert? That gold.
Where did you say that was?
-In California.
-No' I mean' do you know exactly where it is?
No' not precisely'
will just have to go searching and ask for help.
Is it all scattered around'
or is it all in one place?
It's scattered around.
-I wonder what Danjel is going to say.
-Aren't you your own man?
Of course' but he did pay my fare.
Afterwards you can pay him so much
he could spend the rest of his life travelling.
Out! Get out!
Karl Oskar! Karl Oskar!
Oh my God' that was dreadful.
Au !
-Are you sure it's not serious?
-I'm sure it will pass.
-But your in pain.
-It will pass.
The time has come.
-Are you sure?
-It couldn't be anything else.
-But isn't it too early?
- 1 4 days. But it's not like I decide!
-We have to get help.
-Go to Ulrika.
I asked her when we were moving.
Ulrika. . .
There you go' little Kristina.
Help me.
-Will mother die' dad?
-There is nothing to worry about' Johan.
There is nothing to worry about.
Mother will be right as rain soon.
I can see the head !
Hold her firmly' Karl Oskar!
Hold me!
It's a boy.
He looks like his dad between the legs.
Hand me the scissors' Karl Oskar.
He was made in Sweden.
And let's prey the lords watches over him'-
-so he won't have any permanent
damage from that.
He will be a true American.
Here' Karl Oskar.
His a big boy.
Shall we say hello to your mother?
Let's have the birthing drink' Kristina.
I baptise you Nils Oskar Danjel-
-in the name of the father' the son. . .
. . .And the holy spirit. Amen.
Let us pray.
Karl Oskar! I've shot an Indian !
-What are you talking about? You're lying.
I think he fell. He shot at me first.
If you've shot an Indian you've brought
misfortune down on all of us. Where was it?
-Below the big cliff.
-Come show me.
-Was he shooting arrows at you' or what?
-Yeah' he shot several arrows at me.
He's been dead for weeks.
He didn't shoot anything at you.
It's true' Karl Oskar.
I swear it!
It must have been another Indian in another
tree. I could hear the arrows fly by.
You hearing is shot in one ear.
I know what this means.
For as long as the ground is frozen
the Indians can't bury their dead.
-But I swear!
-You are lying. Take it back!
-I'm not taking any of it back.
-So you believe your own lies now?
In the end no one will believe
you about anything.
You not in charge of me.
Your not my father.
I'm your older brother.
Well. . . that was the last of it.
From now on we make do without bread.
Couldn't we borrow a sack of flour from Danjel.
We still owe him for the bank' but I suppose
we don't have another choice.
-Soon there will be one mouth less to feed.
I'm leaving.
I'm going to look for gold in California.
-And what exactly will you do there?
-Dig for gold' of course.
-Dig for gold !
-Arvid is coming too.
You can't. I won't allow it!
In America each man is his own master.
We worked it out this autumn
We'll work on the steam boat to St.Luis'
from there on we take the highway.
You can't do it on your own.
You're only 18 years old.
You were only 14 when you moved
away from home.
That was in Sweden.
That's different.
You made your own decision when you were 14.
Why can't I when I'm 18?
You can't stop me.
As soon as the ice melts we're off.
-Don't give me your last dollars.
-You might need them.
Just in case you don't find as much
gold as you think you will.
Here's the flour' Mr Nelson.
I'm sorry that isn't enough.
I need 20 cent.
You don't have it? Well. . . I'm sorry.
Maple syrup. . . Everything OK?
Yes' everything is fine.
-Any letters for me?
-Sorry. We haven't received any letters.
-Has Samuel Njd asked you to marry him?
-Yes' it is true. Njd asked me to marry him.
Him too. And what did you tell him.
I told him the same thing I told
Mr Mnsson and Mr Abbott.
I wonder who will end up being your husband.
I don't wonder about anything myself' Kristina.
I'm moving from DanjeI to Stillwater.
A miracle has happened.
I'm going to become a Baptist'
and my husband to be will baptise me.
What on earth?!
I'm getting married to Reverend Jackson
in StiIIwater. It's a miracle!
Kristina' I can't explain it!
There is nothing more I can say.
Dear' sweet Ulrika. You surprise me.
It's not like you to be upset like this.
I'm not upset' I'm happy!
-You couldn't ask for a better husband.
-It's a miracle!
Turn around' close your eyes. Don't open them
till I tell you. Close your eyes!
Now you can look.
No. . . !
-You have to try it on' Kristina.
-No' no!
You look prettier than the
grandest noble lady.
Here you go' Mr Nelson. 15 cent.
-That's right. 15 cent.
-What do you mean. . .?
That will be 15 cent for the postage.
Me? 15?
-Don't you have any cash?
-No' I don't have any cash. Not today.
Can you come back?
I'm sorry.
-Another day?
-Monday? Come back on Monday.
I will need to keep hold of that' Mr Nelson.
Thank you.
Reach out your strong hand'
and yank me back to Sweden !
I thought you were asleep' Karl Oskar.
Something woke me.
-How are you' Kristina?
-I'm fine.
Just go back to sleep.
-Why are you lying awake?
-It's nothing.
It's just silly and childish.
You're sad' aren't you?
You're sad' Kristina.
If your battling with something' then let me
help. That what good friends are there for.
If you want God to reach out and yank you back,-
-then I will reach out my arm
and keep you here with me.
Do you know what' Karl Oskar?
There is nothing more to say.
It was a childish thought that occurred
to me as I was saying my evening prayer.
Karl Oskar. . .
Don't you ever miss the old ones?
Maybe sometimes.
I can't help it!
Sweetness' ah my sweet. . .
Wait. I'm going to fetch you something.
Anna's old boot.
It helps me remember
when I get homesick sometimes
Maybe it will help you too.
One day our children will thank us for
moving to America.
-Do you think so? Do you really think so?
-I can feel it in my bones. I know so.
Maybe your right. One never knows.
Hey' Kristina?
Do you remember when we moved here?
And you said it was almost as pretty as
it was at home at Duvemala.
I have been wondering if we should name
our new home Duvemla as well
What do you think?
Or maybe New Duvemla.
Do you think. . .
Then we wouldn't live by Ki-Chi-Saga anymore.
We would live in DuvemIa.
-It sounds so strange' Karl Oskar.
-Let's do it then?
Do you know what day it is tomorrow?
It's a big anniversary.
It's the 14 of April.
A year tot he day of-
-the day we stepped on
board the ship in Karlshamn.
And tomorrow I will till
American soil for the first time.
Your Swedish' I suppose?
-Petrus Olausson' from Alfta County.
-Karl Oskar Nilsson' from Ljuder County.
I was thinking pf settling down here by
the lake. Now we'll be neighbours.
In Sweden I had to pay a 200 'daler' fine for
having read the Bible in my own house.
Sweden is corrupted by unjust authorities.
I every evening I thank god in my prayers
for my new homeland.
I'm glad to get some neighbours. I didn't think
anyone wanted to live this far out.
You won't have the place to yourselves much
longer. There are two other families coming.
-There you go' Kristina.
-Then we can set up our own parish.
-A church parish?
-Yes' we'll build a church.
A small temple to God.
A gods house of plain timber' naturally.
First I have my barn to think about.
After that I was going to build
a new farm house.
But you can't just toil in the here and now'
and forget all about the ever after.
A barn is no excuse to delay
building a house of God.
If only I had an oxen'
I would have had 30 acres by now'
I have an oxen.
If you get one then we can help each other.
-Are you the only man?
-My brother went to California.
Nobody knows if he is even alive.
This is where I'm building my new farm house.
You're aiming big.
The kitchen will be over here
and the bedroom over there.
And the wall will go here.
Mark my words' Nelson.
You can't build it that big.
Look at this' Olausson. This is from Sweden.
This is from home.
-It's an apple tree.
-We'll have glass apples
I want to plant a blomst.
-Yes' bI omst.
''''BI omst''''?
Ah !
I wanta bI omst.
-Seeds. . .
-I know what you mean. I'll go get it.
This is what you want' Mrs Nelson.
You want five of those? Help yourself.
-Flowers' Mrs Nelson.
How nice they are.
-The men here are very polite.
-Yes' people appreciate their women around here.
In Sweden' men use women as maids in
the daytime and mattresses at night'-
-and in between she is nothing.
We just stood still for a while
in front of this machine'-
-and as by magic we were captured
on this thick paper.
It is just as nice as a painting.
Henry and have been standing there
looking just the same all year.
Would you like some more?
-You have a nice and kind husband.
-Henry is very gentle.
How did you understand each other
before you learnt to speak English?
We pointed and made signs
and waved our hands a lot.
-Excuse me.
-Did you choke on something?
No' it's the priest coming.
Not Henry' but the priest I will
bring into this world. That's why I threw up.
-I'm pregnant' you see.
-Ulrika !
When I got married I hadn't been
with a man for four years'-
-so it felt nice to use the body
for the purpose it was made for.
And that in a union blessed by God.
But Jackson was doing it too fast
in the beginning. That was the problem.
Sleep tight' Kristina.
You've got a long journey tomorrow. Good night.
-Ask who it is before you open.
-Who is it?
May I come in' good people?
-Is he Swedish?
-Yes. Thank goodness
-He must have been out in bad weather.
-Yes' it was terrible weather.
-Where have you come from?
-St. Paul. I walked here.
I'm completely exhausted.
Sit him down' let him dry off.
It's so nice to come into a nice
dry house a little while.
-He's bleeding ! Has he been hit?
-It's the mosquitoes' they were biting bad.
We are the Nilsson's.
Karl Oskar Nilsson' from Ljuder County.
Erland Trner is my name'
from Vderstad County in stergtland.
I see' stergtIand. Well' well. . .
Has he come here to claim land then?
No' I'm a priest in the Swedish church.
-He's a priest?
I come to you unknown my fellow countrymen.
I have an emigration license
which confirms that I'm. . .
We never doubted the father' not for a second.
Would the father like some dry clothes?
I'm sure Karl Oskar has some that will. . .
It almost feels like blasphemy to
dress a priest in this manner.
Well' it's a little big'
but nice and warm.
If the father will accept'
this is all we have.
May I ask. . .
Why has the father come to America?
-For the sake of the emigrants.
-For our sake? But who pays him?
No one' but good people
house me and feed me'-
-just like you have this evening.
Just the way you have taken care of'-
-I will be taking care of the souls
of my fellow country men.
Would the father perhaps honour us
with some bits out holy scriptures?
We have not been able to make our
confessions for more than three years.
Oi ! Oi' oi' oi !
And from that can draw
that sin is no joking matter
I have selected today's text from
the Deeds of the Apostles chapter 1 7.
''''And he let people of all kind' who all come
from one person' populate the whole world'''''-
-''''and he gave them set times''''-
-''''and lay out boarders to
their territories.''''
Excuse me' father.
God has determined how far and
how wide people should travel and flee.
I am speaking to you'
Swedish men and women-
-who have crossed a
third of the earths surface'-
-who have travelled from one
continent to another.
Me' poor sinful human. . .
. . .who has been born with sin. . .
. . .and who must suffer
all the days of my life. . .
Jesus Christ' whose body you are about to
-may he keep you in eternity. Amen.
Jesus Christ' whose body you are about to
-may he keep you in eternity. Amen.
Jesus Christ' whose body you are about to
-may he keep you in eternity. Amen.
Jesus Christ' whose blood you are about to
-may he keep you in eternity. Amen.
Look now' look now.
We all know how Jesus. . .
You mean Ulrika.
She is my best friend.
But your friend is married to the
Baptist preacher in StiIIwater!
-She has been re-baptised !
-I know' but that is her business.
Well' you should know: we are not
allowed to associate with heretics.
Don't let the woman into your house.
Don't open the door to her.
Mrs Jackson is an enemy of our faith.
It is only out of love we seek to warn you.
Brother Petrus. Does he know. . .
Does he know that he is speaking
of my best friend in America?
-Friendship blinds you.
-Spirits appear to be friends.
You cannot recognise the enemy of
the church in this Mrs Jackson because of it.
-Are you talking about Ulrika behind her back?!
-Poor child' what is she saying !
Be quiet. Put your wife in her place.
Help us talk some sense into her.
This is absurd.
You have nothing to do with Kristina.
She opens the door to whomever she chooses.
Don't you give orders in my house!
I don't need a guardian' nor does my wife.
At least that is cleared up!
Nelson' dear neighbour.
You must understand us. . .
You come over here wanting to
separate Ulrika and me.
You speak ill of her and accuse
her of evil doings.
You have forgotten the eight commandment' that
is how much of a Christian you are. Shame on you !
-Come' Petrus. We have come too late.
-Dear Kristina. . .
We came her today out of Christian love'
and you greet us with insults'-
-but I forgive you.
Heresy speaks through you.
Christian people must avoid this house'
until we can clean it.
Out! Get out of here!
Out' if it's too dirty for you.
''''Clean''''' you said. ''''until it
is cleaned'''' I will never forget this.
In this territory' 19 out of 20 men-
-lie alone at night whimpering till
moss grows on their rods.
Or you have to do as Samuel Njd did
and take one of the brown ones as your wife.
I could never go to bed with an Indian woman.
I am sure you would if you got desperate enough.
I'm sure there is nothing wrong with their
pussies' even if they are very small.
If you wrote a letter to the
Swedish Government'-
-maybe they could send over a shipload of
good' decent Swedish women.
And then we could swear' in writing-
-that we would rob them all of their
virginity the very day they arrived.
and then we could. . .
Or maybe possibly the second night at the latest.
If anyone had their virginity
intact by sunrise'-
-she would get a 1000 daler compensation.
If only I had my own oxen.
I could produce twice as much.
It is best if you get off.
Stomp properly!
No. No!
Move' you devil !
We'll soon be home' Johan.
Wrap up tight in your coat.
There you go.
Johan? Little Johan?
Johan !
There you go' Johan. Just so.
I'll be back soon.
Robert! Are you back!
You recognised me faster than Karl Oskar.
But he was still in the crib when I left.
And here is one more. This is Ulrika.
-You must be hungry?
-I'm mostly thirsty.
I picked up a cold on the steam boat.
-Where is Arvid? Isn't he with you?
-No' Arvid isn't with me.
-Where is he now' then?
-He stayed behind over there.
You've got to eat. You've got to finish it.
You're nothing but skin and bones.
Is your ear still painful?
Yes' it howls and aches in there.
If only you could hear the
things it tells me in the nights.
I should have had that crib with me
tot he gold fields.
Gold is treated like an infant.
You rock it back and forth till all
the sand and gravel is sifted out'-
-and the it lies there'
flashing on the bottom.
Where did you find the gold?
It was everywhere.
Sometimes in the strangest places.
Once in a washer boy.
One night he got a terrible stomach
cramp' screaming and twitching.
The next morning he was dead.
Then someone took out a knife
and opened him up'-
-and inside it shimmered of gold
He had been stealing nuggets.
Swallowing a pinch here and there.
He had thought it would come out the
usual way' but it hadn't.
He had swallowed gold for 4000 dollar.
-So that is how you find gold in California.
-That is terrible!
What dreadful things you have
lived through' Robert.
Did you hear that' Karl Oskar?
Robert' did you really find
gold in California?
-I'm satisfied.
-Is it true? I mean. . .
I have had my last landlord.
I have enough for the three of us.
Stop lying to us.
I can't stand to listen to this.
It's painful.
-You don't believe me' Karl Oskar?
-You know you don't have any gold.
No ones blames you for coming back without
it. we are only happy you're alive.
You think I'm lying.
Take that. It's as good as gold.
I took out some pocket money from the bank.
Keep the trousers. They're a gift.
. . .400' 450' 500' 550'
600' 650' 700' 750. . .
-Do we dare keep the money in the house?
-Who thins we have that kind of cash?
We got 1500 'riksdaler' for Korpamoen.
This is ten times as much.
I had a feeling Robert
wasn't lying this time.
-We can't be sure though.
-Do you still doubt him?
-The money could be fake.
-Do you think your brother is a forger?
It will be Ok when we get to California.
Arvid. Everything will be Ok
when we get to California.
Robert! Let's go home!
Robert' Let's go home!
Robert's sleeping.
Go out and play. Run along !
-We have our own parish' and a school.
-You brother is trusted here on America.
-Danjel and he are on the board.
-I have become a church deacon.
-So' you've become a church deacon?
-Without a church. But we are working on that.
We argued for a year about where to build it.
People here can't agree on anything.
They argue over the slightest details.
People have too little say in Sweden.
So' now they are making up for it here in America.
Are the kids learning English in school?
-DO you want to read a little for you uncle?
-Stand up' like you do in school.
''''A tall boy.
A beautiful book. Red apples.''''
''''I dress myself. She dresses herself.
We walk and talk together.''''
I don't understand half of it.
Mrta' sing for your uncle Robert.
-Sing the school song.
-yes' sing that one.
To school we go
and stand in row
with clean hands
and shiny faces
Ah' let us hear'
with an attentive ear
Everything that is thought
before it's too late
If we stand without posture
and walk around thoughtlessly
Things will turn out badly
and it will be our fault.
Ah' hurry and learn
and yearn for knowledge
For it is much better
than silver and gold
Arvid ! One of your donkeys has got loose.
We need to find it before he wakes up.
Don't exhaust yourself making your own clothes.
From now on you can afford to buy your dresses.
I'm not buying silk and velvet to begin with.
There are a thousand things I need more than that
-You are a good person' Robert.
-You've always been kind to me.
You've had a tough time over there.
It's a good thing you came out of it alive.
Alive. . .
You think I got out of it. . .
Why daren't you tell us that Arvid is dead?
That first night you told us Arvid
had stayed behind in the gold fields.
You didn't say he had lost his life.
Who doesn't loose their life over there'
do you think?
Everyone on the gold trail looses their life'
one way or another.
Why do you always speak in riddles?!
Why can't you just tell us the truth for once.
Your burning up! I think you have a fever.
At least we are brothers.
Why won't you tell me?
That first night when I got home
you said : ''''Stop lying.''''
I had started to tell you'
but you didn't believe me.
You said : ''''I know you've come home
without a nickel to your name.''''
Sit down' Robert. Sit.
Can't we be close again?
Why did you hide the watch?
Nobody thinks you have killed
Arvid and stolen his belongings.
Maybe your guess is correct.
Maybe it was me that killed Arvid !
Now your fantasising again.
One day he wanted to turn back' but I. . .
I can't take it any more. Leave me alone!
I can't stand it. . . forgive me!
Have you never been to a doctor?
-I'm 22 years old. I'm healthy.
-It could be something dangerous.
-It could be something fatal.
-Fatal. . .?
Kristina' you don't think I'm
afraid of dying do you?
Isn't everyone afraid of dying' Robert?
Not me. Death can't do anything to me.
Don't say such things!
Nothing that happens can touch me any more.
Neither good nor bad.
-And do you know why?
-No. Tell me' Robert.
Because I have accepted my destiny
That is all.
Do you understand what I am saying' Kristina?
I am not arrogant.
I would rather humble myself.
Accept what there is.
Here you have you pocket money back!
Use them next time you go to the loo!
Pick the shit up! I can manage without
your useless money.
Are you insane? Throwing away all that money.
''''Nothing worth''''' that's what the bank said.
They're not worth a shilling.
No' that can't be true.
Are you saying. . .?
Are you denying it' you devils liar?!
Your so full of lies they come
up to above your ears.
You have spread you lies'
but it ends here.
Why can't you speak to each other
like normal people.
I always thought the money was good.
It's called ''''wildcat money''''.
I told you that first night. . .
there we have it!
You knew. You admit it.
He knew it was ''''wildcat money'''''
just like they told me in the bank.
He did it on purpose.
Threw his filthy money at us. !
I had no intention of tricking anyone
Listen to me. . .
Shut your mouth ! And you're meant to be my brother
you god damn devils trickster.
To think one would have to go through
ones who life being ashamed of ones own brother.
-I would never think. . .
-I'll shut your lying mouth for you !
-Have you gone insane?!
-I was just going to shut his lying mouth.
Are you badly hurt?
No' I don't think so.
It's nothing
It's nothing. It's not even bleeding.
'Lier-mouth' doesn't bleed.
Now we are going to have a talk.
Tell me the truth' Robert.
Dear' sweet Kristina !
I had no intention of tricking anyone.
I didn't want to trick anyone.
I'm not lying. I didn't know.
Since I never touched the money.
For I was saving them for you and Kristina.
I'm sorry' Robert. I was out of it earlier'
can you forgive me?
I forgive you' Karl Oskar.
It is forgiven. Remember that.
You are my only brother' Karl Oskar.
But I would like to ask you to. . .
But it's too late now.
Too late for everything.
''''and to withdraw. . .''''
''''. . .for ever' all allegiance. . .''''
we better find out what that means.
-''''and fide. . .'''' what does that mean?
-Are you sure about that' Johan?
-Aren't we going to be Swedish any more?
-In Sweden we have been struck off the register.
We are American citizens now.
Imagine if I were to use the name they have
given me here ''''Chariest O. Nelson.''''
What do you think about that' Kristina?
I don't think so.
You may resign obedience to the Swedish King'-
-but if you change your name'
I will laugh at you' for that is vanity
Next time I get to vote for president
The American authorities have been gentle with us.
Maybe that is the right way to say it.
You always say things should be done
''''this way''''. It is ''''this way'''' !
Really? Oh well.
Yes' maybe your right.
Of course I'm right.
You just don't want to admit it.
You ''''closer'''' the door' ''''putter''''
in firewood and ''''putter'''' out the fire-
- when it really is to close the door'
put more firewood in and put out the fire.
Okay' okay. I better keep my mouth shut the
rest of the evening then.
Mother' listen to this: Last year
25.000 of Elias Howells"-
-''''sewing machine with wheel
were produced and sold''''-
-''''In America.''''
Doesn't mother want a sewing machine?
Dear Karl Oskar. Put in some more firewood
and I'll make us some supper.
I can't put it off any longer.
I am signing up' or they will draft me.
-You don't have to yet.
-I might well do.
They can start drafting
people on the 1st of October
Wait till then.
It is more honourable
to go of ones own free will
Are you going to war of your own free will?
If I could get away for an honourable price'
I wouldn't go at all.
In that way I would be dumping my
responsibilities on someone else.
Are you saying you are joining up
so you can have a clear conscience?
Yes' exactly. Yes' that's it.
What does you conscience tell
you about the fifth commandment?
Thou shalt not kill.
Yes' well' that doesn't apply to war.
-Where does it say that war is exempt.
-Doesn't a man have the right to defend himself?
That is what the other guy is saying as you
kill him ''''I have a right to defend myself.''''
Kristina' are you against me doing this?
I don't want your hands to kill anyone.
I don't want you to have to
live with the regret for eternity.
If you take the life of another'
you loose your own.
I don't want you to be lost afterwards.
I am thinking of your eternal life.
So' that's what you mean.
It will not be sin if I kill my enemy in war.
Not for God' nor for humans.
It's the slave owners in the south who started
this' we must be allowed to defend ourselves.
A Christian is not allowed to go
out and kill people.
But I have to.
For my peace of mind' Kristina !
I don't want you to become a murderer.
But if you must go' then go.
For your peace of mind.
Take a deep breath. Breath out.
You'll make a good soldier.
Get dressed.
Sir? Come back here.
Bend your knees.
Walk around the table.
Run !
I'm sorry' but you have a bad leg.
I'm sorry' it's a shame.
If I were a man I would be proud
not to be suited for killing.
Now you get to have me home
for as long as the war lasts.
Yes. . .
There are those that eat their own kids-
-when they have nothing left to live off.
The soldiers in Red Wood-
-showed me a bunch of gnawed up
skeletons of eaten Indian children.
But the stores were full of food.
The Indians food.
But the government didn't
want to listen to their claim'-
-so they are not allowed to eat their own food.
How can they just accept that?
What are they meant to do? Starve to death?
Or kill others?
-What ''''others''''?
-Well' have a guess.
Those how have stolen their
lands' of course.
-And who would that be?
-This entire country has been
stolen from the Indians
The whole country?
I haven't stolen any land.
I've paid the government for
every acre I've got.
Yes. . . but you bought stolen property.
Are you accusing me of dodgy dealings?
You acted honourable enough.
You acted in accordance with the law.
But that law was created after the fact'
after they had stolen the land.
and what did they pay them for the land?
One daler for 20 000 acres of
the most fertile soil in the world.
When I got here'
there was only wild grasses here.
Now there are crops that can sustain
us and others.
I earned the soil when I
ploughed and cultivated it.
Yes' but you had bought it cheap' Nelson.
Forgive me what I asked for this summer.
Because I didn't want any more children.
Now you have shown me you
wanted things differently.
You must exist' God.
Do you hear me? You must exist!
Of course your waiting for us' Karl Oskar.
We stayed too long.
Bu there we so many before us'
and when it was finally our turn'-
-a man who had had his nose
saw of came in.
His face looked like mince meat.
A shame with such a nice man.
-I'm going to make dinner.
-So' what did the doctor say?
We have plenty of time to talk about
this later. Kristina has had her examination.
-There is nothing really wrong.
-Well' does it hurt anywhere?
-You promised you would explain it to Karl Oskar.
-Yes' I did' my friend.
Come along' Karl Oskar' let's go into the
kitchen and talk about it.
Kristina is broken inside
And now she can't take anymore.
Not a single time more.
The next pregnancy will mean death for Kristina.
Now you've heard it' so now you know.
Literally the doctor said :
''''Next childbed will be her death.''''
So now you've heard it in English too
Your wife will be fine and healthy'
as long as you take good care of her.
Take care of Kristina' Karl Oskar.
And don't make her pregnant.
I'm sorry for you' having to sleep on
your own from now on.
-I'm no good anymore
-You health is the only important thing.
But I can't stand by you any longer.
I'm used up.
You heard me. The only important thing.
I'm a useless woman. You no
longer have a real wife' Karl Oskar.
I'm no good.
I've spoiled my health here.
Not everyone can take it
You have to stop drinking' Mnsson.
You're ruining everything.
I have ruined my mother'
is that what you mean' Nelson.
You're ruining yourself as well.
Stop drinking !
Have you ever even tried to stop drinking?
Every day for 10 years.
Then why can you stop?
Because. . .because I'm afraid. Afraid.
Afraid ! Afraid !
You can't. . . You can't. . .
Then what are you afraid of?
-Are you up?
-Are you ill' Kristina?
Then what is wrong with you?
I am coming back to you' Karl Oskar.
What are you saying?
I want to be your wife again.
I have come back to you.
Do you want me?
You don't know what you are doing.
You're rushing into this
Don't worry. I know what I am doing.
We can't risk your life.
Only the almighty controls my life.
It's too dangerous.
How can you dare do this?
Easy. I don't care about the doctor.
I'm putting my faith in God.
If I live it is his will.
If I die it is his will.
Karl Oskar' I am pregnant again.
Now don't be afraid.
Things have always worked out before.
Why wouldn't they this time.
I have worked it out. In February.
It is due in February.
So it was in May.
That very first time' I see that.
That's not so strange'
or what do you think?
Are the others Swedes?
-From Smland?
-From Smland.
Now they're running around in the potato field
little boy. . .
I think we are getting visitors.
Really? Do we know them?
Yes' they have been here before and been
given food. I will talk to them.
Satan !
-How close are they? Have you heard anything?
-No' nobody knows anything for sure.
At last nights meeting we agreed
that we were going to resist' use force.
They could be here at any time.
We don't have enough soldiers.
I can't come. Kristina is bedridden.
She's had another accident.
I can understand you wanting to stay home.
You've never been one to shit your pants in fear.
But you need to get the children to safety.
I'll see to it they leave with the others.
One should be spared war
when one has reached a certain age.
-We would be safest hiding on the island
-Don't' you trust God?
-He helps him who helps himself
-That is what I have always believed.
Lincoln has been to easy on them.
The heathens should have been driven off log ago.
The white man gives the red man the gospel'
and the red man repays it with a war axe.
Perhaps they would rather have
had bread than sermons.
Try swallowing that now.
Take this.
I though I would be allowed to keep it this time.
-I was so sure.
-Yes' but as long as you get well. . .
You shouldn't worry' Karl Oskar.
I'll be fine soon.
I know.
-They are ringing the church bells on a week day.
-It sounds like it.
-I wonder.
-Maybe they are ringing for someone who has. . .
-Don't worry' Karl Oskar.
-You remember what I told you.
-Yes' I remember. I know.
Karl Oskar. . .
-Is it morning already?
-Yes' but it is still early.
It's so quiet.
Is nobody but you up?
-Are all the kids sleeping?
-Yes' I think so.
-I've been asleep for a long time .
-Yes' you've been sleeping for a good while.
I was dreaming that I was winging in the ox reins.
We were at home in the barn
Do you want anything?
Just some water
Thank you.
My love' you must keep still.
You must lie still !
I'm not sick.
I'm just very tired
You're still too weak.
You must lie still.
Karl Oskar. . .
-You're here' Karl Oskar.
-I must have woken you.
-Was I whimpering?
-No' not a pip.
-I'm better now.
-Is that really true?
You don't have to sit by me' anymore.
Tonight you can sleep' Karl Oskar.
Look here.
Your glass apples are ripe.
Have you seen such a thing?
You have to taste our first apple.
This is the first apple
from your apple tree.
-Do you want to taste it?
-It feels so smooth.
-It is tender and ripe.
-It smells good.
Can you manage a bite?
Glass apples are so fresh.
-Where did you get that?
-From your apple tree outside.
It is the first apple we
have harvested from the tree.
I see it now.
-It's a glass apple!
-It sure is.
It tastes like our apples.
Like our apples at home!
I recognise it.
Our glass apples are ripe.
But I am home!
Kristina ! Stop!
Dear sister Lydia Karlsson
The glass apple tree has fruit.
I haven't recovered from Kristina's death.
God took her from me.
How can you ask me to forgive God after this?
Hurry up kids!
It's time for food.
''''Chicago Lake Settlement' Centre City
Minnesota the 20th of December 1890.''''
''''Mrs Lydia Karlsson'
Akerby in Ljuder County' Sweden.''''
''''Since I am an old neighbour
of your brother Charles''''''-
-''''he asked me on several occasions to write to
his sister in Sweden when he passed away.''''
''''Your brothers children have forgotten their
Swedish' and only write in English now.''''
''''I am hereby' on behalf of his children' informing
you that your brother's life has ended''''-
-''''on the 7th of December last year'
in the evening''''
''''At 9 o'clock he was up and
ate his evening meal''''-
-''''he washed' straightened himself out
and prepared himself for bed.''''
''''Thereafter he went to bed'
and at 11 o'clock his spirit was set free.''''
''''He passed away in his sleep.''''
''''Your brother Nelsons family''''-
-''''send you their heartfelt greetings.''''
''''I call for Gods blessing and eternal
peace over old motherland.''''
''''Kind Regards AxeI J. Andersson.''''