O2 (2020) Movie Script

Maria Dubrawska.
A Polish citizen.
Sit down.
I was invited to Moscow
by the Academy of Sciences.
I am an art historian and I work
- We know whom you're working for.
I don't understand
how this has
Feliks Kangur.
Head of Estonian Intelligence's department
gathering intelligence on the USSR.
Coordinating recruitment
of spies
and sending them here.
What now, Hannu?
Just arrived from our
Moscow guy.
A non-aggression agreement between
Germany and the Soviet Union?
This information is
for diplomats.
Read until the end.
What the hell
Comrade Kostrov?
How do you say, "Potato Republic"
in French?
"La Rpublique des pommes de terre",
Comrade Ambassador.
Excuse me for a moment.
Ivan, my love! I don't want
to go home yet
It's an
Its an emergency
- Not here.
Your wife is already attracting
too much attention.
Meeting place B,
in an hour.
Urgent message from Moscow.
Mr Ambassador!
A cryptogram from Berlin.
A secret protocol?
Hitler and Stalin divided Eastern Europe
between them.
Estonia and Finland will be left
to the Soviet Union.
Feliks, the war in Europe may be
a matter of days.
Paul Parik, O2
The President of the Republic, Konstantin Pts,
held a speech.
Another year has passed
peacefully in Estonia.
While the rest of the world
is full of tensions,
our small country has been
about our inviolability.
You have to protect me!
You promised! It's not just my life
you're playing with,
my wife's life is on the line, too!
What happened?
You have a double agent
in your department.
I'm done!
I could be exposed already.
The GRU resident reported
to the ambassador. I overheard.
Your traitor is panicking,
because his boss is on to him.
Did you hear his name?
It was some kind of code
I was nervous.
That's why you didn't hear.
Your blood pressure
is acting up.
You're laughing at me.
Comrade apologies, Mr Kostrov.
Your identity is not known to anyone
other than me and Colonel Saar
Souffler! - Souffler?
I remember.
They said, "Souffler".
Hello. - Mr Colonel,
from our Helsinki resident, Captain Kangur.
Have Major Kurg come here!
Ivan claims that a Russian mole
has infiltrated our intelligence,
codenamed Souffler.
And that he is panicking because his boss
has found out about him.
At the same time
our Head of Counter-Soviet Intelligence
Paul Parik falls down and dies.
Its not hard to connect
the dots here.
At ease.
Days such as today
are always hard.
The Souffler
is one of Pauls subordinates.
- How many did he have?
Peeter Parik.
Pauls younger brother.
Johan Sber.
Mattias Karits.
Jakob Jegorov.
And Andres Piirisild.
One of them
has to be the mole.
Until the mole has been captured,
I suspended all operations by Pauls men.
The Stalin-Hitler secret pact may be
launched any moment now.
We cannot be left in the dark.
In that case the mole would
feed us false information.
That would be even more dangerous.
An official internal audit
takes weeks.
But the former chief of Pauls
Feliks knows the suspects
like the back of his hand.
An intelligence officer with an impeccable
record suddenly steps down
and asks to be transferred to Helsinki
to be a mere resident!
And two years later,
we still dont know why.
What really happened?
We should trust the fate of our country
to the hands of such a man?
Put the gun down.
And sit.
I dont know what happened
two years ago, Feliks.
And perhaps it is none
of my business.
But you saw
the secret protocol!
War is at our doorstep.
But because of the mole
we cant get intel.
This is your chance, Feliks.
Your chance to get back
on your feet.
To catch the traitor
and avenge your friend.
The plane leaves
in 40 minutes.
And dont make me beg.
Youre not such a big shot.
The men are the same,
your former subordinates.
Only Pauls brother
joined later.
None of them can know
why youre really here.
Paul was already murdered
in broad daylight.
The Schnelli Park is not
on Pauls way home.
Why was he going that way?
- You should find out.
And the source who informed
about the traitor?
Ivan Kostrov, the number two
at the Soviet Embassy.
How did that happen?
His wife loves to gamble,
Ivan needed money.
He started stealing from
his embassy.
Why are you handling him
and not Pauls department?
You were already in Helsinki
and Paul had just started
Ivan has delivered us some
truly great leads.
What do you need for this
All the papers Paul left behind,
cases, source names.
One skilled specialist for surveillance
and hidden entry.
A proper car and money.
The safe apartment
is on the third floor.
I want to meet that
Ivan of yours.
I already had the food ready
Paul called and said he needs
to go somewhere first.
He didnt tell me where.
Please dont mind me asking:
was he drunk?
Lately, he didnt drink at all.
But he smoked.
Really a lot.
I told him, It is bad
for your health
Ill go make some coffee.
Will you come to the funeral
Of course. Thats why I came
to Tallinn.
Has anyone been here
after the accident?
Any of Pauls men?
- No.
Or wait
Someone has.
That handsome man.
Lieutenant Johan Sber?
Yes, him.
He was the one
who gave me the message
that Paul
The worst part is I knew.
That this was going to happen
one day.
Don't move!
Who are you?
Captain, Sir! 2nd Lieutenant Otsing,
announcing his arrival at the post.
The Major sent me.
Could I speak to Major Kurg
He is currently unavailable.
Would you like to leave a message?
How the hell did you
get in?
Undercover entry, surveillance,
What are these?
The files of the five suspected officers
and Captain Parik.
Where are you from?
- The proletarian district.
- The proletarian district.
Later, service. The streets
prepared me better.
Breaking into apartments?
Ludmila is not coming to Anton's
on the 6th. Got sick.
Captain Parik wanted
three of his men to be audited.
He was looking for a traitor?
- Perhaps.
Or maybe it was a routine check.
Peeter Parik, Pauls brother.
Johan Sber. He informed Edith
of Pauls death.
Meaning, he got into
the apartment.
Perhaps he wanted to get rid
of his tracks?
Andres Piirisild.
What about him?
He has already enjoyed
the paradise of communism.
Last time, he remained there
for too long
He got caught in Moscow
two years ago.
That means certain death.
But Andres was lucky.
The Russians agreed
to exchange him.
This concludes my overview
of the religious pictorial stories,
painted in medieval
Polish churches
or the so-called
Poor Man's Bibles
I am also planning to visit
Church of the Holy Spirit, here in Tallinn
where similar scenes
are decorating the balcony.
Finally, I would like to thank
the Professor
and hope you all enjoy
the rest of the conference!
We are ready to exchange
Andres Piirisild for our agent.
In about 10 days.
Exact time and place
will come next week.
I'll be right back.
Excellent presentation, Miss.
Especially the conclusion.
Maria Dubrawska,
from the University of Warsaw.
Feliks Kangur.
Also an art historian?
- Art lover.
And what do you
love especially?
The Renaissance
and the Flemish primates.
But some art historians
are also interesting.
Miss Dubrawska.
- Yes?
You brought me luck today.
Miss Excuse me, young man.
There's a car outside waiting
to take you to the hotel.
Hotel Palace is near
the main square
Load weapons!
My condolences.
- Hello, Feliks.
Can you grasp what is happening?
- What do you mean?
Pauls death.
Freezing all our operations.
At a time such as this?
Has he gone mad?
Major Kurg knows
what he is doing.
Something is happening beyond
the border, I can feel it.
This came in the morning.
From my best source
in the Leningrad Military District.
Ludmila is not coming to Anton's
on the 6th.
Got sick.
Skip the date, only read
the first letters in the words.
What does that mean?
- I dont know.
Probably a code name
for some operation.
How was Paul in his last days?
I thought perhaps he had
found something.
Asked me to get the list
of the Red Army s Pskov units officers.
What for?
- I dont know.
I dont think he told anyone
about it.
I had the feeling that
Perhaps he found a way
to get access to the Holy Grail.
The Holy Grail?
- The Red Army codebook.
With that we could monitor
all of their communications.
Operation Volcano.
The Russians may have
swayed Andres
already at Moscow prison.
We dont know
whos side he is on.
Focus on your assignment.
We are all waiting on you.
I give you three days.
What the hell was Paul doing
in that park?
The Red Army codebook would have been
the ideal bait to get him into that trap.
Come on now, you art lover!
The restaurant won't go
Falling into sin
Banishing from Paradise
The Kiss of Judas
It's not that simple.
If Judas hadn't betrayed Jesus,
he would not have been crucified and then
mankind would not have been redeemed.
Art history is full of artists
who have used this motif
What are you doing?
This is God's house
My father was a pastor.
He taught me how to fear God.
You shouldn't fear too much.
Johan has left home.
The coast is clear.
He moved into this building recently.
Paid a whole years rent in advance.
Dear Johan
Forever yours, Ilse.
I have never even held
such a sum.
He has a refrigerator!
In Finland, the ambassador
had a similar one.
4 Valli Street.
Have the photographs developed
and check out that
4 Valli Street.
Im gonna go talk to the source
who told us about the mole.
Please, let me.
Very good, Ivan!
Move your legs!
You're doing good.
- Yes? - Yes!
No problem? - No.
What will you have, Sir?
- Something strong.
We dont serve alcohol.
Then get me
a strong lemonade.
Are you ready?
Yes. It was great.
You know very well I am quite agile.
Go tomorrow.
Or don't go at all.
I've been postponing it for
for three days.
The organisers of the Moscow
conference are already upset
that I'm arriving at the
very last minute.
I will be back home
in a week
No way
I also have some business
in Warsaw then!
Linda Ahven.
Estonian Championships. 2nd place.
because you don't keep
your eyes on the ball!
How could I? You know where
my eyes are. - Stop it!
Same time next time?
- Exactly so, Miss Linda.
Feliks. Your new contact.
What have you found out
about Souffler?
Talk, Mr Kostrov.
The water is running out.
Your colleague's killer
is still hiding in Tallinn.
He'll be taken out
of the country tomorrow.
GRU special forces.
He knows who your mole is.
He killed Paul
on Souffler's orders.
Hes hiding in the Proletarian district,
36-4 Noole Street.
He beat us.
Who? - The mole.
Trying to cover his tracks.
I checked out that
4 Valli Street address.
Wrote down the names
of the residents.
Kaitsa, Tamm, Aasme, Klyukina
And there he was,
completely naked.
Standing on the table,
everybody clapping
Everyones so joyous
and laughing.
Dear me, I forgot the cigarettes.
You go in first.
Came for a dance?
You went to my apartment?
What the hell is going on?
Would you explain
why do you have the address
of the Soviet diplomat Ivan Kostrov?
Not Kostrov, Kostrova!
Tatyana Kostrova. I was supposed
to get acquainted with her.
On whos orders?
- Cant you recognise Pauls handwriting?
Tatyana is the miserable wife
of that diplomat.
Drinks a bit too much.
Isnt lucky with gambling.
Paul thought she might
get lucky in love.
But it didnt happen. Major Kurg
cancelled that operation.
Ordered me to stay away from Kostrova.
I dont know why.
Let us assume I believe you.
Then there is only one possible reason
Paul decided to have you investigated.
Internal audit.
It seems that some funds
meant for sources
have gone missing.
Will you report?
- Not just now.
I might still need you.
One, two, three
four, five
six, seven
eight, nine, ten!
War! War!
German forces crossed
the Polish border!
94 bombings on
Polish cities!
This call was placed
50 minutes ago.
Pariks apartment.
- Edith, its me.
How are you?
Paul Pariks widow and
his younger brother Peeter.
I so wish Paul would come
back home.
They talk about funeral costs
and Peeters mother.
But this here.
Could I go to your
summer cottage?
I need to be alone right now.
Just sit on the beach
Of course you can. When?
Ill come take the keys.
This is the first time any of the five
is planning to leave Tallinn.
Stop, or I'll shoot!
Put the gun down, Peeter!
You are surrounded!
Dont shoot!
We are on the same side!
What the hell were you
thinking, Hannu?
But what was I
supposed to do?
You were suddenly gone from Helsinki
and I couldnt get in touch with Paul
I didnt know that he
Then I remembered
that Pauls brother
was also one of your guys.
I had a hell of an urgent issue.
The kind that can only be
delivered personally.
What issue?
A memo from one of
our sources,
outlining the Red Armys
invasion plan.
Invasion of Poland?
- No, my friend.
The invasion of Estonia.
Code-named Volcano.
But this is a total war
They are gathering troops
at our borders.
Someone should have given us
this intel a long time ago.
Yes, this is Johan Sber.
- Do not make plans for tonight.
I have already picked
someone for you.
Yes, Ill be right there, dear,
my mothers calling.
Yes? - The miserable wife
of that Russian diplomat.
Tatyana Kostrova.
You will meet her at last.
Special issue!
The Soviet Union has also
attacked Poland!
Special issue!
The dance hall has been opened
for over an hour.
Thats Tatyana!
Dont get too carried away.
Just get acquainted.
When shes leaving,
call the apartment.
To make sure
the coast is clear.
It shouldnt be long now.
The stage is yours,
Mr Specialist.
We are always lying.
God forbid someone
finds out
When will it all be over?
Soon. Everything's almost
in place.
Thank you.
It was supposed to be
a surprise.
Things are getting
out of hand.
In Estonia
and everywhere else.
That's the only safe place.
Hide these.
They're more secure with you
than with me.
When do we go?
Soon. Very soon.
We'll have time for one more turn,
then I really have to go
otherwise my wife might
get home
But my backhand
has improved.
Idiot. - What?
You're an idiot!
You are a fantastic dancer.
- Thank you.
I think I already said that
I envy your husband.
He is so lucky.
My husband
You're welcome.
- What an extraordinary reaction.
But I can't even hold a glass.
Means it's time to go home.
I am very sad.
Goodbye. - Goodbye.
Could I make a call, please.
Captain Kostrov?
Is everything alright?
Comrade Zorin
A housewife with
gambling problems
and a diplomat
who needs money.
They deceived me
for two years!
Played husband and wife.
- Daddy!
You were smoking!
I wasnt! - You were!
But you say that lying
makes your nose grow!
Sweeties, lets go inside!
I understand this
setup now.
They hit two birds
with one stone.
Killing Paul debilitated
the Estonian intelligence services.
And Ivan made us chase
a traitor.
A traitor who never existed.
In the cover of all this, they started
with Volcano.
And the GRU agent who murdered Paul
was killed and burned. For credibility.
One man is worth nothing
in this game.
We truly are completely
If Paul really had found a way to get
the Red Armys codebook
then GRU knows
nothing about it.
- This is our chance.
We could listen in on their communications
when the attack starts.
We would always be a step ahead
of the Russians.
167th Pskov Shooter Regiment
The one I was talking about
in the cemetery.
Pskov Shooter Regiment officers.
And they all have access
to the codebook?
Paul thought one of them
could get it for him.
But why?
Is that all?
I am not a suspect anymore?
In that case, Ill try to re-establish
contact with my Leningrad source.
- You got me out of that hell-hole.
That is the only damned thing
that truly matters, Feliks.
Welcome back,
Lieutenant Piirisild.
Andres! - Paul.
Damn, I was afraid theyd pull
the plug at the last minute
when they arrested a Polish woman
who came from Tallinn a few days ago.
Accused her of spying on our behalf.
- Thats rubbish! - Of course it is.
The NKVD gave her
a death sentence.
It was carried out
last night.
Go tomorrow?
Or don't go at all?
I will be back home
in a week.
I don't even know you,
but I already miss you.
with Cellarius from the
German intelligence services
On August 22nd, Andres gave Paul
the list of Red Army officers.
And thats it.
On the 23rd,
Paul took a day off
and, on the 24th,
he is dead.
A day off? Paul?
He was in Narva.
He came back on the night train.
Of course he didnt tell me.
I had to clean his suit.
Took me half the night
to get the fuzz off.
It was just some kind of
white fluff.
Yes, we do have a Bazarov.
He is a mechanic in the
second spinning mill
and he is on the
night shift today.
That is Bazanov.
Kirill Kozlov.
Heres his address.
I didn't kill him.
But I was there.
I brought what that damned
Paul Parik wanted.
I saw how he was hit on the head
and thrown down the stairs.
But the secret that he wanted
to pay you for?
Estonia is full of men who fought
against the Bolsheviks.
I am not an exception.
Many refugees have left their
families in Soviet Russia.
Your son is in the
Red Army
Show me!
This is what he wanted
to buy from me.
And what is he now?
A lieutenant?
- Are you kidding?
A major!
Son of the enemy of the state.
Old Kozlov doesnt know
that hiding your identity
in the Red Army is sure to get you
a death penalty.
Pauls plan was good, we could
already have had the codebook.
The attack can start
any minute.
We need to access the Russians
communications! - How?
The entire border
is filled with Soviet troops.
No one can get through.
Ivan can.
Good day, miss!
We havent met yet.
Feliks Kangur. I was rooting for you
at the Championship Finals.
That is very nice.
Linda Ahven.
Only missed by a little.
Hello, Ivan!
You must've accidentally booked
two games at the same time.
Forgive me, Miss Linda!
Indeed. I forgot.
I promised to play one game
with Mr Kangur.
Can we start a little later?
Whatever the gentlemen wish.
Why did you come here?
This is the only place
I can find you.
Except for Linda's bed,
of course.
Don't you moralise me!
I am risking my life.
Weren't Tanya's gambling
debts enough?
Those debts are nothing
for a double agent.
SWISS PASSPOR Well played comrade.
What do you want?
The Red Army codebook.
Why not the phone numbers
of Stalin's lovers?
A Pskov officer's father
fought against the Reds
in the Russian Civil War.
You know what they do
to a traitor's son.
We have proof.
We can get the codebook
through him.
And you really believe that I have
access to him?
Don't you see what's
really going on?
Why your Foreign Minister was called
to Moscow today?
They will politely ask him
to let the Soviet Union set up
military bases in Estonia.
The government would never agree
to such an ultimatum.
Then we'll begin
Operation Volcano.
The result will be the same -
only bloodier and more painful.
You don't know this yet, Ivan,
but you've been bloody lucky.
You knew you were putting Linda
in danger because of your feelings.
But you couldn't give her up.
You hoped to find a way out
if something were to happen.
But look where you are.
You still have a chance
to save her.
Save the future
you have together.
Bring me the codebook
and I will get you both
out of Estonia.
Feliks hasn't contacted
you today?
Start packing.
New orders came from Moscow.
We have completed our mission.
The Estonian government
has signed.
The Red Army will meet no resistance
when entering the country.
Yes, Mr Commander in Chief.
167th Pskov Shooter Regiment
The codebook operation has been cancelled.
The Red Army is already in Estonia.
I have to get that codebook.
By the way, the Finns have declined
Stalins ultimatum.
We are through.
But the Finns
are going to fight.
I hid them with
my underwear!
Calm down. It's okay.
Our passports are safe.
But how?
- We have to leave today.
So suddenly?
- Yes.
No I haven't even
Our troops have crossed
the Estonian border already.
What does that matter?
They are Soviets - like you.
You don't understand.
They would never let
us leave.
Call Hannu in Helsinki.
Let him get a plane and have him
pick us up in three hours.
If we get caught, the service
wont acknowledge us.
Captain, Sir?
I am thinking about your background,
where youre from
And the reign of the proletariat
that is ahead.
You dont have to risk
your future.
I am an Estonian officer,
just like you are.
Did you call ahead?
The White Guardsman's son
is waiting for us already.
State your business!
- Ivan Kostrov.
From the Soviet Embassy
in Estonia.
I have an appointment with
Major Kozlov.
Verify - Ivan Kostrov.
Major is expecting him.
- Let him through!
Ivan Kostrov!
Come inside, comrade diplomat!
Kozlov, Nikolai Kirillovich.
- A pleasure. - Leave us.
Where's the photo?
Where's the codebook?
I'm busy!
It's Krinski,
I just need a moment!
Comrade Major, can we let the band
rehearse now
or should they keep helping with the cleanup?
- Let them rehearse.
Comrade Kostrov!
What a pleasant surprise!
- Hello!
Weren't you and Tatyana returning to Moscow today?
- We're leaving tomorrow.
The embassy sent me to assess
your need for fuel in the winter.
How much wood and oil
Thats good! We have to keep
our toes warm.
Give my best to Tatyana.
- Of course.
6.8 litre engine,
150 horsepower,
top speed 160 km/h.
When you accelerate
on a straight track,
you feel how you're pressed
into the seat.
Vehicle dislocation is completed.
This is Lieutenant Krinski.
Put me through to Tallinn,
to comrade Kostrova.
Hello, Tatyana. Krinski here.
Well, there's my boss.
Yes. He's here.
Told me he's here on the
embassy's orders
Yes, Ma'am!
Thank you. Goodbye.
I got it.
Kozlov! Stop him!
Stop him!
Alarm! Guards!
Block his way!
Stop, you bastard!
We're in the same
boat now.
In the same Lincoln.
What will you do there?
Linda will start winning
all Swiss Championships.
And you?
Yodelling on the snowy
mountain peaks?
You alright? - Yes. You?
- I'm okay.
Be bloody careful.
Things got a little
out of hand.
Next stop - Switzerland, Mr
Mr de Sainte-Colombe.
There is a fishing port nearby.
Ill take the car there.
As if you had gone
by sea.
Thank you for excellent service,
2nd Lieutenant Otsing.
Theres no time,
leave it!
The passports!
Go! I'll make it.
We got the codes, but
Wheres Ivan?
- The passports...
Take her inside.
- Engines on!
Take him away!
Feliks! Do it!
Feliks! I beg of you!
Lets go!
- Full speed ahead!
Damn it!
You know I am not
I am.
I believe in you.