O2 (2022) Movie Script

Good morning, Parvathy!
I'm surprised to see everyone
made it on time today.
Today we're going to learn about
plants' sensory systems and responses.
Let me switch on the speaker.
Codariocalyx motorius.
It's a tropical Asian shrub.
It has got another name too.
Does anyone know?
Dancing plant?
Before the inception of music
on Earth,
these plants could react to sound.
It could sway its leaves
and dance to sound.
How they could do it is a mystery
that even scientists couldn't crack.
Mom! Mom!
Very interesting, ma'am.
If a plant could dance,
just in case,
could it fall in love too?
Because Prithvi has been single
for some time now.
-So, I'm trying to set him up.
-Oh, God!
Not sure if plants can fall in love.
But research says it can kill.
In 1975, a village in Africa
was affected by famine.
During that period the deer there
were deprived of grass,
so they began eating the leaves
of the acacia plant.
After a while,
that became the staple of the deer.
These plants slowly began
to die out.
Fearing they'd go extinct,
the acacia plants
turned their leaves poisonous
and killed thousands of deer.
So, what does it prove?
Nature takes the most ruthless form
when she's threatened.
The deer were killed because
they ate the shrubs
for their survival.
Then what would happen to humans
who have destroyed
the ecosystem mercilessly?
No mother would stay calm
when there's a threat to her child.
That applies to Mother Nature too.
-Ma'am, are you all right?
Ma'am, what happened?
Veera! I'm sorry, dear.
What happened?
Hold on a minute. I'll be back.
Hold on, Veera.
Veera, come on wear it.
-Don't worry. Come on, look at me.
Try... Try to whistle, Veera.
Remember what Mr. Genie said?
-When breathing becomes difficult...
...we should whistle.
We should whistle.
That's it. That's my boy.
Calm down.
11343 Kulandaiswamy from Kudiyalur.
Here you go, sir.
Hereafter, make sure
you don't get into any trouble.
-I hope you'll follow what I said.
-Sure, sir.
Thank you, sir. I'll take my leave.
Sir, usually you advise and yell
at them, asking to mend their ways.
-What was he sentenced for?
-He's an unlucky man.
He was sentenced to 14 years
for no fault of his.
The law declared him a criminal,
but all he wanted was to prove
to his mother that he's innocent.
He managed to survive
inside the prison.
Not sure how he'd survive
in the outside world.
-Sir, I need to talk to you.
-Go ahead.
Sir, I'm pursuing medicine
under merit.
I'll graduate next year.
Also, I'll get a job right away.
I've been meaning to talk to you
for some time.
But I heard you've started looking
for a groom for Mithra.
Mithra and I have been in love
since our school days.
-I'll take good care of her.
-Bloody hell!
-Don't do it!
-Hey, get up. Get up, damn it!
How dare you come to us
asking for her hand in marriage?
-Please hear me out.
-You're not worthy of it.
-Bloody dog, get out!
-Get back inside.
You and I belong to
different communities.
If I see you again,
I'll slit your throat.
Get lost!
Usually, I'm very careful.
But sometimes it happens
beyond my control...
I feel...
The surgery is scheduled
for next week. This is a bad omen.
Hey! Stop talking nonsense.
Accidents happen.
Don't consider them as bad omens.
Parvathy, you need to be strong.
If you panic,
then what would your child do?
Once Veera's surgery is successful,
wait and watch,
he'll be like other kids.
Do you think so, Meera?
Just like this, we waited
for my husband too.
In the end, you know what happened.
What if that happens to Veera too?
Come on, Parvathy.
Goutham's situation was different.
That's not the case with Veera.
He's on the top of the list.
Everything will turn out fine.
Please don't stress about it.
Listen, Parvathy...
Ravi Prathap, who did a doctorate
in cystic fibrosis,
is going to perform surgery on Veera
in Cochin.
I've already discussed
Veera's case with him.
He said
he'll take care of him personally.
-Thank you, Meera.
-Don't mention it.
Veera, let's go.
Say bye to Doctor.
-Go safe.
Veera, what happened?
Why do you look sad?
Tell me about it. Come on, say it.
My friend Keerthy
overheard her parents
saying that I have
only a 50% chance of survival.
Does that mean I'll be going
where Dad went?
Veera, they have no idea
what they're talking about.
Once the surgery is complete,
you'll be cured.
I don't want to go where Dad went.
I feel happy
staying right here with you.
I'd like to stay with you, Mom.
even if it's God's will,
I won't let you go.
Mom will always be with you.
You are the moon
That blossomed in my womb
You are the ensuing dream
That lives in my eyes
Nothing is complete
In this world
Black and white are the colours
Of the eyes
The search for a storm turned into
A soothing breeze today
Breath, oh, breath
The search has ended here!
We will witness dawn together
Breath, oh, breath
You will get your life breath
From the breeze
That sweeps by you!
You are the form of beauty
You are the icon of my life
You are the smile that blooms
In the corner of my lips
You are the poem
That's being written
You are the meaning of my life
You are the dream
That occurs during my sleep
There is no other relationship
Like ours
We are the birds that fly high
Without any limitations
I am going to feel the moment
Of your birth again
Hey, Veera...
Mom, call from Uncle.
-Sis, I just met the doctor.
They need to collect
tissue samples from Veera.
They'll have him under observation
for 3 days and then surgery.
Since the weather is bad out here,
cabs have cancelled their services.
I booked bus tickets. I hope
you'll manage and travel safe.
-Sure, I'll manage and be there soon.
One minute, Veera.
I take it that you have
everything in order out there.
I'll handle it. Don't worry.
-Okay. Thank you. Bye.
-Mom, enough. Give me the phone.
I did nothing but got booked
under a case.
You never listen, do you?
Sir, it's been long since we met.
Seems like you're very busy.
Tell me...
Nowadays, there's no difference
between a criminal and a cop.
I know to spot the difference between
a fanged and defanged snake.
You have not changed a bit.
I'll get straight to the point.
Remember the raid
where you seized stolen powder?
I got a great offer.
They're offering 8 crore.
Hello? Hello, sir?
-Hey, get out.
Hey, how can I trust you?
Sir, shall we hire a lawyer
and draw a contract?
-I was just kidding.
And when?
Arrive at Palakkad tonight
by 10:00 p.m.
Get there as usual.
I'll explain the rest of the process
once you get here.
I'm hanging up.
Veera, hurry up!
Hold on, I'm coming!
-Take care of the house.
-Sure, ma'am.
-Water the plants.
-I will water them.
I'll transfer the payment
once I reach Cochin.
Sure, ma'am.
Let's go.
-Give me that.
-Why do you need this?
This is my friend.
Pepper mummy is the greatest.
You're just like your mother.
-Let's go.
I'm leaving. Take care.
Ma'am, you're going for your son.
Everything will be fine.
-Go safe.
Mom, do you have the bus ticket?
Yes, I have it with me.
Shall we go?
Hey, be gentle.
You might scratch it.
-Get down now.
-Here I come.
Do you know the duties of a cleaner?
To check if all the passengers
are seated before the departure.
You're wrong.
To be an excellent company
to the driver.
Once again, you're wrong.
I wonder what it is.
Perhaps hospitality?
Hey, it's cleanliness.
A cleaner is supposed to keep
everything clean.
Perhaps cleanliness may not
put food on the table.
But cleanliness will fetch us
a 5-star rating.
The passengers are about to arrive.
You clean the bus. I'll go
to the office and get back soon.
Okay, you please carry on.
-Is this the 4:00 p.m. bus to Cochin?
The cleaner is cleaning the bus.
You can board after he's done.
Greetings, boss.
You'll be taking
the new route today.
Moreover, it's raining cats and dogs
in Kerala.
I hope you'll make it in time.
Boss, how's it possible to complete
a 6-hour trip in 4 hours?
There are drivers who have completed
the trip in 3 hours.
Shut up and hand me the bill.
Sir, you can board now.
Boss, about the advance...
-How much do you need?
An advance should be a small amount
from the salary.
But you're asking
for your entire salary.
I have to pay the school fees.
You should've thought about it
before you had 3 children.
Or at least you should've
admitted them to a cheaper school.
You had children but are asking me
for the money to raise them.
Fine, I'll pay you.
But only after you finish the trip.
At 2% interest.
Stop staring and get to work.
I'm not an MLA now.
I'm an ex-MLA.
And you're not an MLA's assistant.
But an ex-MLA's assistant.
We're not on vacation
celebrating our victory.
I've sold all my properties
hoping to win the next election.
Get that into your head.
Chief, that doesn't mean you don't
have money even for petrol.
The astrologer said it's unlucky
for me to travel by car.
Sit down.
-I'll get something to drink.
-Go ahead.
-Maarut Travels to Cochin?
-Yes, sir.
I've boarded the bus, sweetie.
It's been a very bad day.
-Have all the passengers boarded?
-Yes, everyone is on board.
Okay, sweetie, phone's low on charge.
I'll speak to you later.
Praise the Lord.
The sky has come to my door
Alluring me with its fragrance
My search for life
Come on, get down.
Gives me meaning
Embracing me just like that
Light is residing
Inside darkness
Paths will be revealed slowly
One by one
Mom, I'm going to play.
Okay, play.
please don't mind me asking.
What happened to your son?
Since he was a baby,
he has had a lung condition.
He can't breathe normally as we do.
Until I turned six, I couldn't walk.
Kids in my town used to tease
and call me handicapped.
But my mother took me
to every hospital she could.
In the end, she made me walk.
Even if the God deprives you
of something,
if a mother decides,
she can go to any length.
Don't you worry, my dear.
Soon you'll be cured, okay?
A change will happen in the heart
On its own
The directions hitherto unopened
Will be opened by love
Yes, it will
Sir, turn left.
Stop right here.
-Let's go.
-Second seat from here.
Keep moving.
Sure, you can board.
-Just the two of us. He'll leave.
-Okay, happy journey.
-Once you reach, call me.
-Sure. Go safely.
Could you please be careful with it?
Okay, madam.
-Be careful.
Let's get dissolved in water
Come, let us laze around
In the lap of nature
Whether it is the raindrop
Or the prickling heat
Mom, I want the window seat.
Fine, go ahead.
The travel sings a lullaby
Veera, move your leg.
Between the legs
Time runs
Under the shadow of love
Life keeps going
A change will happen in the heart
On its own
The directions hitherto unopened
Will be opened by love
Yes, it will
On its own
Hey, the police are asking
to pull over.
I'm pulling over.
You take out the documents.
Pull over the vehicle.
-Heading to Palakkad?
-Yes, sir.
Sir wants to board.
Do you have a seat?
Yes, there's a seat.
Please ask him to come.
-Please show him to his seat.
-Okay, sir.
Hello, sir.
Sir, the entire last row is empty.
Looks like he's feeling cold.
Chief, is this enough?
What about water?
Shucks, it's an insult to add water
to scotch.
Here you go, Veera.
Have some water.
-Mom, for my friend too.
Sir, I hope you picked up the stuff
and are en route.
I'll be there on time
as we discussed.
The client is very keen
as the product is pure.
The client will arrive
exactly at 10 o'clock.
If we're not present
at the promised time,
the client will get suspicious
and kill us both.
They're extremely dangerous.
Hey, I'm well aware.
Shut up and hang up.
Come on, hurry up.
Hurry up!
Put it inside the bag.
-I'll get it when the bus stops.
-He looks sleepy.
Wow! It's reclining all the way.
Are you planning to lie on my lap?
Get up, damn it!
Mom, check out the stars.
Naughty fellow!
Look, there's a naughty star
just like you.
My sweetheart!
Hey, move forward!
Hey, it's been so long
and we haven't moved an inch.
-You're right.
-Check what's happening.
Mom, call from Uncle.
-Tell me, Sadhu.
-Sis, where are you?
We're stuck in traffic.
Not sure what happened.
The bus has not moved at all.
I think we will be late.
It's pouring out here too.
Otherwise, everything is fine.
I've made all the arrangements.
They've asked to admit Veera
by tonight.
Once you reach
I'll take you to the hospital.
Okay, you guys get here safe.
I'll wait at the travel agency.
Call me once you reach.
Okay, I'll call you
once I arrive at Cochin.
-What happened, brother?
-Traffic jam, sir.
Looks like it'll take
another 3-4 hours.
Stupid people toppled a vehicle.
Oh, kids! Sorry.
Brother, there has been
a major accident ahead.
It'll definitely take
another 4-5 hours to clear.
We're running late.
Boss had asked me to reach sooner.
Call the boss.
There's been an accident
on the way to Cochin.
Will you guys be late?
-It should take 4-5 hours to clear.
-Are you serious?
-What do we do?
-Give the phone to the driver.
Sure. Here you go!
Tell me, sir.
Except for Cochin passengers,
ask the others to get off the bus.
I'll send another bus for them.
Instead of waiting, take another route
and reach Cochin as soon as possible.
You need to be at the VIP's wedding
for the pick-up in the morning.
Sure, boss.
Is he asleep?
He is.
I'll go first. Then you follow me.
Not now!
Is the route to Palakkad clear?
There's heavy traffic
at Walayar check post.
It's impossible
to go to Palakkad now.
I have to go to Cochin.
Is there an alternate route?
Take an U-turn.
Take the road going towards Chavadi
and go left.
From there you can go to Cochin.
Thanks, brother.
People heading to Palakkad
and Trichur, please get off here.
-The bus will head directly to Cochin.
-Why? What happened?
There's heavy traffic
due to a major accident.
The traffic jam extends
to Walayar check post.
-For now, the bus can't go there.
-Damn it!
The company has arranged
another bus. You can take that one.
-When will we reach Cochin?
-It'll take 3-4 hours.
This sucks!
Cochin passengers stay back.
Others please get down.
Traffic. Not sure what happened.
I repeat, passengers going to Palakkad
and Trichur, please get off here.
The company has arranged
another bus. You can take that one.
Keep moving. Get off the bus.
-It's going to take longer, dear.
Sir, it's nearby.
If you keep heading straight,
you'll find our company's van.
Show them your ticket
and board that van.
Nothing, dear. You continue playing.
Brother, I'll help you reverse.
Drive ahead and then reverse.
Keep reversing.
Now swerve a bit to the right.
That's about it.
All aboard. We can go!
Hey! Hey, stop the bus!
Damn it!
Bad day!
Hey, driver open the door!
-I said open the door.
-Check who it is.
Who the hell is it?
I said open the door.
-Sir, sir, sir!
Why didn't you stop the bus
at Palakkad?
-Sir, sir, sir...
-Sir, let go of him.
-Why didn't you halt?
-Sir, let go of him!
-There was a huge traffic jam.
-Where are you headed now?
Sir, we turned around from Walayar.
Sir, it's not his fault.
Sir, I did announce
about the traffic jam.
And the bus won't go to Palakkad.
Sir, you should've got off the bus
when he announced.
Not happening.
Turn the bus around.
Sir, that's not possible.
-Management-- Sir! Sir!
-How dare you?
-You better turn around.
-Let him go. I'll turn around.
Sir, I'll turn around.
Please take your hands off him.
-Stop beating him.
-Turn around!
I can't turn around immediately.
I'll have to go ahead a bit to do it.
Sir, please let go of him.
Sir, please get back to your seat.
You get back inside.
I'll call you when we arrive.
Call the boss.
Hurry up and call him.
Just because he's the police
doesn't mean he can beat me.
What happened?
Brother, what's wrong with you?
We hit a rock!
Yes. Inform the passengers.
Oh, no!
Dad, are you hurt?
Son, drive carefully.
Nothing to worry.
It's just a small rock.
We'll turn around quickly.
To hell with the rock.
My neck is hurting, damn it!
What the hell?
It's so huge. How did it get here?
Sir, we can't move this rock.
It's better you reverse
and turn around.
Then we can proceed.
Keep reversing.
Brother, when will the bus
from Coimbatore arrive?
Sir, due to heavy rains,
there's a huge traffic jam.
Already 20 buses are late.
Please wait.
The mobile number you have dialled
is currently not reachable.
Are you hurt?
I'm not getting a signal.
Oh, God, what have I done?
Hey, Kumar!
Hey, Kumar!
Hey, Kumar!
-Nothing to worry, dear.
-Get up, damn it!
I'm right next to you.
Did you get hurt?
Look at me. Look at me, dear.
-Don't cry, dear.
Don't worry, Veera.
Perhaps he passed out
because he had too much to drink.
he's dead.
Hey! What the hell are you saying?
-He's dead, sir.
-Please check properly.
-He is dead, sir.
-Is he really dead?
-Sorry, sir.
Please stop the vehicle.
Brother, I got off the bus...
Feel free to speak in Tamil.
I know Tamil.
That's great.
Could you please drop me in Cochin?
I'm headed to Cochin.
Hop on; I'll drop you.
Hush... Dad, listen.
Ask for 500.
Pay me 500. I'll drop you.
Shrewd kid.
Do you have Google Pay?
Oh, no!
Recline your seat.
It's hurting!
Oh, God! It's hurting like hell.
Please bear with me.
Damn it!
-Dad, look at me.
-Ma'am, let me help you.
Dad, please look at me.
Ma'am, I'm a final year
medical student.
-I can handle it.
What are you doing here?
I asked, what the hell are you
doing over here?
-Tell me!
Were you going to elope with him?
-Tell me! Tell me!
-Sir, don't beat him.
Tell me!
-Sir, please let go of him.
-Bloody people!
-Don't beat him.
-Come on, tell me!
-Tell me, damn it!
-I said stop it!
-What's wrong with you?
-It's hurting.
There's a dead man
and another is wailing in pain.
At this moment, your family problems
are not important!
Listen... please help him.
-Son, please do something.
-Dad, I'm really sorry.
Get lost! Don't you dare touch me!
Don't touch me.
Sir, please bear with me
for a moment.
That's it.
It's not about the wound, ma'am.
It's hurting, son.
His ribs are fractured.
What do we do?
Can you bring me some cloth?
Bring me that cloth.
-That's it, sir. Almost done.
-Hopeless people!
-Here you go.
-Oh, God, no!
It's hurting like hell.
Oh, no, it's burning!
We can't keep him here for long.
He needs medical attention.
We have to take him
to the hospital right away.
-If not--
-Are you conducting a class here?
How do you propose we escape?
Everything happened suddenly.
We are buried deep under the sand.
-I hope someone comes to rescue us.
-No one's coming!
-We'll have to rescue ourselves!
-How's it possible?
If we try to escape,
we may disturb the sand above us
and that will put us in danger!
It's wise to wait for help.
Obviously, you don't care.
You'll elope with the old man's
daughter and enjoy your life.
That's not the case with us.
Stay within your limits,
or I'll beat you up.
-Don't create problems.
-How dare you?
How dare you lay your hands
on a police officer?
-Sir, please don't fight.
-I'll kill you, damn it!
-Let go of him.
-Don't mess with me.
-Take your hands off.
-I said, take your hands off.
-How dare you?
-Let go, damn it!
I'll knock you down.
Stop it!
-Why are they fighting, Mom?
-Let go.
Mom, ask them not to fight.
How dare you mess with the police?
Don't fight. Listen, I said let go.
Hey! I said let go.
Come on, let go.
Let go of him!
Hey, I said stop fighting!
Let go of him.
Could you all stop fighting?
I said please stop fighting!
Please stop fighting!
We are trapped here.
The landslide has buried us
under sand,
and there's no way for air to enter.
To be honest...
we all are buried
inside a huge coffin.
Every minute we're here
is similar to tying a plastic bag
around our necks.
As the air depletes,
we'll have difficulty breathing.
Even to stay idle,
a human needs 11 litres of oxygen.
And you guys are fighting over here.
We don't have much time left.
Madam, I don't understand anything
you just said.
But I'm really scared.
What are you trying to say?
We're facing a problem
that's invisible to us.
If we stay calm without fighting
or panicking,
the eight of us
could stay alive
for the next 12 hours.
Who's knocking?
It's the driver!
You mentioned 12 hours for 8 people.
Now he has arrived.
Oh, God!
We have only 10 hours left.
Bad day, brother.
Bad day.
I think I woke up
on the wrong side of the bed.
Since morning, everything has been
going south.
Google Pay.
You see,
I have no charge on my phone.
So, I can't transfer right now.
That's my girl!
What is that?
Oh, no! Looks like a landslide.
-What is it?
-Watch your step.
The entire road sunk.
Looks massive!
I've never seen anything like it.
Brother, please take a picture
on your phone.
Are you mad?
Mother Nature, why are you so angry?
Please forgive us for the sins
that we caused you.
Please show us some mercy, Mother.
What is he doing?
Brother, you're praying to God?
You see, I take this route daily.
Had we come earlier
we would've got stuck too.
Are you serious?
-No lives should be lost.
-You're awesome, brother.
I judged you earlier because
you asked for money to give me a lift.
-You're awesome!
-Enough judging. Let's go!
-Crazy fellow.
-I'm praising and he's yelling.
Phone! Brother, look at your phone!
-Get inside the vehicle.
-Okay, Dad.
-Hello? Hello?
Brother, I've got through
to someone.
We're calling from
Coimbatore Maarut Travels.
Sir, I was about to call you myself.
I left my bag on the bus.
Please hold it for me.
I'll come and collect it.
Did you say a bag?
Sir, where's the bus right now?
Sir, I should be asking you
this question.
I missed getting on the bus, and
I'm searching for it to get my bag.
Brother, he's looking for the bus
and his bag.
Sorry! Hello?
Sir, not to worry.
You can collect your bag
at our Cochin office.
I wish you a good day on behalf
of Maarut Travels.
To hell with the good day!
Hello, my bag? Hello?
It's better we inform the police.
No need.
I think the bus is going through
a forest area.
The GPS will turn on soon.
Let's wait.
Jesus, please save us all.
Kumar, how can you die on me?
Jesus, thanks a lot for saving me.
Jesus! Thank you, Jesus!
I never thought I'd perform
your last rites.
Is it possible
to open the luggage cabin?
For what?
If we try to escape,
we can look for tools
that may come in handy.
That's enough; get up.
Where did you keep the tools
and the wheel jack?
It's over there.
What are you doing?
Only if I remove these seats
I can open the luggage cabin.
Fine, quickly remove them.
-Sir, I'm removing the seats.
Dad, let me apply some medicine
to your wounds.
Had there been no accident,
you would've eloped with him.
You're dead to me!
You don't have to care for me now.
He's returning from prison
after a 14-year sentence.
You're a bloody murderer!
Get to work.
-Here you go, sir.
-You're useless!
Search thoroughly.
Be careful. You got the jack.
Give it to me.
Check if you can find
something else.
Shush! Hold on a minute.
I'll be right back.
Search properly!
Check if there's anything else?
Give it to me.
Captain America!
Give it to me.
Do you have water?
No, sir.
Sir, I've got water.
Please check if you could
find anything else?
-Is that all?
That's it.
There's nothing else inside.
Oh, no, how are we going to escape
using these things?
Sir, pace yourself.
-Sir, please give me a hand.
-Get lost.
I took a bus
because my astrologer suggested.
But now I'll be buried alive
in the sand.
My dear volunteers,
can any one of you come and save me?
Dear, it's raining heavily here.
Brother, the buses that left
after 4:00 p.m. have arrived.
But the bus that left at 4:00 p.m.
has not arrived.
I tried calling my sister.
There's no response.
She's travelling with a sick kid.
Please find out what's happening.
All the usual routes are flooded
with traffic.
They've taken a different route.
We too called them many times.
We were not able to reach them.
-Don't bother, dear.
-Not reachable?
-You speak.
-Did you complain to the police?
I'm just a timekeeper.
For other queries,
contact higher management.
-Speak, dear. You keep talking.
-Useless jerk!
What's the purpose
of your visit to Cochin?
I'm getting engaged tomorrow.
Ten years of love.
-Only now her father agreed.
My bad day, I missed the bus.
You got your own problems.
My worry is to deliver
the vegetables on time.
Had there been no rain or landslide.
I would've reached Cochin.
But it's our ill fate
that we've been going in circles.
You're going to get married.
Don't worry I'll make sure
you reach home safe.
What is it? I'm speaking to you,
but you're lost in thoughts.
Why would the travel agent call me
if the bus had arrived
on time in Cochin?
That means
the bus didn't reach Cochin.
Neither it returned
nor went past us.
What if...
My good day!
Imagine that we're under water.
That means the air is above us.
What are you trying to say?
I don't understand a thing.
If we somehow find a way
to get the air under here,
we won't have any issue
until the rescue team arrives.
How's that possible? We don't know
how deep we're buried.
Don't talk nonsense!
He's right. We need to know
how deep we're buried under.
In villages, when kids dive
into the lake to play,
they use a tube or pipe
to breathe underwater.
-One minute.
Your son's oxygen tank...
how long will it last?
It'll last for another 5 hours.
Extra tank?
Do you have one?
No, sir.
Why don't we use this
to make a hole and breathe?
Push it hard.
Push it harder!
Look at me.
Sir, I think there's a rock on top.
Why don't we try on the other side?
-Hey, hold this.
-Sir, it went through.
-Start working.
-Come on, give it here.
Here you go. Keep digging.
Hurry up!
Mom, what are they doing?
At the moment,
everyone is like you, dear.
The only difference
is they're looking for oxygen
in the sand instead of a cylinder.
As the oxygen depletes...
Keep pushing!
Veera, promise me one thing.
No matter what happens...
Veera should stay strong!
Because I'll be right here with you.
-Okay? Promise?
How did we lose power?
Hey, did someone do anything?
Where did the driver go?
-Sir, sir, sir.
How did we lose power?
I have no idea, sir.
I swear I don't know.
Sir, the fuse would've got busted.
-Go and check!
Sir, I'm on duty since 6:00 p.m.
The bus you mentioned did not pass
through this area.
Keep me posted.
-Tell me, sir.
-Is Maarut Travels your bus?
-Yes, sir, it's ours.
-Where did you lose the GPS signal?
Last location...
Nelliampathi, sir.
That's the last location recorded.
After that we lost the GPS signal.
Why do you ask?
Sir, I'm calling from
Amrita Hospital in Cochin.
-It's about a patient, Veera.
-Yes, sir, tell me.
I suppose
you have an admission tonight?
Sir, they're on their way.
It's getting late.
Please bring them soon.
Okay, sir.
Thank... Thank you, sir.
What are you looking at?
Sir, earlier, I was scared to death
and broke open the glass
and got out.
-But I can't go back now.
-What do we do now?
Sir, why don't we cut down the tree?
I ought to!
Hey, why are you flashing light
at me?
-Sir, what are you doing?
-Mom, my eyes are hurting.
-Please switch off the flashlight.
Send your son.
-Only he can switch on the light.
It's not possible. He's a small kid.
Moreover, he's sick.
Not a chance. I can't send him.
Do you think
he can get through this gap?
Do you think he can?
Or the man who's injured
and wailing in pain...
do you think he can do it?
Or do you think I can do it?
But your son
can get through the gap.
Send him.
Listen, I can't send him.
He's a small kid.
How can I send him?
Ma'am, don't be scared.
It's enough if your son can reach
the driver's seat.
Below the seat is the fuse we need.
Nothing will happen to your son.
I'll take full responsibility.
You're saying
as if it's an easy task.
How can you expect me
to send my son?
Please, for God's sake,
send your son!
I can't send him.
I see no other option.
I really don't understand.
Please send your son.
No! No matter who requests
I can't send my son.
-Sorry, sir. I can't do it.
I can do it. Let me go.
You shut up. It's not imperative
that we have to do it.
If the others need oxygen,
I believe you do too.
I want you to be with me.
Let me go.
You won't understand.
No need, Veera.
You don't have to do it.
Mom, look at me.
I'll be fine.
You don't have to worry.
I am going. You stay strong, Mom.
Veera, please don't go.
-Smart boy.
-You don't have to go.
Veera, listen to me, baby.
You don't have to go.
Didn't I just tell you
to stay strong?
Uncle, how do I get through?
Dear, please patiently follow
uncle's instructions.
Go slowly. Be careful.
Veera, please be careful.
Tread carefully.
Go slowly!
Veera! Hey, what happened?
Careful, Veera!
Don't worry, Mom!
Sweetheart, the ignition is on
the right side of the steering.
Below you'll find a fuse box.
Did you find it?
I found the fuse box.
Please go near it, dear.
Careful, Veera, don't get hurt.
Uncle, I'm next to the box.
What do I do now?
Check if there's a red fuse
inside it.
Listen, have you gone mad?
He has to change the fuse.
Careful, Veera. Do it carefully.
Smell it and check if it's burnt.
Uncle, it is burnt.
Okay, remove the red fuse...
and replace it with the yellow fuse.
You're making him do things.
What if he gets hurt?
Veera, please do it patiently.
Veera! Very good, Veera.
Now you can come out.
Get back, dear.
Don't go over there.
Don't be afraid. Get this side.
-Come towards me.
-Come to Mommy.
Come on, dear. Don't worry.
Come on, Veera.
Never do this again!
You should stay with Mom. Okay?
Sir, the road has sunk.
The chances are high that the bus
is buried under the landslide.
We've blocked the roads.
From the looks of it, I don't think
the trapped passengers are alive.
-Sure, I'll inform them.
-Okay, sir.
Hurry up!
Stick the tape on it.
Come on, lift it higher.
Hold it right there.
We've dug 16 feet.
Check if there's another pipe.
Here you go.
Hold it tight.
Come on push it harder.
Use the pipe on the side too.
Uncle, is it hurting?
Veera, you woke up.
What happened?
Why did you get off the seat?
Don't worry.
Everything will be fine.
Trapped within four walls
is not new to me.
I wish to see my mother
one last time.
That's why I'm fighting with death.
You'll be fine. Veera, come with me.
That's about it. Push it.
-Sir, it went through.
-Thank God!
Keep tapping it.
Hurry up.
Is it clear of mud?
Dad, everything's fine now.
-Hey, step aside.
Sir, what are you doing?
Help! Help!
-Is someone out there?
Please someone help!
It's not safe for us to stay here.
Hurry up and start the car.
Hey! Someone please come
and rescue us.
Oxygen is not a problem now.
Now we should find a way
to escape.
Shall we dig a tunnel
and try to escape from here?
Are you kidding?
We don't have any tools
to dig a tunnel.
-What do we have?
-Hey, shush!
-Whose phone is it?
-Please pick up the call.
Whose phone is it?
I don't have network.
-Where's my phone?
-Did you keep it inside the bag?
I'm not getting a signal.
-Where is my phone?
-Whose phone is ringing?
-Whose phone is it?
-Please attend the call.
-Check who's on the phone.
-It got disconnected.
Damn it!
-Hold on to me!
-Mom, I'm scared.
What happened? Hello? Sis!
Sis, is everything okay?
Sis? Hello, Veera?
Contact Arakkonam camp.
Ask them
to send support immediately.
Yeah. I'm just getting out.
Get the locals under control.
Secure the area and call me back.
Sir, please bear with me.
Sir, please don't move.
Sir, hold on to this.
Please don't move.
Slowly. Slowly breathe in and out.
Sir, slowly.
Mom, it fell down.
Sir! Sir?
Damn it!
I can't believe that
I'm leaving my family like this.
Listen, is there something
you could do to help him?
I've already mentioned it, ma'am.
Fractured ribs
have punctured his lungs.
There's a blood clot.
-He's in a very critical stage.
-Oh, no!
If this continues,
after 5 hours, he can't--
No! Did you just say 5 hours?
This man will kill us all
by taking up our share of oxygen.
Hey, breathe slowly!
Have you lost your mind?
He's struggling for his life.
Ma'am, didn't you say
that we only have 10 hours left.
And it's been 5-6 hours now.
If this man takes up all the oxygen,
we'll be in danger.
Sir, how can you be so heartless?
Put yourself in his shoes.
Madam, he has a point though.
Brother, you too?
He's not doing it on purpose.
Hey, it's not like
he's a great person.
He just got out of prison.
Where's it?
He just got out of prison.
And you're supporting him.
Mind your business, damn it!
Never knew.
Sir, have some compassion.
A kidnapper is supporting a murder!
-Who are you calling a kidnapper?
It's you, damn it!
Listen, as it is, we have
too many problems,
-and you people are fighting.
-We were getting away from you.
Forget it!
Forcing your daughter to marry against
her will is equal to kidnapping.
-How dare you!
-Let go!
Hey, you don't deserve any respect.
Take your hands off!
-Hit me, sir.
I'll bloody rip you apart!
I'm holding myself back
because I love your daughter.
Even in this situation,
instead of finding a solution,
you're talking about honour.
This is not important right now.
Mithra, ask your father
not to disrespect me.
Have you gone mad?
What's wrong with you people?
That's right. I am mad!
Because I was decent enough to ask
for your daughter's hand in marriage.
-I'm mad!
-Let go!
Stop breathing.
Stop breathing.
Will you stop breathing or...
do I stop it for you?
Sir, please don't do it.
-Note down a breaking news story.
-One minute, sir.
In Nelliampathi, Kerala,
a private bus from Tamil Nadu
is stuck in a landslide.
Reporters will go live shortly.
-You better keep your phone ready.
-Okay, sir.
Mom... Mom... uncle.
Mom... Mom... uncle.
-Mom, uncle's dead.
-Don't be scared, dear.
I'm right here.
-Get up and leave.
-Sir, please don't harm us.
Sir, he's a small kid.
Please don't...
I said get up and leave!
Sir, please don't do it.
-Sir, don't do it.
-Hey, I said leave!
-Veera! Veera! Veera!
Veera, Veera...
If you come near me,
I'll shoot him.
Sir, give me back my kid.
don't be scared.
-I won't shoot you.
-Sir, please don't harm him.
Ask me why?
-Because we both are friends.
Whatever mine is yours.
Similarly... will you give me
what's yours?
Are you okay with the deal?
What are you looking at?
Your mother won't stop you.
Because she's going to die now.
-Hey! Hey, move back!
Get lost!
One man is down.
How many hours do we have left?
How long do we have?
If I kill another person,
we would have more time, right?
You're smart.
You'd come in handy.
-Sir, sir, sir! Don't do it!
-Rafiq! Rafiq!
-Sir, don't do it.
Oh, no!
Damn it!
I don't even like to shoot you.
-Hey, step aside.
-Sir, don't do it.
Come on, breathe.
Now stop breathing!
Sir, please don't harm her.
Sir! Sir! Sir!
Not you.
You'll come in handy too.
But these two
are past their expiry dates.
-No harm in killing you both.
You? Or is it you?
If I kill one of you,
I'll have more time to live.
-Come on decide!
-I'm an ex-MLA.
If I win the upcoming election,
I'll become a minister.
Please spare me!
If you're already buried here...
what use will be your power
or titles?
Okay, what about you?
Shall I kill you?
Hush! You have no purpose to live.
Once your daughter elopes,
you'll die on your own.
I'd rather kill you!
Don't shoot! Please, sir. Please.
Please, sir.
Stop breathing.
I said stop breathing.
Stay just like that.
You're safe! You're safe!
Hey, Doctor!
Your problem is about to die.
-You're safe.
-Sir, please spare me.
Please, sir!
-Stop screaming!
-Please, sir.
I said stop screaming!
Hey, I'll kill you!
I'll kill you, damn it!
Hey, stop screaming!
I said, stop screaming!
Breaking news!
Due to heavy rainfall in Kerala,
a private bus from Tamil Nadu is stuck
under a landslide in Nelliampathi.
To rescue the victims,
the National Disaster Response Force
has arrived.
Hameed, do you have the exact time
of the incident?
Yes, ma'am.
It happened around 8:00 p.m.
This is the spot where the passengers'
mobile location was lost.
That means must be around six hours
now that...
Oh, my God!
Due to excessive deforestation
for timber,
the soil stability is weak
over here, ma'am.
Rescuers, I want you
to split into groups!
Team A, on to the north.
Team B, take the South.
I'm on it!
Let's get moving.
We're out of time.
Let's move. Go, go, go, go!
Come on, rescuers.
Come on. Come on.
Come on, let's go!
After a long detour,
we are finally en route to Cochin.
Sir, how to get to Nelliampathi?
Head straight,
and you'll find a check post.
If you go past it,
you'll reach Nelliampathi.
But you can't go there.
There's been a landslide.
Okay, sir.
I wonder where's he going.
-He'd realise when he gets there.
-I'll be there in the morning.
Hello, enough with romance.
Get inside.
Okay, sweetie,
I'll reach Cochin soon.
Keep thinking about me.
Love you, sweetie. Bye.
Get in!
Hey, don't mess with me.
I'll kill you, woman!
Hey! Hey, driver.
Hey, what are you looking at?
Hey! Come on! Come and untie me.
Hey! Hey! Where are you going?
I said come over here.
-Untie me!
-Using our phone signals,
they'll somehow trace our location
and rescue us.
It'll be helpful if we stay calm.
I believe a rescue team
will come looking for us.
Hey, don't trust a word she says.
She'll kill us all!
Bloody old man, what are you doing?
-Dad, what are you doing?
-Sir, what are you doing?
-Hey, stop!
Sir, what are you doing?
Please stop!
Sir, don't do it!
-Please don't do it.
-Sir, the sand will enter the bus.
Everyone, help me stop him.
Oh, no!
-Sir, please stop it!
-Sir, don't break it.
Oh, no!
Sir, please don't do it. Stop it!
Thank God. Finally, a way out.
I can see a small path
between the rocks.
Take a look.
If we keep digging we can get out.
We've been searching
the north side.
There's nothing found
for 50 meters.
I've been scanning...
Sir, we don't know
where it'll lead us.
It's risky to go through this tunnel.
Sir, she's right.
It's very dangerous.
If we stay here
we'll fight with each other and die.
Brother, let's wait for a while.
Even though she betrayed me,
as a father, it's my duty
to save my daughter.
I see this as the way of God.
Dad, please don't do it.
Please hear me out.
You may have disowned me.
But, still, you're my daughter.
-I can't give up on you.
-Oh, no, stop! Where are you going?
-Hey, don't go!
Hey, someone stop him.
Stop! Please don't go.
-Please hear me out.
-Please don't go!
Please someone stop him!
The old man dug a grave
for everyone.
-Please come back.
-Why are you doing this?
-Stop it!
Please call him back.
-Oh, no!
-Dad, what are you doing?
-Sir, it's dangerous.
-Sir, please don't go.
-Brother, come back.
Hey! Don't go after them.
-Stay right here.
-What the hell are you doing?
-Sir, this is unnecessary.
-Come out.
Are you trying to burrow out
like rats?
Hey, old man!
Come back.
Old man, please come back.
Brother! Brother!
Please come out.
What are they doing out there?
Hey! Untie me.
-I'm speaking to you.
-Please get out of the tunnel.
Sir, do you see something out there?
-Can you hear us?
If you speak another word,
I'll kill you.
To rescue the victims stuck in a bus
due to a landslide in Nelliampathi,
the National Disaster Response Force
have begun the rescue operation.
As the landslide
was on a large scale,
the rescue team is finding it hard
to locate the bus buried under.
Let's meet the reporters at the site
of the incident.
Hello, Priya.
Hello, please make way.
Sir, sir, sir, sir.
My sister is stuck inside the bus.
My sister is one of the victims.
You are not allowed
to go over there.
Hey, I made the call. My sister
is stuck inside. Let me come in!
Let me tell you a story.
Once there lived a huntress
in a village.
When the huntress set out
to hunt in the jungle,
she got cornered by hyenas.
The cunning huntress
lured the hyenas to hunt a lion
and took them to a cave
in the middle of the jungle.
The hyenas felt proud
that they're about to hunt a lion
-and went along with the huntress.
Sir, do you see a way out?
Sir, can you hear me?
The cunning huntress...
without the knowledge
of the hyenas--
Stop talking!
If you speak another word,
I'll shoot you.
Stay put!
-Hey, brother!
-We're not able to hear them.
Sir, please be careful.
Sir, be careful.
What happened, sir?
Hey, what are you doing here?
-Someone please say something!
What the hell are you doing?
-Hey! Hey!
-Have you gone mad?
Let go! I said let go of it.
Let go!
I know how to save myself
and my daughter.
Don't you dare interfere
in her life.
-Get lost!
-You don't change, do you?
You better leave
and be with your daughter.
Can you hear me?
I am coming!
Hey! Hey! Hey!
-Hey, what was that?
-What happened to your dad?
-Sir! Sir!
-You get out. Get out!
Sir, please come back.
Sir, don't move. Please don't move.
Don't move!
Don't move. Slowly, make a move.
Hey! Is everybody safe?
Hameed, get them out of there.
Hey, move faster.
Come on, sir. Sir, hurry up.
Come on!
-Please hold him.
Slowly pull him out.
Rafiq! Oh, no, Rafiq!
-Rafiq! Rafiq!
-Please get back.
Sit down. I said sit down!
Don't worry. Please sit down.
-What happened?
-Sir down. Please don't cry.
-Hey, wake up!
Nothing would've happened to him.
Please hear me out.
Please someone check what happened
to Rafiq.
I had warned you not to go inside.
-Check what happened?
-Hey, I can see his hand.
-He's back!
Hold his hand.
Help him get out. Hold him tight.
Pull him out.
He's out. He's out.
Brother! Brother!
-Please hold him.
-Don't worry you're fine.
-Hey! Rafiq, look at me.
-Get up.
-Look at me.
-Rafiq! Make him sit up.
Make him sit up.
-Sit down.
Does anyone have water?
Brother, please get some water.
Rafiq... Rafiq...
A victim's family member
is here to meet you, madam.
-That's him.
-You? Come here.
-Okay, ma'am.
Come, come. Come in.
Okay. Tell me whatever you know.
There's a kid trapped
inside the bus.
-A kid...
-Calm down! Calm down!
I can understand
only if you explain in detail.
My sister is stuck inside the bus.
She had answered my call.
The signal was weak,
so I couldn't hear anything.
But I could hear people screaming
in the background.
My nephew is stuck inside
the bus too.
He's a sick child.
They were travelling for his surgery.
What's wrong with the kid?
Cystic fibrosis... oxygen.
He's got a lung condition.
He can't survive
without an oxygen cylinder.
We'll do our best.
We'll do our best.
-Aatish! Take care of him.
-Yes, ma'am.
Sir, please sit down.
Please be seated.
Sir, rescue operations
are in motion.
Trust me.
We'll definitely rescue them.
Please cooperate.
Sir, it's a small kid.
Sir, we're calling
from Amrita Hospital.
Patient Veera
is yet to get admitted.
Tell me, sir.
Sir, how can you be
so irresponsible?
You said will admit the patient
at 8:00 p.m.
The doctors have been waiting
for you over here.
We did inform you about the tests
before the surgery.
If we don't send the tissue samples
by 9:00 in the morning,
no matter what,
even we can't do anything about it.
As per NOTTO rules
and regulations,
the organ allotted for him will go to
the next patient on the waiting list.
Please understand, sir.
We'll be there, sir.
We'll definitely be there.
Sir, please don't take that out.
-Shut up!
If you take another step.
I'll blow his brains out.
Find if there are any--
Ma'am, senior specialist doctor
has arrived.
-Yes, ma'am.
Find if there are any other
loose areas, okay. Carry on.
Doctor, I hope you've been briefed
about the situation.
The victims are buried inside
the bus for the past 8 hours.
The last we contacted them
was at 12:15 a.m.
And they were still alive.
So, what do you think
their condition will be now?
As time goes by with no option
to breathe,
the oxygen levels in their bodies
will drop
and their vital organs
will start to fail.
How long do you think
they'll survive?
Beyond oxygen, another problem
they'll encounter is carbon dioxide.
The amount of oxygen intake
is proportionate to the amount
of carbon dioxide they exhale.
If the amount of CO2 increases
in the surrounding,
it'll eventually increase
in their blood levels too.
Stage 1: Severe perspiration.
Stage 2: Headache and nausea.
These are the symptoms.
Considering the time now,
they may have reached stage 3.
That means, if the CO2 level
is more than 3% in the blood,
this becomes
the most dangerous state.
Hallucinations, anger,
panic attacks...
To be honest...
I won't be surprised if they start
killing each other for oxygen.
You had oxygen with you
all this while,
but you made us look for it
like we were animals.
You never mentioned
about the extra cylinder.
Listen, that belongs to my child.
Please don't take it.
I'm sorry.
My child can't breathe normally
like we do.
He can't breathe without the help
of an oxygen cylinder.
Listen, because you're afraid...
-don't do anything stupid.
Fine, I am afraid.
Your son's name is Veera, right?
Let him die courageously.
-No, Veera!
I said don't move!
I'm going to take away
your cylinder.
So, get back to your mother.
Get lost.
Be careful, guys!
Come on, pull up. Pull up!
There's been a hurdle in rescuing
the passengers
stuck inside the bus due to
a landslide in Nelliampathi, Kerala.
Because of heavy rain
and landslide,
the rescue team is finding it
difficult to carry out the process.
There's no information about
the condition of the passengers
trapped inside the bus.
Ma'am, everywhere the landslide
is getting worse.
A large part of the debris
on top is sinking.
Ma'am, soon it might get dangerous.
I think we should call off
this operation.
Damn it!
Hameed, okay, listen.
Put the mission on hold
and call back all the rescuers.
Yes, ma'am.
Team, hold the mission.
All the rescuers, come back.
I repeat! Rescuers...
hold the mission and come back.
-Mom, let's go home.
-Don't worry, dear.
Nothing will happen to you, dear.
-I'm right here with you.
-Let's go home.
Look here. Look at me.
-Let's go.
-I'm right here with you, Veera.
Look at me.
Now, the police department
will perform its duty.
What are you people looking at?
I'm not selfish like this woman.
I didn't misdirect you people
to dig up places...
She kept us running in circles.
She had oxygen with her
but chose to kill us all.
We are left with only two options.
One: Forget about our families
and die buried under the sand
inside this bus.
Second option:
We can take turns
to use the oxygen...
and survive until the rescue team
gets here.
In order for that to happen...
the sick kid should die!
-Veera, nothing will happen to you.
-I'm scared, Mom.
-I'm here for you.
-Please, Mom.
Nothing will happen to you.
Let me tell you all a story.
On a railway track...
a blind kid was standing,
picking up scattered pieces of coal.
A train was coming towards him
at full speed.
Mom! Mom! What's happening to you?
Mom! Mom! Mom!
What happened, Mom?
Mom, you look weird.
Five seconds more...
there's a lever
right next to you people.
If you people make up your mind...
and turn the lever...
you can save the kid.
But on the other track
are five innocent workers...
trying to earn their daily wage.
Oh, no, Dad!
The train is fast approaching.
Just five seconds.
Dad, when will you come home?
It's either the blind kid...
or the five innocent workers?
Is it going to be one life
or five lives?
What if you are one among the five?
Whom would you save?
Ma'am, are you all right?
despite the fact that a few lives
are going to be lost,
we're helpless
with no way to save them.
That's what I was thinking about.
To find the exact location
of the bus buried under,
the only option left is
to use a sonar transmitter.
But it'll be morning by the time
we get it from the Arakkonam camp.
We might run out of time
by then, ma'am.
Moreover, we've traced
the mobile numbers of the passengers.
If we get a signal
from their phones,
we can easily find
where the bus is buried.
Even if one mobile is switched on,
we can connect through Wi-Fi
and find their exact location
even if there's no network
on their mobile phone.
How sure are you about this?
I can't say that I'm 100% sure.
But, with the situation at hand,
we can give it a try.
You are right, sir.
Five lives are more important
than one.
For a child we have no ties to,
it doesn't make sense
to sacrifice our lives.
Sir, I'm very scared.
Please spare me some oxygen, sir.
If I spare you oxygen now...
when you are rescued,
you people might give me up
to the police for his murder.
And I'll be rotting in prison.
No, sir. We won't tell anyone.
Look who is talking?
You were about to deceive
your father and elope.
No, no, no...
I don't trust any of you.
Perhaps you can try this.
You people get together
and kill this woman.
The kid will die on his own.
After that, I'll make it look like
they died fighting among themselves.
When it comes to life or death,
there should be justice to it.
Perumal sir,
looks like you're in a dilemma.
I'm sure you're not new
to killing people.
I don't see another option, Rafiq.
Mom! Mom!
Come on, I'm waiting!
Hey, get hold of the kid.
She'll give up the cylinder.
Brother, please don't do it.
-Oh, no...
-Oh, no!
No one dares to come near the child.
-She's not trying to save herself.
She's trying to save her child.
I would've done the same.
I would've done the same.
-What are you waiting for?
Hurry up. Get hold of the kid.
How can you be so heartless
to kill a child?
-Let go of me.
Let go!
Veera, I'm coming.
-Stay right there.
Give it to me.
I need to save my son.
Let go. I said let go!
Hey, let go!
Please... give it to me.
My father is dying.
Don't worry, Veera.
I'm here now.
Trying to save your son?
You take care of the child.
I'll handle him.
Veera, don't worry.
-Hey, don't shoot.
-I'm changing cylinders.
-Please wait.
-Lower your gun. You might fire.
Careful with the kid.
Hey! Hey!
-Bear with me.
-Are you done changing?
Hey, no! Don't come near!
-Listen, man, he's just a kid.
-Bear with me, Veera.
Please hear me out.
Don't come near.
Don't come near!
I said don't come near, damn it!
It's fixed!
-Let go, damn it!
-Breathe. Breathe.
Until I'm alive,
I won't let you kill them.
Don't do it, man.
Pity that kid.
Perhaps their frequency may be low
as they're buried under...
but the signal we send out will be
useful to breach their device.
Airports, malls, railway stations,
even restaurants,
through their open Wi-Fi, we get
notifications on our mobile phones.
Once we accept it,
our phones get connected.
Similarly, we're about to send them
a connection.
It's enough if they accept it.
That's it! We can immediately
get their location.
Let's hope it works.
-Okay, let's get moving.
-Sure, ma'am.
Mom! Mom!
Mom, what happened to you?
Mom, what happened to you?
Mom, what happened to you?
-Mom, please let's go back home.
-Soon... we'll be back home.
Mom! Mom, come on,
let's go back home.
Mom... let's go!
Veera, do you remember Mr. Genie?
Do you remember?
What did Mr. Genie tell you?
-If you're not able to breathe...
-Mom, what happened?
...try to... try to whistle.
Try to whistle, Veera!
I won't let anything happen
to you, Veera.
I won't let anything happen
to you, Veera.
I'm right here.
I'm right here, Veera.
-Veera, don't be afraid.
-Mom, let's go back home.
Let's go. Veera, whistle!
-Try to whistle, Veera!
Veera, whistle. Veera...
Nothing will happen to you, Veera.
I won't let anything happen to you.
Mom, whistle, Mom...
-Even if I'm not around...
you should not be scared, okay?
You should be brave, Veera.
Be brave!
Whistle, Veera, whistle!
Whistle... You're fine, dear.
-Mom, Mom, look at me.
-You're fine, dear.
Mom, look, I'm whistling.
Mom, look at me. I'm whistling.
Mom! Mom! Mom, wake up.
What happened to you? Mom!
Mom, please wake up.
Mom, please wake up.
Mom, let's go home.
Mom, please wake up.
Mom, wake up!
Look, I'm whistling!
Careful, dear!
Mom, please let me be with you.
Even if it's God's will...
I won't let him take you away.
I'll be always with you.
Mom, wake up. Look, I'm whistling.
Mom! Mom, I'm scared.
Please open your eyes.
Mom, you promised to be with me.
Mom, please wake up.
Please, Mom.
Mom, please wake up. I'm scared.
Mom, wake up.
Please wake up, Mom.
Mom, please wake up.
"Brave Veera!"
Ma'am, that's my sister's phone.
-He has to accept, right?
-Yes, ma'am.
Come on. Come on. Come on.
Mom! Mom!
Please open your eyes.
Mom... Mom...
Wake up, Mom.
Mom... Mom, please wake up.
I'm sorry, Mom.
I knew this will not work.
Now we have lost so much time.
I think we should call it off.
Ma'am, the device got connected!
-This is the location.
-Are you sure?
This is the exact location, ma'am.
-We got it!
-This one?
-Great! Great! Great!
-Router number 3
It's router number 3.
It's router number 3.
Go! Go! Go! Quick!
Start digging 20 metres around
the router number 3.
We are entering the bus, ma'am!
Come on, throw down the rope.
Carefully! Carefully!
Keep it coming! That's okay!
Keep moving. Lower the rope.
Look for survivors.
I repeat, look for survivors.
We found a woman, sir.
-Lift him up. Lift him up.
-Be careful, guys!
Sir, be careful.
Sir, come on, breathe.
Come on, stay calm. Stay calm!
Faster. Faster guys.
Work on him. Work on him.
Madam, wake up.
Come on, boy, breathe. Come on!
Come on!
Madam, listen, look at me.
Over here.
Get the defibrillator. Fast!
Come on, come on, come on!
All, please move!
Come on! Come on!
-One more time, come on!
Come on, it's okay.
Stay with me. Come on!
Stay with me.
Look at me. Come on!
Out of 11 passengers,
8 passengers were rescued alive
from the bus stuck in the landslide.
Sources say
that one of the passengers
was shot dead by another passenger.
With their diligent efforts,
the doctors saved a 7-year-old boy
who was struggling for his life.
Where did he go?
Shanthi, do you know where Veera is?
Shush... don't tell her.
-I don't know, ma'am.
-Where did he go?
Veera? Veera!
Ma'am, look,
there's a cockroach here.
Cockroach! Cockroach!
-Caught you!
I got you! I got you! I got you!
-I caught you.
-I don't agree.
-You caught me 'cause she exposed me.
That's cheating!
Hey, it's my turn now.
No! I feel this game is very boring.
Why don't we play another game?
When it's my turn,
you feel bored, huh?
I'm going to
straighten you out, you brat!
Wait and watch.
I ought to...
Round! Round! Round!
My sweetheart!