O2 (2024) Movie Script

Shraddha, what are you doing?
For your research
you are risking a life!
This is literally a murder!
When you became a doctor
the oath that you took,
dont you remember that?
Above all
I must not play God.
Sir, I will go.
Are you ready?
My child
Looks like your research may get funds
Kapil Mazumdhar is coming.
Will you pitch for it?
Sure sir.
The 9:30 slot is for you.
Had you forgotten my name?
Since two years I was really lost
But I missed all of you a lot!
Now I am back after a break
From me to all of you
A thousand greetings!
Today, I have to talk about
a special person.
That persons name is
In Hanumanthanagar,
she runs a small hotel
where she makes
Mangalore style fish curry.
Without spending a single paise,
you can find yourself in Mangalore!
The moment the taste of
the curry hit the tongue
I remembered my home town.
The most memorable days
in my home town,
I remembered it all
See how I got lost!
These sweet memories,
which were triggered by Sharadhamma,
my favorite song for you
Excuse me...
Can you hear what I am saying?
At the tender age of 18,
She is a prodigy who completed MBBS!
She is the second youngest doctor
in the country!
Please bring that cardboard.
Call the ambulance!
There is a box in the car,
please bring that.
As a person,
she is organized
and very meticulous.
Connect it to the car battery.
What madam! Leave her madam
- She's soft spoken and humble.
Just let her be.
- She's soft spoken and humble.
She is one of the finest doctors
I have seen,
Dr. Shraddha Nayak.
Where is she?
Dr. Shraddha
Call her!
Just five minutes.
In most Coma patients,
what is termed as brain consciousness
remains active.
According to our research,
what we say is
It becomes extremely crucial,
to know what
What is this?
Whats going on?
With great difficulty I changed the slot!
Thank you.
It was so embarrassing.
Even if this project doesnt come through,
it shouldnt matter to you anymore!
Take this
Your job offer letter,
from John Hopkins.
What What?
What the hell!
Why are you so adamant to do this project?
My child
Your mother
After watching me enact a role of Lord Shiva
she fell in love with me.
I dont believe that Papa.
You dont believe me?
Through the forest of Lord Shivas matted locks,
[Ravanas Hymn on Shiva; Shiv Tandav Stotra]
The sacred Ganga flows consecrating His neck,
On which hangs
the greatest of snakes like a garland,
His drum incessantly beats;
the damad-damad-damad sound filling the air,
As You are performing the passionately
vigorous manly dance Tandava,
Oh! Lord! We pray for
Your auspicious blessings on all of us!
Thank you!
Papa It was just too amazing!
Thank you.
Nayak Sir,
Her smile
It is just like her mothers!
Why do people have to die?
[Yakshagana dialogues in the background]
[Yakshagana dialogues in the background]
[Yakshagana dialogues in the background]
[Yakshagana dialogues in the background]
I wasnt smoking my dear.
This is the last time my dear.
[Yakshagana dialogues in the background]
We have to surrender to time eventually!
Nayak sir
Nayak sir!
Papa, get up Papa!
Uncle, what has happened to Papa?
Get up! Papa!
Papa, get up Papa!
When our heartbeat stops,
In case of cardiac arrest
We perform CPR
for 15 to 20 minutes.
After that
we declare the patient
clinically dead,
Even though the heart restarts,
the brain cells are dying.
So, death is not a moment,
its a process
But with this O2 liquid technology,
in a way that brain cells dont die
We can buy more time from death.
So not just for 15 minutes, the CPR...
We can extend it for upto two hours
or even longer!
I am not stating it without proof
Around 200 lab rats
have already been experimented on.
This is Genie.
For 38 minutes
without even a heartbeat
just by injecting O2,
it is the first animal to have survived.
So, I strongly believe
its time for human trials.
Mr. Mazumdhar wants to speak to her
- To do that
We need your support
to make it happen
- Is it?
immediately and
- Sorry to interrupt.
Mr. Mazumdhar has a few questions for you.
Dr. Shraddha
Your research looks promising.
What do you need now?
Sir, we need funding
to set up a lab
and start human trials.
Mazumdhar Foundation will be happy
to fund your project
and manufacture O2
on a large scale.
Thank you.
- But...
Only after the human trials are completed.
Till then
You are on your own.
But sir
I have good news
and a bad news.
To fund human trials
from the hospital body
we have got an approval.
By the way...
She is Dr. Srushti.
Dr. Venky here.
Shes from Brainwave Research Institute.
Your presentation was very impressive.
Thank you.
And she has agreed to be part
of your research team.
I have always worked alone
and I also have Venky with me,
But for the brainwave study
It will actually help, right?
This is not like experimenting on lab rats.
Its quite a serious project
and you need a
professional team to handle this.
I have two years of experience
in resuscitation work.
Thats wonderful!
Welcome to our team.
You mentioned about some bad news?
To set up the lab
in our campus
we have no space.
Can we get that old store room
in the out-house?
In the out-house?
Are you sure?
Yes sir
In two days, the equipment will arrive
before that everything
should be cleaned up!
There is so much to do!
I feel sorry for you
Leaving that coveted offer at
The John Hopkins
you have joined here for a cleaners job!
Oh! Really?!
Right from John Hopkins
a famous cardiologist
is joining your team.
I think you should personally pick him up.
Monday at 9 oclock
outside UB City.
His name is Dev.
Dr. Dev.
Nice guitar.
Thats a violin.
Music and I
Are poles apart!
The cooling helmet is ready.
Cooling helmet
Sounds interesting!
That can also be connected to the EEG,
Thats exactly what I have done.
Who are you?
Dr. Dev?
I am Dr. Srushti.
That's a beautiful name.
Thank you.
By the way
When are we starting human trials?
We are pitching that to
the Ethics Committee.
This is the demonstration.
As you can see
As soon as we inject O2
the oxygen deprived blood
immediately turns into
oxygen rich blood.
This unique cooling system
gets our body to 32C
and it allows the brain to survive longer
with injected oxygen.
By doing this
Lakhs of lives
can surely be saved!
Dr. Shraddha,
the concept surely looks to be interesting.
Dr. Murthy
as a Hematologist,
what is your opinion?
Injecting any kind of gas into blood
Its extremely dangerous!
Excuse me.
You are right Dr. Murthy,
as we have encased O2 in fatty molecules
it actually tricks the body
into accepting the oxygen very safely.
When there is no heartbeat per se,
the oxygen that you have injected,
how can it possibly reach the brain?
As the body will be cool
the brain can manage
with very less oxygen
in fact
which we supply through
chest compressions.
Carry on
I have something to ask
Correct me if I am wrong.
30 to 40 minutes after death occurs,
you are trying to bring back
the patient to life, is it not?
You are right.
Ramesh, will you kindly stream this.
Around five years ago
a soldier of the Indian Army
for 3 days even though
he was trapped in ice
he survived
But he was not the same person anymore
After that,
for 40 days
every day he suffered with
severe mental trauma
and finally passed away with pain.
Whats your point?
You may be able to revive the body,
Can the soul re-enter the body again?
Im sorry
Im finding it hard to believe!
Are we actually discussing souls
and spirits in a medical forum?
According to your community of scientist,
immediately after a person dies,
his body weight reduces by 21 grams
and dear doctor
These 21 grams
Is the weight of your soul.
But between that and our project
what is the connection?
- Karanya maam
I have personally studied the cases of
37 near death patients.
The common factor in all
was the wish to live.
Their souls badly wanted to live!
I have to agree with her
Who are we to decide that?
Who has to live or not!
Thank you for your patience.
Do no harm!
Thats the oath we take...
Whenever someone becomes a doctor
That is the oath that we have to take
it seems like you have
forgotten that itself?
A doctor
Even if he is unable to save the patient
thats fine,
but he should not harm him
That is the meaning of that.
What is this
In the name of research,
the basic responsibility that
a doctor should have
You have forgotten that!
This is not a classroom
Dr. Mrityunjay!
Get to the point.
Of course
By using their extraordinary procedure
when a patient is given liquid oxygen,
by some major miracle
even if the patient might recover!
He may live!
There is a very high chance
that the patient will end up in a coma!
Its a fate worse than death!
Dr. Shraddha
As he is saying,
is there a possibility of
a trial patient going into a coma?
It's possible...
I rest my case!
Just because of that
Shouldnt we even give it a try?
We have to focus on
the lives we can save!
To listen to your philosophy
no one has gathered here.
I cannot permit
clinical trials
of this extraordinary procedure!
Please dont waste our time.
Shraddha, wait!
Without even starting trials,
how can we conclude these
Theoretical possibilities?
I only drink black coffee!
This is black coffee only.
Looks like you prefer filter coffee?
My mom used to make
the best filter coffee.
Where is she?
She is in Dubai.
My parents separated a long time back
and have re-married too!
Im sorry.
Thats okay!
Theyre doing fine.
In the Ethics Committee,
the guy who was behind your life,
some Murthy
Who is that lunatic?
Dr. Mrityunjay
Two years ago,
when I was doing my
Fellowship in Mangalore,
he was the HOD.
- Now here is the case
In her hands
holding an empty aspirin bottle
a patient of 45 years age called Savitri
she has nausea,
and tachycardia.
How will you treat her?
Sir, its an aspirin overdose,
start an IV-line treatment
and treat for salicylate poisoning.
Draw blood to confirm salicylate levels
And then start dialysis.
Its true that there was
an aspirin overdose,
but the real problem
was a clot in her brain.
Just looking at an empty bottle,
you guys decided
Are you all doctors?
There are two things
you must always remember!
The first is
Whatever decision you make
it can mean only one
of two things
Or death!
Just follow the protocol.
Who is that screaming?
This is a hospital!
Sir, cant you see?
Attend fast!
Yes, calm down.
Its fine. Its fine!
Attend to this case urgently!
The doctor is here
Just two minutes.
See, we have a live case here
who amongst you are the real doctors
lets find out!
What happened?
By the time I saw her
she had already fainted.
She is facing a lot of difficulty to breathe.
Whats her age?
Must be around 55 or 58!
Does she have any medical condition?
Nothing major, I guess.
You are not allowed inside.
Severe chest pain,
Sir, hypotension,
saturation is falling.
Sir, I think its a cardiac arrest.
Yes sir, he is correct.
What do you mean?
I think so, it might be!
Look at the monitor!
The ECG is normal!
This patient is showing symptoms of
Sister, give me the aspiration needle.
What do you mean by saying no?
What are you doing!?
Give her antibiotics
and shift her to the ward.
But Shraddha,
how did you do it?
Its a case of pneumothorax.
When she fell down
her lungs would have collapsed
and air would have
got filled all around it.
I just released it, thats all.
Sir, its just brilliant!
Thank you sir.
Excuse me
Your pen is falling
Im really sorry
if I spoke in a rude way.
I have seen many doctors but
This kind of a doctor,
Ive not seen in my entire life.
In fact, for her...
Anything else?
I dont need anything else, my dear.
How are you?
I am fine doctor.
You can go home now.
Okay doctor.
You have to take care of her well.
After two weeks,
get her for a checkup again.
otherwise, nothing to worry
For the time being,
you can take her home.
You can take her home.
Just a minute
Ill return soon.
Excuse me!
Thank you so much.
Actually, looking at your speed
I was
Totally mesmerised!
Its my duty.
Another thing
I feel like Ive seen you somewhere.
Have we met before?
Just behind this, there is
an old church, right?
On Christmas Eve,
you were wearing a red gown.
For Pinto
Pintos birthday,
isnt it?
Your liver, gallbladder
and kidney
Are they all fine?
Everything is fine.
Then there is no possibility
of us having met!
In all, if we have to meet,
then one or two organs
have to go Ka-put!
Your mother has just emerged
out of the ICU
and look at the way you are talking!
She is not my mother!
Poor lady mustve been walking
on an empty stomach
She must have fainted
so, I rushed her here.
My mother should stop watching TV serials
and come outside
for her to faint!
I couldnt make out!
Sorry is not needed.
I am Osho.
RJ Osho?
Dont you listen to the radio?
I dont listen.
Tomorrow at 8.
You have to listen!
Tomorrow I will talk about you.
Its getting late,
I need to go.
Stop for a minute please.
See you forgot to give me your number!
In case of any emergency!
Somebody might have fainted
and fallen down
or if someone has some minor injuries.
Ill be there and
You are the expert!
Take it down.
Tell me.
46 46
46 46
Its the helpdesk number.
For emergencies!
Hey! Emergency?
At least tell me your name
before you leave!
Dr. Shraddha.
The emergency doctor will not
make you wait for long
She will come in two minutes.
What is the emergency today?
It is
Unable to sit, he was standing
Thats why I got him here.
[Indistinct chatter]
Because he has piles!
Thats why I have come
to show him to a doctor.
Yeah, yeah!
To a cardiologist?
Yes, he will check everything!
It must be an emergency!
Yeah, yeah!
Its an emergency.
- Okay!
Carry on.
The doctor who saves lives
if she steals your heart
What can I do!
Hey! Emergency!
I know
You are listening!
How to repair this heart?
Tell me
This heart has slipped
Seeing you,
it has grown wings!
What I had never ever seen
A typhoon has thundered.
Wherever I go,
Whenever I come
Why do you haunt me so?
Wherever I sit or stand
Its a pleasant distress!
Wandering around in search of you
You are nowhere to be found!
I opened
The doors of my heart
To embrace your love.
Thinking only of you
With all my heart
I beckoned to you!
Penning the words of love
To the sound of silence!
Just a mere whisper
When uttered is proof enough
Love that was kept hidden
Has exponentially increased!
The lady falling down
and her lungs collapsing
and your act of grabbing my pen
and stabbing her
How is that possible for you?
There was no sound of breathing
and looking at the pattern of
bruises on her body
I realised it!
That means
What we have learnt for 30 years,
the medical procedures and protocols
are all useless?
Sir, but there was no time, right?
Who decides that?!
What has been established by
decades of medical practice
Those protocols are present!
But you think you know better!
You are a genius!
Why do you need
This fellowship?
Lets do this!
You pack your bags
I will ask my driver
to drop you.
Im sorry sir,
this wont happen again.
That means
You have decided to stay on with us?
We are indeed really lucky!
Shall I leave sir?
You may go.
Take this coat of mine
get it washed
and bring it back tomorrow.
I cant believe that
he actually asked you to clean his coat!
Did you clean it?
I did try
But I couldnt.
You should have tried with Surf Excel!
The coffee party seems to be
on in full swing!
We should simply convert
this lab into a canteen!
Isnt that the best thing to do!
We cant lose hope.
In the Council
lets appeal to the higher authorities.
I have heard everything
and have come here.
Take this
We have been rejected.
You know very well that
I have been conducting this research
since so many years.
How can they reject us!
There is a patient called Anna,
first go and attend to her.
17 years.
Opium overdose!
Im not a drug addict!
I just wanted the pain to end!
You have no regard for life!
What do you know about my life?
Nobody cares about me.
You could have ended your life!
Im not afraid to die.
Have you informed her parents?
Dont tell them anything!
I cant show my face to them
Excuse me sir!
Dr. Mrityunjays presence in the committee,
you did not tell me about it.
Its got nothing to do with Dr. Mrityunjay.
If the trial patient goes into a coma
will you take up the responsibility?
The chances are very minimal.
Look at the probability matrix.
Even if a single patient goes into a coma
we cannot handle it.
Im sorry.
Code blue!
2nd Floor
Room No. 204
Code blue!
2nd Floor
Room No. 204
Code blue!
- Oh, crap!
2nd Floor
- Anna!
Room No. 204
- 24, 25,
27, 28,
29, 30
Hit her with 300!
Stop the code.
Time of death
But we have to keep trying.
No, its too late.
No way!
Franz Reichelt
the person who invented the parachute,
he had to bloody jump from
Eiffel Tower
To prove that it works!
Its only because he took
the risk that day
that today the world is different.
Is the first step.
I have a plan
If we cut the power in the basement,
the security will be distracted
and we will get 2 to 3 minutes of time.
In that time
Annas body
can be shifted to the lab.
Down to 32.
There is no brain activity.
Saturation level is at 60%.
We will start O2.
Dose 1.
Chest compression.
Its working.
Its falling!
Something is wrong
It was working just about now.
Lets revive her!
Hit her with 360.
Its too late.
Its not working!
Her brain cells are just dying.
What are you doing!
We have to leave.
Shraddha, please come.
We have to shift the body immediately.
Else it will be a problem.
Its too risky!
Its not opening.
Can I try?
I am alone guys!
Open the door guys!
Its not opening dude!
When the door got locked
for a second my soul,
I felt like it jumped out of my body!
Its fine now Take this!
Thank heavens nothing went wrong!
My father had got an application
in the army for me.
as I was scared,
I joined MBBS.
You scoundrels
All of you together
made my heart leap to my mouth!
What is done is done!
Give it to me.
This Friday
Is Shraddhas birthday, right?
You have done your homework well
but she wont fall for you, dude!
Leave it!
Its just to cheer Shraddha up,
thats all.
Even if she doesnt cheer up,
we can always say Cheers!
[In unison]
Her face still continues to haunt me!
She wanted to live.
Do you know how it is
To die?
I was just 12 years old.
Due to an electrical shock
I was
for 15 minutes!
There was absolutely no pain.
My body felt like
It was floating.
My entire life
Like lightning
Flashed past me!
For me too
After 3 pegs,
the same thing happens!
Today is your birthday!
Do you have to work today too?
No Dev
When I simulate Annas trial
it is failing again and again.
Have you seen your eyes?
You look tired.
In the calibration that we have done
- Take it.
something must have gone wrong.
Some minor changes
Welcome to my show
I am your beloved Osho!
Today about a person
who my heart loves a lot,
I have to talk!
Are you asking me why?
Because for that person,
its a very special day too!
Just give me two minutes,
Ill be back.
So thats why my heart is thumping faster!
The beautiful moments that
I have spent with her
There are many.
At times it seems like we have
buried our memories,
but today after the rains
Those memories have gotten soaked again
and what I was made to realize is that
Those memories I had not buried.
But I had sowed them.
Attention please
Its an emergency call
Dr. Shraddha.
I repeat
Attention Dr. Shraddha
Please report to the Nursing Station immediately.
I repeat
You have to report to the Nursing Station to
Dr. Shraddha
What is the goddamn emergency?
Can we discuss it over
a small cup of coffee?
Out there, my patients BP is at 190!
Leaving him there
and going for a coffee with you,
is it so important?
My heart beats faster when you are near me
Poor guy, you might have
affected him similarly!
To listen and laugh at everything you say
Is this a Radio Station?
Does anybody behave like this in a hospital?
Arent you even a bit serious?
While I am on duty,
dont disturb me like this!
How did the surgery go?
We could not save him.
He was too old for bypass.
Inform the family.
I will do it.
You do it.
Any problem?
Why do people have to die, Papa?
For those who chop onions everyday
Id heard that tears dry up for them.
Every day watching death and life,
this emergency doctor who witnesses that,
I thought that all this would be routine.
Not for me.
Then you have indeed
come to the right place.
Even in my life,
when I get very depressed,
this is where I come.
Look there
As far as you can see
there is no end,
the world is so vast.
In such a huge world,
how insignificantly small I am!
My problems are all so tiny,
I realise!
I take a deep breath,
stuff all my problems into it
and throw it out!
I dont even think about them again.
Come, Ill show you!
Don't worry...
I will tell him.
I am extremely sorry.
Please compose yourself
If you collapse like this,
is that right, tell me?
Please go
Inform your mother.
What had happened doctor?
Actually, there was a complication.
What kind of a complication?
He was too old for bypass.
Why did the bypass fail?
For this question,
the junior doctor is here
She will answer all your questions.
I have an urgent operation to conduct,
I will take your leave.
You take care.
Im sorry.
Tell me doctor.
His blood pressure was very high.
We tried a lot.
Doctor Osho!
You had asked me out for coffee?
You forgot?
Coffee sir?
Thank you.
Black coffee, is it?
You havent had it?
Try it
Over time you will like it.
Not bad.
Is this
Only to show off
or do you know how to play it?
I do play it,
Only when I think of something.
If I want to play for someone
I play it.
Shall I make a tune for you?
This is becoming somewhat
of an addiction!
Everyone says the same about me!
I was talking about the coffee.
This is a white rose
No strings attached!
Just a mere whisper
When uttered is proof enough
Love that was kept hidden
Has exponentially increased!
Between you and me now
Should there be secrets?
Waiting only for you
My heart is transfixed!
Hey! Emergency!
I trust you haven't forgotten
about tomorrow's ethnic day.
I will be waiting for you.
Please sit down.
There were too many cases!
I got late.
In a way, you have come
at the right time only.
In this saree
You are looking gorgeous!
Is this your world?
A famous RJ
A talented musician
and a part-time doctor too!
My real passion is
Berkeley School of Music.
Right from a very young age,
to go to this college,
I have a mad obsession!
Every year I put in my application
this year too I have applied
and like every time
it might go ka-put too!
This time you will surely get it.
See Its gone bust!
Shall I tell you one thing?
I can see something in your eyes.
Far away
And in hiding
I see a beautiful door.
If you open that door
just for you
a lot of love is waiting!
You said you wanted to have coffee
Shall we go for coffee?
Sorry, it is
For the first time
I got my girlfriend to the office
I mean
A girl
Who is a friend I got right!
Thats why they were a little
A boyfriend
Dont you have anyone like that?
I dont know about boyfriend or girlfriend
You are my first friend.
There is an emergency case,
I am leaving
Thank you.
Drive safe.
What happened?
It is
I drank two pegs together, right?
The dosage was a little too much for me!
I cant believe this!
What did you say?
The dosage was very high
Venky, you are a genius!
I got the right dosage.
We were actually overdosing!
One minute, listen carefully
We may be getting another chance!
Immediately bring O2
and come to the lab.
Accident victim.
Having lost consciousness for a long time
hes lost a lot of blood.
After fixing the vein we started transfusion.
Due to Hypovolemic shock
there has been a cardiac arrest.
Time of death?
12 minutes had passed,
immediately I started the cooling process.
O2 - Dose 1.
Saturation is at 58%.
Lets hit with 240.
What is happening?
This is a
Temporary power connection.
I think it has been overloaded.
I will go and switch off all
the extra lights and come.
The saturation is improving.
Lets go with the second dose.
- Yes.
Get one mg of Epinephrine...
Wait, Ill go get it.
Now we just have to
jump start the heart, that's all!
Lets hit him with 360.
I think theres been a short circuit!
Dev look
We got a pulse!
I will look after it,
you leave
But you?
I will look after it,
you leave!
Hes alive!
Hes alive!
- Dev!
Where is Dev?
Im sorry.
Cerebral hypoxia.
There was severe smoke inhalation.
We tried our best!
But he was already brain dead.
How much time has passed?
More than three hours.
Before deciding on something,
dont you know that
you have to think deeply?
Sir, but it was just an accident.
All of you becoming doctors
is itself an accident!
Have you informed Devs father?
Devs father has had
a joint replacement surgery,
I believe.
Travelling from US
I dont think its possible.
We have to put his body
on a flight to the US.
Sir But!
Its not that
What happened?
Devs hand moved!
I gave an EPI shot immediately.
Whats wrong with you Shraddha!?
It could be Lazarus reflex.
No response.
Its not common
but it can happen
in brain dead patients!
Sir, I felt it.
- Shraddha.
You need some rest.
The drama you created today is enough!
But sir
From the Medical Council,
an order has come.
We have to send a detailed report.
The accident case that was
used for an experiment.
What was his name?
Omkar Sobhraj.
I need his family details.
if this issue becomes big,
what will happen to
the hospitals reputation?
How is our hospital connected to this?
It is totally their fault!
If there is an enquiry
They will lose their license.
Will you save them
or will you save yourself
Decide that!
Sir, what you asked for
How is he now
All the vitals are normal
I guess, this must be a
Medical miracle!
Dr. Dev, how are you?
About the fire accident,
I have to question Dr. Dev.
Dr. Dev.
Tell me how the lab accident occurred.
If you tell me soon
you can also rest.
You said Dev
Who is that?
As you can see
Dr. Devs brain scan
looks absolutely normal.
What about his memory?
Because of severe smoke inhalation,
there is a possibility of micro damage,
which is not evident in the report.
It seems very strange
When he was in coma
his brain wave pattern,
I have observed.
Its as if he was
in a deep meditative state.
I cant comment on that.
His body is recovering rapidly,
but he does not remember
anything from the past.
He is not even recognizing his father!
This is
termed as Retrograde Amnesia.
At such a time
he has to be taken care of cautiously
- Leave!
like a small baby.
- Leave me!
My name is Dev
Dr. Dev.
For some patients,
it might take time to
get back their memory,
their behavioural pattern might change,
panic attacks too are very common!
Whatever appears in your dreams,
you sketch it.
What happened?
The same dream every day.
A bright light that appears like lightning.
In that light
I see you.
Did you take your medicine?
Yes, I will take it now.
I will help him.
I will change the dosage
slightly and give you.
He should be alright.
As far as I know
The trauma that
near death patients face
cannot be solved only
through medicine.
His soul is disturbed..
I thought you are a doctor.
All things cannot be explained
by medical science.
Who am I
What are the decisions I take
What are my feelings
Every single thought that
arises in me too
is all connected to my past.
Dev is a person without a past.
He is like a small baby
who is just been born.
Thats his boon
And his curse!
You too are drinking black coffee?
Because you like only filter coffee.
Im Dev.
I am a cardiologist
and I prefer only filter coffee,
but now I will have black coffee only.
Its been more than a month.
I am still blank.
In this lifetime,
do you think I will get
my memories back?
Dont overthink it
It will come when it has to.
Till then
Enjoy your black coffee.
Every time I sleep
The same dream recurs!
Still, I like that dream.
Do you know why?
You are in that dream.
What can you see now?
That you are hungry now
Has anyone ever fed you with their hand?
In childhood my father
used to feed me like that
That is my last memory!
You eat fish, right?
What has happened to your leg?
Accidentally I put my foot
on the cutting blade,
and cut it brother!
Fine, fine.
I will do it myself.
In the night,
have a small peg and sleep.
Yes, tell me.
The other day when Manju aunty came,
you had made excellent fish curry, right?
Can you tell me its recipe?
To which girl?
There is no girl here!
Stop wasting time
and tell me fast Mamma!
Thats really easy!
See Take a pan,
cut onions,
put salt and chilli powder
and soak it.
Put oil on the pan
and you have to slowly
put the fish on it.
One that evokes affection.
Your sweet touch is such!
This nectar of love
Its insatiable when tasted!
When shrouded in loneliness
The clock stays frozen!
And when you return
My breath is revived!
Wandering around in search of you
You are nowhere to be found!
I opened
The doors of my heart
To embrace your love.
Thinking only of you
With all my heart
I beckoned to you...
Penning the words of love
To the sound of silence!
Finally, you got into Berkeley!
Finally, your dream is coming true man!
You did it!
You did it! Take it!
Todays party is mine!
After going to Berkeley,
dont forget us dude!
How are you now?
You have an emergency call.
Hey! Emergency!
Whats with you!?
Im waiting below your hospital.
I have to tell you something urgently.
Its raining too
Can you come soon?
Wha What is so urgent?
And that too in this rain?
Did you get the admission?
What I desired for in life
Its in my hand
but somehow, I am in pain.
I have to leave all this suddenly.
This place...
Everything is going to be fine
When are you leaving?
Another four days
I will be gone.
Hey! Emergency!
You will miss me, right?
I will leave.
Please wait for a minute.
Will you meet me tomorrow
at the lighthouse?
What happened?
He slipped and feel maam.
The stitches have opened.
We have to rush him to the OT.
Come fast!
What do you have to say
about this incident, Dr. Shraddha?
Dr. Shraddha
Is it true that you burnt that patient?
Tell me Dr. Shraddha!
- For your selfishness
Experimenting illegally on a patient,
- Dr. Shraddha!
to what extent do you think it is right?
Please respond Dr. Shraddha!
Who are all involved in this incident
Dr. Shraddha? - You have to respond!
Dr. Shraddha.
Hold! Hold!
- Dr. Shraddha!
Be inside, I will join you.
By saying baseless things,
dont create a sensation!
Before the fire accident itself,
the patient had lost his life.
Dr. Shraddha was just
trying to revive the patient.
Then to bring that people back to life,
are you conducting research?
Thats confidential information.
Why are you not revealing
the patients name sir?
Is that confidential too?
Thank you.
- Sir, but...
Thank you.
- We need some information sir!
Sir, please!
How will the state of a mother
who has lost her son be?
That deceased persons mother is with us
Come, lets talk with her.
How are you feeling?
You are not even able to
see your sons body!
In such a circumstance,
what are you feeling?
What is going on in your mind?
Tell me madam!
Who was it who leaked
the information to the media?
The patient on whom you experimented.
He is the only son
to his mother I believe.
She is feeling very bad that
the body has been burnt.
The lady sitting there
That is Omkars mother.
Dont worry
She has promised that
she will not file a case.
Return Omkars last belongings
and it will be good
if you talk to her once.
The Medical Council Board Members are here.
We will be waiting.
Come there.
Please sit.
No sir, thank you.
Dr. Shraddha,
youre a promising doctor,
dont spoil your career like this.
As your senior
its my sincere advice to you.
This case not reaching the hearing stage
is what is best for all.
Come to the point.
Leave this mad project!
Give a statement that youre
not conducting any research.
If I say no?
There will be a disciplinary case against you.
Your license may go.
Jail term is also a probability.
I will never lie.
I will face whatever happens.
She has the capacity to face it.
But her poor friends!
Along with her
Their careers too?
The statement that has
to be given to the media.
August 29,
at 11:27 PM
an accident victim by the name
of Omkar was brought in.
Due to excessive blood loss
he had suffered a cardiac arrest.
This case
and my research
are nowhere connected
If I say so, it will be a lie!
Its true that I experimented on him.
That means
Without approval you experimented
you say it is right?
This O2 injection
may save thousands of lives.
we have still not got
the permission from the Council
but till we get it, I wont rest.
There will be a disciplinary case against you.
Your license may go.
Jail term is also a probability.
Welcome back,
I am your beloved Osho!
While listening to this beautiful song,
what I felt was
In life, at times when we feel
we are facing a dead end
its us who have created that dead-end,
not life!
If man doesnt stop searching
and putting efforts,
whatever may be the dead-end
he will find a way out!
Saying so, signing off,
I am your beloved Osho,
always in your mind.
Good night,
Good night!
Mr. Mazumdhar wants to speak with you.
Sorry sir.
Keep it.
Its my gift to you.
Thank you sir.
Dr. Shraddha,
it seems things are not moving
as per your plan.
Sir, I have spoken to the legal team,
we will appeal through the court.
For another 10 years,
you will keep running between the courts.
Leave it.
Its no big deal for me
to get a clearance from the Council
But I need to be honest with you.
Im not fully convinced that
this O2 actually works.
Its only because you have faith
that you have called us all the way here
Before this plane was invented
when it was said that it would fly
no one would have believed it.
Belief is important, isnt it so sir?
You are right
but people believed in it
only after that flight took off
Without getting permissions for trials,
how can I prove that it works?
Dr. Shraddha
I dont have to teach you
how to break the rules.
Make it work once
and I will take care of the rest!
Just once!
In childhood, with my father,
I used to come here.
I have beautiful memories here.
There was a small hut here.
Once Papa
Had caught a fish right here
and fried it for us.
He was a fantastic cook, you know?
In fact, he was good at everything!
Listening to you,
my mouth is watering.
You seem to be missing your
Papa a lot, arent you?
At least you know who your father is!
Come, its getting late.
Come, lets go!
One minute, come here
Come! Come!
No, no.
I dont fall so easily.
I too dont let go so easily.
Will you meet me tomorrow
at the lighthouse?
How much time will you take?
Is everything ready?
The only thing left is for
you to bring the girl!
Everything is ready!
Its so beautiful, isnt it?
This has been in my family
since three generations
Couple rings!
My father had given this to my mother
and had proposed
so, its very special for me
and now
For the first time in life
I am taking a decision
with so much clarity.
I love you, my Emergency!
Everyday fighting with me,
loving me
and drinking black coffee with me
will you spend your
entire lifetime with me?
Will you marry me?
It must be about four months
since we met, right?
5 months
Six days
10 hours.
12 minutes!
Do you at least know my full name?
I dont know why you are speaking like this
and this is something I cant understand!
In my life I dont have space
for all this Osho!
In Berkeley, your future awaits you!
Have you forgotten it?
Berkeley is not my future!
This is nothing.
My future, my present and my past
Its all you!
This is nothing.
Have you lost your mind!?
Why are you acting crazy, Osho?
Shraddha, Im not crazy,
for the first time in life
Im so happy.
Osho, this is just an infatuation.
Even you know it
We have a magical connection.
Magical connection?
Just having few cups of coffee
and going around together,
is that enough?
Oh! And that kiss!
That was just a moment.
A weak one!
Thats it.
Is that all?
Do you love me so deeply?
Dont you know it?
I do.
Thats why
Just forget me!
When you have made up your mind
its not in me to force you!
At least this love
Sorry, infatuation,
At least for its memory,
will you please keep this?
When shrouded in loneliness
The clock is transfixed!
And when you return
My breath is revived!
Forget me!
What are called old memories
They are like typhoons in the heart!
At times they haunt us
and taunt us.
- Its just not reducing.
But still, we have to live with them
Because My friend!
Life must go on!
The boat has to move
And must surge ahead!
Can I talk to Dev?
Yes, uncle.
I will give it.
What happened?
Isnt he well?
Nothing uncle,
he swam yesterday
Thats why, he has a slight cold
but nothing to worry.
Dev has hydrophobia!
In his life
He hasnt even stepped
into a swimming pool.
He shouldnt go anywhere near water.
He has deep trauma about water.
Is everything alright?
Yes, uncle.
Just a minute, I will call back.
Why, what happened?
Dev has changed a lot.
His talks,
his behaviour!
Its like
He is totally a...
Different person.
Please dont think that
Im saying this as a doctor,
but I do have an explanation
for this strange behaviour.
For example
This empty glass.
Lets imagine it to be our body.
This water
Our soul,
what we call as our consciousness,
lets think of it as that.
- Sir...
In the experiment with Omkar,
when the pulse that had stopped
was revived.
At the moment when his soul
was about to re-enter,
due to the fire accident,
the pulse stopped.
At that point Omkars soul,
leaving the burnt body,
is there a possibility of it
having gone elsewhere?
Its Dev!
He was brain dead,
which means
Omkars soul is inside Dev.
In spirit science we term this as
Walk-in souls!
This is a classic case of DID.
Dissociative identity disorder.
Dev who was brain dead,
how is it possible for him
to breathe again?!
How do you explain that?
Tomorrow in the Medical Court
there is a case against us, I believe.
Case number 406.
Dr. Shraddha and party.
If you permit
I want to ask Dr. Shraddha
some questions directly.
Please proceed.
Dr. Shraddha
On August 29
the night before the incident,
How much sleep did you get?
I object.
Hes asking questions that are
unrelated to the case!
Why this drama?
This is not a regular court
and you are not a lawyer.
Just sit quietly.
I had not slept for two days,
I have a sleeping disorder.
Not just a sleeping disorder
Since the age of 12
for chronic depression
and severe anxiety,
you are under treatment
according to your medical reports.
That is my personal matter
what is the connection
between this and that?
But something connected to this matter,
think and answer
Your giving Omkar O2 treatment
and him being revived
has anybody seen it?
We were all there!
Everyone Meaning?
Dr. Venkatesh
Dr. Srishti,
did you witness it?
Omkars pulse getting revived,
did you see it in the monitor?
Dev was there.
Now he is
Unable to even remember
who his real father is!
Dont strain your brain.
Does that mean that
what I said is a lie?
I am not saying that,
In these past two years
With your departed father,
you have had conversations
is what your medical records state.
Is it true?
Yes maam,
but it was just a dream, and
- Exactly!
It was just a dream.
Dr. Shraddha suffers
from a severe delusional disorder.
This O2 treatment
has not worked on anyone,
no one has seen this,
this is just her hallucination, thats all.
She is just hallucinating!
Order in the room please!
Dr. Shraddha
For such research to have worked
do you have any proof?
Maam, if you give a days time,
the CCTV footage in the lab,
we will try to recover it.
Then we will get to know the truth.
you should not permit this.
They should have submitted
all this earlier!
The jury will decide tomorrow morning.
You have 12 hours, Dr. Shraddha.
On Omkar, the O2 really worked.
I did not hallucinate Venky.
Its so funny,
that night, it was I
who was drunk and tipsy
and they are accusing you
of hallucinating!
All this happened
because of me,
if I give a statement saying so?
Are you crazy?
You will get into a situation
where you will end up in jail!
No one here is going to jail.
I spoke with Narahari,
hes an IT expert, I believe.
Narahari means
Isnt he your father?
As he says
in every hospitals data system
there is a data disaster plan.
The corporate office server room.
That means what Srishti was recording
the brain waves too
if we go to Roys office,
we can access it.
2 4 3
Just two more seconds
2, 4
Shit man!
Going there is futile!
has confiscated all the hard disks
in the server room.
Make it work once
and I will take care of the rest!
Just once.
It works!
Have you gone crazy?
This is literally a murder!
When you become a doctor,
dont you remember
the oath that you took?
I must not play God.
Are you ready?
You are not the volunteer,
its me.
Why is it not me?
What should I do otherwise,
please experiment on me.
You had said
That risk is the first step!
Do you remember everything
that I have said Dev?
After the first injection
Keeping the O2 ready
Keep checking the monitor.
The first injection will stop my heartbeat
My heartbeat
on the monitor
as soon as it flatlines
within 30 seconds,
you have to administer O2.
I am scared
You will do fine Dev,
after that as soon as Srishti comes
I have to give the stopwatch.
I have administered O2.
My God.
What is happening?
Time of death.
Take this.
Administer O2 again.
Its too late.
Papa, get up Papa!
Papa, get up Papa!
This is the last time my dear.
This is the last time my dear.
Papa, why do people have to die?
Papa, why do people have to die?
This life is a story, my child
After a story begins
it will have an ending too,
If youre worried about the end,
you will not be able to
experience the story.
In the end, what truly matters is love
Only the moments of love.
Without love,
I have learnt to live my life, Papa.
That means you have not lived at all
My poor child!
Im Osho.
Shall I make a tune for you?
Inside a lot of love is hidden!
If you open that door
just for you
a lot of love awaits!
Keep her under close observation
for the next 24 hours.
Shraddhas research
being genuine
is now confirmed to us.
Then what about your
previous allegations?
In science
We learn from our mistakes.
I will leave, bye.
Where to?
Im going back
Hoping that my memories
will be revived,
dad wants me there.
So soon!?
Before you leave,
shall we go for a small trip?
Where to?
An important work is left undone.
I am your beloved Osho!
In your sweet voice,
leave a message.
This is Shradd
Emergency talking.
Where shall I begin?
There is so much to say.
On that day
when I left you at the lighthouse,
I felt like my life walked away from me!
I was so stupid.
I hurt you a lot.
Im sorry Osho.
Shall we meet just once?
I feel like seeing you.
Did you say anything?
Not to you.
In every page,
there is this stick man.
I think his soul is disturbed.
That and this stick man
have some connection.
Shall we go?
Shall I stay here?
Dr. Roy called me
and spoke a lot about you all.
You all tried a lot I believe
to save him.
Will you have coffee
or tea?
Its really fine aunty.
There is no milk at home,
will black coffee do?
Since his phone was not there,
to many people,
I was not able to inform
what happened.
Henceforth, I will have to
call and inform.
My son loved to swim
since he was a kid
wherever he saw water
he jumped in!
Dev has hydrophobia.
He has deep trauma of water.
All the children here
love him a lot!
Always calling him Osho anna!
Osho anna!
They used to hover behind him.
His face always had a smile.
He used to run around me
saying Mamma! Mamma!
He had called that day too
Mamma, I have finished all my work.
Im coming home.
For three months,
Ill spend time with you
he had promised.
I was waiting happily,
but he did not come!
So, this was my last live show!
I am your beloved Osho!
As you all know
Im taking a break for three months
but you wont miss me,
my pre-recorded voice
will always be with you!
Another thing is,
today I have to speak
about the one I like a lot
Are you asking me why?
Its because it is
a special day for her too!
So, about two years later,
having mustered courage,
I am going to tell her
a special heartfelt message!
So thats why
My heart is beating fast!
The beautiful moments that
I have spent with her
There are many!
At times it seems like we
have buried our memories,
but today after the rains
Those memories have gotten soaked again
and what I was made to realize is that
Those memories I had not buried.
But I had sowed them.
We may be getting another chance!
Immediately bring O2
and come to the lab.
Accident victim!
Another four days,
I will be gone.
Shall we leave?
For you
Shall I play a tune?