Oak Thorn & the Old Rose of Love (2022) Movie Script

[wind hwling]
[spran vcalizing]
[water dripping]
[magician] I will be gd fr yu.
I will be gd fr yu.
I will be gd fr yu.
I will be gd fr yu and gd t yu.
I can n lnger see my life
withut yu in it, and s I beseech thee.
ake a life with me.
ake me happy and let me d what I can
t give my happiness back t yu tenfld.
Let me be what yu want me t be.
Let me lve yu.
Let me lve yu.
ake ff thy mask.
Lve me.
hat ne t.
I will lve yu.
I've always lved yu.
And I always will.
-Lve me--
-N, dn't d that.
I aplgize.
u make it wrse.
es, but nw yu knw my heart.
I've said what I need t say.
S I shall g.
I shall g.
If yu were a traveler...
and n thy jurneys did find
east and west and nrth and suth
denied t thee,
wuld yu abandn thy quest?
Wuld yu nt seek anther way?
[sighs] I'm ld.
Where I wuld've nce wund my wn way
arund the muntain, nw--
What if yu culd pass thrugh it?
Wuld yu pay a tll?
What I seek cannt, in truth, be bught.
N. N.
ut it can grw...
if tended t, in time.
And time--
ime is smething I culd give thee.
In exchange fr?
All yur secrets.
here are mre secrets in my memry
than can fill a thusand bks.
hen give me the best f them.
Write them dwn.
I will sit by thy side.
And when they are thus cmmitted...
[n audible dialgue]
All f yu?
Fr surely yu will have
all f that and mre frm me.
hat is up t thee.
his is thy chance.
Impress me.
[whispering] eguile me.
[magician] Oh.
y secrets
have secrets.
And nt all f them are kind.
Lay them n the table.
I shall judge thee nt.
And yet I wrry.
hat I might supplant thee?
rust me.
Just as I trust that yu have nt
and will nt cerce my affectin
with trickery beynd my years and skills.
I shall grant thee
the Letter.
Such an enchantment,
but leave its affect t the Fates.
Will it suit?
[magician] Ah.
Nw, this--
his is the Recuvrer.
Pay clse attentin.
What is this?
his is the very first spell
I ever learned.
Very first I ever cast.
It is the Stave f Cncealment.
I use it still.
It is t be carved in lignite,
washed in a mixture
f three drps f bld
frm yur left hand
and three frm the ring finger
f yur right.
w frm yur left breast
and ne frm yur right.
And six frm the beating heart f--
-[magician's dialgue verlapping]
-his-- his is the Sixth Cross
of the Resurrection.
-his charm...
-Do not let the name fool you,
for it will not raise the dead in whole.
owever, when cast properly,
it will restore their voice...
-Nw this-- this is a lck ring.
-...of your choosing.
Carve it in an ak with human bld,
and yu will be well-prtected
against ful spirits.
And this--
this is the ark Against Sorrow.
Should your heart...
his is Reckning Table.
-This is the Sigil of King...
-[verlapping cntinues]
Inscribe it first on...
ere, we have the Seaward Cross.
-he traveler...
-The third time in gold...
his is the Wine Cup Charm.
You'll understand prophecy...
-And this...
-[verlapping cntinues]
...the Firstbrn f the Crw.
his is the elm f errr.
Inscribe it in lead and press t thy brw.
Any man wh marches int battle
thus marked
will vanquish his enemies.
Nw this-- this is--
I've run ut f rm.
I've run ut f--
I've run ut f rm.
I've s much mre t share.
Write it here then.
[magician] Oh.
Uh, this is--
[whispering] his is--
his is Lking Glass Charm.
Draw it n calf skin
with the bld f a man and wman
wh have lved ne anther
with all their hearts
but never lain as husband and wife.
Draw it with a feather
f a red-breasted quill.
hen fix the stave t myrrh
and lay the skin in a spring
acrss which n bird has ever flwn.
ake fur turns
arund the spring
against a clck.
retrieve the skin and peer thrugh.
When yu d...
yu will see backwards...
[whispering]...and frwards
fr years and centuries...
thrughut the wrld...
whenever yu... [blws]...wish.
I am afraid--
I am afraid I've--
[sighs] I've grwn tired.
ired-- There is mre.
ut I can't remember.
[sighs] I can scarcely remember
my wn name.
Rest awhile then.
es. Yes, I think I will. I...
es, yes.
I will.
A little rest, I'll be right as rain.
D nt think less f me while I rest.
Fr I have nt always been
s ld and frail.
I wish yu had knwn me then.
Perhaps I can gaze back thrugh the years
and catch a glimpse.
Nw yu knw my secrets.
Oh, hw I wuld
that yu might knw
the rest f me as well.
ay I share a secret with yu
befre yu sleep?
es, yes. Of curse. Of curse.
I already knw yur secrets.
I knew them all
lng befre yu kncked at my dr.
I knew the Helm f errr
and the Ring f Frtune.
And the Old Rse f Lve.
Fr that is what yu marked
n my shulders,
is it nt?
win the heart f a wuld-be lver.
I wuldn't d that.
Written with bld frm the finger
where wuld lie a ring.
Just as I knw the Crss f the ns.
A simple charm
t fend ff srcery.
I knw the Oak Thrn.
D yu remember that ne?
[singsngy] Carve this charm in ak
-with the bld f thy wmb.
-[whispering] Please. Please.
And place it at the feet f thy aggressr.
[whispering] I-- I lve yu.
And they...
[grund rumbling]
...shall sleep like a tree...
[whispering] Sleep nw.
[magician gasping]
-Sleep nw.
-[whispering] I lve yu.
Sleep nw.
[pants, grans]
Sleep nw and knw...
yur magic is safe with me.
Hw will yu use it?
[magician grunts]
[rumbling cntinues]
[wind whistling]
[wd creaking]
[crw cawing]
[wind hwling]
he Oak Thorn
And the Old Rose of Love
ath ere been born
ath died above
In the water's womb
[singing cntinues]
he Oak Thorn
And the Old Rose of Love
ath ere been born
ath died above
In the water's womb
[singing cntinues]
[sng ends]