Oblivion (2013) Movie Script

JACK: Earth, before the war.
New York, before I was born.
A place I've only
seen pictures of.
I know you...
But we've never met.
I'm with you...
But I don't know your name.
I know I'm dreaming. But it
feels like more than that.
It feels like a memory.
How can that be?
March 14th, 2077.
Five years since
the mandatory memory wipe.
And I'm still haunted
by these dreams.
Victoria and I were
assigned together.
In two weeks, our mission here will be
finished, and we'll join the others.
But the questions I ask,
she doesn't.
The things I wonder about,
she won't.
It's been half a century since the
scavengers destroyed our moon.
Forced to leave their own dying
planet, they came to take ours.
Without the moon, the Earth
was thrown into chaos.
Earthquakes toppled
cities within hours.
Tsunamis wiped
out what remained.
Then came the invasion.
We did what we had to do.
We used the nukes.
We won the war,
but lost the planet.
Left it contaminated.
Most of it uninhabitable.
What remained of humanity
had to leave the Earth.
We built the Tet,
our mission control.
A temporary space station
before the migration to Titan,
Saturn's largest moon.
Everyone's there now.
Well, almost everyone.
Until our tour is complete,
Vika and I do our job.
We protect the hydro rigs,
which convert Earth's sea water
into fusion energy
for the new colony.
The survival of humanity
depends on it.
Thank you for the coffee.
Remnants of the scavenger army
continue to disrupt the operation.
They attack our drones
at night,
and try to kill me
during the day.
There's still fight in them,
but I don't know why.
Mission says we have done well.
That we are an effective team.
Vika's my
communications officer.
She keeps an eye on me.
I handle drone maintenance.
The drones watch everything.
Vika can't wait to go.
Me, I'm not so sure.
I can't shake
the feeling that Earth,
in spite of all
that's happened...
Earth is still my home.
Jack Harper, Tech-49.
Morning, Bob.
Tower, comm check.
Drone Maintenance Technician
49, hydro rig support.
All Bubbleship systems
are green.
I'm good to go.
Copy, Tech-49, you're cleared.
Be careful out there.
- Always am.
- No, you're not.
Yeah, you're right.
I gotta work on that.
All right, Tet's coming
online in 30 seconds.
Relaying hydro rig coordinates now.
Confirm visual.
I got 'em. Hydro rigs
are sucking seawater.
You got 'em, Bob?
Drone 185 looks good.
we've got two drones down.
Stand by,
Mission coming online.
And we have Tet contact.
Morning, boss.
Tower 49,
this is Mission Control.
How y'all doing
this lovely morning?
Another day in paradise, Sally.
Uploading data now.
49 mission log.
Day 1642, hydro rig support.
- I have two...
- You have two drones offline.
Perimeter's compromised.
Copy that, relaying to Tech.
Stand by.
Jack, 166 is down in Grid 37.
Linking to beacon now.
You'll go there first.
Got it. On my way.
VICTORIA: Mission, Tech-49 is
en route to Grid 37 now.
Can you plug that hole
with Drone 109?
Negative, 109 is in the dock.
Still waiting for parts.
Jack better find those drones
and get 'em flying.
Those rigs can't be
exposed overnight.
Copy that.
SALLY: Tower,
didn't he fix 166 recently?
Jack has fixed all
the drones recently.
And, if we had the parts
that we've been asking for,
we wouldn't be running
a skeleton crew down here.
We're doing the best we can.
- Are you an effective team?
- We are an effective team.
Your directive today
is to rehabilitate 166
and find 172.
Get 'em flying by sundown,
and I'll buy you two a round of
drinks when you get up to the Tet.
You had better be ready, Sally.
Two weeks now,
we're keeping track.
Come on, Bob. Work
with me, here, buddy.
- Copy, Tower.
- What happened? I lost you for a second.
JACK: Coming up on location.
There it is.
I've got multiple scav kills.
Drone 166 put up
a hell of a fight.
Got any movement?
No sign of scavenger activity.
But I've got limited visibility, here,
Jack, due to low angle of Mission.
Copy that. I'm coming in hot.
Starting repairs.
Watch my back.
I always do.
You know,
I read about this game.
It was played right here.
The last Super Bowl.
Please don't tell me.
t was a classic.
A classic game.
Down by four.
The ball
was on the 50-yard line.
Seconds left on the clock.
The ball is snapped,
and the QB fumbles.
Looks like the game is over.
I'm reading the whole
central core off-alignment.
You don't have the necessary
tools down there.
And a new fuel cell is
not going to fix that.
But this QB runs back,
and picks up his own fumble.
Hold on, what did you just do?
There's a wall of linebackers
closing in on him.
So, he throws a long ball with
no idea who is at the other end.
A Hail Mary.
Eighty-thousand people
on their feet,
watching this ball
sail through the air.
Downfield is a rookie wide
receiver, third string.
He just leaps out of the pack.
Contact! West contact!
It's okay, Vika.
It's just a dog.
Now, go on. You gotta
get out of here.
Go on, get!
Get out of here! Go!
Tech-49, Jack Harper.
You're welcome.
166 is back online.
Two drones shot down today. Ten fuel
cells stolen in just over a month.
These scavs are getting bolder.
VICTORIA: Well, the hydro rigs
are taking all the water.
Once we're gone, they'll have
nothing but dust and radiation.
JACK: This is bullshit.
We won the war.
Now we have to leave.
Two more weeks, Jack.
Then we'll be on
our way to Titan.
That drone is out
there somewhere.
We just have to find it.
Without a beacon, that's like
finding a needle in a haystack.
So we go to our ground game.
Tower, I've located 172
down a sinkhole.
No visual, but I can hear it.
Tet's so far off angle,
I can barely see you.
How's it look?
It's good, it's good. There's no
sign of scav activity on top.
Tet's offline in 15 minutes.
After that, you're on your own.
VICTORIA: Mission,
this is Tower 49.
Jack has located drone 172.
Engaged in recovery now.
Requesting backup
to his location ASAP.
I've got a visual on Drone 172.
What the hell?
Tech-49, Jack Harper.
Jack Harper, Tech-49!
Oh, no.
Come on. Not my goddamn bike!
JACK: "How can a man die
better Than facing fearful odds."
"For the ashes of his fathers
And the temples of his Gods."
Yep, I'll be right there.
VICTORIA: How does 109 look?
- Can it fly?
- Barely.
And without armor,
she's a sitting duck.
Well, I'll talk to Sally about
that shielding in the morning.
What, Jack Harper?
Where did you get this?
It was growing in...
Come on, Jack,
you know the regulations.
I know you think I'm a stickler
but you have no idea
what kind of toxins
could be in something
like that.
- It's a flower, Vika.
- Yeah, that's not the point.
It's that we are
so close to the end,
and the last thing that we need
is you putting it all at risk.
Every day,
you have to go down there
and see what was lost.
But we've done our job, Jack.
It's time to go.
I don't think they were
trying to kill me today.
The scavs.
They were trying to catch me.
Well, they can't have you.
Come on.
You should come with me
sometime, before we leave.
There's a place I found
I'd like to show you.
I'll show you something.
Hey, hev!
Oh, my God.
VICTORIA: It was a six-stage meltdown
from inside the hydro rig's core.
It's offline permanently.
SALLY: Tower 49, you have put
the whole operation at risk.
I need to know
exactly what happened.
VICTORIA: Jack believes the scavs
weaponized one of the stolen fuel cells
and got it into the suction.
SALLY 1 Tower, hold.
Tower, I've got a rogue signal in Grid 37.
Are you seeing this?
JACK: It's gotta be scav.
It's not one of ours.
Jack, the signal is
being directed off-planet.
On my Way-
Tower, our logs show you are missing
an additional nine fuel cells.
- Can you confirm?
- Negative, Mission, that number is 10.
Drone 172 was lost last night.
109 is combat-ready as soon
as we get that shielding.
We can cover the remaining
rigs with drones in the field.
I've run the numbers.
We'll do the numbers up here,
I'm tasking the drones
to defensive positions.
Our job is to run those rigs. Your
directive is to protect them.
We cannot afford to lose another.
Do you copy?
- Are you and Jack an effective team?
- Damn right we are.
You're right on top of it.
Do you have a visual?
Yeah, I got it.
They have some kind
of a repeater.
The scavs are using
the building as an antenna.
Can you decrypt?
It's a set of coordinates.
Grid 17.
It's a goddamn homing beacon.
Grid 17.
What the hell is out there?
It's the middle of nowhere.
What is going on?
Why would the scavs send
a signal off-planet, Jack?
I'm shutting it down.
Tech-49, check your course. You're
headed right for the border.
That radiation will cook you from
the inside before you know it.
It's okay, Vika. I see it.
I'm gonna do a perimeter check
before I head home.
I may go off-comm.
we should keep in contact.
Just let me know where you are.
Do you COPY?
Jack, do you copy?
That's right, Bob.
You know where we're going.
Are you gonna miss me?
I'm gonna miss this place.
It would have been great.
It would have been great.
JACK: -Vika? Vika, did you get that?
VICTORIA: -Jack, where have you been?
- An object came down in 17.
- That's the beacon coordinates.
I saw it. - Some sort of vessel.
- Jack, Mission's almost offline.
I'm en route now.
Mission, we have an unidentified
object impact in 17.
It came down at coordinates
sent by a scav beacon.
- My tech's en route now.
- Tower, we're going offline soon,...
...but drones are already
mobile and executing.
Have your tech stand down.
Jack, Mission wants you to stand down.
The drones will handle it.
JACK: That's a negative, Tower.
With Tet offline,
we need our eyes on this.
I want to know
this site is secure.
Sally, my tech's concerned about
the security of the site.
Tower, you have lost
enough assets for today.
Keep your tech out of there.
Do you copy?
Copy, Command, I'm...
Jack, Command wants you to stand down.
The drones will handle this.
JACK: I'm on site.
I don't have eyes on you.
Command's offline.
Vika, I think it's one of ours.
This thing is ancient.
It looks...
The scavs brought
this thing down, Jack.
There's no sign of scavs.
this is your Control.
I'm ordering you to pull out and
return to the tower immediately.
Touching down.
They're human.
Tower, we have got survivors.
There are four...
Check it, five survivors.
They are human.
Stand down!
Vika, the drones are
firing on survivors.
Jack, the Tet's offline.
I don't have control.
Stand down!
Jack Harper, Tech-49.
Back off, you son of a bitch!
Back off!
Open the door.
Get the med kit.
Get the med kit!
This has to be reported.
Be sure and report
that the drones
killed the crew from
one of our own ships.
See what Command makes of that.
It's breathing fluid.
Just let her get it out.
Here. You're still dehydrated.
Where are we?
I'm Victoria, this is Jack.
VICTORIA: What's your name?
I'm Julia.
VICTORIA: Julia...
I'm sorry for what
I have to tell you,
but you were in a crash.
Your ship came down.
Jack managed to pull you
from the wreckage.
But none of your crew survived.
What do you mean?
You're the only one
that made it.
I'm sorry.
You've been in delta sleep
for a long time.
Some disorientation is normal.
How long?
Sixty years.
At least.
I have to get back to our ship.
It's too dangerous down there.
You need to rest.
Don't touch me.
Your ship's re-entry was triggered
by a beacon from the surface.
Do you know
anything about that?
What was your mission?
It's classified.
Well, we have
no record of an Odyssey...
I can't tell you anything
until I get the flight
recorder from my ship.
Julia, a lot has
changed in 60 years.
While you were in delta sleep,
Earth was attacked.
Call them scavs.
They destroyed our moon and
with that, half the planet.
Then they invaded.
We won the war,
but Earth was ruined.
Everyone's on Titan now.
It's a moon of Saturn.
Or on the space station,
getting ready to go.
We're here for security
and drone maintenance.
We're the mop-up crew.
You've lost people.
If you want to be alone,
we understand.
The drones killed
her entire crew.
- If I hadn't gotten there...
- I want her gone first thing.
Do you have any memories
before the mission?
Before the security wipe?
Our job is not to remember.
Do you remember her?
That was a scav beacon
that brought her down.
We don't know who she is.
Or what she is.
Let's just get
through the night.
You fly that thing?
What happens now?
The Tet will be online soon.
Victoria will
report your rescue.
They'll send
someone down for you.
From the Tet?
I need to get the flight
recorder from my ship.
The scavs, they move at night.
- They could be all over it by now.
- I need to know what happened.
You need to know what happened.
Jack, what are you doing?
Vika, she's a flight officer.
She wants to see her ship and
secure the flight recorder.
- Now, you would want the
same thing.- Jack, Jack...
I can't protect you.
No, I understand.
This one's on me.
I couldn't save them.
Jack. Jack!
Jack, can you hear me?
All right, it's time to go.
I found it.
Tower 49, how are y'all
this lovely morning?
Another day in paradise.
Jack took a pre-dawn patrol
and went off-comm
near the canyons in 17.
I know we're low on drones,
but, um, requesting one
to sweep the area.
Just a quick scout.
Copy 49,
tasking 185 to Grid 22.
BEECH: "And how can a man die
better Than facing fearful odds."
"For the ashes of his fathers."
"And the temples of his Gods"
I've been watching you, Jack.
You're curious.
What are you looking
for in those books?
Do they bring
back old memories?
You won't get anything from me.
- My memory has been... - Wiped to protect
the security of the mission. Yes.
You can't have
your precious memory
falling into the wrong
hands, now, can you?
Tell me.
Have you ever met
a scav up close?
Of course not.
You just repair drones.
"Don't go into
the radiation zone."
"Don't ask too many questions."
Not part of
the job description.
We're not alien, Jack.
We're human.
Of course, for us,
being human is a problem.
Old stealth fighter tech.
Shields us from your scanners.
Vocal scrambling.
Can you hear me, Jack?
Keeps your drones confused.
Well, most of the time.
- The drones are programmed...
- To kill humans, Jack.
You saw what they did
to those sleep pods.
You almost got yourself blown
to bits protecting that woman.
Why did you do that?
Anyone would have.
- Interesting.
- We're wasting our time.
The drone will track him here.
BEECH: That's Sergeant Sykes.
He thinks I'm a fool for
having brought you here.
I hope you prove him wrong.
I'm picking up a bio trail
somewhere near
the west canyons.
- Can you confirm the sequence?
- Stand by.
DNA confirmed. It's Jack.
Vika, are you okay?
Everything good
between you two?
Of course.
You're still an effective team?
We're great.
Never better.
BEECH: We were running
a ground game, and losing.
So, we decided, "What the hell?"
"We've got to
throw the long ball."
It took us decades just
to crack the GPS codes.
That's how you brought
down the Odyssey.
BEECH: The Odyssey's compact
reactor, courtesy of NASA.
Very hard to come by.
Did you like
the show last night?
That was just one fuel cell.
Imagine what 10
of them will do,
with a core of
weapons-grade plutonium.
We have a nuke, and we
have a drone to carry it.
But we can't access it.
It doesn't know who we are.
But it knows you, Jack.
We need you to
program the drone.
Have it carry our
nuke up to the Tet.
End this war.
There are people up there.
Program the drone
to return to the Tet.
It needs to go
right to the center.
Screw you.
We haven't got time for this.
- Let's go!
- Get him up.
- Mission,185 just went off-grid.
- Copy, Tower, we're seeing the same thing.
Permission to task
two additional drones?
If one drone is here,
more will come.
And they won't stop
until they find me.
They'll turn
this place to dust.
But if you let us go,
I'll call them off.
It's your only chance.
I've been to your
"radiation zones."
If you're looking
for the truth,
that's where you'll find it.
You've risked all our lives.
What makes you
think he's different?
She does.
VICTORIA: Mission, I've found
my tech over in 37.
You can call off the search.
SALLY: Copy that, Tower.
Glad Jack's safe.
Tasking the other drones
back to rig support.
Where are we going now?
Who are you?
What aren't you telling me?
- Jack, Jack.
- What were you doing on the Odyssey?
What was your mission?
It was a research flight
to Titan. My first.
That's what it was
supposed to be.
Six weeks to launch, deep space
scanners picked up an alien object.
We were reassigned
to investigate.
They put us all in delta.
They must have woken
you and Victoria first.
That object
was the Tet, Jack.
The Tet was our mission.
That's impossible.
That's impossible!
Who are you?
I'm your wife.
I don't know what happened, but
you're not who you think you are.
Jack, we were here.
You asked me to meet you, brought
me up on top of the world.
I could tell
you were nervous that day.
It was right here, Jack.
You said,
"Look through here,"
"and I'll show you the future."
And I held up a ring.
- And you said...
- "Yes."
There you are.
There you are.
Come on.
JACK: Vika, I'm coming in.
Do not report to Mission until I get back.
Do you copy?
Do you COPY?
Vika, open the door.
Stay away from me.
I don't want to hear it.
It's not safe here,
and we need to leave, now.
It was always her.
Wasn't it?
She's my wife.
Mission, this is Tower 49.
SALLY: Go ahead, 49.
I'm having a problem
with my technician.
No, you don't know
what you're doing.
He found a survivor
at the crash site.
You've gotta listen to me.
She's impeding his abilities,
and he is unfit for service.
No, no, no.
SALLY: I'm sorry to
hear that, Vika.
Are you still
an effective team?
Open the goddamn door, Vika!
We are not an effective team.
- Vika, please. We have to go now.
- I'm not going anywhere with you, Jack.
There's a place I know.
We'll be safe.
I'm going to Titan.
There is no Titan.
They lied to us.
Just stay away from me.
Vika, please,
there are things...
Things you need to know.
I don't want to know!
Hi, Jack. I don't believe
we've had the pleasure.
What have you done?
You can't blame yourself for this.
Drones are unreliable.
Sometimes things go wrong.
"Go wrong"?
You killed her.
I know, it's tragic.
She was a wonderful person.
Jack, we want to bring you in.
I've been
authorized to tell you
we're going to
assign you a new mission.
You and the survivor.
There's a lot of interest up here.
Bring her up.
We can debrief,
then anything's possible.
It's time to come home, Jack.
I'm sorry.
Hang on.
That's the plan.
We need cover.
- Are you okay?
- No.
Don't worry,
we're staying out of there.
- Are we gonna die?
- No!
Son of a bitch.
Wait here.
Who is it?
Drop your weapon!
It's okay.
Don't move!
We have to shut
that drone down.
- Stop moving!
JULIA: - Jack!
It's okay.
Don't touch me.
Hold on.
Just hold on.
Jack Harper, Tech-52.
There you are.
What happened? Are you okay?
That bogey came across the
border and then I lost you.
False alarm.
I should get back out there.
You come all the way home,
and I don't get a kiss?
What's going on up there?
I was thinking...
Why don't you
come down with me?
To the surface?
We could go right now.
Are you serious?
You won't believe
what's down there.
You know the regulations.
Can we not do this again?
I'm done talking about it.
This is gonna hurt.
Hell of a day, huh, Bob?
You always loved this song.
I'm not him.
I know I'm not.
But I've loved you...
for as long as I can remember.
I don't know
how else to say it.
You know what
you said to me once?
You said when it was all over, you
would build me a house on a lake.
We would grow old
and fat together.
And we would fight.
Maybe drink too much.
Real romantic.
And then we would die
and be buried in
a meadow by the lake.
And the world would
forget about us.
But we would
always have each other.
I remember.
Those memories are yours, Jack.
They're ours.
They are you.
Good morning.
I wanted to spend
the rest of my life here.
You still can.
I have to go.
Those people need my help.
We'll come back when it's over.
Promise me.
We'll come back when it's over.
You had me worried
for a second.
I thought you
weren't coming back.
Well, I had to prove him wrong.
You look like shit.
You should see the other guy.
If I had told you what
you'd find out there,
you would have
thought I was crazy.
I still do.
- Malcolm Beech.
- Julia Harper.
Come on.
VICTORIA: Mission,
I'm picking up a bio-trail
somewhere near
the West Canyons.
Can you confirm the sequence?
SALLY: Stand by.
DNA confirmed, it's Jack.
185 just went off-grid.
Copy, Tower.
We're seeing the same thing.
I'd been in the army less than a
year when that unholy Tet arrived.
I saw the moon get taken out.
Right up there
in the night sky.
I couldn't believe it.
After that, nature took over.
There's bedrock around Chicago,
so we were spared the worst
of the waves and the quakes.
Most people just starved.
Then the Tet sent
troop ships down.
The doors opened,
and out you came.
Astronaut Jack Harper.
Thousands of you.
Memory wiped.
Programmed to kill.
They had taken one of our best
and turned him against us.
No soul.
No humanity.
The Tet.
What a brilliant machine.
Feeding off one planet
after another for energy.
Phase Two was drones.
50 years of watching those hydro
rigs suck our planet dry.
Then one day,
I saw you set down.
Another drone to fix.
But in the rubble
that day was a book.
You picked it up.
You studied it.
And I thought I saw a way.
When you stepped in front of
that drone and saved her,
I knew.
You were in there somewhere.
I just had to find
a way to bring you back.
Watch it, watch it.
Eyes on it. Steady.
Give it some space.
Come on, you're
making it nervous.
That is one pissed-off weapon.
No, it's just a machine.
I'm the weapon.
I would love to be there to see
that thing's face
when this goes off.
That would be a one-way trip.
Yeah, but it would be worth it.
Welcome back, Commander.
Open the doors!
- Shit!
- Spread out!
MAN: Head down,
keep your head down!
JULIA: Jack!
Follow me!
Come on, you son of a bitch!
JACK: Hey!
I'm okay.
The drone.
Send the drone.
It's gone.
I thought we had it.
I really did.
I can take the bomb myself.
You know it will
swat you like a fly.
Not if I go.
She asked you to bring me up.
So bring me up.
We'll go together.
It reminds me of home.
Dream of us.
playback for the Odyssey mission.
3 May, 2017.
Okay, Bob.
Ready for space?
SALLY: Good morning, Odyssey, from
your friends here at Mission Control.
JACK: Good morning, Mission.
This is Commander Jack Harper.
Thank you for that
fantastic wake-up call.
Pre-rendezvous checks complete.
Electrical guidance
and nav systems, all good.
Range behind object,
250 clicks...
12 below V-bar, closure rate
200 kilometers per hour.
Copy that.
It's good to see you, Jack.
After 39 days of sleep, sounds
like you're ready to go.
I'm ready to go.
Your next burn will
bring you up level
and co-speed at 50 kilometer
range, where you'll hold.
Copy. We'll hold
50 clicks from object
for sensor scan and evaluation.
Targets look good.
Initiating burn in 3,2,1...
We see a good burn.
Are you reading any
output from the object?
Zero heat. No EMR.
There's no sign of life.
How is the rest
of the crew doing?
Co-pilot Victoria Olsen
should be up here shortly.
The rest of the crew
remains in delta sleep.
Copy that.
You missed a hell
of a game last night.
What did I tell you guys? No
spoilers about last night's game.
I'm looking forward to
watching it when I get back.
You're not talking about
football already, are you?
SALLY: Good morning, Vika.
VICTORIA: Good morning, Sally.
How are you doing
this lovely morning?
Another day in paradise.
One for history.
SALLY: Tech-49,
I have you on approach.
Hello, Sally.
It's a busy morning, huh?
I'm picking up
a second passenger, Jack.
It's Julia Rusakova,
the female survivor
from the crashed module.
State your intention.
Deliver the survivor,
as requested.
We are
a more effective team.
Proceed to entry.
JACK: Mission,
we have a situation.
The last burn was spot-on to give
us a SO-click hold from object,
but radar range
still decreasing.
We're accelerating
toward the object.
We're going to need
full OMS burn to pull away.
Initiate now. Entering target.
- Gimbals set.
- Target's good.
- Arm forward engines.
- Engines on.
Ready? Let's go.
Mission, we're in full OMS
burn, trying to back out.
There's a lot of vibration.
We're not getting
away from this thing.
Odyssey, telemetry shows
structural overstress.
Knock off the burn.
Do you copy?
Cutting off burn.
Mission? Mission?
Increased acceleration
toward the object.
Estimated contact
within two minutes.
I'm going to eject
the sleep module.
It's programmed for
reinsertion into Earth orbit.
I'll fly the Command module
out if I break free.
- I want you back there now.
- Absolutely not.
- That's an order!
- Jack, no, we're a team.
VICTORIA: We've got to go,
Jack! 30 seconds!
Dream of us.
SALLY: Tech-49,
enter at headway speed.
Entering at headway.
You buck up, Bob.
Don't go all shaky on me.
SALLY: Jack,
I can't help notice
your respiration
and heart rate have increased.
I'm just excited to
finally meet you, Sally.
There's been a pattern of
insubordinate behavior recently.
I feel bad about that.
Voice analysis indicates
you are lying to me, Jack.
Tell me why you are here.
You have five seconds.
I want Julia to live.
I want our species to survive.
This is the only way.
Proceed to landing.
Atmosphere provided.
Welcome home, Jack.
Come on.
you're doing the right thing.
JACK: I don't know what you
are, or where you're from,
but I'd like to tell you
about something I read.
A story from Rome,
a city you destroyed.
It's a classic.
There was a guy, Horatius,
held the bridge alone
against a whole army.
And what Horatius said was,
"How can a man die better..."
You don't have to die, Jack.
She doesn't have to die.
Everybody dies, Sally.
The thing is, to die well.
Jack, that's not
the survivor you promised me.
No, it's not.
What Horatius said was,
"How can a man die better."
"Than facing fearful odds".
Drones! Get inside! Get inside!
"For the ashes of his fathers."
"And the temples of his Gods".
SALLY: I created you, Jack.
I am your God.
Fuck you, Sally.
JACK: Earth, after the war.
Three years have passed
since I saw your face.
I wonder if I come to
you at night, in dreams.
In the day, as memories.
Do I haunt your hours
the way you haunted mine?
And I wonder if you see me
when you look at her.
Mommy, look.
If we have souls, they are
made of the love we share.
Undimmed by time.
Unbound by death.
For three years, I searched
for the house he built.
I knew it had to be out there.
Because I know him.
Lam him.
Who's that?
I am Jack Harper.
And I am home.