Observance (2015) Movie Script

Hi, you've reached Rachel's phone,
I'm away at the moment,
so leave your details
and H! get back you.
- Thanks.
Ah... it's me.
Look, I know
you don't wanna talk, but...
I'm back at work.
Yeah, I needed to
after all that's happened.
It's paying really well.
Yeah, I just don't
want you to worry.
Call me
if you need anything.
I love you.
- Yeah?
- Is that Parker?
- Speaking.
- You got in fine?
Yeah, I did.
Is she home?
She is.
I got a good spot.
I haven't had a chance to get
ears on her yet.
Amfihing to report?
Yeah. She overcooked
her lasagna.
You wrap
this one up soon.
Don't worry, I'll call tomorrow.
Same time?
Sure. Same time.
Okay- Bye-
Yeah, bye.
Cathgate Research Center, Robert speaking.
- Hey, Rob.
- Oh, hey.
Um, is Bret in yet?
Dr. Buchanan just left
a few seconds ago.
- Ah, yeah?
- Anything wrong?
No... I'm just not
feeling great this morning.
Oh, not coming in today?
I'm sorry, Rob.
Hey, don't worry about it.
It's not a problem.
Get yourself better, okay?
I will, thanks.
Thanks, Rob.
- Bye.
- See ya.
Hi. Is this
the Cathgate Research Center?
May I ask who's calling?
Ah, I'm just calling
to find out
if this is
the Cathgate Research Center.
Yes it is.
ls Rob available?
I'm sorry,
but he isn't available.
Do you know
when he'll be available?
I'm sorry, sir.
What's your name?
Ah, this is Mike Silver.
How did you get
this number?
I'm sorry
but he isn't available.
- Can I take a message?
- Oh, no, that's okay, maybe you can help me.
I was talking to Rob about an
employee working with you guys.
Blonde hair,
pretty, late 205...
I have completely
forgotten her name, do you--
They put you up here?
I've had better jobs.
Can I open a window?
Smells like piss in here.
How are things?
As good as they can be.
Spoken to Rachel?
No. Still won't talk to me.
Just give her some time.
She'll come out of it
soon enough.
I don't think
this is something
you can come out of.
We both know
she's stubborn.
She'll come around.
Yeah, maybe.
You wearing that chain?
It was a Christening gift.
Oh, yeah.
Who gave it to him?
Can't remember.
Rachel might know.
So who are you spying on?
A woman.
Is she pretty at least?
It's only
for a few days.
You don't think it's a little
too soon for you?
It's just a few days.
I'm fine.
So you're free
for Thursday?
- Thursday?
- My birthday.
Will Rachel be there?
I don't know.
But you should come anyway.
Yeah, I'll try my best.
Oh. I'm sorry man.
Yeah, no.
It's fine, Dan.
You should appeal it.
- No, I'm good.
- You have to appeal them.
It's so much money.
You'll spend forever paying it back.
It's fine.
You need to pull hard.
Thanks so much man,
what do I owe you?
Don't worry,
I'll see you Thursday.
- Drinks on you.
- Sure.
See you.
Yeah, okay. Got it.
See what you can
dig up on him.
- Mainly on his father, George Buchanan.
- Yeah, sure.
I'll be here
for another day
but see what you can
get on him.
What address am I delivering to?
128 Overlook Street.
- Talk soon. Bye.
- Bye.
I wanna speak to the client.
The client doesn't wanna be contacted.
But this is bullshit.
What do I-- what do I do
if he hits her again?
You're here to watch her.
Just watch.
No, but then you tell me,
what am I supposed to do
if he harms her?
It'll be fine.
Don't worry.
That's not your problem.
We'll take care of it.
ls there anything else
to report?
She hasn't left
the apartment once,
still haven't got
sound in there.
Oh, and I looked
into her work
at Cathgate
Research Center.
Couldn't find anything.
- You tapped her phone line?
- Yeah.
She mentioned a guy
on the phone
when she called in sick,
a Dr. Bret Buchanan.
Heard the surname,
looked them up.
What did you find?
Well, I did a general
background check.
Turns out he's being
groomed for politics,
but dropped out and studied
physics in England.
What else?
Um, he's the son
of this George Buchanan.
Wealthy family. Father ran for
Governor about 20 years ago.
There was a big scandal.
Not much else.
What do you know
about this scandal?
Press dragged up something
about an old mistress
who disappeared.
Then he dropped out.
That's all I got.
Just focus on the girl.
That's not what
we're after.
How are you for supplies?
- Good.
- Sure?
Yeah, a friend
dropped over some food,
I'll be good
until tomorrow.
What friend?
It's my brother-in-law.
We can trust him.
Well, no one else.
Yeah. Okay, no one else.
I'll call tomorrow
before you finish up.
Ya, asshole.
She hasn't left the house
in 49 hours.
I also believe
that Dr. Buchanan
is fianc
to our subject one.
I know that
she also works
at the Cathgate
Research Center.
Is-- so, is that all
you needed to know?
No. We think
there might be
a few more
days required.
Just a few more days.
Yeah, well.
Get someone else.
It's easy money.
Look, I don't care.
I've spoken
to the client
and they're willing
to pay extra.
10,000 for the rest
of the week.
Okay, 15 for the rest
of the week.
Okay, so what is it you want me to do?
Same thing?
Yes. Just watching
and reporting--
Look, I am happy
to report back to you
but I need to know
if this is gonna get worse.
Is there something
I should be looking out for?
Just watch and report back.
That simple.
Yeah, sure.
- Thanks, Parker.
- Yeah, talk tomorrow.
Where were you?
Sorry, just been
busy with work and my paper.
You sound tired.
lam tired. So tired.
How long have you got left?
- End of the year.
- Oh, that's pretty close.
Well, it feels like forever,
like I just give it my all
and never get anywhere.
It's not true. How's Bret and things?
- He's fine. Just the usual.
- Usual?
Never mind.
How are things with you?
Yeah, as good as ever.
Thinking we're gonna have
to move soon though.
How come?
Oh, a lot of things.
Mainly rent, I guess.
We just got a letter
telling us
it's going up 15 percent.
I told them to look
for new tenants,
it's just ridiculous.
What are you gonna do?
I mean, are there
cheaper places in your area?
Not really, I'm thinking
we might go back with Mom.
Well, what about
the kids and school?
I don't know.
Jeez. Here's me
complaining about my problem.
Oh, don't be stupid.
We'll be fine.
I know you will.
Hey, let me know
if there's anything I can do.
Oh, thanks, hon.
Anyway, better get
back to it.
Stanley's parent's
are coming over tonight.
They're not so bad.
They're assholes,
but I can deal with it.
I hope you feel
better soon, though.
Me too. I think I'm gonna
take a long hot shower.
That sounds good.
- Bye.
- See ya.
Oh, hey.
Yeah. Yeah, that's fine.
No, no, don't worry about it.
Yeah, um...
Hey there,
this is Charlie's answering machine.
Give it something.
Ah, happy birthday, man.
Um, I'm not gonna be able
to make your party tonight,
the job got extended
a little bit.
So, give me a call.
Hey. Did you
find anything?
Yeah, yeah.
I found out a few things.
The wealthy family,
started out in oil, moved to media.
For the past
four or five decades,
they seem to keep to themselves,
you know?
Anything on Bret?
Oh, nothing that you haven't
already covered.
Ah, I have found
something, though,
that might interest
you though.
Yeah, that's
George Buchanan's missing
college girlfriend.
The thing is
she wasn't missing.
She was found
on the family estate.
They were away at the time
and she was there alone.
Who's this guy?
That was the groundskeeper,
he strangled her
and then he committed
suicide in prison.
Hey, look, this is really
explicit stuff for this kinda job.
There's some really weird shit
in there, you know?
- You know what I'm saying?
- This is off the record anyway.
You just keep it
to yourself.
Don't just spread it around.
You should leave.
You don't understand.
It's an offering.
Parker. Yeah. He told me
I should leave.
He spoke to you?
Is he the client?
And what am I
supposed to do?
Continue watching.
That's gotta be
my kitchen window.
AWfhing to report?
I'm sorry, what?
Ah, report? No.
Okay then, Parker.
nothing to report.
nothing to report.
Good work.
Not long till it's over now.
Hey there,
this is Charlie's answering machine.
Give it something.
Give it something.
Ah, hi, Charlie.
It's Parker.
Just might need help
with the job,
I think I got a virus.
And, uh,
I need some flu stuff.
And, uh,
I need some flu stuff.
Give me a call.
Thanks, buddy.
Stop watching.
Stop watching.
Stop watching.
Stop watching.
What the fuck?
Stop watching.
Pick up the phone.
Pick up the phone.
Come on.
Come on.
Hey, this is Tenneal.
Please leave a message
and H! call you back.
It's here.
Hi, you've reached Rachel's phone.
I'm away at the moment.
So leave your details
and I'll get back to you.
- Thanks.
- Thanks.
Hey, Rach.
You're not
calling me back.
I understand
you want some space,
it's just...
it's a bit hard sometimes.
It's a bit hard sometimes.
I really miss our boy.
Oh, anyway...
I'm not gonna
be around for a while,
maybe a few months.
I don't know.
maybe a few months.
I don't know.
I'm gonna
put the money
straight onto
the hospital bills.
I really don't want
you to worry.
So I'm gonna say...
So I'm gonna say...
What are you doing?
I don't know.
I don't know.
You have to get
the end that's not the head.
It won't break through.
Hold it firm.
It's too wet.
Get another one.
You have to...
thread it through
the sliced end.
Got right through.
Got right through.
And then...
Yeah, stick the head
on the spike
and it won't slide off.
We had a prolapse.
We had a prolapse.
It's my anus.
I need your help.
I have no one.
How are you feeling
about being a dad?
I don't know.
How do you feel
about being an uncle?
I don't know
if I'm ready for it.
It's all just...
you know it's--
I think you should
get an abortion.
What's wrong
with your face?
Roll it on the rock
to dry it out,
you can get it on the hook
easier that way.
You know it's the girl.
They want her.
They came to my house.
They cut me.
I'm leaving.
Are you okay?
I'm sorry,
but I'm leaving.
If you leave
your contract is voided.
Stay and it'll be fine.
Stop saying, "it'll be fine."
Everything's not fine.
Something's wrong
What are you thinking,
I'm thinking this job's
not what you're saying it is.
I think you've been
lying to me.
Who is this?
No, you don't know me.
No, I know what this is.
It won't stop her.
We're not part of this.
Why does it
have to be her?
Why does it
have to be her?
Hey, T.
- T...
- What are you doing?
You're still here.
You haven't left yet.
I heard you.
Were you talking
about me?
Why don't we go now?
It was your father
wasn't it?
You need to leave.
Or what?
You don't listen, do you?
Stop it, Bret.
Bret, you're
upsetting me.
I'm upsetting you?
No, you need to leave.
- You have to leave.
- I'm not leaving!
- Will you just-- Will you listen?
- Stop it, Bret.
Listen to me!
Please, no,
or I'll call the police.
They can't do anything!
Get out!
Get the fuck out.
Thank you.
What was the argument about?
Um, he was drunk,
he wanted me to leave.
Leave here?
Yeah, just...
to go away with him.
He'd been acting really weird
over the past few days.
How do mean, weird?
Just asking me
to leave my job
to move away with him.
Move where?
He never said.
And do you know why
he would say that?
Can I see him?
No. Sorry, you can't.
Bret's parents have requested
that you not see him.
They can't do that.
I'm afraid they can.
But we were supposed
to get married.
Yes, but you're
not married
and you haven't
been living together.
Come on, fella.
Come on, buddy. Come on.
But that's ridiculous.
Isn't there anything
we can do?
Can you talk to them,
Can they call me?
Okay, great. Thank you.
That would be great.
Okay, so you'll call me
later today?
Yep. Okay. Thanks.
Thanks for your help.
"- Hey.