Obsessed (2014) Movie Script

Presented by
world sales FINECUan IRON PACKAGE production
executive producer KIM Woo-taek
Summer, 1969
Why don't you take it?
Okay then!
Hero of the Goboi plains!
Stand up, Kim Jin-pyong!
Bottoms up!
Pass it down.
Bottoms up! Bottoms up!
I'm abstaining from alcohol.
Abstaining? You fool!
The late chief exchanged drinks with
every one of his men in this! Drink up!
Bottoms up! Bottoms up!
There you go!
Good, good!
Turn it over!
Producer KIM Dae-woo, PARK Dae-hee
Fuck, I'm sick
and tired of Goboi Plains.
What again?
Always sticking up
for his son-in-law.
Shit, everybody's brave
when you're about to fuckin' die.
But you've never
even been in battle.
He's at the top of the line
and he's the best.
Well, yeah...
Hey! What are you doing out?
- What?
- Get back in.
- Okay, we're going.
- Hurry back in!
We're going.
By the way, I heard something
about Kim Jin-pyong...
You can't tell this to anyone.
I won't. Just spill it.
- No, you're a big mouth.
- Hey, that's not true.
SONG Seung-heon
LIM Ji-yeon
JO Yeo-jeong, ON Ju-wan
directed by
KIM Dae-woo
We were in Vietnam
during the same period.
That's right.
Colonel, you're my idol.
We must've met at least once.
That's impossible
'cause he had the easy assignments.
Do you know Captain Kyung?
I've heard of him,
he was very famous.
Weren't you Commodore Park's galloper?
Yes, sir.
One day,
Commodore Park complained,
"I hate sticky weather!"
So Captain Kyung brought in a heater.
A heater?
In Vietnam?
Imagine how many air conditioners
they must've needed.
- Three large ones, right?
- Yes, sir.
Commodore Park spoke highly of
this friend wherever he went.
You sure are clever.
Not really...
You're from Busan, but have no accent.
I've never had one since childhood.
Your wife's name is unique.
Jong Ga-heun...
- I've never heard of the surname Jong.
- She's Chinese.
Both of her parents are.
There's also something interesting.
Haven't you noticed it yet?
My wife's birthday and yours
are on the same date September 20.
Isn't that interesting?
We shouldn't just gather for gossip.
We're not living in the old days.
We should do something meaningful.
Be more helpful to our husbands, right?
Dinner's ready.
Hurry UP-
Lieutenant Colonel Choi's wife came up
with the group's name.
She's brilliant.
- Yeah?
- Don't you want to know?
What is it?
The Nightingales!
Isn't it just grand?
Give us a speech for the inauguration
at the hospital 2 days later.
Do I have to go?
You must.
Your support gives us authority.
The Korea Defense Daily
is doing a report
so you have to be in the photo.
I'm doing this for you.
What are the circles for?
Oh, that?
The doctor told me
When I will ovulate.
Oh my, what day is it today?
Oh my...
I love it...
You were great!
You get better and better.
I was so feeling it today.
- How long do you have to stay like that?
- About an hour.
The new sergeant couple
moved into our front house.
The captain seemed so happy
to be near us.
He really seems to admire you.
The wife is Chinese.
- They're also childless.
- I noticed from his papers.
We were the only childless couple
in this residence.
Maybe that's why I like her.
You like her?
She seems shy and
a bit uneasy around people.
But she must love birds,
having so many bird cages.
Chinese people like birds.
Oh no... This is all wrong.
The bird doesn't like that.
I apologize.
Do birds annoy you?
No, it was just for fun.
I'm sorry.
It's okay,
if you don't hate them.
Do you live in the residence?
Tinnitus, insomnia,
panic disorder...
Panic disorder is serious,
but with some effort it's curable.
However delirium...
Seeing the Vietcong is
a symptom of delirium
and this is even more serious.
It happens only once in a while.
What kind of dreams
do you dream?
My dreams?
In my dreams, I'm always
at that jungle.
So strange
since I don't feel any guilt.
What about alcohol?
With all of your nagging I stopped.
When I do drink, I throw it all up.
Alcohol is strictly prohibited.
- Got it? I said never.
- Okay, got it.
- See ya.
- I said never.
Did you tell anyone...
about me?
I'm sorry.
Diagnosis - Influenza
You darling, stay there
and you love, move down.
You two...
Yes, switch places.
- Can I stand behind the colonel?
- Stop talking and just move.
Let's see.
- I think we're good now.
- No, the first line has to be presentable.
Now we're done.
Who's that?
I thought you couldn't come.
Come on over!
The wife of the new sergeant
Captain Kyung Woo-jin.
Your name was Ga-heun, right?
This is...
the wife of Lieutenant Colonel Choi.
Jacqueline Kennedy is here.
- It was tailored in a hurry.
She's even humble.
After a month of preparations,
we still look like country-girls.
Excessive humility is arrogance.
My husband,
Colonel Kim Jin-pyong
- Darling, you go up.
- Me?
And Ga-heun...
Let's see.
Tilt it 15 degrees.
It's like we're nurses.
Madam, you're like the head nurse.
Settle down.
Don't make a fuss.
It's just a hospital.
Please do something.
Stop crying.
Did somebody die?
I thought he was fasting.
Great going...
Let's take a picture!
My husband is upset.
Nobody paid attention to his advice.
His voice was too small.
Can I ask a personal question?
Why I don't have a child?
I also hate that question,
but I'm curious.
Well, I'm just...
still not pregnant.
I thought you weren't
having one on purpose.
Following the American-style...
Let's be friends.
You're just
too gentle and kind.
The wives here
are a bit aggressive.
I'm sorry...
I just wanted to say
how encouraging your visit is.
It's my pleasure.
Such a handsome man...
It's a pity that your leg is...
Well, I can't do anything about it.
What's amazing is it still itches
like I have a leg.
That's called phantom pain, right?
Wow, you're well-informed.
Could you help me up?
Of course.
Slowly... slowly...
Fucking Vietcong!
I'll kill you all!
What are you doing?
Put the knife down, now!
Put it down and
talk with me.
Send me to Korea.
This is Korea.
Let her go.
Vietcong's there...
There aren't any Vietcong here.
We're in Korea.
Vietcong, Vietcong!
You son of a bitch.
Let her go.
Send me to Korea,
you son of a bitch!
This is my last warning.
Let her go.
Vietcong! Vietcong!
I'm okay.
Don't shoot.
Vietcong's over there.
Shit, you're lying!
We're in Korea.
There are no Vietcong.
See, I'm putting my gun down.
The Vietcong are
here again to beat me.
Don't worry.
I'll take you to Korea.
Don't worry.
It's no use.
I don't have a leg.
- Calm down...
- You abandoned me.
- Calm down...
- You left me there.
Calm down...
What are you doing!
Vietcong! Vietcong!
Are you okay?
Doctor! Doctor!
Are you okay?
I think I lost my earring.
Where did it go?
She sure is something.
She didn't seem to care about
the blood on her neck.
I know!
I felt the same way.
'Don't shoot, I'm okay.'
Did you hear that bullshit?
Who does she think she is?
- Putting the Colonel in trouble...
- Goddamnit!
Acting calm and all...
Did you see how she just
nodded to greet me?
I was shocked
but I didn't say a word
because of the occasion.
- I'm not going to do her hair.
- Don't!
I think it's because
she's a Chinese bitch.
You know the rude waiters
in Chinese restaurants...
You're right!
You're so sharp!
Anyway, she's in trouble now.
I'll be watching her.
'I think I lost my earring?'
I can't believe it.
How dare you.
You bastard.
Crazy asshole.
Alright, alright.
What is all this?
Are you aware that
he's a patient?
Just making sure he's real.
You know you can tell things
if you beat someone up good.
Is he a fake?
I'm not sure.
But more importantly,
I was mad about troubling you.
It'll never happen again, sir!
Well, anyway...
It was my fault too,
So I'd like to apologize
To your wife in person...
As you wish, sir.
I don't need medicine.
Why are you here?
Can't a mother visit
a daughter shot by a gun?
Who's my mother?
I hate hearing you say that.
- Who could this be?
- What do you care?
I don't want to see you again.
Got it?
But eat the medicine.
I'm going.
See you again, dandy officer.
You were wounded because of me.
I came to apologize
and see how you were.
The flowers are very pretty.
I'm not familiar with flowers...
If they're left like that
the flowers will wither.
Hospital Administration
Do you...
have a vase or something?
Colonel Kim.
What's that?
Colonel Kim!
How did you know
I wanted to eat some cake?
By the way...
When you snatched away his knife,
he said something in Vietnamese.
What was it?
Oh, that?
He asked me to save him.
He must have been tortured
by the Vietcong.
What did you say to him?
I said it was all over
and not to worry.
- What is it?
- What you lost then...
I thought
I would never find it.
Can you put it on for me?
I'm bossing you around
too much today.
When you pointed your gun
and told him to let go
you were so amazing.
Do you still go to
that music room in town?
What's on your mind?
Any worries?
It's nothing.
What were you saying?
The owner of the music room
was caught by the military police.
You know him, right?
Turns out he's a sly man.
Giving dance lessons
to housewives on Monday mornings.
Informed by intelligence,
we raided the place
and found over ten women.
They ran away screaming like shit.
This guy is as strong as Hercules.
He blocked three of us.
We fuckin' lost all of them.
Son of a bitch!
Officer Kim.
Let's ask a favor.
As a regular, I know him
and it's his first time.
Let him off the hook.
What? No.
There were officer wives
in the group.
But this son of a bitch
won't say a word.
Not beaten enough?
He fought in Vietnam
and served as a master sergeant.
You're just saying that
to get him out.
You were a noncom?
You must be my senior.
You should be ashamed.
A search troop sergeant
dancing with housewives...
There's the colonel's plea,
and you're my senior.
Let's not meet again
for the same reason.
You're free to go.
As a regular customer,
you must have had
a few dances, Colonel.
- Watch your tongue.
- Yes, sir.
Beer tastes best in the summer.
Were you beaten a lot?
A man is bound to get beaten
outside his home.
What's with the vocal music?
It's just I'm into such music
these clays.
By the way,
the housewives...
Why dance on
a Monday morning?
Because it's a Monday morning.
Monday is a new beginning
for everybody.
Husbands go to work,
children to school.
But think of the housewives.
Monday is just another day for them.
They feel lonely
and abandoned.
That's when they go
to the beauty salon.
They do their hair,
dress up
and gather here.
They dance.
It's the waltz.
They forget everything.
They submit themselves
to the men's lead.
And flow to the music.
Their body will sweat
and become hot.
Alcohol and
a touch from a stranger
make them go crazy.
On a lonely Monday morning,
she comes here for herself.
Only for herself!
What am I doing
in front of you...
I didn't know
you had such talent.
I've just started learning.
Why don't you drink?
Captain Kyung is amazing.
He knows exactly what we like.
He gave make-up to the other wives.
Lancome, Chanel... so generous...
What are you thinking about?
You don't want to
go to the picnic?
I was thinking about
something else.
How do I look?
Good, you look like
a French woman.
Hurry up and get ready.
Smoking again...
When did you prepare
all of this?
Even sandwiches!
Let's try.
Yummy spam...
- Honey, try this sandwich.
- I ate too much fruit.
What did you do in Vietnam,
Captain Kyung?
I'm a sham.
I kissed up to senior officers
and had it easy.
I see...
You had it easy.
Colonel Kim was a legend
back then.
All we talked about
was Colonel Kim.
Like what?
Like when his battalion
was besieged.
He was the last one to escape
on a helicopter.
A Vietcong division
shot the helicopter.
Have some...
It didn't go down but
most of the soldiers were killed.
- That's enough. Have a drink.
- Yes, sir.
His search battalion
was really famous.
Even their tattoos made
the Vietcong shake with fear.
They pulled out the guts of the
Vietcong and hung them on trees...
The Vietcong did those things first.
We didn't start it.
We just...
returned what they did to us.
I'll get more beer from the car.
I need to go to the toilet.
Honey, excuse me.
- My legs hurt.
- Want a piggyback?
You are so naughty.
I guess it was a bit gross.
I hope you weren't offended.
They started it.
Have some more.
Peaches are good for smokers.
I was wondering...
- if you could dance the waltz?
- What?
I learned it in school once.
Just curious...
It was a stupid question.
I also have a stupid thing
to tell you.
You came to visit me
at the hospital with flowers.
I keep thinking of it.
I guess I enjoyed your visit.
I enjoyed the canned cake.
Even the silly flower arrangement
was nice.
I keep smiling
thinking about it.
I must sound quite silly.
All day long...
I think about you all clay long.
All day...
I'm sorry.
I shouldn't be saying this...
- Is this the tattoo he mentioned?
- Yes.
It's very pretty.
- Do you want it?
- What?
It's not that I know it well.
In Vietnam,
the American soldiers had
small radios.
The music coming out of them
sounded good.
I didn't understand
why people listened to it before.
Appreciating classical music
is your hobby then.
I wouldn't say I appreciate it.
Why listen to music from
a record player that isn't even hi-fi?
A music hall should at least have
Tannoy and Mcln.
What's McIn?
I mean, McIntosh.
What's your hobby?
Not having one is my hobby.
What about your wife?
My wife's hobby...
She tends after birds.
I hate birds.
The sound quality is terrible.
Captain Kyung, I didn't know
you listened to music here.
I'm with my training sergeant
at his favorite place.
Don't you remember me?
- Haksu!
- Commander!
I missed you.
It's been a long time.
What have you been up to?
Just the same old stuff.
Didn't he mention me?
I was about to visit you tonight.
But here you are.
- I'll be right back.
- Okay.
- Why didn't you tell me about Haksu?
- That's strange.
You didn't know he was back?
I thought I told you.
You didn't...
You have the body of
a Western actress.
with a tiny waist
and plump buttocks.
Who is he trying
to show you off to?
I guess he needs it.
He's one strange husband.
This is something
that would piss them off.
But your husband asks
to have it worn.
Does he want to
brag about you?
Everyone will look at you.
So what if they look?
They're strangers.
If he needs it,
I'll do it for him.
It's the least I can do.
Please finish it on time.
I warned you!
All the women will hate you!
- Good evening.
- Welcome.
The backswing is important
at first.
Push it into the mitt
of the catcher behind you.
Then bring it right up
and stretch out your left arm.
And swing...
It's the swing of an athlete.
It's not only great but beautiful,
isn't it honey?
Yes, you're really
an all-around athlete.
When I learn golf
in the future
please give me lessons.
Who's that lady in red?
Who is it?
Isn't that a crazy bitch?
Bitch doesn't even come to my salon.
At such an important event,
with even the chief of staff present.
How dare she come
dressed like a call girl!
What was she wearing?
A bareback dress.
From afar I thought
you were an actress.
Thank you.
Isn't she pretty?
Your dress paid off.
You know what?
My heart still flutters
when I see such a beauty.
You're still young.
- You think so? And not silly?
- Not at all.
According to Colonel Kim,
your husband is an elite
who studied in the U.S.
Captain Kyung Woo-jin.
Your husband is also dashing.
I can see he's very ambitious.
It's an honor to meet you.
I have great respect for you.
Is that so?
Then can I make a request,
Captain Kang?
It's Kyung, Captain Kyung.
Captain Kyung,
can I have a dance with your wife?
Of course.
I'll have my eyes closed tight.
Look at this chap!
Joking with the chief of staff?
I'll have you sent
to the guardhouse.
With your husband's consent,
shall we dance?
I don't know how to dance.
I'm sorry,
I'll make sure I learn.
She's so shy.
Go out and try.
Let's go!
Colonel Kim, go change
the music for dancing.
When did he get so drunk?
Sound check, sound check.
Colonel Kim Jin-pyong.
I will present a song
to the chief of staff.
Who asked for your song?
It's dancing time.
Sing it later.
I would like to dedicate
this song to the chief.
For the chief!
- Could you teach me how to dance?
- Play anything from Elvis.
Of course.
Everybody come out!
I looked for you.
You did that
on purpose for me?
I was a bit drunk.
I'm sorry.
I'm slow-witted and...
Thank you.
What a fox.
She was throwing herself
to the chief for her husband,
wasn't she?
I was grateful for
stopping my drunk husband.
You are so generous.
I met a person
who knows the couple.
That woman is
as good as a war orphan.
Really? No wonder...
During the war,
her family fled to the mountains
being suspected as collaborators
with the Chinese army.
Soon her father got dysentery.
With nothing to eat
and an ill husband,
her mother ran away.
Not long after,
her father died
and the body began to rot.
But that dreadful little child
stayed next to the corpse
for a week
before she came down
from the mountains.
That poor little thing...
Some more milk?
What is there to pity?
She gives me the goosebumps.
Captain Kyung's mother found
the wandering girl and took her in.
She grew up as their maid.
- Then she grew up with her husband?
- Isn't that devious, too?
Hitting on her step-brother
and later marrying him,
she's no ordinary person.
Nobody was against the marriage?
Her mother-in-law backed the marriage.
Didn't you say
she was their maid?
Well, I guess her mother-in-law
really likes her.
She raised the girl
like her own.
I like her, too.
I guess you have something in common.
Misery loves company.
Could you come to my place
and make some kimchi?
I don't feel like
making it myself.
I must be getting old.
You can make it with me.
Let's do it together.
The whole residence isn't needed
to make a little kimchi.
I guess you don't want to.
- Then I'll do it myself.
- No.
I was wondering about
what kind of salted fish to use.
Should I also make white kimchi?
Just get it done.
Don't bother me
about the details.
I'll also make white kimchi.
Un, deux, trois...
Un, deux, trios...
Not again!
Relax the shoulders.
And the most important thing
is love.
Without it, it's not a dance.
You're not giving me love.
- But what's un, deux, trois?
- It's French for one, two, three.
We use French for cultural things.
Now, along with the rhythm...
It would be better with music.
You're not
at that stage yet.
I have to be strict at first.
Now hold me.
Un, deux, trois,
un, deux, trois...
Good! That's right, you can do it!
Wait, nature calls.
What do I always say?
You improve most
when practicing by yourself.
Try to feel it.
You've gotten better, good!
Can you feel it?
I'm half a beat later than you.
This is the key.
The man leads the woman.
You have talent, Commander.
Feels good to be complimented.
I think you like someone.
I can see it as a dance teacher.
If not, I apologize.
Does it show?
How can it not show?
Your body is full of life.
Yes, sir.
Un, deux, trios.
So you boil it like this?
No, later you'll see
the water going up.
And the coffee will brew.
The aroma is so good.
This is so amazing!
I just love this atmosphere!
It's like
I'm in an American coffee shop.
- So this glass...
- It's hot.
Wow, it's really going up!
My uncle in the U.S.
sends me coffee.
I'm so picky.
I want to see you,
My husband is smoking again.
This house is clean and nice
'cause nobody smokes.
Isn't that right, Ga-heun?
He needs to quit.
- The coffee...
- Is it brewing?
Can you see it dripping?
This is really wonderful!
Oh my goodness, it's amazing!
So can we drink it now?
It's still too light so wait.
Then I'll prepare the cookies.
Tomorrow at two,
Chinese Cathedral
- We can drink it now.
- Really?
Isn't the aroma really nice?
Where are the napkins?
My heart won't stop beating.
Is it because
you're holding my hand?
I like your hand.
I wanted to touch it
while we were dining.
this is Jin-pyong.
The branch in your left hand.
And hold the scissors.
Hold it and
make a diagonal cut.
Put it in the front.
After placing it...
The U.S. advisory group
is comin' to Seoul.
And I'll be their
translator and guide.
- Isn't that somethin'?
- That is something.
At the party before...
The corps commander
must've been smitten by me.
And the colonel
recommended me, too.
The colonel?
Yep, I reckon he likes me.
I have go on up
for preparations.
I'll be gone
for a few days or more.
Okie dokie?
I'm off.
Who is it?
It's me.
I'm not going to open the door.
I don't think I should open.
Is something wrong?
Open up for a minute.
Why, all of a sudden?
You did it on purpose.
Sending my husband away...
I wanted to be alone with you.
I'm so confused,
my head is about to burst.
This is wrong.
What we're doing...
And this...
I shouldn't keep it.
I'll give it back.
I'm sorry.
The Yankees are really something.
They're actually going to the moon.
Going to the moon, yet losing
to the Vietcong in flip-flops...
That's a mystery.
Why are you drinking so much?
Are you mad at me?
I didn't tell you about Haksu
and the dance lessons...
Actually, Haksu arranges
stereo imports for me
but it seems like
he's smuggling things in.
That's why I didn't mention him
to you before.
What's wrong with this?
I like someone.
Now you're joking with me.
Who is she?
The wife of a subordinate.
But she won't meet me anymore.
I know I shouldn't,
but I miss her like crazy.
Did you?
I can't say.
I see you did.
Make that your last.
You're not that kind of a person.
They're landing.
Shit, there's nothing.
Using all that money
to go to such a place...
This is fuckin' vain.
That was fast.
What brings you here?
Your wife asked me to check on you.
I brought seaweed soup
for your birthday tomorrow.
If you didn't have dinner,
we can warm it up for you now.
No, I'll eat it
in the morning.
Thank you.
- We'll warm it up for you.
- We can warm it up.
It's also your birthday today.
It's seaweed soup.
Have some.
I can't sleep or even breathe.
It's so painful.
It feels as though...
as though my life
has been a waste.
I didn't know
I was such a fool.
I had the same thought.
What kind of thought?
Wish my husband is away.
Wish I can be with you.
That kind.
But since you made it real,
I got scared.
And confused.
I apologize.
Even I...
don't feel like myself.
You really...
couldn't breathe?
What you said...
made me very happy.
That you couldn't breathe.
I thought it was just me.
I shouldn't be in this room.
I imagined this.
Being with you.
In this room.
Is this where you were shot?
How did it feel?
It hurt.
What about you?
It hurt, too.
- Frag out!
- Frag out!
Closed for Today
I don't agree with you,
but have a good time...
Polaroid instructions.
I forgot everything.
I've just started learning.
Un, deux, trios...
- What's un, deux, trois?
- It's French.
You're really good.
You asked me what's it's like
with my husband?
When I was about 13...
He dragged me up to the attic.
It was so bright there.
He stripped me,
and touched me.
Too painfully.
Must have been bad.
I didn't feel anything.
he was rather shocked.
But now that we're married,
I hate being touched.
So I actually
can't compare.
You're the one,
and only.
My universe.
It's me. How are things?
Everybody's taking it easy.
How is your cold?
Ah, much better now.
Captain Kyung's mother-in-law
is in the hospital.
I went to tell his wife
but she wasn't home.
It seemed serious.
You're here early.
I called her.
I was shaking all over
but I couldn't get to you.
So I called everyone.
She had a stomach cramp.
But it's not serious.
But who is...?
He's the training commander.
Isn't he...
so handsome?
We must have something
with hospitals.
Always meeting in hospitals.
It hurt so much here...
How did you come together?
It was an emergency
so I asked him to drive me here.
I apologize for the trouble.
Not at all.
Then I'll leave you...
No, I don't have anything to do.
So I can stay here.
Could you wait for a moment
and drive her back?
Is he the one?
The one you like.
Is it him?
I felt it last time.
That you are into someone.
I'm sorry.
Don't say such thing.
It's not a sin to like someone.
You know what I'm really
sorry about?
Marrying you to an evil man.
My son is evil.
Looks fine, but he is bad.
That's why I relied on you.
When you're a daughter to me.
Aren't I evil too?
Your mother-in-law
must have thought it strange
that I drove you there.
She knew the moment she saw you
that I love you.
I couldn't...
hide my feelings.
There's no use lying.
It's the first time
I'm in love.
How can she not know?
what did she say?
To do as I please
if I really love you.
She said
she was on my side.
What do I do?
I love you so much.
But what she said...
It tears me apart.
What should I do?
I love you so much, but...
I won't see you anymore.
I mean it.
I'll try.
Can you also try?
For me?
Are you looking for something?
No, it's messy so I cleaned up.
I visited the Commissioner
and found her there!
When I talk with the Mrs.,
she'd cut in.
Each and every time.
What's wrong?
I need to listen to music.
I'll be out downtown.
At this hour?
Have some fruit.
You barely ate at dinner.
I feel too stuffy.
I'll be back.
So, when do we go?
The Commissioner's!
Did you listen at all?
I don't pay visits like that.
You know me.
Your bosoms have changed.
- No, they haven't.
- Yes, they've changed.
That's strange.
My hands are really sensitive.
- I think I'll have to check.
- Haksu...
Help me.
What is it?
Tell me.
Hello, pretty!
I love Yankee stuff.
Who's there?
- Good evening, sir.
- Put out the lights!
We heard you smuggled
military goods in that container.
This went through customs.
Turn off the lights!
We'll just check it.
Come and check it then.
I can't believe this!
Stop right there!
Stop, you son of a bitch!
- I said it really ain't me!
- How can I believe you?
Your father's smuggling
caused me grief all my life.
It really ain't me, ma...
I've asked for lil' stuff
like cosmetics and cigarettes for gifts.
How can I smuggle in
a whole container?
I ain't got the money!
- You must've borrowed it.
- Borrow money? Me?
Say something!
Then what about your name
and the list of items?
I ain't got a clue.
I never heard of the fuckin'
Myeongil trading company.
This is...
Somethin's fishy.
So are you going to jail?
I dunno, fuck!
They'll let me off
if I volunteer for Vietnam.
But I just came back...
Ma... you know I was
just about to get it going.
This ain't right.
This is a setup!
It wasn't him, was it?
He's lied to me many times,
just like his dad
so I know when he's lying.
But this time he's not.
It's a setup.
I think somehow
this is linked to you.
- Mother, I...
- Don't say a word.
Get him out.
How gorgeous!
Madam, you look just like
Sophia Loren!
With that body anything will fit.
It looks so good on you.
What's with calling me Madam?
Just be comfortable as before.
What do you mean? To the new
training commander's wife?
- One, two, three...
- Madam!
What happens to
Colonel Kim now?
He's waiting to be assigned.
It actually means
they want him to quit.
What's the reason? Wasn't he
at the top of the line?
Being so tight-lipped
I never told you,
but every high-ranking official knows.
He's on medication.
A mentally ill person
can't command a troop.
He treated
his subordinates well.
He saved Captain Kyung.
Captain Kyung must be really sad.
Captain Kyung?
He didn't look sad.
He does all of my housework
these clays.
He's even ready
to do my laundry.
My my.
What use is a war hero?
And that
Colonel Kim fellow...
is weak at human relations.
Do you need to call him that?
You look pathetic right now.
Should have sent a better present
to the Commissioner.
You stupid fool.
Anyway, Colonel fellow.
He's over.
Is it your stuff?
- I'm sorry.
- There's nothing to be sorry for.
My father told me as a child
never to bring
your work stuff home
because it made you look
very shabby.
- But I broke that promise.
- You don't look a bit shabby.
- I'll wash up.
- Wait...
Happy promotion to you!
Happy promotion to you!
Dear Commodore!
Happy promotion to you!
What is this?
You've been promoted to
a general.
Congratulation, General!
General! General!
The president gave special orders
for this promotion.
The president, himself?
The president visited Vietnam
and the front line.
My husband briefed him
but it was too noisy.
And as you all know,
Colonel Kim has a small voice.
I like that voice.
The president said
Speak up, I can't hear you.
My husband said
My voice cracks if I speak louder.
And I'll look like a fool
to my subordinates.
How about a drink?
He talked back to the president.
But the president
brought up his chair nearer.
So nobody could say anything.
The president
must have remembered my husband.
So he gave special orders.
Right, honey?
Truth indeed wins out in the long run.
Everything is set right in the end.
We felt so bad
being the only ones promoted.
That's okay.
The Assistant Chief of Staff
is a key post,
mostly for two-star officers.
This is incredible!
- Let's have a toast!
- Wait...
- I prepared some barbecue.
- Captain Kyung!
Congratulations, Commodore Kim!
You're the best.
So impressive!
Why don't you make a toast.
I have another announcement.
It's nothing big,
but I'm pregnant.
My husband didn't know.
I wanted to be careful.
You can congratulate me.
I'm finally becoming a mother.
It's a double celebration.
She's pregnant!
Rumors had it you'd lost your lead,
but I believed in you.
So did I!
Me, too!
He's a Vietnam War hero
and the military academy's top student!
Nobody can win over the Commodore.
I guarantee!
Commodore, don't forget me
even if you leave!
Why are you outside?
It's more comfortable here.
Why are you drinking so much?
I told Captain Kyung.
To come with me to Seoul,
as my aide-de-camp.
I'm going to treat him well
because I've committed a great sin.
I'm not going.
Why not...
Because then...
I'll meet you.
Why can't we meet?
I told you,
I'm not seeing you anymore.
Then what about me?
I have no choice.
They need more barbecue.
- Stop, he sees us.
- Talk to me!
What about me?
You've clone well,
and will continue to do so.
Thanks a lot, darling.
Then why?
If you were going to
dump me like this
why did you make me want you?
Are you drunk?
Answer me!
I don't know
what you're talking about.
You don't know?
Don't know?
Why are you dumping me?
You're drunk, it hurts.
Let me go.
Answer me,
why did you...
- Stop it, sir.
- Let go.
Why don't you stop it.
You little weasel!
Shitty son of a bitch!
- Come here!
- Colonel!
- Come here!
- Hold him!
Let go!
Bring her here!
- Let go, you shit heads!
- Take him to his room.
Let go, come back!
Let go, you assholes!
I knew it
from the beginning.
Bottoms up.
Go to Vietnam for a year.
They'll know,
but it'll be better than here.
I'm sorry.
Don't be sorry.
There's a Japanese saying
that you can find no fault
below the belt.
A man can make mistakes.
Do some reflection in Vietnam.
Don't you like Vietnam?
You were a hero.
So it must fit you.
You humiliated my daughter,
son of a bitch!
She's even pregnant.
You jerk,
you were almost there!
Stupid son of a bitch.
Sook-jin says she'll see you
when you're back. Just pack and leave.
I'll take care of the rest.
Pathetic bastard.
I have something to say
to Captain Kyung.
He left for Seoul.
I need to
apologize to you, too.
I'm sorry.
I heard...
you were going to Vietnam.
Be safe.
I just want to ask you
one thing.
Don't worry.
Did you...
love me?
Do you still...
love me now?
I love you.
In fact,
I'm not leaving for Vietnam.
I can't stay in the military
like this.
Then what?
While serving in Vietnam,
I visited Thailand.
There was this beach...
It was so peaceful and nice
I vowed I'd come again.
I'm going there.
Nobody will remember this
after a year.
This is the right decision.
So I was wondering...
if you could go with me?
You don't have to answer now.
You can join me later.
I'll write you.
So join me later?
I won't ruin you again.
I can't give up everything.
I don't love you enough.
I see...
I didn't know.
You should've told me sooner.
- I'm sorry. Bye.
- Wait!
You know what...
I can't live without you.
I can't sleep.
I can't eat and...
I can't breathe.
It's so suffocating
I can't live.
Then there's no pension?
Of course,
he was dishonorably discharged.
Divorced and
dishonorably discharged...
The poor Colonel...
What's to pity?
It's a miracle he didn't die.
He missed his heart
by a centimeter.
She surely lived life
to the fullest.
I can't imagine
having a man die for me.
Do you think you would
follow a man like that?
Are you crazy?
That's nonsense...
What about you?
Two years later - Winter of 1971
Someone is here for you.
Are you the wife of
Major Kyung Woo-jin?
I'm Jong Ga-heun.
What's the matter?
The woman in this photo...
Is it you?
September 26, 1969
Renaissance Music Hall
This photo...
We're from Vietnam.
That man guided the special forces
across the Laos border.
He was neither a soldier
nor a civilian.
During an infiltration operation,
he was shot and died.
nobody knew his identity.
He had no belongings.
All he had was this photo
in his pocket.
I asked around everywhere
to return this to you.
Look behind it.
My Love
Right before he died,
he kept on pulling at his pocket.
So we took out this photo...
wrapped in plastic.
He died looking at this.
He even smiled.
Jong Ga-heun
Let me write my name here.
Don't forget me 'til you die.
I'll never forget.
You look scared.
Take it easy.