Obsessed to Death (2022) Movie Script

Ah, uh-uh-uh... I'm coming.
Hey, Bex.
Cassie! How's everything going lately, little sis?
How's the new apartment coming along?
Oh, it's great. Got this gorgeous wood beams and these
n-new appliances. It's really chic.
Ooh! Switch it to video chat so that I can see it.
Oh, I'm already in bed. Next time.
So, mom thinks you're moving on kinda quickly,
after everything...
Bex, stop. Do not do this again.
It's not just mom. Everybody is worried about you.
-Do you not want me to be happy? -I mean it's only been a month.
Austin and I had this really romantic dinner tonight.
He took me to this super fancy Italian place.
Is that right? -Mm.
When I'm with him, I'm exactly who I'm meant to be.
-That's what you said about... -Bex, stop.
It's different this time. - Okay, okay.
And this is the last thing I'll say, and I'm sorry,
but I really wish you'd take some time for yourself,
for self-care, before getting involved with someone else.
Oh, what was that?
-Are you okay? -Yeah.
Gotta go. I've got to be up early.
Okay. Just try and take to it slow with this guy.
-You know I love you, right? -Love you.
Okay, I'll call you tomorrow.
You started a fire in me
Knowing this thing would burn
Mm-hm mm-hm
Made you walk the wild but I know
You will never learn
Mm-hm mm-hm
So when you want your high I was thinking
That you've got it made
Mm-hm mm-hm
Oh, it's a boomerang. Are we in 2018?
Will never fade away
What's that matter?
Devil's got your tongue?
Did he grab you by your beating heart?
Did he grab you by your beating heart? Heart heart
Forty-three thousand, what?
What's the matter?
Are you having fun?
Did he smile when you tried to run?
Did he count back from five four
Oh, that lying mother...
Three months?
Pure Sage Cafe...
Hey! Hey... I'm not homeless.
Move it, lady.
Writing in your gratitude journal is a super
proactive way to stay positive.
Today, I am grateful for my body, my health...
Good health is everything.
Hi, guys! Good morning!
Welcome to my morning routine!
It is so important to start the day off right.
So, I'm gonna show you how to make my famous breakfast salad.
We're gonna start with a bed of spinach,
and I love to add blueberries, you've got
some fresh strawberries, and, of course, cucumber...
Now it's time for caffeine, the healthy way. Matcha!
I love to make mine with a little bit of oat milk
and just a dash of honey, nothing too crazy.
This stuff is so good for your immunity.
And then, I'm going to be off to Levitate 360
and getting my smoothies.
I mean, I am so blessed
to be working out for a living.
Most people get stuck in the bottom of it and that's why
the curl is warped, but I got you. Watch.
-Whoo! That's a good curl. -How did she do it?
If I do say so myself...
And then you comb up...
Hey, guys, so another one of my favorite thing is
my skincare routine. So, I'm going to this
ultra moisturizing night cream.
I mean, I use this even on...
I use it in the day too.
That's it.
Bex! Oh, you were right!
You know, it was totally too soon to date.
I am gonna work on myself.
You know what that mean? Self-care!
Yeah, that's right. Self-care.
You know I see all so clearly now, my new life.
I'm going to be beautiful inside and out!
I'm going to shine! -
I'm going to love my life!
Keep going! I see you! -
I see... You can do it. We're in this together.
Hey, guys! I'm Cassandra Joy!
And welcome to my morning routine!
Um, it's, crazy important that you
just start the day off right.
So, first, we have breakfast salad
and it's gonna be a berry mix.
So, now I'm making my matcha, which is my fave,
and then I'm ready for my day.
Thanks, guys, for watching, you make it all worth it!
Five minutes gratitude journal, what are you grateful for?
Um, mine's my family, of course, my girls.
And my health. Oh, well, and smoothies!
How does she do that?
Do you want to work out, but just need some motivation?
We have the program for you!
Apply for the Lev 360 Squad
and we'll choose one lucky novice
to join my workouts here in the studio
at Levitate 360 Fitness
where you'll get featured on our videos,
and to getting your best bod in no time.
Apply now and I hope to be sweating with you soon! Peace!
Yes! Okay. -
Hi, hi. Yes, I am calling about the Quarterly Challenge.
Yeah, I saw your website, but... Uh...
Well, I would have applied earlier. Yes.
I mean, but how could I apply earlier
if I'd just found out about it, how does that work?
Okay, look... Hey, w-what's your name? Yes. Hi.
No, I'm, I'm not yelling...
Well, why can't that person do it next time?
Oh, my... Oh, my God! -
I'm so sorry. -
Oh, you know, let me, let me, let me...
-Okay. -It's-it's... No, it's okay.
-It was an accident. -Oh, my God!
It's everywhere on you. I'm so sorry.
It's fine. It's fine. Really... Things happens. It's okay.
Y-you... Let me make it up to you. Let me buy you a smoothie.
-Or like a-like a wellness shot? -Well...
I just feel really terrible. Oh, sorry. I'm Cassie. Yes...
Fine, it's fine. I-I'm Summer.
-Okay. Okay, great. Um... -I'm Summer.
Uh, come on, let's do another wellness shot.
-One wellness shot coming up! -Okay, okay.
Yeah. Okay.
Doesn't look like there's any smoothie.
Well, that's sweet. Thanks.
I'll wash it when I get to work.
-Oh, yeah. -Oh, thank you.
Oh, I got the, uh, the immunity health shot, because
I just think, like, who doesn't need good immunity?
Oh, my God. I say that all the time. Cheers.
-Oh. Mm. -Oh, my God, that is so good.
Mm! I heard about this place from my colleague that said
the drinks were good, but that's... that's amazing.
I'm super into health and wellness juice.
-So... -No way.
Yeah, I'm actually a fitness
instructor are Levitate 360.
-Oh. Unh-unh. -You know the Spin Studio?
Oh, you must not be from here. We're kinda of a big deal.
Yeah, originally Kentucky. I moved here three year ago.
after I graduate at RISD.
Oh, well, but good for you, girl!
Mm! -I'm so out of shape.
As if. I mean you look amazing. What are you talking about?
Oh. Oh, it's like good genes I guess.
I mean, you should check out Levitate!
We do classes for all levels.
We have a quarterly challenge that you would love.
Okay, we bring in a newbie, they train on camera with us
and at the end, you are guaranteed your best bod ever.
Oh, my God, that sounds so perfect.
Yeah, only if you don't get camera shy, though.
We have, like, thousands of people livestream each class.
No, please, like, sign me up.
Oh, we already actually filled the spot for this quarter,
but go on our website and apply for the next one. Okay?
And don't be discouraged if you don't get in right away.
We really like to see applicants who are very determined.
Wow, it's really competitive, so...
I mean, my friend Stella applied three times before she got in
and she works for Levitate. It's pretty crazy, right?
I mean, it's... But don't get discouraged.
Apply early and keep trying. It's so worth it. I promise.
Anyways, I, pretty sure, I got a class to teach.
So I gotta go. It was really nice meeting you.
-Bye, Candy. -Cassie. It's Cassie.
One more, please.
Goodnight, guys.
You name it I got it
I'm a rare-breed juicy I ain't stopping
That title I want it watch your back
You're messing with the goddess
La-la la-la la la la la
Nothing like the rush La-la la-la la la la la
Messing with the best
Let's go give me
Let go la-la la-la la la la la
Let's go run me up
Give me that give me that give me that world
Let's go give me that goal
Give me that give me that give me that world
La-la la-la la la la la
Nothing like the rest
La-la la-la la la la la
Nothing but the best
Look at my go...
Summer. - Hey.
-Aw, Gage. -Hey.
I missed you guys this morning.
We were too hungover for smoothies.
Okay, speak for yourself. -
-Usual? -Yes, please. Thank you.
-Um... Hi. Hey. -Hey.
Um... S-Sunny, right?
Summer. Candy?
It's close. It's Cassie. -
We're both equally bad at names. Tsk.
Oh, sorry, this is Gage.
Are you Summer's boyfriend?
In her dreams. -Oh, my God. No.
She has to settle for bestie-slash-co-worker.
But she is dating a super cute finance bro, right, Sum?
Shut up. Stop it. -
So how do you girls know each other?
I spilled a smoothie all over Sunny...
Ah, sorry. Summer. Summer. -
Yeah, it was...
And then she was telling about this whole, like, what,
uh, Levitate fitness challenge,
I'm totally gonna sign up for it for next quarter.
Oh, how's it going by the way?
Ah, okay.
It's actually not going so well.
Uh, something really awful happened.
-Yeah. -Stop, she's not dead.
May as well be. Okay.
Poor thing is bandaged head to toe.
Eleven broken bones.
She's not gonna be exercising for a while.
Oh, it's awful. - Yeah.
She was hit by a car while being mugged.
Like, tell me that's not your worst nightmare.
-Did they catch the guy? -Nope.
She didn't even see his face.
Wow, that's crazy.
What are you guys gonna do... like, about the challenge?
I mean, actually we were just talking about that.
We don't, we don't know. I mean...
It feels wrong to try and fill her spot the last minute.
I mean, they would have to be ready in a day.
Oh, my God, this is so funny. Oh...
I had this, like... Okay, like a really intense
freelance job, and I absolutely fell through...
Like, they ran out of money, they're bankrupts...
Hey, look, if you want, I could fill in for you
if it's gonna help you guys out.
I mean, you could be ready in a day?
Oh, no, I mean, I'd have to move a few things around, but like...
-Thank you. -Thanks.
You know, yes. Yes, sure.
Hey, I... If I can help out, I will. Absolutely.
Well, maybe running into you here was meant to be.
Maybe. - Yeah.
Cheers. Cheers.
This is Cassandra Joy with
Levitate 360...
No, it's Levit... Okay.
This is Cassandra Joy and this is Levitate 360.
Go! Two, one...
What are you doing? -Oh!
Warming up. - That's Summer's bike.
I didn't... Sorry, I...
No one was in here, so I just...
This one's mine.
And this one, way at the back, is for the newbie. That's you.
As the newbie, you'll be doing the low impact settings.
Oh whoa oh oh whoa oh oh-oh-oh
-Summer. Oh, my God. Hi. -Hi.
Oh. Great. Well, hey, let's get started.
Okay. - Welcome.
Whoo! Are we ready, team?
You bet! -Alright.
Hey, guys, welcome to Levitate 360!
I'm Summer Ray and today...
We're gonna ride or die! - Whoo!
Behind me, I got my Lev 360 Squad...
Gage, Whitney, Anita!
And introducing our newest quarterly challenge member...
Cassie! - Cassie.
She's very excited to be here.
All right, let's go.
Today, I want you to focus on the you you wanna be.
So if that relates to your health, your finance...
-That was a blast, Summer. -Bitch, you crushed it.
You are fire.
Do you guys want to follow me? It's "@CassandraJoy."
-Sure thing, girl. -New girl's thirsty.
I don't have many followers yet 'cause I just did a
c-cleanse of some destructive people in my life.
So, it's C-A-S-S-A-N...
Summer. That was awesome.
Great. Hey, I'm glad you liked it.
Oh, and good job keeping up, by the way.
Oh, about that. Uh...
I think I'm just like naturally stronger than most beginners,
so I was gonna see if I can move my bike up closer to you
in class, so I could just see you more,
like, learn from you more, I don't know.
I just feel I would make a lot of progress that way.
Yeah, great idea. Sure. And know what?
After you've successfully completed the challenge,
if there's a spot still available, you can apply
to become a permanent member of the squad.
But, no that...
Well, that's where the question actually lies.
-'Cause I thought that... -Mm-hm.
I was part of the permanent position.
-Do I need another audition... -Oh, Stella.
Poor thing, look at you. -
-Oh, my God. Does it hurt? -Oh, my God.
-Yeah. -Stella. Oh, my God.
Hi. Oh, I'll be gentle. Oh, gosh.
Uh, this is Cassie.
Cassie's gonna be taking your spot in the challenges
so there's not an empty spot, but I promise
the next one is for you.
Well, if I'm feeling up to to it.
Don't say that. You will be.
I'm so sorry this happened to you.
Is that really scary?
You know we're gonna be there for you.
-I'm gonna get you some tea. -Oh, so sweet of you.
Don't you think there's something off about that girl?
O-off how? -Off, like...
She could give you a hug and then hit you
with her car in the same day.
Sorry, Stella. - It's okay.
-She seems nice to me. -She is nice.
Gage just likes the drama.
Here you go.
It has arnica in it. So, it's just really good for like...
all the injuries, all the things.
-Uh, um... -I got it.
-Okay. Thank you, Cassie. -Mm-hm
-Okay, let's go sign the cast. -Yes.
-Yes? -100 percent. Let's go.
-Is everyone gone? -Yeah.
Gage was supposed to come shopping with me, but he
ditched me for a booty call.
No, shopping is no fun alone.
You want me go with you?
Oh, no, that's okay.
I'm a grown woman, I can shop by myself.
Oh, yeah, you're gonna just buy a bunch of crap
you're never gonna wear because you're trusting the shop
assistant to tell you what looks good?
-I'm going with you. -Yeah?
Okay, yeah. What the heck. Let's go.
Yeah, I gotta go shopping, too.
I'm not accompanying you to a funeral.
Are you ready? Yeah. No, I'm ready.
I'm ready.
-Ready? Two... One, go! -Three... One...
Oh, my God, wow. Okay.
Do you think this says, smart, confident...
And it's colorblind. Yeah?
-No. -Really?
You look amazing. Your jacket looks so fire right now.
-Are you sure? Thank you. -Yes.
Well, I'm an Aries, so it's the least I can do.
Oh, this looks so good on you. Looks so good.
You have to get it. Like, absolute must.
-Okay. -Yes.
No, it's been super cute. I'm...
Yeah, and I'm gonna probably maybe get this one.
What the fuck.
Okay, yellow jacket,
burnt orange dress,
two-tone top, orange jacket and...
purple pants, because why not?
Yeah, no, no, I'll meet you out there.
Hi. Hi. Sorry. - Yeah.
Hi. I was hoping you can help me with something. Um...
I bought a gift here for my sister the other day, and I was
trying to be green and save the planet, so I brought my own bag
and I realized that she's probably gonna wanna know
where it came from, so I was just gonna see if I could
grab one of those shopping bags, so I could put it
in there before I wrap it?
Of course, no problem at all.
Oh, perfect.
I'm just going to wait for my friend. But thank you.
You ain't seen nothing Nothing
You ain't seen nothing Nothing
-Okay. Ready? Okay. -Hi. Yes.
Oh, shopping is like therapy.
That was so much fun.
Oh, you know what we should do?
There's that show where guys have to figure out
which girls they've slept with on the island.
I think that sounds amazing, but I have
a date night with Austin tonight.
Oh, no worries.
What are you guys doing?
Oh, he's taking me to this really fancy
Italian restaurant that he loves.
Hey, are you dating anyone? We should double date.
-Yeah, I am. That sounds great. -Yes.
-Yeah. It's really good. -Good. Mm-hm.
Oh, that was so fun today. Thank you for coming with me.
You're so great. -Aww.
You are perfect.
I need to go here. And I wanna get a big steak.
Oh, wait. Hold on. My man.
Hey, Austin. -How's going, man?
-It's going great. Always, man. -Looking good.
-Have a wonderful night, yeah? -All right, bro.
-Stay frosty, my man. -You, too.
Since when are you friends with my doorman?
Well, since I'm here all the time...
He's always asleep, by the way.
Hey, I know. He works hard, he works hard.
No, he doesn't. He doesn't at all.
Oh, Sorry. Oh. I mean, Summer did say you were cute.
Can I help you?
Oh, I hope so. Um...
I'm Summer's best friend and I'm planning this,
like, little surprise birthday party for her.
I know, she is an Aries. Uh, so...
While she's out, I'm just hoping I could get up there,
get some photos of where to put, like, the vodka, the luge,
fondu, you know, the oyster bar, it's obviously the essentials.
I know, I have tried to get photos when she's home
and it is impossible to do anything without her noticing.
I mean, come on, you know what she's like.
So, yeah, Austin and I were just gonna coordinate to a...
What, you know Austin?
Yes, I do. Mm-hm.
The best, right? Um...
Well, he took Summer out on a dinner date tonight and
just, you know, give a chance, get up there,
do what I need to do, and I don't know.
He said you were cool. You'll let me in. No big deal.
He said that? About me?
He's always like, "Oh, my best buddy downstairs."
He like, "My bro," and I don't know, who's asking me.
But I think he has a man crush on you.
Oh, thank you.
You're not some crazy lady who's gonna go in there
and write on the walls in blood or something?
How did you know? Oh, God, you are so funny!
Austin was right. Hey, thanks, Trev.
"My bro. Trev."
"Today, I'm so grateful that my acne cleared up.
I'm so grateful that my eyebrows are even
and I'm so grateful that Austin is amazing at...
I'm so grateful that Austin is amazing at..."
Whoo, all right, guys, you are killing it at home!
Yes, keep it going. I am so proud of you!
Let's do it. You know, what? - Whoo-Whoo!
Do it for someone in your life that you admire.
No. Better yet, do it for future self. Am I right?
Yeah! Whoo! Yes!
Last two. Stay with me. Get it.
Last one. Yes! Whoo! Whoo!
Now I want you to pick up your lighter weights.
Whitney, Anita and I are going to be going in two. Squat.
Hammer curl, shoulder press.
Gage is our high intensity warrior.
He's going to be doing squats straight into a dumbbell
clean and press. Cassie, our newbie...
Cassie is going to be doing our modified version.
So, half squat and no weight.
-Are we ready? -Yes!
Whoo, let's go! Three, two, one. Let's get it.
Down. Nice, clean movements, guys.
Keep that form. Nice and good.
Make sure your core is engaged.
I'm going to take a minute, connect your mind to your body
right now, and just check and see how you feel.
Take this moment to set an intention.
Because when this gets though, which it will be,
you can go back to that.
This is really bad.
Like, there's a lot of people complaining.
Uh... Hey.
That was great workout.
Hey, Summer, you wanna grab a drink? Quick bite? Both?
Cassie, look. Uh...
-We've had a couple... -Complaints.
'Cause they can't see me in the back.
That's, uh, that's what I was trying to kinda say earlier.
Um, no. Complaints because some of the levitators
can only do the low impact moves
and they rely on one of the squad members to demonstrate
those moves for them, and that member is supposed to be you.
But, apparently, you've been doing the high impact moves
like Gage. Is that true?
Of course it's true. She's been angling my spot since day one.
Okay, first of all, paranoid. Second of all...
Look, you are truly inspiring
and you're just...
I mean, you're an incredible teacher, Summer.
-Please! -I didn't mean to do it.
Absolutely moving forward, I will pay better attention.
Absolutely. Seriously. - Great.
-T-that's great. Thank you. -Okay.
Thank you. Thank you.
I'm gonna hit the showers and I will see you guys tomorrow.
-Okay? Okay. Bye. -Okay.
I'm watching you.
-Are you obsessed with me? -Hard no.
But I do know there's something very wrong up there
and I'm going to figure out what it is.
And when I do, your little BFF routine with Summer
will be over like skinny jeans.
Bye, Stella.
I know we don't exactly click, uh,
but I do need to ask you something...
Okay, I'm having this problem with my plank
and I don't know if it's because I'm, like, sinking...
Hey, I asked Summer...
She said you are the holy grail of form.
Well, if it's for Summer.
So you see how my abs are in
and my tailbone's tucked?
Uh, oh, yeah. Yeah, yeah.
The idea is to keep your shoulders towards
the ceiling without hunching your upper back.
-Do you see the difference? -Oh, I was hunching.
That's causing the lower back problem.
-Well, that'll do it. -Oh, thank you so much.
I get it now.
Hey, how's the healing?
Well, better every day.
We're praying for you.
That's sweet.
Hey, didn't you say you went to RISD?
-Mm-hmm. -So weird.
Why's that weird?
Because my friend works in the admissions office there
and I told her we had one of her graduates doing
the quarterly challenge and... she'd never heard of you.
Oh, tell her not to feel bad.
How could she'd be expected to remember every student?
Okay, but no pizza this time, but, yes, come over.
-Of course. -We'll make a new playlist.
-Play some music... -Yes.
Hey, you okay?
You are not your usual bundle of energy there.
I don't know what's wrong with me, but I do not feel good.
I'm gonna go home and get some rest, okay?
-Okay. -No tequila for Gage tonight.
Hey. Are you excited for our double date tonight?
I can't wait. Can I bring anything?
No. Just you and your sexy man.
He's very sexy. I can't wait to meet Adrian?
-Austin. -Austin.
It's gonna be so much hot.
Hi. Hi. Welcome. Come in.
-Mwah. -Oh, is that Baccarat Rouge?
-I use that too! -No way.
-Yeah. -Oh, my God. Copycat.
Hello. I'm Kevin. Great to meet you.
-It's a beautiful place. -Thank you so much.
Come on in. Welcome.
-He's cute. Let's go. -Mm-hm.
This is so nice. -This is my boyfriend Austin.
-Hey, man. Nice to meet you. -What's up, man?
-Kevin. -Nice to meet you.
-And this is Cassie. -Oh.
It is so great to finally meet you.
You know, Summer's told me so much about you.
I feel like I already know you.
Yeah. You too.
Okay, but did you guys see the one
where the woman slowly
poisoned her husband with antifreeze?
-It was very creepy. Right? -Mm-hm. Yeah.
I think it's creative. Mm! - Oh?
I mean, after all, he cheated on her.
Kevin doesn't like True Crime shows. What do you call 'em?
Oh, yeah. Chick shows.
Austin, do you watch True Crime?
No, not really my thing.
Well, I mean, statistically more women are victims to these
violent crimes than men, so it makes sense that
we would be more interested in these stories.
Mm-hm, that's a really good point.
I mean, it's always the boyfriend or the husband.
The person they thought they could trust. I told you...
A lot of women relate to that.
Well, I am happy I don't have to relate,
at least not with this guy.
Uh-unh. -
Oh, I can tell. Hm. He's only got eyes for you!
Well, what about you guys? How did you two meet?
That bar on Fuller.
Oh, what was the name of that, honeybuns?
Hunter's Park Bar. Uh...
-You always forget the name... -I know.
So, I told my friends, I said, I'm gonna get that girl's number
or I'm gonna die trying.
Uh, actually, we have to go.
Uh, I have an early call with China.
No. Really? -Yeah, early call with China.
We're just getting a chance to know Adrian.
Ugh, sorry, it's um...
-A-Austin? -Mm.
I'm sure we'll get more of a chance to talk next time.
You're gonna be at Levitate tomorrow, yeah?
Okay, we're gonna have that crazy core workout.
Cassie is doing super good in the challenge, by the way.
-I am so proud of her. -Oh. Me, too.
All right, love you.
Perfect goddess.
Bye. Okay, bye.
See ya.
That was really fun.
They're cute together.
Four, six, eight, five.
Well, I gotta say that was one of the weirder jobs
I've had in the last little while.
Actually, no, not really.
Uh, yeah, you are one of my better ones.
I'd hire you again if your fee wasn't so exorbitant.
-Hey, worth every penny. -Right.
Did you, uh, did you ever test out the merchandise
since you, uh, paid in full?
Your place, not mine.
Nothing but good times now baby let's...
Oh, my gosh.
-Hey! -Hi!
Um, two Tropical Healers, please.
Coming up. -
Oh, I hate that Gage have to leave early again today.
I know. He did not look okay.
Oh, my God. Cassie?
I almost didn't recognize you.
Hi, Izzy. Uh... What are you doing here?
I just moved here for grad school.
How are you doing? You know, since...
I'm great! Super good.
Everything's actually really awesome.
Um, I'm just hanging out with my really good friend Summer,
so if you don't mind.
-Oh, sure. -Yeah. Okay, sorry.
Who's that?
She's crazy friend of my sister.
It's like she's seriously... Yeah.
-It's really sad. All right. -Oh.
Let's go sit down.
Oh. Gotcha.
Let's go. We got Gage on high intensity
show us how it's done.
Gage works so hard. He's such a warrior. I am...
Hey, you don't look so good.
You want me to take over high intensity?
And twenty. Great job, team. Shake it out.
All right, we're not done yet.
You know we're gonna finish it strong.
Thirty seconds, mountain climbers. Yes, you can!
Let's go! Get into plank position.
Keep those abs nice and firm. Here we go.
This is your address.
Whatever issues you have in your life right now,
climb over them, conquer them.
This is your moment...
Oh, my God! Stop the camera.
Gage! Call 911!
Oh, my God, Gage. Oh, my God.
It's okay, it's okay.
Hi, we need an ambulance at Levitate 360 Fitness,
one of our team members has collapsed.
-Hurry! -Breathe, breathe, breathe.
Breathe. Breathe, stay with me.
It is just so scary to think that
that can happen to someone so healthy.
Yeah. It's awful.
Do you have any idea what's wrong with him?
No, not yet.
They're doing more tests and his parents are coming
to pick him up from the hospital tonight
so we can get some rest.
I'm just really worried about him.
Of course, you are. You're a good friend.
It's gonna be okay.
He's exactly where he needs to be.
Oh, that's the food.
Babe, can you go get that? I'm just too much of a mess.
Yeah, yeah, of course.
Hey, you're okay, hm.
I'm here.
Jesus, Cassie. You scared me.
Hm. Summer's in the bathroom cleaning up.
So, you and I finally have a chance to chat.
What the hell are you up to, Cassie?
Well, you're the one who owes me an explanation.
Well, I guess maybe Summer, but that's all going to be
after I tell her that we were dating
when you were already with her.
We only went on a few dates.
And now, you're befriended my girlfriend
like some kind of psycho
just to get back at me for ghosting you?
I don't think Summer's gonna care how many dates we went on.
Just that you were sleeping with both of us at the same time.
I was a douchebag before I met Summer,
to lots of women, including you,
and I'm sorry about that.
But with Summer, it's different. I care about her.
-I care about her too. -I want it to work.
So don't ruin it. Please.
You owe me.
So cute.
-Oh, yeah, oh, good idea. -Come on, come on.
Let's take a picture. - Oh, yes.
What's going on? Picture, picture.
Wait, wait, do I look cute? Okay.
Do a kissy one.
Oh, yeah.
Austin! Yeah.
Take a picture of Summer and I?
Let's... All right.
I'm sorry, baby.
All right.
Yeah, just like that.
Wait. I can't see. - Yeah. Yeah.
Just like that.
Yes. - Yeah, time's up.
Don't worry. -Wait, like a rockstar.
-Yeah, that's good. -Let me see these.
-Oh, let me see. -You and I, so...
-Oh, that's so cute. -Incredibly adorable.
I have a nice couch, right?
It's so cute. Yeah.
Send them to me though.
Hm-hm. Oh, you know what we should do?
We should play Truth or Dare.
I love Truth or Dare. - Hm-hmm.
I love Truth or Dare! Yes! Cassie Kay, truth or dare?
Don't you think Austin is, like,
the cutest guy you've ever seen?
Oh, come on, babe. Ask her something else.
I mean, he's not, like, the cutest guy
I've ever seen, no.
Babe, you are.
-I think you're cute, babe. -Sorry!
You're funny.
You're funny.
-Hey, Summer. -Yeah.
Truth or dare?
you ever had a threesome?
Oh, my God, no!
-You haven't? -You have?
-Have you? -Hm.
-You haven't? -No! What, what...
I mean, okay, the opportunity
just never presented itself, so...
-Uh... -Well...
Maybe I should...
present it.
You two look alike. You could be twins.
Thank you.
How come they test
How does it look?
I got it as close as I could
to the picture that you showed me.
It's perfect.
I might need to split cards,
I'm having a fraud issue.
Of course.
Oh ooh ooh ooh ooh
Oh ooh ooh ooh ooh
Oh ooh ooh ooh ooh
We're gonna get it so hot
Better make it sizzle
Bring on the fire
Follow your dreams
Oh, purple pants, why not?
Bring on the fire know what it means
We're gonna get it so hot
Better make it sizzle
Make it sizzle
Better make it sizzle
Make it sizzle
Get it so hot
Better make it sizzle
Oh, my God, Gage, hi.
I've missed you so much!
Girl, you sound terrible.
Which one of us nearly died recently?
I may have nearly died last night.
Judging by how many empty wine bottles
are on my table right now.
But don't say that. How are you?
Um, do they know anything?
And, when can you come back?
Because everybody really misses you.
Are you at your parents' still?
I'm waiting on test results, hoping to know something soon.
But I called because I know
exactly what you did last night.
How do you know about the threesome?
Okay, I didn't know about that!
Who'd you have a threesome with,
and why wasn't I invited?
Austin and...
-Cassie. -Cassie.
That's why I'm calling, darling.
Have you seen her social media today?
No, I haven't. I didn't check my phone until you called.
Well, rub the crust outta your eyes real quick,
'cause, A, the woman posted a photo of you guys
getting bombed, I don't think you'd want getting out there.
And, B, well, just look.
The wine-tongue photo?
I know.
But just look at the ones she's posted this morning.
What the hell, Cassie?
Hey, babe.
Uh... Oh! This is your bike.
I get it, sorry. No one was here, so I just...
No, it's not that. -It's no big deal.
The photo you posted, you get your hair styled exactly like me
and then you post it with "Summer vibes?"
Right. 'Cause it's gonna be summer soon.
Wha... It's not my fault you're named after a season.
And, Summer, you don't own curls...
Okay, what about...
Like, the two-inch pair curls, like, pretty common.
Okay, what about the-the clothes?
We have a threesome and then you go buy the exact same clothes
as me as, what, I get when we went shopping together?
Yeah, I thought those clothes looked cute on me, I'm sorry?
And, Summer, I helped you have a threesome.
Shut up!
Mnage trois.
To be a friend. Because you obviously needed it.
Okay, so you didn't do it on purpose, the clothes?
Honestly, Summer, you're seeming like a little paranoid.
Like, I'm not obsessed with you.
I'm not obsessed with you.
Okay, but there is still something
that I need you to delete ASAP.
That photo of us, looking wasted and holding wine glasses?
That is not on brand.
And I make more money influencing
than I do working hair. So I need you to delete it.
This one? - Yeah!
Oh, my God! We're so cute.
We look like garbage.
Summer, no one cares about like one photo...
Okay, this is not up for discussion.
I need you to delete that photo right now!
Okay? Or I will block you and kick you off the squad
and all of those followers that you're pandering to,
will not give a shit about you anymore.
Cassie, delete the photo!
Right now!
-Thank you. -And I'm sorry I'm freaking out.
But my brand is everything to me.
I'll see you tomorrow for the core power workout.
I need to get some sleep.
Just a heads up, I'm locking up in a minute.
You done? -Yeah.
Yeah, I'm out of here. Mm.
Oh, that friend I told you about at RISD?
What about her?
Well, she checked the school records
and couldn't find your name anywhere.
It's almost like you didn't actually go there.
Cut the crap, Stella.
Why are you researching me?
I mean, why do you give a damn where I went to school?
'Cause you are so up my ass about it.
Because ever since you showed up,
strange things have been happening.
Like Gage getting mysteriously sick,
which I know I saw you smiling about.
And now, it seems like you've been lying to us
about your background which makes me wonder why.
Can we believe a word you've said about anything?
Who are you, really?
And what if you're dangerous?
Feels like Summer and the others need to know about...
What is wrong with you?
What is wrong with you? Why are you so obsessed with me?
You're not even on the squad!
Please don't hurt me.
I don't want to, but you got up in my business!
You are making me... Hey!
You should have spent focusing on who would you want to be.
I wish that car would've killed you.
Hey, you know, I didn't even plan for that.
Hey, squad.
-What's wrong? -Stella's missing.
She didn't show up for work this morning,
and her boyfriend said she didn't come home last night.
I've been telling her to leave that dumbass for months now.
But she would never just blow off work.
Was she here last night, when you left?
Yeah. I mean, I left right after you guys, so...
didn't see anything out of the ordinary.
Do you think that...
Do you think there's a chance her boyfriend
was, like, lying about not seeing her?
If she's trying to break up with him,
there's always this chance that...
She's right. It's always the boyfriend.
No, no, no, no. Wait, wait... Well let's not assume the worst.
Okay? Maybe she just needed a little bit of a break.
I mean, we all need that sometimes, right?
So, let's keep our phones on...
during class. We're not going live.
So, if we get a call from her, we can stop, okay?
-Right. -That's a good plan.
We need a distraction.
We're gonna make ourselves sick over Stella, okay?
Hey, there's this mezcal bar down the street
that I've been wanting to try. Do you wanna go with me?
Um, listen, Cass...
I think we need to set some boundaries, okay?
Just while we're working together.
We can still hangout, just... not all the time.
Is this because of the threesome?
Oh, no, no. And-and, and,
please don't-don't mention that, okay?
It's not... It doesn't have anything to do with that.
It has nothing to do with you. We can still be friends.
I'm just trying to create some boundaries
between my work and my personal life.
-Right, okay. Yeah. Totally. -It's just a lot going on.
-And Kevin probably misses you. -Yeah, I know, I know.
-He... Yeah. -He wants to see you.
-Okay. Yes. -Of course.
-Okay. -Whatever you want.
-Just, you know. -Great.
What're you doing here?
Uh, I'm hanging out with Summer.
-What are you doing here? -We're having a date night.
Watching a movie. Wait, Summer invited you?
We're best friends, I don't need an invite to come by.
Look, about that.
I think you freaked her out with the hair thing
after our... threesome.
Yeah, because you hated that...
Obviously not.
But I'm dating Summer, not both of you.
So if you could back off a bit, give us some alone time...
Like I said, I want this to work and...
I was kinda here first.
Oh, oh-oh, you were here first?
Oh, is she a plot of land now, Austin?
It's a nice speech though.
I'm gonna tell Summer!
That I met a girl online who after three hook-ups
moved cities to get near me.
And then sent me all kinds of nut-job messages
when I ended it.
And then stalked my girlfriend
and forced her way back into my life.
And that crazy ass girl is you.
First of all, woman.
Second of all, Romeo, what are you gonna do?
What're you going to say? You were sleeping with both of us
at the same time?
I didn't know how I felt about her then.
Oh, okay. -But once I realized...
I stopped things with you.
I think she'll understand.
I'm going to propose soon and I want to start on honest ground.
You should do that.
Just let me, uh, you know, drop this off first.
It's a natural Italian wine that she's been wanting to try.
Just... Please just wait till I'm gone to give your...
petty little honesty parade.
I just came to tell you that I totally agree
with what you said earlier about us not being besties...
-That's not exactly what I... -Well, I mean, boundaries.
I just wanna talk to you really quick. One second.
I am completely about boundaries.
But, I saw that the wine shop on my way home had...
this wine in stock.
This is that natural Italian wine
that you wanted to try, right?
Yeah, um...
Oh, god.
I'm so bad at this. Um...
I thought I would just drop this off to say thank you.
And, seriously, you've...
just really done a lot for me.
I just want to do...
a little quick toast.
To Summer.
For your incredibly generous spirit.
And then I'm going to leave you guys for a romantic evening.
I promise.
That's really sweet of you.
You didn't really drop off the wine.
You opened it and poured it.
Why is she here?
I don't know. She was downstairs when I got here.
Why did you guys come in together?
I don't know, she followed me up.
Really? You've been talking to her before?
-I was just over here... -You should've let me know.
to our lovely, perfect Summer.
To Summer.
To me.
It's okay. Come here. You got it. Almost there.
Here we go.
Mm, almost time to sleep now.
Shh, it's me, baby.
What are you doing?
Where's Summer?
I'm Summer.
Did you not use to be my future?
You may not like that, it just seems really bizarre now.
Oh, never forget the first time I laid eyes on her.
Mm, and all really became clear to me that day.
Did you know that you came into my life
so that I could like her?
Look at me.
Do you know how amazing she is?
Do you?
Oh, she smells so good after a workout.
How does she do it?
Did you know that after your gone,
I'm gonna be able to immerse myself fully in her?
-S-Summer. -Shh!
Shush! Be quiet!
Be quiet. Please, be quiet.
You're gonna wake her up. - What are you gonna do?
I think I'm gonna need Summer all for myself.
Summer, help me!
Please, Austin, get off of me!
Summer! Help me! Please, wake up!
He just attacked me out of nowhere.
I was just really scared.
And that's when you reached for the corkscrew?
It was on the table.
I panicked, and it was instinct, and I just...
I don't know what would have happened
if I had not actually killed him.
Ms. Parker, had Austin ever been violent or aggressive with you?
It's Ray.
Summer Ray.
No, no. It's Parker.
Summer Ray is my stage name.
And, uh, no.
He had never been violent before.
Not in the slightest, so...
-I don't really understand... -Hey, you know what?
When I went to go wake Summer up afterwards,
I mean, she-she was a zombie.
Do you think, you know, he might have
put something in your drink?
You know what, just to, just to get her away.
-Austin, would never do that. -Hey.
That's not Austin. He wouldn't do that!
He was really different after we slept together.
He was jealous of what we had.
I-I just didn't think he would take it this far.
You've both had a long night.
I need you to come into the lab tomorrow for a blood test
to determine if you were drugged.
Yeah, okay.
Do you have somewhere to stay
until this mess gets cleaned up, Ms. Parker?
She can stay with me.
-Thank you. -Of course.
And, we'll just find a place for your clothes.
I hate getting my blood taken, do you?
Just the whole sight of blood, in general, makes me woozy.
Um, and that smell, there's a lot of it.
That's like that, metallic, citr...
I'm so sorry, we should not be talking about this right now.
You have the same picture.
Oh, yeah.
Welcome to the living room.
Um, entry way in the kitchen and...
Oh, the bedroom's down the hall.
Don't... You'll sleep there, I'll take the couch.
Uh, bathroom and then there will be a spare key in the drawer.
Are you okay?
What do you mean?
You were attacked last night
and you kinda seem fine.
I'm just helping, I'm focused on you.
It distracts me during trauma.
I don't think that's very health.
I think you should...
try to let yourself feel those feelings.
I'm so sorry.
I didn't see what he was.
Oh, my God. Are you guys okay?
-Getting there. -I know.
Hey. This is totally insane.
We just got fully questioned by some basic-ass cop.
Detective Welding?
Why was he here?
Asking us about Austin
and what we thought of him.
Oh, he seemed so lovely, Sum,
there's no way you could have known.
-And, Cassie, you poor thing. -Mm. Thank you.
Are you guys sure you're ready to come back to work?
We can cover for you for as long as you need, we've got you.
Aww, I bet you do.
No. I need to work.
I need to sweat. I need my fans.
And they need you.
-Gage! -Hey.
How are you? How are you feeling?
Fully recovered.
More importantly, how are you?
I just had to come see you. I'm so sorry, Sum.
Yeah. Well, it's really awful experience for Cassie, too.
I've just been crying for so long, I need some normalcy now.
Okay. You know what, we're gonna get started, okay?
"Oh, My Thighs" class is not gonna start itself.
Hmm, let's go, come on.
But, really, how are you?
I'm trying.
-It's hard. -Yeah.
I really loved him.
I know, Sum.
This is so fucked up.
It's okay to worry about me.
I'm glad you're safe.
Where are you staying?
-Cassie's. No, it's... -What?
She's been really sweet. Yeah.
She's handling it really well.
She is strong.
Well, I still think she's a weirdo,
but if she's been a good friend to you
while I've been away, then I guess I'll let it go.
She has.
She really has.
What about you? What do the doctors say?
Did they find out what was wrong with you?
Tell me.
-Thallium. -What is that?
It's a poison.
It's a good thing I collapsed when I did,
'cause if I kept ingesting it,
however it was getting into me...
-I would've died. -Oh, my G...
-How was it getting into you? -Don't know.
Something I was eating or drinking, probably, but...
The police even asked if I had any enemies.
I said, "Well, not unless you count
all the barmen at Daddy Longlegs."
You must be freaked out though, right?
Don't you worry about me, darling,
I just won't be accepting any free drinks
that come my way for a little while
just in case someone's trying to kill me.
Mm. And I will not be dating any handsome, successful,
cute guys anytime soon just in case they turn out to be
sadistic, abusive.
Too early for jokes?
Ah, never too early for jokes, doll.
Ah! Ah, I'm back, bitches!
Gage, yes!
Um, excuse me, daddy's home.
Oh, Gage. I didn't think you were coming in today,
so I said that Cassie can fill in for you.
You know, considering what she's been through.
On w-what you've been through.
We just don't want you to get sick again.
Can you just take lower intensity
just until you get your strength back?
I'm gonna bring it back babe
I'm gonna bring it back babe yeah yeah
All right, guys.
Here we go.
You never know how people actually are.
Because he just, like, lunged at me.
Yeah, it's like...
You know, I think he wanted to actually kill me.
I think he was pre-meditated.
Were you scared?
I was terrified.
Hey, guys. I'm gonna go get us smoothies
before our next workout, okay? My treat.
Thank you. -Thanks, Sum.
So then he bashes my head into the table.
It's healing slowly.
It's a lot worse without makeup...
Hey, I'm gonna get the Green Queen smoothies, is that okay?
Yeah, sure.
Listen. Stella's still missing, huh?
Yeah. I mean, I'm really worried about her.
She's up and left her job, her boyfriend, her friends.
It's not like her at all, right?
So I was thinking, all this crazy stuffs started happening
since Cassie got here.
And, hear me out, okay?
First, Stella gets attacked.
Then I got poisoned.
Then Stella gets kidnapped,
and Austin has some kind of personality transplant,
so he attacks Cassie and she kills him!
Because she had to. Okay? You weren't there.
You don't know all the details of that night. It was horrific.
But you didn't see or hear any of it?
I was passed out.
They think he drugged me.
I'm still waiting on test from the detective.
Look, I know that you and I both love
a good true crime conspiracy, but this is not it.
Maybe she has a partner?
Okay. Now you're spiraling.
Look, go back inside, I need to go and get this smoothies.
And just clear my head and be alone for a bit, okay?
I suppose you're right.
No kale in mine, babe.
Makes me gassy.
Can I get five Green Queen smoothies,
but one without kale?
You got it.
You're new, right?
How are you settling in?
Oh, great. I love it.
It must be very different from Kentucky.
I wouldn't know, I'm from Kenosha, Wisconsin.
It's not far.
Oh. I thought that you grew up with Cassie and her sister.
Yeah, I did.
We've all known each other since we were small.
In Kenosha.
Hey, how is Cassie?
I know her sister's been trying to get hold of her.
She's pretty worried.
About the other night? It was really awful.
-I was there, too. -What happened the other night?
Oh, I should let Cassie tell her sister that.
Wait, why was she worried?
Um, she came here for some guy
and then totally fell off the map.
Wouldn't answer any of her sister's calls, texts.
Her social media's gone completely dark.
Oh! Oh, no.
She just posted a story this morning.
"Cassandra Joy?"
Whoa. I didn't even know she had a new page.
I'm talking about the one she's had for years.
See, I could have swore that she told me she was from Kentucky.
Yeah, well, Cassie says a lot of things.
There probably was no guy.
I figured she probably just came here
to get away from all the insane stuff she pulled back home.
I'm guessing she didn't tell you about any of that?
Oh. Okay, check out her old page.
It's @TheRealCassie89.
That'll tell you everything you need to know.
Hey, girl. Yeah, let me guess.
You need help carrying those smoothies back?
Yeah, I need to ask you a huge favor.
I thought I was ready to be back at work, but it's just
too hard after everything, you know.
Summer wants me to teach the next class.
So I'm gonna need everyone in the studio.
And we'll figure out our new formation, okay?
What the...
Look what my boyfriend got me for my birthday!
Um, what are these?
Diamond earrings.
He's the best.
Wouldn't you wanna know how to get the kind of butt that slays?
Well, you've come to the right place.
I'm Cassandra Joy, and this is your Fun Bun Burn!
Are you ready for some truths?
I feel like I have to tell the truth.
So I hope you're watching tomorrow.
I'm gonna expose Professor Billings
for who he really is.
Well, fire yourself up.
You're about to find out who you truly are,
who the people around you are!
You're about to connect the dots of your whole life!
Professor Billings and I
have been in a relationship for year.
And, um...
I got pregnant, and instead of owning up to his actions
and leaving his wife...
He just forced me to come here and abort our child.
Does it hurt? Good.
I'm here to hurt you, because it's what you need.
Feel the burn, guys.
Oh, let it burn!
Ride or die!
Am I surprising you?
Well, Cassandra Joy is a dark horse, bitches!
Oh, my God! I'm so sorry!
Don't you think that girl has kind of a weird energy?
I figured she probably just came here
to get away from all the insane stuffs she pulled out.
All these crazy stuffs started happening
since Cassie got here.
Where, like, she could give you a hug
and run you over in the same day.
Honestly, Summer, you're seeming,
like, a little paranoid.
I'm not obsessed with you.
That was crazy!
Ha-ha! But you know you loved it!
This has been Cassandra Joy at Levitate 360.
Follow me and stay wild. Peace.
That was amazing!
Oh, such a rush!
Good girl.
Ooh, ha-ha!
Ooh, ha!
I better go check on Summer.
Oh, I'm sure she's fine.
She just needed some alone time.
Hey, what about those smoothies we never got?
Let's celebrate this queen here with a Green Queen, yeah?
You are too sweet. How can I say no to that.
Perfect. I have to tinkle.
-Meet you out front in five? -Yeah.
Uh, Gage?
I forgot I need to talk to Gage about something.
Can you guys go ahead and save us a table?
Gage! Oh, my God, you were right! Cassie is crazy.
She did everything you said, and more than that.
I'm on my way to the police station right now.
Stay away from her! Call me back.
I mean, you must have fixed it,
'cause all the lights are off.
Gage! Oh, my God!
Oh, my God! Gage, what happened?
Cass... It's Cassie.
It's Cassandra.
Hi, Summer.
Oh, you're tired from doing all the digging this afternoon?
What do you want, Cassie?
I want you.
I mean, I just, like, wanted you to be my friend.
I wanted you to be one of those friends
who just, like, help you start a new life.
You know, like one of those perfect ones.
Like... Oh, like yours.
You have the most amazing life.
I can help you do that.
What do you want?
Permanent member of the squad? No problem, you got it.
It took so much of me to become you. Did you know that?
But I guess I really just don't... need you anymore.
You know, I didn't realize, I can just become you.
You'll never be anything like Summer!
I kind of already am.
I have your hair.
And have your clothes.
And I actually had your man,
and you know...
Did you know when you're gone...
I mean, I-I get to take your job?
I guess, I'll probably have your friends, too.
Well, hey, I'll get your followers...
Summer, I really like your apartment.
So beautiful.
You have a really beautiful life.
What... is wrong with you?
So you... like hurting people?
It's people that get in my way, and I have to just fix it.
Like Austin?
That professor's wife?
You did your research, sweet.
Wait, you do know those people are never gonna get
pinned on me, right?
They're never gonna pin Stella on me.
It's all okay.
How are you gonna get away with all of this?
If you kill both of us? Have you thought about that?
I already have.
Everyone knows how crazy jealous Gage gets.
He attacked me when you
offered me his spot on the squad and you died trying to save me.
You were such a good friend to me!
You were my best friend.
I'm going to miss you so much.
No, no.
Gage. Oh, my God, Gage.
Chicago PD!
Gage has never in his entire life called me "honeybuns."
And he wouldn't know what a fuse box is,
let alone where to find one.
You bitch.
You don't deserve your life.
I deserve your life.
I told you there was something wrong with that girl.
-Hey, girl. -Hey.
You ready to get our grooves back?
Hell, yes, darling. Couldn't be readier.
Natalie is our new quarterly challenger member on the squad.
Summer Ray in the flesh!
I love you so much. I'm, like, obsessed with you.
And I've followed you for, like, ever and ever.
And I've-I've never missed a story.
That-that matcha smoothie you make,
it's amazing. I dressed as you for Halloween.
Because you're just so amazing.
I'm such a fan. This is such a dream come true.
I actually run your Wikipedia.
Ooh hoo
Ooh hoo
Ooh hoo
Ooh hoo
Ooh hoo
Ooh hoo
Ooh hoo
Ooh hoo
Ooh hoo
Ooh hoo