Obsession (1954) Movie Script

Great news! My parents
are coming tomorrow.
They'd be honored to meet you.
I'm nervous.
It wasn't easy. They haven't left
their estate since 1936...
...Only for you.
- You're too nice.
Please order something for me
separately, anything you like...
It always takes 3 hours
to serve you.
Have you already told Aldo?
No, not yet.
It's going to be difficult.
- It takes two in our business,
you know. - It's one more reason...
We can't wait until our wedding
to tell him that he can't count on you
for this tour. It would be dishonest.
You're right, Bernard.
I'll talk to him tonight.
I'm making this new stuff for you.
It's more supple. Try it.
- Aldo, I want to tell you something.
- Try this first.
If it suits you I'll make 3 or 4.
Did you think about
finding my replacement?
Why? Are you sick?
- No, I quit. That's all.
- It's impossible.
- There are 20 girls in Paris
capable of what I'm doing. - No!
Don't dwell on it.
We've spent over a year
on that number.
In two weeks you won't be able
to tell if it's me or not.
Quit the nonsense!
The Giovanni's means the two of us
and nobody else!
You had other partners before me.
You want to get rid of me.
It simply suits you.
Nothing is simple, do you hear me?
Maybe for you but not for me.
I know.
Everything's complicated,
especially in a separation.
I'd like you to understand.
At least, let's remain friends.
Help me. Please, Aldo, please.
All right. Your new partner is waiting.
Always keep them waiting. Bye!
You knew that I'd get married some day.
It was bound to happen.
When Bernard came to see me 3 or 4 times
and then every night
you thought it was for nothing?
Did you get any ideas? - Yes.
But I thought, at least, we can work
together. And now even that is gone.
Aldo, when Bernard just started to
seeing me regularly,
one night, he came to see me
at "Caf d'en face."
I thought that you were going
to talk to me then,
I thought about Bernard coming in
too late.
It wasn't at the caf, it was at
"Tabac des Artistes."
You see? You know exactly what
day I'm talking about.
Was I wrong that you were going
to talk to me?
- Aldo! - I didn't talk to you because
I didn't have the right.
What does it matter now?
But I want to know, I need it.
When one killed a man, the only thing
left is to keep quiet and stay alone.
What are you saying?
It's an old story and a sad one.
- You were...
- In prison? No.
It might have been better.
But they couldn't find anything.
How did you do it?
We were fighting... at night
on the waterfront in Rouen.
I didn't know what I was doing.
You can't understand. Even I can't now.
And then he fell,
he slipped into the water.
I didn't know what happened.
- Who was it?
- Some bastard.
I hate men who blackmail a woman.
That's it.
Do you understand now why I don't
have the right?
You see, you have nothing to regret.
You'll be much happier.
You'll miss your work at first.
But you'll have kids, a real apartment,
a husband, a nice life.
He didn't come?
Bernard was there.
- It was me who couldn't make it.
- Hlne!
If you want to leave, it has to be
right now! Do you hear me? Right now!
I don't want to leave anymore.
Is it because of what I told you?
You didn't tell me anything except that
you loved me, that's all.
I don't dare to touch you now.
What are you thinking of?
Nothing. And you?
I think that I never saw you smiling.
It's true. Even when was a kid
my mother said I never smiled.
And now?
Now you are here.
I'm happy here.
Happiness is a funny thing.
I think it's much too complicated for me.
Hurry up! We'll be late for
a matinee performance!
- What time is it?
- 1:45pm.
Kids! It's enough!
Go on, pack your things!
Why did you let me fall asleep?
Because I fell asleep, too!
If you continue, I'll spank you.
Jrme, your geography book!
Where's your bathing suit?
Can't you see, he's wearing it?
They are your kids.
What about my kids?
Because they're just like you!
Yes, they are less stupid than you!
Look who's talking!
She didn't wake me up! Barnat will
go crazy!
Your number goes before yours...
Xavier! Your cap!
The Giovanni's
Flying Trapeze
- Ready?
- Yes!
What's going on?
What's the matter?
We can stop if you want.
Go on!
It's nothing.
Let me through.
Where does it hurt exactly?
Go greet them!
It's a rupture, I already know it.
- The dogs!
- Poor things!
Let's go!
- Is it serious?
- Some rest may help...
It's my fault, I slipped during
the third grasp.
No, it's me. I didn't warm up properly.
How long a rest?
I can't say without doing X-rays.
- At least, six weeks.
- That's jolly.
We'd better take him to a hospital.
The car is waiting outside.
Excuse me, we have to maintain order!
Just a second, if you please.
How was the night?
It doesn't stop turning in my head.
Do you suffer?
I'm afraid I've been a bit of a coward.
You? It's impossible.
- What about Barnat?
- I've arranged everything.
It wasn't easy but I got it.
In the end, he was very nice.
He agreed to suspend our number for
a few days.
- And then?
- Then?
I'm out for six weeks.
That's where we got lucky.
Barnat has found a guy to replace
you temporarily.
It won't be the same as
the Giovanni's...
but you'll be the technical director
and when you've recovered you'll take
your place.
I don't want you to take a risk.
What if he's a klutz?
A klutz? Are you crazy? They're
getting Alexandre Buisson.
Do you know Alex?
No, it's Barnat's idea. Did you want me
to refuse him?
Didn't you work well together before?
It'd be more pleasant to get an old pal.
What is it? Was there something
between you?
Was it about a woman?
After all, things have turned out
so well.
You could have asked my opinion.
Barnat told me Alex is one the best
in the business.
I'm sure they could have found
someone else.
Anyway, it's too late now. He arrives at
4 o'clock.
The Barnat troupe, please.
Whom do you wish to see?
The Giovanni's.
You're Alex... Mr. Buisson?
You've recognized me! Bravo!
- How did you recognize me?
- I was expecting you.
But you made a face.
- So you've arrived just like that?
- Like that. Incognito.
I don't know about my client but
the pleasure is all mine.
So it's you, Hlne?
My God, yes.
- How's Aldo?
- Not too well.
I'll do my thing. He'll recover like
nothing's happened.
Do you know how Aldo and I used to be -
like 5 fingers of a hand.
We had a number called the Albatrosses.
You'll never see anything like that!
Wouldn't it be nice to pay him a visit?
No, not today. He has a fever.
- The doctor wouldn't let us.
- Well, as you wish.
What are you doing? You aren't going to
work now, are you?
What else is to do here? There aren't
that many amusements besides work.
You aren't going back to the hotel?
"Go, go to work!"
They don't make guys like me anymore.
The king of Medrano in ballet shoes!
This is how it's done.
And not a single cuff button is missing,
you can count them.
Thank you, sir.
You know, Hlne doesn't believe me.
- Believe what?
- That you were so funny at the time.
- What time?
- At the time of the Albatrosses.
So cute, I can't let you go.
There are people around...
And now, a place for memories.
I'll show you a little museum
of friendship.
- What is it?
- Take it.
It's in Besanon,
"the old Spanish town."
Do you remember, Aldo, how they used
to call me "Thighs of Iron,"
and you, "Arms of Steel"?
Iron and steel go together well, right?
- Let's go.
- Wait a minute.
You hid those things from me.
He's tireless, your Louis.
Poor Louis, for a frame like this,
he lacks weight.
And this one is a bad memory.
The four Albatrosses on the eve of
becoming three.
It was in Rouen 7 years ago.
You recognize me right away.
This is Clara, our acrobat,
a marvellous girl.
And the one with his arm around her?
It's the poor Jim.
- Why poor?
- Because he died 2 days later.
If I knew what'd happen, I wouldn't be
so jolly that day.
What happened to Jim?
He was found drowned. We could never
figure it out.
It was so unlike him to jump into water.
Jim was a bon vivant. He was a trapeze
artist by vocation.
Where is he?
Is he gone?
I don't know. He must have gone home.
But I didn't even had a chance to say
He was probably exhausted.
You're right. Poor fellow.
Excuse me but I feel tired myself.
I'll go with you.
- I'll stay. I don't need anything.
- Waiter!
He's here.
Thank you.
- See you tomorrow.
- Good night.
You aren't asleep?
Give me that photo.
Did you figure it out?
You didn't get it?
I did.
Go to bed, Aldo. You have a fever.
Now you know about Jim.
I love you, Aldo.
Nothing else matters.
I don't care about the rest.
I don't care about Jim.
Here's the champion, old man.
This is sensational!
Mr. Barnat, I want to talk to you.
Come on, tell me.
Mr. Barnat, I'm ready to take over.
- You haven't recovered yet.
- I have. Look!
It's a childish talk, Aldo.
It'll work. I swear.
You need training first.
It was pretty good tonight?
You've been holding on splendidly
for the last two weeks.
Not too bad.
- Go cover yourself up. - I'm not cold.
- Don't argue.
So Mr. Barnat, you no longer have
confidence in me?
Me? Look, Aldo.
I have so much confidence in you that
I want to make you a proposition.
Why not benefit from your inaction to
prepare a little number for three?
No, Mr. Barnat.
Why not?
Because for me it takes 10 months
to prepare a number for three.
And I want to take over tomorrow
with my wife, just the two us,
like before, do you understand?
And I have obligations to Alex and
the others, do you understand?
We'll see!
Get ready, we're going to practice.
What are you waiting for?
Get undressed.
Please tell me when you're done.
Turn all the lights on. I'll see you
No, everything starting
from the entrance.
Come on, climb!
I don't have the right to risk
your life.
Aldo, have a little more patience.
I don't want to go to Rouen with him
or to Versailles or wherever.
I have a bad premonition about this.
I need to return to Paris.
- What about me?
- You're a different case.
Aldo, my love, don't do it to me.
Stay with me, I need you.
We are stronger together.
I'm scared without you.
Poor Jim!
Doesn't it remind you, Aldo?
I still don't like coming here.
Don't take all, live some to me.
You should share your pay with
your dogs.
we have to bring the equipment.
Aldo hasn't done it?
I don't know, I haven't seen him since
last night.
It's a bit too much... to leave us
like that 5 minutes before the show.
Don't worry, I'll go there.
- These have been weird days for you.
- You understand me.
I'll get going.
Here you are.
What about me?
Have you taken care of the equipment?
I'm not at your employ.
Where have you been? I've been worrying.
Aldo, what happened to you?
Are you drunk?
I'm drunk, so what?
Another day like this...
What is it?
- Who put that up?
- It's Felix, our director.
He found it and thought it'd please you,
he gave one to Alex too.
Felix, Alex, they all are out to get me!
- Enough!
- Why enough?
I'll turn myself in if I want to!
It's up to me!
Don't say it.
And Alex knew it.
He's figured it all out.
Stop it, Aldo. I'm begging you.
Why is he waiting to turn me in?
You know what he's waiting for!
Come in.
Could you sign it please?
You sign.
You're the breadwinner.
Thank you.
- There's one for you in there too.
- Thanks anyway.
My God, what am I doing here?
- Are you worried?
- Me? Why?
You're quiet tonight.
It's nothing. It'll go away.
Shall we go back together?
- You don't have to.
- See you later.
Are you working overtime?
Women aren't like dogs, you'll never
be done with them.
- You want a drink? It'll do you good.
- No, not tonight.
Have you seen Mr. Giovanni?
No, his key is here.
You've got time. I'll wait for you.
No, Alex. Please, don't insist.
OK, but it's too bad.
We'll do it some other night.
- Good night.
- Good night.
Please, call Mr. Bernardin. I'll take it
in the booth.
Oh, it's you, Arlette?
Is Louis home?
You think, he'll be late?
No, nothing special. I wanted to have
a word with him.
Thank you. See you later.
- You've scared me!
- Me?
Excuse me, I'm losing my head.
- Are you following me?
- I was worried, you looked so strange.
I might be able to help you.
Have you seen Aldo?
As if I were there. I'm sure he's there
now like he was before.
It's a sad memory. Come.
Over there.
Every time we came to Rouen, we'd go
there - Aldo, Clara, Jim and I.
Every night until the accident.
The Albatrosses table was in the back,
right after the bar.
Was I right?
What else can I do for you?
Thanks, Alex. I won't forget it.
See you tomorrow.
Come on, Aldo.
Who told you I was here?
No one. I've searched all the cafs.
- I understand about tonight.
- What about it?
It's like any other night.
- Of course.
- Get yourself a drink.
No, thanks.
There's no reason to look at me
like that.
- Now I get it!
- Aldo!
Carry on without me. Don't be shy.
How about that?
Take it, for everything.
Did you see that? He didn't miss you
- Did you see him leaving? - No.
- We need to find him.
- But where?
- No, wait for me here.
Come back!
Is it my fault?
You were going to kill me!
Why did you want to kill me?
What have I done to you?
That's it! Jim!
You wanted to kill me like you
killed Jim.
Now I get it! It's you who killed Jim!
It's disgusting.
Jim, our pal. It's you!
It's you! Scum!
I'll throw like a ballast.
Like you did to Jim.
It's horrible!
Are you hurt?
It's over, Aldo. Let it go.
I know, he won't tell anyone.
Have you heard of the Albatrosses
some time ago?
They were Alex and Rinaldi.
And later, Paquita and Alex. And now,
the Giovanni's.
Alex was his stage name, his real name
was Alexandre Buisson.
Here's Mrs. Giovanni, Inspector.
Ask everyone to come down in 15 minutes,
and refrain from any comments.
I'd like to ask you a few questions.
- Me?
- It's about Alexandre Buisson,
your partner.
- What happened to him?
- You have no idea?
He was found murdered this night,
at 2:30.
- It's horrible!
- Isn't it?
Do you know anything?
Nothing, really.
Alexandre Buisson is almost a complete
stranger to me.
That's why I'd like to chat with you
a little.
- Now?
- While it's still quiet.
- I'll be right away.
- Is your husband in?
Yes. He's asleep.
I'm sorry to disturb him but I'd like
to speak with him too.
Would you please ask him to join you?
The police is here.
The police?
- Don't pretty up, come as you are.
- We're coming.
You'll find your change of clothes
in the closet. Hurry up!
Hurry up, they are waiting.
What did you do after work last night?
- Me?
- Don't repeat my questions.
I left with my husband,
we went for a walk to see the city and
then returned to the hotel.
What time?
I don't know exactly...
maybe an hour and a half, maybe more.
And later?
I mean, you didn't go out again and
neither did your husband?
So you didn't go out again last night?
- Don't you want to know where the body
was found? - I do.
In a blind alley,
right by the circus.
I'd pay a lot to know what happened
at the site of the murder.
You were saying?
You were closely connected to
the victim.
- Do you know anyone who could be
interested in... - No.
No dear friends, no jealous husbands,
no sordid details?
OK. Please, come closer.
Do you recognize it? That was in his
Do you see anything missing?
The money.
That's it.
No trace of money, neither on him, nor
at the hotel.
We were paid last night.
Alex should have had on him about
150,000 francs.
So he went out to be robbed by the
first person he met.
You think so?
Absolutely not.
Who knew that Alex was carrying that
amount with him?
Someone who knew him or was
aware of it.
Who would kill him to rob him...
Think about it for a second...
Who'd attack a guy like Alex to steal
his money?
Someone killed him first for a reason
yet unknown,
and then emptied his pockets
to disguise it as a murder for money.
Do you know what it is?
It's a revolver bullet,
one of the three fired by the murderer.
Alex was shot?
Three bullets. First in the face and
then in the jawbone.
It's amateurish.
The first wasn't enough, he didn't hear
the second,
and the third scared him.
And we haven't found the crime weapon.
Do you really have nothing to tell me?
Absolutely nothing.
Thank you.
Excuse me?
For what?
You were upset,
your heard nothing, Alex was your
friend - it took you by surprise.
It's all understandable.
Excuse me for dragging you out of bed,
I know you work late...
You spent the whole night with me.
You all know why I've gathered you here.
For those of you who don't know it yet,
I regret to inform you that your pal
Alex Buisson was murdered this night.
Everyone knows, that's good.
Inspector! As the one in charge of
this tour,
I hope you don't think that the
murderer is amongst us...
As a police inspector, I don't think
anything - it should be known...
I'm just searching.
Mr. Giovanni.
Please, wait a moment, I'll call you.
And nobody leaves the room.
Why did you say that?
We came back home together around 2 am
after a walk around the city.
It's stupid.
- Will you stop it, please?
- Jrme! Paul!
Jrme, come here!
You're still buttoned up at this time
of night!
They turn the house upside down.
I have to ask you for another effort.
All the men, just men, come with me to
the police station
for a little check of your timeline.
The women can be dismissed.
Gentlemen, come here, please.
Not so loud!
Xavier! Jrme! Come here!
- Can you give me another coin, please?
- What?
- Stop it, will you?
- When is Dad coming back from prison?
Hold your tongue! No way, Dad is going
to prison.
He's just talking to the inspector -
it's not the same thing.
He's just working like everybody else.
You call this just working?
Don't lose your head because our men
have to spend a day at the station.
Here's Barnat.
Mr. Barnat!
- So you're here?
- How is it?
OK. Just a little argument with
a jeweller.
He said one of our troupe bought some
jewelry and didn't pay - I don't get it.
But this is not about jewelry...
Anyway, it wasn't me.
- Any news?
- It's completely crazy.
This story about 150 grand...
Nobody kills for 150 grand.
How can it be? We know each other well.
We're honest people.
What about Aldo and the others?
It's just him and Bernardin there now.
They probably made the strongest
It's a mess over there.
- Well, so long.
- So long.
A tribe.
- It's a group of people with common
customs and territory. - Very good.
Why do you look so preoccupied today?
How many are left in there?
Only the two of ours.
Just two? They won't be long.
That jewelry story, can you imagine?
Put yourself in the police's shoes... if
they know something that could help...
Shut up, please.
- What's matter?
- Nothing, just be quiet for a while.
Didn't you see Barnat and the others?
It's a good news, our husbands will
follow soon.
- Aldo.
- What did I tell you?
What about Louis?
They aren't finished with him yet?
They're interrogating him once more.
And you?
What about me?
Is it over?
- How much do I owe you?
- When will they let him out?
Are you going back with us, Arlette?
No, I want to wait for him here.
I think it's useless for tonight.
It's impossible.
It can't be true... They can't keep
people there under the pretext...
It's not legal.
Let's go.
We'll rejoin you at the hotel.
But why? Why?
Don't worry, Louis didn't do anything.
There's nothing to worry about.
Let's go. Get up.
Why aren't we waiting for Dad?
- He dines with friends.
- What friends?
His friends... there.
Think again, Aldo. It's almost a breach
of contract.
- It can't be any worse than that,
Mr. Barnat... - All troubles at once -
Alex is dead, Bernardin is in prison,
you two in Paris, and I'm in a mess.
Well, it's a tough break.
- The first tough break was here.
- Yes, but isn't it over now?
- Are you done with yours?
- I'll take these.
And what do you say?
She agrees with me.
He can't, Mr. Barnat. He really can't.
Last week you were ready to start over!
I was wrong and you were right -
I need more training.
I'm innocent! I'm innocent!
I'm innocent!
Come on, let's split!
This is horrible.
There's a spreader bar left, near
the counter.
What are you looking for?
The spreader bar.
I told you, it's near the counter.
What's the matter with you?
- Answer me.
- Nothing. It'll pass.
- Do you want to stay here?
- No, let's leave quickly.
Not bad, aren't they?
They can make money with this but
for how long?
After South America, they're asking
if we could do Egypt or the Middle East.
Anything you want, Barnat.
Anything but to stay here.
I have a splendid contract for you,
you know...
You were scared, eh?
Tonight I thought that was it.
Me too.
Will you be happy when you finally
break your neck?
- It's the nature of the job.
- No, not like this.
It's a put-on and you know it well.
We'll do it 10 times, 20 times...
and then one day...
One day... you'll end up on the ground.
And you don't think it's stupid?
I don't think about it.
We'll go around the world,
we'll see a lot of things, we'll make
a lot of money...
Amusements and voyages
take your mind off things.
You don't love me anymore, Hlne.
Why do you say this?
Because you don't love me anymore.
I forbid you to say this, I forbid you.
Aldo, look at me.
I love you like in the beginning, do you
hear me?
- You'll choose once again to share my
life rather than... - Yes.
You've changed so much lately.
No, there's nothing to worry about.
I promise you.
Why don't you want to live like before,
just to practice our art, no more... - No.
Slightly in the dark, on the
quiet side...
- No, it's too late.
- Why is it too late?
Aldo, if you love me,
you have to let me live this way, we
don't have to continue like before...
It can't catch up with us.
- What can I do for you, Hlne?
- Nothing, Aldo, nothing.
Stay with me, that's all.
Hold me tight, that's all.
Excuse me, I didn't want to go to see
you at the circus.
It reminds of so many things,
it's ridiculous.
It's all right, my dear Arlette.
I didn't want to bother you.
It's not a big deal.
So how are the kids?
They're fine.
They had a whooping cough,
it's better now. Thank you.
How's your husband?
My poor husband, I saw him last week.
He's holding on...
but when one has to worry only about
himself, it's less difficult.
Of course.
How about you? All right?
We're fine.
I feel all wooden. We're working
like crazy.
Our act is requested everywhere.
We'll be leaving for Brazil and
Argentina in two weeks.
In two weeks?
Of course, I understand. It's natural.
I can't ask you to refuse that.
Too bad. I'm not going to bother you
I'm leaving.
Excuse me.
What's the matter, Arlette?
Don't worry, tell us.
Arlette, my dear Arlette...
It's because of the trial.
Louis' lawyer counted on you
as witnesses.
When does the trial start?
In two weeks, on Monday.
- We have to leave on Monday.
- We could arrange it.
Everyone was Louis' friend before...
but you really get to know your friends
when you're in trouble.
You are different, you can't.
We have to talk to Barnat.
As you wish.
Really? Can you postpone your departure?
You heard what she said.
You think so?
- I was so afraid to bother you.
- Not at all.
So you'll come?
Yes, we've told you.
I was sure.
Louis told me so. He'll be so happy
to have you by his side.
You're real friends.
- And now let's go to sleep.
- Yes.
Hlne is tired.
You'll receive a summons in two weeks,
on Monday. Don't forget.
- Goodbye, my dear!
- Goodbye, Arlette.
Thank you, Aldo. You're so nice,
you know?
You're real friends!
Bye, Hlne.
Do you know what it means to me to
appear there?
We have no alternative.
What if Barnat refuses?
He can't refuse.
One can't refuse a thing like that.
Do you swear to tell the truth and
nothing but the truth?
Raise your right hand.
I swear.
Good. Madam, tell us all you know
about Bernardin.
I've known Louis for a long time.
He's married to my best friend.
Regarding this, you probably didn't know
that the accused led a double life?
Mr. Chairman, I'd like to speak.
I'd like to point to the jury
that the witness would be a better judge
of the inner details of this household
and its immediate dramas.
Mrs. Bernardin and you didn't have
secrets from each other, right?
And you never suspected any trouble?
No, they were a happy family.
Louis was a good father of the family.
He was the last person you'd expect to
be cruel or rude...
except that he liked to joke.
When he laughed, everybody loved him,
including the animals.
In our business, one can tell.
One always knew what to expect from him.
There was nothing secretive or
overbearing about him.
But when you found out that
the accused had a mistress,
your fellow trouper, Olga Pollack...
Tell them it's not true!
When you found out that in order to
keep that mistress,
the accused, in the guise of a quiet
piled up a debt after debt,
pretending to be ashamed to feed
his own kids...
What did you think of that?
I didn't believe all these stories.
All I know that Louis is incapable
of murder.
Mr. Chairman,
I'd like to point out to the witness
that it's exactly my question:
When will you let me know, Madam,
what you were thinking?
Did you tell yourself "I was wrong"?...
like everybody else who was deceived
by Bernardin in this case,
starting with his poor wife.
Justice will be more perceptive,
on the parallel route, where adultery
leads to theft, and theft - to murder,
it will manage to apply to the accused
the ultimate and exemplary punishment.
Don't indict him in advance.
Louis is innocent!
There are cries that don't lie.
We are here to judge crimes by
the facts.
Madam, you are telling us that the
accused is innocent...
it's your right...
but can you acquit him other than
by your impression?
I'm sure. I know it.
On what grounds?
Please, consider the seriousness of
your allegation.
I can't.
I don't know.
Of course.
Mr. Advocate General, do you have any
other questions?
It's a simple question:
If it's not Bernardin who killed
Alexandre Buisson, then who did?
If you have a slightest clue, you got
to enlighten us.
You're here to testify without fear
or prejudice.
By keeping quiet, you risk not only
letting a guilty Bernardin slip away
but you also risk to send an innocent
Bernardin to the gallows.
I'd like to remind you, Madam, that
you're under oath.
I don't know anything.
Members of the jury, take note.
Does the defense have any more questions
for the witness?
Thank you, Madam, you can step down.
Call the next witness.
Mr. Aldo Giovanni.
Your name is Aldo Giovanni.
You aren't related to the accused,
employ him or being employed by him?
Do you swear to tell the truth and
nothing but the truth?
Raise your right hand.
I swear.
Regarding the murder of Alex Buisson,
do you know of any reasons for Bernardin
to commit it?
Mr. Chairman, I'd like to speak.
- We're questioning the witness...
- I'd like to point to the jury...
that Mr. Giovanni is a friend of
the victim...
a longtime friend...
Let's hope that his testimony will be
And like the previous witness,
he'll convince you that Bernardin
is innocent.
And you'll give the accused
a fair verdict.
In your opinion, was it Bernardin who
killed your friend Alexandre Buisson?
I don't know.
- It's not a question of opinion.
- How can you say you know nothing?
How am I supposed to know it?
He misunderstood.
Do you think Bernardin was capable of
committing that crime?
Look, Giovanni,
friends don't kill each other,
only murderers do.
In your opinion, is Bernardin
a murderer?
It's the question you can answer to.
Anyone can kill.
That's just how it happens.
It's not like there are murderers
on one side,
and others on the other.
That's where you're wrong, Giovanni -
there are others.
Don't insult honest people.
What I meant to say was that
one can never tell...
Mind the consequences of your testimony.
A man's fate is at stake.
For us, letting a guilty person go free
is a failure
but sending an innocent to prison
is a crime.
I didn't mean to say that Louis
was guilty.
That will be all, Mr. Chairman.
Mr. Advocate General?
I'd like simply to point to the jury...
that this a witness for the defense.
Does the defense have any more questions
to the witness? You can step down.
The word is given to
Mr. Advocate General.
Let's go.
Caught by Alexandre Buisson at the
moment when he was stealing the money,
Bernardin lures Buisson into an ambush
and kills him...
out of fear of being uncovered.
Nothing is clearer for the outcome,
nothing is murkier for the background.
Aldo, you can't leave like this!
You don't have the right.
Why don't I have the right?
Don't you realize what you said there?
I had nothing else to say!
We have to go back!
Who has to go back? You or me?
Aldo, I'm begging you.
If he's sentenced...
What if he is?
It's impossible.
We can't, it's too awful.
Are you telling this to me?
You think I'll learn something new?
I said what I got to say. Anybody
can kill.
I know it better than anyone else.
Too bad.
What does it matter?
The two of us are through... I knew it.
We'll resume our training.
It's just for this show.
We'll be working tonight, at least?
As you wish.
Take it.
Here's your ticket.
No, we didn't kill...
Yes, we needed money...
Yes, we had a mistress...
but calling him a murderer... No,
100 times "no"!
We protest against this monstrous
based on a typical and outright
Members of the jury!
During your deliberation,
we ask you to never forget
that the culprit, the real culprit,
is the man who discharged his gun at
Alexandre Buisson
and this gun was never found,
not even seen in Bernardin's
In front of that certainty,
I appeal to your conscience,
ponder carefully the fragility of the
presumption against this man
whose only fault was a passing weakness,
a weakness that could be explained,
understood and forgiven.
We won't tolerate such manifestations!
A man's life is at stake!
Next time, I'll clear the courtroom.
To conclude, members of the jury,
I'm utterly convinced
that Bernardin is innocent.
An unlucky innocent.
The court withdraws for deliberations.
The court!
After deliberation, the court
has given the following answers to the
posed questions:
to the 1st question - "yes" by majority,
to the 2nd question - "yes" by majority,
the majority hasn't found any
attenuating circumstances.
In view thereof, the court declares
a death penalty for Louis Bernardin.
I'm innocent! I'm innocent!
You've been here?
I just got down from the trapeze.
I was waiting for you last night
and this night as well.
I spent the night in Rouen.
Did you stop by the house?
You know that we've been replaced?
It was bound to happen.
It's better this way.
I can't take it anymore.
What are you going to do?
I'll stay with Arlette for a while.
Have you read the papers?
I'm the only one she's got.
I can't abandon her.
And me, you can?
I need to be alone, Aldo.
Come in.
I've lowered the bar. Hello, Mrs. Giovanni.
They ask if the ball is tight enough.
I'm coming.
You have to try.
If it's not possible
we'll start over...
but I doubt it.
Are you going to come to get
your things?
The housekeeper is supposed to bring
them over this week or the next.
It can wait.
At one moment, I just couldn't go on.
Do you understand?
- Good night, miss.
- See you tomorrow.
It's set for tomorrow...
they're going to kill him.
It's impossible. Who told you?
The lawyer called me.
The pardon was denied.
They're going to kill him!
Keep quiet! You'll wake up the kids!
When did you learn it?
I just know it. They always talk like
this when there's nothing could be done.
It's impossible.
My poor Louis. He doesn't know it.
He must be asleep. And suddenly,
it's all over.
My little one, what's the matter?
Dad has called. He'll return to our
house in Paris.
Yes, my angel, it'll be soon.
What's the matter? Who is it?
It's me, Mrs. Giovanni.
- It's you, Mrs. Giovanni!
- Excuse me, Mrs. Brisseau...
Do you know where I can find my husband?
I need to speak with him urgently.
- Did you go up to his apartment?
- Yes, he wasn't there.
At this time of night...
You'll find him at "L'Escuriale,"
that's where he works now.
- At "L'Escuriale."
- At "L'Escuriale."
- Mr. Giovanni, please.
- Giovanni?
- They say he works here now.
- What does he do?
I don't know exactly.
Go to the cloakroom.
- Your coat, Madam.
- Thank you. Can I see Mr. Giovanni?
- Giovanni? - Yes, they told me he works
here. I need to see him.
- Number 12.
- Do you know a Giovanni?
- Is he the new guy?
- He sure is.
- That handsome guy with an accent?
- Aldo? - Yes.
I haven't seen him tonight.
Your coat, sir?
Ask Irne, the barmaid, she should know.
Thank you.
A table, Madam?
- Excuse me, miss, have you seen Aldo?
- No, not yet.
Two Scotches.
When do you expect him?
Who knows...
The last 2 days he was here by this time
and sometimes he doesn't come at all.
- What about tonight?
- I can't say.
Irne, one glass.
I can't wait. Would you take a message
for him?
Of course, if I see him. Go ahead.
I'd better write it.
It's not very pretty.
She's a snob.
Are you in love?
Do you have an envelope?
No. Just give it to me.
Professional secrets.
It's for Aldo.
Thank you. If he ever comes in.
Like this, it'd be impossible to forget.
- I don't take a comission because I
admire him. - Thank you.
"The Bernardin case
is close to an end."
He's asleep. Do you expect me to wake
him up at 5:30 in the morning?
Hello, advocate De Ritter?
Here's Mrs. Giovanni.
She insists on seeing you because
it's urgent.
She can come up? OK.
Room No 12, the first floor.
Come in.
Please, excuse me.
It's a mess.
Is something wrong?
I don't mind swapping shifts but
this is too much...
I should've left an hour ago.
I do what I can.
It's quiet tonight.
I had to throw out the baron as usual.
Are you better now?
Are you afraid?
Excuse me.
I've disturbed you in the middle of
the night...
because you're Louis' lawyer.
He has to be saved.
But Madam...
- What are you thinking?
- But he's innocent!
You know Louis is innocent.
Unfortunately, I couldn't
demonstrate it.
And your husband's reticence didn't
make it easier for me.
But if you had a proof,
if you were given a proof that Louis
didn't kill Alex...
Are you talking about new facts?
If I had new evidence, I wouldn't quit.
I'd coop them all up,
we would call Paris, we would appeal
to the President of the Republic,
we'd do all that's possible.
Now you can call Paris.
It was my husband who killed Alex.
Your husband?
Aldo Giovanni?
It's him who killed Alex.
This move would denounce your husband.
So he's on the run?
I hope so.
You haven't reported it to the legal
authorities, have you?
Pardon my questions but otherwise
your confession would have no value.
Do whatever has to be done.
Please, call Advocate General Pellotier
at his home number.
Look it up in the phonebook.
How did you find out?
A lot of things...
Hello, call also the home of
Inspector Chardin.
- Why didn't you speak up earlier?
- Why?
Do you think it was easy to do?
You owe 2700.
- Do you want them now?
- No, don't worry.
It's annoying but...
- I think I had to tell you something...
- What?
- A Gin Fizz with lemon, no sugar.
- Coming up.
Hello, Inspector Chardin?
It's advocate De Ritter.
Sorry for waking you up.
Can you come immediately to hear
Mrs. Giovanni's statement?
She was a witness in the Bernardin case.
Yes, it's urgent.
There's new evidence.
Yes, she's here.
I'll bring her over immediately.
Please give me a few minutes to change.
I'll take you to the police.
And I'll rush to the prison to meet the
Advocate General there.
It's a strange way to pursue
the procedure.
Are you going to tell Bernardin?
That depends on the decisions
that will be made.
We have to act quickly.
This is silly.
Someone told me if I see Aldo...
- Two Bacardis and one Scotch.
- Here it is.
Damn my eyes!
It's for you. That Irne! Luckily
I needed rhum.
How are you tonight, Aldo?
What a savage!
Listen to this:
"I was looking for you, I wanted to
see you...
I waited for you until the end, now it's
too late.
I'm leaving for Rouen.
Louis is set for tomorrow. He has to
be saved.
I'll speak up because you didn't want
to do it.
It's better this way. You have to go far
away and forget me.
I'll never forget you.
I won't be back but I'll find my
past love.
I love you, Aldo.
I've never stopped loving you...
tonight, more than ever."
- I don't believe you.
- I swear it.
Why is it your husband?
Do you hate him?
How dare you!
- Your were the victim's mistress?
- How dare you!
Then give me the facts, the proof...
We don't have time to waste.
In 20 minutes...
at 6 o'clock sharp, Bernardin will be
They are waiting over there.
They need a precise, motivated and
countersigned statement.
I lied to you during the investigation.
My husband didn't come home with me
that night.
He fought with Alex and wanted
to kill him.
I tried everything to separate them.
Aldo followed him, he couldn't help it,
and returned to the hotel 2 hours later.
After having killed Alex.
Take it down.
- Now you can warn them, I've told you
everything. - Not yet.
How did your husband killed Alex?
Was he armed?
He had a gun, I saw it afterwards.
Later he threw it out in the sewer.
Why Giovanni killed Buisson?
One doesn't kill without a motive.
- When Alex just arrived I knew Aldo
would kill him. - Just a hunch?
- Aldo wasn't himself anymore when he
saw Alex. - Why?
At first, I thought he was jealous.
- That's what I thought! - No, not like
that, it was work-related.
Of course. And then?
After it happened, he canceled our
tour engagement for no reason.
He wanted to return to Paris.
How did he behave over there?
Did he want to go abroad?
No? It surprises me.
He tortures himself, like always.
He keeps silent.
He wanted us to change our life, to
abandon our profession.
- You don't believe me?
- Not entirely.
I swear, I'm telling you the truth!
I swear by my life!
I'm begging you, save Bernardin!
What else do you want to know?
Giovanni isn't impulsive - I saw him.
He doesn't act without a reason.
- He was drunk. - I know it but I'm not
interested in that night anymore.
What I want to know is what happened
prior to that.
Wait for me.
- Are you going to call the prison?
- Yes.
I want to talk to her, I want to see
her! You can't stop me!
Where do you think you are, Giovanni?
- I want to see her! - Come here and
I'd suggest to change the tone!
I'm free. I'm here at my own free will.
Don't bother to leave. Sit down.
Giovanni, did you kill
Alexandre Buisson?
Don't feign ignorance, I know it all.
Did my wife tell you that?
I'm not interested in her, I'm
interested in you.
It's all in her head. It's not true.
Did you fight with Buisson at the night
of the crime?
She told you that too.
Did you fight with Buisson?
- Yes.
- Why?
- I had my reasons.
- To kill him?
You followed him, killed him and came
back to the hotel 2 hours later, right?
Because she says so.
Your wife provided you with an alibi
earlier since you badly needed one.
And the crime weapon?
- The crime weapon? - The gun you threw
away the next day.
I bought it from an American. I have
a permit.
Why did you throw it in the sewer?
Because I was afraid of the fuss.
When one has a clear conscience, there's
no reason to fear the police.
In my profession, I learned to be
And what a fine profession it is.
Ever since that crime, you looked like
a man with something to hide.
Your wife wasn't wrong.
Yes, she was.
She got it into her head but I know
Everything points against you, even your
testimony at the trial.
I don't know how to explain it to you,
it's so complicated.
Say what you want, for me it's simple...
You had a longtime reason to hate Alex.
You were afraid of Alex, and
I'll find out why.
Stay with him. I'll be back.
- Have you phoned them? All is settled?
- No.
- But why? I told you everything!
- No.
I need to know why Giovanni wanted to
get rid of Alex.
What was between them?
Come on, tell me quickly.
- Aldo was afraid...
- Why?
- Because Alex knew.
- Alex knew what?
Alex knew that Aldo had already
killed a man.
- He killed a man?
- Yes.
- He was afraid that Alex would turn
him in? - Yes.
- And you knew it?
- Yes, he told me himself.
Whom did he kill? When?
It was long time ago in this city.
It was his pal, Jim Brunot.
The body fished out of the Seine
in 1947?
I beg you, please, don't waste any
more time.
Give Mrs. Giovanni her statement
to sign.
It's a simple formality and then
you can go.
Hello, call me the prison.
I'd like to speak with advocate
De Ritter.
"Read and approved." Sign it.
It's just a routine. Sign underneath.
Is it all?
You are free to go.
- Are you going to call?
- You have my word.
Thank you.
Hello, advocate De Ritter?
No, she's just left. Why?
Yes, it's possible. She can't be too
far. One moment...
Run after that lady. Tell her Bernardin
confessed everything.
The diamond earrings, it was him too?
What did I tell you? Why are you still
here? You didn't understand me?
Bernardin confessed everything,
didn't he?
Catch up with that woman
before she does something stupid.
I'm sorry for you, dear Counselor,
but I'm quite content with my
deductive skills.
Mrs. Giovanni!
Leave us alone.
So you didn't kill Alexandre Buisson?
We agree with that.
For me, this case was never in doubt.
You can even be grateful to Bernardin
for that frankness.
Did he confess?
It often happens. At the last moment,
he cracked.
Poor Louis!
It'll be over in 6 minutes.
Giovanni, I wish it would be the end
of your troubles.
Go on, split. Your wife is in distress
and she needs you.
Go back to her.
Does she know about Louis?
You aren't going to give her
a hard time, are you?
tell Duval to get me the Jim Brunot
file, a closed case from 1947.