Obsidian (2020) Movie Script

45 year old male
complaining of abdominal pain.
- Oh fuck.
Patient has a long...
- This little pill has the chance
to revolutionize healthcare
and change lives.
By participating in this trial,
you'd have the opportunity
to impact hundreds,
if not thousands of lives for the better.
- Yo, Jack!
- Excuse me.
Mr. Leblanc, Mr.
Leblanc, please!
- This is so embarrassing.
I'm sorry, I didn't realize this is...
- I did.
I recommended you.
Look, Dr. Howard in Baton Rouge
is doing a massive anti-aging study,
and it's making it difficult
to get enough volunteers.
Now, I happen to be good friends
with your general practitioner,
and I asked him a couple weeks ago
to put in a good word
about this trial to you.
- You what?
- Look, despite the...
That I had with you, I just
knew with the tissue damage
that you had, you'd be a perfect
candidate for this trial.
- You can't possibly be serious.
- Look, I'm desperate.
Lauden's got me over a barrel,
I'm barely scraping by.
I'm self-funding this
out of my own pocket.
- No.
Absolutely not.
- Mr. Leblanc please.
- Look, it's Jack, all right?
And you didn't have any problem
calling me Jack in court, remember?
So don't bother being all formal now.
- Jack, look, your hesitation
is noted and it's understandable.
We won't have to see each other
except during the daily exams.
Look at it as something
that's mutually beneficial
for both of us.
- No way.
This is crazy
- I promise you won't
be the control patient.
It's not a double-blind study.
- What does that even mean?
- It means I can promise you
you won't be on the placebo.
You won't be wasting your time.
- Probably doesn't even work.
- It works.
I promise.
Think of the good this could do.
I'm begging you.
- Okay.
- Da hell that was all about?
Where the fuck you been?
- Where are the rest of the volunteers?
- Seems like you lookin' at us.
The few, the proud, the guinea pigs.
- Good morning, I'm
Dr. James Walsh.
I'm gonna be your principle investigator
for the duration of the trial.
A little about me, I've been
a pharmacologist for 25 years.
I've dabbled mostly in
biochemistry and oncology.
I've also developed three different
over-the-counter medications
that are on the market today.
I have here something that's called
an informed consent form.
This will explain everything
that you need to know
about what's gonna
happen with this trial.
Take a look at them.
- Did I die and go to heaven?
- I hate to break it to you, buddy.
I don't think that's where you're going.
- Oh, fuck you.
I'm gonna get me one.
- Oh, wow, very progressive of you
I didn't think she was your type.
It's cool, man.
Love is love.
- You're here to participate
in a ground-breaking
clinical trial.
The code name for it is Obsidian
for the color of the formula.
It can help fix things
like cleft palettes,
surgical incisions, stretch marks, scars.
The possibilities for it are limitless.
Any questions so far?
- Hey sugar-tits, you single?
- Nice gloves.
- What can I say?
I'm a trend-setter.
- What'd you dig those out
of the trash can at the gym?
- Does it look like I work
out at a gym, asshole?
- All right.
Any actual questions?
When do we get paid?
- At the conclusion of the trial.
- What the fuck, man?
I got bills to pay.
- Wait, we're not getting
paid for almost a month?
- Well, three weeks, yes.
- Man, there is a lot of things listed
under potential side effects.
Is this even safe?
- Well, the whole purpose
of the trial is to test out
the safety and effectiveness of the drug.
- So by signing this, means we understand
that this thing could kill us?
- And we're doing this on the good faith
that if we don't die, we'll
get paid in several weeks?
- Look, the results in the
animal trials have been amazing.
- Yeah, I'm sure.
I'm out.
- Yeah, me too.
- For those of you remaining,
I have parking passes for you.
One of the possible
side effects of the drug
is blurred vision, and so legally,
I can't allow you to
get behind the wheel.
- So wait, we ain't
staying here at the hotel?
- Even better.
So, wanna see where you're
gonna be the next few weeks?
Follow me.
- Don't mind me.
- I'm sorry.
- Dammit.
- Over there on the
right is Bayou Conway.
If you like cat fishing, there's a great
catfishing hole there.
You're welcome to borrow
my rods and tackle
in the shed if you want to.
- It's peaceful here.
I can get used to this.
There's also some kayaks
back behind the first cabin.
There's also a serene hiking
trail there if you're,
you know, into that sorta thing.
- What's in there?
- Nothing, I haven't used
that building in years.
- Really?
Something just moved inside.
- I mean, this is Louisiana.
There could be any number
of critters back there.
Okay guys, why don't you come on in.
- Aww, man.
Are you fuckin' serious?
Son of a bitch, it's gonna
be a long three weeks.
- All right, we'll come
back for the bags later.
Let's go buddy, piggy back.
- Welcome to my Louisiana oasis.
Over there is some bug
spray if you need that.
Back over there you'll find
some candles and lighters.
We sometimes have trouble
with the power going out,
but its nothing to worry about.
Usually I'ts fixed easily
enough by a breaker.
Also the patient journals,
make sure you fill out
how you're doing every day
so I can track your progress.
We've got security cams, one
over there and one over here
and throughout the property.
Legally, we really have to do it.
I mean, this is a co-ed situation,
so we need to do that
for harassment issues
and also if any slip and
fall accidents happen.
Tomorrow morning at eight o'clock,
the shuttle will be picking us up
to take us to the
St. James Infirmary.
Because Obsidian is
formulated to only deal with
damaged tissue, but not
healthy and healed tissue,
we're gonna have to go in and re-open
or re-score your damaged areas.
Now, I know this procedure
may bother you a little bit.
There may be some discomfort with it.
But believe me, I'm
gonna do everything I can
to try to prevent that.
Now in the coming days,
in my office over there
back across the field, I'll
be checking your vitals
and also freshening your bandages.
Now by the way, cell
service is pretty spotty,
if almost non-existent,
so if you need to make
any personal calls, believe it or not,
we have a land line here.
You can feel free to
use it if you'd like.
All I need from you is to make
sure that you get settled in,
get plenty of rest, because tomorrow,
bright and early, we're
gonna make history.
- My God, did you guys see this?
Side effects may include,
but are not limited to,
fever, nausea, insomnia, aggression,
stomach pain, blurred vision, depression,
thoughts of suicide, hallucinations...
- Why can't drugs like
ever give you like,
good side effects?
Like fuckin' night vision.
- Spontaneous orgasms.
- Yeah!
What about the ability
to see through peoples clothing?
- Not sure that would always
be a good side effect, bro.
Speaking of seeing through
clothes, where's Eileen at?
I'll tell you what,
Walsh ain't the only one
that's gonna be playin' doctor with her.
- Please.
She's so way out of your league.
- Why, 'cause I'm in a fuckin' chair?
I pull more tail than a
slow kid at a petting zoo.
- Probably can't even get hard anymore.
- Hey!
Prick, this fucking dick still works.
And this tongue.
Plus these 10 magical
fingers that aim to please.
- Yeah, how else do you think he wore out
the fingers on those gloves?
- Why you fuckers always busting
my balls about my gloves?
- Honestly?
We're all jealous.
- Yeah, they're pretty retro.
You look like one of
those '80s jock guys.
- This chick over here bustin'
my balls about my gloves,
it's 90 degrees and she's
wearing a fuckin' sweater.
Everything okay?
- Yeah.
Just don't feel like getting eye-fucked
by a faggot while eating is all.
- Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa!
- It's all good.
Studies show men are homophobic
due to their own latent homosexuality.
- Look, just keep your limp-wristed,
glittery little paws off
me, and we'll be just fine.
- You do realize what
year this is, right?
Like they can marry and everything now.
- Don't even get me started on that shit.
You know, Leviticus for-
- Leviticus?
Of course.
Leviticus states, "a man should not lie
with man as he
lies with a woman."
You know what Leviticus also forbids?
Having your hair unkempt.
Bearing a grudge.
Mixing fabrics.
All of which you're guilty of right now.
Picking and choosing the parts
of the religion that suit you
doesn't make you pious,
it makes you a hypocrite.
- Hey, hey, hey!
There she is.
We were just talking about you.
- Good things, I hope.
- Oh, very.
- So, I'm looking around,
and I can't really tell
what anyone's here for.
Except you.
No offense.
- Well, I got these two
matching beauties right here
from some ugly Irish asshole.
Two surgeries, four
near-death infections.
Yet here I am, gorgeous as ever.
- Dog bite.
Never try to break up a
fight between two big dogs.
- Ooh.
That look like it hurt.
Want me to massage that for you?
- Pass.
- C'mon!
My fingers are magical.
- My husband teaches jiu jitsu.
- Yeah, cool story, babe.
He can watch if he wants,
if he's into that shit.
- In your dreams.
- What about you, beautiful?
- Jesus, Mick, that's
not a fucking toy, man.
- C'mon, drama queen!
Fuckin' joke's on you.
I'm outta smokes anyway.
Can't sleep either?
- You can come in.
I don't bite.
- Yeah, I had an impromptu
nap right before orientation,
so now I'm all wired-for-sound.
- Cool origami.
- I suck.
I'm going out to the patio.
Care to join?
- Okay.
- Okay.
Thanks for coming out here.
I was feeling a bit caged.
Sorry if I caused problems
between you and Mick.
- Oh, no no no no no,
no, Mick's cool as hell.
He definitely forgot about that already.
- Have you guys known
each other a long time?
- Yeah, a couple years now.
I'd take a bullet for
that cranky bastard.
- How'd you meet?
- Rehab.
- Oh, like, drugs or alcohol addiction?
- No, sex addiction, actually.
- Oh.
- You should see the look on your face.
No, like, rehab as in physical therapy.
-Oh, gotcha.
-That was so bad, I'm sorry.
No, you got me.
- Yeah, we both had our
injuries around the same time,
and we did PT together
at the same facility,
and we've been really
good friends ever since.
God, I really hope this
doesn't make things awkward
for the next few weeks,
but you are so beautiful.
- Stop.
- No, I'm serious, I'm like,
I've been wracking my mind,
I'm trying to figure out like
why you would even be here.
- I just want to look in the
mirror and feel normal again.
Looking at you right
now, I literally cant see
one single thing that's
wrong with you, I mean-
- Stop.
- No, I'm serious.
- Seriously, stop.
You know my favorite
part about Louisiana?
It's that.
It's weird, but that dark purple sky,
I've been all over the country
and there's nothing like it.
- I mean, it's probably
just the pollution.
Like from all the industrial work?
I mean yeah, like-
- Probably.
- I guess it is pretty nice.
- Still beautiful.
You wanna see why I'm here?
- I mean, no, not if it's
gonna make you uncomfortable.
Oh, Jesus.
- Well, apparently the word
no is just a polite suggestion
to a redneck with a knife.
This one time, I was
at work and up this guy
was kind of hanging around.
After I was done, I was walking to my car
and he followed me and
pinned me up against my car.
- You don't have to...
- Well, when he was finished,
he left me with this memento.
- Jesus.
That is fucked.
I'm sorry you had to go through all that.
That's really terrible.
I really wish I could feel normal again.
I'm just so sick and tired
of waking up every morning
and looking at myself in the mirror
and just seeing this monster.
- You're not a monster.
- I disagree, totally.
I don't just look like a
monster, I am a monster.
- I don't believe that you are.
- Well, you don't know
me and you don't know
the things that I've done.
It's been a long day.
I think I'm gonna call it a night.
- This guy's a miracle worker.
My mom was a volunteer
in one of his trials
about 10 years ago.
He cured her cancer.
- Well, she's being very kind.
It went into remission.
- She was stage three.
Complete remission.
We got another eight years
with her thanks to your drug.
- I didn't know Gladys had passed.
My condolences.
- Two years ago.
-Come on.
-I got it.
- I can't thank you enough.
- No problem.
I'm just glad to see you back doin'
what you're meant to be doin'.
There was rumor that you had quit after,
you know, what happened.
- I just needed some time.
- Who wouldn't?
I can't even imagine.
Holler if you need me.
I can hear them
if I'm listening
The words you never say
'Cause I've always
kept my distance
Like love was a display
Ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh
Look at me like I
should be warned
Pull me in with just a touch
And the way you move
is like a thunderstorm
Beautifully dangerous
Keep me out then let me in
I don't wanna go
down with this ship
No I don't, I just won't
All is silent then it hits
I'll never need
anything more than this
And I know that it shows
It's blinding, so blinding
Can't fight it,
don't mind it
Take your time like
it's something you
Could wear upon your sleeve
Who needs a heart
when it's overdue
For something worth a beat
Keep me out then let me in
I don't wanna go
down with this ship
No I don't, I just won't
All is silent then it hits
I'll never need
anything more than this
And I know that it shows
It's blinding, so blinding
Can't fight it,
don't mind it
It's blinding, so blinding
Can't fight it
Don't mind it
- I can't.
Not till after the trial.
Yeah, it's three, you
can't give me three weeks?
They don't pay us up front.
C'mon, man.
What you think, I'm
raking all this money in?
Yeah, fuck you!
Dumb slumlord piece of shit!
Two balls, two strikes.
Four-two blue team.
- You know, Walsh, that whole big brother
security camera thing is super creepy.
- Look...
Everything looks all right here.
Let's get you your meds, okay?
For you, sir.
- Hey, you seen Mick?
- He's rolling around here somewhere.
- Can I come up?
- I don't care.
- All right.
Careful what you wish for.
- So then I was like you know what?
You can have that skank.
I'm done.
He was in the dog house for a little bit
until he got me this ring.
-Do you wanna see?
- My god.
Look how big it is.
- Oh my god!
- It was so fucking expensive.
I ended up just leaving it at home
because I didn't want it to go missing.
I see you talking to that Jack guy a lot.
Oh yeah, he's sweet.
- So how did he get all
extra crispy like that?
- Oh, the burns?
I don't know.
- Well, if you just wanna
get laid, he would be easy.
You'd probably have to do it doggy style,
you know, because of his whole face.
Gosh, it's been such a dry spell for me.
I haven't gotten laid in like, weeks.
- I think that Mick guy's into you.
- The wheelchair dude?
Yeah, he's cute, he's
just crippled as fuck.
I don't even know how that
would work, like, physically.
How do I look?
- Beautiful.
- You look pretty cute too.
-Good luck with Jack.
- Thank you.
- Eddie!
My man!
- There you are, Mick.
I've been wandering around like an idiot
all day looking for you.
- Let me get through this
goddamn fucking maze!
- Hey.
Hey, it's good to see you-
- Fuck's sake, man.
- Woo, I'm sorry.
Hey, this is the place?
- Bruh, you know how much they
pay for us to sit on our ass?
- Hey Mick, you realize
you sit on your ass
like all day every day, right?
- Got something for you.
- Mick, that's the Mick I know.
Hey, I love ya, Mick.
I'm gonna make your day.
Got you a little present.
- Oh!
- Christmas came early this year, buddy!
Woo hoo hoo!
- You beautiful soul.
C'mon, lets go smoke it!
What're you waitin' for?
- Calm the fuck down.
- Okay, okay mister grumpy.
Hey, Mick, you ain't happy to see me?
Woo hoo!
- Don't you fuckin' touch my chair!
- Whoa, whoa, Mick.
- I need your help with something.
- All right.
Hey, I'mma just follow the leader.
Mick, will you hurry up?
You know I hate being lookout.
- Dammit, will you chill out?
Jack locks his keys in his
apartment at least once a week.
You think he got money
for a fuckin' locksmith?
Nah, he calls good ol' Mick.
Got em.
Oh yeah.
That's right, that's right.
We got pain killers.
We got vikes.
How much ya get for those?
- Shit, probably five bucks a pop.
Oxys on the other hand, I can
move that hillbilly heroin
for about $15 a pill.
- What about these?
It's a muscle relaxer.
How much for these?
- Shit, these are only $3.
$3 is $3.
Think you could get rid of these?
- Of course.
- Get rid of those and I'll
see what I can scrounge up.
You know, maybe fake an
injury and get Dr. Kavorkian
to write me a script.
- Yeah, yeah, hey, see if you
can get any Addys or Rids.
I got this one rich bitch uptown, Kelly,
she'll buy the whole damned
bottle of either in one shot.
This cunt needs uppers like
I need a hole in the head.
But her cash spends the
same as everyone else's.
Plus it ain't hard to fake ADHD.
In fact, Mick, you may
already legit have that shit.
- Yeah, it's like, sugar pill.
Walsh gives like one patient
a sugar pill, placebo,
and he then gives like, another
patient like the real pill.
- I mean, that's bullshit.
- Nah, why?
- Because that means one of
them's there wasting their time.
- Yeah, and they have the
privilege of getting paid.
It's why I'm here.
- But if that shit works, that means
someone's getting cut up for no reason,
and they just gotta sit there and watch
everyone else heal in front of 'em.
That's kinda fucked up.
Even I know that.
What if it's you?
- Fuck!
God dammit!
- Or what if it's Jack?
You know that, hey, you
know that motherfucker
ain't never gonna get laid looking like
a deep-fried chicken nugget.
- Ed, what the fuck you
want me to do about it?
- Hello?
We just mix up the pills.
Divvy them back into the two bottles.
Y'all all got the same
random chance of gettin' 'em.
- God dammit, Eddie.
I don't know if you're a
genius or a moron sometimes.
- Yeah.
- Fuck it.
Fuck it, right?
Okay, c'mon, help me out, hold these.
We gotta hurry now, we gotta hurry.
If we get the cops
called on us I'm fucked.
All right, all right, here.
There you go.
Mick, we done a good thing.
Gangsters, thieves,
and villains
They're all the
same at heart
Gangsters, thieves,
and villains
They're all family
men at heart
I got dragged
out this morning
By a man who's twice my size
Got me in the corner
Said you "know what
I'll do to you"
Said "sorry, I have no idea"
"Who the hell are you"
If you say you've
got a problem, well
I'll tell you
what we should do
Just an ordinary man
And everything
got out of hand
Now his wife
don't understand
But the shit has hit the fan
Gangsters, thieves,
and villains
They're all the
same at heart
Gangsters, thieves,
and villains
Are all family men at heart
So we sat and
talked quite civilly
About what the
problem could be
I said, "I'm nobody, man"
"I'm a
skin and bone"
Well, it turns out
he's got children
He's a family man at home
Got a daughter half my age
Who's charming
and quite smart
Just an ordinary man
And everything
got out of hand
And now his wife
don't understand
How the shit has hit the fan
Gangsters, thieves,
and villains
They're all the
same at heart
Gangsters, thieves,
and villains
Are all family men at heart
Just an ordinary man
And everything
got out of hand
And now his wife
don't understand
How the shit has hit the fan
Gangsters, thieves,
and villains
They're all the
same at heart
Gangsters, thieves,
and villains
Are all family men at heart
Gangsters, thieves,
and villains
They're all the
same at heart
Gangsters, thieves,
and villains
They're all family
men at heart
Family men at heart
Family men at heart
Family men at heart
- Whats up, dick-wad?
If you gonna leave hateful notes,
at least learn how to
spell them correctly.
Faggot is spelled with two Gs, not one.
Learn your English.
- Oh, look what the cat dragged in.
Been waitin' for ya.
- All week you've been staring at me.
Undressing me with your eyes.
Do you like what you see?
- Oh!
Just "oh?"
Is that all you have to say to me?
- Ow!
Oh my god!
Oh, get it out!
Get it out!
Get it out!
-What are you doing, Iris?!
-Get it out!
- Get what out?!
- There's something inside me!
-Get it out!
-What are you doing, Iris?!
Get what out?!
Stop, stop, just stop.
C'mon, c'mon, let's go.
- It's okay.
It doesn't even hurt, really.
- Well, it's gonna get
infected if I don't clean it.
- It was a crater in your
skin just a few minutes ago
and its-
- Oh my god!
That means it's working!
- I'm so happy for you.
- It's fine.
I don't care, I promise.
-Hey girl!
You were almost wearing these!
- Hey, calm your tits.
About last night.
- The hell are you talking about?
- Don't play coy with me.
- I don't know how many languages
I need to tell you this in, but you and I
are never going to happen.
- What are you worried about?
I'm gonna tell your husband?
He ain't here.
- Tell him what?!
- About last night.
The three amazing orgasms you had.
- I have no clue what
you're talking about.
- Oh, you're gonna pretend
like it didn't happen
because you're too fuckin' proud to admit
you banged a low-life cripple?
- Dude, you are straight-up delusional.
You know, hallucinations are supposedly
one of the side effects.
Better get Walsh to check your head.
What's the first thing you'd do
if you could walk again?
- Oh, I'd say this
mornin' I'd take Eileen,
bend her over that kitchen island,
put it in her guts like I did last night.
But she can rot in hell.
Last night, she come to my room,
I ate her out for like two hours.
Then we fucked.
Made her cum like three times.
Now she's got fuckin'
amnesia this mornin'.
- Get the fuck outta here.
C'mon, man.
- Jack, swear on my mother's grave.
- Your mother's alive dude.
She lives in Chalmette!
Getting back to your original question.
Yes, thank you.
- I don't know.
Play some golf?
Golf, really?
- Yeah, you know.
Or make like some fast cash, you know.
Good hustle.
Pay my shit-stain of a landlord
so he don't kick me
out on my fuckin' ass.
- You did tell him you're getting paid
for the trial soon, right?
- He said that it was too long of a wait.
It itches.
That means it's healing, right?
- Yeah.
- Hey man, don't worry.
You gon' heal up too.
- Probably on the fuckin' placebo.
- No you're not.
You don't know that.
Dude, what the...
- Yes I do.
That's a fact, Jack.
- Wait, how?
Dude, what'd you do?
Does anybody even know how
to really play this game?
- Yes, I do.
-I mean, oh, girl!
-I'm the cork, right?
-You're the cork.
- Okay.
- Ooh!
I'm the dime, right?
Or who's-
- No, no, lets keep it straight.
-Oh my god.
-I'm the nickel.
-Jack's the dime, all right?
-I'm the nickel.
Well goddamn.
That's what I touched last.
- Or no, I'm the dime.
I don't know.
Shouldn't we just smoke weed now?
- You know what would be great
is if we actually had
the real pieces for this.
- Yeah, that would be nice.
I blame Walsh.
- Hey, you know what?
Fuck Walsh.
Well shit-fire!
Oh, well Jack, ain't that a bitch.
Look where you're back, back in the pen.
- Yeah, back in the clink, it's
not the first time, I know.
When you got that felony charge,
that was a real sumbitch, wasn't it?
All right, whose turn is it?
- How was that jumpsuit?
Was it comfortable?
Well, this is awkward.
Give me them dice.
C'mon snake eyes.
Well, that was cute.
Mick, I'm telling you, when
I went up into that attic
and I was lookin' around
for them dirty magazines-
- Hey.
Am I interrupting?
I can come back.
- Kinda busy.
I'm reviewing ol' Eddie's
fuckin' will and trust here.
- I'm so fuckin' bored of this place.
I don't know how y'all do it.
I'd go crazy in here.
- Why the fuck do you think
I even invite you, man?
Entertain me, clown.
- You keep calling me
clown, you fuck-face.
Ey, you're a jerk-off.
I'mma put a parking boot on that chair,
lock them wheels up like
a fuckin' towing company.
I got an idea, why don't
you be a clown for me?
Do some tricks in that thing.
Pop a wheelie!
- Bitch, I ain't your damn circus monkey.
What brings you to my humble abode, doll?
- You're pretty good
friends with Jack, right?
- Last I checked.
- Today he made a joke
about being like...
- A pole dancer?
- A felon, and just, with
what I've been through...
Is he dangerous?
Jack is harmless!
- Hey, you didn't hear
any of this from me,
and I'll fuckin' deny every word of it.
Jack is a felon.
Him and his wife-
- Wait, he's married?
- Was married.
See, one day, Jack and
his wife were traveling
to Jack's mother-in-law's house, right?
Fuckin' intimidating woman.
Scared the shit outta Jack.
Being the wife Kate was,
she decided to help him
relieve a little stress,
you know, you know?
Catch my drift?
Relieve a little stress?
He was traveling down the road.
Wrapped the fuckin' car
right around a tree.
Head crushed in his lap.
- He acts like he's fine,
but inside, he's fucked up.
- Thinks it's all fuckin' his fault.
Like he's some fucked-up
horrible monster, right?
- He is a good guy.
He's just a little fucked
up in the head, that's all.
- Yeah, but I mean, really,
aren't we fuckin' all?
Shit, I know I am.
Hey, so, I was thinking.
- That sounds dangerous.
- Well, I was wondering if tomorrow
you wanted to come
to this little spot
I found by the bayou.
It's really nice.
And I was thinking we could
do a little picnic type thing,
I can bring the food and
like fishing rods and like...
- I don't know.
Sounds kind of like a date.
- Yeah.
Sorry, it's...
- No, if it's a date then I'm totally in.
- Yeah?
- Yeah.
- Okay, well, I'll see you tomorrow.
I'll take care fo the food.
- Goodnight.
- Goodnight.
- C'mon bro, are you fuckin'
like late for supper?
C'mon, man.
There's a fuckin' trail.
- I'll bet you're
wonderin' why I brought you
to this meeting.
I could be wrong.
Maybe you know why.
Oh, I know.
I know.
"This won't ever happen
again," I know that.
I know that.
Do you know why this'll
never happen again?
Do you know why this
will never happen again?
Do you know why, Mick?!
Because I'm not a patient man.
And I'm not a very forgiving person.
Shame on you.
Shame on you, Mick.
- I know, it looks like I
was undercutting, but...
I assure you it was a misunderstanding.
I was gonna bring you a cut.
- Oh, and that's why it
took me so long to find you,
even though you were in my territory.
But I found you.
Just let me explain.
Let me explain.
- Do you know what my name means?
He's a Irish giant.
- Finn, I'll get you your money soon.
- My uncle's Irish, too.
Whole family, really.
He was part of that I.R.A..
I'll tell you a little
story about Belfast.
Mick, Belfast is divided into quadrants.
Each quadrant is protected
by it's own paramilitary.
And if someone does wrong
in one of those quadrants,
they'll probably handle the justice
long before the law gets there.
They take care of their own crime.
Now Mick, do you know what happens
if somebody deals drugs
in one of the quadrants
or an area what don't belong to them?
Do you know what happens?!
Mick, if they like you,
and let's just say it was
a first time offense, then what they do,
they roll the pants up-
- Finn, it won't happen again.
- And they drill right
behind the knee, like this.
Now that, that, Mick, don't seem like it,
but it'll heal up, and
that guy will walk again.
But you see, what if they
don't like you, Mick?
Mick, hey!
What if they don't like you, Mick?
Do you know what happens if
they don't like you, Mick?!
Then they take the sleeve
all the way down, like this,
and they drill right through the material
where the fiber will infect
it, cartilage goes everywhere,
and this man will never walk again!
Now, you know what the problem
with this whole scenario is, Mick?
Hey, look.
Calm down.
Feel better?
Well, you see the problem
is I never have liked you.
I never have liked you, Mick.
Go ahead, scream, Mick!
No one can hear you!
Kinda serene, don't you think?
Go ahead, scream, Mick!
No, no, no, no.
No, Mick, Mick?
Mick, one more.
Do not pass out on me.
We got one more.
One more!
One more to go.
- Come on.
So lay me down till
I hear the sounds
Deep beneath the earth
I'm ready now
that I have found
A gravedigger
I've reaped the
seeds I've sown
There's nowhere else to go
No fear of the unknown
I'm ready now to go
- Yep.
I think I'm gonna go now.
I'm digging the music.
- What can I say?
I like to rock and roll.
- Are you doing okay?
I heard you down the hall last night,
freaking out in your sleep.
You look like shit.
- Anyone ever tell you you
have a real way about yourself?
Ah, I slept for shit.
So, what can I do to ya?
- Can only whip those
guys asses at board games
so many times before I lose my mind.
I need something with decent stakes.
I remember you were bragging
about how big your deck is.
- I believe what I said is I have a big-
- That might be so, however, I was asking
if you wanted to play some poker.
- I wanna poke somethin'.
- You're persistent, I'll give you that.
- I can go all night.
- You're cute.
- Get the fuck out.
- What?
- Are you fucking deaf?
Don't you fuckin' patronize me!
- What the fuck?
- Don't come at me with this fuckin'
friend zone fuckin' bullshit.
If you and I were standing face to face,
you wouldn't pat me on the head!
You'd fuckin' treat me
like the fuckin' man I am!
All 'cause I'm in this
fucking goddamn chair?!
- Why are you doing this?
- Get outta here wit'
ya fuckin' bullshit.
Don't let the fuckin' door hit
you on your fuckin' flat ass!
You are not alone
in this my friend
I promise you, you
- Eddie!
- Hey Jack, brought you them sandwiches.
I got that extra cheese and
ketchup and the lettuce,
like you said.
So, say "thank you," motherfucker.
- Thank you, motherfucker.
You've been practicing.
- Well, goddamn right, there
ain't nothing much to do
at the corner store
besides annoying the fuck
out of people playing this harmonica.
- Yeah.
- Hey, you gonna pay me or what?
- Yeah, yeah.
20's good?
- Yeah, that's good.
Hey, look at the side of your face.
You look like they
stuck you in the fuckin'
deep fryer or somethin'.
Well goddamn.
Yeah, I'm gonna do what you ain't doin'
and that's gettin' pussy!
You are not alone
in this my friend
I promise you
You will overcome
Don't give up now
You will make it out
You will make it out alive
- A celebration is in order.
To a new lease on life.
I'll raise a juice to that.
The juice was a sexy choice.
I think the medicine is just taking
a little longer to work for you.
- No, the meds aren't gonna work.
- If it did all this?
I have faith.
But even if it didn't work at all,
I think you're a good
looking guy already.
- Look, you don't have
to patronize me, okay?
I'm well-aware of how I look.
- I'm not, I can see enough of you
to know you're attractive.
This whole I'm convinced
I'm hideous stuff,
it's frustrating.
You're not unattractive.
This vanity is unattractive.
- Vanity?
You think I'm vain?
- Yes, you're so obsessed
with the way you look.
- I'm not vain.
- This consumes you.
You have so much self-hatred
seething from you
that there's no room for me.
You just wanna live
this life of loneliness
and punish yourself.
- Punish myself?
What do you mean punish myself?
Did somebody tell you something?
Did Mick tell you something?
- No one gets it more than I do.
I've spent most of my
adult life just hiding.
Not feeling safe.
But with you, it was different.
I thought, this guy gets it.
But you don't get it.
We're fighting different battles,
and I'm just spinning my wheels here.
- Iris.
Oh, God.
Wow, you really don't know how to fish.
- Good morning, Mr. Adams.
You missed your morning exam
and I just wanted to check...
- Oh my god.
I can walk.
- Come on!
You got this.
Are you okay?
Oh my god!
Lemme see!
Jesus Christ!
You have a huge cut!
We'll get you back to Dr.
Walsh and he'll stitch that up.
It's probably fine, maybe just a bandaid.
- No, it's definitely
gonna need stitches.
Wanna check it out?
No, not really.
- Please?
- Okay.
Go on, check it out.
My God, it smells in here.
We shouldn't be in here.
What is that?
- Iris.
We gotta get outta here.
-This is really...
-To Mick!
- Woo!
Oh god.
- And to Walsh!
Genius motherfucker who
gave me my life back!
- I'll cheers to that!
- Doing my best, trying to catch up.
- Hey, you gonna eye-fuck that all night
or are you gonna shoot it?
- Yeah.
- Okay, just more for me, that's all.
- I'm good, that's, yeah.
- Goodnight.
- Hey, congrats!
- Cheers.
Good to see you on your feet.
Hey there.
- So what do you say you
make up that head pat later?
- I'm not gonna pat your other head,
if that's what you're insinuating.
I think I'd need a lot more
booze than we have left.
- What about a dance?
Gotta break these puppies in.
-What are you looking for?
-Something sharp.
I thought I saw scissors
in here the other day.
- For what?
Oh my god!
That's gonna get infected!
He just stitched that.
Do you know what this means?
- Yes!
Oh my god, it means it's working!
- No, it means I'm not on the placebo.
- It means it worked!
- No, Iris, it means it didn't work!
It means these scars are not gonna heal!
- Hey.
Listen to me.
Look at me.
Perfect skin or not, I
don't even see any of that.
- No, please.
They say it's the apocalypse
And we've gotta fight
for a life to live
There's no time
to run for cover
It's another eclipse and we
don't know how it got to this
And I'm reaching
out for another
They say it's the apocalypse
And we've gotta fight
for a life to live
There's no time
to run for cover
- Can't believe how that shit works.
You shoulda seen
Dr. Walsh's face.
I mean, the guy almost
shitted on himself.
You know, I've always had
this weight on my shoulders,
that people would find out
I was, you know, fierce.
I remember when I was
trying to tell my dad.
I was 17, and I was sweatin'
like a ho in church,
and I remember my mom saying grace,
and I just blurted it out.
I said, "Daddy, I'm gay, and I'm in love
with a guy named Tim."
- Tim?
- I was young, dumb, full
of cum, head over heels
for my baseball coach.
They said to me that they always knew.
I tried girls and all.
Hell, I tried, but maybe I
was just the last to know.
- Hey!
Get ya ass over here.
It's the apocalypse and
We've gotta fight
for a life to live
There's no time
to run for cover
Another eclipse and we don't
know how it got to this
And I'm reaching
out for another
- Yeah, I got something
I want to show you.
Yo, Eddie.
Whats happening?
You motherfucker!
- Good to see you too, Mick.
I'm surprised that you're
walking again, you know.
I must not have drilled deep enough.
- Where's Eddie?
- Oh, Eddie.
Yeah, be right with you on that.
When you guys gonna
learn that I don't need
no sticky fingers in my pockets
or anybody encroaching on my territory?
- Is he...
- No, no, no.
Not my style to kill
somebody on a first offense.
But you can consider
this the final warning.
- You call that a warning?
- One of these days, you
fuckin' amateurs are gonna learn
that I own this parish.
I see everything.
I hear everything.
And now that we got that out of the way,
I hear that you've got some
really good miracle drug.
Something that can say...
Make a low-life thief fucking walk again.
It's a pleasure doing business with you.
- Rot in hell, motherfucker!
Hey, yo.
Hey, hey, look at me, man.
- Is that you, Mick?
It's good to see you.
- God dammit, fuck!
Take you in and get you...
You ain't in a wheelchair no more!
Mick, you're walkin'!
- Yeah, good job,
fuckin' Captain Obvious.
- Mick.
Let's get the fuck outta here.
Mick, it's good to see you.
Let's get outta here.
- Easy, easy, easy.
- I'm sorry, Mick.
That little bastard, he got me.
I couldn't do shit.
- Here, hold that right there.
Quit being a fuckin' pussy.
Hold on, I'm gonna get you better.
- Fuck.
- I'll get you better.
I'll get you better.
I'll get you better.
We'll fix you up right now.
- Son of a bitch.
I'm sorry, man.
Mick, I fucked up.
-I'm sorry.
-Shut the fuck up.
- Mick.
- Quit bein' a, c'mon, man.
- First time I've gotten
my ass kicked in a while,
-that's for sure.
-Take that.
- This cheap ass liquor?
- That's tequila.
C'mon c'mon c'mon c'mon.
- Hey Mick?
Let's get the fuck outta here.
- Easy.
-You're so sleepy.
-I am.
- Can I make you breakfast?
- Yeah.
Please do.
- Iris.
Mick, can you believe this asshole?
There's no bacon left.
Or scrambled egg...
What the fuck is goin' on here?!
What's goin' on?
- Hey!
What the hell's goin' on?
-Get your hands off me!
-What's wrong with Mick?
- He's had a reaction to the medication.
- What about the rest of us?
- Yeah, I mean, something's
wrong with her back.
Something's not right.
- I'm sorry.
I'll get to your exams soon.
- You're sorry?
I wanna go home.
I wanna drop out of the
trial and talk to a doctor.
- I'm a doctor.
- Another doctor.
A real doctor.
- What's that supposed to mean?
I'm a real doctor.
- You're not acting like one.
We're all sitting out there terrified
and you're in here doing what?
Staring at your computer?
I would like to leave now.
- Sounds like you've made up your mind.
- You know that scene where
she does that flexible
little yoga thing under the
lasers, and God, that ass.
I mean, she should get double
billing for that ass alone.
Ain't that right, Mick?
Mick, you wanna go for a stroll?
- I can't.
- No, Mick, I meant in the chair.
- I can't go back in that chair, Ed.
- Mick, so you just
gonna sit there and mope?
The Mick I know doesn't
throw a fuckin' pity party
'cause he can't walk.
- For the first time in five
years I had my freedom back.
- You're bummin' me out.
Look, I'll catch you tomorrow.
Don't do anything fuckin'
stupid while I'm gone.
- Like what?
Get my hopes up?
- Mick, gimme your gun.
- What?
- I don't need you eating a
bullet over this bullshit.
- Man, I ain't gonna kill myself.
But I'm sure as hell not
gonna stand around here
with my pants down waiting
for Finn's ugly Irish mug
to come over here and finish me off.
It's not like I can run
away from the motherfucker.
- Look, I'm sorry, man.
Look, this was a bad idea.
Forget it.
Hey, but you better be here tomorrow
when I come back, all right?
- Where the fuck am I gon' go?
-God, you scared me.
-Where you goin'?
Just wanted to talk to Mick.
I heard he's not doing so well.
- No.
Good luck in there.
- Hey.
I'm headed out soon.
Just wanted to check up on
you, see how you're doing.
- Where you headed?
- Home.
I'm dropping out of the trial.
- Oh, this day keeps
getting better and better.
- Can you...
-I'm so sorry.
- Ah, I squandered my only chance.
You know, you were taller
than I thought you'd be.
- Yeah?
- I wish there was something
I could do to cheer you up.
- I'm sure if we could
put our heads together,
we could think of
somethin', but I don't think
your husband would like that too much.
- I don't see him anywhere
around here, do you?
Alan, don't you think you've had enough?
Oh, you think so?
I know it' s scary being out the closet.
I'm not in the fucking closet!
I'm not a fucking faggot!
- I get it.
You're confused.
You're drunk.
What, is it my looks?
Am I just not hot enough for you?
- You're a fucking psycho.
I'll show you psycho!
- Did you hear that?
Shut up.
- What the fuck?!
What the fuck did you do?!
Chase, what the fuck did you do, man?!
God, c'mon!
Iris, go get help!
- What?
What the fuck?
-Iris, what's going on?
-I can't get a dial tone!
- All right, lets go!
We gotta go!
Fuck the phone!
Let's go!
We gotta get out!
- Oh my god!
- Go find Walsh!
- Fuck!
Fuck you!
No, no, no.
- Oh, Mick.
No, Mick!
No, Mick, no, Mick, Mick!
What the hell is going on, man?!
What the fuck?!
Iris, are you okay?
- No, no, no.
- It's okay.
Where the fuck is his head, man?!
What the fuck is going on, man?!
-I don't know!
-What is this?
I can't see, its too dark.
- What does it say?
- "I have seen the devil himself.
He lives not within a creature,
but in the man who
claimed Jessica's life.
When he nearly killed my daughter,
he ripped my family and career to shreds.
I gave her the medication before knowing
of the subsequent deformities.
Jessica was transformed into
a beast of my own creation.
In my lust for revenge, I spread to many
"the hellish malady
intended for only..."
- Jesus.
- What?
"...Jack Leblanc".
- What?!
- "I needed him to suffer like she did.
I know not how the
others became afflicted.
I only know its too late for them now.
These innocent patients are
cursed, unable to escape
the outbreak of these
demonic transformations.
I'm sorry for everything.
Whoever finds this, I beg of
you this one final request.
"Don't hurt my daughter."
- What the fuck?!
- What?!
-You killed Walsh's daughter?
-Listen, listen, Iris.
Listen to me, Iris!
It was an accident!
- Why was he talking about
her like she was still alive?
- I don't know.
-What the fuck?
-I know.
Iris, let me explain.
- Just stay away from me!
-Oh my god!
- Oh my god!
- Get the fuck back!
Get the fuck back!
Get back!
It's the flame.
It's okay.
It's the flame.
Let's go!
Come on.
Iris, Iris, we have to
keep it together, okay?
If we lose our shit, we're not making it
outta here alive, okay?
- Why didn't you tell me
about Walsh's daughter?
- Because I'm ashamed.
It's not something I
like to just go around
advertising about, all right?
It was an accident!
I was driving and a dog
ran out in front of me,
and I ran off the road, and my wife,
Kate, she died on impact.
And Jessica, she was just
out looking for her dog.
Look, not a day goes by that I don't
hate myself for what happened!
If I could trade my life
with either of them,
I would in a second!
- Oh my god!
We're fucked!
- We have to barricade the door, c'mon!
Help me with this.
And I'm gonna find us
something to fight back with,
all right?
Wait right here.
I'm gonna find something
for us to fight with, okay?
What did the file say?
- It's a patient file.
Jessica Walsh.
After two weeks of being on a ventilator,
the hospital released her to Walsh.
Walsh took her home,
administered her Obsidian,
after a week, all of
her wounds had healed,
everything except for the burns.
Day eight, she awoke from a coma.
Day nine, there's a picture.
Day 10...
He tried to kill her with
lethal doses of pain meds.
- Jesus.
- That didn't work, he
tried to sever her carotid,
but the cut, being exposed to
the air, seemed to fuel it.
Fuck, this is insane!
He did some tests on lab rats...
And concluded that
fire was the only thing
that seemed to kill the
transformative tissue for good.
- Well then, why keep that thing around?
I don't understand.
- Because it's still his daughter.
- No, no, that thing wasn't human.
- Maybe not now, but he
still sees it as Jessica.
He probably lost his nerve.
- Well, does it say anything
about like the lab rats
or like Walsh working
on a cure for it, or-
- No!
- Or like antidotes or fucking anything?!
- No, there's nothing!
- Dammit!
Are you kidding me?
- Fuck!
Leave us alone!
There has to be another way out of here!
- Okay, but Iris, maybe Walsh
was right in the letter.
Maybe this has to stop here.
Maybe we can't let it out there,
because we'll be unleashing
it, and spreading it!
I mean, you didn't see what
happened to Alan, or to Mick.
- Well, maybe they can quarantine us
until they find an answer.
Maybe there's someone out
there that can fix us!
- Who's going to fix us?
-There's no cure, Iris!
-We can try!
- There's no way to fix us!
- We have to try!
- Do we?
Look, whoever we go to to fix us,
all they're gonna do is dissect us
like fuckin' lab rats, okay?
They're gonna poke and
fucking prod at us!
Before they kill us?
Or they just give up on us, okay?
Nobody's gonna help us, and
I'm not doing this, Iris!
I'm not gonna life my life like
an animal in a fuckin' cage.
I've already done this for
the past five fucking years!
And I'm done, nobody deserves that life.
We don't deserve that life.
We don't.
I'm done.
They're in us, Iris.
And we are not getting outta here alive.
But we can keep it from spreading.
- How?
- We could end this.
Right here and now.
On our terms.
You and me.
You saw what it did with the fire, okay?
It healed everybody except
for me and my burns.
That's no coincidence.
- Fuck, Jack.
- Iris, I love you.
- I love you.
Hey, no.
-No way.
-I understand.
- Hey.
Hey, have you seen Mick?
- Sir, calm down.
- You seen Mick?
No, you calm down!
My friend Mick is in there!
He's my only friend!
- I understand your concern.
- That's bullshit!
Just 'cause you got that
goddamn badge on your chest,
that don't mean shit to me!
I ain't afraid of that!
Mick's in there, that's my friend!
Step away from the line, sir!
You don't understand,
that's my only friend!
- I need some help over here.
- I'm suing both of you for assault.
You'll see, this won't be the last of me!
- We are back now.
There's been a fire at the
old St. James Infirmary
in downtown Paulina.
Now, officials received a
call from a trucker passing by
around 4:20 a.m.
who stated he saw
one of the buildings
on the property ablaze.
Now, police have parts of
Babin Avenue blocked off,
but right now, we are
told the fire is now out.
Now, this property belongs
to noted pharmacologist
Dr. James Walsh, who
was allegedly running
a private clinical trial,
despite the revocation
of his medical license three years prior.
- I don't feel good.
I know, monkey.
- My stomach hurts.
Why do I stay here!
I wish I could
let you out, but I just can't.
-I just can't.
- Tell me why!
You're gonna hurt yourself,
you're gonna hurt others.
- Tell me!
You're not well.
- Jesus!
Take a look at this!
- Oh, you're only 20
minutes late this time.
- Gorgeous as ever, Kelly.
- I wish I could say the same for you.
You're unkempt.
- Same old Kelly.
- Don't say old, please.
- Ah, I didn't mean anything
by it, you look great.
- I'm falling apart.
Time is unkind and unforgiving.
Spackling on the makeup is
a full time job, it seems.
But I'm intrigued about
these little miracle pills.
I'm getting them for a friend.
Fell off a horse as a child, poor thing.
Nasty scar.
It's unsightly.
But if they work as
good as you say they do,
I might keep a few for myself.
- Oh, I got 15 of 'em left.
- Name your price.
You spell Finn with one N or two?
- You spell it C-A-S-H.
Like always, a pleasure.
Just for the record, you
look every bit as good
as you did during your modeling days.
I still have some of
the old nudie magazines
hanging around the house.
- Time's an unmerciful bitch.
- You can spend as much
time and money as you want
chasing after it.
But I can tell you right
now, you look just fine
just like you are.
Solitary motions hold
Outspoken silence reigns
The broken sight foretold
All points towards
the shattered soul
Hold on
Lift your
Mournful eyes to the sky
You are worth more
Don't let the
shadows pull you down
Lay the static in
your head to rest
Sometimes we must
be put to the test
Remember all it takes
is one more stride
You'll always have the
strength to turn the tide
Hold on
Lift your
Weary eyes to the sky
You are worth more
Don't let the
shadows pull you down
it runs so deep
The constant fear,
it leaves you weak
The questions, they
begin to rise inside
Will you make it
To the other side