Occult Angel (2018) Movie Script

(JACK) That's the city
A very ancient site round three hot springs
It's well known that the Georgian architects
used occult principle to lay out the city
It's diameter deliberately matches that of Stonehenge
We discovered there's a hidden level under the streets
a secret from the past that they deliberately kept hidden
It has an occult significance
We will infect you
(JACK) Half beast half man
We will infect you
(JACK) Half beast half man
Hi... I'm Andy... film student...
And this is footage I'm putting together of my Landlord's business
Occult Angel.
Cool, This is Jack's house. I rent a room here...
he's rented it to students ever since his wife left him
Yeah well It started to change about a month ago...
he's rented it to students ever since his wife left him
Yeah well It started to change about a month ago...
I just started getting more calls
OK... So last week when I went to a case with Jack
I just started getting more calls
OK... So last week when I went to a case with Jack
but then... well this...
OK... So last week when I went to a case with Jack
but then... well this...
So here I've had to disguise Mrs B.
That's what Jack wanted...
So this is what happened when we got inside.
then sometimes a kind of cry.
like a baby or something
then sometimes a kind of cry.
like a baby or something
Jack does this weird listening
no, no...
yeah, this feels more interesting
This is an older part of the house here... thicker walls
and the floor levels been raised...
This is weird... I don't like this.
(strange noise)
That noise... is getting louder.
(scraping noises)
(Jack - Growls)
Turn it off!
It looks like a big chunk of plaster fell off.
And there's markings on it.
something got hold of me
All I could see in my minds eye was the serpent
So this is a fetish.
And you can see this is the outline of the horned serpent
It's very unusual about the horned serpent
Not really sure what this symbol is or what it means
It's very unusual about the horned serpent
Not really sure what this symbol is or what it means
and this looks like hair
and this could possibly be skin tissue
and this looks like hair
and this could possibly be skin tissue
Lady who?
She says something killed her dog...
So, this is Lady O's
She was... well, a bit whoozy
So, this is Lady O's
She was... well, a bit whoozy
Sorry. She has to touch things to help tune in.
That is Lola, she Jack's niece
and she's here to help Jack out
This is definitely and older part of the cellar
older than the house above.
Hang on, I'm putting the night vision on
(Andy) So what's happening?
This has been here for a long time.
see this arch has been filled in with breeze block
What do you think Lola?
Well, it's what I'm here for.
(Andy) What's going on?
Get out!
Get out!
Lola! LOLA!
(Andy) What was it?
No, no...
Be still! BE STILL!
It stank of meat.
We're in the workroom having a debrief... and Jack is worried.
Yeah good reason 'cos this is definitely getting worse.
It had a real... strength!
Explain what that means.
I... I couldn't stop it... It was using the doorway...
But it's getting worse... and it's got something to do with this symbol.
So we checked out all the different symbols using snakes or serpents.
Yes well snakes serpents and dragons all get mixed up
and they can signify all sorts of things.
and Jack found this...
The horned serpent is uniquely associated with an ancient Celtic god
called Cernunnos
and the interesting bit is that...
Cernunnos, half stag, half man
is also known in Southern England as Herne.
You think that was what she was saying?
Something spoke through her... and it really brutal and primeval
(Andy) So, what's the significance?
(Jack) I'm not sure
Yeah but you know about weirdy stuff like this.
Andy I'm getting really hacked off with your attitude
Why don't you just stop now
Sorry Jack... I was only...
Just Stop!
So Jack got a bit narked with me...
But he's had another call... and agreed for me to come along...
I'm gonna try and keep my mouth shut.
Sounds good to me.
That's the pub manager
Weve agreed not to reveal his face or the name of the pub
It's usually in the evenings... when I'm cashing up... I sit at the desk.
then the room will suddenly get cold... and then I feel it... usually on my back...
like a hand.
It's not a draught or anything like that... it's like a hand.
It's not a spirit... it's something else...
It's coming from there...
It's locked... I... I was told not to open it... but... I know where the key is...
Could you get it for us?
Hey can you feel that?
Yeah... It's gone really cold.
Go on...
The horned serpent again.
Who are these people? Get out!
Uh... I asked them
We haven't done anything!
and put that camera down.
I told you not to open that door!
(Andy) What was that all about?
Let's go... just go...
I'm a bit skeptical about this paranormal stuff...
but that bloke who burst in and told us to clear out, he was real enough...
So I went back later and talked to the pub manager
and he gave us some more information
turns out the guys name is Crouch and hes the pub owner
So... that's where Crouch's office is...
I hung around a bit earlier...
as far as I could tell he just rents one room...
Now I guess I just wait... stakeout!
Well this is boring.
Thats Crouch!
Ok, so um, this is it!
I bloody lost him!
Ah, there he is... locked on!
Hey, this is cool
This is weird. Suddenly all those seagulls went crazy
and started swirling about over Crouch.
and he keeps looking up at them
Ok, he's going into the church
He's looking at the seagulls again
What's he doing?
He's crazy!
He's gone into the library...
There he is.
OK... Crouch has just gone out...
He's left his stuff on the desk
so I'm going to have a quick look
Shit, Crouch!
Crouch finished at the Library...
I was just thinking about giving up when he came out again...
OK. This is weird...
That's Lady O's house where we were the other day
Oh shit.
OK, I'm going to follow him
(muttering) I can't see a bloody thing
What's he doing?
He's looking at something
(Crouch chants incoherently)
This is weird...
He's weird.
He's going to see me...
I had to get behind a car
... I knew he'd be looking...
And you know I've just thought of something...
Lady O's house... it's number thirty-one!
Think it's time I went and saw Jack.
Yes I knew about John Wood...
There are two of them father and son...
and I knew that they had an interest in the occult...
and I knew that they built the Circus and Royal Crescent
on occult principles
So who's the Thomas Jelly bloke?
He was another builder contemporary with Wood...
I don't know much about him...
seems he had an interest in the occult too
So what do we do now?
Uh... back to Lady O.
So here we are again.
Oi, I can't see the number, you're in the way
Lady O seemed quite keen to talk...
said she knew about Thomas Jelly.
So Crouch was kneeling by that stone
I need to get closer
A horned serpent... and the number '5'
What's it mean?
The same thing!
What thing?
Shut up Andy
What thing?
Not now!
Lady O's family have owned this house since
since the old part was built by
by none other than Thomas Jelly in 1758
and so they have all the deeds and that kind of stuff
most of it is just plans and accounts...
but there is this letter...
OK... It's not clear who the letter is to but it's signed IM ...
anyway it says...
Sir, following our investigation
I have been able to draw certain conclusions...
Viz: that there are six gates built by the monks of the abbey...
two I believe were damaged severely in an earthquake
that shook this city and much of England in 1275.
In deed I have found some evidence of manifestations at this time.
Moreover the gates seem to be holding since the works at St. Michaels
We also look to your support in regards to sealing the gate
below the church of St. James.
Sir, I implore your pardon for these occurrences
But it is only in the last year that
we have to realise the nature and extremity of our dark enemy.
(Andy) So we were chewing over this letter
wondering what it meant by six gates
when Lady O said
Have you looked at the plan on the other piece of paper?
(Andy) and this is what we found
with the horned serpent again!
and then Jack saw a pattern
with the horned serpent again!
and then Jack saw a pattern
I mean these are the six gates... but they're not city gates...
one... don't know, but two would be St. Michael's chapel,
three is St. Jame's church...
Four is the pub... it had the four
Five is here at Lady O's...
and then six would be St. Michael's on Walcot Street!
So what are these gates for?
So we have this rough plan which schematically shows the six gates.
Now the fact that there are two churches dedicated to St. Michael's
interesting especially as he was famous for slaying serpents.
So the two St. Michael churches are where we're heading next
I love this spot... The history that is here...
You have to imagine that two thousand years ago this was a steaming swamp
A sacred site for the Celts... then the Roman's turned up and built their temple
collecting the hot springs into sacred pools... or Roman Baths.
There are three hot springs
Up there is the main one and the site of the Roman Temple...
The second one is over there
See the spring is underneath this building...
and right beside it... is a chapel dedicated to St. Michael.
St.Michael the destroyer of serpents...
perhaps pagan serpents
associated with a significant heathen spring.
Anyway, let's take a look inside the church
So... it's a little bland in here now
Obviously nothing left of the earlier chapel that stood here
Lola, anything?
We carried on to the next St. Michael's
So we've just come down Upper Borough walls there
and now we're standing at the site of the medieval North Gate
and outside would have been fields with a church
and a small thatched roof.
This St Michael's was a disappointment as well.
The Victorians had completely rebuilt it
We found nothing inside the churches...
so we thought we'd have a scan round to see if we can find gate one
(Andy) We checked the obelisk in Queen's square. Nothing.
We carried on scanning round... and then I realised
Hey... wait up... This is where Crouch's office is!
Now, we think Crouch's office maybe
over or near Gate number one.
OK, we were just wondering what to do when Crouch came out.
Um, he didn't see us...
But we thought maybe we should have a snoop around.
So we've come down to the basement
to meet Jim the security guard
do you mind if Lola has a listen for a minute?
Be my guest.
What do you think Lola?
That's where the gate is... in that room, it must be...
OK... so we just got back to Jack's and we found this.
What's it mean?
I would say someone is trying to scare us...
So who wrote the bloody message?
Crouch, has to be.
Or some one working with him.
He may not be working alone... we don't know that.
Do you think he really was threatening us?
Maybe we should call the police?
No... But it shows Crouch or someone knows where we are.
We'd better be careful... keep an eye out.
Jack has just received this message.
OK... We're on our way to Crouch's office to meet Jim.
Turns out that not only did Crouch lay into Jim for letting us have a snoop round
but he also went into his basement room and
about half an hour later Jim heard this weird animal yell.
Said it freaked him out...
and then Crouch sort of stumbled out of the room and ran outside...
So Jim wants some explanations.
(Andy) That serious?
Yes... that serious.
Hang on, putting the night vision on
Wow! Look at this Andy
(Andy) This is old!
Sounds like running water.
Can you feel the air? ... It's warm.
It smells of rotten meat.
I can't smell it.
Andy, look...
Gate One, Conduit to Stanton Drew
Compton Dando, King's Circus
Draconis Extinctor...
It's something do with a dragon... or serpent. Destroying the serpent.
(Loud metallic echo)
(Andy) What is that?
It's coming.
It's coming!
(Jack) Come on we've got to go!
(Andy) What is that?
I just... I've got to see
(Loud snarl and thud)
(Jack) Come on we've got to go now!
Come on move it!
What was that all about?
I don't know
but it's really powerful, we just got to stay away until we know how to deal with it!
And don't tell Jim, OK?
Why not?
Just do as I tell you and turn that bloody camera off!
So we're just going over stuff, starting with Gate One.
Look... I know you don't experience this like we do
but there was something in that tunnel that was more...
threatening than anything I've ever experienced in my life
You mean a spirit?
Yes... but... it wasn't just one spirit...
It was different
It was really malevolent
And this is what the gate is for...
to keep this thing locked up?
Yeah... but it's been there since the Eighteenth century... or even before...
Look Andy...
Maybe we should look at what was written on the tablet
I've got it typed up here
It's implying that Gate One...
is at the end of some line that begins at Stanton Drew.
Stanton Drew is a huge stone circle just west of Bath
I've been there lots of times. It's huge but somehow hardly known...
Compton Dando is a village halfway between.
There used to be a statue embedded in the wall of the church
which was taken from the altar in the Roman temple...
right by the hot spring here in Bath. Nobody knows how or why...
The royal circus we know was built by Wood, father and son
and it's diameter deliberately matches that of stonehenge.
It has an occult significance supposedly signifying the sun...
Look at these, all round the circus, deliberately placed by Wood.
Maybe Woods and Thomas Jelly knew about the six gates
and whatever is locked behind it
So, we didn't find anything, but on the way back
Jack wanted to explore a place we'd seen near Compton Dando
It's called Fairy Hill
Close by something called Drakes Well
He said he had a feeling about it
Turned out he was right
What are we looking for Jack?
I'm not sure. Maybe a spring...
(Howling noise)
(Andy) Just heard a weird sound
Like an animal... but weird
We're a bit nervous to be honest
Did you hear the noise?
(Animal Howl)
Seen this Andy? It's the spring
(Animal Howl)
There! Bloody Hell! Freaky!
(Loud Howl)
(Animal grunts and howls)
What the hell was that?
Now St James is destroyed he will escape! ... and you...
will be marked!
What do you mean? Who will escape?
Ha! You don't know?
Just keep away
There's only one way to deal with this! Keep away!
What the hell?
He was pretty angry... but he was scared too.
OK. so Crouch said a couple of key things.
Now that St.James is destroyed he will escape...
So this is St. Jame's church
a big full on church right in the middle of Bath and then...
OK... this is where St. James church used to be...
but it was demolished in the nineteen fifties and now...
the site is being built over
St James... founded by King Alfred the Great...
rebuilt by Thomas Jelly... now it's gone.
There's been a burial ground here since medieval times...
underneath this building site
All gone.
Now St James is destroyed he will escape and you... will be MARKED!
I've just been editing...
and I heard a sound from downstairs like a girl screaming...
but I'm the only one here... Jack and Lola have gone out.
So I'm just going to have a look downstairs to see if anyone's there
(faint screaming sound)
This is bloody weird.
Bloody light's gone.
Lola, are you there?
No! ... that was... that was real...
It's really freaking me out
(loud scream)
What was that?
There's something out there
(Animal howl)
Oh my God!
Don't know what went on there...
I must admit I was scared...
But if I don't believe in ghosts... then what am I scared of?
It's like, it can't hurt me...
But... I was scared...
the thought of a dead person's spirit...
kind of messes with your mind a bit...
It's like... trying to get into my mind...
like a kind of madness
like a kind of madness
The spirit really scared Jack.
I'm getting worried because the... influence is spreading...
and getting more powerful.
and both Lola and I have the same feeling of foreboding
We think it's blood
There's no way of telling what or who it can get to...
You will be marked!
So, it's getting to us... and Jack's had enough...
we're going to find Crouch and talk to him.
OK... so we wanted to go and see Crouch
we're going to find Crouch and talk to him.
OK... so we wanted to go and see Crouch
but he wasn't there, the receptionist said
then we asked to see Jim the security guard but he's off sick...
So... I'm going to break into Crouch's store room and go through the gate.
I need to find out what's there
Andy's agreed to come with me...
But Lola's going to stay outside. I can't afford to risk Lola again.
So Lola's going to watch out if the receptionist goes to the loo or something
Ok, it's clear
If this goes wrong... get out as quick as you can... understand?
Just this bolt holding it...
Oh, it's stiff
Herne... the god... no...It goes on for miles!
What was that?
OK? Let's get moving
Andy, come on... keep up
This is weird
I don't like this
You alright? I think there is something up ahead
There's a staircase going up
just there...
(Jack) Oh no...
Herne... the god... no...
What... in there?
Do we open it?
The lids moving
I can smell it now... rotten meat.
(Loud door noise echoing)
What do we do?
Theyre coming down the stairs
Quick go back down the corridor a bit.
Come on!
Muttered incantations echoing.
(Sound of iron chains)
(Louder incantations)
(Heavy stone moving with an animal howl)
(increasingly hysterical incantation)
(Loud animal growl and scream)
(Andy) Shit... that was...
(Agonised scream ending suddenly)
(Andy frightened) Oh my god
Oh my god that was something...
(Animal groans)
(A growl)
(heavy animal breathing)
This is bad
Shhh... he's just ahead...
Something bad happened back there...
There's something wrong...
Careful, we're near the gate
It's open
Yeah, it's clear
He's still moving
Did someone just come past?
Yes... Mr. Crouch
Has he gone outside?
Yes... what's going on?
Crouch just came out... He's over there!
Crouch!... He looks bloody weird...
Crouch! Wait!
Crouch... you alright? What happened?
You alright?
Andy get back... it's dangerous!
That not Crouch.
What do you mean it's not Crouch?
(Lola) It's taken him.
(Jack) let it go let it go
So Jack... the big question... What went on back there?
Well... We found a chamber
with a sarcophagus in it with... Herne on it.
Crouch cam in and did some kind of ritual...
then something came out of the sarcophagus and took hold of Crouch...
That wasn't Crouch
It had the same hatred inside it
So what do we do?
Be on our guard... whatever happened...
So it's been six weeks
there's no sign of Crouch
His office is closed, phone is dead... there's no trace of him
So we were thinking... that it might all have gone away...
But... Then this happened...
Somebody pushed it through the letterbox.
So we don't know...
whatever that was... inside Crouch...
It's out there. It's out there somewhere.
(Jack) We uncovered an occult mystery in the city of Bath
The Entity, the Demon has broken free
It's been over a year since we filmed any of the Occult Angel stuff
and really I haven't had much to do with it...
for various reasons
I moved out of Jack's house,
Um... Lola left...
and... also it scared me.
(Jack) So Andy has finished university and has got a pretty good graphics job
but Ive asked him to film again
to explain how theres been a significant change.
First off I had to get out of my house because we received what was a threat...
But since then we received this...
You see, this letter is different not threatening like the last one
more like a clue.
So I checked out this ELA organisation
and couldn't find anything at all
until last week when I realised...
So I'm here at Lacock
which is national trust building about fifteen miles outside of Bath
Originally a 13th century monastery...
and guess who founded it...
So there you are E. L. A.... Ela.
You can see that Lacock is on a line
A conduit
A conduit which leads to gate 5.
Just like the Stanton Drew Conduit leads to gate 1
So nearby we found this.
Come and have a film up here Andy.
(Andy) Oh!
(Faint animal howl)
(Jack) Listen!
That sound again.
The Herne entity is near here...
I can feel it... it's the same uh...
(Loud howl and whoops)
(Andy) What is that?
(Voice) You are marked!
Wait a minute... turn it off
We have no idea who that figure was
but it felt like we were being checked out.
(jack) And then over the following seasons
always at Beltane and Samain
we received more instructions.
Again they are like riddles.
Showing the connections with the Occult Gates.
Gate Four, Stonehenge ravaged
Marden destroyed by our enemies
Marsden was a massive henge
But most of it was destroyed in the Eighteenth Century.
and we found the signs
Clee is a beautiful, mysterious hill. South East of Bath.
Gate Two, St Michaels to St. Michaels
The conduit of the Tor is closed
This must be the famous Glastonbury Tor
The Saint Michaels link is clear.
Gate 6. To the North are the Hwicce.
There was a kingdom to the North of Bath.
The land of the Hwicce. The people of witchcraft.
We felt we were being told to keep away.
The conduit at Horningsham remains.
This place is south of Bath high on a hill
The Durotrigan Giant is our guardian.
I knew exactly what this meant...
The Cerne Abbas giant.
This ancient carving is in the heart of the land of the Durotriges.
A Celtic tribe.
The name links it with Cernunnos or Herne.
So, we visit each site And there is always a symbol or a sign
like were being lead towards something
A conduit showing the connection with the occult gates
This last communication talks of pilgrimage
and thats what it felt like
A beautiful pilgrimage across the pagan landscape of South West England.
But a pilgrimage has to lead somewhere
When we got back from Cerne Abbas
this was on my computer.
Pilgrim. You have followed our riddles
and you desire more.
But, you cannot intervene without consequences.
Consider this before you choose.
We are the Nemeton... The dark enemy
We have revealed ourselves.
You have seen the demon
You saw it attack... and devour
Will you be chosen?
or will you enter the path of sacrifice?
Tread carefully pilgrim.
Well, I realise we are playing with fire here
Maybe we should just walk away and forget it...
But I can't... I can't stop now!
Andy is upset by this. You know hes not happy
but hes going to stick with me Yeah?
(Andy) Yeah...
OK, well lets just see what happens.
Like a kind of madness...
When Herne takes your breath
Madness will crawl through your soul
(Jack on phone) Andy are you OK?
Youre scaring me
You dont seem the same.
Maybe you should get some help
Andy this is, serious
Mr. Roberts. You have chosen.
We will infect you.
You will serve us.
So its been a few years since Andy made the videos, a long time
and theres been quite a bit of bad stuff
Especially for Andy. Hes not been well.
I've been trying to keep my head down
But over this period of time Ive been receiving communications
I don't know who they're from
The letters never say anything clear.
until this last one arrived, and it said this.
So a man rang, I don't know who, just a voice
and gave us a location
So were going there now.
I dont Im scared. But we need to know... so...
OK. we are here at the location.
All I can say is that we're near the Cerne giant in Dorset
(Jack) Look at all those Rooks!
(Loud Rook screeches)
Theyre like an alarm like sentinels.
(Jack) Come on!
(Whooping calls)
Looks like were expected
(shouts and drumming)
Look... Look! Over there...
(Chanting and drumming gets louder)
(Loud echoing horns)
(Jack) Ok, this is it...
(Jack) Careful...
(Loud drumming and chanting)
(Jack) Theres another one.
Theyre all around us.
I dont like this it doesnt feel safe
(Chanting and drumming very loud)
(Horn blast, then silence)
(Jack) Ok Well go in.
(Jack) You alright Andy?
(ominous ringing sound)
To be chosen, or sacrificed.
Mr Andy Roberts was chosen
And as our loyal servant...
he procured Mr. Jack Angel for sacrifice.
(Voice) You violated my sanctuary.
This is a warning for all who try to find us.
You have been traced
you are marked.
Look behind you...
Look behind you. Death is at your shoulder.
(Incoherent reversed voice)