Occupation: Rainfall (2020) Movie Script

You can't leave us here.
You can't leave us.
It's been two years
since their mother ship arrived
out of nowhere,
sending thousands
of unmanned drones
to reek havoc across
every country on the planet.
Billions of us died.
What came next
was the real test.
An invasion force,
hell-bent on destroying
what was left of humanity.
If it wasn't for a handful
of brave men and women,
they would have succeeded.
We were successful in our first
Even gained allies
amongst some of the Greys
wanting this war to end.
But now, the alien leaders
tighten the noose,
take ground,
kill more of our forces.
I fear that the worst
is yet to come.
Careful what you wish for.
Step inside my office, boys,
And, the girl.
What I'm about to show you
has only been known
to a handful of people.
Even less have ever seen this.
Scientists discovered it
embedded in the sea floor
in 1966.
They shipped it here.
This is Project Rainfall.
Steady up, boys!
- It's just shrapnel.
- Sunray!
Third resistance
taking heavy fire!
Secure that wall
and get them out!
Third resistance,
hang tight.
We're almost there.
Third resistance is in there!
We need to get them out!
Second platoon with me.
The rest, left flank.
Three squad, this is Sunray.
We are inbound, over.
Get us out of here, now!
Cover! Cover and fire!
Where are you lot going?
Need to cross.
Get behind their lines.
They're hitting us hard.
We've held this position
for two days.
You want to go across?
We'll cover you.
But it's your funeral.
Go! Go! Go!
Three squad?
We've lost them, Sunray.
Third squad's gone.
All units be advised.
Mission compromised.
Intel is on the move.
Heading western settlement.
We have multiple KIA
calling for exfil.
Whisky One,
this is Drop Bear Actual.
We've bridged
the western settlement.
We are good to go
for that intel.
Copy, Drop Bear Actual.
Good work.
You're our last chance.
Your intel about this
better be right...
or you'll end up
like your mate down there.
Whisky One,
this is Drop Bear Actual.
The fox is in the henhouse.
Green light to resistance
Zorro call sign.
Mission is a go.
Copy, Whisky One.
Starting our run.
Go! Go! Go!
Go! Go!
Tigers, break off and engage
ground targets.
Fighters, on me.
Let's go!
Taking heavy fire.
Better make this quick,
Drop Bear.
Go! Go! Go! Go!
Don't stop!
Whisky One, be advised.
first resistance entering
target area now.
Watch for friendly fire.
Eyes on first
Intel secured.
Prisoners freed.
I'll open my last case of Scotch
for you, Drop Bear Actual.
Zorro call sign.
You blow that fucking settlement
back to their stone age.
We've still got
friendlies in the area.
That is an order.
Our Greys are still down there.
Drop your payload
and get out of there.
Copy, Whisky Actual.
Take what you want,
use what you take.
- Thank you.
- Yeah, I'll have one.
- Thanks.
- Thanks.
Take what you want,
use what you take.
Okay, move it.
On you go.
Bloody Grey lover.
What a bitch
to the cause you are.
Go get 'em, Amelia.
You know what I miss, Amelia?
Chocolate macadamias.
Jesus, they were good.
Straight ahead,
through the arch.
Oh, it's a kid.
Just a kid.
She was spying on us.
Please, no...
This technology
belongs to my kind.
You're famous.
- There's a price on your head.
- It was just for food.
Please, I'm starving.
You remind me more and more
of my ex-wife.
Very maternal.
You look a bit
like her too.
Let's go.
He says they have 57.
I wonder how many of them...
Fighters. Fourteen.
Twelve efficient.
The remainder
are sick children.
Not bad.
She needs to ask about weapons.
No weapons and supplies.
We should...
Ask for intel to trade,
What? You took too damn long.
Something big is coming.
The Kali.
Protectors of the Elders.
He is frightened.
There is talk of Rainfall.
What the hell is Rainfall?
Covert extraction.
Foxtrot, this is Zulu.
We request immediate
Anything else
on Rainfall?
Not yet,
but we're on it, ma'am.
Shit. Sorry.
Oh, it's okay.
It's just Amelia.
How are you doing?
Sleeping better?
And sometimes
I wake up screaming
from what they did to me.
But you came back for us.
You, Abraham, Matt.
Shit, sorry. It's Matt.
It's okay.
It was a long time ago.
No. It's Matt.
Get this to Intel
right away.
Matthew, where did you get that?
Western Settlement.
Big guy had it on.
Very angry.
Hi, sis.
How are you doing?
Just tired.
Give it to me.
You wish, Gary.
What is a Gary?
Well, you look like
a Gary to me.
And we used to know a Gary,
didn't we?
He had a wife, two kids.
Until one of you maggots
slaughtered them all.
I did not kill
this human.
I also knew a Jackson.
But you're no Jacko,
are you, Gary?
- My name is...
- I reckon he looks
a little bit
like a Richard?
A bit of a dick.
Focus on that, Gary.
When he says your name's Gary,
just agree with him.
You'll live
a lot longer.
See you around, Gazza.
So we have
established communication
with the European community
and the United States,
and they have been hit very,
very hard.
Nuclear weapons were deployed...
They hit none
of their targets.
Now, this situation
continues to decline
with the arrival of this new
command ship at North Head.
Greys are massing forces.
Significant forces
in all directions.
And we're suffering
unsustainable casualties here.
So, Sydney's lost.
We're surrounded.
I've got to be frank
with you here.
It's my military judgment
we need to evacuate
all resistance forces
and friendly civilians.
We're still
finding civilians.
Naturally there's going to be
collateral losses here.
- The crucial elements...
- Squadron leader,
what are your pilots
seeing out there?
They rarely see anyone out there
anymore, sir.
It's not that we don't want
to save everyone,
it's just,
as Commander Hayes said,
the Greys
don't need pilots.
We do.
Granted. Thank you, Robin.
Look, we've kept
the fighting in the city
the last 12 months,
and we really made
the Greys bleed.
Half a million Australians
owe their lives to you people.
We can't give up
on the rest.
Yeah, but we also can't
jeopardize our assets
and endanger the lives
of the pilots.
Look, you did your best shot...
You gave a shot.
And we appreciate that.
But, Abe, I got to be honest
with you, mate.
If you choose to stay,
you're going to do so
without air support.
That's not going to work.
It's as simple as that.
Start the final evacuation.
Wait. There's something else.
Over the past few weeks,
I've encountered sources
that all speak of some event.
What's a Rainfall?
What is that, something that
the Greys cooked up for you?
Christ, they'll do anything
for an extra food ration.
These are credible Greys.
There's no such thing...
as a credible Grey.
And forgive me, but you're not
exactly in any position
to tell us what's credible.
We have confirmed that Rainfall
was on the data console
that Matt's strike team
just captured.
It's the only human word.
Rainfall was the code name
for Pine Gap.
American base
in Central Australia.
And this helmet
is from the Kali.
Protectors of the Elders.
If they are here,
it is for something important.
If it's important to them,
it's important to us.
We need to send a recon
out to Pine Gap.
You're talking about
a suicide mission here, Abe.
We need everything
we have to evacuate.
He's right, Abe. That gauntlet
run is going to be hell.
No, no, what we need
is to stop the Greys
from winning
this fucking war!
Do I have two volunteers
to go by ground transport
to Pine Gap?
I'll go.
I'll go.
Anyone else?
I will go too.
Okay, settled.
You can't send
this thing in there...
He's going to need
an interpreter.
All right.
Let's start getting
those refugees loaded.
Uh, Simmons, you and the Grey
will be on the first run out.
Good luck, everyone.
Okay, let's go.
We're all going
to the same place now.
I can get you on the first
transport with Hayes' staff.
- Just do this for me, please.
- Sorry, boss.
That's why you love me.
What are you doing?
I need you here with me.
I was one of the first
to join your side.
Now, most of my kind,
and yours, wish me dead.
- Tell me about it.
- If the Kali are here,
I need to know why.
Good luck.
No fucking way.
Now, you're a big boy.
Ride her like she's yours.
Vox. Not many left.
Very loyal creatures.
- They're adorable.
- Fear not, Matthew.
How do you your people say?
Grow a pair.
Grow what, Gary?
Grow what?
I am sorry you have to travel
with that thing.
I'll be fine.
Well, if that piece of shit
tries anything funny...
The rounds are my own design.
Penetrates the armor.
Shredder rounds.
I'm good.
You can never be too careful.
What's the matter?
The settlement, yesterday.
- There were kids.
- Yeah.
- And they...
- Okay, yeah, yeah.
You can't think about that,
all right?
Those orders are on me,
you followed them,
you got our people out,
all right?
You got our people out.
But we got bigger fish
to fry here, all right?
There's something more
about that night...
No. I don't want you
to think about that.
Find out what this Rainfall
thing is.
Report back to me.
Now take it.
Time to load up.
Oh, Matt...
don't forget
who the enemy is, hmm?
Let's go, Romeo.
Romeo. Gary.
Why do you insist
on calling me these names?
Cultural difference,
The deeper shit we're in,
the harder we laugh.
Well, we do not.
By the time this is over, Gary,
you're going to grow
a sense of humor.
Or I'm going to shoot you.
You got bigger things
to worry about than that, mate.
Hey, you be safe out there.
- You too, old man.
- Okay.
Come back to us,
all right?
Hey! You going to say goodbye?
You going to keep making friends
with the enemy
while the rest of us fight?
- And die?
- Fuck you.
The ones that joined us
want this shit to be over,
just like us.
And none of them would ever
betray us?
Oh, I forgot.
Amelia, the human.
The good thing for us,
you're never wrong.
Let's go, Gary.
All she thinks about is you.
She's your problem now, man.
Good luck, Matt.
You too.
All right, people,
let's load up.
This is the real deal.
Final vehicle
and equipment checks.
All weapons active.
It's going to get
a little bumpy out there.
Let's look out
for each other.
Go, go, go!
Stay low. Stay sharp.
You all know this shit.
Start it up.
Good luck, everyone.
Good evening, everyone.
I'm going to your
in-flight entertainment.
This is a nonsmoking,
pimped-out government bus,
unless we're smoking those
blood-like bastards up there.
All right.
Hurry, hurry, hurry.
Covert One,
we're on our way.
- Good luck, gentlemen.
- Later.
All right, come in.
This is Simmons, Gary,
and the rodents, good to go.
Bus good to go.
Support vehicle standing by.
Convoy standing by.
Prepare to open doors!
Here we go!
Go! Go! Go!
We're going dark.
Lights out!
This is crazy.
We got to turn back.
No one goes back.
- We go through.
- Roger that.
Convoy's suffering
heavy losses.
Zorro, take Blackbird.
Cover the convoy.
Copy, Whisky One.
Incoming, on your right.
Zorro, flight.
Drop to the deck
and keep the fighters
off their back.
Blackbird, Buzzard, Cobra.
Try to lead them away.
Copy that, Zorro.
- At six o'clock.
- Call them as you see them.
Gary! Aerial targets!
Coming at two o'clock!
Come on,
you maggots!
Keep the convoy tight!
Where's our air support?
Reports of the command ships
in the city lifting off.
Fuck. I'll look into it.
Give me that one.
Suarez, you okay?
There's nothing we can do
for them now.
They will make it.
I can't find Marcus.
- Stay down!
- Matt, I can help.
I said stay down!
Gary! Protect that Vox!
Watch out!
Watch out in the back.
Everybody in the front
of the bus!
Keep them busy.
Get down. Get down.
Look out.
Look out. Get down. Get down.
Call sign, Zorro.
Come in, over.
Zorro. Who is this?
It's me. I've got a bus
full of people down here
with bad guys all over us.
Hold on.
Now or never, babe,
or we're dead!
Zorro, what are you doing?
I need assistance.
There's one on me.
Hold your line.
I got your back.
Yes! Whoo!
That's my girlfriend.
Beautiful work, Zorro.
Thank you, sir.
Stupid kid.
Your sister's
going to be pissed.
- Ooh!
- Amelia's fine.
What did you expect me to do,
just stay back by myself?
What if something
happened to you?
I don't want you here, kid.
He is not to blame
for your mistakes.
You cannot control him.
You have no discipline.
- You danger our mission.
- Stay out of it, Gary.
Why? The boy has hands.
A gun.
He is small and skilled,
like a Huzkit.
He's staying
with the convoy.
Base, this is Simmons.
Tell Amelia the kid's with me.
Alien trackers
have reached the base.
Get back!
Get back!
Go! Come on! Go, go, go!
Straight on the tracks.
Exit tunnel.
Drop that shit.
- I'm okay.
- Are you okay?
Second Division
is falling back.
We'll go through the tunnel.
We're going back.
Coming through, sorry.
It's this way.
Come on, on the trucks.
- Greys, move back...
- Hey.
We got to get out of here.
Let's go.
We wait. Humans first.
No, come on.
No, let's go.
You're coming.
You, on that
truck over there. Go on, move.
- Let these Greys pass.
- No. Not happening.
What? On whose orders?
Wing Commander Hayes.
This is bullshit.
This way. That's it, people.
Load up, people!
Come on!
Bailey! Get the gate open.
- What?
- That's it. Come on.
Come on.
Sydney's not going
to let us go.
Down! Move! Move!
Move! Move!
One, zero, niner, come in.
Zero Alpha, this is Bravo!
Send support! Over!
- Atmospheric contact.
- Zero Alpha, say again? Over.
One, zero, niner, come in.
Atmospheric contact.
Unknown object falling at speed.
Origin: the alien colony ship.
You need to evac now.
Come on! Move, move, move, move!
Get down!
Heading two, zero,
eight, east-southeast.
Impact with the city
is imminent.
Get on, everyone!
Come on, old man.
Come on.
Simmons? Are you there?
Sydney was just destroyed.
Which part?
All of it.
There'll be a reckoning, Matt.
Focus on the mission.
Find out what Rainfall is.
Stay out of the occupied zones.
We'll drop you off.
Gary, this is our stop.
Matt, I'm serious.
You can't just leave me here.
It's safer, Matt.
Three of us.
Get your gear, kid.
But you're riding
with him.
It was your idea.
Got a problem?
No, but if I did,
I wonder if it would be
a concern of yours at all.
He's learning.
Making yourselves at home,
aren't you?
There are stories from our
planet from a long time ago.
I imagine it looked
the same as this.
Well, your planet's dead, so...
What are they doing?
I do not know.
Is this going to be it?
Fighting. Hiding.
Until we run out of luck?
Hey, hey, hey.
Don't you start having doubts
on me now, girl.
This is temporary.
Human beings have been on this
planet for 200,000 years.
We've had ice ages,
and the plague, and...
and disco music,
and we've survived it all.
Seriously, why do you think
the Greys came?
We are the success story
of the Milky Way.
Attention, attention...
All Greys to be vetted
before housing.
Why? Where are you taking them?
Just security protocol, sir.
They'll be well looked after.
Well, you just make sure
that you do look after them.
These Greys are on our side,
all right? Go with them.
Follow me. This way.
- This way.
- Well done.
Hayes wants to see you all
right away.
This is Commander Hayes.
We are now at stand two.
Have you even been down there?
There's thousands of refugees
inside this base now.
They're frightened.
They're looking for answers.
I am in the business
of saving civilian lives.
I asked you to get me
the inventory.
- Do your job.
- Yes, sir.
You can consider me
your shepherd.
Yeah, well,
we're not your sheep, mate.
Yeah, you're dead right
about that, mate.
You know what?
You'll have your say
when the dust settles.
But right now...
right now you're wasting
my time.
- Is that right?
- Get him out of here.
Piss off.
Oh, Jesus,
you guys are alive.
- Hey, mate.
- Hey, buddy.
- It's good to see you.
- You too.
What was all that about?
Oh, Wing Commander Dickhead
up there
is being a fascist.
Whoa, whoa, whoa,
he'd have his reasons.
Just relax.
That's what I love
about you, mate.
You're always ready
to give someone a chance.
I'll be down with the civilians
when you're done.
All right.
Abe, how the hell
are you, mate?
They just hit us
with a fucking rock.
- We're still kicking.
- Yeah, we are.
- Josh, you remember Amelia?
- Yeah, of course I do.
I think you'd both appreciate
what we've done here, actually.
It's pretty monumental.
Why don't you come
take a look?
I don't understand where we are.
- What is this place?
- I thought you might know.
- A bit your vintage.
- Really?
I retired,
I wasn't fossilized.
It's an old military research
complex from the '50s.
Then some high-power gradients
were added
by civilian scientists.
We had classified projects.
Vacant for about a decade
until we moved in,
began to fortify the bastard
over the last couple of years.
Got everything here, mate.
Medical bays, hydroelectric
power stock stores.
Wing Commander Hayes
was stationed
at Air Force headquarters
before the occupation.
Stationed at a desk, I presume?
Yeah, as a matter of fact,
I was, Miss Chambers.
Tactical warfare
at the upper levels of Command.
But that's not what
you're asking, is it?
I just can't imagine
an officer in the field
would ditch our allies.
Oh, that was never
the intention, Miss Chambers.
What's this?
In the Sydney evac,
his men had orders
to leave our Greys behind.
It's called protocol.
- It's protocol.
- Protocol?
- Yeah. It's called protocol.
- Okay. Yeah. Convenient.
Yeah. We moved essential
personnel first.
You know, I think you
and I might have got off
on the wrong foot.
come with me.
Attention. Attention.
All vehicles inspected
prior to patrols,
as per orders...
- What are they doing?
- Preparing for war, Abe.
That demands precision
and technical intelligence,
which we are receiving
from the Greys.
It's their technology
integrated with ours.
It's a beautiful thing.
Go, go, go, go!
Let's go! Get down! Move it!
We got to help them out.
No, they're done for, kid.
There might be something
we can use, though.
- Come on.
- Matt...
if we leave,
they're dead.
You and old mate Gary here
take the left.
I'll go right.
Hit them with the cross fire.
Yup. Let's do it.
Except, Pow, you get hit by
those four trackers in the tree
you didn't see.
We're all dead.
And no one finds out
what Rainfall is.
You've got to be smarter, kid.
Those are Kali craft.
All the more reason
to take them.
I'm going to start
the shooting.
Wait until I draw them off.
Then what?
We come and get you?
Right. Gary?
Keep the boy safe.
Take them out...
in the behind.
Whatever makes you happy,
Come on.
Get our bags
and stay alert.
Go. Go.
Stay behind me,
all right?
Why should we
risk our lives?
We should see
what they know.
There's too many of them.
I suppose you got
a better idea, Gary?
I do.
He does.
What the hell
are you doing, Gary?
This is stupid.
Just let him
do his thing.
Screw it. Move, kid.
I'll kill them.
Get in! Get in! Get in!
I see them. Kali.
Protect us. Shoot.
Hey, hey, hey!
Fucking Gary.
Oh, this was a good idea.
Shoot them.
Got it!
Take that craft.
What the fuck?
Happy trails.
They eat meat.
They eat anything.
I have seen one
eat a large rock.
They enjoy iron.
I told you they were
loyal creatures.
Finally figured out
I was on that ship, did you?
- Sorry.
- Lucky you're a bad shot.
And you had a good chat
to your mates, didn't you?
That means you've got
some intel for me.
I would have known more
if you hadn't
have fired upon them...
and me.
Finger slipped.
Lucky you got away safely,
eh, maggot?
The Kali of these craft
are searching for Rainfall.
Well, that should
slow them down.
Can't sleep?
Yeah, me neither.
How long
they have you for?
Six weeks.
My wife was
a pediatric nurse.
Used to burn that midnight oil
16, 17 hours a night sometimes.
Drove me fucking nuts, man.
She'd come home
bloody knackered.
She'd just collapse
on the couch.
Not before she made me massage
her filthy little feet, though.
Bloody Katherine.
My wife used to say,
"A beer and a burger.
Those are the two keys
to paradise."
It's funny the things you keep...
You carry with you,
isn't it?
Nine months living
in that hell hole,
with the fantasy of finding
that woman again.
Nine months to break away
from those fucking parasites.
And I... And that nightmare.
And when I did find...
I didn't find her, did I?
It's fucking dead.
It wasn't her.
What I saw there
wasn't my Katherine.
Those fucking pieces of her.
Her head.
Those feet.
They always tell us how lucky
we are to escape with our lives.
I'm not sure
I agree with it.
I'm so sorry
for your loss.
What do you know
about the wing commander?
He's solid.
I heard you challenged him.
What was that about?
For real.
I don't trust him.
Stop looking for fights.
That's a hell of a thing
to say to me.
Hey, Hayes, look.
He's on our side, okay?
He's a brilliant tactician. He...
There's some anesthetic
in the kit.
Let me know if you need
anything else.
Hey, Gary?
You think they'd
like chocolate?
Roasted in ground
coco seeds.
Typically sweetened and eaten.
I would think so.
Abraham would shoot me
if he saw me doing this.
Okay. Okay. Wait your turn.
As long as they don't eat me.
They probably won't.
They seem to like it.
Well, no one here but us.
We'll be hard
to track here.
I think I'm going
to call this one Cadbury.
No, kid. First you name them,
then you buy them.
And I'm not living
with those things
any longer than I have to.
They did save you,
I had him.
Oh, sure, you did.
Make yourself useful.
Baked beans for you and me,
and whatever that is for you.
This is a mixture of Xandos
and Zracion minerals.
Pravicor and Yalsa.
Sounds like laxatives
and boner pills.
Boner pills?
Just give it a rest,
will you?
The dictionary.
I have tried to learn
your language.
Do you even know
a single word of mine?
Amelia gave it to me.
Hey, I don't give a shit about
your language or your kind.
I care about humans.
The people behind me,
I protect.
The ones beside me,
I respect them.
The ones who get
in front of me?
Well, you just need
to figure out
where you fit into
that little circle of life.
Now what?
Zylik? Great.
What's a Zylik?
Apex predator.
Why would you bring
an apex predator here?
We brought everything
we had left.
And what do
these things eat?
Vox. Their favorite.
That's good.
That's just great.
No, it's a bad situation,
Holy shit!
Go! Go!
Come on!
Marcus, take cover.
- It's going to pick them off.
- Together!
Go to Marcus! Now!
Hey, wake up, buddy.
Come on. Marcus!
Son of a bitch.
I don't think
she's going to know anything.
So where are
all the Greys?
I haven't seen
any of them.
There's one way
to find out.
- Hey.
- Hi.
I'm sorry.
You still owe me dinner.
- Hey.
- Amelia.
What do I owe
the pleasure?
We need to know
about the wing commander.
What about him?
He's a highly decorated pilot.
I haven't seen
or been allowed to access
to any of the Greys
that came with us.
I've got a feeling
about him.
Do you want to know
my feeling?
The Greys attacked our flying
school on the first night.
Mom, Dad, dog.
My family's been flying
for 40 years.
When Hayes found me, he managed
to get me back in a cockpit.
He's about as much of a parent
as any of us have left here.
And he's helping us
take the fight back.
You know, not everyone's
on this crusade for peace.
I know.
Better be careful
who your friends are.
Now what?
Are you sure
about this?
They're hiding something.
Just so you know,
I feel pretty shitty
about stealing from my girl.
There's no turning back
after this.
I hope I'm wrong.
But I need to be sure.
- Hey.
- G'day.
Hey, you can't
be here, sir. Halt.
- Hey!
- Turn around. Stand still.
- Don't shoot.
- State your business.
This is a restricted zone.
Where are you
supposed to be, sir?
Hang on, hang on,
I'm thinking, I'm thinking.
- Block H.
- I can smell the burning.
H, right, okay.
All the way to the end, sir.
You turn left, you turn right,
to the blue doors.
- Blue doors? Blue doors?
- Blue doors.
This is a restricted zone, sir.
Do not touch me.
- I am not... Move.
- How much do you lift?
Right, move. Move!
Let's get out of here.
I should ride ahead.
Tell Jacob.
He'll understand.
I doubt it.
Do you trust these humans?
With my life.
Pete and Bella fought with me
from the start.
It's funny how your Kali mates
keep showing up.
I do not find it amusing.
One of the Greys at HQ must be
giving away our position.
A friend of yours, maybe?
Do you really think
it was one of my kind?
I've seen many humans
making deals.
I've seen you fight.
You're keeping something
from me.
I am a soldier, Matthew.
Just like you.
Rainfall. Serango.
So here we are now.
A secret mission.
A secret mission?
What kind of secret mission?
Peter? Don't even
think about it.
So, what's your story?
I am assisting Matthew
on our mission.
I have heard a lot
about you.
From who?
Amelia, the human.
So that's what
she goes by now?
How is she?
You guys have got a good
setup here.
We just wanted to get
as far away from the...
From the fighting
as we could.
Pretty soon,
others joined us.
Now we've got a village.
Speaking of which.
Out of respect
for our neighbors...
You get your weapons back
when you leave.
Thank you.
We must leave soon,
The Kali are on our tail.
They won't give up.
We're pretty invisible to their
sensors. There's no rush.
See? Relax, Gary.
- Gary?
- That is not my name.
- It is...
- Gary...
don't be rude to the host.
I've seen what Pete does
to Greys when he gets mad.
Am I dead?
Not yet.
Dad and I found you guys.
This is weird.
It's been, like, over a year
since I've seen you.
You guys are fighting monsters.
I'm fighting for food.
Yeah, I get it.
I've been in the Sydney siege
this whole time.
I want to hear about it.
I better go check the traps.
Come on.
Let's go.
Attention, attention...
Attention, attention...
Dennis? Dennis, you hear me?
What's going on in there?
They have the old
alien bioweapon here.
The one that Matt
and Jackson took.
- Why?
- I don't know.
Just go get Abraham.
Hey, there's nothing in there.
What are you doing?
Get out of there.
Open the door.
Get out of here.
- Get out.
- Get out of here.
Amelia? Amelia!
Amelia told me what you did
when you took
one of my kind prisoner.
I bashed its head in.
Oh, my...
It was a dark time
for all of us.
I'm not proud of what I did.
It was a dark time.
The light was Amelia.
She spared your life.
She forgave me.
- Amelia!
- Amelia!
Hey! Hi!
I'm going to get you
out of here, okay?
- I'm gonna get you out of here.
- There she is.
Someone's coming.
Move! Move!
So it's all gone
to shit.
This war.
I don't even know
what I'm fighting for.
What happened to you, man?
The Greys wanted
to sit down with Amelia
and talk about some
sort of truce.
It stank.
I don't want to do it but, hey,
she's building an alliance.
We're sitting around a table,
and in walks
this little alien kid.
He's just carrying this little
basket of plastic flowers.
The bastards didn't even wait
till she left the room.
One of their own.
I was between Amelia
and the blast.
That's why I look like
that candle.
It's a slight improvement.
Some high-tech shit,
designed for maximum damage.
The next day she's out there
asking what we did wrong.
What's going on here?
We're here for the alien, Peter.
- String him up!
- Yeah!
You can't have him, Jacob.
You're sheltering
the enemy.
You know the rules.
We wrote the rules
together, man.
He's a member of the Resistance,
on a sanction mission.
Just give him over to us,
then we'll let you be.
The Voxes, they need me!
Get back. Stop it. Go.
They mean nothing to you!
Go away!
Bring him out!
Bring that maggot
out here now!
You can't have him, okay?
You can't have him!
He's a guest in my home!
Now go home, all of youse!
Go home!
- No way.
- I'm sorry, Peter.
But you leave us
with no choice.
Face us, you ugly maggot!
Treat Peter's family and home
with respect.
Let's get him!
But get in there
and get that maggot!
- Go!
- Yeah!
Do not come near this house!
Your fight is not between
these humans.
It is with me.
Get back! Get me some room...
- Go away!
- Marcus, stay here.
Are you guys okay?
I do not want bloodshed.
But if it's me you want...
...come get some.
Come and try.
Take him! Go!
Get him! Get in there! Come on!
Get him!
Get him! Kill him!
Leave him be!
Leave him!
Let him go. Now.
The next person who even looks
at the Grey wrong eats a bullet.
How about that?
We're taking
the Grey away, okay?
You won't see
either of them again.
I give you my word.
I ever see him again,
- it's dead.
- Never again!
You won't see him again, okay?
But when I return, you and I are
going to have a few words.
Now, go on. Get!
Go home.
Let's go! Let's go!
You're going to need help.
I'm going to make sure
you complete your mission.
I've hidden from this war
long enough.
We've hidden long enough.
You need help,
call the cavalry.
You are full of surprises.
Don't read into it.
I'm still drunk.
You okay, Gary?
You got balls, man.
You know what I mean?
Go on in.
Get this into your head.
War is a messy
and profoundly
savage business.
There is no magical
diplomatic solution.
You're fucked, Hayes.
I've seen everything.
Why don't you take her down
to the lower levels.
Lock her up.
We don't need her here.
Well, we do.
- Abe!
- Abe.
You might want
to get control of your kids.
They're killing
all the Greys downstairs.
Hundreds of them.
He's a monster.
You want to
explain yourself?
Why not?
The Greys have every last
tactical and material advantage.
Geneva's out
the fucking window.
If I have to sacrifice
a few of the bastards
just to find a weakness,
then so be it.
Mate, you're talking
mass murder.
You have no idea what a reverse
alien bioweapon will do.
It's called
a tactical advantage.
A tactical advantage.
Now you listen to me.
All of you,
listen to me.
When our world ended, yeah,
so did a lot of hope.
I understand that, Charles.
But our story, our...
Our greatest story
as a species
is not all the times
that we fall,
but that we rise again
every single time.
Please, Charles.
Let's... Let's not let
a rash decision
cost us the opportunity
to do that.
But it's too late, Abe.
Mate, why?
Because they tracked us
from Sydney.
The command ships
are inbound as we speak.
We are now officially
on the offensive.
It won't distinguish
between friend or foe.
It'll wipe out all the Greys.
You're talking about extinction.
What makes you think any of them
are worthy of our trust?
Abe, the Greys
in the Resistance,
the help they've done.
- Abe...
- Gary...
- ...don't be fooled by these people.
- ...Vidargh.
They were nothing before this,
they're nothing now.
They're not like you and me.
- Charles.
- Yeah?
You're a good man.
A good man.
But it doesn't have
to go this way.
There's always a choice.
You're right.
So who's with me?
Dennis, help me.
No. Not like this.
Not like what?
Wing Commander Hayes,
I'm relieving you
of your command.
Don't do it.
This is bloody
You're not the authority here,
old man.
The enemy is out there.
And like it or not,
this weapon is the answer.
Captain Bailey, will you relieve
the Commander of his sidearm?
Put your weapon down.
Stand down.
Is this a bad time?
Captain Wessex.
Stand down.
You disarm these people
or open fire.
- Captain Bailey.
- Wessex.
- Wessex.
- He's about to commit genocide.
You have no idea
what's required to fight.
Remove the commander's
sidearm now!
This is a fucking war,
and we are losing.
Do you understand me?
We are fucking losing here.
Now, Captain Wessex.
You are a soldier.
Do your duty.
- You know me. This isn't right.
- Captain Wessex.
Wing Commander Hayes...
your weapon, sir.
You are relieved.
Lock it down.
On the ground! Face down!
Get down.
Down on the ground.
Down on the ground, I said!
Yeah, on your knees.
Hands behind your back.
Take down.
Right, stay down.
It's the command ships.
They're here.
Fall back! Fall back!
It's been hit, all right.
But not recently.
First wave, maybe?
No signs of life.
Must have beaten
the Kali here.
They won't stop tracking us.
They never give up.
Either way, we go in.
Houston, we have a problem.
Come on, come on.
Help me, Drinkie Wan.
You're my only hope.
I need a drink.
Open the fridge bay doors, Hal.
Open the fridge bay doors.
Tear open that fridge,
Mr. Gorbachev.
Now that's what
I'm talking about.
You can't handle your drink.
Thank you very much.
Booyah! 'Cause there it is.
- Hi?
- What the fuck?
Why do you keep yelling "booyah"?
You think you're killing it,
but you're not.
You're better off...
- Oh, shit.
- Yeah.
Okay, we come in peace.
We don't want any trouble.
- Who are you?
- Huh?
I should ask you
the same question.
Who are you?
I asked you first.
Good point.
Well, my name is Bud Miller,
and we're cooperating.
And this is Steven.
Hi. Steve.
I'm not sure
if I am cooperating.
We're cooperating.
Oh, I'm cooperating.
Steve is a stupid name.
- Hey!
- Yeah, stupid, right?
Whatever you say, Gary.
Okay, Bud, what the hell
are you two doing down here?
- This guy let me out.
- Don't say it like that.
I was just... You know,
I let him out.
- So, that's what I said.
- Wait.
Did one of our guys find you?
Bring you back here?
- No.
- Nice hat, man.
I only asked one person
to leave, but no.
All of them left to find help...
How are you doing, honey? Huh?
You ever been with an alien?
- Dude. Dude!
- What?
I got urges. What can I do?
Oh, I don't know.
Clean up the site?
Make it operational?
Keep it safe,
like I do every day?
- I help.
- How?
Trash. I take out
the trash.
Yeah, yeah, you dump it in a
missile silo, like 30 feet deep.
What about these?
I made these, didn't I?
You see any aliens here?
Well, I have an EpiPen.
Do you see your hives
getting worse?
What, do my hives matter?
- The hives again?
- It does!
Because you couldn't
breathe last time.
- I like scratching, okay?
- You can't eat pistachios.
- And you know that.
- But I told you why.
But you keep eating it
over and over again.
- Because they're delicious!
- Will you just...
Shut up.
We didn't come all this way
to hear you two
bitch at each other.
- Absolutely right.
- God, I'm sorry.
Why are you whispering?
Everybody can hear you.
I've been dealing
with this shit for two years.
Blow his brains out.
Blow his brains out.
If that doesn't work,
blow my brains out.
No, do that.
That's a good idea.
That's what the intel said.
Code name: Rainfall.
Where are you taking us?
Oh, I'm sorry.
I'm going to the restroom.
You all just followed me.
No, that's this place.
Pine Gap: Rainfall.
You need to be
more specific.
That's the only information
we have.
Hey, Gary?
There can be only one.
Am I as annoying as he is?
You ever see a movie, Gary?
Surely you must
know something about why
they're interested
in this place.
You're the bloody
U.S. government.
There is no
U.S. government anymore.
I'm just one guy.
What about him?
Maybe it's him
they're after.
Okay, put that down.
You don't know what that...
Moving forward,
don't touch anything.
This could blow up on contact.
Oh, this is Steven's
so you can totally hold it.
Look, I doubt anyone
would be after Steven.
I mean, look at him.
He's a moron, all right?
He's a scout who crashed here
decades ago.
So Roswell didn't want him.
So there is nothing at this
facility at all that you need.
Okay. Follow me.
Sorry, everyone. Sorry.
Catch a movie, Gary.
Ooh, Bud gets busted.
Shut up, Steven.
It's Steve.
Take off that
ridiculous moustache.
I grew it.
- Idiot!
- Ow!
Oh, that's so unkind.
All pilots to your planes.
Right, we need to hold them off
as long as we can, people!
Dennis, start loading people
onto the trucks.
I'm on it.
You're making a big
fucking mistake there, Abe.
You have no fucking idea
what you're doing.
Return to your posts!
Do your duty!
Soldiers, goddamn it.
Multiple one and two injuries.
What the fuck do you want?
No one's listening
to you anymore, Hayes.
Yeah, well, they will be
when they realize
you just lost them this war.
- Yeah?
- Yeah.
We'll see what history
has to say.
Foxhound, do you copy?
Zorro Flight, do you copy?
Can't get hold of any pilots.
You were saying, Miss Chambers?
System's down.
Aliens have taken over.
You are surrounded.
We will spare your lives
if you send out
Amelia the human to face us.
Comply, or die.
you don't have to.
I do.
Attention, attention...
You're crazy.
- Come on! Move it!
- Go! Go!
Move! Move! Move!
Open up! Go! Go! Go!
Move! Hold the line!
Come on, move it! Get in!
You're in the jump,
- Get down!
- Hold the line!
Copy, Wessex.
Look, Amelia,
you got this.
I'm starting to feel
like General Custer here, guys.
- Are you getting this?
- Copy, Wessex.
We see it.
Sit tight.
Good work, Edmond.
Amelia the human.
You are courageous to come out
from behind your fortifications.
You show yourself a worthy
leader of your people.
I'm not their leader.
Many of my kind
betrayed their own in your name.
I came here hoping to negotiate.
I've tried once before.
Our kind had lost hope.
Our world had ended.
We brought them here
looking for a new beginning.
Now many are dead.
As an elder,
I am responsible.
I know.
Both our people
have suffered enough.
And yet, so strong.
Sacrifices must be made.
This war must come to an end,
or I will be held accountable.
If we can't make peace...
there'll be no world to share.
We can work together.
I know very well
the atrocities
that are committed against
my people here,
where your accomplices
now cower in fear and shame.
And now, may you be
an example to your people.
You are their leader.
- Those bastards.
- Fuck.
Run, Amelia.
Open fire!
Find out where Dennis is
with those transports.
- Yes, sir.
- Patch me to the squadron leader.
We need to hold off this attack
until we get evacuated.
Everybody needs
to switch on now.
Go, I said.
You fight with me,
or you die when these bastards
overrun this place.
I know what they put you
through, okay?
I've been there.
Don't do this, mate.
Get these mongrels.
They should die like this.
Put some pressure
on this wound.
Order to hang all bioweapon
missiles on all ready aircraft.
You launch when ready.
I got you. I got you.
You get back to work.
All non-combative personnel
not manning stations
proceed to lower ground.
We're getting out of here!
This way, okay?
So stay close.
Keep your families tight.
Go! Go! Go!
Twenty minutes till breach!
Hey, Bobby,
you got to go.
Hayes has taken control and he's
going to release the bioweapon.
You think Abraham died
to let that happen?
Amelia, look at me.
I'm with you.
I'm with you.
Careful what you wish for.
I staggered the lights myself.
Step inside my office, boys...
and the girl.
What I'm about to show you
is known to only a few people.
Even less have ever
seen this.
National security dictates
that classified...
Oh, my God, will you stop
being so melodramatic?
You boys mind?
We got people waiting on us.
I'm just trying to convey
the importance of this situa...
You know what? Forget it.
You don't deserve the speech.
- Steven?
- Huh? Oh, yeah.
Thank you.
Okay, and three, two, one.
- Booyah.
- Nice.
Scientists discovered it
embedded in the seafloor
in 1966.
They shipped it here,
the last place on earth
you'd ever expect.
Pine Gap.
I don't get it.
It just looks like
one big rock.
It's one big asteroid
plummeting through space
65 million years ago.
This is the asteroid that helped
wipe out the dinosaurs.
Hel... What are you...?
Stop touching it.
Seriously, what are you
with touching things?
No, this is part
of their weapon.
They shot it from their world
to set this planet up
and wipe the slate clean.
This is Project Rainfall.
Oh, my God.
I need to report this in.
Right now.
How are you going to do that?
Without the proper passcodes
it's impossible.
We've been trying
for the past two years.
He has the passcodes.
I should have wrote them out.
It's not your fault.
Not your fault.
No, it is...
It's his fault.
I had nothing
to do with it.
I'm such an idiot.
It wasn't hard.
Can I check my email?
Sir, receiving priority signal
from Matt Simmons.
Yeah. One of my loyal soldiers.
Simmons, you're onscreen.
Commander? We know exactly
what Rainfall is.
It's like a big...
Well, it...
It's more like a giant...
- Would you...?
- No, no, I'm camera shy. No.
It's a planet slayer
shot from their system
millions of years ago.
Their embedded
alien technology
shaped this world
as we know it.
If thrown at the Earth fast
enough, it'll all happen again.
It's what they've been
looking for this whole time.
No, if they get it up to their
colony ship, it is game over.
You just given me
the delivery system.
We salt that rock with
the bio agent, they suck it up,
and we detonate it
right in their faces.
Sir, what about the Greys
still down here?
It's the price we pay, son.
Now how do we get them
to take the bait?
Put the comms back up.
Stop! Somebody stop him!
Gary, what are you doing?
I said no touching!
Oh, game over, man.
You cannot let Hayes
do that.
- You maggot!
- My family...
How are we supposed
to contact them now?
Oh, my God,
how'd you do that?
It's been here 50 years,
and nothing.
Duh. He's Kali.
His DNA activates it, man.
Don't you know that?
You really should have
known that.
That's why you were
so interested in the helmet.
That's why you wanted
to come here.
And that is why your Kali mates
keep turning up.
I was Kali.
I am no longer.
I'm not gonna let you do this.
- Get out of the way, kid.
- No.
He could have killed us
ten times over.
- Not happening.
- I wanted to find it
before them.
There is only one.
They cannot reproduce it
in space.
I want to stop it.
I risked my life
and that of my family
to align myself with you
and your kind.
I can never go back.
So if you can't trust me...
...you'd better kill me.
Wow, man.
You guys are intense.
If they find this and use it,
how long does it take
for the dust to settle?
Our pods keep us sleeping.
It's like we left
our planet yesterday.
They've destroyed almost every
North American city
with space rocks.
And Sydney.
What, Sydney's been destroyed?
The Sydney survivors
are mounting a defense
at Hayes' base as we speak.
Well, how do you know
all this stuff?
Because, Peter,
I'm the fucking U.S. government.
And he has access
to a high-orbit spy satellite.
No, I don't.
No, he doesn't.
Oh, that's not good.
They're here.
Matt, Marcus is right.
He's a ballsy fighter
and he wants to work with us.
You've got major
trust issues, bro.
I'm not quite sure
what their story is.
Now what are we going to do?
Hayes preys on
the weak, Matthew.
You are not weak.
Are you sure they can't build
another one?
We blow it.
We have gas cylinders
and gallons of bleach.
Potassium chloride and liquid
petroleum gas will ignite.
- I'll rig a detonator.
- Got it.
I got a gun.
It's Christmas-taped
to my back.
- Shut up.
- Huh?
Bud, what can you do
with 60 minutes over here?
I can have access to the whole
facility from the control room.
- Slow them down.
- Do it.
Gary, Bella, Marcus,
with me.
Watch your back, Bella.
Okay, I need a battery.
Just follow me.
Just walk this way.
Some kind of toggle switch.
On it.
Urgent Starlight call signs
required in the holding cells.
Multiple priorities,
one and two injuries.
There have been multiple
breaches in block Alpha.
Go! Go! Go!
I'm getting overwhelmed!
Get all access now.
- Oh, fuck!
- Zero One.
Get up!
- You all right?
- Uh-huh.
Fall back. Fall back!
One ship just bugged out.
Pass to all aircraft.
Vector the remaining ships.
The remaining ships
are the primary targets.
This is it, boys and girls.
This is it.
It's all right.
It's all right.
Amelia. Amelia, what's going on?
Are you still good
with the fighter pilot?
- Well, I hope so.
- That's good. Come on.
Open fire!
Stay there!
On your left!
Zorro to Command.
Time on target: two minutes.
- Radio room?
- Hey there.
- Yes, sir...
- You mind?
Huh? Not at all.
Okay, uh...
You know what
you're doing?
Oh, I just got to find
a frequency.
Is this it?
Dennis, hurry.
Is this it? That's not it.
Come on, Dennis.
This is it. This is it.
Call sign, Zorro.
Come in, over.
Incoming fighters.
Three o'clock. Coming in hot.
Zorro, come in, over.
Who is that?
Identify yourself.
Robin, it's me.
You can't fire those missiles.
I say again,
abort your mission.
Zorro, come in, over.
Unidentified station on this
frequency, clear immediately.
This is military broadcast
and you are interfering.
Break, break, Zorro Lead.
Time to target?
Forty-five seconds, sir.
Watch that cross fire.
Robin, this is Amelia.
Can you hear me?
That little bitch.
She's somewhere in the facility.
Go get her. Now.
Robin, I don't know
if you knew
what Hayes is doing downstairs.
He's killing
all our alien allies.
That weapon you are carrying
won't distinguish
friendly Greys
from enemy ones.
It's going to wipe them
all out.
Zorro Lead,
you are being spoofed.
Disregard all transmissions
from anyone but me.
Close on target
and initiate attack.
Getting heavy fire.
I'm coming around.
Robin, Robin,
I know you can hear us.
Listen to what
she has to say.
Squadron Leader, there is one
way to defeat this enemy today.
Time to target?
Copy. 30 seconds to target.
Abraham just died
for this cause.
He gave his life,
and I swear on
mine the Greys on our side
want to save what we can.
Jesus Christ, Robin,
think about this.
Remember how you felt
when you lost your family?
There's fucking women
and children downstairs.
Come on, there'll be no peace,
Robin, I promise you
we'll find a way.
This is not it.
Control, Zorro be advised,
I'm pulling off the target
vector at this time.
There they are! Open fire!
There they are!
This is an abort. Break. Break.
All Zorro birds,
abort, abort, abort.
Roger that.
Zorro Wingman?
On it.
Yes, you are.
Goddamn it, Blackbird.
I said abort.
Fucking bravo.
And there we go.
And there we are.
Amelia, we have taken
the control room.
Suarez is critical.
Put pressure on this wound!
Hayes is on the run.
Go get Hayes.
I'll hold them off.
- Cover me then.
- Go!
On the right.
- Painfully familiar.
- Who would have thought?
Matt, two aliens coming down
the west corridor.
Oh, this isn't good.
This isn't good, man.
They're going to find me.
When they do, they're...
- Steve.
- What? What?
- Stay cool.
- Yeah. Sure, cool.
See those Kalis going down
the service tunnel?
- Yeah, so?
- Cool.
We can vent
the cooling systems.
- The heating pumps.
- Barbecue.
Yeah. Yeah, man.
- Yeah!
- Booyah!
- What else you got?
- Time to take out the trash!
Or surrender.
We had a good run.
- Oh, it's Peter.
- Let me in, Bud!
Yeah. Yeah. Come in.
Two men in the pool room.
Check it out, man. Ha-ha!
Come on!
De nada.
Take that, assholes.
Get back to the rock.
Make sure Pete blows it.
- Good boys.
- You're welcome.
Everybody move!
Bugging out to Pine Gap.
Sir, military test weapon
reaching max distance now.
One kilometer in diameter.
The prevailing winds
will help.
The enemy outside
have all been affected.
- What about the Greys downstairs?
- No reaction.
We are deep within
the mountain.
- It may take time.
- We don't have time.
Attention, attention.
Enact order 1811.
Kill all non-humans.
I say again,
all non-humans
are now considered an enemy
and are to be killed on sight.
Don't fucking move.
- Don't move.
- Okay.
Stop right there.
It's over.
Let's hope so.
All right? Yeah?
Is this what you wanted? Hmm?
To die for your little
fucking cause?
What cause are you
about to die for?
This is Captain Wessex.
I have assumed command.
Wing Commander Hayes is dead,
and all his directives
are terminated.
Fall back to the command center!
Prepare final evac.
Cover and go.
Fall back!
Where's Dad?
Where are the detonators?
The bomb?
You look like a shit,
Well, there's
that sense of humor.
What's happening? Aah!
Ah! What the...?
Oh, God. Help me.
I've seen this movie.
- Ah!
- Impossible.
Come on, Bud.
Oh, Mama.
Oh, shit.
Bella, what's happening?
Cut it!
Cut it! Cut it!
Back, Gary!
Help me, Matthew.
You're not dying
on me yet, brother.
Bella! Bella!
Okay, let's go!
Let's clear! Come on!
Let's get all these alien Greys
on the move.
All Zorro birds, new mission.
Air cover for the evacuation.
We shall never let
these invaders take our land!
Fight till your last breath.
Fight for the wing commander.
You will be seen
as heroes of humanity.
We shall never let these
invaders take our land.
Watch it!
Robin, thank you.
- You did the right thing.
- I hope so.
I only hope Amelia's
right about this.
Matt and Marcus,
they were all here.
They took them.
They took them.