Ocean Deep (2023) Movie Script

[opening theme music]
[water blooping]
[seagulls cawing]
[waves crashing,
seagulls calling]
[Rory] [VO] We start to
grow them on these in the sea
and then we bring
the juveniles in here
just before they bloom.
All we need is to learn
how to spawn them.
That's the key to everything.
[seagulls calling]
[Adrian] I can already see
how this will disrupt
the entire business model
of big pharma.
I'd say we could fund
five years.
Subsistence, but...
enough to keep you open.
-That's ideal,
that's perfect.
[VO] That's exactly what we need
to stay open, yeah?
I gotta phone Mara.
-So we don't
need to shut down.
This is great.
I'll make the deal.
You just need to carry on.
We have to get the proof.
[waves crashing]
[speed boat revving]
[water splashes]
[seagulls calling]
You okay?
-[chuckles] Okay,
now you're in my way.
Almost done here.
Well, let's have a look.
-What do you think?
[seagulls calling]
[Mara] [sighs]
I could paint this view forever.
[Rory] Only if it sells.
This one's sold already.
Thank you very much.
Your clothes are wet.
-Yeah, well,
it's a bit choppy.
I couldn't get to my samples.
-You were diving?
-Alone, Rory?
-At least get Theis
to go out with you, will ya?
-Oh, your brother? [laughs]
Sure, he's probably
halfway to Greenland now
chasing mackerel or something.
Erm, don't forget
you're cooking dinner tonight.
-Are you gonna invite Nessa?
-She is your partner,
you know!
-[footsteps thudding on stairs]
-[Rory] Bye.
[door closes]
[soft music playing]
[car revving]
[car door opens]
[dog barking]
[car door slams]
[phone ringing]
[door closes]
[Rory] [humming]
Hi, Michaela.
[Michaela] Hey.
-How are you?
-I'm good. You?
-Yeah, good, thanks.
[mouse clicks]
[keyboard clacking, beeping]
What the fuck is going on?
[receding footsteps]
[light switches clicking]
[phone keys clacking]
[mouse clicks, beeping]
[phone keys clacking]
[water boiling]
-Ooh. Oh.
-[Rory] Just me.
-[door closes]
[Rory] Something's burnin'.
-And I haven't even
started cooking yet. [laughs]
[phone vibrating]
What's going on?
-I, erm, I gotta take this.
It's, uh...
[door closes]
-[tense music playing]
-[paper rustles]
[keyboard clacking]
[pencil thuds]
[light switch clicks]
I, uh, have to go out again.
-On a dive?
-Dinner's almost ready, Rory.
-Yeah, well,
I have to go.
-You've been
diving all week.
You must be wrecked.
Couldn't you ask Nessa
to take out a lab tech?
-I'm not going with Nessa.
it's getting dark out there.
-I'll be an hour, Mara. Max.
I have to go to the samples.
-Going on your own?
-I won't be long.
[seagulls calling]
[boat revving]
[water boiling]
-Oh, man.
[pot clanks]
[tense music playing]
[water splashes]
[thunder crashing]
[heavy rainfall]
Rory is out there diving. Um...
[Theis] [over phone] Okay.
I'll call Search and Rescue now.
[roaring thunder]
[water dripping]
[emotional music playing]
[emotional music playing]
[paint powder dropping]
[approaching footsteps]
[Rory] Hey.
-Guess what I have for you.
-[chuckles] Is it a...
-It's a telephone. Look.
[Mara] Telephone.
[Rory] And...
it works. Look.
[dial tone sounding]
-So now, my dearest luddite,
you can never ever again say
you can't find your phone,
you lost your phone,
you can't hear it,
or you forgot to charge it.
-I love it.
Thank you.
[mobile phone ringing]
[phone ringing continues]
-[gasps] Oh, Rory Murphy,
you're... a genius!
-Oh, stop.
-Well, yes.
Look, Theis is 2.
[rotary dial clicks]
[phone ringing]
[phone thuds]
-So good, right?
-Thank you.
-Okay, I'm gonna go.
-[muffled disapproval]
-Samples are not
going to prepare themselves.
I have to go.
I have to go.
[receding footsteps]
[rotary dial clicks]
[mobile phone ringing]
-I just forgot
to tell you this thing.
[Rory] Oh, yeah?
-It's secret.
-Oh, is it?
It's very secret.
[rotary dial clicks]
[Rory] [on voicemail]
This is Rory.
I can't take your call.
Please leave a message.
[phone thuds]
[knocking on door]
[Theis] Mara?
[door opens]
It's me.
[door closes]
[shutters open]
[running water]
[kettle clanking]
[Mara] Hey.
[Theis] Hey.
You okay?
Dad said he tried calling you.
[crashing thunder]
[knocking on door]
I'll get it.
[receding footsteps]
[door opens]
Hi, Glen.
[Glen] Hi, Theis.
[water dripping, stops]
[Theis] How are things?
[Glen] There's nothing
to worry about.
Is the letter here already?
I thought
I'd just come over now.
[Theis] Yeah.
She hasn't opened it yet.
-[Glen] Ah.
-[door closes]
[Theis] Come on in.
-Don't say anything.
[Glen] If it were up to me,
we'd have never stopped looking.
-[rumbling thunder]
[Theis] You'll be
at the memorial dinner?
[Glen] I will.
Well then, maybe
I'll come back tomorrow.
[heartbroken sobbing]
[emotional music playing]
-[whispers] Hey.
I just wanted to find him.
I just wanted to know
what happened to him.
I want to say goodbye...
[seagulls calling]
[rumbling thunder]
[door opens]
[water dripping]
-[faucet squeaks]
-[knocks on door]
[door opens, closes]
[door opens]
Hello, Glen.
-You all right, love?
Have you met Hunter?
[Mara] Oh, my brother said
you'd be coming.
Thank you.
-Good to meet you, Mara.
The lab is basically insolvent.
All the staff have been fired
and everything
is being sold off.
It'll be over
by the end of the month.
From what I can see, these are
from the liquidators of the lab.
With Rory missing...
the lab's chief scientist
is gone,
so the IP is basically worthless
because he left
no firm proof of the science.
The remaining runway of cash
has gone to pay
creditors and staff.
If there had been
any cash left over,
it would have gone
to the investors
and not to Mara or the CEO...
um, Nessa Oxley?
It says here the investors
had preferred stock,
but Rory and Nessa
only had common stock, so...
it looks right. I'm sorry.
-Well, it's sad, all right.
All that work...
I'm really sorry, pet.
-Are you okay?
-This was Rory's dream.
Now it's gone.
[waves crashing]
[dog barking]
[water blooping]
-Hello, lovely.
It's feeding time. [chuckles]
Rory said to talk to them.
They respond to the vibrations.
[door beeps open]
Very scientific.
[door closes]
Did you bring the remaining
lab reports, notes,
and backup drives
to the front office?
It's important.
The liquidators will be
taking possession of everything
at the end of the month.
-Yes, I did.
What about the tanks?
-Well, they'll be
dismantled and sold off.
-[gasps in disbelief]
-I'm sorry
it's come to this.
It's a sad thing.
You've finalized
your severance with HR, right?
-Yes. I'll be staying
until the end of the month.
[phone ringing]
I'll leave you to it.
[Theis] Nessa?
[Theis] It's Theis.
[Nessa] Hi. How is Mara?
[Theis] Good, thanks.
We're having a dinner
to remember Rory
and I thought
you might like to come along.
-Thank you. Yes.
When is it?
[Theis] This Saturday
at seven p.m.
[Nessa] Okay.
I'm sorry, Theis,
there's another call coming in.
I'll see you on Saturday. Bye.
[Theis] Oh, okay.
[receding footsteps]
-[door opens suddenly]
[Mara moans]
-Come on, Mara.
You gotta get up now.
[Mara moans]
-Come on, sweetheart.
Time to get up.
-[Mara] No, please.
-[Rory] You have to.see this.
-It's the middle of the night.
[Rory groans]
[Mara] Tomorrow.
-Come on, darlin'.
You have to see this now
or it will be gone.
-Okay, okay.
What's gonna be gone?
-You are not
gonna believe this.
-I'm going to introduce you
to the magic of the ocean.
Come on.
Okay, you are not
gonna believe this.
Nearly there.
-[Mara] What?
-[Mara] What?
-Oh, okay.
-Now, open your eyes.
-Huh? Luminescence!
I've never seen it
this far south.
God. Isn't it beautiful?
Oh, I love it here.
I love you.
I love you.
I love you.
I love you more than...
all the stars...
as deep as the ocean.
Oh, you're crazy.
But you did put on a good show
getting the sea
to do your bidding.
Oh, you see, the sea
responds to my commands...
[Rory] ...but you, on the other
[Theis] [echoes] Mara?!
Mara? Sis?
Just pick something.
They'll be here any minute.
[knocks on door]
You okay?
-[Nikki] Yeah.
[Theis] Okay. Here we go.
[door opens]
This is Nikki, my wife.
-Good to meet you, Nikki.
-Hunter helped out
in the search for Rory.
-You're renovating
the Hall at East Landing?
-That's right.
News travels fast.
[whiskey pouring]
[Theis] All good?
-Thanks for inviting me.
Thank you for your help
the other day.
-Uh, drinks?
-[Hunter] Pleasure.
Uh, yes, please. That'd be--
-that'd be [indistinct].
-All right.
-Can I...?
-[Glen] Yeah.
-Nikki, will you...
Nessa, you know Nikki.
This is Hunter.
-[Hunter] Hi.
-[Theis] Nessa runs the lab.
-Nice to see you again, Nikki.
-[Hunter] Good to meet you.
-[Theis] Okay.
-[Nessa] Mara.
-[Theis] Here we go.
-[Nessa] Hi.
-Oh, hello, Nessa.
-Shall we sit?
[Theis] Yes.
Where would you like me to sit?
[Theis] Nikki knows everything.
-Where would you
like me to sit?
-Uh, just there.
[Theis] Great.
Hunter [indistinct].
[indistinct conversation]
["Underneath the Stars"
by Kate Rusby playing]
-Hey, this is grand.
[Theis] Yeah. It's all Nikki.
-Underneath the stars
I'll meet you
Underneath the stars
I'll greet you
There beneath the stars
I'll leave you
Before you go
Of your own free will
-To Rory.
-[all] To Rory.
-Go gently
[Theis] It's just not right
the way he vanished.
His boat just left there
like that.
Nobody knows that sea
like you, Glen.
-Oh. No, Rory did.
He knew every inch of it,
every tide.
[chuckles] I remember
when he first came out with us,
when he first
volunteered for rescue.
You remember, Theis?
-Uh, Storm Ida,
three years ago.
He came down to the boathouse
and he signed up that very day.
He was more fish than man
at that stage
because of his work.
By God, did he save a few lives.
No better man.
-I first met Rory in the lab.
I was supervising the research.
He was good.
I set up the new company
on his hunch
that we could
revolutionize medicine.
It was a nice dream.
-Theis is right.
[cork pops]
You are right, Theis. Really.
It makes no sense.
Rory wouldn't just
disappear like that.
What will happen
to his work now?
-It's just not viable
without Rory.
He was that research, right?
-So... nothing.
-This is awful.
It's hard enough to find work
in the village.
There are lots of budding
young scientists at the college
who could have loved
to work there.
-You can't push the investors
to take a new lead scientist?
[Hunter] Borrow against
the work to date?
I might be able to find--
-I've tried everything.
We're shutting down.
-What a waste.
-I've been thinking
about creating an archive
of Rory's research.
I mean, he didn't get proof
of his concept
but some of his research
and his findings
could form the basis
for future work.
-Oh, I... I think
Rory would be so pleased.
He... he truly believed
that coral could be the cure
for so many illnesses.
Maybe in time it will.
-There are those...
those papers.
It's full of papers
and lab reports and whatnot
in--in Rory's study.
-Well, if there are notes
that I haven't seen in the lab,
it would be great to have them.
-[clears throat] I-I-I haven't
gone in there yet, so.
-I think Mara
might need some time, Nessa.
-Yes, of course.
-It's late.
Come on, Hunter.
I'll give you a lift.
Nikki, that was a great dinner.
-[Hunter] Thank you.
[Nikki] It's a pleasure.
-Mara, there are
some things belonging to Rory
up at the Rescue Center.
I'll drop them 'round.
If Rory were here now,
he'd be drunk
and he'd have us out there
at midnight swimming.
Hey, it's a good idea.
Rory's work should be
out there in the world,
but only when you're
ready to share it.
When the time's right, ay?
-Good to see you again.
-Thank you.
-I'm sorry
I didn't get to know him.
Here's my card.
-Thank you.
-In case you need
anything repaired.
You know, old houses and all.
Good night.
-Good night.
[door closes]
[Theis] Mara,
you were great tonight.
I'll drop in next week, okay?
Call me if you need anything.
The dishes?
-Yeah. Leave them.
-[Theis] Sure?
[Theis] Okay.
[Mara] Theis...
do you think I should
give Nessa Rory's papers?
-I don't know.
I mean, he should get
recognition for his work.
-[Theis] Yeah.
-That way,
his work will live on.
-Yeah. Look, it's late.
Call me in the week
and we'll talk about it.
[Mara] Yeah.
-Okay. Good night, sis.
[Mara] Night.
Good night.
[door opens]
[rumbling thunder]
[door closes]
[wind howling]
[suspenseful music playing]
[door creaks open]
[water gushing at full pelt]
[tap turned off]
[romantic music playing]
[rumbling thunder,
flashes of lightning]
[phone ringing]
[phone continues to ring]
[mobile phone ringing]
[phone dial beeps]
[Nessa] Hi, Mara.
[Nessa] Hi.
Thank you so much
for dinner last night.
It was lovely to see you.
Look, I was wondering
if I could pop by today.
-I'm, um...
[Nessa] Just a quick chat
about the archive?
I won't keep you long.
I'll drop by later.
[phone beeps]
[phone thuds]
[water blooping]
Wow. He really
did keep everything.
I can have these picked up
and we'll take them to the lab
and have them scanned
and put in the archive.
Only if you feel ready.
This is really early research
so it would be great
to have it in the archive...
have his work preserved...
But if you'd prefer
to keep it here,
I mean, that's fine.
You know, one of the things
that I respected most about Rory
was he was so good
at sharing his knowledge
with the interns
and the students.
Such a great quality
in a scientist,
don't you think?
-You're right.
-So I spoke to
the liquidators at the lab
about the archive.
It doesn't really hold any value
for them without proof,
but I think I can get them
to relinquish their rights
to the work,
because otherwise,
no one else
is going to want it.
I just need to raise
a little bit of money
to pay them for the IP.
So I guess that's my next goal.
I just need you...
to sign a general release form,
if that's okay.
Those are not work.
They're his journals.
-[Nessa scoffs]
I didn't know he kept a journal.
-He's kept them
since he was a child.
His nan brought him up to--
-Have you had a look
through them?
-No. [scoffs]
They're private.
Anyway, I should be
getting back to--
-Oh, you're painting again!
That's so great.
Yeah, I'll let you
get on with it.
I'll just leave that there
and have it picked up
once you've had a chance
to go through it and sign it.
All right?
-You dived with Rory?
When there were no lab techs
to go with him.
He was a good diver.
-The best.
You two were a great team.
-You know,
we may still find him.
Bodies resurface months
after they've gone missing,
or things,
you know, clothes...
Oh, Mara, I'm so sorry.
I'm so clumsy.
I always say the wrong thing.
-That's all right.
-Why don't I come back
in a couple of days?
You should get some rest.
[door opens]
[door closes]
[water dripping onto paper]
[seagulls calling]
[tense music playing]
Michaela, these are all
for scanning.
Can you double-check
everything is here
and then scan it to me?
-Will do.
-Let me know when it's done.
The liquidators
are in my office.
-I got this.
[scanner whirring]
Rule number two:
always make a backup.
Learned that from Rory.
[scanner beeps]
[Nessa] As you can see,
it's unfortunate
that the results
for Mr. Murphy's research
are all too clear.
-[door opens]
-Sadly, Mr. Murphy
was unable to reproduce
his initial success.
This is something that happens
quite often, as you know.
-Just take the box
to the archive room.
[brushes clank]
[door opens, closes]
[flash drive plugged in]
[keyboard clacking]
[computer beeping]
[claps of thunder]
[crashing waves]
[rumbling thunder]
[water dripping]
[papers thudding]
[loud clap of thunder]
[heavy rainfall]
[crashing thunder]
[water dripping]
[floor creaking]
[thunder crashes]
[floor creaking continues]
[door opens]
[floor creaking]
[light switch clicks]
[seagulls calling]
[shed door banging]
[shed door continues to bang]
[emotional music playing]
[door slams]
-[door opens]
-[both] Whoa!
[Theis] Jesus!
-Oh my fucking God!
You scared me.
-I scared you?
You scared me.
[Theis] Sis, sorry.
I didn't mean to
sneak up on you.
It's just, you haven't
called me for a week.
-It must have blown open
in the storm.
-You must have opened it.
It needs a key.
-Yeah. Maybe Rory
forgot to lock it.
[pouring coffee]
-So what's happening?
-It's getting there.
-You look exhausted.
I'm sorry.
What about the commission?
Are you working on that?
-[sighs softly]
-Getting out?
-Yes. I was out today.
-I don't mean
picking seashells.
-I know what you mean.
[Theis] I just worry about you,
that's all.
I keep calling you and you never
have the bloody phone on.
You're sitting there
day and night.
You look like you haven't
slept or eaten for a week.
Going around in that cardigan.
We have to sort this out.
-Sort what out?!
Sort what out?!
You can't fix this.
All right, Theis?!
You can't fix me!
-I hate seeing you like this.
I'm getting firewood in for you.
I've never known this place
to be cold and damp like this.
[receding footsteps]
[door opens, closes]
[firewood clattering]
-Nessa came by the other day.
-Oh, yeah?
-[sighs] I think
I gave her a hard time.
She wanted Rory's papers, and...
I wouldn't give them to her.
I suppose it's... [sighs]
it is what Rory
would have wanted, but...
-I can't lie.
I don't like her.
-[chuckles] No. Rory did.
-No, he didn't.
-Yes, he did.
-No. He worked with her
because he had to,
but he told me
he didn't like her.
Too commercially driven,
he said,
and not rigorous,
or something like that.
-[laughs] Rigorous.
[both laughing]
[Mara] That day when Rory died,
I heard him fighting
with someone on the phone.
I think it was Nessa.
-I mean, people argue.
[knocking on door]
I'll get it.
I'll get it.
[receding footsteps]
[door opens]
-[Michaela] Hiya. Is Mara here?
[Theis] Yeah. Just come in.
[Michaela] Yeah. Okay.
-[door closes]
-Sis, call you later, okay?
-All right.
Thanks, Theis.
[Theis] Bye.
[door opens]
Hi, Mara.
It's good to see you.
I just came to give you this.
-Thank you.
Do you want to have a seat?
[clears throat]
It's Rory's.
He used to get me to make copies
for his reports,
scan and copy them.
-I was scanning them for Nessa,
and I just could hear Rory
"Rule number two,
always make a backup."
I don't know
what rule number one is.
-It's okay. I do.
-I just thought you'd like to
put them with the others.
-There are others?
Uh, he always got me to do this,
so I just--I assumed
he'd bring them home.
Just so you understand,
these contain the original
lab results of Rory's work.
These are backups of his proof.
I'm just a lab rat,
but I am confused about how
his work is being presented.
You know, Rory couldn't
get into his computer
the day he disappeared.
He was pretty annoyed.
-Yeah. He was annoyed
when he got home.
-[nervous chuckle]
I think I should go.
-Um, Michaela?
I wonder if you would
help me with something.
-Do you know
the password?
-[chuckles] No.
-When you constantly
have to get information
to people,
you kind of have to
know their password.
And, um, how do I go on the, um,
on the internet?
-Oh. Yeah.
So you see,
down here in the search bar--
-Mm-hm. Mm-hm.
[Michaela] --you just click
that, the search engine.
And it'll bring you
up to everything that you need.
So I'm just going to show you
some of these documents.
These numbers show that we were
getting some positive results.
The trend is positive.
-But Nessa said
they were failing.
-I know,
and that is why I'm confused.
I can do some more digging
at the lab.
-Thank you.
Thank you so much.
-Well, call me
if you need help
with anything technical.
[Mara chuckles]
[melancholic music]
[doorknob rattling]
[door opens]
[door closes]
[scratch of pencil on paper]
[keyboard clacking]
-Find anything interesting?
-[Michaela gasps]
-Aren't you clever,
breaking into the archive.
[Michaela] I wasn't really.
-Yes. It's out of hours.
You broke in.
Now what's the problem?
-Did you shred
Rory's papers?
[Nessa] Yes.
We don't keep
paper copies anymore.
It's a bit old school,
don't you think?
Were you going to
hack my laptop?
Might be a stretch even for you.
-The files
you gave me to upload,
the results are wrong.
Not the same as the originals.
-Really? Oh.
Are you certain?
Absolutely certain.
I have copies
of the original lab reports.
-You do?
-I'm old school.
-Where are they?
-What game are you playing?
Why would you
try to hide his proof?
Like, what good
could that possibly do?
-Well, maybe you need
a little time to ponder that.
Now that no one is here,
it'll be nice and quiet.
No one to disturb you.
-Hey. Hey.
-[door closes]
-[door locks]
-Hey. Nessa, let me out.
[doorknob rattles]
Nessa! Nessa!
Nessa, let me out!
Let me out, Nessa!
[banging on door,
doorknob rattles]
Let me out!
[doorknob rattles]
[water dripping]
[knocks on door]
[door opens]
[Nessa] Hi, Mara.
-Are you deep in work?
-How can I help you?
-Well, I wanted
to pick up Rory's papers.
We need to get your signature
on the general release form.
I thought this would be
a good time to take care of it.
-It's not
a really good time right now.
-Well, it will only take
a couple of minutes and
I think it would be good to have
everything safely archived.
Don't you agree?
-I've been thinking...
and I've been wondering if...
if you and Rory
had a fight that day.
-Mara, are you serious?
Okay, uh, yeah.
Sometimes we would argue
about the best way to do things.
How to allocate funding...
Why don't you get back
to what you were doing?
I know where everything is,
and I can be out of your way
in a couple of minutes.
[water leaking]
-Mara, are you okay?
-It's just
that I've been...
I've been dealing
with these leaks.
[Nessa] Leaks?
Uh, shall I call Theis?
-He's not in.
He's... fishing.
-I don't think I can
leave you alone like this.
Can you just please leave?
-Okay. All right.
-Just please go.
-Yeah. Um,
I'll come back tomorrow.
-Okay. Thank you.
[door closes]
[water gurgling]
[unsettling music playing]
[gurgling stops]
[phone ringing]
[unsettling music playing]
[echoes] Rory!
I know it's you!
I'm trying to find you.
Stop it!
[loud thudding]
[dramatic music]
[telephone thuds, echoes]
[water blooping]
[melancholic music playing]
[scratchy dial tone heard]
[water dripping]
[melancholic music continues]
[books thudding]
Where are
your little friends?
[drawers opening, closing]
[dishwasher door opens]
[clattering, clanking]
[water running]
[fridge door closes]
[Hunter] Are you sure
there was a leak?
[Mara] Yeah.
-Very strange.
Where's your water tank?
-This way.
[door opens]
Do you see any leaks?
[Hunter] Nothing.
[Mara] I'm so sorry
to have wasted your time.
There definitely was water.
-It's best to check.
Old houses like this
always have something.
-There's no leak.
-That's the good news.
-I thought I'd take
a walk into the village.
Do you want to get a walk?
Blow off the cobwebs?
-[sighs] Yeah.
I'll show you this shortcut
across the beach.
You see those rocks out there?
-Ah, yeah. Yeah.
-Just past that point,
that's where
Rory's coral reef is.
-Want to know
something weird?
-Um, sure.
-I paint the sea every day...
but I hate the sea.
In fact, I'm terrified of it.
I almost drowned
when I was a child
in an accident.
When I...
and I think I-I paint...
I paint the sea
so that I can control it.
[melancholic music playing]
[tense music playing]
-[banging on door]
-[Michaela] Hello!
[banging continues]
[kicking door]
Can no one hear me?
[Mara] What do you say, Glen?
This might be useful.
-Yeah. This stuff will be
great for Search and Rescue.
Thank you so much.
-Is this the only
compressor you have?
-I think so.
-What is it?
-The pipe
shouldn't be there.
It should be out somewhere.
-Oh, hi, Nessa.
-Hi, Mara.
Um, I'd really like
to get those papers.
There's a deadline,
so, you know,
we should probably
just get it done.
-Of course.
Let's go into the house.
-Uh, Mara,
is there anything else?
Any thumb drives?
-Thumb drives?
Can I go and check his study?
-[scoffs] No.
E-everything that was there
is in there now.
Maybe... maybe
they're at the lab.
-There's nothing there
Everything has been cleared out.
He took all of his stuff
out of the lab
and there were some
backup drives made of--
of work over the past few weeks
that he took with him.
So they--they must be here
-Why would he do that?
-Okay, uh,
I would explain, Mara,
but I really don't
have time right now.
I have a full bankruptcy
on my hands.
I know you're the grieving widow
and you don't have to deal with
these things in your world,
but I am responsible
for everything and everyone
and I don't think
you have any idea
what that is like.
Rory was truly
and verifiably impractical.
And I suspect
that you have that in common--
[Glen] That's enough now.
-How dare you speak
like that about him?
-I'm sorry.
I didn't mean that. I--
-I need you to leave now.
[box thuds]
[receding footsteps]
[kettle whistling]
[door opens, closes]
-We'll head off now, pet.
[kettle whistling]
[kettle whistling]
[unsettling music playing]
[water blooping]
[water gurgling softly]
[intense music builds up]
-[echoing whisper] Rory...
[water dripping]
[door opens]
[floorboards creaking]
[clattering, clanking]
[water dripping onto metal box]
[box thuds]
[breathes deeply]
There are your friends.
[phone ringing]
[Michaela] [on voicemail]
Hi, it's Michaela Hale.
Please leave a message
after the beep.
[phone beeps]
-Hi, Michaela.
Um... Mara here.
I--I really, I really
need to talk to you.
I have found
our thumb drives--
well, the other ones, I think.
I really need to speak to you.
Can you just please call me?
Call me. Thank you.
[drawer opens]
[cabinet closes]
[Rory] [VO] Training today
was a pisser.
Got through it though.
Me and T went over to Nikki's.
She made pasta.
-[Rory] [VO] M was there."
The investor team were
over again today.
Five more years!
That gives me time
to develop further proof.
Everything seems to be
about money now.
Thanks for the house, Nan.
Otherwise we'd be scuppered.
No need to tell M yet here.
She needs to focus
on this commission,
big break for her.
If I can isolate the protein
in the CWC10,
it can be adapted
to so many treatments.
How's this for weird?
I saw a guy
at the front office today.
He looked familiar,
I'd seen him before.
And then it hit me.
We worked on labs
together at uni.
What's his name?
And what is he doing
meeting with Nessa?
I need to look him up.
Bill. Bill Collings.
Says here he works at
Chemmore Pharmaceuticals.
Big Pharma.
"What would an ocean be without
a monster lurking in the dark?"
[Bill Collings] Nessa, I'm
calling to check in
on our timeframe.
-You'll be happy to hear
that the IP is now free
and clear of all and any claims.
[keyboard clacking]
[Mara] Wow.
To "catch and kill."
[Nessa] [into phone]
Once I receive payment,
I will send you the access codes
to the research archive
and the final proof
and outcomes.
[Rory] [VO] Phase Two.
Proof is looking good.
The protein has been isolated
and the batch is growing
really well
in the new undersea lab.
-[phone ringing]
-Michaela, it's Mara again.
Um, I've--I've been
doing this research.
What if Nessa wanted Rory
to look like he was failing?
That way, she could
bankrupt the lab
and sell the IP to Big Pharma,
and they could
bury his research
to protect
their business model, right?
God, where are you?
I really need to talk to you,
can you--
can you please call me?
[Bill Collings] [over phone]
Nessa, before all of that,
we need to receive
all the signed general releases.
When can we have those?
-By tomorrow.
[Bill Collings]
Okay, tomorrow.
Hi, Hunter. This is Mara.
Um, I'm good.
I wonder if you would
do me a--a rather big favor.
Uh, I can't reach Michaela.
I think she's, um,
working at the lab.
[suspenseful music playing]
[Hunter] Nessa.
-Hi. How are you?
-I'm fine, thanks.
I'm looking for Michaela.
-She's not here.
The lab is officially
closed now.
Can I help?
-No, it's... it's fine.
-Right. Bye.
Okay, bye.
[cover rustles]
[Mara sighs]
[rumble of car engine]
[car door opens, closes]
[suspenseful music]
[Michaela] Help me! [cries]
[banging on door]
[knocking on door]
[Glen] Anybody home?
-Yes. Come on in.
[door opens]
-Hello, pet.
I brought some of Rory's things
from the rescue station.
-Did you?
Something stronger?
-Ooo, something
a bit stronger, please, pet.
You've been sitting here
thinking about Rory?
-I'll just go
and use the, uh...
[water running]
[clears throat]
[water running]
[liquor pouring]
[Mara] Aw, nice.
[Glen] Cheers.
[Mara] Cheers.
Glen, I think Nessa's somehow
involved in Rory's death.
Remember how Hunter spoke
about the compressor?
Maybe she tampered with it.
-Jesus, Mara.
Why would you wanna say
a thing like that?
-I can read.
That's to Nessa.
I know what you're doing.
That guy is Big Pharma.
You are going give up our work
to the very people
who will bury it.
The money isn't worth it.
Don't you see?"
She says,
"There's nothing to sell.
Your proof isn't working."
He says, "You're crazy.
You know it's working.
Are you faking my results?!
My lab reports are clear!"
But then he says,
"I've just been told
you are going out to the reef?"
She--she doesn't answer.
"Please don't destroy them.
What's the point?
I'll just make a new batch.
I'm going out there."
You see?
-[slurps] Mm-hm.
-He was going out there
to save his proof,
so she tampered
with his compressor.
[distant thud]
Just a minute.
What are you doing here?
Stop that.
Glen, can you believe
that woman?
You're not leaving here
with those.
-Hey! Let her be, Mara.
-No. What?
-Let her take the stuff
and be done with it
so we can all move on.
-Is that it?
Are we done now?
Mara, I'm really sorry
for this, pet.
-Glen? Oh, my god.
What did you do?
-Yeah, Glen.
What did you do?
I think Mara deserves
an answer.
Don't you? [laughs]
I mean, here you are,
playing the good guy.
It's crazy how good
you are at that.
I was never very good
at pretending, but you...
you're the reason
we're in this mess.
-Shut the fuck up!
Why are you saying that?
-Wow, you really
want to be a hero.
What, even now?
I mean, didn't you just
put that shit in her cup?
But you still want her to think
that you're a good guy?
Oh, no, no. I get it.
It's that you want to think
that you're a good person
who just happens to have
drugged a nice lady like Mara,
and who just happens to have
killed her husband.
[shed door opens]
-You're a fucking lunatic.
Don't listen to this, Mara.
-All you needed to do
was stop him from diving.
But you fucked
with his compressor,
thinking that he would just
stay at home.
You didn't think
that busy people
fail to notice important things,
that the mix of their tank
is off and they will die.
So, Mara, if you could just
come and sit down
and sign this thing....
-Sit down, pet.
-[breathing heavily]
[Hunter] Michaela!
-I'm in here.
I'm here!
-[sighs weakly]
His proof is out there.
Too many people know.
-Listen to me.
The sooner you sign this,
the sooner you can go
and help Michaela
out of the lockup
that she's been in
for the past two days.
I'm not sure how much longer
she'll last.
-Help me!
[banging on door]
[Glen] Come on, love.
Just sign it.
[Nessa] I'll put the money
in your account,
so the deal is done.
[Hunter] Michaela,
are you in there?
[Nessa] I mean, one day,
this will be of good use.
It's just that right now
the proof is more useful buried.
So you sold me the rights
to Rory's work.
[Hunter] Michaela, stay back!
-But everyone knows
how hard
the past few months have been,
so everyone will understand
when you walk into the sea
to be with your man.
You just couldn't
face the world without him.
Glen, let's go.
[Glen] Come on. Stand up.
Stand up. Try and walk.
-[Mara] Nooo.
-Now there's a good girl.
Come on.
-[cries] No.
-How much
did you give her?
-This is not right.
-What's the matter, Glen?
You got some buyer's remorse?
You didn't have any problems
killing Rory, did you?
-You know what, Nessa?
Fuck you.
[both groaning echoes]
-And fuck your money.
You fucking do it yourself.
[door opens]
[harpoon gun fired]
[body thuds]
[waves crashing]
[Mara groaning weakly]
[Nessa] [straining]
Fucking heavy.
-[groans weakly] Oh, no.
-Go and join your man.
-[Mara groaning]
[water blooping]
[razor slashes]
-[gasping for air]
[whispers] Rory.
[cries] Goodbye.
[uplifting music playing]
[Hunter] Mara!
[Michaela] Mara!
[Hunter] Mara!
[police siren wailing]
[police siren continues wailing]
[uplifting music playing]
[ending theme music plays]
["Underneath the Stars"
by Kate Rusby playing]
-Underneath the stars
I'll meet you
Underneath the stars
I'll greet you
There beneath the stars
I'll leave you
Before you go
Of your own free will
Go gently
Underneath the stars
You met me
And underneath the stars
You left me
I wonder if the stars
Regret me
They come and go
Of their own free will
Go gently
Here beneath the stars
I'm mending
And here beneath the stars
Not ending
Why on earth
Am I pretending?
I'm here again,
The stars befriending
They come and go
Of their own free will