Ocean Heaven (2010) Movie Script

Let's go, son.
Mr. Wang.
- Ms. Chai.
- You're back already.
I saw your light was on.
Here you go.
Here's your paper
from the past two days.
And some birthday gifts for Dafu
from the neighbors.
Should I just stand here?
Sorry! Please come in.
I thought you were going to
be gone a while longer.
Why are you back so soon?
I changed my mind.
Close the door.
The mosquitoes are getting in.
Here, put these down.
What smells? Something stinks.
I don't know.
Where are your glasses?
What's going on with you?
What a beautiful seashell.
Where did you go?
Hi, Auntie Chai.
You don't want me
to touch your seashell?
Naughty boy-
Since you're back, here are your keys.
You can check and see
if anything is missing.
Don't be silly.
Look at you.
You told me to clean the house
every seven days.
I would've cleaned it for you
if I knew you were coming back early.
Where did you go with your dad?
To the sea.
For what?
Both you and your dad stink.
Dafu is hungry.
Do you have anything to eat here?
A few eggs.
Just eggs?
Did you take Dafu to the doctor again?
A Doctor Zhou from...
the People's Hospital called.
She said your cell phone was off.
What else did she say?
Nothing really.
She had a very gentle voice.
I bet she's beautiful, huh?
Did you untie the rope?
Don't you want to go with Dad?
Don't want to go with Dad.
Dad is talking with you seriously.
Did you not want to go with me?
Not want to go with me?
Dafu, don't repeat what I'm saying.
If Dad leaves and you don't come with me
who will take care of you?
Dafu, don't put the dog on the TV.
Where are you, Dafu?
Dad can't find you. Where are you?
We need to eat dinner.
You're back so soon? Did you have fun?
Did you have fun?
This is all water.
Do you think we just have
a tank full of fish?
If the electricity leaks,
you won't be able to cover the losses.
Make sure to check it carefully.
Don't be so careless.
Do you have a spare wire with you?
I forgot it.
You idiot!
Mr. Tang, I'll take care of it.
You think you can leave work
and take off anytime,
just because you've been
here the longest?
This financial crisis means
you have to stimulate the economy?
I'm sorry.
Did you take Dafu to the doctor again?
It was just for a vacation?
Oh my god!
Your Dafu is like a fish.
He was born into the wrong body
and became a man.
That's why he's autistic.
More tourists will be coming
during peak season.
I'm going to add a fish-feeding program
at the beginning of the day.
Tell Dafu to swim some other time, okay?
Are you okay?
I'm fine.
Hi, Dafu. Welcome back.
Where did you and your dad go?
Hello. To the sea.
Wow, good for you!
It must have been fun to go so far away.
Your dad is so good to you.
How many times have I told you?
Don't put the dog on the TV.
This letter needs to stay in the drawer.
Don't touch it.
Dafu, you can't swim tomorrow.
Do you hear me?
Good. No swimming tomorrow morning,
okay? Good boy, Dafu.
Good, Dafu.
Raise your arms.
Scratch me. It's itchy.
Raise your arms.
Scratch me, it's itchy.
Raise your arms.
Go to sleep, Dafu.
Want to swim.
Want to swim.
Want to swim.
Be good, Dafu.
Want to swim.
Behave, Dafu. I'll fry you three eggs
when we get home.
Mr. Wang.
The performance pool's lights
aren't working. Can you take a look?
I'm coming.
Want to swim.
Okay, raise it up.
Got it.
Pull the switch!
Dafu, Dad is coming!
You damn fool!
Get over here!
You scared me.
Get over here!
You naughty boy!
Dafu, remember to greet Principal Liu.
To greet her.
Good boy, Dafu.
Greet Principal Liu when we see her.
Come with Dad.
Principal Liu.
Dafu, the principal isn't here.
Where is your dad and mom?
Be careful.
Dafu, don't run away.
Don't run.
Excuse me,
we're here to see Principal Liu.
Principal Liu retired last year.
I'm in charge now. My name is Feng.
You're Principal Feng, then.
My name is Wang Xincheng.
This is my son, Dafu.
Hello, Dafu. I'm Teacher Feng.
Principal Feng wants to shake your hand.
Hurry up.
Dafu is autistic?
We noticed something was wrong
when he was about 3 years old.
The local hospital said
he was mentally retarded.
Then we sent him to a hospital
in Beijing
and they diagnosed him with autism.
Has he studied here before?
He came here when he was 8.
None of the schools in our town
would take him.
Finally we found this school
that takes kids with autism.
Then we moved here.
Without Principal Liu and the school,
Dafu would be a lot worse.
When he first came here,
he didn't listen to anyone
and rarely spoke.
How is Principal Liu now?
She had a stroke last year.
I heard her daughter took her
to Beijing for care.
What brings you here today?
Principal Feng,
I want to send Dafu back to school.
Send him here again?
Peizhi School is
an educational institution.
The state regulates
a nine-year education.
Which also applies to kids
with mental disabilities.
Dafu looks older than 16.
He's 21. He just had a birthday.
Look at this.
Late liver cancer?
Are you kidding?
How could I be?
When Dafu was 7, his mother died.
I'm all he has left.
If I die, who will take care of him?
I'll talk to my boss.
But it's unrealistic to think
the school would adopt him.
You should also contact
the welfare institution.
In your situation,
I think they would be responsible.
Hello, Auntie Chai.
You're early today.
Move that over here.
Dafu, you should come and work for me.
Nobody works harder than you.
It doesn't work.
- Broken again?
- Maybe a bad antenna.
Here's today's beer.
No need to pay for it.
Take it as salary for Dafu.
You get to benefit from Dafu. Take it.
No thanks. I gave up drinking.
Trying to live a healthy lifestyle,
to have more days with Dafu.
Looks like you've got a plan.
I'll take it home and fix it.
Dafu, try to unlock it on your own.
Turn it to the right.
Smart boy, Dafu.
Yes, hang it here.
Very good, Dafu.
Dafu, don't put the dog on the TV.
Dafu, eat an apple.
Dad will cook dinner in a little bit.
Come here, fry the eggs yourself.
Fry the eggs %myself
Dafu, take an egg here.
Good boy.
now crack the egg.
Lightly crack here. Crack it yourself.
Terrific, Dafu.
Grab another egg yourself.
crack it yourself.
Dafu, do you want to have breakfast?
Do it yourself if you want to eat.
Crack it yourself.
Good boy, Dafu.
Can you get that ball for me?
Please get that ball for me, okay?
Dafu, what did I say just?
Pay money when buying.
You scared him. Don't do that.
Here, take whatever you want.
Make yourself at home.
No, no, no.
You can't take
whatever you want in a store.
If you want something, what do you do?
What do you do?
Good boy, Dafu.
What do you use when to buy?
What do you use when you buy?
What do you use to buy things with?
Right, Dafu.
What do you want to buy?
Take a look.
What do you want to buy?
I want to buy a refrigerator.
Come on. Don't force him.
Take it easy on him.
Have whatever you want.
This is $100 dollars, it's the biggest.
You can buy a lot of things.
Now tell me which is the smallest?
Dafu, which is the smallest?
Dafu, that's right.
Our Dafu is really smart.
If one carton of eggs costs $3 dollars,
which one will you use?
Dafu, we'll eat after
we finish the exercise.
One carton of egg costs $3 dollars,
so which one will you use?
This one would work.
If you buy a fan costing $120 dollars,
which of these would you use?
Is this enough, Dafu? Take a look.
What are you doing, Dafu?
Thanks a lot, Mr. Tang.
We've never had
such great conditions before.
You don't have to worry about anything,
we will do our best.
You're so generous.
We're both supporting each other.
Yes, yes, yes.
Mr. Tang.
You're here. Good timing.
Let me introduce you to Mr. Wei.
This is Mr. Wong.
He's in charge of water
and electrical supplies here.
Feel free to ask him for help
if you need anything.
I need to take off early today.
I just need to take leave.
Let's go.
This home takes in kids diagnosed
with mental disabilities
and orphans sent by the police.
We seldom offer services
to individual families.
Go ahead, eat it.
Dafu, hurry, say thank you.
You're welcome.
Slow down.
Don't be rude. Eat slowly.
As you can see,
we basically take in young children.
Otherwise, all adults
with disabilities would come here.
We wouldn't be able to afford it.
What about him. Isn't he older?
Lele came here when he was a month old.
Cerebral lesion. He's an orphan.
To be frank, I'm dying.
Dafu will soon be an orphan.
Would it be okay then?
Something wrong?
No, nothing's wrong.
Don't lie to me.
I can see it in your face.
You can tell me if something's wrong.
Maybe I can help?
Hello, is this the care center?
Hi there.
I wanted to know
if you accept autistic patients?
Yes, I know you're not in charge.
My son is very smart.
When will you be back from
your business trip?
What? Age is not a problem.
Dafu, we're home now.
How do we open the door?
With the key.
Yes. You're so smart.
Where's the key?
Don't repeat me. Where is the key?
The key is around my neck.
Smart boy! Go and open the door.
Wang Xincheng.
Why didn't you tell me
it was so serious?
I'm fine.
What's going on?
Doctor Zhou from
the People's Hospital...
she waited here for over 2 hours.
She said to give you this medicine.
It's free.
I'm fine.
No one will take him?
I can't believe it.
I've tried everywhere.
The orphanage says he's too old
and the elderly home
says he's too young.
Let's go online and look.
After Dafu left
the Peizhi School at 16,
I wanted him to go to an institute
where he could get even more help.
I couldn't find a place, so I just had
him stay with me during the day.
What about insurance companies?
They don't take applications
for people with disabilities.
Same with social welfare.
I've already asked.
What if we left Dafu at the door
of an orphanage?
They would have to take him in, right?
What if they don't?
And even if they do,
will they look after him
for the rest of his life?
Will he be happy there?
I need to make sure of
that before I die.
Mr. Wang, Dr. Zhou
only mentioned your results.
Doctors always give you
the worst-case scenario.
What does 3 or 4 months really mean?
A healthy man like
you can't die so easily.
And even if it's true,
I'll take care of Dafu for you.
You'll get married in a couple of years.
How can you keep on taking care
of Dafu then?
I won't get married.
You're the only good man in this world.
Dafu, be careful. It's very hot.
Is this for me?
You can read it.
Dafu and I are leaving.
I have a few things
I need to entrust you with.
Wang Xincheng.
What are you talking about?
I'd rather take him with me...
than leave him suffering alone.
So your last trip wasn't a vacation?
We went back to our hometown.
Dafu's a good swimmer, like his mother.
Even the Grim Reaper can't get him.
I figure there must be some place
on earth for him to live.
Mr. Wang.
Mr. Wang, please come quickly.
It's Dafu.
What's wrong?
Dafu, give me the balls.
Dafu, give me the balls.
We need them for a show.
Please stop yelling! You're scaring him.
Give me the balls.
Mind your own business.
Give me the balls.
Did someone go get him?
Dafu, Dafu. Give me the balls.
Dafu, you're a good boy.
It's almost my turn.
Dafu, Dafu. It's nothing, it's nothing.
It's nothing.
It's nothing, Dafu.
- Dafu.
- Mr. Wang! Are you ok?
What's wrong with him?
Is something wrong with him?
Are those for me?
Dafu. Wait, Dafu.
My dad and mom left before I woke up.
My grandmother said
they live across the sea.
But I've never seen them again.
My grandmother calls me Ling.
She told me to wear this.
That way she could hear me
wherever I went.
My grandmother lives there.
my grandmother lives there.
Why are you clapping?
Why are you laughing?
What's with the laughing, Dafu?
What's so funny? Why are you laughing?
Doctor, don't worry about it.
I think you're right.
This place isn't suitable for Dafu.
Thanks for everything though.
It's no problem.
Let's go. Let's go home, Dafu.
Principal Liu?
It's Principal Liu.
you'll live here from now on.
And this is your home. Understand?
This is your home.
Dafu is so smart.
Be sure to brush your teeth
before you go to bed.
Thank you, Principal Liu.
You should've come to me...
for something this important.
I heard you weren't feeling well, so...
All right,
we're entrusting Dafu to you now.
Don't worry. We will do our best.
Thank you.
This institution
was just recently set up...
and the conditions aren't that great.
I don't know if Dafu will be able to
get used to it.
Principal Liu has taken care of
Dafu for 9 years.
Any institution that she recommends
will be best for him.
You're not used to it, are you?
Since Dafu's mom passed away,
this is the first time
I haven't needed to worry.
It's not something I'm used to feeling.
I don't think autism is that terrible.
They live in their own world
and worry about nothing.
When I left him,
Dafu wasn't sad about saying goodbye.
As you know
Dafu can't express himself
like others can.
I never expected Dafu could
do anything for me.
I'm very happy with what he has now.
It's very good.
And I'm relieved.
You finally made it. Hurry!
What happened?
He was fine this afternoon
but then got anxious in the evening.
The teachers tried to comfort him,
but it didn't help.
Dafu, what's wrong?
Dafu, Dafu. What's wrong?
Dafu, it's fine.
We did exactly as you told us.
But he wouldn't let us touch him.
It's fine.
Go to sleep, Dafu,
Dad won't leave.
Dad won't leave.
Don't cry, don't cry.
Hello, Auntie Chai.
Are you leaving?
It's been just Dafu
and I since he was a baby.
He's not used to being without me.
I need to stay with him
for a little while.
This is for you.
I couldn't fix your old one.
I got you a new one.
Call me when you get settled.
So that I don't worry.
Dafu is a burden to everyone.
But he's my son and my responsibility.
If... If we were together,
It would be unfair for you.
I would feel bad.
What you said makes me feel good.
I always thought
I wasn't good enough for you.
How could you be?
Help me organize the shelves
when you have time.
Organize shelves.
It's time to go now.
Good bye.
take a look.
This is long sleeves,
this is short sleeves, pants, socks.
Long sleeve shirts, short sleeves,
socks, all on this side.
Let's put them in order.
This has long sleeves
and what else does too?
Long sleeve.
Mr. Wang.
This bed should fit.
Let me push this over first.
Fits perfectly.
Yes, just enough room. Put this on it.
Let me know
if you need anything.
This is Dafu's birth certificate
and this is our bank book.
I planned to work until retirement,
to save enough money
to support Dafu.
But now...
Mr. Wang,
don't worry.
As long as this institution exists,
we'll take good care of Dafu.
Don't worry.
I'll take
the birth certificate later.
You keep the bank book.
Then I'll hold onto them.
I won't bother you any longer.
Keep up the good work.
Mr. Wang,
It's a great honor to know
a father like you.
Some day, I won't be with you.
You'll miss me, right?
You'll miss me, right?
Yes, I will miss you.
Yes, I will miss you.
Dafu, this is called Fengshou Road.
Fengshou Road.
At the end of the road,
there's a bus stop.
Look both ways
before you cross the road.
Shangdong Road. Dafu, look.
We get on the bus here
and we get off the bus here too.
Shangdong Road.
Yes, clever boy!
you need to learn to take off
your clothes by yourself.
Raise this hand. Raise it up.
Pull it up, like this.
Good boy, Dafu.
Put an egg inside.
Put it inside, Dafu.
Cover it.
1,2, 3. 4.
5, 6, 7, 8...
Dafu, do you remember the boat
when you were little?
17, 18, 19, 20
Dafu, can you go home by yourself today?
Shangdong Road. Anyone getting off?
Somebody's getting off in the back.
Anybody in the front?
Hey, somebody's getting off!
Why didn't he say he was getting off?
What's with you? I asked three times!
Maybe he didn't know you asked!
Shangdong Road. Anyone getting off?
The bus keeps going
if there isn't anyone.
Shangdong Road. Anyone getting off?
Anyone in the front? In the back?
The bus doesn't stop if there isn't.
Shangdong Road. Anyone getting off?
Dafu, Dafu.
When you hear Shangdong Road,
you have to say you're getting off.
Even if he doesn't look at you,
he's asking you.
Smart boy.
Shangdong Road. Anyone getting off?
Anyone in the front? In the back?
The bus doesn't stop if there isn't.
Shangdong Road. Anyone getting off?
Good! Louder. Yes, I'm getting off!
I'm getting off!
I'm getting off!
Shangdong Road. Anyone getting off?
I'm getting off!
I'm getting off!
Very good, Dafu.
Son, like this,
Do it yourself, Dafu.
Squeeze out the water.
Dafu, you're very good.
Mop along here.
Dafu, use both hands.
Use both hands, Dafu.
Come back here.
Both hands. Remember, both hands.
Use both hands to mop.
Dafu, mop like this.
Remember to mop back and forth quickly.
Like this.
Dafu, when you mop like that,
you leave footprints.
Mop like this. Look after you mop.
Your footprints are all cleaned away.
Mop this way. Look.
So you mop them away.
So you mop them away.
Mop, mop, mop-
Don't be so stupid!
Why can't you remember
something so simple.
You are never coming to
the ocean park again.
It's nothing. We'll go slowly.
Good boy, Dafu.
We'll go slowly.
Good boy, Dafu.
Mr. Tang.
Rest for a couple of days.
I'm fine.
I'm really fine.
Is Dafu swimming?
Probably. The boy...
If Dafu wasn't so...
I'd immediately say yes.
But his condition is so bad.
He almost had an accident last time,
That was my fault.
I was careless.
Dafu usually behaves very well.
I promise it won't happen again.
Mr. Tang,
please you try him out as a cleaner?
He's very hardworking.
Once he picks it up, he can do anything.
You can keep an eye on him
if you want to.
I know he'll work harder than anyone.
Mr. Wang,
being a cleaner is not the problem.
When it rings, answer it okay?
Lingling is calling you
Answer it, okay?
Is the phone ringing?
Dafu, look at me.
When it rings, answer it, okay?
It's Lingling.
Dafu, answer it.
Dafu, can you hear me?
Dafu, can you hear me? It's Lingling.
Dafu, can you hear me?
Dafu. Here, look.
Dafu. Here, look.
Look, Dafu.
Dafu, here. Look over here, here.
It's dinner time.
We have cucumbers.
Drink some water, Dafu.
Dafu, let's go home.
Have you seen Dafu?
What is it?
Dafu's disappeared!
Has anybody seen Dafu?
If he shows up let me know right away.
Dafu isn't up there.
Keep looking.
If he comes back, I'll call you.
Watch your step!
Dafu's over there.
Take the eggs with you. Dafu likes them.
Thank you.
So you're getting the rest
of your belongings?
You really don't need to.
Dafu's doing well there. Isn't it great?
But there's still something
I want Dafu to understand,
or I won't be able to go in peace.
Please don't give me money.
I'll be angry if you do.
Here's a photo.
Put it on the urn when the time comes.
Here's some money.
There's no need for an expensive one.
Everything is still fine.
I'll keep the photo
and your other things...
Look, Dafu. Sea turtles live forever.
Dad is turning into a sea turtle soon.
Look, Dafu.
Don't worry. If no one else is with you,
Dad will be.
Look. This is Dad and this is you.
I'll swim with you.
Come and swim with Dad.
I'm a sea turtle. A big one, see?
Dad is a sea turtle. See?
Dad is a sea turtle. Take a look, Dafu.
The sea turtle's getting into
the water now.
Dafu, the sea turtle is coming.
Dafu, here comes the sea turtle.
Dafu, is Dad like a sea turtle?
How can you be swimming
in your condition?
And pretending to be a sea turtle!
You're killing yourself.
I'm fine.
You said
Dafu's mom died in a swimming accident.
It seems
you're wanting
the same fate too.
I'm fine.
That won't
happen to me.
Come on.
Didn't you tell me that Dafu's mom
was a good swimmer?
To tell you the truth,
I don't believe her death
was an accident.
What do you mean?
Dafu's mom loved him
with all her heart and soul.
She held him and played with him
every day in the water.
When we found out Dafu was autistic...
...she couldn't accept it.
I don't blame her.
Not everyone can deal with
that kind of situation.
Is Dad like a sea turtle?
Dafu, sea turtle.
Sea turtle.
Ms. Tan, please include my name...
on the custody list too.
Dafu can come to the ocean park...
anytime during the day,
just like he has been.
Thank you very much.
Here you are.
Dafu, you're up.
Xiao Ya, let him do it himself.
$2 dollars worth of dumplings.
Dumplings $2 dollars.
One second please.
Here's your change.
1,2, 3. 4.
5,6, 7, 8
Shangdong Road. Anyone getting off?
I'm getting off.
Dafu, remember...
...Dad is a sea turtle.
We're turtles. Let's go swimming.
This film is dedicated to all
the ordinary heroes among our parents.