October (2018) Movie Script

Welcome madam.
Hi Dan
Hey Dan, you're back here?
Your entire training
will go into cleaning
Remember the bond all you
trainees signed at the beginning?
If it's broken for any reason,
...you can kiss your
diploma goodbye...
...and your parents will end up
paying three hundred thousand rupees.
So whoever has been wiping
their feet on guest towels...
...let me remind you of
the cameras in every corridor!
Okay, quick question:
if ammonia and bleach are
both excellent cleaning agents...
...why don't we ever mix them?
Because they turn into Chloromine,
which is dangerous.
So now you know, Mr Dan,
why your junior is training with you.
If she's so smart, she should have
been a scientist and served the nation.
Rest of us could
have managed the hotel
If you manage your own training;
that would be enough.
Tomorrow: 9 o'clock
Yes, Sir
Sarin...the room is
booked for Akaash Sarin
Twin beds...Room 9014.
Your ID please...
What do you mean by 'twin bed'?
Two beds...but separate.
There must be a mistake,
I clicked on 'double bed'.
That may be,
but it's a third-party booking...
...so rooms are subject to availability.
I don't care. I clicked on
'double bed' and that's what I want.
Sure Sir, but as I've said,
it's not available, otherwise...
What otherwise!
Can't you see I'm with my wife?
And I come here so often!
Bloody idiot!
Of course, Sir.
In fact I checked
you in last time too...
...with your ex-wife, was it?
So, shall I get your
luggage taken to the room?
Just you wait!
Right, Sir.
Have a good night, Sir...Madam
I could've been at the pool.
It doesn't matter who the guest is with,
a wife, a girlfriend, whoever...
You're no one to sit in judgment.
But, Sir, you know that she is...
- It doesn't matter!
And what are you
doing here at pool side?
Aren't you supposed to
be in the garden wing?
Sir, you've given me
third floor vacuuming again!
I just did it last week.
Can't you give it to someone else?
- I'll thwack you!
You'll get what you deserve.
Now, get back to work.
- Sir...Sir...
Sir...give me the kitchen duty.
I'm great at chopping.
Or the bar is also fine.
Oh, so now you want to be at the bar?
Yes sir, I make really
good cocktails at home.
And they are very nice sir.
Well, then, go back home.
When the wedding venue is so far away,
which idiot booked us here?
Well, you demanded a stay in a luxury hotel...
And now you're calling my dad an idiot?
Whatever... Where's our youngest one?
You were holding him last.
Not at all.
Maybe he's still in the room.
Now with this evidence,
...either I file an
official complaint or...
I'm sending you off to the laundry!
Sorry, Sir! Spare me the laundry.
- No. Laundry for a week.
Sorry, Sir, this won't happen again.
And you better not be seen anywhere else.
You know what a startup is?
That's where the future lies.
Own a small business instead
of slaving away at a job.
If I were you,
I'd have opened my own laundry.
I'm just saying.
I'll start my own restaurant
I'm not gonna slog here.
If you keep standing all day,
you'll get varicose veins
Ugly and painful!
Anyone of you could get it.
You should soak your
legs in hot water with salt.
Elastic? Okay, let me check.
Whose bright idea was it
to iron the underpants for Room 602?
Ever heard of the concept of elastic?
It becomes loose.
You'll all be in trouble.
There's been a complaint.
Will you stop? I'm sick of you
You're a trainee, right?
We're all your seniors.
Just do what you've
been sent here for.
And shut your trap!
- But...
Another word and I'll shove
you into one of these machines.
What happened?
He's being aggressive for no reason.
Take it easy, I'll talk to him.
There's been a
complaint from Room 602.
602? - Yes, because these geniuses had
ironed the underpants. Okay let me check
Hey, scratch my back, please?
- A little to the right
- Further down.
A little to the right.
Sir, whose panty is this?
It's a 'pant', not 'panty'!
Listen, are you really serious
about our restaurant venture?
I can leave the training right
away and start, but can you guys?
And who's 'panty' is this sir?
It's Dan's.
- We can't leave it midway
Then what's the point in
bringing it up again and again?
Because my parents
want me to get married
And how are the two connected?
What if you guys decide
to start a street-side counter?
I'd rather get married than do that
So go ahead.
Ya, Watch me.
Then we can cater
the food at her wedding.
If that's the case then
I am not getting married at all!
Birds chirping.
Look at this
I didn't scatter them.
But you could've picked them up. Uhm.
So go ahead and complaint then.
There's one... Behind you.
See, I picked some too.
They're dried up anyways.
Put all the 500 ml ones on the table
And check the champagne
at the bar - no more than 12.
Excuse me, Sir,
the client had ordered 15 bottles.
What do you want to do with the rest?
I'll take them home, idiot!!
Where is your duty?
There he is!
We've been waiting Dan.
I know guys but there's one real
ridiculous party going on downstairs
Keep pouring...
- Here's your lemonade
I'm going down again
Bring some snacks too!
Who all were around last night,
Tell me!
Stop covering up for Dan
or you all are going to get it!
Sir, we were just hanging around.
Two bottles are missing
from the inventory.
How may I help you today?
Could you guide us on
what to see in your city?
Yes! You can visit old Delhi,
the Lal Qila (RED FORT)
Our hotel car will take you there
Sign here please.
Have a good day, Sir, bye, Ma'am
You know what your problem is, Dan?
You're constantly irritated.
I'm irritated?
Ya, all the time
You know when I'm irritated?
When I'm with the two of you.
Well, my friend that you can't escape from...
so you better learn to manage your moods
Are you irritated again?
Thanks Dan!
Sir, but I'm not here to swat flies.
All these dirty jobs
are not worth my qualification
Our manager Asthana
is being manipulative
Oh, come on!
You're blaming Asthana for
the missing alcohol from banquets?
Sir, sir, sir, can I get an off on
the 30th December? It's my parents' anniversary
30-31st...you should know better,
...the hotel runs on full occupancy
And what are you doing here,
go get yourself a haircut!
Sir, but it's their 25th!
Hey, you're sloshed again!
Another year's gone by, lshani
Years come and go,
what's the big deal
Not one of you can handle your booze
Come on, guys, let's take a selfie
Happy New Year! Cheers!
Another drink for you?
No, no, how will I go home?
Dan's also not here.
Ya, even I haven't seen him
Where is Dan?
He's skipping work today.
Screams. . .!
Watch her hand.
We may have to intubate her
Check the pulse
Very shallow breath
The pulse is rapid and too weak...
What time did she fall?
12:15 am.
Left pupil is dilated,
right is sluggish
I think we should intubate her.
- From which floor did she fall?
3rd floor, swimming pool...
normally no one goes there at that hour.
What's her name?
Shiuli lyer
Lift her...
Current status, patient on ventilator.
Sedated. No movement.
Pulse 110
ls she breathing?
- Very shallow.
Pupils are dilated?
Left is dilated,
right is very sluggish
So by so
Any responses?
No, none at all
Any reaction?
None at all
ls she conscious?
- In and out.
Oxygen supply is on.
Need urgent admission in ICU.
20 year old female,
She fell from the third floor,
about 30 feet
How did she fall?
Don't really know.
Doctor suction?
Give me suction-bipolar
and monopolar 25, 25H...
Oxygen saturation?
Keep oxygen saturation low...
at 90%
And PCO2 low
Shiuli doesn't drink alcohol.
You can check the blood reports
It's an accident case, madam
But we have to investigate
In case somebody's pushed her
Why would anyone push her?
All her friends are
from respectable families
I have to do my job
So who's stopping you.
We're not going anywhere...Mom,
it's okay
Do you think someone pushed her?
No mom
That's a big blood clot.
Hmmm... She's still critical
You could have told me
You could have picked up your phone
I called you atleast 15 times
I thought you were drunk-dialing
15 times?
Here's an extra entry pass.
Who'll take charge of it?
Sorry, Sir
What you all have done
is monumentally stupid!
Now on, don't utter a word to anyone...
...till the investigation is over.
Good evening, Sir
Go and see her, Dan
Have you all seen her?
Just Leave your bag here
Leave them here with us
3rd floor, neuro ICU, bed no. 28
Remove your shoes please
Clean your hands
Excuse me please
Did you see how swollen her face was?
And those 19 tubes.
You counted them?
Poor thing
If you'd have seen her when she fell,
I bet, you would've fainted
I had my life sucked out of me today.
You know,
that pipe in her throat and nose?
I don't think they fit it properly.
There was blood dripping out.
No, no, that's
how it's supposed to be.
It's a fresh surgery.
They clean it,
but it keeps coming back.
It's normal.
How can this be normal?
Trust me.
And what makes you the expert?
Ok, not an expert,
but I definitely know more than you.
I've been there twice.
Yes, Yesterday and today.
That's why I know better.
Those machines were
making such a noise.
Oh yes, that's the ventilator
No, no, the one that shows
It toots like...
...it's still ringing in my ears.
I think there's something
wrong with the food
C'mmon, just relax...eat
Sir, we could shift patient no.
31 to the ward.
Would you like to study
the fresh scans for patient no. 28?
She fell from 30 feet above
That's quite a height
What does the CT say?
And no positive signs.
Any other injury?
The spine is affected, sir.
What's her name?
- Shiuli.
Shiuli, can you hear me?
Can you feel the pain?
Seems like permanent
Damage, waist down.
Mrs. lyer, in neurological terms,
consciousness is defined by two things...
One, that the patient
should be awake...
...And the other,
the patient should be aware.
Shiuli's neither awake nor aware.
She's in deep coma.
Is she brain-dead?
No... that would mean absolute end.
Clinically speaking,
she has not reached that stage as yet.
It all depends on how
damaged the white matter is.
Akka (SISTER).
You want to go visit?
No, not today
You keep it then.
I'll be off, then
Okay, be careful
How much?
What's wrong?
Give me the pass.
- Ya, I changed my mind.
You could've told me earlier.
Here you go.
How will you come back?
You go ahead, I'll manage.
Are you part of the family?
- No.
That other boy, is he the boyfriend?
- No.
So...you're here for no reason, then?
Hmm...Then please leave. Go!
Get the order for table 9 going, quick!
So, How is your friend feeling?
You can try jumping off the
4th floor and you'll know how it feels
What the hell are you doing?
I'm checking...maybe she'll respond
Have you lost your mind? You'd better leave
I came first, you leave
cortex...basal ganglia...thalamus...
Almost all of them compromised
So much of acceleration
and deceleration in the brain
The damage is unbelievable!
This white-grey area...
...it shouldn't look like this
We are not 100% sure, but normally
it's difficult to recover.
Sir, we feel the
damage is irreversible
Not immediately, but eventually
we will have to take a decision
I feel we can stretch
this period little more
We should give Shiuli
some time to fight it out
You can study undisturbed
in that corner
Use the canteen coupons for lunch
No need to pay...hmm
So, as you can see,
...the isometric view
as opposed to the...
...orthographic projection gives
a more three dimensional view.
I was just checking the bill...
One hundred and seventy four thousand rupess...
should I use your card?
No, request them for a week more.
We need this medicine.
- Okay
[MUMBLING] Two months.
How will you manage these expenses?
Did you see last month's bill?
Don't forget you're
the only earning member.
I have some savings.
But for how long?
What if things don't
change in two months?
It's common in such cases.
You'll be left
penniless and drained...
If your husband were alive...
Then he would've made her do engineering,
not this silly hotel job.
Even two months seem too less.
She's just 21
...how can you give up so soon?
Who asked you?
Get lost!
You'll have to take a decision soon.
It's been a long time.
Still seems unbelievable.
She was always so careful.
Why would she sit on the ledge?
God knows what image
you guys have of her.
I think she was quite stupid.
No common sense.
We were all just chatting,
enjoying ourselves...
Then she asked "Where is Dan?"
And that's it. She sat up there
There was dew, she slipped...
What did she say?
Nothing. She slipped, right?
No, she said something earlier
Nothing...She just asked 'Where is Dan'
I don't want to talk about it...
What's wrong?
"Where is Dan?"
She asked about me.
She said this, right?
And you all didn't
think I should know?
Ya. So what's the big deal?
The big deal is that
those were her last words.
"Where is Dan?"
That's me, Mamas.!
Hey, I was also there.
She was just generally asking,
nothing special right?
That's because all
of you were too sloshed.
Or one of you could have stopped
her from sitting there.
And she wouldn't have fallen.
And you didn't even tell me.
Why are you getting agitated?
Now how do I tell her where I was?
Answer me!
What do I say?
Hey, where are you off to?
- Who'll eat all this pizza?
This is a day pass.
No entry without night pass.
I just have to speak
to the patient for a bit.
Won't take long.
No entry without night pass.
See, I was here yesterday as well.
Yesterday, it may have happened.
Not today
You don't understand.
I have to speak to her.
You can come along.
I'll say what I have to and come back.
Rules are rules, come in the morning.
Hey, why're you pushing me.
Get lost, out...
I know the likes of you.
This security guy
is a tough nut to crack.
By the way,
what was it that you wanted to say?
Why should I tell you?
I have a night entry pass.
I can convey your message.
No thanks.
That's Okay.
But I'll still convey it.
What? And to whom?
Whoever, I'll tell them.
What'll you say?
About your encounter with the guard.
No, you won't!
Now I definitely will...just you wait!
Night pass?
Don't have it.
Then you can't go.
Just a few minutes...please,
I need to talk to the nurse.
You'll get me fired!
- Please.
Just two minutes, then
Thank you so much
What's your name?
Get lost!
you wanted to know where I was...
wasn't around that day...
No sleeping here, please leave.
So, what doctor should
one see for a stomach ache?
Is it gastric, liver-related or pregnancy?
- Gastric
Dr. R.P. Singh T-T-S
...and if it's Vitamin D deficiency?
Then it's the ortho...
Dr SN Dutta for bones
No, T-T-S again.
Is heart specialist
and cardiologist the same?
What are the symptoms?
Are you the patient?
No, no, I was just asking
for my general knowledge.
You carry on...my apologies.
Shiuli...Shiuli, can you feel this?
What do you want?
Did Shiuli ever talk
about me during college?
Or...some other time?
Have you lost it!
You've come to ask me
this early in the morning?
No, we had better
things to talk about.
Then why did she ask about me?
And that too before dying?
I mean, she's not dead yet,
but...you know...
...someone's last words
are special, right?
Look, I really don't think
she was interested in you.
You guys are poles apart!
Then why did she ask about me?
Stop bugging me!
Half an hour left to the shift...
Drop me home?
I will, but tell me
if you get to know anything.
Am I imagining things?
Do you have the keys?
Yes. Isn't this madam's car?
Bring it straight in, turn a bit,
Bring it straight in
Now straight
That's it.
Come, sit Dan.
Just got so busy between
the hospital and home...
...forgot all about the car.
You know, when I was a kid,
I fractured my left arm.
It should have healed
in 3 weeks but didn't.
But eventually it did.
Same way, Shiuli
should have recovered by now...
...but hasn't...
but she will.
Nurse, isn't the urine output
more than usual today?
Did you increase her fluids?
So that means kidney
is not affected by the brain.
Don't you have anything better to do?
Ma'am, could you
please lift your feet.
He's sweeping the floor.
Uncle, could you lift your feet.
Ask them also please...
Wait, don't step on the wet floor.
Who's admitted?
To deliver a baby.
Bed no. 28!
What were you doing in
the 3rd floor Neuro ICU?
I was working.
Then why were you staring
at the patient for so long?
You must have a lot of work,
Hurry up then.
Why were you staring at
the patient for so long? Do your work...
...and stop staring at her.
Hey, hey, where are you off to?
Sir, I'm done with my shift.
I don't think so.
Haven't you seen the duty roster?
- Hotel is in full occupancy,.
Everyone's been working double shifts
Back to Banquets immediately.
Do you realize you're constantly
at the hospital nowadays.
Is it?
Fine, I won't go that often.
- Ya, but it's not just me, everyone thinks so.
Alright, I heard you.
I've seen such cases.
If she has to live in a vegetative state.
What's the point of torturing her?
Please Jairam,
don't start with your negativity.
You heard them...
...she won't even recognize you.
Is that what you want?
So what if she doesn't...you'd
recognize her, right?
All you keep saying is pull the plug.
What's the rush?
We have to give her time.
I think he's absolutely right.
I'm going to the Accounts now.
Who is he?
Dad's younger brother.
Lives in the south of India.
And dad?
Dad passed away 10 years ago.
I've given you all your medication
Except for this one.
Can't understand what's written.
But it's really unclear.
Who do I go to, then? I'm sorry
You're a chemist, you should know.
Show me.
Who's the patient?
My brother.
Please do not eat here.
Does your brother have high blood pressure?
- Yes.
This is Metasartan 25,
it's a BP medicine.
Metasartan 25?
Yes, do you have it?
- Yes.
Thank you so much!
You could've said something.
We're not hiding.
And as if you have
time for us these days.
Shall we order food?
I'm not hungry.
Oh is it? So you only relish hospital
cafeteria food now?
Hey, it's not like that!
6 shifts covered by Manjeet,
4 by Adi, and 3 by me!
Besides it's not like she
was your best friend.
Look, I'm not
asking what you are up to.
And I haven't asked anyone to cover my shifts.
Never mind, leave it.
Okay, then why don't you ask that
parade of doctors...
...what are her chances of survival.
So you mean to say you guys do
something only when it's a sure 'chance'?!
Atleast think before
you open your trap.
I said sorry.
Can I ask you something?
How good is Dr Ghosh?
The neuro guy? He's a genius!
Really? You're sure?
He's the best here.
Anything wrong?
No, just being sure
of who we are dealing with.
I guess if you're so
sure he's a genius, he must be.
What do you mean?
Of course, I'm sure.
Don't mess with me.
It's the Neuro ICU doctors
upstairs who are messing around.
Hang on a minute...
...you're that hotel guy attendant, right?
I've seen you around.
Behave, or I'll get the
security guards to ban your entry.
I've also seen you around.
Outside the nurses' van in the night.
Hey, what I do with the
nurses is none of your business.
Now get lost or else!
Sir...are you off?
Yes, why?
No, I...
Hurry UP!
I wanted to take 3-4 days off.
Off? You're already in the red!
Sir, my Dad's really unwell.
Wasn't he posted in Kashmir?
Sir, he had a bad stomach
ache when was in the (ARMY) field.
They found 4 large
stones in his gall bladder.
Okay, let me think about it.
He's in a lot of pain...
I just got this call,
Seems to be some kind of a stroke, I think.
When did it happen?
Around 3 am,
she started shaking violently.
And then in an hour,
she had another seizure.
So by 40.
We should inform Dr Ghosh.
She's had a stroke and seizures,
but you're still clinging 0n to hope.
You heard what the
doctor confirmed last night.
She'll be paralyzed for life.
Why can't you all
be practical for once?
Dad would have never rushed.
He would have waited.
What good is her life if
she can't even breathe on her own?
Is this how you want her to live?
Yes, why not?
Maybe she wants to live.
Why 'maybe'...l'm 100% sure.
Who are we to decide for her,
it's her choice?
Ask her...
I don't think she wants to die.
Your uncle belongs in the jungle.
He has the patience of a monkey!
So what if she needs the
machine's support for a while.
We should give it.
There are so many times
my motorbike doesn't start.
Then I push it, and it kicks in.
The ventilator is also a push.
So bear with it for a while.
Anyway you're just resting.
Mrs. lyer, coma patients
react to strong smells sometimes.
Their olfactory senses
can respond to external stimuli.
In this case, her nose twitched
because of these night Jasmine flowers...
It's very common.
But doctor, it happened 2-3 times...
...isn't that a positive sign?
Yes, definitely.
Maybe, it's some kind of hint
that she could be conscious.
We can't conclude that,
but we're 0n the right track
Let's continue with the treatment.
We need to talk.
Dry-clean this please. Thank you.
How long have you been doing this?
20 years.
No one likes to marry a nurse.
We're cursed.
We nurse the patients,
touch them here and there.
Makes people question our morals.
Would you marry a nurse?
I could...
Then call me for your wedding.
Only if you come with a gift!
Couldn't get more.
The night jasmine season is ending.
Can you twitch your nose again?
I want to see it too.
She can't do that everyday.
It happened once.
Did you run into him outside?
Her uncle...
...he's back.
He's on duty today.
Why's that?
Her mother has fever.
Where's the ventilator plug?
Then make sure he doesn't sit there.
Make him sit far away...
like here, maybe.
Just don't let him
get anywhere near the plug!
The hospital pharmacy doesn't
have this medicine in stock.
You have to get it
from outside
Do you have this in stock?
Let me check.
There are 9,000 weddings
in New Delhi today
In one day?
Ya...they've all lost it
That's seventeen thousand two hundred rupees.
Yes, our card machine
isn't working, cash please
I'll go and get cash.
I hope you'll be open for a while?
Here's twenty thousand.
Look, what you've done to yourself
You couldn't stop yourself from getting
sucked into their family matter, could you?
Even your clothes
reek of hospital smell now!
I don't want it.
Dan, you'll get one from me now!
We're not so petty, you know.
This is how it's gonna be now.
...you opened your eyes at 5 am today.
You are doing good.
I want you to put
in a little more effort...
Shiuli, can you look
to your left, this side.
Your left.
This side.
Can you look to your right?
Very good!
I think this is a
significant development.
Yes Sir, I think she
is trying to communicate.
Shiuli, can you do what you did
in the morning again, for your family?
This is your left, and your right.
Can you look to your left...
And your right...
Her understanding is faint,
...maybe little commands.
Language comprehension...
don't know to what extent.
I mean, to understand words,
retain them and then act on them.
That is, memory retention,
following commands...
We will work on that now.
will determine all that.
Your hair is looking so nice.
Shiuli, now get better
soon and let's go home.
It's been long.
So, is she fully conscious now?
Thallamus...cortex...medulla oblongata...
dorsal plexus of the spine.
The spiritual mix of these
scientific terms is just one...the soul.
And the soul doesn't go into a coma.
The soul is always conscious.
You mean, when will she walk,
when will she eat...
- ...when will she wake up?
For a perfect medical
definition of consciousness,
Have patience she's trying.
...you're off to the hospital again?
Aren't you getting
overtly affected by this?
And how come you're so unaffected?
How can you say that?
We do visit her when we can.
But that doesn't mean
we get consumed by it.
Wasn't she your best friend?
Of course she is.
But we need to prioritize...
there's career...there's family
We have to be practical.
Is your name Shiuli?
Do you play the piano, Shiuli?
Very good!
Do you know Kaveri?
Do you know Kunal?
Shiuli, do you know Dan?
Sorry, no response.
Shiuli, I'm going to
press your shoulder now.
She didn't even recognize you.
Yeah, that's because the doctor asked her
your entire family history...
Poor thing must have got tired.
In the hotel we work quite
closely with each other.
Still, she didn't recognize you.
Don't you recognize me?
Do you know Dan?
Look left if you recognize me.
Then why didn't you
say so in the morning?
Actually you did the right thing.
Oh, now I get it why
you didn't, hmmm
Should I go?
So listen,
if the doctors ask you tomorrow...
Do you know Dan, Stick to No.
Can you lend me some money?
How much?
Just enough to fill gas
Here you go.
Is this good?
A little left of the eyebrow, maybe?
No she looks fine
Just a little bit more...hmmm?
What's happening here?
- Nothing at all!
Get out!
You'll get me fired!
Do you want your eyebrows to be done?
Gut. I say!
We have to talk to him.
The landlord had came over.
I've paid the rent for this month too.
Sorry, mate, I ran out of money.
We pay the maid more
than the stipend you get.
That's because the hotel
guys are cutting my pay.
Of course they would,
since you're hardly on duty!
And the restaurant dream?
That's over, right!
Let's talk at home?
Adi is moving in with us.
I can't bear the house expenses alone.
Easy does it.
We've warned you before!
Only 55 days on duty
from March to September?
Sir, actually it's 58 days.
- Whatever!
And on top of that,
your temperamental issues...
With your co-workers, with guests...
Be prepared for the consequences, Dan.
Another hotel and you would've
been shown the door by now.
Now, get out of here!
It's just a matter of two months.
Try and pull through, somehow.
If you get terminated from here,
no 5-star will touch you.
Focus on your career!
And from tomorrow,
you'll report on time, okay?
Okay, Sir.
Go on, then.
Thank you, Sir.
Where are your gloves?
Pay some attention to hygiene.
Do you want it or not?
How dare you take that tone with me?
We are paying for this.
So you take it yourself then. Take it!
Why should I'?
It's your job to serve me.
So serve, with gloves on!
- I am...now move on.
Hey, hey, hold on.
- You come ahead please.
It's my turn,
you have to serve me first!
- What did you say?
What are you doing? Leave him alone!
You couldn't even
visit us once in 10 months?
And finally I see you here.
Otherwise I would've been lost
trying to look for you in the hospital
They've kicked you out.
We have to pay back
a penalty of three hundred thousand rupees.
And three years...wasted!
Mom, I'll figure things out.
Don't try to be oversmart with me, Dan
Look around you,
you've made this hospital your home.
And all this for what?.
What have you done to yourself, Dan?
Is she your girlfriend?
Can I meet her?
She must be tired,
that's why she's sleeping...
That's okay. Let her rest.
What you are doing is not easy.
If I were in your place...
I don't know if I
could've done the same.
I do break down sometimes...
But then I remind myself
that I have to hold it all together.
Dan has been like a pillar.
Children really are
pillars for their parents.
But when they grow up...
...they start living
life on their own terms.
And we live in a constant
fear of losing them.
Aunty, Dr Ghosh is in
the OPD
...but the files are not there.
They should be there.
- No they're not.
I have one of them,
but the other one's missing.
How can it not be there?
It's not there, Aunty.
You...you go, Dan.
You have a job...a life.
And your parents have
expectations from you...
Your mother is a good person.
I felt quite selfish today.
You please leave.
We'll manage things here.
Don't worry.
Please, Dan.
Danish Walia?
Hello, Ma'am.
- Hi, I am Priya.
Welcome to La RiSa!
Hope you had a good journey?
- Yes, Ma'am.
Ma'am, my recommendation.
- Not required.
Asthana had called.
He spoke very fondly of you.
Hi guys, this is your new manager,
Danish Walia.
Danish, this will be your team.
So this place has 22 rooms in all.
We have two categories of rooms...
This is the room.
It has in-built heating...
You can put the
temperature to your liking.
You had asked about the off-road
trails, so this is what we figured out...
Let's go
Put these away in the store room too.
Take these carefully.
- Namastey!
So, this is the route.
If you follow this,
I think you'll be fine, okay?
Just get there and
Shane will guide you.
Thank you.
Hello, Aunty!
You didn't call,
so ljust thought I'll...
The last 3-4 days have
been quite tough, Dan.
First Shiuli stopped responding...
Then she had a seizure while sleeping.
So we had to take her back to the ICU.
The doctor says it's common,
But if it happens repeatedly, it
can lead to severe cardiac problems.
Let's show Amma (MOM)
that you can do it, Shiuli.
That's okay...
The physio lady wanted
her to do something
But she became violent
and scratched herself.
We had to tie her hands...
She was so restless yesterday...
...they had to finally sedate her
But, all this is now
a part of our lives, Dan.
You focus on your work.
Take care.
Lift this leg up,
come on, try...Shiuli.
Don't you want to go home?
Can I just take her out for a bit?
I know you're mad at me.
I'll never leave you again.
Don't you want to get better?
Sleep now or the
doctor will throw me out.
You've been here for a
few days and you call me now?
...go home and dump your bags.
And take a shower!
Do you know who she is?
Tell me.
Am..ma (MOTHER).
Louder, Shiuli!
Make sure there aren't any jerks.
This one is not fixed properly.
It's a really good thought.
Later, we can make it permanent.
The soup is ready.
Keep the curtains open.
The X-rays can go into the desk - Yes
Write 'C'
Aunty, I'm telling you,
you're going easy on her.
Give her tough ones...like 'Q'
Write 'Q'.
See! She couldn't do it.
She's become lazy.
Keep giving her tough ones.
I've closed this.
You can go now.
Did you ever want to go, far away?
Where would you go?
Never imagined you'd
go into a coma, did you?
Can I ask you something?
That night...when
you fell from the terrace...
Why did you ask "Where is Dan?"
It's so cold today.
You leave,
It's going to be quite foggy today.
Cool. I'll see you tomorrow.
Bye, Aunty!
Send a relative to
the local health centre,
They'll give you the death
certificate. I'll sign it.
She had a seizure around 2 am.
Then her lungs collapsed.
In half an hour, sister was gone.
Shiuli lyer.
Shiuli lyer, right?
Please check...the time, date, etc.
Sign here.
Thank you.
Sister was a fighter, right Morn?
You asked why we named
her Shiuli (NIGHT JASMINE)?
She loved the Night Jasmine flower
Every year Shiuli would
eagerly await October...
That's when these flowers bloom.
All night long they'd fall.
And she would collect them
on a sheet with her grandfather.
A mountain of flowers.
They have a very short life...
So just like them, she fell too.
Mom, I have to go to the tutor's...
or should I skip it?
No, you should go.
One Penne Arabiatta.
One Roasted Salmon
So what are you up to these days?
After Shiuli...the hotel
hired me back.
I got my diploma in six months
and have been a sous chef since.
You said focus on your work...
...so that's what I've been doing.
Some days I really
want to talk about her,
But who I can talk to?
Don't want to upset them.
I haven't spoken about
her with anyone either.
Planning to shift to our
Home-town in the south.
We have extended family there...
another two weeks perhaps.
So you're leaving?
I don't want to leave the
Night Jasmine tree here, unattended...
I'll take it with me...
...don't worry.