October November (2013) Movie Script

- Ms Berger.
- Thanks.
- Here's to working together!
- Looking forward to it.
Let's switch to first names.
After all, we'll be playing a couple!
- Jan.
- Sonja.
- To the film.
- To us.
How will you play your character?
What do you think of him?
Can I be frank?
He's nothing but a cardboard character.
the character is full of clichs.
It's all so obvious, so blatant.
It's TV stuff. Prime time.
Your character is more interesting.
It has potential.
You'll make something of it. But...
My character is a huge clich.
Just there to make you look good.
I'll do that: the spotlight is all yours.
You are the star.
Well, that's really nice of you.
But if the part is so weak
why did you take it?
It'll be fun.
I wanted to work with you.
And don't forget the good pay.
My real passion is theatre. You see...
Everything happens in the moment.
Sometimes the moment is magical.
It's like a drug.
- Do you also act on stage?
- I used to. Yes.
And then straight to film?
Yes. It all happened so fast...
I didn't have any time left for theatre.
Excuse me. I have to take this.
My agent wanted to talk to me.
That wasn't her?
It was an ex-lover.
He still gets a bit upset sometimes,
so we talk.
It hasn't been long?
Is there someone new?
Not yet.
- Thanks.
- There you are.
And the veal stew for you.
Bon appetit.
- Well, then.
- Are you vegetarian?
During filming.
I sleep badly if I eat heavy food.
And you shoot every single day.
Must be exhausting.
- And how's the director?
- He's okay. He does his job.
He can't really help us,
but we're doing okay.
They're rarely helpful.
His directions are a bit annoying.
He yells "Action! Cut!" Like an American.
You're playing a difficult scene
and he yells "Cut!"
I guess he's practising for Hollywood.
And action!
May I show you something?
This is my daughter, Clara.
She is six years old.
And this is Simon.
Nice. Lovely children.
You think they're lovely?
Well, from these photos...
So why are you destroying their lives?
You stupid cow!
- Excuse me?
- Why are you ruining their lives?
Why should I? I don't even know them.
But you know him.
Or do you deny that, too?
He's their father. You know him.
- Don't shout.
- This is my husband! Do you know him?
- But calm down!
- Calm down?
- I don't want to harm your family!
- So why are you seducing him?
Why are you fucking him?
Making him crazy? Why?
I broke it off with him.
Please, calm down.
I should calm down?
- It was just an affair...
- An affair?
And why did you do it? Why?
Ask your husband, not me!
You think you're entitled to everything,
you dirty slag?
Playing the ice queen,
totally shallow inside!
Think I can't see through you?
You're totally shallow!
You whore!
You dirty whore!
Everything okay?
Everything's okay.
- Shall we ask for the bill?
- The bill, please!
I know a nice bar. An insiders' tip.
I need to prepare for tomorrow.
Another time.
I've got to ask you something.
Aren't you that actress?
You look familiar.
Yes, I am.
Well, well. You just made my day!
Pleasure to meet you.
My wife is a big fan of yours.
She'll never believe me!
- Give her my regards.
- Sure.
I'll tell her. Of course.
Sorry, but I can't quite remember...
What's your name again?
I didn't hear your car.
Did you walk here?
I left the car in the woods.
No one can see it.
The locals... They know my car
and then they assume things...
Of course. Come in.
- Cognac?
- No, thanks.
- I also have schnapps.
- No. thanks. I'm already...
I'm having one.
- How long have you been here, all alone?
- Two years.
A bit longer.
Don't you feel lonely in this house?
Well, I have my work,
music, books.
Of course.
- Sometimes I do.
- What?
Feel lonely. Sometimes, yes.
I see. Yes.
I used to love reading.
And I read a lot. It's a shame.
I feel like I've missed so much.
I should have read more.
I can change that, of course.
- Hello.
- Hello.
Where's Hannes?
Playing football.
27% of schoolchildren are too fat.
- 27 percent!
- How many did you have?
- I didn't count.
- Papa, you have to be careful.
Okay, okay.
The doctor will be here in half an hour.
The doctor?
What for? I'm all right.
Please, Papa, he's coming just for you!
What do you mean "for us"?
This is crazy. Now I'm a suspect.
But they can't prove it
because you didn't do it.
We have to be patient now and careful.
As long as... No!
- As long as they don't know...
- As long as they don't know...
that we're in love and belong together,
they won't fin the murderer.
Please tell me it's not true.
Tell me that it didn't happen.
Darling, I did it for us.
We have to be patient.
And then...
The we won't to hide our love.
Isn't that a bit too perfect?
- It looks a bit artificial.
- You think so?
- We're ready, Sonja.
- Thanks. I'll be there in a sec.
Well, let's mess it up a bit.
Just a bit.
One more time.
We need to talk.
What's the matter?
You look so exhausted. Drink?
- Where were you that night?
- Which night?
You're right.
I was there.
I was there waiting for him.
So it was you!
I can't believe it!
So now you know.
I'm sorry, I...
I didn't want to drag you into this.
You didn't want to drag me
into killing your husband?
- Well, thank you.
- I did it for us.
You did it for us?
This is crazy!
Now I'm a suspect!
But they have no proof
because you didn't do it.
We have to be patient now.
And very careful.
As long as they don't know
that we belong together,
that we're in love,
they won't find the murderer.
Please, tell me it's not true!
Tell me that it didn't happen!
Darling, l did it for us.
We just need to be patient now.
And then...
Then we will be free.
Cut! Thank you.
- Fantastic. We got it.
- One more. Please.
- But it was perfect.
- Just one more.
It can't get any better.
Probably not, but let me try.
You wouldn't mind?
- It's okay with me.
- Fine.
One more. From the start.
And quiet, please.
- Roll sound!
- Rolling.
- 71/3, the fifth.
- And mark it!
Why did you come here, darling?
What it someone sees you?
- Does it hurt when you climb the stairs?
- No.
- I can still climb the stairs
- Never?
- Sometimes.
- Doctor.
- And now you don't feel anything?
- A little, maybe.
- Already here? Can I get you something?
- Thanks, I'm fine.
My room is over there.
And there I was, so afraid of cancer.
"Just no cancer for me and my wife",
I always thought.
Take a deep breath, and exhale.
And now through your mouth.
- Very good.
- Then she has an accident.
And my hearts starts playing up.
- Take a deep breath, and exhale.
- Ah, well.
- Thank you.
- You never know!
Please lay down on your back.
I always worried too much.
Cancer is a gruesome disease.
To be eaten up, from inside.
- That's not nice.
- No. Quiet, please.
- Heart disease is easier to understand...
- Quiet, please.
Thank you.
It's like a motor.
Motors break down, too.
You can live a lot longer.
Just take better care of yourself.
What's the use?
Of what?
Me living a long time.
Does this hurt?
- No.
- Take a deep breath.
And now?
Do you still have the spray?
You should always have it with you
in case you get the pains.
They can come quite suddenly.
- Everything okay?
- I'm not sure. He doesn't say much.
He's always played the tough guy.
He can't help it.
- Get him these medicines.
- Is something wrong?
No, just a precaution.
But he should take them.
I think of you all the time.
You forgot something.
What on earth happened to you?
The doctor came to examine Grandpa.
- Hey!
- Hello.
- Look. Looks good, huh?
- Yes, thanks.
- Where's Hannes?
- In the dining room, I think.
- It's so nice outside.
- He was playing football earlier.
- I need to go to the pharmacy.
- Today?
- The doctor prescribed something for Papa.
- He won't take it anyway.
- It's nice of the doc to come all this way.
- I asked him to come. Papa wouldn't go.
And he needs the medicine right now?
I guess it can wait until tomorrow.
There you are!
Let's start before it gets dark.
I'm ready, Father. We have enough time.
It can definitely wait until tomorrow.
- Hannes, come and set the table.
- Yes.
- It's Auntie.
- Aha.
Thank you.
Hi! Still alive?
Yes, we're fine. We're okay.
And you?
Fine, as far as I can tell.
You know him.
He's well enough to boss us around.
Sonja, listen. I'm cooking dinner.
Can I call you back?
Okay. Do you want to talk to Papa?
All right. You, too. Talk to you soon.
- Give it to Grandpa.
- Is she coming?
I don't know.
Auntie Sonja, will you come and visit us?
Will you bring me a present?
Hannes! You don't ask for presents!
Go on, now!
- And tell them dinner is ready.
- Okay.
Grandpa !
It's Auntie Sonja.
What a surprise.
You found the time to call!
How are you?
I see. Fine. And what's the part?
A murderer!
I'm not sure you'd be convincing
And who do you kill? Wait a sec.
What are you doing?
You have to cut the other side!
Yes, but I'm not done here yet.
- She's playing a murderer?
- Yes.
Are you still there?
When are coming to visit?
We only get to see you on TV.
Quiet please for the dry run.
And go.
Lukas! No!
At the end, could you step to the left?
- Right of the camera?
- Yes.
Exactly. Perfect.
Okay. Can we mark it?
No, it's all in the picture.
- How about a cigarette butt?
- Okay.
- A cigarette butt, please.
- Coming. Just a second.
- Thanks.
- See you in the morning.
- See you tomorrow. At nine?
- I'll be here at nine o'clock sharp.
Have a nice evening.
Well, we'll see.
I tried to call you. About 20 times.
We're shooting day and night.
- Of course. Have you got a second now?
- No, I'm going to a dinner party.
I need to get ready.
Susanne told me what she did.
I'm sorry.
It wasn't that bad. I understand her.
I'm leaving her.
I've made up my mind. It's final.
It's nothing to do with me.
It's none of my business.
Of course not.
It's got nothing to do with you.
- Can I come up?
- I told you I've got to get ready!
I won't get in your way.
There's wine in the fridge.
Let's have a glass.
Would you mind?
- How's the shooting?
- It's okay.
Are you happy?
You're only really happy when you work.
- That's what you told me.
- I see. Yeah.
Everything's fine.
I have to do my make-up. Want to join me?
I had a nice time with you.
And I'm grateful to you.
You helped me a lot.
It was a rough patch. I was confused...
Yeah, I know.
But it's over now.
I mean it.
Please accept that.
- Don't get your hopes up.
- No, I'm not.
We're so different.
You're an artist. And I am...
You'd get bored of me in the long run.
I get that.
It's not that.
Never mind. I know that it's over.
Sonja, it's okay for me.
You shouldn't leave her.
You've got beautiful kids.
I'll always be there for them.
You've got a family.
You can't just throw it away.
I really tried. I tried for a long time.
But I've had enough
of the indifference and coldness.
I have to go through with it.
I have to go through with it all.
I can't stand this coldness anymore.
- Sorry, shooting went on forever.
- Don't worry, we're just on the starter.
- Did you cook?
- Me? No way! I hired a cook.
The producer Mormann is here, too.
He's got something for you.
A great series.
Hear me out.
It's the perfect part for you.
It's really special. Give it a chance.
You're next to him.
You met him at the Film Ball
two years ago.
Our star is here.
Something to brighten up our dull evening.
Oh, Hans!
I'm sorry to arrive so late.
I have a good excuse.
I had to work.
- Mormann. Pleased to meet you.
- We've met before.
- At the Film Ball. Two years ago.
- You still remember?
- Shall we wait with the main course?
- Sure. We don't want to rush Sonja.
- Do you drink red or white?
- White, please.
White wine, please.
Oh, no!
There's one more thing.
I have to go to bed.
I wanted to make you happy.
But I realise I couldn't.
I could only comfort you a little.
Please, David!
I'm shooting tomorrow and I'm tired.
Why are you so sad?
What are you afraid of?
When you met me, I was...
I had...
I guess I had something like a...
... depression.
It's nothing unusual.
Lots of people have it.
But now I'm over it. It's gone.
You know perfectly well it's not gone.
You're so unhappy. So lonely.
Stop trying to make me believe that shit!
You don't know me.
You're not even listening.
I'm tired and need to sleep. Enough!
- Leave me alone! Just go!
- I'm sorry, Sonja.
I'm sorry, Sonja. I didn't want...
- I want you to know that I'm your friend.
- Move your foot!
You've got so many admirers and fans!
And they're right. You're amazing.
But none of them know
who you really are.
Will you just stop talking this crap?
No one knows who they really are.
It's impossible!
But I do.
You can drop the act with me.
I'm your friend, Sonja.
I just want to be your friend. That's all.
If you are my friend...
... then let me go to bed now. Please.
- Please!
- Of course. Sorry...
I didn't want to...
Sleep tight.
Sonja, I'm your friend.
Sleep tight.
Oh, my God! Papa!
Papa, what's wrong?
Please, Papa!
Hi, it's me.
Papa's on the floor! Not moving.
What should I do?
Can you come over?
And how do I do that?
Where exactly?
Hard. Okay. Thanks.
We're in the bar.
You're doing great. Very good.
You can press harder.
Just a second.
And now faster.
- Like this?
- Yes, that's fine.
Press as hard as you can.
And faster.
You're doing great.
Very good.
Carry on! Don't stop.
Very good.
And faster. A bit faster.
Now, move away.
Don't touch him at all.
Stand clear!
What's wrong with Grandpa?
Oh, Hannes!
Grandpa is sick.
But the doctor's here now.
- Is he dead?
- No, Grandpa isn't dead.
The doctor is helping him now.
And now go back to bed.
- Will you come with me?
- I have to stay here.
You don't have to stay. Go with him.
Okay, come on. Come.
- Yes?
- I'm here, Ms Berger.
- I'll be there in a sec. I overslept.
- Never mind.
I'll wait for you.
I should have got the medicine
straight away.
It would have happened anyway.
I didn't check if he took them on time.
And I know how careless he can be.
It would have happened anyway.
Believe me.
Don't blame yourself.
We couldn't know
his heart was that bad.
I don't know.
I'm so afraid that I might...
Maybe I...
I'm so afraid that asked for this.
That I asked for this to happen.
Asked for it?
I had these thoughts,
wondering how it'd be when he was gone.
That I'd be free at last.
Well, a bit more free.
That I could maybe change my life.
I sometimes wished him dead.
- But you saved his life.
- That was pure chance.
If I hadn't walked in...
- Did you call me at once?
- Yes.
- Did you hesitate for even a second?
- No, I didn't.
So you didn't want him to die.
Yeah... But...
Well, but I did have those thoughts.
We have lots of thoughts.
Your thoughts don't make you.
What am I then?
You're something else.
They're thoughts. Only thoughts.
That's not you.
Cut! Thanks! We've got it.
That was the last scene with Ms Berger.
Thank you, Sonja. Bravo!
- It was delicious.
- Thanks.
We'll go and brush our teeth.
- Good evening!
- Hello!
- Look who's here!
- Hello!
- Hi, there!
- Hi, Auntie Sonja!
Hello, darling.
- Wow! You're so tall!
- You haven't visited for a while.
- Did you bring me a present?
- You don't ask that!
- Hi.
- Hello.
- How was the journey?
- It was a long day.
- We were shooting.
- Must be exhausting.
I've got you something,
but I'll give it to you tomorrow.
Is your luggage in the car?
We just ate.
I didn't know when you'd arrive.
- It's okay.
- I'll get your luggage.
Great. Thanks.
- What have you got for me?
- Wait and see.
- Grandpa was in hospital.
- Sonja knows that already.
Now go and brush your teeth.
You've got school in the morning.
- And put on your pyjamas.
- Yes.
- You look good.
- Thanks.
- Maybe a bit pale.
- Yes. I worked a lot the last few months.
Here you are again!
- How is he?
- He's weird.
He's totally changed.
- Changed?
- Yes, he's so friendly and...
And patient.
As if he's happy with everything.
- Happy? Papa?
- Maybe he's found religion or something.
- Religion?
- Yeah.
- The luggage is in your room.
- Great. Thanks.
- It's a simple room.
- She knows we're not a grand hotel.
- It's perfect.
- Checking on your father?
He'll be happy to see you.
Are you finished with your film?
Yes. I finished shooting today.
Then I rushed to the airport.
You've always been different.
Like a clown.
You always made everybody laugh.
"One day she'll be an actress",
I used to say to your mother.
- You can ask her.
- I can't ask Mama anymore.
Of course not.
But I did tell her that.
Back then. When you were this small.
You didn't have to hurry.
I would've waited for you.
I'm not going to die that easily.
Of course not.
I think he's asleep now.
It's so quiet here.
Shall I heat up some dinner?
No, Thanks. But I'll have a glass of wine.
I could really do with one.
Let's go to the bar.
- Where's Michael?
- Watching sport.
White wine?
Strange how everything's so deserted.
Remember how busy it was here?
Remember that time I sang for the crowd?
I think I was seven...
And you went round collecting money.
48 schillings!
It was a fortune for us.
And Papa was angry.
He didn't like us "begging".
- Here.
- Thanks.
And you?
Well, why not.
- It's a pity the inn's closed.
- Please, not that old story again!
He dreamt of me keeping the inn going.
It was hard for him to accept
he wasn't an innkeper anymore.
Yes, I remember.
You didn't see any of it.
You were gone by then.
- Cheers.
- Cheers.
After a while he accepted it.
But he never forgave me.
I couldn't do anything to please him.
I don't think so.
You were always his little girl.
He always loved you.
He understood you.
And with me, he tried hard.
I didn't want to live like Mama.
Working all day long. From dawn to dusk.
No holidays because it's season.
No weekends because it's busy.
Always on duty. Every single day.
She didn't really have a life.
Except work.
I guess I got that from her.
The urge to work.
To believe that happiness only comes
from being useful and doing your duty.
But Mama wasn't happy.
Are you sure?
But it was her choice.
Why else was she so proud of you?
That you went and followed your dreams.
She supported me. I was her child.
You did what she couldn't do.
She didn't want this life.
It happened to her.
I think she understood me.
That I don't belong here.
That I'm different.
- I really fancy a smoke. Want to join me?
- You smoke?
- Sometimes.
- I didn't know.
But Papa doesn't know.
You're always a child in some ways.
I still sneak out to smoke.
Do you want one?
I quit smoking.
What the heck.
Do you think of Mama a lot?
I think of her less and less.
It's kind of alarming.
When Papa dies
we won't have any parents.
Then it'll be our turn.
Well, sometime.
It's weird.
If it wasn't for you, doc,
I'd be on the other side by now.
Well, on the other side.
Actually, I was annoyed
that you wouldn't let me go.
You wouldn't stop working on my body.
All that fuss, just for a body.
It sounds like you were watching me.
Yes. I was.
The poor boy.
It was too bad he walked in.
Did you see that, too?
Of course.
But it didn't look like
you could see or hear anything.
Well, I wasn't in my body.
I was outside my body.
You weren't in your body?
I was watching everything from above.
From the other side.
You probably think I'm not quite...
... right in the head.
No, not at all.
That phenomenon is nothing new.
- People know about it?
- Yes. It seems to happen quite often.
When people are close to death.
They know it?
Yes, they know.
Why don't they say anything?
Would you have believed it?
He's a good doctor.
We're glad he's here.
He's not like a country doctor at all.
- Do you think we're all dimwits here?
- Of course not! I'm from here, too.
He seems lonely.
- Is he married?
- I don't know. Ask him.
Come on, that's way too personal.
... just one more thing.
- Yes?
Don't tell the children
what I just told you.
They'll think that...
It's beautiful on the other side.
No need to be afraid.
I've heard about it.
We were just saying
how glad we are that you're here.
That someone like you
is looking after him.
There's not much I can do,
medically speaking.
Coffee, doctor?
Yes, please.
- Unfortunately.
- But you did save his life.
I'm glad I can stay here for a while.
- With him.
- How long are you staying?
I just finished a film,
so I have time now.
No obligations.
- There you are.
- Thanks
Milk or sugar?
No, thanks.
Hello, Hannes.
- Hello.
- Hello.
School's over already?
Are you going to play football now?
- Can I got to Mama now?
- Of course.
Hannes, you don't have to be afraid.
It's not sad if someone dies.
I'm old already.
And I'll go to heaven.
I know that.
She flirts with you. Did you notice?
She flirts with every attractive man.
- You overestimate my effect on women.
- I don't think so.
They're not from here.
Where will all this end?
What do you mean?
Well... When Papa
doesn't need me anymore. What then?
We'll see when it happens.
Yes, sure.
- Come on, Papa.
- Let me stay here. I can see the view!
You need to move.
The doctor said it's good for your heart.
Come on, the air's great here.
- You've changed so much.
- Really?
Have I?
Maybe it's true.
You've changed, too.
So serious...
So pensive...
You're not really happy.
- I've always been serious.
- Ah!
You always took centre stage.
Always cheerful.
I wanted to attract attention.
I wanted to please you.
And you succeded.
What a jolly child you were.
- Are you in pain?
- It'll be over soon.
Come on, Papa,
you can go on living for years.
The doctor said so.
- He also said it could be over in a flash.
- Don't even think about that.
I won't be told what to think.
How are you?
Don't shout, I'm not deaf.
- I'm installing a bell for you.
- A bell?
You ring it in your room
and we'll hear it downstairs.
- Whatever.
- You ring and we'll hear it downstairs.
- I got it.
- Yeah.
There you go. It works perfectly.
Did you take your pills, Papa?
- Tonight?
- Yes, of course.
Did you take them?
I forgot.
I'll fetch them for you.
- Did it work?
- Yes.
Now you can ring for us anytime.
Just ring the bell
when you need something.
Right next to your bedside table.
Mama, can I watch TV?
- What did your dad say?
- That I should ask you.
Okay, until 8:30.
But first say goodnight to Grandpa.
- Will you come with me?
- You're a big boy, Hannes.
All right. I'll come with you.
Hello, Isabella.
How are you?
- Did you read the scripts?
- Yes, I did.
Honestly? I'm not really sure.
- I don't identify with her.
- But darling, she's such a modern woman.
Active, confident but still so feminine,
full of empathy and emotion.
She's fantastic. Seriously.
Er... Wait a second. Hold on.
I'm on the other line. I'll call you back.
Everything okay? Kisses.
But we need to give them an answer.
Yes or no!
I'll reject it if you're absolutely sure.
But I'd rather not do that.
I'd rather turn it down.
Okay. Fine. Do that.
Thank you. You, too.
Is everyone here?
Now that we are
at this beautiful spot,
let's say the Lord's Prayer.
- I hope we're not chasing you away.
- No, I was leaving anyway. Bye.
- Good bye.
- Bye.
Our Father in heaven
Hallowed be thy name
Thy kingdom come
Thy will be done
On earth as it is in heaven
Give us this day our daily bread
And forgive us our trespasses
- Doctor.
- Hello.
Did you know
you're sitting on my bench?
No. I didn't know.
- I'm sorry.
- May I?
Of course. It's your bench after all.
But why?
What do you mean?
Why is it your bench?
I used to sit here as a girl.
Whenever I felt loney or misunderstood.
Then I'd imagine how successful
I'd be one day.
And famous.
Admired and loved by everyone.
Admired and loved?
Is it possible to have both?
Probably not. Or very rarely.
I was naive, of course.
But back then that's how I imagined life.
And success.
Well, most of it did come true.
I was lucky.
I have to check on your father.
Now you have your bench to yourself.
I have to go home.
I'll come with you, if it's okay.
What a surprise! It's open.
Yes, but hurry up, please.
They reserved for 10 and 20 turned up.
I have to prepare the rooms.
That'd be fine. Er...
And get three lettuces
and five mozzarellas. Thanks.
- Look who I bumped into at the lake.
- I wanted to check on your father.
- Can I help?
- Michael will be here soon.
- Sure?
- Yes. Papa is upstairs.
I'll take you upstairs.
I'll shower and be down in a sec.
- It's busy today.
- Yeah.
- Okay. How can I help?
- I'm almost finished.
Papa's not feeling well. Check on him.
- He's not well?
- No, he has to stay in bed today.
- I'll go and see him.
- Excuse me, are you the actress?
- No, I'm not.
- You look like Sonja Berger.
I often hear that.
I must look really like her.
It's a striking resemblance.
There are so many pilgrims these days.
People are looking for something,
so they wander about.
But they don't have to look.
It's all there and fine as it is.
- You didn't talk like this before.
- Well...
Because I didn't know any better.
I couldn't see it.
I used to worry too much.
Well, everything had to be
just the way you wanted it.
Yes, that's true.
And yet life is so beautiful.
No need to change anything.
We just need to be able to see it.
No, Papa.
Life is not that beautiful.
And it never has been.
Things happen.
You can't change that.
And you don't get any wiser.
But we tried our best.
What's wrong?
We really did try.
I know that.
Come and help me.
I have someting for you.
- What are they?
- Your mother's letters.
I think you should read them.
What letters?
- To who?
- It's all in the letters.
Hi, there!
Nice to hear from you.
Listen, I tought about you
a lot recently. And...
I wondered where you were
and what you were doing.
I see. Yeah.
Yes, you told me. I'm in Vienna and..
And I wondered
if maybe we could meet sometime.
I'm flying back from Vienna.
We could meet up then.
Great. Let's do that.
Right then.
9 schnitzels and 13 lasagnes.
- 13?
- Yes.
It'll be just enough.
- I think we can start serving up.
- Okay.
They're on the third verse already.
Hannes, could you
take this soup to Grandpa?
- Will you come with me?
- I can't. I have to work.
I'll go with you.
Will Grandpa die?
At some point, yes.
- But that won't be anytime soon.
- Will he go to heaven then?
Yes, he'll go to heaven. For sure.
But where's heaven?
- Where it is?
- Because up there is space.
And no one can live up there,
except astronauts maybe. But no one else.
So where will Grandpa go? Where is it?
No one knows exactly where it is.
But there is a heaven, that's for sure.
We just don't know where.
I see.
One more tray and that's it.
- Everything okay?
- Yes.
It feels really great to work like this.
With your hands.
You feel so useful.
Well, I wouldn't want to do it every day.
The doctor is an interesting man.
Very well-read.
And intelligent.
He reminds me one of my exes.
He was really philosophical, too.
And he's good-looking.
- Well, for his age.
- Leave the doctor alone.
I said leave the doctor alone.
The way you act is so embarrasing.
- What do you mean?
- Do you have to come on to every man?
I can do better than a country doctor!
I've plenty to choose from.
Then take them and leave us alone.
Are you out of your mind?
Sonja, you always put on this act.
Always chirpy, cheerful, happy
and successful. It's not real.
Just drop the act.
No one knows who you are anoymore.
And you know who you are?
Well, I guess you do.
It's not that hard.
You're jealous. That's your problem.
You're jealous of me, of my life.
It's not my fault,
you're unhappy and frustrated.
You chose this life.
No one forced you into it.
What are you thinking about?
I'm just tired.
Well, it was a long day.
Let's go to bed.
I think I'm even too tired to sleep.
- Good bye.
- Good bye.
- Well, Mrs Berger, thank you.
- It's Maierhofer. Berger is my father.
- Good bye.
- Good bye.
- Mrs Maierhofer, thanks for everything.
- It was my pleasure.
- How far are you going today?
- To Josefsberg. Not so far.
- Okay, thanks and God bless you.
See you next time.
- Have a nice day.
- Thanks.
- Good morning. Breakfast?
- No, I'll get something on the way.
I'll be off then.
- Is Hannes gone already?
- He's at school.
Too bad. Say hi to him for me.
To Michael, too.
I'm sorry for what I said last night.
You don't have to be sorry.
You were right.
- It was true.
- You're a cheeky one!
You fooled us good and proper!
I knew it was you.
You're Sonja Berger.
It must annoy you,
strangers bothering you all the time.
- Oh, no. It was just a bit of fun.
- I'm a huge fan.
- I've seen all your films.
- Herta! Everybody's waiting.
I love the one
where you fight for your child.
It was so touching. So brave.
- Thank you.
- All the best.
Thank you.
I guess you're right.
I'm probably jealous of you.
Because you're so free.
But it's not true that I chose this.
This life.
I couldn't have left Papa here alone.
He wouldn't have coped.
I didn't choose this.
Maybe things just happen to us.
Maybe we can't decide anything.
And you can't do anything about it.
I'm really sorry
for what I said last night.
There's no need.
I'm playing a role. All the time.
Everything is fake.
You're right. I'm not real.
I don't even know what "real" is.
- That's not true, Sonja.
- It is.
It's true.
- Have the pilgrims left?
- Yes, they're gone.
Sorry I couldn't help you.
- It wasn't too bad
- I can't now.
Michael was here. Sonja helped, too.
You helped, too?
families stick together.
- Are you in pain?
- I'm fine.
Where is your spray?
- Huh?
- It's upstairs.
I'll fetch it for you.
- Is it bad?
- I'm okay.
I overdid it a bit.
- Did you read them?
- Yes.
I'm glad.
Now you know.
- Did you know all along?
- I didn't know.
Well, she didn't tell me.
I found the letters after the accident.
In her drawer.
And who is he? I mean...
He spent his holidays here.
With his parents.
A young lad.
And you didn't notice?
We never talked about it, but...
I suspected it a few times.
But I didn't want to believe it.
But you can't stop your thoughts.
They're just there.
Forgive me.
lf you can.
There's nothing to forgive.
You were right.
You were still my child.
You were different, but still my child.
Maybe I didn't try hard enough.
Thanks for telling me.
She'd have wanted it this way.
I think the letters weren't meant for him.
She wrote them for you.
All right.
- Here. You should always carry it with you.
- Yes, I know.
Under the tongue.
- And now put it in your pocket.
- It tastes weird.
- Is it the right one?
- Do you feel better?
Hello, this is Sonja Berger.
Can I talk to Mr Gerold, please?
You promised yesterday
that I could talk to him today at ten!
I need to talk to him in person.
It's private.
It's about my mother. He knew her.
It's very important.
Ms Hoffmann, please let me know as soon as
the gentlemen from Kazakhstan are here.
And bring me the accounting records.
- Of course.
- Thank you.
- Ms Berger?
- Yes.
- Please take a seat.
- Thank you.
I'm afraid I only have a few minutes.
I'm not sure if I can help you.
- Your mother passed away recently?
- In a car accident.
- My sympathies.
- Thanks.
And you found some letters in her estate?
Letters addressed to me.
I wanted to ask you...
I came to...
You know, I want to understand her better.
It was quite a surprise.
It was a long time ago.
Yes, I guess I was 17 at the time.
Your mother was in her early 30s.
A woman with experience.
It was, of course, very exciting for me.
It also had a lasting impact on me.
I hadn't had many romantic adventures.
Did you love her?
I think I was too
overwhelmed to feel love.
Your mother was a passionate woman.
Did you keep in touch?
I mean after the holidays?
- Did you get any letters from her?
- No. And that was very wise of her.
It was obvious it couldn't last.
It wasn't just the age difference.
She was married, had a little child.
- Was that you?
- My sister.
Well, it was just impossible.
How should I put it?
I had other plans for my life, of course.
I wasn't that naive!
Can I do anything else for you?
Sir, the gentlemen
from Kazahkstan are here.
Thank you.
As you can see, duty calls.
Do you have any children?
Two. The holder one
will finish school this year.
Well, if he can bring himself
to devote a bit more attention
to "all that bourgeois stuff".
Well, I'm afraid I can't see you out.
They're waiting for me.
- That's fine.
- All the best.
- Here's to us!
- It was great.
- Cheers.
- Cheers.
Our friend raves about you.
- I doubt that.
- He does.
Speaks highly of you.
But he thought the plot of our film
was so mundane!
- And he was right.
- The plot? The actors are more important!
- Of course!
- You say that because you're an actor!
- Here's to us actors!
- To actors! Cheers!
Your last scene today was just perfect!
- Really.
- Yeah, you really moved me.
- Really?
- Yes. Something was different.
- It was your approach.
- It was really different.
Yeah, I noticed a difference.
- Your approach...
- It was more intensive.
Just great. Did you see it tonight?
No, but I'm looking forward
to the premiere.
- Compared to two weeks ago: amazing!
- That's right.
Anything else for you?
- How's the goulash?
- Everything's good except the service.
It'll be here in a minute.
He's right about that.
Here's to a bad dress rehearsal,
and to a great premiere!
- Hear, hear.
- Here's to Wednesday.
All in white. Very feminine.
The theatre organised it.
It's not really my taste.
Do you want a drink?
- Maybe a glass of wine.
- Sorry.
But I've got some whiskey.
That's fine.
I miss you.
Listen, Papa needs something.
I call you later.
Okay. Bye.
Hi, it's me. Is anything wrong?
I guess I fell asleep.
Go and sleep. I'll take over.
No, I want to be with him when he...
He'll wait for you.
I wonder if he can hear us.
I have this feeling
that he can hear everthing.
He sometimes has these strong spasms.
- What?
- Well, they come suddenly.
But they say it's normal.
For dying people.
It looks as if he's in pain.
But he's not. He can't feel anything.
So don't get frightened.
He can't feel anything.
They're just reflexes.
No change.
I'm clearing things for the winter.
It's about time.
Wake me up when Hannes gets home.
You just go to bed.
Can you hear me?
When I say something...
Do you hear me?
Does that mean yes?
- Hello, Papa.
- Hi.
- How was training?
- Good.
- How many goals did you score?
- Two.
Listen, Mama's sleeping now.
Let's not wake her up.
- Will you help me?
- Yes.
I just wanted to tell you...
Maybe you can hear this.
I wanted to thank you.
You were very kind to me.
I didn't understand.
Thank you.
They didn't wake me up.
It's okay.
I have to check on my boy.
Do that.
Thank you.
- Having dinner?
- Yeah.
Why didn't you wake me up?
Because we're independant men! Right?
I chopped onions.
- You should eat something.
- No, thanks.
What is it?
I think he...
Sorry. I thought...
He's really fighting!
I'll be back in a second.
Now let's go to bed.
- Is the little one in bed?
- Yes.
- Do you want to lie down a bit?
- No.
I'd like to have a shower.
- Could you lend me some clothes?
- Sure.
Look in my wardrobe in the bedroom.
It's probably not your style.
- Good evening.
- Doctor.
- I wanted to check on the patient.
- My wife is with him.
Would you like a coffee?
No, thanks.
I think it'll be tonight.
But you never know.
We know so little.
Excuse me.
Well, you're back again.
No change, right?
- All we can do is wait.
- Yes.
Doctor I just wanted to tell you...
I wanted to thank you.
The way you care is just amazing.
Thank you.
- I really hold you in high esteem.
- What?
I just wanted to tell you that.
I wanted you to know it.
I just try my best. Everybody does.
- Good evening.
- Good evening.
Do you know each other... Well?
But sometimes he's like a stranger,
as if he lives on a different planet.
Know what I mean?
I thought you might want a coffee.
Yes, thank you.
He's not ready yet?
Do you hear me?