Ode to My Father (2014) Movie Script

Kkotbun's Shop
You know what
my dream was as a boy?
No, tell me.
To be a captain...
steering a big ship like that.
How come you never told me?
I never knew that.
Ah, what's the point...
I did tell you once.
Oh my!
You need to look after yourself
when you get old.
Eat the porridge I made you,
then don't forget your pills.
Why don't you stay home today?
Our kids are coming.
What's that?
Are they here?
Oh, it's my munchkins!
- Our munchkins are here!
- Going somewhere?
- Dad!
- We're here.
- Mom, what's wrong?
- Are you sick?
It's nothing, just a cold.
Dad, can't you look
after her better?
You should take her to a doctor!
These damned pills won't help.
I can't believe you!
Where are you going this time?
A guy Kim knows
invited us to Thailand.
- Thailand?
- Yeah.
So sorry,
I wish you could join us!
Yeah, me too.
Seo-yeon, listen to your grandparents
and don't cause trouble.
Mom, thanks for watching them.
This is for the memorial.
Sure, don't worry
and have fun there.
- Let's go!
- Gosh,
I feel so guilty
going off by ourselves.
Then don't go.
See you on the day of the memorial.
Okay, have fun
on your family outing.
' Bye. Mom!
' BYE bye!
Goodbye, Dad.
Family outing my ass.
Aren't we family?
Oh my!
Get out, you bastards!
Beat it!
Grandpa, please,
let's talk this over.
Who are you calling Grandpa?
Am I your Grandpa?
That's not what I meant,
We just suggest you sign while
the price we're offering is good.
Take this for a sign!
I won't sell this store
until they shovel dirt on me!
You really won't listen to reason.
It's no use anyway, Grandpa.
Now that the law's changed,
if 80% of the merchants agree,
it'll be expropriated
whether you sign or not.
Scram, you bastards!
You dirty crooks!
You didn't have to throw it.
All right, Grandpa,
we'll go.
See you tomorrow.
Old man just won't listen.
Hey. you there!
You can't park here!
Move your car!
Just 5 minutes.
Think you own this market?
Look, we can't do business
without unloading goods.
- What?
- Why are you so selfish?
You hold out selling your shop,
hurting all of us,
now you won't let us unload?
You want us to starve?
Move it, quick!
What are you staring at?!
Don't be angry, Grandpa.
I'm scared when you're angry.
All right.
Grandpa, I was reading just now,
what does 'memory' mean?
This sort of thing's memory.
Thinking about the old days.
Things you can't forget.
What about 'gigabyte?
Let's go.
Don't be angry, Grandpa.
I'm scared when you're angry.
Did you get angry
when you were little?
Then what were you like?
As a boy?
Are you okay, Seo-yeon?
No fooling around, I said!
December 1950
Hungnam, North Korea
December 1950 Hungnam, North Korea
Maksoon, you listen up good.
December 1950
Hungnam, North Korea
This is no playground.
We're not going for fun.
Grab my hand tight,
you hear?
Duk-soo! Maksoon!
Duk-soo, grab your sister's hand,
and stay close behind me, okay?
Yes, Dad!
Let's move.
You Okay?
Oh no, the Chinese
must be right behind us.
The Chinese have entered Hungnam!
Hurry now.
Don't get distracted!
Maksoon, come down!
Let's go, hurry.
The Chinese have broken through
and are entering into Hungnam!
Evacuate the 7th Division units now!
I say again!
The Chinese have broken through
and are entering into Hungnam!
Pull back all
7th Division units now!
hold your sister's hand tight!
Hooligan x-ray, Hooligan x-ray!
This is Charlie Company.
Charlie Company on board, Sir!
Load the weapons!
There's no time!
We have to move out in one hour!
General! I beg you...
Please have mercy
on these people.
f you leave them like this,
there's only death left for them.
The Chinese army could be
upon us any time now, sir!
Hold this line!
Hold the line!
Roger, that's it.
Shut the door and move out!
Let's go!
Sir, please have mercy!
Please save our people, sir!
Captain, how many refugees
can we fit on this ship?
The ship's fully loaded
with tanks and morters, sir.
We've got munitions on board sir!
There's no room for the Koreans!
This is an order
from the General!
Unload all arms
and drop them into the sea.
Let's have all refugees on board.
What if we can't board?
No talk, just move quickly.
Come, follow me.
Hold Maksoon's hand tight!
Du k-soo! Du k-soo!
Duk-soo, I said to grab her hand!
Get up, Maksoon.
Everyone gather your wits!
Let's go.
Get up, quick.
- You all okay?
- Dad!
Du k-soo, Kkeutsun, Seung-gyu!
- This way!
- I'm okay.
- Stay there. Duk-soo!
- Darling!
Du k-soo!
Du k-soo!
Come this way!
This way!
Maksoon! Listen up!
This is no playground.
We're not going for fun.
Grab my hand tight!
Take Seung-gyu-
Du k-soo!
Du k-soo!
Maksoon! Maksoon!
What's wrong?
I lost Maksoon.
I'll go and get her.
Go to your mother, quick.
I'll find her.
I'll go with you.
Listen to me.
If I don't come back,
you're the head of the family.
That means whatever happens,
you put the family first, okay?
Now that you're
the head of the family...
look after them well.
O Kay?
Dad! Dad!
Maksoon! Maksoon!
Maksoon, where are you?
Maksoon! Maksoon!
" Damn s! " Dad!
Is this ship leaving?
" Damn s! " Dad!
You go ahead!
I'll come join you!
Go on, don't worry about me.
- Daddy!
- Darling!
11:00 am, December 23, 1950.
The Meredith Victory withdrew from
Hungnam Port carrying 14,000 refugees.
Early 1951
Gukje Market, Busan
By any chance,
do you know Yoon Kkotbun?
A woman from Hamheung.
Do you know a merchant
named Yoon Kkotbun?
A woman from Hamheung.
Kkotbun's Shop
Kkotbun's Shop We've got army
uniforms from Camp Hialeah!
We have C-Ration too, welcome!
Have you gone mad?
Drinking and carrying on
at high noon!
Even dogs are put
on this earth for something.
Were you put on earth to drink?!
How dare you nag me,
you wench!
Go on, try to kill me!
- You can't even walk straight!
- Aunt Kkotbun...
Even so...
How could you just leave
my brother behind?
Don't you worry
he might be killed?
There's not much space,
but stay here for now.
Thank you.
We're cramped here as it is,
how can she bring her kids?
They'll hear.
- Our house...
- Our house...
- ...is called Flower House.
- ...Is called Flower House.
- What's 6+4?
- 10!
- 10. You sure?
- Yes!
Then what's 3+2?
Hey, what's that?
But where you from?
Where's that?
Up north.
You a commie?
You think all Northerners
are commies?
You must be, from your temper.
I told you I'm not a commie!
Come up here, you!
Why is there a commie
in math class?
Get up here.
Chocolate give me!
Give me chocolate!
Today's newspaper!
So embarrassing.
Do they have to act like beggars?
That's why our country
stays poor.
Missing: Yoon Jin-gyu (father),
Yoon Maksoon (sister)
Missing: Yoon Jin-gyu (father), Yoon
Maksoon (sister) You're from the North'?
Me, too.
Tongcheon, Gangwon Province.
What do you want to be?
- A naval captain.
- Captain?
I want to build ships.
Really big ones.
How can you make
big ships in Korea?
First you raise a lot of money,
and buy land.
A lot of countries need big ships.
So you show them
a photo of the land,
and say, we'll build the ship
you need on this land.
So buy a ship from us.
Will that really work?
Mr. Chung!
There are trials,
but there is no failure.
Crazy fool.
You said it.
He might as well start
a Korean car company.
With the world so messed up,
you see some strange people.
Chocolate give me.
Chocolate give me.
Chocolate give me.
Chocolate give me.
What the hell?
Okay, here.
Have the chocolate but go, okay?
Get him!
Go, run!
- Duk-soo!
- Run, Dal-go!
Stop, you!
Hey, you!
This is President Syngman Rhee.
For me, armistice does not mean
that we fight any less,
but ultimately means
more hardship and destruction.
Come out,
you little punks!
I have been against the armistice...
What does "armistice" mean?
Sounds like it means
not waging war.
So we can go back
to our hometown?
I don't think so.
Why not?
If the armistice ends the war,
why can't we go back?
It's true we're not waging war,
but that doesn't mean
the war's over.
It needs to end first.
- The war is too...
- You don't know, do you?
- I mean...
- What's an armistice?
What's an armistice?
Can I go back to my hometown?
Where's your hometown?
Hamgyeong Province...
Hungnam, Cheongi-dong.
You can't go back.
Why not?
The war's over.
It's not over,
it's a cease fire.
Our country's weak,
so other countries came in,
and now they fight and
divide us up as they please.
Those damn bastards!
Come here, you!
Hey! Spit it out!
Kick them!
July 27, 1953
Armistice Agreement signed
What happened to you?
In the middle of this chaos
I send you to school,
and you go around
getting into fights?
I wasn't fighting.
I just tripped while running.
Now you lie to your mother?
You hate me, don't you?
Then why didn't you mention
Maksoon even once?
Duk-soo, let's imagine.
Suppose our house is on fire.
You're in the house,
and we're all outside.
Then what should I do?
Of course,
you'd come in to save me.
If I die trying to save you,
who will feed your siblings?
It tears my heart
to think of Maksoon,
but now I have to look after
you and your siblings.
I'm a mother.
That's what mothers have to do.
But because of me, Dad...
No, it's not your fault.
Don't you worry over such things,
just study hard.
Because you're the head of
the family until Dad comes back.
You understand?
Those damned thugs.
Look at your face!
You saw me restraining
myself yesterday?
If I catch those punks again,
I'll beat them...
Shut your trap.
So, since the war's over,
you'll go back to your hometown?
I guess so.
Too bad.
We just became friends.
What do you mean, friends?
I'll probably never see you again.
That's what you think.
I don't think that.
What's this? Look at her wrist!
Go easy on her.
And you just need to let go.
You don't have many years left,
stop being so stubborn.
Sell the store and
enjoy your earnings.
Stop talking nonsense.
Look at me.
I sold my store and
put up this big building.
It's called a multiplex.
What would a beggar
like you know?
I'm gonna rip
your mouth... damn you!
Cursing in front of the kid.
Old geezer.
All done...
Those migrants
are drinking coffee!
Can you believe it?
That's why their country
stays so poor.
Hey, you!
Don't insult us!
Insult you?
We didn't insult you.
You did!
Nobody gave me this coffee!
I bought it myself!
What's the problem?
Hey, he talks with an accent!
Of course!
I'm a Busan person,
so I speak Busan dialect.
You're no Busan person,
you black bastard!
If you live in Busan,
you're a Busan person!
If you live in Korea,
you're a Korean!
Now you're jabbering nonsense,
you bastard!
Talk trash in your own country!
Let go of him, you punks!
What's it to you if he drinks
coffee or barley water?
Hey, gramps!
What's a low-grade migrant
like him doing in a cafe?
A dirt poor beggar
working in another country!
If you work in another country,
you can't drink coffee?
Don't worry, Seo-yeon.
Your grandfather's
just gone a bit senile.
Soon he'll be painting on the wall.
With his poop.
You bastards!
Penniless bastard!
Trying to sneak into class again!
I'm warning you!
If I catch you here once more,
you're in for it!
You shouldn't throw books.
- You bastard!
- Come on.
It's because of beggars like him
that our country's poor!
Autumn 1963
- Oh, that's heavy.
- Hey, Beggar Boy!
You slacking off again?
How' re your studies?
Studies my ass...
out of the way.
Beggar Boy.
Something wrong?
You need cash
if you want to study.
You're earning cash now.
Can't even feed myself.
What do you mean?
My aging mother's out there
selling things on the street,
and Seung-gyu has to be
so damned good at his studies,
the jerk.
If you study well,
you're a jerk?
Crazy bastard just got into
Seoul National University.
Seoul National?
Wow! Wow...
What a jerk.
ls he even human?
Now we have to pay the tuition.
I wish some money
would fall from the sky.
Maybe not the sky...
but I know just the place.
Work in Germany.
Miners needed.Miners?
Squid and peanuts!
Mister, one squid please.
Are you crazy?
Do you even
know where West Germany is?
A miner? Gimme a break.
You can't even shovel.
life is all about timing.
There's a time for everything.
You know what I mean?
Let's go for just 3 years.
I'm not going, dammit!
The exam's
right around the corner.
You can take it
when you get back.
Seriously, who in your family
earns money besides you?
How'll you pay
your brother's tuition?
Making fish boxes?
A million of those
won't pay his tuition.
What's there to think about?
The answer's obvious.
No way.
After getting into that school?
Not anyone can
work abroad as a miner.
- Mom...
- She's right.
Don't be ridiculous!
You've never once even
gotten your hands dirty.
A bookworm like you,
mining coal?
- Even the dogs will be laughing.
- You be quiet!
Can't I have my say?
Anyway, don't you worry
about any of that.
- Your brother's working hard.
- Mom.
You know what people
are saying about him?
He can't get educated
because of his needy family.
Working himself to the bone
365 days a year.
How can I accept that money?
Shut your mouth, you!
You want a slap?
You just study at your university.
Have you been drinking again?
God, I can't stand this!
Life is about timing.
A right time for everything.
You understand, you little punk?
Whining at
your mother like that.
Mom, I'm going to bed!
He's just hopeless.
Have a drink?
All right, all right...
Now we'll have the physical test for
West German mining applicants.
- You see that rice sack?
- Yes!
Now, just lift this sack
above your head.
- Understood?
- Yes!
Let's start with applicant 1.
Failed. Next.
Why are you all such wimps?
Wait, wait!
Wait, I can do it.
Lift it!
- It hasn't touched the ground!
- You're done.
- I'm still...
- Failed. Next.
Yes, sir.
Two !
Passed, top marks!
Really, in today's world,
who tests with a sack of rice?
But why do you want to go anyway?
Your family's not poor.
Chasing my dream.
Huh? What dream?
Foreign women.
Physical development that
Asians can't compete with.
The sort of free mind that
Korean women can't imagine...
Can't find that in this country.
- You'll like it too.
- Quiet, you idiot.
Next applicants!
Cheon Dal-go,
you're a bit weak physically.
Yes, I tend to concentrate on
lower body workouts, so...
Yoon Duk-soo, your written test
and everything look good, but...
no mining experience.
Yes, but I served in the army's
engineer corps. We shoveled a lot!
Ah, engineer corps?
- Yes.
- But that's not quite enough.
I must go to West Germany!
Until that day when
the East Sea runs dry
and Mt. Baekdu is worn away,
God protect and
preserve our nation!
3000 Ii of rivers
and mountains,
filled with Roses of Sharon,
great Korean people stay true
to the great Korean way!
Long live the Republic of Korea!
Hurrah! Hurrah!
Strong patriotism
Spring 1964
Hambom Coal Mine, Duisburg
Success and safe return.
Hey, you! Hurry up.
Hey. are you okay?
Du k-soo!
What's wrong?
Combine! Stop the combine!
Du k-soo!
You okay? Let me see...
A story from long ago
That refuses to leave my mind
Don't touch me!
Ah, you're a nurse.
They say that's really hard work.
Surely mining must be harder.
Ah, not at all!
It's really not that bad.
Then when did you
arrive in Germany?
December the year before last...
About two years ago.
Meeting you here,
suddenly I'm craving Korean food.
I didn't look.
What, a woman?
Really, a Korean woman?
She's in the nursing school
at St. Anna's in Duisburg.
Nursing school!
Nursing school!
Wow, a white angel!
Is she well developed?
Big hips?
A woman should
have a large pelvis.
Stop it, will you?
But are they big?
How big? Huh?
Come on, quiet down!
Anyway, you arranged
to meet her alone, right?
- Of course he did.
- When?
No, I'm not
meeting her alone.
- You fool!
- You don't have a clue!
Why'd you even mention it then?
I think he's impotent.
Why is the bread
so hard again?
Ah, you soot-covered idiots...
You having fun?
Of course I am!
Miss, where do you hang out?
You're a great dancer!
Leave her alone!
Let go of me!
Who is it?
Over there!
I dunno.
Ask, then!
Youngja, who is that?
Dormitory inspector.
She came to watch over us.
No, no, no...
and your turn!
Youngja, look!
Mr. Yoon!
Are you crazy?
At this hour?
You must be tired, right?
Quiet, you idiot.
What was that?
I dunno!
You said you craved
Korean food.
Your eyes were glued to my breasts,
but your ears still heard me.
Ah, it wasn't like that, really.
Take this.
I didn't look, really.
But, your friend...?
Ah, Dal-go?
He's meeting someone.
Ma'am, you mustn't do that.
That's... that's not why I came.
Shut your mouth.
What's she saying?
Is she crazy?
What's she doing?
Please spare me, ma'am.
So cute...
Yes, that's it!
The taste I missed.
Youngja, I wanted to ask.
That day we first met,
why were you singing
such a sad song?
Just because...
things were hard.
When things are hard,
don't cry all alone.
If you tell me,
I'll cook this kimchi stew
and bring it to you.
So from now on,
if you can't help crying,
please don't ever cry alone.
Why not?
Your heart coarsens,
if you cry alone.
If we cry together,
will that help?
They say, "Even a sheet of paper
is lighter if held by two."
Please promise me.
That you won't cry alone anymore.
Thank you, Mr. Yoon.
I said, call me Duk-soo.
Sit comfortably.
Catch me if you can!
My apologies.
It's okay.
Wow, looks tasty!
- Sorry for the wait.
- It's fine...
But, aren't you curious?
About what?
What kind of person I am...
Where I lived in Korea,
well, what my family situation is.
What's the point in asking?
You must have been poor.
Probably an eldest daughter.
And your siblings all had their
mouths open like baby birds.
So you send all your
hard-earned money back home.
We're here.
It was fun.
Good night.
I held her hand!
No, this can't be!
Methane gas!
The pressure is over 3%!
Everyone must evacuate!
All the miners below.
Everyone evacuate!
Everyone evacuate!
Gas is leaking! Quickly!
- What is it, Duk-soo?
- What was that?
The tunnel's collapsing!
The tunnel's collapsing!
- What?
- The tunnel's collapsing!
Duk-soo, come on!
Dal-go! Dal-go!
Come on, get "P!
- Duk-soo, come on!
- Duk-soo!
- Hey!
- Let go of me!
Let go!
Dal-go! Dal-guu
- Duk-soo!
- We need to go!
Oh, that hurts!
Wait, wait!
Don't leave me here.
Even if I die,
my ghost will come after you.
Shut up!
Shut up!
Du k-soo!
Du k-soo!
There was a mine explosion.
Explosion? Where?
In Hamborn.
Du k-soo.
Out of the way!
Our friends are dying!
Stay back!
It's too dangerous!
The shaft is still full of gas.
Just be thankful
you're still alive.
What happened?
Duk-soo and Dal-go
are trapped inside.
We're trying to go down,
- but they keep stopping us...
- No!
Why can't we go down?
It's too dangerous.
There could be an explosion.
And the people down there?
We can't do anything
until the gas dissipates.
But, then they'll die!
The people down there!
Those people
risked their lives for you!
Those people... those poor,
luckless Koreans,
who came to this distant land
just to earn money.
If you won't go down,
then we will.
Don't be absurd.
Who knows if they're even alive?
Watch your mouth!
Those people won't die!
If they die, it's in front of us!
Let us go in!
Even if they're dead,
we should find their bodies.
Say YES, please.
- Hey.
- Yeah?
Let's go.
- Hey. let's go!
- Let's go!
Get up.
- Let's go!
- Let's go!
Du k-soo.
Du k-soo!
Du k-soo.
Du k-soo!
Duk-soo, where are you?!
Duk-soo, answer me!
Du k-soo!
Du k-soo!
Duk-soo, get out from there!
Get out, quick!
Du k-soo! Du k-soo!
Du k-soo.
I'm scared, Duk-soo!
Open your eyes!
If you die here, then
what about your family?
Get up, you damned Beggar Boy!
Du k-soo!
You're alive!
You're alive, Duk-soo!
How much time has passed?
You're thirsty, right?
We need to save the battery.
I'm looking after them well,
at Kkotbun's Shop.
Mom is still doing okay, for now.
I miss her...
Seung-gyu is
an unbelievable student.
He just got into Seoul National.
Kkeutsun keeps getting prettier.
She causes trouble sometimes,
but she's turning
into a fine woman.
my sister Maksoon...
I haven't found her yet.
I'm so sorry to her.
Life is hard...
It's really hard for me.
But the one I really
want to see right now,
isn't you, or Mom,
or Seung-gyu, or Kkeutsun...
it's Youngja.
- Duk-soo! Duk-soo!
- Dal-go!
- Dal-go, are you okay?
- Hey, bring a stretcher!
- Dal-go!
- Quick, a stretcher!
Take Duk-soo first,
he's hurt bad.
Wait just a minute!
We'll pull you out.
Duk-sods not waking up.
Hey, a stretcher, quick!
Hurry up and bring it!
Damned rain.
They're coming out!
Out of the way!
I'm relieved to see you
recover so quickly.
All thanks to you.
I don't know
how to thank you.
Cook me something tasty.
This time, bean paste stew?
Shall I?
What are you doing
next weekend?
This week I'm a bit busy.
Can we make it this weekend?
To be honest...
my visa expires in a week.
And they're not extending
miners' visas anymore.
Good for you.
You've been wanting to go back.
How about coming back
with me to Korea?
Money's nice,
but rather than washing corpses
all day long in a foreign country...
There you go.
Don't cry.
Why cry on
such a beautiful day?
You'll return home proudly,
having earned a lot of money.
And I'm working hard
and living well here.
Du k-soo.
Congratulations on your return.
- Seung-kyu, Kkeutsun!
- Duk-soo!
This is our new home?
- Wow, it's great!
- Duk-soo!
Du k-soo!
Come here!
Is our Seoul University kid
studying well?
Sure, brother.
- Mom!
- Duk-soo!
You worked
so hard over there...
No big deal.
You've worked hard too.
Auntie, is the store doing well?
Sure, sure.
Too well, in fact!
Duk-soo, did you earn a lot?
Hey, don't touch a lady's butt!
Lady? How's our lady
doing at school?
Pretty girls don't need to study.
Then you better study hard!
Mom, let me carry you!
Let's take a spin!
Auntie come here, your turn.
Are you healthy enough?
Ah, then not Auntie,
Mom again!
Duk-soo, me too!
December 21 , 1966
First group of miners return from Germany
This is our home!
Auntie, I brought the stuff
you ordered.
You're always on top of things.
Now that you own a house,
you should take over this store.
No Auntie, you're still
healthy and strong.
No, if I die,
I want you to have this store.
Here it is.
Hey, Beggar Boy!
- Oh, your aunt's here.
- Hello.
This gentleman
is looking for some cloth.
Oh, really?
Over here, take a look.
I'm seeking an exotic
and abnormal kind of fabric.
Fabric... fabric...
Oh, not this.
This is good... abnormal.
Oh, fantastic!
I was seeking a fabric
for women of elegance.
But that fabric was
nowhere to be found.
Why didn't I think of putting
embroidery in fabric?
Oh, idiot! Oh, stupid!
Oh, fool!
Ah, then in Seoul,
men make women's clothing?
In our generation, the shattering
of gender roles will be a hot topic.
I appreciate your help.
Thank you!
See you later!
His bag.
Mr. Kim! Kim Bong-nan!
Shattering of gender roles?
He probably thinks a man
can have a baby.
Ha, don't be ridiculous!
How long has it been, Youngja?
3 months.
Is that all?
It feels like 3 years.
Anyway, let's have a drink.
Why not?
You don't drink?
I'm not allowed to drink.
I'm pregnant.
Ah... oh my, congrats.
That's such great news.
Will he be named "Schu..." like other
German boys? Schu-shine?
He'll be Yoon!
The day before
you left for Korea!
Won't you reconsider?
If you come back to Korea
with me now...
I'll support you, and...
I'm sorry.
Shouldn't have brought it up.
I guess this is my
only chance to sing this.
I don't understand why it is
that I am so sad
A story from long ago,
this is...
Oh my God...
Youngja, we really shouldn't, I...!
- Duk-soo, lucky you!
- Youngja, you're beautiful!
Let's shoot the photo!
One, two... three!
Stay still!
Why are you doing this?
Dal-go! What are you doing
to my brother?
Beat it, you!
Dal-go, that's enough!
Don't worry, ma'am.
Why are you doing this?
Then sing!
I... I can't sing.
- She can't sing, can't sing!
- Hurry up and sing something!
- I'm a terrible singer!
- Youngja, save me please!
Youngja! He's going to die!
I'll do it!
I'll do it.
Okay, let's hear the bride sing!
I don't understand why it is
Oh God.
That I am so sad
Grab him.
Where'd you find
a woman like that?
He won't die from
that feeble beating.
Why don't you die,
you bastard!
That's not water, is it?
Whack him hard!
That man
in a yellow shirt
He says hardly
a word at all
You dance well, come on!
Somehow I think I like him
Somehow he's my type
He may not be
very good looking
But he's got some spirit
How are things?
Aren't you sick?
- Where are the kids?
- Auntie's watching them.
So why are you here?
Take a walk with me.
Just come.
The memorial's in two days,
why buy the food now?
You're still sick.
Need to prepare early.
And then I can have
this date with you.
You losing your mind?
What a great song.
G re at?
Nam Jin sings much better.
Hey, don't you have
any songs by Nam Jin?
What's important,
the face or the voice?
Na Hoon-a is much cooler.
Get out, the really
cool one is Nam Jin.
Ask any of these people.
Who's better,
Nam Jin or Na Hoon-a?
No question,
Na Hoon-a's the better singer.
Nam Jin looks like a girl.
Just chop your fish heads
and mind your damn business!
Nam Jin's the best!
Don't ask me to
walk with you anymore!
Coming through!
Autumn 1973
Those kids have
a good appetite.
- Kid, what grade are you in?
- Fifth grade.
Fifth grade?
You do sports?
Which sport?
- Wrestling?
- Yes.
Just stuffing your face
won't help you in wrestling.
You need technique, you know?
- Holds and flips...
- Dammit, let's go!
Rude little punk, interrupting
your elder like that!
Dal-go, I passed!
Korea Maritime University!
- Really?
- You bet.
Lee Man-gi
Soon I'll be a captain!
And I thought you were
just a blockhead!
Du k-soo!
Hey, don't do that!
That's a great dress.
- I gave you a big piece.
- Thanks.
You never buy meat,
what's up?
Receive some good news?
- Can you tell?
- Yeah.
- Have a good day.
- Bye.
You can sell the house!
How can you even say that?
And why should it cost you
so much to marry?
You keep repeating that, and
I'm turning into an old maid!
How dare you shout at your
mother like that!
Your brother emptied his pockets
to buy this house!
You know our situation,
how can you carry on like that?
You did it for my younger brother
when he got married!
Didn't you even think of
your daughter's wedding?
Your older brother spent
barely a coin on his wedding!
The idiot wanted it that way!
You little ingrate!
Don't you know who
sent you to university?
Your brother almost killed himself
mining coal in West Germany,
so that you two could study,
and we could buy this house!
When is she
ever going to grow up?
Look at the view here!
This is it.
It's originally an
imported goods store.
But you could turn it
into whatever you want.
Hey! What's going on here?
We just laid my aunt to rest.
She worked her whole life
maintaining that store!
How can you sell it
without consulting us?
I'm selling my store,
who do I have to consult?
It's not your store,
it's Auntie's!
Who are you to yell at me!
I don't have any money to live.
If I don't sell that store,
I'll starve.
What, cat got your tongue?
Leave, then!
I'll buy it!
Kkotbun's Shop!
I can buy it out
from you, can't I?
Kkotbun's Shop
Certificate of Acceptance
No way.
Vietnam's at war.
I may not know much,
but I won't send you to a place
where so many men are dying!
Mom, those are
soldiers carrying guns.
For technicians like us,
it's completely safe.
I doubt that.
Duk-soo, do they pay you well?
Shut your mouth.
They pay in dollars, $850.
That's 400,000 won.
Wow, then my wedding
will be no problem!
I said, shut your mouth!
Anyway, there's no way!
If we're frugal,
we can save for her wedding.
Mom, just let me go.
It's not like I'm going alone.
Who else is going?
Dal-go said he's going too.
I... I did?
She's right.
You want to make me a widow?
Then we'd be
widow village here!
Whether you live or die,
you're staying here.
Why are you so negative?
Anyway, forget it.
Honey, I'm the eldest son.
And the head of the household!
That's right.
Either way, I have to
look after my family.
You've done enough!
Why do more?
Why is it always you
who sacrifices himself?
That's enough, stop.
And you think I don't know?
The wedding?
No, you're going to a war zone
because of that store!
You think I'm stupid?
Stop it, please!
Why do you
talk back so much?
You think I want to go there?
It's my damned fate!
Why are you blaming me
for my fate?
What about your fate?
It's time for you to live
for yourself, not others.
It's your life,
why is there
no part of you in it?
I, standing before
the our noble ag,
dosolemnly pledge allegiance
to the Republic of Korea,
and its glory, liberty and justice.
- Are you even human?
- What now?
Summer 1974 Saigon, Vietnam
Bringing your pal to a war zone?
Hey, you brought me to Germany!
A coal mine and a war zone
are not the same!
What's the difference?
It's a job either way.
There's more to life than money.
There's more to life than women.
And where'd you get
that weird hairdo?
Oh, it's hot.
- Hey, Duk-soo!
- Yes?
Damn, that's heavy.
Sign this.
Uh, sign okay.
Okay, okay. Sign, sign.
Oh, it's hot.
Dal-go, look.
Seen that before, huh?
Forget that.
Now we've been paid,
wanna get a drink?
- Where?
- There.
Are you an idiot?
That's for US soldiers.
We can't go in there.
Oh, ladies!
That's mine! Give it!
Damn little punks... hey!
Oh my. Don't cry.
Those kids hit you?
Yeah, Korean.
Thank you.
Thank you.
Oh, it's hot.
Youngja, how have you been?
I'm working comfortably here
with no troubles.
It's really great here.
As I said before,
since I'm not a soldier
I'm far away from the war,
it's almost like
I'm here on vacation.
Youngja, I've been thinking.
Isn't it a relief to know
That is was us,
and not our children,
who were born
into this difficult era
and lived through
all these hardship?
Just imagine...
If our Do-ju were caught up
in that cursed Korean War...
Or if our Ki-ju were clown in
those hellish German mines...
Here in Vietnam, our young men
have come to earn money.
I wish that none of all this
had ever happened.
Still, I'm thankful that
these troubles
have been suffered not by
our children, but by you and me.
Everyone pull back!
Saigon has already fallen
to the Vie! Cong.
It's dangerous to remain here.
Evacuate quickly!
Viet Cong!
Get down.
Over there!
It's nothing!
A snake, you idiot!
Dal-go, no!
Dal-go! Dal-go!
Dal-go! Don't kill us!
It's all right,
we're the Marines.
What the hell are you doing here?
- Don't kill us!
- Mister, we're the Marines.
This area's been occupied
by the Viet Cong.
The Americans all evacuated.
Follow us.
There are snakes here, snakes!
What are you doing,
we're in a hurry!
Driving me crazy...
By any chance,
are you Nam Jin?
Ah, my popularity
spreads to all corners...
Du k-soo!
Dal-go, we're saved!
On that grassy plain,
I'll build a pretty house
With the one I love...
We built this pier here.
Don't want the enemy
to use it, so we'll detonate it.
Blow it to smithereens.
It figures...
Don't have much time,
so hurry onto the boat.
Don't want to get blown up.
I'll build a pretty house
That song is great.
Is it new?
I'll release it when I go back.
Think it'll be a hit?
It's got something special.
By the way...
Can I have an autograph?
Three of them.
Come on.
This is the last box?
- Put in your luggage.
- Duk-soo, look.
What is this?
Hey- What's going on?
They want us to
take them on the boat.
The Americans demanded
info about the Viet Cong.
Then the Viet Cong arrived,
and asked about the Americans,
Then they took away
all the young men.
All war is like that.
It was the same for us.
Hurry, let's go.
Hey! How can you
compare the two?
Is that how I taught you?
The Viet Cong will kill us
for talking to you.
They say if you can't take them,
at least take the children.
We can't.
There's barely room for us.
Hey- Why aren't you helping?
Just hold on, I'm coming.
Come up.
There you go.
Come on up.
Come here!
It's okay.
Come here.
Dao! Dao!
Help my sister!
She fell in the water.
Where's he going?
Stay still.
Take the girl.
Duk-soo, quick!
Du k-soo!
You're okay.
Blow up the pier!
April 30, 1975
End of Vietnam War
Come one, come all!
Look, we have new goods
from Japan and the US!
Mister, take a look!
You just don't listen, do you?
I told you, your goods can't
come over past that pillar.
Let's not be too harsh, okay?
Sure, but there are rules
to the market, you know.
You see anyone else
flouncing around like you?
It's obvious you've got
no husband around.
- Leave my husband out of this!
- Are you crazy?
What's wrong with you?
Let go!
You want to die?
Let go!
What are you doing?
Have you gone crazy?
What's with you?
Ouch! Oh, my.
- What happened to your leg?
- It's nothing.
How's my wife been?
What happened to your leg?
It's nothing.
- What happened?
- Hey!
It's fine.
It's okay!
What happened to your leg?
Come here, it's okay.
Come here now.
Kkotbun's Shop
All done.
Thank you, thank you!
Thank you.
First ever
Korean-Vietnamese wedding
It's okay, don't cry.
Okay, everyone.
Look here.
On three.
One, two...
Duk-soo, how come your eyes
are closed in every photo?
Is your timing that bad?
And why don't you take a rest?
Let your son run the store.
Right, do some
traveling with Mom.
Enjoy yourself, will you?
Right, will you take the money
with you when you die?
And who uses imported goods
anymore, we all buy Korean.
Right! Dad, the trendy spot
now is Haeundae.
Life is all about timing.
Let's just sell the shop
and move to Haeundae.
Stop blabbering
and eat your fruit.
How come you get so negative
if anyone mentions the shop?
Ah, these days I just can't
communicate with my father.
These days?
It's been a while.
What's so precious
about that damn store?
It makes no money,
should've sold it earlier.
And what's with the name
"Kkotbun's Shop?"
- Such an old-fashioned name.
- Right.
Dad! Dad!
if I don't come back,
I'll meet you at Auntie's shop
in Gukje Market, Busan.
Just ask for Kkotbun's Shop.
Kkotbun's Shop, okay?
The new KBS special program
'Does Anyone Know This Person'
is being launched in an effort
to reunite the many families
who were separated
in the Korean War.
Summer 1983
Yeouiclo Plaza, Seoul
Seeking brother:
Kim Hak-cheol
What's your uncle's name?
Kim Yea-jun.
Yes, that right.
Kim Yea-jun.
That's correct.
Seoul / Daegu
Mom... Mom...!
Jeju / Daejeon When I was young,
you left me at the barber's home.
Yes, right.
The weather was cloudy.
Yes, right!
Brother! Brother!
Now I can die with no regrets-
Why did you take
so long to find me?
Seoul I Busan
Yes, it's certain.
He really is my son.
Mom... Mom...!
Next we have Yoon Duk-soo
from Jung-go, Busan.
He is seeking his father Yoon Jin-gyu
and sister Yoon Maksoon.
Could you briefly describe
the circumstances?
It was at the Hungnam Port...
during the Hungnam withdrawal.
I was carrying my sister
Maksoon on my back.
I was climbing up into the boat,
but there were many people.
- I was grabbing he! hand, but...
- Maksoon...
I lost hold of it.
My father went clown
to search for her,
and so I was separated
from both of them.
Yoon Jin-gyu was a laborer
at Hungnam Fertilizer Factory,
and Yoon Maksoon had a
mole behind her ear.
I wish you good luck,
and now to the next person.
Wait... wait a minute.
Whenever my mother
made our clothes
she'd sew a flower
and butterfly in thread
at the bottom,
as a family sign.
At Hungnam, when I lost her,
I was left holding the hem
of her clothes.
Move over.
- Left or right?
- Your right...
- Do you know what my job was?
- You had a bicycle shop.
Yes, that's right.
Eat something, will you?
You should get your hand whipped
for watching TV while eating.
I'm an adult, it's okay.
You don't look like
an adult to me.
Yes, he's here.
Duk-soo, they found him.
Your father.
- Yoon Duk-soo is here!
- Yoon Duk-soo?
We have a call
from Busan KBS. Quickly!
But I came from Busan.
Yoon Duk-soo is here!
Okay, standby... Standby!
Bring him here, quick!
You can sit here.
Yes, okay.
Sit down quickly.
How do you do?
Okay, we're going live.
When you see the man
on the screen, speak to him.
All right.
Just relax.
All right.
Okay, here we go.
One, two... cue!
This is Yoon Duk-soo,
searching for his father and sister.
A man from Busan saw your
broadcast and contacted us.
Okay, Mr. Yoon.
We're connecting now.
Are you Duk-soo?
Yes... do you know me?
Are you Yoo Duk-soo,
who lived in Hungnam?
Yes, I did live in Hungnam,
but my family name
is Yoon, not Yoo.
Try to remember...
your name's not Yoo?
- No, it's Yoon, not Yoo.
- That's not your father.
Is there a burn mark
on your left arm?
No, there's no mark.
I don't think it's him.
It's not my father.
Unfortunately, this time
we do not have a reunion.
It's okay.
At least there's
still some hope, right?
Imagine if someone came on
and said he passed away?
You spent all this money
to come up here to Seoul...
Please shut up.
Oh, Duk-soo.
Are you okay?
Don't worry about that.
Hey, get camera #3 ready!
Out of the way!
Okay, standby!
One, two, three... cue!
We have a new piece of news.
We were just contacted by a woman
who may be Yoon Duk-sods sister.
Let's connect to
Los Angeles, in the US.
The US?
Yes, she was at Hungnam,
but you'll have to confirm
the rest with her.
Now, when she
appears onscreen, talk to her.
The... name of my sister is Maksoon.
Yoon Maksoon.
I don't know my real name.
I was adopted by a family in the
United States when I was just a little girl.
What's that?
Oh my, she can't speak Korean.
What'd she say?
What did she just say?
She was adopted
to the US as a girl,
but she doesn't know
her Korean name.
Adopted? To the US?
I... I only have one clear memory.
It was Heungnam Port in the winter.
My big brother...
my brother was carrying me
on his back and running.
I remember, he was scolding me...
But then... where
is your hometown?
Where? Please
ask her where it is.
I don't know exactly.
I was crying at Heungnam Port when
a U.S. soldier took me on board.
I was sent to an orphanage in Busan,
and from there
I was adopted
by a family in the States.
I... oh, right. Maksoon...
had a mole behind her left ear.
It's really there.
She has it.
I remember...
I remember right before
we were separated...
my brother told me...
"This is no playground.
We're not going for fun."
"Grab my hand tight!"
I can't believe it.
My sister Maksoon...
Am I your sister?
Look at the clothes!
That's right!
That was Maksoon's!
I missed you so much!
Maksoon, I'm sorry!
Why did you leave me?
Why did you leave me?
I... l...
I couldn't hold on...
I'm sorry I couldn't hold
your hand tight enough!
It's really Maksoon.
Sister, you're alive!
Where is mom, where is my mother?
Mom is still alive, Maksoon!
She's still alive!
Your mom's here...
I miss my mommy...
Thank you. Thank you.
Thank you. Thank you.
My poor daughter...
- That's right, go Man-gi!
- That's right!
Grab him and twist him.
that's the way!
My mother died the year
after meeting Maksoon.
All her life she missed my father,
but that dream was unfulfilled.
Put this in the middle.
Shall we bow to grandma?
Next, should we hear Seo-yeon?
Seo-yeon's the best singer.
Give her a hand!
Stand up straight here.
Which song will you sing?
Then what?
How about your favorite,
"When the Sun Rises?"
Then what?
At Hungnam Port,
where a snowstorm raged on
- I shouted your name
- Oh, that's great!
And searched for you
How could you teach this
to a little girl?
- Where did you go, Geum-soon?
- God, you're stubborn...
- Where are you wandering?
- Really, Dad!
- Oh, my stomach.
- Crying in anguish,
I left alone
in the retreat of January 4
I kept my promise.
And I found Maksoon.
In that sense,
I've lived well enough.
But you know,
it was so hard...
Don't cry, Duk-soo.
I know how hard
it was for you.
And I'll always be thankful.
You did all the things
that I couldn't do.
I missed you so much!
I know...
I missed you too, always.
Then what was
your dream as a girl?
To meet a handsome man,
and have a happy family.
Your dream came true perfectly.
I don't think so.
You regret marrying me?
Then why did you marry me?
Because you're pretty.
Nice to hear,
even if it's a lie.
Then why did you marry me?
Because I love you.
Nice to hear,
even if it's a lie.
Let's sell it.
The shop.
Oh my...
you've finally grown up.
Surely by HOW.
He's too old to come.