Odeya (2019) Movie Script

Namaste sir
Welcome sir
Welcome to our college sir
My name is
Mr. Papa Rao
I am the new principal
of this college
By the way
I'm also known by another name
Mangalore Tiger
In 2002,
Belagavi American College
There was a big fight
On 1 side were students
with 1000 weapons
On the other
just 1 weapon
Who was that single
weapon militant?
Its me
Shut up
I kicked out everyone
I heard there's frequent
riots in this college
It won't happen again
I will not allow it to happen
Be careful!
Garland him
Sir stay low
Don't get up
Are they going to garland me again?
MLA's son Vikith Reddy
His foes Gajendra's brothers
Nagendra and Surenda
What the hell is happening here?
Sir they wage war twice in a week
If it is common to them
Stoping them is common to me
Look how everyone became silent
due to my roaring
Its not because of your roaring
They became silent on their arrival
Gajendra's two more brothers
Rajendra... Vijendra...
Namaste sir
They say parents give us birth
Teachers give us life
My brother keeps telling us
We apologise on behalf of our brothers
Please accept this blank cheque
I take responsibility
for all damages incurred
No one ever impressed me before
But for the first time
Your decency, modesty, culture
I am really impressed
I like it
Your brothers can go
back home with you
Thank you, sir
Carry on
I am happy
I am happy
Don't be in a hurry
You can trust politicians
But you should not believe
these kind of people
I though they came to fight
for their brothers
But they came here to take them home
Don't you feel outraged!
Hey did they beat you up?
They bowed to me and
presented me a cheque then
Now they ride their bikes over me!
Where can I find them?
They stay together
Where is their house?
Its in the market
Is this their home?
He is Gajendra
Please enjoy your meal
serve them crab
Okay brother
Serve them rice and chilli chicken please
There should be competition
between server and the guest
Such an amicable soul
He is providing food to everyone
When they have mouth watering meal
in front of them
Why are they crying?
Is the food too spicy?
It's not about food being spicy
but what savages they can be
Did you all enjoy your meal?
Yes, brother
Close the gate
Okay brother
What kind of injustice is this?
He offered them food
Now he is beating them up!
That is his style
All we read about in the papers
is lash, thrash, whip, wallop!
What is happening
in the land of Gandhi?
I can't keep quiet any longer
I'll complain about this
to the district collector
Shift to reverse gear
Look over there
The one who is enjoying the fight
like a cricket match over there
...is the district collector
Gajendra's childhood friend
District collector is his friend!?
He is his close friend
Hey Gaja, todays match is superb!
For next match...?
You'll umpire the next match too!
I lent money at
atrocious interest rates
But he used to cheat farmers
while weighing vegetables
He misbehaved with girls
Everyone who are here have
committed mistake one way or the other
But I am unable to
understand your logic
Why feed and then make
mincemeat out of us?
In order to face me
You need to have a brave heart
Only if your stomach is full
can you bear the blows, right?
Yes brother
Mutton meal boosts your energy
You look very tired
Yes, brother
Serve him another round
Oh not again!
Oh not again!
Let's run from here
If I see the same faces again...!
I'll have to perform your funeral
Mr Gajendra
I'm here to arrest your brothers
responsible for the college riot
Why do you laugh so mockingly?
Hey Chari
Objection Your honour
Oh sorry! Inspector
Objection Inspector
Point number one
Even a crow has to ask me permission
before crapping on top of this house!
Point number second
Even a mosquito has to take permission
from me before biting them!
Point number third
Look at me, Mr Lawyer
I can't stoop down to that level!
Do you know whom they have beaten up?
They've beaten up a politician's son
Does it make him special or what?
According to the law
They are the brothers of Gajendra
For beating MLA's son
and got him admitted to hospital
Take this anticipatory bail
for all their misdeeds
Don't we remove the clothes
on the clothesline before it rains?
Similarly, we take a bail
before breaking bones
So... please
Shall we demolish this house
And construct court upstairs
Police station in the ground
Lets stay in the first floor
I am fed up running from
police station to court 24x7x365
who are you?
You look like out-of-towners?
We came to see yo-
Is Virat Kohl here?
Virat Kohli?
We thought he lives here
May be we got the wrong address
Having come all this way
why don't you have lunch with us?
- Oh no! Not lunch
Hey Odeya
Come O Odeya
He is the lightening
Make way
He is the thunder
You better step back
Leave the town if scared
The spark is here
Hey Odeya
Come O Odeya
Put down your weapons
Salute him
Drink some water if you are shivering
Seek refuge in him
When he gives his word
When he makes promises
He protects those who seek refuge in him
Hey Odeya
Come O Odeya
People name their children after him
His word is final in this town
Even machete go crazy
when he blows it away
Look at the blazing sun in his eyes
He is a breathing axe
You see hell when he thrashes you
He is lightning
He is the smiling star
When he gives his word
When he makes promises
He protects those who seek refuge in him
Hey Odeya
Come O Odeya
Hey Odeya
Come O Odeya
Hey Odeya
In his mother land
He is the warlord who fights
for righteousness and justice
He doesn't advise in words
No one has stood again
after taking his blows
He is the breathing mountain
He walks like a tiger in the crowd
He is ingenious
He is down to earth
When he gives his word
When he makes promises
He protects those who seek refuge in him
Hey Odeya
Come O Odeya
Hey Odeya
Come O Odeya
Hey Odeya
We grow paddy with our sweat and blood
You snatch it from us
at rock bottom price
And line your pocket
with a huge profit
Is this fair on your part?
Why are you straining your throat
by shouting unnecessarily?!
Why don't you
bend and yield?
You are exploiting us
Instead of bowing to your
unreasonable demands...
...we are better off
hanging ourselves to death
Is this what you wish for?
Now tell me,
will you hang in mid air?
Or will you bow down and obey?
To survive in this market it isn't enough to
just have a wish list
You should be petrified of Bettappa
Hey stop it right here
This is my nephew's home
Is it!?
Darling, you can roam anywhere
But don't be not reachable
Come as I call you
I love you
My dear nephew
My dear nephew
Long time since you visited us,
You are spreading clothes like women
You are washing dishes likes maid
What the hell!
You are chopping vegetables!
Home should be colourful like wedding
But this looks so colourless!
There is no sound of bangles
No sound of jingles
No fragrance of jasmine
a man can survive without eyes
But not without a woman
But you are so stubborn
about being single
This is not fair
Our brother hates the word 'marriage'
He is stressing out the same!
Dear nephew
Anekal Janaki's daughter Bulbul Bhagya
is a sizzling stunner
When she comes out
draping langa and davani
Even old men feel energised
Connecting that poll to this transformer
If we connect high tension wire marriage
The house will glow with light
You are so exhausted
after all that travelling
First eat, we can
talk it out later!
You are known for charity
So be it my lord
On every grain is written the name
of the person who will eat it
Like wise, my name is written
on each meat here
But there is only one foible here
How I wish a lady had cooked all this
Then it would have given me a greater kick
Kick you asked!
You will have it
Its okay
Rasam! Just awesome
Right from my wife to affairs
Everyone snatched from me
For the first time
You are the only one
who fed me full heartedly
I love you dear nephew
I love you dear nephew
Dear nephew
All I need is some betel leaf
for my taste buds to turn a deep red
That's it?
everything will turn red
even without betel leaf
How can that happen?
Wait and see
Yes brother
Shut the door
Okay brother
Why are you shutting the door?
Oh I got it
You want me to rest
peacefully for a while?
Kind hearted you are
Leave me
Sorry forgive me
You can't digest the fact, we are as united!
Sorry forgive me
Leave me
Throw him as far away as you can
If anyone dares to step in
trying to match-make...
I will break your bones
My brothers are everything to me
Our brother is everything to us
I heard about brothers unity
in Ramayana and Mahabarath
But I witnessed it right here
Can you please take me
into your Unmarried association?
Not just in the association
I'll take you into my heart
I will be in your heart
till I go to grave
Tell me Ramachari
We both know it
You are not a damsel to fall in love
I am not cupid to fall in love
But still we fell for each other
Yes we did
Tell me something new
In Ramachari movie
Alamelu and Ramachari couldn't become one
But in real life
This Ramachari and Alamelu will unite
And thought of signing
'Bare bare' song amidst these trees
But the fate has some other plan
What do you mean?
We must break up Alamelu
What are you saying Ramachari?
Gajendra has adopted me
as his fifth brother
Therefore, I must control my brother
You, not brothers
I said you
Its you sister
You girls call boys brother
during the break-up
Its a revenge
Forget me sister
To hell with your life
You couldn't control yourself
behind the bush
Now you are selling me stories
You sinner!
You will never excel
You will go to hell
You will not get a girl in your life
May your both hands get paralysed
This is my curse
Curse any part of my body but not hands
Because I am a bachelor from now on
My hands are very important to me
Bloody you!
I'll teach you
Is she a woman or witch?
She had almost killed me
My brothers are everything to me
Our brother is everything to us
When will you marry me?
Why do you worry my sweetheart?
We will get married in such a fashion that
People should get confused
wether its a wedding or a fair
Forget about people getting confused
I will pluck out your fuse now
Hey Bail!
You spoke like a celibate sage
in front of your brother
And here you are busy romancing!
I will tell this to your brother
You are the true brother
To keep up your words
Are you taking cold water bath
to control yourself?
Okay go now
Do you know what your brother is up to?
Are you taking bath
without wearing a nicker?
Its okay
Even I am allergic to nicker
See I'm not wearing nicker
The belt got stuck
I just couldn't hold
my breath beyond this
Shall I try to go down under again?
He took her to the sky
But you have taken her to rabbit hole?!
How many days has
this been going on?
4 years
7 years!
7 years!
Tell me the truth
Which school are your kids studying in?
Hello, don't talk like that
We belong to decent families
Yeah and we are from indecent families
All because of you
I ditched my poor Alamelu
I won't let you get away with this
I will separate you from each other
I'll make you join my 'Hand association'
Leave my pant
I am not wearing any underwear
Bail, we'll get Alamelu
married to you
Getting married?
Yes brother
Hasn't my face become real bright
knowing my marriage is fixed?
If you get married
your face will be bright
But marriage is like weed in life
You can't grow anything
if there is weed
Try to understand
You are not getting married
fearing separation from your brothers
I don't have any siblings
Why should I not get married?
You are single
Be like that
You can roam carefree
But if you get married
She will call you to inquire your whereabout
If your neighbour buys gold
Your wife will quarrel to buy gold
If your neighbour buy a saree
Your wife will demand one too
Wife is not better half
But butcher half
Because of your brother and his ilk
Indian population
will plunge down instantly
Take this
Drink some milk
Don't forget my words
Okay brother
Damn it!
Your brother is not a fancier
He doesn't allow other fanciers too
I know who put break
to my brother's romanticism
The tea stall owner
Why are you bringing
the roof down now?
How dare you brainwash our brother?
Will Allah appreciate this?
Don't you want him to get married?
He has lost his romanticism
by drinking your black tea
Shut down your tea shop
What is the meaning of this grinnning?
Your brother must have been 12 years
when he came to work for me
At lunch when I give him
a food packet he'll run home
I'd ask him what his hurry was?
He'd say he has to give this food
to his younger brothers
I'd ask 'what about you'?
His reply, 'I can manage with tea'!
Since then he is used to drinking my tea
I'm also used to giving him tea
Listen to me carefully
During your childhood
It was your brother
who cared you like mother
Our brother has given his whole life for us
We don't need any pleasures in life
Lets cancel love and everything
It is not a hotel dish to
cancel or order as per our wish
It is love man.. Love
Are you ready to leave your girlfriends?
Instead of thinking all this
Think on how to make
your brother fall in love
Is it possible?
Do you know any childhood friend
of your brother?
But he is the vice-president
of 'Unmarried association'
He is as strict as our brother
Who is there?
Get inside
Why did you come here?
You did this and that over there
So I came here
I will be doomed
if Gajendra comes to know
I don't know all that
Accept me as your wife
And take me in
You said it will be living together
But you made it baby together
Neighbours are asking me about her father
If tie knots to you
Gajendra will perform my funeral
This is my death call!
Go hide yourselves
Why are you here?!
Go back to your home
Did our presence disturbed
your celibate night?
I can sense a problem here
Alcohol's bad smell
Jasmine's fragrance
Both are spreading in unison
Definitely there is some problem here
What noise is that?
Probably rats
Seems like the lonely rat is cooking!
This is the rat!
This is not a rat!
This is a kid
Neighbour's kid
What were you doing in the kitchen?
Mom is also there
Neighbour's wife is also here!
I am not neighbour's wife
I am his wife
What proof do you have
to call yourself my wife?
Here is the proof
We are still in initial stages
He has reached the final round already
I beg you
Please don't tell Gajendra about us
If you don't want us to tell him about you
Then you must tell us about him
You mean?
I mean
We must make him family man like us
You mean.. You too
Take it
Did our Gajendra had crush
on anyone in his youth?
Not belt, he used to wear a lock
on his waist in his youth
Hey no way
There was one girl in sixth grade
6th grade!
In hundred meters running competition
The winner is
Sarala Kumari from 6th grade
First prize in arts goes to
Shakambari Devi from 6th grade
Hey her name is Shakambari Devi
Isn't that a lovely name?
[Reading out text book]
Shakambari Devi take it
We are getting late for class
Come lets go Sakku
Hey Krishna Murthy
Guess what Shakambari Devi's pet name is?
Sakku it seems
Your brother followed Sakku
like Mary's little lamb
I don't know wether your service is useful
to the society or not
But you became useful to us today
Wherever Shakambari Devi is
we'll find her and kidnap her
And get them both married
Will end this bachelor life
And welcome family life
Yes come on boys
Stop right there
Where are you going?
To kidnap Shakambari Devi
Are you going to kidnap her alone?
Or kidnap her husband and kids?
Is she married?
How can she have babies
without marriage?
You have a kid
What to do now?
Only 1 route and that is now
closed as a dead end
But I have one solution
Whats that?
More than her beauty and looks
He fell in love with her name
If we find a girl with the same name
Problem will be solved
How can it be possible?
Do you know the trend of current girls?
They make one dozen dress in single saree
Who will name themselves Shakambari Devi?
Shakambari Devi and her team
from SKS college are with us now
What is the purpose of your coming here?
We are conducting a program
on cleaning old temples in villages
That is why we are in your village
For further information
Kindly contact
our team leader Shakambari Devi
Excuse me
Who is Shakambari Devi here?
There she is
Shakambari Devi
Shakambari Devi
Why is he calling me?
We found our Shakambari Devi
What you want me to do now?
We are shocked to see Shakambari Devi
If you are a real commissioner
Make Shakambari Devi and her team
stay in our guest house
We will take care of the rest
[Kannada folk song]
He should be
enjoying with his wife
But he's busy nodding
his head to music
We can't get him married
I have one idea
Its me
Tell me commissioner
Hi Gaja
I want a favor from you
I am always there for you
Ladies' group has
moved next door to your house
They are good friends of mine
I forgot to handover room key to them
It is on your table
Yes, I see it
Just hand it over to them please
It is already latenight
You say its a ladies group
What if I go there and
something bad happens
Who will be held responsible
for my chastity ?
You are Mysore tiger
How can you get scared of facing a deer!
Tell me to face a tigers pack
I can face it single handedly
I am nervous about girls
This is how you value our friendship?
There will be one girl
named Shakambari Devi
Who? Shakambari Devi
You are giving her the key
That's it
If you don't give it to her
I will never show my face to you
Don't show it to me
Go to hell
He just cut my call now
He disconnected the call
But I feel like cutting your leg off
I am an officer
Show some respect
My sixth sense can not fail at any cost
If he rememberers that name
He will stop the playing drums
Wait and see
He stopped it
He'll now shoot up from his seat
He just did
He'll walk a few steps
Yes, he is walking
Now he'll pick up the phone
Phone rang
What's up Gaja?
You mentioned
some girl's name to me
Not mine
That girl's name
Shakambari.. Shakambari Devi
I'll hand over the key myself
Don't bother
I dont want to trouble you
I will plan it out something else
I am always there for friends
in difficult times
As if I won't do even this for you
Okay, give the key to her
He is trapped
Commissioner is not picking the phone
What to do now?
Lets wait inside madam
Brother is looking at the mirror
For the first time
Did he combed himself looking
at front camera till now?
Emotional next
Observation first
Where are you going?
I'm just stepping next door
to give the key
Why do you take unnecessary trouble?
Let me hand it over instead
Check if the milk is boiling over
Brother I have not kept milk on the stove?
Heat milk and turn off the stove
Okay brother
Shakambari Devi
Will the darkness help?
Half of the population in our country
is produced in darkness
Who is it?
My name is collector
Key called me and told me
to give it to Gajendra
Brother is babbling for the first time
My name is Gajendra
Commissioner asked me to
hand over this key to you
Thank you
Do you have any pet name?
I was wondering
how to kick start this vehicle
But this Bajaj vehicle
got turned on by self start
Tender given for renting
of shops in the market
fixing price for agricultural produce
And transport charges for the market
As it is the last day for accepting tenders,
anyone can apply for tender
If one wants to apply for tender
Please go ahead
They will not apply for tender mister
Open the cover and read its content
Looks like the cup is ours this time too
One more tender has been submitted
Gaja you suddenly took
a liking for post and position?
I am not here with a desire of power
Power itself desired me to come here
It is okay if the government is cheated
But if the backbone of this country is cheated
I will not sit quiet
From now on I am in power
I'll pass the orders
Tell me Suri
30 of our lorries are missing en route
This is my network
Do you have a phone?
Yes I do
Yes I have my boy
Gajendra's brothers have kidnapped me
They are going to kill me
Save me somehow dad
You hauled my 30 lorries
I picked up one single car of yours
Looked inside,
your son was there in the car
'Much' is not the criteria
'Which' is what counts
Since Gajendra has bid less than Bettappa
Tender is allotted to Gajendra and brothers
Trading and transport company
you have assumed yourself king
because of you got the power
The one in-charge should know
the depth and guts to rule
I don't want to sit on the throne
for the sake of coronation
Power come and go
I am taking the post
for the welfare of the people
That's it
You saved us from that demon
This market will be in peace
Not everyone who sits on the throne
can become king
Wherever the king sits will become his throne
Now this seat has some weight
Sign it please
What Gajendra?
New office! New job!
How is it?
You must be high on power it seems
That is why you are lost in your own world
forgetting about your brothers
If you see your brothers running scared
Thats giving an awesome feel
You dared to snatch my power, didn't you?
I will hunt down your loving brothers
and drink their blood
I thought of digging graves
for each one of you
Four of you got trapped in single shot
Not four
Who is that fifth one?
Make yourself strong
before we tell you who is the fifth one
Open your eyes and look at that side
Not bad Gajendra
I thought you will come here
to collect your brothers corpse
You have come here
to die to with your brothers
Our birth is in god's hands
Death is in Yama's hands
But your fate is my hands
Didn't you get the point?
You didnt chase them down here
My brothers brought you here
You are five men
I have
I've fifty men
You got pissed off
looking at my gang, right!
Hey old man!
He is not a dummy piece
to get threatened by you
Let there be army of brothers
or tigers pack
Our brother is a tusker
who can face you single handedly
You are bleeding!?
They hit me brother
Slaughter them
Hey you are hitting him empty handed?
Is it?
Give him a kick
How was it?
You should not attack from behind
You should beat them from the front
Hold his neck
Lock his leg and throw him away
Don't him on one part
Close your fist and give a punch
Should faint and fall down
Brother, he didn't fall!
One.. Two... Thr...
Hey super bro
Brother, lets burn him down to ashes
Brother, lets hang him
in front of the market
Peel off his skin, chop him into pieces
and throw them to vultures
My brothers are like tigers
They will you hunt down if let free
Did you realise what death is?
Quit everything and live righteously
Or else leave this town
Otherwise you will die right now
Tell me
Rowdies have attacked
Shakambari Devi and her team
Save them somehow
Please brother
Hey Bail, what is your plan?
You can't understand these things
In order to understand this logic
You need to be a lawyer like me
I've seen many movies
from Mayor Muttanna to Bahubali
It will definitely work out
It will not work out
Who is that?
She used to sweep in temples
with Shakambari Devi right?
What is she going to sweep here?
I wanted to see you
So I came here
You saw right?
Go now
No, I will not leave
Wont you listen to me?
I am listening
What is going on here?
Can't I figure it out
with my naked eyes?
When did you start this?
I will tell you
His brother gave us the key
But he gave gas connection
Cable connection
Water connection too
You were like an innocent child
When did you grow up
and gave all these connections?
Stop squeezing her fingers before it breaks
Leave it
Leave it man
By the way, why did you say
it is not possible?
Sakku looks fair in complexion
But she is a non-violent
by character like Mahatma Gandhi
She doesn't like violence
Bloody you!
Stop pressing me
I am here to bail you out
if you hit others
Who will bail you out
if you beat me?
Give me some time
I will sort out everything
Brother Gajendra
Its okay
Nothing has happened to you I hope
Me? I am fine here
Is it?
Okay I'll leave
Actually that red and green combination
looks great on you
Hi brother, what a surprise!?
You said they had a situation
But I see no one here
No situation nothing
I just wanted to check, how deeply
you are in love with Shakambari
You brought tea instead of a peg!?
I will not drink this
Assume this as a peg
I got hit trying to unite them
We can easily unite
Kouravas and Pandavas
But I can't unite these two people
Bail, we are counting on you man
Don't back off now
Look my god!
Are you planing to send me to heaven
in the name of god!?
No way
Looking at his temptation
it seems like
He will take her to delivery ward
before your brother gets married
Add less salt and spice hereafter
What are you doing here?
I didn't do anything
It was him
Who are you?
Namaste madam
Namaste, tell me
She wants us to repeat our greeting
Namaste madam
Tell me what brings you here?
We are Gajendra's brothers
We want you to make
this statue brand new
We only work on temple sculpture
We can't undertake this
Stop it
Due to discrimination between human beings
The world is half destroyed already
If we discriminate between gods
Then the world will be doomed
Try to understand
How's it?
Get out from here
Once I am committed
I will not listen to myself
I thought she's bubbly girl
But she became tomboy all of a sudden
Will you leave or not
Madam please
Lets not discriminate between gods
What that sir said is correct
Do as you wish
Look, I will fix it
Thank you
Girls, come inside
It is 6.30pm!
How can you tell time
without looking at a clock?
Can you tell me looking at the sun?!
He didn't see the sun but our brother
What did you mix last night?
I am having a hangover!
This goddamn hangover is
hanging on to me so tight
Nothing will happen, bro!
Just keep on moving your head
Everything will be alright
What's he doing?
He is doing gym, yoga and meditation
At the same time?!
Not only that madam
He'll pick all 6 chakras and align it
into a straight line,
Humans have seven chakras right?
Well, the seventh be given
to the puncture shop
How long will he meditate?
Depending on his rounds
What round?
He meant going around the temple
Nice quality
Our brother is always first quality
Keep it low
You'll disturb his meditation
What are you doing here?
We wanted to check
if the idol was ready
You just gave it few hours back
Take your own time
We will wait here
It is ten o clock
How can you tell time without any clock?
At 10am our brother talks to animals
It has grown good amount of fat
by eating paddy
Cheluva, will it weigh
one and half kilo after skin out
Fry this
Okay brother
What is he telling that hen?
He is checking its weight
You give eggs but people eat you out
He is advising it with affection
How merciful!
This one won't do
He is ideal
Use half for biriyani
and another half for chops
Why did he put down one goat and
took another one?
Won't that goat feel left out
if he is partial, madam?
He believes in equality
You forgot to say 'excellent'
I am not able to believe this
You must madam
Entire Karnataka knows
how much our brother loves animals
Brother's hen
Did he say Virat Kohli?
Excuse me
Will you come here please?
I meant you
He loves you so much
and how can you disobey...?!
This is your last warning
If you dont listen to him
I'll send you to some military hotel
Here is your chicken
They wont listen to you
If you speak politely
You must warn them, okay?
Why are you looking so weird?
That girl looks pretty
but she talks to birds
May be shes gone mad!
What is this guys!
Our brother made
a romantic impression
But she screwd up everything!
Haven't you lit the lamps in your house?
We lit only cigarets
What do you mean?
It means we don't have
female member in our family
Will not the lamp catch fire if men lit it?
If you dont mind
Shall I lit lamps?
If our brother sees her now
He will jump out of joy
Hey! Brother is back
Come boss
You must fall for her today
Why is he falling on the floor!?
Shouldn't have got drunk too much
Everything got ruined
Women forgive jobless men
But they never forgive alcoholics
Excuse me
Could you please come over here?
What is she doing here?
Did I enter her house in high?
Yes brother
We are lighting all the lamps here
Can you lend me a hand?
This is our house?!
If you switch on the tube light
You will get some light
No need
Just fuel it
I am already full
Enough... I am tanked
You have not done it yet
Please do it
You are my goddess!
This is too much!
Women who compel men to fuel themselves
are goddess only, right?
What is this?
Fuel the lamps
If we light lamps on diwali
auspicious events will automatically follow
Is it Sak..
Shakambari Devi
I will help you out
Its worth drinking
Looks like it's working out
Look how beautiful your house is now
I'll take leave
You are right on time!
Any problem madam?
This lacks some kind of finishing touch
I don't know what it needs
Help me out please
We visit temples
only with prasadam in mind
We know nothing about iconography
So if you could just
Oh her eye line!
I heartily thank you
for giving the final touch
But I feel sorry for your heart
which doesnt know what it wants
For Me?
What are you talking?
What do you think of our brother Gajendra?!
Well... about him...
Anyone will become his fan for his height
Heart of gold
He can work like a servant
and rule like a king
Words can not describe him
That's enough madam
How long will you keep your love to yourself?
There is nothing like that
It is just respect
Loosen up...
Madam, may be
you are not in love with him
But Gajendra is madly in love with you
My heart say so
Looks like my plan is working out
You need not worry
I'll politely tell him
to forget love and be friends
Brother, I believe our neighbour
Shakambari Devi is in love with you
How can you say that?
People are saying they saw love in her eyes
the day she was lighting the lamps
Tell him
True brother
Don't talk rubbish
Go mind your work
On Diwali, she formed your name with lamps
Isn't it love?
She was applying paste on her hair
and shampoo on brush
These are sure shot love symptoms
By the way, you are explaining
so much about love
How come you all know?
It doesn't matter how they know it
What matters is is your plan of action
Tomorrow 8 am
8 am!
Ill go to the temple
I'll tell her it wont work for us
What to do now?
Loosen up
Sharp 6:00 a.m, keep
an alarm for tomorrow
ensure he doesn't step out of the house
Hey wake up
You have kept an alarm
for 9am instead of 6am!
In my drunken stupor last night
6 seemed like 9 to me!
I would have kept an alarm in my cell
Where is brother now?
Hey Preethi, don't take this idol apart
Why Sakku?
Lets clean it without dismantling
It has screw system
We can clean it fast if dismantle it
This is Ram Lakshman and Sita
Ram should always be with Lakshman
Lets not separate them
Even if it is time consuming, I'll clean it
Why are you rushing like this?
Did you tell Shakambari Devi?
Well Ram-Lakshman... idol
I'll tell her now
Sakku come lets go
What happened?
We sprained our arms
How could all of you sprain
your arms at the same time?
Like contagious disease
We slept together last night... So...
Bloody hell!
Her name is Amulya!?
Yes and I want your precious blessings
Why do you want to go deep
with sharks? Don't do it
I wan't it brother
You must attend
Listent to me Cheluva
Since I saw her
I am not hearing any other voices
Marriage is a damage to ones life
Bring your brothers also for the wedding
Come without fail, brother
Oh my god!
You must save this innocent boy
Brother, what is this?
I got a shop in your name
You are not only the master to your wife
but to your shop too
You want servants to become masters
You are my god
Work is god
No one else is
It is not wrong to prosper in life
But it is wrong to wish
for only our own betterment
Work until you can
Support your fellowmen
You can see heaven right here
When did you register?
Without even our knowledge!
He used work before I ever asked
Why should I give him after asking?
If we take care of those around us
our creator will watch over us
Rajanna, like every year have you informed
Mangalore Chande and Dollu knita artists?
Yes we did, Odeyar
My daughter is calling
Tell me my child
Did I disturb you, dad?
Not at all
I was organizing our festival
can I ask you something?
I never said no to you
Go ahead
You never said no... but..
But you always insisted
only you'll select my husband
I have met someone here
I like him a lot
With your permission
can I fall in love with him?
You must be the only girl in this world to
ask her father permission to fall in love
Bring him along
Lets see
Thank you dad
Why have you brought me here?
Is there any issue?
I thought you are looking for a bail
after the fight!
Sakku asked me to meet her here
With all of you as my witnesses
I want to come to a conclusion
I wanted to..
I thought of..
Let me begin
I want to...
I like you a lot
I lost myself in your presence
I lost myself in your presence
To heal my wound
all I need is your look of love
You are the goddess on earth
I lost myself in your presence
I lost myself in your presence
Make me dance at your finger tip
Symphonize fragrance
into my breath, o my love
The dress you are wearing is so swanky
I'll search you to the end of the world
if I don't see you
Love has many manifestations
Be next to me and pamper
You are the concern of my heart
I lost myself in your presence
Your memories are my heavenly flower
Your divine smile is an invitation to dreams
I will come into your dreams
without saying no
Moments of being with you
are sweet as honey
You please come into my dream
Love me, my heart belongs to you
I will be an orphan without you
I lost myself in your presence
I lost myself in your presence
Boss, what do you intend doing now?
Take some concrete decision boss
Brother, come back
with the wedding date finalized
We'll leave when
the train starts to move
Bye brother
Why are you running along with the train?
Kalyani, come here
Sister-in-law is the first
daughter-in-law to our family
She will be the second one
What is this?
Roopa, come fast
She will be the third
daughter-in-law to our family
You too!
Neha come
Hi namaste
Fourth daughter-in-law
Neha, you?!
What is wrong with you all?!
Look how she got herself hooked
in such a short time
Didn't you do the same?
Oh namaste! How do you do?
I am fine
My son who was fighting
in the name of caste creed and religion
It is your dad who taught him
love, mercy and non-violence
Not only for us
but for many people like us
Your father is a great soul
who showed us the true path
We are all doing great with his blessings
Okay, we will take a leave
Your father must be truly a good man!
This gentleman is praising him sky high
He didn't praise him
He just spoke the truth
My father name is Srinivas Odeyar
Long back, my home town was
full of rebellion, riots, violence'
Hey stop it I say
My father convinced them and
made them compromise
My dad would settle disputes
in surrounding villages
'But my brother Srikanth Odeyar's nature
was dead opposite of my father's
I'm struggling to make all
the villages a peaceful one
You are causing bloodshed everywhere
You might be a Gandhi
But this is not Britisher's rule
Nothing can be achieved with peaceful way
Only violence speaks volumes
Drop all this
being a parent to this motherless child
My father and brother were
at loggerheads all the time at home
One day one of our villager
got killed in a riot
When my father was
calming down the enraged people
My brother with stubborn mind
rushed out to kill everyone
He never came back
We only got news of his death
They've killed your son
Stop right there
He is dead to me
when he rushed out in a frenzy
Don't bring his corpse to this home
Bury him somewhere else
Odeyar, hes your son
Dont you feel outraged!
You just nod your head
We will slaughter them all
How many more babies will be orphaned?
May I be the last father
who lost a son in this village
May this baby the last who lost its father
From that day onwards
everyone abiding my father's words...
No one has eve
lifted a sword or shed blood
To be honest
You are just what he expects in a human
That is the reason why I like you
Sakku get up
I'll tell you
I am asking you why?
Come, I'll tell you
Where to?
Hope you aren't mad with us
I'm not angry
but you go home safely
Do you like our girlfriends?
Let's go back
Stop it
Stop it... enough.. Please
What are you doing?
What's wrong with you?
Your brothers put you
on such a high pedestal
Whatever I heard and saw are lies?
I don't know what my brothers
told you about me
If I think it is wrong
irrespective of who he is
I'll trample him
There are many people
who're trying to avenge me
I will keep proving myself to them
This is my life
I don't know if it is destiny
I fell in love with you
But I will assure you this
I will never let you be harmed
How is she?
Nothing to worry
Just minor blow on her head
Just a case of extreme shock
You can take her with you as soon
as she regains consciousness
Thank you doctor
Its okay
How is she now?
Nothing to worry
She'll be fine
Did you find Bettappa?
We are still looking for him
Look for him in his house, farm,
rice mill factory
Factory is locked, brother
Keep searching
Did you find him?
No brother
Brother, where is she?
What happened brother?
She left
Please eat, don't sleep
on an empty stomach
Are we wrong in what we are doing?
What we did so far is only wrong
As long as we are with him
He will think about us only
What if are not with him!
He will think about himself
Therefore, lets go away from here
Where do you think you are going?
We are going away, brother
Come lets go
No bother we wont
You have taken care of us
right from our childhood
We can't see you crying
Tell me the truth
Can you forget her?
If you are not getting married
Then we will not get married either
What do you want me to do?
Bring her home
This is how you'd have temper tantrums
asking for our mother when you were kids
If I made excuses saying
tomorrow or day after
You'd trust me
You will get used to it
Let's go home now
We won't come back with you
Accept her as our sis-in-law
Then we'll come back home
I've not seen mom's face
I saw our mom in her
We all have accepted her
It is your call now
grandma, try and catch me
stop there
Hey Niharika?
stop there
See I won!
You couldn't catch me
Come I'll take you piggy back
Aunt, you've been with this long face
ever since you came here
Come and play with me please
Niharika, don't trouble your aunt
Then you come and
play with me, grandma
My life has been a rough and tough one
But I have never cheated anyone
Knowingly or unknowingly
you got hurt by me
I'll give you my word today
I'll change myself
to the way you want me to be
It is your wish to
accept me or reject me
Who is it?
Oh Gajendra
How can you make them
stand outside, dear?
Come in
My daughter told me you will be coming
Sit down
Sit down
Grandpa, give me your cellphone
I got you one, right?
I want your phone
My cellphone has no games
She is my mother
My wife Gayathri
My sis-in-law and her daughter
This is Gajendra
Sakku told us about
Please be seated
Where is your husband?
He is inside
Hey Parandhama
Parandhama, you look dashing
with and without clothes!
You are a super model
Milk got spilled out
You are feeling sad
for the milk got spilled
You didn't feel sorry for my shirt!?
Side please
My uncle's son Parandhama Odeyar
He has come to attend our festival
You need to get up
You are my height when sitting
You want to insult my height?!
We'll take leave
How can we let you go so early?
Festival starts tomorrow
Please stay with us, be a part of it
No, we'll leave now
Do you have any urgent work?
Brother, the festival will be
a feast to the soaring eyes
So be it
Serve the table
Parandhama, take care of their stay
We welcomed you
Just because we offered you to stay
Don't think our family is soft
My kind of
Comedians will be there
I was saying my kind of villain is also there
Blabbering a song
Who the hell is this?
Turn off the lights
What you think of me?
If I am drinking on a railway track
The train driver will come to me
He will ask me if I want any snacks
He will drive the train on side track
How dare you horn at me
Get down
He got scared!
How dare you eye ball me?
What will you do?
How dare you ill treat a drunkard!?
I've littered drinks all over the windshield
You will not be allowed inside your home
Bow down to me and ask apology
I've seen you somewhere before
No you haven't
I said I've seen you
I don't know
Turn this side
Turn that side
Bend please
I am sure
I've seen you
We have had a physical contact before
What do you mean?
I mean,
You were giving me back to back
I kept saying enough
But you still kept on giving me
Does it ring any bell?
You could not recall?!
You try to recall
I'll try to recall too
However, thats your room
You can go now
Get going
Each one is peculiar in their own way
I swear on five elements
I will kick out these five spirits
You disturbed our peace of mind
You are having a good time here!
We will not spare you this time
Do you know how to play piggy back?
What did you do in your childhood then?
I used to work
Niharika, your aunt is calling you
Go see her
Only if Shakambari Devi agrees
This marriage will happen
Why would she invite us home
if she doesn't like
Not her. I am talking about
this Shakambari Devi
Mother-in-law here you go again!
Come join us for dinner
Look over there
They are coming in
line like children at school
Please come
Go sit over there
Don't I deserve
to eat sweet in front of you?
Hey just do it
Okay brother
Hold on
Hold this
Give it back
Not this
You didn't give me this
I'll definitely find it out
Serve it to Gajendra and others
Shall I serve you more?
Sakku he will say no
But you serve him
Look my boy, feel home
Be gluten free
Uncle, enough looking over there
Look here
Do you know 'Catch me if you can'?
Yes I do
Shall we play in the morning then?
We have dinner together everyday
Do you have such practice?
Each one looks like a thug
My brother has gone mad
Why is he making alliance with him?
Son-in-law should be like me
I must somehow kick them out
Are you doing Bsc in chemistry?
Yes, you too!
I am the principal here
We both are studying Bsc in chemistry
We can exchange notes
You two are exchanging looks than notes
Who told you to sit there?
Get up
Double exchange
You should focus on eating
Not on my daughter
Why are you looking at him?
Have your dinner
Slowly, my boy
Have some water
Was it spicy?
We grew up carefree
After seeing your family
I realised how happy a family can be
It is worth changing myself for you
and coming here
I will be the way
you and your family want me to be
You looked cute with beard
After shaving beard you are looking cuter
Sweetheart, I fell deeply in love
Shall we meet tomorrow evening
at the same place?
I am your sweetheart
You are my love
Come lets play the beats
Can't suppress beauty and desire
If suppressed will the world cease exist?
Come to me my dear
Sweetheart, I fell deeply in love
Shall we meet tomorrow evening
at the same place?
You came in my dream
Looked into my eyes
You held my hand, o my darling
You call me Darling
But you are fooling me!
You kissed and ran away on the festive day
You call me Sweetheart
But why are you keeping distance?
Ill take you in a palanquin
The bird has predicted good omen
There is no use of suppressing
Come to me my love
I will express my love to you
Sweetheart, I fell deeply in love
Shall we meet tomorrow evening
at the same place?
My kind of hard bred
needs your kind of country butter
Why do you prolong if you need?
Pamper me a lot I am all yours
I got shocked when I touched you
Oh gosh! I am feeling butterfly effect!
I feel goosebumps when I touch you
I have never seen a guy like you
This is the first time I am feeling like this
Sweetheart, I fell deeply in love
Come lets play the beats
Bail is haunting me in dreams
I must get a talisman
From male deity or female deity?
You are here for real?
Wake up
Why did you come here?
Why are you talking in husky voice?
Talk loudly
Tell us why you are here?
You adopted as your 5th brother
You left me alone and came here
Let me stay with you here
Or else Ill spill the beans
What's wrong with him?
Well not leave this place
untill our brother gets married. Go now
No I will not
Who is this new face?
I don't think Pandavas
fought like this for Draupadi
Why are you all fighting for him?!
We are not fighting for him
We are fighting with him
I am asking you why?
We are always like this
He is our cousin
Why did your cousin come here?
He can't even spend
a single night without us
Even them
Who is this?
He is our relative
He is your relative!
Let him stay for the festival
Oh here you are
You started the festival
before your sister's arrival!
You are like our village deity to us
How are you brother-in-law?
Uncle, I want tender coconut
Stop here
Thank you
Why have you stopped?
For tender coconut
Okay make it fast
Uncle, are you going to drive?
If you want us to come first
I will have to drive
I am trying to be a new person
But why are you provoking me unnecessarily
Why are you behind me?
Why are you trying to kill me?
We are not here to kill you
We are here to kill
Srinivas Odeyar and his family
We tried to kill his daughter that day
Leave me
Who sent you here?
Narasimha gave the assignment
to assassinate them
He is in Bellary jail
He is operating from there
Leave me
I told you the truth
Someone is here to see you
Who is it?
You don't know me
I don't know who you are
If you dare to touch
Srinivas Odeyar's family
I will be there to know about you
But you will not be alive to know about me
When my plan got failed twice
I figured it out, some tusker
is safe guarding that family
I don't know what vengeance
you have with that Odeyar family
Whatever it is
Forget it right now right here
You want me to forget?!
You might have seen people
living for women, wealth and fame
Have you seen
anyone who is living to avenge?
See for yourself
Did you read the tragedy which took place
in our neighbouring village?
Lets not celebrate the festival this year
What if we donate them the money
we collected for the festival?
So be it Odeyar
Accept this
No thanks
You please leave this place now
Please take it
No Odeyar
If he comes to know you are helping us
He will kill you too
You please leave now
what happened?
The pain we are suffering here
More than this
We are facing hell under the torture
by the father and son
Sign it
No I wont
The government is paying me to serve
the public, not to betrayer like you
Get out
He did all this for the insurance money
Not just the factory
They burned our lives as well
Why haven't you
given a complaint after all this?
No they wont
They will not complain
They don't have the courage
to stand against him
Let one person file a complaint
I will face the odds
I will give a complaint
Please no
They will kill you too
Birth and death are not in our hands
If my life gets sacrificed
for the sake of people, so be it
The outsider is willing to complaint
What is wrong with you all?
Why can't anyone step forward?
I will
They killed my husband,
raped my daughter
For whom should I live now?
Tell me what I should do
Tell me officer
Dad we have everything except position
Dad, sign on the nomination paper
We will win for sure
I am ready to chop off
everyones hand to make you win
Mr Durga Prasad hold on
I have come here to arrest you with a warrant
Who is the witness?
Not just one
Entire town has come forward
My lord, villagers torched
our liquor factory
They have ceased all our properties
and closed our bank accounts
Father and son roared a lot
Come to the station now
I will show what is police treatment
You did all evil things
Now you are posing like a wise man!
Even touching them is a sin
He is like a living dead now
Don't show your face again
Get going
Even touching them is a sin
Why are you upset, dad?
I would have consoled myself
if someone had killed my father
Due to humiliation
he killed himself in front of me
Ill not spare Srinivas Odeyar's family
who is responsible for this
From that kid to old lady
I will finish off everyone
What can you do?
300 police, 30 gourds
3 inspectors and one jailer is here
Doesn't matter how many people are here
What matters is who is here
I've given contract to four gangs
Before this festival gets over
They will slaughter each and everyone
Though I've sent them I don't know
who will emerge from where to kill
I'll be hanged until death
I will destroy Odeyar's family before that
Who is there for that family?
It is my responsibility
to protect their family
If you have guts
step over me and touch them
Is this family facing
such a grave danger?
Tell them everything
How can I tell them?
Just take a look at them
They are so happy
and hassle free
Do you want me to spoil that?
When enemies were invading the fort
Her husband was having his lunch
Not to disturb her husband
She took the mast and fought with enemies
This land is the birthplace of Onake Obavva
Lets stand to protect this family
We should be awake
when they go to sleep
I wondered why God brought us
to such an affectionate family
Now I know why
We should raise our weapons for the sake
of the same family we disowned violence
We still got four days for this fair to end
We don't know who'll attack
from which direction
Keep your eyes open
Gajendra, what are you doing over there?
come here please
Is everybody here?
Shall we go now?
Where is Niharika?
She was playing here only
Why did you leave her alone
in this huge fair?
Mom, she must be playing here somewhere
Don't get panic
She must be here somewhere
Go find her
Hi uncle
You always wanted to play
running and catching with me
Yes uncle
Shall we play now?
I am ready
Some people are behind you to catch you
Can you see them?
Yes uncle
They are my friends
Run as fast as you can
without letting them catch you
This is cheating uncle
I am not out yet
Shall we play a different game?
What game?
Close your eyes
You count up to 8
All the uncles will hide
Dear Niharika
All the 8 uncles are hiding now?
Who are the 8 people?
SOme out-of-towners
They wanted to know the way to the graveyard
I was sending them there
You should've told them to go
via Narayana Swamy temple
I sent them on a route I know
They must have reached
their destination by now
Okay come lets go dear
Everyone is scared
Niharika! Where did you go?
Lets tie her to some pillar
Where was she?
She was playing near by
Your hand is bleeding
What happened?
Bring water and a piece of cloth
So much fuss over a simple scratch!
They shed more tears than he shed blood
Parandhama, you will be the loser
If you let it lose
I must teach them a lesson
Very good boys
Mr Parandham, why did you bring us here?
Your brother is not at home
Neither is mine
Lets not waste this night
Lets party hard
Your wife is not at home
will you have fun with her sisters?!
You said you don't want us
to sleep whole night
I've brought something
more pleasurable than that
Why is he hesitating?
That's not a bomb.. bottle
That's what scares us
We become terror when drunk
Isn't this what I wish for?
Get drunk be carefree
I will provide you protection
I just want you all drink
We don't drink without any occasion
All you want is an occasion, right?
Today is my birthday, my boys
You are a born waste
What is the use of celebrating it?
What did you say?
Happy birthday to you
Bottle for you
Brother, where are you?
I am at the temple
Are you coming home in ten minutes?
Yes let us start the party
You emptied a whole bottle
before even starting the party!
We are high already
We will go to sleep
You should not leave
You should spend whole night here
Ill bring as many bottles you want
We need different entertainment
This is a family house
You can't expect different entertainment
Shall I transfer you some dirty clips?
I didn't ask for that
What else then?
Cinema shooting
I will give you cinematic entertainment
I am the hero
Okay sir
Alright, what about you all?
What is the scene?
I am ready
Start camera
I dont want to lag the cinema
by beating you individually
Come at once
Hey stop
Where did the hero go?
Where are you brother?
I am still here
Brother please come soon
'Samsara nouka movie is on tv
Lets watch it together
Hero sir
Instead of beating up the villains
You are hiding here
Leave me
Director, please leave me
I can't do this anymore
Hero needs some energy
Give him some water to drink
Now hero has regained his energy
He will beat us all now
Be ready
You broke all my fingers
I will not be hero nor zero
Ill become a heroine if you want
Heroine ready
I don't see any
feminine part on your body
So what if I dont have any part
I have skirt
See how I will lift slowly
Are you getting into the mood?
He spoiled our mood
Come lets go to sleep
Don't go to sleep
Be awake for a while
I will entertain you guys
Alright, your are the heroine
He is the hero
Song start
[Popular Kannada song]
Director sir, why are you
hitting me?
I am not director in this scene
I am your dad
How dare you fool around with some
random man right in front of your father?
I am deeply in love with him
He is everything to me
Who are you?
Why are you slapping me?
Who am I?
I am your wedded husband
Dad, am I married?
I sold my kidney to get you married
Who is he?
You forgot me?!
We been to our fields
I kissed you
I tried to make you mother
You forgot everything, huh?
Mummy, I am hungry
Feed me milk
I've a breast feeding baby
at such an young age!?
O my lover, you slapping me too!?
Though you have a baby
You are signing duet with me!
I don't want this characterless daughter
Beat her up
Brother please come here
Do you know what dirty things
are happening in this house?
Parandhama, dont shout
Tell me what happened?
This home being a holy home
Gajendra's brothers got drunk and
spoilt the sanctity of this house
Hey come here! Your true face
is revealed now
Parandhama, you be quiet
What is going on here?
We are not drunk
You haven't?
Am I drunk?
Ask them to blow
What do you mean?
You dont know!?
This is what I am talking about
are you drunk?
I swear on my wife
Take your hand off
I am sparing him only because of you
Brother I am not drunk
Thats why wise men have said
You can trust men who take ninety
But can't trust men who wear nighty
You got drunk
But I got caught!
Hero sir you drank water, remember?
That was not water
Then what else?
That was quarter!
Tomorrow we perform
the special 'pre-dawn pooja'
You must attend
You must attend
get me some water to drink
Mom, why are you going to the terrace?
You are acting as I am going to heaven
Looks like it's going to rain
I'll get the clothes
from the clothesline
Only our house doesn't
have electricity, grandpa
Is it?
Let me check
How many more of you?
Where are the rest hiding?
I told you to be ready for
the pre-dawn prayer at 4:30 a.m
We attended it
Except you
I had an important work to attend
What work can be more important
than worshiping God?
Past 3 days you have
not been looking good
I don't know what is troubling you
Everything is going smooth
If something goes wrong
I won't be able to take it
I am counting on you
I hope nothing will go wrong
Are you upsets because
my brother scolded your brother?
Pack it up.. Pack up your things
Are you going to wash and iron them?
Mocking me?
So long I tolerated you
for my brother's sake
I will show you my real face
We are not able to see your current face
How can we bear that face?!
The moment my brother spoke straight
to your brother, I decided then
This lion will get into the arena
I will bite and hunt you down
Dogs bite not lions
I am not just any lion
I am a furious lion
I will tear apart your stomach
Pluck out your intestine
Uncle, somehow unite our family with yours
You expect me to unite the two families?
What do you think of our family?
My grandpa fed thousands of people
Was he a supplier in a hotel?!
Did you see those women?
That is the power of my voice
What is your status?
What is our status?
Dignity and pride is what our family wears
Is your inner wear then your sensitivity?
You are talking too much
With just one punch
Women got fainted for my voice
Men are running scared
listening to my punch lines
That is our lineage
Not for your sound
They couldn't bear the sight
What do you mean?
Look down mister
I am not wearing anything inside
What kind of upbringing is this!? Disgusting!
I can hear a dog barking
I am afraid they are going to take my cake!
Please give it to me
Your husband took loan
And hiding in shades
Today I caught hold of him
If you want see your husband alive
Bring me ten lakh rupees
Ten lakhs!
Where will I suddenly
What happened?
What can I say, brother?
He sold our property
And doomed us
He borrowed loan
from every possible sources
He came here to escape
from money lenders torture
Some money lender has abducted him
He is threatening to kill him
if ten lakh rupees is not given
I dont know what to do
You need not worry
I'll arrange for the money
Who is he?
Take it
The money you asked for
Where is my brother-in-law?
He isn't dead
Just unconscious
Settle the money first
Untie him
I left town fearing Gaja
But this seems to be
a profitable business
Hey stop
Why? I've given full amount
It should not square off
That's my calculation
In half hour if you can bring 10 lakhs,
you're a heavy party
I am giving you one hour time
Bring me ten lakh rupees
Before you touch a wire
You must check if it has power flowing
Before you touch someone
You must check who is backing him up
Before I twirl my moustache
You better take U turn
Don't make my moustache quiver
Your funeral pyre will be on flame for sure
Hey Parandhama
Off you go
Hey go bring it man
Why are you here?
They said you were hassled
They are not decent
Let's go from here
Shall I try talking to them?
They seem the savage kind
You dont know my brother yet
If my brother ask out of love
People will sacrifice their lives
That is his power
Give him just one chance
Wait, I'll talk to them
If I hold your hands tight and kick you
Your hands will be in my hands
But imagine where your body falls
Now I remember
What he gave me that day
What is he saying holding his hands?
He must be saying, 'please think your hands
are your feet and I beg of you
Seems like a deer caught by a tiger
I dont know wether
you remember your mom's feeding
It seems you have not forgotten my taste
Just one punch
All the bones in your chest will crumble
Now he is saying
He is asking 'Are you a stone hearted?"
You have brain or scissor?
I mean you are very sharp
If I chop your legs into 4 pieces
You will have to roam around
on a wheel chair
Why is he teary eyed?
That is the power of my brother
Even a tiger will shed tears
and surrender to him
What do you mean?
My brother is like that Punyakoti cow
from PunyaKoti story
That one is the tiger
I made a mistake without realizing
How do I rectify it?
Forgive me, Odeyar
I did a mistake by not knowing
who is the real lord
Power to challenge
and guts to accept it
Not everyone has it
Only few can
Here's your money and documents
I'll walk him to the car
You exiled me from my town
and I came here
Now that you've followed me here
Tell me where you won't go
I will go there only
I will be in all over Karnataka
Do you have any plans of
stepping out of Karnataka?
Alright then
North India, here I come!
Did they free him?
How is he now?
Nothing to worry
He is just tired. Gajendra and I
admitted him in a hospital
Thanks a lot brother
Save your thanks for Gajendra
We have positioned our men
in 3 different places
They will not make it to the town
Unable to find flesh or bones
I must hear their scream inside the jail
Kill them...
What happened?
Someone was riding very rashly
Stop crying, will you?
You think death will take me
away so easily!?
When I have Gajendra next to me
saved me by staking his life
You saved not just his life
but the serenity of this town
Brother, come with me
Tomorrow is the last day of the festival
Narasimha will be hanged
The grave danger to this family
will cease to exist
You have brought son
instead of son-in-law
The day after thefestival
I shall preside their wedding
I've fixed the muhurat
Next day 8 am after the festival
Mr Gajendra and one and only daughter
of Srinivas Odeyar Ms Shakambari Devi
I've fixed the muhurat
Is it okay son-in-law?
Why this sudden change of heart?
I remembered
what I got from you
Glad you did
Yes indeed
Uncle, tell me what did he recall?
What did you recall?
What did you recall?
What did you recall?
Beat the drums
Start the rhythm
Here comes the man of mass
Make way here comes
the man of class
He is going to shine
like a lightening flash
Glory to him
O you charmer from Malavalli
attend the fair
A cute girl is here to see the procession
Here comes the man of mass
Make way here comes
the man of class
When my girl is draped in a silk saree
Gives a sign asking how is it?
Tell me how can this poor soul stand it?
O you charmer from Malavalli
attend the fair
A cute girl is here to see the procession
Here comes the man of mass
Make way here comes
the man of class
He is going to shine
like a lightening flash
Glory to him
Look at the procession not me
You are looking more beautiful
than the procession
Stop flirting with me in the crowd!
You will kill me with your looks
Wish everyone vanish from here
Wish we two only see the fair
Lets enjoy a matinee show in a tent
O you charmer from Malavalli
attend the fair
A cute girl is here to see the procession
We found a cute son-in-law for our town
Our village fair turned vibrant
because of your visit
Lets welcome him with grandeur
You are the lord of our town hereafter
I am thankful for your affection
I am not an outsider anymore
I am one of you now
I will never forget your love
till my last breath
O you charmer from Malavalli
attend the fair
A cute girl is here to see the procession
Where did you find it?
We found it in uncle's jeep
These sickles have blood stains, Odeya
There are plenty more here
Tell me how they landed in his jeep
Explain to him how
they landed in your jeep
You didn't change at last
Is there any link between the sickles in your jeep,
blood stains on them and you?
Yes there is
When my daughter told me she is in love
I didn't inquire anything
and asked her to bring him home
Because ethics and culture
are greater than caste and creed
But you deceived us
Do you know how hard
I tried to stop violence?
But you brought it to my home
I lost my son
I don't have the strength
to bear the death of my daughter
I beg you
Kindly leave
Not festival but their funeral procession
should happen here
Don't care if it is kids, elders or women
Slaughter whoever comes in your way
You saved them!
Don't think you won in the challenge
You forgot your family
in a hurry to save that family
Your brother is bleeding to death
Show yourself to me
Surrender that family to me
and take your brother from here
Guard them safely
Brother, we will join you
Where is Odeyar family?
Where are you hiding them?
You want our lives only
Why are you hitting Vinayagam?
What is the connection?
What is the connection?
He rescued your family from
my bloodthirsty henchmen
He patrolled your house day and night
He said Odeyar family is his family
He challenged me saying
he won't let me touch Odeya family
Even now he kept you well hidden
and tried to save you
I asked him where you were
threatening to kill his brother
He didn't reply
'I will kill you' I yelled
He didn't reply to this either
Don't die so fast
I'll kill each person
in front of your eyes
Then you have my permission to die
Open your eyes
You are raising again like Tsunami
even after getting beaten up so badly
What did this family do for you?
One who feeds is the mother
One who teaches is the father
This family gave both to me
I said this then
I repeat it now
This is my family
If you have guts step over me
Try to touch them
People forget gratitude
very easily these days
Why did you face
so many hassles for my family?
You didn't whisper a word!
We pray to god in trouble
I believe I must lend my hand
to people in trouble
One must share only happiness
with everyone around
When it comes to hardship
one who faces it alone
Those who long for praising
are not lords
The one who cares
for others is the true lord
You are the living example for that
My world is my daughter
Hereafter you the Odeya of our family
Mr Gajendra Odeyar
Shall we all go
on honeymoon together?