Odiyan (2018) Movie Script

Give way
Oh my God!
Please drink
Nothing to worry anymore
God bless
Please buy some
What are available today?
Lots of Sardines! Carps too
Shall I give some?
Not today
- Good morning
- Good morning
Spoiled? - Eh!
We got acquainted just this morning
So I couldn't ask
You please ask
Milk is just arriving
Since it is your milk,
there is one benefit!
Got to boil a little to
add tea dust and sugar
cause you would have already added water
What a joke so early this morning!
If you find it difficult,
get Milk and Water separately
I will do the mixing
Hold this
Buddy, Where is Rajesh?
Who knows?
Can he come without putting her
on the bus to Palakkad?
- Damodara!-Yes
Quiet unusual! Tea being served outside!
Who is that? Can't see him well
I see! So with this poor eyesight the astrological
forecasts you write about are all lies!
He is our Manikyan
Odiyan(Sorcerer) Manikyan!
Well, the Odiyan of our folklores
has returned safely!
Those who haven't seen a live Odiyan
There he is seated! Acomplete Odiyan!!
A swam
Not just tea
Serve some Dosas also to fill himself up
Shouldn't he have some
vigour while doing Odi!
A curse!
Don't talk that way, Ezhuttachan!
Hasn't the Dare devil during your yesteryears
in Thenkurusi returned after an exile?
Rather welcoming the great man with a red carpet
ls it fairto call him a curse, Ezhuthachan?
Unnikrishna, Don't ask for trouble
While you walk home alone after drinks in the night
is the time when Odiyan will settle his score
- Who? Him?
- Shut up
Comrade! I guess he didn't
like you saying that
He doesn't mind if Damodaran
offends or pours hot water on his face!
Because he is his old classmate
Both of were like jackfruit and fly once!
- Ezhuttacha! -Yes
Are you also joining these kids?
Poorfellow has returned
after a long wander
hoping for a little peace in his hometown!
Wasn't he the one who shattered
the Peace of this hometown once?
- In one kick..
- No dude
He will be finished!
Why dol needlessly stink my legs?
Ezhuthachha, take some hot waterfrom
Damodaran's shop and pour it on his face!
Let the drooping head raise a little
Make a tea, Unnikrishna!
If you are desperate for hot water
To fulfill your desperation
twice a week you do go to her house
That Sarojini's
Go and ask over there
Any time you could get real Hot water
He is the topic ofthe town now!
Now it will be more interesting
An old friend of your Uncle!
This is Odiyan
Odiyan Manikyan
Have only heard!
Never expected I would get to see
Now that I happen to have seen you,
How can I leave without giving anything?
To counter this shame,
we do need some rites to be done
There is a way, Ezhuthachhan
Let's see in the brain ofthe last of the Kelakkam
Family what is it that is getting created?
Come on, tell Rakesh! Only you will come up
with that Million Dollar idea! You say.
Let him
Tell this toothless Odiyan to frighten any
one of us slightly using his Odi tricks!
In case he is not willing
Let him go back right now
with a ride on a donkey...
Wasn't there a song of his times?
"Another Odiyan is send off to the forest"
"By Thenkurusi folks"
Anyway, that is a bit too much, Rakesh
Can this poor old man frighten
fired up young guys like you?
We have grown old, sons..
Leave all that!
Brother Damodaran, No sentiments please
What our Captain demands must happen
Ask him to frighten any one of us!
We can walk alone anywhere any night
Let's see if he could
frighten a bit at least
Lets watch - the Last Odiyan Act!
So, adamant about it!
I've a small doubt
When it comes to a challenge,
there should a bets on either sides!
In case if he wins,
Then he will be the Super
Hero of Thenkurussi
In our area,
We'll erect a bronze statue of his!
Enough..That is enough
ls that necessary?
Absolutely, Ezhutachan
Possible for it add to some thrill!
Playing with Gen Next!
Hope you heard
Cause a little fear
on the person you choose
at your convenient time
ls it acceptable, Odiyan?
No way
Speak out
The Odi will be on
My Muthappa (protector)!
Before the Odi is done,
never reveal to anyone is the rule
Father, Mother or even to Wife!
I'm helpless! It's my last reson!
This is a Sorcerer's story.
An epic story ofthe King of the Night
Tricking enemies, that is,
by disguising as animals,
frightening them were these Sorcerers.
People who traditionally took contracts
to frighten people
Dark disguises, loneliness, darkness and
immaculate timing were
these Sorcerers' props.
Those nights, when no electricity
and silence existed,
on the scary, lonely
ridges amidst the fields
they waited covered under dark cloaks,
for their enemies.
Thenjump out
and land on four legs in front of them.
The prey under the spell of a sudden attack
of bull or buffalo would fall scared.
There were many folklores like,
Obtaining Oil from the killed human fetus
and applying on their ear lobes,
gave them powers to assume forms
or shapes that they desired to be.
There was a time when the entire village
used to be scared of these Sorcerers..
Those ages have now gone by.
With the arrival of electricity
and disappearance of quietness,
the Sorcerers, announced self retirement
and left the stage.
Many oftheirfuture generations looked at
the antics oftheir forefathers with shame.
Many among them left these lands
Howevertill this movie ends,
in a village called Thenkurissi,
this story is about one man who would be
donning the role of a Sorcerer.
One quiet night, stealthily this
Odiyan(Sorcerer) had left Thenkurissi.
After 15 years, having wandered, meandered
and drifted through various lands,
to this well familiar and
cryptic dark Thenkurisi,
he has just returned last night
This is his story
The story of the last and
smart Sorcerer on this earth.
The stage is set, Friends
Now is the Sorcerer's game..
Dude Rajesh, why are you sitting like this?
Dude Rajesh, why are you sitting like this?
Today is your day, man.
You need to buy us a drink.
The great Odiyan is going
to be defeated by you.
We need to trap him.
A swam
Yourfriend will have a bad time for sure.
That bad time will take him along.
E Elfifilmififimfifimfi
You haven't grown enough
to write Manikyan's horoscope.
You don't need to laugh that much.
Also, don't underestimate
the guy who has just left.
Hey Damodaretta, are you also scared?
Has Manikyan tricked you too,
for you to get scared like this?
Hey Mano],
if you want to hearthe
stories of Manikyan's tricks,
go home right now and ask your dad.
But Vasu still poops
when he talks about it.
Anyway, it's good
that you were born before that.
Damodara just find out about that Odi
Mind yourjob man!
Damodara, You tell me,
what did Manikyan do to Vasu uncle?
Rajesh, you leave him and come here, dude.
I always felt that
shouldn't have been done.
What's the use of regretting later?
Along with some comrades from Kinasseri,
lwas sitting nearthat old iron bridge.
I was then very excited
about changing the whole world.
It was then, that he came that way
drinking, dancing and singing.
This is the Odiyan I had told you about.
The curse of Thenkurissi,
The poison, who exploits the
superstitions of the village.
Consider it as rush of blood of youth.
Also, the severe influence
of communism on me
Palakkad Party were hoisting the flag
Stop there! Dog...!
Vasu Boss, what's the matter?
Do you want to make me a communist too?
Of course, I shall.
I will be a communist whenever I drink.
Then, I too can stop the people walking by
And callthem dog orwhateverl like.
Boss! Move away from my way.
I have things to do after
getting home quickly.
What have you got to do
reaching home so fast?
To change costumes for doing tricks?
No Boss.
After reaching home, I have to empty this.
Boss, you move away from my way.
What ifl don't move?
If you don't move?
I will go that way.
Hey, stop this buffoonery of yours.
Em Thnamfixrmwflssfi
Boss, this is not buffoonery.
This is an an,
something down the generations,
my forefathers have been doing.
Don't get on me unnecessarily.
It is food time..
Sit here chatting about communism
I am leaving.
Hey Comrade, don't do anything.
So, you aren't going to stop
this work, aren't you?
Vasu brother, don't mess with him
Leave, leave.
I don't know why you kicked me.
Whatever it maybe for Vasu Boss,
for having kicked Manickam
ifl do not return it,
It's a shame forthese
guys who witnessed it.
Isn't that the communism in it?
You people tell me, so...
Nothing because ofthat.
No see off at night,
especially for us, Odiyans.
Saying thatl had provoked him needlessly
The Comrades scolded me a lot
After they had left,
I sat there alone for a long time.
Then I got up and walked home.
Remained standing till dawn.
Then he taken away the horn.
Before that, he told me,
Boss, it's of no use,
How much ever you scream,
no voice is coming out.
From now on, you will never
stick your neck up against anyone.
Didn't I tell you then itself,
not to challenge me.
Saying that, he left.
Was all that really needed?
At the age of learning, got to study
not walk around causing trouble
in the company ofthese jobless drunkards.
Hey lad,
What's it, Mom?
Who do you think is that black magician?
That day, I was the one
who had seen my brother's condition.
Don't peck at food, finish it.
Now in which language do
I make you understand?
Iam fed up advising.
Are you also trying to
learn from your uncle?
Yourdad only has to do
the talking from Saudi.
Iam the one to worry seeing
all his son's doings.
Why do you keep doing
these kinds ofthings and have me worried?
Today is Prakashettan's Death anniversary.
Go to the riverside with uncle.
Prabha would have reached there.
This week when your dad calls,
I will tell him everything.
That you are on the same
path as your uncle.
Still, brother, his curse
has fallen on my son.
That's a good thing.
The curse is on him, dear sister.
I won't let him go without
getting everything settled.
I have already told the S l,
Not to open Ravi's case
without my permission.
If you have finished eating, come with me.
Did Prabha Aunty's and Meenu Aunty's
husbands die because of Odi?
Are you here to attend the rituals
or to dig out the dead people's history?
I am feeling scared.
Uncle, do people die of black magic?
Really, are you my nephew?
Men should have courage.
Those who don't have that...
Madam! Madam!
Madam, please close your eyes.
What for?
Close your eyes.
Is it to fire at me?
Close your eyes.
Hey, why did you touch her hands?
Boss, what are you doing?
His damn flowers!
You won't listen to me even after being
warned so many times, won't you?
Manikyan, please don't do anything.
Leave him, Manikyan.
0m..0m.. my Muthappa
Hey Odiya (Black Magician)!
Now you became the real black man.
You should never trouble Madam!
She is my fiancJe.
What will you do, Odiya?
On seeing a goat, you ran like that.
What will it be when you see
a real black cobra?
How many years is it
since Prakashan died?
He didn't die,
he was killed.
Should I start counting the years now?
I shall tell you precisely,
But this ain't the right place for that.
What happened to her?
Why is she talking aboutthe killing, now?
May be because she saw Manikyan.
Uncle, what are you talking about?
I don't understand anything.
I didn't say anything to you.
Keep quiet and walk.
While I was making the offerings to uncle
I remembered Dad.
Aunty isn't it after seeing Uncle for
a long time you became like this?
Even your Mom hasn't seen
your Dad, me or anyone else.
Not even you.
My dearest naughty poet.
When I call her like that,
she would correct me,
To call heras "naughty blind poet".
As our Mom passed away long back,
I was her Mom.
Just like I am your Mom now.
She sawthe flowers and rivers
from what I told her.
Notjust me, Manikyan too,
Explained her, sang to her,
Hey Meenakshi, dear, are
you watching the fish?
It's not me who's watching the fish,
They are watching me.
Perfect name for a blind girl who don't
knowwhat a fish is orwhat eyes are,
Meenakshi (one who has fish shaped eyes)!
"Sky is reddish, it is dawning"
"Eyes are eagerto see"
"Spreading feathers, the cocks crow
While eager to see
"Red like my ornament bindi"
"Sun God came and stood high up, faraway"
"like the wedding chain,
ardently prayed for"
"ls the golden moon on
the bosom of midnight"
"ls a dream hides in my hean"
"Why does it spread darkness"
"Sky is reddish, it is dawning"
"Eyes are eagerto see you"
"Spreading feathers, the cocks crow
"l am eager to see you before me"
"The calf came running
and knocks against me"
"The bell-metal mugs clatter"
"Sunlight spills like
milk on the courtyard"
"The breeze came out ofthe door
and leans on it"
"The eyelashes stare"
"Why do they spread blackness"
"Sky is reddish, it is dawning"
"Eyes are eagerto see you"
"Spreading feathers, the cocks crow
"l am eager to see you before me"
Howmuch ever one is happy
any song will come to an end soon.
Still, why did Manikyan
do that to my Dad and Prakshan uncle?
For one person to die,
it's not always necessary
that one has to kill him.
And it may not bethe person
whom we suspect.
As the people of Thenkurissi say,
Then, who killed Dad and Prakashan uncle
with horns and hooves,
ls it true that master's son was
killed by that Odiyan?
Everyone says that, but master
still doesn't believe it.
Unnikrishnan, is it needed?
Let's go and ask master, you come quickly.
Still, in my opinion you shouldn'thave
got into the story of Thenkurussi.
Your uncle Ravunni went
in for a fight once,
And do you know what happened?
He was bedridden for 6 months.
Even to challenge someone,
you need some courage.
Youngsters of today don't even have that.
What do you think
that old Manikyan would do to me?
On some occasions, fate is on our side
Sometimes, with a smirk it
will be on the other side
That's whatl am scared about.
0k, let me ask you,
Kuttan, what do you know about Manikyan?
What's there to know more?
He used to be a famous black
magician in Thenkurissi.
He had scared many people for a long time.
When his tricks stopped working
he got scared and fled this land
Now when he is nearing death, he is back.
Kuttan, is it that short,
The story of Odiyan,
who once frighten and terrorised not just
this Palakkad but also Pollachi and Udumalpet
No, not at all.
When we make the story short,
it is we who grow short.
Nowl am sure,
Eventhough you challenged him,
You know nothing about Manikyan.
Odiyan (Sorcerer),
The whole of Thenkurissi, for that matter,
the whole of Palakkad itself,
was once under the control
of these sorcerers.
During childhood, whenl
would go outside for urinating,
My grandma using to say loudly,
"dear, don't go out in the dark,
We don't know where the
sorcerer might be hiding."
Then, two things would come to my mind,
A person standing in the
shadows of darkness.
What all stories I have heard?
When I thought a lot about it,
I understood that the stories
were not real.
There is just one truth, No, two.
The dark picture of Odiyan
and the real darkness,
Everything else is the imagination
ofthe minds, child
The real magic.
To make it credible, a Odiyan.
To have it credible, our minds.
I am sure,
Manikyan Sr. would have taught all
this to Manikyan Jr.
Senior Manikyan?
Yes, Senior Manikyan.
The grandfather of this Manikyan
whom you see now.
Manikyan's son didn't like dad's job.
He was afraid to do it.
He fled this land.
He took his wife, Neeli also with him.
But he left his son here.
Not because he wanted to,
But the senior Manikyan begged him,
"Mani, please leave at
least your son here".
For what?
To make him a Odiyan (Black Magician)
Grandpa, I am scared,
please take away the horn.
Please take away the horn, grandpa.
Silly lad, you come here.
Come here.
First, you should get rid ofthis fear.
You should be the fear,
for all of this land.
You should be the fear,
for all of this land.
You should be feared.
Open your eyes, dear.
"Grandpa's child, wake up, wake up"
"Holding my hands, go up, go up"
"Like the fire in the heart..."
"Like the fire in the heart..."
"with the Palmyra palm breeze, you spread"
"Keeping up the truth"
"Grandpa's child, wake up, wake up"
"Holding my hands, go up, go up"
"Want a pregnant lady with her first child"
"We want in her a child
unseen in the world"
"On new moon night..."
"On new moon night...
to rule over us, dear, grow up"
"Keeping up the truth"
"Grandpa's child, wake up, wake up"
"Holding my hands, go up, go up"
"You must stand like a strong tusker"
"You must bow before Goddess kali"
"Greater than your grandfather..."
Greater than your grandfather...
"You must do sorcery. Like a pearl,
you grow up"
"Keeping the truth"
"Grandpa's child, wake up, wake up"
"Holding my hands, go up, go up"
The Protector!
- Oh Grand pa-Yes,
Here you go,
This is top class stuff,
Hey, why's the drink coloured?
Did you bring the muddy water
from the river, naughty guy?
It's not arrack, it's Brandy.
That's the colour of brandy.
If you drink it, you will be stoned.
Oh Brandy, where did you get it from?
A rich man from Pollachi gave it to me,
For doing odi tricks.
The one who was tricked,
was a relative of his
Well, before dying I got a chance
to drink this from my child
Now, I am not worried of dying.
Enough drinking it.
Let me also try a bit ofthis brandy.
Now you ask me, howl tricked that man.
Dear, give it to me.
I tricked him by turning into a buffalo.
Just seeing me, he got frightened
and he started screaming.
When I turned back
thinking my work was over,
When I turned back...
Grandpa, imagine your child
taking all the blows from
those people on his back
Grandpa, close your eyes and
see all that in your mind,
My dear grandson has become
as good as this grandfather.
Still, you need to improve.
You have to go a long way
to be like me.
Even when you are on your last leg,
there is no respite forjealousy.
What Sorcerer are you?
I am the great Sorcerer
You are just a baby Sorcerer.
You irreverent lad, isn't it I who
made you a Odiyan?
Didn'tl become like this
after learning everything?
Isn't that why people from Pollachi
and Udumalpet come looking for me.
What all things do you know?
Just to be a buffalo, cow,
sometimes a stray dog, that's all.
This ManikyanSr has donned the role
of a Odiyan for 50 years.
Rhinoceros, bison, and...
Rhinoceros, you don't even
know what it looks like.
What all costumes can you put on?
Anything that can walk, fly or crawl,
That's this Manikyan.
Age does not matter
you should have good knowledge too,
You irreverentl!
Can you put on this costume too?
Let me get rid of this hangover,
I will showyou then,
Even in death Grandfather's lips
stood smiling with pride and joy
is only what Manikyan observed.
At the same time he is realizing
that he is now on his own.
Having completed that loneliness,
fifteen days to date on a full moon night
his childhood friend also left him in lurch
That night Prabha was getting married.
Any Sorcerer's nightmare
-a full moon night.
On this Full Moon night, like Manikyan,
there was one more lonely
person in Thenkurissi then,
spending sleepless nights,
and waiting for Prabha.
Someone who used the
indifference towards him,
One with the colour of darkness.
I came rushing this morning,
to tell you about this.
Well, tonight we are getting together here.
Just you and me.
Yourfirstwedding party is from me.
So what, you will be coming for
the wedding of Bhama's daughter,
Don't bring your military drinks,
lwill bring a bottle of drink from Ceylon.
Are you leaving? So early?
I had asked to stay till evening.
Don't be late. Let's start now.
Will it be a trouble forthe groom if
you go to sleep a little late today?
Hey, no..l would be happy forthat.
I was also planning fora party
with you, Ravunniyettan.
Ravunniyetta, I neverthought that
I could have a drink sitting here,
at the ponico ofthis
great Kelakkam house.
That too on the very night of my wedding.
It's all my luck.
The fortune you got is much
bigger than that, dude.
What's that, brother?
You are really a fool.
Who selected you into the
Army I wonder, Prakash
I guess I have lost consciousness.
Please say clearly brother.
Not just your fortune,
it's everyone's fortune,
The great fortune.
So fair, plumb and fatty fortune.
The real fortune.
Nowl got it.
Once though aimlessly I did often
walk around this house
Wishing to catch one glimpse of her
Then what happened?
What happened?
That wish is nowwaiting upstairs
Without sleeping for me
But that wish was not only yours alone
Whose else was it?
Not a person who you don't know.
And you don't have to look across the wall
Always together,
Fortunately, only sleep was not together.
Hey Prakashan, shucks.
See, that is all the trust girls give us
It can bust any time.
Especially, with fools like you.
I would like to believe that
he has not touched her.
Might not have, touched...
That Odiyan, the black magician.
He wants both ofthe girls,
What about the other guys?
Gotto kill, kill him.
LWill kill him.
Before I go back, I will kill him.
I swear on my father.
Prakashettan, you are
talking about killing whom?
The Pakistani people?
Enough with your drinks.
You are already drunk.
Com e.
Prabha sister!
Who is that?
Prabha sister!
Who is that?
- Prabha sister
- What happened?
Someone's there in this room.
No, nobody's here.
Don't be frightened,
Sister, someone's here.
Yes, there is.
No, nobody's here.
I am here, don't be frightened now.
What's up there?
What? What's it Prabha?
What was that sound?
Prakashettan, you go and sleep.
Today, I will sleep in Meenutty's room.
I was really scared.
Sister, you knowthat
I am not scared of darkness.
I felt like someone sitting near me.
No, it was not a feeling,
someone was here.
It's ok, don't think about that.
You say the prayers and sleep.
(Saying prayer)
Get out ofthe house right now!
Your privilege ends at the
front yard ofthe house.
None should have such a dirty mind.
Black is notjust your skin colour,
It's the colour of your mind.
Get out!
I am not telling Prakashettan aboutthis
nasty incident due to my dignity.
No, you don't have to tell him.
I will tell him myself,
about his wife and sister having
such a companion at night.
Even after he returns to the Army
that would be of help of him.
You will never be better,
you and your words, never.
From now on, you should
never enterthis house.
If you enter, I have got the
right treatment for you.
If you get that treatment,
your legs will never rise
to climb these stairs
Even on the night after Princess's wedding,
Didn't realize that the Sorcerer's
protection existed
- You ...-Manikyan!
Madam, my hands are still
cramping to hit him.
You dark chap, get lost.
When I heard about the
drinking party inthe morning,
itselfl felt that I should've been here.
Madam, you go to sleep.
I will be here only.
Why are you looking like this?
Are you seeing bulls and buffalos
for the first time?
I was just checking that
Odiyan Manikyan is among them.
Aunty, have you seen Odiyan transforming
into bull and buffaloes?
I haven't seen.
But Manikyan has done Odi tricks for me.
He turned into a bull.
Meenootty, stop crying.
Why are you crying?
I will find a way. Don't cry.
Don't be scared.
What's it, Madam?
Got to do Odi on a guy, can you?
I have no otherway.
Forget about me, he's not
sparing even Meenootty.
Whenever he comes here,
he troubles us with his
diny stares and language.
She is not even an adult.
It's truly pathetic.
Manikyan, you know,
I have brought up my dear blind girl,
without letting anyone trouble her.
The Sorcerer of the village,
please be kind to me.
Just scare him would do,
So forthe Odi trick what should I pay?
Madam, go inside and bring a betel leaf
and arecanut with a coin.
You don't have to give me anything else
for tricking Ravunni nair.
This one, is on me...free
I will not just scare him, a little more,
Manikyan, why you don't want any money?
An account book since my school days,
is still there with me.
Let me settle down those accounts.
As you said, I will do the tricks
for Kariman Nair for Meenootty.
I had already committed another work,
but it's ok.
Well, bring the betel
leaf, arecanut and coin.
Hey Manikyan,
I know you are among these.
If you are a man, step in front
of me as a human.
To trick you, why would I
need the magic costumes?
Unni, drink this.
Au nty !
Come here.
What did Dr Menonfrom Palakkad say?
That he will need to lie down
like this for a year?
Only six months is needed.
Yes, that's why.
Everyone say that the
Senior Manikyan is better.
If he had done the trick, one
couldn't get out ofthe bed for a year.
This Manikyan is not good enough.
Afteryou left this place,
I was not interested in anything.
Something was missing.
Whenl come here to drink,
after closing the tea shop,
I would serve a glass for you too,
like this.
I drank looking at that glass,
forthe past 15 years.
Whenever I see that Kariman Nair's
pride and show off,
I would wish you had been here.
He is not the same person,
as when you had left this place.
He has become a big business man.
Theatre, bus, petrol pump,
and the pride combined with all these.
Then and now, there's only one thing
he doesn't have,
You drink it.
You had met Prabha, didn't you?
I guess it was Prakashan's
death anniversary.
Years are passing very fast.
Manikyan, you are already drunk.
I am fine.
- Shall we go?
- You carry on.
It's been a long time sincel had
a night walk through Thenkurissi.
0k then, I am leaving.
You walk through Thenkurissi.
Don't know why,
Even ifl drink a lot, not getting
tipsy as I used to
For that, I will have to take
two more pegs once back home.
Ravunni brother, I need to sit in
the train for 3-4 days.
Thinking about leaving you all is...
Not us, leaving her.
That's right, you're still
newly wedded couple.
That's the matter.
I have to make it grand today,
Prakashan, Ravunni,
Let me step inside and say
Prakashan, Shucks...Ravunni brother...
Look there, that scabbed dog,
Prakashan, we need to handle him too.
Do you want anything to eat?
Here is yourtea.
What dares you to leave
the day after tomorrow?
Working outside during
day and inside at night.
Finish his work today itself.
As you have already seen this sorcerer,
I knowyou won't step back even
ifl hold you back.
That's your personal matter.
Your own reason.
Punch him as much as you want to,
Go and punch him.
Ravunni brother, need not,
Don't trouble Prakashan
forthis silly matter.
We will take care ofthis black magician.
Come on guys.
What's that?
Don't do that.
Stop everything by today,
Your tricks won't work anymore
in this Thenkurissi.
Ifl kill a sorcerer like you and return,
The army will award me with medals.
What's this?
I told you not to.
Prakashan, why are you
hitting him likethis?
Did you trouble any of your acquaintance?
Or did he steal yourthings?
Damodara, he might have stolen
something of Prakashan.
You don't need to knowthat.
Leave him.
Let him finish his anger himself.
Did you see this callus?
It's not from getting punched,
But from punching others.
Sir, you go home.
Ifl hityou back in front
of all these people,
The shame is for Madam.
Hey, who are you to take care of
the madam of Kelakkam family?
Your night guard is no
longer required there.
Dude Prakashan, your arms handle guns.
Those stuff must not put your hands at rest
You will go back only
afterfinishing him off.
Sir, your hands should be always yours,
Don't lend them to anyone else.
But you will have to pay
for hitting me now.
Nobody needs to teach this Odiyan that job.
Not very late, the new moon falls
before yourtrip on Friday.
Don't forget that.
Just three days for me to return
Not to go are my thoughts
Sure. On the 4th day
they will take you away
Don't forget that you are in the Army
Don't come to see me off at the station
If you come...it will not be nice
Go to School. Don't waste your leaves
lfl come, others will get to see
the crying of an army man!
Isn't that why you didn't want me to come?
What is this Odiyan got
to do here all the day?
Despite telling several times
not to let him step here
All you want is him to work here?
No dear, Manikyan's folks have been
working here for generations!
How does it matter to us if he
is an Odiyan(Black Magician)?
He has not caused any troubles
And in future too, he would not.
I trust Manikyan a lot
When talking about your childhood friend,
Why is the Sweetness in your voice?
Did Kelakam family get this Odiyan alone
to take their girl to school,
play and bathe in the pond?
These are not my words
But yourwords
The first night itself
the sour stuffl heard
I have heard from others too
many things!
Heard what?
No..Nothing that serious..
Speak out
Some silly gossips! I left itthen itself
Need not leavethem ifthere is anything
you heard tell me right away
For further clarity, we can find out
from Manikyan downstairs
Come on, leave it Prabha..l just spoke...
Come on
I'm leaving for School
Shall return by noon
Show us an Odi trick before you leave
Will Elephant be fine?
To showyourtricks comfortably
I had told them not to hit where it hurts
ls it not?
Odi trick can't be shown anywhere
Total darkness is needed for that
No one else should be present
and shouldn't thrash like this
So, Elder, on the next full moon midnight visit
Thenkurussi alone to the large paddy fields!
For my Police elder, a
special Odi trick from me
Can't even joke with these Odi tricksters!
My Lathi!
Here comes the S.l
Manikyan..Thanks very much Mr. Advocate
Manikyan...Did Police thrash you?
The Postmortem report says, cause for
Prakashan's death is cardiac arrest
Then why the heck did they thrash you?
Because of the certainty
that I won't retaliate!
Odiyan can be thrashed only
during day time, isn't it?
Manikyan, you got to be careful
For Prakash's death, Thenkurussi folks
have only one to name..
Madam too?
You guys leave, I got to meet someone.
Was this your Word of Protection?
When I heard, you had
publically challenged Prakash
lthought it was only to scare him.
But I really didn't know it was
to make me a widow!
To have us orphans be alone again..
What sin did we commit?
Ifthe Police, Doctor or even ifthe entire
Thenkurussi arrays together and claims,
I won't believe,
that Prakash died of hean attack.
Remember one thing, Manikyan!
When you kill a person with your Odi trick,
it is notjust one person who dies.
It's not me.
Get inside
It's not me
Do you think I could do that?
When an innocent man is deemed a killer
it's that man who dies!
Not me.. It's not me.
"Ox-hoof on your chest"
"Black thorn on your eyes"
"Wearing masks always"
"can't believe the real face now
"Suffering greatly...Sorcerer..."
"Why do you live in this world?"
"Ox-hoof on your chest"
"Black thorn on your eyes, Sorcerer..."
It's not me, grandpa
ldidn't kill him!
It was not to kill someone you
taught me this trick
"The redness of forest fire over
the blanket of midnight"
"Underthis sky which
is black with weeping,"
"You suffered pain all alone"
"Ox-hoof on your chest,
"Darkness came, deceiving
Sunlight followed"
"0 Sorcerer, did you do Sorcery?
ls the harvest all chaff?"
"When ridges are cut in
the field ofthis heart,"
"Did blood ooze in the crack?"
"Ox-hoof on your chest"
"Black thorn on your eyes, Sorcerer..."
"Wearing masks always,
can't believe the real face now
"Suffering greatly...Sorcerer..."
"Why do you live in this world?"
"Ox-hoof on your chest"
Do you need some powder?
I heard you had returned
But did not expectyou
would come to meet me
Witnessing an unexpected visit feels good
I was about to leave
Remaining days after hiding
Can't help appreciating the disguise
Anyways I am not used to Gosai language
Shall I ask something?
What is Odiyan(Black
Magician)called in Hindi?
Can't you at least smile?
Earlier there were only smiles
on your face all the time
You have taken longertime to return than
the the distance you travelled, isn't it?
Atleast to me..
How long has it been since you left?
15 Years
It has been that long since Ravi too left!
See you later
Ravi wanted me to visit your home
and convey this
Butl didn't want herto know
Sol decided to convey it over here
What is it that she should not have heard?
Sure.. Ravi is a Teacher in this School
Still he is reluctant to convey this to you
ls so much of formality needed between us?
We want Meenukutty
Would you mind giving her hand to Ravi?
Little chick.
Is it sympathy is what you were
about to askl know..
Because Ravi loves
Meenukutty very immensely
When he was talking to me about this,
I saw that immense love in his eyes!
If he gets her,
We will consider it as his fortune!
I also had something else to say
When Ravi had such a desire,
he first disclosed it to Manikyan
Now also he is standing outside the School
Anxiously waiting foryour reply
As he doesn't have the strength
to face you, Poorfellow!
See you Sir
The Little Chicken ate grains
Thara stood staring.
The Little Chicken ate grains
The Eagle sawthat
And the crow also saw
Ask your dad to fix the auspicious date
No need of Ezhuttachan!
Seek some other good astrologer!
Please begin, Prabha teacher
Please be seated
Thenkurussi needs light
We need Electricity at any cost
Street lights have reached
the neighbouring villages
It should also reach here at the earliest
Let no one in Thenkurussi must walk
in Darkness any more
No one must die in our
houses and fields at night
Let no one kill anyone in darkness
Sister, we all are with you in
getting electricity here
Don't get excited, Ravi
lfthe Electricity comes in,
Your 0diyan's business will only end!
You are also learning Odi from him,
aren't you?
Don't be so inauthentic!
Although Prabha is rig ht, aren't there too
many hurdles in bringing in Electricity?
Like Initial Deposit
Wood for the Posts,
and Space for Line connection
Can we afford all this?
Could be impossible foryou
But possible for me!
All at my own cost
Just say when you require
I've the enough wood in my fields
for as many posts you require
And Land..Anywhere...
I can immediately transfer it to Panchayat!
What do you say?
Pull it well and tie
Dol need to bring in skilled labourers
from Perambavoorto complete thejob?
Yes..Pull that nicely
Thenkurussi will get Electricity
and light very soon
Look, Posts are erected..lines
have been drawn..
Is to trap me these lines are being drawn?
I don't belong to this Village
But ever since I stepped in,
lam hearing about Odiyan and Odi tricks!
I'm also certain about one thing
like everyone here..
That Odiyan and Odi trick can't be confined
inthe brightness of4 bulbs
What do you say?
Yeah..Carry on..Carry on..
Oh! You?
Long time no see!
After becoming Kelakam's son-in-lawthe path
to this place has been forgotten, is it?
Not at all.
I can understand Madam
forgetting the old paths
After so long, I've not forgotten...
...any person or any path
I was little busy, Manikyan
Oh! Busy in bringing electricity
to light up Thenkurussi!
No.. Not at all.. In factl came here
to convey something else
I wished to tell it to you first
and then to my dad.
Meenukutty is Pregnant
So soon?
Hail grandpa! May you live happily!
Then let us..
- Wasn't it Splendid!
- Absolutely!
Drink tea all of you
Thus the Light has come in!
At dusk, where are you taking this blind?
It's bad times!
Here some may get other ideas
on seeing a pregnant woman
Hope you understand what I am saying!
Should we ourselves provide Odiyan
the scent of a fully grown fetus?
If he sniffs, then both mother and baby
will slip from your hands
Therefore try reaching home before dark
Please don't feel offended
ifl say something
You have the place of an Elder brother
Still you shouldn't have spoken
this way in front of her
I thought you have little sense
Nowl understood you hardly have any!
Let's move, dear
To take away happiness,
People will turn up from somewhere!!
Take your darling wife carefully
and hand her over safely
in the hands of Odiyan
Atleast she will know
that he can't do anything
No Odiyan has cut open the Stomach
and taken out the fetus one has created!
You are all what Odiyan needs, Ravi!
You be careful
So that you also don't turn up
dead like Prakash!
No Ravietta! Don't ask fortrouble
He is not a human being. He is an evil!
This nephew of mine in Kelakam family
had two desires
First to marry Prabha Cechi,
and then keep me as his concubine
His damn advise!
Don't look back..Keep walking
Reach her home safely
Don't let the fetus slip off on the road!
Leave me
If anyonetalks rubbish,
no one must considerwho it is!
I too will not.
From nowl shall also address you by name!
So Ravunni Nair, Manikyan's
suspicion is right
Prakashaettan was killed
Now I'm sure who would've done that!
Stan counting backwards
You are reaching ZERO
As you call, a Black Round Zero!
Nobody is around
Narayani must have got fed up waiting!
(Reciting hymns)
O Lord..O Goddess..l will be back now.
No way..l will not talk to him
Look Ezhuttachan there
What are you up to, Ezhuttachan?
Waiting in queue to buy a movie ticket!
Don't you guys have any other
business to do? Get away
Won't let me Pee also. Useless fellows!
Hail Lord!
Didn't I Walk?
Oh no!
Hail Lord! O my God!
Hail Goddess!
Am I still not walked?
What are you groping on the ground?
Hello..Please help..
Oh no! O my god!
(Chanting hymns)
Thank heavens!
O Lord..Narayanani..Naryanani...
Hail Lord Narayana...
Narayani...l'm back home..
Oh no...Odiyan..Odiyan..
Only forthis reasonl brought
electricity to Thenkurussi
Ezhuthacha, it was I who provoked him
to do an Odi on you!
But slightly missed!
Next time it won't miss
Were you deliberately putting me as bait?
Boys..Search him
But still, Ravunnietta...
See..no use of bringing in Electricity
He keeps doing 0di!!
See what happened?
We became Morons!
He has broken it forthe 3rd time!
He will break the entire
bulbs in Thenkurussi
We shouldn't leave this
Do we need to talk to Odiyan
or lodge a police complaint?
Go and lodge! Police can hardly
do anything to him!
Why Police? Aren't we alone enough?
We shall ask him
What do you say, Ezhuttachhan?
Who dares to talk to him?
We will escalate it to Damodharan,
let him speak to him
Aren't they friends?
What an irony!
Nothing will happen
You go and speak to him
- I will try
- What?
I can only try
Don't be scared, dear
In this thunderstorm,
are you waiting forthe rain?
Doesn't this little one sleep?
Ravi will be late, Meenutty
Why spoil the sleep ofthe baby too?
Go to bed
Let me wait for some more time
Do as you wish
I got to check some papers
Ravi dear
Has Ravi returned?
Ravi dear
Ravi dear
Ravi dear
Meenukutty, what was that noise there?
Oh no! Ravi!
Oh my god!
Who the hell did this!!
Oh no! Meenutty..0ur Ravi..
Evenl suspect the same! It's the Odi!
It is said he was not present
during the incident
He was in UdumalpeL. it is all lies!
As witnesses two Tamilians
were also produced at the Police station
That is what we call.. 0diyan's illusion
He can be present there and here too!
Can do the Odi there and here also!
While he would be drinking butter milk
there, he will be drinking arrack here
this time, even if he can get away
from Police and us under any pretext
Isn't there One above watching all this?
Still..on behalf of a
person eating raw flesh,
creating potions out of unborn fetus
and killing people
Our Gopi Sir defending
so long... unimaginable...!
How much of advising...
Afate, father and son pleaded for
and got from that Odiyan...!
Experience it then
How often had I advised
the dad and the son?!
They didn't pay heed
Now why CW?
Burn him
The Odiyan... right now
His ashes too must not remain by dawn
Yeah..Wait..Surround the house
Hmm..Burn it down
Burn it down to ashes
Come on everyone
What is this Meenutty?
How can starving help?
Shouldn't you think ofthe baby too?
The Kelakom home thus very soon turned
into that ofjust two widows.
Since the day Ravi passed away,
Meenu moved into her room,
never stepped out.
Neither she spoke to anyone..
Shackled in loneliness in self-exile
she locked herself
One day...
Just one day...
She stepped out.
On the 14th day of Ravi's death.
Meenutty, where are you going?
I want to meet Manikyan..
...Right now
Would you take me?
Why do you want to meet him now?
Even if you refuse, I will go by myself.
Meen utty, careful..
Just for once
To hear that I walked all this distance
...l only want to hear that
For your Odi trick,
Did you need my fetus, Manikyan?
"N0" is what I wish to hear
Say N0
Don't touch her
After bringing darkness in this
blind woman's hean also,
Aren't you quite satisfied?
On killing Prakash in the fields
and Ravi in front of her,
What did you gain?
Darkness...You are only Darkness!
Adiny pitch darkness that puts
your loved ones into Darkness!
I have frightened"
And have blacked out..
But haven't killed anyone so far!
It's not me
then, now and ever..
only thing I got to say
It's not me
It is not me
That's all, my grandpa
Awasted life of the last
Odiyan in Thenkurussi
I have not killed anyone, grandpa
You know the truth well, grand pa
One day Thenkurussi will knowthat
But why did you...
I carry the curse of many generations
May be to stay away from it,
my dad fled Thenkurussi then!
I am also leaving, grandpa
Surrendering all my Odi tricks here!
Any outside work for me to do?
If I starve witho ut work,
then it's a disgrace to this family
Plenty of chores for sure
Kept pending all these many years!
Look at the state of the farm
Didn't you walk away quietly one day!
By the way.. Were Odi tricks yourjob
wherever you travelled?
Where were you these many years?
Never permanent anywhere
Wandered a lot..
Prayed at many temples
Bathed in several rivers
Begged for alms
And what did you gain?
Returned the way I had left
Like the one night I left
Praying that no one sees me
into the same darkness!
The turmoil in my heart still remains!
All that pounding in my chest that
kept me from sleeping all these while
Those hooves.. they still persist
Howeverl had enough, Madam
I only found answerto
the blood I did not shed
The curse of many at the
end of my Odi tricks,
...The darkness of many nights"
None ofthem have left me.
You didn't tell anything about yourself!
What dol say, Manikyan!
I cried a lot
A lot turned grey
Kept watching the boy growing
What else?
Kept listening to a man
proposing every month
And I abused and chased him away
Then when a Deer hopped by the house once,
The young girl of yore eagerly
waited for its return!
All the doubts within me,
Only FEAR prevails
I know
Thangamani Varisiar told me everything
But she had left Thenkurussi
Where did you meet her?
You would've seen me several times
But we've not spoken so far
Thenkurussi folks did not address
me as Thangamani Varisiar,
but as Varisiar of Ravunni!
Earlierl used to be
thrilled by that address
It was much later that I realized
I'm not Ravunni's Varisiar!
The only name that was
always present for him,
was that of Prabha!
Also while lying drunk beside me,
He used to call me that!
And I shared the bed with him for
many years like another woman!
All that...
...l tolerated!
You are shivering a lot
If don't mind..
Why do I mind, Manikyan?
Ravunniar do visits my home
Seeing him walk with Wide chest and head up
I used to be very much joyous
A kind of hope..
He visited my home daily
Except for 2 days
It was to kill two persons
It was he who said that he killed them
Whenl had asked him to stop sniffing
behind Prabha and marry me,
You!! I've satiated myself with two murders
One with Hooves pounding on him
and the other by stabbing with horns
If God bestows on me with Marriage..
Then it will happen only with her
Shouldn't she also be interested?
Has she ever noticed you?
I have only one doubt now
Who is going to be killed
by my hands first?
or her?
I fled away fearing him only
I will never return, Manikyan
In this Kashi,
in some hermitage,
before I breathed my last,
me meeting you and disclosing the truth,
is all for sure God's will
Before leaving Thenkurussi
I met Prabha
and told her everything
She is in real fear
And poor Meenkutty, she stays confined
behind closed doors foryears
For enduring and withstanding everything,
Prabha has only one reason
I know what that is
Therefore you should return, Manikyan
If you delay,
No one will remain in the Kelakkam family
Then couldn't rest there
Atleast hereafter don't bow before him
Don't stay quiet
lam there beside you to defend
As long as you need me
by the side ofthis Kelakkam house!
Shall I serve some gruel, Manikyan?
Sit inside
When she came to meet you last
Since then she hasn't
stepped out of her room
For these long years...
Didn't even botherto visit a
hospital for delivery..
Even Monu's growth, she didn't watch
When everyone kept saying
you killed Prakashettan and Ravi,
including me.
She...0nly she..
Said that Manikyan will never
do such a thing
Though people with sight lied,
My child alone sawthe truth!
O my God!
My dear son
Au nty
I heard you are making money
Cheating locals!
Not cheating, I make strong Odi
A person is still in the hospital
...One Kounder..
At Pollachi Hospital
Look at the pride terrorizing and
sending a person to hospital!
What all disguises do you take?
Come on...Leave that, Madam
How can I?
I have a desire
to see you in a disguise!
Oh my grandpa..once when
I fulfilled a wish,
a person died!
Iam yet to get a response
What is your desire!
A Buck!
WWW you?
I don't know to take such forms
I have few errands to do
H651 mafimwmm is
When the next no moon
comes, I will show you
No, I want to see it right today
Okay, done
No..Not tonight!
Tomorrow night
After Pollachi bus leaves,
Keep watching at that pan
"l will bring, I will bring"
"l will bring a pine-leaf mat"
"l will take you, I will take you"
"To "Anthyalan" grove"
"To see the "Pullaani" forest"
"And to pick white lilies"
"l'll take you to the hill
where deers run, girl"
"l will bring, I will bring"
"l will bring a pine-leaf mat"
"The Sorcerer night breeze..."
"A swing on the palm tree..."
"To see the shadows moving
in it like hair-dance"
"ln the clear sky at midnight"
"Did you see the clouds"
"Following like herds of deer"
"Lust blooms in the "Pala" shrubs"
"ln December moonlight..."
"Going round, I will take
you to "Alathur" grove"
"Girl, I will take you"
"l will bring, I will bring"
"l will bring a pine-leaf mat"
"When honey-rain falls"
"ln the shade of a colocasia leaf..."
"Small gems scatter..."
"We'll go to enjoy the coolness"
"ln the raging wind"
"ln the side ofthe pathway"
"Did see your footprints
clear as bamboo rice"
"Climbing the plantain grove
where bats fly for honey"
"l'll take you to "Alanallur" abode, dear"
"Dear, I will come, I will come"
"l will come to your nest"
"l will stand, I will stand"
"l will stand, leaning on your chest"
"l will see "Pullaani" forest"
"l will pick white lilies"
"l will come to see the chariot-race"
"Girl, I will bring, I will bring "
"l will bring a pine-leaf mat"
"l will stand, I will stand"
"l will stand leaning on your chest"
I can't name the relationship between us
I can't name the relationship between us
Even I have not been able
to explain it to myself so long
I don't know the affection between two
people can be given a specific name!
Still I asked, like all girls..
"Do you love me"
"What kind of a love is that"
Madam, Night was the breath of my life
Night, when everyone sleeps
I wanderthrough Thenkurussi
at night..l loved
Not as Odiyan. Like everyone, on two legs
Isn't it becausel had no one like
others to put me to sleep or wake me
I often think so as I wander alone
While wandering like that, upstairs in the
eastern corner of one Tharavad
I happen to see a single lamp glowing
I have always considered
it as another sleepless person like me
Two lonely persons in the night
Definitely will awaken a liking
When all are asleep, a liking
for someone who isn't,
is all I felt..
And that is all one must
Being around to be heard
and seen is happiness
A lie
A lie a man uses on his lover when he is
sure that his love is not going to succeed.
One blatant lie!
That's is all to it!
I'm fed up hearing this every month!
Can't you at least realize both of us
have greyed and grown old?
It's my final warning
I can't stand this any more
lfl get to hear it again
I will forgetyou as my Uncle
or some Thenkurussi Chieftain!
I will be forced to take the broom!
Get out
Don't keep sitting turning
your face darker!
It's the arrogance of his return!
An audacity that you never had before...
Are you planning to marry
Odiyan, eat raw flesh
And slanderthe family reputation?
If so?
If so, how does it affect you?
Isn't it enough for me to convince
my dead husband?
In fact he didn't die
But was killed!
The two ofthem!
- That..
- Out
You will be forced to hearthe
0diyan's Slang from my mouth!
For all your responses...
and the humiliations by you,
I will pay back to him
and then all that kept aside for you
Keep waiting
May be she was also not sure of your return
But I knew you will come
To smear my hooves with blood
By the time you leave,
some more bodies will fall in these fields
This Ravuni is certain about that too
No, Ravunni Nair
Don't raise the count
of dead bodies any more
Just one
Dead body to lie flat on the fields!
That is all I need
What you've been telling is true
Forthis Manikyan's return
after these long years,
has got only one reason
It's to kill a person
After seeing that dead body, I will leave
Mark Thenkurussi 0diyan's words!
Without waiting to wash that blood
and change my dress
I would just walk away
Until then, I will be here
When did you start
doing Odi against children, Manikyan?
Have you gone that cheap?
You well understand why I mentioned
your nephew's name
As well as I!
Don't stand and needlessly
provoke an 0diyan..Leave
I know
It was for her..You returned
I was only away from Thenkurussi
Not from Madam
To understand that,
this binh is not sufficient foryou
In case if you feel like killing
someone on your way
Keep this
Which you hid in the warmth and
chillness of yourVarisia's side!
Dry blood stains are on this!
Ofthe ones you clubbed and
lanced in my name..
Those two person's blood!
To kill you, I don't need this Wooden hoof
NoWyW 9
and rescue your nephew
That's whatl am saying
Don't send Rajesh alone
Before Odiyan catches us,
we got to catch Odiyan
ls your planning against Odiyan done?
What else now, straight
tothe fields, isn't it!
What the hell do you all think of Manikyan?
Even yourtongue should shiver
while talking about him
Plan that you all don't
get killed in the fields
Even if you all get together,
you can't even touch a fur of his blanket!
To think of finishing
him, must be an equal..
That is ME
What do you think, Aunty?
Who will win tomorrow?
Would Odiyan lose?
Would lose!
But that would be Thenkurussi
I'm not able to catch sleep, Manikyan
Will you be able to do it at this age?
We are of same age
I know the difficulty in pulling
this shutter down
Give up, Manikyan
Forget it
Needn't wait to inform them..
Just walk away silently
Some days later, everyone
would forget everything
Tomorrow on No moon night
Thenkurussi must be in complete darkness!
You got to ensure that
Just understand"
Look into my eyes
Those Children is what you see!
You've watched many of my acts
Watch this last act also of mine
I know forwhom you are doing all this
You loved her so deep, didn't you?
To term it as "LOVED"
both of us aren't yet dead, Damodara!
Fortonight, you are the
Sub-Inspector of Thenkurussi, Ravunni
I have scheduled everyone for duty
at the temple festival
Our deaf Raman lyer guards the Station
Won't it suffice?
Yes fine
Has someone gone to check if
Odiyan is at home?
Yeah, Madhu and Rajan have gone
Dude! That was a shadow
Needlessly frightening others!
Kill him
Seeing a Shadow...! Get up and come
Kill him.
Stop..Stop.. it is Jayan
Why did you jump upon us!
Why the hell youjumped upon us
How can be then?
We just tolerated with one
Useless boys!
Get the torch
What is it?
Don't get scared boys!
For that who is scared off!
One cigerrate
Take out a cigerrate
Smart boy!
Let Thenkurussi remain in darkness
whole of this night
You take"
Drink this and sleep inside
I did say earlier not to get
entangled with the Sorcerer
ls it now become a scare for everyone
Shut up..Hell with you...
ifl give you one kick..
What is it..dude?
He is not at home..
Didn't we search every farm and field..
Did we get to see him?
We even searched at his home..
That is whatl am saying..
He has left this place
Need not be scared
I don't think he will be here anymore
That too so late
You take out the bottle,
let's have a drink, come
Lets sit there..Come...
Plant the torch there
Take the stuff out quick
Plant it over here
Gulp it down, dude
No, I don't want
Yourtension will disappear
You take asip
You are sure... don't want?
Where are you going?
Will be back
Going forthe Sorcerer?
He has taken the road to Kashi
Open one more..
What happened, man?
What is it, Dude!
What is your problem, Man?
Throwthat out from your mind
I saw him
Seen what?
It is all your brain's imagination
Then why the hell are we around?
Can he appear in this brightness?
Even if he does would he return safely?
I will pierce this sword into him
Hey..come here
Take him away
Hey Manikya!
It is not the kids to be terrorized!
The game is between us
Your existence so farwas designed by me
This Ravunni
Where you should smile..
...Where you should cry
and when to run away...
and now your death too
Hey you Darkie Nair! Didn'tl say then..
The Odi trick on your nephew as a front,
was actually for you, Ravunni.
Who needs this boy?
This Odi in Thenkurisi was marked on you
Now there you are...before me!
The day marked by me
The time marked by me
Come out then
What did you think?
You are the only Great
Sorcerer in this World
Then who is he?
His hand, unlike yours, doesn't tremble
on seeing blood
When the knife pierces the hean,
eyes don't blink..
My right hand
It is his hands that I used to kill the two
After finishing you tonight
This Ravunni will light the fire in the
lives of two Madams of Kelakkam house
All yourtricks will end here!
All your games in the darkness must end
In this daylight like brightness
you will burn to ashes
Hey Ravunni...What did you think?
That you can burn this Sorcerer down
in this brightness you created
If it is a Black cloak in darkness
Then in brightness just
a white cloth to cover
is all this Sorcerer needs
The last lesson my grandfather
whispered into my ears
You Ravunni Nairfrom Kelakkam Family
This is your Punishment
Your destiny
Au nty
So the 0diyan's story ended, isn't it?
Who told you it has ended?
Switch offthe light
Forwhat, aunty?
Do it, dear
Oh no! Who is inside our room?
Aunty, someone is in our room
Please put on the light, aunty
Now switch it on
Whoa! Lotus flower!
Where you got it from?
Give me
This is not foryou
Please listen..this is not foryou
Go and sleep with mom
From where did she get the Lotus flower?
"L am here with my shimmying hair dancing"
"Like the black palmyra palm swaying"
"With gay abandon go singing"
"like a rosewood-black cloud go dancing"
"l am here with my shimmying hair dancing"
"Like the black palmyra palm swaying"
"With gay abandon go singing"
"like a rosewood-black cloud go dancing"
"A coconut tree which does not spike
is not a coconut tree"
"A night without moon is not a night"
"Come, leaving your house and village"
"Those who did sorcery
are fleeing away far"
"Who is coming here and
hanging the festoons"
"Who is seeing cumin seeds and seedlings"
"The paddy is blooming slowly,
covered with mud"
"A soil which does not
turn green is not a soil"
"A woman who is an unshaken clod
is not a woman"
"Come, leaving the nest and companions"
"What is in the song,
O tree, is it your whirl wind?"
"ls your speech like the tipsy
of tender palmyra nut"
"Like a bloody tree you are bearing fruit"
"l am here with my shimmying hair dancing"
"Like the black palmyra palm swaying"
"Like the black palmyra palm swaying"
"With gay abandon go singing"
"like a rosewood-black cloud go dancing"
"like a rosewood-black cloud go dancing"
"like a rosewood-black cloud go dancing"
"like a rosewood-black cloud go dancing"
"like a rosewood-black cloud go dancing"
"like a rosewood-black cloud go dancing"