Oeroeg (1993) Movie Script

Wrong, private Blockhead!
- The name's Twan Mortier, major!
Look, private Blockhead...
That way the wogs will get you!
You enter a shack, some
rice-eater by the door...
So what happens?
How should you do it?
They're next to the
door, so first?
He won't be calling
'Mardeka' any more.
Mardeka, sergeant!..
You put the stress wrong.
The time has come, men. We're on
our way to Indonesia.
At first you will be dazed by new
impressions and experiences.
Yet you should stop and think why
you are making this journey.
Why you soldiers are heading
for the tropics.
The farm hands from Wolvega.
The butcher's boy from Rotterdam.
The student from Utrecht.
A cross section of our people
and all their lives.
We come together
several months ago.
Civilians from all walks of life
who reported to barracks.
In the brief short time we have
spent in transit barracks...
...the first changes have taken place.
How do you spell 'Teun'?
- Teun...
T- E-...
'Rasa sayang, rasa sayang sayang '
'Oh that girl is so far away'
'Rasa sayang'
Can you see anything?
I can't see anything at all.
It can't be a water spirit,
you can't see them.
If you can't see it, how do you know
it's the water spirit?
You can't talk about spirits like that
You'll make Neneh Kombel angry.
Urug? I'm afraid.
Don't do that, Johan!
Neneh Kombel will get mad.
I saw it.
I saw it! I saw Neneh Kombel!
That's impossible. Neneh Kombel
is an ugly old woman.
She lives in the trees.
But I saw the spirit, with a beard.
How do we go back now?
- Urug!
Look, there! Rescue them quickly!
Rescue the children!
Don't talk guna-guna nonsense, Deppoh.
Go rescue them.
You stay in your room
all day, understood!
Don't set a foot outside!
That kampong boy has a bad
influence on you.
But Dad!
- I don't want to hear another word.
Don't play with the master's son or
go to the big house any more!
It gives you strange ideas.
Yes, Dad, but...
- I don't wan't to hear another word.
T- A-P-E...
- And that is?
Very good! And?
- R-I-C-E...
And that is?
- Rice!
Good, and then?
- Very good.
If you take the T from
tape, you get?
Tape... Ape!
Good. Write that down.
If you leave the R
off "Rice", you get?
What was that?
'Near or far, we'll always be brothers. '
Johan, what are you doing?
What did you say?
'Saya a looking at the bulan'
I don't understand.
You're a Dutchman, boy,
speak Dutch!
I'm looking at the moon, Dad.
- Moon...
Very good.
Go to sleep.
Sleep tight.
How did you know about Mer...
- Merdeka.
I was born there.
- Really?
I wonder what it'll be like?
The finest country in the world.
Nice people, delicious food...
All kinds of fruit, satay...
Pisang goreng...
- Pisang what?
That's fried banana.
- They eat that?
You will too, just wait.
It won't be easy, because
you don't get to enjoy the best...
.. of that beautiful country.
You will understand why you
have to defend our colony.
There was once a basis here...
A basis of justice, peace and order.
The Japanese invasion and
their abuse...
...radically destroyed this basis.
Watch out, snipers!
Up there!
Indonesia merdeka!
Finest country in the world!
Fried banana!
Pisang goreng!
I hope we've arranged everything.
You have somewhere to stay?
I think I have written everything down.
I wish you all the best, goodbye.
- Johan.
A lot has happened.
Eight years is a long time.
How long have you been out...
...of the concentration camp?
- I was never in a camp.
I thought the Japs interned everyone.
- I kept out of their hands.
I went into hiding.
You look wonderful.
I'm looking for father.
Yes, he was here.
Come with me.
Good morning, Miss Banning.
- The very man I was looking for.
This is Johan ten Berghe.
He was in Struiswijk Camp with your
You're his son!
My name is Van Amerongen,
remember me?
Uncle Chris!
Come to our room. It will
do Valerie good to see you.
Do come.
The Japs broke all of us.
Your father has done what we can't.
He's left Batavia.
To go where?
- We don't know. Probably back...
What? To the plantation?
To Kebon Jati?
But that's much too dangerous!
They say it's enemy territory.
The TNI is in control.
Your father return to Kebon Jati
as soon as he was free.
He talked about you so much recently.
Valerie, look who's here.
Hendrik's son!
Why did you come back?
Valerie, you can see...
No, not just that...
I wanted to see the
East Indies again.
This place?
- Valerie, really...
First the Japs, then the extremists
with their Red & White!
They want to get rid of us!
She's confused. It's
the camp and here...
Where are we going?
- Kebon Jati.
Kebon Jati?
- My father's there.
The lieutenant has leave?
- The lieutenant's taken leave.
Stop here.
I say, Twan...
I'll go on alone now.
- Listen...
if they ask where I am...
I had to meet my father
- I'm going too.
I can't ask you that...
We're not allowed any further.
We're a team. I'm your
driver, aren't I?
Twan, just stay here.
I'll skirt the lake up there.
Cover me from here. Look...
Hey, that's...
That's the house on the photo!
- Yes,that's Kebon Jati.
If I'm not back in an hour,
just go back.
I can't do that!
- Mortier,
Do as you're told!
Pisang gorng.
- Pisang gorng.
Hands up... Hurry!
Hold that sten gun up!
That way...
Three cheers for the Queen!
Do you like it?
It suits you perfectly
Real worsted. Good as new.
You couldn't afford that in a lifetime.
You're right, Mr Ten Berghe.
You can go home.
Today is a feast for you too.
- Thank you, sir.
Look, look!
Can it walk over razorblades?
...equalised a little.
- No car can survive otherwise.
Nothing to be done
I'm sorry.
It'll take a week to
get it repaired.
What about the tea?
Or are you changing to quinine?
- Thank you.
No. Auction prices for tea are fine.
The Queen!
- The Queen!
Why should I produce quinine?
Excuse me...
I say, Hendrik...
Lida is a smart lady.
When did she come to the Indies?
- Long ago. She runs a lodging house.
She teaches Johan twice a week.
Look Urug, what a big one!
That can fight!
Put it down.
- No, not with the slug!
And this frog, what about that?
- Just put it here.
Look out, he's off!
- He can't do that?
Ouch! It pecks so creepily!
Johan, don't get yourself dirty.
Urug, go home.
Miss Banning..
If Johan asks
about his mother...
...then say she's ill...
in Holland.
You're the best dancer, Johan!
Your son is a fine lad!
Let's go swimming.
Where is Deppoh?
Ali, call Deppoh.
- Yes, master.
Lay out some towels.
Bring the car round.
Get food and drink ready, Ali!
Come swimming with us!
Brilliant idea!
But it's bewitched, Neneh Kombel!
- Don't talk rubbish!
But Urug says all kinds of
spirits live there.
Ask Deppoh! Deppoh! Deppoh! Deppoh!
Behave yourself, Johan. Really!
You dance well, Miss Banning.
Neneh Kombel!
It was a bat..
Little boys should be in bed.
It's very slippery. Valerie...
Is it far?
How long can you stay under water?
- Moment!...
Valerie!... There he goes.
I wouldn't do it.
- Wait... wait...
One, two,
- Is your watch running?
Mind your words, Verbeek!
This timepiece was a personal
gift to my grandfather Jan...
...from the regent of Sumedang,
Raden Adipati Surya
Kusuma Adinata.
It's a family heirloom.
Is there a water spirit here?
Is it safe to touch the water?
There is no water-spirit.
There are just water plants.
If we dive in too deep...
we can get tangled in the weeds...
...and drown.
So there is no water-spirit?
Neneh Kombel!
Johan, behave yourself!
Neneh Komb...
No! No! Daddy, come back!
Calm down, child. Calm down.
Come on then...
Calm down, Johan.
Have a sip of water.
Calm, yes... calm down...
I'm glad you came.
It's been three days.
Boy, you're so feverish!
Come on...
Why is Urug crying, Dad?
What happened?
It was a bad dream...
...with a happy ending for you.
Deppoh... Where's Deppoh?
Deppoh rescued you from the water.
He saved your life.
But where's he now?
Deppoh is...
Deppoh is dead!
Deppoh mati!
Neneh Kombel did it!
Stop this Neneh Kombel rubbish.
You're Dutch!
There's no Neneh Kombel.
Deppoh got tangled in the weeds.
It's no one's fault, Johan.
It is, it's my fault.
- It's no one's fault. Deppoh...
Deppoh is a hero, a hero!
Listen, Johan... Urug! Urug!
Urug came to say goodbye.
He's moving back to Darsala.
We need the house
for another mandur.
Say goodbye to Urug.
- Please, Johan!
Johan, calm down!
Here, have some water.
Very good...
Damn it!
I'm sorry.
You can stay at Kebon Jati.
You can live with the servants.
Forgive us, Dutch master,
that we rebelled.
And remember: simple Javans beg
us to restore order.
In that light we should see
the sacrifice...
Hendrik Ten Berghe
made of his life.
Dust to dust, ashes to ashes...
Why didn't you shop him?
You know your father.
If I'd been 30 minutes earlier,
he'd be alive.
Near Kebon Jati I was threatened
by his probable killer.
I saw his eyes and part of his face.
I'm almost sure it was Urug.
- Urug loved your father.
No, he loved you.
I thought that...
...maybe you know where he is.
He must be here somewhere.
I saw him.
I don't know where to look, Johan.
Lida, I must find him.
- I last saw him before the Japs came.
He's in East Java, I hear.
Dear Johan, when you were in
...things changed here.
It's less simple.
Lieutenant Ten Berghe!
How should I save you
from a court marshal?
As far as I'm concerned
they can have you.
I thought...
my father was in danger.
I understand that, lieutenant.
I think I can find his killer.
It's police job to catch murderers,
not the army's.
Even if he's with the TNI?
Tell me more.
He might be able to help us.
- If you can find him.
I'll find him.
I mean... alive!
He's no use to us dead.
I understand that, major.
You realise I have to report
to headquarters.
Then it's up to Colonel Van Daalen.
That's a pity.
We're abandoning a trail and...
...he may pick it up..
...and take the credit.
Nice for the colonel...
You speak the local lingo,
don't you?
That's right.
But only report back to me.
I must be able to do it my way.
No, thanks.
You will, even if I forbid you.
But you can't go alone.
Take an experienced NCO with you.
If you insist.
- I do insist.
Can I have some coffee?
Shit! That thing's much too high!
It's freezing. What am I doing here?
Tin can...
I don't stand in the WC and piss
on the oor in your home!
It isn't a bath, it's
a mandi bak, okay?
And hurry up.
There's work to do.
I'm coming.
Good morning, sir.
See you tomorrow.
Two men there and two there.
Make sure I'm not interrupted.
If you want to know what I think...
- We do it my way, sergeant.
One each side and one straight in
- Everyone thinks you're crazy.
Are you?
Is this for the army
or for your father?
It's for you, Twan.
Turn that jeep!
Is that chocolate?
- No.
Do you read me?
Get lost! Off the jeep!
What do you want here?!
Sinyo Johan.
Who are you carrying there?
Your child?
Is it a boy?
What's his name?
Sinyo Johan, it is dangerous
for you to come here.
Dangerous for you and for us.
There's no one can be trusted
anymore around here, Sinyo.
You can trust me, Satih.
I trust you.
But some people around here...
don't want to see the Dutch any more.
They might think anything.
You're a Dutch soldier now. They
could draw their own conclusion.
What's up with your mother?
- She has malaria.
But the neighbours have given
her a herbal remedy
Mum, Sinyo Johan is here.
Sinyo have grown!
How are you, Sinyo?
- Is Urug here?
We don't know where Urug is.
Has he joined the TNI?
Don't ask me that. I don't know.
Does he know that his mother
is very ill?
You can have this picture of him.
Thank you, Ibu...
Has he changed much...
.. in all these years?
Why are you asking about him?
Has he done anything wrong?
Please leave, Sinyo.
Satih, I must speak to Urug.
He isn't here.
If he's here he will only visit
father's grave.
It was no one's fault.
It was an accident!
You may have different
recollection from ours.
Radio report from HQ!
A large TNI column is approaching.
They just crossed the Mandiri creek.
Bruinsma, Bren on the last vehicle.
Kretek, cover them.
Are they far?
A few miles south, they say.
- There's nothing great here!
Where's that damn wog we want?
He wasn't there.
Bruinsma, take cover.
Let's take some other blue apes!
...for protection.
Get in!
Sleep tight, bastard!
No luck?
He's here somewhere.
Are you sure it was him?
I will be if I find him.
Can I ask you something?
Not about that nurse!
How do you say in Malay..
"Rita, you have the loveliest
eyes I ever saw?"
Brake, Twan!
Brake! Duck!
Wogs! Take cover! By the trees.
- Where?
Duck, Twan!
Bruinsma, help me!
What happened to him?
Have mercy, sir.
Why are you fighting?
How many of you are there?
You'd better tell me everything.
Who is your commander?
The name of your division?
Tell me!
Is that all?
- He's well trained.
Where's your command post?
That damn propaganda station?
Does he speak Dutch?
Yes, but he won't.
It's the "language of oppressors".
You can go. You look exhausted.
Anything else, major?
- No thanks. Take some rest.
Is there someone called Urug
with your company?
What did you ask him?
What I asked him before.
Someone should look at his wound.
Join the army, rape a nanny...
Late at night, without a fight..
The lieutenant stood guard, right?
Are you awake?
Can you hear me?
It'll be all right.
We're waiting for transport to Batavia
They can help you there.
Does it hurt?
Help him!
- I am.
I'm no surgeon. I'm a nurse.
I have done what I can.
Can you give him an injection?
We have no more morphine.
R- i-t-a... beau-ti-ful eyes...
What did he say?
He says your eyes are
like the sun, Miss Rita.
Tell me everything.
The name of your
commander, your outpost.
I'll take care of you.
I'm listening!
You don't want to talk?
You want to be a hero?
Will he live?
- I don't know.
Will the other casualty live?
Is he a friend of yours?
Twan is my friend.
Now you think it's your fault?
You shouldn't be here.
You aren't really a soldier.
Stop this at once!
It's none of your business.
Don't worry. We're
just obeying orders.
He's a prisoner of war.
He's a wog.
He almost killed your
driver in an ambush.
Whose side are you on?
Let him go.
You want us to let him go?
At once!
Let go!
Thank you men.
I shall have to report this.
The major won't be happy.
He wanted us to get
the prisoner to talk.
And you order us to kill him.
I hope you hang for this!
I just obeyed your order.
William of Nassau, Dutch
blood in my veins
I trust in my fatherland till death
A prince of Orange
I am free and brave
I have always honoured
the King of Spain
Where does the Rhine enter our
country, boys?
At Lobith, sir!
- Very good! Here.
Look, that's the Rhine.
- No, that's the Mandiri!
Groningen, Hoogezand, Sappemeer,
Zuidbroek, Heiligerlee,
Nieuweschans, Roodeschool...
I'll y over them all later.
Look, Dad. My report.
Take the steps properly, Johan.
One mark of 7.5, Very good!
Very good, Johan.
Urug has a report too.
- I'll sign it too then.
Ten for arithmetic, Urug?!
That's not bad at all!
You can be bookkeeper when Johan
takes over the plantation.
But Urug and I want to be
explorer or pilot.
- One, two, three.
Very good...
Come on.
As far as the eye can see,boy...
...it'll all belong to you later.
Beautiful, Urug. Did you
make it yourself?
There you are.
- Thank you.
Shall I show you. Look.
Hi, Johan!
Your birthday guests, Johan.
But I didn't invite them!
- Be a good host, come on!
- Happy Birthday.
It's time for him to mix
with ordinary boys...
...and not hang around with Urug.
Have you seen the kampong?
Keep it that way!
This is for you.
Soldiers of Holland.
Don't you wish you were
back home in Purmerend?
With your family, your
wife, your fiancee.
With your girl...
But now you're thousands
of miles from home.
Your government misled you!
You suffered German oppression.
What does your government want?
You have to oppress a people that
wants freedom...
The same freedom you craved
for five years.
You know this radio station
is prohibited!
They play such good music!
- Next time, you'll be charged!
And you'll be the first, Deelstra!
Wait a minute.
Twan, be good! I'll
come and see you.
Fried banana!
Can you hear me?
I won't hurt you.
I need your help.
This is personal.
This man is an old friend.
His name is Urug.
He used to live in Kampong
Is this the right time
to interrogate someone?
Did he tell you anything?
What about soldier Mortier?
Maybe they can save him.
I don't know.
- Rita...
I had nothing to do with this.
It was an accident, believe me.
Of course.
This is more your
line, Ten Berghe.
Than what, major?
Intelligence work.
You're not very clever, are you?
Col. van Daalen just told me
you sent a confidential report...
...on the prisoner straight to HQ.
That's right.
He said you asked for an inquiry into
maltreatment of the prisoner.
Maybe I can help you.
What do you want?
War is no excuse for lawlessness.
Shall we leave it at that?
We're fighting murderers,
rapists, thugs!
And you talk about justice?
You're a bigger fool than I thought!
Or are you remorseful, because you
almost killed your driver?
Sergeant, may I?
I think you're hiding something
What do you really want?
Do you want to go home?
Major, this is my home.
Home is where you're loved...
And who loves you here?
Hi Urug! Want to join in?
- Yes
A real ballboy!
Hey, hit it to me too!
Fetch that ball!
Hurry up!
Hey you! You have bananas
in your ears? Quick!
What's the matter
with your servant?
Come here, you!
He's getting away! After him!
Good morning ladies. A letter for
Mrs. Rooskens.
Would you like more tea?
Mr. van Blankestein. Here's
your long-awaited letter.
Paskil, tea.
And this was for you.
Shouldn't you be at school?
Miss Lida? Is Urug less than us?
What happened?
Urug ran away from Kebon Jati.
Where did he go?
Of course Urug isn't less than us.
Is a crocodile less than an elephant?
A buttery less than a giraffe?
No. They are different.
Urug is your friend.
That's all that counts.
Who's she looking for?
I don't know that lady.
There's Urug. Urug!
Urug, you can't skip school.
Come with me.
What did he say?
- He said:
'I'm no longer at school.
I'm a farmer now. '
Hold this.
It's important that you learn, Urug.
Then you can read and write
and do arithmetic.
- For the future.
What is 'future'?
- Future is that when you grow up...
...you can do anything you like.
- Anything?
Pilot, admiral, doctor...
- Admiral!
Or be boss of the tea plantation!
- No, I'll be boss of Kebon Jati.
Listen. Johan's father is
going to Europe soon.
Johan will live with me too.
- Great!
What do you think of that?
You never wear that any more.
I'm no muslim.
That tie... no good.
Dad wants me to move back
to Kebon Jati.
That's better.
What about me?
Of course I won't go.
I want to stay here.
I'm a city boy now!
Just like me.
What's his new wife like?
Let's not talk about it.
- Really?
Keep it, it's an old one anyway.
- Thanks.
Hello, I'm Johan.
This is Karin and
this is Annelies.
Hello. Would you like
a cigarette or...?
Good evening.
Damn it! Lida's coming!
The drink, quick!
Give me some money!
But surely they aren't...?
- Just give it, now!
Hurry up and get lost!
Wait, wait!
Going out again?
'Look at the sparkle in my eyes'
'Look at my dimpled chin'
Boys, really!
- 'Don't be so silly!'
'Give us a smile. You look
cross as a spider. '
You both have exams tomorrow!
Urug, you have biology and
Johan has geometry!
'Look at the sparkle in my eyes'
'Look at my dimpled chin'
'Now things are really looking up. '
'Swallow your angry mood and grin!'
I want to buy three.
- No, sir. They're for the hospital.
Oh okay, thanks anyway.
Any news of Twan Mortier?
- Not that I know of.
You're working late.
What are you doing?
- We make juice from it.
No smoking here.
We used to draw faces on them.
When my friend Twan was here...
...there was no morphine.
But that sniper did get
morphine, didn't he?
I... found an ampoule somewhere.
It was in there, I suppose?
How long have you worked
for the TNI?
I'm a nurse!
But on which side?
Denounce me if you must.
Or will you hang me in a tree?
Who is that?
That's my blood-brother.
I think he killed my father.
Now you want to kill him?
- No...
I only want to know what happened.
I have to find him.
You have contacts on the other side.
Is that an order, lieutenant?
But you have no choice.
At ease.
Sit down, gentlemen.
I read your report with interest...
...and those by the major
and sergeant.
Appointing a complete commission
to investigate...
...strike me as being
too much of a good thing.
And as officer responsible..
...It would be most disagreeable...
...to see my subordinates
squabbling in public.
Especially when one of them,
the young lieutenant...
...seems to be rather confused...
...by the tragic death of his father.
It looks like this is a case of...
...an ambiguous order by you...
...and an unambiguous interpretation
by the sergeant.
That is quite common
in times of war.
I'll leave it at that.
As far as you're concerned
Ten Berghe...
I think your considerable talents...
...would be better used at some
training centres in Holland.
So you will return to Holland
on the next boat.
Your new appointment
also involves...
...automatic promotion
to first lieutenant.
Do I have any say in the matter?
- I'm afraid not.
It's an enviable position...
Oh yes...
That batman of yours...
Twan Mortier...
- Yes...
I'm afraid he died last night.
Will you visit his parents
in Holland?
Platoon 2, hut 5!
Get out!
All report to the quartermaster.
Good evening...
- Good evening.
What is it?
- I have to help you, sir.
Who said so?
Miss Rita said you needed help.
Wait here.
"There is much to talk about. "
"Come to Telaga Hideung tomorrow. "
"You know where!"
"You will hear more there. "
"You know where!
You will hear more there. "
"You're safe, on our word
as blood brothers. Urug. "
But that means going back to Holland,
doesn't it?
I'm going to study medicine.
They use too much magic, guna-guna
and herb medicine around here.
I'm going to improve matters.
They're probably afraid
I'll cut them open.
Why? They trust you. You're
one of them aren't you?
Will you work for
the government?
I want to leave here.
For Holland?
To get rich!
Everyone is equal there.
Abdullah, how are you?
- I'm fine. And you?
Fine too. I have
an exam tomorrow.
Can we have two chicken satay?
Tell your friend,
I don't understand Dutch.
Don't act crazy!
- You're crazy!
Two chicken satay, okay?!
Are you deaf?!
- Never mind.
We'll get some elsewhere.
You're the one blind!
Go powder yourself white!
Thank you.
The man at the box office said...
...that my friend could
come in for once.
No, only Europeans.
- I know, but...
...that there were odd exceptions.
- No, no sir.
Thank you.
- Not even with...? Okay.
Better luck next time.
It won't work.
Let's use the other entrance then.
I don't really feel like it.
Sir, you must go that way.
- Yes, I know.
Stupid Tarzan.
If he learnt English with
the apes, why not Dutch?
...or Malay.
- Yes, or Malay.
You go on your own
- I won't go either.
I want to write, buy some pens.
I'll meet you later.
We can have a beer at Tojo's.
Hurry up, it'll be sold out.
- Okay.
See you later.
Soldiers of Holland, awake!
It's not too late to
lay down your arms.
Don't be misled.
...misused by powers in The Hague,
who only want conquest...
...where there's nothing to conquer...
...because our Republic
of Indonesia is a fact.
...Indonesia Merdeka!
"Our Republic of Indonesia"?!
Are you surprised, Johan?
It's incredible.
You were the picture of innocence at
father's funeral, while...
Innocence? What am I guilty of?
I should have known.
When you said you could hide...
Where is Urug?
What do you want of him?
- Is he here.
Let's make a deal first.
Let's swap information.
Johan, when will your offensive start?
I don't know.
- You're an officer!
You did intelligence work!
Lida, that was a special mission.
I'm just an engineer.
And I'm on my way back to Holland.
Untie him.
Sit down...
You'd much rather stay here.
I belong here in the Indies.
Since 17 August 1945 this is
no longer the "Indies"...
...but the Republic of Indonesia.
- Yes...
Led by collaborators...
You have to take sides, Johan!
Not everyone take the
same side as you.
What will you do?
Lida, I don't have any information.
I wouldn't tell you anyway.
I'm no traitor.
I just want to know where Urug is.
It's a pity. Take him outside.
We can't let you go, of course.
You are now in the hands
of the army of Republic of Indonesia.
God preserve you, Johan.
Stop it, men.
Come on, let's go.
We're pulling out!
Experience has taught me
that many fellow natives...
...are infected with
an aggressive virus...
...and now suffer eye trouble.
So they can't see what
is happening around them.
Every day!
A fatal disease resulting in
bad eye-hand coordination...
...and limiting flexion
of the fingers...
The hand only
has one position.
This one!
Indonesia merdeka!
While we all know that
training these flexors...
...makes the fingers able
to curl completely!
Beautiful speech.
Thank you.
A school diploma opens the doors
to the world... for some!
Hello Johan.
We haven't seen you
for a long time.
I leave by boat tomorrow.
I came to say goodbye.
You'll miss Urug's speech
at the university.
What a pity.
She speaks good Malay
and is learning Javan.
To help Urug working
among the people.
You want to join
government service?
Not the government!
I don't need your help any more.
You hold up your hand to Lida.
Lida thinks the way we do.
One of the few.
'The Rhine enters Holland at Lobith. '
But the Ciliwung has its
source at Gunung Gde spring.
That we didn't learn!
'If you can sing, sing along'.
That's what the government wants.
But every bird sings
its own song.
'William of Nassau'
'Indonesian blood run in my veins'
'Loyal to Sukarno'
'We are until death'
But when our people want to
sing of this freedom...
...they were arrested
and exiled.
We have been exploited
for centuries.
The government humiliated
and underpaid the people.
It's not that bad,
Urug, is it?
Look at your father.
He was a mandur.
How dare you mention my father!
Can we change the...
- No...
I have no secrets for my friends.
They can hear it all.
Why has everything changed?
- Changed?
You'll never understand, Johan!
What do you mean?
God, we were happy with
your discarded clothes!
"Too small, too big, hardly worn!"
I never gave you my clothes
which were too small!
I don't understand.
Who's going to study in Holland?
Who can't watch Tarzan
from the front?
I apologised a thousand times.
Forgive me that!
Forgive and forget!
And for my father?
No Johan, not any more.
Your father has nothing
to do with this.
He has everything
to do with this!
You're father should be
dead, not mine!
You killed my father!
But he saved my life! Without
Deppoh I would have drowned.
Why didn't your father
jump in and save you?
Because he can't swim.
- You believe that?
Yes, Dad can't swim.
"Deppoh, jump in or I'll
get my nice suit wet. "
Go back to your own country...
And never come back!
Bye Johan, have a good journey.
The finest time of your life, Johan!
Study, drinking, women.
There are good women and bad ones.
Watch out for the bad ones.
Good luck!
Dad? Is there a swimming
pool on board?
Of course!
Are you sure?
- Of course I'm sure.
How come?
- I swam every day on my honeymoon.
Have a good voyage.
Lieutenant Johan ten Berghe?
3rd company, infantry battalion.
7 December division?
Captain Sudiarta...
Commander of the TNI troops,
Siliwangi Division.
The past pursues me. An eye for an eye...
Between who?
Between me and him.
Between father and Urug.
Father forced Deppoh to save me,
didn't he?
You were there.
Would you watch your
own son drown?
Would you?
So what happened?
Deppoh drowned.
Hendrik dived in after you fell.
You were dragged out, then..
Hendrik didn't have
to order Deppoh.
The order was in Deppoh's blood.
He dived in to get
his master's watch.
When we found him, we decided
that Deppoh died a hero.
And that we would never
tell the true story.
Why not?
The nobler his deed, the deeper
we buried our shame.
So father was paid back in kind.
Why Lida? Why didn't
you shop him?
Your father didn't kill Deppoh...
...and Urug didn't kill your father.
I saw him by the lake.
On the day father was killed.
It can't have been him, Johan.
He was taken prisoner 6 months ago.
He's in jail in Bandung.
What will happen to me?
Keep walking!
Are we still friends?
Only if we are equals.
Aren't we equals now?
Keep walking!
Not if 12 Indonesians
worth as much as you.
Ten Berghe! Lieutenant!
Take care of it.
Be safe...
'Near or far,
we will always be brothers. '