Of Fathers and Sons (2017) Movie Script

When I was a child, my father taught me
to write down my nightmares
to keep them from returning.
I ran far away
to escape the injustice and death.
Since we started building
new homes in exile,
Salafi jihadism has experienced its
golden age in the home we left behind.
The war planted seeds of hatred
between neighbors and brothers,
and now Salafi Jihadism
is harvesting the fruits.
Trying to hide my immense fear,
I said goodbye to my wife and son
and set out toward the land of men
who long for war.
To northern Syria, Idlib Province,
controlled by al-Qaida
aka. al-Nusra Front.
I introduced myself
as a war photographer.
I claimed sympathy
for jihadists and their ideology
to avoid being kidnapped or exterminated.
And the calls rang out,
"God's mission, jihad, the caliphate!
The caliphate, jihad, God's mission!"
How are you doing, Osama?
Recite the Quran for them.
- Okay, let's recite the Quran.
"In the name of God the merciful,
the compassionate."
- First the Quran, then Daddy.
Repeat after me: "In the name of God
the merciful, the compassionate."
While the others leave
for the battlefield,
I am determined
to stay as long as possible,
with Osama and Ayman
and the rest of the boys,
to witness what legacy
the war will bring.
...yes, probably.
Maybe they can stay at my place.
- We will find a solution, God willing.
What are their names?
- This is Ibrahim, Mohammad.
This is Sa'ed, Mohammad,
Qusai, Mohammad-Omar
and this is Isaac.
And him?
That's Osama.
This man was born
the day the World Trade Center fell.
On the day of the attack, I asked God
to bless me with a child on this day.
Mohammad-Omar was born
on September 11th, 2007.
- Yes, six years after the attack.
Six years?
- Yes.
God answered my prayer
six years after the attack.
So I named him Mohammad-Omar.
The same day?
- The same day.
September 11th?
- September 11th!
Was it a normal birth?
- Yes, normal.
Praise God!
His birth wasn't even one day late.
Why name him Mohammad-Omar?
- In honor of the unforgettable event.
Was Mohammad-Omar the attacker?
- The attacker's name was Mohamed Atta.
But Mohammed-Omar was the
prince of the Taliban in Afghanistan.
Because of my love for the Taliban,
I named him Mohammad-Omar.
I named another child Osama.
- How old is Osama?
Osama is about 12 years old.
Right, son?
Why did you name him Osama?
- Because I love Sheikh Osama bin Laden.
And I named Ayman after
Dr. Ayman Al-Zawahiri.
I've always kept up with the news
of jihad in Afghanistan.
I've always been fascinated
with the Taliban.
How old were you then?
I was born in 1974.
It was always exciting and encouraging
when the Taliban attacked the Russians.
I was fascinated by the word "Islam."
One of my fellow prisoners asked me
why I had named my children Ayman, Osama,
Mohammad-Omar and Khatab.
He said,
"You must really love these people!"
So I told him, "Brother,
if I took the love I have for those
people and spread it on the earth,
then it would be called 'Planet Love'
not 'Planet Earth.'"
Planet Love!
What's that?
- A bird!
Where is it from?
- We caught it in the room.
Which room?
- Our room.
We're still looking for its brother.
You're squeezing it!
- What?
You're hurting it!
- No, I just want to put it somewhere.
Let me see it.
It pecks.
- You can't keep it. It's a wild bird.
I'm afraid it will peck me.
Don't hurt it.
- I'm not squeezing it.
Look, it can move.
- Won't you let it go?
Maybe, but I want to put it in a cage.
- It can't live in a cage.
I will give it to Khatab
and he will decide.
Put them there,
in front of the window.
Dad! I slaughtered the bird.
Why did he slaughter it?
- Oh, I told Osama to slaughter it.
That's better than it dying
from being played with.
With a knife?
- With a knife.
Dad, I slaughtered it.
Did Khatab slaughter it?
Khatab wanted to slaughter it.
He put the knife on the bird's breast
and it started squeaking.
We put his head down and cut it off,
like how you did it, Father, to that man.
Like this!
- Allah is great!
He's telling you how we cut off its head.
- Allah is great!
I slaughtered it because it pecked
Khatab's finger
and made him cry.
Weren't you sad
while I was in prison?
So don't put a bird in a cage,
or any other creature.
If you see a bird in a cage,
set it free, understand?
Is it forbidden to kill a bird?
It's halal.
God, in his glory, allows it.
Did God create them for us to kill?
God created them for us to eat.
Heroes of Abu Duhur,
let the beheading begin!
The country is completely destroyed.
Start the beheading,
and prepare to die, bastards!
Prepare to die!
What is this checkpoint in front of us?
- It's our friends, Ahrar al-Sham.
This area belongs to Ahrar al-Sham.
This area has been divided,
between Ahrar al-Sham and al-Nusra Front.
Dad, how did you
liberate this area?
Son, God Almighty helped us.
Don't go up in there.
This area is full of mines!
That city is Maarat al-Numaan.
Can you see it over there?
Look over there.
We came from those buildings over there,
then we crossed the street
and headed that way toward Wadi Dief,
then towards Al-Hamidiyah.
Dad, how were
your fellow fighters martyred?
Some were killed attacking checkpoints,
on the road, and many died fighting.
That's an enemy pig buried there.
- Yes.
Let's go. I want to show you something.
Who planted the mines?
- The regime army did.
God is great!
With my blood on my hand,
I tell the world, "Don't stop!
It is the religion of Muhammad
that unites us."
Oh, my soul, do not fear death!
It is the religion of Muhammad
that unites us
Oh, my soul, do not fear death
Oh, my soul, do not fear death
We have a plan to completely
liberate this area.
We will establish a buffer zone.
We don't expect any help.
I don't receive support from anyone.
I choose to buy equipment
over food for my own kids
out of my loyalty to God and the
mujahideen, who liberate this country.
I don't ask anyone for support.
Why would I ask the American pig
or the opposition living in Turkey
who yell for their own state?
They have no idea what happened
to the children in Syria,
to the schools, the women.
That kind of support is no good.
America and its allies are opposed to
Islamic groups and the Islamic caliphate.
We don't recognize so-called moderate
groups funded by America.
We don't recognize
that opposition coalition "state" either.
No one, young or old,
recognizes the opposition.
All they care about are themselves,
luxury hotels, their empty talk...
Did you hear the bomb?
- Whatever.
God willing, for every child killed,
a thousand will be born.
For every hero killed,
a thousand new heroes will be born!
With God's help we will keep fighting
until we liberate all of Syria
and establish a fair Islamic caliphate,
where everyone is treated fairly.
A fair caliphate?
- A fair one...
You want to establish a fair caliphate!
- A fair Islamic caliphate
based on the methods of the Prophet.
That's all we want.
But as for the pigs in the opposition...
Who are they!
Ayman, how much is X times X?
X times X?
Hmm, it's N.
- What do you say?
- Correct, B.
But if I hadn't told you,
you wouldn't have known.
Okay, listen...
Come on!
One apple and two apples,
hmm, divided by... no.
Four apples divided by 10?
Four apples divided by ten.
Divided by ten?
- Makes five.
I know, we'll cut up the apples and
divide them.
Five, I say five.
And you?
- I say five.
That's correct.
I saw the teacher!
- Yes, he didn't die after all.
Did you understand, Omar?
Did you understand, Ayman?
- Yes. - Then tell me...
That's the teachers' bus.
Damn them!
Yeah, damn them!
- Damn them!
You know Abbudy's bus?
- I do.
It was big and orange.
The principal is a bastard.
Once he hit my brother Mohammad-Omar,
then argued with my father.
Father told us to stop going to school.
We said, "Whatever you want."
God is great!
Out of the way!
Get lost!
Stop it!
"Stop it!"
"Stop it!"
- God is great! Boom!
I hit her foot! She told me to stop.
"Stop it!"
She's talking bullshit.
Take that!
"Stop it!"
God lends us our strength
Your dream of victory in Yabroud
is an illusion, Hezbollah
God's followers will crush you,
no matter how long it takes
We will humiliate you in Yabroud,
you, protectors of Israel
God's followers will crush you,
no matter how long it takes
We will humiliate you in Yabroud,
you, protectors of Israel
Dig your grave, Hezbollah,
dig your grave in Yabroud
We spill our blood generously
for God lends us our strength
Your dream of victory in Yabroud
is an illusion, Hezbollah
Go back behind the rocks.
Did mines explode here?
- There are mines here.
One exploded, there may be more.
- I combed the area, there were no mines.
Those were grenades.
- Be careful.
Don't worry. I know how to disarm mines.
I'm an expert in that.
Show me the mines. I'll get rid of them.
I did it here before.
Show me where they are.
I can detonate them. I'm an expert.
There is a mine covered with a rock.
Is it green?
- It's plastic.
Plastic? No problem, I can blow it up.
They cover the mines
with big stones.
Show me,
and I'll take care of it.
It's on the path
but I don't know exactly where.
Nothing, there are no mines here.
Don't move the rocks.
Peace be upon you.
You done?
- Just a minute.
Just a minute.
The thorns are killing me.
This war will go on for a long time.
Yes my brother, it'll be a very long war.
Won't al-Nusra take your son
if he pledges allegiance to them?
He's still too young.
Al-Nusra won't send him to battle.
Not until he's grown.
Al-Nusra won't send him to battle...
until he's grown up, God willing.
But when he's old enough,
I will send him into battle
if al-Nusra doesn't send him first.
How old was Osama when you were arrested?
- He was four years old.
How was the separation?
- It was difficult.
I'd like to tell you a story.
When we were transferred
from Idlib to Damascus,
I was blindfolded.
The highway goes
right through the middle of our village.
It's an international highway.
As we neared my house,
I could smell my son Osama
out of everyone else in the village.
I raised my head,
but the guard hit me and ordered,
"Head down!"
I wondered, "Will I ever
hold Osama in my arms again?"
I know people who disappeared in prison.
They spent years in prison.
How could you smell Osama?
That feeling
comes straight from the heart.
It's not a smell, it's a true feeling.
You felt him?
- Exactly.
You couldn't see him later?
- I couldn't.
It's forbidden!
Until I got released...
In the name of God!
Allah is great! Allah is great!
He fell off his motorbike!
Allah is great! Allah is great!
Abu Mohammad!
Hand me the other gun!
Abu Mohammad!
- What?
Give me the other gun.
The bullet is jammed!
Faster, he's on the ground.
They're coming for him!
Hurry up!
Give it to me!
He got away.
We need the brains
to think and figure things out.
Good job.
Where's Osama?
Can you do the prayer wash?
- Yes.
Are you telling the truth? Are you?
- Yes.
Then get water and show me how you do it.
Go! Wash yourself and come back!
The Prophet
let water flow through his beard.
He always washed himself
in a certain sequence.
After washing the face,
wash the hands up to the elbows...
"Show us the right path.
The path of those You have mercy upon,
not the path of those who anger You
or have lost their way."
- Amen.
"Oh my servants who believe,
fear your Lord..."
We continue to spread the true faith
around the world.
How many Sufis (pacifist mystic Muslims)
were there in this village?
Most of them were Sufis!
In this village?
- The whole village was Sufi.
Other than a few exceptions.
And now?
- Now there are no more Sufis, thank God.
Praise God!
The balance has flipped completely.
I used to sit by myself
asking God things like...
"Will I even witness a change
in my lifetime?
Will a permanent change happen?
Will I, God willing,
ever witness the full glory of Islam?"
Do you want to sit with me?
My heart is like your garden.
You plant your flowers there.
Do you love your father?
Do you love Daddy?
- How much?
This much.
Wow, that's a lot!
There's the tongue.
Remove the skin so
we can rip the head open.
Want to do it, Abu Adnan?
These things you hold in your hands
are the tiniest of God's miracles.
Indeed these things would amaze you
if you truly looked at them.
I named him Abdulmonem,
after my brother.
Your younger brother?
- My next younger brother.
He was martyred
next to me in battle.
Khatab, how about I beat you up
in front of your father?
I want my daddy.
You want to sit with Daddy?
- Yes.
Shall I cut off your skin
with a good knife?
I'll make you drink a glass of poison.
His soul would jump right out of him.
- Take my advice, go to sleep!
Or I'll give you a kick.
What do you think, should I whip
your son with an electrical cord?
What do you think?
Look how he's looking at me!
Come here!
Come to me! Come, come!
Come, give me a kiss!
The mines are randomly planted.
Go back!
- Don't walk that way!
It's full of mines!
Go back! Go back!
How does a man feel to see his country
destroyed in front of his eyes?
It's a nightmare.
- It's a nightmare.
What can we do? But we won't lose hope,
God willing.
Come here, Osama!
- You think you're stronger?
Get up, come on!
- I won't get up!
Get up!
- I won't.
Give up.
- Never.
He beat you! He beat you!
I won't give up!
He beat you! He beat you!
I won't cry!
He beat you up and humiliated you.
If you were your father's son,
you would have messed him up.
Don't you dare say that!
Pick on someone your own age!
Get lost!
- You're not a man.
You should be ashamed.
Go home!
Get out of here, all of you!
Hurry up.
Come here!
I warned you not to fight with anyone!
- I didn't touch him! He attacked me!
Why don't you hit him too?
You should know better. You're older!
- But he hit me first!
Get lost!
Why are you crying?
There's no reason to cry.
This is the punishment
for fighting with your brothers.
Tell me, Ayman, why is everyone mad at
your brother Osama?
What did he do?
Sometimes he curses.
My father slapped him for that,
on the face.
Then he didn't do it anymore.
He hasn't done it since.
What did he curse?
He cursed the religion.
Oh, what a swear!
He offended God, God help me,
and cursed the religion.
Why does he curse like that?
- I don't know.
When we told my father,
he beat Osama up badly.
He told us to bring him the water hose,
but no one did.
Then he hit Osama's butt.
Osama can't play soccer at all.
I always score goals against him.
Who else should I ask for advice
if not you?
You know how al-Nusra works.
I need to understand if
our sharia council is behind the issue.
Which issue?
The issue of not changing.
Everything is fine.
Every group makes mistakes.
Our group makes the least mistakes.
Yes, you're right.
Keep your heads down.
Heads down.
Keep your heads down!
Heads down!
Heads down!
Come here!
On your knees! Behind!
Go over there!
You're a regime soldier.
Stand there!
Why did you join
the National Defense Force?
I joined for the salary.
- What?
I joined for the salary.
- For the salary?
You kill women and children for money?
- I have defected.
Don't claim you've defected.
- I turned myself in to the rebels.
In the name of God,
the Gracious, the Merciful.
He brought his soldiers victory,
and defeated all enemies.
Before Him was nothing.
After Him will be nothing.
We're faithful to Him,
even if blasphemers hate it.
Oh Sunnis, wake up.
Don't send your
sons to join the regime army.
Wake up and obey the Lord
so your sons do not end like this,
and you do not end like this.
God, who sent us the Book,
who moves the clouds, defeats opponents,
help the Mujahideen defeat
Bashar and his soldiers, amen.
Oh, Lord, peace and blessings upon our
prophet Muhammad and his companions!
Praise God!
- God is great!
Praise God!
- God is great!
Praise God!
- God is great!
Don't you want socks?
- Why not?
I want to stay with you.
You want to stay with us?
Get up. You stink!
Give me the broom.
Give it to me.
Get away! Don't move it.
Let it go. Let it go.
Let it go, Ayman.
Let it go! Let it go!
It's taking off!
I hope it doesn't melt the bag.
It's really high up!
I caught you!
What is your name?
- Khatab.
What's your middle name?
- Hussein.
- Let's sleep.
You sleep, Dad!
Close your eyes!
- I closed them.
Open your eyes.
- I opened them.
Open your eyes.
Open your eyes.
Close your eyes.
Keep your eyes closed.
Open your eyes.
Father, are you leaving today?
- I want to go with you.
Can I come with you?
- No.
In the name of God.
I will walk this way,
just to those trees there,
then I'll come back here.
- Go till the trees.
Shall I come with you?
No! If you do, walk in my footsteps.
Make sure you walk
exactly in my footsteps.
Be careful.
- Don't worry.
God bless you.
Can you take a step back?
Where are my pliers?
- You have them.
Maybe they're in your jacket.
Be careful. Stop touching me!
What are you doing, Abdullah?
- Making a bomb.
I'm putting citric acid into the bottle,
so a chemical reaction happens
with the materials.
What do you add next?
Soil. Red soil.
Then water.
Shake it and hide it.
If someone steps on it, it blows up.
We act like we're looking for it
with the detector.
Then he steps on it!
Look at me.
Can you see my hand?
How many fingers?
- Two.
Cover your other eye.
How many fingers do you see?
- Three.
And now with the other eye?
And now?
- I can't see anything.
What's wrong, Father?
What happened to you, Father?
Open the door.
Out of the way, Osama.
Step back, son.
It's okay.
Open the door.
The door!
Stop crying, woman!
Get out of my sight!
Oh, Osama.
Osama come closer!
Don't be sad, my son.
Don't be sad, my son.
It's God's will, my son.
Don't be sad.
Don't be sad
or I'll get sad too.
Get me a pillow.
Under your leg?
- Yes.
Don't be sad, Osama!
Go tell your mother to quiet down,
before I tear the whole house
down on her!
Oh, my Lord, have mercy.
Mercy, my Lord.
Give me the medicine. Oh, God!
This is size 5, come...
Look at me.
Let's go!
Faster, faster!
Seven. Attention!
Left face!
One! Two!
One, two, three!
- Six.
One, two, three!
- Seven.
God is great!
God is great and pride is God's!
Peace unto you.
Abu Muhammad walked there,
yet we didn't lose him to a mine.
Abu Muhammad,
you were searching near that tree,
and I was with Osama near this tree.
I swear by God the protector,
you are right, we walked there.
We combed the whole field.
We came back to Abu Osama,
we told him what we saw.
- He said there are many mines.
I told him not to be careless,
so he didn't
come home with one leg.
I swear to God, five minutes
before the explosion, he said,
"Abu Muhammad, be careful! I don't want
to take you home with just one leg."
He broke my concentration.
I moved the detector like this,
then all I remember
is lying on the ground.
My eyes were full of dust,
I couldn't open them.
I crawled to a safe place,
then he put me in the car.
I prayed to God that I lose
my left leg not my right one,
so I'm still able to drive my car.
And he took my left foot,
just as I asked.
"And suddenly they will be alert
upon the earth's surface.
Has there reached you
the story of Moses?
When his Lord called to him
in the sacred valley of Tuwa.
Go to Pharaoh. Indeed..."
- Pharaoh.
Indeed he has transgressed.
And say to him, 'Would you
be willing to purify yourself
and let me guide you to your Lord
so you would fear Him?"'
They yell at us all the time.
They yell at us all the time,
even if we haven't done anything.
We don't want to stay anymore.
Did you see Abu Hamza's camp?
They even have jam and dates,
and you can have as much as you want.
Those treats are gifts from God!
Here you get seven dates,
not enough for an ant!
I will take the uniform off,
throw it in their face and go home.
Let's run away, guys.
They said they'll use
real bullets tomorrow,
and they're not responsible
if we get shot.
Bullets don't even scare them anymore.
But just the sound of a fart
makes us jump!
You're right, I swear to God!
Why aren't you asleep?
- I just woke up.
Why are you under one blanket?
You should each use your own blanket.
Who gave you this blanket?
It's mine from home.
Bring your stuff and come with me.
Sheikh, I want to go
to Abu Obaida's house.
I will take you to Abu Obaida's.
He will take care of you.
I don't have anything here
other than the uniform.
Okay, let's go.
Our swords are sharp against our enemies
and our deeds are known among men
We continue down this path till death
with the unity of the Lord
and a rightly guided sword
We will die with pride and honor
for no good comes from living like slaves
We will die with pride and honor
for no good comes from living like slaves
It burns like fire!
It's like a burning coal
at the tip of my leg.
Glory be to Allah.
Glory be to Allah.
Heavy fighting in Latakia!
Do you think it will be a world war?
- Absolutely.
You can count on that 100%.
Count on what?
What's happening now
is the precursor to a third world war.
A fateful war.
A very large war.
It's 100% clear.
When the American troops
entered Afghanistan,
Mullah Omar said that Bush
had promised us defeat,
but God Almighty promised us victory.
We've seen which promise came true.
God's promise came true in Afghanistan.
The American troops were humiliated
and retreated because of the Mujahideen.
God Almighty promised us, through our
Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon Him,
that the caliphate
is coming without fail.
I ask God to make you
future soldiers of the caliphate
that was promised to us by
Muhammad, peace be upon Him.
Praise God!
- God is great!
If you help God!
- God helps you!
If you help God!
- God helps you!
And steadies your step
and shields against blasphemers.
Scatter! Hurry up!
Come together!
To your positions, quickly!
Everyone to his position.
Stand up straight. Straight!
Spread your legs! Stand up straight!
Don't be afraid!
Don't be afraid!
From the sharia perspective,
it's our duty to follow al-Qaida
because it's the oldest group,
it is based on clear religious concepts
and it's stronger.
Who defends Muslims in Afghanistan?
Who defends Muslims in Chechnya?
- Al-Qaida.
Who defends Muslims in Burma and India?
- Al-Qaida.
Who is fighting in Syria?
So, what's our duty towards al-Qaida?
To follow them, help and support them
in doing what God Almighty sees fit.
Go gather firewood with your siblings.
How many children do you have?
- Eight.
May God protect them.
I ask God to give me
four more children next year.
I'll marry in this new house.
Women get jealous of each other.
I hope each wife will have twins.
God is generous.
That would be like having four wives.
- Right.
My two wives can do the work of four.
If you were not married,
I would suggest four eastern sisters
for you to marry.
They're three.
Four, and they want to marry one brother.
- It's forbidden.
They're not siblings,
I meant they're sisters to us.
Sisters in jihad.
By staying together they'd avoid the
problem of a first wife disagreeing.
He can take three of them.
They stay together, one package.
- What do you say, Abu Osama?
What can I do? I'm married already!
Or three for you, one for Osama?
Osama is not old enough to get married.
Damn, if only he were old enough!
Is that his fault?
Get lost!
Who is that?
- My niece.
When my boys see a girl outside her house
they glare at her.
"What are you doing outside?"
Khatab aimed his gun at her,
wanted to shoot her.
Doesn't she wear hijab?
- Yes, she does.
It's better that way.
- When Khatab sees her without a hijab
he says,
"Look, she's not wearing a hijab!"
I say, "Go shoot her!"
She's only two, and you're punishing her
for not wearing a hijab?
I saw the rockets fall!
Russian jets.
Look at it! Over there!
This was my father's secret room.
He kept his books and ammo here.
We think international coalition forces
bombed us.
My dad used to disarm these mines
before he lost his foot.
Watch out!
I took such care of these books!
I moved them from place to place
so the regime couldn't find them.
But God had other plans.
These books right here...
I kept them buried for three years.
When I dug them out,
they were thick with mold.
First they're wet, now they're burned.
Oh God!
That room was full of
mines and explosives.
How do you know about the mines?
Who told you?
I was the first to rescue and help.
I threw everything out into the street.
Now he pretends to be a great leader.
- Leave him alone.
Don't you forget that your history
is full of defeats...
Oh, shut up. Shut up. Shut up!
You'd better straighten up your kids...
You're not even a neighbor...
Shut up! Shut up!
Shut up or I'll pour gasoline on you
and light you on fire.
Calm down and sit with us.
Every single book I had was
worth more than you and your methods.
That loser told me not to go inside...
It flies out like this, see?
You want to see?
Careful, Abu Osama!
Don't worry.
It's disarmed, God willing.
If I collected all the TNT,
there would be tons.
And one ton costs $27,000.
The things are on the way.
How many do you need?
How many detonators do you need...
...for the bombs?
I don't know.
He told me between 10-15, right?
One of these could kill a camel.
These detonators are for mines.
They're very big.
They want to make 10 bombs.
You have to be very far away.
They have shrapnel
that can take off your hand.
If it explodes in your hand,
your hand is gone.
Many people have
lost hands that way.
By God's will,
it would be revenge for the children of Horns.
Invoice: Bomb names and prices.
Total: $8,550.
This is a war of attrition,
but it won't go on forever.
You can be sure of that.
Because all of them will lose,
one after the other.
We will reach a point
where everyone has lost.
Do you understand?
It can't go on like this forever.
Blocks and coalitions
will have to be formed.
They will be formed according to
Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon Him.
"You fight along with
the Romans against one army."
I think this is going
to happen very soon.
It must happen.
What the Prophet says is certain.
It is a fact. It will happen.
"The Romans will fight
on the side of the Muslims."
In this case "Romans" means "Europe."
The hadith continues:
"They fight.
Then a Christian says,
'The cross has won.'
And one of the Muslims breaks the cross
and says, 'The Muslims have won."'
So the conflict between
the Muslims and the Romans begins.
This battle
is a struggle for survival,
a fight for leadership.
The Prophet said:
"So fight a fierce fight."
The battle ends.
As mentioned in another hadith
when they arrive at Al-A'maq,
"The battle ends
with no winner or loser."
And there will be no spoils.
The Muslims win
but there will be no spoils.
A man from Levant comes
and says: "The Antichrist has come."
The Muslims set off
to fight the Antichrist,
and then...
the Mahdi appears
and kills the Antichrist.
He replaces all the tyranny in the world
with justice.
This is what the Prophet said,
"When the black flags appear, join them.
Even if you have to crawl over snow,
for they are our flags."
Scholars say that the signs
of Armageddon have been visible
since 1995,
when the Taliban took control
in Afghanistan.
The Jews would claim...
that Armageddon started
with the 9/11 attacks in America.
They know the truth of these attacks.
Others claim that Armageddon
started when coalition troops
invaded Iraq
to overthrow Saddam Hussein.
What is the difference between
al-Nusra Front and ISIS?
There's a huge difference.
Many think that both organizations
came from al-Qaida.
Of course.
Say you have two children.
One is obedient,
and the other one isn't.
Which child will you prefer?
The obedient one, of course.
There is no god but Allah.
God is great.
Is this knife sharp enough for slaughter?
- Yes.
Oh God, this is from You
and for You. This is for Hulda,
daughter of Dschuma, and her family.
Hold it!
Uncle, you got blood on your clothes!
Get water. Hold on to the sheep.
Pick it up with me.
- Out of the way!
Clear the blood away.
Get back! Get back!
If God hadn't allowed Abraham
to redeem his son by slaughtering a ram,
we would have had
to slaughter our own sons.
But God mercifully told Abraham
to redeem his son with a ram.
Operation Swimming Pool Liberation!
God is great!
Ayman, out of the way!
I'm gonna jump like a frog!
6 months have passed.
The kids' performance at the military
camp is already forming their futures.
Osama is one of the best at the camp.
He must begin his sharia studies
and military education.
Ayman, however, is still not ready
to continue his training
because he is weak
and lacks concentration.
My father is calling.
He'll teach me how to use a gun.
The bullet didn't fire.
- It will.
Dad, let me shoot the gun.
You take your finger off the trigger,
safety off,
aim and shoot.
Too high.
So, shoot!
At the stone?
- Yes.
Hold it tightly.
What do you have for school?
- I have a text to prepare.
Show me. I'll read it.
"Salem left the house,
saddened by his father's sickness.
The sickness was incurable.
He went to the forest
as the sun was about to set.
Suddenly, a strange spaceship
landed in front of him.
Two strange-looking
creatures came out of it.
Salem was shaking with fear
but he bravely said,
'My name is Salem, I'm nine years old.
Who are you?'
The strange creature replied,
'My name is T8 and this is T9.
We came from
the planet of geniuses, using this ship.
Why are you afraid, Salem?'
Salem said, 'My father is
sick, can you help him?'
T9 said, 'Of course we can.
Under one condition.
That you teach us love and joy,
because it is important in life.
We only know the language of numbers."'
When are you going to sharia camp?
Friday, God willing.
It starts on Friday.
Why don't you come with me?
I prefer to go to school.
When will you follow me?
When will you come back?
I won't be coming soon.
In three years, maybe.
I have a riddle for you.
If you solve it you get 100 lira.
- Okay.
It's a thing.
A ring...
with dots that girls like...
if you put jewels on it...
Wait, I forgot how it goes.
Hello, boys.
Let's go.
Good job!
Who wants to recite a poem?
Spaceship! Oh, spaceship!
It flies through the air
It passes through clouds
It hugs the sky
It stays in space
It turns gently
surrounded by stars...
Who would like to solve the problem?
Yes, Ayman. Come here.
3 minus 7 doesn't work.
Three minus seven?
It doesn't work.
So we borrow one from its neighbor.
- We borrow from the neighbor...
What does the three become?
- It becomes 13.
13 minus 7.
The answer?
- 6.
What's the answer?
So, 33 minus 27 equals?
Tell me.
6, that's right. Good job!
Cover him!
Cover your friend!
We've got a prisoner! Move it!
Stay away from him! Keep a distance!
Stay away!
Are these prisoners of war?
You caught prisoners?
- Yes.
Praise God!
- God is great!
Eyes straight ahead! Straight ahead!
Straight ahead!
Long live jihad!
Long live, long live, long live jihad!
Long live jihad!
Praise God!
- God is great!
God willing, the easy part ends now.
Hard times are ahead.
Today we prepare, tomorrow
we fight and kill under God's flag.
Yesterday we were weak.
Today, we are strong and well prepared
to fight the enemies of God.
"The war will go on for a long time."
I've heard jihadists repeat that sentence
time and time again.
In their opinion, it will
take a long time for jihadi ideology
to reach everyone
living in areas affected by the war.
Many years have passed since I came here
and our paths have separated us.
Ayman became a teenager.
He's pursuing his education
and taking care of his younger siblings.
Osama has been led
down the path of death.
No path can bring us together again.
His genuine smile and rebellious spirit
are things of the past.
As for me, I'm turning that page
of my life and ending this nightmare.
And I am returning home
to my family in Berlin
with memories of a homeland
horribly changed.
A homeland that bears no resemblance
to the one I once knew.