Off Screen (2005) Movie Script

- Good morning.
- Good morning.
You're being taken hostage.
Remain seated.
This is a bomb.
Twenty-two pounds of nitrogen.
If something goes wrong,
I will shoot at it.
Would everybody
be so kind as to leave
this hall
Thank you.
What's your name?
Paul Rijswijk.
Your name, please.
Heleen Wagemakers.
Listen, Miss Wagemakers and Mr. Rijswijk.
If you follow my orders,
and don't do anything foolish,
everything will be fine.
Could you
block the elevators
and close the revolving doors?
Hold on.
I want to see what you're doing.
Elevators are blocked.
Left revolving door,
and the right one.
Thank you.
Is there a way
to announce something?
Yes, there is.
Would you
be so kind
as to read this out?
Good morning, ladies and gentlemen.
You have been taken hostage.
Please stay calm
so no one will be at risk.
And please turn on the radio
or the television
if you have one.
Could I add something to that?
Go ahead.
Ladies and gentlemen,
this is chief of security
Paul Rijswijk.
This is a serious matter.
Please, do not try to do anything.
You will endanger others.
End of message.
We're a good team,
Can I call you Paul?
I'll do anything you say.
Miss Wagemakers.
could you
call these broadcasting companies?
Tell them you have been taken hostage
and that's it.
And that at 11:00
there will be a press conference.
If anyone else calls, just say the same.
But this first.
now I'd like to speak to Mr. Wesselinck.
Mr. Wesselinck?
Head of Sound and Vision.
At Philips?
That's right.
Philips is no longer in this building.
They moved.
They are now in the...
In the other tower.
How could that be?
He never told me.
It was finished yesterday.
So there's no one left here
who works for Philips?
No one.
Rembrandttoren, this is Rijswijk.
Yes, that's correct.
No, only one.
I'll put him on the phone.
The police.
I already told you, I will... He just walked in.
I'll call you back. Thanks.
Something's wrong with my schedule.
No, there isn't, Voerman.
I wrote you a letter.
I know. It's right here.
But nothing is wrong with your schedule.
I only have half of my hours.
That's not a mistake. It's the rules.
Mr. Leeuwenkamp looked into it
in detail for you.
Next month you'll be 59, right?
- Right?
- Yes.
You'll only have to work 24 hours
and will still get paid for 40.
It's in the Collective Labor Agreement.
I know.
Well, then.
No more questions. Just savor it.
I indicated I'd like to keep on working
the way I did.
Indicated? To whom?
The head office.
I sent a registered letter.
My contract is for 40 hours.
I also want to
keep working weekends, like I'm used to.
When did you send it?
Exactly two weeks ago.
Did you receive a reply?
They say they're working on it.
I see.
- I have more letters. Want to see?
- No. That's okay.
Where's bus line 401?
It's in maintenance.
Take another one.
There are only buses with ads on them.
No other ones?
Line 412.
It has ads.
Only on the back.
I'll make a few calls.
Please do.
I have a monthly bus ticket.
I left it at home.
God. I will pay twice next time, Grandpa.
What are you doing?
These people are in a hurry, you know.
Fuck you. All of you. Bastards.
That's the "E" on four.
This German playwright
and short-story writer
committed suicide at an early age
by drowning himself along with a friend
in the Wannsee near Berlin
on 21 November 1811.
Who was this playwright?
Von Kleist.
Or is it...
- No.
- No?
Kleist. Von Kleist.
Yes. Von Kleist it is.
- That's the "K"...
- I have the answer to question two. That's...
Heiligerlee, for question two.
Here's question number six.
In 1838, Jan Frederik Oltmans wrote a novel.
The story is set in Amersfoort
in the Middle Ages.
What is the title of his
most famous novel?
- Is the answer De Schaapherder?
- As a Dutch scholar, I expect
- you might know it.
- De Schaapherder. Okay.
The "S" of Schaapherder on number six.
Question number seven.
A Bible verse in which,
according to some conservative
Christians, homosexuals
call God's wrath upon them,
says, "In the same way the men also
"abandoned natural relations with women
"and were inflamed
"with lust for one another.
"Men committed indecent acts
with other men
"and received in themselves
"the due penalty for their perversion. "
Taken from the sixth Bible book
of the New Testament.
It consists of Paul's letters
and my question is...
Enjoy your meal
Enjoy your meal
Take some bites
Take a drink
That will taste good
That will taste good
Just dig in
Just dig in
Enjoy your meal
Enjoy your meal
Enjoy your meal
Take some bites
Take a drink
That will taste good
That will taste good
Just dig in
Just dig in
The police.
Hello. Amsterdam Police Department,
Mr. De Waal speaking.
I will be your official contact.
Are you the hostage taker?
That's right.
Could you describe the situation?
It's fine.
What's the reason of your action?
I can't tell you that.
Are there any victims, wounded?
Not yet.
why don't you make sure Mr. Wesselinck
of Philips International comes over here?
He doesn't have to be afraid.
Just tell him it's me.
John Voerman.
You are John Voerman?
That's right.
There is no other choice.
Tell him that.
But everything will be fine.
They're coming. All of them.
Which department of Philips
do you work for, if I may ask?
Domestic Appliances, I see. Nice.
Because I actually have
a Philips toaster at home,
but it doesn't work.
Wherever I go,
whatever kind of circumstances I'm in,
as soon as I say I work for Philips,
people start complaining about
their broken stuff.
Do you think that's strange?
Customers get worthless stuff,
but they aren't allowed to complain.
Then don't sell them.
at least we make money on that stuff,
instead of it costing us.
Like with that fucking showpiece,
the wide-screen TV.
The wide-screen TV,
that's not worthless.
It's something else entirely.
It's deceit.
it's not my responsibility.
I work for Domestics.
Thank you.
Hey, John. Heard the news yet?
Bus line 4 is yours, right?
They're getting ads for Durex, man.
There's something in it for you too.
Free condoms for three months.
Your wife will love it.
- Can you come with me?
- Yes.
What is this?
A condom.
A woman just called me.
A foreign accent.
You insulted her.
An American woman.
You argued with her.
I put a bandage around her ankle, Leo.
Perhaps you should consider working less.
Take it easy for a while.
Just enjoy being with your wife,
your grandchildren.
Maybe go away for a weekend together.
For the moment,
you will not drive past that tower.
- But that's my line.
- No.
Not anymore.
Hello, this is Emma.
Hi, Emma.
It's Grandpa.
How are you?
don't tell her it's me,
but can I speak to Grandma?
can I speak to Grandma?
She's not here.
No fibbing, Emma.
Fibbing is bad.
Bye, Grandpa, you'd better not call anymore.
Re: Wide-screen television
and misleading the consumer
Right. Shall we pick the "B"?
"B." The "B."
The "B" for number three.
Brederode on position one.
"Broodrooster. "
- All right. Broodrooster.
- All right. That's our answer.
Let's see if it's correct.
And then there's that nice...
I have to get to the next village.
Hop on.
All right. See you later.
Do you have a bus card?
No, I don't.
- Can I pay like this?
- Sure.
I'm lucky you just came by.
- Once every three hours.
- You're kidding.
I feel like I'm skipping class
on a day like this.
I hope you don't mind
that I'm talking to you.
No, absolutely not.
I'm on my way to see my mother.
- She is 92.
- Oh, my.
She's not doing so well, actually.
If I'm lucky she has a good day
and recognizes me.
Where does your mother live?
In Jisp.
In a nursing home.
She's lived in Jisp her whole life.
She'd like to take her last breath there,
as she says herself.
- Jisp is nice.
- Oh, yes, it is.
A nice place.
I was born and raised there.
Still in old style.
Being born in Jisp
is the best thing that ever happened to me.
It shapes your life, doesn't it?
Exactly. You're right.
Your stop.
Oh, it is.
All best for your mother.
Thank you.
Thank you.
Yours sincerely, Mr. J. Voerman
From: John Voerman, Middelhovenstraat 11
1088 VN Amsterdam. Re: Wide-screen
Good morning.
What can I do for you?
I'm here to see Mr. Wesselinck
at Sound and Vision.
Do you have an appointment?
I'd like to give him something.
How foolish of me.
Very foolish.
I'm nothing without my driver, Jan.
I'm much obliged. Thank you.
It's nothing.
How is your mother doing, if I may ask?
Not so well.
She should actually be in the hospital.
But she doesn't want to leave.
She keeps calling me Wouter.
That's my brother's name.
He's been dead 16 years.
Excuse me, but this is important.
There's news from New Delhi.
We've found a date, at the end of the month.
We can combine it
with Kuala Lumpur on the 30th.
That's fine. Very well.
I'm keeping you.
I have something for you.
Just a little something. A joke.
Our Japanese business relations love it.
Maybe your wife will like it.
Here you go. As a token
of appreciation for what you've done.
That was nothing, really. Thank you.
I don't even know your name.
How impolite of me.
- Lf I ever have to take the bus again to Jisp...
- John Voerman.
John Voerman, right.
Maybe we'll see each other again.
That would be nice.
Hello. Voerman.
Is this Mr. Voerman?
Yes, it is.
Hello, this is Berith Stijfhoorn from SBS 6.
You're live on the air at the moment.
I understand you've taken people hostage.
Is that correct?
That's correct.
Could you explain
what you are trying to accomplish?
I can't explain. I just told the police that.
But at 11:00,
Mr. Wesselinck, top executive at Philips,
will hold a press conference.
Right here. Make sure you're there.
What is your relation to Mr. Wesselinck?
He is my friend. Sorry.
- Yes, who is it?
- The window-cleaner. I forgot my buckets.
Thank you.
Hi, Elly.
Can I come in?
Why are you here?
Can I come in, please?
- Just five minutes.
- No.
Go away, please.
did I ever hit you?
Answer me.
I want you to leave.
Answer me.
No, you haven't.
Have I ever failed you?
Have you ever been without money?
I slept beside you for 34 years.
I couldn't breathe without you.
I know.
Then why?
Are you afraid of me?
Yes, I am.
But why?
I don't understand you anymore.
You think too much.
You don't know when to stop.
I saw Wesselinck this afternoon.
Gerard Wesselinck,
a Philips top executive.
He even
gave me a present for you.
It's for you.
I don't accept this.
Listen, John.
Don't make this harder than it already is.
Where's Mr. Leeuwenkamp?
He is sick. Listen.
Thirty-six years on a bus is not nothing.
We all know that here.
Most guys don't make it that long.
Thirty-six years.
You're a very good bus driver.
You are. You've done excellent work.
You have nothing to be ashamed of.
- It will be good for you to take this deal!
- I'm going on.
I've got one.
I had Laurien buy me a bus card.
My very first one.
Before, when those things
weren't around yet,
you had more of a conversation with people.
You had to count,
give them money back.
It's not very efficient, takes too much time.
Yes, but
the contact was nice.
Contact, yes.
Now I stamped your card
and didn't even notice it was you.
You have a point there.
Life changes.
Could I ask you something?
Of course.
At Philips you're responsible
for sound and vision, right?
Everything that produces sound and vision.
I thought
maybe you have read my letters
about wide-screen TVs.
We have a special department
for customers' letters.
The CC department.
Customer Contact, I know.
In general,
those letters don't reach the management.
What is it you have to write
to get through to the management?
Good question.
Sometimes we get letters
with useful suggestions.
Those letters are set aside.
So it's just positive letters.
I didn't say that.
My stomach is rumbling.
I haven't had much
for breakfast this morning.
Where do you have lunch
when you're working?
- Thank you.
- You're welcome.
Mr. Wesselinck.
I wrote you letters about wide-screen TVs
and you know it.
Why do you think so?
You know my letters.
If you only knew the amount
of memos and reports I see daily.
Do you know my letters?
There's a possibility...
I say, there's a possibility
I might have seen them.
That briefcase...
You left it on purpose.
A briefcase like that, come on.
You don't just forget.
I've had this bag for 37 years now.
I've never left it anywhere.
Not everyone is the same.
People make mistakes.
That briefcase,
your briefcase,
was open.
Two locks.
Two possible combinations,
but the briefcase was open.
Very careless of me.
What's the name of the nursing home
in Jisp? Might that be
the Lichtkring?
It's the Lichtkring.
There is no nursing home
by that name in Jisp.
Then I must be mistaken.
People make mistakes.
- Hello?
- This is Mr. De Waal.
Is this Mr. Voerman?
Yes, Voerman. Voerman.
We've located Mr. Wesselinck,
but he's in Eindhoven.
Now listen here, Mr. De Waal.
Mr. Wesselinck
has not been in Eindhoven for four years.
Do you know where he is?
Mr. Wesselinck?
He's there. Right there.
In his new tower. There he is.
And if he's not here before 11:00,
you will have
some deaths on your hands.
- The "D" for number eight.
- The "D" for eight.
On position six.
What comes before it?
We have 30 seconds left, right?
- Boete... Boetedoening.
- It could be anything. Wait a second.
- That's wrong.
- This...
Yes, it fits.
- Boetedoening.
- Let's see if that's correct.
Some people say you're a real killer.
Are you?
Yes. Well, when I want something done,
when something's important to me,
I push the limit.
It's inevitable in this company.
But to call me a killer...
Some colleagues
also call you a very special person.
John, it's Gerard. Am I interrupting you?
No, you're not.
I need to talk to you.
Where are we going?
I owe you an apology, John.
I will skip the details and tell you directly
that I have read all your letters.
We received many letters
when the wide-screen TV was introduced,
and all complaints
amounted to the same thing.
Customers felt compelled
to buy something new,
while A: Their old device isn't outdated yet,
and B: The new one
doesn't live up to expectations.
The fact is that all those people are right.
So that's not interesting, John.
I thought, perhaps
we could
talk to each other here in private.
I've kept all your letters.
Did you know that?
Those letters were striking.
You were the only one who touched on
a whole different side of the wide-screen TV.
I was astounded how someone
without much technical knowledge
could pinpoint the weak spot.
What exactly do you know, John?
How long have you known?
You can speak freely here.
There's only a few tame sheep.
What are you up to?
What do you plan on doing
with your knowledge?
Do you want war? Is that it?
Do you want to destroy me? Is that it?
Do you intend
to fucking ruin everything
with that smirk on your face?
You are a killer.
We'll have a drink.
I do have one more question for you.
Why don't you come and work for me?
I want to finish
my 40 years with the bus company.
You are much too smart
for bus line 37.
You know too much.
Damn it, John.
Why haven't you told me Elly left you?
She hasn't left me. It's only temporary.
- Leeuwenkamp has cancer.
- What?
Now watch.
You bastard.
We'll see who's in charge here.
God, they've really had a go at you.
You scared me.
How are you?
- I thought you wouldn't pull through.
- Thanks.
Just when I need you most.
There's a palace revolution going on, John.
They don't shy away from using violence.
All means are being used.
The man who brought me in,
who I admire more than anyone,
has been eliminated.
Two weeks ago.
His name is no longer mentioned.
He has been removed from all the papers.
Wiped out.
Are you scared?
Yes, I am.
Yes, I am scared.
I saw them again.
- The codes?
- I put the damn thing away
but I saw them again.
It's all much worse, John.
I will tell you everything.
I will show you everything.
But you must swear it will stay between us.
You will have
some deaths
on your hands here.
Relax, John.
Everything will be fine.
I forgot. Find some people upstairs
who can put these in front of the windows.
There's a plan with it.
Go on.
Certainly. We now know
more about John V. 's identity.
He appears to be
a bus driver from Amsterdam.
According to the police, he clearly has it in
for Philips executive Gerard Wesselinck.
Over the past few days, it has become
clearer that he might be the successor
of CEO Mr. Kooistra.
Mr. Voerman?
Amsterdam Police Department.
I'm sorry, I crossed the line. Mr. Wesselinck
is in Amsterdam. We're talking with him.
I knew it.
I knew it.
I told you so.
I should be talking with him, not you.
We've got nothing to do with you.
Just tell him to call me, all right?
- Chairs.
- Here again, some live images
from the Rembrandttoren in Amsterdam.
I've got to have chairs.
Some hostages
are putting notices on the windows.
For instance, as you can see here,
the words, "We mislead. "
For the time being, it's still unclear...
What are you doing here?
I've come back to work.
Is everything all right?
Good. I have to show you something.
Now. Today.
When does your shift end?
You will learn a lot this afternoon.
First, some marketing.
Number one: Find out people's needs
and supply them with it.
People need ice cream
that reminds them of the good old days.
Big ice cream covered with chocolate.
You launch Magnum and it's a hit.
Office people tend to get tired around 4:00,
so there's Cup-a-Soup.
Overnight success. But then you
invent something no one's waiting for.
Such as the wide-screen TV.
For example. So what you need to do
is create a need for it.
How do you do that? You play on people's
emotions. And which is the strongest one?
Fear is the best marketing technique.
People can be sorted
by their fears, so you make use of that.
Afraid to die?
Buy Becel.
Afraid your kids don't get the best?
Buy Blue Band.
Afraid to harm the environment? Buy Brio.
Afraid to be different?
Buy Ltta. Make people scared
and they will buy anything you sell.
What is that fear
when it comes to wide-screen TVs?
That's a good one.
The fear of missing the boat.
You scare people so much,
they all want to have it.
While really it's not an improvement,
because hardly anything is made for it.
And when you watch a normal program
on a wide-screen TV,
you have spent a whole lot on something
you're not using fully.
You know what's so nice about it?
No one is worried by it.
The wide-screen TV
is followed by the digital wide-screen TV.
And after that,
you get the digital flat wide-screen TV.
Following the digital flat wide-screen TV
is the digital thin-foil TV.
Everyone is involved. Everyone.
Soon there will only be digital broadcasting.
Which means the wide-screen TV
you have now
can be thrown out,
because it is not fit for digital TV.
And why does this happen?
- Fear.
- Fear.
Fear of being different.
Afraid Belgium and Germany
will beat them to it.
They in turn are afraid to miss the boat,
so they try to get the better of them.
But like I said before,
it's all much worse.
Behind this door,
is Philips' most secret space.
I'll understand if you stay here,
but in that case we must part.
There will be no way back
once you have been inside.
You must understand that.
Okay, John Voerman.
Welcome to Pandora's box.
Have a seat.
Give it to me. There.
Are you ready?
Yes, I am.
In a moment, tell me what you see,
and what you feel.
You mentioned codes, right?
We've moved beyond that
in the meantime. Watch.
Talk to you soon.
I see fish.
What do you feel, John?
Nothing, really.
- I like goldfish. Is that what you mean?
- No, no.
Just say something when it strikes you.
What is it?
I'm getting hot.
How about now?
It's gone.
It's nice.
How about now, John?
- My God.
- What is it?
Stop it.
Stop it.
What do you feel?
I'm scared.
What do you see?
All you see are goldfish.
- Now?
- My God.
- Do you have to pee?
- I have to...
But you're watching goldfish.
You have to stop.
What is it?
What is it?
Are you horny?
Am I right?
Do the goldfish turn you on, John?
Stop it. You have to stop.
- Stop it.
- One more.
Tell me what you feel, John.
Now do you understand why I'm worried?
How are you?
Where were you? Where have you been?
They found your bus.
Something came up.
Hold on. I'll do it.
Were you scared?
Sudden panic attack, I guess. Cold sweat.
It's only later you get the blow.
Everyone knows that.
It's very common after such an attack.
We can offer you professional help.
I can give you some addresses.
Everything is fine.
Wednesday is my birthday.
I'm having a party.
We can talk then.
For the boys.
Hi, Elly.
It's me. I know I sent you an invitation,
but I am calling just to be sure,
if you're coming, of course.
You don't have to be afraid. I've invited
a couple of friends. Leo will be there.
It would be nice. We can catch up.
Elly, we shouldn't stop communicating.
Happy birthday, John.
I brought someone for you,
if you don't mind.
Happy birthday.
Gerard told me it's your birthday.
No kiss?
I'm sorry.
Come in.
We're late, John.
We're late.
No. I have plenty to eat and drink.
Twee voor twaalf.
You wore that on Twee voor twaalf
at the end of March last year.
Yes, you're right.
What's that?
I hear crickets.
They're over here.
You're kidding.
How lovely.
What a good idea.
My parents own a house in Provence,
and whenever I hear crickets
and I close my eyes,
I'm there.
You have to be careful they don't escape.
They go everywhere.
I have a surprise.
We're going to do something nice.
So you're Gerard's best friend?
I'm interviewing him
for a new program I'm doing.
Top Executives.
You interviewed him before.
A few years ago.
At the Amsterdam RAl.
The RAl?
Well, that could only have been
for the introduction
of another great Philips product.
Exactly. The wide-screen TV.
Was it the wide-screen TV?
That's why you're here.
Don't think I'm crazy.
We're going to meditate.
We're going to transcend
to experience pure enlightenment.
One purpose.
One focus.
Surrender and discipline
will take us to the light.
That's pure Zen.
Astrid, I had something set up there.
Can you get it for me?
John, come over here.
The best way to relax.
Have you ever fired a gun?
It has nothing to do with aggression.
It's a misunderstanding.
Concentration. That's what it's all about.
Focus. That's what it's all about.
Every fiber in your body
aimed at your target.
You want to try, Astrid?
Now you.
Are you involved with her?
With Astrid? Oh, no, no.
She's a nice girl. Pretty as well.
Things are going wrong, John.
I heard it yesterday.
Pandora will be a management project,
under supervision of the main CEO.
It's out of my hands.
It's being taken from me.
My God.
And it's far from perfect, far from safe.
But the possibilities,
the commercial possibilities,
are unlimited.
The past year,
finances have been cut on six projects
of Sound and Vision,
but the research money
for Pandora has been tripled.
What does the executive board do?
Nothing. It's being misled.
It only sees profits.
It sees no danger.
Gerard, hold on.
What can you do?
What can I do?
I don't know what to do.
I don't know how to turn things around.
Actually, I know very well what to do, but...
I've crossed a line.
I don't care to let people pay
for things they don't need.
It's their own fault, but...
This is different.
It's different.
Oh, my.
I forgot.
Your present.
Be careful with it.
For John
my friend who listens to me
From Gerard the Killer
Someone cleaned my aquarium.
I did.
I felt like it.
I thought,
"Today, I will clean that aquarium. "
You know, I almost came to your birthday.
I know.
- But you didn't.
- What was I supposed to do?
Come ruin your party
by saying you're fired?
"Due to returning complaints, Mr. Voerman's
performance has been examined.
"We can no longer answer for
Mr. Voerman driving a bus.
"A dismissal procedure
will be started right away. "
Well, is this what you wanted?
Why can't you do what I say for once?
John Voerman,
I've always been on your side.
Half of my time was spent on you,
do you know that?
But do you listen to me?
Do you take me seriously?
Just for once,
accept something that someone else says.
What's the result?
They throw you out! Immediately!
Was that what you wanted?
Please, open the door.
I need you.
God damn it.
Open this door. Come on.
Elly, you're coming home with me. Now.
Damn it, Dad. It's the middle of the night.
You're waking everybody up.
Hush, boys.
Leave her alone.
She's not coming home! You hear me?
She's never coming come!
It's been enough. It's over.
Fuck off!
Do you have something to drink?
- I'm sorry to come here so late...
- No, that's fine.
I was over at Gerard's.
He was drunk.
Scared as well.
It seemed he'd gone crazy.
He can be so gentle as well.
He yelled, "I'm losing everything.
"They don't understand.
"I'm not in control anymore. "
But John,
what is he losing?
What don't we understand?
What has he lost control of?
You won't tell me, will you?
You're his friend.
He has to tell you what's going on.
I'm only a bus driver.
I'm glad I met you, John.
You're a very special person.
Help Gerard. Please, help him.
I will help him.
I now know how.
You're being taken hostage.
One moment.
It's for you.
Oh, hi.
Yes, he's right beside me.
With a gun. That's right.
No, of course I won't do anything foolish.
Honey, please don't cry.
You really don't have to worry.
Give Marjet a big kiss from me.
Your wife?
One daughter.
That's nice.
Kids. They're nice.
Amsterdam Police Department,
de Waal speaking. Mr. Wesselinck is ready.
Are you ready?
As you know, this morning at 9:20,
a distraught and heavily-armed man
has taken an unknown number of people
hostage in the Rembrandttoren.
He demands a press conference with me.
The man in question claims I know him,
but I hereby state I have never seen
or spoken with this man.
I don't know him.
In consultation with the police,
I have decided
not to meet this man's demands.
I would like to tell this man something,
and tell him urgently.
Stop your struggle,
however well-meant it may be.
Fear is a bad counselor, sir.
Don't let innocent people
become the victims of this.
I hope the police
will act wisely and that
this whole thing will come to an end soon.
Thank you. That's all.
Enjoy your meal
Take some bites
Take a drink
That will taste good
That will taste good
Just dig in
Just dig in
...Sound and Vision department.
The rumor is getting stronger
that Wesselinck, after a power struggle,
will succeed Kooistra as CEO of Philips.
Where are the restrooms?
I'm going to be the new CEO.
Top executive.
There's still a way back, Gerard.
We just walk out of here.
I will force you.
You tell your story.
You have your gun pointed at me
and everyone will believe me.
There's only one way
to stop it.
You're a killer.