Off The Record (2019) Movie Script

["Nothing to Lose in the 512"
Sometimes broken down
Taka a look at my race
I need a disguise
Can't look face to face
Rainbow never ends
Take the skies at night
Come on now it's
the real world
Where you can't tell
wrong from right
I know I know I know
I know I know I know
I know I know I know I know
Five one two
baby five one two
Love you baby love you
like my five one two
Five one two
baby five one two
Nothing to lose
in my five one two
Five one two
baby five one two
Love you baby love you
like my five one two
Five one two
baby five one two
Nothing to lose
in my five one two
- Ugh, I cannot get
enough of that song.
I just got some extremely
sad news that came in.
Jonny Coyle was just
shot in Austin, Texas.
- Jonny, relax for me.
Take some deep breaths,
We've got you.
We're gonna get going to
the hospital now okay.
Hang in there with me.
- Jonny!
- Sir, sir.
- Dude, wake up!
- I really need
you to step back,
we're gonna get him
to the hospital.
We're gonna take
good care of him.
Stay with me, Jonny.
- You guys probably
remember Jonny Coyle.
He used to fill stadiums
with his smash his,
Shooting Daggers.
You've got that crazy look
Inside those rrrr daggers
Those shooting daggers
You got my daggers
- Our hearts goes out to
his family and friends.
Jonny is in critical condition
at Brackenridge
Hospital right now.
Well, we're gonna get
back to some music here,
on KUXXT, I'm Jody Gallardo.
Thanks for tuning in.
- Many times at services,
I hear a lot
of the same words in
regard to the deceased.
In regard to the person we're
here to celebrate today,
those words are kind,
loving, compassionate,
considerate, and many more.
A lot of times after the
service these same people
that so openly praise
this individual come
to me feeling sad,
or sometimes even guilty
that they themselves
have not lived their life
to the standard they have
set for this individual.
Well, it's nothing
to be ashamed of.
It simply means that we
are not Catherine Coyle.
Take the time each and every day
to remember this person,
remember the type
of person that they
were, and build the type
of person that you want to be.
It's never too late.
- Jonny, if there's
anything you need,
just give me a call,
anytime, right son?
She would have wanted
just this.
- God bless you son.
- Agh, thank God.
Thank God.
Oh fuck!
- Yes, Redmen, please,
I mean Redd Coyle.
- May I ask who's calling?
- It's his brother.
His only brother.
- look--
- Don't blow me off.
This is the most important
news a person gets
in his whole life and look
there is no way I'm leaving
this on his voicemail.
- Your brother, with the most
important news you'll hear
in your whole entire life.
- Wow, okay.
Yeah, ironic too.
Ah fuck.
Had everything that
a man could want
Maybe just a little bit more
Couldn't figure
out just what to do
'til I made that score
Took it to the limit
Er, I have to go to Austin.
My best friend
fucked my boyfriend
and she said that if
I don't get there fast
she's gonna do it again.
With no condom.
Pretty please.
- Alright, come on.
- You're not some
kind of freak are you?
- Only when I drink.
- Awesome.
Mr. Starbucks meet
Mr. Jack Daniels.
- I quit, 92 days ago.
- Dude, don't be so old.
- I got no choice.
Married to myself.
- Okay.
- You know, I love the 12 steps.
I've never felt so, alive.
Like, it got weird.
After step eight, I just
got so fucking bored.
It was time for me to get back
in the studio, make some music.
This is my new album by the way.
I'm calling it Off The Record.
- Are you on SoundCloud?
- SoundCloud?
I have an extra CD for you.
- CD, I haven't seen
a CD in like 15 years
but, you used to make my mom
super wet when you're on MTV.
- That is not me anymore.
- Oh yeah.
- Oh, ah, aah!
Ha ha ha ha haa, Os os os.
Who knows just
where you've been
Just a cheap little
little revenge
Cheap little little revenge
One of us
Just your friend
Home well knows just where--
- Can I see your
- Yes sir?
- License and registration?
- Yes sir.
- At the tone,
please record your message.
When you have
finished recording,
you may hang up,
- Please
- Or press one
for more options.
- Hey bro.
Hey hey hey they've,
they've probably said
that I have a standing
warrant or something
or 'cause I don't have
my, my registration
in my car which I do,
which, which my mom,
you know mom paid for it
when we were in rehab.
Oh when, I don't know,
when I was in rehab but,
- What in the hell is this?
- Hopefully I'll
speak to you soon
and, okay, thank-you bro.
Oh my God.
- You're so funny.
- Oh my God.
They think they've
found something.
I don't know, hold on.
Excuse me sir.
- Stay inside
the vehicle sir.
- What are you doing?
Can I ask you what
you're doing sir?
- I said stay the
fuck in the car.
- Officer, hey, I gotta,
what're you doing.
That's my mother, you
better show me some respect,
or we'll--
- Oh yeah, oh yeah.
- How she taste?
That's my mother, zombie boy.
That's my mother!
Ugh, ugh, ugh, ugh!
- He just came out
of nowhere.
- Ugh, ugh, ugh!
- Oh my God!
- What the fuck!
There for Jonny Coyle.
- Alright,
wake up moron.
- Oh, ah.
Why didn't he come?
- He couldn't leave the studio.
I mean, well, he wouldn't
have come anyway.
- Great.
- He hates your guts,
like he says it every day.
But he did pay your bail, so.
- What's he doing?
- He has a studio, Red
Horse Recording Studio.
- A studio?
What, does he manage it?
- No, he owns it.
Well, you know, co-owns it
with these fake ass
country business dudes.
I don't know, they
ride his ass like,
you know, all day every day.
- Redmen doesn't even
like music, or horses.
Red Horse?
Redmen sells, he
sells timeshares.
When did, he's not even cool.
When did he become so cool.
- Like a minute after
I moved in with him.
- What, wait, you're
sleeping with my brother?
- Hey, what do you care?
- I care a lot.
- You dumped me.
You ripped my heart out.
- I was ill.
I mean, you should at least,
you should have told me.
- I didn't want to
jeopardize your sobriety.
- People hate it when
their idols change.
I don't know why,
but they just do.
Even their mom's idols.
So what I'm gonna say, is
that I'm just the producing,
and this kid, he's
from the mean streets
of, I don't know,
someplace cool.
That doesn't matter.
- Hmm hmm.
- And his name,
it can be like Raven,
Craven or Poe or Nuns.
That doesn't matter either.
All that matters,
is this music rocks.
It rocks.
That's what matters.
- Do you think that's
all it takes these days?
- Absolutely.
And a little lady luck.
- Let me tell Redd.
He'll be so excited.
- No, let me tell him.
I gotta a lot of
stuff to tell him.
- I thought you weren't
gonna play music anymore.
- Be careful what you say.
- These songs rock!
- I think so.
- It's not about me is it?
- It's not about
ex-girlfriends anymore.
It's about me.
- I bet it feels
good to that out.
- It sure does.
But listen I don't want
anybody to know it's me.
Live by the gun
Die by the gun
End of life
That's how the west was won.
The trouble of
our broken dreams
I'll take half the blame
'Cause that's all I got
- Jonny.
- Coyle.
Fading away like daylight
In the sun.
- Bubblegum boy.
Sold to the devil.
- No more shakes.
I've been saved.
Eight steps down, four to go.
How are y'all doing?
- Look at you, all old and shit.
You look like a convict.
- You all look like
you've been dead a year.
- Back on the wagon.
- No shit.
What does that make?
- Five.
Lucy left this time,
she took everything.
But do you know what, your
brother saved my life.
- You're a fucking custodian.
- Come on man,
he's a janitor now.
From Texas Janitor
- Just give them out to
people as they show up.
There's like a big
box up in the office.
Just rip it open and start
handing them out to people.
Er, then once we
get through those,
there's some more free
stuff we've gotta give away,
so whatever you can do.
What the fuck!
Always a merrymaker.
Good to see you Jonny.
Enjoy, drinks are on me.
So there's like a case out back.
Move onto something else so,
hang on a second.
- I've got something
to tell you.
- I can't wait.
- I'm 92 days off the
booze, sex and drugs.
And that includes coke, pot,
acid, and prescription pills.
- Wow, I'm impressed.
- I knew you would be.
- And I got a newsflash for you.
- What's that?
- There's another 12 step group.
It's for people who, no
matter how much you've lent,
or given, or how much
you helped or trusted,
by family and friend or God,
they never wake up.
It's called Jonny Anonymous.
When you have 92
years in that group,
give me a call.
- Here's some swag.
I'm not good with directions
I got lost one time
And didn't know why
- Do you guys want to P-A-R-T-Y.
- Oh I'm down.
- I'm down.
- We have to sell
all of these first.
- Please, come on.
- All of them?
- All of them.
- Alright.
Well, let's go freshen up then.
- That means we're
gonna wee wee.
- Alright then.
- Hello.
I'm at a party.
I don't have to
give you a reason.
I'm an adult, remember.
Yeah, exactly, I'm
trying to rebel.
Fuck off.
- Rumors allege, sexual
misconduct with a minor
and a serious drug charge,
Texas native Jonny Coyle
of the Rattle Snakes recently
completed a court ordered
stay at a drug
treatment facility.
Things are not sounding
great for Jonny right now,
but we wish him the best.
This is Connie
Culpepper reporting live
from downtown
Austin, back to you.
- I'm not really a waiter.
- Could have fooled me.
- Here you go.
- Thank-you.
Oh no tell me baby
- So who the hell
are you anyways?
- You don't know?
- Slow down.
Erm, bull rider?
- Nope, guess again.
- Slow down.
Hmm hmm.
Erm, can't really guess
but my daddy warned me
about guys just like you.
- Ooh, he must have been
one himself back in the day.
- That's so gross!
- Not an appealing notion?
- Not really, no.
- Cheers!
- Cheers!
You just, you're
not gonna have any?
- Maybe, one day.
- No, don't come in, please.
You'll just scare
off the clientele.
Because a lot of them
are from out of town.
They've never met a
real country person.
Listen, a, suck.
- Here you go, cowpokes.
- Cowpokes?
- Yeah, here's one for you.
- And one for you.
- How much do I owe you?
- They're on the house.
And I said T for
fucking Texas
Get me a T for Tennessee
- His name is Anonymous.
- Good for him.
What's the story?
- What do you mean?
- Look, I'm not
interested in old music.
You know, don't tell me the 70s,
60s and 80s are back either.
I'm only interested in
music I make for money.
- Oh no, a lot of big people
are interested in him.
- Are you sure
they're big people?
- Definitely, what do you mean?
- It could be dwarfs on stilts.
- You mean, little people?
So shaken
Another heart attack
Three in the morning
Nowhere in sight
Out looking for love
Or looking for a fight
All you'll ever
get is black roses
- Hey man, I didn't
even get her name!
- Are you messing with
my business again?
Go back to where you came from.
- Oh yeah, well, guess what?
It's the same place
where you're from
and you may never get that.
It's taken our God
I got over the guilt
- You hear this?
- Right.
- That's my boy.
I produced him.
He's a rocker.
- Right.
- Yeah, straight out
of Refugio, Texas.
- Hmm hmm.
- Ah ha.
One, one one Wannaburger
in that town.
Yeah, oh
Come on
All you'll ever
get is black roses
All you'll ever
get is black roses
- Ah!
- Dude, you suck!
- That was a move
faster pussycat.
- Woo, video.
- Oh my God,
is that like
America's Most Wanted?
- Things are not sounding
great for Jonny right now.
But we wish him the best.
Is black roses.
- Peanut!
- Oh god.
- Oh fuck.
I will not get high.
I will not get drunker.
- Come on!
- We miss you!
- Come here, come here!
Hey, you see that?
Hey, hey look.
A little throw of bumkins.
- Come on!
- It's not you two, it's me.
I got get a fucking record deal.
I gotta get famous again.
It's a lot of work.
- So is sucking dick.
- Just give me a
fucking few days okay.
We'll always have Red Horse.
Fucking banana.
- Hey, did you call an Uber?
- Oh my God.
- Hmm hmm.
- What the--
What the, what the fuck.
Oh God!
Oh God, oh oh oh oh
oh oh oh thank God.
Oh, thank God.
Mom, you're okay.
You're safe, I am so sorry.
- I need my money now, dog.
I've got family in Lake Charles.
I gotta feed'em some
mother-fucking chicken and shrimp.
- Texas wasn't built
in a day, bitch.
- Yeah, name's Anonymous.
He's brand new.
When he was 13 he broke every
single bone in his body.
He was a little daredevil.
Yeah, he got addicted to
the prescription pills
by his his doctor
but he's clean now.
He speaks five
different languages.
Yeah, where do I send it?
Rhode Island, hilarious.
- Hey, you know what,
I'll call you back.
Yo yo yo yo.
Check it out, man.
Nine bucks, guaranteed
to rock your ass off,
- Or half your money back.
- What is this?
- It's music.
- Alright.
Hey, you guys wanna
hear something?
- Sure.
- Alright.
You got a CD player?
- Yeah.
- Let's do it.
Just track one.
Right, all you'll ever get
- Good.
Is black roses
- This shit rocks.
- Man we can move this.
Rock and roll is not dead.
It's back with the
kids in a big 80s way.
- Yeah, I knew it, I knew it.
I knew, You know, I co-wrote
this and produced it.
- I'd like to distribute this
through an onshore concern
called Jax Jones Records.
- That's Jax, I'm Jones.
No relation to J.R. Jones.
- I do, however,
require exclusive rights
and perpetuity throughout
the known universe.
- You guys sell your
shit on the street?
- Got a problem with that?
- Oh, a big one.
Hey man, give it back.
- Come on, let us,
let us keep it.
For our own
recreational enjoyment.
Come on.
- That's my last one.
- Don't make him ask twice.
Give it back.
- Don't make him ask twice.
- Ho, Hello, oh yeah.
Oh thank-you for
calling me back.
Hold up.
- I'm just trying to
find my business card.
Give me a sec.
- Yeah, okay.
Thank-you guys.
- Sure you don't
wanna make a deal?
- Listen Jonny, we expected
so much more from you.
Their tits were like
balloon animals, Jonny.
- No, I know,
I, I fell off the wagon.
But, just for a sec.
- Their skirts were like,
they looked like
dental dams to me.
- Look, don't worry,
'kay, I'm back on my game.
Some legitimate hard
rock music company
just heard my boy's
demo and went berserk.
Think we should meet up soon.
- Sounds good.
- We would love that.
Let's do it.
- Let's do it.
- Brilliant.
We'll talk to you soon.
- Yes, thank God.
- Yes.
- Yes, what?
- Yes, I'm hungry.
- Who isn't.
- What do you recommend?
- Gluten free breakfast
tacos and Topo chico.
- Make it a double.
Heaven only knows
- Can I have two
more, hot sauces.
Never coming down
Never coming home
With the thought of me
Oh oh.
- Surely you jest?
- I've been robbed.
- Me too, I used to be pretty.
- Oh my God.
I woke up, in my car, in the
backseat with a homeless guy.
I had like a thousand
bucks in there!
- Hey Reg
- Yeah.
- I got a fucking problem here.
- Look mate, before
you guys bust a move.
Just, let me explain.
- Where I come from,
money doesn't talk.
- Hey, keep the change.
- Get lost.
- Yeah, guess
what, I already am.
- No ticket, no taco.
And I know that
you've been grateful
- 440?
- 340, 440,
who the fuck are you?
- Excuse me?
- What're you doing here?
- I'm looking for my brother.
- Who's your brother?
- He happens to own the place.
- No, we own 51% of this
place until he comes up
with some serious
fucking scratch.
- Why are you telling
me, I'm not his keeper.
- Why don't you shut
your pretty little mouth
before I fuck it.
- What?
Is that a fake accent cowboy?
- Actually it is.
- What?
- I've been working on it.
- Fuck you.
I see you looking
at me all ladylike.
You ain't my type, Bitch.
Huh, Ogh!
- Hey Jonny Coyle,
come out and play.
- Hey Jonny Coyle,
come out to play.
- Hey.
- Hey.
- Let me guess, your mothers
are in love with me.
Or is it your grandmothers.
- Where's your cocaine,
where's your acid?
You wanna borrow
some of my eyeliner?
- Oh please don't crash
my yellow Ferrari.
- Loser.
- Manage boy.
- Have you found yourself yet
Jonny Coyle?
- Jonny Coyle.
- Ah, shit.
- They build you up, they
tear you down, manage boy.
- Fucking Kansas,
yeah they sure do.
Tell me about it, augh.
Hey, where's Redd?
- Oh, he never shows
up before lunch.
- Is he
out at the ranch?
- Yeah.
- Hey, you got some cash?
- Cash?
Er, Lucy takes all my cash.
- Shit.
- You know it's forever
changed my view of chicks.
- Hey, you got a computer.
What about a phone charger?
- Yeah I got that.
Doesn't get any easier.
- Hey Shakes?
Mind if I clean up.
I gotta change my shirt.
I reek of hobo.
- Go ahead, man.
- Start burning.
It's my last copy.
Oh fuck this.
In need
Is a friend indeed
- What is this shit?
But a friend with weed
Is better
- What the hell's
happened to Jonny?
A friend in need
Is a friend indeed
But a friend with weed
- Great.
I need like 11 more.
- You got blanks?
- Fuck, you don't?
Wait, what's the date?
- The fifth.
- No, it's the 16th, perfect.
You know what, I'll be back.
- Jonny Coyle.
- Access granted.
Please enter.
- So let me explain to you
how the business works right.
I'm the boss, you're the intern.
Between the two of
us, in the ranks
of power and prestige
lies Ollie here.
All dogs, in fact,
and many cats.
Which means you should
feel honored to walk Ollie.
And if I should wake up tomorrow
and think, you know,
instead of walking my dog,
I'd like for Bobby to shag him,
you'll do that too, understood.
- Hey look, I'm
willing to do whatever,
I just wanna move my
way up the ladder.
I mean, you say jump
I'll say how high.
- Oh, very good.
Well, let's start with
about a six foot high jump
with Ollie in toe, how's that?
- Hey, you know what?
You're everything wrong
with this town now.
I'm tempted to take
my business elsewhere.
- Oh, I'm shaking in my
knickers in case you got a gun.
Who the hell the fuck are you?
- I'm Jonny fucking Coyle.
- That,
that's Jonny Coyle.
My dad used to worship you.
I mean, he dressed up as
you for Halloween one year.
- Ah, yeah yeah, and
the Rattle Snakes yeah.
Sorry mate, didn't
recognize you.
Touch of the old er
Dorian Gray I'd say.
Huh, coming.
- Jonny!
- Oh, oh my God.
Hi, hey.
- I just got your message.
- Oh my God do I
need this check.
How much this month?
- Okay, let me check.
- Alright,
lay it on me baby.
- I mailed it.
- Wha, what?
- Yeah,
to your mom's house in Marfa.
- No, she died last week.
- What?
- What?
I told you, over the phone.
I thought I told you.
No, I would have remembered.
How did she die?
- Ovarian cancer, oh.
This homeless guy I slept
with stole all my money.
I don't know what I'm
gonna do, I don't know,
I don't even have
a nickel on me.
- Reggie can approve
some petty cash.
- Oh, that's, that
would be great.
- Okay, hold on, let
me text him for you.
- You know, he's right there.
Fuck me.
What a fucking dick.
- It's okay, I got this.
- This, this time next month,
God dammit I'm not going
with this fucking company.
And Raj is gonna shag
my fucking Jack Russell.
- Okay, his name is Reg,
and you don't have
a Jack Russell,
- What?
- You have a Parson's Terrier.
- Ye, wa, wa I will have.
Fucking have a big
fucking vicious one.
- Eh.
- That fucker.
- I--
- What?
- I'm sorry that it's not more.
- Oh my God.
- Yeah.
- Really, thank-you.
- Ah huh.
- Wa hmm.
Woo, ooh God.
Oh my, wait wait wait wait wait.
Okay, thank-you.
- Hmm.
- Thank-you, I'll see you later.
- Hey, Jonny man,
how've you been?
Good to see you man.
I gotta go, man.
Take care.
- I was at C offices.
- Cool offices, huh.
- They validate.
- Yeah, I know.
A publishing deal must do
wonders for the self-esteem.
I don't got one.
- Er, I lost my ticket bro.
- Oh, okay, that'll be 16 bucks.
- Look, hmm, I'm
one of the artists.
I used to be.
I'm Jonny Coyle.
- Jonny Coyle
is dead.
- What?
What are you talking about?
- Wanna bet?
- Huh,
look I'm right here, bro.
- Wow, huh, I thought you
got shot or something.
- Oh yeah, really?
Well, guess what, between me
and you I'm about to blow up.
- Oh yeah, good for you.
- Agh agh.
Hmm, ah man, perfect.
Let's play one.
- Already did, this morning.
- What'd you think?
- Crystal clear.
It pays to buy the best.
- No no, I mean the music.
Be honest.
- It blows.
- What seriously?
- It seriously blows.
- Wait a minute, you don't
even like music anymore.
- No, I fucking hate it.
- Mother, motherfucker, you
scared the shit out of me.
["Late for my Funeral"
by Mike Stinson
Late for my funeral
The first day of June
Someone should've know
I'd never get there by noon
I was, late for my chariot
Late for my wings
I didn't even get to hear
The fat lady sing
I was late for my funeral
Late for the priest
I was the last
one to find out
That I was deceased
I was late for
the undertaker
Late for the hearse
Late to polish my ticket
Couldn't get me a nurse
I was too late
Too late
Thought some had a call
And I was too late
Too late
For some demerol
And I was too late
Too late
For some Geritol
I was late for my funeral
- I'm starved.
Buy me some lunch.
- You know, when
I'm back on top,
I'm gonna have you
lead the band, Shakes,
'cause it's gonna get
me from going back
to my wild and wicked ways.
- Oh you mean like
blowing off Jessica Banks.
So you could go out
with a couple of chicks
with entrance warts.
- Jessica who?
- Banks.
Her father's her boss.
He's got his fingers
in everything,
Q Records, you know.
- Really?
- Come on, man,
you following us?
Hoo, hah, hoo, hah
Hoo, hah, hoo, hah
Hoo, hah, hoo, hah
Hoo, hah, hoo, hah
Hoo, hah, hoo, hah
- Anything important?
- Hmm hmm.
- Just me.
- Can I help you?
- It's me.
Do you remember?
Daddy warned me
about guys like you.
Bull rider.
- I'm sorry I'm busy.
- Ho, okay.
So it's gonna be like that huh.
Well guess what?
Remember that song we
danced to last night?
Here it is.
My boy, he's about to blow up.
Get to know Anonymous.
He'll be big by Christmas.
Huh, that did not go well.
- One minute we're flirting,
the next he's getting
his ass kicked,
and then he's taking home
a couple of party girls.
I mean, who knows
where that guy's been.
- He is cute though.
- You think?
- I had such a crush on
him in the second grade.
- What, the, fuck.
- You don't know who he is?
I got that crazy look
Inside my eyes
You're shooting daggers
Straight down my thighs
- You're gonna
think I'm crazy but,
I smell success.
- That was me.
- Ooh.
God, err come one,
show me some support, huh.
- Okay, how about Taco Deli?
- Oh, you know what, I can't.
I have a very important meeting
with two very important ladies
in about 39 minutes and the
new Anonymous is never late.
Wait, oh don't tell
me, that thing is slow,
that thing is slow.
- Well, it used to be
but now it's broken.
- Oh, fuck.
A friend in me
Is a friend indeed
But a friend with weed
Is better
A friend in me
Is a friend indeed
But a friend with weed
Is better
- Hey were there a couple
of ladies in here before?
- Dressed in back, big balls?
- Yeah.
- Looking for a Jonny Coyle?
- Yeah, yeah, that's me.
- They left.
- Shit.
- Ah.
- What?
Man, Eddie?
Down there.
- It's leaking.
- I'll call a cab.
- Thank-you.
- Hey man, Kenny's
really backed up.
- You know, since
we've got some time,
do you think maybe you could
help me, jumpstart my car?
I know it's kinda
weird, my car's new
and yours is pretty old
but I'd really
appreciate it brother.
- You got it Bro.
- Thanks man, I'll pop the hood.
Thanks man.
So you think this music of
yours is gonna do it then?
- I bet my life on it.
Do what?
- Make things right,
between you and the world,
you and yourself.
- Absolutely.
There's not a whole lot
a hit record can't fix.
- And you've had
hit records before?
- Two.
- And, I suppose they
fixed everything.
- No, no not really.
But I'm gonna do it
different this time.
I'm gonna do it clean and sober,
humble and smart.
- Dude, you should just
take that demo of yours
and toss it into
the Ladybird Lake.
- Town lake.
You wanna be my manager?
- You know, Jon, we're
born with the urge to live.
It's a force, joyful, immediate.
But very soon we're born, it
turns into the will to live
which is something
different altogether.
Our spirits are
crushed by mortal coil.
And then most of us,
John, eventually,
we just have the will to die.
- What have you got in?
Is that a Hemi?
- You know, John, it
doesn't really matter.
What, if you'd listen to me,
and if you will give
up your obsession,
which I assume at
its core is not drugs
or drinking or
even sex, but fame,
that widespread disease,
if you give it up,
you can find your
urge to live again.
It's in you, it's
your birth right.
It's there for you, Jon,
it's just buried deep.
- You wouldn't happen
to be insane would you?
- Dude, I'm the
attorney that rocks.
- I know.
Nice shirt.
Wha what are you doing?
- Showering.
- Ah, God, you're naked.
- That's the best way.
- Have you
read the bottom
of the Soccer
Runners Magic Soap?
- Yes.
- Oh my gosh,
listen, you're
Redd's girlfriend.
This is not going to happen.
I mean she didn't tell anyone.
She refused chemo.
I was 30 days sober and she went
on this weird alkalizing diet
of red grapes and wheat grass.
When she died at home, I was
really the only one there.
You know.
- Ah, that way
she didn't want anyone to know.
- Well, I think she
didn't want to be pitied.
I'm like that too.
No, no matter how
certain you are
a family member's gonna die,
and you just know
they're gonna die.
When they do die,
it's a total shock.
I mean, I still
can't accept this.
I have her ashes
right in my bag.
- And is that why you
haven't told Redd?
- Well, it's like
that with our dad.
You know, his liver was
the size of a volleyball
and Redd didn't think
he was gonna die
and, and then it was too late,
and he didn't call me,
and I didn't get a chance to
say goodbye to him either,
you know.
- Oh baby.
- Not that it matters 'cause
he was a fucking asshole.
And Redd, I tried to tell him.
He just wouldn't call me back.
I mean, I saw him the
other day with you
and I just, I looked in his eyes
and there was so much
hatred towards me.
I just couldn't do it.
I've got so much to tell him.
You've no idea, how much
stuff I need to tell him.
- Oh, my God I'm sorry.
- Oh my God Sable
this is so wrong.
What are we doing?
- No, it's so right, honey.
- No, it isn't.
I love you but we're
not living in the past.
I hate the fucking past.
Oh, oh, oh oh oh.
- What the fuck!
- Waa, it's an accident.
- Motherfucker, are you serious?
What the fuck are you doing?
Huh, you're gonna shake?
Oh, I'll fuck you up!
Ugh, urgh, stay out
of my life, forever!
Oh shit.
Oh, oh.
Son of a bitch.
Son of a bitch.
- Listen, before you freak out
and start calling me names,
I've just got to
tell you one thing.
- What?
Your mom died.
He's been trying to
tell you the whole time.
I'm sorry.
- How did she die?
- I'm sorry.
I'm sorry
- Hello, hello, hello?
Hi, ooh, how are you?
I am so glad you called.
Wait, who is this?
Mrs. Carlson.
Can I call you back?
You live here?
- Only 37 years.
- I must have crawled
up on your porch.
- Well, old habits die hard.
- Hmm.
So what's Tommy up to?
- Oh, starting a
band, quitting a band.
Getting a job, losing a job.
In jail, out of jail.
He's nothing if not consistent.
- And Dougie.
- Oh, he has joined an
Orthodox Jewish cult.
- That's weird.
You know, he, he was
always sort of a seeker.
But he's not Jewish.
- Well, that's the thing,
I haven't spoken to
him in almost a year.
- Teddy?
- Oh, cancer.
- You're kidding?
- He just found out.
And gone to live with
his dad in Hawaii.
- I am so sorry.
You were always my favorite mom.
- You were my favorite too.
- Thanks.
- What about you?
- Well, I'm clean and sober.
- Hmm hmm.
- I mean, pretty much.
I mean, last night was nothing.
And the night
before, that was bad.
But you know, I puked it up so
fast I don't think it counts.
- Well, it shouldn't.
- And I cut this record.
I put everything I had into it.
Oh yeah, my
mother died, last week.
- Oh Jonny.
- And my brother, Redd, he,
now he thinks I came back here
to start a war.
Oh yeah, and I'm homeless.
- But you're gonna be alright.
- Yeah.
I'll be alright.
- Jonny, Jonny, Jonny.
Why didn't you
tell me about her?
- What, did you want me to
leave it on your voicemail?
- Yeah, why not.
- What do you care, huh?
You didn't give
a shit about her.
- Don't be stupid.
Just because,
when I went to live with dad,
there was no way I could
be hanging out with her.
I mean even on his deathbed
he was calling her
the tree-hugging cunt
that brainwashed
us away from him.
- You know he was a misogynist,
he was an average songwriter,
he was an alcoholic.
Ah, I mean, he named us
after his favorite drink.
At least mom had
the common decency
of spelling our names different.
- Look, just because I
wasn't in contact with her,
doesn't mean I didn't love her.
I mean, you didn't
see dad all that much
and you showed up at his wake.
- Half for the
macaroni and cheese.
- Sable told me you were
alone with her when she died.
I'm sorry about that.
- I saved you some ashes.
- What?
- Well, I just thought
you might wanna strew
them or something.
There in my bag in the car.
- Word is you're
pedaling some music.
- Yeah, word is right.
- Word is it's bad.
- Yeah, word don't
know shit from shinola.
- Look, calm down alright.
Just trying to be supportive.
- Calm down, dude, I just
fucked your girlfriend
in the shower.
You should be kicking
my ass right now huh.
Bro, where is your pride huh?
- Hmm.
- Come on.
- Long gone, I'm afraid.
You know, never for
once did I ever thing
that Sable loved me.
She loves you.
And that's okay.
She and I are friends and
that's the way it should be.
Or family.
Don't you tell me
You wouldn't care
what anyone says
Well I don't know
Does anybody care
What anyone says
- Okay.
in rock and roll
- Oh, alright, well, that's
what makes a horse race.
Hmm hmm, yeah, you too.
- Jonny, this is
gonna keep happening.
No one in the industry's
gonna want anything
to do with that demo.
For one simple reason.
It's fucking terrible.
- I'm gonna pretend
you did not say that.
Oh, oh hold up.
Lay it on me baby.
Oh, oh, okay, one man's
trash is another man's, yeah.
Whatever, okay.
- Your talent needs
to hang up his mike,
go to college, quit pot.
Just make sure you get
your ears examined.
- Look, let's not fight, please,
not in front of J-O-N-N-Y.
- I'm trying
to enlighten you.
- Oh really, why?
If I'm such a loser.
- Because, for some
strange reason,
I hate the thought of you going
around town making
a fool of yourself.
- You know what's
really strange.
Is that you're in love with me.
- Get back, get away.
- No, no it's weird.
- This is professional.
- Okay, okay, okay, fine.
So you think I'm a
player playing huh.
- Hmm, I like erm,
a dog humping.
- What?
You don't like dogs.
- I love dogs.
- See what I'm saying.
- See what I'm saying.
- Calm down guys.
- You're a sweet guy.
But I'm at a point
in my life where,
I have to think
about what I'm doing.
I have a career, a reputation.
You just got out of prison.
- Jail.
How did you hear about that?
- My dad saw you on TV.
- Oh.
- He's not pleased.
- Well, tell him it was
for unpaid parking tickets
which I paid already.
- Kims he said it was cocaine.
- Kgh, right, coke.
I don't do coke, anymore but,
look, it was my mother.
It was her ashes.
- I, I didn't know.
I'm sorry, I'm sorry.
Well, what about
the underage girl?
What's your
explanation for that?
- Fake news.
- Huh, yeah.
- Yeah.
Oh, thank-you, oh
yeah really, well,
I know for a fact
Rock is not dead.
Yeah, okay, thank-you.
- So?
You need a plan B
is what you need.
- I should just jump off
a bridge into Town Lake.
I can see it now y'all.
Washed out star, washes up.
- It's a little bit
dramatic, isn't it?
- Pugh.
- A little dramatic.
- Pugh.
- Okay, that's a bit too much.
- Hey, you're an
average Joe, right?
- Yeah, just moved
here from Minnesota.
- Of course you did.
You like music,
like, rock music?
- Of course I like rock music.
You know, JR, 512.
Alright, look dude, of
course I like rock music.
But back in the day
when it was awesome rock
like talent rock.
Why, what you got, what is that?
- Will you tell
me if this sucks?
- What do I get?
- What do you mean?
- For my opinion, what do I get?
- A warm fuzzy feeling.
- Alright, dude, whatever.
A friend in need
Is a friend indeed
But a friend with weed
Is better
A friend in need
- Hmm
Is friend indeed
- this is what I'm talking
But a friend with weed
about, it's dope.
Is better.
A friend in need
- Agh agh agh fuck
Is a friend indeed
- Thanks.
- You know my partners lie
awake at night thinking
about way to blow my head off.
Lucky for me they're
just pretend cowboys.
That guy Simms, the loud one,
he went to Wharton
Business School.
- Get out!
You know he's been
following me around town,
'72 'cuda with Kansas plates.
It's kinda funny.
- Hmm, that guy
Sykes went to SMU.
You know, they just came
to me with a lot of money.
They wanted to be in
the music business and,
I can't blame them
for being pissed.
I took a lot of money from them,
and didn't show a
nickel in return.
I need help, Jonny.
- With money.
I may not be the guy.
- People like you.
They just do, it's a gift.
Me, I'm the opposite.
I always do the right
thing but people find me--
- Insufferable?
- Off-putting.
But there's this kid.
I think he's really good.
In fact, he kinda sounds
a little like you.
Sable thinks we can manage
him, you and I together.
We'll build him up, right
here from Red Horse.
He can make us a ton of money.
- He's awesome.
- Really good.
- Glad you think so.
I thought you'd be a
little competitive.
- Where'd you find him?
- Sable picked him
up hitchhiking.
- He doesn't have
a record deal yet?
I find that unfathomable.
- Unfathomable.
- Right, I know!
I mean, he's new, erm, I'm
lucky if I can even find him.
- What's his name?
- Raven Craven Poe.
- I know him.
- Get the fuck out.
- I know where he is too.
- What?
- I'm good.
That's how the west was won
I've told you once
I've told you twice
Get out of my way for good
Go home to your daddy
To get a little patty
Let him pay like
the way he should
Say you wanna make it
But man you can't take it
And you go right
down to the bone
We don't wanna be with you
Hugging and your kissing
And your crying
and all alone
Live by the gun
Die by the gun
In the line
That's how the west was won
Live by the gun
Die by the gun
In the line
That's how the west was won
West was won
Wait, wait.
I wanna start a war in place
Oh oh wow.
Here's the big moment.
West was won
West was won
West was won
- Well, sound like
rock and roll to me.
- Ha, ha, man I can't
wait for Friday.
You think anybody will show up.
- Well, we'll see.
I told all the big names you
gave them them wrong music,
but I think it strained
their credulity.
- Their what?
What you got to use
words like that, man.
God he's off-putting.
I've got one word for you all.
Fucking bring it.
- Hey, Ricardo Negro.
You've gotta ease up
on the snare brother.
And by the way, the
song's in the key of B.
- Come on man, fuck you.
- Why do we need a drummer
in this band anyways?
- Well, unfortunately,
if it wasn't for him,
you wouldn't get laid.
- Hey Jonny,
you know what I told
this hot music chick
to get her to come to our gig?
- What's that?
- I told them we were
gonna open for JR.
- Jones?
- Yeah, she's gonna tweet
about it, put it on Instagram,
Facebook, she's got like
a million followers.
It's crazy.
It's all about the technology.
Times are really different now.
I said T of fucking Texas
Get me a T of Tennessee
And I said T of
fucking Texas
Get me a T of Tennessee yeah
I said T of all those cities
Off that no good bitch
Who made a mess of me
You're the one time
Ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh
- Hey, who are all these
guys in baseball hats?
- We're shooting
the music video.
These guys are UT film students.
- With their smartphones?
- Trust me, okay.
Look, I want you
just get out there,
shoot everything you can.
Just keep shooting.
- I I'm, well, but but--
- But but and well what?
- Well, I ran out of
memory on my phone.
- Well, delete some shit.
I'm sure you've got
like a thousand pictures
of food on there.
Figure it out, you're
in college right?
- Hook'um horns.
- Just get out of here,
fucking millennials.
You ready?
- You know, I don't even think
I've ever performed live sober.
- You'll be fine.
- What makes you think so?
I've left you down
so many times before.
Why would think this
would be any different?
- You gonna puke?
I'll hold your hair up.
- What?
God, alright bro.
Let's just do this.
- Good enough.
I'm holding that.
- You guys ready for
some rock and roll?
My friends from Austin, Texas.
The Rattle Snakes.
Let me tell you honey
I'm running out of money
When it comes
aright down to you
Come around and bleed me
And far too easy
And you might have
just said we're through
I was in a hurry
You're one big worry
And you never
have much to say
Caught you on the wire
Snitching liar
Why don't you stay away
Live by the gun
Die by the gun
In the line
That's how the west was won
Live by the gun
Die by the gun
In the line
That's how the west was won
I told you once
I told you twice
Get outta my way for good
Go home to your daddy
To get a little paddle
And pay like the
way you should
Say you wanna make it
And then you can't take it
And the core right
down to the bone
When I wanna be with you
Hugging and a kissing
And crying that
you're all alone
Live by the gun
Die by the gun
In the line
That's how the west was won
Live by good
Die by good
In the line
That's how the west was won
West was won yeah
I don't wanna
start a war anyways
Oh oh ah ah ah
Yeah yeah
Live by the gun
Die by the gun
In the line
That's how the west was won
Live by gun
Die by gun
In the line
That's how the west was won
Live by the gun
Die by the gun
In the line
That's how the west was won
Live by the gun
Die by the gun
In the line
That's how the west was won
West was won
West was won
Ay ay ay
Yes, fuck yeah.
- Oh,
- A friend in need
is a friend indeed
but a friend with
weed is better.
- Listen, no hiphop or
rap jokes tonight alright.
I'm very sensitive
about this shit.
Anyways, we have a little
confession to make.
We didn't think anybody
was gonna show up
so we decided that
we would tweet out
that JR Jones was
playing with us tonight.
And I found out he's
not even in town.
- Aah.
- Come on.
- What.
- What.
- Boo!
- Fuck this.
- Hey, relax alright.
It's all good, it's all
good 'cause guess what?
We're playing some
old songs tonight.
And we're definitely
gonna play a few new ones.
Here's a new one.
It's called Black Roses.
All you'll ever
get is black roses
All you'll ever
Hey, wasted youth.
It's only social media, man.
It's just Snapchat.
Facebook, alright.
Five thousand fucking friends.
It's only rock and roll dude!
It's only rock and roll!
- Dude, that's Jonny
fucking Coyle brother.
- Back up hombre you
don't want none of this.
- Fuck you bitch.
Argh, argh argh argh!
Alright moron.
- How long have you been here?
- Hmm?
- How long have you been here?
- Only a few minutes.
- Oh man.
That was just so the
dream I'm having.
Sable, oh come on
put some clothes on.
- Why?
- Tsh, why?
Because I don't
love you anymore.
Not in that way.
- You used to.
- I used to do a lot
of things, Sable.
I mean, I'll always love you.
But I've changed.
Well, I'd like to
think I've changed.
Actually, I haven't
changed at all.
But I have to.
- Ah ha, agh, ah
ah ah
- Please God, deliver
me from myself.
Aah, aah, aah, aah,
mm mm mm mm mm mm
- Aah, aah.
- Mm mm.
Let this be the bottom.
Ah ah.
- Alan Reed told me the story.
About when you
were a little a kid
and I think it was like your
little league world
series or something.
And erm, your parents,
Catherine and Walker came
to the game but they,
they sat on opposite sides
of the bleachers and
I know that upset you.
It's the bottom of
the ninth, two outs,
and you're up to bat.
A lot of pressure.
Everybody's cheering
Jonny Jonny, Jonny.
The first pitch comes,
you hit it really far,
but it was a foul.
Second pitch comes, you
hit it even further,
I could just see your
sweet little face.
If you won the game, your
family would stay together.
I can't even imagine.
Third pitch, the ball comes
straight down the middle.
You swing with
everything you have.
Game over.
I mean I guess it was the end
for a lot of stuff that day.
- What's your point?
- You tell me.
- Nice shirt.
- Boys are back.
- For you.
- That's not--
- I know.
I miss her.
- A baggy?
- It's a Ziploc.
- You think this is funny?
Put on a fucking shirt, man.
- I mean, you don't cause riots,
or land in jail, or rehab, or
in bed with your girlfriend.
I mean, tell me what to do.
- Every rotten thing
that's every happened
to you has started with a lie.
So stop lying.
Start telling the truth.
- About what?
- About everything.
About what keeps you from
blowing your brains out.
Hollywood fucked you up bro.
I mean, what is it, is
it, is it the drugs,
the drinking, the
sex, the cheating,
is it the music?
You wanna be rich and famous,
I mean what the fuck is it?
- You know that stuff
makes me want to die.
- Good start.
What doesn't?
What makes you want to live?
- It's Jonny Coyle.
- It's Drusilla.
- And Toni.
- Hey ladies, where're
you up, what's up?
- You're nailed to the cross JC.
You're in Alaska.
- What does that mean?
- It means you're cold, Jonny.
- They think you started
that riot the other night
as a publicity stunt.
- Did you know that 10 kids
ended up in the hospital?
You could just wait
for the lawsuits.
And there's some rumor
about you and a sex tape.
Like some ugly threesome
with bondage and a pussycat.
Luckily we like a challenge.
So by this time next week
you'll be in Florida.
- Wait, Florida?
Alaska, vomit and a pussycat.
No, no no no no.
You know, I'm quitting
music forever, okay.
I'm just done.
- Please tell me you're
in a tunnel JC?
- No, I'm not.
But I'm, there's a
light at the end of it.
- Are you sure it isn't
an oncoming train?
- You know what?
Nacho Rancho is
closed on Tuesday.
- Hello?
Jonny, there's no
liability in rock and roll.
Come on!
Seriously, the boss that
seeked you saw you here
that night, they threw
food all over themselves.
- Hello?
- Hello?
- Oh my God.
- Hey.
- Hey.
- What's wrong?
- It's, it's my dad.
I've been, I just, I've
been begging him not
to put me back where I started.
Leave me in classical.
And usually every decision
he makes is about money
but I guess he saw us last night
and he's upset and--
- What, I mean what
are you talking about?
- As a punishment,
he put me back
in charge of the rock division.
- You know, this is so ironic.
- What do you mean?
- What do I mean, I mean,
I quit the music business,
I mean if there is
a music business.
- When though?
- Like 15, 20 minutes ago.
- Why?
- Because I just don't fit
into this digital world.
I mean, I'm analog.
I'm like reel to reel.
I mean music in the cloud.
You know what, I am so over it.
- Well, what are you
gonna do instead?
- I'm gonna enjoy these clouds.
And, gah, and this.
And you know what, and this.
Look, just admit it,
you're crazy about me.
- I am not.
- Yes.
- You're crazy.
- No, no no,
look look hey hey
hey okay, okay, okay.
- Hey, I wanna
give you something.
- Hmm, what me?
- Hmm hmm.
- Oh my gosh.
Okay, I will--
- Hmm, your head's kinda big.
- Oh, I really do love it.
- I'm proud of you.
You're doing the right thing.
- I'm proud of you.
- Oh God.
- Hey, hey man.
This is a perfectly good CD.
Are you littering?
- What?
- Jonny, Jonny Coyle?
Rattle Snakes?
It's me, Hoss, from Baton Rouge.
Varsity, 1988.
I was supposed to play
with the Aneurysms
but my drummer was up in rehab.
We came out with that
er, that girl Ginger,
the red head with the
puffy lips and the hash.
- Right.
- Oh, hello.
- Hi.
- Hoss.
- How you doing?
This guy sucked them in.
- Yeah.
- You better watch out, I've
seen him get a girlfriend
who just liked running his
fingers through his hair.
Hey Hoss.
- So--
- Hey man.
- So, you playing tonight,
you in town, what's going on?
- I can't believe it.
- What?
- The bath is
starting to bubble.
- What the fuck does that mean?
- You're in love.
- Oh God.
- About damn time.
Have you told him yet.
- No, should I?
- Hmm, you have your first
meeting as a head of rock.
- Oh yes, that's true.
- Hmm, here.
- What is this?
- It's a gift from your father.
- Woo, what the
fuck is his problem?
I don't want this thing
- Simms.
- I saw you and
Jonny Spoil in the newspaper.
- Oh yeah.
- Are you gonna
sign him or what?
- Guess you haven't heard?
- Heard what?
- He quit the music business.
- Jeesh, what's my
return gonna be on that.
- Are you okay?
- Fuck, no.
Fucking Austin allergy bullshit.
This guy's gonna die
of lead poisoning.
Can I use your restroom?
- Right this way.
- Yo, you should have
seen the look on her face.
They were mortified.
They say he's gonna quit.
He's not signing shit.
I should have been
a fucking actor
and pulled this whole
phony Austin allergy
bullshit routine on them.
Ah, maybe.
I'll deal with it.
- Good news rocker, rock
and roll is back together.
- Do I know you?
- Tuh, know me.
I'm your knight
in shining armor,
I'm your guardian angel,
I'm your wheel of fortune.
- Ice, shit.
- Oh, damn.
Look, see what it is?
I mean for Christ sakes, it's
like a man can't even reach
into his pocket nowadays without
some pussy practically
pissing himself.
Here you go man.
- What's this?
- It's five thousand
dollars, your royalties.
- Five Gs.
It's the first thousand
copies of Anonymous,
the sidewalk addition.
- Those street guys,
Mustang, Rhode Island.
- Texas Bitch.
- That's right.
We stole your shit, we
sold it on the streets.
I'm Jax, this is my
partner Rock Jones,
and er, er, you are?
- That's my brother,
Redd Coyle.
- Pleasure.
Fucking Mopars.
What are you, a penguin.
Jesus Christ.
Fucking dying.
- Oh, pick up man.
- Where's our money
sat off your ass.
- Oh Jesus.
Here we go.
- It's nothing business,
it's just personal.
Why'd you quit the business?
- I didn't.
Well, I did but I didn't.
I'm back alright.
So you guys please
just knock off
this cowboy gangster
aggie bullshit alright.
In fact, here's our first
installment alright.
- You know, there's plenty
more where that came from.
- What, are you
bouncing rain checks?
- Tu, seriously.
- You need some help
cleaning up around here?
- Do you have a broom?
- Sure.
- What are you gonna
sweep up the names
you've never dropped?
- Stop right there.
Stop, back away.
- Who's this crazy bitch?
- Hey you better watch
your mouth Rhode Island.
That's my soulmate.
- My bad.
- What're you doing?
- You might wanna
cock that, honey.
- Wait a second, ain't you
the one from the Chronical,
hanging onto Jonny Coyle
like a God damn possum?
- Why are you talking right now?
- Honey, put the gun down.
- This fucking sweaty ass piece
of shit said he was
going to kill you.
- It was just a little
mental espionage.
- These guys went to
business school, Miss. Banks.
They're my business partners.
They've just obviously seen
too many fucking movies.
- Honey, you gotta put the
gun, you're freaking me out.
- Oh God, I'm freaking out.
- I'm freaking out!
- Yeah, you're freaking
me out.
- I'm freaking out.
- Put it down, put it down.
- I'm freaking out.
- Put it down, put it down.
- I'm freaking out.
- Guess what, you
know what's important,
it's like you cared.
- I do.
- You did.
- I just had to get your--
- I just, I know.
- Just because I--
- Because I love you.
- Because I love you.
- I love you.
- I love you.
- I love you, I do, so much.
- I do, I love you.
- I love, I love love love you.
- I love you.
- I love you.
- Ah, happy ending.
You don't see that
too much these days.
- Whoops!
- I loved you from
the moment I saw you.
I really did.
It was just too soon to tell you
all the things that
I wanted to tell you.
And if I got a new chance
I would've just told you.
I would have told you.
I would drive over, you're
not scared of anything.
And, I would tell you, that
I'm not scared of you anymore,
I'm not scared of us.
And now I'm terrified
that it's too late,
and I'll, I'll never
forgive myself.
And I know I'm gonna be
alone for a really long time.
- Man, I hope he makes it.
But if he doesn't, he's
really gonna blow up.
I can see it now on a billboard.
Who shot JC?
It's kinda got a
ring to it, don't it?
- Yeah, it does.
Dude, ain't fame a bitch.
- A bitch.
Sitting all alone
Outside the Neoflash
Just another hotel room
Or maybe it's the last
Send my letters back
I should've burned them all
Why did you hang up on me
When I tried to come
Sees the club
But it's so far away
Sees the club
But it's so far away
Sees the club
But it's so far away
So far away
So far away
I'm strung out
on this high road
Drinking days away
Doing anything to
forget another day
Out there on the
bright light stage
I'm standing so strong
Now I'm coming home tonight
I am so alone
Sees the club
But it's so far away
Sees the club
But it's so far away
Sees the club
But it's so far away
So far away
It's taking our God
I gotta learn to give
'Cause what I've
given back to you
Just ain't enough to live
["A Friend with Weed is Better"
A friend in me
Is friend indeed
But a friend with weed
Is better
An unexamined life is
a life not worth living
But if you take
And explore tranquilities
And the mind intertwined
With the cold hearted facts
To the case that
was never erased
Covered up so the
truth won't come out
About between you and me
Emancipated to
finally integrated
To the face that
we all call life
And given back to the fact
that the ordinary people
Disappear off the
face of the Earth
And search for the
long lost breath
As long as the money's there
You think I'm funny
You keep laughing at me
But I'm searching for
the passage to the moon
In a mini-mirrored room
against a sharpened metal spoon
An appetite for
modesty and honesty
Blame to the posters for
bringing down my talent
Well I bang to a different
drum and dreams to come
Like a thorn from a rose
I chose to see the
murders and fingerprints
On the street cars of desire
And then destroyed
in the fire
And make believed
that the higher power
had something to do with it
Shit, if you believe that
Take a toke and bring
me some of that smoke
A friend in need
Is a friend indeed
But a friend with weed
Is better
A friend in need
Is a friend indeed
But a friend with weed
Is better