Officer (2018) Movie Script

I am about to kill the three of them.
But I need 50 Lakhs for each killing.
There would be no further discussion on that.
Either if you don't fear me
or deny anything I ask for, this is what would happen.
Not just that
I am not just killing you,
but I am going to torture you and then kill you
Pasari Sir
I don't understand something
Why do you torture them when you decided to kill them?
Bhushim, once people get to know how cruel their deaths were,
No one would even think of revolting like these people
Sir, those three are dead
Kuldeep, bring the bodies of those we already killed and place them here
Yes sir
Breaking News
Fake encounter report on Narayan Pasari, the most famous police officer of Mumbai
The allegation is that before Pasari killed some criminals in the encounter
he brutally tortured them and killed them, say the sources
An underworld gang killed them.
I reached there along with my team in the last minute and finished the entire gang
But sir, why did that gang torture them so badly before killing them?
To induce fear in others to even think about revolting against them in the future
Pasari Sir, there has been such a huge allegation on you.
What is your response on this?
Whatever I did was for the system.
The truth is on my side.
Whatever is the truth of Pasari,
the same system has approached the High Court
and formed a Special Investigation Team for enquiry on Narayan Pasari
IPS officer Shivaji Rao from Hyderabad has been appointed as its chief.
The mistake you did was not looking into my eyes.
You can make out the next move from the eyes.
Come on. Let's try again.
I told you to look into my eyes, not my face.
Your fight is generated in your mind.
You may think why do we need to fight when everyone possesses guns in 2018,
But once you join the Police Department, you should be ready for anything.
Yes sir.
SIT stands for Special Investigation If an enquiry is to be done on any Police Officer in the department,
they usually appoint an officer from another state
so that the enquiry would be done impartially
Who is that officer you are talking about?
His name is Pasari.
Pasari has many fans of among the cops.
Including me.
Few years back
He is the one who finished the Mumbai mafia; right?
Of course, who does not know about Pasari, dad?
Then what is this enquiry suddenly?
Just an enquiry.
They put allegations on Mahatma Gandhi too.
Ok, at least with this reason you got a chance to spend time with Shalu
Shalu, your dad has called.
Hi Shalu.
Hi dad, how are you?
I am fine dear.
I am coming to Mumbai.
To see me?
Yes, and also on work.
I am posted there on a job.
What job is it?
Welcome to Mumbai
Hey Prasad
Hi Boss
You are more fit than earlier. - Am I?
As i said, he is John
Hey John! - Great to meet you sir.
Prasad was talking a lot about you.
Was it in a good way?
I don't have a habit of lying at all boss.
Okay. - Let's go.
Please sir.
Hey John, where are you from? - Delhi Sir
How is the job in Mumbai Prasad? - It is fine sir.
Shivaji Rao...
That guy from Hyderabad thinks he can meddle with us in Mumbai?
Bhushim, break the legs of that Kaleem
and tell him that we wouldn't warn him a second time.
This time, its just his neck that would be broken.
The underworld in Mumbai is curbed.
we can say it almost doesn't exist.
One or two incidents like the Pasari one keep happening.
Hey, such crimes keep happening in every city.
Why should we blame just Mumbai?
Sir to be speaking the truth,
There is no city in the entire country as peaceful as Mumbai.
- Ah!
Hello Shalu.
Have you reach? - Yes dear, I came to Mumbai.
Prasad uncle has picked me up, say hello to him.
Hey Shalu - Hello uncle
Do you know, your dad has not informed me even when you are in Mumbai since so long?
Anyway, we got a chance to meet once again because of this case
In my opinion, some gang is doing this to trap Pasari
I am very sad to be running an enquiry over a great officer like Pasari
That is the beauty in our duty boss.
No one can understand what, when and where will one have to do.
What I understood is
before understanding something,
we should understand the need to understand it.
I did not understand.
Would you not have been the boss yourself if you understood it dude!
I got it.
Missed you too.
Will you shower your entire love on your dad or is something left for me too?
Tell me a new joke Prasad uncle.
I, myself have become a joke these days dear.
John, she is my daughter Shalu.
She likes dance very much.
She has been here in Mumbai since two months and is learning dance in an institute.
Oh.. Wow!
Daddy, my school is sending us to the Asiatic ballet competition in Russia.
Why did you come to Mumbai actually?
It is slightly complicated.
I know, it is about Narayan Pasari right?
It's the effect of media.
Do you think he is bad too?
What I think does not matter.
My job is to find out the truth.
By the way grandma has sent you home made sweets
Sir, the new SIT officer Sivaji Rao
has come to the Crime Branch to meet JCP Ramdas sir.
I've been appointed as the SIT chief for Narayan Pasari case investigation
but unfortunate - Sorry?
Happy in case of your appointment,
but regarding an enquiry on people in our own department
I'm not happy.
Yes, system
How much sugar?
How much sugar do you need in coffee?
I will have tea Sir
I know that SIT is not under the limits of Mumbai Police
but is under the High Court.
If you need something...
What is it sir?
If you need any help from the Mumbai police
I will happily get it done - Thank you Sir
I have selected my team.
An old colleague of my team named Prasad,
I know him well from the Academy days
I took his help in team selection
I do not know who he is
Sir, he is in our department and... - It's a joke.
It is my habit. I know Prasad very well.
But I'm not happy. - Why sir?
An enquiry on an officer from our own Department?
Sir, you know it. Aren't we all a part of this system?
Thank you sir, thank you
After that Chhattisgarh incident,
It's been a long time.
You and here?
You always thought I was unintelligent; didn't you?
But the foolish cops here believed that I was intelligent
and made me as DCP of the Mumbai Crime Branch Intelligence wing
Wow! Congrats.
Do you even remember me ever?
Do not lie, I have become intelligent now.
You have not changed at all, always happy.
The reason for my happiness is not my marriage.
Are you married?
I got divorced too.
I got bored of him.
What bigger reason do you need for a divorce?
But there is another reason too.
Shall I tell you?
Anyone would seem boring after meeting a guy like you.
Ok, now don't get embarrassed.
I know Geetha was your first and last love.
That is why I married someone else.
Ok, leave it.
How is Shalu?
Daddy, do you keep thinking about mom a lot of times?
More than her, I keep thinking about the mistake that happened because of me.
I was their target.
But, your poor mom was dragged into it.
Daddy, whererever mom is, she would believe that it's not your mistake.
Even all of us.
But, I can never think so dear.
That is why I am taking my job so seriously.
Yes minister sir, why would you fear me?
Your contact is directly with the Inspector General of Police; isn't it?
But, Minister sir,
you should be alive in order to complain to IG sir!
You should have remembered one thing.
Whatever heights you reach in life,
there would always be someone on top of you.
Sir, my name is Shivaji.
I've taken charge as the SIT chief in the enquiry Mumbai High Court has put on you.
I need to meet you once before I start my investigation.
Ok sir
Good morning sir. - Good morning sir.
Sir, I always admired you for finishing the Mumbai underworld.
But, I am very sad for meeting you in such a situation
You are doing your job just like I am doing my job.
It's ok.
Thanks for understanding sir.
It is been many days since that incident took place.
This is the statement given by you then.
If you wish to change your statement,
I will start my investigation from there.
I have no intention to change my statement at all.
That is confirmed.
In that case, sign on this old statement on today's date.
I feel there is a lot of anger in him.
What anger?
Pasari is more mafia than a policeman.
What does he actually think of himself?
Whatever it is, he is elder to you.
Don't talk as you like.
If the department looks down on the very guy who did so much for the department,
what else would he feel other than anger?
Don't talk like you know everything.
It's not 'like I know' but I do know.
that's why I am working above you in the Intelligence wing
Someone would beat you up badly someday.
No such person is born till date.
Jokes apart Meena.
Crime is a legal word.
In many instances, the reason behind a crime may be morally correct
We need to know the reason Pasari had
There is a guy.
May be he can help you.
Bhajarangi, a suspended cop.
Both of them used to work together earlier, but have become enemies now.
But be careful Shiva, he is a bit mad.
Who are you?
Who are you? - Shivaji
But, why should I believe you?
What if I ask you the same thing?
Pasari used to be more with the underworld than the police.
He is completely... - Completely?
with underworld Don Nakki
But Nakki retired long back, didn't he?
In police, politics and Mafia, whatever is visible from outside is not true.
It is just a show man.
Then what is Pasari's show?
What is my profit in telling you?
I will get you a reward from the Government if the information is correct.
It is not for the money,
I am doing it for my revenge.
Then tell me the truth of Pasari, but do not lie
I will say both, the false truth and true lies of Pasari
Forget which truth Bhajarangi said is a lie and which lie is a truth.
Send our men as security to Bhajarangi.
But no one should know about this
Including Bhajarangi - Ok.
Wait... I came to talk about Pasari.
I am completely convinced about Pasari.
I need your witness for that.
What is the guarantee for my safety then?
There is no guarantee. Pasari may either kill you or even me.
But we should finish him before he does that.
I need a detailed statement about Pasari.
Tell me Shivaji.
Sir, I need to submit a report regarding my investigation in the Court.
I need your signature on a document related to that.
Can you please come to the office once?
Only one signature sir.
Read this completely once and write something if you wish to.
Court will take that as your statement.
You would have understood by now. You are under arrest.
Can I make a phone call?
You have to handover your guns.
Whatever I did, I did it for the system.
I too am doing it for the same system
This is not a happy news.
This is shameful for the entire department.
But Sir, Narayan Pasari is a highly renowned police officer
Your department has praised him a lot many times
Then why did he do such a thing?
Human will not be the same always.
But sir that is...
Rule, money, power and greed keep changing a human.
Maybe the greed Pasari had, changed him this way.
His ego might have grown, making him think that department doesn't exist without him.
Else, he would have thought he was the system himself.
He is just arrested.
Who knows what will be proved in the court?
I some times feel you are a member of Pasari's team.
Wow, you are so intelligent!
What Meena said is right.
No single person should have the power to take a decision
That is the greatness in our system.
That is why there are so many levels and procedures to provide justice.
Daddy, after watching Pasari's arrest on TV
all my friends are treating me like a hero too for being your daughter
I forgot to tell you. Daddy, I saw mom yesterday night.
Was it in your dream?
No, like a star in the sky.
How do you know that star is your mom?
I just know it, that's all.
Even mom came to know about what a great job you have done
And this party is for all three of us.
Thank you Shalu
Do you know? whole Mumbai is now talking about you
This is not a happy news.
This is shameful for the entire department.
But Sir, Narayan Pasari is a renowned police officer.
Your department has praised him a lot many times.
Then why did he do such a thing?
Human will not be the same always.
Rule, money, power and greed keep changing a human.
Maybe the greed Pasari had, changed him this way.
Happy birthday to you. Happy birthday to you.
Happy birthday to you dear Meena.
Happy birthday to you
John and Prasad sound like Balasubrahmanyam and Jesudas when compared to you.
Oh yeah! Oh yeah!
"Trumphet and percussions!"
"The shehnai is playing"
"How good is the fun in dancing"
"Just don't care about anything, there are no more worries"
"It's crazy inside, the leg is shaking to the music"
"Have fun and frolic dude, get high on dance moves dude"
"The shehnai is playing"
Oh yeah!
"Today is small but the night is very long"
"You keep toppling till the morning"
"Once you are tired after singing and dancing"
"When your words overlap and become a mess"
Scotch, whiskey and vodka will never cheat you.
"Open the soda bottle and drink as much as you want to"
"Join hands with me dude"
"Do I disclose the secret inside? Do I shock you by disclosing it?"
"Whatever the drink is or whatever is the ocassion, it is the same dance always"
"Writing a song and making a tune for it, you feel proud raising your collar"
"The song and dance are superb, dear cupid! drink with some ice now"
"How good is the fun in dancing"
"Just don't care about anything, there are no more worries"
"It's crazy inside, the leg is shaking to the music"
"Have fun and frolic dude, get high on dance moves dude"
"The shehnai is playing"
The shehnai is playing, the shehnai is playing.
By the way Vikram, Why do you seem so happy these days?
Please don't tell me you are getting married.
After seeing a woman like you, I have decided not to marry any woman in my life.
Does that mean you would marry a man?
Damn it man.
Vikram, I never thought you are like that.
Ok madam. - It is ok.
Once again happy birthday to you - Chill.
Bye Vikram. - Bye.
Brother, call from boss
But the boss is right here.
I mean the real boss... wife!
Thats right. - You are too much.
Ok, I will take leave boss.
I am coming too.
Ok bye. - Bye.
- Hey - Bye bye
Happy birthday.
Bye guys, drive safe.
Hey, no drinking and driving. Call a taxi. - Ok Boss.
Watch out! Slowly.
Calamity comes slowly, the whole world is behind Meena.
These beauty lovers wish for romance
You and your poetry... I will leave now
Hey wait
Meena, it is too late. - Shiva please wait.
Come on, let me go. - Please.
Climate is not good, right?
Stay back here.
As a police officer I assure you that I won't do you any harm
Shall I go for the kill?
Go on.
Not you, but this mind of yours.
It is always thinking of something or the other.
You know what?
There is one more reason for my divorce.
What is that?
I couldn't love him at all.
Meena, love just happens.
Hello Prasad, is your head okay?
Hope you don't have a hangover!
What about John?
He was late. Hope his boss wasn't upset with him.
You pick up the witness Swamy and bring him to the court yourself.
Is that okay?
Shivaji. - What? Coming.
Look there
Just wait here.
They killed Swamy and threw his body here.
Swamy's murder is planned done by Pasari for sure.
But as he was in the lockup at that time, we cannot charge him.
But why did they throw the body there?
To warn us that he can do anything from anywhere.
I feel somebody is doing this wantedly to trap Pasari.
Anyone would think Pasari is behind this.
Maybe the people doing all of this intend us to think so?
Your honor, my client Mr. Narayan Pasari was in jail when the murder of Swamy took place
Coming to the second matter,
The entire case of the Special Investigation Team depends only on Swamy's witness.
Now there is no Swamy and hence no witness.
As the prosecution could not prove the allegations on Narayan Pasari,
The court not only declares him as innocent.
but also orders the Police to take him back into the department.
I have already said,
whatever I did was for the system.
Truth is on my side.
That Pasari did this along with Nakki gang.
You do one thing, there is a common rival for both Pasari and Nakki.
Underworld don kaana.
You join hands with him. I will arrange a meeting.
Should we take the help from an underworld criminal to catch another one?
Nonsense! - Eh!
Don't talk cinematic. Do what I say.
Okay. Thanks for the advise.
So? What does this mean?
What else dad?
They took Pasari back again into the department.
They cancelled SIT as my investigation failed.
I, myself requested to post me in Mumbai Crime branch.
Dad, it is my responsibility to finish what I started.
Underworld is no more now.
The reason for that is because I had finished it long back.
Every rich person in Mumbai is living happily because of me.
Because I saved its prestige,
The entire Police department is moving with heads high.
It is because of me.
This system has used me completely.
And threw me aside after that.
But the idiots in the system are unaware of something.
That Pasari is not as much of an idiot as they think he is.
They don't know.
For risking my life wihtout any thought,
If I accumulated some money, why are these rascals so jealous?
Now this whole city will know what will happen if Pasari is provoked.
I will form my own gang.
That underworld gang will make the whole city pee with fear.
Good morning sir.
Good morning sir.
Move back... Move it
Is this the plan? - Yes Sir.
Is this for the new unit?
Yes sir.
When will it arrive? - It would be delivered in the next month.
See that it is delivered in time. - Okay sir.
And then these two..
Hello sir.
Hi master, how is it going?
It is going good sir.
Tinku one more. - Will the fight be done today?
One more... It will be done sir.
Hit him.
Today's news is not just news.
Breaking news that will give you goosebumps
A spate of murders that took place at the same time
made the whole country shiver in fear
Stunning fact is that Joint Commissioner of Police GR Ramdas,
biggest film maker of Bollywood Adil Chopra
and biggest industrialist of the country Sunil Singhania are among the dead.
And also Inter India Airlines CEO Shahabuddin Ahmed
and Angel five star hotel owner Sethia are among the dead.
They say that the main reason behind these murders is to ignite fear among the public.
Not just me
Everyone including the government and public thought that underworld is totally finished.
But in the entire crime history of Mumbai,
No one would have witnessed a chapter like this.
When compared with this new underworld company,
all the crimes commited by the old companies seem like child's play.
After a discussion with the Chief Minister this morning,
The government has taken a decision.
That is to immediately form a special squad to finish this new company.
Mr. Narayan Pasari will be the head of this special squad.
because he has a great experience in terminating the underworld.
In handling this matter,
we believe that there is no better officer than him in the entire department.
That is why he would not only form a special squad
but will also select the members for it.
The aim of this special squad is to completely end this new company
That's all.
Sir, I have already selected the special squad team.
Neenak Joshi, Vasaab Malik, Chaitanya Dev,
Meer Kadam, Yakub Deewan
Shivaji Rao.
Shivaji, your assumption is meaningless.
Your doubt that Pasari is behind the new company is really ridiculous.
You are psyching yourself as the case you filed on him failed.
Pasari is an officer with an extraordinary track record.
I too believe that Pasari is the only person who can save this city from that new company
Hope I did not disturb you.
Not at all, please come sir.
Shivaji, who do you think could be behind this new company?
Who would know that better than you?
Thanks for the compliment.
By the way, do you know why I took you into the special squad?
It is because I trust you.
I trust you more.
Sir, why did you take Shivaji Rao into the special squad?
Bushim, we should keep our friends close.
and the enemies more closer.
That is fine sir
but I do not understand one thing.
Why are you not killing Shivaji Rao?
I wish to give more pain to him than death for what he did to me.
Just wait and see.
This is the work of someone who wants revenge over the whole system.
But boss,
Whatever kind of person Pasari may be today,
Going by his track record I don't think he would cross such limit.
There would be both, a god and a demon in every human
Some situations that happened, transformed Pasari into a demon.
Didn't I tell you? Did you listen? No.
Keep watching
that Pasari will turn Mumbai city into hell.
Bhajarangi! I have no doubts in the matter that Pasari is behind the new company.
But I need your help to finish it.
Why did you call for me?
Money is very bad Bajarangi.
Before that ends us, we should finish it.
Why have you called me here?
What do you mean?
The matter is safe till the money is in the safe.
But the moment humans learn to earn it, this becomes a curse.
Then, we have to finish it.
Say what you wish to say straight, I don't have time.
Bhajarangi, you just have time alone with you.
You just swat flies all day long in that warehouse.
You are even unable to maintain both your families.
What else do you have other than time?
Tell me
Will you work along with me and earn money?
I am listening, tell me.
We could meet again after so long because of him
Let us forget the past and work together again.
What do you say?
What is the guarantee that you will not cheat me again?
Look Bajarangi, it is okay even if you do not believe in my words.
But at least believe these bundles of notes.
Think about it.
I am anyhow burning all this money.
Everyone is shivering in fear listening to the happenings in Mumbai
Son, listen to me. Please come back.
I cannot return back till the people who started this are finished.
Son, they look like they want to finish the whole city of Mumbai.
Look, anyway you had been on SIT work and that anyways is not there now
Listen to us and come back son.
Dad, you are saying this in fear.
Do you remember what you have been saying since my childhood?
Life does not mean just living,
animals, birds and insects live too.
But life is about living for what you believe without any fear
And now, it is you who is trying to instill fear in me.
I am fighting for good, truth and the justice I believe in.
Please do not stop me.
Dad, I will talk to you later
Sir, Pasari and Bhajarangi are together.
Both are cheaters.
The security we put behind Bhajarangi have witnessed them meeting.
I have met Pasari.
Pasari has a thousand eyes in the department.
Before he comes to know about us, I have told him everything.
We will need to play a very high level game to fight Pasari.
Come inside.
Hey Pasari.
I told Shivaji whatever you wanted me to tell him.
Poor Shivaji!
By the way, I heard he has a daughter.
She is very cute.
Do you know why I brought you to Essel World suddenly?
Today is your birthday.
Daddy, I cannot be happy if you are serious.
Please smile.
"I'm not happy when you are not smiling as usual Daddy"
"I will smile if you do"
"Let's play in the smiles daddy"
"Smile should bloom like a flower everyday"
"Smile should ring like a bell everytime"
"Smile, smile, smile always"
"Smile, smile, keep smiling."
"Smile is a raindrop that reaches the hearts"
"Smile is the happy feeling that you feel in yourself"
"A cool smile touches the heart and spreads happiness"
"Smile should bloom like a flower everyday"
"Smile should ring like a bell everytime"
"Smile, smile, smile always"
"Smile, smile, keep smiling."
"Daddy, daddy"
This way, come on let us go.
Come on Shalu.
Move, move, move. Let's go.
Come here
You are okay?
Are you okay dear?
You are hiding something from me.
There was an attack on you to kill you.
Who would have done it?
Is it the new Company?
Is it them?
May be or may not be.
Still, what would you do if you get to know about it?
Shivaji, are you hiding anything from me?
May be or may not be.
Pasari will try to kill you 100%.
We cannot even lodge a complaint with the police this time.
Because Pasari himself is the police at this time.
Only underworld can save you from Pasari.
Khana is Pasari's biggest enemy.
And unlike Nakki who operates from outside, he is running a gang from inside Mumbai
Bhajrangi has good contacts with him.
He can arrange a meeting between you both.
That new company belongs to Pasari for sure,
but we cannot prove it.
Then what do we do?
The only way is to kill him.
It would be foolishness.
You! - Hey.
What is foolish in this?
Pasari cannot manage all of this alone.
There is an organization behind him.
We should destroy that organization.
If we kill him, we would lose the connection with that network.
He is not a mad guy dude.
Tell me
We are on the opposite sides of law.
But we both should be on one side when it comes to finishing Pasari.
I need your support to destroy his system.
This is not madness
Any problem?
No dear
It is okay. Tell me.
You are not old enough to know such things.
Would something happen dad?
I don't know.
Can't we return back to Hyderabad?
I cannot run away dear.
Is it so necessary to do this job?
It is not a job that I am doing now.
I am fighting for the truth I believe in.
If something happens to me by chance, grandpa and grandma will look after you.
Nothing will happen to you dad.
The reason behind calling all of you here is,
I got a confirmed information that Khaana is the head of the new company.
Listen to my plan now
Kaana, Pasari came to know about the place you are at.
We are all coming there with the squad to attack on you
You flee from there with your men.
Shivaji is really stupid. He is asking us to flee.
We will not get a better chance to kill Pasari than this.
The new company and it's people are Shivaji's problem
We will kill Pasari.
Pasari wants to finish Kaana using his position.
Considering the rivalry between them I doubt he will follow your advise
Whatever it is, we need to save Khaana from Pasari at any cost.
We are ready sir
Here, come on.
Go that side.
Go, go
I will give you some more pain before I kill you.
He killed Kaana.
I think Kaana has killed him.
Kaana already died earlier.
I came to know about a few shocking facts about Shivaji.
Shivaji is the reason for the death of all our officers in the attack on Kaana.
I checked all the call records.
Shivaji himself called and gave them a tip.
Look at this.
Shivaji and Kaana together started a new underworld company.
Now that Kaana is dead, Shivaji is its leader of that company now.
But, why would a sincere officer like Shivaji befriend Kaana?
Why does a Police officer need to form an underworld gang?
We will know that only after arresting him, right?
Sir, Pasari is coming to arrest you. Please leave from there urgently.
He might be hinding in some room here. Check all the rooms. Don't leave any place.
Team B, come in.
Shivaji, stop. All of you go that side.
Shivaji stop.
Shivaji, surrender.
Come on try to arrest him. Shoot him if that's not possible.
All units alert.
Shivaji is escaping from the back. Catch him at any cost
Is the Hyderabad police officer Shivaji the chief of the new company?
As per the information received,
it is believed that Shivaji Rao is the chief of that new company.
But there is a need to know whether this is an allegation or the truth
The news that he is running an underworld company being a police officer,
is shocking to everyone.
Meena, I cannot surrender.
Shivaji, listen to me and surrender. Where are you?
You know very well that no one can escape from the police.
Hey, don't tell me about the police.
Stop it Shivaji.
Tell me something, is it you behind that new company?
Hey, what is the point in saying yes or no if I don't prove it?
I am telling you based on the relationship between us
Arrest that Bhajarangi and you will surely get some information about that new company.
I am unable to decide on one thing.
Are you my person or Shivaji's person?
Anyway, you are an expert at playing a double game
My grandpa always used to say one thing.
Grandpa, grandpa.
Stop this nonsense and come to the point directly.
If by chance you have any doubt in your heart,
Do not take a risk
So don't take it.
And thus, fly away oh parrot.
Fly away, oh parrot
The tiny parrot has flown away.
It is in a hurry to fly away.
Sir, Pasari has killed Bajarangi.
I've heard about it.
Where is Shalu?
She is right here sir, talk to her.
Daddy, where are you and how are you?
Shalu, sorry dear
I had to bring you out from the hostel fearing that they might harm you.
I understood that dad, but about the talk on you in the TV
you will hear much more than what you heard till now about me in the coming days.
The very department I dedicated my whole life for is now branding me as a criminal.
But after they see what I will do from now on,
even the ones who trapped me into this would look lesser dangerous.
Daddy, I am scared.
Shalu, do you trust me?
More than yourself.
If you don't answer to every question I ask,
My next punch would kill you.
Your red light will never turn green now.
I need a few answers.
By the time you woke up and come out of your sleepiness,
the moment of your death arrived.
He killed five special squad officers.
What more proofs do you need to say that Shivaji is the head of the new company?
Special squad is the new company
all the officers other than us belong to the new company
That is the reason I have killed some of them after investigation.
Shivaji, are you out of your mind?
Meena, no need to believe me.
I sent you a few documents and evidence.
Study those and start the investigation.
Tap everyone's phones,
including mine.
No one except Shivaji knows that we are the new company.
We have to kill Shivaji before this news gets out.
Kill anyone if required during this process.
Hey. What is this man? - Come on walk.
Leave me. - Walk.
I said leave me.
Sit. - Jenny
Do not move.
I beg you, do not harm my son.
Pasari, leave my son.
Pasari, I'm telling you.
Pasari, I am telling you.
It will lead to bad circumstances. Don't do it Pasari.
Pasari no, leave my son.
Leave my son. Pasari... Pasari...
Pasari, no.
No, do not harm my son
Pasari, do not harm my son
Pasari, I will kill you
I dont waste my time giving warnings.
I need Shalu to catch Shivaji.
If you do not act as I say,
it is not the finger but his head that will be cut next
John, tell me.
Sir, I doubt that my phone is tapped.
I think they also discovered Shalu's whereabouts.
You immediately take Shalu away from there.
Ok sir.
Shalu, listen carefully.
Start from there immediately and come down to the last bus stop in Gandhi road.
I will meet you there.
Ok daddy.
Pasari, leave both of them now.
follow her.
Shalu is on the move.
Be alert.. Shivaji might not fall so easily in our trap
Shoot him the moment he comes near the girl. It's ok if you kill the girl too.
Shalu, here. This way.
Get in fast, come on.
Oh no. - Oh.
Come on. Go fast.
Come on. Fast, fast.
Move, move.
Shalu, come dear.
You are ok? - Yes daddy
Vikram, stay down
Shalu fast, come on
Come on, come on.
Shalu, just listen to me. Don't move from here. Okay?
For what you did to me,
for what you did to this city
and above all for what you did to our department,
I am not just killing you
But I am going to give you an unbearable punishment
You think I will just fold my hands like a child and take the punishment you give me?
I will be disappointed.
The more you resist,
My punch would grow harder.
Daddy... - Shalu
Hey, see how I will kill you.
I will kill you. I will kill you.
How much more punishment will you give? Kill me.
I need to finish your entire company using you.
"He is an officer"
"He is an officer"