Officer Downe (2016) Movie Script

My city's gone to hell.
I've watched it happen.
It's why I do what I do.
It's what I've always done.
And I'll do it again and again
and again as many times
as it takes to scrub this city
clean of all the filth.
I've got my badge
and I've got the will.
I am LAPD.
So let me show you
how it's done.
Oh, my... oh, my god!
Oh, yeah!
Oh, yeah!
Just like that! Just like that!
Oh, my god, oh, my god.
Oh, my god.
I don't know how you do it.
Just keep going, and going.
I'm just doing my civic duty.
Oh, um, look, I know we don't
really know each other
all that well or anything,
suspect is on premises.
Transmitting location.
That's me. Back to work.
Thanks for the jump.
Let's do it again sometime.
Super crank!
That's what I'm calling it.
It's got a nice ring to it,
Yeah, this city loves
its street drugs.
This is the mother of them all.
And they are gonna pay through
the nose to get it.
You guys want a free taste?
Huh? Forget it!
Did anybody else feel that?
Feel what?
No. No, no, no, no, no!
- What the fuck is that?
- Yo, headcase, we better split!
Don't... don't call me that,
it's Harry! Not...
Let's get the fuck outta here!
Headcase Harry,
you're under arrest!
Fuck you!
Let's get the fuck out of here!
That's assaulting
a police officer.
- That's resisting arrest.
- Headcase.
- Don't call me that!
You have
the right to remain silent.
Fuck you!
Anything you say or do can and
will be used against you
in the court of law. You have
the right to an attorney.
Take Miranda rights and stick
'em straight up your ass, pig!
I know who you are.
That was my life's work
you just trashed!
If you can't afford an attorney,
one will be appointed to you.
Shut up!
Do you understand these rights
as they were read to you?
Do you understand this?
You know what this is?
Don't make me do it.
Stay back!
Any scanner activity?
Holy Christ, no way
anyone could have survived this.
I know you're new to this detail
but don't be a fucking idiot.
Of course he didn't survive,
they knew he wouldn't.
Hey, a little help here.
- Well, there he is.
- Officer crispy.
All right, guys,
let's load him up
and get him back
to the precinct.
You're a cop.
Pow. Part of the
motherfucking brotherhood.
You're one of the good guys.
You're LAPD...
You're one of the good guys.
I'm a cop.
You're a cop.
That's right.
Officer gable?
Inside, gable.
You might want to calm down.
Good morning, sergeant.
Yeah, right.
Ooh, little filly.
Is that all the work you put in?
You could do better.
Stop with the dicks.
And you, yeah,
go to my office...
'Cause there's someone
who wants to talk to you.
Uh, should I sign in first?
I was told, um,
someone wanted to see me?
Officer gable.
Chief Berringer.
Come on in.
Close the door behind you.
Interesting psych profile.
You like being a cop, don't you?
I mean, you take it seriously.
As a heart attack.
We have been keeping a pretty
close eye on you.
And for the record, there were
one or two individuals
who felt it was premature for me
to have this conversation
with you.
Clearly I didn't listen to them.
I went with my gut on this one.
So here you are.
Chief, am I in trouble?
- Depends on how you look at it.
- I don't understand.
You understand how bad
it is out there?
While you're chasing jaywalkers
down the 3rd street promenade
and making
your chicken-shit collars
some real heavy shit is going
on right here in our city.
Do you think you're ready?
I think you're ready.
Are you ready?
Damn straight.
Have you ever heard
of the fortune 500?
Well... speak.
Harry's operation has been
The LAPD sent their... beast.
They've got balls sending that
kamikaze cop into our territory.
Their overconfidence
is annoying.
Goddamn it!
Nobody fucks
with the fortune 500!
I want his head on our wall!
Get the fuck out of here.
Let's face it, gents,
headcase was their
opening salvo.
I bet they think it's open
season on all our operations.
We have to hit back, hard!
This has gone way beyond
the concept of deterrents.
But let us not be despondent.
On the contrary, let us rejoice!
We have access to the
ultimate WMD...
A pure ass-kicker,
par excellence.
What are you talking about?
- Sir?
- Get me zen master flash.
Are you sure this crazy fuck
has the goods to take this on?
He's got a rep, that's for sure.
It's more
than that. He's the best.
Not to mention,
he's got a ready-made army
full of bad-ass motherfuckers
at his disposal.
Even if this escalates into a
war, it'll be theirs, not ours.
That's good business.
Fine. I still want his head.
The fortune 500
are the top tier
of organized crime in this city.
Almost every freak on the
streets is connected to them
in some way, shape or form.
Money from drugs,
from illegal firearms,
from protection rackets,
you name it.
If it's illegal,
they are deep up in it.
These folks
are a force of nature.
And how are you supposed
to fight that?
Try not to look like a rookie.
I'll do my best, ma'am.
And cut the ma'am shit.
- Yes, sir.
- Everyone ready?
They brought him
in a few hours ago.
He's downstairs being prepped
for a general recovery.
Okay then, let's go.
These technicians are part of a
special division, top secret.
A lot of private funding,
which means it keeps the mayor
and the city council
off our ass.
What's the smell?
Oh, that...
You'll learn to ignore that.
Chief? Chief!
Chief... are we talking...
I think you know exactly what
we're talking about.
All the rumors you've
been hearing, they're true.
- Okay.
- Look, it doesn't matter.
It's no secret what's going
on out there.
The grinks and the groinks,
the pest and the vermin,
they're taking over.
We don't have the manpower
or the resources
to properly police the streets.
But you know what they say?
I don't, no.
Fight fire with fire. So we got
ourselves a secret weapon.
Holy shit. Is he dead?
What do you think?
Of course, he is.
- Uh, but...
- All systems go!
Fire up!
Watch this.
Opening channels a, b
and c for immediate download.
- Okay, clean him up!
- Get that uniform off.
Patholomic levels are
Cardiac activity is normal.
Oxygen intake,
circulatory system,
everything's back online.
There you go, gable. Goddamn
miracle of modern science.
It doesn't matter how broken,
how mangled,
how completely pulverized
he gets out there,
what happens in here
makes him whole again.
Well, relatively speaking.
Officer Downe
reporting for duty.
How you doing, Terry?
Ready to get back out there?
I was born ready.
Chief, does he even know...
Best not to dig too deep
into the details.
Technically this is still
an experiment.
Just let him do his thing.
Look at you. Do you stand for
what's right and righteous?
Yes, you do.
Are you ready to crush some
criminal cranium? Yes, you are.
He's talking to himself.
Because that's what you do,
isn't it?
Who else can? No one.
- Where's he going?
- The armory.
The skells and shitheads...
They're packing
like a third world country.
They've convinced themselves
they own this city.
It makes me sick.
So what are we doing about it,
We're gonna take it all back,
What's he doing?
Gathering up
his correctional equipment.
My baby.
And all the baby food
he can eat.
All righty then,
down to the motor pool.
So, he just picks up right
where he left off?
That's all he knows.
He's the perfect cop.
That's incredible. How?
- What do you mean, how?
- I mean, how!
What kind of technology can
actually bring someone
who's clinically dead back to...
You were vetted pretty
extensively, rookie.
Your psychological profile
suggested you are adequately
equipped to deal with these
particular circumstances
without struggling with any of
the moral implications involved.
That's exactly why you've been
brought on the inside.
I had a feeling about you,
and I hate to be proven wrong,
so you need to tell me
right here, right now,
are you focused?
- Absolutely.
- Then let's go.
I see my ride's waiting for me.
Parked it
right where it always is.
This town's infected, Terry.
We need you to make it better.
We need to show them
what's what.
I will show them the law.
Okay, rookie, you're on.
For what?
One thing we learned this
last round,
we need to do a better job
of backing him up in the field.
What do you mean?
I'm putting you on this detail,
his back-up detail,
a special unit that will
stay close, but remain unseen
alongside officers Carter,
Fritch and Hanso.
I'm sorry, I don't...
He'd never call in for support.
Point of fact, he won't even
know you're there.
I'd imagine he'd be pretty
pissed off if he knew,
but you'll be there
all the same.
But in case of what?
I mean, chief, no offense,
but he doesn't...
When the time comes,
you'll know what to do.
Uh, chief, you said he'd
be pissed off if he knew?
Did I say that?
Yes, ma'am, I believe you did.
Then don't piss him off.
As far as I'm concerned,
you're good to go.
You've all been administered
your extra dose
of alkyl nitrites, and our
chemists have assured me
that you'll peak exactly
when you need to.
Just make sure
any erectile activity...
doesn't interfere
with your combat moves.
First things first,
we'll need to get his attention.
Shouldn't be too difficult,
our target tends to get involved
in some serious shit.
She will see you now.
About fucking time.
Please watch your language.
Remember where you are.
All right, and where exactly are
we? I mean, this place...
This is a house of divine truth
and I detect the stench
of deception all over you.
- You what?
- Do not misunderstand me.
When you enter this room,
you should reek of nothing
but respect.
Fucking hell.
You're, uh, mother supreme?
Indeed I am.
Welcome to
the guardian angel covenant.
- It's nice.
- You have come to do business?
Yeah, I'm Dominick,
I've come to negotiate.
Negotiate? On whose behalf?
Well, my boss felt as though
there might be some,
uh, wiggle room when
it comes to the price?
He wants what you're selling.
He just hoped that instead
of a long-term payment plan
at your price, that we would pay
our price, all in one lump sum.
Fucking nice little package to
you. Do you know what I mean?
A fucking nice one.
Another broken down street
mongrel trying to walk tall.
Look, this is no way
to do business.
I was told you'd be amenable.
Who told you that?
Who do you think?
Your boss...
Your boss has no balls.
Sorry? My boss...
Your boss has no balls!
Is she allowed
to talk like that?
He sent you here
with no real knowledge
of what you are dealing with.
Do you even know what
it is that we do here?
Do you even know what
you have been sent
to negotiate over?
No. I wasn't given that
Of course you weren't.
If you had been, you never
would have come, and yet...
Here you are.
Now you must pay the price.
Look, sister... You don't want
to fuck with me.
You do not want me, or my boss,
making trouble for you in here.
This... Is what we sell.
You're gonna shoot me?
A fucking nun?
You're gonna fucking shoot me?
Of course, not... they are.
That should send the appropriate
message as to how we negotiate.
Take him down to the morgue.
Fucking hell.
Gun running nuns?
Are you fucking kidding me?
I wish I was, rook. These
bitches are hard-core.
- Five months we've been bui...
- Don't start!
Well, well, pardon me.
I'm pissed off.
Hey, our detectives, they've
been workin' with the ATF.
Right, and now all of a sudden,
this super cop,
he gets to roll in there
and get the bust.
What we doing?
We're babysitting,
that's what we're doing.
- It's bullshit.
- Goddamn it.
You want to be
the first to go in there?
You know what goes on in there.
Come on, Hanso,
we just armor up,
knock that shit down,
Easy-peasy, is it?
I'll be glad to explain that to
your wife and two daughters.
Hey, fuck you, man, they know
exactly what I signed up for.
Oh, yeah, right,
tough guy, wanna go in there
all Martin Riggs
and show them what's what?
Uh, who?
Martin Riggs. Mel Gibson.
Lethal weapon?
Oh, right.
That's ridiculous.
No, no, that's ridiculous
that you don't know that.
Come on, Hanso.
Okay, so when exactly
do we go in?
Wait... have you not been...
Is he fucking shitting me?
We don't go in,
not until it's done.
Until what's done?
Until he's done.
Is there anything left
to harvest?
Well, not his balls.
Freeze! You're under arrest.
Our house has been defiled!
Now let us find
the perpetrators,
whoever they may be,
and finish this.
You have
the right to remain silent.
- Well?
- Well, what?
We go in, right?
Sorry, rook, not yet.
We got our orders.
We wait until shit calms down,
then we go in.
Right now we relax and enjoy
the fireworks.
What if he needs us?
Yeah, no.
Whoa, whoa, whoa, hey, hey, hey.
Holster your weapon, cowboy,
all right? Cool your jets.
This is the detail that you
signed up for?
Aren't we all cops here?
What are you trying to say,
rook? Huh?
Are we all cops here?
I know three of us are cops.
I'm not saying anything.
Bless the dark ones
who speak with thunder!
Scramble. Scramble! Scramble.
Station to special unit team,
Berringer is requesting a
status report.
Roger that,
we're holding position here.
We need some back-up
to form a perimeter
to keep the civilians out.
Copy that.
Back-up units are en route.
Okay, we're good here.
Soon as shit calms down,
we can secure the area.
All right, and the
stiff techs fish Frankenstein
out of the wreckage, what a
bunch of fucking bullshit.
Hey, where's the rookie?
This motherfucker.
You have besmirched the sanctity
of this blessed soil.
And for that, you shall receive
righteous punishment.
Mother supreme.
You better be praying.
Freeze! LAPD!
You seem troubled, young man.
We can help you here.
Sorry, lady, I'm an atheist.
Now drop your weapons.
With all due respect,
I cannot take seriously
one who has abandoned his
beliefs in a higher power.
That is my higher power!
Shall I put one
between his eyes, mother?
Patience, sister,
perhaps this
one will come to his senses.
Drop your weapons.
Do not make me shoot!
Holy shit.
Hey, whoa, whoa,
hey, hey, hey, hold up.
Look, she's in custody.
Let's do things by the book!
The book? What?
You will all be judged.
Shut the fuck up!
Oh, fuck.
Ah, shit.
Are you fucking kidding me,
rook? This is gonna be your ass.
We're inside,
requesting immediate back-up!
Is he dead?
Rook, is he fucking dead
or what?
Looks like I had you pegged
all wrong.
You couldn't keep your dick
in your pants, son.
When I talk, that means you
don't talk.
I gave you explicit instructions
on how to comport yourself
on this detail,
and that's because I made
a judgment call on you,
looks like I might have
made the wrong one.
I had a long talk with Carter
and Fritch and even Hanso.
Those three never seem to agree
on anything,
except where you're concerned.
What did they say?
They said you were a chatty,
little fuck.
They said you tried
to be a hero.
You asked me to be back-up.
I'm a cop. I backed him up.
We should have been in there
That little stunt at the convent
could have been your ass!
He almost went for you,
didn't he? Huh.
You should have listened,
but you pissed yourself.
Well, in any case,
I have a problem.
You're on the inside now.
I can either put you back on the
outside which would put this
whole program at risk, or I can
give you one last chance
to get your head out of your ass
and help us make a difference
in this city!
That's him.
So you know what I need
from you?
I guess so.
Do your job, be a shadow.
You might not understand what
we're doing, but right now
that's not my problem,
and you know what?
It's not yours, either.
Can I help you?
I'm officer gable, I'm on
downe's field detail.
Yeah, whatever,
as long as you got clearance.
Welcome to the bullpen.
So, um, what are they? I mean...
Well, each of them suffers
from some sort of
motor neuron disease,
Lou Gehrig's disease,
spinal muscular atrophy
and some stuff they don't even
have names for yet.
It's actually pretty amazing.
I don't get it.
Look, for whatever reason, and I
sure as hell couldn't tell you
why and I spend
most of my time with them,
they all have
telekinetic abilities,
on a level that we can't
even measure.
Yeah, telekinetic, the amount
of energy that this group
produces you wouldn't imagine.
It's enough to...
To bring someone back
from the dead?
Exactly. We call it the
resurrection equation.
We harness the energy,
we channel it up
into the recovery bay,
where it regenerates and
resuscitates him.
You know, that whole thing,
every single time.
That's unbelievable.
Yeah, it's pretty cool, right?
How did they pick Downe?
Oh, this is a great story.
Uh, Terrance Downe,
full-on Metro division,
from back in the days,
an intense guy, fanatical.
Fanatical about what?
About being a cop. His freeway
pursuits were legendary.
He never let anyone get away.
Of course, his enthusiasm, uh,
ended up costing him.
Well, what do you mean?
Well, he had, how shall we say,
a little accident.
The circumstances under which he
passed away left his body
in a state that
happened to be perfect
for this particular experiment.
How long ago was it?
- What? What do you...
- That accident.
Oh, I think it was about
25 years.
Twenty five years?
Most stuff doesn't happen
overnight, son.
Are you okay?
Yeah, I'm fine. I...
It's just amazing what
science can do, I guess.
Goddamn right,
this is the cutting edge
of technology right here.
There's gotta be
a down side to this, right?
I'm not sure I get what
you're driving at.
Well, have we ever lost one
of them to this process?
Uh, yeah, a few from
before my time,
but it's the nature
of the beast, I guess.
Nature of the beast?
These poor souls sit down here
and are forced to...
Whoa, whoa, whoa, what
are you talking about, forced?
Nobody's forcing anyone.
These people are volunteers,
each and every one of them.
- So they know?
- Yes, of course, they know.
This gives them a sense
of purpose,
you can see it in their eyes.
See what?
pride in what they're doing,
pride in what they're
contributing to.
Does Downe even know about...
You gonna keep staring at me?
Hey, Downe, listen,
no hard feelings, you know,
about what happened earlier.
I just wanted you
to know that, um...
That I...
I was just trying to help,
that's all.
What the fuck you talking about?
What am I...
I was in the convent, um,
I made the arrest.
Intense guy.
No shit.
I don't have
a lot of time, baby.
Let's just do what I came
here to do.
Oh, my god! Oh, my god!
Just like that!
Just like that! Oh, fuck!
Oh, fuck!
Oh, my god!
Oh, shit.
This is starting to feel
like the good old days, eh?
Goddamn it!
We need to talk about
mother supreme.
She got busted.
Her entire operation is godless.
Good for us, less competition.
Except you got
the same intel I do.
It was that cock-munching
super cop that took her down.
So he's still out there.
What the fuck is up
with zen master flash?
He is taking his
sweet time, and on our dime.
And worth every one
of those dimes.
You know his reputation.
If he hasn't moved yet,
that just means that what
he's got planned
is gonna be rather nasty.
- Excuse me.
- Yeah.
Whiskey coke.
Are you LAPD?
Because that's who
we like to serve here.
Do the thing, man, do the thing.
Well, well, well,
lookie what we have here.
Officer integrity,
officer ethics, officer dipshit!
Yeah, everybody...
listen up,
we got a hero in our midst.
"Cause this kid right here,
he's angling to be
super cop's new partner.
You know, you really got
some balls...
Think that you can walk
up in here like you one of us.
- Okay, look, I'm a cop.
- Yeah?
I'm a cop, yeah, just like you,
just like Downe.
No, you're not a cop
like any of us.
Hell no.
And if you think anybody
in here is anything like
that fucking freak,
you're wrong.
He's drunk.
I don't think I'm too
drunk to kick your fucking...
- Come on!
- Hey!
All you fuckers stand down!
You're all cops here,
the assholes are out there.
You save this shit for them.
The next one who gets in
somebody's face
is gonna get this horse cock
up the side of his head.
My mom gave this to me, and she
taught me how to use it.
So who wants it, you? Anyone?
Come on, buy the rook a drink.
To that, to that, to that.
Whatever, fuck off.
Shut the fuck up!
So, Downe been in here?
Are you kidding me?
Not a chance in hell.
- He don't fraternize.
- Not with anyone.
Okay, I don't...
I don't get that.
What... Do you think we want
to do this detail?
Getting that freak's back? No.
No, fuck that son of a bitch.
I will fucking lay my
life down for each and every
fucking one of you.
Because that's what
it's all about.
You see,
I only have to do it once.
There you go.
And that's what makes
it bearable.
You really can't say
that, though...
Because you don't know
how he does it.
Nobody knows how he does it.
You know how he does it?
Do you?
You know something
we don't, rook?
What the hell would I know?
No, I guess you right.
All I know is there some old
Franken-science shit
going on over there.
I mean, you're talking about
like a bunch of dead body parts
and their corpses, like,
smashing together.
I don't think that's Downe.
You got Boris Karloff with a
badge and that's some bullshit.
- Oh, no, Boris Karloff.
- What?
Frankenstein, movie!
You mean Frankenstein's monster.
What you mean by that?
Everyone always calls the
monster Frankenstein.
But the monster was created by
Dr. Frankenstein.
It's not Frankenstein,
it's Frankenstein's monster.
Stop the music.
Stop... The music.
Look at you.
You a cop?
Yes, you are.
Do you represent the law in this
city, your city? Yes, you do.
Without you, it's all over.
Too much crime, too much chaos,
too much madness.
Do you ever ask yourself, why?
No, you don't.
There is no more why.
Get it together.
Lock it down. Lock it down now.
10-34s reported at cedar Sinai
at Beverly and San Vicente,
all units respond.
Center, this is officer Downe
responding, I'm on my way.
I don't like that.
Well done, students.
Like sending up the brightest
flare to passing rescue ships.
This will get his attention.
Shh. That's our target we're
hearing and he's coming fast.
Prepare to slice and dice.
I'll be back in a flash.
Everybody freeze!
Good god.
Why do you care so much
about that guy?
Isn't it enough that you get to
clean his litter box with us?
I don't really like that
part of it,
but what I'm saying is,
I don't blame Downe. Yeah,
I mean, I don't think I do.
Right, because Downe is an
innocent victim in all of this.
Meanwhile, the good cops,
talkin' about the ones that
we've been toasting to all night
they're out on the street
risking their shit
for god knows what.
And you know what happens
when they eat it?
They don't come back!
If you can stand,
get down to cedar's,
it's a fucking massacre
over there!
Let's go, motherfuckers!
This shit is real!
Fuck it. Let's go be
fucking cops!
Any asshole I see flashing
a blade...
No Miranda?
I was hoping to hear you say it.
does this count as a blade?
Well, would you look at that?
Some Kung-fu cowards.
Motherfucking cowards.
I see you're resisting arrest.
Well, that means I'm gonna have
to bust out my favorite piece
of correctional equipment,
lethal force!
Is that the best you've got?
That's assaulting
a police officer.
Little bitch! Punk ass!
If you can't do the time,
don't do the crime!
Look at you.
I'm not quite as impressed
as I thought I'd be.
Guess I need to lower my
You... have the right...
What's that?
To remain...
- Come again, son?
Mm... tasty.
Ah, do tell.
observe the coup de flash!
If you can...
Your mama!
Cracka-boom, motherfucker!
And that, students, is what
precision work looks like.
But don't worry, he's not dead,
not quite yet anyway.
And so, on we go to phase two.
I told you he'd get
the big bastard!
I hope he burned him
like a witch!
Like a bitch!
We'll get the deets
any minute now.
One of our lieutenants
is in direct contact.
This is a righteous
fucking victory!
Let's see the LAPD
come back from this.
Who runs this city?
Talk slow, I want to enjoy this.
I need to hear some key words,
eviscerated, decapitated,
castrated. Go on.
Well, masters,
how about kidnapped?
Apparently zen master flash
subdued Downe
and transported him
to another location.
By all accounts,
he's still alive.
You gotta be shitting me!
What's he think he's gonna do?
Get ransom money from the LAPD?
That wasn't the deal we made!
That motherfucker!
Okay, okay, just put
your peckers in park,
and we'll figure out exactly
what the fuck he's up to.
Holy Christ.
Goddamn fucking
blood bath in here.
Check for survivors.
Holy shit.
Does anyone see his body?
Who gives a shit?
Look at this fucking place.
Zen master flash...
Speak fucking English.
As you wish.
The visionary that I am,
I realized the most entertaining
thing to do now
would be to bring down some
friends to dance with you.
Maybe you remember them.
So, all you rats
in the rat's nest...
Let's find out just how much
damage this cop can take.
What the hell are you doing?
That's a good question.
No, just me.
Come to rub it in? I mean,
the freak is finally gone.
He's missing in action,
he's cut up into tiny pieces,
spread out all over la.
That's all that's left.
So that's it, then? He's gone,
what are you gonna do?
You gonna turn in your badge,
too? Hmm?
That the kind of cop you are?
I don't know what kind of cop
I am anymore.
What does it matter anyway?
We blew it.
We were his back-up, we blew it,
besides when it gets out
what my blood-alcohol level
was when I showed up
at a crime scene...
That's it for me.
Being a cop was all I had.
No wonder you like him so much.
What is it?
Personnel file,
dating back to the late 70's,
Terrance Downe.
Wait, this is back from when
he was...
Alive. You think you got a
one-track mind.
This motherfucker was king cop
from day one.
No family, no attachments,
nothing but the job.
You're wondering if he's
being exploited
or some bullshit like that?
The file has the whole story.
We all read it, by the way, so,
if it makes any difference...
We hate him a little less now.
You are LAPD. You are in the
motherfucking brotherhood now.
You are a motherfucking cop.
I'm a cop. That's right.
- Officer gable!
- Chief!
You show up at a fresh crime
scene after floating all night
at the rusty nail? With those
jerk-offs in your detail?
Are you going after Downe?
Downe is not your problem! He's
nobody's problem! It's over!
It's not over! Do you see this?
It is not over!
Where are you going?
Stop right there, rook.
Don't fuck around, gable!
This is beyond you!
Obviously he walked into a trap.
It was only a matter of time
Before what? Before the
department cuts Downe loose
because it's not cost-effective
to keep him around.
Don't get political on me,
you little shit.
Oh, okay, so what?
You're not gonna go after him?
You're just gonna find
the next test subject?
What did you say?
Chief, I know about the bullpen.
The what?
The bullpen, the telekinetics
you have down there.
What the fuck do you know
about that?
I know enough to know that if
they're what's juicing him up,
and they've got that connection
with him, however it works,
then maybe we can use them
to find him and help him.
I've decided to use you
to send a little message
mainly to your comrades
in law enforcement.
You see, the most annoying
thing about cops
is that they think
they're in charge.
Let's fuck you up!
They need to be shown
who swings the biggest stick.
This is your whole career right
now, gable! Count on it!
I don't care, we gotta try.
You don't even know
what they do!
Okay, what's happening here?
Shh. Gable...
I'm betting they can either
track him or they can help him.
And either way,
it is worth a shot!
It doesn't work that way!
They cannot bring him back
unless the body is upstairs.
Is that true?
Wh... Uh... Are we talking
about a long distance revival?
Yes, yes, we are!
Well, I have no idea, it's never
been attempted before?
Why are we talking about this
right now?
Okay, but you're saying
it's not impossible.
Get your ass out
of here right fucking now!
He is still a cop, chief!
Isn't he?
Fine. Fire him up.
This is a very bad idea.
- Do it!
- Okay, all right.
If this doesn't work...
You all know Terry Downe.
He's the recipient of
your abilities, of your talents.
He's one good cop,
knee-deep in the shit every day,
no matter what it costs him.
And it costs him a lot!
Now he is out there somewhere.
And he needs your help,
all of you.
And even though he may be beyond
repair, you have got to try.
And you have to give it
everything you've got!
Come on! Isn't this what
you're all here for?
Guys, give me some room.
Kick his fucking ass!
Kill that motherfucker!
Fuck yeah!
Fuck you, man!
Cut him down.
Damn, still breathing.
Don't die yet!
Don't die yet!
Yeah! Come on! That's it!
That's it!
That's it, that's it!
There you go.
Mother supreme, you sexy rat.
You have been judged
as unworthy.
You have been judged as unclean!
Radiostatic particle build-up,
lots of telekinetic energy being
generated with no place to go.
I gotta bypass
the local receptors.
This is the price you pay
for your lack of belief.
Come on! You can do it!
You push it! That's it!
Yeah! There you go!
There you go!
My god is a vengeful god.
He speaks through me.
Come on! Come on!
You can do it!
Come on! Come on!
You can do it! Push it! Come on!
Oh, no, no, no, no!
He tells me
you resist the afterlife.
He's gone.
We're right on the brink.
You resist
the everlasting glory.
Organic circuits,
they're overloading!
They can't handle the feedback!
Shut it down! Shut it down!
No, don't shut it down!
You want to be responsible
for losing them, too?
Come on, come on, shut it down!
I guess that's it.
This time you
will join the endless,
blackest night...
The eternal sleep...
Your final penance.
- Oh, my god, oh my god!
- What's happening?
Don't you see, chief?
They're doing it on their own.
They're not giving up.
Their power is being sucked out
of them, no idea how!
They can't do this much longer.
They are burning out right
in front of us!
Damn you, motherfucking
face fucker!
Oh, shit.
You're not supposed to be out of
your cells, are you?
Back off. He's all mine.
You ain't done yet, fuck face.
We all up out of this
And we gonna take
our new-found freedom
and shove it right up your
cracker ass! So bend over wide.
Think about it, shithead.
This badge,
it means something to me.
It means that I am the order
in a world full of chaos
and you are the chaos, all
of you deranged motherfuckers!
But even more than that...
Kicking your heads in
makes my dick hard!
Did it work? Holy shit,
it worked, right?
Shut the fuck up, gable!
What do we do now?
Mobilize all available units.
- So you know.
- Wait, wait, know what?
King county prison,
reports of massive riots,
all hell's breaking loose
out there.
Go. Come on!
You wait this long to check in
and then we hear you turn the
rat's nest into a war zone?
You had him!
What makes you think
this was the right time
to make some goddamn
political statement?
I despise politics.
The warden of this facility
might have been in your pocket,
but I am not.
He's dead, by the way.
Your fatal flaw
is that you lack vision.
Listen to me,
you prancing fuck nut!
You can consider
our contract terminated!
Try not to get so emotionally
You can forget your payment! You
don't fuck with the fortune 500!
I see, then allow me to convey
how I'm going to roll out
of here
once I've finally roasted
this cop.
I'm going to find
the lot of you.
No matter how far you run,
no matter how well you hide,
I will find you.
And when I do,
the pain I shall inflict
will have you begging for death.
Oh, shit.
Zen master flash,
I'm bringing you in.
Shut up, Kung-fu!
They told me you were
I say you've died 1,000 times
and with each death
your soul is eaten away
little by little.
You have the right to lay down
and die.
Jesus Christ.
Come on, keep moving,
just follow the blood.
Let's get him back to
Come on, what are you
waiting for! Move it!
Let's go, you assholes!
Help him out!
All the systems are go.
Maybe we should let him be.
I mean, let him rest in peace.
Rest in peace?
What does that even mean?
You're the one who convinced me
to bring him back.
Something we all need to get
used to here.
You, me, everyone in here.
This is the world we live in.
Is it fucked? Probably.
And if that's the case,
you know what a fucked up world
needs most of all?
A cop.
Damn straight.
But not just any cop. It needs
a cop that'll never give up.
It needs a cop that always comes
back, and we've got him.
Right or wrong,
we need him out there.
Maybe I just thought that after
everything he's been through...
He'd finally done his duty.
You think so? Huh?
You think it ever ends, rookie?
Chief... don't call me rookie
It's officer gable.
Very good.
Light him up!
Accessing bullpen.
Updating communications a, b
and c for upload.
Accessing bullpen,
opening channels a, b and c
for download. Initiate!
That was a rough one, chief.
We can't be certain that his
mind is still functioning.
Good job, thank you.
Looking good, Terry,
just like new.
I need to see them, now! Now.
You get it now?
I hope you're not expecting
a vacation or anything.
Your job's not done yet.
It's never done, chief.
That's what I call a
motherfucking haul!
Yo, you think the fortune 500 is
gonna want a piece of this shit?
Yo, just 'cause they got
their asses kicked
doesn't mean they ain't
still running shit.
No, I heard they got more
than their ears boxed in.
They got their nuts kicked in.
Hard, real hard,
and you know what that means?
What does that mean?
It's the wild west up
in this motherfucker.
Every crook for himself, baby!
- Yo, chill out, man!
- Yeah! Woo!
Just because they got fucked
the fuck up
doesn't mean that they won't
fuck us up.
We got the juice
in this town now.
Madness and mayhem,
as far as the eye can see.
Not a badge in sight!
It's beautiful.
It's fucking beautiful, man!
Pull over, cocksuckers!
You're under arrest!
Wait a minute, are you saying
Terry Downe wasn't the first?
Every experiment
requires beta testing
including this one.
These monster bosses
have an iron grip on the
underworld that can't be broken
Once he's loose
in the city it's all over.
They kept him locked up
for 30 years.
What do you mean nobody knew?
At least, that's what
they want you to think.
I will make them all suffer.
No, stop, don't let him out!