Offspring (2009) Movie Script

Goddammit, Nancy.
Fuckin' babysitters.
Always leavin' the goddamn lights on!
My baby?
My baby!
Sorry to wake you, George.
That's all right.
I need to talk to you.
I guess you do. Come on inside.
Actually I... was hoping
maybe you could come with us.
I need you to see something for me.
I need your expertise.
Not a word I hear real often, Vic.
I gotta warn you, George.
It's ugly.
- Give me a minute.
- Yeah.
The babysitter's mom called it in.
Nancy Ann David.
She was 16 last March.
The woman is Loreen Ellen Kaltsas.
32, separated,
waitress at the All State.
We have her husband in custody
and he admits to slapping
her around some, but...
I don't see the connection.
He seems pretty damn worried
about the baby.
Here we go again, huh, George?
Jesus, Max, I hope not.
Reason I think we've got
another go-round is what's not here.
All the meaty bits. Look familiar?
Cause of death?
Hell, George, they ripped her heart out.
- Hey.
- Good mornin'.
Got to the third board last night.
I see that. You got a lot done.
Looks good.
Thank you.
What time are Claire and Luke due?
- Around two-ish.
- Hmm.
- You ok?
- Yeah. I'm just...
I was just thinking about Claire
- and that asshole she married.
- And that asshole she married.
Hey, would you mind
running the vacuum
in the guest room
in about an hour?
Let Melissa sleep till then.
That way I can get some work done.
- Yeah, no problem.
- Thank you.
Oh, damn! I almost forgot!
An amazing thing last night!
Are we aware of any retro-hippie,
latter-day commune
- or something out here?
- Excuse me?
There was a girl out here
last night.
Way out in the field.
Naked as my mother bore me.
She was 16, 17 maybe.
From the waist up.
I mean, that's all I could see.
You're kidding.
Did she have nice breasts?
Well, she was pretty far away.
- So did you invite her in?
- Why should I?
Who wants the wood nymph
when you got the goddess?
- Kind of a saggy goddess.
- No, come on, goddesses don't sag.
They ripen.
As do the wheat and the corn.
Corn is... about right.
- I'm not gonna get any work done, am I?
- I don't think I'm gonna vacuum either.
We didn't know
what we had eleven years ago.
Or where to find it.
This time I think
you can assume we do.
Let's say they roam a bit,
which means they're anywhere
between here and Lubec,
maybe down to Cutler.
There's plenty of forest
all through that area,
and we can't afford to rule it out,
but I'm guessing the shoreline.
One of these caves in here.
That's where we found them
the last time.
It's a tough job. You need to call in
everybody you've got,
including the state highway boys,
and do it yesterday.
I'll handle it.
Will someone tell me
who the hell these people are, anyway?
Well, as near as we could figure it,
they're descendants of a lighthouse keeper,
who went missing off Catbird Island
back in the 1800s.
Tourism, fishing, population
finally flushed his offspring
back to mainland.
Ok, but what I don't get is,
how come nobody's seen them?
You do this kind of thing,
you get noticed.
Where have they been hiding
for the past ten years?
I thought about that.
I don't think they've been hiding.
I think they've been moving.
We're a spit in the eye
from Canada here.
And there's plenty of coastline
all the way up to Newfoundland.
Maybe even Hudson Bay.
Some of it's practically deserted.
Now, we don't coordinate our missing
persons with Canada very well, do we?
And I bet they've had a few
over the past few years.
I don't think these people know
they're crossing the border.
I think they just kept moving.
All right.
So where do you wanna start?
We find that cave.
And hope they're calling it home again.
- Hey!
- Hi.
- You made it.
- We made it.
- Hey, Luke.
- Hi, Amy.
Hi, David.
Leave the bags.
Let David haul 'em.
You guys want something
to drink, I bet.
They... they found him.
They're serving him the papers today.
- It's about goddamn time.
- Yeah.
Ok. She's hungry.
She's hungry. Ok.
- Here you go.
- Thank you.
Luke, why don't you go see
what David's up to?
- Ok.
- Ok? Ok.
Oh, my God, she's so beautiful.
You look really tired.
You getting any sleep at all?
Mm-mm. No. Not enough.
Not lately.
The IRS is all over me.
Ok, let me get this straight.
Stephen mismanages his client's money,
takes out a half-million dollar loan
to cover his debt to the firm,
puts up your house as collateral,
forges your name to the loan
and the IRS documents,
- and they come after you?
- They couldn't find him.
For nine months
he disappeared completely.
And it wasn't
until his boss disappeared,
and then Christmas
and Luke's birthday came and went
and... not a word out of him,
which is...
It's completely killing Luke.
He's seen him drunk
and he's seen him abusive
and... he still loves his dad.
Anyway, it was a joint return
and me, the IRS could find,
so now they're putting up the house
for a quarter of what it's worth.
Was that me or Melissa?
- 138 and three eighths.
- Pretty good.
Nice local lumber
right out of the big woods.
Can I?
You know how to focus?
Ok. You got these two images here.
What you wanna do is break the lens
either toward your nose or away
until you get just one image.
Then you use this knob
to make it good and clear.
Like that. Try it.
- Hey!
- Hey.
Why don't you take it out back
through the field?
There's a path to the woods.
You can go hunt your bear.
Oh, but if you get too close to the sea
and you hear it getting louder,
turn around, ok?
You've gone far enough.
Seems like a nice boy.
Got troubles, though, doesn't he?
That he does.
Melissa! Pum-pum, poo-poo
pum-pum, pum-pum,
so, we sell the house,
we're getting 30,000, tops.
- To start a whole new life with.
- Oh, my god.
Wait a minute.
- It's him. It's Stephen.
- What?
He says he's coming up here.
He's on his way right now.
Oh, my... here, here, here.
Come here, come here. Ok.
- Anything?
- We checked the last cave we know of.
- Found nothing.
- Shit!
Hey, I'm not a cop anymore,
My guess is before this is over
you're gonna join me.
There's nothing I can do.
He's on the goddamn road already!
Wait, I don't get it.
He doesn't want the divorce now?
He said he wants to talk about it.
And he had that tone.
He was controlled and edgy.
He'd been drinking.
Maybe he'll drive himself into a tree.
- Can I talk to you a minute?
- I don't want Luke to see him.
Do you know that he still has Stephen's
Christmas present wrapped in his room?
A tiny little blue ceramic bird
that he made for him in school.
And it's absolutely terrible,
but he made it for Stephen.
What about the restraining order?
He seems to be choosing
to ignore that, honey.
- The hell he is.
- Who are you calling?
Vic Manetti. The police.
Wait a minute.
I'm thinking about Luke here.
What about Luke?
Luke saw you backed up
against your kitchen wall one night
while Stephen worked off his drunk
by slapping you around!
Hello, Gloria? Hi! Is Vic there?
It's David Halbard up on River Road.
Yeah. Well, er... we've got
kind of a situation over here.
We've got house guests, a friend,
and an eight-year-old boy.
Um... the woman's going through
a really messy divorce right now.
She's got a restraining order
against her husband.
Yeah, physical violence involved.
He's coming up here
from Connecticut
and he says he's gonna arrive
some time tonight.
Well, we don't know what the hell to do
when he gets here.
Er... Carey. C-A-R-E-Y, Stephen.
I'm sorry, what?
What do you mean, do I have a gun?
Are you kidding me, Gloria?
Oh, all right.
Er... ok.
Thanks, Gloria.
- That was truly strange.
- What?
Well, she said Vic
and most of the sheriff's office
are investigating a murder.
They're strictly skeleton staff
over there.
And what was that business
about a gun?
Yeah. That's the really weird part.
She actually suggested
that I order him off at gunpoint.
As a matter of fact, anybody else
who I didn't personally know
who may or may not
come around here tonight.
What? Can you see me standing
on the porch with a shotgun
like, er... Elvis in "Flaming Star"?
Look what I've got!
Aren't these cool?
Hi. Put your pack in the back.
Hop in.
Thanks. How far are you going?
Oh, some godforsaken place
called Dead River. You?
Portland. Nice car.
Thanks. What's in Portland?
My boyfriend goes to school there.
You a student too?
I quit for a year.
Wanted to work.
Go back in September.
Hey, you know?
I think I know Dead River.
Isn't that up near Lubec?
Up near the border?
It's pretty country up there.
Well, I don't know about Lubec,
but it's up there, all right.
It's a damn long drive
from Connecticut.
Why didn't you just fly?
I mean, you don't look like you'd have
any trouble affording it,
if you know what I mean.
Listen, maybe you could help me out.
I really don't know
where the hell I'm going and...
Well, I'm hopeless at reading
road-signs after dark,
so why don't you ride shotgun
with me, huh?
Get me there.
Then I'll drive you over to the airport
at Machias or wherever
and put you on a plane
to Portland. My treat.
Plus I'll give you a fifty
for your troubles.
Dead River's gotta be
200 miles up the coast.
It will be nine or ten
before you even get there.
Portland is less than an hour
from here.
So? You look at is
as an adventure.
All right, I'll make it a hundred.
How's that?
Let me buy you a drink.
What's your name?
- Susan.
- Mmm... that's a nice name, Suzie.
Suzie Creamcheese.
Lazy Susan,
your boyfriend do all the work.
Suzerain means feudal lord, you know?
One to whom allegiance is due.
Let's see, what else is there?
Oh, Susannah, Sweet Suzie ride...
I... I think I'd like to get out now.
Stop anywhere. Ok?
- You wanna get out?
- Yes.
- You're drinking.
- Well, yes, that's true. I am.
I'm visiting my son and my wife,
if that's your problem.
I'm not coming on to you.
So what do you say? Huh?
- About what?
- About driving up with me.
I-I I can't
Ok. Get out.
What? You've gotta pull over.
No, I don't.
So, go on. Get the fuck out.
- I can't!
- Hmm... you can't.
Huh? Huh? Hmm?
Throw your pack out.
Throw your pack out the window
and I'll pull over.
I promise.
Push it.
The great city of Portland welcomes you.
Have a nice day.
Let's give it up, Vic,
it's too damn dark.
Yeah, might as well call it a night
across the board. Go to stage two.
House to house.
Yeah, tell 'em to stay indoors,
keep their phone lines open,
- doors and windows locked.
- All right, come on. Let's head back.
I love you, honey.
Good night.
Oh, God...
He all settled in up there?
At bedtime everything's drama.
Every night. He can't find this,
he has to do that.
He's always testing me.
"I love you, mommy, I hate you, mommy."
- I don't know what to do.
- He'll be ok.
I wonder.
Amy. Lock the door.
- I'll phone the police.
- Use the one in our room.
Get... get the blanket off the bed.
Amy, honey, can you get me
a pot of water?
Are you ok?
Mom? Mom?
Stay inside. Close the door,
and get your clothes on.
- David?
- Yes?
- There's... there's no dial tone.
- What?
Er... use my cell phone,
it's on the.
Oh, my God...
Amy! Amy!
Luke! There are people in this house
and they wanna hurt us.
- Ok? We have to go out the window.
- Mommy, I'm...
It's ok to be scared, ok?
But we have to be brave too, all right?
I'm gonna help you.
Put Melissa down on the bed.
Baby! Baby!
It's not as far down as it seems,
I promise.
All right, sweetie. When you fall,
remember to bend your legs, ok?
Oh, God!
Mom, are you ok? Mom?
You said we need to find a place to hide.
I know a place.
Show me. Show me.
Woman! Baby!
What the fuck?
Fuck me!
- What are you gonna do, Vic?
- Jesus, this is all we need!
Driver, pull the vehicle over!
Sir! Place your hands behind you
and turn around!
Place your hands behind your head
and turn around!
Check him.
Very good, sir. Thank you.
Stand still.
Vic. Check this out.
Sir, you can
take your hands down now.
You wanna maybe tell me
what happened?
She-she... she took out
my fucking window!
And he tried
to rip my fucking head off!
I mean, look at this.
Look at these.
Sir, hold on, what do you mean, he, she?
What man and woman?
And... kids! Fucking wild animals!
Sir, hold on. I'm gonna need you
to calm down, all right?
Let's just start with your name.
What is your name?
Er... Carey. Stephen Carey.
All right, Mr. Carey,
where did you just come from?
- Up there.
- I need to know exactly where up there.
Er... I don't know!
Some fucking dirt road.
Er... I was gonna visit my wife!
- Ok, so your wife lives up there?
- No, she... she was gonna visit friends.
- Who would they be?
- I can't remember their last name!
Why the fuck can't I remember
their last name?
Sir, look, calm down.
Why don't...
Why don't you just come with us
and you can show us where you were?
No way, no! Uh-uh! I don't want
any part of that fucking place!
Did you see any guns there, sir?
Guns? No. No, no, no guns.
Er... hatchets and... and knives and...
You see what these gentlemen
are wearing? You see this?
I think you're gonna be fine, ok?
Let's go.
It's around here somewhere.
You told me once
that people never look up, remember?
And we can see the house from there.
We can see if anybody comes.
You been drinking tonight, sir?
No. Well... yeah, a little.
Halbard! That's it, for God's sake.
It's Halbard!
That's Dave and Amy Halbard.
That's up on River Road.
Gloria, yeah, it's Vic.
Look, I need you to take everybody
off house to house
and get them up to the Halbard place
on River Road.
Get an ambulance out there.
'Damn, Vic!
That plate miles just called in?
'Registered to one Stephen Carey,
Greenwich, Connecticut.
'Got a call on him earlier,
from Dave Halbard.
- 'Something about a restraining order...'
- Hey!
Gloria, tell the state boys he bailed out
about 100 yards from River Road.
He's heading for Meyer Beach!
Looks like he's going through
the woods towards Meyer Beach.
'Copy that."
We don't have time for this shit.
Let's go.
- Hey, mom?
- Shh! Count them.
- See where they go.
- Yeah.
- That was Amy, Mom! They had Amy!
- I know.
And we've gotta keep Melissa safe for her
and get help as soon as we can.
Can't we help her now?
They're hurting her, Mom!
See how many of them there are.
- Three. Not counting Amy.
- Then we can't do it. Oh, God!
- They're still all around us somewhere.
- But, mom...
No, we can't.
You know I love Amy, but we can't.
Wait. Luke, quickly.
I think we can get to the car
and get help.
Wait here.
Luke, come on.
Luke, run! I said run!
This was a really nice guy.
What did you find up there?
There's a broken door to the bedroom
and... the window is wide open,
like somebody maybe got out that way,
or tried to.
Did you see the bassinet?
- Bassinet?
- In their room.
Christ on a crutch.
We got another baby here?
What the hell was that?
I'm Stephen Carey
go under the tree
I'm gonna put you, Claire
right down on your knees...
Stop him.
cause I know... I
I think it was coming
from right around here.
Oh, God!
Oh, no! Help me!
You'll be all right here.
I'll come back for you. You'll see.
You fucking crazy bitch.
You stay the fuck away from me!
No! No!
Let go of me!
Let me go! Let me go!
You little fuckers!
So you got one of them, huh, Vic?
Fuck it. That'll have to do.
Let her down!
Let her down!
- You ok?
- Yeah, I'm ok.
No. No!
Oh, damn!
Shut the fuck up, Claire.
Oh, Jesus!
No, no, no!
I don't know. I don't know.
But I think I know
how you can find out.
She doesn't like to be bitten.
Please. No, no... please, no!
I don't know. I don't know.
I swear I don't know!
The truth, Claire.
Go on. Tell her.
All right. The house.
I told Luke to go back to the house
in case anything...
If anything ever happened to me
to take Melissa
and go back to the house
right away.
I think you better find some way
of making her understand
what the fuck you're talking about.
Don't you?
No! No!
Get off me!
No! Get off of me!
No! Get off of me!
Oh, my God! No! No!
- No! No! God!
- Cut!
No! Get off of me!
Ow! Ow, ow, ow!
- Baby!
- Oh, my God!
- Say!
- No!
Oh, my God!
Over here.
Are you ok?
Where are they?
Who is with them?
My... my mom.
And Amy, I think. I think Amy.
- Who is Amy?
- My mom's friend. Mrs. Halbard.
You saw them?
What, you... you followed them?
And, and I think...
I think I saw my father.
It was later. He...
there was this man
with this woman
and he was leaning on her
and they were going up and...
- And she... she...
- Easy, son. You did good.
Now listen, I gotta go up there,
but I want you to stay right here
out of sight and watch for me.
You stay right here
hidden in the grass, ok?
If anybody comes along
who doesn't look right to you,
you stay right where you are.
You don't need to warn me,
you don't need to do anything but hide.
Ok? I'll be fine.
And if anybody comes along
who looks like a policeman,
you show 'em where I've gotten to.
And we're gonna get everybody
out of there in good shape. Ok?
Now we just met, but I got a feeling
you're a pretty brave guy,
so you hang in there,
watch for those uniforms.
And I'll be seeing you. Ok?
Now, go on, get down.
Spread out!
No, get off of me. Oh, my God!
No! No, no, no!
No! Oh, my God!
Oh, my God! My God!
Let go of me!
No! Stop it!
Stop it!
Get the fuck away from me!
What are you fucking doing?
They'll kill us, you dumb bitch!
Kill us? They'll kill us anyway!
Didn't you see what they did to your
fucking wife, you stupid piece of shit?
Did you mean that? Fuck her.
Don't! No!
Don't make me!
Stay where you are!
Come on. It's over.
We've gotta get out of here,
we've gotta find someone.
Come on.
- Mommy!
- Luke!
We need another stretcher here!
Yeah, I know exactly
where she is.
I'd have to show you.
That's too dangerous, son.
We don't even know what's out there.
I don't know how to tell you.
It's just this place off the path.
I need to show you.
Be careful, ok?
- There!
- Wait! Son, hold on!
- Wait up! Stop.
- Slow down!
- Luke, stop!
- Luke, wait!
Luke, stop!
Holy, shit! Who is that?
It's not Luke.
Luke, are you all right up there?
Is the baby ok?
It's ok, Melissa.
We're safe now.