Offworld: Alien Planet (2024) Movie Script

Ladies and gentlemen,
on the day I was elected
your president,
I had only one objective.
I had to save us.
And as I faced that challenge,
I had only one question.
Was it already too late?
There was no question
that the Earth,
our planet
our home
had already turned against us.
She would no longer tolerate
our abuses.
Our world was
and is
Since that day, our
world has grown
sicker and more dangerous,
we still have hope.
Working together,
we discovered Epsilon Eridani B.
and we launched a mission
to explore
this new world
and to find a new home
for humanity.
And now
our endurance will be rewarded
we launch Tantalus II
So please
I ask you to simply look up,
to raise your heads as one
and join me in wishing the crew
and passengers of
the Tantalus II
safe passage.
They go not to explore,
but to colonise.
They go to build.
They go to live.
We've suffered. Yes.
But we will endure.
Together, we will survive.
Day 48.
Jan Lepree
Tantalus II mission.
Interview commences 07:00 hours.
here we are again.
Are you going to tell us
the truth this time?
I've told you already.
It's not good enough.
So we'll go through it again.
What happened to your ship
and your crew?
But this is the last time
I'm going to tell you.
Whoa, whoa!
Commander, slow down,
you've taken quite a hit.
Let me take a look at you.
I'm fine, doctor, I'm fine.
Do you
remember anything?
We crash landed?
Not quite, Commander.
We crashed, but
there was no landing involved.
I'm sorry, you are?
Dan Ronson
Chief of Security
What's the status of the ship?
Broke up on impact.
We've got nine crew available.
The rest?
They're either dead or frozen.
How many did we lose?
It's... uh...
It's hard to tell without
the computer
but no more than a handful?
What a mess.
What the hell happened?
You were appointed
the Commander of a Planetary
Colonisation Mission
one that became a
total disaster.
Beside the incalculable
cost to the mission,
you were responsible for
the lives of over
250 people.
Please tell me how
you failed them
and us.
I've told you so many times.
Why won't you just believe me?
Because it's all too convenient.
we'll go through it again.
And again,
and we'll keep going through it
until you decide
to reveal some actual facts.
You're going to spend the rest
of your life in this prison
unless you decide to
tell us the truth.
For God's sake.
From the beginning,
Like you said.
It was a colonisation mission.
Everything went to
plan to start with
we were due to arrive
on time, on schedule.
But then...
Thank you, Tantalus II.
Everything's looking
good from here.
Congratulations on
a safe journey.
See you soon.
Eridani Base, out.
Okay, system report?
All systems are... nominal.
Life support is green,
and fuel and stores are at 10%.
Destination's coming up.
Take a good look.
There's our new home.
How are the passengers?
200 frozen fresh peas in a pod
All ready for revival
upon landing.
Okay Carrie, start the
wake up process
for the rest of the crew.
We're going to need them for the
final approach and rendezvous.
I'll build a log cabin
biggest one on the planet.
Why build one?
There are homes ready made,
just waiting for us.
The domes?
Tiny plastic fish bowls!
Give me an axe.
I'll show you how to
make a real house.
Bringing a bit of Scandinavia
into the new world, eh?
What about you, Commander?
What are you looking forward
to most, when we get there?
Retirement. So,
reading a good book, alcohol...
Having a wardrobe with
actual colours in it.
My daughter's there now.
I can't wait to see her.
Who's waiting for you, boss?
Oh, no one, but, you know
New world, new life
New opportunities.
Coming up on asteroid belt
adjusting course.
The Sun's really throwing
them out today.
It's raining iron filings.
Russ , let's slow down and wait
for the worst of it to pass.
Set speed at standard by four.
The AI's an idiot.
I could get us through right
now on 271, standard by ten.
No, don't risk it.
Sensors are a mess, Commander.
Best to play safe.
Set 275, Russ.
I can get through this.
It's not a problem.
275 please, Mr Price.
Let's not wake our passengers
too early.
Oh, shit.
What the hell was that?
The hull is damaged!
We're losing power.
The heat-shields are locked!
Carrie, get those shields open,
Russ, take us back out.
Brace for impact.
I'm fine, okay.
She's a mess.
There are 200 people in there.
Can we revive them?
Not without the right equipment
and support.
They'll die.
They're better off
where they are
frozen and blissfully unaware.
For now maybe,
but the cryo units will fail.
How far are we from
the settlement?
That's the problem. We
don't actually know.
We could be half an hour away.
Or we could be on the other
side of the planet.
We've got no positioning data.
What? How could we not know?
The magnetic fields?
The solar flares?
Somehow, they shut
everything down.
We were totally blind
when we hit.
you made it.
Shaun Kane, my second
in command.
How are you, Shaun?
Oh, I'm OK.
Who are they?
Jemma Brent - Operations.
That's Dylan Taylor.
He's Cryo-tech
And this is Kris Erickson
- Navigation.
Oh, I,
I'm sorry, boss...
Let's get them buried, Kane.
Commander Lepree?
John Park - Communications.
Seems like I'm meeting
more of my crew
since we crashed than
when we launched.
Have we heard anything yet?
Mainly because I don't have
any equipment yet.
So I came to ask if I
can try to salvage
some gear from the ship?
Get on it.
We need to make contact
with the settlement
as soon as possible.
Let them know our status.
And John?
be careful. OK?
Carrie, you go with him.
Jan, are you sure you're okay?
I'm fine, Lex.
Well, you know, alive.
How did all this happen?
We're doing it all by
the book and then
Maybe you should ask your pilot.
He's over there.
Hey, hey.
Watch it.
Oh, hello!
I'm onto something.
Give us a hand.
You're a tech?
You got a water bottle?
Yes, but they're almost empty.
Great! Get them up here.
You Okay?
More or less, Commander.
How about you?
You can drop the 'Commander'.
It's just us.
Wow. Oh, John, look at all this.
What a mess.
What a stupid, pointless mess.
Stop it.
It happened.
Nothing we can do now
except deal with it.
But where do we start though?
The settlement's
been tracking us
since we entered the
Solar System.
So help will be on the way.
Right now, we secure the ship,
keep the passengers safe
and we get picked up.
We're already working on comms.
We'll get through this.
It's not your fault.
Yes, it is.
We've got a problem.
It was a bit of a
mess, wasn't it?
People were just running around
doing whatever they wanted.
Why didn't you gather
everybody together
and assess the situation?
I was unconscious.
I'd just come round
I wasn't thinking clearly.
I did the best in
that situation,
you know anybody would have
The first priority
should have been the
safety of your crew.
You seem more concerned
with your pilot
rather than your colleagues.
There were other dangers
to consider.
I tried to warn them
as soon as I found out
I went to find them.
Water tanks are intact.
About time we had
some good news.
Listen, there should
be a transmitter
somewhere in that section.
Can you help me get it?
I found one down there already,
but it's stuck under
some struts.
Are you coming or what?
Can you see the beacon?
Yeah, but it's totally smashed.
Even I'm not going to get
that working again.
Carrie! John!
OK, let's try the transceiver
It should be in that
area somewhere
a little black box.
I think I can reach it.
Let me try.
Get away from the
ship, right now!
Quick, help me get her!
They weren't them.
don't try to move.
Don't touch that.
Don't touch it.
Just breathe.
Carrie, I'm Scott, the
Health Officer.
Look at me.
Keep breathing, try not to move
We're gonna get you free
Oh God! Can you move her Lex?
We're going to have to try,
she can't stay here.
She needs an operation
as soon as possible,
and there is no way we
can operate out here.
I need more kit, Commander.
I'm doing Stone Age
medicine right now.
OK, well, do whatever you can
keep her stable and get
her ready to move.
So what exactly am I looking at?
That number there
That's the number of macro-quads
of radiation
the engine is kicking out.
The engines are still on?
The engine can't ever
really be off.
That's how it works.
The core should absorb
any excess energy
then emit it again.
How many of these macro quads
is it safe to be around?
About half that number?
Even then not for long.
Bottom line, guys,
nobody can get back
to the wreckage.
Commander, there's
something else
We need to take the
DNA archives, too.
They're not shielded.
You have it?
Scott and I were salvaging it
when we found the leak.
No problem,
I'll stay behind and look
after them and your girl.
Okay, thanks Shaun.
Scott, help him with
that, would you?
On it.
We could all die out here,
and you're worried about DNA.
Yes, we could all die out here.
That's the point.
The closer we get those samples
to civilization,
the better chance of survival.
Who's survival?
The species, Dan.
That archive contains
the DNA of plants,
Animals, even bacteria.
It's Earth in a bottle.
Everything the settlement needs.
You may not like this but
it's bigger than all of us.
at the end of the first day,
you had an injured crew member,
a ship leaking lethal
levels of radiation,
and no plan.
What exactly were
you 'commanding'?
They weren't just crew.
They were my friends.
That's your problem, Lepree.
Commanding with your heart,
not your head.
Why hadn't you made contact
with Sagan by then?
Standard procedure
after your 'friends' safety?
John was working on it.
Doing the best he could under
the circumstances.
Besides, there were other
factors to consider
other dangers.
Got it.
You know this isn't going to
send a transmission, right?
Oh, I know.
But it'll do the
next best thing.
Are we having a party?
Right now, I'll settle
for any signal
from the settlement.
engineering I get,
but I'm no net junkie.
You'll have to run
me through it.
Okay, so it's like this
The settlement is at
these co-ordinates.
That's a certainty.
We just need to know
where we are
in relation to it.
Every signal carries
location data,
once I get a signal,
I can back trace it
and find out how far away we are
and in what direction.
You might just save
us all John Park.
Fingers crossed.
Right now, all we
can do is wait.
It's actually a beautiful
You're right, it is.
But any planet that'll
support life would be,
wouldn't you think?
This is what the last chance
saloon looks like, apparently.
You think we'll make it, Ellen?
any of us?
We've made it so far.
That's got to count for
something, right?
Not everyone who's
come here has.
You're talking about
the Chinese mission,
aren't you?
What were their names again?
Commnader Yang and
Sergeant Feng.
I learned about them in school.
Didn't put me off
from signing up.
You regret it now though?
No, 'course not.
Space travel
is the art of defying certain
death using science.
Dad taught me that.
Smart guy.
What the hell was that?
Did you hear that?
Damn right, I did.
Sounds distant, but
definitely not friendly.
Do you think it was an animal,
or something else?
We're on another planet, Shaun.
Everything here is
'something else'.
But take it from me,
if it's alien, it's a threat.
What's the score, guys?
We're fine all things considered
even managed to scrounge up some
extra medical supplies.
I blame myself.
You weren't to know she'd fall.
She shouldn't have
been up there.
She was just doing her job.
So were you.
I need to do it better.
I can't have another accident.
We need to get control
of the situation fast.
Starting with that.
Scott, you're the entirety of
our life sciences department
You wanna tell me what
you think that is?
Honestly, Commander,
I have no idea.
The settler's have been
cataloguing native
flora and fauna since they
arrived but they've got nothing
close to a complete catalogue.
Do you think it's dangerous?
If this was Earth, I'd
say we're dealing with
some kind of predator.
Here? Could be anything -
anything at all.
I didn't think I'd
still be here.
I never doubted it.
Just don't move about
everything's going to be ok.
I always start my
day with a run.
Have a lie in, Doctor's orders.
Commander's orders too.
Hey, Commander! Hey!
What's happening, John?
Check it out!
Yeah, well done kids
we're running short on static.
Listen to it though!
it's not just any static.
What are we listening for?
I'm glad you said it.
This is a waste of time.
Shh! Listen.
Miss Chen,
if you'd be so kind.
That's a global location.
Latitude followed by longitude.
Yep! Our present location.
Right here, right now.
You sure?
The data's coming from Sagan,
from the settlement!
When they first got there,
the first thing they did
was to establish a permanent
location signal.
That's right.
We back-traced it
and boom!
We know where we are.
What are we waiting for?
Let's set a course and get
this march started.
How long will that take?
Three days' march.
No problem.
Thank God,
we're going to make it.
We can save the passengers.
I'm impressed.
Not bad for a little
girl and a geek.
These two just saved everyone
on this mission, Mr Ronson.
That's what I just said.
Just get everyone ready.
We're moving.
I'm sure I could have found
more in the wreckage.
Yeah, well,
time wasn't on our side.
Are you worried?
About the radiation?
Aren't you?
You should speak to Alexa.
Once we get to Sagan
They'll be able to fix us.
We'll be fine.
You want us to stop, Lex?
Only if you need to.
I'm all right.
How about you, Shaun?
No, I'm fine.
No problem.
I hate this.
We don't know how extensive
the bleeding is,
What damage there might
be internally or
how long she has.
She wasn't looking good.
Should we even be moving her?
Well, not really.
But what choice do we have?
She needs an operation,
a transfusion.
We need to get her to Sagan.
So, um,
Have you ever been here before?
To Epsilon?
I mean, I've seen pictures
and movies and stuff, but no
first time.
Oh, me neither.
But my family's going
to be worried though.
We're going to be late.
Late is good, Ellen.
Late means they'll
be looking for us.
You know,
if we don't starve.
Have you noticed that too?
We've got barely any
food or water.
The others tried to hide
it from us, but
They don't want us to worry.
Well, we already are.
We're all toast.
Will a transfusion really help?
It'll buy us some time.
That's all I can promise.
Okay, well
We'll try it?
Okay, everyone.
Let's take a rest.
Hey, I'm going to have
a look round.
Some fresh water would
come in handy.
I'd rather you didn't,
you should rest.
I'll be fine. Just going
over that hill there.
Five minutes tops.
Five minutes, Scott.
Water bottle please, Lex?
That's great.
I didn't realize you two were...
Okay listen, guys.
Carrie's in need of
a transfusion.
Does anyone have O
negative blood?
What about you?
Will it save her life?
Maybe. It'll buy her some
time, at the very least.
Sorry, can't help you.
I'm A negative.
You can say that again.
Why have we stopped anyway?
I mean, we've barely moved.
Well, I need a rest, so
Oh, that's okay then!
Do you mind if I carry on?
we've all spent most of the past
ten years in cryo.
Our muscles have atrophied.
Your system will need
time to recover.
I'm fine.
Three days' march is going to
feel like a lifetime, Dan
to all of us.
Just rest, okay?
It doesn't look good for Carrie.
It doesn't look good
for us either.
We need to keep moving while
we've still got the strength.
We're not all ex-military, Dan.
Think about the rest of us.
Oh, I am.
I'm also thinking about the
200 frozen ice pops back there.
Are you?
Of course I am!
The girl is not going
to make it.
All she's doing is slowing
us down and
tiring out the two
guys carrying her.
We can't just leave her!
I'm not suggesting that.
There are other options.
You listen to me.
No one is being euthanised.
And while you're running around
trying to save us all,
you're just going to
get us all killed.
Learn to prioritize.
Ignore him, Commander.
He wants to start shooting
people, John.
He can't be for real, can he?
I don't know.
He doesn't seem to like me much.
He doesn't seem to
like anybody much.
But he is determined to
compromise my command.
That's dangerous.
So, what do we do?
right now? We stick to the plan.
Get to Sagan as soon
as possible.
We'll let them deal with him.
Have there been any
more transmissions?
nothing yet.
But we might have more
luck as we get closer.
Okay. Well, keep at it.
See if you can get something
before Ronson starts
pistol whipping us all.
I'd like to talk to you
about Dan Ronson,
your chief of security.
He was,
You were intimidated
by his confidence.
It's my belief that's why
you wouldn't let him
take over command.
He showed a cool
head unlike you.
Notwithstanding, he was also the
most experienced officer.
He was starting to make
everyone uncomfortable,
not just me.
He wanted to kill Carrie!
That's not keeping a cool head.
things were getting better.
We'd found water.
But then...
Then it happened.
It was insane
that it didn't make any sense.
it didn't make any sense.
It was a nightmare.
Nobody was prepared for it.
Someone was prepared.
Hey, guys.
I think it's a search party.
Oh, thank God.
It's going to be okay, Carrie.
They found us.
Only three?
That's not much of
a search party.
Maybe they split up?
It doesn't matter
they'll have comms
we can contact the settlement.
I've got a bad feeling
about this.
Actually, the geeks got a point.
Something's not right.
Kane, weapons ready?
Aye, chief.
Ronson stop, they might just be
Jesus, is that Kris?
And Taylor, and Brent.
That's impossible.
We buried them.
Not deeply enough.
Kris, it's me, Russ!
Can you hear me?
You're blocking the
shot, flyboy.
Kris? Are you?
Russ don't!
Get him off of me!
Get behind me!
I got this.
Nice shooting, chief.
What the hell happened to them?
I would have thought
that was obvious.
They came back from the dead.
That's impossible.
Not to mention disgusting.
Disgusting and impossible.
Well you've got eyes, Park.
What did you see?
You alright?
What the hell happened?
They came back, Scott.
Kris, Taylor, Brent,
They all came back.
What do you mean? 'Came back?'
Is everyone alright?
Anyone hurt?
We're fine, Scott.
They're not.
Lex, Scott, I need you to focus.
What on Earth could
have caused this?
I would have thought that
was obvious, Commander.
We're not on Earth.
Nothing like this has been
reported by the settlers.
It's just, not possible.
What do we do, guys?
We build a fire.
He's right.
Burying them didn't work.
Let's get some wood together.
Whoa. Whoa, whoa, whoa.
Wait a minute.
Just think now, okay?
Either we buried three
alive people,
which is highly unlikely,
or three dead people just
came back to life.
You didn't see them, Scott.
They weren't alive.
Even so,
since the settlers got here
for 10 years, they never
had any contact
with any complex life.
In the space of two days
We've had some sort of predator
and now this!
Just think of it.
We're talking about human life
interacting with alien life.
on behalf of geeks everywhere,
let this one go.
Think of Carrie.
Think of Lex.
Kane, let's get some wood,
get a fire going.
Oh, and by the way
in case none of you noticed,
I just saved all your lives.
You're welcome.
I'm losing control
of the crew, Russ.
Back there I was
I didn't
Nobody knew what to
do back there, Jan.
The whole situation is a mess.
Ronson did.
Dan Ronson has one answer
to every problem.
He points a gun at it.
Just because we met the
right kind of problem
it doesn't mean he has
all the solutions.
We should have run into
a search party by now.
I know
You don't think?
The settlers?
Well what if what happened
to Kris and the others
happened to them, too?
No way.
We were in contact before
the solar flare screwed
up the comms.
They were fine.
And since then?
Well, same as us.
They assume we're still alive.
We assume they're still alive.
You're right.
You're right.
there's actually
something that I
Look, Scott, I'm not discussing
It's not that, Commander,
I promise.
Lex wants us to stop for a bit,
give her a chance to look
Carrie over properly.
Sure. Absolutely.
Tell the rest of the crew we'll
make camp here tonight.
On it. Thanks.
So the water's not fresh,
but it's safe now
I've filtered it.
And then, there are these too.
Oh that looks good
Let's have one of them.
You dont know they're safe
these were out in the wild.
You've gotta trust me.
We're running out of food fast.
We need a solution.
You heard what Lex said.
We're almost there.
We don't need them.
Get rid of it.
You think they were really dead?
Kris and the others?
I don't know.
I'm an engineer.
Maybe it wasn't even them?
Explain yourself.
Like something imitating them?
I mean, they didn't exactly
look like normal corpses.
That nasty yellow look.
And the eyes.
It'll be okay, Carrie.
It's gonna be okay.
Is there nothing we can do?
That again?
What the bloody hell is that?
God knows.
This damn planet hates us.
I'm just going to pretend
it's a really big butterfly.
Well your 'butterfly'
is getting closer.
Weapon ready?
You bet.
Which direction?
Over there.
Over there.
There could be more than one.
Oh shit!
This thing sounds really
hungry, doesn't it?
Yeah. 'Aint we all?
What's happening, Dan?
What can you see?
Here, see for yourself.
Oh shit.
We're exposed out here,
we need cover.
For once,
I agree with you.
Let's head for those trees.
And what if it's in the trees?
Well, that's a chance
we'll have to take.
We can't stay here.
Get in here. Move, move, move.
So, what now?
Now we wait.
Everyone stay sharp.
Anyone else not loving this?
Shut up, Park.
see anything?
Sounds like it's moving away.
Maybe we should
Nobody. Move.
I think we're clear,
but we'll make camp
here tonight.
Everybody stay close together.
I want you to organize
a shift pattern.
I want someone on guard while
the others get some rest.
Look, erm,
can I
ask you a personal question?
You can ask.
Well back at the camp
Park was saying about
how almost everyone
on the mission has some sort
of connection to Sagan.
You don't.
You don't have family anywhere.
I read your file.
I'm not talking about me.
I'm talking about you, boss.
Wedding ring.
I mean, it would make sense if
I don't know, they were
either waiting for us
when we get there
or maybe back on the ship?
They're back on Earth.
In London.
One ex-wife,
one daughter.
I'm sorry, boss.
Sheila changed her mind,
changed her life with it.
Changed mine as well.
And she picked the perfect
moment, too.
When it was too bloody late.
seeing as we're in
a sharing mood,
there's something I
wanted to ask you.
Our intrepid commander
is going to get us all killed.
She's useless.
I think it's about time I took
charge of this mission.
Come on, chief. She's
not that bad.
People have died and we're
going to lose more.
Mark my words.
Yeah, but it wasnt her fault.
We all know the crash
was because of the -
Can I count on your
support, or not?
Yes, chief.
'course you can.
But I'm just thinking that -
Good boy.
I got us through the
night, didn't I?
The only reason you survived
was because of
Dan Ronson.
For somebody you claim
was trigger-happy,
he saved your lives
more than once.
You've mentioned this 'noise'
a few times before.
What do you think it was?
I don't know.
I still don't know.
But it kept us on the move.
Kept us alert.
Not alert enough.
Considering what
according to your story
happened next.
Wait up guys! We got a signal!
John Park! You're a genius!
John Park! You're a genius!
Can you get a message
back to them, John?
Can you tell them where we are?
Did you guys hear that? Rescue!
They're coming for us!
Can you get a message
back to them, John?
No, not yet.
But we must be getting
to pick up their signal.
I didn't want to get
everyone's hopes up,
But I think
I might just be able to get
this thing to send a message.
Well then!
What are we waiting for?
Shaun! Stay still!
Oh, Christ!
Sorry, Chief!
Caught a bad one.
Hold this pad here, keep
pressure on it.
I can't come back
as one of them.
I'm so sorry, Dan.
We needed him!
I'm gonna need you to calm down.
Can I do for you,
Uh guys?
You should probably come
take a look at this.
What the hell is that?
That's what it is.
It's some sort of parasite
as far as I can tell
must have burrowed right
into the brain.
To do what?
Access the cerebellum, maybe?
It controls all motor functions.
This thing must take
it over somehow.
So you're saying it brings
the dead back?
Well, not exactly.
It must provide some sort
of a bioelectric
or chemical charge
to move the body
Search for food maybe?
It's a pilot.
It's a pilot and they're
the ship.
Why haven't we been
attacked by these
bugs in the night?
At a guess it can't override
the brain function
of a living creature,
but seeks out a recently
deceased host instead.
And we just dropped 200 frozen
ready meals right on
their doorstep.
Why haven't the settlers
seen this?
They've been here years.
There have been deaths?
Natural causes and accidents,
yes, but
it's standard procedure
at Sagan to cremate.
You can do the honours
if you like, Price.
No, thanks.
I killed enough people.
We'll try that radio again
once we hit higher ground.
About that.
When Ronson kicked it
something must have
become dislodged.
It's not working.
Damnit Ronson!
Can you fix it, John?
It depends what got dislodged.
I mean, I'll try.
Do it.
Right now getting a message to
Sagan may be our only hope.
How's our DNA ark, Scott?
Intact thankfully.
Look at us.
With our world in a bottle.
And we thought this world
was just a blank canvas
waiting for us.
Just what exactly is
waiting for us, Jan?
Home, John.
That's all I'm thinking about.
I'm not very good at
this kind of thing.
I think Shaun was the closest
thing I had to a friend
in a very long time
to be honest.
I'm sorry.
Had you known him long?
About a year, maybe?
We did our flight training
He was a soldier before that.
Same as me.
Should have stayed on Earth.
He seemed like a
decent man, Dan.
We needed him.
We did.
We need you too.
It's just not possible.
Look, Dan. I'm sorry -
How many more, Lepree?
how many more have gotta die
because of you?
Take your hands off me,
or I swear to God.
Or you'll what?
Shoot us all?
She's the one with blood
on her hands.
I could have prevented
all of this.
He wanted to kill Carrie while
she was still alive.
Isn't that right, Dan?
She was dead weight
slowing us down.
It was only a matter of time.
You're a psychopath, Ronson.
Hand me those guns.
You get one.
I'm not going un-armed
for any of you.
Why is that, Ronson?
In case you become a burden
and we decide to put you down.
With her in charge,
you're all dead
and none of you can see it.
You want to blame somebody?
Blame me.
It's my fault all this happened.
I crashed the ship, not her.
I'm sorry, Dan.
Truly sorry for what
happened to Shaun,
to Carrie, to everyone.
I just want to get us all home.
Well, if we ever get there
you can be sure they're going
to hear all about this
from me.
You okay, Jan?
I'm fine.
Just let him go.
We need to get moving.
John says we're still miles
away from Sagan.
We're slowing down.
It's the Cryo.
We've all spent most of
the past ten years
Our bodies just aren't
up to this.
How are our supplies?
Running low?
We we're lucky to find what
we did by the crash site.
We're down to about
500 calories a day, each.
I know we've talked
about it, but
I still have that fruit I found.
We did talk about it
and we agreed it wasn't
worth the risk.
Look, that was then.
This is now.
It's my job to keep
this crew healthy
and I'm telling you, Commander,
the fruit is safe.
I'm sorry, Scott, but
that fruit is off limits.
Get rid of it.
That's an order.
Radio's working.
We got a signal.
Wait, this isn't the
same as before?
It's faster.
Different pattern.
I can decode this.
Just a sec.
We're saved!
Say what?
It's a transport transponder
It's the...
It's the search party,
it has to be.
Could it be ours? From the ship?
No, our transponder was smashed.
This is a totally different
sequence anyway.
Is it close?
Let me check.
Yes. Yes, it is.
It's just over that rise.
They're not coming from Sagan?
Why are they over there?
If they're searching for us
they should be working a grid.
They might find us, but
why leave it to chance?
Let's get to them!
Let's go get rescued.
There's our transponder.
Please meet
Commander Yang
and Sergeant Feng
and Sergeant Feng
From the first Epsilon
Eridani mission.
They were never seen again.
wait, if the transponder's
still working...
why has no one from the
settlement picked them up yet,
Like, like we have?
Yeah, that's true.
How can they still be here?
Who knows what happened to them.
On this planet?
I can't imagine.
I think we should go.
Get back on course.
And just leave them here?
They're heroes!
I know, Ellen, I know.
But they've been here 50 years.
Once we get rescued
we'll get the settlers
to come back
and give them a proper burial.
Ellen, no!
What if they're like,
what if they're like the others?
Do you think that's
what happened, Lex?
We don't have time to
speculate, okay?
Let's get back on track.
Come on.
I'll hang back,
help Ellen bury these guys.
We'll catch you up.
If you're sure.
What do you want, Ronson?
I wondered if I could help?
We're all good here.
In case you hadn't noticed,
these two are already dead.
Nobody needs shooting.
he didn't mean that.
Give us a hand, Dan?
You know,
you know, it's nothing personal.
I'm just trying to do the
best for all of us.
We're not going to make it
with Lepree in charge.
I don't have a problem with her.
It seems that you're the
only one who does.
Look, she's making mistakes
out of inexperience
and it's costing lives.
I've been in situations
like this before.
War zones.
Well, then 'Sarge'
if the shells start flying,
I'll be sure to follow
your advice.
Always quick with the jokes,
aren't you, Park?
Well, let me tell you something,
This is real life.
Not some day trip
to the country.
Can we just stop all this!
Show some respect.
Well said.
How are you holding up?
I'm fine.
It's just Ronson.
He's so unpredictable.
I don't know what he's
gonna do next.
Nothing. I can promise you that.
Don't you go all trigger
happy on me
just because you've
got a gun now.
Don't worry, I won't.
but I won't let him hurt you
or anyone else, for that matter.
I'll kill him if he touches you.
Not if I kill him first.
How about we kill him together?
You know, teamwork?
Let's just get to Sagan first.
We can do everything
together then.
You serious?
If you still want to...
Jan, look.
There's actually something I -
Commander! A word?
Yeh, sure, Lex?
What's up?
It's Scott.
I think there's something
really wrong.
He seemed fine earlier?
I dunno. He's quiet, withdrawn.
It's just not like him.
You're the doctor, Lex
You think he's hiding something?
Well, we're all fatigued, but
it could be shock,
trauma from everything
that's happened?
I mean, I'm barely holding
it in myself.
That's understandable.
Have you tried talking to him?
All he'll say is that he's fine
but I don't buy it.
How are our rations?
Not enough to get us to Sagan?
Where the hell is the
rescue party, Jan?
Don't worry about that.
You just focus on Scott.
Give him my rations
when we stop.
You sure?
Scott, what's wrong?
Shouldn't be...
Somebody get him some water!
I can't watch this.
Come on, Scott, what?
Tell me what's wrong.
Something we did?
Can't be...
Shouldn't have...
What did you do, Scott?
In your pack, the fruit...
Oh no, Scott! You didn't?
I told you not to!
Food's gone.
Everyone starving.
Come on, there must
be something!
Christ's sake, somebody help me!
Come on man! You've
got to drink!
Hold him.
Lex, what's happening?
Talk to me,
Doctor? Please?
Isn't it obvious?
The idiot's gone and
poisoned himself!
For pity's sake, Ronson! What
the hell's wrong with you?
What's wrong with me?
I'm not the one who -
Drop it now! The both of you!
I've stabilised him for now.
We can't move him.
I just need some time.
If I can figure out what
was in those damn apples
I can try to come up
with an antidote.
Okay everyone.
Make camp.
You'll get the time
you need, Lex.
Not a word.
Okay. Let's summarise.
Kane, Erickson, Brent and Taylor
all dead.
And now,
your health officer, Scott West,
is incapacitated by
an unknown poison?
Do you still think
you were doing
a good job?
Look, I warned him not
to eat the fruit.
We all did.
It seems like your warnings fell
on deaf ears, Commander.
Anybody in my situation would
have done the same thing.
I just wanted to get
us all home safely.
But not everybody did get
home safely, did they?
I stand by my choices.
And they were almost
the wrong ones.
The Tantalus II's
onboard computers
selected the best people
for the task ahead.
And yet you still couldn't
keep them safe.
Why is that?
I'm not the only one
who made questionable choices.
Do you think he'll make it?
I've got no idea.
If he doesn't,
you don't think he'll
end up like
he'll end up like
Do you?
I don't think I could
do that again.
I don't think Ronson'll
let it get that far.
Not this time.
I'm sorry.
That hasn't made it
any better, has it?
It's just...
Every time I think I've
gotten through to him,
he does something that makes
me think he's just...
a psycho?
That's the point,
though, isn't it?
A man like that?
How on Earth did he get
a place on the ship?
You don't know?
Should I?
Well I thought you'd have
figured it out by now.
Well I thought you'd have
figured it out by now.
So it's like this.
Pretty much everything
back on Earth
is run by A.I.'s, right?
And they're all connected.
They all talk to each other
using the global net.
That's why they're so smart.
It's a big, interconnected
That still doesn't explain Dan.
But it does...
Disconnected from
everything else.
The ship's A.I.
has had to rely on us
to do things for it.
Simple, it wakes the people
up that it needs?
But that still doesn't
explain Dan.
Think of it less like a machine,
more like a child.
It's hurt and it's scared.
It lashes out.
Are you telling me that the
ship woke up Dan Ronson
because it was angry?
Not exactly.
It was hurt.
And it panicked.
It started waking people up.
Jan, the person it
trusts the most.
Russ, the pilot.
Kris, the Navigator.
Alexa and Scott, the doctors.
you and Carrie, the fixers.
And you?
I'm the most obvious of all.
I'm Comms.
I'm the ship's best hope of
connecting back to the net.
And them?
Dan and Shaun?
They're, the fight to
go with the flight.
The adrenaline in the system.
Have I ever told you how
much I hate A.I.'s?
Give me something with bolts
and gears any day of the week.
You can scoff, Miss Chen.
I think it's comforting.
Like it or not,
we're the people
the ship thought
gave it the best chance
of survival.
I'm sorry, Lex.
Why did you do it?
You're a bloody idiot.
I did it to keep you safe.
Couldn't let us...
couldn't let you starve.
Scott, we warned you.
They should've been fine, right?
The same ones they farm?
It's okay! I understand.
Shh. I understand...
No, Lex.
No, you don't.
Scott, it's...
What is it?
What don't I?
What is it?
What don't I understand?
What's happening, Lex?
We're losing him.
What do you need?
Tell me what you need, Lex!
He's going into shock.
We don't have what I need!
Tell me what you need!
Just leave us! Please!
It's alright.
I'm here.
The rescue party
they're gonna be here soon.
John's got
the radio working.
He's got a message to Sagan.
They're just over the next hill.
I can hear the engines.
You're in the wrong -
What the hell was that?
you saw what I saw.
He came back.
He wasn't dead!
Yes, he was.
We all are.
It's just some of us are
still moving around.
We gotta get moving.
We're so close.
If there's still time to
save the passengers,
We have to try.
I'd quite like to save us, too.
Finally! Someone talking sense!
Am I right, though?
I mean, we're almost there.
I think I need to have
a word with our
illustrious leader.
It's time she stepped down.
Leave her alone, Ronson, she's
got enough to deal with.
Oh, sticking up for your
girlfriend are you, Price?
I'm warning you, Ronson.
Would you look at this guy?
Give him a gun and a woman.
And all of a sudden he's
the people's champion.
Hey, Ronson.
Quit screwing around
and help us here.
Hold this.
What is it?
Temporary antenna.
Hold above your head, please.
Which bits the antenna?
You are.
Now, hold still.
He did it to protect
us, you know.
If another day had passed,
we might have all been hungry
enough to try it.
I told him.
You told him.
You ordered him.
I know, Lex.
He did it to save us.
To save us all.
We were gonna build
a life together.
We were gonna have kids here.
a family.
I know, Lex.
I'm sorry.
I'm so, so sorry.
The radio's got enough
power to use maybe
once more?
I want to save it,
see if we can send our
coordinates up?
You really think you
can get it to send?
Maybe just one burst?
If we're on high enough ground,
we might just get a signal out.
How high do we have to be?
Look, John.
I know you and Ellen have worked
really hard on this, but
I don't think any of us
have got the strength
left for a climb.
We may not have a choice,
We used the data from
our last message
to firm up our bearings...
Sagan's that way.
Come on, Lex.
Just leave me.
I haven't got enough
strength to walk,
let alone climb mountains.
What does it matter where
they find my body?
Come on, Lex, please!
We can do this.
We're nearly home.
We can't give up now.
Go to him.
He's obviously important to you.
I'm finished, Jan.
Don't lose him too.
I'll be right back.
What's wrong?
I can't...
I just can't do this anymore.
What do you mean?
We're nearly home!
The people we brought here
to start new lives
are dead, Jan.
You don't know that.
Will you stop kidding yourself?
Carrie dead.
Scott, dead.
Passengers, dead.
Shaun! Dead.
All dead because of me.
Listen, Russ. How many
times do we have to -
That was the course I set.
You told me 275,
but I thought I could
get us through.
I changed at the last minute.
And now look at it.
I changed it and
everyone is dead because
of my stupidity.
My pride.
Russ, it's done.
It can't be changed.
I'm a murderer, Jan.
You're a pilot.
You're a pilot that
made a decision,
it's what you were there to do.
I was supposed to get
us all here safe.
And you still have
that job to do.
Maybe the passengers
are all gone?
Maybe the rest of the
crew are gone.
We have to save what's left.
Right now,
We're the survivors.
The only survivors.
I wanted to tell you before
but there was always something
else and I...
I'm just so tired
now of all this.
We're all tired.
Take us home, Mr Price.
I know.
I know, uh, you go.
I'll be over soon.
Don't you ever sleep?
Not with that thing out there.
Whatever it is.
Well there are two of
you with guns...
Where's Russ?
He went for a walk, apparently.
A walk?
What did you do, Ronson?
He got up, walked past me.
I asked, and he said
he'd be back soon.
Where the hell would he go?
You're lying, Ronson,
what did you do?
Jesus, you're paranoid, woman.
I don't hate either of
you enough to actually
give a shit or waste
my time killing you.
Either of you.
What's going on?
Ask 'Boss Lady'.
Russ is missing.
What the hell have you
done, you psycho?
Oh, shove it, Park.
I've done nothing.
But one less person in the camp?
Makes my life easier.
Dan, please. Are you telling
us everything?
Of course I am.
Why would I lie?
He just got up and walked away.
It's probably the smartest
thing he ever did.
You bullshitting son of a bitch.
I'm no liar.
Yes, you are, Ronson.
You're a lying bastard.
What's that?
I.D. pouch.
Specifically his I.D. pouch.
Give that to me.
I found it.
He dropped it.
You stole it.
It makes, interesting reading.
Oh, please.
Go on, Lex.
Blood type.
O negative. The same
as Carrie's.
You've gotta be kidding me?
You said you weren't a match!
I asked if it would
save her life.
You said no.
I said it would buy her
time at the very least.
You denied her even that!
But she'd have died anyway.
And I would have lost a load
of blood for no good reason.
What was the point?
The point is it proves
you're the
kind of lying asshole that
probably killed Russ last night.
Give me the gun.
Hand it over, Ronson.
So one of you can
shoot me with it?
Yeah well, that's a good idea.
Forget it.
I want to see if it's been
used since last night.
Oh, for Christ's sake!
He's telling the truth.
Well, first time for everything,
But I can think of other
ways to kill a man.
How do we know he didn't
strangle him
and dump his body?
Oh, this is bullshit.
Pathetic nonsense.
Stay here and debate
it all you want.
I'm going to Sagan.
Just let him go.
We don't know what's
happened to Russ.
Not yet.
For all we know,
he's walked all night
and he's at Sagan already?
or he's been eaten by
one of those things.
You don't know that.
Screw sleep.
Let's just go.
Russ Price crashed
the Tantalus II.
It wasn't his fault.
He was just doing his job.
It was his fault.
And you continue to
cover up for him.
You gave him a free pass.
Choosing to ignore
the fact that he
killed over 250 people
just because you had
feelings for him?
He was as much a victim
as any of us.
He's a good pilot.
I gave him the wrong heading.
That's what led to the crash -
That's a lie.
And you know it.
After we found you,
we went back to the Tantalus
II crash site
and recovered the flight data.
It's all here in
black and white.
Russ Price changed the
direction to 271.
He's as much to blame as you are
for the destruction and
the loss of life.
Well, what about Ronson?
He's not exactly
innocent, is he?
He killed people and he -
Well, he's not here to
defend himself, is he?
Because you won't tell us
what happened to him.
I don't know
what happened to him.
What does he want now?
Who knows?
You survived.
I'm impressed
or surprised.
I can't really be sure.
Screw you.
Oh, smart mouth, Doctor.
But while you've been fumbling
around out there
I've been doing some thinking.
Is there any point
to any of this?
There's every point.
Because everything that
has happened up to now
now has been a direct
consequence of her incompetence.
You have all seen it.
What are you talking about?
Jan's done a great job.
Oh, you are such an
arse kisser, Park!
Oh, let me guess.
You're ready to ditch
the engineer
and make a play for
the Commander
now, aren't you?
Now that her boyfriend's
gone and topped himself.
This is bullshit.
You're just trying to take
credit for Jan's good work.
How many more times have
I gotta tell you
I don't give a shit
what you think.
Now you are coming with me.
No stopping.
No arguments.
And no debates.
Screw that.
I'm not following this
trigger happy asshole
one more metre.
Stupid bitch!
Go on then, do it!
You see, that's your problem.
You don't know how
to take a life.
I do!
I've done it.
Screw you, Ronson!
What did I tell ya?
Fight or flight.
How many times have
I got to tell you?
That's all I can remember.
That's all of it!
You were the only survivor
we found, Lepree.
One person out of over 200.
And you were the Commander.
the least likely person
to survive.
Doesn't that strike you as...
One last time.
What happened to your crew?
I don't remember.
Why can't you just accept that?
So much has happened to me
that I just don't -
Don't remember.
So you keep telling us.
if that's the way you
want to play it.
We'll see you again
in the morning.
Take the ex-commander
to her cell.
Interview, 48,
terminated at
Do you still think she's
covering something up?
She's been telling
the same story
for the last few weeks.
She's the only one that
knows the truth.
We'll get it out of her
sooner or later.
She's still hiding something.
Radio's dead.
Pointless now anyway.
Russ, how close are we?
We're here.
I can't believe it,
but we're here.
We should be able to see
it over the hill.
I might even run.
Knowing our luck, you'll
break your neck.
These are the coordinates,
Are we in the wrong place?
This is the place.
These are the coordinates.
Where is it?
Oh no no no
This is...
This is what Scott meant.
This is what he meant -
It's the wrong place.
This is Epsilon.
This is Epsilon Eridani A.