Oh! Baby (2019) Movie Script

Tell me, how many of you
actually chose to sign up for this class?
Look, geriatrics involves
focusing on the elderly.
It seems like all the other classes
were already signed up for
and most of you are here
because you had no choice.
Examining pretty girls is so much fun.
There's no fun in examining old people.
Anything else?
They have a funky smell.
And they don't even use
deodorants or perfumes.
That's true.
Anything else?
My grandma goes on and on
like a broken record.
Then you must meet my mother.
She doesn't quit nagging
until you do exactly what she says.
Everyone calls her Baby.
She runs the college cafeteria.
Anything else?
As they age, it becomes difficult
for them to hear
but they yell at us
as if we're deaf.
It's irritating.
Nagging, smelly or irritating...
they are not going to change for you.
We must adjust to their ways.
You have to get used to it.
It was my dream
to be a great singer like Janaki & Jikki
and sing for actresses
like Savitri and Jamuna.
I had learned all their songs as well.
But here I am, kneading dough!
Chanti, are you listening?
There he goes again.
-What were you doing?
-Aarti, Baby.
And what did you get out of it?
Good karma.
I can't see it.
How do I show her good karma?
I can see the coconuts and
the incense sticks you used for the Aarti.
So why can't I see your good karma?
Did a bird poop on it?
You should never say
such things about God.
It's a sin.
Considering the way He has ruined my life,
I'm being rather polite!
So stop with this nonsense!
You can criticize me
as much as you want.
-What is it?
-You crushed my foot!
My new sandals!
I had bought them only ten years ago!
I hope you're not reborn as a sandal
in your next life.
And if you do,
I hope Baby doesn't buy you.
Give it to me!
-Here comes the show-off!
-Look at your sandals!
How sad!
Did you secure it with a pin?
You should've told me.
I would've asked my son
to send you a pair of sandals.
You know, he sent me these shoes
from America...
via courier.
Chanti! How do I look?
Like an old woman who took up hip-hop
because her husband thinks it's "cool."
You're being too enthusiastic, Sulochana.
Let her be.
You're too sweet.
But I understand that
Baby's grieving her torn sandal.
My son earns in dollars.
That's why I can easily buy a new pair.
Sadly, your son Shekhar
is just a teacher.
He earns only 25,000 rupees a month.
It must be difficult, right?
I know your son works in a restaurant.
So it'd be better
if you stop boasting about him.
It's okay, Chanti.
My son is intelligent.
That's why he became a professor.
But her son and I are the same.
I make pesarattus
and he makes pizzas.
It's the same thing.
By the way...
your son used to
clean toilets in America, right?
Does he still do that?
Baby, do not belittle her.
It's okay, Chanti.
I know Baby is penniless
but when it comes to snobbery,
she's the richest of all.
Anyway, I'm going shopping.
Oh, no!
Oh, God!
Why did you have to save that cow
and break your back?
I fell because of you, not her.
Oh, really?
-I was only trying to protect you!
That's Subba Reddy, right?
He was so handsome.
-How did he die?
-Heart attack.
But then...
why did they use such an ugly photo?
Perhaps it's the only one they had, Baby.
He looks like a corpse in this photo!
Bloody idiot!
He should've asked them
to click a good picture.
It would've been so useful.
He isn't around to see it, Baby.
He's gone.
I have an idea, Chanti.
Let's go to a photo studio
and ask them to take our picture.
If I die first...
make sure you use
a pretty picture of me.
And if you die first
I shall use a good picture of you.
That's a good one!
Where have you been, Anasuya?
I was at the salon.
She's splashing out
all your money on makeup.
But it's the heart
that should be beautiful.
If you have an ugly heart...
you're bound to look ugly.
Learn to smile, Anasuya.
Come on, take your medicines.
What happened?
-Actually, Sulochana--
-I'm sure the hag did it.
But thanks to you,
I can't tell her anything!
Please don't call her a hag.
You choose to stay quiet whenever
she yells at me.
But the moment I say something about her
you start defending her.
You have no shame!
How dare you!
You have no shame!
You should've been married 20 years ago.
And now, you have become a burden
on your father.
Here, take your pills.
She's just a kid, Baby.
If she had been married...
she'd have been a mother
to ten kids by now.
Anyway, I don't care.
Will you be at the cafeteria tomorrow?
If the pain's gone, I'll be there.
And I am sure she'll starve you
because of what I said.
So, I'll send you dinner.
Take care of your dad.
Give him his medicines at 9:00 p.m.
A lot of good people have died.
-I wonder when she will.
-Anasuya, are you talking about me?
Chanti, I'd brought you some peanuts.
I am keeping them here.
Hey, fatso! You can continue.
The hag has sharp ears!
Don't mind her.
She's my childhood friend.
She might be rude
but she has a heart of gold.
You call her a friend?
Doesn't she know that
you're allergic to peanuts?
You will never understand our bond.
Oh, no.
How will she go alone?
-Dad, button up your shirt.
-Yeah, I am doing it.
Baby, I'm coming!
She's nothing like a baby.
Bloody old witch!
What's you band's name?
We'll call out your names thrice.
And you'll have one minute to perform.
Any luck?
Where is she?
We should go register our names.
She's never on time!
How many groups have been finalized?
Sir, there's a musical show
running on every channel.
I want us to be different.
We need original composers
and talented singers, sir.
If we compromise on that,
we'll end up being like everybody else.
The show must have good ratings.
Find me some talented people
who will make this show a hit.
What's wrong? Go find out.
Looks like she's drunk.
There are a lot of talented musicians
in this town.
We're just not looking hard enough.
I was looking forward to this
audition for the past year!
Why are you creating a scene?
We can try again next year.
Do you know how difficult it is
to compose a song?
-Your composition sucks!
-Yeah, right!
This band exists because of me!
You didn't have a place to rehearse.
My dad got you one.
-I did you a favor and--
-We don't need your damn favors!
Oh, no!
And what about your job application?
Hey, where were you?
My friend's uncle has been admitted
to the hospital.
-He went there to play his guitar.
-Shut up!
One day, you'll ask me to shut up as well.
I won't ask you any questions.
It's the truth.
What can't you focus on your studies?
You need to start thinking
about your future.
No, he doesn't.
He has a bright future.
He's been gifted by Goddess Saraswati,
just like I am.
Anybody can achieve academic excellence.
But music is inborn.
His tutor has already been here thrice!
Let him go to hell!
Do not bother my grandson.
You tutored her, didn't you?
She has those headphones on all day.
What's the point?
Hey, oldie.
I have completed my education.
I'll move out when I find myself a job.
That way, I won't have to
see your face every day.
You look just like me, you brat!
Having kids is not enough.
You have to raise them too.
Do I have to teach you that as well?
He'll never obey me
if you insult me in front of him.
Learn to obey me
and your children will obey you!
Get back to work.
Why did you come here?
I guess she's upset.
So what?
I don't like it
when she scolds my grandson.
Darling, you know
Mom has high blood pressure.
Let her be.
What happened at the auditions?
Shalini came drunk and ruined everything.
-You should take me in your band.
-Next time for sure, Baby!
Here's five thousand rupees.
Buy that guitar bag
you wanted from Amazing!
Not "Amazing."
It's "Amazon."
Who cares?
All I know is my grandma is amazing.
Grandma, my band is performing tomorrow.
I want everyone to be there.
If Mom finds out, she'll scold me.
Don't worry. I'll take care of it.
He's so fluent in English.
But his mom wants him to be tutored!
-He's my good, good--
-Grandma, stop it!
My good boy!
You used a pin to secure your sandal
yet, you gave him five thousand rupees
for a bag?
You're spoiling him!
I am so old,
I don't need to live lavishly.
He's young, handsome and a great musician!
-Your grandson?
Just wait and watch!
I won't rest till he makes it big!
I know I couldn't be a musician
but I'll make sure he becomes
a great musician!
Are you making that dreaded
salmon curry again?
I've been telling you for years
that my son loves trout.
It needs salt.
How can you tell without
tasting the curry?
Go ahead, try it.
It needs a little salt.
Your fish gravy has always been terrible.
You have to make sure
that the spices are finely grind.
It makes the fish taste better.
what about the tamarind pulp?
You should've added it first.
I've been trying to teach you
but you never listen, do you?
Get out. I'll do it myself.
Good-for-nothing idiot!
-Your mother...
-One second.
Mom's debit card is here.
Give it to her and tell her
to keep the PIN safe.
At first, she'll be annoyed
but make sure she uses the card.
Got it?
What were you saying?
Have your dinner.
-What did you make for breakfast?
You make upma
because you love it, right?
But Shekhar and the kids love dosa.
The grinder does all the work, you know.
You just have to switch it on.
-Son, wait.
Do not eat the upma.
Have some idlis in the cafeteria.
Why do you look like that?
Did you take your pills?
Those pills are all she eats!
Alright, then. Bye, Mom.
Hold on.
Your shoes are dirty.
-Let me wipe them.
-Mom, please don't.
Wait. Hold still.
My son should look the best
in the entire college.
Alright. Bye, Madhavi.
Go say bye to him.
I need not have to tell you that.
She's really stressed, Shekhar.
Feeling better?
-Your mom.
Your mom...
I'm here, my dear.
Tell me. What happened?
I'm here for you.
What do you want, my dear?
I don't want her here.
I don't want her here.
Please wait outside.
-Alright. Let's go.
She wants you to wait outside.
Where the hell is Chanti?
-There you are!
-How's Madhavi? Can I see her?
They asked me to wait here.
She got a heart attack
because she's stressed.
But I just don't get it.
She doesn't have anything
to be stressed about.
She has a loving husband,
beautiful children,
and me to take care of the family.
I wonder why she's so stressed.
Maybe she cannot talk about it.
You know exactly why Madhavi
is in this condition.
Another stroke could be
dangerous, Shekhar.
We've been married for 25 years.
I don't know what to say
to Madhavi or to Mom.
Keep Madhavi away from her.
Ask her to stay with her parents.
Her mom died last year,
there's no one there.
I forgot.
Can you ask your mom
to stay somewhere else?
I can't ask my mother to stay
at a relative's place.
What are you saying?
She's my mother.
I can't live a day without her.
And can you live without Madhavi?
If something happens to her,
don't blame me, Shekhar!
Retirement homes have improved a lot.
When old people in the city can't cope
with the loneliness,
they choose to move into
a retirement home.
-My dear.
What did the doctor say?
-She's feeling better.
-That's good.
I asked Chanti to bring some food.
-The hospital provides food--
-But it is full of diseases.
Eating here will make you sick.
This is for you and Madhavi.
I'll feed the kids at home.
And if you feel peckish,
there's also some juice in there.
-She'll be fine!
Why are you worrying so much?
The doctor has asked Madhavi
to get ample of rest.
I understand.
I won't go to the cafeteria
until she gets better.
I won't leave her sight.
I'll take care of her.
-No, the thing is--
-Don't worry about me.
Will you let him finish?
You don't give a damn about
anybody else, do you?
Your complaints, your problems...
Everything's always about you!
-Divya, keep quiet.
-Dad, please!
My mom is equally important to me!
It's because of you
that my mom had a heart attack!
Stop it.
The doctor said
that you should stay away from my mom!
And that's what Dad's trying to tell you!
If you come back my mom will die!
-Do you get it?
-What are you saying? Go!
Actually... She...
She didn't mean it.
-I should go.
There's upma in the bag.
Eat it.
Chanti's waiting...
I need to go to the cafeteria.
Take care, son.
What are you doing here?
I told you I'd manage the cafeteria.
Hey, Seenu.
Is Madhavi feeling better?
Is she still at the hospital?
What's wrong?
Are you crying?
It's the onions.
We know it's not the onions!
Why are you lying?
What happened?
Poor Baby has been
kicked out of her house.
Didn't she tell you?
What are you saying?
You've done so much for your family.
When I found out about it,
I was heartbroken!
You loved them so much
and look what they did to you.
Aunt Viji's son-in-law
works at the hospital.
He told me everything.
But don't you worry.
I told my son about it.
He said he'll come here
and take you to America.
Not everyone is like your son, you know.
Don't you dare say such things
about my son!
It's true we have our misunderstandings
but he knows what to do.
It is none of your business.
So what if I have to
move out for a few days?
I'll do it.
I'll do anything for the sake
of my daughter-in-law.
I'm sure she will come looking for me.
I know she loves me.
We have always been there for each other.
So stop poking your ugly nose in my life.
Otherwise I'll chop it off
and stick it to your forehead!
I've never seen
such an arrogant lady in my life!
Why didn't you tell me about it?
Did I not deserve to know?
I have to face the consequences
of my actions.
Telling you won't change anything.
It's my fate.
If God is making you suffer,
be rest assured,
He will give you happiness as well.
Don't you dare talk about Him.
He has given me nothing but sorrow.
You know about everything
I have been through.
But you weren't there
when I needed you the most.
You were away serving your country.
As a kid, I wanted to be a singer.
But your God made my father
beat me to silence.
Then, I fell in love...
and eloped hoping to have
a happy married life.
But Your God gave me a baby
and killed my husband.
I was all alone
with an infant crying in my arms.
I had nobody to support me.
I was young.
Every scoundrel used to eye me.
Yet, I protected myself and raised my son
with great difficulty.
I sacrificed all my dreams and desires.
I made myself brave enough
to face the world.
Though God took
everything away from me...
I had found my solace in my son.
But He took him as well, Chanti.
He has tormented me all my life...
and He won't rest till I give up.
Ask your God to come in front of me!
We have a lot to sort out!
A lot!
Wait, I'll come with you.
No, you don't need to.
Go in.
You're scaring me, Baby.
I am not going to die...
Not yet.
Hello, my darling. Tell me.
Grandma, aren't you coming?
I told you I'm performing
at the exhibition today. Remember?
I forgot.
I know that Mom needs us right now.
But this is my first performance, Grandma.
I am not feeling well.
Nobody's here because
Mom's at the hospital.
What will I do without you?
Who will watch me perform?
Okay, I'll be there.
Stop here.
-Hello, sweetie.
-Yes, Grandma.
I'm here, at the gate.
You'll need to buy a ticket.
I'll be right there.
Okay. I'll go buy a ticket.
Hey, Granny!
I have what you seek, come.
I am not seeking anything.
Get lost.
Oh, come on, Granny!
Your horoscope is your destiny,
written by Lord Brahma.
Give me a hundred and
I'll give you whatever you want.
I have no money! Shut up and get lost!
God is nothing but a fraud!
Wow! Looks like you're mad at God.
You said He's written my destiny, right?
He has given a cuckoo
the destiny of a donkey.
-Stay back!
You're right, Granny.
It's true that you have a cuckoo's voice
and a donkey's destiny.
But there's a link between the two.
Here, keep this.
Why are you giving me this?
It's the blood moon night.
It is supposed to be very powerful.
Keep this idol with you.
What's wrong with you?
I said I don't have money.
I don't need money.
Keep this idol with you
and all your wishes will come true.
Goddess Saraswati will bless you.
I'm going.
If I stay here,
you'll rob me blind.
Bless you.
May all your wishes come true.
Anybody here?
-I think I've seen you before.
This is my photo studio.
My name's Narayana.
You'll find my photos in every house.
They are lovely.
These cameras and photos...
I remember them from my childhood.
It's been ages!
I've been named after Savitri,
but everyone said that
I looked like Bhanumathi.
You're still beautiful.
You should've seen me when I was young.
My child...
it's you who is yet to see
a lot of things.
-Please have a seat.
I'll make you look like
you used to when you were 24.
Even though it is an exhibition...
it looks like it is filled
with con artists and phonies.
How much do I pay you for the photo?
After we're done, you should
step out for a stroll.
If you like your photo
you can come back and pay me
any amount you deem fit.
Will the photo really be that beautiful?
Your beauty will come to you.
You'll see.
You have given me your word.
Turn me into my 24-year-old self.
Check out that girl.
She's hot.
Where is Rocky?
She's not that hot.
But why is she dressed like that?
She must be a small-town girl.
Let me go work my magic on her.
Hey, baby!
Is your boyfriend not answering your call?
Maybe you'll enjoy my company better.
Are you talking to me?
Yeah, baby!
You bloody dog!
You think you can woo me?
How old do you think I am?
No! 20?
Have you lost your mind?
Hold still!
This is a dream.
What's this?
Where's the photo studio?
It was right here.
Son! There was a photo studio here.
And an astrologer right there.
He was selling Lord Ganesha's idols.
Have you seen him?
The Lord transformed Himself into an idol
and stood before me.
He dispelled darkness
and the world was aglow in His light.
Live your life before it's too late!
What do you mean?
He is the master!
He is the master...
and we are His puppets.
There's darkness in one direction
and light in the other.
You have a choice!
Choose your path!
Hail Lord Shiva!
Hail Lord Shiva!
I'll take your leave.
She's gone.
The hag is dead.
She tortured me so much.
My nightmare is finally over.
She's dead. Show some respect.
Keep quiet! I am done respecting her!
Why am I having nightmares at this age?
Keep this idol with you
and all your wishes will come true.
Your beauty will come to you.
He is the master...
and we are His puppets.
Did you do this?
Because you only live once.
All the sadness and suffering...
You didn't ask for it.
Let go of the pain
and seize the day, my friend.
It's all in your hands.
It's your life, live it to the fullest.
Here she comes like a comet
Streaking across the sky
Baby is here
Here she comes like a comet
Streaking across the sky
Baby is here
The queen of sarcasm
Here she comes
Fluttering like a butterfly
Stinging like a bee
The vintage queen
Has become a trendy lass
It's like Aladdin's lamp worked its magic
And she got her youth back
With a wild card
She's become the queen of her destiny
May all her hidden desires
Conquer the world
Nothing like this has ever happened before
Is the clock ticking backwards?
You shine so bright
The sun needs sunglasses
When you moonwalk
We are held spellbound
Movie stars should ask for your autograph
Oh, how you've changed overnight!
You've become super cute
Be in the moment
Forget all the silly questions
Enjoy your life as you wish
She's missing
and you've done nothing about it?
Where could she go without telling us?
I don't get it, Uncle.
I stayed back at the hospital last night.
I thought she must be home.
You could've called me.
I just couldn't think right.
I was going to call her
and ask if she was with you.
But her phone is switched off.
I know what you told her last night.
-I never said anything!
-Well, technically, you didn't.
But you didn't stop your daughter either.
I'll deal with you later.
Now go file a report.
-I will--
-And bring me a copy.
I'll trust you only when I see it!
Yes, Dad?
-Did Baby come by?
-No, why?
She's missing.
-Everyone's looking for her.
-How sad.
-Don't worry.
I know she will come back.
This is the best day of my life!
The kidnappers would've
killed her by now.
Baby got kidnapped
They sold her kidneys and eyes
The fiend is gone!
Hey, shut up!
The hag's dead.
Come dance with me.
Do this step.
What do you want?
I'm looking for a place.
-You have one to rent, right?
-How do you know?
-I saw the board outside.
-But there isn't one.
That's why I came in to inquire.
-Where are you from?
It's obvious.
-You're from Rajahmundry as well, right?
-How do you know?
Your sarcasm is a dead giveaway.
The rent is six thousand rupees.
Your greed knows no bounds, does it?
Your previous tenants paid only
four thousand rupees, right?
You speak like an old woman.
Who told you the rent is
four thousand rupees?
-Hey, sweetie.
-Look at her wagging her tail.
Dogs are more faithful than humans.
She barks at me all the time.
But lets strangers pet her.
Bloody bitch!
You should swap faces with her, sweetie.
It will suit her better.
Who are you, my dear?
-It's me!
-And you are?
From... Rajahmundry.
That's my hometown as well.
What's your name?
That's a strange name.
Are you Papiah's granddaughter?
No, I am not.
I see. But I think I've seen you before.
It doesn't matter.
She wants to rent the place upstairs.
-Oh, is that so?
Did you give her the details?
I was about to.
The rent is five thousand rupees.
And you'll need to pay it in advance.
The gates will shut at 10:00 p.m.
You can't stay out late.
And you cannot bring your friends home.
It's not good for
an unmarried girl like me.
Yeah, right!
I won't bring anybody home.
Can I see the place?
Sure. Go straight and take the stairs.
Any news about Aunt Baby?
Shekhar is looking for her.
Did he look for her near the train station
or by the lake?
Mind your tongue.
Why do you always say such things?
I wonder where she is.
I hope she's okay.
She'll come back.
I know she will.
"My dear, I'm fine.
I just want you to be happy.
And now that I am gone,
I'm sure you are happier.
That's what you wanted, right?
Do not try to find me.
Take care of Madhavi.
I am sure she'll recover better
in my absence.
Love, your mom."
You know what?
By doing this,
she just wants to prove
that she's an angel and I'm the devil--
Relax. Calm down.
I told you to stay in bed.
Did you take your medicines?
-Did you give Mom her meds?
-I'm fine!
In fact, you haven't
been eating properly.
I have filed a missing person report
with the police.
I'll go and give the copy to Uncle Chanti.
Why did you file a report, Dad?
Your mother has already brought
dishonor on the family.
Why did you do this?
I'll ask Rocky to go to Uncle Chanti's.
Please wash up and eat.
Grandpa Chanti!
-What is it?
-Is Grandpa Chanti home?
He's taking a shower.
Come in.
I heard Aunt Baby ran away.
Any news about her?
-Looks like she isn't going to come back.
Come in.
-It's okay. I'll wait here.
Who's there?
You rascal!
You smoke?
You shouldn't be smoking at this age!
Bloody idiot!
Is this what you learn in college?
Throw it away!
Stop it! Who are you, ma'am?
And why are you beating me up?
I'm allergic to smoke.
It's not good for you either.
I know smoking and drinking
is injurious to health.
But that doesn't give you
the right to beat me up.
Smoking and drinking is very common.
-You drink as well?
-Just thrice a week.
Does anybody in your family know?
So, you've been lying to them?
Look, I can deal with my parents.
But my grandma checks my room
for cigarette boxes--
-She hasn't found them yet?
Because I hide them in her room.
You sneaky rat.
Do you drink?
I could, the next time we meet.
I wanted to ask
if you'd like to meet the band.
You have a fantastic voice.
You should join our band.
-So would you like to meet the band?
Let's chat over a drink.
When you meet my band,
you'll have a lot of fun.
Oh, absolutely.
It will be a lot of fun.
-It was awesome!
How was it?
It might look a little complicated
but don't worry.
You bloody idiots!
You call this music?
We need a singer for tomorrow's gig.
So, keep quiet.
Really? This guy is your friend?
He's old enough to be your father.
-He's too old for this!
And she's gonna be in our band?
Your music is nothing but plain noise!
A singer needs to have a good voice,
depth in emotion,
and a sense of rhythm and pitching!
Applying gel to your hair
and wearing torn clothes
doesn't make you a musician, bro!
What's the story behind your music?
I told you we're performing at a
prayer service for Lord Ganesha.
I am not asking about the gig.
My question is, what inspires you
to make music?
Listen carefully.
There are songs to celebrate birth.
Songs for weddings, funerals,
when crops are sowed and harvested,
and so on...
Every song must have a reason.
It must have soul.
Making a song is not about
coming up with meaningless lyrics
shuffling them in a random order...
and then yelling those lyrics.
Goddess Lakshmi is here, before us
Full of joy
Hail the farmer
And his bountiful harvest
His bountiful harvest...
Hail Lord Ganesha!
Am I still myself
Or have I turned into someone else?
I keep asking this to myself
My paths are bright
My eyes shine like the moon
My heart skips a beat
The forgotten dreams have come alive
It's a miracle
How I have changed
It's a miracle
How I have changed
Youth flies away like a butterfly
But it has come back to me
I can't believe how wonderful this life is
Shining like the stars
Everything has come back to me
Making its way into my heart
My aspirations take flight
As the shackles fall off
The song of my heart
Comes to my lips
It's a miracle
How I have changed
Youth flies away like a butterfly
But it has come back to me
Why am I meeting the girl here?
Because the girl's mother owns this place.
And if it all works out,
this house will be yours.
I see.
So, we're here to see the house,
not the girl.
Shut up!
You're so good at math.
-Enough already.
-Hi! How are you?
-I am good.
How are you, son?
You look so different.
The world looks brand-new
Like blossoming flowers
On the branches of a tree
I'll hold on tight to this moment
Like a child holds its mother's hands
Fulfilling all my dreams
To my heart's content
I'll take all my wishes
And let them fly in the open sky
It's a miracle
How I have changed
It's a miracle
How I have changed
Youth flies away like a butterfly
But it has come back to me
It's a miracle
How I have changed
Youth flies away like a butterfly
But it has come back...
-Come with me.
-Mom, wait!
-What is it, Mom?
-Did you forget why we're here?
He's a little shy.
Hey, the girl is here.
You both should get to know each other.
-Talk to her.
Where's that girl who was singing?
-I don't know.
-Do you know the band's name?
I don't know anything, sir.
Our show needs her.
This is crazy.
How can we locate someone
who sang at a random event?
Where are you?
Come out!
I'll kill you!
Come out!
Bloody swine!
How can you kill your own wife?
Poor woman.
Why did you marry a rascal like him?
-I know you're not carrying my child.
I will kill you and your child.
You made a fool out of me!
Please don't...
Beat him! Beat him to death!
One more!
What happened to you?
My Baby...
She used to yell in front of the TV
just like you do.
Where is she? What happened to her?
I wonder if she'd be watching this soap.
You're crying as if I am dead.
I'm right here.
-What did you say?
-I said, I am here. Please don't cry.
-Hi, Grandpa.
-Any news about Baby?
No, Grandpa.
I need to have a word with Swathi.
About what?
It's personal.
He sounds weird.
We'll be back in an hour.
What do you want from her at this hour?
Yes, tell him.
We'll be back in an hour.
Please, Grandpa.
Let's go.
Listen up!
The gates shut at 10:00 p.m.
Why has he brought me here?
What are you looking at?
Oh, God!
Stop staring!
I'm your grandmother, you fool!
Swathi, you're...
He's looking at me
the way his grandfather used to.
This is wrong.
Don't look at me like that.
I've never been so fascinated by a girl.
I need to tell you something.
But I don't know how you'll react.
No. Don't do it.
I'll kill you if you say it.
Don't you dare!
You don't have to decide right now.
Think over it and give me
an answer tomorrow.
Shall we...
Oh, God! Why are you doing this?
-You bloody idiot!
-What did I say, Swathi?
Don't act so innocent.
You piece of crap!
Don't yell at me.
Nobody's forcing you to sing.
Our song was a huge hit last night.
So I wanted to ask
if you'd like to be a part of the band.
You didn't have to yell at me.
Oh, thank you, Lord.
Is that all?
Of course I'd like to join the band.
I just don't get you.
You're really weird.
You're just like my grandma.
Son, check please.
Don't worry about it.
Someone's getting responsible.
Yeah, right!
The owner is traveling for a month.
And the waiter is my friend.
I don't need to pay.
I wonder what's going on in my cafeteria.
What this?
Don't you get paid?
Clean it up!
Bloody laggards!
Bumming around all day!
don't worry about Baby.
I'm here for you.
I asked him to run the cafeteria
and he's busy flirting.
You're dead.
Considering our age...
we have to stick together.
Hey, Grandpa!
You seem busy.
Should I come back later?
No. Please sit.
-Who is this?
-I'm Swathi.
Grandpa's new tenant.
I'm only 24 years old.
How old are you?
I didn't ask how old you were in 1970.
It is 2019, you know.
I'm 45.
I understand your problem.
Not everyone ages gracefully, right?
-But you shouldn't worry.
-Why are you laughing?
She has a sharp tongue.
What brings you here?
Looks like I am not needed here.
Should I go?
Not at all.
Would you like to have something?
No, I am good.
But I am sure she would like
to have some free food.
This is my cousin's cafeteria!
I can eat whatever I want
without paying for it!
My oh my!
Do you have high blood pressure?
Because it seems like you do.
What? No way!
Then I guess you have diabetes.
Your eyes are swollen.
Chanti, tell her that I am
perfectly alright.
She's forgotten about her ailments.
It's a clear case of dementia.
Are you crazy?
I said I am perfectly alright.
It's Sulochana!
Why are you yelling?
Her son cleans toilets in America, right?
What a pity!
You're fighting so many diseases
and your son's got a shitty job.
I cannot imagine living
such a dreadful life.
How unfortunate!
Your plight breaks my heart!
Chanti! How could you?
I didn't tell her anything!
I don't even know her!
Then how does she know
so much about me?
I'll deal with you later!
-Mr. Sharma.
Sir, it's me.
Any news about my mother?
Someone's been using
your mother's debit card.
-No idea.
It could be your mother or anybody else.
It'd be better if you block the card.
Alright. I'll do that.
Thank you, sir.
Mom, were you able to find out
about that girl?
Oh, dear!
Hi, sweetie.
What's wrong?
Why are you crying?
Who's a good girl?
Don't cry, sweetie.
-Is this your baby?
Is that milk powder for her?
-Why? Can't you breastfeed her?
You look healthy enough.
What's the problem?
Are you afraid of losing your beauty?
Breast milk builds a baby's immunity.
It makes them strong.
Right, my darling?
I am just making sure
the powder doesn't replace you.
Are you unwell or something?
-Then what's the problem?
A diet with ginger, onions, fenugreek,
almonds, and sesame seeds
will help you lactate better.
Processed milk is bad for the baby!
Got it?
What the hell?
What's wrong with you?
And how old are you anyway?
You're talking as if
you've already raised ten kids.
-Are you even married?
-I mean...
The baby...
She's my kid and I'll raise her
the way I want.
Who the hell are you to judge me?
Mind your own business.
What do you know
about being a mother?
I used to breastfeed my son
till he turned five.
He'd come running
and bury himself in my chest.
How could she even ask me that question?
Your car, sir.
Hold this.
Oh, my God! Who is he?
Where did she go?
Who are you and why are you following me?
One hit and you'll be gone.
What do you want?
Please listen to me.
I know you but you don't know me.
Have you got no shame, you piece of crap?
Please listen--
Run while you can.
I have relatives living nearby.
If they find you, you'll be buried alive!
Go away!
Ma'am, please...
Oh, no! You did not!
Someone please save me!
He's molesting me!
Please don't cry.
-Sir, he molested me!
-No, I didn't do anything!
-He molested you, right?
-Yes, please save me!
-Come on!
-Sir, you're mistaken!
Get in the car! Move!
Ma'am, please give me your phone number.
-Get in!
-Sir, I know her!
Sir, I am not lying.
They are taking me away!
They need to hump something
all the damn time!
Bloody dogs!
Why are you cleaning up?
What's going on?
His friend is visiting.
And looking at him,
something definitely seems off.
At least I have friends.
What took you so long?
Come in, Swathi.
Mom, Swathi's here.
This is my mom and my sister.
I thought she'd still be bedridden.
But she looks healthy as a horse.
Clearly, no one's missing me.
Hello, ma'am.
You're very pretty, Swathi.
Applying makeup can make
anyone look pretty.
Don't mind her, Swathi.
She's taken after my grandma.
Even her compliment sounds like a taunt.
Did he just compliment me or....
I'm nothing like that hag.
I heard she's missing.
Are you even looking for her?
How did you know?
About what?
Her disappearance or your apathy?
She meant to ask how do you know
about our grandma.
Uncle Chanti told me.
I am his new tenant, ma'am.
Please come in and have a seat.
I'll let you know
when the lunch is ready.
Sure, ma'am.
That's Daddy and Grandma.
Come, Swathi.
This is the dining room.
My bedroom's upstairs.
Why is this room locked?
-That's Grandma's room.
-Can I see it?
She's not here.
It won't be right.
Yes, you're right.
My grandma...
She recently passed away.
I miss her so much.
You know what? It's okay.
You can go in.
-Yeah, Mom?
-Come here.
That sneaky rat!
How dare he hide these things in my room!
So what if you blocked
my debit card, son?
I have my bank right here.
You can't get the better of me!
These aren't petty thieves
we're dealing with.
Based on the Intel reports
a criminal gang from Haryana
has entered the city.
They are all youngsters.
They target the elderly...
and kidnap them.
Then why haven't you arrested them yet?
They are highly experienced.
It's not that easy.
Their modus operandi
is to rent a place in the city...
and implement their plans from there.
They speak our language as well.
It's unbelievable.
This is the girl
who tried to use your mother's debit card.
She's so smart that she's blocked
the camera with her umbrella.
-Hold on.
-What is it, Uncle?
That bag looks familiar.
There are plenty of such bags
available in the market.
You could be right.
But this one...
How about some rice?
Have some fish curry.
It's my son's favorite.
How is it?
You have to make sure
that the spices are finely grind.
And you should add
the tamarind pulp first.
That way, the fish won't smell.
My grandma gave me these tips.
Where's your husband...
There you are, my boy!
Oh boy! My tummy hurts!
My tummy!
It's that way.
Who is she?
My friend.
She is in our band.
-She's nice.
-And slightly crazy.
Come, have lunch.
I'm not hungry.
Can you cook chicken...
Can you cook chicken like I do?
Nobody can cook like Baby!
Hello, police?
I found Baby's kidnapper.
Please come here immediately.
what did you do to me, oldie?
It seems like you've forgotten everything.
You call me "Grandpa."
Untie me.
Not until you tell me
where Baby is, you witch!
Untie me, right now!
The cops are on their way.
Let them untie you, alright?
Why? Feeling scared, are you?
You're making a mistake.
If you don't untie me,
you have no idea
what my men will do to Baby.
-What will they do?
-Electrocute her.
Chop her into tiny pieces.
Or suffocate her to death.
I beg you. Please don't hurt her.
Kill me instead.
Take all my money.
I don't care.
-Please, I beg you!
-Oh, God!
I'm going to kill you!
You can't run, can you?
-Oh, no!
-How dare you hit me!
Bloody old dog!
Don't kill my Baby.
Kill me instead.
We're childhood friends.
She was the chief's daughter...
Chanti, have some peanuts.
For me?
Baby always used to bring me peanuts.
I never told her how much I hated them.
My Baby is a gem.
Spare my Baby and kill me instead.
Run! Run away from here!
-Look at me.
I don't want to see your face!
-Where's my Baby?
Shut your mouth and look at me!
It's me, Baby.
One time, you had gotten into a fight.
And I had wiped the blood off your face.
Hold still.
Look closely.
Try to remember how I used to look.
It's true!
How did this happen?
It's a long story.
I'll tell you later.
Are the cops really going to be here?
I screwed up.
What do we tell the cops?
Anybody home?
Are you Anasuya?
Yeah. What do you want?
Shut up!
Do you know Baby?
How do you know that hag?
Do you know where she is?
Who cares?
Did she flee with your money?
No, I owe her.
That wretch lent you money?
We offered her a high interest, so...
How much do you owe her?
I owe her ten lakh rupees.
Ten lakhs?
She's trapped.
That's why I told you
to call the cops on her.
So, you know Baby?
Of course I do!
Baby will be here tomorrow.
Give me the money.
Where have you kept her?
You think I've kept her in my closet?
-Oh, no.
-Where are you going?
-They are hitting her.
-Alright then.
I'll tell the cops that you molested me
and that you hit me
when I tried to stop you.
Tell me, did you kill her for her money?
"Kill her"?
What are you saying, sir?
I don't know anything.
We don't even get along.
What's going on?
Who are you?
I'm Swathi.
I live upstairs.
They think I've done something to Baby.
She even hit me.
Shut up or I'll wring your neck!
Do not complain.
Just be nice.
Baby is like a mother to me.
I've been worried sick
since she disappeared.
I swear.
Then why does your dad think
that you're a suspect?
My dad?
What's going on here?
Bloody old bugger!
Someone has kidnapped my Baby.
Arrest them.
Anasuya says she doesn't know anything.
It could be anyone!
Arrest them all.
I just...
I just want my Baby back.
If you do this again...
I'll lock you up
and Shekhar won't be able to stop me.
Take care of Grandpa.
No! It's wrong! I'm your father!
-How dare you call the cops!
-Please listen to me!
How's the biryani?
You look beautiful, Baby.
Everything I eat
gets easily digested, Chanti.
Chicken, mutton, biryani...
I had never imagined
that I'd be able to chew bones again!
Are those teeth real, Baby?
They sure are.
I can eat whatever I want
and it doesn't give me a bad stomach.
I sleep like a baby.
My legs and my back don't hurt anymore.
And my hair feels absolutely soft.
Yeah, Baby.
How did this happen?
If I knew I'd definitely tell you!
You know, Chanti...
I have been singing.
I've joined Rocky's band.
Now do you realize how much God loves you?
He gave you everything you wanted.
Because I deserved it
for everything He put me through.
You just won't admit it, will you?
This time, I'll take you to the auditions.
I'll be on TV.
What if...
somebody recognizes you?
You're my best friend
and you couldn't recognize me!
-Nobody else knows me.
-You're right.
What if Shekhar recognizes you?
Shekhar was a toddler when I was 24.
You know, I went home yesterday
and nobody recognized me.
Shekhar has become miserable.
He's looking everywhere for you.
Poor thing!
-Will you do me a favor?
-Tell me.
You saw Mom?
How is she? Is she hurt?
Where did you--
Is she okay?
Relax. I'll tell you.
This morning, I went for a walk.
It was foggy.
There was a soft drizzle
and a light breeze.
Suddenly, lightning struck!
That's when I saw Baby.
She was glowing in that light.
Baby asked me to tell you something.
-Are you sure it was Mom?
-Baby is perfectly alright.
She doesn't want you to worry
or try looking for her.
You blocked her card, right?
I know the cops told you to do it.
But you need to unblock it.
She says she needs money.
She sent you a letter, right?
But where is she?
Baby is starting a new life.
She's getting married.
-To whom?
Why would Baby marry anybody else?
I'm going to beat this man to a pulp.
You and Mom are getting married?
Am I not good enough for her?
-But at this age...
-So what?
Everything's acceptable
until we serve you kids, right?
Anyway, we aren't that old.
Did she say anything else?
That's all for now.
Stop worrying about your mom
and take care of your wife.
Okay, then.
Bye, Uncle.
See you.
Come on.
I said come in!
-No, Swathi!
-Come on.
They've already kicked us out
because of Shalini.
Forget about Shalini.
You have Savitri.
Who's Savitri?
You know my grandma's name?
Savitri, dude! That legendary actress!
Right, Swathi?
You're right.
I am telling you,
they will throw us out again!
Who would dare do that?
I'll beat that person to a pulp!
Sir, please take a look at this.
What's he doing here?
Which one should we finalize?
You're right. It won't work out.
Come on, let's go!
-But you said you'd--
-Forget it. Let's just go.
-We could--
-Let's go! Now!
-He's calling out to us.
Please wait.
Should I call the cops again?
But why?
He tried to molest me the other day.
Please let me explain.
Will you shut up?
I guess the cops
didn't teach you a lesson.
It's you, right?
You freak! Why do you have my video?
You're mistaken.
I wanted you to sing for the show.
But we couldn't trace you.
That's what I was trying
to tell you that day.
But you...
What's your decision?
I won't sing alone. I need them.
What's your band called?
-They are in without an audition?
How do we justify this?
Is that good?
It's great!
That's awesome!
My good, good boys!
I must become young again!
I must become handsome!
And I will!
Hail Lord Hanuman!
Hail Dara Singh!
Lunacy. This is pure lunacy.
Bloody old geezer.
A live show for the wild card entry?
Are they really that good?
The lead singer's voice is magical.
-You'll see.
To your right.
And focus the camera.
And the lights...
See for yourself.
That's perfect.
Almost five lakh people
are going to watch this show.
-Five lakh?
-Yes, ma'am.
Everyone watches this show.
Do your best!
Buck up, people!
Everyone can't be a star, dude.
Uncle, let's go!
I can't do this...
I can't...
My friend is going to be on that stage.
Swathi, it's time. Come on.
I can't do this.
Please don't make me do this.
I just can't.
Please don't make me do this.
Swathi, don't worry.
We're here for you.
I'll do anything else for you.
But don't make me sing.
-Swathi's refusing to sing.
Come on.
Swathi, please listen to me.
We're late.
Let me handle this.
I'll manage. Please go.
You don't want to sing?
I just need two minutes of your time.
That's all.
Then the decision will be yours.
Hey, why isn't the AC on?
It's so hot in here.
Give me the water bottle.
I understand that
you aren't used to this.
I know how it feels.
During college, I was prepping
for a music festival.
On the day of the festival,
5000 students, lecturers and the dean
were present.
I almost froze.
Just like you.
I wanted to run away.
I cried like a baby
and called my grandma.
You know what she told me?
"Really? That's it?
Close your eyes and take a deep breath.
It could've been worse.
Don't let this situation
weaken your spirit.
It's nothing.
Think it through."
And when I did...
I realized that she was right.
If you don't perform, you'll lose
your only chance to compete at the finals.
Your future is at stake.
That's it?
Close your eyes and take a deep breath.
It could've been worse.
Don't let this situation
weaken your spirit.
It's nothing.
When a solitary cloud
Rains tears in the sky
Don't look for me
My darling
Loneliness was my companion
I had no shelter
I don't know who wiped away
The lines on my palms
Scars of the past
Appear before me
Like a curse
Which lullaby do I sing for you
My darling?
I was all alone
I only had tears to console myself
When I was surrounded by darkness
My child was my light
He was my moon
My child was my solace
Through all the struggles
With not a soul to care,
If I was alive or dead
Quivering in the cold
My breath reminded me that I was alive
Scars of the past
Appear before me
Like a curse
Which lullaby do I sing for you
My darling?
Press conference and party,
tomorrow at 6:30 p.m.
What's with the costume?
I look 25, don't I?
Oh, shut up!
"Bundun" indeed, you clown!
Let's go.
Is Swathi here yet?
She'll be here, boss.
They are here!
-Where's Swathi?
-Right here.
Your grandpa, right?
How are you, sir?
The old bugger
has some really high hopes.
Not like that, Baby.
Do you remember how we used to dance?
Seems like they are having fun.
I don't know about the old man.
But Swathi...
Don't try so hard, old man.
Only young guys like me
can satisfy a girl like her.
Be it while dancing or in bed.
Get lost!
Chanti! Are you okay?
Get out!
Why should I?
The oldie started it!
No, please don't.
So what if he is old?
What the heck have you done so far
except drinking away your parents' money?
-Swathi, it's okay--
-It's not! He hit Chanti!
Come on, Grandpa.
Do old people seem
like a liability to you?
Do you know how hard
he has worked all his life?
-Come on--
-At your age he had joined the army,
and went on to work as a chef there
for 25 years!
A chef? Seriously?
It's not like he fought for the country.
The soldiers that go to war
need to be fed.
Or else they'd starve to death
even before they reach the battlefield.
Got it, you piece of shit?
He had no guns
yet, he saved the lives of four soldiers.
Their families still thank him.
This old man isn't a burden.
You both are!
Dare call him an oldie again
and I swear and I'll chop you into pieces!
Let's go.
Swathi, I had no idea
about Grandpa Chanti's life.
How did you know?
I told her.
I didn't realize it then...
but after hearing what you said...
I feel extremely proud of myself.
It's all your fault.
You wanted to dance, right?
What would you like to eat?
-What would you recommend?
Why would I eat vegetarian food?
Name the non-vegetarian dishes.
Bring it all.
-Are you sure?
Now go.
Also, bring me a plate of fish curry.
And a mutton biryani.
No, make that two.
And for dessert...
Have you invited your friends?
No. Why?
You've ordered a lot of food.
It's for us.
I'm hungry. Please hurry up.
Go on.
He's on it.
Eat while you're young, sonny.
When you grow old
you won't have the teeth
or the tummy for it.
If I eat so much
I'll grow an enormous belly.
Do you have trouble defecating?
-Have you always been like this?
I have never met a girl like you.
You're so young.
How many women could you have met?
You sound like a 70-year-old woman.
Anyway, what's going on with you?
My life's the same.
But you've become an overnight sensation.
You have so many fans!
Our channel has been receiving
a lot of calls and emails.
What do we tell them about you?
There's nothing interesting
to know about me.
Look at the moon.
Beautiful, isn't it?
Do you think the moon knows
how extraordinary it is?
But its beauty has enchanted
millions of people.
And the moon has no idea about it.
Why isn't the food here yet?
I'm in a trance
As my feelings tease me
My youth has unveiled itself
And is blooming like a flower
I can't...
Crazy feeling
Fragrant memories waft around
In a new melody
How beautiful is this new life!
Charming like the moon, he befriends me
And makes me fall in love
You indulge me so
My new companion
When I fuss
I don't know why you laugh at me
My heart now hums
A fresh tune
If only I could
Live this moment forever
The way you look at me
Makes me feel brand-new
My heart skips a beat
As distances vanish
May this journey go on,
For as long as it can
-Hello, sir.
-Yes, Shekhar.
I called earlier but you were busy.
-Yes, tell me.
-Any news about my mom?
You saw her, didn't you?
Actually, Uncle Chanti saw Mom.
But she hasn't called me since.
It seems fishy.
Sir, could you please
speed up the inquiry?
I'll handle it, don't worry.
We didn't ask her to leave.
We don't need to fret over it.
Come on, have your dinner.
I am not hungry.
And what about you?
I ate at the party.
Why didn't you tell me?
I don't know why I even bother to cook.
I told her that I'd be eating out.
How was the party?
I cooked rice and curry for you.
Eat it even if you aren't hungry!
I just can't understand her.
First, she yelled at me and
now she's giving me food?
That's how mothers are.
They feed us and get yelled at in return.
Who would do that?
But that's how they are.
They scold us
because they care about us.
I know it's annoying.
But they believe it's their duty to do so.
Nobody in this world loves us...
the way our parents do.
We take them for granted.
But when they are gone...
Every moment they spend with us
is extremely valuable.
I'm sorry, Dad.
-Mom scolded me and--
-Parents are bound to scold us.
But we have to be patient with them.
It doesn't make us inferior to them.
They are family.
They love us.
For them...
we'll always be kids.
But when they're gone...
they take our childhood with them.
And nobody can...
fill that void.
What are you eating?
Share some with me.
It's rava upma.
Rava upma?
It's my favorite!
Do you have a spoon?
My hands are grubby.
That's okay. Let me feed you.
Do you like it?
I'll bring you some tomorrow.
So sweet, right?
-The song. Wasn't she just amazing?
She sang well.
You're blushing. You should make a move.
Oh, please!
I don't have any feelings for her.
You idiot!
She's been giving you
all the signs, you know.
Don't you get it? Make a move.
You're mistaken.
Swathi is not that kind of a girl.
Never trust a girl that
looks this innocent.
I've heard her calling you "sonny."
Is that supposed to be a code?
She's never called me "sonny."
Can I leave, sonny?
Ask her out already.
-It's 11:00 p.m.
When will you go to bed?
Well, I don't go to bed early.
I have difficulty falling asleep.
You too?
When I used to work all day,
my joints would ache a lot.
I used to take a pill called...
I can't remember the name.
You experience pain
in your joints already?
Where do you want to go for dinner?
Let's go on a long drive and eat out?
No, we shouldn't.
Food outside is really unhealthy.
Let's go to your place and cook dinner.
My place?
What a start!
Text me if you need anything.
There's a pharmacy nearby.
I can bring you one, you know.
Don't you worry.
I have some in my bag.
What's so shocking about
keeping sleeping pills?
Nice place. Do you live alone?
My parents live next door.
Yeah. That's better.
You learn the true meaning of life
when you live on your own.
You know, people in the village make
a woman drink when she's in labor.
It's terrible!
Do you have anything else?
It has a nice kick to it.
I've noticed that you use a lot of slang.
You don't like it?
Well, I won't use it.
So, no boyfriends?
Here we go.
Give me that.
The glass?
My husband died when I was young.
And my son was just an infant.
Life made me bitter.
I didn't want to remarry.
So I raised him alone.
Then he got married and had two kids
who are now old enough to get married.
And I've become an old woman!
Do you really think I had the time
to have a boyfriend?
I know Chanti likes me a lot.
I almost fell for that!
You could be an actress too!
My foot!
Did you say something?
What's your idea of a good husband?
he should be handsome.
He should have enough money
to buy me whatever I want.
And in bed...
he should be an animal.
Please forgive me.
You should eat something.
I don't want to.
Why are you calling me at this hour?
You're still listening to old songs?
It hasn't started yet?
Why have you called me?
Sonny boy!
Where's the bedroom?
Did I hear that right?
-Get in there right now!
-Shut up!
That way?
She locked the door.
Should I knock?
Or will she call me inside?
What's the process?
There she is.
Come on.
Right here?
Of course. Come on, lie down.
Are you sure?
Are you nervous?
A bit.
I'll take care of you.
As a kid, were you afraid of the dark?
That's why you can't fall asleep.
-Now go to sleep.
Don't talk. Just close your eyes.
-Swathi, listen--
-Don't talk.
Just close your eyes. Come on.
She sang you a lullaby?
Don't yell at me.
-That's what happened.
-And you did nothing?
Who was that girl?
-What the hell is going on here?
A girl came by and stayed all night?
The guard told me everything.
Why are you fooling around?
I am trying to get you married.
Mom, please stop.
At least hear me out.
Then you can get me married
to anybody you want.
-I swear nothing happened.
-Do you really think I am that stupid?
Please let me explain.
She put me to sleep last night.
She did what?
She put me to sleep.
Did you check if everything's still here?
I've heard stories of girls who drug men
and then rob their houses.
It happened in Bengaluru.
I saw it on the news.
Mom, she is not that kind of a girl.
She made me lie on the couch,
tucked me in, sang me a lullaby,
and left.
It's the truth.
What's her name?
Who told you
that I'm Swathi's grandfather?
Nobody needs to tell me.
It's pretty obvious.
Swathi looks exactly like you.
You both have the same features.
Exactly! I think so too!
Are you Swathi's aunt?
-That makes you my sister.
Sir, they like each other.
Why don't we get them married?
I think Swathi is too young
for marriage.
He doesn't want anyone to get married.
But he plans on marrying soon.
Swathi's aunt has a good sense of humor.
Swathi is beautiful.
That's why,
I'd like to reserve her,
before someone else sets eyes on her.
The list is quite long.
And the old man tops that list.
I see there's a lot of competition.
But Swathi is destined to marry my son.
That's why she is still single.
My daughter-in-law is here!
We've been waiting for you. Come in.
You're so much prettier in person!
I am Vikram's mom.
So far, I've taken care of him.
But after the two of you get married,
he'll be your responsibility.
He loves chicken!
He hates olive oil, ash gourd and beans.
So never use these ingredients.
And you must iron his clothes every day.
He is very particular about it.
It should be made legal
to kill mothers-in-law like her.
Is this why...
my daughter-in-law hates me?
Now that we have your blessing,
let's prepare for the engagement ceremony.
We can fix the wedding date as well.
Let's go.
Oh, God!
What was that?
You bloody idiot!
Why are you hitting me?
She said she wanted to reserve you!
I am not a hotel room
for her to "reserve" me!
I'll beat you up so bad,
no doctor will be able to cure you.
Who is she to "take" me
and who are you to "give" me away?
But you like Vikram, don't you?
-Did I ever say so?
-So you don't like him?
I never said that either.
You're so confusing, Baby!
Actually, I need to deal
with Vikram first.
Hey, sonny boy!
We need to talk.
Listen, Vikram--
My mom was wrong.
I didn't expect that she'd do this.
I'll be honest.
I really like you.
And I wanted to take things further.
But so much has happened already...
One thing's for sure.
Marrying me is solely your decision.
Or else, let's end it right now.
Forget about what others think.
Follow your heart.
That's what I want.
Did you tell him?
-I don't know.
-What's going on?
What do you want, Baby?
I want my life back!
I want back everything that I lost
and fulfill my dreams.
I want to live to the fullest
before I become old again.
Then what about Vikram?
Both the mother and the son
are forcing me to decide.
How is that my fault?
When I was an old woman...
I had accepted life the way it was.
But now I've become young.
And when a young man looks at me
I feel like the most
beautiful woman in the world.
for that alone,
I want to stay young forever.
I sound crazy, right?
God made me young again.
And my youth wants to fulfill
all its desires.
I'm living two lives at once.
Sometimes, even a blessing
can be a curse.
But they want a wedding, Baby.
I know.
I wonder what His plan is.
-Switch off the lights!
-Give me five minutes.
-It's 3:00 a.m. What are you doing?
Fine-tuning the song for Vikram.
How much more will you fine-tune it?
Alright. But try not to wake me up.
You can't perform this song in the finals.
What's your problem?
The song is not good.
What do you mean?
I mean it's bad and I don't like it.
You don't like it?
The audience will decide that.
Stick to your job!
Okay, then!
Why don't you compose a song for us
and we'll perform it, okay?
Listen, dude, you're here because of me.
And if you're not careful enough...
I can kick you out of this show again.
I am just giving you my opinion.
Don't make me the bad guy.
If want a future in music,
you need to be able to take criticism.
Swathi's voice is the reason
you're in this show.
You aren't A. R. Rahman, okay?
Now get lost.
Rocky, wait!
Why are you so angry?
If we want to win,
we'll have to take his suggestions.
He chose us because of you, right?
That means, we have no talent.
I never asked him to take us onboard.
Forget about what he said.
If we win, Vikram will be
equally happy for us.
Why are you defending him?
Well, I did hear that you slept with him.
Bloody swine!
How dare you, you rascal!
Is this what you learn in college?
Bloody dog!
How dare you say such things!
I'll kill you! Wait--
That hurts...
Here, eat.
Shut up and eat!
I said eat.
My Rocky is a good boy, isn't he?
I know you love dosa.
Who told you?
I've known you since you were a kid.
How can anyone not like dosa?
Hey, you!
You like dosa, right?
My arm's hurting.
Come on, eat.
My Rocky is a good boy.
Never say such things again.
You should respect women.
I don't know why,
but you feel like family, Swathi.
-But Vikram--
-He's a good guy.
He gave us
a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.
-That's why I respect him.
-Is that the only reason why?
You fool!
I'll gouge your eyes out! Now eat!
Why did you say "good"?
You used to swear a lot.
But earlier you wouldn't have
used the term "eyes."
You brat!
You've worked really hard.
We only want the best for you.
You have to be number one.
I'm sure you can compose a better song.
But this time, put your heart into it.
My grandma is exactly like you.
She has more faith in me
than I have in myself.
Do you think she'll watch our show?
Does she really love you that much?
She loves me the most.
Then she'll definitely watch the show.
Trust me.
Are you hurt?
It's nothing.
-Your skin looks wrinkled.
-I had a small accident.
It's been like that ever since.
Hey! What are you doing with that pin?
You idiot! Why did you poke me?
Damn! It hurts so bad!
Oh, no! Your skin wrinkles when you bleed.
It's not getting back to normal, Baby.
Oh, my God!
Oh, my God!
Oh, my God!
He's ruined my life!
The bloody old bloke!
Saroja, Susheela, Uncle David!
-Look what he did! He's ruined my life!
-What are you doing?
-Why can't you just leave us alone?
-I did and look what happened!
You bitch!
Couldn't you find anybody else?
I'll kill you!
My life is ruined!
I wish my mother was here!
Why me, God?
Stop crying!
Nothing's going on between us!
Oh, really?
So, with these people as witness,
swear on my life
that she's like your daughter!
-I won't!
-Did you see that? He won't do it!
I should go.
-Where are you going?
-Who cares?
-Do you realize what you're doing?
-Yes, I know what I'm doing.
People are laughing at you.
Who is that girl and why is she
trying to destroy your family?
Don't you dare say such things about her.
What's wrong with you?
I think it's time I tell you the truth.
Listen carefully.
It might sound ridiculous.
Who do you think Baby is?
Not anymore.
Baby is no longer a 70-year-old.
She has become 24.
Well, Swathi is Baby.
Got it?
I also learned something else last night.
Every time Baby gets a wound,
the skin around it wrinkles.
I pricked her with a pin to check,
and that's exactly what happened.
I couldn't have shared this
with anybody else.
I'll give you a contact number.
Please go see that person.
You can pour your heart out
to this person.
Who is this person?
He's a great doctor.
Shall I fix you an appointment?
Janu is a good friend.
You won't have any problems here.
And if you are not comfortable here,
you can come stay in my house.
This is my little castle.
You don't need to pay rent.
Just cook delicious food
for me, every day.
Hey, stop bothering her.
I was just kidding.
Okay, time for me to go.
I know my timing's bad, but...
I brought you a gift.
Why now?
-These belonged to my grandma.
-But, sonny...
When I was a kid,
my parents were in Dubai.
My grandma raised me.
She died two years ago.
I am sure she'd have
given these to you.
You know, you're a lot like my grandma.
The way you talk,
the way you cook for me...
Your attitude...
She would've been happy to meet you.
Alright then, bye.
What is it?
We tried our best. I'm extremely sorry.
Sulochana's son...
I'll inform him.
Her life was nothing but a lie, Baby.
"My son sent me an AC.
My son sent me shoes."
She was lying.
He hasn't spoken to her in ten years.
And she tried to save face...
by singing his praises.
I called him.
He said he can't come here.
"I'll send the money, cremate her,"
is all he said.
That's how your son truly is!
Bloody idiot! Do you get it now?
How could he?
Such kids care about their parents...
only till they get all their property.
A son like Shekhar is one in a million.
Once upon a time,
There was cuckoo
Who flew away from her nest
She felt broken
Because her children drove her away
Where did she go?
With her footsteps
Falling silent
Life's turned...
Into a void
And I am...
Calling out to her
I thought of making a mistake
Hoping you'd come scold me
Can these ties ever be broken?
You're the reason for our existence
How will we ever live without you?
Wherever you are, won't you come back?
Our world is incomplete without you
Once upon a time,
There was cuckoo
Who flew away from her nest
She felt broken
Because her children drove her away
Where did she go?
You have a good chance of winning!
-Can you suggest someone?
-For marriage?
Everybody loved their song.
They will love ours more.
-I doubt that.
I'm not sure if my song is as good.
Forget about them.
Play the song for us.
-Was it good?
-It was great, Rocky!
What a song!
Was it really that good, Swathi?
Out of the sixteen bands that participated
three bands have made it to the finals.
What's going on?
Some men are fighting
in the middle of the street.
-Where are you?
-On the way, Swathi.
Alright. Hurry up.
-The new song is good, right?
Yes. Now hurry up.
Bro, can I borrow your bike?
I have to be somewhere important.
Hey, are you blind?
Rocky met with an accident.
When? How did it happen?
He's lost a lot of blood.
You should go to the hospital.
Just wait and watch!
I won't rest till he makes it big!
She has more faith in me
than I have in myself.
Don't cancel our performance.
I know I couldn't be a musician
but I'll make sure he becomes
a great musician!
I will sing.
This time put your heart into it.
I will have to.
It is Rocky's dream.
I'll have to sing.
I'll have to win for Rocky.
And then...
I'll go to him...
and tell him that the world
is waiting for him.
This is a miraculous story
Called "life"
I am living a miracle
Called "life"
It's in the seas
And the deserts
In dreams and in reality
In the questions and the answers
In happiness and sadness
Ask and life shall fulfill your wishes
Open your heart
Let each day be magical
Happiness is always within you
Remember this
And don't hold on to your tears
Open your eyes
And see the colors around you
Eyes shut tight
Can never see the light
We are in urgent need of some blood.
But the blood banks
don't have AB negative.
Do you know anyone
with the same blood group?
Your mom...
Time will heal all your wounds
Smile your worries away
Sail to the shores of joy
Rise every time you fall
Come what may, just don't give up
The lessons of life are bitter
But the fruit is sweet
Take all your worries and embrace them
Overwhelmed, my tears of happiness
Could fill an entire ocean
I never imagined
I'd witness this day
Being a part of your joy
Is sheer bliss for us
We'll always be there for you
Overwhelmed, my tears of happiness
Could fill an entire ocean
I never imagined
I'd witness this day
Being a part of your joy
Is sheer bliss for us
We'll always be there for you
It was hands down
the best performance!
Now, it's time for the results!
Give this to Vikram.
What is it?
Zoom in on the band.
-Where's Swathi?
-She left.
The audience loved
their performance tonight!
It's urgent! Try harder!
Doctor, we asked everyone we know.
But nobody has the same
blood group as Rocky.
I do.
Rocky and I share the same blood group.
Are you out of your mind?
Do you realize what you're doing?
Did you forget what happens
when you lose blood?
You'll become old again.
Your struggles are finally behind you.
God has given you another chance.
You've become a famous singer as well.
Why do you want to throw it all away?
I have to go.
No! I can't let you be
an old woman again.
Will that make you
fall out of love with me?
If you leave me,
I'll break all your bones.
I used to think that
God never gave me anything.
But He did indeed give me you.
You're 65, aren't you?
And all your life,
you've cared only about me.
Even now, you're worried
about what will happen to me.
You're a gem, Chanti.
My gem.
I'll be fine.
Let's go, sir.
50 years ago...
there was a girl named Savitri.
She was 19 when she got married.
And before she knew it,
her husband passed away.
She had nowhere to go.
She was just a kid...
but she was forced to raise a baby alone.
The child had trouble breathing.
She had no money for his treatment.
So, she'd do menial work
to earn whatever she could.
Then she'd come home at night...
having bought the medicines she could...
hold the child in her arms...
and wail her heart out.
There were many such nights.
One night, the child stopped breathing.
She took the child,
held him close...
and wailed her heart out.
"My son!"
Perhaps the child heard
his mother's heartbeat...
and started breathing again.
Rocky needs blood.
We're getting late.
It's okay.
You've sacrificed a lot for your son...
now, it's my turn to be there for Rocky.
Please go.
Swathi should never go through...
what Savitri has.
Live your life to the fullest.
Go live for yourself, Mom.
Live for yourself.
Go live your life.
When you were born...
that's exactly how you had held my hand.
And in that moment, my entire world
fit in your tiny palms.
Your smile...
gave me a reason to live.
Every time you smiled,
I'd forget all my worries.
I never realized
when all this time passed.
It will be a little difficult
to be an old woman again.
nothing compares to the joy...
of being your mother.
My life is pointless...
without you, my son.
My grandson's life is in danger.
You think I'll just walk away?
I'm a mother.
Your mother, my darling.
Your mother.
Everything will be alright.
The patient's name is Rocky.
I don't know his last name.
He met with an accident.
Can you please check?
She's gone.
She went back to where she had come from.
I never asked her to come back.
And I couldn't stop her
from leaving either.
You may never see her again.
Did she not tell you anything?
Vikram, I am sorry.
I have to go.
Don't ask me why.
I won't be able to tell you.
Don't keep thinking about me.
I won't come back.
Here's my first request...
do not try to find me.
Get over me and move on.
That's my second request.
I just want you to be happy.
I was trying to find
my long-lost love in you.
Don't hate the moments we spent together.
Whatever we had between us
was beautiful.
And if you ever think of me,
do so, with a smile.
It's my favorite thing about you.
Love, Swathi.
God, I know we've had our differences.
I thought my life was meaningless...
but you changed my perspective towards it.
I cribbed about the things I didn't have
and failed to see how beautiful
my life was.
I despised you.
Yet, you were absolutely gracious
towards me.
Just like my Chanti.
...how I have changed
Youth flies away like a butterfly
But it has come back to me
Your son is an amazing singer.
You'll have to ward off the evil eye.
He's your grandson first.
He's taken after you.
-But he's way better.
-I disagree!
Dad, this is too much to handle.
-Wasn't it better before?
Just wait till you get
a mother-in-law like me.
You're in that weird costume again?
You won't learn your lesson
till you scrape your knees, right?
I'm sorry, son.
I thought it was someone else.
It's me.
And who are you?
I'll tell you if you give me some peanuts.
How did this happen? Tell me.
Hey, Grandpa, stop!
Can you give me a ride?
-Where do you want to go?
-Wherever you take me.
Hop on.
Bloody bugger!
Why did he give the idol to you?
You hated him, yet he gave you this idol.
My prayers deserved to be answered, right?
I must admit,
you're really handsome.
I was so in love with my husband
that I never even noticed you.
What if you had?
You're embarrassing me!
Look away!
Look away!
These girls have no shame!
Stop staring. Let's go!
I'll kill you all.
Alright, let's go home.
We're not going home!
I've taken all the money
from the cafeteria.
We're going to travel the country.
You have high hopes.
If we meet with an accident
you'll become an old man again.
I completely forgot about that.
I'll ride slow.
Don't hit me.