Oh Deer, It's Christmas (2018) Movie Script

(cheerful Christmas music)
- [Santa] Ho ho ho ho ho.
(cheerful Christmas music)
- [Santa] Ho ho ho ho ho.
It's Christmas time
Do do do do do do
It's Christmas time
Do do do do
Happy Christmas, it's Christmas time
- [Tinker] I can't wait
for Christmas, you guys.
Look at all the presents that
are already under our tree.
- Ours has still got to
be the very first tree
of the holiday season.
- Right.
I mean, who in the whole wide world
could possibly get a jump
on Christmas like we do?
- Santa's own faithful reindeer squad.
Tinker, Terry, Perry, and Larry.
- Putting smiles on faces and brightening
even the snowiest nights for,
how long have we been
doing this gig for now?
- A long time.
- That's right, a real long time.
And every Christmas
morning, it still feels
like my first ride in the sleigh.
- That's the magic of Christmas, Terry.
- Huh.
Hocus pocus is more like it.
- Hey, what's up with you, Larry?
- Yeah, you got a humbug in
your bonnet or something?
- I don't wear a bonnet, Tinker.
I wear a harness, and one of
those dumb red and white hats
with the snowball on top.
- Hey, Santa's hat isn't dumb.
- Yeah!
Nothing about Christmas is dumb.
What's gotten into you, Lar?
- Or should we say Scrooge McDeer?
- What if every sleigh
ride doesn't feel like
the first sleigh ride to some of us?
Every year, it's the same old same old.
Fly through the night
in subzero temperatures,
land on slippery rooftop
after slippery rooftop,
watch Santa squeeze down another chimney,
or get the key from under the doormat,
since lots of these new homes
don't even have chimneys,
we will then hang around
trying not to be spotted
while he takes his good old
time arranging gifts just right.
I mean come on, aren't you guys bored?
- No!
- It looks like you're overruled, Larry.
The rest of us still
love the holiday season!
- Yeah!
And I love it too!
That's how come I care so much.
I don't wanna see Christmas
get boring for anybody,
young or old, ever!
- Then look alive.
We still have decorations to hang.
And new presents are popping
up under our tree every day.
- The countdown's on, Larry.
- Soon it will be Christmas Day.
- Some more creative
control would be nice.
After all, who knows
Christmas better than we do?
- Santa, that's who.
And until he wants to change things up,
we're going to celebrate Christmas
just like we always have.
- Yeah, with smiles and
laughter and high flying.
Ho ho holing high jeans
- Christmas is boring you guys.
Just booooooring.
- Santa, I can't wait for Christmas eve.
All my elf life I've been on a shelf
dreaming of the day when I've been asked
to join your sleighing.
And here it is.
It's greater than I ever imagined.
- Ho ho ho Benny, I'm glad you're enjoying
your first Christmas as a full
pledged member of our team.
- Boy am I!
- As you know, making
sure Christmas happens
for everyone is a lot of hard work.
- I can see that.
I had no idea about
everything that goes into it.
All the little details, the pre-planning,
the fool-proofing.
Christmas is just perfect.
- Christmas has been perfect
for years and years Benny.
As long as folks are smiling
on Christmas morning,
our job is done.
And joy never goes out of style.
Congratulations and welcome
to La Chim my little elf.
I'm happy to have you.
Now, if you don't mind, we
have just a few more presents
to wrap this evening before
you whisk off the bed.
- Oh, I would wrap a thousand more Santa.
A million even.
(suspenseful magical music)
- I despise this time of the year Clank,
there has joy and the
despicable good will.
It affects the land every year.
Year after year after year.
- I agree master.
It's a good thing we
don't have to celebrate.
Up here in the land of no,
there's no Christmas here.
- If only that were so
Clank, merely knowing
that Christmas exist,
it make me want to crush
their little party. (evil laugh)
This year I plan to do just that.
- What do you mean master?
- My magic foresight has
detected a pronounced weakness
in character at the North Pole.
A weakness all glaring, I can exploit it
for my own purposes.
- Is it Santa?
Is he finally growing tired of his role
as the whole planet's gift giver?
- Nah, Santa, he's a lost cause.
He'll give gifts till the end of time.
He loves his holiday to learn everywhere.
Hard to must to ever betray his mission.
The one that my sixth sense is feeling
is another creature.
A goofy one.
One of the thankless workers
who's grown dissatisfied
and discontent and dismayed even.
With his place at the North Pole.
- Bah, humbug, no more
gifts under the tree.
- I can work with this type of gloom.
- So rigorous master.
How do you propose we use
this gloom to our advantage?
- I tell you how.
This creature is so
foolish and so pompous.
If we were to put him
in charge of Christmas,
he will ruin the holidays all on his own
without us having to ever lift a finger.
- Sounds downright desperately master.
- That it is Clank.
Dare I say, this will be the year
the fun of Christmas ends.
And for this year,
neighsayers around the world
will forget the name of
screwed and and dread,
an all new holiday villain
who ruined Christmas forever.
The Mighty Bunion.
(cheerful music)
- Wonderful job tonight, Benny.
I'm very much looking forward
to the sleigh ride with you.
It's a joy having you on my team.
- I'm honored Santa.
There's no place else I'd rather be.
- That's the attitude my
elf, I predict we're going
to do great things together.
Now, if you'll excuse
me, it's time for bed.
I'm not as young as I used to be
and a good night's sleep is
getting more and more important
as the years go by.
- I understand Santa.
I'll make sure the stove
burners are turned off
and the candles are blown out.
- Thank you Benny for all that you do.
- Good night Santa.
I'll start breakfast at sun up
and see you bright and early.
We can wrap more presents if you like.
- You know it, my elf.
Here at the North Pole,
there will always be
more presents to wrap. (laughs)
- Good work today, everyone.
I'm looking forward to even more tomorrow.
- Who am I?
The lead up to Christmas is
more fun than anything else
I can think of.
- Except Christmas itself.
Na-na-nothing beats that.
- You've got that right, Terry.
Each year around this time,
I think the same thing.
How lucky we are to be Christmas reindeer
at the North Pole.
- Yeah!
- Buh, humbug.
- Excuse me, Larry?
I didn't hear you.
Could you speak up?
- Huh?
Oh, nothing.
I was just clearing my throat.
- Aw, okay.
Well, sleep tight gang.
I'll see you bright and
early in the morning.
And we can pick up where we left off.
- Okay.
- Okay.
- You mean what you're
telling us over and over
how great everything
is and how lucky we are
to do the same things year
after year after year?
Gee, I can't wait.
- Hey, that's not the holiday spirit, Lar.
- Yeah, it's Christmas time.
- Huh, humbug.
You guys celebrate all you want.
I'm gonna take a stroll in the town.
- You want us to come with you?
- Nah, I'm my own reindeer.
I don't always need to be part
of a deer quartet, you know.
- Oh, well suit yourself then.
Trabby McCrab.
(bells dinging in distance)
- Sometimes I wonder if this
life is the best there is.
Now, if I could just
be in charge of things.
It would really be a
Christmas to remember.
- [B] Maybe you can be in charge Larry.
- What?
Who said that?
Who's there?
- [B] Just a friend.
And your best friend.
Perhaps your only friend.
All the others don't
understand you like I do Larry.
- Who?
Who are you?
- [B] Come with me.
My friends call me, call me B.
- Okay, B.
How is it that I can hear
you but I can't see you?
- [B] We are communicating
telepathically Larry.
Our minds are connected.
We don't need words to know
what one another is thinking.
- Wow, cool.
- [B] Isn't it, though?
We can do lots of cool things, Larry.
Things you'll never dreamt of. (laughs)
Or perhaps you have.
- What kind of things, B?
- Oh, fun things.
Like taking control of Christmas
and making new rules.
Changing the way things are done.
There are the North Pole.
Doing things differently
or differs time ever.
- Wow, is that even possible?
- With the two of us
working together Larry,
working in tandem, anything is possible.
Anything you put your mind to.
- Anything?
- Anything.
You are the future of Christmas Larry.
And all that is required
for you to seize your chance
is to take the final step.
- What step?
Where does it go?
- Here, to my castle.
Not far.
All you have to do is find me Larry.
- Really?
Okay, how do I get there?
- Just follow my directions
old majestic reindeer.
You'll leave first thing in the morning
and be here before you know it.
- Wow, I'll await your directions, B.
(B laughs)
- Over and out deer. (laughs loudly)
- Joy, oh Joy!
Finally, it will be a
Christmas to remember.
- Here I'm right where you wanted master.
- This Christmas reindeer
are a simple sort.
He'll soon be eating hay
right outta my hand. (laughs)
(light cheerful music)
- [Tinker] What's gotten
into Larry, you guys?
- Never seen him like that.
- The hard work has
probably gotten to him.
He'll be better right after
our Christmas delivery.
- Yeah, nothing a few mugs of hot coco
and marshmallows can't cure.
- Hear, hear.
- Now, let's sit the hay guys.
I'm beat.
- All right, don't forget.
Meeting with Santa first thing AM.
- Check that.
- Top of the morning Larry.
- Sowen, the Christmas cicada.
- The Christmas bug Larry.
I'm Sowen, the Christmas bug.
I get folks during the
holidays and don't let them be
until the presents are bought.
- Yeah and the last
drop of eggnog is gone.
- Yup, that's me.
A bug some pesky Christmas bug.
Where are you going?
- I'm gonna train to
replace Santa this year.
I'll take over Christmas
and make it the most amazing
holiday in the world.
- News flash, Larry.
Christmas is the most
amazing holiday in the world.
Or didn't you get the memo?
- I can make it better.
- Really?
That's a grand statement Larry, prove it.
- I'll prove it to you.
Once I'm gonna Santa and Chief,
I'll make you honorary Larry helper.
- Larry the reindeer as the new Santa
and Sowen the Christmas
bug as a Larry helper?
That's something I have to see
with my own little bug antenna.
- I'm on the way to get
my Santa credentials.
So, are you coming?
- Not missing this for anything.
You got yourself a traveling buddy Larry.
What's Santa say about
you taking over Christmas?
- Santa's gotta be so proud of me.
- You think so?
- How could he not?
I'll make Christmas so amazing,
his beard will fall off his jolly face.
- That'll be another one for the books.
- My mind assures that
the reindeer has left
the North Pole, Clank.
He'll be here soon
enough and plenty of time
to ruin that blast the
Christmas for everyone.
But I also see a companion by his side.
- A companion?
Who is it master?
- He's some sort of insect.
Flea, maybe.
- You should trim your beard
before they get here master.
- Nos es.
I never trim this beard and
I'm not about to start now.
- Tie it up?
- No, I'll let it flow wild and free.
It's part of my important magic.
- What if that flea gets
tangled in your hair master?
- Then I'll just crush it
just like I'm about to do
to the world's most
beloved holiday. (laughs)
- Well, how about that master?
I was thinking, I could
take the reindeer's place.
I can return to the North
Pole and guide Santa's sleigh
right into the ground.
- No, Clank.
We already tried that
with your brother, Clink.
He deemed off for a nobody.
We'll proceed as planned.
No discussion.
Set the dining room and a table.
Prepare a plate of whiz or something.
Or whatever those reindeer eat.
I want him to feel right at home.
- Yes, master.
- The end of Christmas is approaching.
- Good morning my wonderful,
hardworking reindeer.
I so love seeing the twinkles
that light up your eyes
this time of year.
- The same way we love seeing
you get into Santa mode.
Right Santa?
- All part of the job Terry.
But wait.
One, two, three, someone's missing.
- Hmmm, where is Larry?
- Yeah?
Where's Larry?
- You know Santa, Larry's
been acting strange lately.
- How so?
- He has been complaining that
Christmas plays out the same
every year and he's bored.
- He things we do the same
stuff and says the same stuff
and think the same stuff
and sing the same song
year in and year out.
- He said he yearns for change
and wants to try new things.
- Oh dear.
What's gotten into him?
- I'm sure it's just a
passing phase, Santa.
Larry's young, you know.
He'll get his antlers on straight.
- I hope you're right, Tinker.
Do you think I should
grant him the holiday off?
- Goodness, no.
- We need all the hooves we can get Santa.
It's tough out there.
The temperature, the pace.
The amount of presence.
- And the comradery.
We never ever work a Christmas eve
without everyone on board.
- And we're not about to start now.
- Yeah, Larry will return
soon Santa, you'll see.
- I sure do hope so.
- [Sowen] Gosh Larry.
It seems like we've been walking forever.
Are we almost there?
- Hang in there Sowen, it's not far.
- No, can we see it from here?
Oh, all I see is ice.
- Well, to be fair Sowen,
eyesight isn't exactly
your strong suit.
- Hey, I'm a Christmas
bug, I have other powers
besides sight, I'll let you know.
For example, I can make you
wanna supp for gooey socks
you'll never wear, ever!
I can make you eat too
much and really, really
wanna see your in lots.
- Those are fine powers
to have, Sowen, indeed.
- Hey, how long have we
been out here, anyway?
It feels like it should be dark by now.
- It doesn't get dark here, Sowen.
We're on top of the world.
They don't get sun rotations.
- Oh, huh?
- Hey, who are you two guys?
- Who are you?
- No, we asked you first.
- Yeah, you're on our turf.
If we were on your turf,
we'd introduce ourselves.
- Fair enough.
I'm Sowen the Christmas bug.
And this is my good
buddy, Larry the reindeer.
- Hi, nice to meet you.
I'm Flip.
- And I'm Zoey.
- [Flip] And this is our place.
- Oh, mind if we pass through?
- Not at all, we are penguins.
- Friendly and sociable pack
in the most, at your service.
- You guys look beat.
Need to rest your feet
a while, have a snack.
- Now that you mention it,
I can eat a polar bear.
- Make that two polar bears.
- Well, come on then.
- Flip, Zoey, what did I tell
you being stray animals home?
- Oh, mom, they were really nice.
- Yeah, can we feed them?
- Oh, I don't know.
- We're not wild animals, we're--
- Please.
- They're so cute.
- I'm Larry and that is
Sowen, the holiday tick.
- Bug, holiday bug.
- We're from the North Pole.
- The North Pole?
Ah, that's where Santa lives.
- Whoa, Santa?
- Santa is like, the most.
- Santa is great, sure.
But I'm running Christmas this year.
Any questions or concerns,
you can talk to me.
My door's open anytime.
- You?
- Instead of Santa?
- Yeah, Larry here is
gonna propel Christmas
into the next century.
Something like that.
- I'm on my way to get
my official credentials
from my friend B then I'll run the show.
- No offense Mr. Larry,
but you are no Santa.
- Maybe that's exactly
what this holiday needs.
Somebody who is not
Santa to make Christmas
new and improved.
- I don't think Christmas
needs improving if you ask me.
- Of course it does.
- My penguin senses detect
trouble at the North Pole.
- So, wait, you are like the new Santa?
- Yup.
- Really?
- Really.
- Wow, can I get a polar bear or cob dog
that talks for Christmas?
- Yeah, and can I get
wind up mechanical seagull
that shoots poop?
- Yeah, sure.
- Can I have ice shelf swing?
- And I want chocolate
covered sardine truffles.
- And I want an ice cube puzzle.
- [Flip] Cool, and I want snow play clay.
- [Zoey] And I want a nice Frisbee.
- [Flip] And I want a lock in yoyo.
- And I want a pink icicle with streamers.
- And I want a yak wool detective hat.
- Wow.
- How did Santa (mumbles)
for you so far, Larry?
- This is odd, you guys.
I'm worried.
- We all have to stay focused, Terry.
We can get through whatever's going on
as long as we stick together.
Christmas is stronger than anything.
Always has been, always will be.
- I hope you're right.
- Ho ho ho, my reindeer.
Why have you summoned me?
- There's an issue, Santa.
- There is?
- Yes, Stella sent a message
asking to see you at once.
She said it's urgent.
- Stella from the land of Ice Light?
- Yup.
- I haven't heard from
Stella in a long time.
It must me serious.
- I wonder if it has
something to do with Larry.
We must leave at once.
You reindeer stay here.
Benny and I will go.
- Copy that Santa.
- Ah, whatever the matter, rest assured,
we'll get to the bottom of it.
(magical music)
- [Sowen] This place is spooky.
Nothing good comes from a place Like this.
There's nothing Christmas-y anyway.
- Hold yourself together
Sowen, you're a flea.
A regular vampire.
You drink blood for a living.
- I'm not a flea, I'm a holiday bug.
We all have our specialized diets.
- You do?
- Yeah. (mumbles)
Anymore questions?
And why is it so dark here?
I can't see the tip of my nose.
- You don't have a nose, Sowen.
- [Stella] Santa, so
good to see you again.
- How are you Stella?
How are the kids?
- Fine, we're all fine.
But I must tell you the
reason I called you here.
- What is it?
- Your reindeer, Larry.
He does a visit earlier.
- What?
What's Larry doing all the way up
in the land of Ice Light? .
- He said that he'd be in
charge of Christmas from now on.
And that he was headed
to see a friend named B
for official instructions.
- A friend named B?
- Yes, do you know this character?
- B, hmm.
I think I do.
There's only one creature who's
had lived beyond this land
and his name starts with B.
- Who is it Santa?
- I fear our Larry is going
to engage the Mighty Bunion.
- Did you say the Mighty Bunion?
- The Mighty Bunion?
Oh no!
- Welcome to my castle Larry.
I think you find it most agreeable.
- It's kinda fall apart, yeah.
- Quiet, tick.
The Mighty Bunion speaks.
- It's nice to be here, B.
And it's nice to meet you.
- It certainly is, isn't it?
What do you say we start at the top
and get rid of old barrels tale ho ho ho.
Before getting down to
Christmas business, eh?
- The what?
You mean Santa?
- Of course, I mean Santa.
Whatever old barrels tale ho ho hos,
whether you know warrant
the attention of a wizard
as wicked as I.
- Wicked oh, this guy look
Santa look like a teenager.
- Silence, flea.
- Now B, when you say "get rid",
what do you mean exactly?
- I mean, making sure
Santa is out of our way.
Yeah, for good.
- Like, for good, for good?
- What's the difference between for good
and for good, for good?
- Well, okay, Santa's gone.
Could imply Santa is gone
on a well-deserved vacation.
While for good, for good, is like,
whoa, Santa's gone gone.
- Is gone gone like a
reindeer speak or something?
- No, it's regular speak.
For good good sounds permanent permanent.
Sowen, you know what I mean, right?
- I still can't see the tip
of my nose, I'll let you know.
- See, Sowen gets it.
- (mumbles) to play.
I have no time for games Larry.
Do you want control of Christmas or not?
- Yes, but you're not
gonna hurt Santa, right?
- Of course not.
Not too much.
- Oh, right.
I'm ready then.
- Very well.
This spell I now cast will
get Santa out of the way,
paving the way for you
to assume his throne.
- He doesn't sit on a throne though.
He just has like a chair.
- Four of them, wooden ones.
- Yeah, around his dining table.
- He has no reading chair too.
Now that's comfortable.
I sat in it one time.
- Enough!
A throne was just a figure of speech.
I don't care what Santa sits on.
- Okay, don't get your
beard up all in a knot.
- My beard is not tied all up in a knot.
- A beard is so up ina
knot that if I were a flea
I'll start laying in the ground
were for a snazzy condo in there.
- Quiet, I'm going to cast my spell now.
No interruptions.
Wing of raven, beard of goat.
Now you see him, at the end you don't.
I have newtt and boy, old prawn.
He once was there but now he's gone.
- Is that it?
- Yes Larry, that's it.
- You feel mighty or anything?
- I don't know, I think so.
Do I look mighty?
- Maybe like try to stand up straighter.
- Don't worry North Polites, my spell's
never missed their targets.
Although, we are so far up
on the top of this world,
there's just a beat of a leg.
Kinda like the live TV delay, you know.
My vanishing spell shoot me taking effect
right about now.
- There's only one way I know to combat
the Mighty Bunion's evil spells
and that's to--
- Santa!
- Oh no!
- Santa?
Santa, where are you?
(B laughs)
- It is done North Polites,
congratulations Larry.
Christmas is, if you
still wanna call it that,
now yours.
- Wow, that was easy.
And Santa's in the Swiss Alps, you say?
- Yeah, having a grand old time.
Skiing and drinking eggnog.
- Oh, goodie.
- Are you ready to run
the Christmas reindeer?
- I sure am.
Where do I start?
Oh, right.
Is there anything I can write with?
- We're almost done Clank.
Hold your joints, cling your chassy.
Turn up your spark plugs.
You should be good for
another season easy.
- Excellent Lag.
You're the best mechanic of metal cell
containing a magically guns an evil spirit
can ever hope for.
- No, thanks Clank.
So, is Mighty Bunion
really giving Christmas
to that reindeer?
- Affirmative.
- (mumbles)
I was kinda hoping to get
a crack out of myself.
I think I'd do a pretty good job with it.
- Negative.
- I know Bunion always
sees me as a heavy lifter
but I could do more, is all I'm saying.
If I just got a chance.
- Are you entering our New
Year supervillain potluck?
- I didn't know about it.
How do I enter?
- Just give Bella a tow.
- A tow?
- Yes, a tow.
- You mean like--
- Oh, wrap one off, put it in the hat.
If Bunion picks it out on New Year's day,
you'll be granted your
own kingdom to lord over.
- Wow, okay.
- Are we almost done Lag?
I need to use the bathroom.
- Now I'm really starting to worry.
Santa's been gone a long time.
- Yeah, he never takes this slow on a run.
Especially so close to the big day.
- I don't think there's cause
for alarm just yet guys.
This is a special circumstance after all.
When's the last time we had a
dissector at the North Pole?
- I can't remember.
- Me neither.
- That's because there's never been one.
This is a happy place.
Full of kindness and cheer,
we've never known anything else.
And we never will.
- You think?
- I know.
- But what if Larry doesn't come back?
- Perry, that's silly talk.
Santa will bring Larry home.
Even if he oust a dragon by the outliers .
- That'd be a funny sight.
- Sure would be.
- We'll wait a little while longer.
And if there's still no sign of Santa,
we'll go find him ourselves.
We have a Christmas to organize.
(Larry sighs)
- Okay, this is it.
Christmas is in my hooves.
Time to show them what I got.
Santa will be so proud of me.
- Ah, the power of Christmas
is within you, yes?
- Yes B, I feel powerful,
all warm and Christmas-y.
- Great, now it's time to enact
the second part of my plan.
- Oh, cool icicles.
What is it?
- Oh, you leave that to me. (chuckles)
- Check that.
- When you meet your
friends again, stay calm.
And remember my orders.
- Got it.
- Assure them that you cherish Christmas
every beat as much as they do.
None eh, more so.
And now that Santa's gone, it's up to you
to run the Christmas.
- Yes, I won't let you down.
- I know you won't Larry.
That's why I chose you to
lead the most popular holiday
the world has ever known.
- I'll make you proud B,
I'll make everyone proud.
- Atta boy!
Go get them Larry.
- Hey everybody, I'm back.
- Whoa, Larry!
- When did you get back?
- Just now, ho ho ho, Merry Christmas!
- Hold it right there Larry.
You can't use that phrase.
- Says who?
- Says Santa.
- Santa is in the Swiss Alps
having a grand old time.
Skiing and drinking eggnog.
- He is?
- Yes, he deserved a
vacation, don't you think?
And as Santa's favorite
reindeer, I'm in charge now.
- Santa's favorite reindeer? (laughs)
Don't make me laugh.
I just had too much alfalfa.
I might burst.
- Hey, he always complimented my trot
and my elegant antler.
- Oh please, you are a slow poke.
- You're limp.
- And you ask for a bathroom
break every two miles.
- Well, nevermind that.
I'm in charge now and Christmas
will be new and improved.
- But Larry, we love
Christmas just the way it is.
- You'll like it even more
now that I'm in charge.
Trust me, ho ho ho, ho, ho, ho.
- Whoa, Santa's gone gone.
- I see that.
- You mean that goofy deer
isn't Santa after all?
- And now, the real Santa's gone gone?
- What about my polar
bear, cob dog that talks?
- What about my wind up mechanical seagull
that shoots poop?
- What about my ice shelf swing?
- What about my chocolate
covered sardine truffles?
- What about my ice cube puzzle?
- What about my snow play clay?
- What about my ice Frisbee?
- What about my lock in yoyo?
- What about my pink
icicle with streamers?
- What about my yak wool detective hat?
- What about Christmas?
It'll be here for all we know it.
Without Santa, it'll be ruined.
- Santa has obviously fallen
victim to an evil spell.
I know a creature who wields
powerful magic of his own.,
- You do?
- His name is Baba Bartholomew Briskit.
Bart, for short.
And he may be our only chance.
- How do I find him?
- Sprout will take you there.
- Sprout?
- Yeah, he's a kindly tunder fungus.
Grows around here somewhere.
Hey Sprout!
- You know, this place is really comfy.
I never spent much time in here before.
- That's because it's not
your place it's Santa's.
- Now, Tinker, what did
I tell you about Santa?
The Swiss Alps, remember?
- It doesn't matter what you told me
because you are not the boss, Santa is.
And he'll come back, I just know he will.
- Christmas is right around the corner.
And we have yet to set an official plan
for the North Pole.
- That's because Santa
sets the plan Larry.
- I have some ideas of my own.
- I'm sure they're just wonderful.
- Now that's the spirit.
Would you like me to
tell you some of them?
- Do I have a choice?
- Well, nope.
- In that case, tell away.
- Great!
First, I'm thinking of updating
the gift giving dynamic.
- Updating?
- Yeah, we'll do email
gift cards for those
we don't care so much about, one click
and they're taken care of.
- How personal.
- Not at all.
That's the point.
You don't wanna be stuck
buying gifts for them anyway.
They'll eventually see
that they're never going
to get a gift from us and they'll go away.
- You can't be serious.
- Of course I am.
And for those loves ones
who we do care about,
we're gonna switch things up a little bit.
- Switch things up, how?
- I'm thinking of a Christmas egg hunt.
- An egg hunt?
- Yeah, we'll stash small
gifts inside decorative eggs
and hide them all around the houses.
On Christmas morning, children
will search for the eggs
to find their presents.
- Really?
- Really, what do you think?
- I think that's Easter.
- Right, it is kinda similar, huh?
- Kinda.
- Thanks for coming with me Sprout.
I don't think I could deal with the dragon
all by myself, even if he is friendly.
- No worries Benny.
Anything I can do to help someone
having trouble on the tunder.
I'll do it.
I'm a kindly fungus.
- A kindly fungus?
- Yeah, we're an arctic
species, quite rare.
We only grow on east facing ice shells
in an elf dung after our major rain.
- Wow!
- We kindly fungus don't get
to see many new faces up here
so anytime we do, it's
always a special occasion.
- Christmas is a special occasion too.
I just don't know if we'll ever
have it again without Santa.
- Don't be (mumbles) Benny.
You can take Santa out of
Christmas but you can never
take Christmas out of Santa.
That jolly old fella will be back.
Mark my words.
- You really think so?
- I sure do, come on.
Let's find that bubble
bob follow me whisket
and see what he thinks.
- Larry, I just don't see why Christmas
needs to be different.
It's the greatest holiday ever.
It doesn't need updating.
It doesn't need to change with the times.
It doesn't need a brothel uphill.
Christmas is perfect in every way.
- I'd listen to him Larry.
He knows what he's talking about.
He's a North Pole reindeer.
And so are you.
- Just hear me out.
How about this?
Everybody's sick and tired
of wrapping presents, right?
- Wrong!
- In place of gifts, we'll
do a Christmas turkey dinner
with all the fixins.
- Are you serious?
- Absolutely.
It's cheaper, it brings
families closer together,
there's less waste and the
dogs can handle the leftovers
and their turkey bones.
- It's also called Thanksgiving.
- Ah, that's right.
Okay, I have other ideas.
- See what I mean?
- Oh boy.
Christmas is in trouble.
(magical music)
- It sure is cold in
here Sprout, and damp.
I wish I had a cap like yours.
It seems to repel wetness and fog.
- You can't get one like
this off the rag Benny.
You're either born with it or you're not.
- I guess I'm out of luck then, brrrr.
- Not for much longer.
Hey, it's Snag, long time no see.
- 'sup Sproutster, I ain't seen
you since ice old (mumbles).
Who this?
- This is my old friend, Benny.
He's from the North Pole.
- North Pole, huh?
I didn't know there'd yard
gnomes in the North Pole.
- Yard gnomes?
I'm not a yard gnome.
I'm a Christmas elf.
- I bet they all say that
round this time of the year.
- Snag, we're in a jam.
Do you think we can see your dad?
- From here?
Don't know.
How far an you see?
- I--
(Snag laughs)
- I'm just playing with you.
Come on, y'all, he's over this way.
(cheerful music)
- I got it, I got it!
How about this?
We do Christmas costumes and candy.
Everyone dresses up and goes door to door
collecting goodies from
everyone they meet.
I know, I know.
That's what they do on
St. Patrick's day, right?
Ah, well done, back to the drawing board.
- What are we going to do?
- How do we stop this
madness without Santa?
- How long do you think Santa
will stay in the Swiss Alps?
- Do they have eggnog in the Swiss Alps?
- I think so.
- Then, a while.
- Updating our holidays.
You guys, my brainy's on break.
I'm gonna sleep and start first
thing fresh in the morning.
- Thank heaven for small miracles.
- Oh, I got it.
We'll fly gifts in on kites.
- Hey pop, got some
visitors who wanna see ya.
- Visitors?
Up here?
Must be important.
- It is, Mr. Baba Bartholomew Briskit.
Sorry if we're disturbing you.
- Call me Bart.
Hey, you're all growing up fast Sprout.
Last time I laid eyes on you,
you were just a filament.
How's Stella?
- Getting fish like a pro.
- That sounds like the Stella I know.
Tell them my offer of a
cook Alps still stands.
Just not in the middle of
that icy lake like last time.
That was cold.
Tell me there fellas,
what brings you here?
- My name's Benny.
I'm Santa's newest elf
from the North Pole.
- Santa?
How is that old cutter?
- Well, not good.
- Oh? Is he ill?
- He's gone.
- Gone?
What do you mean gone?
- He was stricken by an evil spell.
And he disappeared.
- No.
- Right in front of our eyes.
- Well, get out.
- This is terrible news.
- But worse, I love
Christmas and even more,
I love getting Christmas presents. (cries)
- You know, way back when
I was accidentally tapped
to lead Santa's sleigh.
- You were?
(Snag cries)
- [Snag] Really?
- I was, but at the
last minute, Santa felt
that a goofy deer was less
scary than a fire-breathing
dragon, it's there he made the switch.
And that's how y'all got those reindeer.
- Wow, I didn't know that.
- Oh, we agree to keep that hush, hush.
Tell me Benny, do you
know who cast the spell
that made Santa disappear?
- Well, before it
happened, Santa mentioned
something about a Mighty Bunion.
- The Mighty Bunion?
- Is that bad?
- It doesn't get much worse.
If what you say is true, Benny,
we have no time to spare.
It's been a while, my magic might be rusty
but I'm gonna try a spell of our own
to counteract any magic
that's holding Santa captive.
- You do magic pop?
I never knew.
- There's lots of things
you don't know son.
All in due time.
Stand clear, y'all.
Illuminate this shadow,
show the hiding place.
Deliver before us my
friend's smiling face.
(fun music)
Blast it.
Just a fungus from the grass lands.
Let me try again.
- I feel lousy, you guys.
With each passing second,
Christmas is slipping
through out antlers.
There's nothing we can do about it.
- Now that we're seen as reindeer,
we're not just gonna sit and watch
our holiday go down the
troops, we're responsible
for bringing joy to
households around the world
and we'll do it again.
With or without Santa.
- I agree with you both
and I also disagree.
- Whatever do you mean Tinker?
- I mean, melping around the North Pole,
imagining what might've
been, won't get us anywhere.
And neither will trying to
fill Santa's boots ourselves.
- You have any better suggestions?
- As a matter of fact, I do.
We're going to go find
Santa and bring him home.
- We will?
- Yes!
Perry, you come with me,
Terry, you keep an eye
on everything while we're gone.
- Copy that.
- Thank you for trying.
I understand if there's
nothing you can do.
- Nothing I can do?
Gnome, you don't know me very well.
- I'm not a gnome, I'm a Christmas--
- Stand back everyone!
- Oh right, pop.
Make some magic happen.
- Hush boy, I need to concentrate.
- Right, sorry.
- Memories strong for my long lost friend.
Break hove and spells
and bring him back again.
- Well, would you look at that?
- It's another mushroom.
- Mushrooms are cute.
Way to go pop.
- I'm rusty (mumbles).
- This is marvelous Clank.
Everything is going according to my plan.
- How so master?
- How so?
I'll tell you how so.
My arch and nemesis Santa is gone forever.
And he's off for holiday survival rest
on the shaky shoulders
of that goofy reindeer,
that's how so.
- Others beings around the
castle would've enjoyed
the chance to control Christmas.
- Other beings?
Like who?
- Lag expressed interest.
- Lag?
He never stopped opening
his own presents long enough
to get out of his room.
And ruin the holiday for anybody.
Who else?
- Well, I also had some ideas master.
- You?
What would a recycled heap
of metal held together
by a magic spell, containing
the imprisoned spirit
of a medieval peasant?
Possibly wandering Christmas.
- Well, if I had the
chance, I'd do a better job
than that reindeer.
- That's just it Clank.
I don't want someone to do a better job.
I didn't appoint Larry the reindeer
so that Christmas would survive.
I did this so it will be ruined.
Done as (mumbles) by
Santa's disappearance.
Then finished off by a
new incompetent leader,
completely ruined.
- Surely your evil vision
has no limits master.
- A world we saw the yuletide.
Children without smiles, fur
trees without the bubbles.
Have you ever laid eyes on a
fur tree without bubbles Clank?
- Well, no.
- You haven't seen nothing then.
- I guess this is it Sprout.
Santa's gone and Christmas
as we know it is over.
- Come on Benny.
Let's give Bart one more chance.
He's trying really hard.
- Yeah, don't count my pop
out, he's a top dragon.
- He's great at making
mushrooms, I see that.
But mushrooms are simple organisms,
made up of a mass of thread
like (mumbles) form of mycelium.
Santa's made of flesh and bones.
I'm afraid that Mighty Bunion's
magic is just too strong.
- Too strong you say?
Too strong for me?
Ba-ba-Bartholomew Briskit?
I'll show you.
- Well y'all, move back, move bacK.
Give pop some room.
- Come on Ba-Bartholomew.
Third time's the charm.
- You think that I'm soft,
but pop's no pushover.
I'll wrap that evil spell
in a four leaf clover.
Throw a wizard across the
ocean and have no fear.
Santa was there, but now, Santa is here.
(lively music)
- Santa, Santa!
- I'm telling you, when we
find that no good wizard,
I'm gonna show him what
these antlers can do.
- What's the point?
Fighting only creates more enemies.
I think the world without
Christmas is bad enough.
- Don't let doubt drag you down boys.
We're almost there.
And if anyone can rescue Santa, it's us.
His trusty Christmas reindeer.
- Let's do it.
- Benny, little Sprout, big Bart!
- I'm Snag.
And I'm gonna work on your sleigh one day.
- Now, now, now son.
Let Santa get his bearings.
- Ho ho ho ho.
A trip off the old block I see.
- Something like that.
- I'll keep a spot open for you, Snag.
Yon just call me when you're ready, okay?
- Okay!
Did you hear that pops?
- I did.
Sounds like you have a better shot
than your old man did kid.
- Santa, where have you been?
- A dreadful place.
- The center of the Earth?
- No, the Swiss Alps.
And they had no eggnog.
- (gasps) Lahowa!
- Thank you guys for rescuing me.
- That's what friends are for Santa.
- Yeah, we keep it magical around here.
- Well, come to the North Pole and keep it
magical there sometime.
You all have a standing dinner invitation.
- Really?
Oh, how cool.
- We'll take you up on that Santa.
But be warned, we dragons
have big stomachs.
- I know it Bart.
I'll have Mrs. Clause start cooking now.
Well, we must go now.
I believe we have a holiday to save.
- Yey!
- This is so awesome, Mighty B.
Thanks for letting me stay in your castle.
- My name is not Mighty B, flea.
Call me Mighty Bunion.
That is my name.
- Oh yeah, my bad.
I'm sorry Mighty Bunion.
You know, I just wanna say
again how grateful I am
for what you've done for Christmas.
For a minute there, I was afraid
it would be ruined forever.
But your quick thinking
and wise decision making
has preserved our holiday
for generations to come.
- What?
What do you mean?
- I think you've made Christmas
even stronger than ever.
You may not get credit for
that now, but you will.
Trust me.
History loves a winner.
And I believe the Mighty
Bunion and Christmas
will go down as the
greatest pairing since,
since peanut butter and jelly.
- I detest peanut butter and jelly.
- Peanut butter and chocolate then.
My point is, naming Larry the reindeer
as the new head of Christmas
even if he's a little green,
especially if he's a little green,
is only gonna make
Christmas bigger than ever.
- Oh?
What makes you think of that tick?
- Psychic psychology.
People all over the world
will relate to Larry's spite.
The fish out of the water, underdog,
thrown into a job he cannot qualify for.
Succeeding against all odds,
they'll see themselves in him.
Get behind him, cheer him on.
Christmas will be the big winner.
So thanks Mighty Bunion.
Thanks for saving Christmas
and bringing joy to the world.
- Joy to the world?
We'll see about that.
- Hey, look, here's somebody.
- Oh look, mama, more
cute stray creatures.
- Now, don't try to
feed them until we know
what they are kids.
- We are reindeer from the North Pole.
- You're Santa's reindeer?
- Oh, cool.
Can we feed them now mama?
- No kids, behave.
I'm Stella, an old friend of Santa's.
And this is my daughter
Zoey, and my boy Fip.
- I'm Tinker.
- And I'm Perry.
- We're looking for Santa.
Have you seen him?
- A search party is out
looking for Santa as we speak.
- A search party?
- Yes, a kind tunder fungus.
- Our friend Sprout.
- And Santa's elf, Benny.
- Benny's okay?
- He's okay.
- What about Santa?
- Santa fell victim to an evil spell
and he vanished before our very eyes.
- Oh no!
- Do you mind showing us which
way the search party went?
- They went that way.
- That's right, they have
a little head start on you
but you should be able to catch up.
- Thanks for your help.
Come on Perry, we have a Santa to rescue.
- Clank.
I believe I may have error.
- Oh?
Have you decided to grant me
Christmas controL after all?
- Ha!
Don't be silly.
I'm talking about that reindeer Larry.
I thought his natural
foolishness will (mumbles)
and make them despise
all things of Christmas.
But now, I fear the opposite may occur.
His stupidity may actually be endearing
and we can't have that.
- No, we cannot.
I concur.
What are you gonna do about it master?
- I'm gonna use a mad magic
to take over that deer's mind.
And turn him evil.
Like us.
- Wow, how utterly villainess of you.
- I know right?
I'll work Larry like a puppet.
With the ridiculously crazy behavior
that no one could possibly (mumbles).
By the time I'm done, everybody
will absolutely hate
Christmas. (evil laugh)
- Sowen, our plan might've backfired,
now Mighty's more gang holed than ever
to ruin Christmas.
We have to warn the others
about Mighty's new plan.
We need to leave right now.
- I agree, do you have
everything you need?
- Are you coming?
- Yes, of course.
- Then I have everything I need.
- Oh.
- They think they'll save Christmas today.
I'll show them.
I'll just show them all.
Just wait till I get a load of me.
(cheerful music)
- Hi, we're from the North Pole.
- Whoa, Christmas deer.
- And we're looking for--
- Santa?
You just missed him.
- We did?
- Yup, my pop rescued him.
- He did?
- Snag's exaggerating.
I merely did a favor for an old friend.
- Which way did he go?
- He went that way with an
elf and a little fungus.
- Santa's going back to the North Pole.
- Let's hurry up and get back home too.
- I'll see you guys next year.
Santa hired me!
- Ho ho ho ho, it's good to be home.
- Santa, you're back!
- I am, indeed.
Thanks to the quick thinking
of all my good friends.
- Speaking of friends,
where's Tinker and Perry?
- They went looking for Santa.
- Oh no!
Now we must go looking for them.
- Calm yourselves down.
We're talking about Tinker and Perry.
Two of the mightiest reindeer
of all the North Pole.
They'll be fine.
- They will?
- Of course!
What I'm concerned about
now is where is Larry
and what is this business about
him taking over Christmas.
- At last, we're home.
Let's find Santa.
- I wonder if he's already found out
Larry moved into his house.
- And he's trying to change Christmas.
- Hey, speaking of Larry.
- Gabble dee gabble dee, slippery slip.
Pine cords and acorns
in your Christmas soup.
- Larry, where did you come from?
- And when did you start
rhyming like a weirdo?
- I've always loved rhymes
and puzzles and riddles,
will Christmas burn while
the reindeer fiddles?
- Okay, now you sound downright bonkers.
- Mad as a header.
- Tick Tock Tock boys,
the clocks are ticking.
It's almost Christmas eve.
What gift will you be picking? (laughs)
- Let's find Santa at once.
- Yeah, not a minute to waste.
This deer's gone bad.
- Santa, only you can
stop the Mighty Bunion
from ruining Christmas.
- Or the Mighty Bunion
who dwells inside Larry.
- Oh, what a mess.
- Santa, what shall we do?
- Dark magic is afoot.
And there's no time to return to ask help
of Bart the dragon.
We must act at once.
Wait, where's Benny?
- And now, using powerful magic spells,
I shall destroy Christmas
once and for all.
- Wait!
- What?
What do you think you're doing elf?
- I'm just an elf, I know.
And a new elf at that, but
I believe in our job here.
And I believe in the North Pole.
And I believe in Christmas.
And I believe in you Larry!
- Silly gnome.
- Christmas should a holiday
of cheer and gratitude
and love and family.
Not of gloom and doom.
And I know that deep
down, you agree with me.
- Nope, I disagree, so sue me.
- Look, I know we can't
all get along all the time.
But some things are universal.
A smile, a wave.
A pat on the back, a
hug, a Merry Christmas.
Can we just agree on that?
That the spirit of Christmas lives in each
and everyone of us and binds us altogether
in the North Pole?
Or wherever.
- I find it hard to argue with that.
- I'm losing power over
that goofy reindeer.
That gnome is making way too much sense.
Wiggly Clank, go get
some salamander breath
so I make some more magical potion.
- No.
- What did you just say?
- I said no, Bunion.
- Bunion?
You don't call me a Bunion.
We've been over this.
You call me master.
- Not anymore, Bunion.
I've done everything you've ever asked.
Polished your shoes, built
a kingdom brick my brick,
breached castles, defeated enemies.
For what?
To be ignored and disregarded
time and time again.
- Ignored?
Well, all right.
What do you want?
Name it, it's yours.
You want Christmas?
Done, it's yours.
Do you hear me?
It's yours.
- That's too late, Bunion.
What else made all the
sense in the world to me.
I now see the error of my ways.
And I'm not on your side anymore.
- Not on my...
But I created you.
You're my supernatural, magical sidekick.
You cannot turn your back on me.
I will stop you.
- Just try it.
- Very well, have it your way.
Rusty bogs and squeaky joints.
Downward bound your needle points.
Molten steel and scrap iron heap.
What you sow, you will now reap.
- Meryy Christmas Bunion.
- What?
No! No!
- Your spell's reversed.
The Christmas spirit is stronger than you.
Always, has been.
And always will be.
You're doomed Bunion and
Christmas is free from your grasp.
- [Bunion] Noooooo!
- Hi Benny, what's going on?
- Larry, you're back!
- Back from where?
Was I sleepwalking again?
- Oh, Larry, it's you all right.
So glad to have you back.
- What?
What did I miss?
Oh, I didn't miss Christmas, didn't I?
There's Santa, hi Santa!
Where have you been?
- We'll talk about that later Larry.
I'm just happy you're Your old self again.
- Terry, Perry, Tinker,
where have you guys been?
- More like where have you been Larry.
- Me?
I think I've been sleepwalking again.
- Ho ho ho ho.
Our good old Larry is back.
Now it's time to get Christmas in gear.
What do you guys say?
- Hooray!
- Cool icicles.
(bells dinging)
(cheerful music)
- Well, well, well. (laughs)
That was a Christmas eve to remember guys.
- Yeah, we delivered
all the gifts on time.
- Without a hitch.
- Great job, everybody.
- Santa?
- Yes, Larry?
- I want to apologize.
I don't think I've been
sleepwalking at all.
- Oh no?
- No, I remember everything now.
I've been a bad, bad reindeer.
I've tried to take your place
and be in charge of Christmas.
Will you ever forgive me?
- Larry?
- Yes, Santa?
- I will forgive you.
You are after all, my favorite reindeer.
- I am?
See, I told you guys!
I'm Santa's favorite.
- Yes, you are a slowpoke, Larry.
You have a quirky limp and
you ask for a bathroom break
about every two miles (laughs)
which makes you absolutely adorable.
I just can't stay mad at you.
- Oh.
- Look at the bright side, Larry.
No matter what, you can do
no wrong in Santa's eyes.
- Yeah, unconditional
love is the most amazing
thing to have.
- And Santa's unconditional
love is the most special of all.
- I guess so.
- You're forgiven Larry.
So what do you say?
Are you happy to be
Santa's special reindeer?
- Yes Santa.
- Limp, bathroom breaks and all?
- Oh yes, Santa, all of it.
- Do you still wanna run Christmas?
- No way!
- Oh yeah?
And why not?
- Oh Santa.
I've tried to come up with
new and innovative ways
to celebrate Christmas,
and nothing was as amazing
as the way we've been doing it forever.
Christmas the way it is.
It's the best.
- Ho ho ho ho, good to hear that Larry.
- Oh Santa, being your favorite
reindeer is the greatest
Christmas gift of all.
Thank you Santa.
And Merry Christmas.
- Merry Christmas to you too, Larry.
And Merry Christmas to all.
- Merry Christmas everybody.
- [Perry] Merry Christmas.
- [Terry] Merry Christmas.
(Santa laughs)
- I'll be back.
This is far from over.
You wretched, all eyes
haven't seen the last
of the Might Bunion.
Our return's stronger, scarier, mightier!
And I'll step out your
stupid Christmas cheer
off of your face.
- Ah, shut up.
- How dare you!
- And by the way, I quit.
- What?
Where are you going?
- I'm going to the North Pole
to be a Christmas helper.
Good riddance you old keep.
(merry music)
(Santa laughing)
It's Christmas time
Do do do do doo
It's Christmas time
Do do do do doo
Happy Christmas, it's Christmas time
Merry Christmas, it's Christmas time
Happy Christmas, it's Christmas time
Merry Christmas, Merry Christmas.
- [Santa] Merry Christmas.
(cheerful music)
- [Santa] Merry Christmas!
Ho ho ho ho ho.