Oh My Dog (2022) Movie Script

Welcome to the 24th International
Agility Championship for top class dogs!
We are watching Fernando's dog Hitler
shooting up the lap!
Come on!
-We all know that Hitler has won...
...this tournament for the last two years,
and expect the same this year as well.
An extraordinary finish, Hitler!
The championship goes to Mr. Fernando!
Now, his mentor, Mr. Nassar, will present
the award to Mr. Fernando.
That was my sixth consecutive award.
A record set in London in 1970...
...I equalled here.
If I win the next championship,
I'll be the world record holder!
It will definitely happen
this year.
No one can change that!
Your mentor, Mr. Nassar, claims he'll win
the trophy this year.
He was my employee.
And his methods are old.
How do you select dogs
for competition?
I breed the best of the best dogs.
I maintain the bloodline.
Only the fittest
can survive in this world.
Those with no such qualities,
are not qualified to remain here.
I believe in that.
Very good.
The dog likes you a lot.
-He likes me...
My slaves!
My golden slaves!
Give me that.
How many times have I told you
not to come here?
Bloody moron!
Take him back to his room.
-Okay, sir.
He happens to be my damn brother.
Had it not been for the inheritance,
I'd have ended him ages ago!
My darlings!
Sorry, boys.
As I was out of town,
I couldn't meet you.
Would popping out two more puppies
been beneath you?
How long has it been?
As of today, thirty days.
Come, come, come...
It was born blind, boss.
How is this possible?
The cockiness of a three time champion, eh?
Kill it.
Can I just let it loose somewhere?
Why kill it, boss?
Someone might take it, right?
No one will raise a blind dog.
It will grow up as a stray.
In a year, it'll mate with another stray
and have puppies.
If that happens,
what about my dignity?
Kill it!
If you dare let it loose...
...the two of you are dead meat.
Alright, boss.
Let's bury it here.
Like he'll know the difference!
You don't know him.
If he gets suspicious,
he'll even dig up the grave.
That scary a man, huh?
Of course! To avoid trouble
with the Blue Cross and whatnot...
...he has told us to bury it
on the estate.
What arrogance!
Today is your last day!
This is your fate!
Do you deserve this, boss?
It's getting away!
Catch it!
Way to screw up, boss!
The dog gets away
and you bump into me, you wretch?
Let's catch it!
You're not letting me do it!
-Hold up!
Always bumping into me! Search that side!
-Got it!
I don't know where it went...
What gives?
Did you find it?
It ran off, didn't it?
Don't breathe a word about this
to anyone.
We killed the dog!
No. It escaped!
We'll lie to the boss
that we killed the dog!
We brought it here. We killed it.
We buried it.
Got it? Let's go!
-Killed and buried it.
Are you ready, Arjun?
'Lot of time I got to play'
'Lot of stories to say'
-'Boy I tell you...'
Who's there?
-'It's my kinda day'
-It wasn't me, Grandpa!
'Lot of theories to break'
'Bro I tell you, that's my kind of day'
'A house without rules,
A town without schools'
'If I get such a day,
it's my kinda day!
Want to cross the road?
'My toys will dance with me'
-Bye, uncle.
'The birds will sing with me'
-Thank you, Arjun.
-Bye, dad!
'If I so wish,
it's my kinda day'
Why did you hit my friend?
-That's what I do!
'I'll make mischief,
I'll pick fights'
What's going on here?
-'But I'll always play fair'
'I'll study some,
I'll pretend some'
'I'll break some...
That's how I slay it'
'I just love my life'
'I just love my life'
-Hey kids! Snack time!
'I just love my life'
-'Horns strapped, tails wagging'
'I just love my life'
-'Come and have fun with me'
'Horns strapped, tails wagging'
'Come and have fun with me'
Hey, Arjun!
Look how people litter!
How dare you litter like this? Get him!
-It wasn't me!
'Too many lives,
too many hopes'
'Too many lives,
too many hopes'
'At school, my gang reigns supreme'
'In class, it's fireworks extreme'
'If I light the fuse, that's my kinda day'
-Catch me, Arjun!
I'm right here!
'Lots of bustle,
loads of buzz'
'Legions of laughter...
That's how we roll'
'A hint of a smile,
a bit of swagger'
'A dash of discipline...
that's how we roll'
Haven't slept yet? Shall we go to bed?
-'I just love my life'
'Horns strapped, tails wagging'
'I just love my life'
-'Come and have fun with me'
'Horns strapped, tails wagging...
Come and have fun with me'
-What is this, dad?
'Lot of time I got to play'
'Lot of stories to say'
''Boy I tell you that's my kind of day'
-Look at mom, dad.
I'm going to crush you!
-Wow! I'll whack you!
Mess with me now!
-Good God!
How are you all?
Have some biscuits.
What are you up to?
How many times have I told you
not to come here?
I ought to...
-I just came for a look, aunty!
"Came for a look"?
-I won't come here again!
Getting away, eh?
Come here again,
you've had it!
Mallika aunty's dog has got puppies, mom!
Did you bother them?
No, mom.
Why don't dogs have puppies
in many colors?
How do you dream up such questions?
Tell me, mom!
First, give this coffee
to your grandpa.
Don't meddle with anything there. Okay?
-Okay, mom.
Oh, so you're all here, huh?
I've been looking for you for days.
A forest!
I am the king of this forest!
"I" am the king of this forest!
I am the most powerful.
I can squash you like a bug!
Shall we find out?
Come over here, bunny!
Don't get caught.
Leap into the cave!
Oh no!
What are you doing?
-I'm sorry, grandpa! I did nothing!
This broke too?
What's the matter?
-Look what your son did!
My eighth pair of spectacles!
How many times have I told you
not to send him to my room?
Let it go. It's mere spectacles.
We'll get a new one.
"Let it go"?
Does money grow on trees?
Like you could...
You cannot even repay
the mortgage loan on the house.
Why bring that up now?
The loan is for the boy's education,
I'll repay it.
-Like hell, you will!
Have you repaid even a thousand rupees
against the principal?
But you pay eight thousand rupees
a month toward his school fees!
Why do you say such things?
Repaying the loan is my responsibility.
One fine day, the creditor
will show up at our doorstep...
...and demand to pay up the entire sum
or throw all of us out of here!
We'll end up on the street!
Only then will you get it!
I'm handling every damn expense
for this family all by myself!
What does a broken pair of spectacles
have to do with an unpaid loan?
Stop grumbling about everything, dad!
With such expenses, why put
the wastrel in an international school?
You can scold your son all you want.
Hell, even scold me
for the misfortune of marrying your son.
But don't you dare
call my son a wastrel!
Be quiet
and get inside!
Don't you know who you're talking to?
-Yes, I do!
Everyone dotes on their grandchildren.
And here's this man!
All grown up, but...
Watch your tongue!
Are you happy now?
Once I find Arjun didn't break
those glasses, you're done for.
A butterfly!
Come here...
Oh dear...
Stuck in the muck, are you?
Hold on.
I'll save you.
Hold on.
Stop struggling!
Your body is covered in muck.
I'll get you cleaned up.
Shall we go home?
Come here!
-What is it, mom?
I looked for you everywhere!
Where were you?
Look at this puppy, mom.
It didn't know how to swim.
I saved it.
It has no one, mom.
Let's raise it.
Raising you is a world war by itself!
And you want a dog?
Tell me!
Did you break grandpa's glasses?
Drop the act.
Answer me!
I didn't break it, mom.
Grandpa woke up with a start.
And the glasses fell down.
Having shoddy glasses was his mistake.
-Quit acting smart!
Always out loitering!
Look at you!
The puppy, mom!
Oh spare me!
Be quiet and come!
It hurts!
-Watch your step!
So much trouble at home every day,
thanks to you.
Grandpa is yelling his head off.
I told you not to touch anything.
Do you ever listen?
-Poor thing, mom!
What will that puppy do, mom?
Will you go to sleep or not?
You tell me, dad.
It's really teeny!
It's mother would've picked it up.
Like your mother brought you home?
Just like that, its mother
would've taken it home.
Now will you go to sleep?
-Alright, dad.
Good night!
-Good night.
Good night, mom!
-Good night.
How did you find my house?
What are you doing?
-Nothing, mom!
Oh no! If mom sees this,
we'll be in trouble.
Where do I hide you?
This basket is the right place.
Stay here!
Who are you talking to, Arjun?
Nobody, mom!
"The king was pleased with the
farmers' love for heritage."
-"He constructed..."
Thank you, mom.
This is quite the surprise.
He's at his studies
early in the morning.
Here you go.
Really hungry, huh?
I'll ask mom for another glass of milk.
You don't want me to help you bathe, Arjun?
No need, mom.
I can do it myself.
You're full of surprises today.
Oh well...
Just one more will do.
-A rice cake for me, mom.
Eat up.
Another rice cake, mom.
I just gave you one.
I already ate it.
You're ready, aren't you?
I'll drop you at school
on my way.
No need, dad.
I'll go myself.
Come along, man!
Your father's offering to take you.
Go with him.
Alright, dad.
Eat this.
Hurry up, Arjun!
I'm coming, dad.
Shall we go to school?
-Your father's waiting! Come!
If you stay here, mom will bust you.
-He's coming.
Hurry up.
What were you doing?
Hop on!
Since when do you ride at the back?
Come up front.
Here you go.
Bye, dear.
Bye, mom!
-Why bark like a puppy?
You'll become quite the mimicry artist!
Get in touch with the lawyers.
This is your last and final warning.
I don't need to keep telling you
how to do your job.
Stay quiet.
-Call me when it's done!
What traffic, boss!
-Get all the approvals.
Don't waste my time.
I'm on my way to the airport.
Look at that boy's bag.
Our puppy is in there.
You're right. A dog!
-Don't yell.
I'll call you later.
-What do we do?
Make sure you have it all ready
before I reach London.
Pull over!
-Will you shut up?
Shut up, you idiots!
What are you yapping about?
-Sorry boss... the dog...
Why are you screaming?
Sorry, boss.
He wanted to clarify a doubt.
Be quiet
when I'm on the phone!
Have you no common sense? Get out!
-Sorry, boss.
Where did the dog go?
Don't panic.
We can find out from the license plate.
Excellent, Manick!
Tell me the license plate number!
I didn't see it!
All I was looking at was our boss
and the dog!
I thought you saw the number!
And you ask me for it!
Bloody moron!
Hey, Laddoo!
Hocus Pocus!
Why are you smiling?
You completed your homework?
Got special lunch?
Then why are you smiling?
I brought a puppy!
Show me!
-Hold on. I'll show you.
It's awesome, man!
Let me hold it just once.
Someone might see it.
Shall we play with it
at the park this evening?
Don't tell anyone!
I won't!
Mother promise?
I swear on my mother
I won't tell anyone!
Dear students, today we are going to sing
the wake up song!
Can anyone say what 'wake up'
Getting up from a nap.
Very good!
'Waking up' means getting up from a nap.
Got it?
Please note it down.
Please show me that puppy
just once!
I told only him.
He won't tell anyone else.
He swore on his mother.
Please show me too!
He swore on his mother too!
Excuse me, ma'am?
The Principal asked to see you.
I'm coming.
Watch the class, Hishi.
-Alright, ma'am.
Just show it to me once!
-Show it to me too!
Everyone's asking!
Show it just once!
-Just once!
Show it to us!
Everyone go back to your seats!
Do you have a puppy with you?
Please show it.
I won't tell the teacher about it.
Please show it, Arjun!
Show it now!
Show the puppy!
Please let me hold the puppy, Arjun.
It looks just like a doll!
What did you name it?
This puppy is called 'Simba'?
He's like a lion!
Where are you loitering off to?
-To pee.
Urgent or can you hold it in?
Make it quick and return to class!
Simba! Simba!
-It looks just like a doll!
Simba! Simba! Simba!
Playing with a puppy in class, huh?
-Let me hold Simba!
Pets are not allowed in this school!
I won't let this lie!
You're busted!
The PT teacher is coming!
Back to your seats, everyone!
What ruckus is going on here?
Playing with a puppy, are you?
Discipline is all that matters!
Tell me who!
Who brought the dog?
You cannot deceive me.
What's the problem here, sir?
I step away for five minutes
to meet the Principal. What's wrong?
They were playing with a dog, ma'am.
"A dog"?
It's not possible.
I just stepped out.
Not that, ma'am...
One of them must have brought the dog.
Students! Did any of you
play with a dog in class?
No, ma'am!
We didn't!
-I'll find it right now!
Just sitting around, eh?
I saw them play with a dog
with my own two eyes!
You're my prime suspect, Arjun!
You must have brought it.
Show me your bag!
Watch this!
Get it.
Let me have it.
-Look at this.
Where is it?
Where did you hide it?
I didn't bring a dog, sir.
I just saw it, ma'am.
If something comes up,
I'll call you myself.
Can I please go on with my class?
Hiding it, eh?
I'll get you.
Let's sing the song, students!
-Don't know where he hid it!
-It's here!
Thank you!
"To punish those who have wronged you..."
"...do good to them."
How, ma'am? If someone strikes us,
must we not strike back?
Would they stay quiet
if you struck back?
They won't. When they get the chance,
they'd strike back too.
Then what'll happen?
You'll strike again.
It'll just go on and on.
Then how can you concentrate
on your studies? Tell me.
I don't know, ma'am.
You tell us!
Anytime someone hits us...
...instead of hitting back,
we can give them a chocolate.
Oh please! They'll take the chocolate
and give us another smack!
Some people do that too.
What we must we do then?
We'll give them another piece
of chocolate.
If they keep doing the same,
give them a hug and kiss.
Honest to God!
Try it.
They'll definitely change.
Now do you understand the couplet?
Yo Lazybones!
Ready to play with Simba?
Come over here, Simba!
Come here, Simba!
Call him, Keerthy!
Come, Simba!
Over here, Simba!
-Over here!
This dog is blind, guys!
You're lying!
The dog is fine!
This dog is blind!
What do you know about my dog?
Wouldn't I know?
This dog is a Siberian Husky.
Rare and expensive.
Many a dog of this breed
is differently colored in each eye.
They can live up to the age of 12 to 18.
It specializes in finding people.
They use it for transporting on snow.
He pays attention only to shouts.
He only goes to those who call him.
Simba's not blind. He came looking for me
from so far, you know?
I'll prove it.
Head there and call out to him!
Okay. Prove it!
Let him go, Laddoo!
Come, Simba!
Who told you to toss a bag
in his way?
So what? If he could see,
he'd go around it. Why'd he stop?
Blind dog! Blind dog!
Simba is a blind dog!
Blind dog! Blind dog!
Simba is a blind dog!
Blind dog!
Come along, Simba!
-Wait, Arjun.
Wait! We'll see what's wrong.
Not necessary!
My dog is not blind!
Call him blind one more time
and I'll never speak to you again!
Don't go, Arjun!
Besides that kid,
everyone else is coming out!
No, that's not him.
What, boss?
All the kids have left.
Maybe he's doesn't go to this school.
Let's search the town.
-Great idea, boss! Let's go!
Why do you look so down?
What do animals do
if they are blind, mom?
Animals that go blind?
How do you think up such questions?
Tell me, mom!
What'll happen?
Other animals will hunt them down.
Who knows what goes on
in the jungle?
Not the jungle, mom.
What if a pet goes blind?
It'll get run down on some street
and die.
What to do?
All fate.
Fate is what God has written for us.
Does He not know to write it right?
Does He always write messed up?
How hard it is
to not be able to see?
How would I know?
You must ask someone
who cannot see.
How can you walk without bumping into
anything despite not being able to see?
My ears are much sharper
than those of other people.
Just by sound, I can go anywhere
without anyone's aid.
Catch me, Arjun!
-I'm here!
Catch me if you can!
-I'm on the left!
Catch me!
Catch me, Arjun!
It's all about getting used to it.
Once you are used to it,
even darkness is light.
Okay, uncle!
Stay, Simba!
Come here, Simba!
You can do it!
Follow the sound of the bell,
Come on, Simba!
Come here, Simba!
What's up, sir?
Yes, dad.
Sports Day is coming up, right?
So, I was practicing running.
-Very good! Rock it!
What did you bring for lunch today?
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry, Arjun.
I'm sorry.
I won't ever say that again.
Go search over there.
Shall we look there?
Come, Simba!
Good boy!
Whichever side I ring the bell,
that's where you turn. Okay?
That's a good boy!
Come to me!
He opened the door
and snapped me out of my dream!
I'm seeing puppies everywhere!
Think the boy's playing with the pup there.
Quit blabbing in your sleep.
Who in Ooty will come out so early?
It isn't blabber!
You were right!
Come here! We found our dog!
Over there! He's playing with the dog.
-Yes. It's him!
It's thorny!
Be careful!
Didn't we see him here?
-Yes, boss!
He's missing!
-What do we do?
With my super smell,
I'll find it!
Let me try that too!
Why is he grazing so hard?
What's with all the licking and sniffing?
Confirmed... Hey!
This is our dog's smell!
Just with the smell,
you found our runaway dog!
Judging by this smell...
...he brings our dog here every day
to play.
We'll follow the trail
and nab it!
How are you?
Give me your bag.
Where do you think you're going?
Who are you?
What do you want?
We want your puppy.
We'll get you lots of chocolates
and biscuits.
Hand it over!
I won't give you the puppy!
"Won't", huh?
-Move aside!
Not until we take the dog!
-Let go!
Give it to us! Get the dog!
-I won't!
Get it!
-I won't give you the puppy!
Bite him, Simba!
What happened?
-It bit me!
He's getting away!
Catch him!
Hold it, kid!
Slow down!
-Hold on! I'm coming too!
Come, Simba!
Place it wherever.
Place how many ever bags you want!
Set him off, Laddoo!
Come, Simba!
Come on, Simba!
-Great going, Simba!
Awesome, Simba!
Lying about not having a dog, eh?
You're busted!
Awesome, man.
You've trained him well.
But your dog is still blind.
So? What about it?
Anything a dog that can see can do,
Simba can do.
He can do more than that too!
He's got me.
I didn't mean it like that.
Your Simba is a Super Simba.
Everyone apologize!
We're sorry, buddy.
Not to me.
To Simba.
Sorry, Simba.
Master is bringing the Principal over!
-Give it to me!
You better not be wasting my time,
Definitely not, ma'am.
Nobody try to run!
If you do,
I'll call your parents!
Did any of you children bring a dog
to school? Speak up right away.
No, ma'am!
They're lying!
Believe me!
-Then where is the dog, Swaminathan?
I'll show you the dog now!
Don't waste my time.
Watch this!
Where did you have it?
Now the dog will come running to you!
There it is!
Believe me now?
What do you say now?
Whose dog is this?
Everybody go to class.
I'll hold on to this one.
You can have him back after school.
Okay, ma'am! Bye!
If you let this go, everyone will start
bringing all kinds of animals here!
Tell Arjun's father to meet me right away.
-Okay, ma'am!
You've been unaware for an entire week
that your son kept a puppy.
Is this how you raise a child?
If something goes wrong here, this place
will be swarmed with angry parents!
I'm sorry, ma'am.
He's just a kid.
He didn't mean to do it.
Just this once...
I apologize on his behalf.
Excuse me?
We don't need your apologies!
You can't even pay the school fees
on time!
Mr. Swaminathan!
Take a Transfer Certificate.
I'll give a certificate of good conduct.
Please, ma'am...
Please forgive him this one time.
Alright, sir.
But this is the last warning.
It's your responsibility
to ensure no such thing happens again.
I'll take care.
You may leave.
Thank you, ma'am.
Excuse me?
Take this dog with you!
Didn't I tell you to go to class?
What are you doing here?
Go to class!
Come along!
Where is Simba, dad?
Where is Simba, dad?
Simba, it seems!
Why are you hitting him?
-You're the one who should be hit!
Some child you raised!
He has kept a puppy at home
for a whole week!
Without our knowledge!
I felt so humiliated at school!
We're irresponsible parents, they say!
He acts accordingly, right?
He lied to us!
Is this why we work so hard
to provide him an education?
Where is Simba, dad?
I want Simba now!
You still keep at it?
-Don't hit him!
No dog! No nothing!
I tossed it away!
Ask for it again,
I'll kill you.
I try to be kind
as you are a little child...
But you act up so!
Get back inside!
Like my father says,
are we not raising him right?
I never deny him anything.
I provide for him above my means.
I'm fighting to give him everything
I was denied in my childhood.
The fact that he lied to us...
...is hard to swallow.
It's not like that.
For a long time,
he's been asking for a dog.
I told him 'no'.
Please come here, Priya.
-Coming, father-in-law.
Don't worry.
He'll definitely be okay.
I can serve myself, dear.
Carry on. I'll take Arjun his milk.
Arjun is burning up, dear!
Please hurry!
What happened?
-I don't know. He's burning up.
Just a regular fever.
I've given him an injection.
He's asleep.
Nothing to worry.
However, you must not have been
so harsh with him.
No, doctor...
He has a mind of his own.
I'm afraid he might turn out bad.
Kids don't do these things
wanting to deceive.
They like to do things their way.
If circumstances aren't ideal,
they try to work around it.
Give us the prescription, doctor.
I have a suggestion.
-Give him back that puppy.
Oh, stop!
He'll be fine in a couple of days.
Children are like that.
He got sick out of anxiety.
As it is, he doesn't study well.
If he gets a puppy...
Do I even have to say it?
Think about it.
Since the puppy came,
he's changed much.
He bathes by himself.
He's at his studies.
Has anything broken
around here lately?
We scolded him a lot.
We tried to beat it into him.
But if the puppy brought about this change,
why don't we let him have it?
Don't think so much.
We can handle your father.
But I can't see him like this.
Okay, what do you want me to do?
Let's bring Simba home, dad.
He's unwell, huh?
Alright, come along!
-Okay, dad!
Hop off.
Where did you drop him off?
Right here!
Near the temple.
There's a hole here, dad!
He must've gone through it.
Let's take a look!
Hold on!
-Why did you do this, dad?
Is this a place to leave him?
Poor Simba!
He can't see even! If I was blind,
would you leave me here too?
Sorry, buddy.
I did it in a fit of rage.
Nothing would have happened
to it.
It's mother would've come for it.
Oh, please!
He has no mother!
I saved and raised him!
Don't lie, dad!
-I'm sorry, Arjun.
If you're angry,
why not take it out on me!
-Who's out there?
-What brings you here at this hour?
We're looking for a missing dog.
You shouldn't be here
at this hour.
There's a bear on the prowl here.
Get going!
Alright, sir. Come on!
-Get going!
I won't leave without Simba!
-There's a bear here! Let's go!
Come. We'll search in the morning.
I want Simba!
-I said we'll look in the morning!
Arjun's missing, dear!
Check if he's in his room.
He's not here!
I know where he went!
I'll go check!
-I'll come along too!
Why the hell?
-I can't just sit around here!
Alright, come!
I don't know what happened to my son...
He doesn't seem to be here.
He must have gone into the jungle.
Where are you, Arjun?
He'll be okay. He must be here.
-I'm scared!
Look at this!
What happened, Arjun?
Open your eyes, Arjun!
Look at your mother!
Look at your father!
-Oh no...
Let's keep Simba, dad.
Alright, my dear.
We'll keep him.
Let's go home, okay?
Come on!
Your son, huh?
With a puppy in hand,
he looked like he lost his way.
I put him to sleep there.
Thank you very much!
You've mothered a goodhearted child
who cares much for another life.
Be well, all of you!
-See you.
One, two, smile!
What 'yay'?
-Come here, Simba!
Take this thing with you!
-Sorry, grandpa!
We must find the dog before boss finds out!
-Lying here, we are worse off than dogs.
What I don't get is...
-It's him!
Stop, you brat!
Give your bag!
I can't catch up!
Hold up!
He went in there, boss!
Let's get in and nab him!
-Yes, boss!
What's wrong?
-Two men are chasing me!
Who are you guys?
Take that side!
-Why chase Arjun?
-Give it to me!
Who's there?
-Give me the dog!
Hand over the bag!
Lookie here!
A matchstick wrapped in a towel!
"Matchstick", eh?
Who's there?
And you are?
How can I help you?
My name is Arjun.
His name is Simba.
-So sweet!
He can't see.
Alright. Shall we take him to the doctor?
Come along.
With a surgery, there's a chance
he may gain his eyesight.
But you know we don't have the facility
or doctors to do it here.
It may cost a bit.
It could amount to about two lakh rupees.
Shall we sell this house
to fund Simba's eye surgery?
I asked if we could sell this house!
You and your father are planning
to drive me out to the streets, huh?
Must my house be sold
to fund bloody Simba's surgery?
I'll whack you!
-Oh no!
Hey, Arjun!
Hi, buddy!
-I have an important thing to discuss.
I've decided to have Simba
operated on.
I asked my father for money
and he refused.
Can you ask your father
and get us two lakh rupees?
When we grow up,
we'll repay it.
Great idea!
I'll ask my father right away!
For asking money,
my father bonked my head!
My father won't give me a penny!
-Same here!
What do we do now?
No point relying on them!
We ourselves must earn money
for our Simba!
How? We are only children.
Who will give us jobs?
How can we make money?
I have an idea!
This is my contribution
for Simba's eye surgery.
Thank you, ma'am.
Oh no!
The PT master!
The school's celebrating Tree Day.
Give me 100 rupees.
"Tree Day"?
A day for something or the other,
these days! Here!
Thanks, dad!
Pay up for losing the bet!
I'll get going.
-See you.
Bless me, Granny.
-Be well, dear.
How many times will you come,
dear boy?
I swear I'm trying!
As soon as I get sponsors,
I'll call you.
-Okay, sister.
Thanks! Bye!
I bought vegetables!
Simba needs eye surgery.
Please support us.
May your Simba gain eyesight soon!
Simba needs eye surgery, mom.
Give me some money.
Since when I do have any?
Ask your father!
Good grief, dad!
Your silk saree has been transformed
into money!
What stamp do you want?
-Livian Butterfly.
Please don't run!
Hey, Simba!
Hey, Simba!
How many times have I told you
to not take Grandpa's shoes?
Give it to me!
-Sorry, Grandpa!
Get it out of here!
Some dog he keeps!
As it is, you're struggling. It's okay.
No. Take it!
Take it, Arjun.
Simba gaining his sight
is enough for me.
Did you or did you not kill the dog
I asked you to kill?
We did kill it, boss!
I swear we killed it!
You dare lie to me, huh?
We're not lying, boss!
We were happily locked up in jail
for six months.
Can we just go back to jail?
I have an idea
to get rid of this dream.
Are we not going to sleep anymore?
We are going to kill that dog!
My savings: 1,084 rupees.
My savings: 740 rupees.
Total: 8,740 rupees.
We've raised so much money, haven't we?
Why are you still sad?
Just that... we worked so hard
to raise only this much.
Two lakh rupees...
How much time will that take?
Until then, will Simba not be able
to see?
Don't worry. We shall manage
to get his surgery done.
Our dog is not there!
Look carefully!
It was there!
Ice cream! Cup ice cream! Milk ice cream!
-Let's have ice cream!
No, boss! There's just a large dog there.
Not ours!
Give it to me!
You bonehead!
It's our puppy!
All grown up!
We were in jail for six months,
Would it not grow up in that time?
What a surprise!
We look the same,
but it's grown up!
Milk ice cream! Cup ice cream!
You got a headful of hair,
but no brains to boot!
Shut up and come!
It's awesome!
I've stopped everything for Simba.
Look how much weight I've lost!
I believe you!
-Don't lie!
Doesn't look like it!
-Eat, Simba!
He's lying!
Simba likes eating ice cream!
Eat slow.
Do you like it?
Did you notice?
The dog likes ice cream.
Look how it gorges it down!
-Look here!
Why are you cowering?
-It's sniffing us out!
It's coming our way!
Simba's running away, Arjun!
Don't run, Simba!
Where are you going?
Don't run, Simba!
Why did you come here?
Let's go!
Wow! So many types of biscuits!
-Awesome, huh?
Looking at them makes me salivate!
-Come closer!
These are dog biscuits!
So what?
Nothing wrong with tasting it, right?
How much for this, uncle?
500 rupees.
"The 25th Annual International Dog
Championship, held by the Kennel Club."
"It is scheduled to take place
on March 1st and 2nd, at Coimbatore."
"The first round qualifiers
is set to happen on February 2..."
"...at the Ooty Municipality Ground."
First price is two lakh rupees!
-"Two lakh"?
What must I do to get Simba
into this contest?
You can register here.
-So Simba'll take the first prize!
It's not so easy.
Lots of rounds.
The dog must be trained well.
Winning is no walk in the park.
No! Simba will definitely win!
The prize money will pay for
Simba's eye surgery.
What's wrong with the dog's eye?
The dog can't see.
Simba is a blind dog.
Just as I thought.
I was curious how you've got hold of
this breed of dog.
As it was blind,
someone abandoned it.
You're raising it, huh?
-Don't talk needlessly.
Simba'll definitely win!
I'm saying he won't even be allowed
to compete...
They wish to enter the contest
with a blind dog...
My Simba will definitely win!
Let's go!
What's the big deal
about the contest?
Once you gain your sight,
we'll take part in the contest...
...and we'll rock it!
Shall we go to sleep?
Why did we spray ourselves
with this stinky stuff?
It should not pick up our scent, right?
That's why!
Pull the door open!
I'll whack you!
I got this!
It won't open!
-Pull hard, boss!
Outstanding, boss!
Follow me in.
Come on!
-Go on, boss. I'm coming.
You always sniff your way around.
I don't know how you pull it off.
But I'm not able to do it.
What is it, boss?
The dog is in this room.
You found it?
Get the ice cream.
-Hold on. I'll get it!
Can I have a taste?
-If you do, you're finished!
In that case, keep it!
Just like that.
Come on.
Come on.
Just like that.
Very good.
Eat up.
-Go on!
You got busted!
Simba is missing, dad.
He must be around here somewhere.
Try looking.
I looked all over the place.
Simba is missing!
Check the park. He may be playing there.
Simba doesn't go anywhere
without me!
Try searching outside.
He'll be there!
Where did you go, Simba?
Where was Simba last at?
He was sleeping beside me.
When I woke up,
he was gone.
Okay. Let's go to your house.
I have to clarify a doubt.
I looked all over the house.
He wasn't there at all.
What's this stain?
Did you eat ice cream last night?
Then how did this stain get here?
I don't know.
Hold on. I'll find out.
Another ice cream stain here.
How did this ice cream box get here?
I don't know!
Someone kidnapped Simba!
Someone who knows you well too!
They know Simba likes ice cream!
Give me the dog!
Will you give it or not?
Give it to me!
-Get the dog! Get it!
You want the dog?
Here... take it!
They are the ones
who abducted Simba!
Who knows what they'll do to Simba!
We can't let this slide!
Let's tell Laddoo's dad right away!
-Divya speaking.
Yes, sister?
-A doctor has come from Russia.
I told him about Simba.
He offered to examine him.
Come to the veterinary hospital at 5 PM.
-Alright, sister.
I appear to have dozed off.
Hey! Get up!
-Not me!
Come. Let's wrap it up now!
-Okay, boss!
How can you be sure
that they kidnapped the dog?
They lured Simba away
with his favorite ice cream.
There were ice cream stains
in Arjun's room.
The ice cream box they used
was in the hall.
The window was open.
What more proof do you need?
Here. Circulate this picture
to every police station.
Inform me if any dog transport vehicle
crosses the checkpost.
Yes, sir.
Where do we look next?
No point if we all go together.
We split up as teams
and search!
Anyone sees anything,
inform the other teams.
We don't go home today without Simba!
Got it?
-Got it!
What are you looking at?
-Our locality.
This is where we are.
Laddoo is here. This is the main road.
Beyond that, the forest.
Per the police uncle, if they didn't use
these roads, they went by the dirt road.
That is Simba's bark!
That's the van!
-Really? Let's catch it!
It's moving fast!
I can't go further...
-Neither can I...
We found the van they used
to nab Simba!
But we couldn't follow it.
It'll come by your skating place!
Can you follow it?
-Don't worry! I got it!
Just give me the van's description!
The van has a dog painted on it!
You'll know it when you see it!
-Got it!
What are you kids doing here?
Why did you go to the cops?
They kidnapped Simba, dad!
"They kidnapped Simba"?
What are you saying?
-I'll explain later!
Let's get going!
It must be this van.
Go ahead, Keerthy!
-I'm following the van, Arjun!
I'll share the live location
with you.
Get there quickly!
The dog just keeps barking, boss!
Shall we give it a sedative?
-In a short while, it's going to die.
Until then, stop bugging me to death!
We're on the route the van took, Laddoo!
I'll share the location.
Come there with your father.
How much further?
-Just a bit more.
What's wrong?
Is it too heavy?
Dig here.
Make it fast!
Think I heard something fall.
Nothing like that.
It's that van, dad!
-Okay! Hold on!
The live location says this is the place!
Wait for me!
Watch your step!
We're here, dad. Pull over!
Stop, uncle!
Keerthy's waiting over there!
Live location says it's up there. Let's go!
-Come on!
Where's Simba, Keerthy?
Look there!
They're going to bury Simba!
Go, dad!
Go beat them up!
What are you doing here?
-Don't come by here, bro!
This is a dangerous place!
You his dad?
I am very bad!
Lift him up!
-You're the boss, eh?
-Good thing Simba's okay!
We saved you, Simba!
Don't be scared!
Got bloody uniforms, even!
-Lift him up!
Good God...
Even a honey collector wouldn't have had
to walk this far.
Just to nab a dog kidnapper,
you make me walk all this way?
Quit whining and come, dad!
Simba's okay.
-All okay, right?
All okay, right?
-Bloody uniforms, huh?
Whack them hard, uncle!
-Lift up Simba!
Where do you think you're going?
Come, sir!
-I got this.
Look how I managed to corner you!
Like hell, you cornered us!
The kids did!
Forgive us, bro!
-The audacity!
Don't just stand there!
Come here!
Whack them!
It doesn't hurt!
"Doesn't hurt", eh?
You ever lay a hand on Simba again...
Your son's proving himself to be
a tiger cub!
Quite the fire in his footwork!
He'll go far!
-Let's go, dad!
Simba's found, isn't he?
Not that, dad! The lady
from the Blue Cross called! Let's go!
Don't let them go!
I'll see them at the station!
Where is the other clown?
-Your friend's leading him away!
I told the doctor about your son.
The doctor offered to do this
for no fee!
You just need to pay
the hospital expenses. You're very lucky!
How much would it cost?
-Altogether, about 1,20,000 rupees.
I'm sorry. Things are a little tight
at home.
When you called,
I assumed it was free treatment.
I cannot pay so much...
I want to,
but I can't.
Maybe next time.
What the heck, dad?
Let's get the surgery done right now!
No, buddy.
She says the procedure will cost a lot.
You know our situation, right?
Please understand.
Jeez, dad!
You're always like this!
"We have no money!
We have no money!"
Doctor uncle...
We don't have money.
This is all we have now.
I'll make more when I'm older
and pay the rest.
Please conduct a surgery on Simba.
Poor thing, right?
(in Russian) Excuse me, doctor.
Come here, Arjun.
Apologize to the doctor, Arjun!
I'm sorry, doctor.
I'll fix your dog for just this one rupee.
Don't cry.
I'll pay the hospital charges myself.
(in Russian) Thank you, doctor!
Thank you, doctor.
Hey Simba!
Simba can see!
Come, Simba!
Come to me!
Can you see properly now, Simba?
Can you see me clearly?
I want to register Simba
for the competition.
Sign him up.
Registration is over.
Please, sis!
-I can't. Try to understand.
Please, sis!
Hello, kids.
What's happening?
Any problem?
This lady won't let us sign up our dog
for the competition.
She says registration is closed.
Really? Don't worry.
Sign up this dog.
Sorry, sir. Time is up.
-Take my word for it.
Sorry, sir. Management told us
not to, after registration closes.
Okay. I'll talk to the President.
Sign up this dog now.
-Okay, sir.
Best of luck, boys!
-Thank you, uncle!
Tell me the name.
Any news for me?
They've announced the date
for the competition.
Why else do you think I'm here?
The preliminary round commences all over
the country on February 2.
What's Nassar up to?
He's training a one year old
German Shepherd.
They claim it can finish a lap
in 31 seconds.
Besides that,
nothing else important.
Good morning, sir.
Why Lee doesn't finish his agility round
in 30 seconds yet?
He was doing 35 seconds last month.
He's at 31 now.
No one can beat Lee!
So you say!
Nassar's dog also does it at 31 seconds!
Are you guys kidding?
Do you know what
the last London record was? 32 seconds!
He must be able to complete it
in 30 seconds!
Double the training
and increase the proteins.
All I want are results!
As it is, he doesn't get rest.
He trains for six hours every day.
If we double it,
something might go wrong!
Shut up!
Just do what I say!
The Kennel Club of India welcomes you all
for the preliminary round...
...of the 25th International Dog Agility
Championship at Ooty.
We welcome last year's champion...
-It's even grander than last year.
...Mr. Fernando!
-Who do you think will win it this year?
Definitely me! I'm training a special dog
this time.
He's got good energy and great timing.
I'm confident I'll win!
First event of the day:
The Obedience Round.
The first participant is
Mr. Fernando's dog: Lee.
Next up, is Karthikeyan's dog: Rocky.
And a fresh-face:
Arjun's dog, Simba!
The hugely anticipated contest has begun.
The dogs are running very energetically.
The audience is roaring cheerfully too!
Any special talent?
-Yes, sir!
Stay, Simba!
Go, Simba!
Good boy!
Shake hand!
-Oh wow! Well done, Simba!
Left leg!
Okay. Go to the next round!
The first round is over.
Next up? The eating round!
In this round, the dog which eats
the most food provided, wins.
Don't give Simba too much.
Go easy.
It's okay even if he comes 2nd or 3rd.
He has a great appetite.
He eats a lot.
He'll win!
Next up is the running race.
If he eats too much, he can't run.
Try to understand.
-My Simba will run!
As you wish.
-To know which dog will win...
And the first prize goes to
Arjun and Simba.
-Arjun and Simba win the eating round!
Super, Simba!
Why is he asleep?
-Wake up, Simba!
He ate too much, right? That's why.
-Please wake up!
Go check out the running competition.
Simba! Wake up!
-I'll come, too!
Wake up!
Please wake up!
-What do we do now?
Didn't I tell you not to feed him
too much?
Look how exhausted he is.
It's okay. Don't worry.
Go get water, kiddo. Quickly.
-Okay, uncle.
Even as dog owners are training their dogs
for running...
...the referees eagerly await to judge.
-Hey Simba!
This ground is buzzing on both sides.
Here you go, uncle.
-Good. Give it to me.
Everything is getting ready.
Attention, dog owners. Bring your dogs
to the ground right away.
Participants are requested to report...
...to the front line for the final round.
-Good! He's active!
The running race!
-They're announcing it.
Let's go.
-Thanks, uncle!
The dogs are ready at the front line!
-Simba, you need to win! Got it?
Once the whistle blows, let him loose.
Everyone's waiting
for the referee's whistle.
Here we go!
3, 2, 1!
The race has begun!
Go, Simba!
-Come on, Hulk! Go!
All the dogs are running fast!
-Come on!
Lee is in the lead.
Hulk is giving him tough competition.
Let's find out which dog comes first!
-You can do it, Lee!
Yes! Mr. Fernando's Lee scores first prize!
Nassar's dog Hulk comes in second!
Karthikeyan's Rocky is third!
-Come, Simba!
Sorry, Simba. Despite performing well
in the first two rounds...
...Simba came in fourth
in this round.
In this contest, some dogs won...
...and some lost.
Hold on, Arjun!
They're calling you.
Simba won.
No. He came in fourth.
No. We found out the dog who came in third
had been given rum.
So, the judges disqualified it.
So, the dog who came fourth,
is third.
-...Nassar's Hulk and Arjun's Simba.
Our heartiest congratulations
to both dogs.
Congrats, Arjun!
Main competition will be in Coimbatore.
The details are in here.
-Thank you, sir.
Here you go, buddy.
Thank you.
-Lucky dog!
Good dog!
Train well and you'll definitely win!
You have a good chance!
See you. Best of luck. Bye!
-Bye, uncle!
I want that Husky's details
within an hour.
Dad! This uncle's dog won first prize
in the competition.
Simba came in third!
Look at this medal!
Very good, dear.
I got the cake for Arjun.
Put it in the fridge.
Hello, Mr. Shankar.
I'm Fernando.
I think you've heard of me.
I have, sir.
But, this is the first time
I'm meeting you.
Had you wanted, I'd have come over.
-Oh no!
I wanted to meet you in your house.
I'll come to the point.
You've trained your dog well.
I noticed at the competition.
Oh no!
I did nothing.
All my son's doing.
He participated for fun.
He loves Simba dearly.
But, you see...
This breed of dog
does not belong here.
I want to buy your dog.
I'm fully aware of your asking price.
How much will you offer?
I'll pay up the entire loan you took
on your house, with interest.
I won't give my Simba to anyone, uncle!
Please, dad.
Let's keep him.
Simba's a poor thing.
Simba, it seems!
You stay quiet, dad.
I'm sorry, sir.
We don't intend to sell Simba.
What gives, Shankar?
So you don't intend to repay the loan
either, huh?
I don't think you clearly understand.
If I wish,
I can seize this house.
Hoping that won't be necessary,
I've come with an open mind.
The dog must not participate
in the contest.
It's a matter of my prestige!
Despite this,
if you intend to participate...
...things will get ugly.
Listen well.
Don't bloody threaten me.
I know how to repay the loan.
Like hell you do!
This gentleman's offering to bail us out...
Can't you just give him the dog?
Quit sounding like a big shot!
You'll never change, will you?
I took a loan from you. I've paid interest
that's well over the principal.
As promised, you'll get your money
by the end of the month.
We have nothing further to discuss
on this matter.
My son will follow his heart.
I'll always be there to support him.
All the best.
-Thank you.
What do we do, sir? Shall we throw
all the stuff out from the house?
He'll fall in line.
We've just begun, right?
It first jumps through a ring.
Then it climbs over an A-shaped structure.
After that, it crosses a tunnel.
There's plenty more!
First, the high jump. Get the pole!
Come on, Simba!
-Go, Simba!
Come on, Simba!
Go ahead, Hishi.
-Put Arjun on the phone.
Hishi wants to talk to you.
Remember the uncle who helped us
in the competition?
He's training dogs at the military ground
right now.
Can we seek his help?
That uncle will definitely help us!
Shall I come there now?
No. He'll only be there in the morning.
I saw him when I went jogging
with my father.
Can you come tomorrow?
-Okay! Bye!
You kept it running without checking
the tool's thickness!
Look how rough it is!
The manager wants to see you
right away.
Fine, I'm coming.
Run these through again!
-Okay, sir!
Yes, sir.
-Your loan has been rejected.
You need ten years of service
to be eligible for a loan of five lakhs.
It's been ten years and three months
since I joined work!
That's what I thought too.
But you've been a permanent hire
for only eight years.
That's what they look at.
I'm sorry. I wasn't aware
of this by-law either.
You are eligible for a loan
up to three lakhs.
Can we try applying for that?
I need this money to retain my house.
The creditor's breathing down my neck too.
Is there anything you can do, sir?
I'm sorry.
I'm just like you.
I have no clout with the management.
Please sign this application.
In two to three months,
we'll get you your loan.
So you don't intend to repay the loan,
As promised, you'll get your money
by the end of the month.
Please sign.
See you, sir.
-Is this Arjun's house?
Yes. Go on.
You still haven't paid the entry fees
for the Coimbatore contest on March 1.
He never told me anything about it.
The pamphlet we provided
has all the details.
The fee is 25,000.
What? 25,000!
Yes, ma'am. It covers food and
accommodation for two people.
Please pay it soon.
-Alright. I'll check with my husband.
Did Dinesh call?
He was at work.
Said he'd call at night.
He'll definitely help.
Besides him, I don't know who else to ask.
Dinesh is on the phone, dear.
Come quick!
Go ahead and answer it!
Yes, it's me.
He's in the washroom.
How are you?
-I'm good. How about you?
He wanted to talk to you
about the money.
How can I trust him
and lend money?
Everyone knows he hasn't been able
to repay his loan.
What is the shameless need
to stay on in your own house?
As a good friend,
here's a piece of advice.
Sell the house, pay off the debts,
and live happily in a rented house.
When we have good friends like you,
what more do we need?
It's not that.
I'm telling you for your own good.
We'll take care of our lives.
Don't you worry!
He asks why we shamelessly stay on
in our own house!
One fine day, the creditor
will show up at our doorstep...
...and demand to pay up the entire sum
or throw all of us out of here!
We'll end up on the street!
Only then will you get it!
What's wrong?
Why are you crying like a child?
Tell me what happened!
I have failed as a son.
I couldn't keep my promise.
You idiot...
Did you drink or gamble
to have failed?
Didn't you spend it all
for the family?
Let it be.
We'll handle it.
You did what was needed to be done
to raise your son well.
You didn't fail.
We'll get through it.
Just that...
I feel like we should've taken the money
offered by Fernando.
No, dad.
I've taught Arjun that toil and talent
is what will make one win in life.
Do you want me to be someone
who can be bought out by the rich?
If I do, he will lose all respect for me.
You often say in this life
faith is valuable.
I need to give him that faith!
He needs to win in life!
No one takes anything with them
when they leave this world.
Parents strive only to give a good life
to their children.
Never mind.
We'll get through it.
So what if we lose this house?
We'll build another one!
Be brave.
Oh God...
What is it, Simba?
What's wrong?
-Why are you barking?
Check on your father!
What's wrong, dad?
What's going on, mom?
Break the window and get in!
What's wrong?
-What's wrong, dad?
What's wrong?
Come here.
Why look so glum, dear?
Because your grandpa's ill?
Nothing like that.
The doctor said you're perfectly fine.
Then why look so glum?
Why are you looking at them?
Whatever it is,
tell your Grandpa!
An entry fee of 25,000 rupees must be paid
to enter the competition.
Because of that,
Mom and Dad are saying no.
I only have 12,000 rupees.
We don't have money, right?
Says who?
Your father may not have any,
but your grandpa does!
I'll give you the money.
You enter the contest!
-Yes, dear!
Thanks, Grandpa!
In the state we're in?
-What 'state'?
Will saving 25,000 rupees
save our house?
Okay, but where is the money?
My Provident Fund!
I'll pay out of that!
Go on, dear.
You enter the contest!
You will win!
Yes! Come on!
-What a huge ground!
Awesome, buddy!
Every piece of equipment I saw in the video
is here!
If Simba can practice here,
he'll come first!
Very good!
Perfect timing!
Super, right?
Can we ask the coach uncle
to train Simba here?
Good morning, sir.
The owner called.
He asked you to meet Mr. Fernando,
and then come in to work.
If not, he asked you be settled.
What's wrong?
It's nothing, sir.
A rich mongrel...
...is showing off his pathetic power,
as he cannot win honourably.
It's okay, sir.
Get the settlement papers ready.
I'll handle it.
I came home to fetch a meal
for your father, when I found Arjun upset.
-Please see what it's about.
What's wrong, Arjun?
Do you hear me?
Simba's not performing well, uncle.
I'll bring him here.
Can you train him?
They don't allow outside dogs here, son.
In that case, can you come home
and train him?
That's not possible, either.
I'm competing in the contest too, right?
Even if I did help,
the judges won't accept it.
Try this.
You can bring in professional coaches.
But, they'll need to be paid a salary
of 25,000 rupees.
Simba can't be trained.
I'll definitely lose, dad.
Don't ever say that.
Don't even think it.
Don't ever believe anyone who says
"You can't do it. You'll lose."
Hell, even if I, your father, say it,
do not believe it.
If you have faith,
it will always lead you to victory.
Understood, dad.
What now?
Simba needs to be trained, right?
I'll train him.
Get ready.
I'll be right back.
What do you know
about dog training?
Trust your father.
Get ready.
What does dad know, mom?
He says he'll train Simba!
What do you know about him?
Your father was a horse trainer.
No matter how wild a horse was,
it would yield to him.
They called him 'The Animal Charmer'.
The horses he trained back then
won competitions.
A rich estate owner asked him
to train his son.
Your father trained him too.
He won a lot of trophies, as well.
Azhagi was a horse in that owner's farm.
That untameable horse
was your father's favorite.
He loved her dearly.
He tamed her and turned her
into a race horse.
One day, he got a call
that Azhagi was hurt.
What is it, dear?
What happened, brother?
When he was riding her,
she had a fall.
Why did you ride her?
I'll skewer you!
There's nothing we can do, Shankar.
The cannon bone is broken.
The stifle joint is completely twisted
and swollen.
Nothing can be done.
She's fully broken down.
No... this seems like a hairline fracture
to me.
Could even be a ligament tear...
-Listen to me.
It's over, Shankar.
Try to understand. We can't do anything.
-I'll take care!
There's no use, Shankar.
Wasteful expense! Whatever we do,
the horse is going to be just lame.
I have more experience than you
in this field. Got it?
Please, sir...
Take my word for it.
She's a fighter.
She can race again.
Just give me two months!
I'll bring her back to shape!
You'll be fine, Azhagi.
You'll come back from this.
Bring some water.
We'll try to do something.
Go on. Hurry.
Thank you, sir.
Dearest Azhagi...
He stopped going to work.
He withdrew into a shell.
Despite many owners requesting him
to train their horses, he refused.
For you now, he's offering to train.
What is it?
What happened?
What did you tell him?
Shall we train Simba?
Yay! Let's go!
Come on, Simba!
'Make way for the fighter'
'Rising like a soldier'
'Grows stronger everyday'
'Make way for the winner'
'Walking with a smoulder,
through the night that's colder'
'You may have to die,
but be sure to rise up again and again'
'You may have let go of memories few,
to walk to a new tomorrow'
'You may need to cross borders few,
to draw boundaries anew'
'Seeing the fire in your eyes shower,
your foes must cower'
'Come, clash with me...
I am a fighter'
'Check out that glare...
I am a fighter'
'A fighter in the wake of a kill'
'A fighter who rises up from a fall'
'A fighter who explodes as fireworks'
'Winning in the game,
I am a fighter, I am a fighter'
'Hey hey... do you wanna play with fire?'
'Hey hey... that's gonna take you higher'
'Hey hey... ready to re... rewire?'
'Hey hey... become what you desire'
'Hey hey... do you wanna play with fire?'
'Hey hey... that's gonna take you higher'
'Hey hey... ready to re... rewire?'
'Hey hey... become what you desire'
'Live and let live...
Reach for the skies'
'Be a brave-heart
and refuse to let your courage fall'
'From a fiery trial, emerge spiky sharp'
'Give it time and all is possible'
'Make your own destiny
and fit your world in it'
'Relentless strength,
for me to crush boulders'
'Endless skies, for me to soar'
'Stone by stone, you can raise
a mighty dam, your brow damp with sweat'
'If every breath becomes an effort,
your place will be right at the top'
'You be the fighter...
You be the best'
'You be the fighter...
You be the best'
'You be the legend thumping on your chest'
You there!
Please move aside, brother.
We're in a hurry.
Please move!
Come here.
-Give way, brother!
Just that we're in a hurry...
"Hurry", eh?
-What's wrong?
Come here, Shankar!
It's nothing, buddy.
I'm heading to a contest.
We'll discuss this later.
Go wherever you want, Shankar.
Just leave the dog with me.
As promised, you'll get the house.
It's the finals, brother.
Please tell them to move aside.
That's where I'm telling you not to go!
Didn't I tell you I won't always be
quite so reasonable?
Don't just stand there, boys.
Get the dog!
Good grief...
This bugger never listens to reason!
Snap his limbs!
Awesome, buddy!
-Behind you!
Excellent, dad!
If I strike you...
...it will be a disgrace.
I'm always the same.
See you, brother.
Hi and welcome to the finale of the 25th
International Dog Agility Championship.
Presented by Tern Voyages,
South Indian Bank...
...JCS Jewel Creations
and SquareDot Solutions.
Yay! Wow!
Look at that, dad!
Welcome, sir.
Security check, sir.
Thank you.
Only the best dogs that won qualifiers
held all over India...
...are set to participate
in this grand finals.
First round of the day: Obedience Round.
In this round, each dog's coat, strength,
frame, grooming, and handler bonding...
...will be assessed by the judges.
The dogs are all set to participate
in the first round.
Please note this is the final call.
Where are the participants?
-Wait there.
Okay, I will. All the best, Arjun!
-Thanks, dad!
Never thought he'd bring the same dog
we hoped the boss would forget!
Name? And where are you from?
-Arjun from Ooty.
Hello, sir.
-Hi, Shankar. Please sit.
The dogs have begun to run along
with their handlers.
Various breeds of dogs are here.
Which one's yours?
-The German Shepherd. Hulk!
Pugs, White Retrievers, Labradors...
All the dogs look great!
Come on!
The judges are monitoring each dog
Let's see which dog wins!
Nice dog!
Appears another Husky has come
to compete with you.
The first prize goes to Mr. Fernando's Lee!
Second goes to Mr. Nassar's Hulk!
-That's my Hulk!
And the third goes to Arjun's Simba!
-Thank you.
In his very first contest,
Simba has won the third prize.
An impressive start!
Tell us about Simba, sir.
Is this his first contest?
Did you train him
from when he was a pup?
Actually, when Simba came to us,
he was just a month old.
He couldn't see.
It was Arjun who raised him.
He loves Simba dearly.
Simba gained his sight and won
this contest, because of Arjun.
I just backed them up. Thank you.
-Thank you, sir.
Come, Arjun. Thank you.
-Thank you.
Please forgive us, boss!
We didn't mean to do it.
Please spare us, boss!
You dare lie to me, huh?
-This is Fernando.
Yes, sir?
Did a Husky get an eye surgery
in Ooty?
You're asking about Arjun's dog?
Yes, sir.
I had arranged it.
Very complicated procedure.
As he was born blind...
...the doctor advised Simba be away from
bright lights and loud noise for a year.
There's no other problem.
Wish for any more details, sir?
Alright. Thank you.
-Thank you, sir.
Can you come over?
These guys are outside
saying horrible things.
What do you want me to do?
I'm at the competition.
Don't talk to them.
Get packed.
I'll come and handle it.
Arjun and Simba are on TV,
Can we go watch TV at Murugan's house?
Yes, aunty! Come quickly!
Introducing the dogs
that appear for tomorrow's finals!
Sonali Mukherjee and Brownie!
Next up: Four time champion
Nassar and his dog Hulk!
This is Hulk's
first international competition.
Next up: Arjun and Simba!
Arjun! Yay!
-Despite no prior experience...
Yay, Arjun!
-...Simba's acing his first contest!
He looks great, doesn't he?
This is historic.
Yes, Arjun!
This is the first time a newcomer
has made it to the finals!
My son!
-What happened?
What happened to my son?
Impossible! Are you kidding?
He lost his sight,
and you're talking about the contest?
It won't work!
Don't you know it's wrong, Coach?
I'm telling the judges right away!
Call Shankar and find out what's up!
It's alright, Simba.
You're going to be fine...
Impudent brat!
You think you can beat me?
Run away while you still can.
I'll kill you!
He's not picking up, sir.
After seeing so many missed calls...
-Let's go there!
Did that rascal say anything to you?
They say Simba cannot participate.
We'll do it next year.
We must participate this year!
In Simba's present condition,
he can't compete.
Simba must participate.
And he will!
There are ten obstacles
in this agility set-up.
Past the first hurdle, run across
the dog walk to cross the second hurdle.
Run up the see-saw
and land perfectly.
Leap through the tyre hoop,
navigate the weave pools...
...climb up the A-frame
and cross the third hurdle...
...enter the tunnel and jump
the fourth hurdle.
The dog which finishes this run
in the shortest time, wins.
With a hearty applause, the audience
welcomes six time champion Fernando.
Let's see if he can stay undefeated.
Next participant: Hulk.
Be ready.
First on scene is Mr. Nassar's Hulk.
-Perform confidently. We'll definitely win.
Alright, sir!
-Best of luck!
That was a fantastic start!
-Great going, Hulk!
That's good!
-Come on!
Come on! Jump!
Hulk is perfectly following
his trainer's instructions...
...and is looking to make record time.
If Hulk keeps this up, it will be
a huge challenge for the other dogs.
Come on, Hulk!
Come on!
A great leap! Hulk's about to enter
the tunnel and finish this lap.
Wow! What a finish!
-That's my boy! Yay!
Hulk completed this entire lap
in 31 seconds. Congratulations!
How's that?
-Mr. Nassar made a powerful comeback.
He's equalled the London record.
Congratulations, Mr. Nassar.
Hats off to Hulk!
Next participant: Tony.
Please come to the floor.
The audience is loving Tony's cuteness!
-Come on, Tony.
His walk is very stylish!
-Good. Go down...
Tony's going all over the place...
-Don't go there!
I think Tony's set on winning.
-Come here, Tony!
So, he took a shortcut to the tunnel.
Think the tunnel is too big for Tony.
Tony is at the finish, but is...
...unsure if he must jump or not.
-Wow! That was a cute finish, Tony!
Thank you!
Next participant.
-The most awaited performance of the day!
Fernando's Lee!
His entrance is quite majestic!
Fernando's looking confident
and pumped up, too!
Come on! Jump!
-That was a powerful start!
Come on!
-So far, so good!
Come on!
It's a perfect jump!
Fernando has won the championship
for the last five years.
Let's see if Lee keeps his streak alive!
Everyone's watching enthusiastically.
Fernando's nervously glancing
at his watch.
Lee's moving very fast! Perfect timing!
-You can do it!
Random dogs are running.
Where's Simba?
Everyone's watching with bated breath
to see Lee can break Hulk's record.
Come on!
You can do it!
What a great finish!
-The world record!
Lee has conquered it all!
He has finished the entire lap
in 30 seconds!
For the sixth straight time,
Fernando has won the title!
Lee broke Nassar's record, the London
record and every other record there is!
Fernando is jubilant!
Congratulations, Lee!
It's Arjun!
No, son.
We can't permit a blind dog to compete.
It's very dangerous.
Just give him one chance!
No, my boy. We must not
torment an animal for our benefit.
Just one chance!
My Simba will win!
No way!
-Yes, ma'am.
Let's go, kid.
Listen to me!
-Please ma'am!
Just this one time!
-Come away, boy!
If Simba makes a mistake,
I won't ask for anything further!
Tell them, dad!
Please, dad!
-Please listen!
Tell them, dad!
Tell them, dad!
Listen to me.
Come along!
Just a minute, brother.
Excuse me.
Before you decide,
I want to clarify something.
You all know how talented Simba is.
All he's asking for,
is one fair chance...
...to prove against cruelty
and arrogance towards animals.
After saving a blind dog
that was about to drown...
...raising him without our knowledge...
...working hard to raise money
to restore his eye sight...
...getting his surgery done...
...making him see again
and training him...
If Simba has made it to the finals
of this competition...
The only reason for that?
Arjun's love for Simba.
The bond they share...
...is not just with the intention to win
this contest, but to prove...
...something to this world.
Just give him one chance.
Give Simba a chance!
-We want Simba!
Simba! Simba! Simba!
We want Simba!
We want Simba!
We want Simba!
Simba! Simba! Simba!
Simba! Simba! Simba!
Simba! Simba! Simba!
Simba! Simba! Simba!
Simba! Simba! Simba!
Give Simba a chance!
Give Simba a chance!
Give Simba a chance!
Give Simba a chance!
Why is he coming up?
The buffoon!
My dear judges...
Just look at the dog.
Despite being blind,
he's precisely in position.
Look at this poor kid.
Saw the audience response, right?
If you hesitate even after all that...
It's not fair.
As a veteran coach,
I certify that dog!
If something goes wrong,
you have every right to cancel my license.
Feel free to cancel my license!
That's not right.
Rules are rules!
We want Simba!
Simba! Simba! Simba!
Simba! Simba! Simba!
Simba! Simba! Simba!
What's stopping them from permitting Simba?
It's not usual, but we've decided
to give Arjun a chance!
Go, dear boy!
Thank you, judges!
What nonsense is this?
Go check it out! Now!
-Yes, sir!
Arjun's trained a blind dog...
-Best of Luck, Arjun! Go!
The audience is behind him, too!
-See that?
Thank you, audience and judges!
But can Arjun lead Simba to victory?
Let's see what Arjun does!
We made it to the finals!
We must win!
Why is Arjun jumping the hurdle?
Arjun's running in the dog's stead!
We don't understand why he's doing it.
-Hey, kiddo!
You mustn't run the course!
Your dog should!
Why is he running in Simba's place?
What's wrong?
Why is he doing this?
The audience and the judges
are confused.
Maybe he's checking
if Simba's path is safe?
Or is he unsure if sightless Simba
could cross it?
We don't understand why Arjun's doing this.
Let's wait and see!
I'll be by your side!
Run bravely!
We will win!
Everyone is watching eagerly
how sightless Simba is going to do it.
Everyone's doubtful, but at the same time,
they're curious too.
Let's see what happens!
Go Simba!
What a surprise jump!
Up! Up! Up!
-Look how confident Simba's going!
-Very surprising!
-The next jump is perfectly done!
Yes, Arjun!
Come on, Simba! Come on!
Surprising turn of events!
-Yes, come on!
Jump, Simba!
Next up, the zig-zag...
I don't know how he'll do this.
-You can do it! Go left!
We know how hard it is.
Perfectly done!
-Go right!
Arjun's directing Simba with a bell!
Its sound is guiding Simba perfectly!
-Left! Right!
The understanding, love and bond
between Arjun and Simba...
...is working beautifully.
-Right! Left!
No one has seen this before!
We are creating history here!
Is Arjun going to break
Mr. Fernando's record?
Time's running out!
Simba has entered the tunnel!
-It's a great finish! 29 seconds!
Simba broke Lee's world record!
With no sight,
Simba achieved an extraordinary feat!
The judges who were hesitant to sanction
this, are giving a standing ovation!
He did it!
The audience feels this is a victory
for them too!
-Simba won everyone's hearts!
Arjun and Simba proved today
that true friendship can conquer anything!
Hats off, Simba!
Hello, ladies and gentlemen!
Welcome to the International Agility
Dog Championship 2021!
It's time to welcome the honorable judges
to the dais.
Please give them a big round of applause!
First category: Cute Dog of the Year.
The award goes to Happy!
Presented by Mr. Rajesh.
Best Entertainer of the Year
goes to Tony!
I need to win! That's all!
Six years of hard work!
It's a world record,
damn it!
It's my dog!
I have proof!
If that dog wins,
I win!
That trophy must come to me!
My honor is at stake!
My pride!
Okay, sir.
I'll do it.
...and prize winners,
please be ready.
Are you intrigued to know
the overall champion of the year?
Are you sure?
The result is...
The overall championship goes to
Mr. Fernando and his dog Simba!
We request you to come up to the dais,
and receive the trophy, sir.
This is the seventh consecutive
international award won by Mr. Fernando.
By winning this,
he has set a new world record!
Congratulations, sir.
We request Mr. Nassar to come on stage
to honor him with the prize!
This trophy...
I don't deserve it.
Just because it was born blind,
I ordered that dog to be killed.
Even just a few minutes ago, I wanted to
separate the dog from Arjun...
...and take the trophy.
I believed that those who were impaired
had no right to live in this world.
Arjun proved that with love and
the right opportunity, all is possible.
This trophy wholly belongs...
...to Arjun.
I got a much better prize here.
The chocolate Arjun gave me!
Don't do anything to Simba.
He's a poor thing.
You keep the trophy!
Just give him to me.
I'll take good care of him, uncle!
My Tamil teacher told me...
...if I get into a fight with someone,
give them a chocolate and befriend them!
My son's a better father
than I could ever be!
This trophy is yours!
Simba is yours, too!
Thank you, uncle!
Appreciating Simba's talent...
Hereon in,
he's our company's brand ambassador!
On behalf of our company.
here's an advance of 15 lakh rupees!
Who do we thank for this?
His father!
I humbly ask he come up
and personally give this prize to Arjun!
Welcome, Mr. Shankar!
I'm sorry.
-It's okay.
-Thank you, sir.
That was a fabulous prize money.
'What penance did I do to deserve him?'
'Whence did he come from?'
'My very life'
'What penance did I do to deserve him?'
'He heeds as I say'
'He plays the protector'
'With his zestful antics, he exiles tears'
'You are a loving child'
'You are a watchful mother'
'I perceive your loyalty'
'I will remain by your side, forever'
'In your wordless chatter...'
'...I forget myself'
'The love you shower...'
'...turns my world anew'