Oh My God (2009) Movie Script

Chil-gu! Chil-gu!
Let's show those girls what we've got!
Show 'em what we're made of!
You coming Jung-hwan?
Gotta see the babes here!
There's a perfect girl
here for ya! Hurry!
Out of my way! Move!
Leaving me out just cuz
I got car sick?
Those pea brains.
They got nothing but looks...
I didn't want to this but
they leave me no choice.
Having fun are we?
You fools are responsible
for what's about to happen.
- Well, Belly dance...
- Hey! Isn't that Eun-ju?
Now send in a man.
Hey! Eun-ju!
What are you doing?
I'm waiting for a man!
My life's been
so sad these days.
Should've just left her
in the library.
It's for real!
- What happened?
- Is the body floated?
I got no signal!
God has not forsaken me!
A man came in!
Finally, a man!
My prince that I met on the
last class trip in college.
I'm never ever going
to let you go.
My savior!
OH My God
- Sir!
- Good job.
- LIM Jung-hwan!
- Sergeant Ahn! Sir!
- Where are you going?
- The visitors' hall.
Why you little.
A man or a woman?
A woman of course.
Ever see a man come for me, sir?
They said she was pretty.
Told me to hurry and go meet her.
Want me to introduce her to you?
I don't know her.
Why you little.
- Well if you're not interested.
- Why you little!
- Let's go.
- Yeah, you like it!
That's her?
I guess.
Why you little!
Look at her clothes.
- Smarten up!
- Sir! Yes, sir!
It's me GOH Eun-ju.
- Eat up.
- Okay.
You're not trying
anything are you?
Ow! Jung-hwan.
We're here.
Take your shoes off.
Oh! Jung-hwan!
What's wrong? Feeling sick?
Want me to pat your back?
Are you okay Jung-hwan?
Hello? What number is the
adult movies channel?
Thank you. God bless you.
Guess she's gone.
A porn flick.
Whoa, the hell is that?
He can't be human, man.
What the hell?
- Are you into foreign films?
- What?
Ah! I didn't turn this on.
It's not turning off!
Where's the remote!
- Jung-hwa?
- Huh?
- There is no remote. Somewhere here.
- The remote must be around.
A man.
It's hot.
Your clothes...
Chil-gu said that you like
this kinda thing.
- Where's the remote!
- Jung-hwan
Hold on.
Hold on.
Wait! not yet...
- Let me wash with water.
- Jung-hwan!
Two Years Later
This filthy body!
I'd rather melt and
become like the dew.
Why did God command
against suicide?
I am tired of everything.
Everything is timeworn and useless.
This filthy world!
Come hither at once.
Anybody out there?
I guess not.
Who knows my heart?
He left the costume and left.
- Is there really no one?
- You idiot!
I told you to guard him
from running away.
Yeah, man. So what?
You gonna come get me if I tell ya?
Come here girls.
Hurry, hurry. This is it.
- This is what you were talking about?
- Yeah, that's it.
It's beautiful.
Hold on.
Let me see this one.
Shut up. I'm hanging up.
What do you think?
Isn't it pretty?
It's beautiful honey.
- How much was this?
- $6900.
$6900? Okay.
Why'd you hit me uncle Du-sik?
- What?
- No more free drinks. Money now!
How can you do this to me?
Just asking you to pay for what you drink.
Money now!
Man, an uncle ripping off his nephew!
Fine! I'll give you the money.
But you'll regret it later.
When I inherit this
you'll be the first to go.
Here's your money.
Now stay out!
Dad! I'm home.
Dad! I said I'm back.
- Jung-hwan we got a problem.
- What is it?
A thief came and emptied out
the safe in my room.
A thief? The safe?
How much?
He took all the cold cash in there.
I told you to put up a CCTV.
I knew this would happen.
- Son
- Yeah?
- I put up a CCTV.
- What?
Doesn't he look familiar?
It looks like a woman, to me.
- You little schmuck!
Dad! Dad! I'm sorry!
Dad! Please!
I didn't want to wake you.
Stop it!
Speak gracefully.
That's right.
You gotta fix that
cursing tongue there dad!
What? Shithead?
My cursing what?
I meant temper.
You gotta fix that temper
of yours!
That's right. That' s me.
Think of it this way.
It'll all be mine someday.
I just took some a little sooner.
What's the fuss?
- Jung-hwan
- Yes?
You deserve to get hit.
Ow! Ow!
What the! Real cops?
Is he really my dad?
- Are you SHIN Jung-hwan?
- Huh?
- No, it's AHN Jung-hwan
- You idiot.
I'm LIM Jung-hwan.
Anyway, let's go.
Let's go.
- Where?
- You'll see.
- Go ahead.
- Ow! Ow! Wait!
- Thank you.
- Sure.
Criminal forces unit head
our prosecutor.
Why bring in a prosecutor for this?
- Mr. LIM Jung-hwan?
- Yes, that's me.
There's been
a misunderstanding here.
- Actually, I...
- It's been awhile, Jung-hwan.
It's me. GOH Eun-ju.
The college even puts out lawyers?
Can't believe you're a prosecutor.
Hey! The handle!
Well, at least you
were good at school.
But where are we headed?
- Welcome home.
- Is everything okay?
I would've called if it wasn't.
What are you doing? Come in.
This is your house?
Not bad being a prosecutor.
Doing pretty good for your age.
She is the nanny.
Why'd you bring me here?
How are you a mom already?
Time flies.
They're twins. He's Corey
and he's Ahn.
I get it, Corey-Ahn, Korean.
Good names.
- But how can you tell 'em apart?
- You'll be able to do it soon, too.
Why would I? They're not mine.
They are.
Don't you remember?
When you were in the army?
You're crazy, right?
How could you do this
if you weren't?
How can you go and
have 'em like that?
You were my first, Jung-hwan.
Your first? This is crazy.
I didn't date you.
Did we have a relationship?
I only slept with you that one time.
No, you jumped me!
That's right! This is rape!
I get it.
You looking for a free-ride, huh?
Oh! Good.
You hooked yourself a big fish.
How'd you know my family's rich?
Hey! You! How much do you want?
How much will it take?
I feel so sorry for you.
I'll give you the money.
Write your bank number here.
Write it down! What is it?
Why you little piece of shit!
Disrespectful bastard!
- Give her money 'cuz you feel sorry for her?
- Crazy old hag!
You bastard!
I will! I'm leaving!
Hitting me with the leeks.
I don't wanna see your face again!
Think we gotta go full force
with this one.
- What now?
- My jacket! I'm not leaving it.
- What?
- My wallet!
I warned you!
He even took the $3.
When did you come?
I was just about to call ya.
My mom's been swindled again.
She might lose the farm
and everything.
So, I decided to quit school.
- Hey! Get me a pen and paper.
- What?
- Here.
- Thanks. Clean this up!
Why are you counting?
I got two semesters till graduation.
Man, it's true!
I know you'll be bored without me
But I have no choice this time.
I'm going crazy here!
Go get some Kimchi or something!
It's been days, man!
When are you going home?
Hey, Jung-hwan, phone call.
Why that little twerp!
Out of my way!
Jung-hwan isn't home right now.
Why that little!
- Well, come in.
- Thank you.
That twerp!
If you're a college friend
are you a drama major, too?
No. I graduated from law school.
- Oh! Law school?
- Yes, and now I'm Corey-Ahn's
Wait! Wait! Wait!
You twerp! Why are you here?
Mom, dad!
Don't believe what she says.
I'll explain everything.
Explain what?
Stay out of this you thief!
Stay out of this you little thief!
Stay out!
If he did anything wrong.
I apologize on his behalf.
Don't apologize, dad!
I only slept with her once.
She came to seduce me
while I was in the army.
I don't even remember doing it!
I'm innocent, here!
But you still slept with her!
But Corey and Ahn those kids.
She says they're my seedlings!
- Koreans?
- Are your seedlings?
Not our country.
The twins! Corey and Ahn!
- Come here!
- What he is talking about?
- You didn't tell them?
- What's going on here?
- I think he and she...
- No.
- slept together
- So?
- And had a baby.
- Once? Twice?
No! They're saying that
two came out at once!
Oh! Two came out at once.
Let me get this straight.
So you did you know
what with him.
And had twins?
They're called Corey-Ahn?
- Did I get that straight?
- No! It's not me!
Miss, I'm sorry.
But I can't disregard what he's saying.
Of course you can.
It's not that we don't believe you
but we should hear his side, too.
Right! Thanks mom.
Ow! That hurts.
You're saying they're my kids?
Got proof? Where's the proof?
I had no choice but to prepare this.
What is it?
- Let me see.
- Why you!
A genetic testing report?
This is a conspiracy!
Just 'cuz you're a prosecutor!
Think you can plot this against me
with this paper.
- You're a prosecutor?
- Yes.
- A real lawyer?
- Yes, father.
I guess this is true
since she's a prosecutor.
Well Ms, what do you think
we should do here?
I'm okay but I don't want my sons
to grow up without their father.
Please allow us to get married.
Get what!
Of course, they're clearly his.
We can't separate a family.
Do you know what kind of person
our son is?
- Yes, he's...
- No need to know.
She'll find out anyway.
This is crazy!
Why that little!
- By the way, who are you?
- No need to know.
Maybe an inspector...
This is your inheritance.
Want to live with the prosecutor
or with Chil-gu?
Not you too, mom. Please!
Who's the one that knocked her up!
It wasn't me, mom
I'm not happy about her
coming into our family either.
But she had your kids!
What can I do?
Forget it. No way.
I know you're not happy.
But take this and get married.
Not enough?
Take this and get married!
Get married now!
Look here please!
And smile! One, two, three!
- Look at the camera.
- I did!
One, two, three!
Why you!
Why didn't you go
on your honeymoon?
Father, I pushed it off
because of his school.
And I'd prefer going with
the whole family.
What in-laws follow along
on a honeymoon?
- Try some of this, father.
- Thank you, dear.
- Thank you
- Try some of this
What the hell are you doing?
You little pervert!
Why you little!
My daughter-in-law giving me some
food makes her a pervert?
- Not that...
- Why you
- What to do?
- Go up and wash up.
I'm watching TV.
Go up and watch yours.
Goodnight, dear.
Yes, go on and get some rest.
- Goodnight mother. Good night father.
- You too, dear.
Go on up!
Go up, fool.
Dad, that thing cures snoring!
Should we get mom one?
Don't worry about my wife
go tend to yours.
- Go on up, now!
- Let me do...
The things young ones do...
- Did you see that?
- Nope.
Yeah, you did! She's a freak!
You idiot! I cut
my finger 'cuz of you!
What are you doing?
What are you doing?
- Not washing up?
- Why do you care if I do or not?
- Jung-hwan.
- What now?
This is what I wear to sleep.
Oops, I dropped the brush.
Take it off!
What do you mean?
We're married, right?
Take it off!
If that's what you really want...
I was just getting started.
You come on this bed
and you're dead!
Man, that woman!
Let go!
Did you sleep well?
Did you have a good dream?
A dream?
I ain't telling you!
- Have a good day, hon.
- Come here.
You jump me again and you're dead!
I thought I was dreaming!
Case number A16
suspect OH Jang-su.
Set up a system and sold vehicles
He is the father
of notorious Jang-mul.
Making reports to her this early
in the morning out here?
You crazy?
She asking for it.
This is a little awkward, ma'am.
I threw a few punches in the past.
Yeah, you're awkward!
Have fun!
Referee! Referee!
What are you gonna do, man?
- Where are those punches?
- But she's kicking.
This is K-1, you can kick man.
Guess you didn't know.
Ma'am case A18
the illegal loan shark.
He's been charged with
lending money to...
Ma'am! Are you okay?
Why you! Come here now!
A15, 16, 18. A-17!
Where's the MA Sung-ki file?
The chief ordered it to be handed
over to prosecutor CHOI.
But I got all the witnesses
and testimonies.
With only two days left for trial!
What's the reason!
That is...
I can understand where Chief Song
is coming from.
All the rapists
and up being charged
with murder under you.
What's the difference between
rape and murder!
Bring me MA Sung-ki right now!
Why you little retard!
That punk at the store!
What are you doing?
Don't say anything.
- What's with you?
- I thought about this a lot.
About what?
I'm going to go on my own now.
You're gonna live without me?
What's the use of being with you,
When you're just thinking of Mi-lan
when I need you most.
You don't know how I feel.
I'll be good from now on.
I'll try.
I loved our 10 years together.
I was so happy!
But now...
What's wrong?
- Again?
- Yeah.
But what about
the two times earlier?
Let's go.
Hey Jung-hwan
I have a wedding gift to give you.
Keep it. I'm getting rid of her.
But she brought
in two grandsons.
Your parents won't back
down easily.
You wait and see
I'm going to sign
the divorce papers
and send her crying.
Finish up and let's go.
There's no toilet paper here.
All done.
- See, I told you.
- I know.
- But they're looking at us.
- Yew.
What's with this. Shit.
- You're home early.
- Yes.
- Your face?
- Ah...Is someone here?
Why that bastard!
Welcome home Eun-ju.
Goal! Yeah!
- I have to change.
- I won't look.
- There's nothing to see.
- past the mid-line!
Start! Run! Run!
All done. Hold on. Jung-hwan!
Honey, can you come and take Ahn?
Shot! Goal! Awesome!
I lost 'cuz of you!
- Rematch.
- Money please.
Alright! Hey man
- aren't you hungry?
- Yeah? Hold on. Mom!
Eight, nine, ten!
- Happy?
- Yeah I am.
Wanna die? Setting up tent in the
honeymooner's place?
What's with your mouth?
You a black man? Huh?
Go home you fool!
Chil-gu, come down to eat!
Eat then get your sorry ass out of here.
Got it?
A woman hitting bastard
Is good for nothing.
What are you talking about?
I never thought there'd be one
in this house.
- Eun-ju, dear!
- Yes?
What's that on your face?
He's throwing punches already.
Why you!
No, it's not me!
Why you little!
Do you need a wooden stick
like this?
Thank you.
Bad swing. Ah, let's eat.
- Enjoy your dinner.
- yeah.
- Try this, it's good.
- You have some, too.
How in the world can they come up
with something like him?
I hope the kids don't take
after the father.
Are you saying that
for me to hear?
10 years in school
and not one diploma.
How can anyone be proud of giving
birth to someone like that?
Damn right I am, you old hag!
Old hag?
We're only 2 years apart!
I'm going to drink
this somewhere else.
You must've had it rough
with all your wrinkles!
I started working at 1! So what!
- You raped her didn't you!
- What? Got any proof?
Yeh? You can't see anything
with good eyes, can you?
Please ma'am.
What are you doing?
I blow a fuse
when I see you, bastard!
Let's see that dick!
Going around with that thing!
- I'm sorry.
- Let me get you dick and...
And your underwear!
Wearing indecent crap!
- You bastard!
- Stop it, please!
Calm down.
Okay, hold on.
- Captain Hwang?
- Yes?
Add sexual harassment of a female
prosecutor to his charges.
What the?
- Okay?
- But! But!
Yes, ma'am.
- What the! Man!
- Why you little!
Add sexual harassment of a male
inspector, too!
What the! Oh, man!
See ya around.
What? Phuket?
We're finally going abroad!
It's about time.
- We're going this year too, right?
- What's a graduation trip without us!
A dog could've even graduated
in 10 years, punk!
What about the money you took
for getting married?
But that was for forcing me
to get married.
I have no money! That's that!
Fine! I'm not graduating
if you don't give it to me!
You trying to threaten me?
Fine! Don't graduate then!
Take a look at this.
I kept this baby diary from the start
of my pregnancy.
Can you write something in here?
Don't look like your mom.
She's really ugly.
- Think that's funny?
- Yes.
- But I wrote that you're ugly.
- Yes.
Fine, laugh all you want now.
I'm getting rid of you later.
You didn't hear me did you!
Of course I did
you're my dear husband.
Then give your
dear husband $4000.
I don't have that much money.
No? Then how about $2000?
- I have $2000.
- Then bring it to me right now.
But where are you going
to spend it?
I'm going on a graduation trip
to Phuket.
But why do you need that much?
Chil-gu's going too of course.
We need it. Go get it.
Why do you have
to pay for Chil-gu?
He doesn't have any money.
And I always...
Hey! Wait a minute.
How dare you question what I do?
Give me the money!
I don't have it.
Why you! Wanna die?
Fine! You can't cross
this from now on.
Think I'm joking?
You can't come here ever!
I'm gonna keep guard
and make sure you don't.
Got that!
You freak! Stop stripping me!
That little twerp!
You're so dead!
You're so dead!
I will ask you again.
You took the plaintiff to a storage room
assaulted her and....
jumped her, right?
I object.
The prosecutor is using foul language
in questioning my client.
I submit pictures of the assaulted
plaintiff as evidence.
Prosecutor! What is this?
Do your job right!
Court adjourned!
Don't cross that.
Try it again and I'll!
- What is this?
- What? I turned out good.
Why are you so childish?
I warned you.
What's this?
Why's the rearview mirror
on the ground?
Who's the punk that did this!
- Why do I have to?
- Thank you father.
What the?
She took my car!
You stick that back on
and get her car cleaned. Got it!
You little punk.
Why do I have to! Stop you!
I'm flooring it
but it won't go past 80.
- Turn it this way.
- Like this?
- Where's the gang?
- They're all coming.
- Oh no.
- You idiot!
- Hold it out!
- Okay.
I wanna go fast too!
You idiot!
You can't even hold that!
Man, I can only
make left turns now!
This is MA Sung-ki's sister
She's a famous lobbyist among
property moguls.
She makes money from buying and
selling small companies.
She's got MA Sung-ki doing all
the dirty work.
What's this?
CPA Certificate
While she was buying out a company
last year
an accountant died in a car accident.
And the MA Sung-ki's rape victim
was also an employee of the company.
Looking good!
What the?
Surprised? I'm the new girl.
It's been long since we've settled.
Why are you here?
I came to meet
your sister this time.
Why you little!
What's going on here?
I tried talking with your brother.
But he's so stupid he doesn't
get it.
A rapist. A dead abettor.
All I need is the evidence.
I'll take care of this.
Please go home.
Take the bitch away now!
If you've behaved
the prosecutor
wouldn't have come out here!
- The bitch?
- I'm sorry.
How dare you talk like that
to the prosecutor?
And I told you not to mess
with any women.
Apologize! You idiot!
I'm sorry. Please forgive me.
- That's enough for tonight, isn't it
- Fine.
To Jung-hwan!
Drink up!
Hello fellas.
- How old are ya?
- Isn't this too tight?
Thank you, sir. Here's some more.
Bring in the band!
Start singing.
-Hey there.
You're lucky to have such a smart wife.
- What? You live with her then!
- Tell me something!
- Well...
- Old man?
What will happen to them
when the scary wife comes?
- They're screwed. So screwed!
- This is not you sweethome!
We understand.
State your name.
- Why those fools!
- Hit them! They deserve it!
Yes, ma'am.
The prosecutor's here.
Prosecutor! Yeah!
- What's going on?
- Drinking without paying!
Oh yeah! The prosecutor's here!
- I apologize.
- You're all dead now.
Shut up!
Don't leave me Ms. prosecutor.
I can't look at you.
- Don't leave me.
- I can't believe you!
Divorce me then! Or lock me up.
Screw you.
- Chil-gu!
- Yeah?
Let's go.
- Ah, okay.
- Move!
Heat the milk for 3 minutes
and give it to them after 1 minute.
2 minutes then.
The nanny won't be coming for awhile
so please watch the kids.
What? Hey!
You didn't put me in jail to make me
do this?
Just put the handcuffs on me!
Aren't you coming to school?
I miss you.
Corey! Ahn! Drink it!
Not hot enough?
I'll be right back.
3, 2, 1, ta-da!
Now drink it.
There you go.
Is it good?
Let daddy try it just once.
It has no taste.
You drink it!
Drink it.
Oh my dear babies!
Why's he so hot?
- How is he?
- He'll be okay.
- Check his vitals later.
- Yes.
Why that little!
He's so getting it!
He'll be okay. He's over there.
Don't worry.
It's nothing bad.
He just needs to stay
and rest here for the night.
Thanks honey!
Let me know
if you need anything.
Du-sik! Have you seen
Check the tracking device
you put on his phone.
That's right! He's so dead!
Why are you wearing
so many layers of clothes?
The feathers on ya!
You lied about your age
didn't you?
- What are you doing?
- Undoing it.
- Honey?
- Yes?
Wanna go out with me?
What's wrong?
Let's stop here for today.
Who are you?
Come out!
Dad! This isn't what it looks!
Come out!
I saw him sleeping.
He looks fine.
Why's he sick all of a sudden?
You call yourself human?
How dare you treat the kids
like that, too?
It's not my responsibility.
Who told you to have 'em?
You had them without
my consent!
Why you! Wanna die!
That's right! I had Corey and Ahn
by myself.
I had them because
I wanted to be loved by you.
But you have no right to treat them
like that.
What did I do?
I fed them, changed their diapers!
I tuck them into bed!
The hell did I do?
What are you fools looking at!
Get that bastard!
Yes, this is Ju-won.
When's the D-day?
Yes. We'll get right to it.
Daddy is really sorry, okay?
I won't leave you
or Ahn alone ever...
I told you not to come in here!
There, there sweetie.
Go! And I don't want to see your
sorry ass back here! Got it?
Bye cutie.
Been waiting long?
- You look good today.
- Really?
What the? Moving or something?
It's by first trip abroad.
It's not heavy.
I can roll this thing.
I didn't think the prosecutor
will send you.
Boss! There's two of 'em.
I can see that, you fool.
Why are they always together, man?
Just take 'em both!
- I'll go bring us a cab.
- No. No need. I called a van.
I told them to be here earlier.
Is that the van?
Come here
Yup! Hey! You're late!
Take those!
Let's take the highway.
Let's sing on the way.
Let's go to the starry beach...
- Do it together.
- Let's go to the starry beach...
Hey Shark! Bury them if you find
no use for 'em.
- How long have they been like this?
- A while.
Look at 'em. They're gonna die.
- Get 'em down.
- Yes, sir.
Make the call. Now!
What are you doing?
Get with the picture, fool!
Tell me the phone number!
- 010
- 010
- 384
- 384
- 0179
- 0179
- Why you little!
- Wait!
If it's about money, let's talk.
How much?
At least $30 000 boss.
$50 000!
I'll give you $100 000.
The phone please.
He's the only son
of really rich folks.
- Hello.
- Father, it's me Jung-hwan.
I've been abducted.
Don't worry. I'm not hurt.
Send some money and
it'll be resolved.
Here, talk to them.
Heard that?
I want $100 00 for your son.
Why you little idiot!
Think I can't recognize your voice
if you speak like that?
I sent you on a trip and you call
me for more money?
Just live there!
Don't come back to Korea!
See? Now untie me you bastards!
Want me to do it?
What? Like this?
Let's go Chil-gu.
Where are you going?
You're gonna leave us here?
Shit! I think they're really gone!
Think they'll be back?
What are you doing?
Hurry up and try to get free!
That's not going to work.
Don't you watch movies?
They always get free by doing this.
Man! What if we die like this!
Stop talking crap.
We're not gonna die!
I should've just stayed home!
But you were so happy to go.
If you'd just let me drop out of school
I wouldn't be here right now.
This is all your fault!
Fine! Forget thanking me
for helping!
And forget ever being friends!
I didn't ask you to...
The hell did I ever do to you?
Take that! Even the sea
is punishing you now!
Help me!
Help! We're dying!
Hey! Chil-gu!
They're back!
Hey, rich boy!
Your dad says he'd rather
give the money to dogs.
My dad doesn't realize
the seriousness of the situation.
You're the one
who doesn't understand.
I'm sorry.
I hate complicated things.
- You!
- Yes.?
- You smoke?
- No, sir.
- Really? You drink?
- Not even once.
But he looks like he does a lot.
Strong looking body.
- Check what he comes to.
- A little over $100 000, sir.
- Including the liver and lungs?
- Yes.
Good. Keep up the good work.
Thank you.
I smoke three packs a day.
I can't sleep without drinking.
I sometimes cough up blood.
Good for you, you idiot!
You're no use! Go bury him!
Yes, sir.
- Why
- I have two good things!
My attractive low voice and eyes.
- Forget the voice. But the eyes?
- Yes, my eyes.
They're not your average eyes.
They're so clear and deep.
Women can't seem to get enough of 'em.
You punk. What's your blood typeType.
I'm sorry.
That's okay. I'll just take your eyes.
- Work 'em.
- Yes, sir.
May I look at the contract one sec?
The curious type O.
Sure, here.
I told you to stop smoking.
And why do you drink so much?
You're gonna die, man!
No, I'm getting $100 000 for not
smoking and drinking.
I'm worth $100 000!
You idiot! Where's your brain!
I'm worth $100 000
not even including the brain!
- What the!
- I'm so frustrated here!
- You're so stupid! Man!
- I am hurtin' in my heart.
You were captured with the vision of
selling organs.
Heal your inner bodies from
alcohol and nicotine.
And give us strong bodies!
The idiot!
I told you not to smoke.
The heck are we doing this for then?
We have to build our bodies, man.
The stupid fool!
- We gotta hurry and build our bodies!
- You do it! I just have to give my eyes.
Don't you wanna go home?
Get up! That's it!
- Can you take out a lung?
- Yes, I can.
That's good.
Not again.
196, 197,, 198
- I gotta go.
- 199, 200! All done sir!
Get up!
I can't.
All done 200 sir!
Get up! You're gonna get me killed!
Think he's deaf?
- Have you ever seen him talk?
- Nope.
Curse at him.
You idiot!
Say something worse.
You shithead!
- Let's run!
- Yeah.
Idiot! This way!
What? He's not deaf!
Just run, man.
Why you little!
You calling me a mute?
The name's Shut-mouth!
- You fools!
- No, no please.
So I was keeping my mouth shut!
You retards!
Chil-gu! Over here!
You little idiots!
Think the two of us
can't take you on?
We won't back off that easily.
You think we'd stay patient forever?
He minored in physical training, man!
Go, Chil-gu!
124! 125!
130! All done, sir!
Starting the all directions jump!
North! All done, sir!
I gave it to you.
It's not that.
I wanna go home.
I miss my mom.
Don't you miss your kids?
I miss Corey and Ahn.
I even miss your wife.
I want to go home, man.
Stop being a wimp.
The bastards looks so happy
with his kid.
That's right. I had Corey and Ahn
by myself.
I had them because
I wanted to be loved by you.
Hey Chil-gu!
What are you doing? Hurry!
Get on!
Jung-hwan! Run!
As you are well aware prosecutor GOH
He made a mistake last time.
But he's changed and
is working hard now.
It's not proper for the prosecutor to
call him in at will.
- Am I right, Chief SONG?
- Yes, of course.
The law can be ineffective
at times.
We should work out
any misunderstandings.
Those rape victims
Guess they're just misunderstandings
to you chief?
MA Sung-sook $3.1 million.
MA Sung-ki $1.2 million.
GOH Ki-bok, CHA kyung-sik
And even Chief SONG Kyung-hwan.
Bankrupting a company set by disabled
people is just a misunderstanding!
You have the right to remain silent
and to have an attorney.
- What the? Let go!
- Get up, you fool!
A young woman like you
fooling around like that.
You'll die!
Oh, really?
Then, kill me.
- The kid cried too much.
- I practiced with him.
I won't pay you the next time
you bring a kid like that.
Good timing kid.
Hey, Shark! Take it out!
Man, that hurt.
- Get it out!
- Yes, sir.
That's better.
I send in a bike and they run.
Should we have
given them a ride?
We're here! Stop!
Go get some rest.
- You too, Jung-hwan.
- Yeah.
You were brave, man!
Mom! Are you okay?
It's Jung-hwan, mom.
What's this?
Stop it please.
Let's talk this out.
I don't care if I end up like this
'cuz of you.
But I won't stand for anything
happening to my mom!
I'm really sorry.
I didn't think they'd hurt my family!
Your family?
Who are you calling your family?
I'm sorry.
Then get out!
That'll solve everything!
Get out!
- I can't.
- What?
You don't know
how long I've waited
To find you and make you mine.
I've never been happier
in my life.
I have parents that I never had
and my sons have their father.
This is my house.
I'm not leaving!
Why you!
- That little!
- What are you doing?
- Is this all I've raised you up to?
- Mom!
I don't need a son who doesn't respect
his sons' mother. Get out!
Fine! Guess that'll solve this.
I don't need to be around to see you
get stabbed!
Why that little! Jung-hwan!
Give me some clothes.
I'm taking a shower.
Didn't you go home?
Sir, I can't open the door.
Can you come up over
the balcony outside?
What's with all the crap?
This is the wedding gift
I told you about.
How could you, sir?
But still, he's your only son.
He's always asking for money
so I thought it was a joke.
If I knew, I would've sent the money
long before.
Not you! Jung-hwan.
Look son.
Do you hate
the prosecutor that much?
As you age, your wife is the only one
who'll take care of you.
Look at me.
I'd be nothing without
your mom.
And Jung-hwan.
Know what your dad hates
the most in the world?
To hear you call dad
a gangster.
When you were going
into grade 5.
You wrote gangster under
the section for father's job.
- I did not.
- You did!
Know how much that hurt
your dad?
That's when I decided to become a dad
you can be proud of.
At this rate, you're gonna end up
like me!
What if your sons call you a mutt-head
later on?
Aw, dad. Not again.
I'm leaving!
Hey, Jung-hwan!
Your letters!
Why that little!
Sir! Sir!
- That little twerp!
- Are you okay?
Do you know where he spent the wedding
money he got, sir?
I called my mom earlier.
She said that he sent her the money
to pay off her debts.
All the money for getting married!
So, my mom asked where he got so
much money.
So I said it was from you.
But it wasn't, huh?
Doesn't hurt as much....
Your father made many mistakes, too
in the past.
He was a gang leader.
Always going around fighting...
Eun-ju, honey.
I know how hard
it must've been for you.
Growing up without your parents...
I worried about that at first.
I just thank you for taking in
my spoiled son.
No, I'm the one....
I don't care about
what happened today.
Just go with
what you believe in.
No matter what
you're my daughter now.
Good morning.
I was too drunk last night.
Let's just forget about what happened
last night.
You said you're thankful for me
saving you? Let's just leave it at this.
And don't come for me again.
I go into full training next week.
I am so happy to meet you!
I'm gonna me a mother
to twins?
Do you know what?
Mommy and daddy
made you in one try!
Stop kicking little babies.
I wonder who you look like.
I hope you take after your handsome dad
rather than me.
This is where we had
our first date.
Mommy doesn't like beef soup.
But I couldn't get enough of it
when I was pregnant with you.
I think it's because of your dad.
Breathe slowly.
That's it. One, two, three!
Congratulations on your first son.
One more time!
Here's your second son.
Two weeks to the state bar exam!
Mommy's going to pass it on
the first try!
You believe me?
I wish your daddy was here....
He saved me once
when I was drowning.
Your daddy's been everything to me
ever since.
Actually, daddy doesn't like
mommy very much.
Mommy knows.
But it's okay 'cuz I love your daddy.
He'll know how I feel someday.
Today is mommy's birthday.
But I can't stop crying....
I'll only cry today
and never again.
But today
I miss your daddy more than ever....
Get up! Get up!
- Get up! Get up!
- I'm so sorry.
Get up! Get up!He's always like that!
Get up! Get up!
Chil-gu! Get up! Let's go.
Who are you?
What's with the man in suits...
Not again! We just got out!
I won't stand for it this time!
Stop the car!
Wait! Hold on! Shit!
What do you want?
They all want the money.
Fine. $100 00 for the two of us?
Make the call, Jung-hwan.
Hold on fool.
It's different this time.
Of course the beach
and the factory are different.
Call your dad, man...
Call her out quietly.
If not, he dies.
Stop it!
You bitch!
You think you can get away with
abducting me?
I'm not doing it! Just get lost!
How dare you?
The phone please.
- Why are you on the phone?
- It's my fault for picking up the phone?
No, it's just ah....
That's right! I had you abducted!
I asked them to knock
some sense into you.
So what if you suffered for a few days
on the beach?
The beach?
What? That was you!
Hey, Chil-gu! I caught an offender!
You! Do you know how hard
it was for me out there?
Chil-gu and I in the heat...
Hello? Hello?
She hung up on me!
Chil-gu, what's her number?
How would I know
your wife's number?
You don't know her number?
Like you'd know
my wife's number.
- Hello? Hey!
- You!
Do you hate me that much?
Get lost?
Why should I?
Do you know how I feel?
How hard it was for me?
How much you hurt me?
You get lost and go live with Chil-gu!
Why should I leave my house and wife
to live with him?
My parents, my kids, my wife!
Why should I leave 'em!
If you say something stupid like that
again to your husband, I'll...
I'm not talking to you!
Did you just call me your wife?
What else would I call my wife?
Want me to say it again?
Wife, wife!
There you go Ms. Smarty-pants!
Hello? I gotta hang-up now.
- Why? Why?
- Don't pick up the phone.
What is it?
Don't answer your phone!
Fighting like a true prosecutor.
Don't come! It's dangerous!
- What's with him!
- He's gone crazy!
Why do you hit me?
I got nothing to do with the prosecutor.
Get a prosecutor wife if you
think it's unfair.
You crazy?
Why would I marry her?
Let's exchange your husband
for my brother.
Chief SONG will handle the rest.
If you come, I'll divorce you!
Kill me! Why don't you!
Go on! Kill me!
Don't hurt me, please.
She's coming!
- She went in!
- Be quiet man!
Why aren't they answering?
- Hurry with the back up!
- I'm calling them!
Where's the boss?
- Let go of my husband.
- Send the boss first.
Are you insane?
Hold on!
What the?
I told you not to come.
Why you. Not listening to your husband.
I'm sorry.
And why'd you have to
make more trouble?
- Why'd you take the punk?
- How old are you?
- 30, why?
- I'm 36.
Why'd you bring this man here?
I'm like this 'cuz of this man.
What's this got to do with you?
- Stop fighting you guys.
- Stay out of it mister.
That's it!
I can't reach 'em.
Let's go!
Where? There?
Without the back-up crew?
You crazy, man?
But I'm a clerical staff.
- Let's go Chil-gu!
- But it's dangerous out there.
It's more dangerous in here.
Look at the broken glass! Get out.
What about me, guys?
You just stay here.
It's dangerous.
Okay. Be careful.
I told you it was dangerous.
Be careful Jung-hwan!
- Cover my back Chil-gu!
- Got it.
I'm coming Eun-ju!
Why you! Come get me!
Excuse me.
It's dangerous! I saved you.
A woman shouldn't be going around
like this!
You're Corey-Ahn's mom before
a prosecutor!
You stay here! You can't get hurt!
It's the man's job to handle this.
Come here Chil-gu!
What are you doing?
- Hello.
- Uncle Du-sik!
These guys hit me and Eun-ju!
Why those little punks!
Hey, Du-sik! That one!
Yes, boss!
Why you!
Swipe 'em off clean!
That one!
- Chil-gu?
- Yeah?
- That one!
- Him?
- Chil-gu. That one!
- Yeah
Wait! Wait!
- Sorry man. Come here.
- Yeah.
No, no!
- Come here Chil-gu.
- Yeah.
- Sit here.
- Yeah.
It looked like you're hurt
so I stopped.
Thanks, man!
You're a good friend.
You're all dead!
Alpha bravo! Hurry! Hurry!
What the? They came out hert
to get us?
They're on our side.
Why don't you answer
your phone!
- Work for a change!
- Shithead!
Chil-gu! Help!
You better see to cleaning all this up
Chief SONG!
I told her to stay put!
Are you okay, Eun-ju?
Why don't you ever listen?
Get up.
Stay here.
Know what I hate the most?
Punks who hit women!
Come on man.
You and me, one on one!
- Why the little bastards.
- What you gonna do?
- Ahm... Just putting it down.
- Du-sik!
Why you little!
He's a total rock!
I was going to fight him.
Why'd you step in!
I'm so sorry, man.
I warned you not to mess with me.
You're dead!
You're the one that's screwed!
You die!
How dare you stand in my way
you little bitch!
Try me, you old hag!
You can't stop me! Shit!
I am Corey-Ahn's mother!
Eun-ju! Eun-ju!
Come hither!
Is anyone there?
Yes, sir.
I told you to stay
with the luggage.
Send this message to Ophelia.
Yes, sir.
- Is that it, dear?
- Yes.
He's not coming on again?
- To be or not to be.
- Nope. Wasn't he great?
That is the question.
- You think that was great?
- Yes.
You know he spent 10 years
to do that?
Yes. Of course I think he's great.
He's my husband.
My money. What a waste.
Or Do I need to destroy
with my disasterous power?
- What?
- Mother!
- Do you want to deliver in here?
- Why!
- Hurry, prosecutor
- Jung-hwan...
Call an ambulance!
4 years ago.
Oh no!
What is she doing there?
I think she's asking for help.
Then I guess she's drowning.
- You! You idiot!
- What?
Like you don't know!
You pushed me!
You bastard!
Why didn't you just come out?
How can I? Everyone's looking!
I almost died in there!
She held my neck down.
Jung-hwan! Come quick!
She's not breathing!
You minored in PE, right?
She's the one I warned you about!
You go, man!
Look at the silly fools.
I'm a cameo.