Oh My Zombie! (2016) Movie Script

Farid Morocco
Gregorian calendar 201Z
Japan has suffered a crisis of life and death
The dead person suddenly revived
Start attacking living people one after another
These resurrected people are called zombies.
By eating human flesh
And the bitten person will become a zombie and resurrect after he dies
The street is full of zombies
Let people get into a panic
The government immediately set up an emergency response to the zombies department
Self-defense team dispatched to various places
Dismissed a ban on the shooting of zombies by the national police
In addition, large-scale raids from cities to places have been implemented.
This shocked the entire Japanese zombie panic
After about half a year
The country has once again restored peace...
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Hello, I am me.
I came across a bully thing from my home
Ok? Don't want to hear...
But it's really awkward
Why did you come to your house today?
It must be fun
Someone on the edge will give you a fight
I'm sorry I didn't know it was your home
What are you going to do with that stuff?
What thing?
Wait, I will take it away
If you're bitten, you'll lose out
it does not matter
Will not trouble you
I shouted Keita too soon...
What's with you?
what's up
The one you just entered...
What do you say?
There is no one except us
Some of you are impolite. Are you the owner of this house?
what? You are not ah
What... I still apologize for the loss
It's your own mistakes.
how about you
I am passing by
Then you hurry to go
Zombies are still there
Well, wait... I'm still busy
So if the uncles can leave the meeting
I think you are somewhat reckless when you deal with him alone
So we must call Keita too.
If you do not see it
I want to shoot a video of the zombie
It turns out so
Don't engage in those things
Does spoofing others are fun?
It's not people. It's a zombie.
Ugh? How are you missing?
Whose home is this?
Are you Mr. Hanada?
It's not all right
There is a zombie in my house
What is a zombie?
You see it
What are you doing here?
We happened to pass by. We saw zombies here.
It's not accidental that I've been following him
So you are all dry
What is my family planning to do?
So the zombies went in from here
Occasionally we...
I listened to what I caught
After he entered the house
I shut him in
What do you guys do in this family?
He is still a child
What happened to the child? I was almost eaten.
But the zombie himself went in...
what happened
Who uses my mobile phone for my own use?
What are you doing?
Of course you have to call the police
what does it mean
Can't you borrow a mobile phone?
what happened
Wait a minute
I remember the wedding is today
I can dress up for a person and it takes time
To be late
What's wrong with you?
Can I borrow your phone?
very urgent
- My family... - Hello.
- I'm sorry to bother you when you're going out. I'm really sorry. - It's okay.
In fact, today our family is coming to the uncles house to play
What the child said is wrong
Is your relative married today?
Um, my voice.
That's really congratulations
Don't mess up
What are you...
Mr. Hanada's friend
What friends just met
Well, the taxi has been waiting for you.
I heard it in the clouds
You go to my house and call me
But you have to trouble me to lock the door
- The key is on the old place - OK
- I'm gone. - Sorry.
Thank you
I come back in the evening
Wait for me to come back to the game
Wait until after dinner
That goodbye
Carefully on your way
What are you doing?
Bring that back in
Can you listen to us?
About that thing that broke into your home
We will deal with
What a joke
What are you guys in the end?
Actually still come in with me
Hurry back to me
Heck, I pulled the thread
what did you say
How did you force it?
How to do the thread
What's so angry for a thread?
It will be like sticking with a band-aid
Is the thread so sticky useful?
I will compensate you later
According to this conversation, we should say thread
what do you do
High school student
What is it about high school students in the morning?
Why not go to school
Today is Sunday.
There should be something to do on Sundays.
I am returning home
Give me an activity Participate in an activity
Mr. Hanada, calm down
Be surrounded by your gang of unknown guys
There is a monster at home
How do you calm me in this situation?
I have not introduced myself yet
It is really rude
I am not interested in who you are
Give me all
Uncle, you dirty the room.
Your feet
You said you were the wife of the zombie
My name is Nishioka
I own the bus at the station
At the time, he suddenly appeared across the road.
At first I thought he was very strange
I'm afraid to hide immediately
You can look closely...
I've been looking after he disappeared
I think I can finally meet again
I didn't expect him to be like this
After that, I saw everyone entering this room
It was hard to catch
Excuse me, is he really your husband?
That's too good. It's too late.
Then let's alarm!
Can't alarm
Do you know what you are talking about?
If the alarm...
That's usually killed in place.
Good waste
Im really sorry that my husband broke into your home casually
But can you help me?
It was hard to see him
Oh, Mrs.
Found Zombies
Call 110 now
We have a daughter
Even if it looks like he is also the father of the child
I want to take him back to meet with the children
After that, I will definitely call the police
Please you guys
It's so dangerous that it almost blinds emotions
Listen to me, my wife, sympathy, sympathy, or alarm
This is the best way
How is this going?
Can we help you?
The wife's gentleman certainly wants to meet her daughter.
what are you talking about
This gentlemans husband is a zombie.
That is a monster
Sorry I'm talking about under normal circumstances
Is he without emotion?
This day knows
What does it mean?
Can you understand the mood of zombies?
And you guys are hanging on high
Don't blame me for being cold
I have no reason to help you
Understand it
One of the beginnings is what I caught. I will help.
I'm going to call Kui too
Who is Keita?
Oh my friend
You still cannot understand the situation until now
Don't make things more complicated
Please listen to me
Put the alarm first
You say let go
In a reasonable sense, we should hand over the zombies to this wife.
But the law on zombies that was instituted five years ago
Do you guys still remember
what? What does it mean?
In there, I pointed out that if anyone unfortunately becomes a zombie
Then all those who decide their lives and death are given equal rights
What do you mean?
In other words
How to deal with the zombies in that house?
Everyone here has a share
How can you do this
Why suddenly became equal
That thing is what I caught. It should belong to me.
Is this related to who caught it?
Whoever wants you to mess with someone else's
And this law
It is for relatives and friends who become zombies.
The mood of the family is difficult to accept
In order to help others develop it
Can now
The wife is here
Now hurry to the police and hand it over to the police
This does not solve it
I do not agree
I agree with him
Mrs. I read it
This is a bunch of brain breathing guys
Leave the rest to me
Use my mobile phone for my own use
Where are you going
I used to drive the monster out
After you leave, deal with you
Step aside
You give me a lift
and many more
let me go
I need money
What are you talking about?
Before this, I apologize to my wife.
I just said to help you
In fact, I myself have selfishness
You become too fast
Say I haven't introduced myself yet
My name is Doi
Doing small business at Doitsu's Doi factory
Inheritance of the father has been mixed into the present
I'm ashamed. I've lost my way.
So what do you want to do?
Sell zombies
What does it mean to earn some money?
What does it mean?
After the outbreak of zombies riots five years ago
In a very small group of people
There are zombies as pets to trade
What is the situation of raising zombies?
It will only make people feel sick
I don't mean your gentleman
I am talking about the general situation
This person's hobby is strange
Before there was a news
Says Chinas rich people buy large quantities of zombies as amulets
Zombies are more dangerous at home.
First cut the body to the head
Then add various types of talisman to the table
For the unlucky side of feng shui
That is, blocking the door
But buying and selling zombies is forbidden
However, no matter how many sales in the market are facts
Like tiger beasts, there are underground trading sites.
How much is it worth?
Probably the price of a domestic high-grade car
5 million or so
real or fake
There are more zombies than just being bitten
The larger the number of zombie years, the more popular
When did your husband become a zombie?
He was missing about four years ago
All four years
Don't be so happy
Mr. Doi?
Is he real?
The factory will close soon
My wife and I always quarrel
The home is in a mess
And the son did not have anything to say
It's a bit of a coincidence today
Take a walk
Suddenly I saw a butterfly fly over
I think this season is very rare
Then I saw a strange man
When I knew he was a zombie
The beginning is a little scared
Later I remembered a weekly magazine report on buying and selling zombies.
I am not feeling well
Please do not say
And the life of my family after my husbands disappearance is not easy
Sorry, can I say something?
Say what
My name is Kiyo
Working in the university clinic
Are you a hospital doctor?
Or a trainer
I'm just ready to go home in the morning
When I park and watch a text message
There was a man walking next to the discovery
Its uncomfortable to look at the whole body.
He actually is...
In short, the zombies are living for a long time.
I was surprised when I found it
In fact, I am now studying regenerative medicine.
Why do dead people still move?
Zombies can help my research to a higher level
If there is no problem with the internal organs of the zombie
May be used as a regenerative transplant
It's disgusting. I dont want the internal organs of the zombie.
What do you want to say?
I want him to be a test body
If your husband has contributed to the development of medicine
He will be remembered
You talk about it
Then I also say two
My name is Dairen. Matsuyama I am a senior.
I wanted to go to Ketai
I found a strange uncle
Seeing someone walking is like a zombie
After watching for a while, I discovered that it was really a zombies.
I think this is incredible
So you have to keep up with it
Seeing that he entered the house, he closed it
Really nosy
The zombie can't blame me for coming in.
He was arbitrarily stumbling in
We must hurry to send a message to Gta.
It's enough
Do you want to shoot a video of the zombie?
Video of zombies Five years ago but the resources were flooded
It's not a surprise now
But if that zombies
It's a very famous artist
It is impossible to think
The idea of this little kid is too naive
I have seriously thought
I not only shoot zombie videos
Signboard for him to do activities
Cultural Haunted House
There are Bon dances
Bon dance?
Can zombies dance?
What do you think of someone else's husband?
Suffer shame
Death is not glorious
There are executions on the spot once they are seen
You are still a child who is not deeply involved
same as me
After I closed it, I haven't thought about how to deal with it.
What a joke
The zombies I caught were supposed to belong to me.
Please you guys
I just want to take him home
- Mrs. Let's call the police... - Excuse me.
A rare opportunity
I also want to say?
- Hua Tian - Your job is
General office workers
What aspects
Check the account
Daejeon software salesman
What is the zombies like?
You see it very clearly
It is not very clear
I sleep on the second floor. I drink too much and have some hangovers last night.
Feel thirsty and want to go downstairs to drink water
Then I saw the guy standing there
Still want to drink water and go back to sleep
Really hateful
Why do I have to listen to your reasons one by one?
I'm not that busy
Anyway, you're not sleeping and sleeping
I work hard every day
Must rest
I say you
Please come here
what's up
Is that car parked there before?
It's my wife's
She went shopping
I forgot to clean it
do not go
let me go
Very dangerous
So I said to alarm immediately
- Whats your wifes mobile number?
What is the password
How many
- What are you doing? - Killer
5648 means killer
It turns out so
The password is really easy to remember with this
Doctors actually use the killer password
No matter what I like
What are you doing?
Have you come yet?
Your wife seems to have not found
You are just below
I bought something in the car and got it for me
Kyouko, you're there, I'll be here now.
- What's wrong with you? - Don't ask.
Don't worry so much
The zombie can't get to the stairs. I can't go to the second floor.
Ah, you should know
Don't shout so much
Is what you said true
This is common sense.
Isn't it often on TV?
What are you doing?
Oh, now...
Close the window Window
Windows windows
Hate to hate
Hello, what are you saying?
It's not my fault.
I'm going to save you now. Waiting for me.
almost there
Kyoko Kyoko
It's alright
too horrible
Still scared
It's okay
If you lock the door, you won't see this happen.
sorry Sorry
Go to his nephew's wedding
Yes, it is today
Is there another person in this home?
His wife is dead now
Son in Tokyo
The video is great
High school students just gave me a mess
It's okay to be fine
Zombies are not really good at stepping
Their joints are hard to bend
That is, I can't climb the stairs straight on my knee
Just climbing the stairs, there are also individual zombie imitation people can go up
But most of the downstairs are difficult
Zombie race can only merge with hand and foot downstairs
True to right
He can climb stairs by himself. This is a rare situation.
So he can't get down from the second floor
If he comes down...
what's wrong
That one
If you can climb downstairs
Means that the zombie limbs are healthy and have a high value
The price of this leading fish like quail is high
This is not the same
- It's hard to say - is it?
If he can stay on the second floor, he will be fine.
It is a real zombie who can climb stairs
Do not lead the fire to the upper body
It makes sense
No matter how we can do nothing about it
Ada, do we have to cook first?
Are you so calm?
Hurry up
Please do not call the police
This is not your wife
Let's discuss each other
Nothing to discuss
Everyone is hungry
I just bought the noodles
Can also be discussed later
- Please sit - and so on
Let's cook fried rice in such a cold season
What pick?
My family eats vermicelli on Sunday lunch
And this season noodles are cheap
Sorry to trouble you
Kyoko They are not guests
What do you say?
They saved me and expressed thanks
It's me who saves you
It's all because of this guy
It's rude to hear this guy.
Is this really okay?
You don't have to do it quickly.
Your husband is going to become everyone's meal
That one
I can cook for you
Thank you
This time also let you help sorry
Help me to take this in
Do you have children?
- Have a son - how old is it?
Shang Gaoyi
It is the mad age
Are you high school students?
Flower field, how about you?
I've been working hard yet
Speaking of Gao Yi Hong is also a senior
You two will not be friends
I havent heard of Doe
Then take this opportunity to make friends
If it's funny, I can consider
But watching this uncle knows that it is unlikely
You have to look at people's low
There is no way for children of this age to
But things were really shocking five years ago
What is going on with the resurrection of the dead?
The result still does not know the reason
It was said that it was affected by meteorites and there were new types of viruses.
There are many sayings in the market
Initially Americans invented zombies as soldiers on the battlefield
There are such rumors
Others say that zombies are terrorist organizations
Used to self-destruct and invent
Isn't it because of God's God pork chop?
High school student are you kidding?
Everyone says so
Spring God Pork Pork is made with meat that is infected with bacteria
After eating it will become zombies
What are you so cute?
Do not worry
why are you laughing
There is definitely a problem with Kasuga pork chops
According to you
My family eats pork chops every month
I also eaten
It happens to be a regular visitor to the shop
It sounds like the rumors of school maddening
I absolutely do not eat
It's okay. Spring God Pork Pork is delicious
What is infected with bacteria is fake?
Now think of it as strange speculation
The first zombies caused great disturbances when they appeared
After knowing how to handle
Soon everyone returned to normal life
Zombies are sluggish. People can escape if they run.
The zombies brain is not flexible.
Its no threat to be honest with one or two zombies.
In spite of this, the situation is controlled quickly enough
Obviously there are so many
After half a year
Look because the great god played a very big role
That big god?
Papillon Wood Field Did you forget?
Oh really he contributed a lot
More than just big
If you dont have a wood field god, Japan will be finished.
Its all right. Lets talk about it next time.
When you talk about this, it will be endless
That monster is not your husband
Where was it before?
I'm not so sure either
It is alive before it disappears
Where did it become a zombie?
After a few years of no news, he actually returned.
Qingye, what do you think?
Potentially unknown zombies are protected by National Research Institute for Welfare
What happened and escaped?
After all, this is just my guess
Who must have bought him secretly
Then what happened and fled
Then it was caught by your gang of strange people.
It's more cruel to be alive
At the time the bad high school student gangs raised zombies
Didn't it cause social problems?
Some guys are happy with trouble
Yes Yes
Remember the case of schoolchildren being bitten by zombies at school
Remember to remember the northern provinces
Yes, my school is still next door
That's right now.
Cleaners walk in the hallway
Suddenly I heard a scream of ah
The cleaners just mentioned are actually zombies.
- I go to the toilet. - OK.
I often hear of wild dogs in school
Zombie chaos is also novelty
The cleaner lives in our apartment next door
Then do you know him?
Dont not know
Are only one student bitten?
Yes, there are injured people in the process of flight
Only one person from Numata was bitten
It's true that biting people's videos was put on the internet and caused turmoil
Do not know who took
It will not be you
I'm not in the next class
I also go to the toilet
What does your factory in Doi produce?
My family's factory has been making screws from my fathers generation
Before seen on television
Japan's street factory is very powerful
Your factory is also
It should have done better
You drink it yourself
Are you keeping a dog?
- What - this
Can your husband give me supervision?
For the development of medicine
The most important thing is that it can save people
Colleagues gradually become less
It's not easy.
Ah, I thought about it.
The best way is to use scissors and stone cloth
I know why passwords are killers
Why are you so scary?
The screensaver of your mobile phone is the "three-colored cat" of Miura's family.
- A big photo. - What's the matter?
Is a dog
Obviously dogs are called "tricolor cats"
How can dogs not be called "tricolor cats?"
-Importance and guilt -Sure
Funny nickname?
Feel good
Miuras wife wanted to keep a cat
So take it... It doesnt matter
In short, this is Miuras dog.
Missing for more than a month
How can we conclude that the dog is a "tricolor cat"?
Didn't the collar read?
Oh really?
What's wrong with this dog?
Look at the saved photos
- How to see - Give me
What are you going to explain?
Qingye This is...
Are you not a Kotomachi drugstore?
- Really? - Why didn't I recognize it early?
Because wearing casual clothes changed people
Casual clothes can generally recognize it
Just now we have been panicking
Your photo is very suspicious
Also lied that he was a doctor
who are you
You shouldnt have this kind of jealousy.
What is your interest in dissection?
It's too bad
Why don't you talk?
Watching people's mobile phones casually is an invasion of privacy
And I dont have to explain this to the people I met for the first time
That is the default. It is also normal to be suspected.
Want her husband to be an experimental body
What do you want to do?
This also asks you to dissect it
Kyoko gives me the phone
This must be alarmed
- Wait, ma'am. It's time to worry.
The daughter wants to see the monster is not your husband's words
Just take your daughter here.
Ah, don't install it.
You are actually not the wife of the zombie.
Sure enough
Just when your wife was scared by a zombie
It always feels like she's not right
I felt she was strange at first
Don't talk
What is the matter with my wife?
Are you okay?
I am in debt
You are also rushing for money.
Zombie's wife is a good man.
Unfortunately, it was exposed
What is your real husband?
Now traveling in Singapore
But you don't see people like you saving money
I want to buy things
Does your husband know that you are in debt?
How much is owed
High school students, no need to ask
It does not matter a total of 3.81 million yen 3281 yen
Too accurate
Although it is not good to interfere with you
But I think you still talk to your husband.
This is the second time
He said he would divorce me again next time
My wife, you are self-confident.
What about your child?
The monster is not your husband.
You see that the monster is at the station.
At the time, I wanted to borrow money...
Right high school student
How do you know she is not the wife of a zombies
Ah, what's your last name?
The zombie does not call this name
What does it mean?
Do you want to say
Don't go round the curve
I know the identity of the zombie
what did you say
I know who the zombie is
who is it
Do you know people
The clue is the butterfly on the neck
Butterfly on the neck?
No way
Look at the evidence
This is hard to say
I don't see anything
This tattoo is absolutely right
Most of the corruption has changed and there is no way
- Really this design... - right
At that time I could see it on TV every day
What about the zombie?
Just talked about...
Tattoos on the neck
This is the unique symbol of the legendary zombie catcher Papillon
The real name is Koichi Koichi
Formerly a member of the elite self-defense team
After retiring to participate in the Middle East War
At that time, miraculously survived the war
And just engraved butterfly tattoo on the neck
Since then, I got the name of the Babylonian Lumberyard
5 years ago after the outbreak of the zombie crisis
Was summoned back by former bosses
To solve the Japanese crisis, receive government support
And dozens of elites formed a special force against zombies
Won the Tokyo Tower in the first battle
After the suppression of zombies
This situation was reported by the media several days in a row
So Japan set off a wave of butterfly tattoos
Manly image popular among housewives
Also have their own fan base
His name is willing to save people who have died in the world
Also selected for the popular language award
It is simply the darling of the times
But with the end of the zombie crisis he completely disappeared.
No one has seen him since
Saying that I am his loyal fan
Wood God
It's worth a lot.
Just said celebrity zombies can sell high prices?
I remember the old Zombie seems to be able to sell 100 million bars
- Are wild older people more precious? - Yes.
There is a parent who goes to join the old baseball training
Grab the zombies to sell to a sports business
What do businesses want to do with zombie?
Want to do promotion
Ke Yeos family strongly demanded that the body lawsuit also contend for a long time
As a result, a legal transaction was invalidated
Wild old man was also immediately executed.
The result is this
If handled properly, you should earn a lot
This is called National Zombie
If the Chinese will buy much money
Consider the reality of how it is possible to buy China
Do you want to sell it?
Really want to cut it open
Finally revealed its nature
I must quickly dispose of this person.
I'm amazing
Caught the strongest zombies
It was a breeze to climb the stairs to the zombies at the Papillon battlefield
Of course, it is the God of Kiba.
Everyone seems to be excited
Your wife is also very happy
how about it
Don't hurry. People who stay here in the evening will come back
Recognize everyone's ideas
People who want zombies
You are raising your hand. You raised your hand.
Because it is a great God
Kiba is dead
That's just a monster
Ah, you should know me best.
How sad I was when the Kiba God disappeared
And this time it was the other party who came to see me
Do you not think it is fate?
I dont think I dont want to feel
And he is not coming to see you
Is to eat you
Listen well This is a crime
It's too late now
No one has committed any crime now
Except this guy
Call the police. Come and settle it.
Everyone happens to be present today. Still see zombies.
And this zombie is still the god of the kiba
- Shouldn't you be happy? - Not happy
- Isn't it fate? - Not
Is this bunch of guys credible?
How did you catch it?
The purpose of everyone is different
Eventually it only causes quarrels
Hanada Think about reality
All I say is reality
It is strange that you guys
Can shoot the first bird
what did you say
Everybody listens well
Now specifically two things
One is that everyone in the room wants the zombies.
I do not want
The second is that zombies are super famous people.
Maybe you can change a lot of money
The third is that I want to call the police.
By now
If someone takes the initiative to start everything
So we must help each other for the benefit of everyone.
Replace that zombie with money
Everybody divides equally
Even so, everyone has a lot of money
I agree
and many more
Doi and Nishioka started as money.
This proposal is too partial to them
makes sense
It really doesnt work
And Kyoko
You don't want to sell your favorite kiba for no apparent reason
At first I thought so too
But it will be disposed of sooner than the police
Or as a zombies alive somewhere good
I understand this mentality
Thank you, everyone listen to me
Dois proposal just now
It is indeed from the perspective of both of them
But its not a bad thing for everyone to have a lot of money.
And it can't keep going like this
No way
If I could lend my zombies to me one day, I would agree
I want to prove that this zombie was caught by me
Even if it's once, I want the video click rate to be number one
Zombie video is nothing amazing
Just said this abnormality
Purely zombies are really nothing
But this is only the Babylonian woodyard
Still clear
Don't ignore my opposition
Don't make noise
At least that
Can I make a little cut?
Are you OK
Cut... merchandise is not good
Who are you?
God of wood is not very pitiful thing
There is a bit of a relationship
How much do you cut
About 10 cm in the abdomen
It's longer than when I had a child
Clear field 10 centimeters cut too much
Half 5 cm how to
Doi you...
Madame, the zombies have died once.
Will not feel pain
How do you know he won't hurt
Say the zombie is alive or dead
It will feel moving
But it's already dead.
It will be live and live
It is medically dead
Biologically, it is alive
I know 5 centimeters is fine
Madame, I will supervise
Will not let him cut too much
I also have to band him up after the end of the game
And before you find a buyer, you'll park at my home
This is great
It was so decided
How do you catch it?
Don't you decide so unilaterally
I havent agreed yet
Not so good?
Ah, I really want to stay with the God of Wood
Just desperately endured
I dont know
Hanada, you agree.
What a joke
I have always been diligent
No one supports me behind
When I was a child, I never did anything to steal a dog
Into the community is also working hard
Can be recognized
Then he reached such a close wife
Although its a little noisy, life is like this
In short, I resolutely rejected this kind of boring thing.
Never smear your life
Please join us
Yeah, its hard to agree.
It's my fault. I won't give up my faith.
Why are you suddenly...
Follow me down
We talked well
Hanada, is it really OK?
Aunt also keeps dogs.
This only?
Is a friend's dog
what is it call
Bubbles Bubbles
Say it
Don't you think there are a lot of people who love dogs too much?
Recently, a 4-year-old boy near my house was bitten by a dog.
Twitter owner is also on the scene
Before worrying about the little boy, he only talks about his dog.
It's okay. Is it hurt?
It's a disgusting person
Terrible right
Is the aunt also this type?
The friend's dog came...
But people who keep pets need to be careful
Don't you think weird?
What is strange
5 years ago, everyone was afraid of zombies.
This time, Im desperately trying to catch zombies.
It's like catching animals that are going to become extinct
It's true that people with a bit of economic value are easily trapped in it.
how about this
Thank you
What is this?
it's not like that
Fujimura hardcore gave me
When did this happen?
I thought I was missing
Even in this place
Always thinking of returning
I can't read it once.
See nothing
It tastes a bit too heavy for this
I will say
I will say Fujimuras
He likes to read this
I haven't seen it
Why are these eyes?
I will return
Lets go, everyone waits.
That lady
What method did you use?
In fact, he was out of orbit about two years ago.
I was not aware of it.
High school students
You must do this for your safety
Before we grab the zombies you are waiting outside
Contact the police if there is an emergency
How is this?
What to do if something happens to you
How to explain to your parents
It doesn't matter.
If you dont want to, immediately give up immediately
I do not care
You can shoot a lot of zombie videos outside.
I use my own
and this
Sure enough, I fell down
what happened
In this way, it will also be very successful.
But it's okay.
Er er
Did you call everyone in?
Go for it
How do you do
Also call it come in
It's safe. Come in.
Pure men were all trashed like this
Logo tattoos are also crumpled
Nothing has changed from a few years ago to becoming a zombie.
There is no such thing as a memory of the human world.
It may be a good thing
The lady is really pink.
Where are the high school students?
Not afraid of it
Maybe go to the bathroom
I went out to see
Forget it before you do it
Wait a moment
what happened
This is too dangerous
see it
Ready to eat me
What to do if I'm bitten
It's okay to leave again
Can I try it too?
In normal life, there is no such feeling of nervousness
Is very interested in this feeling
Very shocking feeling
How are you feeling?
For the first time since birth, so nervous
It doesn't matter. Let's try it.
I do not want
I'm not too close to it.
I want, too
You first please
It's too dangerous
It's too much. It's almost enough to be bitten.
so amazing
3 cm 3 cm difference
I'm an idiot.
How are you?
Because this opportunity is only once
Really do not eat their own hands
Ah, too big.
It's over now.
First of all
Hey, you come here.
This is safer
what happened
Try again. Please, please. Last time.
What are you laughing at?
What should I do
Oh, it hurts, it hurts.
Kyoko, how are you?
Call an ambulance right away
Call an ambulance
No, it's too late to call an ambulance.
so what should I do now
Before becoming a zombie
Only cut the forearm
Now that's elbow that should be okay
- How can this be - Ah Da
If you're not happy, you're in trouble.
Do I become a zombie?
Nothing like this will happen
Well, I'm cooked.
To shut up
There is no time
I do it
Doi goes to the kitchen to take a kitchen knife
Cheer up
Nothing, it will be finished soon.
Sure enough, I'll come
Don't touch her
Hello, do you know my child?
Hi, do you know my bubble?
Do not pretend not to hear
give me back
Is it your job?
What is this?
It's okay. Hello Kyoko.
Cheer up
let me go
Cheer up
Doi quickly came to help
Kyoko cheers up
Kyoko opened his eyes
let me go
It was here that you
The knee is not bent
I'm going to kill you bastard
The knee is not bent
This bastard
It's all because of you
What's wrong with me
What about zombies?
Dangling away without a goal
Do you really think that I met me today?
I did not expect to encounter zombies now
The plan was all upset
After that became the best day
It's perfect to be in a room like this
What are you talking about?
Let me go first
Actually, my name is Numada.
5 years ago The primary school student who was bitten by a zombie was my son.
You said that it was a false story for your classmate in the next class
Because you put this scene into a video and spread it online.
what are you talking about
This is a misunderstanding
I have already investigated
Meet my son's classmate and ask him
Give a little bit of benefit and say it all
Who is the person who says these things?
Watched a video online
Has not been completely cleared
That's not really me
Trust me
Everyone is miserable
This is a misunderstanding
Or let me put it first
I want to make you a zombie too
Let the zombies bite you
So you're happy to join the zombies
I will use this later
What is this?
Do you want to kill?
It's not sinful to kill people who become zombies.
This is finally
Can revenge
It is Hirono.
It was Matsuyama Hirano who shot the video on that day.
It is my twin sister
what happened
It's true, so let me go.
How can you believe what you say today?
Anyway, bear children like you must be dealt with before they grow up.
In short
What I just said
I want to revenge on you
do not worry
After becoming a zombie, soon
In short, use this guy
Too slow
Sorry for sorry
What happened to this uncle?
what is this
Explain afterwards Let me put it first
Don't make it
Untie it before you make it
Boring guy
Did you see zombies when you came here?
Just escaped from this house
And that zombie is still the Babylonian woodyard
Deceive it
No, you should catch him nearby.
Quickly solve
Not yet
what happened
Hiroshi This situation is not very good
I know the situation
So let me solve it first
I can't stay
Hello, Guitai.
Wait a minute, Guitai.
After SMS contact
What is the ghost after the SMS contact?
Too lucky
Absolutely can't spare you
I am living in Fujimura, a residential area
Zombies in the next house
Mr. Fujimura, please calm down. Please talk about the specific situation.
After I returned home, I glanced at the next house
Did you find a zombie in the next house when you got home?
Did you become a zombie?
In short, come quickly
Mr. Fujimura Mr. Fujimura
I'm sorry to mess up the room
Then come visit again
I don't mean to say it doesnt matter
16 points and 10 points A Ting flower field and Fujimura home found 6 zombies
Five have been executed on the spot
Fujimura uses a screwdriver to insert the remaining zombie head
Found dead when found, another zombie wrist found
Presumably there is a zombie in escape
I remembered who the uncle had just been!
He had given me 1000!
People who have died in the world will receive sleep
Farid Morocco