Oi! Warning (1999) Movie Script

I like to nose around
I want to know everything precisely
Which makes it easier to find things,
that others hid.
Loveletters, bills, old stuff, dirty underwear or an ATM card
This is my livingroom
Bullshit! those belongs to my parents
They're only walls.
I don't just hang out in front of the tv anymore.
Pricewinners yuck!
Actually, i'm not allowed to be inside here.
'You and your dirty shoes always on the carpet!'
The person on the phone is Yvonne.
My scooter girlfriend.
I meet her every night in the garage
Then we really break free.
But that's actually a lie.
We actually only did something one time, at a scooter meeting.
There she really went wild and me too.
Now mom enters.
Picking up the phone and chat with Yvonne.
How i know that???
What you see know is some time ago.
This strikes me as something that happened ages ago.
Even if it was only a couple of months.
That i ran away from home to Koma.
- He are you calling for Joshie? Yeah. -
He's crazy that old guy.
What about? Yeah, if you have a minute i look it up for you.
Yvonne moved your birthday party. Yeah, moved it.
Oh you talk to her for a bit,
she's still on the phone.
You just can't wait for your party, can you?
My goodness!
The present, you can take that with you.
I made it myself last night.
Happy Birthday!
And please don't forget it.
You have to be on time tomorrow.
Your father will be there.
It's from eight to twelve.
Exactly as Koma has written it.
We haven't seen each other in a long time.
It can be here.
Koma, Koma
I'm away from home.
I drove continuously.
I was riding my scooter on the higest speed.
It's as quick as yours.
Everyone's gone, you see it, right?
The nightshop has closed ages ago.
Then you have to go to the gasstation.
- I don't want any beer. -
What are you looking for here?
Who let you in?
I want to go to Koma. Koma he works here.
Look at this. That's what he wrote to me.
Black on white.
I work at a source.
Nightservice. That's here, right?
That Koma is a fucking idiot!
He doesn't care about anyone.
Fire him.
Listen, i would send him away.
As long as he knows that.
Piss off!
Maibonn, Maiwonn, Maiwach,
Maiwnn, Maimeile
Buchum, Dortmund, Mnster.....
Are you also going with the train to Mnchen of 6.38?
No, not to Mnchen.
Also not Stuttgart.
- Kiel! -
- Splendid! -
Friends of mine live there.
My brother in law, I mean my soon to be bother in law lives there.
He has a gasstation.
In Hotenhau, on the West ring.
With twentyfour pumps.
Twenty for cars,
Four for trucks.
Scooters tank seperately.
Opened day and night.
But to school.
You're still going to school, right?
Yes.... No.
You know?
- I finaly ran away.-
Everyone needs a schoolbag. Right?
My wife, soon to be wife.
We're getting married.
Gisela, marry me!
At the Ammer lake, in Ottinger
Yes, yes...
The biggest company there,
Paper processingplant.
That is the Eriche.
Carton, wicker lamps en schoebags.
Starting at ten DeutschMark.
This here, this here, this here is the catalogue.
Look at it.
This here is Pinokkio.
And this is the head, the Giant.
Do you come often to Dortmund?
It really is lovely here in Dortmund,
wouldn't you agree?
The people are really inviting.
Yeah and now theres a marriage?
The wedding at Ammer Lake.
- Bye. -
My parents in law,
my soon to be parents in law.
They prepared everything.
The Church, the hall, the buffet.
In short it's going to be an excellent wedding!
The wedding at Ammer Lake!
We're really cheap.
DM 3,50 and for five years already.
You can tell that to anyone.
There, two and number three.
What do you want on it?
Applesauce, Rubarb, advokat?
Those were the last,
or else they get thrown away.
Well go on, have some more then.
Hope it tastes good!
Thank you.
Looks like you need something stronger.
The old man's thirsty.
A beer for the old one, quick.
Give a beer.
Come drink, drink, drink yourself stupid
I'd like another one.
But the advokat is finished.
Watch out, hot!
Thank you.
Joshie,Joshie, hey kid
You still look fuck up,
just as at the lake.
You left your mom didn't you?
My Joshie, you lived there dude.
Almost a year now you guide your child in life.
And don't forget. Your child, you too.
Again a reason for joy.
Your little one gets his first tooth.
Often he is a bit cranky because of that.
It IS your child.
Hey man, i've ..... learned ....
She'll do anything for me.
All my crap.
Everyone's jealous.
Look, this is her!
C'mon here Sandra.
.... could spend days with her in bed.
Little bit of cuddling, little bit of making love
For the rest i'm crazy about Sandra.
Shall we behave ourselves for a moment.
If you wanna party,
the beer is in the fridge.
I'm off to bed, goodnight.
Stay here you.
You're showing him the room.
Look at that. We worked our asses off.
Came out really well.
After nightshift Koma worked on it.
Me always after school.
Completly finished it's not, but here's an impression.
There will be a sun,
and up there a rainbow.
They're dreamcatchers.
But before it's finished, it will take ages.
A room like this is nothing to little ones.
Nonsense! He's becoming bigger.
I'll get a sleepingbag.
Are you crazy!
I've known Koma for a very long time.
First Catholic youthclub
and after that scooterclub.
Koma always drove a Vespa,
completely tricked out.
Two mirrors, striping on it, totally awesome.
And then he suddenly disappeared.
Pretty cheap uh? sleeping here!
He's sleeping here! Stop it!
Then i'll leave!
Short, short, hit it full and then
then even if he is five times your size.
You have to think, how do i knock him down
and no sloppy seconds
There now you.
The next time i do it completely different.
-hey Koma
I'll strike first.
-hey Koma it's not working is it.
You have to push your body more to the front,
c'mon relax.
Relax, c'mon relax, there you go.
You're not as good as well.
You have to train daily
Then you attack, aahhh.
Another year or so.
Koma listen for a second.
Are you finished up there?
-Then at the lake.
Then i looked very different.
I was still a weakling.
Hey one of you Mohammed Ali's come here.
And help me out.
That fucking dry rack wont.
Koma, your Janoska can handle it alone.
Come Joshie,
You want to have some fun, right
and really go wild, that's what you want right?
Then you have to go with me, understood?
Really fun, dude.
Well, it works.
Hey, i haven't done anything.
C'mon dude have fun.
Yeah, yeah continue to drink
more, more
Hey ratboy another one.
Ah, just give me already 10.
Oi, oi skinheads stay united.
Oi, oi politics make us sick.
Oi, oi skinheads stay united.
Oi, oi politics make us sick.
Oi, oi skinheads stay united.
Oi , oi politics make us sick
Later i vomited everything,
i can't take so much.
But still a super night.
Twice i drank the boot empty.
Koma was really impressed.
He gave me his t-shirt.
And then he wanted to box.
With me, just for the fuck of it.
With everyone there.
But the bar was closing.
Don't think i
Would've won
Dramann even got his ass kicked
Take the newspaper.
Third price and happy.
Kolliar Meidinger Dortmund
Downstairs there are pictures of it,
look at that one
Are you still drunk,
watch whats coming from behind
At that gathering there was a guy.
A big one.
Totally colored.
Even in his face.
That dick, he stripped himself
so you could see him.
A long haired hippy,
he really looked bad.
But those tattoos looked good.
Watch out, sometimes that thing goes on.
If you fall in you're catfood.
And rings he had everywhere as well.
A huge one in his mouth.
Half a kilo of steel.
And from below twice as much.
That guy really looked weird.
Koma, i was at the doctor and eh......
Shit, well fuck.
Nothing goes right.
There i am.
I just arrived, had a great time
only partying.
And who's there?
I don't know,
I haven't seen most of them anymoe.
Most of them were loser
and let their hair grow back.
There, that's you
this is what Sandra made you.
not really sharp.
They don't knock you down anymore do they?
Joshie Look at this.
I've won all of those,
i'm really becoming good at boxing.
Hey, he's a weird one?
Like that is really weird.
What does he want with such a ring,
attatch it to a bicycle chain?
Do you still speak Swedish.
Nah i don't want to anymore,
I learned to avoid it in Sulten
I still have a surprise for you.
But if you talk about it
i'm on your ass got it.
Come on walk with me.
Koma, i was at the doctor..
Can you imagine it,
we're getting twins.
Here you can see it.
Even the arms and legs.
Again those arms and legs.
You gotta think of two names.
I was at doctor Stein and
we're getting twins.
You can see it on this photo here.
No boy and girls i don't know yet
it's still a secret.
Koma, Koma we'll get twice the government support.
Really awesome of that explosives supplier.
All the dynamite
They've left here.
Fuck yeah, it can't explode.
Better watch out, it might just explode.
In front of the mine there are still some detonators
and there is a dustcloud.
Give me.
Well bye.
Before the other can strike you down.
Attack, before the other can attack you
The others want to destroy you.
The others want to wipe you out,
They want to kill you, destroy you.
You gotta defend yourself.
Protect yourself.
Weekend, party and drinking.
Weekend, party and fighting.
Weekend, party and drinking.
Weekend, party and fighting.
In the bar I feel good again.
I like to drink alcohol.
I'm having fun when I'm drinking.
That is all and that's the end of it.
Yes, with Safolte.
-Yeah, hey, it's me.
Mama I need some money.
I'm broke.
Come on now kid.
Come on kid,
We could have talked about everything.
About school and that you ran away.
Yeah, Yvonne told me.
She's actually quite a sweetie.
- I'm actually not with Yvonne anymore.
Oh not? But that's not too bad,
there are plenty of others.
There are plenty of pretty girls there?
You just gotta come home.
- No I'm not coming back.
Joshie, I'm cooking your favorite.
Meatballs with spazlie
and pears with vanilla sauce.
You're gonna get those.
You like that right, vanilla sauce.
I don't want any spazlie anymore.
I need money, I'm broke.
But you're going right back to school!
Or else you're not getting anything anymore!
I'm not going to school.
Never again!
Then we sail to Wettingen
and drink a lemonade in the Troutbar.
I only drink beer.
Come on kid, Joshie, please?
Lokk here. This one's for you.
Koma thought of it.
But leave a piece for him.
What a lovely morning.
So come, it must have been like
Marie Antoinette
Sad girl.
Also calm.
Which one of you knows me?
Going into the last hour.
The multiple instruments of terrot..
Under the regime of Jacobiena in the year 1791.
Roll call.
You probably had enough time.
To study this, right?
Can you repeat the question?
I haven't understood this.
I failed school last year.
Of course I'll do that.
How did Jacobiena looked in Paris in 1791.
Euh, yeah, in 1791.
Sucks man,
but that's not really important.
Doesn't it go without that Jacobiena.
You gotta pull the door.
Hey, I am Janosch.
I come from the Boden sea
I come to to my studies.
I had to be here.
- I told you about him.
Is there any space left?
- His living with us for 3 weeks now.
Gotta wake up late, it was a heavy night.
- He can boxe too.
It is now 8:28 and exactly 10 seconds
Yes, that's right.
Even if it is your first day here.
I expect a good excuse from you.
Don't have one.
I didn't hear you quite right.
I can't stand that shit school.
Go sit there.
Heh, yeah, hum, Rene you tell us.
Jacobiena terrorized almost everyone.
The middle of this perverse night
was number 407.
That was the 12th point,
disbanded at the 21st national convent
And the same thing happen in 7 turns
in the same year
Hey man, are you shy or something?
The rubber ring is not going to work out,
it's way too small.
Do you think I need sunscreen?
More looks like rain.
You have to do it,
cancer and shit you know.
I'll never get a tan
and it looks horrible.
Not really atlethic.
Come on,
you look like a model
Look at me.
I'll be so happy when those 2 are here.
And I'm telling you,
that will be the end of school.
But you need a certificate,
or else you can't do anything.
They offered me an internship
as a gardner.
You make 10.50 DM and
when you're finished 18.50 DM
Nah, that's nothing for me.
Can't you hear?
The cassette deck is shit.
Pop in the other one.
And put it really loud,
you really scared those two.
Hey listen to me,
act a bit more normal.
You know very well that babies can hear everything.
They hear twice as much.
It's gotta be finished with the music Koma.
And home as well.
Hey, it moved,
Koma feel here.
He's doing it again, hear.
Those will be beatiful children,
I'm sure of it.
And if they kick like that,
they're gonna be just like me.
Think it's gonna be cool to be a dad.
Then at least you have something
to look forward to.
Just like Christmas.
But you still hang around with me, right?
We can also go to a concert together.
You, Sandra and me.
Janosch, you show Bianca
that old diggingship.
Bianca, look at that
it's really really cool.
With a big shovel like that.
And those big cogs.
And the view is nice as well.
You're looking kinda unstable.
You gotta hold on really well.
Yeah, yeah, it's really beautiful.
We've been on it, right?
That one time.
You know that I'm gone after I get my certificate.
Go to America, New Mexico.
It was a bad idea,
this trip.
Not just for me,
finally alone with Bianca.
The world just passes by when we lay there.
I saw that Koma was angry,
but not THAT angry.
He was really jealous of me.
If I had known what would happen,
I'd never came along.
Koma and I still wanted to be friends.
Not like those dumb idiots
that keep appearing in the newspapers.
In 2 months I'm getting an opportunity.
I'm going to work as croupier in New Mexico
and you as computer analist in Philler
Watch out for the railing,
you can really slice yourself on it.
The turbine is downstairs.
Look, runs like a train.
The turbine is working again.
Koma fixed it.
If it turns for long enough,
the ship will rise
And if I press this button,
the ship goes up and down.
Koma showed me this,
his very good at reparing things.
I don't like Koma at all.
Here feel the power.
Here you gotta feel it underneath you.
Jeah, good.
Great, huh?
Koma can hold on to it even if it's running empty.
That is the plug, this one here..
Hey come on, you're not here for
the technical side right?
Hey come here, squeeze balls,
what do you want?
You think I didn't see that.
He tried to hit on you, didn't he?
-I don't even know her.
Leave me alone.
Scumbag, asshole, dickhead.
Koma, Koma what's going on here?
Koma let him go.
Koma I'm going to help you.
Go sit there.
Then you can look at the previews.
Ok, but where are they?
On the counter.
Found it?
Those are some hours.
You smell like a dog.
And now you're starting to whine.
I'll just quit.
I can finish it when I'm off.
-Ok when can I come again?
Takes 5 months.
If I stay here much longer,
I'm gonna loose my first demo.
Just send Werner,
he never complains.
He's in the hospital.
Got beat up.
By a couple of skinheads.
At the dirtlake,
he only wanted to take a swim.
There were more,
I remember one of them.
First he hit from the side
and then he attacked.
His nose broken, spleen ruptured
and 3 ribs broken.
Concussion and
he was almost drowning as well
One of them got him out of the water.
Or else he would be sleeping with the fishes.
Fucking skins.
I believe I'm becoming Franz Bauwenhertz.
They'll beat you up.
Thre old man, we're done.
Lokks like shit
but it's good enough for a police photo.
I brought you something.
-Coming in a bit
Zottel, remember, cream it up
and wash it a bit more often.
Nice tattoo you got there.
If you go on like that you don't have
to do anything anymore.
All you gotta do
is wave your beercoaster.
My white friends don't really
like tattoos and shit.
I'm still gonna get one.
Look I drew it myself.
I'll come by with my drawing..
And what do you want to have painted?
Cool huh.
Did it hurt?
Do you like it?
And was it expensive?
Nah, 300.
You could have bought a computer off it.
And your travel.
Hey, but it is cool right.
It's a real artwork.
Janosch, quit it my parents are here.
I'll warm up your food,
you haven't eaten anything.
Thanks ma, I'll be right there.
I told you to be quiet,
my dad has nightshift.
man that shaved head is already enough.
I've got a surprise for you.
You'll never guess.
Yes I will, hold on.
Come on let me guess.
Koma asked about a concert
and you've been drinking and fighting.
Yeah that's right.
But you weren't there,
You would have had fun.
No, not with me.
We met up with Rene.
everyone from school is there, even some teachers
and we're going by car.
According to Rene the TV is gonna be there,
Rene's parents know loads of people.
Imagine seeing those there
that would be fun.
I'm not going to Rene.
That won't do,
I'm not leaving my buddies
Bullshit, come Janosch I'm coming to get you.
At 9 or 9:30.
Be on time.
We're in the bar, smoking weed
and drinking beer.
We're in the bar, smoking weed
and drinking beer.
We're looking at the people, we're looking at the girls,
we're drinking till we're stupid and now we're starting.
Hey fuckhead, asshole
get up asshole.
You owe me,
everything is gone.
Everything is broken man, the records,
the photos, everything's gone.
All those years are gone.
It was you the at the dirtlake,
I've been pissing on you the whole time.
But you woulnd't do something so stupid.
Karl Rothe was right,
I was wrong.
Wait, I saw someone there.
What, what did he say?
I'll find out who that was
and then you'll see.
I'll destroy him.
He's fucking dead and
you're gonna help me, promise me.
Come on fuckhead, promise me.
Yeah man I'll help you
promise Koma.
Would you want something to drink?
A glass of cider maybe?
Yes, good.
And did you enjoy yourself?
Would you like something else?
The fireworks cost 11.000 DM.
You only get 18 once.
Did you see the pool table room?
Dad gave me a pool table
and he made a room for it as well.
Come with me, I'll teach you.
Got some time?
-Later maybe.
Is it after 12?
Ok we'll see eachother.
Here for you.
Jeah, 9 months pregnant
and then I'll drink beer.
Are you crazy.
We're just fucking around.
Be normal.
No beer no fun.
What are you doing here, get some beer!
for the other ones as well, understood!
Janosch, I've been looking for you for half an hour.
Did you hurt yourself?
You've hurt yourself,
show it to me.
No, everything's fine.
That was a kick.
It was easy.
I shouldn't have come.
That was a mistake.
Hey, I saw a house.
I can rent it.
DM 400 included.
Imagine yourself in your own apartment.
The you can finally leave Koma
and you don't have to sleep in the baby room.
I'm going to look for forniture.
I've already bought the paint.
Alpine white 10 liters,
it was pretty heavy.
How does a real skinhead look.
What do you have to do to become one?
I don't think I am one.
But how do I become that?
Yeah for your skinhead albums
there's still room in the livingroom.
Here I'll show you.
This is the livingroom and
next to it is the bedroom.
It's pretty small,
but the kitchen is big,
complete with a microwave, really luxurious.
This here is the balcony.
It's so big that a table
and 2 chairs can be put on it
Doesn't it feel nice
the 2 of us on the balcony.
In a night like this you can
see till the slaughterhouse
Maybe I should become a firebreather.
Breathing fire and travel around.
There, withou any obbligations.
But I've signed you in already.
For a course in spanish.
And after the exams we're going to America.
Me as a au pair and you in Silcon Valley
Hey numbnuts come in.
There're no eggs in this,
come to the land captain.
It's nice warm water.
Two babies will fit in between.
Hey dude, come in man,
show these numbnuts something.
We'll make something out of this boring party.
Easy and I won't let you drown.
Promised boldy.
Get in skin, you want something right.
Yeah it's about time.
Hey numbnuts.
-Hey he's talking to you
That is also something for you.
Hey what's going on?
Christ wash yourself for once.
Doesn't help, you're still filthy.
hey crazy fucks not swimmers!
Hey man it's now the 5th time,
are you sleeping or something?
I will come back in 5 minutes
and then it's clean got it.
You can tell I made that one.
Those look up to me
become just like I am.
I shoot twice as much in one time,
that's how much cum I have.
Pity that it's 2 girls.
The first gallow.
Was set up in 1790,
on the Place de Concorde.
But enormous waves of daily decapitations,
started in the time of Jacobiena.
This pretty model here,
I found years ago for very cheap,
in a flee market in Paris.
A lucky deal.
Then the twins were there,
and I started sleeping in the storage room.
Moving in with Bianca was impossible.
"One like that is not welcome here".
Said our parents.
Hey something new should be happening now,
something illigal and quick.
Calm down Heinz.
Please come.
-I can't.
The door is stuck or something.
There's a button and you should twist it.
I want to learn how to breathe fire.
And I also want to learn juggling with torches.
It doesn't have hair and it can only say one word.
Oi, a skin.
Who's poor and can't say 4 words.
Do you have a mark?
A punk.
Ah so you know one.
Look in that chest,
I'm hungry, haven't had anything yet
There you go, this is how my day should start.
Take something, tastes good.
Hey, I also want to learn how to breathe fire.
And then move around.
You can learn that fast?
I want to earn my money with it.
Like you, in parties for rich people.
Ok but you have to know how to spit well.
And you can't be afraid,
that you'd burn yourself badly.
Oi Tommy, do you have drawings with you?
Something about skinheads, drew it myself
wanna see?
Of course, don't see Tommy every day
just see what he's doing.
Tommy initially didn't want to do it.
What did you have to pay?
Little, but 300.
Could have been cheaper.
Surely something.
You wait,
a firebreather course in 3 weeks.
Look here.
I've made it last night.
Do you like it?
You did that yourself?
I drew what I wanted.
On your upper arm there's surely some space.
Yeah, but it is a pretty big dragon,
I can't afford it.
For 3 bottles and a case of
Warfsteiner you can have it.
A friend of mine, he'll do that for you.
He can paint like Michelangelo.
If he comes back from the hospital
he'll be fine.
They've beaten him up,
a couple of those skinheads.
I think it was those nazis.
If it goes on like this I think it'll be boring here.
My buddy Easy has vacation
on the state's coast.
Last 3 weeks before he's out.
And all the others have headed for the south.
Do you want a sip from the bottle,
makes your tongue move around.
Man you look like shit.
Did they beat you up?
You look like a pathetic sandwich,
small and moldy.
A forgotten tofu sausage.
The first time I smoked weed I wasn't thinking about it
A friend offered it to me, I smoked it completely.
I think it went like this with Zottel too.
What is he doing?
It's art right.
This is only fucking around.
Shouldn't allow skinheads at boxing,
that Koma is insane.
Correct, fight!
Stop, stop.
Winner by k.o Ertcan Escan.
Go at it man,
make some noise and you have a construction.
The house raises from the ground and stands here.
You can see everything from the roof.
Oversee everything, in good times and bad.
Dear sir Zimmermann, the work will be done.
And now I can easily,
empty a glass into the handcraft.
The handcraft is the best,
ho ho ho.
We have faith,
But we'll leave it to you.
We'd like to hear from you
if we're doing the job according to your wishes.
Now I ask you,
how do you like your house?
Dear Sir Zimmermann, dear guests.
This house, the first work of my son.
I really like it.
Leave my son alone.
I'll call the police, leave him alone.
This plan was tought out well,
everything went as expected.
That bold one did it pretty well,
he brought the whole thing with him.
The others did nothing,
they only looked surprised.
Made a lot of noise
and defeated the Polish.
We did this well and
we got our reward
You have to buy diapers for the girls
they're for the girls.
And not like the last time,
on the package it said girls.
Hey Koma,
these blankets are totally wet.
They'll catch a cold.
What are you looking at,
there's nothing there.
Just walk on,
I need some fresh air.
Fresh air?
You smoke 3 packs a day.
Do you think Annolina would be happy of that,
have you though of that.
Sandra, the children are crying, go home.
Bring the laundry inside,
it's going to rain.
Do it yourself.
Lazy bastard.
Hey it doesn't matter
even for you all the best of the world.
What are we gonna play again?
But with you in your pant's pockets it looks good.
Warm and fuzzy.
The dog has a cold nose,
and I'm afraid of it.
And he's wet as well.
Yeah but Donja helps you before you get wet.
You gotta promise,
or else I don't want it.
Donja, dinner.
That's mean Zottel.
-Promise you'll help him.-
Hey Zottel.
I'm about to go.
It was fun, but I have to go.
See you next time,
thanks for letting me take a shower.
The water was pretty cold.
I have to visit a friend, Bianca.
We're going to have dinner at our parents'.
I'm glad that I'm clean,
they have carpet everywhere.
I'll come by soon,
What is: small, blind, scared
and flies with his ears?
A flying mouse.
Are you crazy or something?
Now I have to wash again.
I have to go to Bianca.
No that's nothing for you,
mud, dirt and slime.
But I love it.
Look at that, a real pig,
all dirty.
........ and nice and fat.
Lokk here.
Look at this.
Yeah you look,
pretty clowns.
Well done, wow.
Look at it.
At the base of the lake
normal absence of the lesson
And because you're not prepared
to commit yourself to the upper construction.
It's the leader of
Freier von Steijn gymnasium.
Forced to suspend you from the lessons
until the end of the semester.
You can collect your testimony at 8.00,
from the secretary.
Pricesely at 8.00.
Where were you?
Tell me, where were you?
You stink.
I don't want that, not here, not now.
I still love you,
you're my motorchick.
I don't believe you,
I've rented the house.
Good then I have a spot for my records and stuff.
I knew it, where were you?
Gone, I wanted to be alone.
You weren't alone.
Yes I was, all alone in the forest.
You've got a hickey on your neck.
Ach that was nothing,
you don't know her and I only love you.
And recognize me?
Recognizable, the nose, my glasses.
Have you ever thought
you'd see me again?
Well here I am.
That fight was good for something.
I've been in the hospital.
First they pumped my stomach and
then a collapsed lung.
But everything turned out ok.
When I recovered from narcose,
I had a total narcose.
That injecting directly in the vain.
And who's laying next to me
in the recovery room.
My current girlfriend Katharina.
Galstones removed,
a routine operation.
And before I left,
we were already in love.
Katty, come here?
Katty come.
That's right, we were already in love in the hospital.
-Oh well-
Janosch, you shouldn't drink so much,
you can't handle it.
Koma, he can take it.
I don't want this.
Koma, please understand,
I don't want it.
This childplay should end.
Afterwords you're knocked out for a week
and I can take care of you.
Only thing is I can't.
And you can forget about your job.
They told you the last time already.
Then you come along to the concert.
What about the kids?
Shall I just throw them away?
They only 8 weeks old,
they need every second.
Then stay here, no one is going to miss you.
Quit it with that skinhead bullshit.
That's over, all over.
Shut up,
you have no idea what friedship means.
This shit's gotta go,
gone, gone.
No, no, I'm going to watch the kids.
They need fresh air.
I didn't do it.
Just look at the gravelpit.
It wasn't me.
Donja fucked me up
really well again.
Ach come on don't be a pussy.
You don't wanna play with Donja,
you don't like Donja?
Sure I do.
The only thing you shouldn't rip me open every time.
He needs to be more careful.
That's why I fix you every time.
Stop exagerating.
You'll be fixed in no time.
It's really erotic right?
I know who destroyed my hangout.
Come along?
I'll destroy him and you'll help me.
Are you coming along?
Janosch, you'd need to know how
it opens by now.
Yeah, yeah, I'm coming.
Enter you swine.
That's him that asshole.
You thought you could burn down my hangout.
Do you know this fuckhead?
Know him?
I don't know him.
Never sen him before.
Where then?
My Joachie, I can't rely on you.
You stay loyal to me,
you keep your word.
Now we're gonna show you how we treat an asshole like this.
Janosch, come on man.
Come quick man,
now comes the best part.
Godd ideah huh?
You wouldn't have come up with it.
Now you show you're my buddy.
Do it now Joschie.
Do it now.
What's taking so long?
Who gives a fuck,
he wasn't worth anything anyway.
I was cold.
I wasn't warned about the hangout
being on fire.
I am an asshole.
That's what went through my head
the entire time.
I know when you ask old people
if their life was good
They always say they'd do it all over again.
They lied.
They would do everything different, a lot
Koma should ask again if I know him.
I'd say yes, I know him.
But that;s not enough.
One day I'll get a second chance.
I'm sure I'll get it.
Everyone gets one right?