OK baytong (2003) Movie Script

In memory of
Duangkamol Limcharoen.
"You must be prepared to give up everything
that you have acquired in life".
Phuwarit Phumphung: Tum
Chiranan Manochaem: Lynn
Saranya Kruangsai: Maria
Attaporn Teemakorn: Faroek
A film by Nonzee Nimibutr
There's a letter for you.
How are you?
I hope you're doing fine.
I've been wanting to look you up for some time,
but every time something interferes.
I wanted to go to the previous
ceremony at the temple...
But at the last moment
something came up.
I hope to be there this time.
We can go together
to honor our dead ancestors.
Take care of yourself.
Soon I will come to visit you.
Jane, would you like something to eat?
- First I have to go look for my daughter.
I'll look after your luggage.
Fern... Fern.
Buy some ready boiled rice
and food for me, will you?
'Travelers to Baytong
can board now'
Where would you like to go?
To the Baytong crematory.
Okay, Baytong.
Please wait over there
for a moment.
Come on now, mom!
Push it faster. It's almost working.
Come on you guys!
Are you Tum?
You must be tired.
Please follow me inside.
Do you have any luggage?
Come with me.
How are...
Come, follow me.
And this is Maria.
Maria... Maria!
Maria, what's wrong?
- Is everything okay?
You are early.
Oh, and I see Lynn is already there too.
Maria, did you already
greet the monk?
What kind of strange look is that?
You don't have a fever!
Oh, I get it already. You don't remember.
This is your mother's brother.
He's your uncle.
Careful, Maria.
Girls aren't allowed to touch monks.
We are here at the cremation
of the victims of the train attack.
The police reports
they don't have any leads yet.
This brutal and cruel attack still
isn't claimed by anybody.
This is Namasakorn Seesai
from Baytong.
Here we are.
Wong, I'll take Maria to her bedroom.
Okay. Ask Sang to help you
to put her in the bathtub.
Girls, quiet please.
You will wake up the neighbors.
Hey, can somebody help a woman like me
to get out of the car?
Everybody inside.
Hurry, hurry.
Please follow me inside.
Maria, the limousine is ready.
Would you like to go for a ride?
Let's go right now
or we will arrive to late at the club.
What are you listening to?
"You are what you have been,
you become what you do now"
There he is. Oh yes, he's gorgeous!
- I have found my new friend!
"Maria's Beauty Salon"
Sang, come here and help me.
Uncle monk, why aren't you wearing
your robe anymore?
I'm not a monk anymore.
There's your luggage.
You can sleep here.
In that cabinet you can find some clothes
that will fit you. I'm leaving now.
That's my daddy.
Your daddy?
This photograph was taken a long time ago
at the park on the mountain.
I miss my mother.
Uncle monk...
Did you ever meet my father?
I haven't seen him for a long time.
Maria, I'm not a monk anymore.
Just call me uncle.
Uncle monk, could we go to visit
my daddy?
Wong asks to come and see him downstairs.
This heat is terrible.
Oh, there you are.
Tum, this is Sang. She runs the salon
and used to be Jane's assistant.
You met Lynn already. She lives nearby
and is very close to Maria.
We were talking about Maria.
We must arrange something for her.
We cannot continue to appeal to Lynn
to look after her.
Have you decided to stay or not?
- I still haven't made any plans.
Why don't you stay here? You have
no obligations elsewhere, do you?
You can live here.
Jane paid the rent already.
I don't think I'll stay long.
Soon I will go back to the temple.
But you can't leave the temple
just temporarily, can you?
At least stay until
she can take care of herself.
Maria's father is still alive, isn't he?
Kasem? Lynn can tell you about
him. She knows him for quite some time.
Yes, he is still alive.
But we don't stay in touch.
Try to reach him if you can.
I have to go now.
Just call me if you need anything.
Lynn, please take care of Maria
a little longer, and look after Tum.
As a monk he is not accustomed to much.
I think Jane's cell phone is still
somewhere in the cabinet.
Sang, would you go and get it please?
- Okay.
Let's see if this works.
Yes, it's working.
Here. Call me if you need something.
This is the number of my cellular phone.
Do you know how this thing works?
Lynn, explain it to him please.
I'm leaving. Good-bye.
- See you.
I'll take these clothes
with me to the shop.
Jane, you don't need to worry.
'Nationwide search
for the perpetrators of the bomb attack'
Tum, what's wrong?
Does your stomach hurt?
You're so loud, we can hear you
downstairs. What's going on?
Oh, I see.
Sang, you can go downstairs now.
This is rather personal. Please, go.
Come over here.
I see zippers are also new to you.
But you will unlearn this soon enough.
Here we go.
I am sorry, let's try once more.
Be strong. We're almost there.
One more pull.
That's it, free at last.
Take a deep breath.
Keep your head up a little.
A little to the left.
Move your head up a little.
Only your head, and look straight ahead.
I almost fainted.
Everything is ready sir.
First there's your sister's inheritance
and second, there's the child.
For the child's benefit you need a court order,
and with that you can go to the bank.
As for the child
you have to decide yourselves.
What do you suggest?
You're the lawyer.
Please tell us.
We don't know anything about adoption.
For adoption you need
permission from the court.
They'll look into all the possibilities of the case.
They have to trace the father
and ask him what he thinks of the situation.
You can't adopt a child that easily.
We'll just say he died.
- You need to have proof.
In that case we say that he disappeared.
- You need proof of that too.
Bullshit! They're divorced
and she used to live with her mother.
Her dad didn't care and never
kept in touch with her.
So why do we need to prove anything?
They might be divorced,
but he still remains the father.
Where is that son of a bitch
when you need him?
What would you like to eat? You should try
the kraw yok. It's the best in Thailand.
I never hear you say anything else.
Is everything you eat that delicious?
Okay, but this is really tasty.
You have to try it yourself.
Hello, daddy.
At last, there you are. I almost went
to the police to report you missing.
Well, she's here now?
Did you eat something already, my dear Fern?
Here take some fish. It's delicious!
I want you to take Tum downtown
and help him to buy some clothes.
But remember, no zippers.
How much will you pay me for this?
- Do I have to pay you for this too?
If you like to make some extra money...
I barely slept last night.
You should have slept at my place.
- So just shopping then?
Where would you like to take him?
Just go and buy clothes...
... or is that too difficult for you?
Have you ever seen a Bayton girl
dressed better than I am?
It's hard to find another girl with such a
keen sense for fashion. Take a good look.
Maybe this is not such a good idea.
- Shut up and get lost.
Let's ask Tum what he thinks about it.
Well, Tum?
Luang Por once said:
'Beauty is just an illusion -
it doesn't last. '
Oh Tum, you're not in the temple.
I think you know exactly
how to compliment someone.
You don't need to hold my hand.
Come on.
Today you're mine!
Oh, look at this shirt. Really adorable.
I promise you, when I'm finished,
you will look really flashy.
Okay, this shirt with this T-shirt underneath.
Cool, isn't it?
And do you like it?
You're not going to hide yourself?
Show the world your new look.
Isn't this much better than that orange dress?
I'm really tired,
time for a nap.
Are you coming?
We have arrived. You can get off.
Nice outfit.
I'm going to pick up Maria from school.
Do you want to come along?
Okay, I'm leaving now.
Look at you.
What are your plans for tonight, honey?
- Is this the right choice?
I don't know.
- What you going to do now?
I don't have a clue.
- Whatever happens you always
have to stay aware.
Hi Tum, this is Wern. I asked her
to help in the shop.
Just say hello.
Tum is the new owner of the shop.
One moment please.
This is the bookkeeping of the shop,
and this one is for the telephone.
This is the cash flow. I will tell
you the turnover every day...
and the following morning, I'll take
the money to the bank.
In this book...
- Never mind that, Sang.
Just do everything like you're used to.
You don't have to show me now.
And if something needs to be done
in the shop, just mention it.
All right, let's go.
Maria is getting dressed.
You better wait inside. Come on in.
Have a seat.
Would you like something to eat?
- Hello.
How are you?
- Hello.
Hi, have a seat.
Didn't you wash your hair last night?
So that is why it's so greasy.
We'll wash your hair after school.
I have seen mom in a dream last night.
Do you have a hair band?
All right, just keep your hand
on your tail for a moment.
Uncle Tum, will you hold it for me?
It itches a bit.
You'll be going to school with us
today, won't you?
Of course. For what other reason
would your uncle get up this early?
Uncle Tum was also in my dream.
And my mom said to look up my daddy.
Uncle Tum, do you think my
dad still knows who I am?
Okay, let's go.
- Does it still taste good after you mix it?
I've never given at any thought.
This is the way we do in the temple.
- Can I taste it?
Luang Por teaches us: If you enjoy something
too much, it takes possession of you.
So after you eat something delicious,
you want something even more delicious.
- And, do you like it?
Concerning Maria, I don't want
to impose on you any longer.
I mean, not more than I am already doing.
What if I ask Maria to come back and
live with us in the shop...
What do you think about that?
- That is fine with me, but I think it's better
to wait after they removed the plaster cast.
Lynn, there's something else
I'd like your help with.
- So, do you like them?
I'm not sure before I'm home.
So let's see, registration fee and
the course money for the driving lessons.
You should read this book.
When you're ready come back for your exam.
Do you own a car?
- Yes.
Automatic or shift?
I don't know. It's at the garage.
What kind of car is it?
Just like that one over there.
- Which one?
That one.
Well, well.
Don't you have anything better to do?
- Not really.
Go and find something to do then!
Okay, when you're finished with this
customer, send this fax to mister John.
And put up all the announcements
on the notice board as a reminder.
And what about the trip to Samui,
isn't it booked full?
Have you ever driven moped before?
- What?
Whether you've ever driven a moped?
All right, just hold the handlebar.
Let's go.
Come on. Both hands.
Hold on tight!
Just look straight ahead,
and follow the road.
Don't force it to much.
Here we are. You can get off now.
Is the seat hurting you?
Do you want to drive on the way back?
What's wrong Tum?
- How are you doing?
I don't know.
It feels like I'm shaking inside.
My heart seems to be trembling.
And my body appears to have a will
of it's own.
- How come?
I can't control my desires any longer.
"People are born full of desire,
these desires are the cause of much suffering. "
I try to suppress them, but it's
"If an emotion leads to sinful thoughts,
you have to suppress it. "
Take it easy.
How does this feel?
- Cold.
Not so fast.
Aren't you going to sleep?
You have to go to school tomorrow.
Will you be able to sleep on this hard floor?
That's the way I used to sleep
when I was monk.
Luang Por taught us not to
get used to comfort.
Uncle Tum, don't forget to turn off the lights.
Uncle Tum, you received a message.
- A message?
On that?
It's from Fern.
'This little doggie wants to be
kept on a leash'
Sang, look at this.
- Good luck.
- A little to the left.
Like this?
- Yes, fine.
Salaam alaikum.
How are you?
- Fine, and you?
- And how about our aunt?
If you want to send a message,
press here...
Next, choose this and go
over there, and select that one.
Finally you choose this one to type in your
message, and afterwards push that button.
You can write whatever you like.
Push this button if you want to
send your message.
When you're ready, just enter Fern's
number and push the OK button.
And the message is sent.
Now you try it.
Let's see, push this one?
And next must be that one.
- Exactly. But you have to push twice.
You really can't ride a bike?
You're old enough!
What kind of games do you know?
- Games?
Which songs?
Do you know how to skate?
- Skate?
What is it you did learn in the temple?
How to be a good human being.
Never mind, I will teach you all those things,
when I get around to it.
If you haven't had a bird shit on your
head, you have never been to Baytong.
Well, I've been there!
'No doubt about it'. What does it taste
like? Is it good?
It has a peculiar taste. Want to try?
- No thanks. No green bird-shit for me!
So, what do you think?
You look really gorgeous.
Tum, is it you?
- Yes.
Did you forget?
- What?
You were supposed to come by tonight.
Hi Tum, what are you doing here?
How did you get here?
Tum, really good to see you here.
Follow me.
Have a seat.
'The path to enlightenment'
How sweet. You brought me a present.
I have to go on stage one more time.
Stay here and wait for me.
Yes, it's about time you got to work!
And, what brings you here Tum?
Good evening my dear customers and
welcome at the CCR Cafe.
I love birthday parties.
Does anyone have a request for a song?
- How about Happy Boom-Boom?
You'll have to wait until I finish my
performance if you want a duet.
That's enough naughty boy, and
besides, my boyfriend is here.
- Really? Where is he?
- A girl like you with a boyfriend?
Why not?
A singer needs love too!
- Where is he... Where is he?
It's that handsome guy over there.
A round of applause people!
Cheers, Tum.
Come on, Tum. Lift your glass.
Are you having fun now you left
the temple?
How about my hair, do you like it?
Or do you like this better...
Or this perhaps?
Do you want me to tell your future?
Would you like that?
I'm a very good at it, you know!
There are magazines about Buddhist talismans
as well.
How much a minute?
Go right ahead. I told him already.
If that's what he says, we're done talking.
You can't be serious!
Who is this? Who?
Yes, I'm going to cut my hair short.
After all, it's my hair.
I love you.
And miss you too.
Hi darling.
See anything you like?
'Path to pleasure'
The new Koo Sang Koo Som has arrived.
Careful my hair doesn't catch fire!
I'm so sorry.
Hello, are you here to pick up Maria?
Please follow me.
I'll just wait for Lynn.
That might take some time.
Do you want to wait inside?
Do you know where she is?
Did she leave a message?
Maybe she went to Faroek.
Do you know him?
This is Faroek.
There's Lynn already.
This way.
You're almost there.
Are you tired?
Hello? Where are you?
Keep on swimming.
I'll keep an eye on you.
If you're looking for pleasure, you're
in the right place. - I'm just watching.
You better go inside.
There's a lot to see! Go ahead.
Take good care of him.
- Will do.
Do you want to choose a song?
Are you all right, uncle Tum?
Lynn spoke to Kasem yesterday.
- That's what she told me.
Oh, did she? Good. Now you can
discuss what to do.
Do you have a passport already?
- Passport?
In order to leave Thailand.
I was supposed to take care of that
with Lynn tomorrow.
Good, because you don't want
any trouble at the border.
- Mister Wong, how long has it been?
Almost 100 days ago, and the
police still haven't made any arrests.
Hello, Lynn.
I haven't seen you for a while.
Salaam alaikum.
Do you have a minute please?
And, did you learn much already?
- I'm reading the Rook-ka-ni-ah.
That's quite some read.
Very praiseworthy.
Is he a friend of your's? - Yes,
we're on our way to get him a passport.
I just bought a new kerchief.
Shall we try it on?
Let's take a look.
Hold this for a moment please.
Let's see how it looks.
I bought it because of the color.
And do you like it?
I think this color is made for you.
His name is Faroek.
He's the only one who has shown
me true love.
I want to be with him.
Be near him.
I'm happy as long as I'm with him.
But everything seems to be different now.
We are like strangers to each other.
I love him too much probably.
But that's all history now.
I've had enough.
I don't want him anymore.
'Lf an emotion leads to sinful thoughts...
you have to suppress that emotion'
Why do I feel sorry for her?
Why do I get this strange feeling every
time she mentions someone else?
It's none of my business.
But why do I have these feelings?
Why doesn't he come himself?
No, we should go over there.
- If you want him to sign,
you have to make some concessions.
Be on your guard. His new wife might
not be happy with you.
He doesn't have a new wife yet, Wong.
How do you know for sure? Muslim men
sometimes have three or four wives.
Why would Jane have left him otherwise?
Just have him sign the papers and
get it over with.
You'll be back before you know it.
Here are the papers, Lynn.
- Thanks.
Will my father recognize me?
- Of course.
You did tell my father I've aged
since the last time?
Can I speak to mister Kasem please.
- Yes, enter that building over there.
You can park over there.
Can you ask that gentleman where
Lynn is going?
I do not speak his language.
We were supposed to meet here,
but they can't reach him.
Don't you worry.
I'll take care of it.
Are you hungry?
What would you like to eat?
- Ice cream.
He will return from Indonesia tonight.
We won't meet him until tomorrow.
You want to go shopping instead today?
One... two... three.
Come on, jump.
Does the light bother you?
How about you? Can't sleep?
What are you reading?
The book you gave to Fern.
It is strange, but interesting.
Do want a sip?
How are you?
Some things I don't quite get,
this for example...
'What is life and what are the aspects
of life we call human'
'Are we predestined... '
No, not the book.
How are you doing?
A little tired. That's all.
Helping me takes a lot of time, while you
have plenty of work to do yourself.
That's all right.
I can use a little distraction.
Tum, can I ask you something?
What do you think about...
That book... can I borrow it sometime?
She asks if we're Thai.
If we're from Thailand.
Hello, Kasem.
- Lynn.
Shoes beautiful.
Beautiful shoes.
Do you like the golden one? The one with
the golden dial is the newest.
That one came in today.
Japanese made. Very nice, no?
It's waterproof and comes
with a full warranty.
I'll take this one.
'Only by looking at all the aspects
on a universal level...
can we aspire to understand this
world to the fullest'
Life consists out of many components.
Heredity, emotions, gravity,
temperature, geography...
climates, hunger, sexual desire,
survival instinct...
the nervous system, love,
convictions, ethics...
religion, occultism, races,
innovation, weapons.
All these components influence
the human condition.
I will do that, you know.
Maria, take your medications and rest a bit.
Tomorrow you have to go to school again.
Hurry up.
Otherwise these offerings will be too late.
'Police identifies terrorists
wanted: Dead or alive'
Lynn, do you want me to come along?
Don't worry too much.
Nobody knows what really happened.
We know that he who thinks well,
will act well, and that Allah is on his side.
He never told me anything.
Can I see him?
The police has arrived.
You should be going.
Take the back door.
Where is he?
Why didn't you tell me anything?
What have you done?
People have been killed.
And do you know who died?
What did innocent people have to do
with your ideals?
You're just like all the others.
You don't want to understand.
You only think about yourself. Did you
ever wonder how I think about this?
If it's not true what they're saying,
why are you hiding?
He has taken what was mine.
- What was that?
My sister.
And my feelings.
How can you be so sure they
were yours?
No one can take it away from you,
if it isn't yours.
About your sister...
Believe it or not, but I didn't do
what people claim I did.
I don't agree with the way the
perpetrators pursue their goals.
I have tried to reach Lynn,
but she doesn't answer.
Will you give her this?
Tell her that if she doesn't want to,
we will never see each other again.
May Allah be with you.
Kasem changed his mind.
He wants to pick up Maria right now.
Kasem will pick up Maria
from school tomorrow.
What did the police say?
These matters don't belong to anyone?
"You must be prepared to give up everything
that you have acquired in life. "
Nobody knows.
And nobody understands.
Others don't understand you,
but do you understand yourself?
Uncle Tum, when you've learned to
ride a bike, will you come see me?
I will call you soon.
Tum, did you ever love somebody?
Real love
is sacrifice and forgiveness, isn't it?
You're a good person.
Thank you.
Promise me you will take good
care of yourself?
Will you visit me occasionally?
Here you go.
Drink and try to forget.
Try to forget who?
You... no... cheers.
Do you know to whom all these matters belong?
How does this look?
- May Allah be with you.
Believe it or not,
but I didn't do it.
He is the only one who has shown
me true love.
Luang Por?
Dear Jun, I don't know where
you are at the moment.
Are you all right?
Ever since I left the temple to
go live in the outside world...
I learned a lot from people.
Things I didn't know before.
Like how Lynn tried to adapt herself
in order to be with her true love.
And from Faroek as well. He turned
himself in because Lynn asked him to.
Uncle Tum.
And from Maria what it is like to
be separated from the ones you love.
It's difficult to explain how painful
it was when Kasem took her.
But there's a positive side as well,
because Maria is back with her father.
Promise me
you will come to see me.
And concerning myself: Even though I
understand some things better...
I don't know where the temptations
of life will take me.
I simply hope that good thoughts and
good deeds will show me the way.
One shouldn't become too attached
to appearance and possessions.
We suffer because of greed, pride
and lust. But there is more.
We suffer because of the cycle of life.
We are born, we grow old...
We suffer and we die.
That's the road of suffering we must walk.
But there's more still...
I would like to show you this cell phone.
This is the Samsung T500.
It has all the latest features...