OK Jaanu (2017) Movie Script

What a game!
Hello, Bantu, where are you?
I am there...almost there.
- I've been waiting for over an hour.
Almost there...Adi bro...
- Late like always.
Come quickie... - Just
5 more minutes...l am there...
Go away! Get out!
- Please just listen to me.
No! Get out! - Listen...
No...just go!
Don't show me your face again!
I will jump... get out! - Look, Tara...
Get out! No!
Okay, I am going! I am going!
Get out or I will jump. - Relax!
I am going. - I will jump!
I wasn't spying on you.
Go. - I am going.
I don't care. Go to hell!
- You go to hell!
Hey dumb' get back.
Can't you see the train? Get back!
Call him, Bantu...where is he?
- It's not reachable.
Adi! - Bro...
Bro, where were you?
- Love you, buddy.
Where were you? - Bantu, I saw
a dream on the train...and got inspired.
When I got off,
I saw reality...which made me perspire.
What are you talking?
Let's go now, bro... or
Jenny here might expire.
Why will Jenny expire?
She's getting married. - Huh?
Yeah... Come, I'll tell you. - Marriage?
Yeah, marriage.
Actually you should
get married, Jenny...
...it's already too late for you.
- Shut up!
Right, Bantu? - Adi Bro...
We need to stay away from marriage
permanently. - No chance, bro.
Like me...simple, good looking and lean.
And me...cheap...smart and single.
Forever...and ever and ever and ever...
Stop it, guys.
We're are...at 'Teen Bhavan'.
- But it's just one.
Adi, you're single as well.
Jenny, get the luggage
and escort the guest.
I am getting married,
you get the luggage.
Hello Charu aunty, what's up?
Aunty, it's me...Bantu.
Remember I took you to Maratha
Mandir (Movie Hall) last week.
Hello, aunty.
Hi, aunty. - Who are you?
I am Ravi Gunjal's younger brother...
...who was Gopi uncle's junior. Adi!
Hi, Uncle.
What's this? - My hand!
Was the train late? - No.
Then? - Nothing...
This Nothing' won't be
tolerated around here.
You have to be punctual,
this is a not a hotel.
It's a house, and you're a guest.
Just like all of us... - Yes, I know!
Brother told me everything.
Told you what?
- That Judge sir is a strict man.
He calls you Judge sir.
- Good.
And no late nights...
And definitely no
screaming and shouting!
Except for... - Except for?
When my wife's singing. - Of course...
Charulata Devi.
The Great Indian Classical Artist.
Hello...you can't play
cheesy Bollywood numbers here.
You don't know about uncle.
He's a butcher!
Sorry uncle... Judge sir... Sorry!
Wrong adjective...
Death penalty hasn't
been abolished in India yet.
I can't decide whether to
throw you two out...or strangle you.
How about you don't do either, uncle?
Please pardon us as per section 102.
Thank you, sir.MAZE HDRelease
Sir, please forgive this girl as well.
She's getting married. - Why?
Didn't papa tell you, uncle?
Actually, it's a good
thing to get married early.
You can grow old together. - Yeah.
This is your room. - Okay.
Thank you, sir. - Thank you, uncle.
Bro, you've no idea
what a grouch the boss is.
I think we should run. - Okay.
Hey...you fools...come here.
Boys...the LA guys rejected
all your gaming programs.
I don't have much
knowledge about games.
I am an advertising guy.
Dude...sell it. - What?
The dream you had...sell it.
- Are you mad?
Buddy, first impression
is the last impression.
Sell it...come on...
...l will make things
hell for all you, promise.
Sir, we do have an idea. Come on.
Who is this? - Hi, sir.
I am Adi... First day,
first show...first idea.
It better be a good idea,
otherwise it will be your last idea.
Thank you, sir.
Okay. . -
So this game is a thriller,
and it's called 'Mumbai 2.0'.
Wow. . what a title.
What a title.
There's a Boss...sitting
inside Mumbai's local...
The main villain of our game.
This Boss has two heads.
One head is from streets of Mumbai,
like a local gangster.
And the other...classy
and dangerous...
...chugging smoke from his cigar!
The Boss has a remote...and
the 'Heroine' in captivity.
Bravo...go on...
Yes, sir...okay.
In comes our 'Hero'.
Simple looking but deadly fighting.
The 'Herd must use
sonic-jumps and parkour...
...through buildings and slums...
and clear different levels of bomb-blasts,
car-chase, bike rides, train rides...
...and get to the main Villain...
finish him...get the remote.
And save the 'Heroine'.
That's Mumbai 2.0.
What an idea?
How soon can you give it?
Sir...the 3D trailer will
take at least 4 months.
4 months?
Take 5...
Thank you, sir.
Jenny! - I am really scared.
You can be scared all you want...
...later, it will be
his turn to be scared.
Dearly beloved, we've come
together in presence of God...
...to witness and bless the joining of
Henry and Jenifer in holy matrimony.
The union of husband
and wife is intended by God.
For the mutual joy, for the health
and comfort given to each other...
...in prosperity and adversity.
Who gives this woman
to be married to this man?
She gives herself, father.
Of course,
with blessings of mother and father.
In the name of God,
do you Jenifer Rodriguez...
...until death do you apart?
Yes, I do.
...as your lawfully wedded wife,
until death do you apart?
I do.
Hey... - Hey.
What did you call me
at the station that day?
Was it darling?
No, what you called
me in a fit of rage.
Mo... - Madam... I called you madam.
There's no 'f' in madam.
It's hard to realize what
you're saying in a fit of rage.
I see...
Are you from Jenny's side?
- Hmmm...college friend.
She's looking gorgeous...
and happy too.
Everything feels
nice in the beginning.
Love-filled days.
Marriage... Honeymoon.
Hugs. . . kisses.
Love... - Lust!
Now please exchange the rings,
as the symbol of your love.
And then... - Then?
Petty quarrels. - Hmmmm...
Embarrassing your wife
in front of your friends.
And facing the music at home.
And then, the kids.
Oh God!
And then...their admission.
Turning that dumbm' into a smart
And when that smart grows up...
...watch him get married.
And go through that same
old mess all over again.
Correct. - Correct.
Now, you may kiss the bride.
Hey... - Hey...
You seem to know a
lot about this department.
Are you married?
No. And I never want to.
Good! Marriage is for fools.
- Correct!
So just girlfriends, huh?
Around 15... - Not bad.
And you...
I am going to Paris. - Why?
To study architecture.
Cool. - Thank you.
And you.
lam going to the US...
...to give Zuckerburg
a run for his money.
Not bad. - Yeah.
All the best. - Same to you.
Come on...come on... - Come on.
Hey Bantu...come on.
Good morning.
Good morning.
- Morning.
What are you doing here?
It's Peru.
It's an easy one.
You come late at night...
and always in a hurry in the morning.
It was Jenny's wedding party.
Poor thing got hitched.
No partying today, uncle.
I'll come home early today.
What time?
- By 5 'clock.
Put it back...put it...
Actually by 5:30.
Uncle, I'll...be back by 6.
- Yeah.
Be back by 6, right.
You've to take Charu
to Ravindra Natya Mandir.
For a classical music program.
Your brother wouldn't
have asked twice.
I've to head to the BSES office...
regarding the electricity bill.
They send such absurd bills.
Grease their palms...
and they will never call again.
Do what? - Grease their palms...
fill their pockets.
I see...how about a pour a can
of oil on their hands...their pockets?
Your generation cannot
do without corruption.
I can still handout sentences.
I will throw you out along with
your luggage if you say that again.
Okay uncle, sorry.
Here you are, baby.
Bye, aunty.
Here you go, and... you've
almost finished the crossword.
- Isn't that amazing.
Come, madam.
Hello. Hello.
Hello. Hello.
Bless you.
Hello. Hello.
- Hello.
Aunty, you sit and I'll be...
- No-no...sit.
Hello. Hello.
Can you go to that side?
There's another seat.
Thank you.
Hello. Hello.
You're a big star, aunty.
- Of course.
You sing so well...
why don't you do a stage show?
You're unmusical and unmelodious.
Uncultured fellow.
Get out.
Get down.
- What happened?
I said get down.
- What happened?
Get out! Get down!
Get down from the bus!
- The bus...
You were sleeping through the program.
Oh, God!
Hello, baby.
You're back.
- Yeah.
So...how was your program?
- Amazing!
Where are your feet, sir?
- Where they should be.
There's food inside.
Go and eat.
Hats off.
Roll up my sleeves...please.
This one too.
Keep these there.
Gopi, should I heat-up the food?
We already ate, baby.
Look, I even wiped
my hands with your dress.
Fine, clean this wok properly.
Alzheimer's, 2nd stage.
She's forgotten a great deal.
But she still remembers some things.
Brother Ravi did tell me about it.
How do you handle all this, uncle?
Well...if she calls me
Paplu even once in a day...
...it fills me up with
the energy for a lifetime.
- Goodnight.
let's take you to the bedroom...
...and sing you a lullaby.
Which one is it?
Your favorite lullaby?
Have you open Bank account.
Yes, brother...l did get one.
- Where?
At the Parel Branch.
Did Bantu give you the bike?
Madam's geyser isn't working,
I came for some hot water.
Yeah...Bantu gave me the bike.
He gave me the bike, the keys,
papers, insurance...everything.
I mean...whatever...
wear your helmet while riding.
Talk to your sister-in-law.
Hurry up, it's a long-distance call.
- Quickly.
Hello... - My phone's switching off...
battery's low.
- Hello.
The number you're trying
to call is currently busy!
The number you're trying
to call is currently busy!
It's me...girlfriend no. 16.
I thought its no. 10.
I was just testing your number.
Otherwise no decent girl
calls up a guy at this hour.
We'll know your decency when we meet.
Whose wedding will we meet next?
Jenny's been shipped to America.
Ohh...so you're missing me.
No...l was missing Jenny.
So let's meet...
and miss Jenny together.
- What happened?
Anybody there?
Witch... Girlfriend no. 17.
So when are we meeting?
Tomorrow. . coffee at 3!
Say yes. . say yes-yes.
- Maybe not.
Okay, bye.
Okay, darling.
We can see right here...check it...
- Tara.
The number you're trying
to call is currently busy.
Busy my foot...
you just hit the jackpot.
Do you know who you're going
to work with on the project?
Shahrukh Khan.
One and only...Balakrishna Doshi.
- Really!
Come...Baig sir is calling.
Hi, sir.
Would you like to work
with Doshi sir on a project?
Of course, sir.
He's the no. 1.
I see...
But in the interview
you said that I am no. 1.
You're beyond that...
You're above the list.
Anyway, Doshi sir is my hero too.
You'll have to go work
with him in Ahmedabad.
Thank you, sir.
- Thanks.
Your Coffee's turned into cold coffee.
Where are you?
The coffee shop.
And I'm done pulling my hair and
using them as noodles in my coffee...
Oh my, what are you doing?
Do you know what condition
I am in waiting for you?
But you don't count me as human being.
Since 2:45...l've been
waiting and waiting...
Stay there, I am coming.
I've picked up my bag from the desk.
My keys-my keys-I've found my keys.
I have my phone.
My boss is looking at me...
He thinks I'm going
out for something urgent.
I just gave him a fake smile...
and faced Asha.
Avoided her by giving
her a cold shoulder.
And after dodging
two guys carrying coffee...
My card...my card...
And...open sesame...
I am outside my office.
And I am coming outside
my office walking fast...
And you're right in front of me.
- Alak Niranjan lady...
Wow...from desk to door,
somewhere you lost the formalities.
You're a funny man.
So come let's have fun.
What happened?
Come on.
So...all time favorite video game.
All time favorite...
No chance.
Definitely not...
- Something...
You tell me...
- My favorite is...Mortal Kombat.
I love it.
Who is that guy?
Isn't that the guy from the train?
- Come on.
At least tell me what
happened between you two.
The same thing that didn't happen.
Marriage? You?
He was chasing after me for marriage.
And you?
- Me... I was trying to get rid of him.
By jumping in front of the train?
I was just pretending.
To get him out of my life for good.
And that's where I came in.
Listen to me. Please.
- So what?
See you tomorrow.
- Okay.
- Ahmedabad. Kutch Express.
Hey...when are you coming back?
Don't know.
What are you doing, Paplu?
Tickling you, baby.
Uncle, did you two
always talk like this?
Oh...let it go...
Stupidity of young age...
Tell me, uncle...how did you meet aunty?
Well, you see...
I was in my final year of LAW...
...and she was 20 years old.
And I had a taste for classical
music...from the beginning.
But not enough knowledge.
- Like always.
Yes, always...
And her voice... oh, God.
And her beauty...
- Like always...
Yes, always...she was
always so beautiful.
It so happened that
I had a doctor friend...
...and he would tag along as well.
The doctor was crazy about Charu.
And one day...he sent a
letter to Charu through me.
Love letter.
And I gave it to her.
She read the letter and smiled.
And when the doctor heard
about this, he grew bolder.
He started writing
to her more frequently.
But I never read the envelope.
- I see...
I didn't know that he never wrote
his name at the end of the letter.
So tell me...what would I understand?
You thought the letter was from him.
- Of course.
And he was also so
good-looking and shy.
That's it...
One fine day,
I made him get in my car...
...and took him to see my father.
And uncle, did her father know
you didn't write those letters?
No, not at all.
The doctor had already
made one mistake...
...l didn't want to make another one.
And the doctor, didn't he ask?
That poor love-stricken
guy... what could he ask?
He was a doctor himself.
Never miss the train even
if you don't have the ticket.
It's not like you think. Ask her.
All lies...
Why would I lie?
What are you doing?
Isn't this train heading to Ahmadabad?
I am going to Ahmadabad too.
It's been really long
since I last went there.
Be serious.
- What? Sight-seeing.
I should've known.
Do you do this often?
- What? Sightseeing?
No...chasing girls.
- Oh... Since childhood.
How many have you chased till now?
I've lost count.
But you said 15.
I think there's none.
- I see...
Show me your ticket.
I would've missed my train
if I had waited to buy a ticket. .
What if you get caught?
So be it.
Come inside.
Stay here.
Everyone else is inside.
- So?
They will come looking for me.
Let them.
Okay. . . let them.
You know architecture
is a challenging job.
It's not just a miracle,
but it's a challenge.
And I had to do it for Husain.
What was the old man saying?
He was saying architecture
is a mission, a commitment...
...don't get influenced by some
video-gamer and forget your mission.
That's a big thing to say.
But even the heart has a mission.
One should always
keep the heart in check.
What are you drawing?
ls it a sketch of me?
I am making a well.
- So you can drown in it.
Ohh...but your eyes
are perfect for that.
We didn't need such a deep well.
True architecture is magical.
It's like magic.
It creates fiction...it
creates unexpected spaces.
And it...helps to create
unexpected dialogue.
It is a generator of passion,
love, romance...
My papa would often come here.
- I see...
Does he still come here?
Don't know.
- If he does, don't get me beaten up.
He wouldn't recognize me either.
It's been many years
since he separated from us.
Daily quarrels...
...and then custody battle.
I was only 7 when the court asked
me who I would like to live with.
I didn't want to live with anyone.
Then papa left me for good.
That's when I decided
I will never get married.
Isn't it time to get to the station?
Come on-come nan-let's go.
What now?
Let's get a room.
The two of us?
- Of course.
We won't actually
become a married couple...
...if we write so in the register.
Whatevs to that!
I still won't sign as Mrs. Adi Gunjal.
Fine, I'll sign as Mr. and Mrs. Tara...
What is it?
Whatevs to that?
Bro...another piece of bread for me.
Mr. and Mrs. Tara Agnihotri.
- Yeah.
"How are you... all good,
"Tell us your name."
"Hello, my name is Sheetal.
And I am definitely not sister-in-law."
There's just one bed.
It's big enough for the two of us.
One blanket too.
We can easily fit in it.
"My problem is a bit private."
"Okay, I hope you don't have
a problem discussing it publicly."
"I don't have a problem.
- Okay."
"I actually I live in a joint family,
I've been married for three years now."
There's just one
bucket and one mug.
"He's always busy either with
the office work...or the family..."
Will you behave like a good boy?
Will you behave like a good girl?
"This effort from my side."
"M ay be not."
"I want some kind of naughtiness
back in our relationship."
"Some kind of spice..."
"Naughtiness...l've a superb
track for you actually..."
"...that will tickle to
you and your husband also."
"So this song from Badshah,
dedicated to one and only AR Rehman."
"Here's the new track."
"So how are you...how's you...how're
you...hope you're having fun."
"Who is with me next, sister-in-law."
We're here.
Let's go.
Wait for me, dude
- Okay.
Say that this was your best holiday.
This was my best holiday. Am I right?
Liar. You don't mean that.
Be honest.
No-no-no. . .don't say it.
Okay darling.
Am I your darling?
- Yes, darling.
Can I go?
Say it...Okay darling, go.
Not okay darling, don't go.
Don't go.
My darling...
- Grandpa.
Don't cancel...yes...
- How are you? - Fit and fine.
- I'll just call you back. Yeah.
Shall I? Okay...
Your favorite pickle...
with extra oil.
Let me say hi to mom.
Hi, dear.
- Hi, mom.
Let's go inside and talk.
Tara, this is for you.
Thanks, mom.
Where were you?
I went to Ahmadabad...with
my office colleagues.
When did you arrive?
But your office colleagues
returned yesterday.
And you...where were you?
I just told you, Ahmadabad.
With whom?
And what were you doing?
Why do you always
ask so many questions?
Because you're my only
daughter...and I worry for you.
If I wasn't your only daughter...
...would you have worried
any less for me?
Stop this nonsense, Tara.
None of your office colleagues
knew where you were.
And with whom?
I went to Sabarmati...with a friend.
And missed my train.
Why did you go?
To meet Bapu...
I used to call him papa...
He was your husband.
You know he often went there.
Are you going to stay in
Mumbai for business or go back?
I've to go to the office, mom.
Why didn't you come
back with us in the train?
I couldn't make it on time,
missed the train.
Where were you?
- And with whom?
- Why?
To meet Bapu.
- So did you meet him?
Yes, I did.
- What was he doing?
Spinning his spinning-wheel.
Did you say something?
- Yes, he did.
He said "Sing for me".
- So?
I did?
- What did you sing?
Do you want to hear?
- Please do.
Love my foot...
...since when did Bapu
start wearing jeans and t-shirt?
Oh, God. Ladies, we've work to do.
A presentation to be made, please.
- Tara!
Tell your boss that you've a headache.
Take the day off and come with me.
Are you mad?
I couldn't sleep all night.
- Me neither.
My hands are still shaking, look.
Stop it.
- Stop what?
Stop...this madness.
I can't...what to do.
Is this love?
You won't say that, will you?
I want ice-cream.
N ow?
- So?
Should I call mom tomorrow.
What for?
So she can meet you.
Why me?
Our family must be there.
Why our family?
For our engagement, Adi.
What the...
Where are we going?
To your hostel.
Hostel? Why?
I am taking you to
your hostel before I stray?
What if you still do?
Then I will take you in my arms.
What then?
I won't let go.
Kiss you really hard.
And After kissing me hard?
Keep kissing you.
What then?
What now?
Now you will pull me inside your room.
Close the door!
And after closing the door?
I don't know...why don't
you take over from there!
I will eat you up...alive!
'I will pull up the curtains...'
'...clinch the rains and
hold on to the sky tight.'
'And hide in your arms.'
Do you like me?
- Hmmmm...
But I can't say the
same for this hostel room.
Do you like me or this?
Of course this.
This is how much I like you.
That much is better.
Is it right what we're doing?
It's a grave sin.
But...the only way to
atone is to keep doing it.
I didn't get it.
What did you say?
Uncle, can Tara live here too?
Here? Here where?
- In my room.
Your room.
She's not some milk bottle
you can shelve on the teapoy.
And where will you live?
- Even I'll stay on the teapoy.
Sorry...in my room.
Oh, so she's Sitara.
Tara. . . baby, it's Tara.
I see...
Your room!
Together...in the same room?
Together...in the same room!
Did you two get married?
We don't want to get married!
So...you two are 'Magliks'.
Then you can definitely
marry each other.
There's a big problem, aunty.
What do you want to say?
Uncle, I am going to Paris...
to become an architect.
He's going to America,
to become a millionaire.
And...until becomes a millionaire?
We want to live together until then.
I see...
It's one of those...
live-in relationships.
Is it wrong, aunty?
- Absolutely wrong.
Paplu. You're too old fashioned.
He signals with his hand even
after turning on the indicator.
Look, this is absolutely wrong...
...and it's heading in
the wrong direction. - Uncle...
I won't allow this in my house.
- Listen to me.
Listen to me.
Uncle, Tara and I are friends.
We like each other.
Would it look nice if we met outside...
...in a hotel or other shady places?
Or live here decently,
with your permission and blessings.
Did you take your brother's blessings?
He will kill me.
I see...and I will spare you?
Aunty doesn't keep well...
...and you take care of her alone.
We can help you.
Even aunty won't feel bored.
Look, this is my final decision.
And I am saying this
on Charu's behalf too.
This is my final decision.
- Uncle...
There's no room for argument now.
- Don't be unreasonable, uncle.
This is our garden.
And our room is on the first floor,
check it out.
And that's uncle and aunt's room,
with full sea-view.
The car's here, these are the flowers.
Hi, aunty.
Aunty, this is Bittu and...
And that's Ayesha.
- Hi, aunty.
Hello, aunty.
That's Bantu.
DDLJ...Maratha Mandir.
- Whose sister-in-law?
Hello, sister-in-law. Greetings.
Where are you?
- Absolutely fine, sister-in-law.
What's going on?
- What else will I do in the morning?
I can hear some strange noises.
No, I was drinking tea...
It's hot. - I see...
- Tell her the truth.
Yes, How is brother?
- Yeah, he's fine.
And Tia?
- Tia's fine too.
Who is Tia?
- Here, talk to your brother.
- Hello, Adi...
Yes brother. . . .Yeah. . greetings.
- I am listening.
Please explain your
address to this taxi driver.
Address? Taxi-driver? Why?
So we can come there.
Where are you?
- On the way.
- We're coming to meet you.
Coming here?
Talk to him.
- Yeah...
Yeah...do you understand Marathi?
- I am from UP.
Oh, so you're from UP as well.
Look...do you know Malabar Hills,
Hanging Gardens.
You're at Hanging Garden.
We're dead...it's the end.
- Who's dead?
We are, who else?
I am not dead
Would you like me to make
some arrangements for you?
Get up, Tara...please, get up.
Brother's in Mumbai for a day,
with the entire family...
...to give me a surprise.
Get up!
Stupid...why did you give
him the right directions?
You could've given
him a different route.
I could've slept little longer.
Brother's here.
- So what now?
Where will you go?
- Me... Nowhere.
What will we do when brother
and sister-in-law come here?
I'll say "Greetings, I am Tara".
"And I am living-in With Adi-Adi-Adi."
Tara, have you gone mad?
Please try to understand
the situation...and get up.
- Greetings, sister-in-law.
How many times are
you going to greet her?
- How far have you reached?
We're at the gate.
At the gate? - Yes.
- I am coming, bye.
My dear...dear bubbly...
My sweetheart... my baby.
Ok darling, listen...
help me out...
...or we'll get stuck
in a big drama. Please.
We're dead.
This witch isn't getting up.
I'll get that.
- Okay.
Hello, sir.
- Hi. - Hi.
How are you, you fool?
- First class, sister-in-law.
Fit and fine...
So big man.
- Yeah.
All set to conquer America.
- Yeah, brother!
Tia! You've grown so tall in 10 days.
Shall I make coffee for everyone?
Let us come in first,
meet Judge sir.
Hello, Charulata ma'am.
How are you?
Judge sir must be out playing cricket.
Who are they, Adi?
This is my brother.
He was junior to Gopi uncle...
he lived with you in Lucknow.
And this is my sister-in-law
and Tia. - I see.
Where is Paplu?
I think he's out playing cricket?
Paplu? - Gopi uncle.
She calls him fondly.
Just like you call brother...Dabbu.
What nonsense.
Where do you stay?
- Me? I stay right here.
His room is upstairs.
- Oh...thank you.
Let's go...upstairs. Show me your room. Quickly!
- Now sister-in-law.
We'll see it right now.
- It's in a complete mess. - It's okay,
I am hereto clean up your mess.
Come on, show me.
- Sister-in-law.
Sister-in-law. Wait, sister-in-law.
- What happened?
I've changed.
- Very good.
Is this your room?
- No.
Is this? - Sister-in-law,
there's someone in my life.
What? Let me see.
Sister-in-law! Sister-in-law!
You really have changed, Adi.
Like I said...
there's a change in my life.
I can see that.
Hello, Baby.
Who are you?
- I am Tia.
Tia... keep seated...
No need for formalities, baldy.
Gunjal, sir.
It's a huge house.
- Yeah.
How far is your office?
- Takes me 30 minutes to get there.
Nice...and how do you go?
- Bantu's bike.
I take the bus or train.
Sometimes uncle's car as well.
What brings you to Mumbai?
- I had meeting with a client.
I see.
- Hello, sir. - Hello, dear.
And when are you leaving?
We're going back today evening, sir.
We'll stay longer next time.
- Of course.
We'll stay in Adi's room
Yes. You can stay in Adi's room.
What are you doing?
Shoot this fellow.
Keep going...
Yeah...left-left...now down.
Okay, now shoot this fellow.
- Was he always like this?
Right from the time he
was is in his mother's womb.
Shoot this guy.
Found the boss.
Catch him.
Alright done.
Kick it.
Keep going...keep going!
Go left...yeah.
Yeah...yeah...keep going.
Okay...okay...okay...go up.
'You are dead.'
- You are dead!
Come in.
Tara... meet the sums.
Hi, Tara...come in.
Gunjals this is Tara.
Hi. Hi.
Tara...Gopi uncle's niece.
Sir...your niece?
Paplu, when did you have a niece?
she's from his sister's side.
Nice niece.
I left my drawings here, so...
- Yes, of course.
I've seen this nice
niece somewhere.
Try wearing a cap...
You won't lose your hair...
or your memory.
Last life left. - Thank you.
- Baldy...you've another life.
Thank you.
- Hi.
Whose room is this?
Where do you stay?
You see,
Adi's brother is Naive...not me.
I can clearly figure
out what's going on here.
Are you two married?
- No.
But you intend to?
Right now our focus is our careers.
So you two live here...without marriage.
I don't want interfere in your lives.
But you see, when two people
in love, live together...
...they get habituated to each other.
And when the time
comes to part ways...
...you can't get over
the habit... or love.
And let's assume that...
if you two have to part ways...
...for the sake of your careers.
What will choose...
habit or love?
Think about it.
And this...is yours.
People tend to get...
cheated a lot.
what goes in the room.
Don't scare me...
you know my heart's weak.
Sister-in-law...must have...
told brother everything.
You're crazy, showing up
in front of my entire family.
You didn't answer my phone either.
But where are we going?
You said you'll follow me until hell.
So why ask questions now?
Fine...but do you have
the address to hell?
Tara! It's a gynecology clinic.
What a genius you are.
- Hi.
Please wait there.
Is this some kind of test
report... for Charu aunty?
Shut up!
Everyone here looks pregnant.
They don't just look pregnant,
they are.
These test reports
you brought in...
Is it What I think it is?
How do I know what you're thinking?
These are your test reports,
and not Charu aunty'
Tara, are you pregnant?
How can I be sure without
seeing the test results, Adi?
And what if the reports are positive?
The earth under
my feet is shaking.
It's not the earth,
your legs are shaking.
But Tara,
we did all the calculations.
Excuse me, ma'am...
Dr. Sheriyar is calling you.
Tara, wait a minute.
Tara, wait...
- Hi.
First child?
- Don't know.
- Yeah...
No wonder you look so nervous.
You know...when my husband
brought me here for the first time...
...he was saying "The ground
under my feet is shaking".
I am sure his legs were shaking,
not the earth.
It happens.
Listen...bring your wife
here every month for checkup.
It's very important.
Look at my husband...
never takes time off his work.
So I come here on my own...alone.
But you must come with her, okay.
You know...it's such a nice feeling...
...the little movements
inside the stomach.
Feels so nice...
My mind runs astray...
- Yeah.
Let's go.
- Okay.
Dry mango...
- No-no...thank you.
Bye, all the best.
- Bye...
What happened?
Tell me something.
Positive? Negative?
Tell me something?
Any movements inside your stomach?
Read it yourself.
Yeah... - What's this?
Looks like some drawings...
Yeah...it's the floor
plan of the clinic.
Our company is
renovating the place.
Come on...
Come on...
You looked so cute
when you were scared...
Very cute...
- Tara, what is this?
Come here.
What is this?
What is this?
Yes, sir.
- What are you doing?
Your train's jumping around.
Sir, what weapon should I give him?
Give him a big gun...you wouldn't
want to give him a slingshot!
Sir, how about a bazooka?
- Now you're talking.
Well done.
- Thank you, sir.
Sir, the LA producers just called.
Tell them to take a flying
jump at a rolling donut.
What are you guys up to?
Hello, sir.
What's going on?
Wow! Who's that guy?
It's the main villain, dude.
- Villain?
I've seen him somewhere before.
- Really?
- It's you. - Me?
Villain? With two heads.
What's happening?
Jump...go up--
Kill him. Kill him.
- Boss, you're amazing.
Your game's awesome.
- Thank you, sir.
Immediately ship to LA.
- Immediately?
- Done, sir we are ready.
You didn't sleep all night?
Either you're very happy
or very sad?
People often lose their
sleep in these two conditions.
It's both.
I just got an email from Paris.
I got the admission.
Wow...so I know why you're happy.
But why the tears?
Feels like I am leaving
something behind.
Does Adi know?
Tell me something.
What's more important for you?
Your career or Adi?
6 months ago I would've said career.
But now...
Why are you packing our clothes?
Just mine...not yours.
What's wrong?
I am leaving.
But Why?
It's over!
Tara, what happened?
Only for two days.
S man... you witch...
You're such a drama queen.
It's not my fault that
you always fall for it.
Thank God...l thought you
found out about Anjali and Zoya...
...and you're leaving me.
- Shut up!
Shut up...
Who are you going with?
- Mr. Doshi.
I don't like this Mr. Doshi, you know.
What is your problem
with a 80 year old man?
Old men like him are perverts too.
Come here.
Stay for a while.
I am getting late.
What late?
You're not allowed to go.
Now allowed.
Look...we already made it clear.
- What?
No asserting rights.
I see...
Save it for your wife.
- Wife? No thank you.
Fine, go.
Bye, Tara. Hi, Anjali.
Yeah, Anjali.
What's the plan?
Bye, darling. Have fun!
Darling my foot...
Adi. Adi. Adi.
Darling...where are you?
Hi, guys.
- Hello, dear.
Where's Adi?
His phone switched off as well.
Didn't Adi go with you?
He's sleeping in his room.
I am really scared of this boy.
He wants perfection in everything.
- What Perfection?
His game...on the Underworld.
He goes to really dangerous
places for research...
I am really scared, man.
Still can't get through him.
Look, Adi will come
back sooner or later.
But don't chase him
around like a wife.
I am not chasing him.
But he should at least tell me...
- Hello.
Are you at the office?
- Where are you?
I am waiting for you.
Just come out of your office.
- Just wait there, I am coming.
Where are you?
- Just keep walking straight.
- You sound so sexy in that angry tone!
Just let me get my hands
on you...l will shoot you.
How about a sword instead?
You'll need a license to shoot me.
Where were you?
And why call me here?
It's an expensive restaurant.
I thought, maybe you
won't make a scene here.
Answer me.
- Would you like to eat?
I want to eat you.
No possible. Today is Tuesday.
And you don't eat meat on Tuesdays.
Why don't you just
tell me where you were?
Don't you care about what
I've been through in the last 2 days?
Don't you think...it's
your responsibility...
...to tell me where you were.
Remember...your last
words before you left.
No asserting rights!
So this is revenge?
- No...
You could've kept your phone on.
How could I? I was in Kanpur.
Yeah...why else would I go there?
Did you go there on your own?
I had no plans of going there.
Look, I am a middle-class guy.
So when your private plane
came to pick me up, I obliged.
You weren't here either.
So I thought I'll do
some sightseeing in Kanpur.
What did she say?
She wanted to know why
I have been chasing you around.
She already knew who and what I am.
- Then...l told her.
"Your Tara made me
see stars in daylight."
Then she asked... "What
made you move in with me"?
What did you say?
I said "I don't know...
I'll go ask her" and left.
So...what did you see in me, Tara?
Hey, that's Vodka.
Excuse me, sir...your check.
- Tara...
Oh, man!
- Tara.
Tara, listen to me.
Don't talk to me!
- What else should I do?
I can't divorce you,
because I've no right over you.
Divorce. Divorce. Divorce.
Don't show me your face for two days.
Just two days?
Come here.
Come here.
First selfie of our first fight.
I am uploading this.
Let's go quickly.
Stop! Stop! Stop! Stop!
- Hey man, do you have a death-wish?
Follow that car, please.
- Why?
- Follow her.
Madam, my fare? - Take your fare
from that blue T- Shirt boy.
Sir... - What?
- My fare.
Come on.
- Where?
Right there.
- Who? The Big Guy!
We're not on good terms these days.
Let's go make an offering.
I prayed for your safe return.
Charu Aunty!
- Charu Aunty!
- What are you doing here?
Get up...come on...
Come on...
I was...
- Where were you going?
I forgot.
- Come, let's go home.
It's the next stage of Alzheimer's.
What did the doctor say?
- The doctor said...
...you're in much better
condition than before.
Don't lie to me, Paplu.
I can hear noises in my head all day.
I am forgetting everything.
People. . . places. . everything.
Even my music seems to be leaving me...
- No-no...that's not possible.
Fine, so what the doctor
say...while giving you the medicines.
I am losing my memory...not my mind.
Doctor told to take medicine
after reaching home.
...what if I forget you someday?
What will you do?
What's going on, mama?
- Hello...who do you want to meet?
Ravi Gunjal.
- l...l am Ravi Gunjal.
I see... Sit. I am Tara's mom.
Idiot...why do you always
create problems for me?
Good evening guys.
- What did I do now?
Well, there's one right here...now.
Take a look...
What is all this?
Who is she? Do you know her?
Yes, brother. She is Tara's mom.
And who is Tara?
Her daughter.
I will slap you out cold.
I mean Gopi uncle's niece.
She's living with him.
No she's not, she lives with you.
In your room.
And her mother is sitting
in our living room.
Does Gopi know? - She lives
here with Gopi uncle's consent.
She is his niece.
- Gopi's lost his mind.
He doesn't know anything.
Bloody Ravi Gunjal...if
I've lost my mind...
...why is there hair
growing on your head?
That baldy's grown hair?
Sir...l didn't know you were there too...
Would you like some sweets?
Did you forget the
thrashing in Lucknow?
Would you like some more?
No, sir... Tara's mom is here.
What do I do? Tell me...
You fool, you should be thankful that...
...they came to you.
Sir, she's here with
a marriage proposal...
She is talking about marriage.
You won't find another girl like her.
Get lost.
Did you show this to the lawyer?
- Yeah ma'am...
...l've shown it to the lawyer,
but they are not agreeing...
I am a little busy Tara,
can I call you back?
No mom, I want to talk right now.
Don't hang up.
Driver, stop the car please.
Please excuse me. Take the follow car.
Yeah, sure ma'am.
Go ahead, Tara.
Why are you interfering
in my life, mom. - Manners!
Who told you to fix my marriage?
- Who's going to tell me?
Are you going to tell me...
or am I going to tell you to get married?
You live with a complete
stranger...all alone.
Who else is going to
talk some sense into you?
He's not a stranger.
So why don't you marry him?
Marriage is not my priority.
You might have been a burden...
- Manners...
Maybe you were a burden
on your family, but not me.
I can look after myself.
I see...did you grow up on your own?
That's the most I could've
done for you as your mother.
I proposed marriage on your behalf...
...to the guy you like.
Asked for his hand
in marriage...for you.
Has any mother ever done that?
No mother has ever
done what you did either.
Making the police spy on me.
I was not spying on you, Tara!
Come on, stop it.
- You shut up!
Don't forget your manners, Tara!
No, mom...
I wasn't telling you...
- Manners!
Such anger, Tara.
Stop it now...enough!
Come on, I want to
show you something.
Come on...
Come on... Hey...
Listen...this is it
now...the final verdict.
So stop fuming... and start praying.
For me, please...
Eyes closed.
Where are these guys?
- Okay, rolling.
Number one.
Three cheers for Adi.
Hip-hip hurray!
Hip-hip hurray!
Hip-hip hurray!
Dude, you've done it.
Those LA guys love your game.
- Yeah...
They immediately sent your ticket,
visa...everything. - Oh, sir...
And in 10 days...you're out of here.
10 days!
Adi bro...
Come lets 90..
Let's party.
Time to open up the bottles...
Jenny...welcome back.
- Thank you.
Tara, come please.
Adi, is going tara.
Tara please.
My heart's really depressed, Jenny.
- Why?
Scared of going to America?
- No.
Scared of leaving her.
My biggest mistake.
Shall I tell her?
- I will strangle you.
I must leave this beautiful world,
just to go to America!
Cheers Jenny.
Stop here, please.
What happened?
What's wrong, Tara?
How much?
- 150.
Here...thank you.
When are you going to America?
Will you come along?
Only to see you off.
Better to part ways right here.
It'll be much more complicated later.
Will you go to Paris with me?
Tell me something...why
are we scaring each other...
...about parting ways?
Because we are scared.
It's time to part ways.
Adi. The last 6 months...
Time just flew by.
The best days of my life.
Mine too.
Just 10 more days.
And then, you'll be off to Paris...
...and I will be in US.
We will move on in our lives.
Maybe you will find someone.
Maybe you will find someone!
So then...just 10 days, huh!
Tara...promise me.
The next 10 days...no
fights or quarrels.
No emotional talk...no arguments...
No drama...
No crying...no sleeping...
Full party...full on fun.
Let's live an entire
lifetime in these 10 days.
, Okay-
, Okay-
- Okay...Darling!
What if this was our home?
All the rooms would
be our bedrooms
And a fierce dog.
And kids?
We'll adopt a boy for one day.
And we'll call him Shishupal.
What if it's a girl?
- Still Shishupal.
Yeah, baby...
Come on...
What will you do in America?
Go to a strip club.
Shut up.
Ask me what I'll do in Paris.
What will you do?
Don't know.
Maybe waste my time
thinking what you're doing.
But you'll be at the strip club.
I love you!
...time's slipping through.
Say "Don't cry Tara"!
Say it!
Don't cry, Tara.
Okay, darling.
Thank you.
Say something.
I am drunk...l'll say the truth.
Then spill it out.
What do you really want now?
Right now...
I want a tender... hot...
eggs on toast.
Hmmm...me too.
Take that chain off...
- Why?
Take it off...or I'll snatch it.
So how many days is that worth?
You want me to keep it
with me and always miss you.
No. I want to keep
that with me always...
...so I can smile
when I think of you.
I wonder what the kids
do out there until midnight.
What kids? We don't have kids.
You do have one...Paplu.
And dinner?
- We already ate.
Now we'll eat tomorrow...
With the kids.
On our 'Golden Anniversary'.
That's what I've been doing.
Show off.
Why is the door open?
Happy anniversary guys.
Is the gas on? Take a look.
Gopi uncle.
Charu aunty.
It was on?
- Yeah.
Let's check upstairs.
I'm calling Gopi uncle.
Charu aunty.
His phone's right here.
Somethings wrong.
Give me the car keys.
Where are uncle and aunty?
I was coming over to give the keys...
...when I learned that madam walked out.
It's been over 30 minutes.
And sir is already
out looking for her.
Here's the key.
- This is uncle's phone.
Call me if you find out anything.
- Okay.
Come on.
Be careful.
- Yeah.
Let's go.
Stop. Stop.
- What?
Charu Aunty.
- That's not her.
It's completely our fault.
We should've convinced
uncle to hire a nurse.
Aunty was always clear about that...
Only uncle will take care of her.
Of course she will say that.
Will uncle listen
to you or Charu aunty?
Which way should we go now?
Wait...l'll go take a look.
On the temple road.
Adi, stop.
- Keep seated, I'll go take a look.
Don't yell at me.
Don't turn off the engine,
and don't go anywhere.
Charu aunty!
She isn't there.
Don't you see the 'No-Parking' board?
Why park your car here?
- Sir, my wife's missing.
What do I do?
- Come on, show me your license.
Let me go, sir...
- Come on...
Get out...get out now...
- I am going!
It's locked.
Where were you?
I was checking in the market.
I told you to stay in the car!
Why? Only you can go
look for Charu aunty, not me?
What if she was in the market?
Couldn't you wait for me?
You left the car
there...and a cop showed up.
You can't handle a cop,
but you can yell on me.
Take a left here...up
ahead...the hospital road.
It's a one way...we'll get in trouble.
Then go around.
- I am...l am...
Stop bothering me.
If you're so fed-up,
why don't you just leave me?
I am leaving you forever!
I'm going to America.
Isn't that what you want?
Adi...Gopi uncle!
What is this? You want to die?
Tara! Tara!
Gopi uncle! - Are you crazy?
Do you have a death wish?
Wait there...l'll handle you.
Handle your wife first...
Handle your wife first...
Come on...come you rascal...
Where are you going?
Gopi uncle! Gopi uncle! Gopi uncle!
Gopi uncle! Gopi uncle!
Gopi uncle! Gopi uncle!
Gopi uncle!
Come on. - You can't
just jump out of a moving car.
Should I jump in front of a car too?
What did you see?
That man...he looked
just like Gopi uncle!
What if he had hit you?
But he did.
What if he had? What then?
If you care so much for me,
why are you yelling?
I am not yelling!
Poor Gopi uncle.
No one can be as caring as him.
That's not true.
You think only uncle
can take care of aunty.
No one else can do the same.
Are you talking about yourself?
What if end up like aunty,
will you look after me?
Yes, I will.
If I get lost...
will you come looking for me?
I Will.
You can go to Paris or anywhere...
...just marry me before you do.
Charu aunty!
Come on.
Charu aunty! Charu aunty!
Charu aunty, are you okay?
- Paplu's at home.
Paplu's at home.
- He's at home.
Let's go home,
Come, let's go home.
Charu aunty. Let's go home.
Come...come...come inside.
Thank God I found you Paplu,
or you would've been lost.
Then what about me?
I am sorry, Baby...very sorry.
It won't happen again.
You said something... in the car.
It was true.
The last six months were
the best days of our lives.
Imagine what our entire life can be.
You can go anywhere you like,
just marry me before you do.
We'll figure out the rest.
Marriage is for fools.
So let's be fools.
Okay, darling?
Okay, darling?
Okay, darling...
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