Oki's Movie (2010) Movie Script

Lee Sunkyun, Moon Sungkeun
Jung Jeehye, Baek Jungrim
Bae Juyeon
Song Kihyung
Seo Younghwa
Lee Chaieun, Chough Songduk
Written and Directed by Hong Sangsoo
Producer- Kim Kyounghee
Park Hongyeol Jee Yunejeong
Lighting - Yi Yuiheang
Recording - Lee Yurim
Editor- Hahm Sungwon
Music - We Zongyun
Sound - Kim Mir
Produced by JEONWONSA Film Co.
Ddaedabomok Jijilcaenabonba!
Ddaedabomok Jijilcaenabonba!
- Youngsu!
- What?
Never mind. It slipped out.
- Who's Youngsu?
- A friend from high school.
His name just popped up.
- His name is Youngsu?
- You don't know him.
Why are you smoking so much?
I thought you were quitting.
I will.
Don't make promises
you won't keep.
Forget it. Do whatever you want.
Where's the car?
You don't remember?
My wife isn't the same these days.
Have I been inattentive?
She won't talk much. And she
doesn't really laugh at my jokes.
Youngsu, was it?
Who's Youngsu?
Where's the car?
It wouldn't move itself.
It was here...
I might be home late.
I have a Q&A today.
They're showing
that short I made today.
- So you're drinking again?
- I guess I might...
We'll see. It won't
be much anyway.
You remember what you said?
What you promised?
Only twice a month.
I know. I didn't say
I'm drinking for sure.
The whole crew will come
and you know how hard they worked.
You promised, just twice a month.
How many times is it now?
There's the car.
Right. There it was, all this time.
As the morning light crept
in through the window,
he heard the door to
the hotel room open.
The man knew who was coming in.
He thought she changed
her mind and forgave him.
Before he hugs her,
she stares at him.
Her face is suddenly
full of mischief.
'Cause I'm a mosquito. 'Cause
I'm so cold, 'cause I'm a mosquito.'
She says to him.
Everything else is just
technical things to fix.
If you don't fix it,
the narrative won't support itself.
Your sincerity needs its own form.
The form will take you to the truth.
Telling it as it is won't get you there.
That's a big mistake.
Don't be so stubborn.
You have potential.
Dialogue is great.
The characters' emotions aren't fake.
There's a real sensibility.
But if you don't fix this,
it won't stand as a feature.
Can't you understand?
Do you want me to be greedy?
Is that why you do it?
Because of greed?
What the hell do you know?
So I'm doing all this
shit because of greed?
I'm showing you
how to survive.
You can't even change this?
Turning points!
Two turning points!
That's how to take away
what's fake in you, idiot!
I can't.
ljust can't do it.
I felt bad,
so I told her I'd buy
her a drink at Insadong.
I need to cheer her up.
- Hello.
- Hi, professor.
You had class today?
Yes, I just finished.
- See you later, sir.
- All right.
- See You at the restaurant.
- What? Bye.
Are we meeting later?
Yes, some of the faculty.
Aren't you coming?
I didn't know.
Nobody told me about it.
We're meeting at three,
at the Chinese place.
- Yes, sir.
- We'll just get a bite
since everyone seems busy.
Three o'clock is good for me.
Why don't you come in to talk?
- Yes, sir.
- Come on in.
Nothing good comes
from chasing after money.
They should've listened to me
and built a reliable system first.
To train and cultivate young talent.
Look at this mess.
Good things never come easy.
You're right.
They're all about money.
Struggling artists like you
can't make films anymore,
when there's no more
money around.
It is difficult...
Money ruins it all.
Film as an art is finished.
It's dead. It's the same overseas.
It can't go back to how it was.
Don't you agree?
Yes, sir. I don't think so.
Honestly, I don't know
what I should do.
Let's just read.
In such a rotten world,
only books will save us.
Only books.
I had nowhere to go on campus,
so I went to the barber shop.
One moment. I'll be done soon.
Who's Youngsu?
My cousin's name is Youngsu.
Is she having an affair
with my cousin?
No way. That's Nonsense!
- Professor.
- What's up?
I got a haircut.
It's great to see you.
I saw you a few days ago.
How are you?
I'm okay. Are you coming later?
- The gathering?
- Yes.
- I'm not going.
- Why not?
Because of Professor Song.
Professor Song?
That Song is a piece of work.
I almost raised hell.
- Really?
- You didn't know?
He sold off the tenure
to that new Mr. Bang.
I found out he
got a lot of money.
He's insane!
- Are You serious?
- Dead serious.
Bang only got hired for money.
In this day and time!
He's a scumbag.
I can't stand the sight of him.
He completely disgusts me!
Is he really like that?
Song would do
anything for money!
- Really?
- Really.
- For real, sir?
- Yes.
Anyway, see you around.
- Take care, sir.
- Yes.
- Hello?
- Hi, it's Sowon.
Oh, Sowon. What's up?
I was wondering
where we're meeting.
Right. I meant to call you.
Sorry, but I forgot
I have a faculty meeting.
I can't make it today. I'm sorry.
I'm already near Insadong.
Should I wait?
Oh, I see. But the thing is,
I also have a Q&A afterwards.
I don't think today will work.
Let's set another date.
What day is good for you?
I don't care.
Why'd she hang up on me?
What the hell are You doing?
Sorry. Is it okay I took a picture?
Do You know who I am?
Pardon? No, I don't.
Who are you?
Don't take pictures without asking.
You in a contest or something?
I'm sorry.
Everyone's a goddamn
photographer these days.
Do you know what you're doing?
I'm sorry.
I wanted to capture you.
What kind of pictures do you take?
That's A good camera.
It's a Nikon.
Nikon? It's pronounced
nee- kon! How silly.
I'm a filmmaker.
Really? That's fascinating.
Just because...
I also take pictures,
so I know that feeling.
But you shouldn't shoot
someone who's sleeping.
I'm sorry. I'm a beginner,
so I don't know much.
I'm a film director.
- So mine are moving pictures.
- That must be great.
They're a bit lazy.
You just have to wait a little.
It all depends on luck.
- What does?
- Photography.
Here, I'll try it myself.
I don't take pictures.
You take pictures of others.
Just pose.
I really don't take pictures...
- What's your name?
I'm Jang Suyang.
What do you do?
Nothing. I just stay home.
- You married?
- Yes.
I see.
What kind of films do you do?
I have to go.
Let me just delete my pictures.
Don't delete the ones I took.
Of course not.
Just the ones of me.
Okay. There you go.
Nice talking to you. Bye.
That's a beautiful bottle.
- Oh, it's empty.
- It is.
- You're quite the big drinker.
- Thank You, sir.
Great aroma.
It's really something.
I always wanted to try it.
Mr. Bang.
This must've cost a fortune.
No, sir.
It feels so smooth going down.
How much was it?
About four hundred?
It wasn't that expensive.
I'll bring another one next time.
Congratulations! It's great news.
Let's toast to Mr. Bang.
- Congratulations!
- Congratulations!
- Congratulations again.
- Thank you.
I really love your films.
Really? Thank you.
Say, what kind of person
is Professor Song?
- The professor?
- Yes.
He's a great man.
I wish I had half the passion he has.
He's selfless and moral.
Never seen such devotion
in a man his age.
He's truly one of a kind.
I was wondering what
kind of man he is.
Take it easy.
He's selfless and pure.
Unlike some other people.
He reminds me of my cousin.
He's a judo athlete and
they look exactly alike.
Oh, I see...
I looked up to him
when I was young.
He was very hot-headed.
He really reminds me of him.
He's a very intelligent man.
Right. Great having
such a mentor, isn't it?
- See you inside.
- Congratulations!
Do you always drink so much?
That Jonny Walker
Blue really got to me.
It's so good that
I couldn't stop myself.
Working on any projects?
Well, there's one
I keep revising.
But I'm not getting paid.
Life is hard these days.
And your wife doesn't work?
She manages a cafe.
It's not much.
You really look like my cousin.
He was a great judo athlete.
Really handsome.
I've thought that
since I first met you.
Could I ask you something?
There's a bad rumor
on campus about you.
A rumor? About what?
About you and some money.
I tried to set it straight
when I heard,
but I wanted to ask
you what happened.
How could there
be such a rumor?
Isn't that wrong?
Why are you bringing this up?
Did someone make you?
No, who would do that?
It's so degrading that
I couldn't let it go.
You already knew?
Just drop it. I know who's
behind this. Just drop it.
Mr. Nam, what are you doing?
I don't think that's right.
Words can ruin a man.
It should be cleared...
Stop it! What's gotten into you?
He's making things up
since he's being kicked out.
He won't be here next semester.
He's leaving soon.
He's only an adjunct professor.
That's not the point.
How can I sit here with you
if I had the slightest doubt?
I can't, sir. That's impossible!
Must I really talk about it?
People like that are everywhere.
Just ignore them, or they'll
drag you into their shithole.
If they come at me,
then I'll strike back.
Then I dodge them
again right away.
It's just one big
fucking shithole!
Professor. Then I'll keep
believing in you sir, okay?
- Go ahead.
- Yes, I'll do that.
- Go right ahead!
- Yes, sir.
You should study
logic, Mr. Nam.
Read books on logic.
It'll do you good.
If there are no questions,
then I'll ask one.
The film seems to be
saying many things.
What did you want
to convey the most?
Excuse me, I'm a little drunk.
You drank?
ljust made the film.
It wasn't with any
theme in mind.
My film is similar to
the process of meeting people.
You meet someone
and get an impression,
and make a judgment with that.
But tomorrow,
you might discover different things.
I hope my film can be
similar in complexity
to a living thing.
Starting with a theme will make it
all veer to one point.
We don't appreciate
films for their themes.
We've just been taught that way.
Teachers always ask,
"What's the theme?"
But before asking, aren't we
already reacting to the film?
It's no fun pouring all
things into a funnel.
That's too simple.
But people might like
simple things better.
Any questions now?
Yes, over there. Mic, please.
This is a personal question.
I didn't plan on coming here,
but I want to tell you something.
I heard this directly
from a very close friend.
She said you two used to date.
Do you remember?
You were her teacher then.
That's your question?
Is this inappropriate?
She started dating you
and broke up with her boyfriend.
I know him too,
and he still hates you.
They were engaged,
but his life fell apart.
Maybe I shouldn't ask...
Do you remember?
It's been four years.
I don't recall.
When it's only been four years?
That doesn't make sense.
I don't know where you heard that,
but I'm married.
I know. You were
married then, too.
I didn't just hear it somewhere.
She told me after the break up.
She couldn't stop
crying as she told me.
And I heard it from
her boyfriend, too.
You really don't remember?
This is bullshit...
No kidding.
How can you not remember?
People's lives were changed.
So that's your question?
How can that be a question?
Who are you to ask me this?
I don't remember.
Once I became a director,
all these rumors began popping up.
Don't mislead people
by bringing up a rumor here.
We're here to talk about film.
Your film is just about you.
And we pay money to see it.
Then what should I be asking?
And don't call it a rumor.
I heard it myself.
What are you asking me?
She's devastated
after dating you.
Her life is ruined.
What should I be asking?
I've never done such a thing.
Don't go around saying
whatever you want.
I'm going to jump in here,
and you should stop.
There are other people
and other questions here.
You know what? I'm not making
films anymore. Satisfied?
I'm not making films.
I didn't make films for
people like you. All right?
Lee Sunkyun Jung Yumi
Moon Sungkeun
Kim Jinkyoung
Shin sun
Um Taegoo
Seo Jeonghyun, Jung Daemin
Jang Jungwon, Kwon Uyeon
Park Seoyeon
It was risky, but you pulled it off.
You did it.
You broke out of your shell.
That's good.
- Great job.
- Thank you, sir.
- It's really good.
- Thank you.
- You're the last one?
- I think so.
- Just keep it up.
- Yes, sir.
You did it.
Thank you.
- Hi, Professor.
- Oh, hi.
- What are you up to?
- Not much.
- Are you okay?
- Yes.
I've got to go.
Done with class? You okay?
- Oh, it's you.
- Yeah.
Is your class over?
Yeah, with Professor Song.
Well, see you.
Did you eat yet?
I'm not hungry.
- Did you eat?
- I thought I'd eat with you.
- I have to go somewhere.
- Where?
I'm meeting Yangsoon.
Oh, you're meeting Yangsoon...
Why'd she drop out?
Wasn't right for her.
- See you.
- Yeah.
- Jingu?
- Where are you?
I'm with Yangsoon.
At Mount Acha.
It's close to campus.
Yeah, I've been there. I see.
What are you two doing?
Should I come?
I miss Yangsoon, too.
Yeah? It's Jingu.
He wants to come.
Hey. What were you doing
in front of his office?
Oh, that? I thought
I heard something.
Didn't you?
I know I heard something.
Will you go out with me?
- Why?
- You're just so pretty.
I'm sorry I'm making
you uncomfortable.
Thanks for the compliment.
All the girls like you.
Yangsoon likes you too.
I don't care about that!
I'm serious.
No, she really likes you.
What could you do for me?
I've never felt this way.
I've never dated anyone.
Never. You're the first.
Couldn't you be with me?
Can't we get to know each other?
Just drink.
Huh? Huh?
I'll know everything
if I know why this is here.
However small, it affected me
and changed the whole universe.
Why did it have to be here?
Fuck the bullshit in this world.
Just tell me why it had to be here!
Why right here, right now?
Jingu. What you doing?
What is that?
Up for a drink?
- Drink?
- Yeah.
Are you kidding?
What a piece of work.
He's a psycho.
- Jingu?
- Yeah.
- Congratulations!
- On what?
I heard you're going to win.
- Says who?
- Everybody. Aren't you?
- I have no idea.
- Oh?
What you up to?
It's freezing today!
I have to go. Take care.
You heard? Congratulations!
There's a cash prize this year.
Congratulations on what?
Everyone heard at
the pre- screening.
Professor Song said
you were the best.
I didn't hear anything.
The prize is three hundred.
Let's drink with that.
It's not for sure yet.
Is he for real?
Yeah, Song told everybody.
Let's go get a drink.
- Not now.
- Why not?
Tonight, after the festival.
I knew you'd win.
Big deal.
Are you kidding?
- I should go.
- Now?
See you tonight.
You've reached voicemail.
Press 1 to leave a message.
Hey, Oki. It's me.
I didn't see you on campus.
Can you call me?
I need to talk to you.
I might be busy later, but...
I miss you so much.
I really want to talk to you.
I'm sick of everything here.
Talk to you later.
- You go ahead.
- Should I?
Sorry for the hassle.
Sorry I can't even
buy you dinner.
- Be careful.
- I will.
- Don't drink.
- I won't.
- Hi, professor.
- Hi.
Are you done editing?
Huh? No, I'm still fixing things.
- All right.
- Yes.
- Your phone is off.
- I forgot to turn it on.
- Did you get my message?
- Yeah.
It's so good to see you.
- You get home okay last night?
- Yeah. Did you?
- You walked me home.
- Oh, I did.
Is your film in the festival?
I think so. What about you?
- I didn't finish it.
- Really? Why not?
Didn't you know I'm a mess?
No, you make much
better films than me.
Going somewhere?
Advising, and that's about it.
- Want me to wait?
- All right.
- Jingu!
- Hey.
Psycho, way to go! You won.
- Who says so?
- Everybody.
It's just a rumor.
- A rumor?
- Yeah.
Okay, psycho.
See you tonight.
- See you, Oki.
- Bye.
- Bye.
- See you, idiot!
You won? 556
No. They're just saying that.
ljust ran into Professor Song.
It didn't seem like it.
I see. I should go.
What should I do?
How long will you be?
Not even thirty minutes.
Then I'll wait in the lobby.
- Okay.
- See you!
What a nice spot.
Nice and cozy.
Let's drink.
No, I'm okay.
That's good.
Why do you drink so much?
Why shouldn't I?
When did you start drinking?
In college, I guess.
Your nickname is
"psycho", right?
I don't have a nickname.
They called you "psycho".
Those goddamn idiots.
You're pretty sane.
I can't say that I'm sane.
- Really?
- Yeah.
'Cause all I can see is you.
- 'Cause you're psycho.
- Don't say that.
Want some milk?
- You have milk?
- Yeah.
I'll just drink this.
I've never felt this way.
I love you.
It's cold, isn't it?
It's not cold in here.
I want to hold you.
I want to hold you so tight.
That hurts, you psycho!
You're so pretty!
You're just so pretty!
No, I'm not. You're just a psycho.
You're a good kisser.
No, I'm not.
You've really never
dated before?
Is it okay to love you?
I can't take it
if you won't have me.
I don't know, Jingu
We should go.
We didn't drink because
of the film festival.
Oki didn't want to go.
Are you leaving?
- Yeah. Bye.
- Bye.
Why did you leave?
You're not drinking?
I am. Where are you?
We're at the Cancan.
Come here.
Maybe later.
Are you upset you didn't win?
Wasn't that strange?
He said you'd win.
Whatever. Fuck this!
You're upset.
It's ridiculous!
How could that idiot win?
Who knows what Song's thinking?
But he said you'd win.
What changed his mind?
Damn it. Is everyone there?
Just a few of us.
I'll stop by later.
Hurry up. Let's just drink.
Oki isn't picking up again.
Which apartment is it?
Should've walked her to her door.
Wonder if she's home,
since it's Christmas.
He keeps calling.
There's something in the school water.
Everyone's suddenly in love with me.
- He goes to your school?
- Yeah.
He must be in heat.
Must be something in the water.
He even kissed me today.
What? Then answer it.
It's okay. Don't feel
like going out.
I need to get it together.
You worry me these days.
And who's that old guy?
- Don't tell anyone.
- Who would I tell?
He's someone important.
Someone famous.
You've probably heard of him.
But it's no good if he's married.
I have fun with him.
I liked him since high school.
I know you'll go
telling everyone.
- I do that?
- Yeah.
Anyway... It's over now,
so it's nothing.
He's so controlled.
We're both holding back well.
Did you sleep with him?
Yeah. Once.
Just once when we were drunk.
Well, that's just great!
But it's hard to get over.
He's so easy to talk
to and fun to be with.
You need to really suffer a bit.
That'll teach you.
I don't mind pain.
But it's over now.
Good. You should be more careful.
You have to look after yourself.
Yeah. I know.
Where are you, Oki?
Why didn't you pick up?
I kept calling.
Did I tell you to call?
Well... I've been waiting in front
of your house for hours.
You were calling from
there all this time?
Yeah. Are you out for Christmas?
Where are you?
I won't be home tonight.
I have to go.
- Oki, come home.
- I'm sorry. Go home.
- Oki!
- Yeah.
Hello? Shit!
Oki. What are you doing?
You must be freezing.
You're psycho.
You were home?
How could you do that?
You were drinking.
Yeah, I'm a bit drunk.
I'm sorry.
But you shouldn't
just come over!
- I couldn't sleep either.
- Yeah?
You were home...
I did a lot of thinking here.
- Aren't you cold?
- Yeah.
- Want to come in?
- I do.
Come inside.
I like you because
you're a nice guy.
- You're good.
- I'll be good.
You happy we had sex?
Don't say that.
I'm hungry.
You sleepy?
Should we go eat?
You're hungry? Yeah, sure.
Are we dating now?
Yeah. We're really dating now.
I'm yours and you're mine.
There's nothing good about me.
You're everything I want.
Every single thing.
What am I?
You're really smart.
Only you stand out.
I love the way you talk.
They're all immature.
ljust want to be with you.
You're good, so I can trust you.
- You like me, right?
- Of course!
I like you too.
I love you. You're the first.
Thanks. Me too.
I have Oki.
I don't deserve her.
- Merry Christmas.
- Oh, Merry Christmas!
- Let's go.
- Okay.
- It's not cold today.
- It's nice and warm.
Moon Sungkeun
Jung Yumi
Lee Sunkyun
Song Kihyung
Twenty minutes passed,
and still no one.
Was someone here?
I don't see any bags.
Lousy winter sessions.
Is it because of the snowstorm?
Biggest snowstorm in a century...
I can't wait anymore.
I need to quit. It's humiliating!
Hi, sir.
Damn snowstorm.
Why are you out here?
None of my students came.
What? Not even one?
Probably because
of the snowstorm.
But you're here.
Those little idiots!
You shouldn't go
drinking with students.
They're taking advantage
of you. Those idiots.
- I'm sorry, but...
- Yes.
I can't teach next semester.
Why not?
I might start a new film then.
- Really?
- Yes, sir.
- A new film?
- Yes, sir.
That's great, but it's so sudden.
Can't you shoot while teaching?
I don't think I'm the teaching type.
I understand. It's a hard job.
Well, I have class.
Don't wait too long.
- Bye.
- Bye.
That's Oki.
Good girl.
Must've been hard getting here.
I took the subway,
but it took a while.
There were lines on the stairs.
Really? What time is it?
About an hour past.
How silly.
What should we do?
Whateveryou want.
There's another one.
- Who?
- Isn't that Jingu?
- It is.
- He sure took his time.
Want to ask me anything?
I want to get old quick.
How will I wait?
You'll be old before you know it.
How do you overcome
your sex drive?
Who says I do?
Who overcomes sexual desire?
Ever seen someone that does?
Or even heard of
someone that does?
It's impossible, so forget it.
Is love necessary?
- You mean in dating?
- No, just love.
Don't ever love.
Vow not to love
and try hard to keep it.
You'll still love something.
Why can't people
trust each other?
Human beings
aren't trustworthy.
Become more tolerant,
and you can trust more.
Is it shallow to want
beautiful girls?
What's beautiful?
What beauty do
you see in them?
Are we human beings or animals?
Knowing the answer
won't change much.
What should we believe in life?
It's your life,
so find it for yourself.
You choose what to believe.
How is one wise?
Wise... I'm not wise,
so I don't know.
Do you think I have
any talent in film?
Keep making films
and you'll find out.
Keep making films...
Professor. Am I a good person?
To somebody.
What do you want most?
Well, I want this today and I want
that tomorrow. That's how I live.
Is it okay to want an easy life?
It doesn't really exist.
Even if you want it...
I've lived longerthan you...
- Afraid of getting old?
- No, why?
- Are you?
- Do you have a lover?
Yes, someone in my heart,
but I don't sleep with her.
Why do you love her?
In life... Of all the important things I do,
there's none I know the reason for.
I don't think there is.
I treated myself to some octopus.
It's not sitting well.
Thank you.
I'll always think of you,
even after you leave.
Call me wheneveryou're free.
It's so sudden
afterthe snowstorm.
It's hard for me too.
That's better. It feels good!
Quitting was a good idea.
I was a bad teacher.
Moon Sungkeun
Jung Yumi
Lee Sunkyun
Jung Yumi
Moon Sungkeun
I've compiled two
experiences at Mt. Acha.
Both were in snowy winter,
first on December 31st.
Then two years later
on January 1st.
December 31st was a walk
with an older man.
January 1st was a fresh start
with a younger man.
The guilt and exhilaration of
walking one path with two men
is why I made this movie.
To see the two
experiences side by side.
The older man
drove a luxury sedan.
While he got the parking pass,
I stayed behind,
since he was a married man.
The younger man drove a jeep.
This time, I went along.
- It's expensive.
- A little.
It's nice having a car.
It is. Now we can go anywhere.
- That's nice.
- How cute!
The older man and I
admired the wooden deer.
The younger man
and l just passed by.
Going up the hill,
the older man held me.
- Your first time here?
- Yeah.
Such a nice place nearby.
- Let's come often.
- Sure.
I loved how he held me.
First time here?
Might have been here
once when I was little.
It's my first time here.
Maybe for me too.
It's so nice here.
- Let's come often.
- Sure.
The younger man
held me as well,
and I loved it then, too.
The older man and I
stopped at the pavilion.
He said he'd seen life
and found peace with it.
I believed him.
What do you think?
So, I held his hand.
It's great.
Everything except
for you and me.
The younger man
and I walked past it.
Happy New Year!
- You too.
- Yesh.
But again, I held his hand.
The older man went to
the restroom, just in case.
We both went.
The younger man also wanted
to go, and we both went.
I waited a long time
for the older man.
The younger man was
already waiting outside.
- There you are.
- You wait long?
As we crossed the bridge,
I looked at his head.
Don't lose any more hair.
- Huh? Is it bad?
- No, it's still okay.
But you can't lose any more.
We have a long time ahead of us.
- It looks bad, doesn't it?
- No, you still look great.
Live a long life.
Okay, I will.
The younger man and
I crossed without words.
The older man stared
at a beautiful tree,
and asked me to promise him.
Some day...
I don't even want to think it,
but if somehow we can't
see each other anymore,
let's meet under this tree.
Every January 1st at 1PM,
we'll wait here.
So if we ever break up,
on the first day of the next year,
let's wait for each other here.
It's a beautiful tree.
- We have to break up?
- No!
I'm just saying
if something happens
and we can't reach each other.
Just in case.
I think I'll remember it.
Let's do that.
This is sad.
It's okay. We won't break up.
Of course not.
You don't know how
much I adore you.
I know. That's why
I love you, too.
Thank you!
- Should we go higher?
- No.
No? Then let's go down.
I said the tree was beautiful,
and the younger man agreed.
We stopped to
catch our breath.
My heart was
suddenly pounding.
I looked at the time, but
it was past one o'clock.
Let's come here again.
It's great.
- Yeah. Are we going up more?
- Yeah, let's go.
We're almost there.
Why, are you tired?
A little.
Let's just go a little more.
- Okay.
- Let's go.
There's nothing else I want.
As long as I'm with you.
You should meet other
people, too. Not just me.
Why? I don't meet other people?
Try to make some
good friends this year.
All right.
But guys only do three things:
talking about women,
bragging about themselves,
or talking shit about others.
They're immature.
Is there anyone
you really respect?
No one that's alive.
Makes sense.
I really like Professor Song.
But I don't think he
likes me much.
He's changed.
Really? Then keep looking.
You'll find someone.
You're the one that only
respects dead people.
What are you afraid of?
Really afraid of?
Betrayal. That's why I'm
scared to really love someone.
I really love you.
I see.
I'm scared of dying.
I'll live a long life.
Until I can't poop on my own.
Silly. You'll live long.
The feeble ones
outlive everyone.
- You think?
- Yeah.
Then I'll live
until I'm a hundred.
I want to kiss.
The older man and I made
a stop to warm up.
We had rice wine and
seafood pancakes.
Does Jingu still call you?
Do me a favor.
Deal with him.
So he won't call you again.
Fine. But what can I do?
He keeps calling.
That can cause problems.
He's one of the kids close to me.
I treat him differently
because of how he is with you.
I should be fair to him,
but I can't anymore.
Just be fair. What did I ever do?
Make it so he can't
mess with you.
I can't do it myself.
I mean, he wouldn't dare,
if I were your boyfriend.
What idiot would
dare mess with you?
He just keeps calling.
But did I ever go?
Don't take it out on me.
Don't answer the phone.
I really want to be fair.
He's been so good to me!
Then be good to him.
That fucking idiot.
The younger man asked
if we could sit outside.
I wanted to sit outside, too.
We had noodle soup.
The older man was sober,
even after all the wine.
It was awkward
after the argument,
but I felt I was truly
in love with him.
With the younger man,
I felt a sense of distance.
I felt we would break
up some day.
The older man didn't
go to the restroom,
but the younger man did.
I went both times.
I was waiting outside,
when I felt someone's gaze.
The older man was watching
me from a distance.
Expecting the younger man,
I calmed myself down
while watching the older man.
He turned away when he
saw the younger man.
- Hey.
- Sorry. Did you wait long?
Hold on.
He had come back to
Mt. Acha on January 1st.
Things repeat themselves
with differences
I can't understand.
I wanted to see
the two side by side.
I chose these actors
for their resemblance
to the actual people.
But the limits of the resemblance
may reduce the effect
of the two put together.
Jingu - Lee Sunkyun
Professor Song - Moon Sungkeun
Jang Suyang - Seo Younghwa
Professor Oh - Song Kihyung
Jingu - Lee Sunkyun
Oki - Jung Yumi
Professor Song - Moon Sungkeun
Oki's friend - Kim Jinkyoung
Director Song - Moon Sungkeun
Oki - Jung Yumi
Jingu - Lee Sunkyun
Professor Oh - Song Kihyung
Oki - Jung Yumi
Old Man - Moon Sungkeun
Young Man - Lee Sunkyun