Okka Kshanam (2017) Movie Script

Smoking and alcohol consumption
are injurious to health.
Dickey open, sir.
When it is tough for this car
to climb the ramp, how if you stop here?
Dickey open, sir.
Check fast, it seems offers there
are going down at the rate of hours.
This is too much.
You have been writing articles
in this book from 25 years.
They used to publish
first in the beginning,
then in the middle and now at the end.
Will they stop publishing
next year or what?
It is not important whether
our article is in the book or not
but whether we are in the hearts of those
reading that or not is important.
Sir, key.
One minute.
Sir, come on, sir... Come on.
Wait, this is not starting.
Ask him, we shall get down and push.
Oh no, you ask.
Please, you ask.
Hey Jeeva.
I said in advance no for the vehicle
to be in museum to the mall.
Did you listen?
No! Your ego being the parents.
Go son.
Unless they put a rule that
only the buyers should come to malls,
these parking places will not be vacant.
There, we shall park there.
Oh no, looks like
the pipe is broken hubby.
Damn, should this break right now?
Where is this fellow?
Hey, will you not come?
You go, I will be right here.
Not that son.
Oh no.
Leave him and you come.
Why not you tell him?
We know right, that he does not leave when
he focuses on something unless it is done.
Looks like he is put
the focus on game now.
Bad luck, thought focus would
go onto girls if brought for shopping.
No need, phone is better that girls.
You keep saying so.
I did not get ready properly as I was
coming with father and mother.
Hey.. My shirt..
You Idiot..
Bro, why do you hit?
He is already so thin
and he would die, bro.
Yes, sir, even shirt is wrinkled badly
and they are taking ten
rupees for iron in apartments.
- Hey, you uneducated fruit!
Here two gentlemen are
talking and you wait there.
Idiot, English again.
- Move idiot, move.
Hey bro, I would not have asked
if you had put the mess in your house.
You put it in a public place.
If someone places hand on me
without permission, I do not like at all.
Say why you are hitting
and that is enough.
This is the quality of educated people.
We are educated flowers
and they are uneducated fruits.
But when they are hitting no
Zandu balm or tiger balm is working, sir.
They look to have been
directly from C center, sir.
Please save me and God will bless you.
He looks to be a mad fellow
and why are you hitting him?
Dirty rogue was completely drunk
and messed with a girl working at our bar.
Say, should we hit or kill that fellow?
It is a lie, sir, I did not pinch her.
I just tried her and that is all.
What have you done idiot?
Just tried her, sir.
Did you just try?
You should visit that bar for sure,
beer is cheap there.
I see.
Bar girls more beautiful
than the cheer girls of IPL.
You know why I hit?
One, I do not drink and
two is I am really decent.
Hey, what are I and you a team...
You rogue.
Get into the trolley, get in.
Sir, you are educated
and ok even if you hit.
Please do not hand me over to these
uneducated fruits. Please save me, sir.
God bless you, sir.
How many times did I say
you to eat ice cream properly?
See, you spoilt all your dress
and who will wash these clothes now?
Daddy washes the clothes daily right? Why
are you over acting like you are washing?
Your dad is been to Bangalore.
and it takes one week for him to be back.
Keep them the same till then.
I will.
She is doing too much these days.
Hey, where are you going?
Hey, where are you going?
Doctor said to take rest for a month.
Why are you down so and walking on?
Are you listening to me or not?
Note the number.
Keep in touch.
'You don't have enough
credit balance to make this call.'
Excuse me.
Yes, sir.
Can you say the Wifi password please?
If you say the order first...
After some five minutes...
I will say password then.
Everyone comes with a
phone and asks for password.
Excuse me.
Can you share your phone wifi?
What the F?
Hello, I asked wifi.
I said the password.
User name Deepu.
It is good.
Who is this?
B 57 parking, Jeeva.
I am Jyosna, Jo.
Wow, I am Jee and you are Jo...
Super dude.
Oh, bring own the speed.
Am I faster than you giving number
immediately when met?
Fail in first out of the ten tests.
Hello, what is the test?
You made fun of me that
I gave number without asking right?
Oh, sorry.
When did I make fun?
Ok, then pass.
Hello..Look there, it is like our fellow.
Not like, but our son.
When I kept coffee and water down, why is
he wasting money coming here and drinking?
Look, focus is shifted onto some girl.
Oh God...
Come on.
- She is a crazy lady.
Both are opposite to each other
and why not directly talk.
Why are these phones in between?
Oh no! When would you get updated hubby?
This is the trend now. See if you want to.
My foot trend,
none in the world living head high.
- HI.
I am mother of Jeeva.
This is father of Jeeva.
- Hi.
Oh, who is Jeeva?
I am Jeeva.
Is this the trend?
You used right?
Just four minutes right?
All would be costly with girls.
You sit son. We are paying 400 right?
Use and then come.
How did your leg get fractured?
When I was going on two wheeler,
my maths teacher came in
wrong route and dashed with car.
You should have pulled
her out and given two shots.
I am already weak in maths
and thought why fights with her again.
Are you weak in maths?
I am topper in maths.
Are you a topper?
Then you fail in the test.
What, fail? Why?
You are topper in maths right?
I too am weak in maths,
but with slips just so...
Ok... Pass.
- Hi.
Is the ice cream good?
He is in trial period.
Ok if you say ok and
not ok if you say not ok. Ok?
Trial period?
Chill, dude.
- Forget her.
You will find another girl.
Is my class so much boring
that you bunked and sat here?
What happened Satwik?
I do not understand at all, sir.
She was one day seen
in the train accidentally.
By the time I thought to share the
phone number, she got missed out.
Again, she unexpectedly
met in the College.
She said love, five years of love, sir.
She again went away from life suddenly.
Why to come again and again
and then to leave from life, sir?
What exactly is this life, sir?
Answers to the questions
we ask do not be in big books only.
Do you know that they exist even
in weekly magazines like this?
Connecting dots...
Even our life is like
these connecting dots.
This journey starts with
one dot and goes dot by dot.
Every dot we face may be a person, can
be an incident or may even be a decision.
This journey may have an up or a down.
Anything can happen in one second.
Connecting only a few dots,
it is meaningless.
Unless we connect all dots and see,
meaning to our life cannot be known.
Now see...
Beautiful, sir.
Yes, but remember one thing.
There is no rule that life of everyone
must be beautiful like this.
It can be any way.
It depends on the dots
touched in our journey.
But those dots, I mean our life journey
is decided by our destiny.
Hey Jeeva.
Brother in law.
Jeeva, my friend.
Jeeva, my brother in law Puppy.
I said right,
Bangalore, software, intelligent...
Not just that but he is a brave man.
Yes, I am a brave man.
You keep talking,
I will go and bring coffee.
Mr. Puppy, is this your nick name?
My real name is Peddireddy Paparao
and my wife calls me Puppy with love.
No idea why but sometimes pet names by
wives are sweeter than
the cute names by mothers.
Puppy, there is great depth.
Hi Uncle.
See what I am giving you..
Hello.. you don't know kids are
ate chocolates than form gems..
You didn't see the
tooth paste ads in TV...?
Dad...salt is in our tooth paste.
My foot..! You go in. Go.
He don't have much scene...you give.
Hey, Coffee.
Thank you.
Thanks not for me..
say to sister.
Hi Jeeva.
- Hi.
Uncle..! move, we go to Aunt's room.
Aunt's room! hey why Aunt's room!?
Brother in law..
He is in trial period.
Ok if you say ok and
not ok if you say not ok.
- Ok...!?
- Not that 'Okay'.. Just Ok.
- Ok..
Did you see how much
does your sister respect me?
It seems she does not
say ok unless I agree.
She might asked for formality, puppy.
No, she said for real.
I should now think very well and say 'Ok'.
You don't have so much
scene..go and soak the cloths.
Oh.. cloths.
Ok I will.
Hey.. you, your mom is calling.
My mom too, always into calling me.
- Go.
Uncle, careful... I will come again.
Hey, go rogue.
This girl has no link between
her age and her talks at all.
Wow, what a great interior decoration?
Thank you so much.
That colour so romantic...
That combination of red and yellow.
It is very nice.
- Thank you.
That was my selection.
So romantic...
How will you sit in this room for a month
without getting bored with the fracture?
Oh, that?
I am more interested into watching
Big Boss show in live than in the TV.
There is no TV in your room too
and how will you see the live show?
I will show you, come.
That is the stage of my reality shows.
Total of 40 families and 150 residents.
Each is a different type.
What more would be a better interesting
reality show than this?
You mean to watch all those from here?
Yes, It is people watching.
People watching?
Is it not wrong to peep
into the life of others?
What are all doing in Face book
and Twitter? It is the same, right?
Hey, there look at that left.
I think, I saw him somewhere.
Hey, he is ACP Ramachandra
encounter specialist. - Yes.
Old city shivers of him..
Yes... Look there.
What is that, why is he shivering so?
If wife, she would have
hit and then spoken right?
Oh, dual SIM?
I do not know,
they said there down in the gang.
Who are they, meeting of women society.
No, gossip gang.
Gossip gang?
They are more interested
about what is happing in
life of the others than their life.
Oh, almost like you.
Hey Jo.
She is my friend, leader of gossip gang.
She just saw us right,
they would speak of us now.
Gossips about us both? Nice...
Ok, are there no gems
like us in your apartments?
There is one diamond.
- Yes.
Just the only one great bachelor
living amongst so many families.
I do not understand
what he is trying to do but can understand
that he is trying to do something.
Shut up, that is Yoga.
Oh... That is yoga
and he is Baba Ramdev...
He does yoga as and when he gets time
and looks after this
apartment when he is free.
Oh, watchman?
No, on the name of Swatch Bharat to keep
this apartment clean he does free service.
When all our heroines are going to zero
size doing yoga,
why is this fellow like a pig?
I doubt him.
I will now show you
interesting characters.
In fact, I got interest into
people watching only after seeing them.
Look there.
I think they are newly married, they came
to this apartment just two months back.
Newly married means they would
be romantic. Did you thus say interesting.
Hey, not so... Look there.
I think he is a big psycho.
He acts with love and
again shouts in anger.
I do not understand at all
when they are happy and when they are sad.
But, I feel very pity seeing that girl.
I have kept the bed ready spreading
the sheet and jasmines, my dear.
Hello Mr. Diamond.
Hey, who are you dude?
Though I am so cute,
do you call me Diamond?
Diamond is not my name
but my characterization.
Oh, your name then?
Pagadam Satyam.
Oh, nice name.
Ok, your house is there
and what are doing here?
As a citizen,
I wish to see India clean and healthy.
To live a healthy life, be clean
and stay away from the waste.
Oh no, Suprabhatam early in the morning
and then are the whistles.
Oh no, aunty said to stop
the stove after one more whistle.
Never mind.
That noise is bothering me.
Hey, why did you directly
come and sit in the kitchen?
You texted to directly
come home in the night, correct?
I slept at 3:30 chatting
with you whole night.
I woke up at 4:30.
Then, that message...
I kept at 5.
Is it?
- What son?
Is it enough that they see you?
We too should see the girl right?
Ok dear, they said your leg fractured,
how is it now?
It is fine now uncle.
Ok, how do you know?
I said.
- I saw in WhatsApp.
How did the accident take place dear?
- Actually...
When she was going on scooty, a
car came in wrong route and dashed hubby.
You should have pulled that fellow out
and given four shots.
She wanted to hit, but it was her
maths teacher who did the accident.
Baby is a bit weak in maths.
It becomes a problem, right?
Are you weak in maths?
My son is a King, he scores 100.
Go on son, you should say such things out.
Oh no.
Look dear, how sweet is the sound in our
gramophone than in your city phone?
Have you again started
about your old songs?
You first have the breakfast.
You first go and take your tablet.
If you do not take tablet and eat food,
you get shivering and my BP goes high.
You do not buy when said to take big
table. Where do I sit, it is congested.
Why big table dear, we are just three.
Things above needs increased
the distance between humans.
But though congested,
when we share the congestion
that happiness is different, right dear?
What do you say?
You are very cute and traditional.
You are not any speed like I thought.
Then, will we not think speed
when you give phone number without asking?
You look to have read
the whole WhatsApp aunty.
I did not see this
in WhatsApp dear, he said.
Hey Jo,
why are you leaving without talking?
Say something.
I anyways may have failed the test
and if you confirm a bit.
Till yesterday,
I thought you may at least just pass.
Today after coming to your house..
Hey hello, why are you
leaving in between when I am saying?
You will anyways say no.
Falling behind and disturbing even after
saying no... I am not a guy like that.
My family is very decent.
I passed you after
seeing that family right?
I too am saying the same.
What? Hey, what did you say?
You said something...
You said something.
That is..
-That is...
Hey Jo...
My God... Blood is coming Jeeva.
Leave that, but you were
saying something right? Say that.
Are you any mad, when such
a big wound came on your hand?
Wound on the hand would heal sometime.
But, this day and this
moment will not come again.
Oh no Jeeva, ok fine I love you.
Give your hand once..
- Sure...?
Please Jeeva, show..
- Enough, enough Jo.
You accepted my love.
I cannot forget this day in my life.
I want to forget this day in my life
A man can never forget, sir.
Hi, sir, introducing myself.
Raghavendra Rao...
Dasari Raghavendra Rao, MA.
I am full time customer
to this bar and part time waiter.
Hey KM, customer is calling there.
Hey Black Dog...
I am not a waiter now but a customer, go.
Sir, drink I take in a day
and you finished in half an hour, sir.
Pain dude, I should forget right?
Sir, you drink and forget the pain
but do not forget the bill.
I will have to forget this bar again.
You know the reason for
all pains in the life of boys?
What is this fellow,
always seen holding the waste?
My dear Diamond...
- No, Pagadam Sathyam.
Hey, you...
Why are you moving
with waste in the pockets?
Oh, that one, sir... As a citizen, I...
My sister said in advance sir that
there will not be believability when
spoken in Telugu
and thus to speak in English
and I will try for you, ok?
See bro, according to statistics of India
dust is the major cause of backwardness.
Telugu medium?
He is seen..
What is this idiot?
Hey, what a miracle?
Bro, your hand looks to be a Mega hand.
Even garbage turned into
gold chain when you touched.
Test or my foot...
Say the truth rogue.
Sir, whatever I say scene may get lagged
but I understood you will not leave me.
I am a thief, sir.
Theft at home.
Yes, sir.
Like work at home, it is theft at home.
Why only software should have that option?
Should we thieves not have that?
Thus I paid 50000 advance
in this apartments,
paying 25000 rent per month
and am looting twice a day.
Then, why is that Pink tissue?
Oh, that is an example of my brain.
Sir, all chains I loot will be kept in
these tissues, thrown in dustbin,
next day I collect on the name of Swatch
Bharat and enjoy separating coming here.
It is ok but if you do not everything
you looted back to them,
not theft at home but
you will have bash up at jail.
- Ok, sir.
Hey, come.
Understood, sir.
As you may lose if in your pocket,
I put it in tissue and
robbed as a regular habit.
Thanks bro.
For saying okay.
Did I say ok? Me...
- Daddy.
It is ok for you if Mom says ok right?
What ok for mummy?
You know, I said ok first?
I said Ok first bro...
- Bye.
- Bye.
Hey coffee.
Sister just gave coffee right?
You did not give right?
You asked one coffee
and had around four till now.
Enough now, start Jeeva.
I will start, but close your eyes once.
Oh no, I will not believe you.
Jeeva, something happened.
Call for Ambulance.
Jo, relax.
He hit and left, we shall call Ambulance.
Where is the phone?
- Jo, calm down.
There, she is getting up.
She is fine.
Thank God.
He is psycho hit today
and would kill tomorrow.
Let us give a Police complaint Jeeva.
Jo, this is a wife and husband issue.
It is very sensitive and not correct even
for parents to involve
and why do you say
to give a Police complaint?
You mean to sit calm closing the
curtain even if he kills her right?
Not that, I am saying we shall find out
what happened in between them.
Jo, that is a matter of two hearts and
it is not correct to estimate from far.
Give me time for two days
and we shall find out
what happened in between those two.
We shall then decide what to do, ok?
- Jo.
Are you following, where is that fellow?
He, went into the psychiatric clinic
I said he is a big psycho right?
Jo, I will call again. Cut the phone.
Drink, eat and enjoy.
Give the bill to me.
But whatever you do is before 11 PM.
Because I cannot pay the bill after 12.
Why, is any new tax adding like GST?
What, suicide?
What message should we
give to this society being alive?
This suicide is bad, ugly and worst.
Still, why only for this great time?
Brother, no girl is marrying me.
You look to be very innocent, bro.
You should celebrate if not marrying,
but will anyone die?
Marriage is a hell,
marriage is a dirty thing.
It is like life of a man is gone to dogs
if he gets married, bro.
Hey, who said marriage is a hell idiot?
Love means not always happiness but you
will have pain and sorrows at times too.
Word reached to the target.
Brother, you are getting so emotional
means we both shall sit face to face.
I think you got married.
Arranged or love?
Love marriage.
- Oh, love?
I cannot believe.
Why, should mine not be a love marriage?
It can be, will you tell your story?
To get inspired by you and
your love story to forget my pain.
Sir, will you cancel your suicide
program by chance or what?
We all may have to feel very bad again.
Oh no!
I am not a waiter now, sir. Oh no.
I understood,
no dialogues for me in this scene.
Can I?
- You, get aside
Thank you.
You say, brother.
One year back.
Inorbit mall.
Inorbit mall?
All love stories used
to start then in the temple.
And trend is changed now.
Ok, at Inorbit mall...
I went to mall with parents
but had no mood to shop.
I was sitting in the car back seat
and playing game in the mobile...
White Audi car beside my vehicle,
number 7777.
I was watching as it was reversing.
A duster beside
number was not seen...
In the back seat, it was Swathi,
my love.
Inorbit mall...
and girl in the back seat.
He is saying my love story to me.
Ok, next.
I immediately saw that girl and whistled.
You must have whistled twice, right?
Ok, say next.
But, some guy by then
came with blood in between.
Some people came to hit him too.
You immediately got down and saved him.
I mean, not to show heroism.
Our character itself is so..
Oh no, even my character is similar.
Say what next.
By the time I thought to try
and make her flat, car went in reverse.
By the time I thought she was leaving, she
said stop and got down and my BP raised.
It will.
When she got down from the car
and was coming towards me.
Her right ankle was fractured right?
Yes, exactly.
My love story started so, bro.
It would have been better if
I went that day for shopping.
I had no need now today to drink so.
You said my love story to me
and what a performance you gave.
Are you all friends?
Do you all wish to get along and fool me?
Why do you say what again?
Inorbit mall,
Basement, B57 and right ankle.
How will he say like everything happened
to him which happened to us?
Yes, how is he saying?
Is he saying it all without you said?
When did I say?
You did not say, I did not say and how
is saying it all like he say from close?
Yes, how is he saying?
By chance, is he following us both?
Why will he follow us?
Yes, not us but you.
You think he is following you?
Why will he follow me?
Jo, what we need now
are not questions but answers.
Answers Jo.
Then, what to do for getting the answers?
I will find out, I will.
Let's go.
What happened?
See the photo beside that dining table.
So what?
Photo taken when I saw you
first time in the parking lot.
I did not even show you till now.
Then, is that photo taken
when Srinivas saw the girl first time?
Is what he said true?
Hello Boss,
what boss you said the story till titles
sequence and stopped?
What happened next?
Hello, who are you?
Who are you...
Looks like you took me for someone,
no problem.
Oh, then there is another guy even in you.
I know when he comes out
I will make him say the balance story.
He will say it, he will.
Till where did I say, brother?
Basement at Inorbit,
Car in the basement and girl in car.
Why bro?
She wouldn't not have
sat in the car without moving
if she was not fractured right!
Then i would not have met her at B 57.
B 57..!
Yes, bro...B 57..!
I also bought an ice cream to him.
Damn, we lovers are having to invest
on side characters in every love story.
It may sound cheap to say
but I lifted her band aid from the dustbin
without anyone seeing after she left
Wow, this is not any ordinary love
for humans to understand.
Pure like the fire.
Now I am going mad.
Then, when she proposed?
I think...
Ok, you think...
I Love...
Hey Swathi...
She called the next day
and asked to visit her house.
I was super excited when I went there.
How am I?
Hello...How am I?
You look like double meaning for beauty.
When all meanings of
beauty are seen in sari,
why do these wear such meaningless dress
and move around brother?
Why not wear sari daily?
They will wear, but why did she call?
Yes, visual treat
Did you call just to show?
Will you drink milk?
No habit, maybe I get nausea.
An almond milk, I prepared.
Oh, an almond milk.
What to give an almond milk bro,
should give full meals right?
Brother, it is great for
her to call home and give an almond milk
and full meals would not be good.
First listen to what I say.
Oh no, power is gone in my house.
It came into my body.
Shall we go to lawn?
In, why inside?
Not inside but lawn.
In the shade of full moonlight
and with the cool breeze...
Good time when eyes met, getting closer.
Getting closer...
Hey, brother...
Say what happened next, brother?
Then, for the first time in my life.
For the first time?
Hey brother, say properly...
- Jeeva. - Jo.
Where are you?
I am at the edge for a matter.
- Nothing, say what?
Come to the flat once.
Flat, why?
You come first and I will say.
Okay, I will come.
Brother, we will talk later. Ok, see you.
Bye, all the best.
How am I?
Hey, you asked the same.
- I mean, you look great.
How is the sari?
It is surprising.
I mean, you always wear short dresses
and you are in sari strangely.
Oh, thought to show you. Is it good?
Will you give milk?
I mean, you may have
prepared an almond milk.
Oh, an almond milk?
Wait, I will bring.
Yes, how do you know
that I made an almond milk?
I mean, Srinivas informed.
How do Srinivas know?
He said past till date
and said the future now.
What did he say?
That is... In between us... will happen...
I mean...
Ding dong bell, get down on the well.
Ding dong bell... Damn...
no, I did not call for that.
I mean, everything happened
as he said till now.
Your sari, an almond milk and you know
power goes when you are giving milk.
I see.
Take, let us see.
Oh no, even the power is gone.
All is happening as he said.
Then, now even that...
It will happen.
Then, even for them before marriage...
- Yes.
No way to skip.
Looks like no way.
No, why did the current come?
Srinivas did not say
Hey Jo.
Are you in the flat?
I am getting bored, wait I am coming.
Hey Jeeva, go please. - Who
is this character? Srinivas did not say.
Will you send me away if she comes?
- Please go Jeeva.
Hey Jo please.
- Go.
Idiot, where is this fellow
saying good times when eyes met.
In the swimming fun...
Hey, you said good time when eyes met and
something happening for the first time.
Hey, what happened for first time, what?
For the first time ever...
- First time ever.
That girl.
She kissed, brother.
- Kiss... You.
You gave a buildup like
hitting century in single ball.
What a pleasure dear?
Kiss it seems,
I do not have even that idiot.
Jo, you said to come so urgently.
What is the matter?
I said then to give a Police complaint.
See what happened now.
What happened?
I saw him taking Swathi
somewhere today morning.
She was unconscious.
What would have that Psycho done?
We could not do anything though observing.
It is all because of you. You are...
- What is the flat number?
What is the flat number of Swathi?
Let's go.
Why is the door open?
Swathi was unconscious
by the time Srinivas came home.
This medicine box is empty.
Maybe he would have taken her to hospital
thinking she committed suicide.
Maybe, but why did she commit suicide?
It is because he is a big psycho right?
He is moving around the psychiatric
clinics and bars as he is a big psycho.
Such mental candidates should not be here,
but in mental hospitals.
They should not be let out at all.
mental issue is not for Srinivas.
For Swathi.
Here, see.
Medical issue of Swathi is PTSD,
post traumatic stress disorder.
Anxiety, depression, hallucination,
fearing of seeing nightmares,
physical violence,
behaving mad losing control...
these are the symptoms.
Even the truth looks
as a lie seeing from far, Jo.
But truth or lie is known
only when seen from near.
Jo... Jo, what happened?
Weising till 8 years,
tonsils operation at the age of 13,
right ankle fracture at 22...
It is in that report that
all these happened to Swathi
I thought what took place in their life
is happening only from B57 in our life.
But, by birth life of us both is same.
Yes Jeeva,
everything that happened to
Swathi from that Medical report happened
even in my life.
That means,
is my future too going to be the same?
Will you too come drunk daily and hit me?
Why will I hit?
Will I too become a mental patient?
- No Jeeva..
I do not want such a life.
I do not know who they are at all.
There is no relation to us with them.
But, what is this happening in our life
like from their life, Jeeva?
How Jeeva, how is that?
He's an Indian physicist who
did research about parallel life.
He's an Indian physicist who
did research about parallel life.
He may help us find a solution.
Incidents do happen in general like they
happened in life of someone else.
They can be thought of as coincidence
if they are one or two.
But when all are happening so...
That is called parallel life.
Sir, does this parallel life really exist?
Considering our history,
epics and ancient stories.
there are many examples about rebirths,
relation from various births.
A continuous research is on at Delhi
anthropology center based on those.
When data collected from hundreds of years
based on history and historians,
truths they faced are very shocking.
One from those is parallel life.
Do you know the relation between
Abraham Lincoln and John F Kennedy?
Abraham Lincoln and
John F Kennedy are from the same country.
There is a gap of 100
years in between the two.
But seeing what happened in the
lives of these two, it is shocking.
Abraham Lincoln was elected
to Congress in 1846 and Kennedy in 1946.
Lincoln became the President
of America in 1860 and Kennedy in 1960.
Name of Secretary for Lincoln was Kennedy
and name of secretary
for Kennedy was Lincoln.
Lincoln was killed
shooting in Ford Theater
and Kennedy was killed shot in Ford car.
When shot wife was adjacent to Lincoln
and even beside Kennedy was his wife.
Life of those both went almost the same.
This is just an example and...
Her name is Mary and
even her name too is Mary.
There is a gap of 157
years in between these two.
Their names are same
date of births are same.
When the first lady wearing new dress
was going to watch a dance
along with her friend, was murdered.
Even the second lady was murdered the same
Place and even the date
both were murdered are the same.
Not just that, names of those
who murdered both is the same.
Maybe parallel life is on
in our lives and our surroundings.
But when we know and compare them,
they are felt surprising.
Lives of both the same...
How is it possible, sir?
One second..
I threw these match sticks just randomly.
We feel that each stick
fell in different direction.
But, now observe carefully.
Only these two sticks...
- Fell parallel
Yes, you are right.
When thrown without planning, when
two sticks fell parallel from a few sticks
think how many lives can be parallel in
so many crores of people
Seeing your situation now,
if this stick is their
life this stick is your life.
What happened in their life will
definitely happen even in your life.
Their present is your future.
Any remedies to avoid from such happening.
Either do worship or ties dollars,
this is not horoscope to
say your lives would change...
...but a science and true.
It will definitely happen.
If you say no and cannot happen
and interfere to change the destiny
in between incidents to
happen later too would come in front.
But we cannot change the end results.
Whatever happens to
her will happen to you.
Are you ok?
Swathi is dead Jeeva.
That means... that means even I...
Will I too die?
Jo, it will never happen so.
I will die Jeeva, I too will die.
Jo, nothing will happen so for you.
No Jeeva, weising, tonsils operation,
right ankle fracture,
B57 and everything happened the same.
And even death now?
Body is right here, Ambulance just came
and they are taking it seems.
- Wait a minute in line.
All this... how?
She was fine even when
she was going to hospital right?
She was fine even while
bringing back from hospital.
But after coming back home...
After coming back?
Someone killed it seems.
I will find more details.
Yes, say... Right here.
Then, then will I too be killed?
Jo, it will never happen so.
No Jeeva, Swathi was killed
and that means they will kill me too.
Jo, nothing will happen when I am here.
I will safeguard you.
He killed.
Did he kill Swathi?
Whatever happens to
her will happen to you.
Hey... What is Srinivas killing?
I know right,
he would have not killed. You...
I killed... I killed...
I killed with my own hands.
A rogue named Srinivas in an apartment
at banjarahills
killed his wife cutting her neck.
Police knowing this immediately
have arrested Srinivas.
They sent the body for post-mortem.
It is to be enquired as to why he killed.
Information is that they are
hardly married from less than a year
and their is a love marriage.
Jo... Open the door.
Jo, please listen to me.
Still, why will I so...
Just listen once,
please Jo.
She pushed this fellow
out even before the marriage.
Still, to have a talent like
me to handle wife is difficult, bro.
Ok, what happened, bro?
Do you know the relation between
Abraham Lincoln and John F Kennedy?
Abraham Lincoln and John F Kennedy?
'Oh no, I shouldn't have
agreed to help him.'
Jo... You are killing right?
I will kill you.
I don't leave you.
Help if there is a chance else sit silent.
But, do not behave mad like this.
Jo, listen to me.
Parallel life may be true,
all may have happened.
Srinivas and Swathi do not
know about parallel life and we know.
They do not know what is
happening in their life and we know.
Why do only we know?
Jo, there would be some reason for that.
Similarly, there would definitely be some
process to change the fate too.
We cannot believe a lie as it is good
and cannot change the
truth as it is not good.
This too is the same
We cannot change the fate Jeeva.
We cannot change the destiny.
So please, do not disturb me.
Jo, please stop.
Leave me alone.
- Jo.
Hey, stop it
Jo, why do you not understand?
- Hello, brother.
Are you asking a girl to understand?
They will not understand, brother.
We should say like they
understand and I will tell, ok?
You come, we shall go to my house.
If not, let us do in the car itself.
I will do well like you understand...
Sorry will tell.
Hey, you psycho idiot...
If you go with him, your guy will cut even
your neck and kill you madam.
I am already pissed off
thinking how to convince,
is this dialogue needed now rogue...
Hey, no... No.
You dirty rogue, understood what happens
if you mess with this girl?
Jo, I am really sorry Jo.
I did not see you here.
Nothing happened to you, right?
Believe at least now.
Either you do knowingly or unknowingly,
either by liking or not liking
but my death is in your hands.
Destiny is very strange son.
I and your dad were in love.
But my parents did
not agree for our marriage.
We did not feel bad for that.
They believed the words of astrologers
who said we will not be happy if married.
We believed the words from ourselves
to be happy
whatever may be the troubles coming in.
When doctors and reports were saying that
we will have no kids
after three years of marriage,
we felt that as words said by astrologers
but we did not feel bad for that.
I became pregnant,
but when in fifth month
they said kid will not be born.
In the seventh month, they said even
if born kid would not be alive.
You came onto this earth.
You were so small infant.
You were still without any movement.
We never felt bad till then even
when anyone said anything.
But seeing you so,
we could not bear the pain son.
We were parents right?
But we never lost the
confidence that you would live.
We never let go the
efforts to keep you alive.
Any mother would bear the delivery pains
to give birth to a kid.
I and your dad went through
that pain for a month time.
When you opened eyes
and cried after exactly a month,
tears rolled out of our eyes.
Then your cry won over the science.
Tears rolling in our
eyes won over the horoscope.
Then we understood,
there is some power greater
than this science or horoscope.
No idea what that is but will definitely
come in our support when needed.
What we need to do is to fight
without stepping back till then.
Son, your birth itself
started with a victory.
No chance at all to lose,
come on fight son.
I know how much you loved Swathi.
Still, I do not understood how did
so much of love turn at once into hatred.
Why did you have to kill Swathi?
I do not know whether this is science,
fate or the destiny.
Whatever happens in your life is happening
the same way even in our
lives exactly after one year.
Brother, I should save Jo.
I should save Jo from myself.
If I know in what conditions you killed
Swathi, at least we can save our lives.
Hello brother, please...
Hey, can you not understand
when I am requesting so much?
What for me if you kill someone or die?
What is the relation between you and me?
But that God has kept a
connection in between us right?
Will you not believe?
See... See.
At least now, say why did you kill Swathi.
I understood.
You killed as Swathi whom loved so much
had an affair unable to bear that right?
You are keeping silent now.
- Hey.
I will kill you rogue
if you another word wrong about Swath.
I did not say this word brother,
people are talking outside.
If you still stay silent,
they think that is true too.
Why would I kill Swathi?
Swathi committed suicide.
Swathi committed suicide.
I did not expect to get married
so fast to the girl I loved.
In just two months after marriage...
I remember it quite well.
There was a hailstorm that day.
Hello Engineer,
is it always the work?
Is there a chance to care about me or not?
It is not enough just to plan
for having twins.
You should also execute.
It is planning needed for execution.
Ok, then keep planning
and sit right there.
Then, should I not come?
Why, will you not come?
I will come, but gave the car to my friend
as he has his wedding anniversary.
Then, how will you come?
You will come and you will pick me up.
Me? I will not do driving.
Hey, how if you keep a block in mind
as you met with accident on bike?
Come, nothing will happen.
Srinu, please Srinu... I will not come.
Hey, you are coming and that is it. Bye.
It is raining heavily Srinu,
I am afraid too.
I will take a U turn and go back home
No way, you must come.
Still you came half way, come the same.
It's Okay...I am at
Gachibowli clock tower.
Take left or right..!?
Take left and drive 1 Kilometer
and I will be in front of you.
- Bye.
When five kids were being transferred for
an emergency treatment from
Olympus hospital to another.
A car dashed and an accident took place.
Five kids were burnt into ashes
right there as fire broke on the spot.
Their parents are unable
to come out from their pain.
Five kids Srinu...
Poor fellows.
It is not even one
year since they were born.
Parents are into hell lot of crying,
because of me.
I did it.
Swathi calm down, it is not your mistake.
You are talking about right and wrong.
I am talking about the kids who died.
At this time when we too
are wishing to have kids...
Swathi you are alive
and that is enough for me.
When I was refusing,
you made me do car driving.
Because of you, I drove the car and
I killed them all with my own hands.
You are the reason... Because of you...
Swathi had gone into
depression after that accident.
She would say that she
saw those kids everywhere.
We consulted a psychiatrist
and tried various treatments.
And yet, I saw no change in her.
We moved to these apartments for a change.
Depression in her further went increasing.
How many ever times I
tried to make her understand,
she has kept me away not understanding.
She slowly lost control on her own self.
She used to take tablets
without any count and noticing.
With a fear that she would
go away from me, I too got emotional.
Are you any mad? When doctor
said not to take more than one,
you are taking so many and will die.
No problem I will die.
It is better to die than this torture.
Hey, why all this when you die?
One day, when I came back from office
and saw she was down unconscious.
Swathi... Swathi...
I immediately admitted
her in the hospital.
Swathi... Swathi...
By the time I took reports
and went to the hospital...
Excuse me sir, your wife is not here, sir.
Not here?
Where did she go?
- No idea sir, she ran away.
By the time I went home and saw...
Swathi, whom I feared would go away had
herself decided to go far away completely.
I am the reason for that.
For driving the car,
for the accident to happen,
for my Swathi to become
so because of those kids dying...
I am the reason.
I killed my Swathi.
I killed her...
Bro, did you speak with Srinivas?
Did he say why he killed, bro?
Srinivas did not kill Swathi.
- She committed suicide
Bro, this looks dangerous than murder.
Still, how will we get to know where and
when would Jo commit suicide, bro?
For her to do so,
the same happening in life of Swathi
should happen in the life of Jo too.
That means, she should drive car
and that car should meet with an accident.
She should go into a depression
and then she would commit suicide.
If we can stop all these from happening,
Jo will not commit suicide.
Jeeva, I love you.
The pain you are having
when I am keeping you away...
I can understand seeing
my pain being away from you.
I do not know why destiny
has so much of anger on me
but my mom died as and when I was born.
My sister took great
trouble to bring me up.
And now you loving me are going to face
troubles because of me.
I do not like that Jeeva.
Is this needed to you for
the reason that you loved me?
Instead to die in your
hands and send you to Jail,
I wish to commit suicide myself.
Call her.
I am calling, bro, she is not lifting.
Damn... she is not lifting bro.
Sorry, bro.
Really great courage is needed to die.
I do not have so much courage.
When you have so much love to die for me,
you think I do not have
that much love to save you?
It is not a solution for you
to commit suicide for me or I for you, Jo.
If it comes on to the life of the girl
I love, I will fight with fate, destiny
or even with the death.
I am sorry Jeeva.
When you are with me,
what if a day, month or a year.
How many ever days it may be,
I will be with you.
That is enough for me.
Is Jo ok, bro?
Did you say Swathi is not murdered
but committed suicide?
I did not say.
You should have said, bro.
Swathi is not committed suicide.
Not a suicide? Then?
Jo does not have courage
to commit suicide.
That means even Swathi will not have had
so much courage.
This definitely will be a murder.
Then, has Srinivas done that murder, bro?
I will not murder a
girl whom I loved so much.
No, not you, bro... Srinivas.
I and he are the same.
Then Swathi?
If we know how Swathi died,
we can know how Jo would die.
How, bro?
Jo used to say that Swathi
used to sit mostly before the computer
and often used to give kisses too.
To know with whom Swathi talked to,
we shall check her computer.
That means, we should get into their flat.
Police seized that flat, right, bro?
How will you open it?
It is a small deed dude,
it a spoon fed art for me.
You get the spoon and I will get the art.
We both together would
empty the total house.
I am vacating this
apartment and leaving, sir.
It does not seem to
work out being here, sir.
Bye, sir...
Hey, before vacating you
should open the lock of a flat.
Should open the lock? Then you too are...
Slowly competition is growing
even for our profession, sir.
Oh damn.
It is ok as you said.
Which flat should I open?
B block, 510, bro.
- Yes.
That means the flat
in which murder took place.
My granny used to say devils
exist at the place of murder,
I fear a lot about devils, sir.
I will bring the photo
of Lord Hanuman, bro.
Hail Lord Hanuman.
You just open the door once
and we will leave taking the computer
hard disk in two minutes.
Hard disk?
- Yes.
But, hard disk is not out there, sir.
Not there? What happened then?
That is...
What happened then?
I went inside to rob at peace
as it was a locked house, sir.
Who is this fellow?
When I am paying so much
rent and doing robberies,
will he come in competition to me?
I will finish him...
Aslam Bhai, I took the hard disk.
I will come to Beans
coffee shop by evening 6:30.
What Bhai, another important work?
Ok then, I will be there by seven.
Then I will come at 8 and do the robbery.
Come on, we will go to Beans coffee shop.
That Beans coffee shop is better than
this apartment. We can slightly chill.
Bro, there are 4 beans coffee
shops in total in Hyderabad.
Which coffee shop will we go, bro?
It is gone bro, it is all gone.
The only chance we had is gone.
How will we save Jo now, bro?
What Bhai, another important work?
It is difficult now.
It is already six and which
branch will we go to, bro?
What? Mehdipatnam?
We should go to Mehdipatnam
Beans coffee shop.
Bro, more girls come
to Banjara Hills coffee shop.
50% GST sale too is running now, bro.
So, my seventh sense says
that fellow would come there.
Your wish bro, as you like.
Hey idiot,
say a hot Mozito with cold cubes for me.
Hey, they would hit if
you call waiters like that here.
Still that is not Mojito, J is silent..
Thief, does not know English at all.
- I did not call the waiter,
but you idiot.
- Yes, rogue.
What is this nuisance
forgetting the work we came for?
Damn! What did I ask, bro?
Hot Mojito with cold cubes.
That is the drink Abraham Lincoln
and John F Kennedy would have right?
How do you know that?
He did not say me.
That is while coming on the bike I said
C, C++ as he said was boring
and he said it was confusing.
Then I said your story and
he said it was very interesting.
These software guys are so bro, they say
those which shall not be said to someone.
More intelligence.
Wow, thanks bro... Hi five.
Did you not understand
whether I praised or insulted?
Software guys are so, right, bro.
Hey, it is seven.
Observe all those who came.
Say me if that fellow comes.
For you to escape from going to jail,
you blackmail to send me to jail?
I will not see and
will not say even if I see.
I have no fear that I would go to jail.
I should save the girl I loved
and this is the only way I have.
Be careful and watch and say,
if he is seen I will not
just hit this time but will kill.
Will he come right to this coffee shop?
- He will and he will surely come.
That fellow.
He spoke to Aslam Bhai on the other
side in phone and he is a Muslim person.
When he said to come by 6:30,
he said will come at 7.
What important work will every Muslim
in the evenings and that too on a Friday.
Prayer of Mehreeb,
means the prayer done after the Sunset.
When there are four Beans Coffee shops
in Hyderabad, 3 have no mosque near them.
This is the only Beans Coffee shop he can
finish his prayer by 6:30 and come by 7.
So modable, how bro?
- On you?
Religion may be a block for human
to do good but not for God.
Aslam Bhai.
Hey Billi Bhai.
- Hello.
What are they talking bro?
No idea, but we should listen.
Hey boy, where is the tissue?
Hey, give the phone.
- Mine.
Give it once.
I robbed this with great difficulty bro.
This is imported brand, Theppo.
Hey boy, come here.
Give this tissue box there.
I will give another, sir.
- Give it dude.
Give it dude, give it.
Being a thief I do not
have so much brains, how bro?
You are just a thief
and his uncle is a bandit.
Oh, in front there
is a crocodile festival.
You did the work I said great...
Billi bro, you are saying high rate.
Aslam bro, money you gave are enough
for bringing the hard disk.
Then, for doing the murder?
What? Murder?
That is a big gated community bro...
Slipping from security,
following that girl,
getting to know where her flat is
and by the time
I went inside the flat from backside,
she was sitting before
the computer and doing something.
She was so hot bro, like a doll.
I thought to eat her.
By the time I thought to enjoy
and kill someone rang the door bell.
Bhai... Why did you
ask to bring that hard disk?
What do I know dude?
I said she did something
in the computer before murdering.
He said what would she
do in a life and death situation
in that computer and I said no idea.
Bhai said to go bring the hard disk from
computer and that is it that boss?
Very dangerous, who is that boss?
Take out the hard disk and I should leave
You too are very dangerous,
take out the money first.
Even this Billi too is dangerous,
we should stamp on his neck and ask him.
No use catching him.
To know who planned for this murder,
we should follow Aslam Bhai.
Puppy, we will follow Aslam Bhai.
You follow Billi.
Why should I follow? I will not.
Why should I not? I should follow
and I will have to follow.
Bro... Aslam Bhai is leaving.
Yes bro, work is done
and I took the hard disk.
Yes bro, send the vehicle.
Hi my darling,
say dear how are you, my baby?
You come to Hyderabad from Amamravathi?
Oh darling, I am full busy on a work
and will see you tomorrow.
She was so hot bro, like a doll.
I thought to eat her.
We will meet tomorrow dear.
Oh no, that fellow looks like a buffalo.
Hey rain in the blue sky.
Shall I dance along with you.
Sir, I am blind, sir.
Even my hand does not function well, sir.
I cannot hit myself, sir...
How will I hit you, sir?
Hey rain in the blue sky.
Thank God.
Sir, put your material inside
and close the zip. We are dying to see it.
Bro, he is leaving.
Come fast.
Come fast...
Sir, have the ground nut.
No please.
They will be good, take.
Should we eat your dirty...
Ok bro, fine.
I do not like this unhygienic...
- Puppy, Aslam is coming.
Why is he coming bro?
By chance, did he come to know?
Bro, give me groundnut
for 10 rupees please.
I will not sell
Please, bro.
By chance did he know?
- Hey, belt bag.
Do you have a match box?
Did you ask for a match box?
I thought you knew and was frightened.
I get to know, what will I know?
That is, my fellow is mad of ground nuts.
Why did he say my ground nut is waste.
He did not say so, he said to
be crazy of ground nut... You rogue...
Still, I will not sell to him.
Why will you not sell?
I came first and asked.
You should sell me.
You say justice Aslam Bhai.
Hey, how did you know my name rogue?
Who would not know the name of great
Aslam Bhai in the old city?
Can we not make out by seeing?
Said it correct boy, hey give matches.
Take, bro.
Hey dude, see you.
- Bye, bro.
Sorry, bro...
It was unexpectedly...
Come on bro, we will follow.
What to follow?
He would definitely get a doubt
if followed after your performance.
What shall we do now?
AP 07 PP 7777
if we know who the owner of this car is
we will get to know who got Swathi killed.
AP 07 PP 7777...
Where did I listen to this car number?
You just said fancy number 7777.
No, I am not talking about you.
That White Audi 7777.
Yes, white Audi 7777
Beside white Audi car.
Audi 7777.
That was the car which went reverse
in between when Srinivas
met Swathi for the first time.
God must be crazy, bro.
He put hero, heroine and villain
in between right at the B 57 pillar.
Then, where did he put
the villain in your life.
TS 09 AA 9999, Black Benz car.
That was the car going in reverse
in between us
when I met Jo for the first time.
That means, the guy to kill Jo...
Owner of that black car.
Sir, I have 101 fever.
I do not talk much do not
like anyone talking too much.
Baba Singh Manmohan! Said that.
Take him and put him behind bars.
- Sir, please.
Drinking and driving
is an offense in itself.
And, I don't tolerate
anyone who insults my mentor.
Useless fellow!
I need address of these two cars.
I will wait for you there.
Hello, what is this money
and what are these addresses?
Still, why will I have the addresses?
What are you thinking about me?
I do not talk much do not
like anyone talking too much.
Hey you too devotee
of Baba Singh Manmohan!
Got to know.
You go and sit there. I will get
this address, however difficult it may be.
That means 510 Swathi is disturbing you.
You think she turned a devil? May be...
She used to haunt her husband like
devil when alive itself.
That 520 Pankajam used to say that
she used to torture husband.
That fellow is so tall
like Bhallaladeva of Bahubali.
What is the use?
He could not keep his wife in control.
Hey, he used to come
drunk daily and hit her.
If she has an affair with another
even after marriage
will they encourage instead of hitting?
Shut up, she is not like that.
Oh no, do we not know or what?
Doing video calls after husband sleeps
and giving kisses in mails...
512 Padmaja aunty said it.
Hey, it would not be so.
- Why not, it would be.
It will not be.
Because she and I are same.
Same... Then whom did
she give kisses in that mail?
Can we know her mail ID?
We have mail ID and password...
Shall we hack?
No need, if we click forgot password there
would be minimum three security questions.
Mail opens up if we answer them correctly.
Not so easy, those are security
personal questions she has kept.
How will we know personal details?
I will get to know.
What, get to know? How?
I hope that Swathi from 510 did
not become a ghost and enter into her.
Who is your role model?
I think Suryakantham of old movies,
she too is hard nut like her.
My role model is my mother.
Who needs yours, we need of her.
Oh God!
Who is your favorite music director?
Where did you first meet?
Yes, Inorbit Mall.
No, B 57.
Yes, mail got opened.
Oh God
Hey, what happened?
Definitely 510 Swathi came as devil.
What happened Snigdha?
What happened? Snigdha come back dear.
Huh... Sent box...
What, did she send mail to Srinivas?
Srinu, all the mistake is mine.
One incident has made
our life upside down.
I am unable to, but will try to forget.
It does not mean I do not love you Srinu.
I love you, I love you so much.
That means, Swathi has kissed...
Her husband.
Sir, with great difficulty
I got address of a number.
Which number?
That is the number of the
guy who killed Swathi, right bro?
Killing? What killing, sir?
Not killing, address of
the guy who told us about Swathi.
Oh, okay. Then it's alright.
Tell us the address first.
- I will say, sir.
Who do you think s this address?
It is of TSS Tarun, MD of the best
hospital of South India Olympus hospital.
He always thinks to provide treatment
but never thinks of money, sir.
He has no business mind at all, sir.
Business and this is business.
Hundreds crores of investment
and publicity of tens of crores.
Bribes in crores and salaries in Lakhs
and employees in thousands.
I am not any great man to serve free with
all these and this is not any Arogya Sri.
a business done just for the profits.
I think you are Dr. Vikram?
Yes, sir
Is your target this month done?
- No, sir, I tried my level best.
But some patients were
cured with basic medication.
Brother, which place are you from?
Palakollu sir, your native.
They talk Telugu there right?
Yes, sir.
Why are you not talking here then?
Second look about mother tongue
or an ego of studying high?
Sorry, sir.
Say now, why did you
not reach your target?
It was cured for few patients
with basic treatment
without going for an operation, sir.
Look brother,
if public need the basic treatment
they go to RMP roadside
but why will they come here?
Coming to Corporate hospital means they
got ready to spend even crores for life.
We shall cash their fear and doubts.
We should do business maintaining diseases
on edge without reducing or increasing.
Anyone uses money from pockets for a need.
But if it comes on to the life,
he uses money even from
the pockets of the guy beside.
This policy is the start
and foundation for this hospital.
Hello, sir.
Hello, sir.
This is the hard disk.
Have they come?
I made them sit in.
This is a computer hard disk. With
this what is done in that hard disk, re...
What is that Varma?
- Recent activities.
Yes, the same..
Can that be known?
Sure, sir, that can be done.
I think this has a
Windows operating system
and Windows keeps track of every recent
activity in detail in the key log...
Our mother tongue...
This fellow is like Telugu Trump.
Mr. Janardhan, you take it forward.
Sure Mr. James.
- Yeah.
To see the mechanical system runs with
a software Windows...
You crazy...
Can we know or not?
- We can know, sir.
In this re...
- Recent activities.
Whatever, I should know whether there
is any information about our hospital.
Sure, sir, you will get
the information in 10 minutes.
Ok sir, this information
will be before you in 10 minutes.
- Yes.
I told you right?
That character of Swathi is not bad.
Say it to your gang.
- Yes.
I will say it to my entire gang total.
Not just my gang, but to 420 aunty,
to 512 Padmaja aunty and will say to all.
Hey, listen wait.
What was the date Swathi died?
March 23rd
March 23rd?
I will just call you back.
she sent mail to Srinivas
even on the day she died?
Srinu... Srinu,
I got to talk with you Srinu.
I do not know whether I
will be alive till you come or no.
I never committed suicide
as you feared Srinu,
I do not even have so much courage.
But after those kids died in that accident,
those kids are visible everywhere I see.
I got so frustrated
that I overdosed myself.
You joined me then in the hospital.
Hi guys, this is our intensive care unit.
World best equipment
to give ultimate services!
One of our prime priorities
is our pediatric section.
Neo natal care and ICU equipments here are
nowhere else in our South India.
In whichever hospital there
is a critical condition for kids,
they immediately bring
only to our hospital
Please come...
- Doctor.
Wherever there kids emergency in Hyderabad,
will they bring only to this hospital?
You are right,
hundreds of kids emergency
cases have come
to this hospitals
in the past three months.
Then few months back,
five kids in critical condition
were shifted in Ambulance from
this hospital to another hospital.
Say doctor, why did you shift?
That is... Nurse...
- Yes, sir.
Look after the patient.
- Ok, sir.
Madam, you are in medication right?
You should not come like this.
Nurse, did you give Sedation?
Sedate her.
You should not go so without
information madam, we will lose our jobs.
That is, I on that day...
Actually I am a new recruitment.
I do not correctly know about that.
My in charge would know and
I will call him, ok? Wait a moment.
Ok, sir.
Sir, a lady came here and
is asking about the five kids.
You manage her for five minutes and
I will be there and do not let her go out.
Ok sir, I will manage.
What will you manage?
That is... That is...
You called for whom?
Say the truth.
I will kill if you do not say.
I will tell, I will.
That day power suddenly failed.
Power backup works almost
for all the important sections.
But power backup did not work for
the ventilators in the kids section.
Though we complained many times
in advance, none cared about that.
As power backup did not work, those five
kids on ventilator died going breathless.
I did not kill those five kids Srinu.
They did not die in the accident.
They died in that hospital itself...
No, they killed.
As the hospital reputation will
be gone if it goes out that kids died
because of Management negligence,
they sent the kids out in
the ambulance with the break wire cut
even without the knowledge of driver.
That Ambulance dashed
some car going on the road
They made all believe outside
that kids died because of that accident.
Where is she?
What happened? Where is that lady?
Are the lives of small kids
who cannot open their mouth to say
the pain so cheap for you, rogue?
All these are common in a hospital right?
Power failed and back up did not work.
Just for that?
Not a coffee machine has stopped in the
coffee shop of this hospital.
No AC stopped in the VIP rooms.
Counting machine in the
payment section has not stopped.
But power stopped for the ventilators
in the kids section, why?
Yes, sir. We are coming there right now.
Okay, sir.
I will be there in a moment.
Move aside please. Give way.
Move aside please.
- Hello.. hey, open the lift.
No idea what injection
have they done Srinu.
But somehow I came home taking trouble
No idea whether I would live or die Srinu.
Five kids and hopes of five parents...
They killed, Srinu...
That Olympus hospital people should
not be let gone at all, Srinu.
They turned even hospitals like malls
and are doing a business.
They are playing with lives for money.
We should see to that such hospitals
should be taken off Srinu.
I expected she would do something like this
and thus asked to bring that hard disk.
By chance,
did she send this video to anybody?
According to the system key log file,
she has sent a mail, sir.
As for the information
in that mail is sent, sir.
Is it so messing with these Indian ladies?
They torture when alive
and are torturing even after dead.
Whom did she send the mail?
I think...
She sent to her husband Srinivas, sir.
But he still did not open the mail.
As he is still in the jail,
no chance for him to open that mail still.
That video should not exist in
the mails of these both. Can we delete?
Well that is a very easy process, sir.
First we have to get...
I will hack those two mails
and delete that video
from not being seen anywhere else, sir.
Do it.
Jeeva, Srinivas has not killed Swathi.
Who killed Swathi are
those Olympus hospital people.
How do you know?
I came to know all this seeing
the video in mails of Swathi.
Jeeva, then are you not killing me?
Then, is someone else killing me?
That is... I will just call you.
Puppy, did he say the
address of that second car?
Yes, bro.
Who is that?
That is... That is...
Come on, say Puppy.
It belongs to the Hospital
MD TSS Tarun again.
I did not ask about 7777,
but whose is the black Benz 9999.
Yes bro, even that Benz car belongs to
Olympus hospital MD TSS Tarun.
Both those cars are of him.
There is a reason for that
hospital MD to kill Swathi.
But why will he kill Jo with no relation?
Delete! I hacked both
mails and deleted the video.
Now you cannot get
the video even if you want.
One minute, sir.
Someone opened the mail id of
Swathi one minute before
we opened and downloaded the video, sir.
Who is that?
We should know, sir.
- Know it.
That is very simple task sir, we can...
You are forgetting the
mother tongue Mr. James.
I will get to know and say, sir.
Hey, I need their name,
city, area and all details.
Sir, who opened mail id of Swathi
and saw the video is a lady, sir.
Name is Jyotsna, block B Sobha
Althia apartments, Banjara Hills.
Sir, even Swathi is
from the same apartments.
What is the relation
between this girl and her?
This fellow will say sir.
Who is that fellow?
We got that girl killed
by this fellow, sir.
Then this fellow?
This fellow was caught
following that fellow, sir.
Why did he bring him here?
He knows the real story, sir.
No, real story and..
- Hey, say idiot.
None knows the real story, sir.
What I know too is he saying
C, C++ that day and...
Shut up!
What is the relation between
dead Swathi and Jyotsna?
I think this fellow
is English Medium candidate
and let me convince saying in English.
To the respected rich educated, sir.
I studied seventh class only.
But I learned English lonely.
Can I have the water Kinley?
He is dead.
It is yours faithfully.
Why do you hit speaking I English, sir?
That is actually, sir. And English...
- Sir knows, but he loves Telugu.
Oh, he knows.
Sir, do you know the relation in between
Abraham Lincoln and John F Kennedy?
This is not English but their names, sir.
When asked about the relation
between Swathi and Jyotsna,
why do you say about someone?
Clarity will come in the story
only when said from there, sir.
Say it all without missing out even
one detail from what you know.
They killed Swathi as she knew that
those kids died in the hospital itself.
Now even Jo came to know that.
That mens,
will they kill even Jo for the same.
What bro?
Yes, they will kill even Jo for the same.
When bro?
If you say no, never
and try to change the destiny,
incidents to happen long
after too will come faster.
Jo, what are you doing?
I am in front of the laptop Jeeva,
I am copying video of Swathi to pen drive
She is doing something
sitting in front of the computer.
Jo, leave immediately from there.
First, leave from there.
Jeeva why, what happened?
Listen to what I said.
Just few more seconds Jeeva,
copying is almost done.
First, leave from there.
Done! Ok, fine.
Hello, hey my car... Hey...
Hey, did you say at home and come?
What is that look, you bald idiot?
Jo... Jo... Jo, are you ok?
Jeeva, someone is following me.
Not knowing why they are following.
Jo, listen to me and relax. Where are you?
I took car of someone
from cellar and escaped.
No, why are you driving the car Jo?
- Not knowing what to do Jeeva.
I am driving after a very long time.
I am frightened Jeeva.
It is raining heavily too.
It is raining heavily Srinu,
I am also frightened.
Jo, calm down.
You immediately go to
the Police station nearby.
Where are you now?
I am nearby the clock tower in Gachibowli.
Gachibowli clock tower?
Put the hand over the hand break.
Put the hand over hand
break and take to the right.
Jeeva, Police station is on the left.
Jo, do what I said.
Right... hand break...
That was a car.
Just missed.
Jo, are you ok?
I am alright Jeeva.
Hey, what is this accident? Just
a normal accident, not much of a kick.
Have Ivanka matter in headline
and put this matter down under sub line.
This is..
Brother, accident...
- Ok, see you then.
Yes, it happened. What is the use?
Not even one died and added...
You hit Eluru Seenu?
PRO Eluru Seenu?
I will teach you a lesson
when you come to Eluru.
Where is the girl?
They took her to hospital in Ambulance.
Ambulance? Which hospital Ambulance?
That is... Yes, Olympus hospital.
Oh no, damn!
What bro, where are you?
Where would you be? You would
be at the Gachibowli clock tower.
But your Jo is not there, right?
When ant was asked why I bit,
it seems ant said will I not if finger is
put in my golden nest?
And your Jo has put her
head directly into my nest.
I should kill, right?
Thus I am killing her.
Yes idiot, I know that there would
seven similar humans but this pa...
What is that Varma?
- Parallel life, sir.
Yes, the same...
I am just listening to it.
I should kill your Jo even
looking from that angle right?
It seems you are trying very hard
to save the girl and change the destiny?
I encourage those working hard,
a lot brother.
Try hard...
We are constructing a new branch of
our hospital in Jubilee hills.
Come there and try hard to save her.
Is everything ok?
I gave the injection,
she is down in sedation.
He too is coming and timing would be
perfect. Kill her and inform the Police.
Hey, look about that fellow.
- Jo.
Hey, open it idiot
Jo, open the door
Jo, open the door
We won't change the destiny...
that's it.
Puppy, did you start?
I started bro,
I will be there in 15 minutes.
Puppy, give the phone to doctor.
What happened to Jo, bro?
Give the phone to doctor.
- Come on speak, sir.
Doctor, neck is cut and blood is going.
What to do for Jo to
be alive till you come?
What, is the neck cut?
- What should I do?
Ok, make the patient lie on a flat surface
Doctor, blood is going.
Stop the bleeding from
the place where it is cut.
If not...
- I will stop it.
Next, what to do next?
Pulse, check the pulse
Pulse is low doctor.
Where ever you are in the building,
come to the gate,
every second from here is valuable.
Ok doctor.
One second, at no cost should
the patient go unconscious.
It is like the life is
gone if she goes unconscious.
Take care that the girl
does not get unconscious.
Ok, doctor.
Get up Jo, open your eyes.
Jo, please.
Open your eyes.
Police will be coming.
And I am not allowing
you to leave me like this.
Puppy they will not leave us so easily.
Just one way for Jo not
to go unconscious till then.
What bro..?
We will marry,
we will have kids and buy a house too Jo.
Get up, do not leave me and go Jo.
You gave number without asking, ok.
You came to my house without asking, ok.
Now, if you go without
asking I will not stay calm
because you are the girl I loved.
Five... Just be patient
for five minutes Jo.
Fight with death for me.
Fight for our love.
It should be decided today
whether it is our love or the destiny.
Let us finalise.
Puppy, you keep talking
Hello Jo, it is me Puppy.
Nothing will happen to you Jo,
nothing will happen.
Jo, first time when your
sister introduced me to you,
you asked is this the waste
fellow you loved, do you remember?
I heard that right then Jo,
I thought to strongly ask you right then.
You know Jo right I do
not have that much of a scene.
Jo, shall I say one thing?
When your sister said me about you,
I asked do we still need children Jo.
Will you ask your sister if needed?
Wait, be on the line.
Hey Jo, how are you dear?
You tortured me till I
made your brother in law say ok.
Did you forget us after I made him say ok?
You said to need a boy
to play with the baby right?
Oh no, this fellow is
kicking a lot in the stomach.
Next week is the delivery date.
You know that I fear a lot about hospitals
and injections right?
You said to be beside me right?
When are you coming?
What Jo, why are you not sending
WhatsApp messages to phone of my son?
Jo, it seems you said with my son
that you okayed him only
after seeing his family right?
And how can you leaving our family.
Nothing will happen to you Jo.
Nothing will happen to you, I am saying.
There is a power greater than science
and astrology in this Universe
That is nowhere else Jo. It is in you,
me, in Jeeva and in everyone.
Jo, one moment... Just one moment...
Wish strongly in heart
that you should live.
That power will surely come in your
support in that one moment.
Wish Jo...
Wish to live for the man you loved Jo...
Wish to live for all of us.
You will live Jo...
Wish for it, Jo.
You will live, Jo.
You will survive.
I should live...
I should live for the guy I loved...
I will live...
I will live for sure...
Should show what the power of media is...
Five kids who died in accident a few days
were actually dead in the hospital
itself because of Management negligence
and it is proved that they played
the accident drama to cover that up.
All this came to light from
the video recorded by Swathi,
victim of that accident
recorded before her death.
Getting to know that many
more dreaded things are on,
that hospital is completely
seized under the supervision of NABH.
Brother, home or shall we go to the bar?
To Inorbit mall
Again to the mall?
Send me inside, I will go in.