Oklahoma Crude (1973) Movie Script

If I could be any tree in the ground
I'd wanna be a tree
Where the birds hang around
Cause everybody needs to be loved
And I'm no exception
I was born to reject rejection
If only for today
Send a little love my way
Every day begins with hope
No one ever need despair
Hand in hand we all can cope
Each of us alone is only half a pair.
We've got to share
If I could be any star up above
I'd wanna be a star
People wish on for love
Cause everybody needs to be loved
And I'm no exception
I was born to reject rejection
If only for today
Show me that you want me
Show me that you need me
Send a little love my way
LENA: Son of a bitch.
JIMMY: Lena!
[gun clicks]
Better get out of here!
Lena, It's me!
Lena, I'm unarmed!
It's me, Cleon!
What are you doin here?
I, uh...
I heard about the trouble you were having.
Lots of people heard about you.
Also, I sort of kept touch.
I've looked in on you
now and again, over the years.
Well, uh, the last time was in east Texas.
You seemed to be doing
pretty good for yourself.
You were living with that fellow...
Well, I didn't want t0 butt in.
I knew you didn't have any need for me.
Look at your hand, Lena.
It's the same as mine.
Look at it.
We have the same hand.
Damn it, Lena, I came to help you.
Mm-hmm. Me and my oil well.
No, help you. Help you hold out
if that's what you want.
You need help.
Can you use a rifle?
Can you handle a derrick?
Can you work the drill?
I can learn.
- Get out of here.
- No.
What good are you?
I'm your father, Lena.
So what?
You wanna read me nursery
rhymes? It's a little late for that.
Lena, you can't do it all by yourself!
Just g0!
Now, don't do this!
Cleon, I mean it!
Hello, boys.
They tell me I might find men
needing employment here.
They told him he might find
men needing employment here.
What kind of employment, Cousin Jack?
Two or three men who can handle firearms.
Wages 75 cents a day including Sundays.
Who you takin on?
Pan-Oklahoma Oil and Gas.
- You're sure you just need two or three?
Good old Pan-Okie, huh?
Pan-Che put you out of a gob, huh'?
Me and Mase, here.
Last three outfits we worked for.
Any of you boys heard of Lena Doyle?
Well, she's got a wildcat oil well going.
Pan-Okie's after it. She won't sell out.
So that's the job.
She's all alone and I'm
looking for two or three good...
Hear me out, hear me out!
All right. I'd blow
a derrick or two for you.
She's got an oil well. Let her
buy some professionals.
She doesn't have a well yet.
She doesn't have anything.
It's all speculation.
The money for this comes out of my pocket.
If it's all speculation and the money
for it's comin out of your pocket,
how come you're so damn interested
in this Miss Doyle anyway?
- Cause she's my daughter.
- Aw.
Ain't that sweet? Ain't that
sweet, huh, ain't that sweet?
You're crazy, you're all bloody crazy!
All right.
- I'll go and looks somewhere else.
- Hey.
You got a handout, mister?
You must have a spare quarter or two?
Now, you don't want my job, all right.
- Let me go and look somewhere else.
- I like that watch chain.
- Now you leave me alone.
- No.
Hey, Mase.
Hey, you with me?
I still want the watch.
He wants your watch.
MAN: It's always good for a hobby.
You know that?
CLEON: Guess I should thank you.
She got anybody workin for her now?
Some Indian.
You got any kind of weapon on you?
No. No, don't you?
I haven't even got a belt.
I figured you had something.
What are you doin here? What do you want?
Oh, I'm kind of insulted.
To tell you the truth, I, uh,
I kind of wanted to go along with you guys.
It ain't that good a job.
If it ain't that good,
why are you taking it?
Because times are gonna get worse
before they get better.
That's what I say too.
What do you want for that rifle
and the old handgun of yours?
Look, Marion,
I've been feelin a little tired.
If I had a few bucks,
I might go down to Mexico,
take a nice long rest.
Now, here's this woman.
She's buckin a big company.
There's gotta be a lot of money
on one side or the other,
but God knows what a person'll
have to go through to get any of it.
Besides, I don't wanna split it.
I thought we was pals.
Come on, give me a price.
Mase, you don't want these old things.
Hell, I don't know.
Ten bucks?
I'll ask him.
Is he with us?
No, but he's got this rifle and a handgun.
I think we're gonna need em.
But he's askin' 5O bucks for em.
5O bucks? Am I buying the train?
That's what you gotta pay if
you want to get something decent.
Something will turn up for you.
Let's go.
Your daughter, huh? Needs help?
She's... suspicious!
Now, don't worry. You've still got your job.
You're goddamn well told
I have. Let's get out of here.
Get down.
All right, run along now.
Go on!
Lena Doyle?
Your pa hired me. Did he tell you?
I guess he wanted to surprise you.
Come on, lady.
CLEON: Whoa.
Hello, Lena. How are you?
You look well.
How'd you get up here?
Just walked up the road.
I was carrying a pink umbrella
and had a dog on a leash.
Lena, listen. It's going to be hard.
It's been hard already.
So, maybe you need somebody
more on your side.
CLEON: Damn it, Lena,
you've gotta trust somebody.
Sure, Daddy.
I get wanked out of the womb
with a pair of pliers.
Then you took off, my ma died,
and some reverend is telling me
it's because God
has more need of her than I do.
Oh, sure.
I've grown up a trusting soul.
If all we was after was your oil, how come
I didn't blow your head off just now?
Maybe next time.
I brought my own stuff. You don't
have to have nothin to do with me.
It'd give you more time on the rig, Lena.
Takin a man's money,
I'm obliged to do what he says.
Honest wage for an honest day's work?
You two are so full of shit.
He does any job I tell him to.
Including general housework.
- Spell that out.
- Dishes.
Do you want the job or not?
All right, well then,
that's all satisfactory.
If he stays you go.
- Oh, now wait a minute...
- He changes nothing.
- You said you...
- All right, all right. I know.
I won't ask anymore.
I'm very happy to have been able
to do something for you, Lena.
Bed down in the tent.
Could use another line of wire
up around the top here.
That's your department.
Need-Need somethin'?
About yesterday.
Oh, yeah, how's your hand?
Ah! OW!
That hurt! God!
MASE: What the hell's the idea?
You gone crazy or somethin'?
A man's entitled to privacy.
If I could be any tree in the ground
I'd wanna be the tree
Where the birds hang around
Cause everybody needs
To be loved and I'm no exception
I was born to reject rejection
If only for today
Send a little love my way
If I could be Any bird that I choose
I a wanna be a bird
That will give a hand I0 you
J Cause everybody needs to go home
When the day has ended
To be loved and to be befriended J
If only for today
Send a little love my way
Every day begins with hope
No one ever need despair
It's pourin out there and my tent leaks.
My gears all wet. I wanna dry off
in here so I don't catch a grippe.
Each of us alone is only half a pair
Look at me, lady. Do I look like I wanna
do anything more than dry off?
If I could be any star up above
I'd wanna be a star
People Wish on for love
All I wanna do now is cook a soup.
I was born to reject rejection
You just tell me when you're finished
with the stove there,
and I'll come over and you can sit
over here some place.
You overestimate yourself.
Just tryin to get out of your way.
If I could be any star up above
I'd wanna be the star
People wish on for love
Cause everybody needs to be loved
and I'm no exception
I was born to reject rejection
If only for today
I'm ready to sit now.
Any place you like.
What's your last name?
Mason, Mase.
What's your first?
Never cared for it.
Where do you come from?
Something I've been wanting to ask you.
Is it just the three men I seen you with,
or do you kind of hate the whole race?
No. I've never thought much of men.
Maybe you're the kind that prefers
the company of women.
Women are worse.
Most women want to be men,
but they don't have the guts.
So you don't care for men
and you don't like women.
I suppose if I had the choice...
I'd wanna be a third sex.
In between the two.
Third sex?
This, um, third sex...
What, um, article would you choose to have?
The one that goes in
or the one that goes out?
Oh. Both.
That's askin a lot.
Both. One of each.
Well, which one would you favor?
Both equally.
If I had two sex organs,
I wouldn't need anybody else.
I could screw myself.
Couldn't I?
You're leaving your soup.
I thought you wanted to dry off.
I'm CW-
Miss Doyle.
Captain Warren C. Hellman, US army retired,
currently retained by the Pan-Oklahoma
Gas and Oil Company of Tulsa
and authorized to act for
the company in specified manners.
My letter of introduction.
You haven't answered our
correspondence, Miss Doyle.
What do you want?
Now, this is a sub-lease contracted
between you and Pan-Oklahoma,
giving the company all the oil
and mineral rights for a period of,
often years on track number 15 or 17,
T23, for which you receive a consideration
of $5,000 cash and a one-tenth royalty
on all oils and minerals
extracted from number 15, et cetera.
Sign it.
I've got ten-tenths now.
Ten-tenths of what?
An anticline dome in Oklahoma.
Now, some people think
there's oil underneath there.
I'd like a nickel for every smug bastard
who thought he was sitting on the
mother pool and all he'd drilled was dust.
If it's so worthless,
why do you want it so bad?
All I'm saying is that if you drill dust,
you've lost your entire investment.
But then a major oil firm
can afford to drill a thousand holes
and if one good well comes in,
it's covered costs and if it
gets two it's making a profit.
Now look at this sub-lease.
You get it both ways.
You stick the firm for five grand,
which is yours to do with,
and you make ten percent off the firm's
profit on the land you lease from them.
Now, what do you say?
I hope you don't mean me... personally.
I don't mean you.
[VOICE SHAKING] I mean everybody.
Now, that's the one thing
about women in business.
They ask you to treat em like
a regular guy and when you do,
they, they cry on YOU-
[VOICE SHAKING] I'm not crying.
Don't hurt me.
I don't see what else there is to do.
Captain, the jar-head
would like to talk to you.
Take care of the Indian.
You ain't gonna kill her?
What do you wanna talk about?
See, I've been working for Miss Doyle,
but I don't owe her nothing.
That's wise.
And when I heard about her situation,
I figured I could make some money.
I figured, either she'd pay me
to help her keep her land,
or somebody else would pay me not to.
Right now, it looks like
you folks are on top.
How much do you expect?
Not much. Two hundred.
And then what?
Then I go my way-
Let me ask you something.
If you had to... would you take one hundred?
If that's all there was.
Would you take 50? Would you take 10?
You see, I'm...
I'm given a budget by the firm,
and asking them for more money
to pay you off, that would show bad faith.
I'm just trying to get
out of your way, Mister.
I appreciate that, but it's finished.
Pan-Oklahoma takes possession
of the dome this very morning.
Well, it ain't your land.
People might put up a fight.
It happens all the time.
But not by your kind.
Any man running around,
saying, Buy me, buy me!
There's not anything to worry about.
- I see I'm wasting my time.
- Hey, wait.
How's about this for a compromise?
I'll give you five bucks...
and you can kiss my ass.
- Bliss.
They're badly hurt, the two of them.
Will you take us in?
Don't hit me.
No, please, don't hurt me.
Don't hit me again.
Why are you so mean?
Mase. She's coming around.
Lena? Lena, honey?
She's a lot cooler.
Lena? You hear me?
How do you feel, huh?
You've been sick, but you're all right now.
What the hell are you doing here?
Jesus, lady, he saved your life.
Where's Jimmy?
He's dead.
You were supposed to be on watch.
- It was raining.
- It always rains.
- Now, wait a minute...
- Now let's not get excited.
- What the hell good were you?
- I don't have to take that.
- Where do you think I got these, shaving?
- Yes I wouldn't be surprised.
Get out of here!
She's crazy. You've got to know that by now.
You just sit around and take it, don't you?
I owe it to her, that's why.
Yeah. You're crazy, too.
No, you're wrong.
She doesn't want me, but I want her.
So I'm staying, no matter what.
You see if I don't.
- Don't understand, you, eh?
- Not exactly.
Well, maybe I didn't explain it properly.
You're leaving?
Are you going to let them
get away with what they did to you?
You never get back at anybody.
Don't you know that yet?
It didn't quite work out,
but I thank you for what you tried.
No, I'm okay.
LAWYER: Get an injunction.
CLEON: Sheriff told us to get an injunction.
- We think he's crooked.
- He is.
- All right, then. Get me an injunction.
- What if I do?
What Pan-Oklahoma does
is to file a countersuit,
and the case goes into the court,
and the courts delay
and the courts postpone.
And your case rolls around here,
and bounces around there.
And then one day you will get an injunction,
but you'll find it's three
to five years later,
meanwhile, they've pumped
every barrel out of your land.
- How can they do that?
- How can they do that?
My God, they own the courts!
Where have you people been?
And if you do decide to fight
this thing through to a finish,
you're going to spend
so much money in legal costs
that every dime you get from the
settlement is going to go to pay my bill.
Take what you can get and try again.
That's my advice.
I have only one other thing to suggest.
I say this to you,
knowing full well to whom I'm speaking.
If you want to, you can hire some men
and take back your land yourself.
Now, I will deny that I ever said it.
But, if you have the taste for it,
you can cut those men up into little cubes,
and nobody can say
it's anything but self-defense.
And if you try to see me again,
I'll swear out a warrant against you.
- Thanks, Sir.
- Thank you so much.
Hey, Cleon! Hey, Cleon! Wait, Hey!
I've got something I want to tell you.
I tried to make a deal with Hellman.
I sure did.
So would anybody else. So why
don't you stop all this running around?
Everybody's out for a piece for themselves,
including me, including you,
including every man in this town.
- Who the hell do you think you are anyway?
- Of course you want me to give in.
Of course my Daddy does.
Of course every man in this town does
because if I don't, if I, some silly woman
lick the almighty Pan-Oklahoma,
then that makes you a pack of gutless slugs
that don't know your balls
from tea bags, don't it?
Who is it?
MASE: It's me, open up.
- Have you been talking to him again?
- Just the other day, is all.
Do you wish to hear
what I have to say, or not?
You and that man thing.
Jeez, I'm sick of that.
It's a lot of hot air, anyway.
It wasn't no man
that made you lose that hill.
- It wasn't.
- No.
You lost it because you was pigheaded enough
to take on the whole oil trust.
Let me tell you something.
You're going to need a man
to help you take it back.
I don't see no gun-toting women
lined up behind you.
I was in the army. I fought in Cuba.
- I didn't know that.
- Well, I was.
That means I know something
about how to take
a goddamned fortified defensive position.
That there is a grenade.
In return for my services,
I want 25 percent of the whole operation.
Not one damn percent.
I'll take you on out of charity.
All right, wait a minute.
- Two percent.
- Two percent?
That's what I said.
All right, two percent, I don't care.
Hey! Hey!
- What have you got?
- Shipment for Pan-Okie.
Stack it over by the rig.
- No, that's all right.
- Let me give you a hand.
- I can ask the boys on the rig.
- They ain't supposed to.
He's just sitting there.
Hey, what the hell is this?
Cover that shack.
- Stay here.
- Okay.
Get ready.
We did it! We tore them apart!
You're a pretty mean
son of a bitch yourself, ain't you?
Yeah. Yeah, I really am!
In my heart! [LAUGHING]
CLEON: Lena!
Hey, Lena?
You're welcome, lady.
That's all right.
Set up my tent
and Mr. Wilcox's tent on the hill here,
and set the rest of them up
in this general area.
I never did get your name.
Of course, Mr. Mason.
This is Mr. Henry H. Wilcox
from our Tulsa office.
May we?
Thank you.
- Insufficient pipe.
- She counted it. It's 500 feet.
Well, you tell her, as a matter of record,
there hasn't been a well in 2O miles
brought in under 1250.
Salt and sulfur.
You've got no business here, Hellman.
You're just whacking off for the boy.
Now, you know what
Miss Doyle's most famous for.
Well, what is it?
You're cutting us off?
I assumed you'd realize that.
That's right, we're putting you
under a state of siege.
Well, unless, of course, Miss Doyle,
which we would obviously prefer,
you might care to reconsider
the Captain's more-than-reasonable offer.
You do what you have to, Captain.
We Will.
I should have paid you off
when I had the chance.
Look what happened.
Come with me now.
I'm sure I can turn up that money.
I honestly don't know.
I know.
You'd like to stick around
and see me squirm a little.
Well, that's your mistake.
You're taking this personally.
I won the first round
and you won this one, I accept.
And... she might be providing you
with something no man can give.
That'd be the worst motive of all
for a businessman like yourself.
I'm speaking, of course, of a bit of snatch.
What are you doing?
Businessmen do this
to each other all the time.
- Now you've done it.
- I know, I know.
All right.
You've got your hill.
I hope you learn to love it.
I hope you learn to eat it, and drink it.
Because it's your dirt!
She sure do love
that rackety music, don't she?
- That's it.
- How about that.
We're down 510 feet.
You really think I'd go through all this
if I didn't know there was oil down there?
It's there.
It's farther down,
but it's a lot closer than 1250 feet.
Well, that's good, cause
we're running out of beans.
He's on his third shift.
[COUGHS] Why don't I relieve him.
- You've been working as long as he has.
- I'm not tired.
Let him stay.
He can take extra shifts if he wants to.
You know, I think
I've got the answer for you.
Answer for what?
The thing with your Pa.
Why don't the two of you... [CHUCKLES]
Why don't you just strip down to your undies
and lock yourselves in a shack, see,
and then you each take
a sock full of horseshit
and you beat each other
until one of you kills the other.
That's not funny.
It's not your business, anyway.
I like him.
Mr. Wilcox.
Who are they?
Some of your competitors.
Deke Watson
and Mr. C.R. Miller of Tri-State.
[HELLMAN] Every oil company
in Oklahoma is turning up.
We ought to charge them access.
It never pays to provoke the competition.
I've heard your Daddy say that many times.
In my house, when I was growing up,
nobody talked about anything else but oil.
You could say I have over
2O years experience in the industry.
They can't possibly hold out.
You said so yourself.
- I said it to them.
- And they can't.
- They'll kill themselves trying.
- I myself would not leave it to them.
There will be no more bloodshed, Captain.
My father and I...
Your father and you are tying my hands.
No! No more bloodshed.
Now I want to stress that.
And what will your father say
if she brings it in?
If she brings it in...
Then my orders are to buy
all the oil she'll sell us.
After all, that is our business.
My stomach can't handle
any more of that stuff.
Yeah, uh, sorry, friend.
Thank you.
Hey lnjun! How much is that for the month?
Hell, I don't know. You figure it out.
- Well, what can you do with that?
- You can buy soup with that.
Hey, why don't you
hold out two months, old boy?
It'll do to be 15.
- That's all that 15 dollars will getcha.
- Move it out, let's go.
- Maybe they'll hold out three months.
- Three months?
What in the hell are you doing?
Well, there's people waiting for this.
Besides, this is only jelly.
Haven't you got any ham or anything?
There's the salami, there's the baloney
and this is beef stew. And that's it.
Move it out, let's go!
- Give the man some ham.
- Give him some ham, for crying out loud.
Come on, you big fat-ass.
I don't want any of your beef stew anyway.
What about that?
Move it in, move it in.
Come on, move the line along.
I thought you was out there,
but you down here now, ain't you?
You know that old handgun of yours
practically blew my friggin arm off.
I don't know what to do.
Don't ask me.
I still consider you my friend.
Mase, you ain't done nothing to change that.
If these guys find out I let you through,
I mean, they're real bastards.
Yeah. Well.
I'm going now, Marion. You do what you want.
Just-Just give me a minute or so.
I'd better get back.
I'm sorry.
[GUN CLICKS] Dammit, Mase,
you're putting me in a hell of a spot.
I'm not going to argue with you, Marion.
This ain't fair.
Salami! But no beef stew!
You're a bloody genius!
Hey! Hey!
Holy mackerel. Hey, hey!
But now a time here
You made me feel so sad
You made me cry
For I didn't want to tell you
I didn't want to tell you
I was in love that's true
Yes I do, indeed I do You know I do
Give me, give me What I cry for
You go about the kisses That I die for
You know you made me Love you
I'm going to bed.
Somebody's got to watch the rig.
I'm going to bed.
Somebody's got to watch the rig?
He's in no shape.
Oh, Sure! Sure, sure! My pleasure.
Oops! Excuse me.
How long do we get to look at
that shit-eating grin?
I was wondering when
you'd get around to this.
You didn't think I could do it, did you?
I'm obliged to you.
You didn't think so, tell the truth.
I'll pay you back.
Some other way.
It was a sight to behold.
I walked through that camp
like big-stick Teddy Roosevelt
strolling up San Juan Hill.
I don't know why. Won't be any fun for you.
You don't know what I'm talking about.
- Come on.
- You don't know what I want.
A man does something fancy,
he starts feeling cocky...
- You don't know what I want.
- I know what men want!
- You don't know what I want!
- All right!
What do you want?
I want you to...
put your arms around my neck
and kiss me on the mouth and say,
Gee, Mase, you're a good guy after all.
You're not that drunk.
Can't cut it, huh?
Here. Does this make it any easier for you?
I don't drink.
I know you think I've been a real bitch...
and maybe I have been...
but I've got my reasons. I do.
You ain't that special.
That ain't up to you.
I'm trying to explain something to you.
You want to talk?
Go to your pa. He loves talking.
What was it?
What I said was,
- Gee, Mase, you're a pretty...
- I remember.
you're not such a bad guy.
Thank you. Good night.
That's it?
It ain't that easy for a woman
in this world.
It ain't all that great for
a man, either, let me tell you.
Yah, get out of here!
Mase, get the motor.
They lost their cable.
What happens now?
I guess we find some way
to get the cable over the crown block.
This could finish them, couldn't it?
get some guns up here.
Can't see much yet, Captain.
Let's get them off that derrick.
It'll be light soon.
Hey, Lena.
I got an idea.
What do you think?
Let me have it.
Hey, wait a minute! It's my idea.
Don't be dumb. Give me that!
God dammit! Damn you!
But I want to.
It's still my well. What's the matter
with you people? It's my well.
God! Wham? What are you...?
I fixed that drive belt.
I don't want any trouble with you.
This is important to me, Lena.
You just lost your wind.
You'll be all right in a second.
No, no. That looks terrible.
Wait a minute. Take it off.
That's it. You see the knots
down there on the right?
- Yeah.
- Put them through that hole in the center.
- Got it?
- Yeah.
- Why don't you show her?
- All right.
- Got it?
- All right.
- Get her on.
- Uh-huh.
- Can you feel it?
- Yeah.
Good. That means it's right.
All right, now, look.
When you get up there...
I'll tie on the cable, you
thread it through. All right?
All right.
Make him stop.
He knows what he's doing.
He'll just get himself hurt.
No, I feel good, Lena. I really do.
They got his hand.
He's been hit. Come down!
He's going to make it.
He's there. He's on top.
The old man is going to
get that cable over the block.
That shield's too heavy for him.
Look out below!
Coming down!
Coming up now!
Cable's on!
He's been hit!
Go back! Go back!
Please, go back.
Oh, damn.
I didn't mean to bust it.
It's okay.
Yeah, it's all right.
Will you...
Would you come over here?
I want you...
to put your arms around my neck...
and kiss me on the mouth...
and say...
Do it again.
I'm sorry.
It's all over.
You can have that 25 percent now.
[LAUGHING] I'm doing half the work.
Hell. I'm doing all the work.
Take 100 percent then.
I want 125.
Take 150 if it'll make you feel better.
Two hundred. That's what I want.
I could hold up my head if
I had 200 percent of this oil well.
And a big piece of baloney. [LAUGHING]
I don't feel well.
I hated you for a long time.
You liked me from the first.
When you saw me with my shirt off.
You don't look bad with your shirt off.
I bet you could still get away.
I might.
Do it then.
If you want to.
You decide.
- It's... It's not up to me.
- Yes, it is.
It's not my choice.
It is if I give it to you.
It's up to you.
[SIGHS] I ain't got anything better to do.
Do you want to know what my first name is?
It's come in!
What the hell's going on?
Mase, you son of a bitch!
Hot damn!
Captain? Captain?
I expressly forbid you to do this.
I'm going to take possession
before it blows.
God dammit, Bliss!
Stop the car! Stop it!
A hundred dollars for
the first man over the top!
Get out of the way!
Here you go, lady. A dollar a barrel.
Captain, I'm not going to forget
what you did to me.
She's won, Captain. She's won.
I don't care to try another deal.
Daddy's going to like that.
What do you want?
Don't sign anything. I've got
better than all these offers.
Come on, lady, now's your chance!
Hold it. Two-fifty a barrel
against the first 5O thousand.
Two-fifty a barrel against
the first 5O thousand!
MAN: How about a little hand out, Mase?
MAN 2: Mase, you better remember us!
You're all dickheads.
It's a bust!
What happened?
You missed the pool, lady.
The thing's dryer than a popcorn fart!
All right.
Wrap up those tents, men,
and let's get out of here!
Nice try, Mase.
Farewell, Miss Doyle.
What are you going to do now?
Go to Mexico.
You interested?
Well, it's not a bad idea.
I've heard of a place called Veracruz.
They're digging wells
with picks and shovels.
I've had enough of the oil business.
What are you going to do now?
Start all over?
I guess so.
You're welcome.
Good luck, Lena.
If I could be any tree in the ground
I'd wanna be a tree
Where the birds hang around
Cause everybody needs to be loved
And I'm no exception
I was born to reject rejection
If only for today
Show me that you want me
Show me that you need me
Send a little love my way